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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Vehicle seat, particularly a motor vehicle seat
Bike repair stand
Drinking vessels including devices for providing a mixed liquid therefrom
Mono-fluoro beta-secretase inhibitors
Curcumin derivatives
Antibacterial compounds and methods for use
Polymorphic form of alcaftadine, composition and process
Uric acid-lowering agent
Treatments for gastrointestinal disorders
Long peptides of 22-45 amino acid residues that induce and/or enhance antigen specific immune responses
Topical vaccination via DNA microparticles
RTEF-1 variants and uses thereof
Medicinal aerosols and methods of delivery thereof
Systems, methods, and apparatus for a bingo game having special ball functions
Performing Operations; Transporting
Gradual-release dosing device and seal of a domestic-use apparatus
Oil-in-water emulsions
Exhaust emission control device
Reactors and methods for producing solid carbon materials
Systems and methods for processing mixed solid waste
Mechanized separation of mixed solid waste and recovery of recyclable products using optical sorter
Coating method and coating for a bearing component
Method for forming crystalline cobalt silicide film
In-situ capping with no loss of water depth
Method for producing an aluminium alloy foam by moulding
Twin roll strip casting method
Injection compression molding of amorphous alloys
Method for manufacturing an insert-receiving pocket wall with a compound radius
Toolholder with insert clamp and method for changing cutting inserts on a toolholder
Power drill
Method for monitoring a lateral offset of an actual weld seam configuration relative to a desired weld seam configuration, assembly and motor vehicle seat
Apparatus and method for stripping solder metals during the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment
Spherical bearing tool kit
Cutting method and cutting apparatus
Manual sharpener
Fire hydrant combination ratcheting wrench/hook spanner
Device for handling cases containing objects
Utility cutter
Device and method for cutting hollow, thin-walled objects
Portable saw apparatus for cutting oversized substrates
Thermoforming machine having platen locks and method
Wire harness, wire harness manufacturing method and wire harness manufacturing apparatus
Apparatus for forming and labeling an object and object so obtained
Sealing device with improved adhesion
Direct data connectors for a sealed device and methods for forming a direct data connector for a sealed device
Ink, ink cartridge, and image-recording method
Ink circulation device and ink jet recording apparatus
Ink recirculation for Drop-On-Demand ink jet systems
Ink jetting digital printing apparatus and method supporting double-side printing
Security elements, and methods and apparatus for their manufacture
Writing instrument with a light emitting device that directs generated light towards a writing surface
Method and system for tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) with wireless tire condition sensing and warning
Trailer hitch alignment guide
Vehicle heat management system including a switching valve
Programmable thermostat for a room
Shading device for a window pane of an automotive vehicle
Pleated blinds between A-pillars of a car
Roof assembly for a vehicle
Rake lever actuated shift mechanism clamp
Vehicle, a hybrid power system thereof and a control method therefor
Motor vehicle drive unit including a fuel cell and an energy storage system
Bearing for use in sliding head restraint
Tailgate lift apparatus and method
Truck body for a machine
Vehicle light system with illuminating wheel assembly
Image processing system and method for object tracking
Open bed vehicle cover and storage system
Detail bay wash water reclaim system
Brake system having an electric servo brake
Occupancy detection device for detecting occupancy of a seat in a motor vehicle
Subframe for a motor vehicle and method for producing a subframe
One step assembly fastener clip
Automotive vehicle floor assembly and vehicle equipped with such floor assembly
Drag reduction apparatus for a trailer
Spare tire anti-theft security device
Steering control apparatus
Lawn care vehicle with rear wheel steering assembly
Saddlebag support bracket
Systems and apparatus for a three-wheeled vehicle
Two wheel drive bicycle with a dual chain-and-sprocket drive mechanism driven by a two-sided paddle-sprocket system
Modular floatation board
Convertible cabin attendant seat
Freight loading system and method for determining movement of a freight item on a cargo deck
Drive mechanisms for use in controlling rotation and twist of a tether
Bag loading apparatus
Container with arcuate sidewall panels
Can lid and drink can
Tamper evident closure
Resealable label flap with tamper evident structure
Multiple carrier handling in a pneumatic transport system
Hose grip
Paper conveying device and image forming device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Reactor and process for endothermic gas phase reaction in a reactor
Photocatalytic nanocomposite material
Prevention and remediation of petroleum reservoir souring and corrosion by treatment with virulent bacteriophage
Systems and methods for treating produced water
Vacuum pumping device, vacuum glazing manufacturing system, and related method
Hard water foaming agents and methods for gypsum board production
Nanoclay as an additive for high pressure and high temperature well cementing
Exterior insulation mortar for cold weather and method for constructing exterior insulation system using same
Method for producing an Al/TiC nanocomposite material
High temperature isomerization of (E)-1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene to (Z)-1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene
Biodiesel fuel hydrogenation method
Method of synthesising 4-piperidin-4-yl-benzene-1,3-diol and the salts of same and novel compound tert-butyl 4-(2,4-dihydroxy-phenyl)-4-hydroxy-piperidine-1-carboxylate
Triazines with suitable spacers for treatment and/or prevention of HIV infections
Renewable surfactants derived from sugar alcohols
Reagent for enhancing generation of chemical species
Heterocyclic compound
Reversible terminator molecules and methods of their use
Methods and compositions for treating cancer
Method for treating bleeding disorders
Monoclonal antibodies directed against a novel pathogenic west African human immunodeficiency virus type 2 (HIV-2) group F isolate
Bispecific anti-EGFR/anti IGF-1R antibodies
Method for producing asymmetrically formed, star-branched vinyl aromatic-diene block copolymers
RAFT polymers
Functionalization of polyolefins with phenoxy derivatives
Polyhexahydrotriazine dielectrics
Interior aircraft components and methods of manufacture
Use of polypropyleneimine as curing agent for epoxide resins
Radiation curable coating compositions comprising a lactide reaction product
Liquid repellent surfaces
Friction modifier for top coating agent for trivalent chromium chemical conversion coating film or chromium-free chemical conversion coating film, and top coating agent including same
Energy curable sealants
Azeotropic or quasi-azeotropic composition of chloromethane
Synergistic formulations of functionalized copolymers and ionic liquids for dehydrated and desalted of medium, heavy and extra heavy crude oils
Systems and methods for external processing of flash zone gas oil from a delayed coking process
Integrated process for the treatment of oil feeds for the production of fuel oils with a low sulphur and sediment content
Nanocomposite solid lubricant coating
