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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Metformin salts of salicylic acid and its congeners
Bicyclic derivatives of morphine-6-glucuronide, preparation method thereof and use of same in therapeutics
Methods and compositions for treating obesity and related disorders
Method of using diketopiperazines and composition containing them
Method for treatment of neurologic dysfunction
Pharmaceutical composition
Composition for injectable cement useful as bone replacement
Compositions comprising a phoshodiesterase-5 inhibitor and their use in methods of treatment
Controlling giardiosis
[1]benzothieno[3,2-B][1]benzothiophene compound and method for producing the same, and organic electronic device using the same
HSL inhibitors useful in the treatment of diabetes
Dinitropyrazole derivatives, their preparation, and energetic compositions comprising them
Treatment of heart failure
Use of chloroquine to treat metabolic syndrome
Tetrahydroquinolinyl compounds that inhibit vanilloid receptor subtype 1 (VR1) receptor and uses thereof
2,6-diphenyl-4,8-diazoadamantan-1-one and derivatives thereof, process of manufacture and use for the formulation of solutions with sterilizing and disinfectant effect
Substituted quinazoline and pyrido-pyrimidine derivatives
Combination therapy for the treatment of diabetes
2.alpha.-methyl and 2.beta.-methyl analogs of 19,26,27-trinor-(20S)-1.alpha.-hydroxyvitamin D.sub.3 and their uses
Combination compositions for reducing intraocular pressure
Protopanaxadiol-type ginsenoside compositions and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for modulating calcium flux, glucose homeostasis and apoptosis
Analogues of neuropeptide Y having at least one synthetic amino acid substitution
Antineoplastic peptides
Mapkap kinase-2 as a specific target for blocking proliferation of P53-defective cells
Methods for treatment of insulin-like growth factor-1 deficiency
Therapeutic agent for rheumatoid arthritis
Oil-based ink composition for ink-jet recording
Photolabile caged transition metal complexes and methods of using the same
Multi-layer golf ball providing improved speed
Lighting systems and related methods
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer using a cryo-detection system
Low pressure drop extruded catalyst filter
Process for regenerating a spent sorbent
Method for producing functional material, functional material, sheet-like structure and sanitary product
Photocuable thiol-ene low gas permeability membranes
Method and system for rail vehicle power distribution and management
Hydraulic pressure warning system for internal combustion engine
Vehicle gate ajar notification method
System, method and apparatus for energizing vehicle brake lights
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Methods for decontamination of powders
Method for producing tetraethylenepentamine
Method for increasing the yield of a slurry bed reactor
Process for separating ethanol having low acid
Sulfonate- or sulfate-capped anti-misting agents
Process for producing ethanol from syngas
Process for the production of acetic acid ethylene and vinyl acetate monomer
Crystalline sodium atorvastatin
Pyridazinone compounds and P2X7 receptor inhibitors
Aryl (1H-1,2,4-triazol-1-yl) compound and process for production thereof
Process for the preparation of .beta.-amino alcohol
PI3 kinase/mTOR dual inhibitor
Process for converting polysaccharides in an inorganic molten salt hydrate
Pneumococcal serotype 6D
System and method for gas reaction
Method for producing methyl cellulose
Compositions for reducing cell adhesion to bubbles
A34 and A33-like 3 DNA protein, antibodies thereto and methods of treatment using same
Thimerosal removal device
Cyclic receptor-associated protein (RAP) peptides
Human monoclonal antibody
Methods of purifying anti A .beta. antibodies
Antimicrobial peptides and derived metapeptides
Stimulus-responsive compound, actuator, and stimulus-responsive compound producing process
Silicone hydrogels and methods of manufacture
Compositions, methods and polymers
Semiconductor component and production method
Methacrylic copolymer, method for preparing the same, and methacrylic resin composition including the same
Polyester stilbene composition
Hydrocarbon extraction by oleophilic beads from aqueous mixtures
Graphite-containing high-temperature lubricant for high-grade steels and carbon steels
Liquid hard surface cleaning composition
Liquid cleaning and/or cleansing composition comprising a polylactic acid biodegradable abrasive
Liquid cleaning and/or cleansing composition comprising a divinyl benzene cross-linked styrene polymer
Detergent formulations for machine dishwashing comprising hydrophilically modified polycarboxylates
Functionalization of nanofluidic channels
Ultrasonic cavitation derived stromal or mesenchymal vascular extracts and cells derived therefrom obtained from adipose tissue and use thereof
Bacteriophage strains for the treatment of bacterial infections, especially drug resistant strains of the genus Enterococcus
Hybrid enzymes
