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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Dual blade unit
Coupling mechanism
Plant watering trellis apparatus
Pet litter scooper
Underwater food delivery system and method of use
Swimming waterfowl decoy with spray
Transport apparatus for transporting articles hanging on loops
Waistless underwear alternative secret pants shield
Pressable air cushion capable of being inflated and bled and a brassiere cup with the air cushion
Disposable collar protector
Tongue for sports boots
Safety belt release mechanism
Container for take-away pizza or the like
Combined diaper bag and purse and associated method
Connecting structure for a bed foot
Bed with automatic mattress lifting system
Collapsible chair
Seat provided with electric or electronic equipment
Multi-saddle rack
Cooking utensils with metallic non-stick coating and methods for making the same
Automatic brewed beverage dispenser comprising an infused product ejecting device
Endoscope and endoscopic system
Capsulated medical equipment
Flexible ultrasonic wire in an endoscope delivery system
Surgical stapling device with coated knife blade
Polyaxial screw assembly
Occipitocervical plate
Blended monopolar and bipolar application of RF energy
Measuring method and measuring device
Obstetric analgesia system
Disposable wearing article
Dissolvable protective treatment for an implantable supportive sling
Microfracture pick
Soft hand restraint device for transporting prisoners
Hemorrhoid treatment device
Teether book
Balloons and balloon catheter systems for treating vascular occlusions
Agent delivery catheter including an anchor and injection needle
Device and method for holding striking targets for use in the practice of martial arts
Exercise apparatus
Exercise device
Training device for targeted training
Foldable treadmill
Knee joint flexure progression meter
Stability ball control device with radial control surfaces of increasing widths
Swimming or diving goggles
Golf tool with insert
Baseball bat
Roller trainer assembly with safeguards
Golf green for a patio
Exercise aid device
Protective helmet with cervical spine protection and additional brain protection
Ski or snowboard with means for influencing its cross-sectional shape
Path or flow based bonus game
Virtual input system
Water amusement park multiple path conveyors
Brick assembly with automatically recognizing connecting relationships
Performing Operations; Transporting
Steam humidifier
Frozen drink maker
Self-propelled crusher and management system for self-propelled crusher
Screening arrangement for a dishwashing appliance, and associated apparatus
Ultrasonic edge washing apparatus
Process for repairing inlet ports of an extruder die
Power tool
Drilling tool and method for producing port seals
Apparatus for applying metallic cladding to interior surfaces of pipe elbows
Method of removing a component from an aircraft
Floor edger
Powered driver and methods for reliable repeated securement of threaded connectors to a correct tightness
Crankable hand wrench
Fan motor for combustion-powered tool
Folding knife lock
Anvil drum and an anvil assembly provided with such an anvil drum
Sheet punching apparatus and method for controlling the same
Bifurcated balloon folding method and apparatus
Method of partial painting using hologram transfer film and manufacturing method of painting composition and device for preparing hologram particle
Bag dispenser for providing bags at a workstation and method
Image forming method and image forming apparatus
Method for lubricating a transfer roller with an image member
Printhead with nozzle face recess to contain ink floods
Inkjet printer head and method to manufacture the same
Keying elements for solid ink loader
Liquid emitting apparatus and method
Liquid-discharge-failure detecting apparatus, and inkjet inkjet recording apparatus
Cosmetic applicator
Pneumatic tire with tread having lug grooves, sipes, and fine groove
Tow bar
Vehicle air conditioner
Rear-window roller blind with back-seat shelf as a support element
Vehicular radiator supporting apparatus
Suspension system for a wheeled vehicle and a wheeled vehicle equipped with such a suspension system
Combined manual recline and manual lumbar adjustment mechanism
Mini-sized side dump trailer
Container loading apparatus
Fully automatic twistlock to be connected to a container and a method for releasing a first container from a second
Vehicle HVAC control panel receptacles and HVAC control panel assemblies
Channel and diffuser airbag
Windshield wiping device for a motor vehicle
Detachable tray accessory for stroller
Vehicle side fairing system
Disengageably coupled take-apart bicycle frame
Bicycle handlebar assembly having tightly clamping effect
Hybrid bucket dovetail pocket design for mechanical retainment
Composite aircraft component
Installation for packaging a liquid product in receptacles
Bottle and closure assembly with improved locking elements
Box sealing belt
Apparatus for removing tamper-evident seals from containers
Cup insert with food holder
Case with pill receiving sleeves for storing and dispensing pills
Multi-disc media case
Image forming apparatus and method of managing discharged sheets
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Drive control method and apparatus for sheet processing machine
Image forming apparatus and method for transporting sheet thereof
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for preventing the formation of a plasma-inhibiting substance
Fixed Constructions
Post hole shoring apparatus
System and method for blade level control of earthmoving machines