Nucleic acid encoding anti-IL13 human antibodies
Gene silencing of sugar-dependent 1 in Jatropha curcas
Genetically modified cyanobacteria for the production of ethanol
Modified alpha-glucosidase and applications of same
Polypeptides having glucoamylase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Electrochemical methods and devices for amending urine samples for immunosensor detection
Methods of identifying and classifying organohalide-respiring bacteria
Molecular diagnostic methods for predicting brain metastasis of breast cancer
Nucleic acid probes and methods of using the same
Seamless steel pipe for hollow spring
Textiles; Paper
Processing method for fiber material used to form biocomposite component
System and method for creating embroidered decorative articles
Process for making hydrogels from hemicaustic byproduct
Fixed Constructions
Sound attenuating structure
Apparatus for cleaning lines on a playing surface and associated methods, other handle enhancements
Leak-proof structure of toilet tank
Deployable truss with orthogonally-hinged primary chords
Modular units for insulating concrete forms
Sealing louvers for roof structures
Bracket, kit and assembly for decorative mounted panels
Interlocking floor panels and floor system
Automated swimming pool cleaner having an angled jet drive propulsion system
Automated swimming pool cleaner having an angled jet drive propulsion system
Dishwasher comprising a locking mechanism
Vehicle sliding door locking system and latch assembly
Variable screens
Calibration technique for automated window coverings
Riser disconnect package for lower marine riser package, and annular-release flex-joint assemblies
Expandable packer methods
Bridge plug tool
Green directional drilling fluid composition
Autonomous active flow control valve system
Apparatus and method for isolating and securing an underwater oil wellhead and blowout preventer
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Variable displacement swash-plate compressor
Vane with offset walls and fluid passages used in a vane cell device
Labyrinth seal
Multi-stage compressor fault detection and protection
Gas turbine
Impingement cooling of turbine blades or vanes
Transition duct system with straight ceramic liner for delivering hot-temperature gases in a combustion turbine engine
Exhaust manifold air injection device
Method for estimating charge air cooler condensation storage and/or release with two intake oxygen sensors
Laser ignition device for an internal combustion engine and operating method therefor
Dimpled surface features for radiated noise attenuation in engine front covers
Systems and methods for closed crankcase ventilation and air filtration
Intake arrangement in gas turbine power plant
Fuel-air mixing system with mixing chambers of various lengths for gas turbine system
Turbocharger turbine containment structure
Power generator control apparatus of vehicle and control method thereof
Control device for an internal combustion engine
Core cowl thrust reverser system and apparatus
Multi-fuel carburetor with gas switching valve structure
Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve for vehicle
Ignition system for an internal combustion engine
Submersible power generators and method of operating thereof
Swash plate type variable displacement compressor
Variable displacement swash plate type compressor
Pre-compression dual spring pump control
Single split cage
Construction machine and controller
Hydrodynamic machine, in particular hydrodynamic coupling
Brake disc arrangement for disc brakes
Caliper brake apparatus
Method for operating a mechanical system, particularly a proportioning valve
Automatic transmission shifter
Hydraulic control device and abnormality determination method for the same
Chain guide mechanism
Gasket assembly with improved locating and retention pin and method of construction thereof
Radial shaft seal, radial shaft seal assembly and method of installation
Shape memory alloy valve
Air bypass valve
Trenchless drainage structure replacement
Profile clamp
Lifting support system
Elongate element for flexible pipe body and method
Mode of actuation for flashlight switches
Laminated LED array and/or products including the same
Light emitting diode (LED) bulb and lighting system having high and low beams
Light-emitting apparatus with fastening of optical component to pedestal through light-emitting substrate through-hole, illumination light source having the same, and lighting apparatus having the same
Light source module
Work light with variable voltage transformer and removable lens
Underwater light (LED) of fixed tilt angle degrees for multiple applications with optional gyro sensor
Light emitting device with a heat sink composed of two materials
Lighting apparatus
Lightbox with storage for interchangeable graphic panels and related assemblies, components, and methods
Optical lens
Lighting modules with optimized emission
Method for generating combustion by means of a burner assembly and burner assembly therefore
Venturi housing assembly and method
Combustion apparatus
Brick assembly with magnetic attachment, and methods of making and use thereof
Service device for vehicle air conditioning systems, and method for operating same, in particular for the self-cleaning type
Twisting mechanism for separating ice blocks from the ice making tray
Alternating type heat pump
Apparatus and method for beverage container cooler with deflected compliant seal
System and method for liquefying and storing a fluid
High temperature dehumidification drying system
Method for drying seal materials for ignition devices
Thermal exchange food processing device and method of producing same
Synthetic jet embedded heat sink
No-gun-contact hand-gun shoulder-supported shooting platform
Vest having releasable components
Target device for toy gun
Aligning shaft doors of an elevator
Piping leveling systems
Device and method for roundness measurement
Calibration free distance sensor
Calibration free distance sensor
Method and device for laser-optical detection of a surface movement of a sample using reference beams respectively superimposed on measurement beams in photorefractive/electro-optical elements
Integrated optical coupler and fibre-optic system having such an integrated optical coupler
Selective process for the detection of fluoride ions
MEMS optical device comprising a MEMS magnetic sensing mechansim and MEMS light absorbing structure
Color sensor
Differential carrier temperature sensing method
Semiconductor package and method of estimating surface temperature of semiconductor device including the same
Passive pressure sensing using sensor with diaphragm separator
Abnormality detection apparatus for exhaust gas purification apparatus
Appliance leak detector kit
Sizing defect detection system and sizing defect detection method
Inspection method of vitreous silica crucible
Optical sensor apparatus and method of producing optical element used in optical sensor apparatus
Method and apparatus for simultaneous observation of three-degrees of vibrational freedom using single heterodyne beam
High-accuracy mid-IR laser-based gas sensor
Method of determining quality of heart and cupid optical effects of diamond device therefor
Spectral response effects (SRE) compensation method for photon counting detectors (PCDs)
Methods and apparatus for measuring nitric oxide in fluid
Electric capacity measurement apparatus with temperature compensation and temperature compensation method thereof
Battery remaining power predicting device and battery pack
Nano-fluidic field effective device to control DNA transport through the same