Polypeptides and biosynthetic pathways for the production of monatin and its precursors
Production of itaconic acid
Bioremediation of nanomaterials
Methods and compositions for generating and amplifying DNA libraries for sensitive detection and analysis of DNA methylation
Methods for detecting variant nucleic acids by extension-dependent degradation of primers
Method of preparing a biological specimen slide
Apparatus and method
Scintillator, radiation detecting apparatus, and radiation imaging apparatus
Wavelength conversion laser light source having dual optical receiver and a temperature control unit, and projection display device, liquid crystal display device and laser light source provided with same
System and method for analysis of ultrasonic power coupling during acoustic thermography
Method for assaying compounds or agents for ability to displace potent ligands of hematopoietic prostaglandin D synthase
On axis sample visualization along a synchrontron photo beam
Nitrogen oxide analyzer and method for setting parameter applied to nitrogen oxide analyzer
Photo-receptor for electro-magnetic radiation collection
Compositions, methods and animal models for screening therapeutics for TH2-type disease
Metabolic syndrome and HPA axis biomarkers for major depressive disorder
Electro-mechanical switches and methods of use thereof
AC detection circuit for power supply
Non-contact detection of surface fluid droplets
Wafer unit manufacturing method for testing a semiconductor chip wafer
Electronic scanning radar apparatus, receiving wave direction estimating method, and computer-readable storage media storing receiving wave direction estimation program
Determination of conductive formation orientation by making wellbore sonde error correction
Quadrature and linear RF coil array for MRI of human spine and torso
Gamma ray generator
Integrated bio-reactor monitor and control system
Temperature independent reference circuit
Methods and systems to digitally balance currents of a multi-phase voltage regulator
Power supply controller, electronic device, and method for controlling power supply
Circular single-layer touch sensors
Methods, systems and articles of manufacture for monitoring subjects within a facility
Methods and apparatuses for detection of properties of fluid conveyance systems
Security systems and methods for continuously monitoring the weight of a container and determining a monetary value of the material therein
Aircraft power failure simulation apparatus and method
Moisture detection label, moisture detection device, moisture detection method, power shutoff method, and electronics device
Alcohol concentration detecting device
Pixel circuit, active matrix apparatus and display apparatus
Display apparatus, display data processing device, and display data processing method
Pixel and organic light emitting display device using the same
Pedal for drum
Device for supporting a string musical instrument
Chemical decontamination apparatus and decontamination method therein
Pulsed discharge extreme ultraviolet source with magnetic shield
Multiple ion guide operating at elevated pressures
Flat cable
Renewable energy transmission, generation, and utilization device and method
Inter-helix inductor devices
Electrically conductive module
Electric timer for controlling power to a fan
Dielectric barrier discharge lamp with discharge spaces
Cryo transfer holder for transmission electron microscope
System and process for pulsed multiple reaction monitoring
Solar cell with conductive material embedded substrate
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device with spraying fluid
Method for producing zinc oxide-based semiconductor light-emitting device and zinc oxide-based semiconductor light-emitting device
Methods for manufacturing radio frequency (RF) powder
Methods of forming highly scaled semiconductor devices using a disposable spacer technique
Single-crystalline silicon alkaline texturing with glycerol or ethylene glycol additives
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device by considering the extinction coefficient during etching of an interlayer insulating film
Methods to form memory devices having a capacitor with a recessed electrode
Horizontally depleted metal semiconductor field effect transistor
Adsorption site blocking method for co-doping ALD films
Method for analyzing electrolytic copper plating solution
Forming conformal metallic platinum zinc films for semiconductor devices
Manufacturing method of microcrystalline silicon film and manufacturing method of thin film transistor
Method to form low series resistance transistor devices on silicon on insulator layer
Semiconductor device and structure
Method for reducing metal, multilayer interconnection structure and manufacturing method for the same, and semiconductor device and manufacturing method for the same
Si etching method
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing a pattern formed body, method for manufacturing a functional element, and method for manufacturing a semiconductor element
Self-aligned contact for replacement metal gate and silicide last processes
Lead frame sulfur removal
