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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Animal excretions disposal material and a manufacturing method therefore
Pet toy having omnidirectional reflectivity
Reusable carrier with expandable, disposable insert
Boot liner with ankle and heel volume control
Cyclist's shoe with a cleat for retaining the shoe on an automatic securement pedal
Shoe support system
Fabric attaching clip
Flexible loop bungee cord terminus
Retractable gate
Multi-purpose cleaning sleeve with flap
Nozzle assembly housing for vacuum cleaner
Laser doppler blood flow measuring method and device
X-ray source, X-ray imaging apparatus, and X-ray computed tomography imaging system
Minimal device and method for effecting hyperthermia derived anesthesia
Genetic algorithm based auditory training
Nose mask
Method for securing a nasal mask
Performing Operations; Transporting
Extruder for making curved metal workpiece
Method for forming a microelectromechanical fluid ejection device
Work transfer apparatus for transfer press
Indexible turning tool for chip forming machine
Metal cutting circular saw with integral sight window
Component mounting apparatus including a polishing device
Stamping and die-cutting tool with a quick mould change design
Pixel clock generating device and image forming apparatus
Optical writing device and image forming apparatus
Lay-out tool and assembly
Enhanced hollow foam tire structure
Hydraulic gear shift mechanism
Mode transfer control apparatus and method for hybrid vehicle
Electric driving type utility vehicle having regenerative brake force distribution control function, and regenerative brake force distribution control method thereof
Systems and methods for non-destructive inspection of airplanes
Fuel tank for a motor vehicle
Semi-automatic boxing machine
Method for folding documents for use in windowed envelopes
Modular array arrangements
Container for sliceable ice cream
Mascara brush and kit
Packaging system with oxygen sensor
Work transfer apparatus
Star-shaped conveyor for feeding or discharging empty plastics containers or bottles to or from a machine and orienting and algining machine having said star-shaped conveyor
Moisture-wicking saddle pad
Textiles; Paper
Pneumatically controllable weft thread clamp for a weaving machine
Sewing machine embroidery thread guide
Fixed Constructions
Floatdown implement for small vehicles
Device for the arrangement of a personnel-operated apparatus in the ceiling area of a stage or an auditorium
Door push bar structure
Window or door lock system
Tool holder for annular core bit
Wear resistant tubular connection
Heave compensation system for hydraulic workover
Method and apparatus to vibrate a downhole component
Packer fluid
Inhibiting wellbore deformation during in situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation
Apparatus and methods for powering downhole electrical devices
Degradable additive for viscoelastic surfactant based fluid systems
Completion apparatus and methods for use in wellbores
Integrated control system for beam pump systems
Smart cementing systems
Method and apparatus for downhole fluid analysis for reservoir fluid characterization
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Internal combustion engine with regenerator, hot air ignition, and naturally aspirated engine control
Variable valve timing control system of internal combustion engine
Four-cycle engine and system for detecting phase difference of four-cycle engine
Oil pump for a motorcycle
Exhaust emission control apparatus of internal combustion engine and method thereof
Filter regeneration in engine exhaust gas purification device
Control apparatus of fuel injection type internal combustion engine
In-line multicylinder combustion engine
Piston for internal combustion engines
Nested core gas turbine engine
Variable air induction apparatus
Fuel injection system comprising a pressure intensifier and a delivery rate-reduced low-pressure circuit
Saturation-proof hydraulic control device that is composed of two or more elements
Gear-change control device for a bicycle
Double-wrap brake band assembly
Piston-cylinder unit
Shift device
Device and method for detection of a gear position in an automotive gearbox
Device for generating a mixture of reducing agent and air
Twin-solenoid valve
Container shut-off valve with venting
Tap assembly for a liquid vessel having an overfill protection device and a float controlled magnetic level gauge
Flexible pipe and method for producing the same
Fibre-reinforced pressure vessel and method of manufacturing fibre-reinforced pressure vessel
Kit, apparatus and method for use in cooking over an intense heat source
Method for estimating inlet and outlet air conditions of an HVAC system
Vaporizer and methods relating to same
Reduced shedding regenerator and method
Bolt assembly with locking system
Power demand management apparatus and power demand management system
Laser rangefinder
Ultra low pressure drop flow element system for measuring fluid flow rates
Method and apparatus for calculating flowing medium temperature in a magnetoinductive flowmeter
Sensor for levels of conductive liquids
Concentration determination apparatus and concentration determination method for measuring a concentration of a measured component contained in a living body tissue
Optical transmission system and method for monitoring polarization dependent characteristics of optical transmission line
Device and method for subaperture stray light detection and diagnosis
Method for monitoring and/or regulating fuel cells
Non-dispersive gas analyzer
X-ray imaging apparatus and X-ray imaging method
Method of using a lead to regulate protein expression
Motherboard testing apparatus
Aggregated appliance in a mobile data network
System of testing multiple RF modules and method thereof
