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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Herbicide-resistant sunflower plants and methods of use
Inhibitors of human immunodeficiency virus replication
Methods and compositions to reduce fat gain, promote weight loss in animals
Protein hydrolysate compositions having improved sensory characteristics and physical properties
Method for providing a .beta.-lactoglobulin product and an .alpha.-enriched whey protein isolate
Method and system for treating food items with an additive and solid carbon dioxide
Holder for portable electronic device
Knife sheath
Lanyard with tool coupled thereto and related system and method
Packaging and applicator device
Dual function shelf unit
System, method and apparatus for surgical stand
Glove drying basket assembly
Couplings for interconnecting components of an electro-mechanical surgical device
Advance and retreat assist tool of endoscopic treatment instrument and endoscopic system
Surgical retractor including rotatable knobs
Skin graft applicator
Single port device with multi-lumen cap
Composite and surface mounted brace, kit and assembly for supporting a fractured bone
Articulating ablation and division device with blood flow sensing capability
Method for treatment of varicocele
Apparatus and method for heart and lung sounds auscultation and temperature measurements
Method and apparatus for deriving and reporting a physiological status of an individual utilizing physiological parameters and user input
Multi-sensor system, device, and method for deriving human status information
Tri-axial electro-goniometer for spinal motion, associated system and methods
Gas supersaturation monitoring
Wound dressing inhibiting lateral diffusion of absorbed exudate
Disposable absorbent articles with zones comprising elastomeric components
Extra-articular implantable mechanical energy absorbing assemblies having a tension member, and methods
Vibration device for comforting an infant
Use of organic compound for the treatment of Noonan Syndrome
Forms of dexlansoprazole and processes for the preparation thereof
Dihydroorotate dehydrogenase as antifungal drug target and quinazolinone-based inhibitors thereof
Bridged heterocyclic compounds and methods of use
17-(1'propenyl)-17-3'-oxidoestra-4-en-3-one derivative, use thereof, and medicament containing said derivative
Tumor and infectious disease therapeutic compositions
Bioactive acid agrichemical compositions and use thereof
Anti-microbial composition and method for making and using same
Process for preparation of a herbal extract
Method of lowering cholesterol and triglycerides by administering exendins
Method for control of post-prandial glucose
Control of RAGE fusion protein glycosylation and RAGE fusion protein compositions
Anti-erbB3 antibody
Composition and method to alleviate joint pain using a mixture of fish oil and fish oil derived, choline based, phospholipid bound fatty acid mixture including polyunsaturated EPA and DHA
Biodegradable polymeric hydrogel composition
miR-31 in duchenne muscular dystrophy therapy
Chelating amphiphilic polymers
Agent for fibers containing keratin, containing at least one specific amphiphilic cationic polymer and at least one additional film-forming cationic and/or stabilizing polymer
Pharmaceutical spheroids
Acoustically sensitive drug delivery particles comprising non-lamellar forming phosphatidylethanolamine
Method and device for sanitizing packagings
Subcutaneous vascular access ports having attachment features
Transdermal drug delivery bracelet
Magnetic device for therapeutic purpose
Photodynamic therapy including light pretreatment
Dynamic colorectal PDT application
Non-invasive in-situ radiation dosimetry
Jungle jumparoo systems
Golf ball having an aerodynamic coating including micro surface roughness
Golf ball having an aerodynamic coating including micro surface roughness
Sensing ball game machine
Performing Operations; Transporting
Diesel oxidation catalyst comprising palladium, gold and ceria
Method and device for producing a fluid enriched with carbon dioxide from a waste gas of a ferrous-metallurgy unit
Down-flow direct contact cooler
Diffuser/emulsifier for aquaculture applications
Method and apparatus for preparing a solution of shear sensitive material
Method for making polyamide particles
Filter material comprising porous organic polymers
Vehicular air cleaner
Modified layered double hydroxide (LDH) and a process for preparation thereof for C--C bond forming reactions
Dripping prevention apparatus in sealer gun
Method for producing a swelling nonwoven fabric
Dishwasher with shared heater
Cleaning compositions for use in closed loop cleaning machines
Method and assembly for forming a component by isostatic pressing
Method for welding workpieces made of highly heat-resistant superalloys, including a particular mass feed rate of the welding filler material
Status indicating device for a power nail gun
Disposable finger tongs for handling a food product
Binder composition and method for treating particulate material
Tire vulcanizer
Injection interface device
Method for fixing a bearing ring on or in a component
Optical film and process for producing the same
Preform suitable for blow-molding into a final shaped container
Method for passivating a metallic surface with a basic composition
Edge-protected product and finishing method
Thermosetting adhesive composition, and heat resistant adhesive film and wiring film using the same
Method to produce a composite material
Medical devices and methods of making the same
Metal-cutting machining method and semi-finished product
Adhesive film
Image forming apparatus, liquid-jet head, and method for manufacturing the liquid-jet head
Piezo actuator and inkjet print head assembly having the same
Actuator element, liquid drop discharge head, liquid drop discharge apparatus and image forming apparatus
Light source driving device, light scanning device and image forming apparatus
Composite sheet and display substrate using same
Tow bar with a sliding mechanism for converting legs thereof from an aligned tubular structure to an articulated structure
Mechanical tensioner strut with uni-directional friction damping
Transfer case with stationary low range planetary
Drive device for hybrid electric vehicle
Safety sill for a structural frame bearing a battery in the event of a side impact
Combine harvester grain bulk tank unloading system
Carrier system for electric scooters
Cargo support system
Vehicle headlight assembly
Method and device for driver information
Car key and car control method
Hand truck
Device for accommodating objects, trolley, method for manufacturing a trolley, as well as transport means
Reconfigurable fixed suspension semi-trailer, flatbed or chassis
Bicycle stand and method of use
Personal flotation device for a self contained breathing apparatus
Lifejacket provided with heating unit
Propulsion device using fluid flow
Aircraft undercarriage
Plastic storage bag holder
Dispensing apparatus
Cup lid
Tamper-evident package
Belt alignment system with dual rollers
Transferring mechanism
Grain bin access door and discharge chute system and method
Sheet processing apparatus with two image forming devices
Hand operated jacks for lifting file cabinets