Semiconductor apparatus manufacturing method and semiconductor apparatus
Method for forming an aluminum nitride thin film
Increasing an electrical resistance of a resistor by oxidation
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method for the same
Semiconductor structures using replacement gate and methods of manufacture
Method of manufacturing layered chip package
Wireless chip
Semiconductor device with exposed thermal conductivity part
Semiconductor device having semiconductor chip and metal plate
Structure and method for self protection of power device with expanded voltage ranges
Configurable clock network for programmable logic device
Laser beam source device, projector, and monitoring device having dual light emission elements with non-uniform light emission portions
Power semiconductor apparatus having a silicon power semiconductor device and a wide gap semiconductor device
Sensing device
Method of manufacturing electronic apparatus and electronic apparatus
Semiconductor device having a capacitor
Nitride semiconductor element having electrode on m-plane and method for producing the same
Nanotube array electronic and opto-electronic devices
Nanowire photodetector and image sensor with internal gain
Increasing carrier injection velocity for integrated circuit devices
Solution composition for manufacturing metal oxide semiconductor
Display device and manufacturing method thereof
Array substrate, method for manufacturing array substrate, and display device
Scalable interpoly dielectric stacks with improved immunity to program saturation
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method for forming strained layer with high Ge content on substrate and semiconductor structure
Embedded memory device having MIM capacitor formed in excavated structure
Image sensor packaging structure with predetermined focal length
Solid-state imaging apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
Low-level signal detection by semiconductor avalanche amplification
Light-emitting material comprising photoactive group-bonded polysilsesquioxane having a ladder structure, thin film using the same and organic electronic device comprising the same
Piezoactuator having electrical contact
Cyclic carbosilane dielectric films
Organic semiconductor composite, organic transistor material and organic field effect transistor
Method for forming an organic light emitting diode device
System for recharging plug-in hybrid vehicle and control method for the same
Plasma jet ignition plug
Device for connection to an impedance having a mainly inductive character
Apparatus and method for adaptive illumination charging
Portable terminal
Electronic apparatus and display method of remaining battery level
Rotating electric machine with homopolar double excitation
Multi-phase stator device
Self-latching sector motor for producing a net torque that can be backed-up or doubled
Linear motor with reduced force ripple
Electric motor drive device
Motor device, method of manufacturing motor device, and robot device
Torque control method for high-speed switched reluctance motor
Control device for electric rotating machine
Driving apparatus for a vehicle-mounted electric motor
Electrical regenerative braking
Cancelation of gain change due to amplifier self-heating
Method for designing an electronic circuit
High-frequency switch circuit
Safety component in a programmable components chain
Four logic state voltage to two output decompressor IC
Data holding circuit
Interface circuit, LSI, server device, and method of training the interface circuit
Device and method for digitizing a signal
Circuit arrangement for protection of a heating element from overheating heating device and method for fused protection of the heating device
Heating resistor element component and method of manufacturing heating resistor element component
Dimming electronic ballast for true parallel lamp operation
Dimming apparatus transmitting control signals with AC power line
Light emitting module and illuminating device
Power supply system for a building
Method and device for driving light-emitting diode
Electronic ballast and method for operating at least one first and second discharge lamp
Method of striking a lamp in an electronic dimming ballast circuit
LED driving apparatus
Induction heater comprising a circular inductor coil
Heating cooker
Self-cleaning welding nozzle
Liquid crystalline thermoset oligomer or polymer and thermosetting composition and substrate including the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method for measuring skin surface hydration and device for applying the method
Entertainment apparatus, storage medium and operation method of manipulating object
Performing Operations; Transporting
Piezoceramic bending transducer and use thereof
Spindle structure in ultrasonic machine and supporting horn used in the same
Standalone eddy current measuring system for thickness estimation of conductive films
Alert device for pneumatic object
Motor controller for a motor with feedback potentiometer
Continuously variable electromagnetic transmission
Electric machine, electric machine system
Position adjusting system for a seat of a vehicle