System for transferring wireless power using ultrasonic wave
Location fix from unknown position
Imaging architecture with code-division multiplexing for large aperture arrays
Method for identifying transmitters by a terminal in a single-frequency network
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
Zoom lens
Correction of a field-of-view overlay in a multi-axis projection imaging system
Reflective display
Stereoscopic image viewing device
Lightwave circuit and method for manufacturing same
Optical element package and manufacturing method thereof
Asymmetric travel for MEMS light modulator
Driving method of liquid crystal display device
Convertible flash bag
Wireless camera apparatus and wireless camera device
Image forming apparatus and curl correcting method
Image forming apparatus with spectral data detection unit
Image formation apparatus
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge incorporated therein
Discharge device
Developing roller including a roughened outermost surface, and developing device and image forming apparatus including the same
Development device and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Powder feeding device having negative pressure generation control and power discharge control and image forming apparatus
Method to operate a digital printer and determine the toner concentration, as well as an associated digital printer
Fuser, image forming apparatus, and image forming method
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling same
Gloss processing apparatus
Cartridge including restriction portions configured to be attachable to compression coil springs compressed to press a cleaning blade to an image bearing member
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge
Automatically flushing water regulator for animal watering systems
Adjustable pedal controller with obstruction detection
Mounting apparatus for data storage device
Mounting apparatus for fan
System and method for event-driven live migration of multi-process applications
Transmission apparatus and transmission apparatus control method
System and method of enhancing data reliability
Correcting workflow security vulnerabilities via static analysis and virtual patching
Method for high performance dump data set creation
Storage space allocation for logical disk creation
Data migration between storage devices
Electronic apparatus for memory allocation and reorganization
Virtual machine failover
Systems, methods and computer program products for selective copying of track data through peer-to-peer remote copy
Information processing apparatus for restricting access to memory area of first program from second program
Systems and methods for managing system resources allocated for backup validation
Method and device for determining measured values from a time-dependent graph
Printing control apparatus and printing control method
Recovering from an error in a fault tolerant computer system
Configurable pacing for messaging systems
Communication hub for presenting audio-visual data from electronic devices and method of providing and using the same
Apparatus, method and computer program product for processing email, and apparatus for searching email
Role-based display of document renditions for web conferencing
System and method for transmitting content items
Device for processing the measurements of parameters and/or of traffic streams, for local accounting of the use of resources, for an equipment element in a communication network
Use of SNMP for management of small footprint devices
Predictive scaling for clusters
Agent-based bandwidth monitoring for predictive network selection
Automatic differentiation of setup type in router setup application
Reducing power consumption of sensor by overriding instructions to measure
Method and apparatus for transmitting event information between devices connected with network, and storage medium storing method
Pluggable modules in a cascading learning system
Method and apparatus for providing a synthetic system
Method of franking with early signature generation
Relationship management for contact staleness
Method and system for looking up words on a display screen by OCR comprising a set of base forms of recognized inflected words
Slowly changing dimension attributes in extract, transform, load processes
Single file serialization for physical and logical meta-model information
Method and apparatus for optimizing the evaluation of semantic web queries
Estimation of a filter factor used for access path optimization in a database
Preserving past states of file system nodes
Methods and apparatuses for user interest modeling
Search system, search method, and program
Tier-based data management
Log file compression
Semiconductor device design method and design apparatus
Atomic layer deposition apparatus
System and method for controlling the operations of a manufacturing facility
Diversity string based pattern matching
Secure access to healthcare information
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer readable storage medium
Mobile information terminal and gripping-feature authentication method
Method for changing authentication for a legacy access interface
Adaptive polling of information from a device
Scalable method and apparatus to configure a link
Terminal device configured to run a plurality of functions in parallel including an audio-related function, and control program thereof
System and method for automatically authoring interactive television content
Data entry system and method of entering data
Shared input key method and apparatus
Touch panel and producing method for via electrode
System with a gesture-identification unit
Touch input device with button function
Surface acoustic wave touch panel and manufacturing method thereof
Visual widget search
Character information display device and character information display method
