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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Structured light-emitting module for lighting apparatus
Human Necessities
Animal leash and harness
Smoke box with integral conversion to larger-bowl smoking pipe
Tip charging electronic cigarette and system and method for charging the same
Anti-smoking device
Visor cap having variable visors
Inflatable bonnet cap system
Energy-return shoe system
Ring protection device
Removable basket assembly for outdoor grill
Painting implement cleaning and support apparatus
Infant care accessory comprising combination diaper bag and changing mat with fluid barrier
Adaptive portable hunting blind system and method
Tankless hot water heater with power modulation
Seasoning grill
Handheld cleaning tool kit
Wound mapping system
System and method for emulating a surface EKG for use with transtelephonic monitoring of an implantable medical device
Adaptive acquisition and reconstruction of dynamic MR images
Peripheral impedance plethysmography electrode and system with detection of electrode spacing
Dental device
Apparatus, composition, and method to treat amblyopia
Prosthetic aid
Methods of delivering a drug using a medical device with a coating comprising a self-assembled molecular structure
Treatment of obesity and/or type II diabetes by stimulation of the pituitary gland
Systems and methods for automatically optimizing stimulus parameters and electrode configurations for neuro-stimulators
Pressure sensing lead systems for implantable stimulators
Stereotactic radiotherapy with rotating attenuator
Apparatus having cross conditioned breathing air
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for coating substrates by means of high-velocity flame spraying
Die head and liquid coater
Manufacturing apparatus of plate-like tooth profile member
Insert molding of bulk amorphous alloy into open cell foam
Flip cartridges and material removal tool with same
Sealing apparatus having circulating channel for wire cutting machine
Apparatus for feeding electrical energy into a power grid and DC voltage converter for such an apparatus
Systems and methods for personalizing prosthetic and orthotic devices
Casting method for manufacturing a work piece
Milling tool holder wrench
Assembly tool for assembling lens modules
Compound hammer tool
Light scanning apparatus, image forming apparatus equipped with such light scanning apparatus, and control method or image forming method for such image forming apparatus
Exposure head, image forming unit, and image forming apparatus
Handheld printer
Apparatus and method for power hop detection and mitigation
Coupler with movable shaft
Shift device
Capacitor device and vehicular power supply device
System for connecting a power-supply battery of a motor vehicle
Antitheft device for the steering column of a vehicle having super-lockout provided by a rocker arm
Distributor device for hydraulic power steering
Flexible ultra-low permeability transport system and method
Method of shrinking a heat shrinkable film onto product units
Gathering device for gathering plastic members
Package with lid sealing system
Textiles; Paper
Cartridge selection mechanism for a sewing machine
Fixed Constructions
Defrosting unit for snow blower
Flooring panel or wall panel and use thereof
Insulated masonry member insert configured to compensate for mold wear
System for manufacturing a reinforcement
Connector device for a foldable tent
Anti-theft mechanism for electronic devices
Covering of building opening
High-shear roller cone and PDC hybrid bit
Hammer bit
No-Go tag systems and methods for progressive cavity pumps
Forming bitumen barriers in subsurface hydrocarbon formations
Electrokinetic enhanced hydrocarbon recovery from oil shale
ROV drive bucket plug
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for making measurements of the post-combustion residence time in a gas turbine engine
Turbomachine system with direct header steam injection, related control system and program product
Oil supply apparatus of internal combustion engine
Method of operating a fuel processor
Motor vehicle having a storage tank for a reducing agent
Intake system for internal combustion engine
Gas turbine engine exhaust diffuser including circumferential vane
Handles for starter pull cords
Method for adapting an engine to the fuel grade by incrementing the initial octane number of the fuel
Power generator and turbine unit
Method and device for energy generation
Wind turbine direct drive airgap control method and system
Wind turbine based energy storage system and method using heavy weighted devices
Fastening or mounting apparatus
Bevel gear transmission
Hydraulic hybrid vehicle with safe and efficient hydrostatic operation
Low voltage power supply for spark igniter and flame sense
Method for operating a burner and burner, in particular for a gas turbine
Condenser cooling system and method including solar absorption chiller
Ice imaging system
Heat treatment apparatus
Fingerprint recognition safety systems
System and method for detecting local mechanical stress in integreated devices
Transparent measuring device with enhanced viewing windows
System and method for inspection of soft goods
Method for displaying result of measurement of eccentricity
Single fiber endoscopic full-field optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging probe
GUI interface for a road maintenance management control system
Apparatuses and methods for displaying and receiving tactical and strategic flight guidance information
Optical encoder and electronic equipment
Measuring device and method for measuring the flow rate of a medium flowing through a measuring tube
Gas meter
Discharge lamp lighting device and image display device with switching frequency
Sensor system with surface-plasmon-polariton (SPP) enhanced selective fluorescence excitation and method
Method and apparatus for radiation encoding an analysis
Method and system for determining creep capability of turbine components prior to operation
Method and assembly for sensing permanent deformation of a structure
Robot apparatus
Device and method for acquiring information on objective substance to be detected by detecting a change of wavelength characteristics on the optical transmittance
X-ray imaging apparatus and control method thereof
Gas sensor
Method of detecting a reference zone arranged on the periphery of a toothed disk fastened to a rotary component, with a view to determining the angular position of said rotary component
Clamp meter with rotary mechanism for clamp jaws
Signal measurement apparatus, signal measurement method, recording media and test apparatus
Programmable voltage-controlled oscillator
Amperometric electrochemical sensor
Capacitance sensor
Object proximity detector and object position detector
Base station, user equipment, and method
Data communication network having multidimensional link structure
Pade approximant based compensation for integrated sensor modules and the like
Method and device for scan chain management of dies reused in a multi-chip package
Method and apparatus for unifying self-test with scan-test during prototype debug and production test
Probe apparatus
Detection of faults in an injector arrangement
Optical element and imaging apparatus
Lens array device and image display device
Imaging device driver and photography instrument employing it
Zoom optical system and image pickup apparatus provided with the same
Methods and apparatus providing improved visual capabilities of optical instruments
Electromechanical device with optical function separated from mechanical and electrical function
Display device
Microelectromechanical device and method utilizing a porous surface
Interferometric modulator in transmission mode
Systems and methods using interferometric optical modulators and diffusers
Optical system and method for shaping a profile of a laser beam
Method for homogenizing light
Laser and photodetector coupled by planar waveguides
Optical pulse time spreader and optical code division multiplexing transmission device
Lens module and camera module having same
Lens barrel and image pickup apparatus
Wide angle lens module and vehicle vision system
Liquid crystal lens and lens module incorporating same
Liquid crystal device having a diffraction function layer that includes a flat portion and a non-flat portion with a grid disposed in the non-flat portion
Computer having liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device having a dummy pattern for repairing data lines
Display apparatus with particular light control and light reflecting
Reflective bilateral liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal display device with a backlight unit having a diffusion plate
Liquid crystal display device
Display medium and display device
Method and apparatus for efficient processing of color conversion
Image forming apparatus with first and second settable resolution grades
Image forming apparatus including density control and control method thereof
Image forming apparatus including a gap forming unit
Image forming apparatus and developing apparatus
Developing device having developer regulating member, and image forming apparatus using developing device
Fixing device and image forming apparatus comprising same
Fixing device including separation part for separating medium from fixing belt
Fixing device, image forming apparatus, and fixing-device control method
Image forming apparatus having external-additive removal unit that includes a conductive blade
Cleanerless image forming apparatus
Reaction force cancel system
Generalized predictive control (GPC) based position control method for an axle
Constant current light emitting diode (LED) driver circuit and method
Charge pump circuit and electronic apparatus provided with the same
Charge pump stage of radio-frequency identification transponder
Voltage generation circuit and semiconductor memory using the same
Semiconductor switch
Synchronization devices having input/output delay model tuning elements in signal paths to provide tuning capabilities to offset signal mismatch
Disk device
Failover of blade servers in a data center
Systems and methods for recovering from configuration data mismatches in a clustered environment
Remedying method for troubles in virtual server system and system thereof
