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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Gizzard processing apparatus
Method for enhancing milk production
Iodized salt and a process for its preparation
Paint brush with reinforced ferrule construction
Vehicle seat assembly
Push-push cup holder
Adjustable dressing mirror assembly
Adapter for a surgical reamer driver
Process and a device for surgical treatment of rectal and haemorrhoidal prolapse
Device and method for tendon, ligament or soft tissue repair
Remote-controlled actuator
Ulna fixation
Implant provided with attachment and hole-insert parts, and a method for producing such an implant
Cooled ablation catheter with reciprocating flow
System and method for diagnosis and management of sepsis
Analysis system with user-friendly display element
Step rate optimization device
Ultrasonic diagnosis device and ultrasonic probe for use in ultrasonic diagnosis device
Set of endodontic instruments
Medical devices for therapeutic agent delivery with polymeric regions that contain copolymers having both soft segments and uniform length hard segments
Manufacturing apparatus and manufacturing method for an absorbent body
Absorbent article
Polyethylene cross-linked with an anthocyanin
Endoprothesis stent delivery system and method of using the same
Stent with web-inducing nodes for increased surface area
Intravascular stent and method of use
Stent retaining mechanisms
Spinal interbody spacer
Angioplasty stents
Expandable medical device for delivery of beneficial agent
Composite plastic rigid walking cast with cushioned interior supports
Repositionable pouch with floating landing zone
Massaging device
Adsorbent for an oral administration, and agent for treating or preventing renal or liver disease
Standardized bee venom preparation
Sulfated derivative of Gastrodia elata polysaccharide, preparation method and antitumor use thereof
Antibody variants
Bispecific binding agents for modulating biological activity
Streptococcal C5A peptidase vaccine
Antagonists of TWEAK and of TWEAK receptor and their use to treat immunological disorders
KID3 and KID3 antibodies that bind thereto
Use application of sugar chain-recognizing receptor
Reduced-odor thiol compositions
Cosmetic composition comprising a volatile fatty phase
Adhesive for medical applications and means for haemostasis
Methods of treatment using a gastric retained gabapentin dosage
Formulation based on micronized natural calcite mineral as a plant booster and mineral fertilizer
Sustained release pharmaceutical compositions comprising quetiapine in non-gellable polymers
Device, system, and method for targeted delivery of anti-inflammatory medicaments to a mammalian subject
Odor neutralizing shoe insert and associated method
Systems and methods employing a guidewire for positioning and stabilizing external instruments deployed within the body
Embolization device
Methods for controlling medical fluid injections
Oxygen-producing bandage with releasable oxygen source
Apparatus and method for penetration with shaft having a sensor for sensing penetration depth
Injector system for encoding and sensing of syringe information
Surgical access device with adjustable cannula
Catheter with position indicator
Soluble solid hair coloring article
Algorithms and methods for determining aberration-induced vision symptoms in the eye from wave aberration
Hockey stick
Football training device system
Adjustable pendulum golf putting trainer
Caution pole
Gaming device method and apparatus employing modified payouts
Modified poker with bonus match card
Game based on speed of play
System and method for enhancing golf
Medication compliance using persuasive computing
Interactive entertainment devices interchangeably arrangable in adjacent manner
Electronic sweepstakes system providing multiple game presentations for revealing results from a single sweepstakes game
Child swing and jumper apparatus and methods of operating the same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Wastewater treatment system including irradiation of primary solids
Method and apparatus for the solid-liquid-separation of material mixtures and suspensions
Indoor unit of air conditioner
Systems for removing dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) or related compounds, or odors associated with same
System and method for flue gas scrubbing
Reduction of oxides of nitrogen in a gas stream using molecular sieve SSZ-28
Whisk attachment
Dual-mode plasma reactor
Sensing device and method using photo-induced charge movements
Feed device with two rotary valves which are variable independently of each other
Thin films of conjugated polymers containing inorganic nanoparticles and process for the manufacture thereof
Manufacturing method of metal product and metal product
Micro-jet cooling of cutting tools
Wiring method and device
Method and device for the production of a precise concrete prefabricated part
Chemical mechanical polisher with heater and method
Abrasive waterjet machining and method to manufacture a curved rotor blade retention slot