Crowd-sync technology for participant-sharing of a crowd experience
Printing devices and mobile printing systems thereof
Information processing apparatus, method for controlling information processing apparatus, and program
Calculating deduplication digests for a synthetic backup by a deduplication storage system
Method and system for providing network based transaction metrics
Data synchronization
System, method and computer program product for controlling file migration in archiving systems
System and method for providing multi-core and multi-level topical organization in social indexes
System and method for providing a standardized data sharing platform
Efficient backup and restore of virtual input/output server (VIOS) cluster
Relay apparatus, program of relay apparatus and transmitting apparatus
Processing of linear systems of equations
Method and apparatus for simulating operation in a data processing system
Performance bottleneck identification tool
Serializing a templated markup language representation of test artifacts
End to end testing automation and parallel test execution
Metadata-integrated debugger
Resource allocation based on active folder activity
Systems and methods for application reuse
Process analysis
Server apparatus, terminal apparatus, and application control system
Function transfer using virtualized mapping
Method for activating processor cores within a computer system
Information processing apparatus and information processing apparatus control method
Increasing turbo mode residency of a processor
Increasing turbo mode residency of a processor
Image forming apparatus capable of changing execution order of jobs, method of controlling image forming apparatus, and storage medium
System and method for notifying a cashier of the presence of an item in an obscured area of a shopping cart
System and method for tracking installed equipment and deploying spare parts
Calibrating fine actuator using a reference pattern
Image processing method, nuclear medicine diagnosis apparatus, and storage medium
Multimedia copy source detection
Temporal-correlations-based mode connection
Video retargeting using seam carving
Auto-focus image system
Correction of over-focus in digital images using centered discrete imaginary-power fractional fourier transformations with high-accuracy orthonormal eigenvectors
Determining a replacement document owner
Predicting influence in social networks
System, device, method, and medium for processing sales and non-monetary transfers
Systems and methods for non-traditional payment using biometric data
Advertisement delivery target identifying apparatus, advertisement delivery apparatus, advertisement delivery target identifying method, advertisement delivery method, program, and recording medium
Payment processing methods
Computing device and method for determining distance between two curved surfaces
Cargo theft prevention using text messaging
Method and apparatus for detecting position
Enterprise information security management software for prediction modeling with interactive graphs
Hand washing enforcement system
Systems, devices, and methods for driving an analog interferometric modulator
Pixel circuits and methods for displaying an image on a display device
Method and apparatus for distributed user interfaces using wearable devices to control mobile and consumer electronic devices
Display device including pixels and method for driving the same
Remote control functionality including information from motion sensors
Image display device displaying multi-primary color and method of driving the same
Anamorphic eyepiece with a microlens array for a panoramic field of view
Method and apparatus for reducing power usage during video presentation on a display
Hybrid display frame buffer for display subsystem
Methods and devices for facilitating communications
Voice recognition for performing authentication and completing transactions in a systems interface to legacy systems
Method and an apparatus for processing a signal
Tape head with tape-bearing surface exhibiting an array of protruding topographic features
Impact resistant rotating device with increased-thickness portion relationship and suction plate configuration
Magnetic head housing with protection sheet bent to cover transducer and bottom-mounted control circuit board
Method and apparatus for laser control during recording
Medium processing device and flexible cable
Magnetic tunnel junction with electronically reflective insulative spacer
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Extended select gate lifetime
Test method for nonvolatile memory
Three dimensional non-volatile storage with dual layers of select devices
Nonvolatile memory device, method for fabricating the same, and method for operating the same
Semiconductor device having output buffer circuit in which impedance thereof can be controlled
Emergency core cooling system
Antenna array arrangement and a multi band antenna
Retaining clip
Method of a coating heat spreader
Enhanced charge device model clamp
High frequency square-wave power distribution system
System for power conversion utilizing matrix converters
Communication using continuous-phase modulated signals
Constellation design and optimization in non-linear satellite channels
Systems and methods of storing data
Apparatus and method for memory resource allocation based on virtual minimum spreading factor
Methods and apparatus for handling fingers with large delay spread through utility optimization
Transmitter and method with RF power amplifier having control loop stabilized bias
Signal selection
Iterative filter circuit calibration
Cellular phone case
Apparatus for wideband transmission and reception for multiband
Apparatus and method for communication satellite monitoring
Adaptor system for an Ethernet network
Communication apparatus, signal superimposing circuit, and method for superimposing signals