Sink drain system
Intermediate cable fairlead
Deployable heirarchical structure
Lever-handled pocket door latching system
Folding leaf gate
Vertical door conversion kit
Polycrystalline diamond constructions having improved thermal stability
Drilling fluids for oil and gas reservoirs with high carbonate contents
Aerator for a well water pumping system
Thermal processes for subsurface formations
Method and apparatus for rescaling measurements while drilling in different environments
Using hydrostatic bearings for downhole applications
Rock drill and method of breaking rock
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Annulus filler seal
Variable valve mechanism
Exhaust device for straddle-type vehicle and straddle-type vehicle
Method of controlling a spark-ignition supercharged internal-combustion engine, notably of gasoline type
Warm up strategy for ethanol direct injection plus gasoline port fuel injection
Heat shield element for lining a combustion chamber wall, combustion chamber and gas turbine
Method and system for reducing power plant emissions
Combustors and combustion systems for gas turbine engines
Gas turbine engine with an air cooled bearing
Rotary vane engine system
Fuel injector
Vapor pressure enhancer and method
Intake and exhaust system of internal combustion engine
Injection system having a device for metering fuel into an exhaust system of an internal combustion engine and a method for this purpose
Method and apparatus for use in protecting wind turbine blades from lightning damage
Method and apparatus for powering a pitch control system
Miniature high speed compressor having embedded permanent magnet motor
Addressable multi-channel peristaltic pump
Compressor and compressor housing
Coupling apparatus for passage blocks
Rolling bearing cage, ball bearing and roller bearing
Hub unit for a driving wheel
Systems and methods for controlling the stability of a water brake dynamometer
Electrical motor reducer for operating an eccentric cam
Hydrostatic continuously variable transmission
Hydromechanical variable speed transmission
Continuously variable automatic transmission for heavy trucks, buses and light automobiles
Bicycle sprocket apparatus with a shift inhibiting structure
Oil supply system for supplying oil to slide rails and guide rails
Bicycle derailleur with multiple mounting adjustments
Electrically operated derailleur that re-engages a disengaged derailleur force overload clutch
Gear shift module for an automatic transmission of a motor vehicle
Lip type seal
Device for connecting a fluid circulating line to a refractory element and refractory element
Multiwall pipe lip seal joint
Portable positive airway pressure device accessories and methods for use thereof
Multi-functional rack for a whiteboard
LED array grid, method and device for manufacturing said grid and LED component for use in the same
Overspeed prevention structure using plastic optical fiber
Lighting device with adjustable spotlight beam
Light source device and light source packaging method
LED with light pipe assembly
Lighting device and optics package therefor
Light guide member having light mixing protrusion, flat light source device, and display device
Thermoelectric power generating systems utilizing segmented thermoelectric elements
Ejector pump in device for cooling/heating systems
Display for refrigerator and display mounting frame, display mounting structure comprising the same
Laundry dryer control method
Compact foldable handgun
Compact foldable handgun
Pivoting, non-detachable magazine
Device and method for trailer axle wheel alignment
Solid ink stick having a feed drive coupler
Light-emitting diode module for instrument panel
Isokinetic sampling method and system for multiphase flow from subterranean wells
Non-intrusive two-phase flow measurement system
Self-exciting, self-sensing piezoelectric cantilever sensor
Flexible force sensor with coupling type and multi-directional recognitions
Pressure sensor and method for manufacturing the same
Testing strut assembly
On-board aftertreatment device tail pipe hydrocarbon slip calculation
Device for automatic evaluation and control of wind tunnel measurements
Method for detecting residues on a component
System and methods to determine and monitor changes in microstructural properties
Method and apparatus for measurement of mechanical characteristics of a cement sample
Acceleration sensor
Gravity gradiometer
Optical connector, optical fiber with connector, optical fiber connecting device, and optical fiber connection method
Bend limiting boot
Wagering game and method having a simultaneous multi-play feature
System for computer-aided monitoring of the use of licenses
Camera unit incoporating program script scanner
Wirelessly executing transactions with different enterprises
Two dimensional dot code, and decoding apparatus and method for a two dimensional dot code
Optimized smart card driver performance
Park user management system and park user management method using the same
Foldable, in-store advertising cover for security system
Noisemaker pennant
Planarization methods for patterned media disks
Electrical interconnection systems and methods of assembling the same
Electrical barrier and moisture seal for an implanted medical device
Electrical connector with slider component for fault condition connection
Electrical bushing with radial interposer spring
Cable positioner
Hollow stem design for high density interconnects
Power sourcing unit for power over ethernet system
Modular connector
Mechanism for controlling if/when material can be printed on a specific printer