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for preparing hydrocyanic acid by catalytic dehydration of gaseous formamide--direct heating
Deepwater dispersion system and method of using same background
Inexpensive fourth world primitive water cleanser with key parts transportable in suitcase size packaging
CO.sub.2-capturing binder, production method thereof based on the selection, purification and optimisation of carbide lime, and agglomerates having an environmental activity
Compositions of substantially spherical particles and methods of making thereof
Method and system for treatment of biological wastes for preparation of fertilizers
Method for the hydroxylation of phenols and phenol ethers
Process and apparatus for slurry separation of aromatic carboxylic acid
Methods for metabolic imaging
Ethanamine compounds and methods of using the same
Pyridazine and pyrrole compounds, processes for obtaining them and uses
Neuroprotective and neuro-restorative iron chelators and monoamine oxidase inhibitors and uses thereof
Inhibitors of the shiga toxins trafficking through the retrograde pathway
Substituted phenylacetate and phenylpropane amides and use thereof
Bioactive-rich concentrates and nutritive and therapeutic products containing same
Pyrido [4,3-B] indole and pyrido [3,4-B] indole derivatives and methods of use
Nitrogen-containing condensed heterocyclic compound
Compounds as rearranged during transfection (RET) inhibitors
Pyridin-2(1 H)-one derivatives as JAK inhibitors
Pyrido[4,3-b]indole and pyrido[3,4-b]indole derivatives and methods of use
Tetracyclic compounds
Tricyclic compounds and methods of use therefor
Low surface energy touch screens, coatings, and methods
Method for producing mono-aminofunctionalized dialkylphosphinic acids and esters and salts thereof by means of acrylnitriles and use thereof
Synthesis of H-phosphonate intermediates and their use in preparing the herbicide glyphosate
Method for preparing 4-demethyldaunorubicin
Human antibodies that bind the P40 subunit of human IL-12 and methods for using the same
Resin composition containing copolymerized polyester resin
Fluorine and epoxy group-containing copolymer, and method for producing same
Composition for forming intermediate film for laminated glass, intermediate film for laminated glass and laminated glass
Polyolefin production using an improved catalyst system
Process for producing high molecular weight polyethylene
Ion-conductive thermoplastic composition, electrochromic composite system and process for producing ion-conductive foil
Method for producing flame-proofed thermoplastic molding compounds
Poly(butylene-co-adipate terephthalate), method of manufacture and uses thereof
Photovoltaic cell containing novel photoactive polymer
Conjugated polymer composition for solar cell and flexible electronics applications
Photoreactive polymer
Additive process for production of dimensionally stable three dimensional objects
Compositions promoting the accelerated degradation of metals and composite materials
High molecular weight nonpolar benzotriazoles
Antidrift composition
Multifunctional biocomposite additive compositions and methods
Functionalized elastomer
Process for improving the transfer properties of bitumen
Organosilicon compounds and their use for producing hydrophilic surfaces
Methods of preparing metal quantum clusters in molecular confinement
Friction reduction fluids
Spacer fluid additive
Method for reducing the mercury content of natural gas condensate and natural gas processing plant
Formulation for cleaning of hard surfaces and textiles
Processing agent composition for semiconductor surface and method for processing semiconductor surface using same
Modified gram-negative bacteria for use as vaccines
Recombinant synthesis of medium chain-length alkanes
Genes of an otitis media isolate of nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae
Artificial tissue construct and method for producing the same
Polypeptides with permease activity
Polynucleotides encoding monomeric variants of the tetrameric eqFP611
Processes for the anaerobic bioconverison of syngas to oxygenated organic compound with in situ protection from hydrogen cyanide
Methodology for verifying carbon storage in seawater
Composition comprising an oligonucleotide mixture for the detection of contaminations in cell cultures
Alignment film forming apparatus and method
Structures for improving current carrying capability of interconnects and methods of fabricating the same
Diamond-like carbon
BNA crystal
Array printing
Textiles; Paper
Method of fabricating a fiber
Spinneret for wet spinning
Electro-conductive multifilament yarn and electro-conductive brush
Pre-threaded and knotted hair weaving needle and method
Fixed Constructions
Cleaning structure for floating oil and substance on water surface
Taper-ended form tie
Safety barrier netting system
Apparatus for alignment and support of fence rails
Security door lock device
Delayed unlatching mechanism
Rotatable elevated hunting blinds
Stabilizer support for extension ladder
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Spiral turbine operating on pressure principle
Rotating airfoil component with platform having a recessed surface region therein
Turbine controller for optimizing economic present value of the turbine
Hydraulically powered ball valve lift apparatus and method for downhole pump travelling valves
Rotary vane compressor
Method for operating a closing device, and a closing device
Drainage device for closed chamber containing liquid
Two piece cage for a needle bearing
Friction ring
Cargo theft prevention system and method
Motor drive assembly for a vehicle and a motor vehicle
Hydraulic control device and control method of hydraulic control device
Isolating decoupler
System and method for mounting a wire harness within a vehicle interior
Supporting, retaining, and protective apparatus for extracorporeal heart and/or lung support systems
Load supporting apparatus
Ceiling-mounted light fixture
Electronic stick assembly
LED light string
Light emitting diode lamp
Light source module
Connector of a light-emitting-diode lamp tube
Variable flower display backlight system
Cellulose ester film, method of manufacturing the same, polarizing plate and liquid crystal display
Gas burner
Method for starting a burner
System and method for optical coherence tomography
Medical imaging system for accurate measurement evaluation of changes
Optical probe system with increased scanning speed
Optical communication module with lens unit having extension portions mounted on circuit board
Detection circuit, sensor device, and electronic apparatus
Terahertz wave generating module and terahertz wave detecting device including the same
Instrument for reflectivity measurement
Tomography apparatus and electromagnetic pulse transmitting apparatus
Chemical sensor using metal nano-particles and method for manufacturing chemical sensor using metal nano-particles
Sperm separation devices and associated methods
Systems and methods for detecting tape on a document according to a predetermined sequence using line images
Method for target and drug validation in inflammatory and/or cardiovascular diseases
High throughput flow cytometry system and method
Rapid enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection and identification of pathogens and determination of antimicrobial susceptibility