Reducing phase errors on a communication device
Method and system for cancelling adjacent cells interference signal in a wireless communication system
Controlling radio transmitter power based on signal performance
Transmission method and reception method for downlink signal, user equipment, and base station
Method for cooperative data transmission among terminals, and method for clustering cooperative terminals for same
Radio base station and method for limiting the upward tilt of beamformed signals
Uplink transmission control method in system supporting an uplink multiple access transmission mode
Algorithm for improving transponder scanning in a satellite set-top box
Validation of TV viewership utilizing methods, systems and computer control logic
Method for fast wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) passive optical network (PON) initialization in heterogeneous networks
Peak factor reduction device and wireless transmitter
Device and method for adjusting rate limits for transmission rates of data flows having a certain priority in a transmitter
Communication device, reception data length determination method, multiple determination circuit, and recording medium
Precoding method and apparatus
Communication system, communication method and network management apparatus
Hierarchical shaping of network traffic
Routing path calculation apparatus and methods
Methods and apparatus to route fibre channel frames using reduced forwarding state on an FCOE-to-FC gateway
Bi-directional and reverse directional resource reservation setup protocol
Methods and apparatus for managing multicast traffic through a switch
Method and apparatus for transmitting uplink control information in wireless communication system
System for interconnecting standard telephony communications equipment to internet
Voice over internet protocol system and method
Host-based quality of service for wireless communications
Dynamic port naming in a chassis
OFDM modulator, OFDM transmission device, and OFDM modulation method
Line-rate packet filtering technique for general purpose operating systems
Key setting method, node, server, and network system
Method and system for processing digital content according to a workflow
Identification breach detection
Coherent transmission from distributed wireless transmitters
Systems and methods for implementing block cipher algorithms on attacker-controlled systems
Method of displaying images while charging a smartphone
Intelligent mirror
Mobile terminal, and program and method for preventing unauthorized use of mobile terminal
Method and apparatus to validate a subscriber line
Mobile terminal for multi-party call and multi-party call method
Data processing apparatus and data processing method
Controller, image forming apparatus, and computer program product for restricting total toner amount
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer readable recording medium for print control
Method and apparatus for simulating head-end connectivity on a set-top box
Playback device, playback method, and computer program
System and method for processing a conference session through a communication channel
Method and apparatus for optimal motion reproduction in stereoscopic digital cinema
Device and method for encoding/decoding
Methods and systems for transmitting video messages to mobile communication devices
Ambient reflectivity absorption system for identifying precious or semi-precious materials and associated methods
Video archival system
System and method for detecting radiation emissions
Remote electrical safety diagnosis system and apparatus
Method and a binaural listening system for maximizing a better ear effect
Radiation-resistant earphone wire
Adaptive association and joint association and resource partitioning in a wireless communication network
System and method for generating information regarding demographic composition of locations
Disabling of wireless transmission of wireless communication devices using messages
Computational systems and methods for locating a mobile device
Apparatus and method for transmitting uplink control information in a multiple carrier system
Radio resource management for distributed cellular systems
Communication device, connection method and storage medium
Method and apparatus for performing handover procedure in wireless communication system
Initializing a communication between a mobile host and a correspondent node
Method and apparatus for transmitting paging message in wireless communication system
Radio base station
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving PDCCH using DCI having adjusted size
Location estimation based on adjusted distance values for a wireless device
Static mesh network, aircraft and method for data communication
Terminal, the transmission power of which is limited in accordance with an adjacent channel interference ratio
Methods and devices for optimized cell acquisitions
Method for identifying a MBSFN subframe at a user equipment (UE) in a wireless communication system
Control signaling in system supporting relayed connections
Fabrication method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Mounting structure of flexible printed circuit board and sliding-type electronic device
Springy clip type apparatus for fastening power semiconductor
Expired Patents Due To Time
Baby bottle
Ice scraper
Bulk container drum closure flange
Garbage can
Trash can receptacle
Trash can receptacle
Trash can receptacle
Longitudinally ribbed refuse receptacle holder
Storage bin for recyclables
Hot dog cart
Mechanic's creeper
Subwoofer for multimedia computer speaker system
Loudspeaker grill
Planar magnetic transducer
Combined voice recorder and note holder
Earphone or microphone
PC card with pop-up system
Data card
Computer with an integrated keyboard
Data card