Method to improve requirements, design manufacturing, and transportation in mass manufacturing industries through analysis of defect data
Virus detection in mobile devices having insufficient resources to execute virus detection software
Access control list rule compression using meter re-mapping
Method and system for deleting allocated virtual server resources
Disk image inheritance
Computer system, management method and storage network system
Hierarchical storage management (HSM) for redundant array of independent disks (RAID)
Non-volatile solid-state memory based adaptive playlist for storage system initialization operations
Storage system that executes performance optimization that maintains redundancy
Storage device cache
Electronic device, recording control method and recording medium
Controller link for manageability engine
Memory hub with internal cache and/or memory access prediction
System and method for securely restoring a program context from a shared memory
Method and system for accessing web pages based on playback of recordings
Generalized WBEM/CIM indication provider simulation engine
Memory sharing of time and frequency de-interleaver for ISDB-T receivers
Apparatus and method of tracing descriptors in host controller
Image forming apparatus client/server type information processing system and information processing method
Method for optimizing a link schedule
Communication control apparatus and method
Internet receiving arrangement having quality test means
System and method for partial data compression and data transfer
Method and system for remote diagnostic, control and information collection based on various communication modes for sending messages to a resource manager
Controlling subscriber information rates in a content delivery network
Method for facilitating human social interaction using a computing system
Methods and apparatus for reducing streaming media data traffic bursts
Centralized load distribution for an H.323 network
Methods and systems for dynamically configuring a network component to reroute media streams
System and method for grading electricity distribution network feeders susceptible to impending failure
Real estate disclosure reporting method
Data mining and reporting
System and method for adaptive database caching
Method, processor and mail transport system for associating information with a mail item
Security rating method
XML based transaction detail records
Convolution operation circuit
Enabling dynamic voiceXML in an X+V page of a multimodal application
Smart space insertion
Interfaces for a productivity suite application and a hosted user interface
Method of transforming queries based upon E/R schema into multi-dimensional expression queries
Method and apparatus for process design
Location recognition using informative feature vocabulary trees
Web server document library
System and method for efficiently storing information related to a telephone number
Communication apparatus and method for controlling communication
Method and system for improving targeted data delivery
Method for accelerating the computational speed of a computer algorithm
Synthesizing information-bearing content from multiple channels
Method and apparatus for detecting lithographic hotspots in a circuit layout
Verifying an IC layout in individual regions and combining results
Mask pattern data generating method, information processing apparatus, photomask fabrication system, and image sensing apparatus
Asynchronous circuit logical verification method, logical verification apparatus, and computer readable storage medium
Apparatus, and computer program for implementing vertically coupled noise control through a mesh plane in an electronic package design
Model-based hardware exerciser, device, system and method thereof
Recognizing muliplexers
System and method for designing a voltage regulator module
Software or hardware test apparatus and method
Motor vehicle transmission control for operating a motor vehicle transmission
Reflow process evaluation device and reflow process evaluation method
Module identification method and system for path connectivity in modular systems
Inertia compensated tension roll in closed loop belt systems
Methods and systems for drug screening and computational modeling based on biologically realistic neurons
System and method for securing data through a PDA portal
Communication system for a plurality of I/O cards by using the GPIO and a method thereof
Appparatus and method for controlling power to USB device
System and method for controlling and operating an astronomical observatory
Security apparatus and method
Dynamic address mapping of a fibre channel loop ID
Interface for exchanging context data
Protective layer for use in computing devices with touch-sensitive surfaces
Methods, systems and computer program products for displaying video content with aging
System of effectively searching text for keyword, and method thereof
Integrated change management in a business intelligence environment
Identifying problems, usage patterns, and performance in a database interface using aspect-oriented programming
Method and system for utilizing user information to provide a network address
Method and system for deferred maintenance of database indexes
Application of weights to online search request
Programmability for binding data
Completion of partially specified paths
(N+1) input flip-flop packing with logic in FPGA architectures
System and method for a software application to determine if the storage device and the operating system is an internal drive or an external drive
Information processing apparatus and device controller driving/controlling method
Search method, search system, and search program
Hardware simulation accelerator design and method that exploits a parallel structure of user models to support a larger user model size
System and method for converting graphical call flows into finite state machines
Method, system and computer program product for optimizing allocation of resources on partitions of a data processing system
Recovery apparatus for solving branch mis-prediction and method and central processing unit thereof
Apparatus and method for document counting and reporting
Carriage drive control method and printing apparatus which adopts the method
Printing workflow server
Method of printing MICR encoded negotiable instruments such as checks/drafts from facsimile transmitted checks
Colour detection
Operations for product processing
Method for chromatic adaptation of images
Tungsten plug deposition quality evaluation method by EBACE technology
Apparatus for enhancing resolution using edge detection
Image processing device and image processing control method
Innovative OCR systems and methods that combine a template based generative model with a discriminative model
Local product information
System and method for a two phase online auction
Method and system for providing a fixed rate annuity with a lock-in interest rate feature
Online trading and dynamic routing of electric power among electric service providers
On-line auction interface
Device and method for displaying delay analysis results, and computer product
3D image processing apparatus and method
Prescription compliance device and method of using device
Method and system for providing tracking services to locate an asset
RFID tag, RFID reader/writer, RFID system, and processing method of RFID system
Method and system to determine physical parameters as between an RFID tag and a reader
System and method for shopping cart security
Protected power cord
Wireless sensing device, system and method
Method and system for a grass roots intelligence program
Method and apparatus for a wireless tether system
Network system using DC power bus and auto power control method
Communication device and communication method
Display apparatus
Plasma display apparatus and method of driving the same
Multi-line addressing methods and apparatus
Scanning backlight for flat-panel display
Method and apparatus for adjusting backlight brightness
Sound processing apparatus and method, and program therefor
Optical disc apparatus and data recording method thereof
Magnetic recording device and magnetic recording head drive mechanism having a magnetic applying section of a specific length
Hard disk drive protection system and method
Head slider and storage medium driving device
Bulk eraser including at least three magnets configured for erasing recorded information
Method and apparatus for scheduling spiral interrupts for self-servo write
CPP-type magnetoresistive effect head and method of manufacturing the same
Disk drive adapting equalizer relative to bit error rate of sequence detector
Land/groove track and pickup head movement direction detection
Method for adjusting a focus position on an optical disc and an optical disc apparatus applying the same therein
Holographic recording medium and encoding/decoding method thereof metallic waveguide having tapered c-shaped aperture, method of fabricating the waveguide, light delivery module including the waveguide, and heat assisted magnetic recording head having the waveguide
PRML (Partial Response Maximum Likelihood) information reproducing method and information reproducing apparatus for implementing the same
Optical disc recording/reproducing apparatus and focus-servo method thereof
Disc device
Method for modifying optical path on optical recording medium having distortion regions
Simultaneously writing multiple addressable blocks of user data to a resistive sense memory cell array
Resistive sense memory array with partial block update capability
Write method with voltage line tuning
Storing data to multi-chip low-latency random read memory device using non-aligned striping
System and method for continuous logging of correctable errors without rebooting
Semiconductor memory and method for operating a semiconductor memory
Static random access memory system and control method for static random access memory system
Memory device having strobe terminals with multiple functions
Semiconductor device and data processing system
High spatial resolution X-ray and gamma ray imaging system using diffraction crystals
Receptacle tester with text display
Grounding disconnector and a method of manufacturing such a grounding disconnector
Off-peak power distribution system
Driving method of electromagnetic valve, electromagnetic valve driving unit and apparatus for coloring electric wire