Communication apparatus, storage medium, camera and processing method
Cable television return link system with high data-rate side-band communication channels
Method and system for hosting a web site on a digital camera
Multi-mode video processor
Method for scalable manufacturing of medical diagnostic ultrasound imaging systems
Clamp body for electrical connector clamps
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Device for setting the length of a top link of an attaching device of a tractor
Density checking apparatus for tobacco flavor-tasting article or component of tobacco flavor-tasting article
Electronic endoscope system
In Vitro evaluation of animal or human lens characteristics
Three-dimensional image processing apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Electrostatic painting system and method
Wafer prober for in-line cleaning probe card
Thermal printer and thermal recording method
Device for positioning printing head according to printing substrate thickness
Method of creating external characters in image forming apparatus
Process for forming an ablation image
Semiconductor wafer edge marking
Method of seaming and expanding amorphous patterns
System and method for shared vehicle tire pressure monitoring, remote keyless entry, and vehicle immobilization
Method for alarming decrease in tire air-pressure and apparatus used therefor
Control device for an electric motor for displaceable motor vehicle part
Control panel
Real time video rear and side viewing device for vehicles void of rear and quarter windows
Rearview mirror with buttons incorporating display
Interior rearview mirror sound processing system
Electrical/electronic system architecture
System for improving vehicle safety in crash situations
Control device for a windscreen wiper system
Electrical unit
Power drive unit with stall sensor
Hydraulic winch limit switch circuit
Wireless communication systems, interfacing devices, communication methods, methods of interfacing with an interrogator, and methods of operating an interrogator
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for rapid particle identification utilizing scattered light histograms
Fixed Constructions
Electronic seal, methods and security system
Emergency exit door with an emergency door opening system with a control box having an emergency door opening button and display module
Underwater hydrocarbon production systems
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Core of solenoid actuator
Method for detecting injection events in a piezoelectric actuated fuel injector
Power delivery circuit with boost for energetic starting in a pulsed charge starter/alternator system
Hydropower conversion system
DC local grid for wind farm
Bearing structure for flat motor
Gearing for wind generators
Control system for pressure-sensitive protective devices
Method for determining the relative movement between missile and target
Three-dimensional information measuring apparatus
Parameter selection for approximate solutions to photogrammetric problems in interactive applications
Extended wavelength calibration reference
Method and system for preventing deposition on an optical component in a spectroscopic sensor
Device and method for determining compatible colors
Detection device in which output varies with amount by which elastically deformable contact element is pressed
Apparatus for optical time domain reflectometry on multi-mode optical fibers, a light source section thereof, and a process for producing the light source section
Method of measuring concentricity of an optical fiber
Method and apparatus for estimating NMR properties by near infrared spectra
Apparatus for capacitive electrical detection
Method of detecting widespread fatigue and cracks in a metal structure
Device for detecting rotary movement of a rotary part by a sensor positioned by positioning elements relative to the rotary part
Multi probe unit and measuring apparatus comprising thereof
Ball grid array chip packages having improved testing and stacking characteristics
Contact structure formed by photolithography process
Membrane probe card
Modulated space transformer for high density buckling beam probe and method for making the same
System and method of integrated circuit self-testing of circuit board connectors
Test system and associated interface module
Mitigation of antenna test range impairments caused by presence of undesirable emitters
Continuity totalizer/analyzer
Interface for cable testing
Fault location in a medium-voltage network
System and method for measurement of partial discharge signals in high voltage apparatus
Method and arrangement for dielectric integrity testing using PLL loop capacitor
System and apparatus for low-temperature semiconductor device testing
Implementation of iscan cell for self-resetting dynamic circuit
Delay signal generating apparatus and semiconductor test apparatus
Method and apparatus for capacitively testing a semiconductor die
Synchronous scrolling of time stamped log files
Method of and device for determining the charge condition of a battery
Read-out electronics for DC squid magnetic measurements
Quasi-current sensing input impedance controlled preamplifier for magnetoresistive elements
Multiple tuned birdcage coils
Probe for detecting a transient magnetic resonance signal, wherein the ratio of the Q of the probe to the Q of the resonance signal is relatively large
MRI noise detector and suppressor
Method for acquiring raw data for magnetic resonance imaging, and tomography apparatus operating according to the method
