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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Irrigation systems and methods
Interactive pet grooming/petting/massaging/tool/toy system
Animal exercise system in form of a game
Systems and methods for detecting animal behavior
Mixing and dosing device for cattle feed
Methods of studying tolerance in MHC-II transgenic animals
Lure viewer
Chondrichthyan repelling system
Decoy motion device
Methods of treating an overweight subject
Food preparation system and associated methods
Installation for liquid dough goods preparation for baking
Method for encapsulation of an edible oil, compositions comprising edible oil and the use thereof
Smoking system
Systems for active coupling of airbags
Protecting an athletic participant against impact injury
Footwear devices
Reconfigurable shoe
Expandable band
Floatable umbrella with self-ballasting member
Interchangeable pocket system for handbags
Foldable carrying device
Magnetic tool belt and wrist strap kit
Bottle for disinfecting toothbrush
Hydraulic chair with positioning apparatus
Single clasp leg pillow with extension
Slipcover for furniture
Transformable baby walker
Translocatable child care changing station
Plastic cup dispensing cooler and method of use
Vinyl wrap hanger and stand
Modular product display shelf system
Baseball and softball equipment organizer
Impact-resistant portable liquid container protector with cooling and heating capability
Nesting and reconfigurable wine glass
Tea machines
Dispenser assembly
Dish rack
Nested cannula starter alignment
Introduction devices for highly articulated robotic probes and methods of production and use of such probes
Endoscopic camera and endoscopic device
Method and device for rinsing endoscope channels
Stereotactic positioning guide apparatus
Self suturing trocar
Knotless anchor
Microdermabrasion device
Facet screw and method for spinal stabilization
Device and method for treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease
Apparatus and processes for preventing or delaying onset or progression of age-related cataract
Systems and methods for gas mixture delivery to humans inside an MRI scanner
Physiological measuring system comprising a garment in the form of a sleeve or glove and sensing apparatus incorporated in the garment
Medical device with reservoir-based sensors
Device for measuring spinal mobility
Portable ultrasound scanner and docking system
Cavity-filling biopsy site markers
Stereotactic positioning guide apparatus
Wireless ultrasound imaging system and method for wireless communication in an ultrasound imaging system
Devices and methods for enhancing bone growth
Nipple shield
Implantable medical devices fabricated from polyurethanes with biodegradable hard and soft blocks and blends thereof
Method for repair of ligament or tendon
Hybrid stent and method of making
Hybrid stent and method of making
Release device for releasing a medical implant from a catheter and catheter comprising a release device
Detachable antenna for remote band
Sperm collector with squeezing function
Electric motor furniture drive
Massage device for breasts
Variable capsule-type hot-air bath apparatus
Pneumatic circulatory enhancer for diabetic leg therapy
Therapy device for appendages
Quick-access bottle top for a baby bottle
PFKFB3 inhibitor and methods of use as an anti-cancer therapeutic
Method of inhibiting biofilm formation
Diversion- and/or abuse-resistant compositions and methods for making the same
Method for treating prostate cancer and/or gastrointestinal cancer
Composition useful for treating disorders related to TRPA1
Compositions of aluminum fluoride and methods of use thereof for the treatment and prevention of actinic keratosis and sun-induced damages
Regeneration of spinal discs
Methods of preventing or treating mucositis by administering RLIP76
Probiotic stick formulation for skin maintenance and methods of use
Immunogenic compositions and related methods
Central nervous system labelling composition for intranasal administration and labelling method and screening method using central nervous system labelling composition for intranasal administration
Glucuronolactone derivatives as self-tanning substances
Latex nail compositions having low amounts of photo-initiator
Compositions and/or articles comprising cyclodextrin complexing material
Compositions and/or articles comprising cyclodextrin complexing material
Oral compositions containing polymethylsilsesquioxane particles
Selective chemokine modulation
Injection-molded dosage form
System and method for blood filtering and/or treatment
Laryngeal mask anchoring device for edentulous patients
Adjustable stiffness catheter
Physiological monitoring-based implantable drug infusion system
Slidable vascular filter
Snap connection for two tubes
Adjuncts for gastrointestinal devices
Priming method
Dosing mechanism
Rotary sensor module with resynchronization feature
Assembly method for a fluid pump device for a continuous multi-fluid delivery system
Injection device with integrated needle shield
Single use medical devices
Adaptive baroreflex stimulation therapy for disordered breathing
Self-sealing septum assembly
System and method for optogenetic therapy
Satellite therapy delivery system for brain neuromodulation
Medical implantable lead and method for the manufacture thereof
Cardiac lead having implantable stiffening structures for fixation
Stimulation and sensing lead with non-coiled wire construction
Methods and apparatus for cochlear implant signal processing
Method and apparatus for pacing during revascularization
Multiple tunable central cathodes on a paddle for increased medial-lateral and rostral-caudal flexibility via current steering
System and method for determining the origin of a sensed beat
Method and apparatus for affecting the autonomic nervous system
Septum for covering a fastener assembly on a connector of an implantable electric stimulation system and methods of making and using
Method of irradiating supersonic waves
Wind turbine fire suppression system
Elliptical exercise device with moving control tracks
Human muscular strength amplification robot driven by intention of user and driving method thereof
Golf club with multi-component construction
Mobile practice dummy
Collapsing portable apparatus for the training and adjustment of forward, lateral and rotational movement in sports activity
Protective element for use in sport
System and process for a puzzle game
Water rocket fin attachment system
Bokah blocks
Performing Operations; Transporting
Organic oil extraction device
Settling tank and method of operating the same
Field replaceable multifunctional cartridge for waste conversion into fuel
Perovskite with an ovlerlayer SCR component as an ammonia oxidation catalyst and a system for exhaust emission control on diesel engines
Sodium-calcium-aluminosilicate column for adsorbing CO.sub.2
Method for manufacturing a porous composite membrane
Method and apparatus for aerating liquid
Mixing structure
Protected Fischer-Tropsch catalyst and method of providing same to a Fischer-Tropsch process
Fixture assembly for securing a spray gun to a shaker
Pipeline pig and method for using the pig
Mold and method for making heterogeneous composite outer shoe sole
Optical scanner and image forming apparatus addressing uneven birefringence distribution of a scanning lens
Method for activating personal protection means
Torque control apparatus and control method for vehicle driving unit
Powder bag structure
Indicating device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Sodium bicarbonate product
Method of sewage treatment and sewage treatment apparatus
Azeotrope-like compositions of tetrafluoropropene and alcohols
Mobile platform biomass harvester and processor
Pharmaceutical composition and pharmaceutical kit for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Ignition control device
Cylinder air mass prediction systems for stop-start and hybrid electric vehicles
Apparatus and method for batch non-contact material characterization
System and method for measuring rolling resistance
Navigation apparatus
System and method for providing multiple portions of a route in a telematics system
Method for the three-dimensional representation of a digital roadmap
Navigation system, portable terminal device, and in-vehicle device
Fault diagnosis device and method for optimizing maintenance measures in technical systems
Photodetector and spatial information detecting device using the same
Exposure device, image forming apparatus, and image forming unit
Method of and apparatus for recording fuel supplied to a vehicle
System and method for monitoring in-situ processing of specimens using coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) microscopy
Methods for calibrating a measurement device, and devices therefrom
Material property identification system and methods
Nanoparticle detector
Mechanically supporting microfluidic devices
Polymer analysis chip
Dynamic characterization of particles with flow cytometry
Method and apparatus for the photo-acoustic identification and quantification of analyte species in a gaseous or liquid medium
Apparatus for inspecting an illumination device
Device, system, and method including micro-patterned cell treatment array
Method and structure for characterising an atomic force microscopy tip
Method of measuring radiation doses on different directions
Seismic data acquisition and processing quality control
Self-stabilizing dynamic diaphragm for broad bandwidth acoustic energy source
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
Zoom lens
Image pickup apparatus that drives plural lens units using motors different from each other and drive control method of lens
Multi-color electrophoretic displays
Multibeam scanning device
Optical module, optical control method by optical module, optical switch, and optical switching method
Pupil-expanded volumetric display
Security Device with a zero-order diffractive microstructure
Laser based frequency standards and their applications
Cantilever couplers for intra-chip coupling to photonic integrated circuits
Tight-buffered optical fibers and optical fiber cables
Optical fiber cable ready for mid-span access