Introducer sheath and methods of making
Injection molding machine
Method for making a laminate
Flexible magnetic sheet systems
Multi layer film
Inhibitor, resin mixture containing same and use of same
Machine for securing a closure system onto a discrete pouch
Method of manufacturing a top sheet or back sheet of a disposable absorbent article
Sheet bundle treatment apparatus configured to perform processes on crease of folded sheet bundle
Multi-layer article for flexible printed circuits
Coated article having antibacterial effect and method for making the same
Unitized composites utilizing melted synthetic fibers to achieve rough or abrasive attributes and decorative effects
Method and apparatus for making a filtering unit
Method for producing a stretch resistant belt
Coated cutting tools having a platinum group metal concentration gradient and related processes
Paper cutting device and a printer with a paper cutting device
Transporting a print medium
Continuous ink jet printing of encapsulated droplets
Pneumatic dispenser
Liquid dispenser including sloped outlet opening wall
Ink jet recording apparatus, and ink jet recording method
Ink-jet wiping apparatus, and wiping method using this
Ink jet recording apparatus, and method for controlling recording head temperature
Print control apparatus and method
Printing method, computer-readable medium, and printing apparatus
Method of characterizing array of resistive heaters
Method for selective etching
Method and assembly for mounting an automobile rim to a motorcycle
Portable cleaner with axle mount
Dual path hydraulic strut mounts and vehicular suspension systems including the same
Adjustable lumbar assembly for vehicle seats
Flipper panel assembly
Buckle for center occupant for bench seat with extended travel
Dual stage variable load energy absorber for vehicle seating
Attachment bracket for connecting peripheral devices to a vehicle
Load securing element and system for securing a load
Structure of motorcycle taillight
Motor vehicle forward structure
Airbag module
Motor vehicle body with side airbag system
Inflator connectors for inflatable personal restraints and associated systems and methods
Attachment device
Air bag with integral protection member
Accessory holder system for mounting to a golf ball holder in a golf cart
Multi functional device for a center stack
Illuminated shelf vehicle storage compartment
Method for controlling an automated shift gearbox
System and method for monitoring condition of rail car wheels, brakes and bearings
Stair-climbing device
Dolly system for transporting objects up and down stairs
Lower leg for a suspension fork
Marker for floating on the surface of a body of water
Energy absorber system for an undercarriage, and an aircraft provided with said energy absorber system
De-icer, a fixture and a method of adjusting the position of a de-icer
Rear part of an aircraft comprising a structure for supporting engines, extending through the fuselage and connected thereto by at least one connecting rod
Air inlet for an aircraft turbine engine, an aircraft provided with such an air inlet, and a method of optimizing the operation of an aircraft turbine engine with the help of an air inlet
Aircraft presenting two pairs of wings and fuel tanks in fluid communication
Reading lamp or spotlight
Manual pump type fluid dispenser and a method of manufacturing such a dispenser
Barrel docking and opening apparatus
Cap seal for container such as drum, and doubly-sealing apparatus of container such as drum using the same
Cross flange seal for a pressure vessel, especially for a turbomachine casing
Replaceable bearing for a conveyor roller
Dispenser or similar discharging container
Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Sheet conveying device and image forming apparatus
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming system
Measuring amount of media during stack compression
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for extracting ammonium salt and methanol from a liquid obtained from foul condensates in a cellulose pulp mill
Method of generating hydrogen-storing hydride complexes
Combined degassing and flotation tank
Portable ozone generator and use thereof for purifying water
Method for manufacturing ceramic multi-layered interconnection substrate
Methods and devices for electronic and magnetic sensing of the contents of microfluidic flow channels
Fly ash carbon passivation
Radiation-curable coating compositions, composite and plastic materials coated with said compositions and methods for their preparation
Stabilized bioactive peptides and methods of identification, synthesis, and use
Treatment for pancreatitis using IL-6 receptor antagonist antibodies
Stable, concentratable, water soluble cellulose free chemical mechanical polishing composition
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Environmentally benign anti-icing or deicing fluids
Anti-corrosive corn extracts
Low viscosity mono-unsaturated acid-containing oil-based dielectric fluids