Multiple input multiplexing connection apparatus and method
Vehicle compartment occupancy detection system
Centerline identification in a docking guidance system
Digital beacon asymmetry and quantization compensation
Zoneless order fulfillment system with picker identification
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Substrate and production method therefor
Thermosetting resin composition
Electroluminescent device with drying film and method for fabricating the same
Fixed Constructions
Non-invasive detectors for wells
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Methods for starting a combustion turbine and combustion turbine generator configured to implement same methods
Shape memory actuator with bi-stable operation
Shape memory alloy actuator
Drive unit for a fan in a vehicle
Magnetic bearing for suspending a rotating shaft using high Tc superconducting material
Tubular housing with light emitting diodes
Radio tower lighting system
Micro-component for use in a light-emitting panel
Target designation system
Method and apparatus for electromagnetic position and orientation tracking with distortion compensation employing a modulated signal
Dual mode coating thickness measuring instrument
Routing display for navigation systems
Remote monitoring adapter for levelmeter
Thermal sensor
Temperature sensor and method of making and using the same
Photomultiplier tube and radiation detector
Device for inspecting conduits made from ferromagnetic materials
Diamond diode devices with a diamond microtip emitter
Parallel test board used in testing semiconductor memory devices
Probe contact system having planarity adjustment mechanism
Switched capacitor peak detector with variable time constant asymmetrical filtering
Method for providing optical test signals for electronic meter testing
Device and method for evaluating battery can coatings
Testing system and method of operation therefor including a test fixture for electrical testing of semiconductor chips above a thermal threshold temperature of an interlayer dielectric material
Electrostatic discharges and transient signals monitoring system and method
Probe system
Structure, system, and method for assessing electromigration permeability of layer material within interconnect
Semiconductor device having test mode entry circuit
Systems and methods for facilitating driver strength testing of integrated circuits
Test circuit and multi-chip package type semiconductor device having the test circuit
Test configuration and test method for testing a plurality of integrated circuits in parallel
Battery power source device and current detection method therefor
Retracting MRI head coil
Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus with adherence to SAR limits in a scan using data from a previous scan
Positioning receiver and positioning calculation method
Low cost system and method for making dual band GPS measurements
Method for detecting target objects and for determining their direction and the like for a radar device
First-arriving-pulse detection apparatus and associated methods
Device and method for determining all components of the stokes polarization vector with a radar signal
Radar system, method of obtaining image, control method based on image data and monitoring method using milliwaves
Brushless motor, control method for brushless motor, light deflection device, and control method for light deflection device
Display device employing a field-sequential method
Method and circuit for driving electrophoretic display, electrophoretic display and electronic device using same
Electromagnetic actuator and exposure apparatus having the same
Magnet roller
DC motor speed control system
Electric motor velocity controller
Limiting ring current in short circuits between adjacent partial windings by increasing leakage impedance
Constant voltage circuit and infrared remote control receiver using the same
Bias voltage generating circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Clock generator, particularly for USB devices
Compact low profile magnetic input device
Reset driver circuits and methods
Power distribution system
Method and apparatus for remote powering of device connected to network
Actuator control providing linear and continuous force output
Coordinate input detection device and method for electronic blackboard
Tactile interface system for electronic data display system
Dual function input device and method
Touch panel device
Input device for a computer and a grip arrangement for such a device
Optical pointing device
Method and system for automatically locating equipment stored in a rack
Tag device
Method of manufacturing electronic tag
Electronic shelf label system
Graphics processor, system and method for generating screen pixels in raster order utilizing a single interpolator
System, method, and apparatus for compression of video data using offset values
Using hardware devices to generate modified geometry objects based on instructions provided by extension objects
Method and apparatus for creating and displaying interactive three dimensional computer images