Edge sharpness measurement
Artificial olfactory system and an application thereof
Method of monitoring quality and/or aging of oil
Malaria antigen screening method
Self-regulating chemo-mechano-chemical systems
Power detecting circuit
Integrated circuit device for impedance measurement
Fano resonance microwave spectroscopy of high absorption matter
Circuit board testing system
Reducing power requirements and switching during logic built-in-self-test and scan test
Systems and methods for state of charge estimation
Hardware-in-the-loop grid simulator system and method
Bias circuit for stacked hall devices
Magnetic resonance system and method to acquire MR data and to determine a B1 magnetic field
Systems and methods for time synchronization
Compositions of inorganic luminescent materials
Radiation detector
Positron attenuation tomography
Target-oriented 4D binning in common reflection point
Shear noise attenuation and data matching for ocean bottom node data using complex wavelet transforms
Multi-beam bathymetric chart construction method based on submarine digital depth model feature extraction
Methods for determining well log attributes for formation characterization
Constant phase
Systems and methods for resistivity measurement at multiple angles of rotation
Multi-mode measurements with a downhole tool using conformable sensors
Manufacturing method for an electrowetting device
Photochromic tetrahydroindolizines
Distributed strain and temperature sensing system
Gradient index (GRIN) lens holders employing a recessed cover, and optical connectors and methods incorporating the same
Optoelectronic device and method for assembling an optoelectronic device
Optical connector
Fiber optic ribbon cable
Thermoplastic film to prevent eyeglasses from slippage
Display device
Display device and method of manufacturing the same
Display panel, display apparatus having the same and method for displaying image using the same
Image display apparatus
Multi-functional self-timer lever
Interactive display system
Methods for controlled laser-induced growth of glass bumps on glass articles
Compound and composition for forming lower film of resist pattern, and method for forming lower film using same
Image forming apparatus incorporating line sensor
Method for reattaching a floating magnetic roller section of toner cartridges
Image formation apparatus and information processing device for correcting color misregistration
Image forming apparatus apparatus positioning magnets by contact faces of shaft and bearing and restraining action of force from guide part by clearance between shaft and bearing
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having cooling mechanism, cooling device, and cross-flow fan
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, method of producing the electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
Electrostatic latent image developing toner
Optical recording device, optical recording method, and optical recording medium
Open-loop closed-loop integrated daylight and artificial light control with multipoint sensor calibration
HVAC system control integrated with demand response, on-site energy storage system and on-site energy generation system
Computing device and method for compensating coordinates of position device
Peak detection circuit and method
Machining method
Control device, power control system, and power control method
Three-phase power conversion with power factor correction operational day and night
Device and method for reconfigurable power conversion
Verifying motion data for accessing hardware elements
System and method for sequential application of power to electrical loads
System and method for providing dynamic quality of service levels based on coprocessor operation
Multi-modal fluid condition sensor platform and system therefor
Information processing apparatus and virtual machine migration method
Restoring an application from a system dump file
Targeted multi-tiered software stack serviceability
Analyzing security of applications
Restoring an application from a system dump file
Device validation, distress indication, and remediation
Reducing error correction latency in a data storage system having lossy storage media
Design-for-test techniques for a digital electronic circuit
Expedited servicing of store operations in a data processing system
High read block clustering at deduplication layer
Adaptive statistics for a linear address space
Sparsity-driven matrix representation to optimize operational and storage efficiency
Method for processing error directory of node in CC-NUMA system, and node
Digital media frame
Method, apparatus and system for performing management component transport protocol (MCTP) communications with a universal serial bus (USB) device
Horizontally expandable computing system
Efficient and scalable system and computer program product for handling RX packet on a MR-IOV array of NICS
Metrology management
System for converting data to a markup language
Proximal equipment data capture
Replicating data across multiple copies of a table in a database system
Methods and systems for rewarding friends of a player based on bonus qualifying condition triggered by player
Evaluation of beats, chords and downbeats from a musical audio signal
System and method for creation of templates
Methods and systems for creating tasks of digitizing electronic document
Estimation of parameters for machine translation without in-domain parallel data
Managing information assets using feedback re-enforced search and navigation
Displaying logical statement relationships between diverse documents in a research domain
Application search results based on a current search query and a previous search query
Computer product, verification support method, and verification support apparatus
Prompting subject matter experts for additional detail based on historical answer ratings
Search-based recommendation engine
Generating snippets for prominent users for information retrieval queries
Text processing method, system and computer program
Secure matching supporting fuzzy data
Secure matching supporting fuzzy data
Recovering from a pending uncompleted reorganization of a data set
Out-of-order execution of strictly-ordered transactional workloads
Methods and systems for generating a business process control chart for monitoring building processes
Web crawler optimization system
Battery-history information management apparatus, battery-history information management method, battery-history information management system, and power storage apparatus
Noise attentuation using a dipole sparse Tau-p inversion
Interference checking device
Method for plagiarism detection of multithreaded program based on thread slice birthmark
Image forming apparatus that transmits and receives information between platforms, recording medium, and method
Dynamic application programming interface publication for providing web services
Management methods and systems for item change
Augmented reality system
Operating device
Touch panel
Capacitance voltage conversion circuit, input apparatus using the same, electronic instrument, and capacitance voltage conversion method
Touch sensor
System and methods for producing and retrieving video with story-based content
System for facilitating in-person interaction between multi-user virtual environment users whose avatars have interacted virtually
Privately unlocking a touchscreen
Page search method and electronic device supporting the same
Detection of communication topic change
Displaying a representation of data in conditions of limited visual space