Methods of isolating and using components from a high solvency dispersive power (HSDP) crude oil
Coffee grounds-based fuel and method of manufacture
Method enabling use of extracellular RNA extracted from plasma or serum to detect, monitor or evaluate cancer
Methods of detecting and treating colon disorders
Dark quenchers for donor-acceptor energy transfer
Furnace system
Apparatus and method for the production of flexible semiconductor devices
Electrode module and deionization apparatus using the same
Tin electroplating bath, tin plating film, tin electroplating method, and electronic device component
Textiles; Paper
Dyeing of fibers using supercritical carbon dioxide and electrophoresis
Fixed Constructions
Textured tile system and installation method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Power take-off for compressors
Blade outer air seal
Turbine blade outer air seal
Engine blade with excessive leading edge loading
BOAS with cooled sinusoidal shaped grooves
Screw compressor having a second meshing body with at least one projection non-uniformly arranged with respect to the other projections in circumferential direction
Blade pitch controller, wind turbine generator, and method of controlling blade pitch
Apparatus and method for locking a composite component
Sputter ion pump with enhanced anode
Locking threaded fastener
Device for rotatably bearing an aircraft interior fitting component
Knuckle protector for a vehicle
Wheel bearing assembly
Drive plate with lanced drive tabs
Multi-speed transmission having three planetary gear sets
Automatic transmission
Multi-speed transmission having three planetary gear sets
Multi-speed transmission having three planetary gear sets
Planetary gear mechanism for a bicycle
Vehicle differential unit
System and method for improved closed throttle downshifts
Stem shoulder seal with double rings and an assembly of independent dual stem seals
Standalone, mobile and adjustable stand and tray
Remote lighting device and associated methods
Display backlight device with auxiliary light emitting element
Vehicle light
Light emitting assembly with independent heat sink LED support
Lighting device to be installed in a panel
Vehicle headlight
Vehicle light
Frame connecting member and light emitting diode lighting apparatus fabricated by using the same
Variable-color lighting system
Color-configurable lighting assembly
Device for separating a solid material and a gas and a plant for cement manufacture
Ink jet liquid composition, set, liquid cartridge, and ink jet recording method
Powder measuring and dispensing apparatus
Automatic ground-coffee dispenser
Electronic clinical thermometer attachment unit and control method therefor
Electrokinetic concentration devices
Amino-acid biosensor, fischer-ratio biosensor and health information management system
Optical monitoring system for a turbine engine
Photoelectric connector assembly
Ribbed telescope mirrors with thermal gradient control
Single-lens reflex camera using phase difference detection method
Projector with on screen display adjustment and control method thereof
Patterning process, resist composition, and acetal compound
Electrophotographic photosensitive member and electrophotographic apparatus
Liquid electrophotographic ink with a charge director system
Method of making a reflection hologram and a reflection hologram
Timepiece with multi-functional actuator
Impact resistant hand-gripped manual controller
Multi-resolution optical codes
Semiconductor device and wireless tag using the same
Image capture apparatus and method
Pre-emplaced electrical vehicle restraint
Method of teaching reading
Lighting unit, display device and television receiver
Magnetic nanohole superlattices
Device and method for manufacturing active matrix substrate, and device and method for manufacturing display panel
Method for forming post passivation Au layer with clean surface
Organic el display panel for reducing resistance of electrode lines
Battery latching assembly for portable electronic device
Battery assembling body and vehicle on which battery assembling body is mounted
Electrode for fuel cell and fuel cell comprising same
Fuel cell device capable of outputting a signal representing a residual capacity, method for outputting a signal representing a residual capacity of a fuel cell device, and electronic device capable of detecting a residual capacity of a fuel cell device
Electrolyte, production process therefor, electrolyte membrane, production process therefor, catalyst layer and fuel cell
Solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell membrane with anion exchange membrane
Socket assembly with a pick up cap linking with a loading plate
Socket with pick up cap with a pivot having a long side and a short side
Low profile mechanical and electrical accessory connector
Modular jack with sheilding plate between magnetic components
Electrical connector having biasing member
Electrical connector with cantilevered arm integrally formed on metal shell