Portable terminal
IC memory card
Storage device, storage device enclosure, and support for a storage device enclosure
Arithmetic and control unit
Computing device
Wireless data transmitting/receiving device
Enveloping cover device for a cellular telephone
Auxiliary telephone base
Antenna ornament
Transceiver module
Music center
Networking device
End panel for a portable wireless telephone
Washing machine
Preform mold stripper plate
Eyeglass mold assembly holder
Laser arbor
Combined video tape recorder and camera
Multifunctional digital camera
Digital camera back
Camera support
Viewer for gemstones
Ink cartridge
Jig for binding perforated paper sheets on a ring binder
Automatic document feeder
Greeting card
Tape dispenser
Storage rack
Cover of a scrapbook
Marking device
Marker pen having casing made of transparent material
Knock-type painting implement
Cap for a writing instrument
Neon sign
Fluid dispensing apparatus
Hand held electronic game apparatus
Front bumper for a leisure car for children
Game machine
Toy vehicle
Hand-held electronic device
Rail element for a toy railway
Wireless communication adapter for game machine
Paintball tube
Magnifier and light attachment for portable electronic or computing device
Combined rag doll and clothing
Hand grip exerciser
Exercise device
Exercise device with a pivoting platform
Pad assembly for exercise apparatus
Handle for sporting equipment such as a snow board
Wagering device display
Triple bedway playground slide
Bar top gaming unit
Roulette pay-out calculator
Aperture sighting device for a firearm
Fishing lure
Combined golf club and fishing pole
Fishing reel body
Handle of fishing rod
Fishing float with attached lure
Faucet handle
Control valve for a refrigerant compressor
Faucet handle
Low pressure fluid flow control valve
Faucet handle
Lever handle
Faucet body
Hub and handle
Tub/shower control knob
Control valve
Flexible tube having a variable stiffness bellows
Rotatable valve member for ball valves
Water spray gun
Faucet handle blade
Portable urinal closet
Vanity toilet wall
Sauna stove
Sauna stove
Flexible exhauster hose assembly
Smoke exhauster
Electric fan
Combination ceiling fan blades and blade mounting assembly
Combined ventilating fan and light
Air compressor
Electrical evaporator for volatile materials
Air freshener
Defibrillator paddle
Removable cover for a glucose meter
Examination table
Vital signs monitor
Hardened skin care instrument
Helix dental tip
Wear resistant tiles for lining a centrifuge bowl
Ostomy pouch
Transfer device
Needle holder
Ejector plus rongeur
Dial plate for a paraffin bath
Rail section
Window insulating spacer
Lamp post
Post cap
Door sill
Foldable stool
Lighting fixture
Desk lamp with race car motif
Desk lamp with automobile spoiler motif
LED night light
Tail lens assembly
Skull-shaped plasma lamp
Piezoelectric lighter
Liquid and lotion applicator
Liquid and lotion applicator
Dental floss holder
Nail file
Helmet with air flow rib structure
Golf glove and hook-and-loop attachment strap
Lighting fixture backplate
Grip for a pet leash
Toy ice cream cone for dogs
Fishing lure shaped mailbox
Basketball mailbox
Human Necessities
Foldable power driven gardening device
System for enabling grass catcher to be attached to self-propelled power mower
Multi-purpose trimmer, edger and sweeper with or without support cart, and with enhanced inertia head
Yard trimming system for attachment to a vehicle
Lawnmower blade with fan structure for creating enhanced air movement
Harvester apparatus and method for separating ripe fruit from harvested plants
Remotely operable motorized doffer adjustment assembly
Double windrow attachment lift mechanism for harvesters
System, apparatus, and method for blade clearance tuning
Floral grouping with handle incorporated therein
Mini-garden bag
Water conservation plant container
Chrysanthemum plant named `Spicy New Yoorleans`
Osteospermum plant named `Kakegawa AU6`
Interspecific tree named `Tasty Rich`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckaddis`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yohamilton`
Blueberry plant named `Windsor`
Dieffenbachia plant named `Hatsuko`
Anthurium plant named `Red Angel`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Red Suerte`
Osteospermum plant named `Kakegawa AU3`
Non-dwarfing pear rootstock named `Rhenus 3`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckadrian`
Taro plant named `Pa'akala`
Osteospermum plant named `Kakegawa AU5`
Cheese shredder apparatus
Sanitary enclosure for an animal litter box
Dual transmitter pet confinement and training system
Method and apparatus for reducing risk that a thrown toy will injure an animal
Scented chew toy
Collapsible perches for bird feeders and birdhouses
Combination fish tank and picture frame
Automatic fishing rod device for jigging and trolling
Fish measuring apparatus
Attractant miticide and capturing device
Rodent trap with entrapping teeth
Decoy hunting/observing blind
Apparatus for cutting wafer sandwiches
Sprouted vegetable seeds sterilizing method
Method and apparatus for producing a pre-gelled starch product and normally sticky extrudates with minimal or no surfactant
Antioxidants to neutralize tobacco free radicals
Apparatus for transferring filter rods containing pulverulent, granular and analogous ingredients
Smoking deterring ashtray device
Stocking having an open end which can be folded back to expose the toes and method of using the same
Infant wrap
Man's underpants with transverse urination opening
Diver's suit with diagonal torso zipper that partially encircles the waist
Knee protecting device
Leakproof and breathable hand covering and method of making the same
Protective glove
Protective glove
Sports glove
Catcher's mitt
Measuring article and method for sizing compression garments
Shoe ventilation apparatus
Method, system and shoe enabling the determination of fit from outside of the shoe