Adaptively navigating complexity together through collaborative insights
Display and input device and image forming apparatus including the same
Workflow regeneration in a print shop environment
Image forming system that ensures continuous use of print resources and image forming method
Systems and methods for planning a robot grasp that can withstand task disturbances
Object naming
Processing queries using hybrid access paths
Processing queries using hybrid access paths
Electronic address book storing apparatus and method for storing electronic address book
Method of designing random pattern, apparatus for designing random pattern, and optical substrate including random pattern according to the same method
Instruction and logic for support of code modification
Instruction and logic for non-blocking register reclamation
Method of synchronizing independent functional unit
Instruction set architecture with opcode lookup using memory attribute
Instruction and logic to control transfer in a partial binary translation system
All-to-all permutation of vector elements based on a permutation pattern encoded in mantissa and exponent bits in a floating-point SIMD architecture
Apparatus for predicate calculation in processor instruction set
Load queue entry reuse for operand store compare history table update
Controller initializing device and method
Extraction of problem diagnostic knowledge from test cases
Command line output redirection
Application development framework using configurable data types
Prototyping apparatus with built-in programming facility and corresponding methods
Rule engine system controlling devices of disparate types and protocols
Identifying software code experts
Apparatus and method for managing register information in a processing system
Virtual machine migration via a mobile device
Scriptable hierarchical emulation engine
Autonomously managed virtual machine anti-affinity rules in cloud computing environments
Activating continuous world switch security for tasks to allow world switches between virtual machines executing the tasks
Cross-platform workload processing
Techniques for distributed processing task portion assignment
Runtime fusion of operators based on processing element workload threshold and programming instruction compatibility
Sharing a partitioned data set across parallel applications
Collection of memory allocation statistics by provenance in an asynchronous message passing system
Electronic apparatus that uses program from another program working on different platforms, and method
Omission detection
Facial recognition using fractal features
Method and apparatus for generating organ image
Subject tracking device and subject tracking method
Optical method for characterizing a diffractive surface and apparatus for implementing such a method
Object detection device for recognizing an object in an input frame image using past frame image information
Image correcting apparatus, image correcting method and storage medium
Image processing apparatus, image pickup apparatus, image processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium which perform image restoration processing
Analyzing content of digital images
Mobile care with a virtual queue
Hands-free transactions
Donation device and method
Method for a canvassed self healing bulletin board
Generative grammar models for effective promotion and advertising
System and computer method for tracking online actions
Systems and methods for generating a dense graph
Electronic device, recording medium, and method of controlling display of push-to-talk information on electronic device
Geo-location estimate (GLE) sensitive physical access control apparatus, system, and method of operation
Vending machine remote sensing of contents apparatus
Open data marketplace for municipal services
System and method for identifying a genuine printed document
Barrier assembly
Systems and methods for monitoring unmanned aerial vehicles
Maintenance of telecommunications network infrastructure based on alarm scoring
Travel information sensing and communication system
Vehicle guidance system
Method for systematically penalizing drivers who fail to stop at a crosswalk
Piano learning guidance system
Systems and methods for content scoring of spoken responses
Channel letter and trim cap retaining clip therefor
Activatable adhesive, labels, and related methods
Display apparatus, driving method for display apparatus and electronic apparatus
Autostereoscopic display illumination apparatuses and autostereoscopic display devices incorporating the same
Method and system for adjusting gamma voltage, and electronic device
Optical device and display device provided with same
Display apparatus
Display driver capable of driving multiple display interfaces
Device including multi-function circuitry having optical detectors and method of flip-chip assembly therefor
Travel path analysis support device and method
Memory control device and mobile terminal
Automatic tuning floating bridge for electric stringed instruments
Mechanically fastened diaphragmatic guitar plectrum retainer
Reverberation-induced magnetic field alteration to enhance sound
Computer-implemented systems and methods for estimating word accuracy for automatic speech recognition
Client-server speech recognition by encoding speech as packets transmitted via the internet
Fiber sensing system based on a bragg grating and optical time domain reflectometry
Utilization of disk buffer for background replication processes
Memory array having segmented row addressed page registers
Complementary bipolar SRAM
Asymmetrical emphasis in a memory data bus driver
Semiconductor memory device using grounded dummy bit lines
Shared built-in self-analysis of memory systems employing a memory array tile architecture
Digital ramp rate control for charge pumps
Apparatuses, methods, and systems for package on package memory refresh and self-refresh rate management
Systems and methods for acoustic wave enabled data storage
Indium oxoalkoxides for producing coatings containing indium oxide
Liquid composition, and resistor film, resistor element and circuit board
Contact device, and electromagnetic switch in which the contact device is used
Cosmetic dome switch
Luminous keyboard
Magnetic actuating device for a current switching device
Temperature switch and method for adjusting a temperature switch
X-ray source
Method for determining a beamlet position and method for determining a distance between two beamlets in a multi-beamlet exposure apparatus
Mass spectrometer
Ion optical elements
Multi-faced component-based electromechanical device
Double aspect ratio trapping
Method of manufacturing silicon carbide semiconductor device by forming metal-free protection film
Epitaxial lift-off process with guided etching
3D NAND staircase CD fabrication utilizing ruthenium material
Electrical connector having an external switch
Machines and processes for fitting cable bushings
Connectionless transport for user input control for wireless display devices
Mitigating a compromised network on chip
Cloud computing platform for managing data
Image forming device, image forming method and program
System and method for color image acquisition
Video personalizing system, method, and recording medium
System and method for scheduling clips
Methods and systems for performing signal analysis to identify content types
Imaging-based frequency receiver device calibration
Multi-purpose lightbulb
Layer stack for a touch panel and method for forming a layer stack
Dual-sided rackmount storage assembly