Optical module with minimized overrun of the optical element
Liquid crystal display device
Active matrix substrate, liquid crystal panel, liquid crystal display unit, liquid crystal display device, and television receiver
Stereoscopic image displaying apparatus
Liquid crystal display having circular shaped protrusions on the common electrode
Pixel unit and display device utilizing the same
Pixel array substrate
Photon pair generating apparatus and photon pair generating method
Lens barrel, driving method thereof, and image pickup device
Lithographic apparatus and a method of operating the lithographic apparatus
Substrate placement in immersion lithography
Focus detection apparatus
Conveying path switching structure and image forming apparatus
Color electrophotographic image forming apparatus with shutter member on cartridge supporting member
Intermediate transfer belt and electro-photographic image forming apparatus with intermediate transfer belt
Method and device for handling an object with the aid of a location system
Underwater investigation system providing unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) guidance based upon updated position state estimates and related methods
Information processing apparatus, method, and program
Pseudo random number generator
Electronic device housing as acoustic input device
Method and system for optimizing power consumption in a mobile environment
Methods and systems for failure isolation and data recovery in a configuration of series-connected semiconductor devices
Storage system and known problem information management method
Storage apparatus and method for controlling the same using loopback diagnosis to detect failure
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method for evaluating an eye-opening margin
High resiliency network infrastructure
Fractional threshold encoding and aggregation
Method of diagnosing air conditioner and mobile terminal equipment for performing method
Method and apparatus for protecting data using variable size page stripes in a FLASH-based storage system
Intelligent write caching for sequential tracks
Information processing apparatus connected to a network and control method for the same
Computer system for determining and displaying performance problems from first storage devices and based on the problems, selecting a migration destination to other secondary storage devices that are operated independently thereof, from the first storage devices
Method and apparatus for cascade memory
Storage device reducing a memory management load and computing system using the storage device
API evaluation system in embedded device
Methods and apparatus for dynamically managing banked memory
System-wide quiescence and per-thread transaction fence in a distributed caching agent
Execution of function-restricted process flow
Velocity calculation device, image forming apparatus, and computer readable storage medium
System and method to provide device control service, and computer product
Method and apparatus for integrated communication services provisioning for health care community
Data transmission method and communication control apparatus
Content sharing system and content sharing method
Interconnection network connecting operation-configurable nodes according to one or more levels of adjacency in multiple dimensions of communication in a multi-processor and a neural processor
Network communication systems and methods
Method for identifying and blocking embedded communications
Topology aware cache storage
Personal inter-home media exchange network
Method and system for intelligently forwarding multicast packets
System and method for managing disk volumes in a hosting system
Method of determining equivalent subsets of agents to gather information for a fabric
Decentralized structured peer-to-peer network and load balancing methods thereof
Prefix hijacking detection device and methods thereof
Systems and methods for targeted advertising
Remote creation of printer instances on a workstation
Systems and methods for detecting the presence of a biological status using clustering
System and method for SIFT implementation and optimization
System and method for computing an equi-distance point (EDP) for aircrafts
Method and system for unified audio control on a personal computer
Shared state selection and data exchange for collaborative navigation using conditionally independent parallel filters
System and data model for shared viewing and editing of time-based media
Management of performance data
Digital content enhancement platform
Apparatus and method for coordinating automated package and bulk dispensing
Centrally controlled backup functionality
Adaptive recognition dictionary update apparatus for use in mobile unit with a tuner
Methods and systems for assessing the quality of automatically generated text
Deep model statistics method for machine translation
Query and result rebinding
Negative associations for search results ranking and refinement
Adaptation of location similarity threshold in associative content retrieval
No touch synthetic full backup
System and method for storing and computing business data and logic
Storage of selected e-mails including attachments in document management system
Methods and systems for measuring and reducing clock skew using a clock distribution network
Method and apparatus for generating graphical representations of slack potential for slack paths
Apparatus and method for circuit design
Method and apparatus for enhancing signal strength for improved generation and placement of model-based sub-resolution assist features (MB-SRAF)
Pessimism removal in the modeling of simultaneous switching noise
Systems and methods for simulations utilizing a virtual coupling
Method and system for implementing a structure to implement I/O rings and die area estimations
Method and apparatus for utilizing constraints for the routing of a design on a programmable logic device
Scan chain re-ordering in electronic circuit design based on region congestion in layout plan
Light source luminaire system light element control by symbol tag interpreter
Automated surface preparations for the inner surface of a tire
Remotely controlled traffic management system
Method and device for determining aerodynamic characteristics of an aircraft
Method and system for simulating a proximity-based transaction device
Method and apparatus for on-demand power management
Vehicle integrated control system
System and method for detection of non-compliant software installation
URL filtering based on user browser history
Input/output signal controller and input/output signal control system employing the input/output controller
Common block interface for data and protocol with handshake
Apparatus and method for creating widget in portable terminal
Broadcast receiving apparatus
Position information detection device, position information detection method, and position information detection program
System and method for providing directional tactile sensations
Light source device and display device including the same
Color sensor unit for use in display device, color measuring device for use in display device, display system incorporated with color sensor unit, and display calibration method
Contact tracking and identification module for touch sensing
Touch control device
Sensor device, method of driving sensor element, display device with input function and electronic unit
Multi-touch sensing display through frustrated total internal reflection
Capacitive touch panel
Bull's-eye multidimensional data visualization
Progress displaying system and method thereof
Job-ticket optimized rendering
Apparatus information obtaining apparatus, operation information providing apparatus, operation information providing method, operation information providing program and the recording medium
Permanence estimation and policy enforcement for transient printing
In-line system for the validation of a page description language within a print data stream
Access to line-of-business databases in declarative workflow
Ranking importance of symbols in underlying grouped and differentiated files based on content
Ruleset implementation for memory starved systems
Method and apparatus for approximating an upper-bound limit for an absolute value of a complex number or norm of a two-element vector
Mobile terminal and unit converting method thereof
File sharing method, computer system, and job scheduler
Creating and managing links to deduplication information
Methods and systems for automated processing of fallout orders
Execution plans with different driver sources in multiple threads
Secure information processing
Systems and methods for diverting children from restricted computing activities
Method for securing a two-way communications channel and device for implementing said method
Apparatus, method, and computer program for controlling use of a content
Combining hash-based duplication with sub-block differencing to deduplicate data
Manually controlled application security environments
Systolic array for cholesky decomposition
Implementing a floating point weighted average function
Processing of floating point multiply-accumulate instructions using multiple operand pathways
Apparatus and method for generating random number
Efficient computation of Voronoi diagrams of general generators in general spaces and uses thereof
Construction equipment, method of controlling construction equipment, and program for causing computer to execute the method
Media data playback device and reboot method thereof
Method for instructing a data processor to process data
Methodology and tools for tabled-based protocol specification and model generation
System and method for making decisions
Context-sensitive slicing for dynamically parallelizing binary programs
Managing operation requests using different resources
Method for biologically monitoring the environment (variants) and a system for carrying out said method
Image forming apparatus
Image processing apparatus with power control unit
Printing apparatus, detection system, and method computer readable medium for creating document
Information processing apparatus for removing blank portions from a document and taking print setting into consideration