Attachment for zipper cord
Apparatus for setting precious gems in jewelry through the use of screws and other stabilizing means
Jewelry clasp
Closing mechanism used in a quadruple folding collapsible umbrella
Shampooing device
Apparatus for isolating hair from treatment materials
Method of shaving and a dispensing apparatus therefor
Storage device for shaving razor, cartridges, or other stored items
Lotion applicator
Hammock having retractable dowels
Training table with wire management
Artificial board
Bed frame with unique connector and method
Squeakless furniture spring anchor clip
Air cushion for pressure relief and control
Method of retrofitting existing bus seats
Tub-stool combination
Point of sale product chiller
Print holder
Appliance system with exterior access
Grease collection system
Lifting mechanism for a toaster
Stool specimen collector
Toilet seat lifting device
Adjustable shower system
Apparatus for supporting bathing enclosure panels
Panel golf sleeve
Sleeve-shaped device to retain screws while these are turned into an object such as a bone by means of a screw driver
Manual drive for positioning precision instruments
DLco calibration syringe apparatus
Protective foot covering
Method of forming a urinary incontinence device
Placement tool for snoring treatment
Pocket pillow and sheet for adult/crib elevation sleep aid
Tub for physically handicapped persons
Airway treatment apparatus with cough inducement
Method and composition for inhibiting bacteria
Treatment of human herpesviruses using hyperthermia
Self closing diaphragm type valve with primary peripheral and secondary central openings
Dry powder delivery system apparatus
Anesthesia machine with head worn display
Device for changing respiratory probes in the trachea of a patient
Swivel structure
Apparatus for treating respiratory gases including liquid trap
Dual direction valve system
Low temperature thermal insulation garment utilizing the wearer's exhalant
Container for a respirator
Installation for fighting fire
Wet type sprinkler system
Pneumatic golf club testing machine
Mount for ball pitching devices
Composite dental appliance with wedge
Analog controls housed with electronic displays for coffee makers
Squirting swim mask
Performing Operations; Transporting
Injection apparatus
Regenerating zeolitic cracking catalyst
Paint booth frame assembly and method of constructing a paint booth
Method of manufacturing a two-dimensional transducer array
Device for cleaning mechanism for fiber optic connectors
Acid etching machine
Method and apparatus for semiconductor wafer cleaning with reuse of chemicals
Remote-controlled vehicle for operations inside pipelines
Hydraulically actuated tool for mounting and dismounting rolling mill roll neck bearings
Method and device for forming tubular work into shaped hollow product by using tubular hydroforming
Tool and method for making a tool
Laser-assisted bending method
Method of manufacturing heat exchanger
Process for making pin-type synchronizers
How to avoid contact between oxygen and molten metal
Method of measuring and regulating temperature and quantity of cooling water for water-coolable mold walls of a continuous casting mold
Metal mold arrangement for producing cylinder block
Method and apparatus for surface processing of sintered oilless bearing
Method for manufacturing a tube-type spray formed product
Method and chuck for precision machining of thin walled sleeves and for manufacturing engine cylinder liner sleeves
Toolholder assembly
Method and apparatus for machining holes in crankshafts
Hub assembly having minimum runout and process for producing the same
Method for forming spherical concave surfaces
Apparatus for rotating a fastening element
Assembling system of rubber cones of computer keyboards
Temperature control system for a workpiece chuck
Reinforced lead screw with anti-backlash nut
Method and apparatus for providing a residual stress distribution in the surface of a part
Work bench including a vise
Ratchet wrench structure having a high torsion driving action along dual directions
Bicycle crank arm parts/assembly and assembly tools
Tube joint and apparatus for producing the same
Device for replacing toothed belt pulleys on motor vehicle engines
Truck bushing tool
Portable power tool for mounting via a press fit a machine part onto a shaft
Device for applying a pressing force
Service tool for removal of valve seal assembly
Coaxial cable stripping and crimping tool
Concrete form snap tie tool
Apparatus and method for facilitating accurate placement and installation of crown molding
Wrist mechanism of industrial robot
Dry shaving apparatus
Artistic knife with replaceable blade magazine
Assembly and methods for slitting fat-free products
Drop speed adjustment assembly for a bread slicer
Power cutting device
Locking arrangement for table saw guard
Circular edging tool for concrete
Ultrasonic probe and method for monitoring materials processing in screw driven extruders
Method for fabricating ink jet printer head
Ink stamping systems and methods
Line holder for chalking tool especially for marking diagonals
Metallic cord and pneumatic tire
Handle for adjustable hitch head assembly
Heating/air-conditioning device for reduced size for a motor vehicle
Vehicle air conditioner with front and rear foot air outlets
Dual loop vehicle air conditioning system
Multi-zone temperature control system for HVAC air-handling assembly
Auxiliary active motor vehicle heating and air conditioning system
Apparatus and method for controlling duty ratio for cooling fan associated motor of vehicle
Vehicular door lock operation system and vehicular door having the same
Evaporative emission control system
Shut-off valve for a tank
Assist grip attachment structure method
Identification and antitheft means for parts of a motor vehicle
Windshield wiper