Calibration target for calibrating semiconductor wafer test systems
GPS receiver utilizing a communication link
Method and apparatus for determining an error estimate in a hybrid position determination system
GPS multipath mitigation using a multi-element antenna array
Method of detecting and correcting non-linearities in a microwave radar system
Track map generator
Volume in space locator
Integrated radar and active transponder collision prediction system
Distance measuring apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining a direction of arrival of a signal
Method to resolve interferometric ambiguities
Object locator
Attitude determination using multiple baselines in a navigational positioning system
Atmospheric sondes and method for tracking
GPS augmentation using time offset code modulation
Radar and IFF system
On board jammer
Apparatus and method for detecting metallized containers in closed packages
System and method of locating lightning strikes
Fabrication of a twisting ball display having two or more different kinds of balls
Camera display system
Process of preparing a multilayer cholesteric film II
Method and system for display resolution multiplication
Active matrix type liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display in-plane structure and method of manufacturing the same
Digital exposure type photo processing apparatus
Digital camera with an adjusting device for adjusting its lens and irises
Movable support in a vacuum chamber and its application in lithographic projection apparatuses
Photolithography system including a SMIF pod and reticle library cassette designed for ESD protection
Inspection method, apparatus and system for circuit pattern
Multiple image reticle for forming layers
Position detecting apparatus
Position detecting system and device manufacturing method using the same
Multi-level user interface for a multimode device
Method and apparatus for asynchronously controlling state information within a circuit
Ballast circuit for operating a lamp
Power supply switching apparatus for facsimile machine
Voltage supply controller
Quantized queue length arbiter
Graphics command stream for calling a display object in a graphics system
Semiconductor memory
Method for compressing and decompressing image signals and apparatus for compressing and decompressing image signals
Method for creating a knowledge map
Method for collecting and displaying information for activex controls simplifying CTI enabled application development
Systems and methods for interacting with virtual objects in a haptic virtual reality environment
System and methods for controlling automatic scrolling of information on a display screen
Coordinate position inputting/detecting device, a method for inputting/detecting the coordinate position, and a display board system
Movable coordinate inputting apparatus
Snap-on lens carrier assembly for integrated chip optical sensor
Peripheral input device with a retractable cord
Electronic programming guide
Method and apparatus for system enhancement to device backup font support
Displaying a complex tree structure among multiple windows
High speed multiple-bit flip-flop
Access of online information featuring automatic hide/show function
Method and apparatus for including self-describing information within devices
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and IC card
Apparatus and method of information processing and storage medium that records information processing programs
Configurable volume rendering pipeline
Block rendering method for a graphics subsystem
User interface for creation of image generation and transformation functions
Multi-user virtual reality system for simulating a three-dimensional environment
Multi-resolution geometry
Pixel zoom system and method for a computer graphics system
Method for interpolating a full color image from a single sensor using multiple threshold-based gradients
Electronic combination lock with high security features
Antenna driver with constant peak current
Door monitor for a gaming machine
Appliance alarm system
Method for optimizing memory utilization of a selective call unit
Wireless smoke detection system
Video-monitoring safety systems and methods
Air traffic control system
Mathematical set display apparatus and method, and storage medium having program recorded thereon
Methods and apparatus for performing grid fitting and hinting operations
Color plasma display panel
EL driver circuit
Current-driven emissive display addressing and fabrication scheme
Drive method, a drive circuit and a display device for liquid crystal cells
Active matrix display and image forming system based on multiple partial image displays
Silicon-Chip-Display cell structure
Active matrix liquid crystal display
Memory efficient system and method for creating anti-aliased images
Apparatus and method for rendering characters into a memory
Method for exciting lamb waves in a plate, in particular a container wall, and an apparatus for carrying out the method and for receiving the excited lamb waves
Power generating device having a form factor suitable for insertion into a player device
Sense amplifier
Re-settable tristate programmable device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Electrically selectable and alterable memory cells
ROM memory cell not decodable by visual inspection
Programmable latch device with integrated programmable element
Oversampling circuit and method
Semiconductor integrated circuit
CMOS technology voltage booster
Input window of a raidographic image intensifier and method for making same
Electric part having solder-less terminal metal fitment