Check and U.S. bank note processing device and method
Object recognition in images
Evaluation of image processing algorithms
Specified position identifying method and specified position measuring apparatus
Constructing three-dimensional model apparatus
Method for generating alignment marks
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Volume-based coverage analysis for sensor placement in 3D environments
Encoding adjustments for animation content
Image processing apparatus and non-transitory storage medium storing image processing program
System and method for classifying connected groups of foreground pixels in scanned document images according to the type of marking
Method for reconstructing two-dimensional chemical maps from electron spectroscopy line scans
Image interpolation method and apparatus using reference block based on direction
Method and apparatus for modifying a moving image sequence
Image processing apparatus and image processing method capable of transmission/reception and recording of image file obtained by panoramic image shot
Method for modifying a reference block of a reference image, method for encoding or decoding a block of an image by help of a reference block and device therefore and storage medium or signal carrying a block encoded by help of a modified reference block
Patient selection method for assisting weight loss
Targeted equipment monitoring system and method for optimizing equipment reliability
Agent-based collaborative recognition-primed decision-making
Returnable container management and repair system and method
Translation support apparatus and computer-readable storage medium
Token based new digital cash protocols with combined blind digital signature and pseudonym authentication
Methods, systems, and computer program products for optimizing liquidity and price discovery in advertising markets
Client system displaying reciprocal link
Creating and maintaining electronic gift lists
Asset allocation based system for individual investor portfolio selection
Securitization of sales participation certificates
Method and system for providing services to vacation homeowners
Managing and evaluating price data for purchasing
System, method and program for preventing gaming in a trading system
Modifiable authentication levels in authentication systems for transactions
Automatic optimal taxicab mobile location based dispatching system
Pharmaceutical clearinghouse for institutions
Constructing a labeled treemap with balanced layout
Method and apparatus for segmenting an image in order to locate a part thereof
WCDMA device and method for discontinuous reception for power saving in idle mode and flexible monitoring of neighboring cells
Fast dormancy requests in communication systems
Chart analysis instrument
Gate driver having an output enable control circuit
Backlight unit and liquid crystal display using the same
Clock generation circuit, light source control circuit, and display device
Virtual keyboard system with automatic correction
Systems and methods for providing friction in a haptic feedback device
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and recording medium
Device and method for processing color image data
Liquid crystal display and method for initializing field programmable gate array
Method and apparatus for speech segmentation
Apparatus and method for adaptive audio coding
Apparatus for context awareness and method using the same
Optical disk playback device with prescan functionality for early detection of surface imperfections
Cut point detection system and short recognition system using the same, cut point detection method and cut point detection program
Self-assembly structures used for fabricating patterned magnetic media
Optical information recording medium and optical information processing apparatus
System and method of adjusting gain and offset loops in data storage system
Optical disc apparatus
Semiconductor device and driving method of semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory having a read circuit
Semiconductor memory device, image processing system, and image processing method
Power cable comprising HTS tape(s)
Conformal deposition of dielectric composites by eletrophoresis
Display and pixel circuit thereof
Circuit board mounting structure of compound circuit
System and method of Raman amplifier pump control
Efficient burst mode optical parametric source
Laser operation for survey instruments
Microfluidic radial fiber laser utilizing an external polarizer to modulate its azimuthal intensity distribution
Voltage spikes control for power converters
HVDC system including switching arrangements to switch current flow direction
Methods and apparatus for design and control of multi-port power electronic interface for renewable energy sources
Power supply having a voltage monitoring circuit
Rectifier circuit
Transmitter and semiconductor integrated circuit available for it
Method for digital wireless communications
Input vector selection for reducing current leakage in integrated circuits
Chip equalization apparatus and method thereof
Adaptive IQ alignment apparatus
Method of generating a parity check matrix for LDPC encoding and decoding
Method of performing interleaving and data transmission apparatus
Turbo decoding device and communication device
Method and apparatus for map decoding and turbo decoder using the same
System and method for receiving time-hopping ultra-wide bandwidths signals
Methods for assigning scrambling codes and reducing interference in telecommunications networks
Method for compensating signal distortions in composite amplifiers
Modular frequency divider and mixer configuration
Method and apparatus for controlling voice call quality in portable terminal
Low noise amplifier and mixer
FM transmitter with a delta-sigma modulator and a phase-locked loop
Broadband tuner for very wide signal conversion
Multistage channel estimation method and apparatus
Mobile radio receiver power management systems and methods
Integrated multimode radio transmitter and components thereof
Systems having cables with wireless communications capabilities
Measurement of LTE cell attach delay
Wireless apparatus and signal processing method
Transmitter and communication apparatus using the same
Low I/O bandwidth method and system for implementing detection and identification of scrambling codes
Multi-stage polarization mode dispersion compensation
Method and device for fiber access physical layer unbundling using multiple uplink cards
Harmonic-reject FTI filter
Inter-modulation distortion reduction in multi-mode wireless communication terminal
Hierarchical spectrum sensing for cognitive radios
Sound processing apparatus, sound processing method, and sound processing program
Tone signal detection apparatus
Radio communication method and radio base station
Determining method for use in information feedback, base station, user equipment, and communications system
Radio communication method and radio communication terminal
Apparatus and method for blocking specific network in mobile communication terminal
Feedback method and apparatus for multiple base stations in a wireless communication system supporting single base station MIMO communication and multiple base stations MIMO communication
Transmitting terminal and transmit antenna selecting method thereof
Mobile communication method, network device and radio base station
Analysis and control of traffic based on identified packet control functions
Method and apparatus for avoiding wireless audio signal transmission interferences
Best-effort macro diversity
System for providing audio messages on a mobile device
Interactive live political events
System and method for providing multimedia contents in a communication system
Methods, apparatuses and computer program products for routing a call from a circuit switched domain to a unified service domain
Switching diversity in broadcast OFDM systems based on multiple receive antennas
Method and a device for sequencing the ZC sequences of the random access channel
Method of communicating for smart utility network using TV white space and apparatus for the same
Wavelength division multiplexed-passive optical network capable of high-speed transmission of an optical signal by using modulation format having high spectral efficiency
Wireless base station apparatus and wireless communication method
Automatically configuring a distributed network analyzer to monitor identified inverse multiplex groups of an asynchronous transfer mode network
Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data
Packet communication system, communication method and program
Disparate clock domain synchronization
Mobile station, radio base station and synchronization establishing method
Relay device, wireless communication system, and wireless communication method
Real-time rate control mechanism for multi-rate data transmissions in wireless networks
Apparatus and method for supporting quality of service in wideband wireless communication system using multiple frequency allocations
Apparatus for reduced mode transmission of DPCCH signaling and method thereof
Method for determining ISR activation in mobile communications system
Methods and arrangements in a wireless communications system
Determining mobile video quality of experience and impact of video transcoding
Communication path providing method and communication apparatus
Information distribution system and method, terminal apparatus, server apparatus, data reception method, and data transmission method
Scheduling packets in a packet-processing pipeline
Metadata-driven switch network control
Storage proxy with virtual ports configuration
Method and apparatus for utilizing network services in a manner substantially transparent to service endpoints
Dual mode network telephony gateway
Method and apparatus for transmitting reference signal in multiple antenna system
Transmission circuit
Method for QR-MLD demodulation
Correlation peak location
Process and apparatus for performing initial carrier frequency offset in an OFDM communication system
Secure function evaluation techniques for circuits containing XOR gates with applications to universal circuits