Method for detecting substance in biological sample
Method for producing molecule immobilizing substrate, and molecule immobilizing substrate
Detection of analytes via nanoparticle-labeled substances with electromagnetic read-write heads
Stimulus responsive nanoparticles
Device and method for measuring currents in a bearing
Jig for measuring EMC of semiconductor chip and method for measuring EMC of semiconductor chip using the same
Method and apparatus for performing client cooperation transmission through a group resource allocation scheme in a wireless access system
3D MEMS magnetometer
Dosimeter and method for determining an energy dose of a pulsed radiation field
Exploring a subsurface region that contains a target sector of interest
Systems and methods using tunable differential gravimeter
Systems and methods for determining property of a geological formation from gravitational potential difference
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
Zoom lens for projection and projection-type display apparatus
Electronically controlled stage lighting system
Device for scanning an object, method for operating the device and scanning microscope
Laser scanner
Barcode rendering device
Adjustable attaching lens device
Massive electrooptical cell having a fine structure and based on materials with giant electrooptical coefficients, its method of fabrication
Image stabilization and shifting in a liquid crystal lens
Flat panel display device, stereoscopic display device, plasma display device
Liquid crystal display module
Optical device
Light generation device and light generation method
Image processing method, and recording medium storing image processing control program
Heat dissipation device of light engine with fan module and heat sink
Pattern improvement in multiprocess patterning
Reader fabrication method employing developable bottom anti-reflective coating
Conductive belt and electrophotographic apparatus
Solar heated water distribution system
LDO (low drop out) having phase margin compensation means and phase margin compensation method using the LDO
Switching power converter control
Using synchronous converter in asynchronous mode to prevent current reversal during battery charging
Digital peak detector with follower mode
Voltage regulator with different inverting gain stages
Support frame for high definition field monitor
Drive carrier
Information processing apparatus and method of installing a printer driver
Data transfer control apparatus and data transfer control method
Game item auction
3D computer cursor
Voltage biased pull analog interferometric modulator with charge injection control
System and methods for raised touch screens
Touch sensor
Apparatus and method for securing confidential information of printed document in cloud computing environment
Image forming apparatus with operation display unit
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling resources in the image forming apparatus
Apparatus and associated methods
Self-checkout terminal and control method therefor
Printing media recycling apparatus and printing media recycling method
Device and method for obfuscating visual information
Combined radio-frequency identification and touch input for a touch screen
Reader antenna and RFID electronic shelf including the same
Input/output visualization panel
Clock(s) as a seismic wave receiver
LED strobe light with peripheral pattern display
Intelligent traffic alerting and control system
Training method and a device for carrying out said method
Control pedal and method of controlling an electronic device with the control pedal
Reading data stored in recording medium
Hard disc assembly
Adaptive soft-output detector for magnetic tape read channels
Method and system for reading closely-spaced data tracks
Multiple writers with reduced crosstalk
Information storage medium, reproducing method, and recording method
Apparatus and method for detecting reflow process
Semiconductor memory devices
Flash memory reference voltage detection with tracking of cross-points of cell voltage distributions using histograms
Redundancy circuit for reducing chip area
Redundant memory system and associated method thereof
Semiconductor device
Target structure used for generating charged particle beam, method of manufacturing the same and medical appliance using the same
Movable contact and contact structure including the same
Drawing apparatus, and method of manufacturing article
Optical element and image sensor
Accessory mounting system for mounting an electronic device at a windshield of a vehicle
Lamp and electrode module thereof
Vertical pumping apparatus and method for distribution mercury in a pumping and lamp gas-filling process
Method of fabricating a solder-on-pad structure and flip-chip bonding method using the same
Method of epitaxially forming contact structures for semiconductor transistors
Method to resolve hollow metal defects in interconnects
Stress enhanced LDMOS transistor to minimize on-resistance and maintain high breakdown voltage
Methods for forming back-channel-etch devices with copper-based electrodes
Method of removing a compound semiconductor layer from a compound semiconductor device
Process variability tolerant hard mask for replacement metal gate finFET devices
Facilitating mask pattern formation
Method for fabricating silicon nanowire field effect transistor based on wet etching
Halo region formation by epitaxial growth
Recessed semiconductor substrates and associated techniques
Semiconductor device having penetration electrodes penetrating through semiconductor chip
Semiconductor packages having metal composite base plates
Dicing tape-integrated film for semiconductor back surface
Forming semiconductor chip connections
Airgap-containing interconnect structure with patternable low-k material and method of fabricating
TFT array substrate and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor element
Device comprising EL element electrically connected to P-channel transistor
Nanowire capacitor for bidirectional operation
System for thermal control of red LED(s) chips
Compound semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Raised source/drain and gate portion with dielectric spacer or air gap spacer
Replacement gate approach for high-k metal gate stacks by avoiding a polishing process for exposing the placeholder material
Light power generation device
Nonvolatile memory device
Acoustic wave device and multilayered substrate
Piezoelectric vibrating piece and piezoelectric device
Microlens for organic EL element, organic EL element using the same, and manufacturing methods thereof
Marking having electroluminescent lighting effect, method for the production thereof
Organic electroluminescent element
Secondary battery
Electric storage unit
Positive active material for lithium secondary battery
Fuel cell stack and fuel cell system with plurality of generation modules
Mobile communication device with improved antenna performance
Methods and apparatus for enhanced radiation characteristics from antennas and related components
Techniques for shielding connectors that allow for conformal coating against corrosion
Printed circuit board connectors
Adjustable connector system for connection to a modular appliance
Mini SAS HD connector
Telecommunications patch panel with angled connector modules