Scuba driver communication and tracking device
Method and apparatus for electrodynamic intrusion detection
Monitoring system
Biofeedback device for treating obsessive compulsive spectrum disorders (OCSDs)
Interactive wireless home security detectors
Device with silencing circuitry
Universal traffic signal display system and apparatus, and method of using the same
Display apparatus and power supply device for displaying
Image display device
Driving device for plasma display panel
Apparatus and method for automatic brightness control for use in liquid crystal display device
Automatic brightness control system and method for a display device using a logarithmic sensor
Driving circuit for electro-optical device, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
System comprising a remote controlled apparatus and voice-operated remote control device for the apparatus
Sinusoidal feed-forward seek with adaptive acoustic level constraint
Semiconductor integrated circuit tester
Integrated circuit having a synchronous and an asynchronous circuit and method for operating such an integrated circuit
Current limiting composite material
HTS cryomagnet and magnetization method
Toroidal core for a toroid
Hermetically sealed electrical switch assembly
Laser adjusted set-point of bimetallic thermal disc
Electromagnetic switch for starter
Micro electromechanical switch having self-aligned spacers
Fuse apparatus with explosion-proof structure
White light source and display apparatus using the same
Electron-emitting device and production process thereof
Metal cathode for electron tube
Electron source and image display device
Cathode ray tube and image display apparatus using the same
Color picture screen with blue phosphor layer
One-piece tab assembly for a cathode cup of an X-ray imaging machine
Radio frequency resonator
Electrodeless discharge lamp
Open chamber photoluminescent lamp
Super-high pressure discharge lamp of the short arc type
High-pressure mercury discharge lamp and lighting apparatus using the lamp
Discharge lamp for dielectrically impeded discharges with a arrangement of support elements
Low-pressure gas discharge lamp
Tension mask for color CRT, method for manufacturing the tension mask, and exposure mask used in the manufacture of the tension mask
Flip-chip packaging method that treats an interconnect substrate to control stress created at edges of fill material
Method of forming a capacitor and a capacitor construction
Nucleation for improved flash erase characteristics
FinFET device with multiple fin structures
Release films and adhesive films using the release films
Non-volatile memory cells integrated on a semiconductor substrate
Barrier-metal-free copper damascene technology using atomic hydrogen enhanced reflow
Field-shield-trench isolation for gigabit DRAMs
Light thin stacked package semiconductor device and process for fabrication thereof
Semiconductor encapsulant resin having an additive with a gradient concentration
Area array package with non-electrically connected solder balls
Semiconductor device packages including a plurality of layers substantially encapsulating leads thereof
Power semiconductor device
Jogging structure for wiring translation between grids with non-integral pitch ratios in chip carrier modules
Ball grid array package for high speed devices
Flexible integrated monolithic circuit
Semiconductor integrated device
Internal circuit structure of semiconductor chip with array-type bonding pads and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Integrated circuit with stop layer and associated fabrication process
150 degree bump placement layout for an integrated circuit power grid
Low stress integrated circuit copper interconnect structures
Apparatus and method for testing fuses
Semiconductor device, image scanning unit and image forming apparatus
Microwave integrated circuit
Stack arrangements of chips and interconnecting members
Display apparatus
Organic electroluminescent device and a method of manufacturing thereof
Electroluminescence element with mixture of electroluminescence material and orientating material
Substrate for light emitting device, light emitting device and process for production of light emitting device
Device and method for monitoring fuel cell performance and controlling a fuel cell system
System and method to power an electric-powered device using light energy
Radio filter of combline structure with capacitor compensation circuit
Compact edge coupled filter
Dielectric resonator and dielectric filter
Self-orienting antenna array systems
Shutter switch for millimeter wave beams and method for switching
Apparatus and method for calibrating array antenna
Wavefront-projection beamformer
Spark plug for an internal combustion engine and method for production of a middle electrode for an internal combustion engine spark plug
System and method of forming capacitor-based electrical energy storage modules
Circuit for charging rechargeable batteries having a combined charging and overvoltage protection circuit
Nightlight battery charger
Recharger for use with a portable electronic device and which includes a connector terminus for communicating directly with rechargeable batteries contained within the device