Flat panel display using Ti-Cr-Al-O thin film
Coupled multilayer soft magnetic films for high frequency microtransformer for system-on-chip power supply
Faraday shield and method
Multi-layer, multi-functioning printed circuit board
Sintered armature
Parallel contact circuit breaker
Light emitting device and a method of manufacturing the same
Thermionic electron emitter based upon the triple-junction effect
Plasma display panel having three discharge sustain electrodes per two pixels
Cathode for magnetron
Image forming apparatus
Shadow mask structure and color CRT
Color display device
Field emission display
Display having an electron emitting device
Method for monitoring alternating current discharge on a double electrode and apparatus
Plasma column
Glass paste composition for forming dielectric layer on electrodes of plasma display panel
Low-voltage cathode for scrubbing cathodoluminescent layers for field emission displays and method
Modular substrate measurement system
Structure including electronic components singulated using laser cutting
Semiconductor diodes having low forward conduction voltage drop, low reverse current leakage, and high avalanche energy capability
Dual layer etch stop barrier
Semiconductor device and method
Borderless bitline and wordline DRAM structure
Method for mounting a semiconductor chip on a substrate and semiconductor device adapted for mounting on a substrate
Methods for measuring contaminant mobile ions in dielectric materials
Field programmable logic arrays with transistors with vertical gates
Structure and method for buried-strap with reduced outdiffusion
Low junction capacitance semiconductor structure and I/O buffer
Semiconductor device with self-aligned contacts using a liner oxide layer
Method for fabricating passivation layer
Electrochemical cobalt silicide liner for metal contact fills and damascene processes
Trench field shield in trench isolation
Conductive spacer in a via
Conducting path with two different end characteristic impedances determined by doping
Semiconductor device having a retrograde well structure and method of manufacturing thereof
Leadframe based chip scale package and method of producing the same
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and process of producing same
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Voltage regulator
Semiconductor device having a field effect transistor and a method of manufacturing such a device
Multi-level spiral inductor structure having high inductance (L) and high quality factor (Q)
Bus line wiring structure in a semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Alignment mark design
Integrated electrostatic protective resistor for metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors (MOSFETs)
Differential electrical transmission line structures employing crosstalk compensation and related methods
Method for producing emulation circuit configuration, and configuration with two integrated circuits
Vertical ball grid array integrated circuit package
Three device DRAM cell with integrated capacitor and local interconnect
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory and its manufacturing method
Ferroelectric capacitor and method for fabricating ferroelectric capacitor
Field effect transitor having dielectrically isolated sources and drains and methods for making same
Compound semiconductor device having an ion implanted defect-rich layer for improved backgate effect suppression
MOSCAP design for improved reliability
Asymmetrical semiconductor device for ESD protection
Thin film transistor manufacturing method and thin film transistor
Semiconductor device having an impurity region overlapping a gate electrode
Semiconductor device
Resistive short-circuit current limiter having a conductor track structure made of high-temperature superconductor material, and method of producing the current limiter
Packaged strain actuator
Phase shifter and associated method for impedance matching
Dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and communication apparatus
Thermal compensation arrangement for microwave filter
Antenna duplexer in waveguide, with no tuning bends
Controller-based radio frequency amplifier module and method
Nonreciprocal circuit device
Bowtie inductive coupler
Millimeter-wave signal transmission system communicatable within buildings
Method and system for mechanically and electrically coupling an antenna
Antenna system with channeled RF currents
Adaptive antenna system and method
Compact dual narrow band microstrip antenna
Dual band hybrid solid/dichroic antenna reflector
Automatic vehicle mounted antenna deployment system
On-board DSRC apparatus
Tamper-resistant wireless article including an antenna
Planar helix antenna with two frequencies
Antenna device provided with matching circuits adapted for reflection coefficients
Vehicle antenna assembly for receiving satellite broadcast signals
Dual frequency quadrifilar helix antenna
Mobile station position tracking system for public safety
Active array lens antenna using CTS space feed for reduced antenna depth
Helical antenna with connector and fabrication method of the same
Antenna for small-dimension stations for detecting and tracking targets and rockets
Patch antenna using non-conductive frame
Phased array antenna having patch antenna elements with enhanced parasitic antenna element performance at millimeter wavelength radio frequency signals
Multi-frequency band antenna
CVT transient filter
Exciter and electronic regulator for rotating machinery
Power supply device for vehicles
Power generation system and fuel supply method