Flexible busbar connectors
Cable assembly with improved terminal structure
Catalytic generation of metastable singlet oxygen
Method for fabricating group-III nitride semiconductor laser device
Semiconductor laser
Communication module and portable electronic device
Electrical connectors
Apparatus for the absorption, conversion and detection of electromagnetic energy
Arrangement for energy conditioning
Systems and methods providing current protection to an electronic system
Electric power control system and electric power facility comprising the electric power control system
Wireless battery charger for mobile devices and method thereof
Control system for a flow cell battery
Electric motor assembly rechargeable from an electrical mains system, and dedicated connection housing
Rotor lamination stress relief
Electrical energy and mechanical energy conversion apparatus for vehicles
Hydrodynamic bearing assembly and motor including the same
Linear actuator
Vibrator and portable information terminal having the vibrator
Strength-reinforced spindle motor
Additional electric power receiving method and device replacing conventional grounding with negative voltage source
AC/DC power converter with improved power factor and improved THDi
Power converter based on H-bridges
Alternating-current/direct-current converter
Apparatus and method for controlling speed of motor
Motor driving apparatus and method
Frequency-domain equalizing device and receiving device
PWM signal generating circuit, printer, and PWM signal generating method
Single input level shifter
Interference cancellation in a spread spectrum communication system
Method, apparatus and computer program for controlling a receiver
Method for communicating between customer device and server device
Rapid modulation scheme determination for linear digital signals
LTE wireless communication method for transceiving wireless device data
Method and system for the improvement of routing in communications networks providing multimedia services over IMS networks
LTE--advanced transmit diversity decoders
Method and system for space code transmit diversity of PUCCH
Data signal correction circuit, receiver, and data signal correction method
Systems and methods for transmitting and receiving additional data over legacy satellite digital audio radio signals
Control and data plane solutions for carrier-aggregation based WLAN offload
Multi-protocol telecommunications routing optimization
Direct generation of discrete Fourier transforms of time-shifted Zadoff-Chu sequences
Image processing device and image processing method for preventing image quality deterioration
System for distributing and controlling color reproduction at multiple sites
Image compensation device
Method and system for processing an input three dimensional video signal
Optical phase extraction system having phase compensation function of closed loop type and three-dimensional image extraction method thereof
Rendering views for a multi-view display device
Color calibration of an image capture device in a way that is adaptive to the scene to be captured
Combination apparatus and operating method thereof
Method and apparatus for image encoding using hold-MBs, and method and apparatus for image decoding using hold-MBs
System and method for inexpensive railroad track imaging for inspection
Imaging apparatus for efficiently generating multiple forms of image data output by an imaging sensor
Image capturing apparatus and exposure control method
Method of transmitting information about a pre-coding matrix of a terminal in a multiple node system
Apparatus and method of reporting power headroom in wireless communication system
Systems and methods for multimode wireless communication handoff
Base station and method to acquire capability of mobile apparatus in mobile communication system
Handover in white space band
Provider backbone bridging--provider backbone transport internetworking
Wireless communication device with both a wireless transceiver and a wireless paging receiver
Measurement reporting method and device in a wireless communication system
Exchanging presence information in a communications network
Transmission method and apparatus for carrier aggregation and uplink MIMO
Scheduling method for machine-to-machine communication
Method and terminal for direct communication between terminals
User terminal, radio base station apparatus and radio communication method
Medical lighting device and process for operating a medical lighting device
Parallel-connected ballast circuits
LED driving system and method
Adjustable three-stage light emitting diode bulb
Terminal device and transparent substrate
Circuit board with signal layers of different dimensions to communicate signals of different frequencies
Circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
Interconnection substrate design supporting device, method of designing interconnection substrate, program, and interconnection substrate
Power casing apparatus of image display module
Avionic media systems including actuated media docking stations and over-center locking mechanisms suitable for usage therein
Cooling device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Foot plate attachment for a shovel
Ground surface crop harvester and harvesting method
Vegetable harvester
Adjustable support for transport
Underground irrigation method and system
Drinking vessel with indicator activated by inertial switch
Controlled release of substances
Magnetically operated apparatus for dispensing a chemical
Abrasive compositions and methods for making same
Automated transfer station for hanging articles such as pepperoni sausages
Cutting method of salmon ovary and apparatus for carrying out cutting method
Bra shield, brassiere and method
Reclosable bags having a tamper evident stepped member
Woven slide fastener stringer
Foldable decorative light assembly
Limited stretch cord for a fruit picking receptacle
Container for multiple-component compositions
Positively sealed cosmetic dispenser
Backpack with deployable armor
Retractor having a swivel attachment component
Fluid distribution appliance
Dispenser to liquid stream
Paint brush holder
Enhanced access workstation
Modular support system
Keyboard support system
Pivot assembly and support system
Nestable and/or liftable rack
File cabinet
Knock-down vertical file
CPU supporting assembly
Elevation mechanism for armchair armrest
High frequency bi-level offset multi-port jack
Modular spring for a mattress foundation unit
Base manipulation device for office chair
Wheel device and chair equipped with same
Chair having an adjustable lumbar mechanism
Collapsible arm rest for casual seating
Incrementally slidable high chair tray with quick release
Lane dividers for commercial display refrigerators
Display unit with snap-in bottom cover
Container for dispensing a small amount of the contents
One-sided beverage vessel
Combined pill and water container
Insulated beverage containing device
Glove donning apparatus
Neon light system
Device at a Christmas-tree stand
Christmas-tree stand
Stabilizing device
Containers with flexible pouch and closure member
Multi-flavored hot beverage dispenser
Cartridge for dispensing paper products
Paper towel dispenser
Watertight seal for inclined surfaces
Liquid soap dispensing container