Configurable serial and pulse width modulation interface
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Drill bit for aerating soil for a plant with root system
Locking wing lift mechanism for farm implements
Method of operation of a sieve adjustment control system for an agricultural combine
Flexible horseshoes formable in situ
Equine support pad with integral frog support
Preparation and metering of components mixed with Co2
System for processing an aerated confectionery foam rope
Garment with cupwires
Self-sustaining female breast support
Bag comprising matching closing sections actuated by a slider
Personal belongings case
Pastel carrier
Portable carrier
Locating structure of expandable units of a rack
Furniture leg protector
Leg part for a barber or beauty chair
Vehicle-seat assembly
Gear-controlled height-adjusting mechanism for armrest of office chair
Locking assembly for a rocking chair
Vehicle seat cover and method
Chair fitted with an upholstery member
Foldable chair with an armrest-supporting unit
Wheeled container
Support such as a trestle or a stepladder
Device adapted for use in donning a ski boot and method of using said device
Illuminated headstone mounting assembly
Mixer assembly with locking pivot head
Base for storing an electrical food processor accessories
Rinse screen for a water bucket
Methods and apparatus for securing a dishwasher door
Holder for scouring device
Endoscope tip protection system
Controllable endoscopic sheath apparatus and related method of use
Method and apparatus for the intraosseous introduction of a device such as an infusion tube
Apparatus and method for performing spinal surgery
Filter assembly
Percutaneous entry system and method
Ultrasonic operation system
Power-assisted liposuction instrument with cauterizing cannula assembly
Ultrasonic operation apparatus for performing follow-up control of resonance frequency drive of ultrasonic oscillator by digital PLL system using DDS (direct digital synthesizer)
Multifilar flexible rotary shaft and medical instruments incorporating the same
Intervertebral implant
Transverse connector
Superelastic spinal stabilization system and method
Tissue anchoring system and method
Method and device for neurocryo analgesia and anesthesia
System and method for assessing electrode-tissue contact and lesion quality during RF ablation by measurement of conduction time
Direction-oriented and spatially controlled bipolar coagulator for in-situ cauterization of adherent cranial tissue occluding a ventricular catheter previously implanted in-vivo
Leak detection system
Medical laser unit
Wound treatment method and device with combination of ultrasound and laser energy
Systems and methods for performing an eye examination
Methods for measuring retinal damage
Apparatus and method for determining objective refraction using wavefront sensing
Ophthalmic apparatus
Wireless dental camera
Guide wire with a non-rectangular shaping member
Method and apparatus for non-invasive measurement of changes in intracranial pressure
Device and method for detecting opening of passage in bodily cavity
Methods and systems for predicting and/or tracking changes in external body conditions
Safety blood collection needle assembly
Image forming method used in ultrasonic diagnosis, ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, signal processing apparatus, and recording medium for recording signal processing program
Interdental wedge
Methods for correcting deviations in preplanned tooth rearrangements
Absorbent articles with refastenable side seams
Disposable pants of trunks-type
Liquid reception medium with liquid activated mechanical mass transport means
Balloon-stent interaction to help reduce foreshortening
Delivery system and method for bifurcated endovascular graft
Segmented balloon catheter for stenting bifurcation lesions
Catheter apparatus for treating occluded vessels and filtering embolic debris and method of use
Translation member for intraocular lens system
Heart valve fixation process and apparatus
Cortical and cancellous allograft spacer
Prosthetic joint
Glenoid component of a shoulder prosthesis and complete shoulder prosthesis incorporating such a component
Reinforced molded implant formed of cortical bone
Alignment device for a prosthetic limb
Vacuum pump and shock absorber for artificial limb
Container for the collection of menstrual flow
Fluid dispenser having a housing and flexible inner bladder
Method and device for entering the subretinal region of the eye
Patient thermal support device
Integrated scale with underlying x-ray tray
Chuck structure for joining headrest to wheelchair
Hospital bed communication and control device
Spa pumping method and apparatus
Method of restoring speech functions in patients suffering from various forms of dysarthria, and dysarthria probes
Dental porcelains
Medical article with a diamond-like carbon coated polymer
Device and method for colonic lavage
Vacuum gun for a suction device
Percutaneous or transcutaneous access into the body
Catheter incorporating a high column high column strength distal tip region
Radiopaque marker for a catheter and method of making
Extra-corporeal vascular conduit
Safety syringe device with a needle bending device
Needle guard
Safety syringe having needle holder capable of fixing secured and easy to drawback
Reforming wet-tantalum capacitors in implantable defibrillators and other medical devices
Portable feet tanning device
Embedded radiation emitter for the localization and dosimetry of brachytherapy seed implants
Delivery system and method for interstitial radiation therapy using seed strands constructed with preformed strand housing
Security disposition against fire applicable for delaying, retaining, controlling and extinguishing the action of fire by means of moisture, with water as its basic extinguishing element
Fire fighting apparatus
Exerciser having an improved resistive device
Brake assembly, in particular for cyclists' training device
Exercise system comprising rocking chair and footstool
Fitness glider exercise device
Hiking exercise apparatus
Treadmill with a static electricity free handle assembly
Speed control device with contact switch for a treadmill
Reciprocal device having sensing feature
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Golf ball
Golf ball
Golf ball lubricant
Game ball lacing
Finishing collar for grip tape and method of wrapping a handle
Composite wrap bat with alternative designs
Aluminum tennis racket
Portable target for sporting projectiles
Ball return apparatus
Football training apparatus
Runner and method of manufacture
Truck for preventing damage thereto when attached to a skate board and negotiating and contacting a curb
Glass laminate system for hockey rinks
Multi-function exercise apparatus
Training device for teaching pocket billiards
Apparatus and system for facilitating online coding competitions
Method of game play using RFID tracking device
Mobile terminal, method for controlling games, and computer readable recording medium
Real time data exchange system
Trivia game and method of playing
Game apparatus and method
Arcade table
Game of chance with multiple paths on a virtual scratch ticket
Billiards, and method of playing the same
Gaming device having perceived skill
Educational card game
Three-dimensional puzzle game and method for assembling the same
Dice game
Digital sports pop-up
Toy building set with flexible toy building sheet element
Interactive apparatus with ball
Ashtray with levitating cigarette lighter and other objects
Elastic flash stick with an ornamental block
Performing Operations; Transporting
Downhole separator and method