Brake system
Storage conveyor for hybrid carrying truck
Vehicle for measuring the geometric condition of a railway track
Steering column with lubricated isolator pad
Slide-out drive gear box lock
Locking device for a helmet
Shell structure for signal sensing and transmitting device
Method of controlling the attitude of a boat at high speed through boat hull design and a boat hull
Dimpled marine seismic fairing
Integrated fish landing net storage compartment
Marine lighted grab rail
Personal watercraft
Side plate rudder system
Process for making a dismountable and/or fixed traction-compression coupling to be applied to composite materials
Method of fabricating leading edge nose structures of aerodynamic surfaces
Integrated thermal management and coolant system for an aircraft
Aircraft air conditioning system providing auxiliary ventilation
Track mechansim for guiding flexible straps around bundles of objects
Method of selective wrapping of products
Drinking bottle having a separate thermally regulating container
Clip for squeezing tubes
Refuse container method of manufacture and assembly
Rigid liner for a yard refuse bag
Lid opening apparatus
Corkscrew for a wine steward
Saddle pad
Micromachine package fabrication method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for making an article from a formable material
Method and device for producing a homogenous sheet of quartz glass without streaks
Method for increasing the specific impulse in a liquid-propellant rocket engine and rocket powder unit for realising the same
Synthesis of tyrosine-derived diphenol monomers
Cofluids for use with carbon dioxide refrigerant
Electron transfer agents in well acidizing compositions and methods
Cooled slider plate, particularly a water-cooled hot air slider plate
Textiles; Paper
Method for producing a knitted fabric with a circular knitting machine with cylinder and dial, particularly for producing footlets or the like
Flat knitting machine
Metal building insulation assembly
Sewing machine with a work pressing bar positioning device
Flanging machine
Lock-stitch needle chuck for a placket sewing machine
Control system and process for automatically controlling agitator motion patterns in a washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Machine for renewing a railroad track
Drive sprocket for a roller chain for material removal implement
Hydraulic control circuit for work machine
Excavating bucket with replaceable wedge-locked teeth
Drain stop and overflow mechanism for a bathtub
Adjustable universal flapper
Flushing device for toilet system
Sub-deck drainage system or gutter comprising a trapezoidal shaped panel of thermoset, thermoplastic, or modified bitumen membrane
Insulated roof panel
Zipper sheathing tie down
Adjustable protector shoe for tie down strap
Mobile partition
Partition, in particular for exhibition and show stands
Furniture post top cap attachment and trim registry
Transport mechanism for large structures such as retractable stadium rooves
Corrugated web beam connected to a top tube and bottom tube
Reinforcing ridge apparatus and method
Manufacture of trusses
Eave closure and method of manufacture
Systems and methods for connecting skylight components
Modular roofing system and assembly
Corrugated stiffening member
Reinforced exterior siding
Apparatus for laying out a building foundation
Method and apparatus for bricklaying
Reinforcing bar protection cap
Flexible structure and method
Arrangement for fastening a grille in a frame section
Non friction direct drive powered telescoping bleacher seating system
Protective shelter
Tornado shelter
Closing device with a key operable closing cylinder which simultaneously serves as a hand operated pushing device for operating locking elements
Digital key decoder
Locking devices and related methods of locking
Privacy screen for workstations
Original pressing plate hinge
Air outlet opening apparatus for air conditioners
Integral linear motor
Window, muntin and method
Multi-sheet glazing unit having a single spacer frame and method of making same
Storm rail for sliding door
Rotary cone drill bit with machined cutting structure and method
Aluminum riser apparatus, system and method
Method of deploying an electrically driven fluid transducer system in a well
Wellhead fluid collection system
Tubular filling system
Method and apparatus for preventing the formation of alkane hydrates in subsea equipment
System and method for separately producing water and oil from a reservoir
Methods of fabricating a thin-wall expandable well screen assembly
Apparatus and method for hanging tubulars in wells
Method for analyzing purge water
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Power module and methods of operation
Four stroke engine having flexible arrangement
Apparatus and method for replacement of combustor basket swirlers
Gas exchange valve control for internal combustion engines with an electromagnetic actuator, equipped with gas springs
Rocker arm support mechanism
Valve clearance adjusting tool and method for adjusting valve clearance
Variable valve apparatus of internal combustion engine and method of varying the open-close characteristic of an engine valve
Spherical rotary engine valve
Captive volume accumulator for a lost motion system
Breather chamber structure of internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine
Two stroke, multiple cylinder engine for small vehicle
Control system for mobile NOx SCR applications
Temperature management of catalyst system for a variable displacement engine
Catalytic converter system for i.c.-engine with divided flow and two converters
Flexible connector assembly
Fluid-cooled heat shield for temperature sensitive automotive components
Two-stroke engine
Method of reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions of piston engine
High efficiency, air bottoming engine