Spray nozzle for a carpet and upholstery extractor
Endoscope with longitudinal compensation capability in response to thermal stress
Flexible tip medical instrument
Adjustable flexible vacuum gripper and method of gripping
Surgical instrument endoscope with CMOS image sensor and physical parameter sensor
Diagnostic needle arthroscopy and lavage system
Lipid pool aspiration arrangement for the treatment of vulnerable atherosclerosis plaque
Irradiation enhanced permeation and delivery
Spectral bio-imaging of the eye
Optical coherence tomography guided dental drill
Device and method for evaluating injuries to ligaments
Devices and methods for cervix measurement
Device for withdrawing blood for diagnostic applications
Folding mammography table and method of use
Stethoscope carrier
System and method for intraluminal imaging
Multiport antibackflow manifold for dental handpiece system
Method and apparatus for curling light-curable dental materials
Fluid reservoir
Multiple solution dental irrigator
Grooved intraosseous dental drill bit
Endodontic instrument having a chisel tip
Arrangement for use in a system with a range of dental screws, and the range of dental screws
Dental implant system incorporating an external hex and Morse tapered walls
Normothermic heater covering
Article for dealing with body wastes
Apparatus and method for inserting an adjustable implantable genitourinary device
Flow regulator valve to optimize stent deployment and method of using the same
Back belt and method
Drainable collection bag for human body wastes
Men's undergarment for incontinence
Central venous catheter with heat exchange properties
Ophthalmic endoscope and endoscope attachments for use therewith
Hood for infant care apparatus
Cemetery trailer for grave-site support
Mobile device for disabled persons
Adjustable head support for connection to a wheelchair
Vehicle for wheel chairs
Wheelchair having a double turnbuckle height adjustment
Motion sickness expression apparatus
Device for providing accupressure back massage
Erotic stimulation device
Pseudoelastic .beta. titanium eyeglass components
Dental implant system with repeating microgeometric surface patterns
Mechanically propelled, metered liquid dispenser
Medical tube holder
Continuous irrigation Y-tubing control valve device and system
Medical syringe with braked step-advance plunger
Disposable safety syringe
Medical probe device and method
Methods and devices for ex vivo irradiation of autologous coronary bypass conduit
Coiled brachytherapy device
Systems and methods for reducing secondary hot spots in a phased array focused ultrasound system
Fluoroalkylphosphorus compounds as fire and explosion protection agents
Jogging machine provided with means for easy movement of same
Multi-functional balance rotary disk
Exercise apparatus with elevating seat
Exercise device
Solid golf ball
Golf ball handling apparatus
Golf club having a thermic-spray coating
Golf club handle moisture protection device
Automatic golf ball placement device
Portable golf putting target and game improvement system
Electromechanical compression crank adjustment mechanism for a basketball goal assembly
Parallelogrammic adjustment assembly for basketball goal systems
Portable basketball apparatus
Climbing wall
Swing weight apparatus for attachment to a golf club head
Ice skate runner
Snowboard front foot snow shield
Roller board with a pivoting roller unit which is adapted to provide enhanced stability during turning movement
Wheeled vehicle with control system
Method and means for locating perimeter points for lines on athletic fields
Assistive billiard cue device
Game apparatus for playing an electronic game based on a deck of cards
Player object displayed in second configuration even if cursor moves outside prescribed area
Game apparatus and method of replaying game
Image processing device, image processing method, and game device storage medium using the same
Semi-real time simulation type video game device
Method and apparatus for playing a simulated baseball game
Simulated baseball game and method
Golf game
Multi-level, multi-difficulty, board game with circular symmetry
Vocabulary board game
Methods for processing security documents
Drop slot game machine
Slot-type gaming machine with variable drop zone symbols
Complex multifunctional game table structure
Frame structure of playing machine
Bonus feature on starting hands
Question and answer board game using recorded media
Reversible slide/climber playground equipment
Battery powered gyroscopic entertainment device and system
Device for collecting treats
Tilt and turn undercarriage apparatus
Water squirting miniature toy vehicle
Three-dimensional toy built up with freely connectable parts
Doll movable structure for loin and groin
Three-dimensional surface treatment for a book
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fixed sequential sprayer for a cylindrical wastewater screen
Woven fabric using three dimensional and flat weave in combination, related methods and filter element
Reversed-jet contacting of a gas stream having variable heat/mass content
Hand paint mixer
Static laminar mixing device
Porous microfluidic valves
Rack for multichannel pipette cones
Mobile crusher
Production plus hammer with protective pocket
Continuous substance-separating procedure in three phases: liquid/liquid/nonsoluble solids
Liquid sprayer
Dispenser for flowable media, particularly for atomizing liquids
Trigger sprayer dispensing system
Airborne cleaning and painting robot
Apparatus for treating paint roller covers
Spreading device for spreading fluids, and device for delivering and applying fluid, especially adhesive
Method and apparatus for manufacturing surgical needles
Process for the production of a fly ash slurry
Method for remediating near-surface contaminated soil
Apparatus for continuous friction-actuated extrusion
Punching-bending machine
Metal sandwich structure with integral hardpoint
Double-seamed can end and method for forming
One-piece forged steering knuckle assembly
Cooling time control
Mold or wide cross section for the hot-top vertical continuous casting of metals
Mold cassette and method for continuously casting thin slabs
Adjustable rotary tool providing a counter balanced system
Air chuck
Circular hole cutting devices
System for forming bumps on wafers
Lead penetrating clamping system
Method and apparatus for a combined mechanical and metallurgical connection
Method for producing wiring layer transfer composite
Utilize ultrasonic energy to reduce the initial contact forces in known-good-die or permanent contact systems
Apparatus for friction stir welding
Method of forming structural body using friction stir welding, and structural body formed
Sheath clamp for a welding torch cable
Lowerator having an actuator capable of combined latch actuation and carrier movement
Dust-proof cover with connecting rods
Numeric controlled drilling jig-multiple-axis aerospace drilling machine
Method of polishing using a polishing pad
Glass product machining apparatus
Holding device for a spectacle glass
Method and apparatus for making a cutting tool having a plurality of margins
Hand-held belt sander
Web-format planarizing machines and methods for planarizing microelectronic substrate assemblies
Using a purge gas in a chemical mechanical polishing apparatus with an incrementally advanceable polishing sheet