Versatile power flow transformers for compensating power flow in a transmission line
Battery pack
Battery detector
Battery charger capable of accurately determining fully charged condition regardless of batteries with different charge chracteristics
Vehicular ac generator having voltage control unit
Alternative power supply connection
Telecommunication power distribution systems and apparatuses and methods of supplying power to a telecommunication device
FET-OR circuit and power supply circuit using the same
Bulk amorphous metal magnetic components for electric motors
Actuation device with actuator and brake
High voltage generator stator coils and methods of forming same
Brushless motor having transfer device
Non-contact driving motor
Rotator driving device, image forming apparatus using the rotator driving device, and method of driving rotator
Power controller and power controlling method
Switching regulator drive signal circuit responsive to rapid power source changes for stable output voltage
DC-to-DC converter circuit having a power saving mode
Charge pump circuit having switching circuits for reducing leakage currents
Switching arrangement
Spiral wound transducer
Method and controlling the starting of an AC induction motor with closed loop current control
Device for detection of current or voltage on a PWM driven winding with reduced jitter and related methods
Method for detecting position of brushless direct current motor
Variable speed wind turbine generator
Voltage controlled oscillator with power amplifier
Transmitter with a phase modulator and a phase locked loop
N way cancellation coupler for power amplifier
AC coupled pre-amplifier for burst signal
Class D audio amplifier
Low distortion current-to-current converter
Variable offset amplifier circuit
High swing output circuit having differential to single-ended conversion and method
Automatic gain control circuit for signal with diverse power level range
Low supply, current-controlled FET Pi attenuator
Filter and hold circuit utilizing a charge/discharge current
Acoustic wave resonator and method of operating the same to maintain resonance when subjected to temperature variations
Piezoelectric resonator having internal electrode films, piezoelectric component and ladder filter formed therefrom
Substrate for surface acoustic wave device and surface acoustic wave device
Surface acoustic wave arrangement with a junction region between surface acoustic wave structures having a decreasing then increasing finger period
Oscillator having a tunable resonant circuit
Integrated circuit comprising an output transistor with a controlled fall time
Dynamic impedance matched driver for improved slew rate and glitch termination
Circuit for switching direction of current
Slew-controlled split-voltage output driver
Dynamic termination logic driver with improved impedance control
Input/output buffer capable of supporting a multiple of transmission logic buses
Vented CMOS dynamic logic system
Domino logic with self-timed precharge
High-sensitivity, self-clocked receiver for multi-chip superconductor circuits
Timing controller and controlled delay circuit for controlling timing or delay time of a signal by changing phase thereof
Method and apparatus for phase-splitting a clock signal
Software controlled crystal oscillator
Phase locked loop filter utilizing a tuned filter
PLL loop filter with switched-capacitor resistor
Voltage to current converter
Phase control for oscillators
Programmable non-uniform clock signal generator
Signal comparison system and method for detecting and correcting timing errors
Dynamic element matching for converting element mismatch into white noise for a pipelined analog to digital converter
On-line offset cancellation in flash A/D with interpolating comparator array
Digital speech processing system
Optical kerr effect analog to digital converter
Photonic wide-band analog to digital converter and method
Priority selection circuit
Digital analog converter and electronic device using the same
Hysteresis in an oversampled data conveter
Lossless compression encoding method and device, and lossless compression decoding method and device
Informational outlet and lines collection module
Multi-stage lookup for translating between signals of different bit lengths
SOI small signal terminator and network
Plastic housing including a conductive liner for use with an electronic device
Forming images on receivers having field-driven particles
Smart images and image bookmarking for an internet browser
Image forming apparatus
Data transmission apparatus for transmitting digital video and audio data between respective audio visual apparatuses, and method therefor
Method and apparatus for detecting co-channel interference and selectively filtering the interference when detected
High speed CMOS imager column CDS circuit
Image pickup apparatus
Frame format conversion process
Motion and edge adaptive deinterlacing
Digital surveillance system with pre-event recording
Image pickup apparatus having a signal processor for generating luminance and chrominance signals in accordance with image pickup signals
Film scanner
Color imaging device and method
Method and communication system for handling alarms using a management network that has a number of management levels
Electroacoustic transducer
Switching circuit with overload protection
Power supply system for multiple loads and driving system for multiple lamps
Switching device with improved over-current protection
Fluorescent lamp ballast with integrated circuit
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