Battery apparatus for controlling plural batteries and control method of plural batteries
Combinational charger apparatus
Rechargeable system for movable toy
Electrical accessory device controlling system for a motor vehicle and process for operation thereof
Motor with stator having inner cores and outer cores
Stator assembly structure of a direct current brushless motor
Motor assembly having improved flux properties
Lamination features for stator grounding
Cascaded rotary electric motors having axial and radial air gaps
Rotary electric machine
Rotary electric machine and manufacturing method thereof
Multi-phase flat-type PM stepping motor and driving circuit thereof
Magnetic drive system for a vehicle differential
Flat core brushless motor
High temperature super-conducting rotor having a vacuum vessel and electromagnetic shield and an assembly method
DC brushless motor
Outer rotor structure for an ac fan
Induction-type electric machine
Oscillating circuit, converter with such oscillating circuit, and preconditioner with such converter
Booster circuit capable of switching between a conventional mode and a low consumption current mode
High voltage DC power supplier
Control system of electric motor
System and method for estimating rotor position of a permanent magnet motor
Motor driving device for supplying driving current to a three-phase motor through output transistors
Electronic rotor pointing with high angular resolution
Excitation controller for synchronous machine
High-frequency oscillation circuit, high-frequency module, and communication apparatus
High frequency crystal oscillator and high frequency signal generating method
Phase detector
Apparatus and method for a nested transimpedance amplifier
Microwave power amplifier
Low power audio device
High duty cycle offset compensation for operational amplifiers
Modified folded cascode amplifier
Voltage level translation circuits
Active protection circuit for load mismatched power amplifier
Piezoelectric device and method for manufacture thereof
Surface acoustic wave device
LC noise filter
Circuit arrangement
Delay line
Transversally coupled resonator filter
Longitudinally coupled resonator-type surface acoustic wave filter
Circuit and method for controlling on-die signal termination
Output buffer circuit for excessive voltage protection
Current mode logic family with bias current compensation
Verify scheme for a multi-level routing structure
Programmable multi-standard I/O architecture for FPGAs
Scalable gray code counter and applications thereof
Circuit and method for adjusting duty cycle of a high speed, low swing output signal
Edge-triggered d-flip-flop circuit
Circuit for preserving data in a flip-flop and a method of use
Lock detection circuit for a phase locked loop circuit
Device and method for production of a clock signal
VCC adaptive dynamically variable frequency clock system for high performance low power microprocessors
System and method for automatic parameter adjustment within a phase locked loop system
Delay locked loop circuit with improved jitter performance
Dual-loop PLL with DAC offset for frequency shift while maintaining input tracking
Reduced power analog-to-digital converter and method thereof
Method and apparatus for equalizing the digital performance of multiple ADCs
Shuffler apparatus and related dynamic element matching technique for linearization of unit-element digital-to-analog converters
Programmable architecture analog-to-digital converter
Keyboard with function keys
Sigma delta modulator
Controlled drive circuit for an analog driven power semiconductor
Modulation of a digital input signal using multiple digital signal modulators
Method for lossless data compression using greedy sequential grammar transform and sequential encoding
Robust system for transmitting and receiving map data
NEO method and system for lossless compression and decompression
High speed over-sampler application in a serial to parallel converter
Wrist portable information apparatus and speech method
Method and apparatus for optimizing the resource sharing for audio/video/data processing devices in a home network environment
Semiconductor integrated device and electronic equipment
High-resolution single-ended source-synchronous receiver
Programmable differential current mode line driver with multiple classes of circuit operation
Method and apparatus for frequency shift-keying demodulation and applications thereof
Module for powering and monitoring light-emitting diodes
System and method for illuminating light emitting diodes in a contact image sensor
Minimizing standby power in a digital addressable lighting interface
Constant light output circuit and electrical components based thereon
Electronic package substrate with an upper dielectric layer covering high speed signal traces
Innovative solder ball pad structure to ease design rule, methods of fabricating same and substrates, electronic device assemblies and systems employing same
Assembly of semiconductor device and wiring substrate
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