Socket with improved contact array
Compression connector for multi-conductor cable
Card connector with improved tray member and metal cover
Expired Patents Due To Time
External cavity laser apparatus and methods
Minimizing errors in a magnetoresistive solid-state storage device
Access network system
Switching network for a broadband communication system
Local probe of magnetic properties
Network switch with self-learning routing facility
Optical head slider, method for manufacturing optical head slider, and recording and/or reproducing apparatus
High speed traffic management control using lookup tables
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory having control gate with top flat surface covering storage layers of two adjacent transistors
Method and system for distributing a synchronization signal in a telecommunications network
Coplanar switch
Method and apparatus for voice port hunting of remote telephone extensions using voice over packet-data-network systems (VOPS)
Human Necessities
Programmable coffee maker capable of automatically canceling a preset brewing time
System and method for performing selected optical measurements utilizing a position changeable aperture
Planar light sheet probes
Electronic entertainment and communication system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Offset measurement method, tool position detection method and bonding apparatus
High speed mechanical laser shutter
Apparatus for and method of targeting
Process for generation of engraving data
Method for accelerating paper tray programming
Printing apparatus
Preventing crease formation in donor web in dye transfer printer that can cause line artifact on print
Method and apparatus for determining consumed amount of recording material
Image recording method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for reducing uneven use of heating elements on thermal print head
Four color film writer
Image forming apparatus, method of manufacturing substrate for photoreceptor, substrate for photoreceptor, and photoreceptor
Forming an image on a printing plate using ultrashort laser pulses
Device for exposing thermosensitive media
Image processing system
Universal camera bracket that allows 180 degree of pitch adjustment
Container with means for displaying still and moving images
Electro-optical package with drop-in aperture
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Niobium-based capacitor anode
Fixed Constructions
Automatic lifting apparatus for liquid crystal display module of notebook computer
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Device and method for detecting the position of an object
Method for in-situ film thickness measurement and its use for in-situ control of deposited film thickness
Substrate surface profile and stress measurement
Modular interferometric recombination device and a beam splitter for use in it
Multiple-pass interferometry
Image processing computer system for photogrammetric analytical measurement
Laser level assembly
Information display apparatus and navigation apparatus
Magnetic encoder apparatus
Optical arrangement, Littrow grating for use in an optical arrangement and also use of a Littrow grating
Bi-directional capable bucket brigade circuit
Method and apparatus for spectrum analysis and encoder
Electromagnetic pulse train generation for testing optical fibers
Measurement of optical properties of passive optical devices using the matrix method
Method of performing spectral analysis in a pharmaceutical dissolution process
Light analyzer apparatus
Methods and systems for controlling the concentration of a component in a composition with absorption spectroscopy
Creating refractive index changes in glass by up-conversion of rare earth ions
Method and apparatus for production line screening
Image information reading apparatus designed to maintain light amount to be detected at uniform level
Portable laser plasma spectroscopy apparatus and method for in situ identification of deposits
Fiber optic laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy sensor for molten material analysis
Element analyzer
Method and apparatus for inspecting defects
Antenna array for the measurement of complex electromagnetic fields
DCME system with circuit switching capability
Urban terrain geolocation system
Compact telephoto lens for grating scale position measuring system
Single focus lens
10x zoom ratio wide-angle zoom lens
Wide-angle zoom lens
Optical microscope using an interferometric source of two-color, two-beam entangled photons
Enhanced night vision goggle assembly
Apparatus and method for providing auxiliary cooling and thermal stability to an opto-electronic component
Scanned display with plurality of scanning assemblies
System and method for use of dark field fourier diaphragm in multi-frequency imaging
Varying light transmittance through a display panel
Head-mounted display
Method and system for providing an optical circulator
Grating structures and methods of making the grating structures