Wave coil filter assembly
Tunnel for distillation of fresh water from ocean salt water
Filters consisting of filter paper or paper-type nonwoven material
Instrument probe with valve and separator
Air purification system for a central air conditioning unit
Methods using filters employing both acidic polymers and physical-adsorption media
Isotat for the treatment of materials in liquid
Apparatus for carrying out mass transfer processes
Gas particle partitioner
Fluid dispenser
Device for producing a coating rod for use in the paper industry
Apparatus for applying viscous material
Device for applying fluid material on a substrate, and application valve
Process for applying a liquid additive to both sides of a tissue web
Multi-layered transducer array and method having identical layers
High frequency and multi frequency band ultrasound transducers based on ceramic films
Joint for sheet material and a method of joining sheet material
Gear and method of manufacturing gear
Cutting tool
Apparatus for mounting a drill on a pipe
Hollow mill tool
Tool for removing cut-off plastic pipe in a pipe socket and method of use
Method for generating holes in laminate materials
In-situ wear measurement apparatus for dicing saw blades
Device mounting method
Soldering machine
Heating head for soldering and de-soldering of SMD components
Phosphorus-copper brazing material, brazing sheet, methods of manufacturing the material and the sheet, and flow path structure for heat exchangers
Compact cartridge hot runner nozzle
Machine tool
Method for lengthening the machining travel of a machine-tool, device for implementing same and machine-tool using such a device
Motorized spindle
Automated cell for handling of workpieces
Method and apparatus for machining joint face of work
Advanced aerospace drill motor
Dispersion containing pyrogenically manufactured abrasive particles with superparamagnetic domains
Bowling ball resurfacing device
Air platen for leading edge and trailing edge control
Apparatus and method for sharpening blades at a predetermined angle
Polishing method and polishing apparatus
Method and system for spatial uniform polishing
Chemical mechanical polishing apparatus
Defect-free magnetic stampers/imprinters for contact patterning of magnetic media
Finishing pad design for multidirectional use
Reclaiming virgin test wafers
Sanding disc
Quick-set clamping mechanism
Clamping device
Drill and drive apparatus with improved tool holder
Impact tool control apparatus and impact tool using the same
Magazine clutch assembly
Stapler construction
Mobile tool carrier
Wearing ring
Method for forming an Arundo donax paper product
Device for automatically producing an opening or cavity in the side of a ceramic product during molding in a mould
Concrete form
Process for the manufacturing of an improved core for decorative laminates and a decorative laminate obtained by the process
Rotary tableting press
Tool for foaming components to a pane for a motor vehicle
Waterproofing apparatus for terminal connecting portion of sheathed wire
Hybrid supporting structure for a vehicle dashboard, and process for manufacturing the same
Injection molding machine having a detector where a storage medium is installed
System for conveying blanks to a blowing installation for containers
Seaming board and methods of installing floor covering
Self-contained honeycomb structure from flexible film strips and method for its production
Tubular assembly having an internal plug
Composite products, methods and apparatus
Stamper replacement method and mold for forming optical disks
Method and apparatus for removing tire treads from storage device
Method and apparatus for making a bag
Tubular composite containers having unsupported film liners and methods and apparatus for making same
Printing apparatus and printing method
Apparatus and method of enhancing fluid deflection in a continuous ink jet printhead
Ink jet process including removal of excess liquid from an intermediate member
Ink-jet printing apparatus that vibrates ink in a pressure chamber without ejecting it
Liquid discharge head, element substrate, liquid discharging apparatus and liquid discharging method
Image print apparatus and control method thereof
Inkjet head formed with a plurality of restrictors and inkjet printer including the same
Inkjet printhead having bubble chamber and heater offset from nozzle
Ink jet recording head and ink jet recording apparatus
Bubble-jet type ink-jet printhead
Inkjet printing apparatus and preliminary discharge control method
Independent wiping of printhead
Bulldozing cleaner for inkjet electrostatic drop detectors
Method and system for purging air from a print mechanism
Ink container with improved ink flow
Ink cartridge with negative-pressure regulating mechanism
Ink cartridge
Keying feature for solid ink stick
Channel keying for solid ink stick insertion
Ink pump selective driver and ink jet printer incorporating the same
Estimating consumable sufficiency before printing
Magnetically-actuated fluid control valve
Ink rationing based on page composition
Calibration method in ink jet printing apparatus
Printing device configured to print a demonstration page
Self-verifying security documents
Apparatus for maintaining the security of a substrate
Binder construction for easy insertion and removal of spine label
Loose-leaf binder
Album leaf and method and apparatus for making an album leaf
Pen structure
Writing utensil
Paint can lid with easy access for adding and viewing tint
Rolling bearing unit for supporting vehicle wheel
Method of constructing a wheel
Pneumatic tire having lug and groove configuration extending from tread over at least 30% of sidewall
Pneumatic tire having lug grooves
Tire and tread thereof
Opposing spring resilient tension suspension system
Passive ride control for a vehicle suspension system
Hinge system for motor vehicle boot lid comprising an articulated arm and a sliding arm
Sunroof apparatus
Multi-part hardtop vehicle roof
Full enclosure proctective cover for a golf car with rear golf bag storage area covering
Assembly for automatic vehicle fueling
Filler neck assembly for fuel tank
Power unit layout structure
Method for controlling engagement of frictionally engaging element in power transmission
Linear recliner having an internal cam spring
Stowable tables
Structure of a vehicle seat
Console system having a double-hinged lid
Ambidextrous console lid
Head restraint guide sleeve
Headrest apparatus for vehicle
Motor vehicle seat
Backrest construction
Seat cushion with locking system
Automobile heel stopper shock-absorbing structure
Golf cart footrest
Loadhandling equipment and vehicle incorporating it
Combination dump and spreader apparatus
Transport device for hauling a load
Motorized lift assembly for racks used with flat bed trucks and trailers
Vehicle lighting apparatus
Multi-axis swivel mechanism
Electric power distribution unit for electric connection box and electric connection box
Cavity formed tube for a grill guard
Roof panel lining of a vehicle with preassembled head protection elements (head bags)
Structure of reinforcement plate member used in automobile airbag apparatus
Seat belt retractor
Ride ready vehicle-mounted bicycle carrier
Convertible ladder and load platform for a vehicle articulating roof rack system
Roofrack crossrail assembly cap
Water jet mechanism with composite control light-emitting modules
Spring applied parking brake assembly
Brake fluid pressure control device
Partially lined disk brake with electromechanical actuator unit
Grip for a portable hand-guided working tool and molding same