Web based access to clinical records
Method of implementing one way hash functions and apparatus therefor
Method for communicating entitlement data from a server, related server, client systems and computer program product
Mobile terminal and method of controlling the mobile terminal
Biometric verification for electronic transactions over the web
Signal receiving apparatus and signal transmitting system
Voice-capable system and method for authentication using prior entity user interaction
Public key cryptographic methods and systems
Node authentication and node operation methods within service and access networks in NGN environment
Method of authentication and session key agreement for secure data transmission, a method for securely transmitting data, and an electronic data transmission system
Mobile phone apparatus
Tilting portable electronic device
Method for updating location in a wireless communication system
Mobile communication terminal and method of controlling broadcast output thereof
Communication device
Mobile terminal
Adaptive ring signal level device and method
Detecting a fraudulent mobile station in a mobile communication system using location information of mobile station
System and method for observing a communication session
Caller ID handling system for calls placed to a mobile phone
Distributed multi-party conferencing system
Dynamically configurable IP based wireless devices and networks
Tracking an object in augmented reality
Method and apparatus for distributed data transfer over multiple independent wireless networks
Recursive identification of individuals for casual collaborative conferencing
Real-time update of location information regarding a communications device
Compact housing for a scan bar assembly
Image forming apparatus
Information processing apparatus, method, and program for selecting dynamic information with high priority for latent image printing
Image processing apparatus and image processing method for processing screen-processed image
Scanning and capturing digital images using residue detection
Image processing of a portion of multiple patches of a colorbar
Method and apparatus for determining view of stereoscopic image for stereo synchronization
Three-dimensional display device and digital zoom correction method
Optical disk for high resolution and three-dimensional video recording, optical disk reproduction apparatus and optical disk recording apparatus
Motion judder cancellation in image sequences
Slicer level calculator
Solid-state imaging apparatus
Image-pickup apparatus and lens apparatus
Image sensing apparatus having a power saving mode and control method therefor
Image capturing apparatus and control method therefor having pixel signals for focus detection and pixel signals for image recording
Photographing apparatus with improved white balance correction and method and recording medium
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program
Image capturing apparatus with electronic zoom and recording size setting, and control method and program therefor
Imager for composing characters on an image
Image sensing apparatus and imaging system
Three-dimensional image processing apparatus and method of controlling the same
Method and system for scanning a frequency channel in digital television
System and method for recording video content
Electronic apparatus, reproduction control system, reproduction control method, and program therefor
System and method of transmission and reception of progressive content with isolated fields for conversion to interlaced display
Audio clock regenerator with precise parameter transformer
Memory mapping apparatus and method for video decoder/encoder
Moving picture encoding apparatus and distribution system
Method of block matching-based motion estimation in video coding
Synchronizing audio and video content through buffer wrappers
Method, apparatus and system for controlling a scene structure of multiple channels to be displayed on a mobile terminal in a mobile broadcast system
Method for bandwidth regulation on a cable television system channel
Optical disk for high resolution and three-dimensional video recording, optical disk reproduction apparatus and optical disk recording apparatus
Access controls for multimedia systems
Broadcasting service system using mobile communication terminal
Terminating enhanced television broadcasts
System and method for channel selection for local broadcasting
Digital broadcasting system and data processing method
Video inspection method for inspecting welds, structural beams, and underdecks of marine vessels and like structures
Shape measurement of specular reflective surface
Image processing device and image processing program
Image capturing apparatus and control method therefor
Image pickup apparatus and control method that correct image data taken by image pickup apparatus
Video artifact suppression via rolling flicker detection
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Moving image playback system and image capturing apparatus
Stream generation apparatus, stream generation method, coding apparatus, coding method, recording medium and program thereof
Device for remote non-contact monitoring of vital signs of a living being
Hearing aid device and hearing aid method
Cables with intertwined jackets
Wireless communications apparatus
System and method for facilitating diagnosis and maintenance of a mobile conveyance
Method for identifying location of mobile device in wireless communication network
Automatic discovery and connectivity protocol for bluetooth scatternet formation
Mobile device handover supporting method, radio network control device, radio base station and computer program
Mobility management method for use in cellular mobile communication system
Wireless LAN mobility
Exploiting known rate matching information in blind decoding of downlink wireless data transmissions
Location positioning method in handover between networks
End to end acknowledgment of SMS messages
Method for partitioning cell identities according to cell type in wireless communication system and an apparatus therefor
Method for transmitting random access channel message and response message, and mobile communication terminal
Methods, systems, and devices for identifying and providing access to broadcast media content using a mobile terminal
Apparatus and method for supporting vertical handover on a wireless communication system
Remote management system for self-organizing femtocells
Method and system for sharing reverse channel in trunk communication system
Cell search for handover conditions
Method and apparatus for supporting CSG service in wireless communication system based on access mode
Method of transmit power control and device thereof
Methods and systems for paging in a communication system
Method and apparatus for monitoring control channel in multiple carrier system
Base for an electronic card and associated extraction device
Retaining facility for printed circuit boards on curved surfaces
Liquid cooler and method of its manufacture
High power band pass RF filter having a gas tube for surge suppression
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Potato cultivar FL 1867
Soybean cultivar 0332137
Soybean cultivar 0332139
Delivery system for cyclopropenes
Process and composition for cleaning medical instruments comprising protease and quaternary ammonium disinfectant
Amide compounds and use thereof
Active substance combinations having insecticidal and acaricidal properties
Inhibition of marine biofouling of surfaces
Fungicidal composition comprising a 2-imidazolin-5-one
Difluoromethyltriazolone compounds, use of the same and intermediates for the production thereof
Substituted benzoyl ketones, methods for producing them and their use as herbicides
Herbicidally active pyridine sulfonyl urea derivatives
Catheter flush solution and method for its use
Methods of and compositions for plant defoliation
Chemically stable, insecticidally active phosphoroamidothioate pellet compositions and methods for their manufacture
Method for producing breads with a recombinant yeast which expresses a photoprotein
Moulded articles of cellulose hydrate with enzymatically modified surface
Process for making shelf-stable carbonated milk beverage
Oil composition
Method of processing green tea leaves to produce black tea that can be brewed in cold water
Ambient stable beverage
Sweetener compositions containing aspartyl dipeptide ester compounds
Food materials with improved flavor and functionality due to size reduction in a modified atmosphere
Use of chlorate ion or preparations thereof for reduction of food borne pathogens
Particulate animal feed supplements and processes for the preparation thereof
Method and composition related to low glycemic index foods
2,4,7-decatrienal as perfuming or flavoring ingredient
Composition for increasing bone density
Low molecular weight compounds administered together with anti-cancer agents to prevent or treat cancer and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
Reduction of heartburn episodes after ingestion of orange juice
Method for generating chlorine dioxide
Immunogenic formulations comprising oil bodies
Sushi mold apparatus and method of making same
Water repellant meltblown webs and laminates
Portable device for curing gel nail preparations
Method for controlling and removing dust and other particles from a material
Pressure bandages for wounds
Compression bandage with tightening means
Absorbent article with surface structural body of continuous filaments
Absorbent article
Extracts of celery seed for the prevention and treatment of pain, inflammation and gastrointestinal irritation
Converting cox inhibition compounds that are not COX-2 selective inhibitors to derivatives that are COX-2 selective inhibitors
Topical patch preparation containing a delayed-type hypersensitivity inducer and methods for using the same
Pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of acute disorders
Method of treating hair loss
Oxa(thia)zolidine derivative and anti-inflammatory drug
Compounds useful for treatment of cancer, compositions containing the same, and methods of their use
Fatty acid CoA thioester inhibitory substance of PPAR.alpha. and PPAR.gamma.