Laminated quarter-wave plate or circularly polarizing plate, liquid-crystal display device using the same and method for producing the same
Techniques for connecting a set of connecting elements using an improved latching apparatus
Pluggable optical transceiver with push-pull actuator release collar
Optical pickup device
Control system of zoom lens for digital still cameras
Tunable grating-based dispersion compensator
Spatial light modulator
Polarization compensator and wavelength division multiplexing apparatus using same
Liquid crystal display device with a structure receiving a back light assembly and a display unit
Liquid crystal display device and color filter substrate thereof
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display with special electrode configurations and compositions and method for producing the same
Liquid crystal display device with electrodes on barrier ribs and fabricating method thereof
In-plane switching LCD with a redundancy structure for an opened common electrode and a high storage capacitance
Liquid crystal display device and fabrication method thereof
Electro-optical device and method of manufacturing the same
Electro-optical device and method for manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Pixel circuit with shared active regions
Active matrix type liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display and method for producing the same
Liquid crystal display device using a hologram, hologram scatter plate, and process of replicating a diffuse reflection type hologram
Display device provided with a holder for housing the light source the light guide plate and the non-light emitting display device
LCD-cell with color and light filtering layers
Liquid crystal display device having improved structure of injection opening
Reflective-type liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same
Switchable mirror glass using magnesium-containing thin film
Polarization inversion method of ferroelectrics and fabrication method of optical wavelength conversion device
Optical converter with a designated output wavelength
Lenticular lens sheet and rear projection screen
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Correction apparatus that corrects optical shift in two optical units, and exposure apparatus having the same
Illumination system and scanning exposure apparatus using the same
Exposure apparatus and manufacturing method using the same
Gas purge method and exposure apparatus
Substrate attracting and holding system for use in exposure apparatus
Focal point position detecting method in semiconductor exposure apparatus
High voltage power supply apparatus
Self-referenced holography using diffusive element
Wristwatch case
Atomic clock based on an opto-electronic oscillator
Antenna device for high-frequency radio apparatus and wrist watch-type radio apparatus
Method and system for producing a supply voltage during a first and second operating mode
Printer driver having adaptable default mode
Sectional external enclosure
Method of reducing electromagnetic emissions (EMI) from LED bar systems
Display support apparatus
Notebook computer with a keyboard with adjustable angles
Method and apparatus for selective card insertion
Module ejection mechanism
Electronic apparatus and electric part
Expanding card fixing structure
Method and system for mounting an information handling system storage device
Monitoring ATM traffic load by quality of service type
Print feature selection based on combined features of several printers
System and method for associating popup windows with selective regions of a document
Method and system for the representation of color and other attributes in bitmap fonts
Network photograph service system
Mouse input panel windows class list
Three dimensional graphical manipulator
Computer based browsing computer program product, system and method
Variable speed printing system
Method and system for print stream job determination and analysis
Omnidirectional video output method and apparatus
Theme aware management using fusion
Color management system and method for color printing system
Form factor card with status indicator
Method for reminding a user of a computer system
System and method for processing image, and compiler for use in this system
Computer system having a distributed texture memory architecture
Bandwidth reduction for zone rendering via split vertex buffers
System and method for real-time texture synthesis using patch-based sampling
Method and system for graphics rendering using hardware-event-triggered execution of captured graphics hardware instructions
Method and apparatus for rendering an object using texture variant information
Graphics system configured to implement fogging based on radial distances
Rendering a two-dimensional image
Electro luminescence display device and method of testing the same
Methods of driving an array of optical elements
Tone display voltage generating device and tone display device including the same
System and method for reducing the intensity output rise time in a liquid crystal display