Circuit interrupting device with reverse wiring protection
Plasma display panel
Optical element for free-space propagation between an optical waveguide and another optical waveguide, component, or device
Sensor for observations in liquid environments and observation apparatus for use in liquid environments
Method and apparatus for identifying the apex of a chromatographic peak
Method and structure of expanding, upgrading, or fixing multi-chip package
Strained Si formed by anneal
Semiconductor resistor, method of manufacturing the same, and current generating device using the same
Spin-on antireflective coating for integration of patternable dielectric materials and interconnect structures
Bond pad rerouting element, rerouted semiconductor devices including the rerouting element, and assemblies including the rerouted semiconductor devices
Bispectral detection device and bispectral detector comprising said device
Method and receiver for the simultaneous detection and evaluation of at least two electro-magnetic signals
Stress enhanced MOS circuits
Fully-depleted low-body doping field effect transistor (FET) with reverse short channel effects (SCE) induced by self-aligned edge back-gate(s)
Semiconductor constructions
Semiconductor device comprising a housing containing a triggering unit
Metal gate structures with recessed channel
Asymmetric channel doping for improved memory operation for floating body cell (FBC) memory
Semiconductor component with a drift zone and a drift control zone
Metal gate electrode stabilization by alloying
Actuator assembly
Wavelength splitting element, method for manufacturing the same and optical module
Solid-state image pickup device and method for producing the same
Image pickup device
Light-emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Solid state white light emitter and display using same
III-nitride based on semiconductor device with low-resistance ohmic contacts
Device for emitting various colors
Multi-cantilever MEMS sensor, manufacturing method thereof, sound source localization apparatus using the multi-cantilever MEMS sensor, sound source localization method using the sound source localization apparatus
Traveling wave grids with agitated surface using piezoelectric effect and acoustic traveling waves
Negative vertical deflection piezoelectric MEMS actuators and method of fabrication
Vibratory actuator and drive unit including the same
Tuning-fork resonator with grooves on principal surfaces
Light emitting element and light emitting device
Radiating element for a signal emitting apparatus
Antenna device for portable terminals and radio unit for receiving broadcast waves
Chip antenna
Method for manufacturing split flex cable
Laser apparatus with all optical-fiber
Pulsed laser light source based on frequency conversion
Integration of laser sources and detectors for a passive optical network
Spark plug and methods of construction thereof
Over-current protection circuit
ESD protection circuit for high speed signaling including a switch
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit
Integrated circuit and assembly therewith
Method and apparatus for stabilizing voltage of intermediate circuit of frequency converter
Battery backup device
Software based thermal charging regulation loop
Stator and motor
Method of making integrated stator, brushless direct-current motor of radial core type double rotor structure using the integrated stator, and method of making the same
Synchronous machine having magnetic bearings excited by the rotor
Brushless motor and actuator using it
Electric power conversion circuit having transfer gain variable by pulse-width modulation
Zero voltage switching high-frequency inverter
Switch mode power supply controller with feedback signal decay sensing
Ultrasonic transducer device and ultrasonic wave probe using same
Apparatus and method for harvesting energy for wireless fluid stream sensors
Device and method for driving an ultrasound piezoelectric actuator
System and methodology for generating electricity using at least one heat engine and thermoacoustic element to apply cyclic pressure gradients to piezoelectric material
Dual ring dedicated drive control system for medium voltage variable frequency drives
Method for controlling the operation of a wind turbine based on deviation between operating and predetermined frequency response functions
Low power mode amplification with a transformer output matching and a virtual ground
Feedback biasing for cascode amplifiers
Method and apparatus for an amplifier
Systems and methods for an adaptive bias circuit for a differential power amplifier
Harmonic suppressing circuit
Variable delay circuit, variable delay circuit controlling method, and input/output circuit
High-bandwidth interconnect network for an integrated circuit
Adjustable hold flip flop and method for adjusting hold requirements
OFDM reception device and OFDM receiver using the same
Clock control circuit and a semiconductor memory apparatus having the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method and system of optimizing a control system using low voltage and high-speed switching
Clock signal generating circuit, display panel module, imaging device, and electronic equipment
Method and apparatus for rateless source coding with/without decoder side information
Maximum likelihood decoding via mixed-integer adaptive linear programming
Wear reduction methods by using compression/decompression techniques with fast random access
Parameter display method and program therefor, and parameter setting apparatus
Method of reducing overhead for multi-input, multi-output transmission system
Polar modulator with signed amplitude reducing phase transitions
Method, apparatus and system for providing transmit diversity feedback
Receiver and electronic apparatus using the same
Systems and methods for dynamically controlling a tuner
Module for exchanging information by carrier-currents comprising activated and deactivated states
Video decoding method and corresponding decoder
Independent upstream/downstream bandwidth allocations in a common hybrid telecommunications network
Free-space quantum communications system and process operative absent line-of-sight
Control apparatus and control method for optical modulator
Secure optical communications system and method with coherent detection
Transponder-less verification of the configuration of an optical network node
Noise reduction system
Method and apparatus for jitter compensation in receiver circuits using nonlinear dynamic phase shifting technique based on bit history pattern
Medium loss high power IBOC combiner
High bandwidth data transport system
Method and system for dynamically adjusting forward-link transmission power for sole sector serving one or more active mobile stations in cluster
Method and apparatus for offsetting a packet format table
Use of media timestamp to indicate delays in push-to-talk over cellular group calls
Time coordinated base station and antenna array for integer cycle and impulse modulation systems
Targeted satellite radio advertising using mobile network determined location
Broadband network with enterprise wireless communication system for residential and business environment
System and method for detecting and isolating a remote loop
Methods and appratus for evaluating a utilization of a system that provides connections using a normalized bandwidth scheme
Asynchronous data pipe for automatically managing asynchronous data transfers between an application and a bus structure
OFDM symbol design for different channel conditions and for backward compatibility with 1xEV-DO and NxEV-DO
Methods and apparatuses for allocating time slots to circuit switched channels
Multiservice system and method for packet and time division multiplexed transport
Apparatus, and associated method, for communicating a data block in a multi carrier modulation communication scheme
Opportunistic queueing injection strategy for network load balancing
Application specific traffic optimization in a wireless link
Transmission path quality measuring device, communication system, quality measurement method, and quality measuring program
Stream-oriented interconnect for networked computer storage
Digital subscriber line (DSL) network upgrade tool
Method and device for realizing content flowing on P2P network
Efficient memory allocation in a wireless transmit/receiver unit
Data processing system using internet protocols and RDMA
Method and apparatus for transporting local area network signals in optical transport network
Hierarchical virtual trunking over packet networks
Efficient use of persistent scheduling with OFDMA wireless communications
Connection identifier for wireless broadcast system
High bandwidth data transport system
Quadrature modulation apparatus, method, program, and recording medium
Method and apparatus for detecting offset in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system
Jitter measurement
Data distribution system and recording device for use therein
Method for setting up radio bearer in mobile communication system
Method of distributing a decryption key in fixed-content data
Methods and apparatus for a keying mechanism for end-to-end service control protection
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing system and recording medium
Securing a communications exchange between computers
Communication device
Multiple torsion spring and semi-automatic sliding device using the same
Implementing hardware/software reset using PC card W.sub.-- disable line
Hands-free telephone holder
Message-indication testing
Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) E911 metro street address guide (MSAG) validation
System and method for establishing authenticated network communications in electronic equipment
Operator services customization with advanced intelligent network integration of a profile database
Dynamic presence proxy for call sessions
Image capture device
Color processing method and apparatus
Television with multiple interfaces
Data edition system, data edition method, data processing device, and server device
Three-dimensional image display device, three-dimensional image display method, and computer program product for three-dimensional image display
Image pickup apparatus and method and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Solid-state image pickup device and camera system