Combination composition in the form of nutritional supplement or pharmaceutical composition for the prevention and therapeutical treatment of degenerative or inflammatory articular disorders
Methods for treating a patient undergoing chemotherapy
Heat shock protein-based vaccines and immunotherapies
Passive immunization treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Compositions, assay kits, and methods for use related to a disease condition comprising multiple sclerosis and/or a pro-MS immune response
Glucagon antagonists
Uses of mammalian CCR8 receptors and related reagents
Ligand for CD7 and methods for use thereof
Ligand-conjugated oligomeric compounds
Infrared thermography and methods of use
Pathological tissue detection and treatment employing targeted benzoindole optical agents
Methods for introducing helterologous cells into fish
Hydrophilic silicone elastomer material used in particular for impressions
Transparent or translucent cosmetic compositions colored by pigments
Skin cosmetic care system and method
Polyglycerol fatty acid ester for detergent and detergent containing the same
Drug delivery system for averting pharmacokinetic drug interaction and method thereof
Proteoliposomes containing an integral membrane protein having one or more transmembrane domains
Pharmaceutical kit comprising midodrine as active drug substance
Particulate insulin-containing products and method of manufacture
Process for the preparation of direct tabletting formulations and aids
Controlled release polyacrylic acid granules and a process for preparing the same
Coated dosage units
Liposome drug delivery
Clear oil-containing pharmaceutical compositions containing a therapeutic agent
Hemostatic sandwich bandage
Hydrophilic polypropylene fibers having antimicrobial activity
Strain of Lactobacillus plantarum and uses thereof
Bundles of fibers useful for moving liquids at high fluxes and acquisition/distribution structures that use the bundles
Calorimetry as a routine dosimeter at an electron beam processing facility
Composition for removing biofilms comprising a detergent and a salt forming acid
Apparatus for generating ultraviolet radiation and ozone by using microwave
Collagen preparation for the controlled release of active substances
Process of making a balloon for an intraluminal catheter
Water-stabilized organosilane compounds and methods for using the same
Alginate layer system for chondrogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells
Low residue surface treatment
Personal care compositions comprising liquid ester mixtures
Use of 3-position cyclosporin derivatives for hair growth
Golf ball core compositions comprising unsaturated long chain organic acids and their salts
Golf ball core compositions containing high vicat softening themperature, resilient thermoplastic materials
Thermosetting polyurethane material for a golf ball cover
Method of making golf balls having a protrusion center
Performing Operations; Transporting
Alkane diol foam controlling agents
Dual filter with flow mixer and centrifugal separator
Process for the removal of impurities from gas streams
Process for quantitatively converting urea to ammonia on demand
Pulsed blackbody radiation flux enhancement
Method for preparation of thermally and mechanically stable metal/porous substrate composite membranes
Method for production of alkoxylated compound
Apparatus for the production of aromatic acids
Process for the preparation of ethylene copolymers, and their use as additives to mineral oil and mineral oil distillates
Processes for producing a blended bleaching clay product and blended bleaching clay products produced by those processes
Rare earth silicate molecular sieves
Method for removing odors in sterilized water
Flexible adsorbent filter
Catalyst process of making
Ethylene oxide catalyst
Vanadium phosphorous mixed oxide
Catalyst containing microporous zeolite in mesoporous support
Vacuum chamber with recessed viewing tube and imaging device situated therein
Gas-phase nucleation and growth of single-wall carbon nanotubes from high pressure CO
Metal catalysts and methods for making and using same
Catalysis using phosphine oxide and sulfoxide compounds
Air cleaner
Composite oxide powder, catalyst and process for producing the same
Article coated with photocatalyst film, method for preparing the article and sputtering target for use in coating with the film
Metallic catalyst carrier
Diffusion bonded metallic catalyst carrier and production thereof
Catalyst, method of making, and reactions using the catalyst
Methods and apparatuses for characterization of single polymers
Redrawn capillary imaging reservoir
Miniaturized multi-chamber thermal cycler for independent thermal multiplexing
Microfluidic articles
Method and apparatus for processing ashes of incinerator plants
Multi-stage separations based on dielectrophoresis
Clamping-hook ring
Paint-sludge filtration system featuring pool aeration using high-pressure discharge from filter vacuum producer
Method for piston coating
Fluoropolymer non-stick coatings
Process for coating untreated metal substrates
Method of presorting mail for minimized effort to sequence mail for delivery
Track-type sortation system
Sorting system
Compositions for dissolution of low-K dielectric films, and methods of use
Bacterial parts washer, composition and method of use
Forming complex-shaped aluminum components
Torch cutter exhaust system
Welding electrode with replaceable tip
Rail welding device
Method for patterning a multilayered conductor/substrate structure
Lift-and-strike welding process with cleaning stage
Process for producing polymeric actuators
Device and method for producing floor panels
Spring-loaded ejectors for wood strand molding
Method of manufacturing an interlocked, "flush-to-front" injection molded border and glass sheet
Method for extruding tire rubber material
Method to decrease the acetaldehyde content of melt-processed polyesters
Temporary protective layer on polymeric articles
Component having vibration-damping properties, mixture for manufacturing the component, and method of manufacturing such a component
Method for producing a bicycle wheel rim
Method for constructing a composite structure
Process method to repair bismaleimide (BMI) composite structures
Bladder lifting apparatus and method
Method for producing a colorful sole
Method of creating virtually silent bag
Process for manufacturing multi-ply labels
Inflatable, cushioning, bubble wrap product having multiple, interconnected, bubble structures
Irradiated multilayer film having seal layer containing hyperbranched polymer
Labels and labeling process
Process of making lids having an embossed sealing layer
Laminated parts made of outer layers and polyurethane sandwich materials and their production
Packaging material for polymer cell and process for producing the same
Method for forming a metallized composite
Release foil
Biaxially oriented polyester film
Embossable thermoplastic polyester film and method for producing the film
Information recording medium and method for producing the same
Wet-laid nonwoven web from unpulped natural fibers and composite containing same
Heat-shrinkable polyester films
Stabilized imageable coating composition and printing plate precursor
Direct drawing type lithographic printing plate precursor
Method for compressing viscous material through openings
Manufacture of a microsensor device and a method for evaluating the function of a liquid by the use thereof
Method of manufacturing monolithic ink-jet printhead
Image recording apparatus and method and recording sheet for use therewith
Light emitting semiconductor device
Printed web-type material
Thermal mass transfer imaging system
Imaging member with amorphous hydrocarbon resin
Inkjet recording sheet
Ink jet recording sheet
Treatment of substrates to enhance the quality of printed images thereon using azetidinium and/or guanidine polymers
Image receptor medium with hot melt layer, method of making and using same
Two-way shipping label construction and method
Diffractive surfaces with color shifting backgrounds
System for turning pages of a material
Decorative window system
Reinforced flexible laminate sealing strip and method of manufacturing same
Fiberglass railcar roof
Heated steering wheel
Winch switch
Method for fabricating an isolated microelectromechanical system (MEMS) device using an internal void
SI wafer-cap wafer bonding method using local laser energy, device produced by the method, and system used in the method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the preparation of hydrogen peroxide
Single step process for the synthesis of nanoparticles of ceramic oxide powders
Method for synthesizing crystalline magnesium silicates from geothermal brine
Method for reducing the bromide content in an aqueous bromide-containing solution using hydrogen peroxide
Process for the reduction of concentration of nitrates and/or nitrogen-containing compounds by means of SO2
Process for preparing precipitated calcium carbonate
Process for generation of finely divided calcium carbonate from calcium carbonate rich industrial by-product
Method of determining the extent to which a nickel structure has been attached by a fluorine-containing gas
Synthesis of organic nanotubes and synthesis of ultrathin nanowires using same as templates
Water purifying apparatus
Method and apparatus for purifying water
System and method for removing contaminants from water
Composition and method for the in situ removal scale from a substrate
Synthetic quartz glass blank
Magnetic transparent conducting oxide film and method of making
Glass/plastic compounds
Concentrated suspension of precipitation silica, processes for its preparation and uses of this suspension
Use of naphthalenesulfonic acid-formaldehyde condensates products as drying aids
Cement additive
Electroless process for treating metallic surfaces and products formed thereby
Method for making m- type hexaferrite powders or wafers
Silicon carbide ceramic composition and method of making