Trailer for a tunnel borer follower train
Hamper assembly with laundry supply storage containers
Plastic shopping cart
Basket for a self-service store shopping cart
Basket support of a stroller
Steering column for a vehicle
Vehicle front body structure
Top hinged gravity, floating and power self-opening gate for dump body
Spare tire support for an automobile
Steering control with variable damper assistance and method implementing the same
Electric power steering apparatus
Tip trailer
Machine frame assembly for a track-type machine
Reversible rear axle mount
Skid steer vehicle with steerable suspension
Bicycle seat
Telescoping motorcycle seat backrest
Quick disconnect motorcycle tie-down system
Illuminated motorcycle shifter linkage
Quick release assembly
Front suspension fork assembly
Vehicle body structure of tricycle
Hydraulic brake device for a bicycle
Motion sensor for use with a bicycle sprocket assembly
Hydroplane board and a method of personal hydroplaning
Floatation device for a pregnant woman
Satellite separator platform(SSP)
Personal water rescue device
Marine steering system having swivel bracket forming hydraulic cylinder
Marine gear and a method for preventing a drop in motor speed when engaging a multi-plate clutch
Method of and apparatus for releasing stores from an ejection rack
Multi-functional galley system
Control system and method for implementing fixed cabin pressure rate of change during aircraft climb
Fast evacuation device for aircraft
Aircraft passenger safety module
Interference-fit retainer gasket
Apparatus for load transfer between aerospace vehicle components, aerospace vehicles including same, and method of attachment of aerospace vehicle components
Container and process for monitoring and recordal of product information
Metal end shell and easy opening can end for beer and beverage cans
Modified score for smooth openability
Square knock-down bin
Food product container with closure
Folding box for packing
Combined container and closure
Domed liner disc for closure
Dispensing container and method for manufacturing same
Garment storage receptacle
Underground storage tank vapor pressure equalizer
Mechanism for dumping a refuse container
Linear conveyor system
Sloped surface links for a conveyor belt
Flexible conveyor track section
System for transporting containers, which is especially suitable for use in a plant for the production of paints, varnishes and the like
Method for controlling the run-up of a conveyor belt and drive device for a conveyor belt
Article transfer device
Apparatus and method of producing rolls of bags
Device for controlling printed products
Wrapping plastic
Coating transfer device
Folding cylinder with expansion plate
Registration system effective drive roll radius compensation
Method and system for double feed detection
Moving handrail for passenger conveyor
Track for stairlifts
Adjustable height platform suitable for installation on a vehicle
Liquid filling system with improved fluid displacement, nozzle and container handling, cleaning, and calibration/set-up capabilities
Automated apparatus for dispensing a liquid whitener and a liquid additive in a cup or the like
Material detection system for a beverage dispenser
Sealable container with carrying handle
Proportional micromechanical device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Composite membrane and production method therefor
Alternating-polarity operation for complete regeneration of electrochemical deionization system
Lower saccharide nanometric materials and methods
Admixture for cementitious compositions
Alkylated tetrakis(triaminotriazine) compounds and phase change inks containing same
Production method of famciclovir and production and crystallization method of intermediate therefor
Liquid form addition curing type silicone rubber composition for fluororesin covered fixing roller and fluororesin covered fixing roller
Use of wax mixtures for coatings
Process for compacting calcined kaolin clay
Ink composition, ink jet recording method and recorded matter
Effect pigments coated with reactive orientation aids
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation to produce hydrocarbon fluids and synthesis gas
Treatment of a well with an encapsulated liquid and process for encapsulating a liquid
Method of reducing the vapor pressure of ethanol-containing motor fuels for spark ignition combustion engines
Method for the production of blister copper in suspension reactor
Cemented carbide with binder phase enriched surface zone
Method of making a FeCrAl material and such material
Cathode arc source with magnetic field generating means positioned above and below the cathode
Inverted magnetron
Atmospheric pressure wafer processing reactor having an internal pressure control system and method
Electrode structure
Molded tooling for use in airfoil stripping processes
Method for parallel delivery and mixing of fluids by rotating a microfluidic device
Textiles; Paper
Method and arrangement for combusting black liquor
Lamella of a headbox of a paper, cardboard, or tissue machine
Fixed Constructions
Railway baseplate assembly
Concrete module for retaining wall and improved retaining wall
Methods and apparatus for mounting a work platform to a ladder
Gravity-sensitive latch
Tailgate latch for vehicles
Device for opening a trunk of a motor vehicle
Hand application tool for laying sealant spacer strip on glass or like material
Balanced window blind having a spring motor for concealed pull cords thereof
Window covering height adjustment method and apparatus using traveling rotor
Sprung member and actuator for downhole tools
Rotary driven drilling hammer
Method and apparatus for replacement of underground pipe
Slip assembly for hanging an elongate member within a wellbore
Downhole latch assembly and method of using the same
Coiled tubing connector
Packer system
Methods and apparatus for improving performance of gravel packing systems
Casing conveyed perforating process and apparatus
Lubrication system for downhole application
Downhole drilling apparatus and method for using same
Method and apparatus for a plasma-hydraulic continuous excavation system
Waterproof cladding construction and method of providing the same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gear pump having bearings with cooling ducts
Method and apparatus to facilitate reducing turbine packing leakage losses
Methods and systems for detecting gas turbine engine fuel leaks
Turbine blade platform trailing edge undercut
Methods and apparatus for assembling turbine engines
Continual radial loading device for steam turbine reaction type buckets and related method
Internal core profile for a turbine bucket
Cooling structure of stationary blade, and gas turbine
Cooling circuit for a gas turbine bucket and tip shroud
Exhaust system of motorcycle
Thermostat device
Personal watercraft
Tubular acoustic attenuation piece for an aircraft jet engine air intake
Throttle devices housing with flexible compensation elements for internal combustion engines
Air filtration system
Fuel level sensor and pump assembly
Dual fuel injection valve and method of operating a dual fuel injection valve
Pitch governing assembly for windmills
Piston operating assembly for a linear compressor and method for manufacturing the same
Trochoid gear type fuel pump
Scroll compressor with flow restriction and back pressure chamber tap
Foot plate for hermetic shell
Multishaft electric motor and positive-displacement pump combined with such multishaft electric motor
Touch down of blood pump impellers
Rotor blade with a reduced tip
Suspension device for a ceiling fan