Method and system for automatic detection and suppression of cross-luma and cross-color in a component video signal
Apparatus and method for storing and retrieving digital real time signals in their native format
Image sensing apparatus and image sensing apparatus control method
Card based image manipulation method with card skew correction
Apparatus and method for processing 3D video signal
Apparatus, method and program for photography
Image pickup apparatus, image pickup method and program
Pixel information readout method and image pickup apparatus
Image-capture apparatus, camera control unit, video camera system, and method of transmitting warning information
Single lens reflex type electronic imaging apparatus
Image processing system, image capturing apparatus, and system and method for detecting backlight status
Receiver and receiving method
Program guide system with combination category search
Front-end module and television set
Playback apparatus and method of controlling the playback apparatus
Audio/visual editing tool
Method and system for sampling video data
Method for specification of quantized coefficient limit
Multicasting system, client device, upper router controller, method of displaying content and computer program
Wireless integrated security controller
System and method for using self-learning rules to enable adaptive security monitoring
Solid-state image-capturing device, driving method thereof, camera electric charge transfer device, driving method and driving device for driving load, and electronic equipment
Video processing apparatus, video processing method and program for asynchronous input and output video images
Audio system housed by an enclosure with a substantially waterproof seal
Wireless device operable to manipulate high-speed shared control channel (HSSCCH) quality control through channel quality indication report manipulation
Group communication service method, mobile terminal using the same, and group communication service system thereof
Delivery of network services
Method and system for forcing mobile IP home agent handoff
Method and apparatus to facilitate handover
Packet transmission in a wireless communication system using multiple antennas
General access network controller bypass to facilitate use of standard cellular handsets with a general access network
Apparatus and method for allocating resources in an orthogonal frequency division multiple access mobile communication system
Electronic ballast for high intensity discharge lamps
Frequency modulation method and device for high intensity discharge lamp
System and circuit for a virtual power grid
Press-push flash drive apparatus with metal tubular casing and snap-coupled plastic sleeve
Method for making circuit board
Terminal module with integrated functions
Plasma display device
Notebook computer with document holding function
Case of server
Motor controller
Electronic equipment
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Bean-nut popping beans
Method for mass production and storage of seedlings of Eleutherococcus senticosus (Siberian ginseng) through cell culturing
Method of producing organogenetic tissue from a plant of the genus Mentha
Dry water-dispersible compositions of microencapsulated pesticides
Biodegradable sustained-release preparation, biodegradable pheromone dispenser and biodegradable pest controlling agent
Chemical linker compositions
Insect coil
Polyether diamine--based surfactant adjuvants and compositions thereof
Synergistic combinations of oxidizing agents and alkylamines for biofilm control and deactivation
Polyol ester insecticides and method of synthesis
Use of quaternary carboxylic acid alkanolamine ester salts as microbicide agents
Substituted aromatic thiocarboxylic acid amides and their use as herbicides
Herbicidal pyridine compounds
Substituted 2-phenyl pyridines, their manufacture and use as herbicides
Benzoylpyrazoles and their use as herbicides
Triazolyl disulphides
Thienylalkylamino-1,3,5-triazines and the use thereof as herbicides
Composition and method for controlling biological growth using stabilized sodium hypobromite in synergistic combinations
Soil pesticide
Azines containing the 5,6-di-hydro-(1,4,2) dioxazine-3-yl group and the use thereof as fungicides
Water treatment composition
Blood and organic stain remover
Candida saitoana compositions for biocontrol of plant postharvest decay
Extracts of zanthoxylum bungeanum, and pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulations containing same
Method for preparing leavened dough or leavened puff pastry food products
Method and apparatus for producing sausage
Process for making caseinless cream cheese-like products
Dairy products and method of preparation
Method for making molded confectionery products
Method for manufacturing confectionery bars
Methods of setting chocolate and products produced by same
Method for cross-linking protein by using enzyme
Process for the preparation of a high protein hydrolysate
Method and apparatus for making bait
Process for injecting thermal fluids for food processing
Psyllium containing snack bars, processes for making these, and uses thereof
Inulin fractions
Process for preparing corn based french fry strips
Yunnan SL-001 strain
Peel material pH level adjustment process and apparatus
Membrane process for making enhanced flavor fluids
Pharmacological composition having blood pressure reductive activity
Nutritional preparation comprising ribose and medical use thereof
Nutritional meat extender compositions
Starch-base puffed snack foods and process for producing the same
Surface fastener and paper diaper using the surface fastener
Display sticker with integral flasher circuit and power source
Cushioned rubber floor mat and process
Absorbent impervious mat for protection of surfaces
Cyclonic vacuum cleaner
Forecasting system for menstruation of women
Multiple-specimen, endoscopic biopsy forceps
Method and apparatus for patching a tissue opening
Laparoscopic SAC holder assembly
Occlusion device
Hemostatic clip cartridge
Curved drill guide system
Endoscopic stone extraction device with rotatable basket
Medical tubular-shaft instrument
End-cutting shaver blade for axial resection
Implantable medical device such as an anastomosis device
Instrument for resectioning hemorrhoids
Spine distraction implant and method
Spine distraction implant and method
Artificial intervertebral disc replacement methods and apparatus
Urethral warming catheter
Electrosurgical coagulating and cutting instrument
Laser depilating method, skin holding tool and glove and finger stall
CT and MRI visible index markers for stereotactic localization
Optical feedback system for vision correction
Optical recognition methods for locating eyes
Non-contact tonometry method
In situ tumor temperature profile measuring probe and method
System for thermometry-based breast assessment including cancer risk
Vital signs monitoring system
Condensate colorimetric nitrogen oxide analyzer
Method for predicting human cognitive performance
High resolution flow imaging for ultrasound diagnosis
2D ultrasonic transducer array for two dimensional and three dimensional imaging
Calcium-phosphate coated implant element
Method for depositing a flattened droplet on a surface and apparatus therefor, and a pump therefor
Bonded fluff structures and process for producing same
Methods of making disposable products having materials having shape-memory
Method of forming a tampon having a resilient member
Stretchable mechanical/adhesive closure for a disposable diaper
Adjustable implantable genitourinary device
Medical prosthesis
Surface protection method for stents and balloon catheters for drug delivery
High strength member for intracorporeal use
Balloon catheter with stent securement means
Bone plug anchoring device and method for anchoring one or more tendons or other grafts using the bone plug anchoring device
Universal implant fill connector
Orbital implant device
Clip-on optic assembly
Cardiac prosthesis for helping improve operation of a heart valve
Annuloplasty devices and related heart valve repair methods
Treating degenerative disc disease through transplantation of the nucleus pulposis
Expandable fusion device and method
Artificial knee with rotatable meniscus
Prosthesis for the replacement of a posterior element of a vertebra
Partial disc prosthesis
Noseform, cover and rest-structure and method
Thermal energy therapy
Gastrostomy tube set
Preparation of antiperspirant gels which obviates the use of simple glycols
Formulation and method for treating neoplasms by inhalation
Prevention of cell migration initiation with CMV US28 receptor antagonists
Surgical irrigation solution and method for inhibition of pain and inflammation
Compounds and pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment and prophylaxis of bacterial infections
Method for treating neoplasms by inhalation
Method for treating gastrointestinal disorders
Treatment and prevention of hepatic disorders
Methods for treating disordered tissue through agitated delivery of anti-infective compositions
S(+) desmethylselegiline and drug withdrawal
R(-)desmethylselegiline and its use in transdermal delivery compositions
Ophthalmic formulation which modulates dilation
Use of inhibitors of the sodium-hydrogen exchanger for preparing a medicament for preventing age-related disorders, and for prolonging life
Brain targeted low molecular weight hydrophobic antioxidant compounds
Anticonvulsant derivatives useful in treating dementia
Topically applied pharmaceutical formulation
CCR-3 receptor antagonists
Sulphur derivatives with a retroamide bond as endothelin-converting enzyme inhibitors
Screening assay for the identification of inhibitors for macrophage migration inhibitory factor
Topical ophthalmic mast cell stabilizers for treating allergic eye disease
Use of amino-isoxazolidone compounds for improvement of implicit memory
Substituted pyrimidinone and pyridone compounds and methods of use
Osanetant in the treatment of depression and depressive disorders
1-(4-arylpiperazin-1-yl)[N-(]-alkanes useful as uro-selective .alpha.1-adrenoceptor blockers
Quinazolinone-containing pharmaceutical compositions for prevention of neovascularization and for treating malignancies
Febrifugine, isofebrifugine and method for producing the same
Vasopressin antagonist and diuretic combination
Use of 7 .alpha.-substituted steroid to treat neuropsychiatric, immune or endocrine disorders