Ceramic mass, method for the production of a ceramic mass and use of a ceramic mass
Material for making hyper frequency multi-layer chip inductors with high performance and low sintering temperature and a process for preparing the material
Compounds for mass colouration of high temperature polymers
Process for the manufacturing of ceramic-matrix composite layers
Biological fertilizer compositions comprising cattle manure
High density ANFO
Spirocyclic ligands for sigma receptors, and libraries and methods of use thereof
Method of manufacturing a soft hearing aid
Alkylaromatic process with removal of aromatic byproducts using efficient distillation
Cyclic autothermal hydrocarbon reforming process
Process for reducing the fluorine content of hydrofluorocarbons and hydrohalofluorocarbons
Metal modified Pd/Ni catalysts
Method for the preparation of citalopram
Aminobenzophenones and photopolymerizable compositions including the same
Diaryl ether condensation reactions
N-acylamino benzyl ether derivatives
Bubble column apparatus for separating wax from catalyst slurry
Process for preparing an alcohol from an olefin
Preparation of nitrone derivatives
Acetylenic aryl sulfonamide and phosphinic acid amide hydroxamic acid TACE inhibitors
(E)-styryl sulfone anticancer agents
C2-substituted idan-1-ones and their derivatives, processes for their preparation and their use as pharmaceuticals
Epoxide polymer surfaces
Organic thiol metal-free stabilizers and plasticizers for halogen-containing polymers
High yield S-nitrosylation process
Selective oxidation process with enhanced safety
Process for production of MIBK using CD technology
Apparatus for dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene to styrene
Hydrocarbon, alcohol and/or ketone oxidation method
Method for producing (1,1',4, 11")-terphenyl compounds
Fatty acid derivatives
Stabilization of monomers by compositions based on alkylhydroxylamines
Fab I inhibitors
Method for producing pyridine compounds
Analogues of camptothecin, their use as medicaments and the pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Use of 2-amino-4-pyridylmethyl-thiazoline derivatives as inhibitors of inducible no-synthase
Phenyl sulfamate derivatives
Preparation of substituted cyclopentane and cyclopentene compounds and certain intermediates
Indane derivatives
Pharmaceutically active benzoquinazoline compounds
Inhibition of matrix metalloproteases by substituted biaryl oxobutyric acids
Method of manufacturing N-carboxyamino acid anhydride and polyamino acid
Azlactone chain transfer agents for radical polymerization
Resorufin derivatives as substrates for CYP3A4
Cyclic tertiary amine compound and organic electroluminescent device containing the compound
Dihetero-substituted metalloprotease inhibitors
Chiral ligand
Method for producing 5-(1-piperazinyl)-benzofuran-2-carboxamide by transition metal-catalyzed amination
Process for the epoxidation of alkenes and polyoxofluorometalates for use therein
Method for the preparation of citalopram
Taxol enhancer compounds
2-aminopyridine derivatives, their use as medicines and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Pharmaceutically active isoindoline derivatives
Aminomethylpyrrolidine derivatives having aromatic substituents
Substituted imidazoles as dual histamine H1 and H3 agonists or antagonists
Retroviral protease inhibitors
5-pyrimidinecarboxamide derivatives and the pharmaceutical compositions containing said derivatives
Thienylalanine derivatives as inhibitors of cell adhesion
Quinolinone derivatives
Tetrahydronaphthyridinyl-carboxamides having anti-convulsant activity
Therapeutic compounds
Substituted indolines which inhibit receptor tyrosine kinases
Thiazole compounds useful as inhibitors of protein kinase
Metal complexes as catalyst component for olefin polymerization
Titanium derived compounds, preparation and use thereof
Organometallic compositions
High refractive index aromatic-based silyl monomers
C7 acyloxy metal alkoxides
Method for preparing formylphosphonic acid
Process for the production of dithiophosphoric acid polysulfide mixtures
Macrolide antiinfective agents
2-(purin-9-yl)-tetrahydrofuran-3,4-diol derivatives
Thermolabile phosphorus protecting groups, associated intermediates and methods of use
Methods for identifying individuals at risk of developing osteoporosis
Single-molecule selection methods and compositions therefrom
Silicone functionalized alkyl polyglucoside surfactants
Process for dehydrogenation of azaandrostane compounds
Process for purification of phytosterol from fatty acids and their esters
Process for preparing peptide derivatized oligomeric compounds
Mutant cell lines and methods for producing enhanced levels of recombinant proteins
Targeting viral vectors to specific cells
Sequences of hepatitis C virus genotypes and their use as therapeutic and diagnostic agents
High throughput assays for the proteotytic activities of clostridial neurotoxins
Medicament for treating a manifested lyme disease
Protective helicobacter antigens
Abundant extracellular products and methods for their production and use
Antitumor protein and corresponding gene sequence isolated from matsutake mushrooms
Bs2 resistance protein
NOR gene compositions and methods for use thereof
O-superfamily conotoxin peptides
Insect p53 tumor suppressor genes and proteins
Methods of diagnosing breast cancer
Expression vector containing lectin gene regulation site of mud loach
Helical cytokine zalpha33
Polynucleotides encoding polymorphic human GABAA receptor .alpha.-6 subunit
Methods of identifying agents that modulate P2Y12 receptor activity
Modified vitamin K-dependent polypeptides
Nucleotide sequences that encode phosphatidylinositol-3' kinase associated proteins and uses thereof
Anti-IgE antibodies
Method for isotope labeling of protein with enzyme
Peptide, immunogenic composition and vaccine or medical preparation, a method to immunize animals against the hormone LHRH, and analogs of the LHRH tandem repeat peptide and their use as vaccine
Synthetic complementary peptides and ophthalmologic uses thereof
Prealkylated olefin polymerization catalysts and olefin polymerization employing such catalysts
Method of making a catalyst for polymerization and co-polymerization of ethylene
High temperature viscosity stable thickener
Highly crosslinked polymer particles and coating compositions containing the same
Suspension polymerizing epoxy group-containing acrylic resin
Highly functionalized ethylene-vinyl acetate emulsion copolymers
Phase retarder
Ethylene(meth)acrylate copolymers with low residual content in comonomers
Preparation of acrylic polyols
Wiring-connecting material and process for producing circuit board with the same
Microstructured components
High-solids coatings resins via controlled radical polymerization
Initiator/amidine complexes, systems comprising the complexes, and polymerized compositions made therewith
Polymerizable system with a long work-life
Process for the production of living (co)polymers and use of the (co)polymers
Polymer electrolyte and method for producing the same
Multilayer coating systems containing a gel-like base layer and a polyurethane topcoat, and their production and use
Polyurethane solutions containing alkoxysilane structural units
Tertiary amino alkyl amide polyurethane catalysts derived from long chain alkyl and fatty carboxylic acids
Low emission polyurethane polymers made with autocatalytic polyols
Process for the production of rigid foams from alkaline polyether polyols
Polyurethane prepolymers with reduced functionality having terminal alkoxysilane and OH groups, a method of preparing them and their use
Buffer polymers, co-immobile buffer and enzyme polymers and methods of synthesis thereof
Compositions useful for obtaining high gloss coatings, methods of using such compositions and coatings thus obtained
Cationic resin composition
Thermoplastic polyhydroxypolyether resin and an insulation film produced therefrom
Bisphenol and oxyalkylene diepoxide-advanced epoxy resin with cyclic ester and amine
Organoborane amine complex polymerization initiators and polymerizable compositions
Polybutylene terephthalate resin and compositions and molded articles comprising the resin
Hydrogenation of polyester oligomers containing terephthalic acid residues
Process for the fractionation of polymers
Process for the copolymerization of alkylene oxides and carbon dioxide using suspensions of multi-metal cyanide compounds
Polyol processing
Polycarbonate resin composition
Solid particle dispersions and their use in the preparation of laser thermal media
Radiation-modified poly(tetrafluoroethylene) resin feeds and a process for producing the same
Electrostatic deposition of high temperature, high performance liquid crystalline polymers
Method for manufacturing synthetic resin moldings
Extruded styrene resin foams and methods for producing the same
Carbon black, process for its production and its use
Thermally-conductive, electrically non-conductive heat transfer material and articles made thereof
Flame-resistant, mineral-reinforced polycarbonate compositions with a high flow line strength
Polyarylene sulfide resin composition
Light stabilizer composition
Nanocomposite dielectrics
Molded objects
Bi-modal ionomers
Impact resistant thermoplastic molding materials comprised of syndiotactic polystyrene, glass fibers and thermoplastic elastomer (tpe) impact modifiers
Fluoropolymer-based conductive composition
Contact lens material
Compositions stabilized by dioxopiperazinyl derivatives
Tear-resistant composition based on silicone rubber for cables and for power accessories
Heavy oil-solid composition and method for preparing the same
Bis-styryl dye and method for manufacturing the same and its use for a high density optical recording medium
Cationic imidazole azo dyes
Reactive azo dyes
Mixed crystals of benzimidazolonedioxazine compounds
Water-based ink
Printing ink composition
Water-borne polymeric complex and anti-corrosive composition