Contacting means for valve drives and a valve arrangement fitted with it
Screw-holding belt
Clinch-type blind nut
Captive screw
Telescoping device and tripod
Bearing shell for ball-and-socket joints
Retainer for universal joint bearing cups
Rolling guide apparatus
Crankshaft for an internal combustion engine disposed in a motor vehicle
Combined radial-axial slide bearing
Rolling bearing unit
Quick connect/disconnect driveline assembly
Clutch device for fast declutching of two elements in a transmission
Splined member for use in a slip joint and method of manufacturing the same
Over-running clutch pulley with clutch cartridge
Transmission internally meshing a planetary gear structure
Four mode hydro-mechanical transmission
General-purpose mechanical holonomic element for a gear with variable changing of the rotation moment
Electromagnetic coupling apparatus
Roller chain sprocket with added chordal pitch reduction
Method and device for controlling shifting elements
Shift control device and shift control method for vehicular automatic transmission
Spacing element for centering components in a mechanical seal and for promoting circulation of a seal fluid therein
Reel type pipeline laying ship and method
Pipe lay system with tension compensator
Pipe fittings
Flexible hose line, in particular, high pressure hose line which is subjected to a pressurized forming process
Apparatus for propulsion in elongated cavities
Sleeve cover
Single-piece motor mount
Arrangement in connection with circulation lubrication system
Inert gas dispenser for propane tanks
Portable shop light with extended handle
Sealing device for flashlights
Light beam modifier devices
Water submergible simulated neon lighting device
Ceiling fixture
Slip-ring cable coupler system
Electrical connecting structure for a lamp
Lighting device, particularly a motor vehicle light or emergency light
Method and apparatus for retrofitting backlit signs with light emitting diode modules
Spread illuminating apparatus without light conductive bar
Heating apparatus using thermal reaction of brown gas
Shaped ice article and article for making same
Gas-exhausting module structure suited for a continuous type oven
Safety baton
Gun sling
Adjustable and collapsible target holder
Missile having deployment mechanism for stowable fins
Rocket accuracy improvement device
Steam turbine and method of measuring the vibration of a moving blade in a flow passage of a steam turbine
Thermocouple holder for furnace tube
Small-dimensioned coupler plug, especially for a planar broadband lambda probe
Automated apparatus including a robotic arm for loading samples into wells for first dimension electrophoresis separation
Biplane ultrasonic imaging
Light polarizing film with melanin
Optical illumination device and projection display device
Projection system
Laser presentation system using a laser pointer
Adjustable and modular backplane assembly for providing a fiber-optics communication backplane
Ferrule having first and second body portions with different nominal widths and an associated mold and fabrication method
Capillary for optical fiber and ferrule for optical connector for reducing connection loss
Holding device for holding at least one optical plug
Custom frame for eyeglass lenses and instruments
Eyeglass retainer with retainer strap and interlocking retainer devices
Combination reading and makeup glasses
Colored/tinted contact lens preview device
Spectacles set with detachable magnetic shelter frame
Rear projection optical system
Image forming device
Photographic processor and supply cartridge with an information exchange arrangement
Device for adjusting the alignment of a back cover screwed onto the middle part of a watchcase with respect to a 12 o'clock--6 o'clock axis
Chronograph with two rotational directions
Aircraft tailstrike avoidance system
Mainboard having a selective connection COM/VGA jack layout
Computer enclosure with pivoting opening means
System and method for tracking victims of a mass casualty incident
Remote-control signal receiver
Controller capable of operating plural operation objects by switching display of operation surface of operation member
Card connector device
SIM card receiving mechanism
Reading bar code symbols using readers having one-way RF signal transmission links with base stations
Card connector carrier structure
Bar code symbology for consumer scanning applications
XD memory card adapter
Card reader
Compact auto ID reader and radio frequency transceiver data collection module
Ergonomic electrical connector for a smart card
Connector structure for multi-storage media
System and methods for disclosing transaction information to customers
Method and system for performing money transfer transactions
Utility scaffolding having safety features
Automated merchant banking apparatus and method
Coin discriminating device, coin handling apparatus including such a device, and coin discriminating method
Coin dispensing apparatus with removable auxiliary storage unit
Configuration of IC card
Infant/toddler puppet and medical instrument
Interactive teaching mat
Light emitting apparatus with light diffusing attachment
Display apparatus of audio/video player or the like
Magnetic tape cartridge
Electromagnetic mechanism
Button apparatus with a complex elastic unit
Plasma display panel suitable for high-quality display and production method
Plasma display panel and plasma display panel manufacturing method for achieving improved luminescence characteristics
Method and apparatus for micro-jet enabled, low-energy ion generation transport in plasma processing
Large area silicon cone arrays fabrication and cone based nanostructure modification
Method of producing spacer and method of manufacturing image forming apparatus
Apparatus, mold and method for producing substrate for plasma display panel
Picking apparatus for semiconductor device test handler
Processing apparatus with sensory subsystem for detecting the presence/absence of wafers or other workpieces
Wafer holding device
Lithium thin film lamination technology on electrode to increase battery capacity
Flat and pliable circuit board connector
Terminal structure with spring-loaded contact
Electrical connector assembly
Electrical connector
Cable connecting device
Coaxial cable quick connect/disconnect connector
Mating detection system for an electrical connector assembly
Coaxial connector with a switch
DSX jack including sliding rear connector
Patch plug design and methods for use thereof
Electrical connector with shunt for hot mating and unmating
Modular system interface apparatus
Angled RJ to RJ patch panel
Electrical socket with a protrusion and a spring terminal piece for clamping a plug therebetween
Power adapter for interconnecting different types of power connectors
Mini memory card connector
Intelligent universal connector
Universal docking tray using three point contacts
Insulation displacement contact connector
Bus bar structure
Semiconductor light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same and mounting plate
Secure mounting assembly for a retail product display
Bar hanger and mounting clip assembly
Receptacle-mounted cover plate to hide electrical socket face
AC interconnection apparatus for supplying AC power from a commercial power system and from a solar cell
Button for an electric device and method of controlling lighting of the button
Controller panel and system for light and serially networked lighting system
Board connector and method of attaching board connector
Fast installation/removal structure for circuit board
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