Method of treating ciliary dyskinesia with uridine triphosphates and related compounds
Inhibition of abnormal cell proliferation with camptothecin and combinations including the same
Weight loss product
Pectic polysaccharides purified from Angelica gigas nakai and purification method and use as immunostimulating agent thereof
Anionic polymers as toxin binders
Method for the broad based treatment of infections especially infections of organs such as the skin and vagina
Pharmaceutical compositions containing cyclosporins
Methods of using cyanovirins topically to inhibit viral infection
Peptides and peptidomimetics with structural similarity to human p53 that activate p53 function
Cytokine antagonists for the treatment of localized disorders
Human pluripotent hematopoietic colony stimulating factor, method of use
Use of xanthines as immunosuppressants and to inhibit allograft reactions
Method for the augmentation of gene expression
Combination of radiotherapy and anti-angiogenic factors
Antibodies of isolated domains of type IV collagen modify cell interactions
Inhibition of the Src kinase family pathway as a method of treating HBV infection and hepatocellular carcinoma
Methods of diagnosing and treating urinary incontinence relating to collagen proteolysis in pelvic supporting tissue
Polynucleotides encoding MIP-1.alpha., MCP-1, MIP-1.beta., Rantes and TNF-.alpha., and methods for treating rheumatoid arthritis
Compounds and methods for the detection and prevention of T.cruzi infection
Composition for delivering DNA into antigen presenting cells
Method and composition for an early vaccine to protect against both common infectious diseases and chronic immune mediated disorders or their sequelae
Use of long-wavelength electromagnetic radiation and photoprotective tumor localizing agents for diagnosis
Methods for treating neuropsychiatric disorders
Pharmaceutical composition for angiotensin II-mediated diseases
Composition and method for the treatment of diaper rash using natural products
Inhibition of noninactivating Na channels of mammalian optic nerve as a means of preventing optic nerve degeneration associated with glaucoma
Covalent conjugates of topoisomerase I and topoisomerase II inhibitors
Site-directed dual pegylation of proteins for improved bioactivity and biocompatibility
Sodium channel drugs and uses
Chemical modification of proteins to improve biocompatibility and bioactivity
Flavored tooth conditioning compositions and methods for using the compositions to condition a tooth surface
Process for the preparation of shaped translucent lithium disilicate glass ceramic products
Manufacture of capsules for incorporation into detergent and personal care compositions
Tooth whitening composition
Topical skin ointment
Compound for the amelioration of pseudofolliculitis
Nanoemulsion based on mixed esters of a fatty acid or of a fatty alcohol, of a carboxylic acid and of a glycerol and its uses in the cosmetics, dermatological and/or ophthalmological fields
Hair loss prevention
Color changing toothpaste
Use of cupric complex of 3,5-disopropylsalicylic acid by way of a cosmetic product and cosmetic compositions containing this compound for protecting the human epidermis against UV radiation
Topical delivery systems for active agents
UV-photostabilization of dibenzoylmethane sunscreens by compounding with micronized insoluble screening agents
Lipoprotein creams
Transparent or translucent emulsions, process for preparing them and cosmetic use thereof
Active topical skin protectants using polyoxometallates
Strip for whitening tooth surfaces
Hypoallergenic make-up or care composition comprising a crosslinked organopolysiloxane comprising an oxyalkylene group, and its uses
Cosmetic skin treatment method and cleansing treatment patch
Breath freshening film
Conversion of liquid filled gelatin capsules into controlled release systems by multiple coatings
Imaging contrast media and methods of use
Denver's sting stopper
Cosmetic and dermatological preparations based on O/W emulsions
Suspension aerosol formulations of pharmaceutical products
Sustained release microcapsules of a bioactive substance and a biodegradable polymer
Buffered resorbable internal fixation devices and methods for making material therefore
Extended release formulation of venlafaxine hydrochloride
Biodegradable terephthalate polyester-poly(Phosphite) compositions, articles, and methods of using the same
Sustained releasing drug comprising copolymers and process for preparing the same
Microparticles for drug delivery across mucosa and the blood-brain barrier
Cross-linked high amylose starch having functional groups as a matrix for the slow release of pharmaceutical agents
Tablets and methods for modified release of hydrophilic and other active agents
Controlled release formulation of divalproex sodium
Process for making bisphosphonate compositions
Odor-masking coating for a pharmaceutical preparation
Controlled release formulations having rapid onset and rapid decline of effective plasma drug concentrations
Galenic composition containing opioid antagonists
Assay for compounds which affect conformationally altered proteins
System and composition for decontaminating fluids
Hybrid matrix implants and explants
Closure element
Systems and methods for sensing red blood cell hematocrit
Leukemic cell-adsorbing material containing lectin protein from Agrocybe cylindracea or jequirity plant seed
Method for protecting a person against the action of artificial electromagnetic radiation and device for realizing the same
Removable cap for tissue-insertable connections
Radio frequency dilator sheath
Ablation of rectal and other internal body structures
Composition for the oxidation dyeing of keratin fibers and dyeing process using this composition
External skin treatment composition
Oxygen vending system
Degrading sludge with microorganisms ATCC 55926 OR 202050
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for separating and purifying polynucleotides
Method for the separation of acid from sugars
Defoamers for aqueous media
Apparatus and method for sanitizing and cleaning a filter system
Method for producing a filter cake
Self-cleaning filter
Fluid dispensing system
Pool and spa filter media
Coalescing filters
Filter assemblies with adhesive attachment systems
Plasma treatment of filter media
Charged microfibers, microfibrillated articles and use thereof
Apparatus for low cost water disinfection
Porous ceramics provided with amorphous pore surfaces
Gas transmission system including a water separator
Modular power coating booth
Cover member and air cleaner construction; use; and, method of assembly
Solvent distillation apparatus
Process for microwave gas purification
Sewer apparatus
Fluid separation assembly and fluid separation module
Hydrogen-permeable metal membrane and method for producing the same
Process for the removal of contaminants from a gas, using a gas cleaning agent
Water contamination concentration apparatus and process
Purification apparatus and method
Process of forming a permeable gas separation material
Microarray hybridization chamber
Chemical synthesis using solvent microdroplets
Multiple pass deposition for chemical array fabrication
Apparatus for forming polynucleotides or polypeptides
Spatially defined synthesis
High throughput screening method, array assembly and system
Combinatorial sythesis of organometallic materials
Surface modified polymer beads
Coated polymer article and its use
Solid acid catalyst, method for producing the same and reaction method using the same
Titanium oxide colloidal sol and process for the preparation thereof
SOX tolerant NOX trap catalysts and methods of making and using the same
Method for deposition of metal catalysts on inert supports
Highly selective shell impregnated catalyst of improved space time yield for production of vinyl acetate
Catalytic reforming process employing a selective bifunctional multigradient multimetallic catalyst
Fluidized-bed catalyst for propylene ammoxidation to acrylonitrile
Production of powder catalysts
Hydrocarbon conversion catalyst composition and process therefor and therewith
Catalyst comprising a zeolite Y globally non-dealuminated and containing boron and/or silicon
Crystalline aluminosilicate zeolitic composition: UZM-4
Synthetic crystalline MCM-69, its synthesis and use
Synthetic porous crystalline MCM-67, its synthesis and use
Metallocene catalyst compositions, processes for making polyolefin resins using such catalyst compositions, and products produced thereby
Catalyst system
Polymer-supported carbonylation catalyst and its use
Catalyst, process of making catalyst and process for converting nitrogen oxide compounds
Burned gas purifying catalyst
Crosslinked, non-swellable ampholytic base resins
Method for removing reactive metal from a reactor system
Reactor unit in a system for producing hydrogen-rich gas from a liquid raw fuel
Process for carrying out gas-liquid reactions and continuous flow reactor for this purpose
Magnetic filtration method for minimizing radioactive waste during abrasive waterjet cutting
Sheet coating machine
Drywall tape and compound applicator
Method and apparatus for polymer application to intracorporeal device
Apparatus and method for passing multiple fibers through a small zone of high intensity radiant energy
Method of introducing and removing workpieces, particularly vehicle bodies, an apparatus and system for the surface treatment of workpieces
Apparatus and methods for dispensing fluid
Extrusion die
Process for making deflection member using three-dimensional mask
Method for producing insulator film
Method for enhancing the properties of biofouling release coatings
Acrylate composite barrier coating
Process for the surface activation of materials
Scratch-resistant sol-gel coating for clear powder-slurry lacquer
Method of protecting articles having a bare ferrous base surface
Apparatus for UV curing a coating on a filament or the like and method of manufacturing
Methods of chemical vapor deposition
Method for cleaning sintered silicon carbide in wet condition
Composition for treatment of water and reconditioning of soils
Biodecontamination reactor
Device for encapsulating blanks of high temperature metallic alloys
Compressed soft magnetic materials
Machinability of powder metal components
Guide bush and method of forming hard carbon film over the inner surface of the guide bush
Laser-supported process for cleaning a surface