Amino resin mixture for producing foils and endings with reduced formaldehyde elimination
Polycarbosilane adhesion promoters for low dielectric constant polymeric materials
Method for coating a semiconductor substrate with a mixture containing an adhesion promoter
Coating compositions containing low VOC compounds
Silicone-based adhesive sheet, method for manufacturing same, and semiconductor device
Rinsewater separable and recyclable anaerobic curing impregnation compositions
Polyamide and conductive filler adhesive
Protective spinel coating for aluminate phosphors
Formulation for depositing a light-emitting polymer layer
Phosphor and flourescent display device
Europium-activated phosphors containing oxides of rare-earth and group-IIIB metals and method of making the same
Phosphor multilayer and EL panel
Electro-optical liquid-crystal display and liquid-crystal medium
Liquid crystalline medium and liquid crystal display
Liquid crystalline composites containing phyllosilicates
Viscoelastic surfactant fluids stable at high brine concentrations
Reactive cement compositions for sealing hydrocarbon containing subterranean zones and methods
Methods of removing water-based drilling fluids and compositions
Processes for preparing linoleic acid raw materials for subsequent conjugation
Disinfecting cationic polymer cleaner comprising an acrylate cationic polymer
Bacillus subtillis with an inactivated cysteine protease-1
Method and device for controlling the wort flow from a lauter tun
Cellular physiology workstations for automated data acquisition and perfusion control
Compositions, methods, and kits for isolating nucleic acids using surfactants and proteases
High affinity vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) receptor nucleic acid ligands and inhibitors
Method for increasing gene copy number in a host cell and resulting host cell
Genetic control of plant growth and development
Plant stearoyl desaturases
Method of plant breeding
Nucleic acid molecules coding for debranching enzymes from maize
Transgenic mice containing intestinal alkaline phosphatase gene disruptions
Vectors including foreign genes and negative selective markers
Mammalian gamete and embryo culture media and culture media supplements
Modified vaccinia ankara virus variant
DNA sequence encoding flavin-containing monooxygenase
Mice with combined disruption of Gpx1 and Gpx2 genes have growth retardation, hypothermia, and colitis and provide a mouse model for cancer
Motor proteins and methods for their use
Mammalian adhesion protease peptides
Membrane derived caspase-3, compositions comprising the same and methods of use therefor
Caspase-8 interacting proteins
DNA molecules encoding human NHL a DNA helicase
Polypeptide having .beta.-fructofuranosidase activity
Process for producing coenzyme Q10
Method and test strips for the measurement of fat loss during weight loss programs
Enzymatic fluorimetric assay of camp and adenylate cyclase
Methods of inhibiting helicobacter pylori
Functionalized encapsulated fluorescent nanocrystals
System and apparatus for nucleic acid sequencing of single molecules by polymerase synthesis
Optimally labeled oligonucleotides
Diagnostics and therapeutics for autosomal dominant hemochromatosis
Mammalian myeloid progenitor cell subsets
Compositions and methods for analysis of nucleic acids
Analysis of nucleotide polymorphisms at a site
Method for diagnosis of crohn's disease
Printed circuit boards with monolayers and capture ligands
Apparatus and method for hardening metal by varying the engagement between irradiation and metal
Preheating of metal strip, especially in galvanizing or annealing lines
Heating process of steel strips in vertical furnaces
Advanced high temperature corrosion resistant alloy
High chromium nitrogen bearing castable alloy
Method of manufacturing a high Mn non-magnetic steel sheet for cryogenic temperature use
Free-cutting tool steel
Phase shift mask blank, photo mask blank and manufacturing apparatus and method of blanks
Workpiece support
Organic film vapor deposition method and a scintillator panel
Semiconductor device with boron containing carbon doped silicon oxide layer
Semiconductor substrate-supporting apparatus
Method to improve adhesion of primers to substrates
Method and device for the producing a metallic coating on an object emerging from a bath of molten metal
Method and installation for hot dip galvanizing hot rolled steel strip
Moisture corrosion inhibitor layer for Al-alloy metallization layers, particularly for electronic devices and corresponding manufacturing method
Method of forming refractory metal contact in an opening, and resulting structure
Method for coating a support plate and fuel cell provided with such a support plate
Ventilated thermal barrier coating
Process for the production of hydrogen peroxide solution
Apparatus and method for electrochemical metal deposition
Deposition of a projection structure on a substrate using a negative mask and negative photoresist
Via filling method
High density protein crystal growth
Textiles; Paper
Poly(lactic acid) fiber
Magnetic production of carbon nanotubes and filaments
Decorative sheet and decorative material
Fixed Constructions
Prefabricated external reinforcement plate for structural members
Method of treating ends of a fabric for a covering for architectural openings
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Connector cover for providing a water shield between a pipe and a connector
Deposited resistive coatings
Heat transfer through covalent bonding of thermal interface material
Method and device for determining the thickness and growth rate of an ice layer
Object surface characterization using optical triangulaton and a single camera
Vibrating tray scale having a clamping device that allows for detection of loose matter in a mail piece
Combination weighing device and combination weighing and packaging system having a sampling function
Actinometric monitor for measuring irradiance in ultraviolet light reactors
Apparatus and methods for monitoring the concentrations of hazardous airborne substances, especially lead
Analysis apparatus
Ultraviolet light illumination and viewing system and method for fluorescent dye leak detection
Solution concentration measuring method and solution concentration measuring apparatus
Cream solder inspection method and apparatus therefor
Electrical print resolution test die
Rapid method for determining potential binding sites of a protein
Smart determination of dissolved oxygen probe operating bias
Column for solid phase processing
Apparatus for determining platelet inhibitor response
Method for preparation of hematology blood control
Examination method of buffer capacity of saliva and examination instrument of buffer capacity of saliva
Separation apparatus including porous silicon column
Method for determining the fertility of mammals, especially humans
Method of determining cholesterol and sensor applicable to the same
Control for complete blood count analysis system
Image and information processor
Correction for depth-dependent sensitivity in rotating slat-collimated gamma camera
Reconfigure lock for dual detector gamma camera
Threaded fastener inspection method
Nondegenerate four-wave mixing using photoinduced charge-transfer materials
Imaging plate guides
Silver halide photographic emulsion and silver halide photographic material
Photothermographic material
Image forming material
Thermally developable materials containing fluorochemical conductive layers
Aqueous developable photoimageable thick film compositions with photospeed enhancer
Positive photoresist composition and method of patterning resist thin film for use in inclined implantation process
Acetal group containing norbornene copolymer for photoresist, method for producing the same and photoresist composition containing the same
Chemical amplification type positive resist composition
Method of fabricating an exposure mask for semiconductor manufacture
Electrical field alignment vernier
Semiconductor product wafer having vertically and horizontally arranged patterned areas including a limited number of test element group regions
Solid imaging compositions for preparing polypropylene-like articles
Charge control agent and toner for developing electrostatic images
Reducing inductance of a capacitor
Fingerprint sensor having a portion of the fluorocarbon polymer physical interface layer amorphized
Electronic musical instrument
Double-side display structure for transparent organic light emitting diodes and method of manufacturing the same
Percussion instrument head
Control mechanism for a crystal ball
Resonance apparatus, resonance method and computer program for resonance processing
Waveform reproduction apparatus
Magnetic recording medium, production process and apparatus thereof, and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
Polymeric lubricants with improved stability and thin film recording media comprising same
Magnetic information recording medium
Optical recording medium
Apparatus for recording and reading data and method of recording and reading data using contact resistance measurement thereof
Method of recording and reading information using molecular rotation
Electrically programmable nonvolatile variable capacitor
High Q inductor with faraday shield and dielectric well buried in substrate
Integrated circuit inductors
Capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
Photovoltaic panel and method of producing same
Liquid metal, latching relay with face contact
Micro switch
Key top for pushbutton switch and method of producing the same
Membrane switch circuit layout and method for manufacturing
On/off switching device for an electric apparatus or component
Multidirectional input device
Gas-insulated switch
Arc extinguishing device with a high speed whip
Vacuum cartridge for an electrical protection apparatus such as a switch or circuit breaker
Circuit breaking apparatus
Gas discharge filter for electrical switching apparatus