Polisher and ground paper for polishers
Method of and an apparatus for machining a workpiece with plural tool heads
Method and apparatus for sharpening drill bits
Process and apparatus for polishing a workpiece
Apparatus, backing plate, backing film and method for chemical mechanical polishing
Methods for break-in and conditioning a fixed abrasive polishing pad
Retaining ring for chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) head, polishing apparatus, slurry cycle system, and method
Apparatus and methods for substantial planarization of solder bumps
Fixed abrasive polishing pad
Method and apparatus for mechanical and chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic substrates
Fixed abrasive chemical-mechanical planarization of titanium nitride
High speed burnishing of asperities in a disk drive
Holder for collar of workpiece or tool
Rotary floor finisher for use with a power rider trailer
System for cleaning contamination from magnetic recording media rows
Abrasive tool with metal binder phase
Sanding sponge with high tear strength backing layer
Grinding device and method
Workpiece holddown system for machine tools
Lighted tool
Vinyl base wall clamp
Nail-driving gun having a single shot operation and a continuous shooting operation which can be selected by controlling acutation order of two members
Top cap of power nailers
Metering head
Adjustable supports
Manipulator and method for manufacturing the manipulator
Streamfeeder signature long tail trimmer
Sample separating apparatus and method, and substrate manufacturing method
Spiral singulator
Router with ergonomic handles
Filter assembly for use in a press mould
Thermally insulated runner manifold and injection nozzle construction for plastic molding apparatus
Molding nozzle gate valve
Injection-molding nozzle assembly
Distance multi-layer golf ball
Flexible barrier member useful in aerosol dispensers
Bag tube and a method for manufacturing a deformable container
Machine for gluing folding cartons for producing cartons from blanks
Web of sterile bags for automatic bagging equipment
Apparatus and method for automatically forming an article
Tamper-evident electric paper
Tray pack for a group of articles, and process and apparatus for producing the same
Label looper
Drawings-in- of paper webs
Ink cartridge plunger
Sheet conveying apparatus and recording apparatus using electrostatic attraction
Media tray supporter and method of using same
Printing apparatus and a printing method
Ink jet printing method
Ink jet recording method and ink jet recorder for ejecting controlled ink droplets
Ink ejector
Ink jet recording apparatus and method of driving the same
Image-forming apparatus with electric-field control of data and selection electrodes
Ink-jet head and ink-jet printer
Liquid eject head, cartridge and image forming apparatus, and manufacturing method of liquid eject head
Electronic drive systems and methods
Ink ejecting device and piezoelectric element thereof
Two-step trench etch for a fully integrated thermal inkjet printhead
Printer and method for priming an inkjet printhead
Liquid storage container, liquid ejecting device and liquid ejecting apparatus
Ink tank, recording head cartridge and ink jet recording apparatus
Multi-function monitoring module for a printer
Ink-jet printer
Method and apparatus for detecting the discharge status of inkjet printheads
Printing apparatus
Serial printer detecting set condition for image formation and method of controlling the same
Ink jet printing method
Thermal binding mechanism
Instruction leaflet made of paper comprising a box which contains this instruction leaflet together with the said packaging and a content, a method of making the said instruction leaflet
Book covering
Filing device
Retractable writing instrument assembly
Hand held vertical paint tray
Wheel bearing arrangement for a dual wheel assembly
Wheel liner attachment system
Locking lug cover
Device for receiving and securing a ball
Locking mechanism for trailer hitch security lock
Reel device with cable guiding unit
Adjustable length cam arm for weight distributing hitch assembly
Vehicle roll control
Non-linear spring rate sway bar bushing
Bi-component bushing
Door attachment structure
Motor vehicle heating and/or air conditioning device with improved air mixing
Window protector assembly
Cargo space expanding device of vehicle
Bulkhead adapter for cargo truck
Open roof construction for a vehicle
Open roof construction for a vehicle
Folding top rear quarter window storage system
Roof arrangement for a convertible
Unlocking device for vehicle convertible tops
Movable roof system for an automotive vehicle
Actuating device for a differential lock, preferably a frictional lock
Hydrostatic transmission and power transmission arrangement with the same for vehicle
Drive slip control system
Variable-attitude mount for brake controllers and the like
Driving force control system for four-wheel drive vehicles
Mounting device of an occupant detection system
Seat depth adjusting device for an automobile seat
Child seat for vehicles
Device for monitoring a locked condition of locking and support components of a connecting device for fixing a child seat in a motor vehicle
Vehicle accessory with sliding cover
Headrest apparatus for vehicle seat
Seat cushion with flip open storage bin
Component mounting structure and component mounting method
Vehicle center console with interior illumination
Apparatus and method for spreading material
Truck bed conversion
Adjustable length cargo brace
Outside sideview mirror assembly with reduced wind noise
Actuating mechanism for driving a motor vehicle rearview mirror
Illuminating plate for car
Vehicle bumper system
Interior enclosure for vehicles
Air bag device
Inflatable airbag module for an airbag unit
Seatbelt system having seamless inflatable member
Air-belt device and method
Occupant protective device located in the steering wheel of a motor vehicle
Airbag apparatus
Self-contained airbag system
Protective assembly fitted with an expanding external deflector
Seatbelt device
Pretensioner for seat belts
Seat belt retractor with integrally formed frame
Seat belt pretensioner
Device for detachable fastening of a load carrier on a vehicle
Park gear damper for an automatic transmission for an automotive vehicle
Integrated steering column and pedal mounting system
Side brake device activating despite failure to apply
Method for improving the control performance of a motor vehicle control system
Net for securing objects
Securing net
Anti-backlash mechanism
Convertible hand dolly and cart
Transport vehicle for post auger, post auger support stand therefor and methods of making the same
Bucket dolly
Cart brake mechanism
Collapsible wheeled flexible bag carrier
Children's cycle
Housed steering column
Locking system for adjustable position steering column
Clutch/brake assembly for vehicle
Channel member for constructing elongated wall portion of vehicle body
Automotive pillar reinforcement system
Cab enclosure for a self-propelled earth moving machine
Electrical and mechanical steering system for automobile vehicles
Integrated electric power hydraulic steering system
Multi-unit articulated road train propulsion system
Auxiliary axle assembly
Retractable top tonneau cover assembly and modular assembly