Endpoint detection by chemical reaction
Method for polishing semiconductor device
Process for treating linenized cork sheets
Binder composition and process for manufacturing board by using the binder composition
Method for singulating semiconductor wafers
Mold assembly for forming ophthalmic lens or lens blank and method of producing the same using the mold assembly
Method of moulding fillings and seats comprising such fillings
Method for the production of an expanded fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin molding
Method of producing high-grade plastic parts and an injection-moulded part
Method and apparatus for setting die height
Valve pin actuator
Method of preparing filled, modified and fiber reinforced thermoplastics and twin screw extruder for putting the method into practice
Methods for the production of films
Multilayer plastic container and method of making the same
Covering sheet having minute unevenness on the surface thereof, methods of producing said sheet and a molding using said sheet
Shield for water and sound
Multilayer, transparent, biaxially oriented polyester film
Method of manufacturing a part having a mechanically weakened area forming a hole or a hole precursor
Macrocyclic polyester oligomers and processes for polymerizing the same
Device for the production of optical lenses of polymerizable material
Plastic lens systems, compositions, and methods
Process of making padding material
Fe-based amorphous alloy thin strip with ultrathin oxide layer
Film with metallizable skin layer
Laminated glass and primer used for its production
Photocatalytic pulp composition
Process for manufacturing wear resistant belts
Process for the preparation of wax encapsulated bichromal spheres
Multilayer composite structure with formulated acrylic cap
Film with impact and puncture resistance
Differential cling forage wrapping film; wrapped bale; method for producing differential cling film; and method for wrapping forage
Polyethylene articles with improved resistance to water vapor transmission
Propylenic copolymer, and its film
Multilayer structure comprising a material covered with a copolymer having polyamide blocks and hydrophilic blocks
White laminated polyester film for metallic plate lamination work
Composite polyester films with barrier properties
Method of prescoring foam board
Multicomponent fibers and fabrics made using the same
Planographic printing plate precursor and process for manufacturing planographic printing plate
Method of producing lithographic printing plate
On press developable printing plate precursor
Continuous ceramic composite plating method and apparatus for long doctor base materials
Method of forming an inkjet printhead using part of active circuitry layers to form sacrificial structures
Piezoelectric actuator, ink-jet type recording head, manufacturing method therefor, and ink-jet printer
Method for manufacturing piezoelectric material
Resin composition for white marking
Recording sheets for ink jet printing
Recording medium
Thermal transfer image receiving sheet
Method for providing a high viscosity coating on a moving web and articles made thereby
Method of transfer melt printing of metal substrates, and the decorative surface coated items prepared thereby
Band element for pneumatic tire
Electrochromic polymeric solid films, manufacturing electrochromic devices using such solid films, and processes for making such solid films and devices
Structural panel and method of manufacture
Bar code overlabeling system
Container and closure
Optical membrane singulation process utilizing backside and frontside protective coating during die saw
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Water purifier method
Hydrogen storage alloy electrode and method for manufacture thereof
Ceramic matrix nanocomposites containing carbon nanotubes for enhanced mechanical behavior
Process for preparing zeolites having MEL structure using 2,2-diethoxyethyltrimethylammonium structure directing agent
Process for the treatment of residual liquors from the ammoniation and carbonation of alkali metal salts
Composition based on samarium sesquisulphide, preparation method and use as coloring pigment
Cerium oxide abrasive for polishing insulating films formed on substrate and methods for using the same
Process for producing and cooling titanium dioxide
Dynamic optimization of chemical additives in a water treatment system
Process for removing dissolved uranium from water
Process for destroying contaminants in contaminant-containing aqueous streams and catalysts used therefor
Treatment of acidic water containing dissolved ferrous cations
Synthetic silicate pellet composition and methods of making and using thereof
Article with antifogging film and process for producing same
Adhesion layer for metal oxide UV filters
Impregnated glass fiber strands and products including the same
Lead silicate glass and a process for setting a reduced surface resistance of the lead silicate glass
Colorless inorganic glass
Cementitious polymeric matrix comprising silica aluminous materials
Water-permeable solid material and manufacturing method therefor
Process for rendering waste inert by cladding in a hydraulic binder and pre-mix for practicing this process
Method for producing beta-alumina solid electrolyte
Ceramic article
Ferrite magnet powder and magnet using said magnet powder, and method for preparing them
Titanium diboride sintered body with silicon nitride as a sintering aid and a method for manufacture thereof
Mesoporous oxide compositions and solid oxide fuel cells
Process for producing an automatic-machine-bondable ceramic circuit carrier, and automatic-machine-bondable ceramic circuit carrier
Cement clinker and cement containing the same
Recycled soil
Fermentation treatment apparatus of organic waste
Non-toxic hypergolic miscible fuel with stable storage characteristics
Method and apparatus for total energy fuel conversion systems
Oxidation dyeing compositions containing a cationic coupling agent, novel cationic coupling agents
Hepatitis C inhibitor tri-peptides
Mono- or polyenic carboxylic acid derivatives
Substituted phenoxyacetic acids
Method for producing metal-free Guerbet alcohols
Aminobutyric acid derivatives
Tricyclic sulfonamides and their derivatives as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases
Biphenyl and biphenyl-analogous compounds as integrin antagonists
Process for modifying unsaturated triacylglycerol oils: resulting products and uses thereof
Compound useful as reversible inhibitors of cysteine proteases
Heteroaryl protease inhibitors and diagnostic imaging agents
Urea derivatives having nitrogen aromatic heterocycle
Pyrimidine derivatives and method of making and using derivatives
Inhibitors of IMPDH enzyme
Thiazolidines and use thereof for corrosion inhibition
Antiproliferative 1,2,3-thiadiazole compounds
1,2,5, thiadiazolidin-3-one 1,1-dioxide derivatives
Tetracyclic acetals
Cyclopentabenzofuran derivatives and their use
Optical molecular sensors for cytochrome P450 activity
Use of fluorescein aryl ethers in high throughput cytochrome P450 inhibition assays
Azacyclooctane and heptane derivatives, their preparation and use in therapy
Farnesyl protein transferase inhibiting (imidazol-5-yl) methyl-2-quinolinone derivatives
1-amino-7-isoquinoline derivatives as serine protease inhibitors
Compounds and methods for the treatment of cardiovascular, inflammatory and immune disorders
Fused ring compounds, process for producing the same and use thereof
Amido spiropiperidines promote the release of growth hormone
Pyrimidine derivatives exhibiting antitumor activity
Fused thiophone derivatives and drugs containing the same as the active ingredient
Isoxazolinone antibacterial agents
Sultam and sultone derived oxazolidinones
Heteroarylpiperidines and their use as antipsychotics
Imidazopyridines and related derivatives as selective modulators of bradykinin B2 receptors
Tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Naphthyridine derivatives
Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Cytotoxic alkaloid derivatives including Asmarine A and B isolated from a sponge
Highly transparent non-metallic cathodes
Alkynyl-substituted camptothecins and process for their preparation
Thiepino[3,2-b]dihydropyridines and related compositions and methods
9-N-Bicyclic nuceoside agents useful as selective inhibitors of proinflammatory cytokines
Boron-substituted cyclopentadienes and metal complexes thereof
Transition metal complexes
Proton pump inhibitors
Aryl or heteroaryl quinolylphosphonic acid compounds
Glycosylated polyamines
Carbamate and carbazate ketolide antibiotics
DNA attachment to support structures
Production of multimeric protein by cell fusion method
Compositions and methods for eliciting CTL immunity
Method and kit for early cancer prediction
Methods and reagents for inhibiting angiogenesis
Anti-HIV immunogens (toxoids), preparation methods and use for preventing and treating aids
Antigen of hybrid M protein and carrier for Group A streptococccal vaccine
Vaccines for nontypable haemophilus influenzae
Streptococcus pneumoniae polynucleotides and sequences
Determining endpoint in etching processes using principal components analysis of optical emission spectra
Highly purified cytokine activating factor and methods of use
Method for reducing adverse effects of a human 70kDa mediator which results from endotoxin stimulation of macrophages
KVLQT1--a long qt syndrome gene
Aortic carboxypeptidase-like protein and nucleic acids encoding same
Antimicrobial peptide
Method of modulating p53 activity
Human chemotactic protein
Recombinant RANK-L polypeptide
DNA-constructs of blood clotting factors and P-Selectin
Nucleic acid encoding human neurotensin subtype 2 receptor
Use of a polypeptide as cell receptor for adenoviruses
Method for inducing tumor immunity
Toxoplasma gondii antigens, the preparation thereof and the use thereof
Chimeric polyclonal antibodies
Methods for generating polynucleotides having desired characteristics by iterative selection and recombination
Specific antibodies for use in preparation of pharmaceutical compositions useful in the prevention or treatment of gastritis, gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers
Monoclonal antibodies to transforming growth factor-beta and methods of use
Assaying fragments of collagen in body fluids
TNF modulators for treating neurological disorders associated with viral infection