Electron-emitting device, electron source substrate, electron source, display panel and image-forming apparatus, and production method thereof
Optical apparatus, exposure apparatus using the same, and gas introduction method
Sample mount for a scanning electron microscope
Charged particle beam exposure apparatus and exposure method
Methods and apparatus for ion beam neutralization in magnets
Inductively coupled plasma source with conductive layer and process of plasma generation
Electrically-charged particle energy analyzers
Matrix assisted laser ionization system
Mass spectrometer
Mass spectrometer including a quadrupole mass analyzer arrangement
Ion trap array mass spectrometer
Plasma generation
System and method for control of hardmask etch to prevent pattern collapse of ultra-thin resists
Method of coating solution on substrate surface using a slit nozzle
Dielectric element including oxide dielectric film and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated capacitive device with hydrogen degradable dielectric layer protected by getter layer
Method of photolithographically forming extremely narrow transistor gate elements
Methods for manufacturing semiconductor devices and semiconductor devices
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
MOSFET with SiGe source/drain regions and epitaxial gate dielectric
Methods for transistor gate fabrication and for reducing high-k gate dielectric roughness
High coupling floating gate transistor
Dry etching method, fabrication method for semiconductor device, and dry etching apparatus
Method for fabricating a semiconductor structure using a protective layer, and semiconductor structure
Modified facet etch to prevent blown gate oxide and increase etch chamber life
Method of forming an interlayer dielectric film
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having capacitor
Process for fabrication of a ferrocapacitor
Method for rapid thermal processing of substrates
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a cathode and an anode from a wafer
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Method for fabricating buried strap out-diffusions of vertical transistor
Method for forming a polysilicon spacer with a vertical profile
Method for manufacturing a memory device
Method of forming a high performance and low cost CMOS device
Method for fabricating a capacitor
Damascene double-gate FET
System and method for fabricating microcomponent parts on a substrate having pre-fabricated electronic circuitry thereon
Method of cleaning a polishing pad conditioner
Memory device with composite contact plug and method for manufacturing the same
Methods for manufacturing semiconductor devices having a metal layer
Process for manufacturing an integrated circuit including a dual-damascene structure and a capacitor
Vertical transistor and transistor fabrication method
Method for fabricating semiconductor device with improved refresh characteristics
Heat conductive mold and manufacturing method thereof
Plastic lead frames for semiconductor devices
Method of forming a metal-insulator-metal capacitor for dual damascene interconnect processing and the device so formed
Chip structure and process for forming the same
Programmable memory transistor
Semiconductor device having ferroelectric capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Method for fabricating MOS device with halo implanted region
Narrow fin FinFET
Semiconductor component for high reverse voltages in conjunction with a low on resistance and method for fabricating a semiconductor component
Stacked polysilicon layer for boron penetration inhibition
Method for large-scale fabrication of atomic-scale structures on material surfaces using surface vacancies
Apparatus and method for manufacturing a semiconductor circuit
Etch process for dielectric materials comprising oxidized organo silane materials
Nanometer-scale semiconductor devices and method of making
Shape measurement device
System in which a rotating body is connected to a rotary shaft in an ion implanter
Method of forming an isolation film in a semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for temperature compensation of read-only memory
High performance CMOS device structure with mid-gap metal gate
Integrated circuit having a memory cell transistor with a gate oxide layer which is thicker than the gate oxide layer of a peripheral circuit transistor
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
N-p butting connections on SOI substrates
Semiconductor wafer isolation structure formed by field oxidation
Method for manufacturing isolating structures
Multiple conductive plug structure including at least one conductive plug region and at least one between-conductive-plug region for lateral RF MOS devices
Semiconductor element protected with a plurality of zener diodes
Method for fabricating semiconductor device with triple well structure
DRAM memory cell with dummy lower electrode for connection between upper electrode and upper layer interconnect
Mask ROM cell and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device
Signal communication structures
Semiconductor package having semiconductor chip within central aperture of substrate
Method and apparatus for forming thin microelectronic dies
Package having array of metal pegs linked by printed circuit lines
Semiconductor module and producing method therefor
Multi-layer structure and method for forming a thermal interface with low contact resistance between a microelectronic component package and heat sink
Methods for fabricating dual loc semiconductor die assembly employing floating lead finger structure
Electronic package having high density signal wires with low resistance
Multilayer ceramic substrate and method for manufacturing the same
Circuit structure for connecting bonding pad and ESD protection circuit
Method of packaging a plurality of devices utilizing a plurality of lead frames coupled together by rails
Ball assignment for ball grid array package
Semiconductor device carrying a plurality of circuits
Methods of forming metallurgy structures for wire and solder bonding
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device with reduced number of process steps for capacitor formation
Method of fabricating metal redistribution layer having solderable pads and wire bondable pads
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Wafer-level package with test terminals
Method for fabricating a metal-oxide electron tunneling device for solar energy conversion
Process of vertically stacking multiple wafers supporting different active integrated circuit (IC) devices
High resolution imaging instrument using non-uniformly arrayed sensors
CMOS image sensor capable of increasing fill factor and driving method thereof
Protection circuit provided in semiconductor circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and a method of manufacturing the same
Method of fabricating flash memory
Scalable self-aligned dual floating gate memory cell array and methods of forming the array
BiCMOS inverter
Imaging device with fixed-pattern-noise correction regulated constant-current source
Ultra thin back-illuminated photodiode array structures and fabrication methods
Structure of protection against noise
Thin gallium-arsenide-antimonide base heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) having improved gain
Semiconductor component and corresponding test method
Short channel transistor fabrication method for semiconductor device
Transistor with variable electron affinity gate and methods of fabrication and use
Method of fabricating non-volatile ferroelectric transistors
Trench DMOS transistor with embedded trench schottky rectifier
Method for manufacturing heterojunction field effect transistor device
LDMOS device having a tapered oxide
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device
Microwave array transistor for low-noise and high-power applications
High voltage transistor and method for fabricating the same
Nonvolatile memory cell for prevention of second bit effect
Integrated sensor packages and methods of making the same
Diode for power protection
Imager cell with pinned transfer gate
Thin film infrared transparent conductor
Method for manufacturing light-emitting element on non-transparent substrate
Metal-assisted chemical etch to produce porous group III-V materials
Method of manufacturing group III nitride compound semiconductor light emitting device having a light emission output of high light intensity
Thermoelectric element
Method of fabricating electronic interconnect devices using direct imaging of dielectric composite material
Organic electroluminescent layer with oligomer hole injection layer
Device for sealing lithium secondary battery electrolyte injecting hole
Coin-shaped battery
Restraining bands for battery pack
Electrode plate unit for rechargeable battery and manufacturing method thereof
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell
Positive electrode material and battery for nonaquous electrolyte secondary battery
Solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Seals for fuel cells and fuel cell stacks
Fuel cell system with active methanol concentration control
Electrolyte tank and manufacturing method thereof
Compact rotary attenuator
Dielectric ceramic and dielectric device
Wire cover and a connector provided therewith
Isolatable electrical contact device, especially for electrical terminal block
Method of preventing solder wetting in an optical device using diffusion of Cr
Enclosure for telecommunications equipment
Cable enclosure
Fuel cell system having an energy source backup
Thin film resonator and method for manufacturing the same
Wiring board and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated thin film capacitor/inductor/interconnect system and method
Sliding lid with anchoring structure for electronic devices
Apparatus and method for connecting a power supply to multiple backplanes within an electronic equipment cabinet
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