Storage rack for bicycles
Noise feedback for training wheels
Motorcycle crash bar and saddlebag protector guard
Fuel tank arrangement structure of motorcycle
Vehicle with common wheel for steering and propulsion
Traveling and accelerating system for riding a bicycle forward regardless the rotation direction of the pedals
Propelling scooter
Driving structure between front and rear wheels of a vehicle
Derailleur cable router with a cable housing support that pivots in multiple directions
Control system for small watercraft
Noise reducing system
Marine propulsion system and method using an in-situ generated water plasma
Squeeze actuated hand interface systems for rotatable items
Outboard engine with acoustic seals installed in motor housing opening
Jet-propelled watercraft
Structural support system for an outboard motor
Drive shaft for marine drive
Aircraft control surface drive apparatus
Apparatus for aircraft brake thermal management
Hot ruddervator apparatus and method for an aerospacecraft
Acceleration protective suit
Movable instrument panel within a cockpit of an aircraft
Standoff mounting for air data sensing probes on a helicopter
Electrodynamic tether control
Intermittent container discharge device in continuous-filling packaging system
Tighthead drum
Device for transporting fragile objects, and in particular blood bags
Pattern and method of assembling an envelope/page and mailer combination
Efficient paste dispenser
Apparatus and method for facilitating the emptying of tube dispensers
Compressible plug with internal compression anchor
Spill resistant lid with openable and closeable drinking opening
Spill resistant lid
Tear band closure
Tear-away container top
Floral shipper
Freestanding portable lamp display package
Package with integral retractile pouring spout
Bamboo basket
Battery package with battery support
Combination food container and sealed condiment dispenser
Tissue box
Thin compact disk holder
Egg tray
Platen for diverting conveyor
Belt transfer system
Stub shaft conveyor roller
Lubricating device for conveyor systems
180 Degree tray rotator
Mechanism and method for forming a stack of articles
Granular material distributing apparatus comprising at least two transfer vessels that operate in alternation
Lamination dispenser and method of dispensing laminations
Adaptive flag weight for document handling apparatus
Device conveying a carrier tape used for electronic components
Sheet inverting apparatus and method
Signature delivery apparatus including two rotating buckets
Tape applicator
Tape cartridge for coat film transfer tool and coat film transfer tool
Method of operating a sheet-processing machine
Coil pipe trailer
Wire dispensing unit
Cable guidance apparatus
Device for handling sheet-like pieces
Automatic knot-tying machine
Wooden spool held together with novel tie rod assembly and method of assembling the same between a pair of dies
Control system and control method for reassigning the cars of a double-deck elevator
Equipment for carrying out operations in an elevator shaft
Elevator sheave for use with flat ropes
Device for transmitting a force, in particular a compression force, along a substantially straight path
Dispensing device and method for rapidly heating and delivering a flowable product
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Device for aligning glass sheets on a roller conveyor of a glass annealing lehr
Methods of cementing in subterranean zones
Magenta ink formulation
Ink jet printer method
Reaction solution for ink jet recording and ink jet recording method using the same
Polishing method and polisher used in the method
Method of preventing gas breakthrough in an oil bearing formation
Method for improving fuel efficiency in combustion chambers
Steam turbine rotor shaft
Textiles; Paper
Integrally woven ceramic composites
Thread brake system with a linear electric motor for weaving looms
Rotary drive with direct drive electromagnetic motor for a reed slay of a loom
Wall outlet box for a dryer vent exhaust conduit
Fixed Constructions
Vibrating tamper having a single control lever
Reversible road scraper
Apparatus for raising concrete members
Bead/paint spray gun
Covering rosette
Apparatus for draining land areas with an adjustable system for gravity flow
Railing assembly
Blade for motorized trowel
Outside conversion corner for form work
Corner bracket for concrete pouring forms
Scaffold end caps
Door latch assembly with accelerated bolt motion, deadbolt and replacement face plates
Transmission assembly of a lock
Rotary latch lock, especially for motor vehicles
Door lock, in particular for tractors
Fastening mechanism for a cover, door or the like
Torsion bar for a door lid
Venetian blind having segmented tilt adjustment
Portable ladder having resistance to slippage
Conduit section having threaded section connectors and external conduits attached thereto
Engineered enhanced inserts for rock drilling bits
Subterranean well completion apparatus with flow assurance system and associated methods
Apparatus and method for simultaneous drilling and casing wellbores
Drilling tool magazine
Retrievable zonal isolation control system
Well logging method & apparatus
Apparatus and method for orienting a downhole tool
Deviated borehole drilling assembly
Deviated borehole drilling assembly
Deviated borehole drilling assembly
Deviated borehole drilling assembly
Deviated borehole drilling assembly
Method of selective plastic expansion of sections of a tubing
Apparatus and a method for launching plugs
Accumulator apparatus, system and method
Spring compression seal
Method to remove particulate matter from a wellbore using translocating fibers and/or platelets
Method and apparatus for completing a wellbore
Annular shaped interrupted solenoid activator and pump for borehole subsea use (BEI-0002)
Sub sea pile-sump pumping arrangement
Method of controlling rock drilling
Method and apparatus for monitoring and recording of the operating condition of a downhole drill bit during drilling operations
Hydraulic drilling method and system for forming radial drain holes in underground oil and gas bearing formations
Method of sealing off a mine passageway
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Flow by-pass system for use in steam turbine exhaust hoods
Apparatus for impingement cooling a side wall adjacent an undercut region of a turbine nozzle segment
Securing devices for blades for gas turbines
Gas turbine equipment and turbine blade
Vane for variable nozzle turbocharger
Apparatus and method for inhibiting radial transfer of core gas flow within a core gas flow path of a gas turbine engine
Cooled flow deflection apparatus for a fluid-flow machine which operates at high temperatures
Exhaust pipe joint assembly
Sound attenuator and temperature control device for an outboard motor
Fluid friction coupling
Torque adaptation device for an engine moment model
Fuel injection valve for internal combustion engines
Compliant zero evaporative fuel connection
Shaft extension for use with outboard bearing designs
Structure for suction valve of piston type compressor
Positive displacement type liquid-delivery apparatus
Air compressor control sequencer
Switch for controlling the motor of a piston pump
Pump fluid cylinder mounting assembly
Reversing valve for a diaphragm pump