Tumor specific internalizing antigens and methods for targeting therapeutic agents
Recombinant DNase B derived from Streptococcus pyogenes
Catalyst having a ketimide ligand
Haloaryl containing group 13 substituents on bridged metallocene polyolefin catalysts
Plasticizer resistant latex emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive and its production
Polyelectrolytic gel
Phosphoric acid group-containing non-aqueous dispersion and a process for the application thereof
Morphology trapping and materials suitable for use therewith
Polyurethane prepared from sorbitol-branched polyesters
Viscoelastic damping foam having an adhesive surface
Energy absorbing foams
Polyurethane and polyurethane/urea heat-cured and moisture-cured elastomers with improved physical properties
High molecular weight polyols, process for preparation and use thereof
Additives for enhanced hydrocarbon compatibility in rigid polyurethane foam systems
Cationically hardening mass, the use thereof and process for preparing hardened polymer masses
Toughened benzocyclobutene based polymers and their use in building-up printed wiring boards
High molecular weight copolyesters from macrocyclic oligoesters and cyclic esters
Melt processible liquid crystalline terpolyesters and process for the preparation thereof
Biaxially oriented polyester film and production method thereof
Tetrafunctional initiator
Porous materials
Flame-proofed polystyrene foamed materials
Silicone rubber based coating composition for air bags
Liquid silicone rubber composition for fixing rolls and fluorocarbon resin-covered fixing roll
Sulfide and oxysulphide pigments
Black iron-based composite particles, process for producing the same, paint and rubber or resin composition containing the same
Pigment ink composition
Ink composition
Coating composition for metal substrates
Impact resistant UV curable hardcoatings
Nonchromate rust preventive agent for aluminum, method of rust prevention and rust-preventive aluminum products
Encapsulated anti-corrosion coating
Chemical delacquering process
Process for improving the adhesion of polymeric materials to metal surfaces
Organic electroluminescent element
Phosphor system
Method of preparing a rare earth activated, alkaline earth metal fluorohalide based phosphor
Long persistence red phosphors and method of making
Use as phosphor dot in a plasma or x-ray system of a lanthanum phosphate comprising thulium
Low-foam emulgator system and emulsion concentrate containing the same
Liquid crystal device and driving method for the device
Reflective film
Liquid-crystalline medium and liquid-crystal display containing same
Well treatment method employing new and improved drilling fluids and additives therefor
Pyrolysis furnace with an internally finned U shaped radiant coil
Blending of summer gasoline containing ethanol
Carbon nanotubes in fuels
Diesel fuel additive composition and method for the treatment of diesel fuels
Emulsifier for an acqueous hydrocarbon fuel
In-situ removal of carbon dioxide from natural gas
Metal material subjected to treatment for seizure prevention and method for production thereof
Fluorine-based oil composition for actuator rolling bearings
Fuel composition producing a colored flame
Carbonate-based coating removers
Glass cleaner compositions having good surface lubricity and alkaline buffer
Cleaning compositions
Pink colored, aqueous liquid automatic dishwasher detergent composition
Detergent compositions comprising a mannanase and a bleach system
Haloalkaliphilic microorganisms
Methods and reagents for isolating biologically active peptides
Expression control sequences
Virus-like particles useful as a vector for delivering nucleic acid
Recombinant adenoviruses containing an inducible promoter controlling a gene of viral origin
1-deoxy-D-xylulose-5-phosphate reductoisomerases, and methods of use
Isolated human drug-metabolizing proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human drug-metabolizing proteins, and uses thereof
Pharmacological targeting of mRNA cap formation
Nucleic acids encoding hskif16a, a kinesin motor protein
18232, a novel dual specificity phosphatase and uses therefor
Mammalian adhesion protease peptides
Filariid nematode cysteine protease proteins, and uses thereof
Purified proteolytic enzyme and method of purification
Gene encoding desulfurases
Nucleotide sequences which code for the pck gene
dnaB from Staphylococcus aureus
Methods and systems for performing superheated reactions in microscale fluidic systems
Method for strain improvement of the erythromycin-producing bacterium
Method for enzymatic splitting of rutinosides
Zymogen activation system
Process for the preparation of D-asparagine derivatives
Process for the preparation of stable yeast crystals for enhanced production of ethanol
Reagent composition for determination of electrolytes
Computer-aided display for comparative gene expression
Method for automated molecular cloning
Nucleic acid ligand interaction assays
Miniature inverted repeat transposable elements and methods of use
Cation mediated triplex hybridization assay
Multiplex VGID
Method for reducing iron oxides and for melting iron and installations therefor
Distortion control method and cooling power measuring device
Heat-treated profiled rolling stock
Cold-warm working and heat treatment method of high carbon-high alloy group steel
Method for producing welded tubing having a uniform microstructure
Niobium powders and niobium electrolytic capacitors
Multielement interstitial hard magnetic material and process for producing magnetic powder and magnet using the same
Nickel-base superalloy
Aluminum-silicon alloy having improved properties at elevated temperatures and process for producing cast articles therefrom
MG-based negative electrode active material, method of manufacturing the same, hydrogen-storage alloy electrode, and alkali secondary battery
Hydrogen storage material
Niobium-silicide based composites resistant to low temperature pesting
Cathode wire filament for x-ray tube applications
Masking device for a color cathode-ray display tube with a flat screen, of the type comprising a support frame for a tensioned shadowmask, and tensioned shadowmask
Steels for cold forging and process for producing the same
Fe-Cr alloy having excellent initial rust resistance, workability and weldability
Cutting-free bronze alloys
Apparatus and method for masking multiple turbine components
Contamination-resistant thin film deposition method
Method for controlling extrusions in aluminum metal lines and the device formed therefrom
Insert target assembly and method of making same
Recording medium and method of manufacturing same
System and method for making thin-film structures using a stepped profile mask
System and method for controlling deposition thickness by synchronously varying a sputtering rate of a target with respect to a position of a rotating substrate
Film-forming apparatus and film-forming method
Structuring device for processing a substrate
Methods of using atomic layer deposition to deposit a high dielectric constant material on a substrate
Low pressure chemical vapor deposition with reduced particulate contamination
Production process for magnetic recording medium
Method for conditioning process chambers
Semiconductor device and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Endpoint detection and novel chemicals in copper stripping
Cathodic protection of steel in reinforced concrete with electroosmotic treatment
Process and equipment for pickling a metal strip
Methods for electrochemical synthesis of organoiodonium salts and derivatives
Method for producing orthohydrogen and/or parahydrogen
Cathode connector for aluminum low temperature smelting cell
Aluminum low temperature smelting cell metal collection
Method of manufacturing an optical fiber connector
Method for surface treatment of copper foil
Articles having a colored metallic coating with special properties
Apparatus for plating wafers, substrates and other articles
method of forming lattice matched layer over a surface of a silicon substrate
Low dielectric constant nanotube
methods for producing compound semiconductor substrates and light emitting elements
Textiles; Paper
Stain-resistant polyamide composition and fibers and method of production thereof
Method for producing ultra-fine synthetic yarns
Process of making synthetic absorbable autoclaveable monofilament fibers and brachytherapy seed spacers
Composite filament, process for the production of the same, and heat fused article
Biodegradable complex fiber and method for producing the same
Poly (vinyl alcohol) wipes
Method for bleaching wood pulp containing recycled paper
Process for recycling paper broke containing wet strength additives
Method of treating lignocellulosic biomass to produce cellulose
Method of making a non compacted paper web containing refined long fiber using a charge controlled headbox and a single ply towel made by the process
Resin-impregnated belt having a texturized outer surface for application on papermaking machines
Paper making apparatus having pressurized chamber
Method and apparatus for damping contact oscillations of rotating rolls
Amino ester that imparts optical properties when added to paper
Multiply tissue paper
Methods of making an ultra soft, high basis weight tissue and product produced thereby
Fixed Constructions
Z-shaped sheet piling
Method of making laminated shingles
Cleaning system for swimming pools and the like
Vacuum IG unit with spacer/pillar getter
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Sensor array for detecting electrical characteristics of fluids
Method and installation for separating solids contents from a pulp
Histamine measuring apparatus and a histamine measuring method
Method and apparatus for monitoring plasma processing operations
Process of making a reversible chemical thermometer
Method for forming a bond wire pressure sensor die package
System and method for analyzing a semiconductor surface
Method and apparatus for measuring volatile compounds in an aqueous solution
Precision laser capture microdissection utilizing short pulse length
Combinatorial arrays of organometallic compounds and catalysts
Method and apparatus of inspecting foreign substance on substrate surface
Systems and methods for catalyst reactivation
Miniature reference electrode
Hydrocarbon sensor
Composite electrodes for solid state devices