Apparatus for lighting a display in a color dependent on information and method therefor
Graphics accelerator
Method of generating write pulse control signals for various types of optical recording media and recording apparatus adopting the same
Tape drive
Method and apparatus for performing position error signal conditioning of LTO media servo format written-in velocity variation
Magnetic recording and reproduction apparatus
High density tape library system
Disk drive for removable disk cartridges and receivable into a PCMCIA port of a computer
Optical disc drive and method of controlling rotation number of a spindle motor for rotating an optical disc
Slicer arrangement
Apparatus and method of interrupt detection in an optical disc environment
Head apparatus, hard disk apparatus and recording and playback apparatus
Magnetic transferring method and magnetic transferring apparatus
Disc cartridge and disc apparatus
CD card
Information recorded medium, information recording/reproducing method, and information recording/reproducing device
Magnetic recording and playback apparatus and magnetic recording and playback method
Method and apparatus for reproducing first and second digital audio signals
Method and apparatus for estimating the flyheight of an airbearing slider in a storage device using variable spindle velocity
Disc drive having integral base cooling
Skip write detection apparatus and method
Storage media reading writing system
Laser assisted magnetic recording apparatus and method
Combination type thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Method for the rapid measurement of magnetoresistive read head dimensions
Data storage and retrieval apparatus with thin film read head having inset extra gap insulation layer and method of fabrication
Thin-film magnetic head with low barkhausen noise and floating-type magnetic head therewith
Magnetoresistive sensor with oversized pinned layer
Head cleaner for a disk drive into which a disk media cartridge is inserted
Back electromotive force voltage compensation method for switched, voltage-mode driver circuit
Magnetic disk drive and position error signal generation method
Time-varying, non-synchronous disturbance identification and cancellation in a rotating disk storage device
Magnetic recording disk drive with self-limiting wearable contact pad air-bearing slider in hermetically sealed environment
Air razor and disk limiter for a hard disk drive
Digital tracking servo system with a multi-track seeking and accelerated servo function for regaining a closed tracking loop
Optical recording method and optical recording device
Optical disk having groove address pits and land address pits of equal depths
Track jump controller and a track jump method
Semiconductor memory with precharge control
Folded memory layers
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor memory having dynamic memory cells and a redundancy relief circuit
Semiconductor memory device having a circuit for fast operation
Memory system capable of overcoming propagation delay differences during data write
Dynamic RAM-and semiconductor device
High-speed data programmable nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Flash memory device
Low-power nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Method for integrating imperfect semiconductor memory devices in data processing apparatus
Semiconductor memory device
Method and circuit to investigate charge transfer array transistor characteristics and aging under realistic stress and its implementation to DRAM MOSFET array transistor
Semiconductor device with flexible redundancy system
Booster circuit for non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Variable delay compensation for data-dependent mismatch in characteristic of opposing devices of a sense amplifier
Semiconductor memory device having first and second memory architecture and memory system using the same
Synchronous semiconductor memory device and method of processing data thereof
Semiconductor memory device having a small-sized memory chip and a decreased power-supply noise
Nonvolatile memory device with sense amplifier securing reading margin
Data coherent logic for an SRAM device
Method and apparatus for establishing and maintaining desired read latency in high-speed DRAM
Ceramic electronic component and method for making the same
Method and apparatus for substantially reducing electrical earth displacement current flow generated by wound components
Supercapacitor with high energy density
Capacitor compatible with high dielectric constant materials having two independent insulative layers and the method for forming same
Power module
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of manufacturing of semiconductor integrated circuit
Quick-attach, single-sided automotive antenna attachment assembly
PC card retractable antenna
Methods for assembling and installing an antenna
Wireless communication device having multiband antenna
Build-in antenna for a mobile communication terminal