Gear unit for a deep-borehole pump
Pump having a main outlet communicating with a secondary outlet by a gap
Driving mechanism for a pump
Scroll compressor
Internal gear machine for reversed operation in a closed hydraulic circuit
Dual volume-ratio scroll machine
Screw groove type vacuum pump, complex vacuum pump and vacuum pump system
Turbo molecular pump
System for regulating pressure in a vacuum chamber, vacuum pumping unit equipped with same
Variable width pump impeller
Ceiling fan blade frame
Sound attenuating inlet silencer for air supplying fan
Reciprocating siphon suction pump
Electric plug-in connector
Auger-like drywall screw
Wedging masonry anchor bolt and sleeve anchor for masonry bolt used in cinder blocks
Slide bearing assembly
Method and device to control the movement accuracy of a unit moving linearly on hydro (air) static slides
Cross roller assembly and cross roller guiding apparatus using the same
Main shaft bearing lubricating apparatus for sealing-type reciprocating compressor
Double wall bearing cup
Multi-disk clutch and method of manufacturing a core plate of a multi-disk clutch
Friction clutch
Self-energizing synchronizer
Pressure-medium-actuated clutch
Electromagnetic coupling apparatus
Clutch/brake drive
Cooling system for a brake
Power transmission mechanism
Liquid-filled vibration isolator
Vibration isolator with parallelogram mechanism
Power-off damping in MR damper
Magnetorheological damper with piston bypass
Double-meshing-type silent chain drive and sprocket used therein
V-ribbed belt
Lock-up control for device torque converter
Continuously variable transmission
Sealing structure of a joint for three members
Springclip ring
Shaft seal assembly
Segmented obturator ring
Oil sealing ring
Flexible metal conduit
Threaded retainer rings for use in pipe flange connections
Retaining element and method of mounting lines
Automotive hose coupling
Plug-type connector for compression systems
In-line thermal expansion tank
Book lamp structure
Swivel lantern
Roadway luminaire
Headlamp for a vehicle
Vehicle light
Vehicle head lamp and method of forming a reflecting mirror therefor
Lighting fixtures having improved light distribution
Sheet-like source light device and liquid crystal display device using the same
Method and apparatus for providing low level Nox and CO combustion
Stepper motor driving a linear actuator operating a pressure control regulator
Lighter having a simplified safety lock
Cooler for rotary kilns
X-ray generating system having a phase change material store located in the coolant in an x-ray radiator housing
Heat sink-equipped cooling apparatus
Radial flow heat exchanger
Archery bow and gun support system
Method for controlling animal populations utilizing a sterilant projectile
Method and arrangement for navigating a robot towards a moving target
Self-supporting post leveling device
Medical thermometer
Method and device for the inspection of a material by thermal imaging
Probe assembly having floatable buckling beam probes and apparatus for abrading the same
Energy source for use in seismic acquisitions
Image display device
Glare shield attachment for a liquid crystal display screen
Asymmetrical tunnel for spatially integrating light
Optical fiber/optical component assembly
Fiber optic connector and method for assembling
Fiber optic sleeve with drafted corner-wall sections
Optical connector ferrule
Optical fiber connector system
System and method for optically coupling component service interfaces
Compact multiwavelength transmitter module for multimode fiber optic ribbon cable
Manufacturing method of spectacle lenses and system thereof
Surface design method
Compact optical wave-guide system for LED backlighting liquid crystal displays
Magnetic material-inverting display panel
Lens barrier device for camera
Liquid crystal projection apparatus
Field sequential dichroic light valve
Projection display device
Developing process and developing unit
Electrostatic charge-suppressing fluoroplastic fuser roller
Integrated circuit device with power analysis protection circuitry
Card connector having interchangeable guide arms
Maximizing data capacity for embedded data blocks with occlusions therein
System and method for carrying medical and/or personal information
Contact block for a chip card reader
Laser beam scan type barcode reader and program recording mediums
Piezoelectric scan engine in PC card format
Methods and apparatus for an electronic shelf label communication system having multiple transmit antennae
Apparatus and method for processing coded information stored on an integrated circuit card
Large prize central management
Slot machine - with random line multiplier
Error feedback system and method for correcting habitual keyboarding errors
Educational desk mat, system and method for motivating and instructing students
Three-dimensional shoestring book
Tactile sensing device
Learning method
Illuminated indication device for road traffic
Pinch roller bearing structure for magnetic tape apparatus
Media storage unit with expandable and separable pockets
Accordion laser disc protective folder
Raw bar stripping off and cleaning jig and raw bar stripping off and cleaning method
Thin-film magnetic head manufacturing method and apparatus
Plasma display panel suitable for high-quality display and production method
Method of manufacturing electron-emitting device, electron source and image-forming apparatus, and apparatus of manufacturing electron source
Adjustable nozzle assembly for semiconductor wafer backside rinsing
Indexer for magazine shelves of a magazine and wafer-shaped objects contained therein
FIMS interface without alignment pins
Opening and closing apparatus of an opening and closing lid of a box accommodating an object to be processed and a processing system of an object to be processed
CPU cooling device with a mounting mechanism
Alignment device for use with connector
Electrical connector for flexible printed circuit
Combination miniature cable connector and antenna
Electrical connector assembly
Strain relief for electrical connectors
Cable configuration
Junction box connector shroud
Memory card connector with improved card insertion/ejection operation
Apparatus and method for packaging circuits
Connector with detecting unit
Shield connector
Small form-factor pluggable transceiver cage
Electrical connector with latch element releasing shorting element
Side-by-side electrical connector assembly
Slide locked retractable grounding pin power cord plug
Adapter and plug for communications and control engineering
Insulation displacement contact for use with fine wires
Field replaceable unit
Card edge connector
Insert for a female plug coupling for an electric connector plug
System for interconnecting medium-voltage or high-voltage electrical cells in enclosures
Flyer winders for dynamo-electric machine components
Reduction of noise on cable
Method for automatically forming ink and media-dependent color transforms for diverse colored inks and ink types, validating color gamut, and applying said inks
Video clip program guide
Static eliminator
Electrical connector assembly with improved contact arrangement
Connector for flexible printed circuit board
ZIF socket
Apparatus for electronically interconnecting electronic circuit substrates
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