NOx concentration-measuring method
Field microspot test method for on-site chemical testing
Method for analyzing molecular expression or function in an intact single cell
Assay for identifying anti-viral agents specific for protein-coated double-stranded DNA viruses
Test strips for detecting the presence of a reduced cofactor in a sample and method for using the same
Masking background fluorescence and luminescence in optical analysis of biomedical assays
Methods of screening for agents that inhibit aggregation of polypeptides
Non-invasive approach for assessing tumors in living animals
Prenatal gender prediction test
Method of aligning and testing a semiconductor chip package
Method for fabricating calibration target for calibrating semiconductor wafer test systems
Fabricating optical elements using a photoresist formed from proximity printing of a gray level mask
Method for producing package for housing photosemiconductor element
Method for improving the durability of ion insertion materials
Method for recycling alignment layer materials
Thermally developable imaging materials containing hydroxy-containing polymeric barrier layer
Photographic element
Mask for manufacturing semiconductor device and method of manufacture thereof
Stepper alignment mark formation with dual field oxide process
Positive resist fluid and positive resist composition
Resist compositions and patterning process
Mask-making using resist having SIO bond-containing polymer
Direct positive lithographic plate
Manufacture of semiconductor device using A-C anti-reflection coating
Process for the production of back-coating recording material for the production of offset printing plates
Antireflective silicon-containing compositions as hardmask layer
Method of forming a pattern
Liquid photocurable composition, water-based photocurable composition and resist pattern-forming method by use of the same
Optical exposure method
Contact hole model-based optical proximity correction method
Phase shifting circuit manufacture method and apparatus
Method of reducing post-development defects in and around openings formed in photoresist by use of non-patterned exposure
Method and system for manufacturing semiconductor devices on a wafer
Toner carrier and image-forming apparatus
Process for forming image
Electrophotographic toner and electrophotographic apparatus
Toner compositions with surface additives
Hybrid carrier coating containing a silane network and a polymeric compound not containing silicon atoms
Removable label flap including hidden coupon
Method of etching magnetic layer, of forming magnetic pole of thin film magnetic head and of manufacturing thin film magnetic head
Magnetic recording medium
Method of manufacturing twin bit cell flash memory device
Thin ribbon of rare earth-based permanent magnet alloy
Powder magnetic core
Electron-emitting device, electron source substrate, electron source, display panel and image-forming apparatus, and production method thereof
Substrate processing method and substrate processing apparatus
Hardmask trim process
Hydrogen treatment for threshold voltage shift of metal gate MOSFET devices
Method for fabricating a floating gate semiconductor device
Method of forming electrode for high performance semiconductor devices
Method for forming an integrated barrier/plug for a stacked capacitor
Method of forming a silicide region in a Si substrate and a device having same
Method for improving the dielectric constant of silicon-based semiconductor materials
Method of manufacturing semiconductor memory
Capacitor fabrication methods and capacitor constructions
Tungsten hard mask for dry etching aluminum-containing layers
Method for removal of hard mask used to define noble metal electrode
Method of improving interconnect of semiconductor devices by using a flattened ball bond
Processing techniques for making a dual floating gate EEPROM cell array
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device which includes a capacitor having a lower electrode formed of iridium or ruthenium
Method of fabricating high-capacitance capacitive elements in a semiconductor substrate
Methods of forming patterned constructions, methods of patterning semiconductive substrates, and methods of forming field emission displays
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Method for producing SOI wafers by delamination
Passivation of copper with ammonia-free silicon nitride and application to TFT/LCD
Method of forming structures on a semiconductor including doping profiles using thickness of photoresist
Self-aligned etch-stop layer formation for semiconductor devices
Methods for creating elements of predetermined shape and apparatuses using these elements
Method of manufacturing ferroelectric memory device
Method of gettering a metal element for accelerating crystallization of silicon by phosphorous
Method of fabricating power rectifier device
Thin film transistors and method of forming thin film transistors
Method and system for reducing ARC layer removal by providing a capping layer for the ARC layer
Double gate oxide layer method of manufacture
Method of reducing contact size by spacer filling
Selective growth of copper for advanced metallization
Semiconductor package and enhanced FBG manufacturing
Method for preventing adhesive bleed onto surfaces
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Method for extracting process determinant conditions from a plurality of process signals
Method for fixing a semiconductor device having stud bumps to a substrate by an electrically non-conductive adhesive
Method and apparatus to enclose dice
Method of making wafer level chip scale package
Method of manufacturing a highly latchup-immune CMOS I/O structure
Manufacturing process for non-volatile floating gate memory cells integrated on a semiconductor substrate and comprised in a cell matrix with an associated control circuitry
Memory cell with trench capacitor and method of fabricating the memory cell
Method of producing an etch pattern
Method for fabricating a cylindrical capacitor in which a storage electrode is formed on both the upper and side surfaces of a conductor plug
Method of forming self-aligned mask ROM
Method of producing semiconductor having two-layer polycrystalline silicon structure
Method of forming oxidized film on SOI substrate
Method for reducing the step height of shallow trench isolation structures
Method for forming an isolation region in a semiconductor device and resulting structure using a two step oxidation process
Methods of forming materials within openings, and methods of forming isolation regions
Methods of forming portions of transistor structures, methods of forming array peripheral circuitry, and structures comprising transistor gates
Methods of forming robust metal contacts on compound semiconductors
Method of manufacturing electronic stripline components
Repair of film having an SI-O backbone
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Method for fabricating a microelectronic integrated circuit with improved step coverage
Process for forming trenches and contacts during the formation of a semiconductor memory device
Formation of a self-aligned structure
Process for inhibiting crack formation in low dielectric constant dielectric films of integrated circuit structure
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and process for manufacture of the same
Fuse processing using dielectric planarization pillars
Integrated circuits and methods for their fabrication
Method of making a plastic package for an optical integrated circuit device
Method of forming an integrated circuit device having cyanate ester buffer coat
Method for protecting an integrated circuit chip
Rigid-printed wiring board and production method of the rigid-printed wiring board
Recessed bond pad
Method of an apparatus for programming an integrated fuse element to high resistance in low voltage technology
Ti/Tinx underlayer which enables a highly <111> oriented aluminum interconnect
Structures and methods to enhance copper metallization
Superconducting damascene interconnected for integrated circuit
Method of forming an alternative ground contact for a semiconductor die
Three-dimensional memory array and method of fabrication
Method of defining a buried stack capacitor structure for a one transistor RAM cell
Method for the production of a DRAM cell configuration
Split gate field effect transistor (FET) device employing non-linear polysilicon floating gate electrode dopant profile
Methods of fabricating a scalable split-gate flash memory device having embedded triple-sides erase cathodes
Short channel length transistor and method of fabricating the same
Ultra-thin-body SOI MOS transistors having recessed source and drain regions
Separation of thin films from transparent substrates by selective optical processing
Gallium nitride based compound semiconductor laser and method of forming the same
Methods for fabricating light emitting devices having aluminum gallium indium nitride structures and mirror stacks
Ceramic superconductor/metal composite materials employing the superconducting proximity effect
Method of manufacturing an electro-optical device
Electroluminescent device with dye-containing organic-inorganic hybrid materials as an emitting layer
Organic electroluminescent element
Lithium polymer consistent lamination process
Variable density cathode assembly which facilitates winding
Positive electrode for lithium battery
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and its anode
Double layer cathode for molten carbonate fuel cells and method for producing the same
Direct methanol feed fuel cell and system
Wound electrochemical cell, a method for the manufacture thereof, and use of such electrochemical cells
Solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell cogeneration system
Fuel cell stack
Method for attaching radio wave absorber and structure for attaching the same
Method for shaping thin film resonators to shape acoustic modes therein
Index sticker print
Method of producing semiconductor electret condenser microphone
Method for safe removal of die from circuit board
Mounting substrate with a solder resist layer and method of forming the same
Low thermal expansion circuit board and multilayer wiring circuit board
Resilient sheet of connect port for isolating electromagnetic waves
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