Slotted bow tie antenna with parasitic element, and slotted bow tie array antenna with parasitic element
Crossed bow tie slot antenna
Directional antenna
Dish antenna rotation apparatus
Line narrowing of molecular fluorine laser emission
Apparatus and method for frequency conversion and mixing of laser light
Gain control device and method for erbium doped fiber amplifier
Method and system employing multiple reflectivity band reflector for laser wavelength monitoring
Tuning a laser
Electronic fault detector for variable frequency ac systems and circuit breaker incorporating same
Method of monitoring ESC levels and protective devices utilizing the method
Fault free fuse network
Control method and apparatus to reduce current through DC capacitor linking two static converters
Low clock swing latch for dual-supply voltage design
Method and arrangement for timing the diversity weight changes in a cellular radio system
Satellite traffic routing
Method and apparatus for controlling uplink transmission power within a satellite communication system
Multiplexing method and transceiver
Communication devices, methods, and computer program products for establishing concurrent calls on a single TDMA carrier frequency
Method and arrangement for locating a synchronization sequence in a serial bit stream
Light transmission equipment
Method and apparatus for a J2 interface
System and method for paging mobile stations in a radio telecommunications network
Method and apparatus for controlling data transmission according to quality of communication line
Discovering non managed devices in a network such as a LAN using telnet
Monitoring switching method and apparatus for redundant part of transmission apparatus
Reset sequence for segmented computer network topology
Network switch including hysteresis in signalling fullness of transmit queues
Method for finding shortest network routing paths subject to system constraints
Optimized tone sending in an ATM satellite network
Intelligent communication node object beacon framework (ICBF) with temporal transition network protocol (TTNP) in a mobile ad hoc network
Intelligent communication node object beacon framework including neighbor discovery in a mobile ad hoc network
Call establishment method for dial-up internet telephony appliances
Connection ports for interconnecting modules in an integrated circuit
Signal generator and OFDM modulator synchronized to external device
Distributed protocol processing and packet forwarding using tunneling protocols
Internet control system communication protocol and method
Two phase local mobility scheme for wireless access to packet based networks
Mobile terminal and method of providing a network-to-network connection
Scalable and fault-tolerant link state routing protocol for packet-switched networks
System and method of determining a temporal point of reference when receiving a radio signal
Framer method architecture and circuit with programmable symbol selection
Method and system for authenticated fast channel change of media provided over a DSL connection
Film scanning system
Facsimile apparatus
Scanner with a movable mirror set in the scanning module for increasing the resolution of scanned images
High resolution scanner
Apparatus for holding a contact image sensor in a scanning system
Method and apparatus to enable processing multiple capabilities for a sub-job when using a set of commonly shared resources
Image pick-up apparatus for stereoscope
Image data synchronizing apparatus and method
Circuit for controlling luminance signal amplitude
Image pickup module having integrated lens and semiconductor chip
Methods and apparatus for providing video control for television applications
Method and apparatus for catch-up video viewing
System and method for providing a context-sensitive instructional user interface icon in an interactive television system
Method for processing digital images
Wireless video/audio transmission device for bi-directional communications
Method and device for transmitting information to the DVB network
Transmitting apparatus and method, receiving apparatus and method
Digital still camera
Apparatus and method for high-brightness compression
Projection display device
Technique for selectively frequency translating optical channels in an optical network
Cell tagging method for buffered and fragmented frames
Method and devices for cell loss detection in ATM telecommunication devices
Ring topology wireless local loop system and fallback method to conventional cellular system
Maintaining connection between IN control point and switching point
Down-link transmission scheduling in CDMA data networks
Method for controlling common mode impedance in disk drive head suspensions
Laser align sensor with sequencing light sources
Multilayer printed-circuit board and method of manufacture
Deformation-resistant mounting structure of portable device
Break away, high speed, folded, jumperless electronic assembly
Thermal solution for a mezzanine card
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