Fuel supply for engine
Switchably coupled turbofan engines for high speed aircraft
Exhaust control system in two-cycle internal combustion engine
EGR system using pressure-based feedback control
Engine idle control system
Computerized system and method for controlling engine speed of an internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for turbocharging an engine of a locomotive
Method of synchronization of multi-cylinder internal combustion engine
Device and method for controlling fuel injection amount of internal combustion engine
Method and device for fast automatic adaptation of richness for internal combustion engine
Engine over temperature protection
Onboard diagnostic misfire detection monitor for internal combustion engines
Accurate deliver of total fuel when two injection events are closely coupled
Performance enhancing system for electronically controlled engines
Engine block for an internal combustion engine
Preheat fuel delivery system
Engine interface for axisymmetric vectoring nozzle
Exhaust nozzle for by-pass gas turbine engines
EGR module having orifice in a pressure sensing port
Throttle unit of engine
Intake air preheater for a diesel engine
Diesel engine fuel injection pipe
Method and apparatus for determining an oil grade of an actuating fluid
Fuel injection for an internal combustion engine, with a multistage high-pressure pump and two pressure reservoirs
High pressure fuel supply system and method
Swash plate type compressor piston whose end section is formed of a material different from that of swash-plate engaging portion
Method for operating helium leak indicator and the application of this method to helium leak indicators
Device for conveying fuel from a tank to the internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle
Method for controlling the motion velocity of a hydraulically driven machine, a drive system for a hydraulically driven machine
Pneumatic oil pump
Seismic bracing connector
Pedal assembly with wedge fastener
Gear wear indicator
Wear detection probe for a brake element
Clip mechanism for a line
Ball screw device having spacers
Gear transmission damping apparatus and method
Vehicular automatic transmission
Power assembly
Maneuvering device
Fluidic valve assemblies having improved fluidic valve mechanisms, and devices operable therewith
Water hammering prevention device
Plane-shaped lighting device and a display using such a device
Method of decreasing nitrogen oxide emissions in a circulating fluidized bed combustion system
Combustion boiler
Water-jacketed, high-temperature, stretcher-accessible door for a boiler
Replaceable afterburner heat shield
Methods and apparatus for reducing gas turbine engine emissions
Piloted rich-catalytic lean-burn hybrid combustor
Device for detecting full dehumidifier water tank
Model based economizer control of an air handling unit
Dehumidification/humidification air supply apparatus
Solar energy receiver assembly
Thermal operating module with scavenger system
Method and apparatus for external cooling an electronic component of a mobile hardware product, particularly a notebook computer, at a docking station having a thermoelectric cooler
Cryogenic refrigeration system using magnetic refrigerator forecooling
Multi-load refrigeration system with multiple parallel evaporators
System for providing direct contact refrigeration
Cryogenic cooling system with cooldown and normal modes of operation
Method for controlling defrost heater of refrigerator
Ice thermal storage control
Sorber having a cooling mechanism
Sorber having flexible housing
Steam dryer
Drying device for drying bulk material
Heat exchanger unit and use
Corrugated fin with partial offset for a plate-type heat exchanger and corresponding plate-type heat exchanger
Crossflow micro heat exchanger
Firearm trigger lock
Location-based firearm discharge prevention
Pistol having a safety
Double action semi-automatic handgun
Breech locking safety bracket for flare launchers
Bulk loader for paintball gun
Bearing system for compound archery bow
Security and deployment assembly
Forward mounted breech locking mechanism
Method for initiating artillery propellant powder charges, artillery propellant powder charge module and artillery propellant powder charge
Shot cartridge with double pattern
Training cartridge for a self loading gun
Line charge assembly and system for use in shallow-water clearing operations
Line charge assembly and system for use in shallow-water clearing operations
Ultrasonic calibration apparatus
Apparatus and method for measuring alignment of metered dose inhaler valves
High visibility marking panel for aerial photogrammetric ground mapping
Angular velocity sensor
Angular rate sensor and method of improving output characteristic thereof
Angular velocity sensor capable of preventing unnecessary oscillation
Golf club grip alignment apparatus
Measuring equipment with a safety apparatus for the transport and the assembly of the measuring equipment
De-coupling extraneous modes of vibration in a coriolis mass flowmeter
Method and apparatus for the highly accurate determination of the filling level of a product in a container
Drive line vibration detection system
Industrial diagnostic gauges for reading in no light and low light conditions and methods of reading same
Ascertaining information for compensating an unbalance of elastic rotors
Switch monitoring system
Mobile pneumatic apparatus and method for testing a container seal
Dispensing apparatus having means for loading pipette tips in a dispense head
Scanning probe microscope system including removable probe sensor assembly
Method for laboratory measurement of capillary pressure in reservoir rock
Compact structure of gas sensor and production method thereof
Method and apparatus for acoustic detection of mines and other buried man-made objects
Method of acoustic calibration using falling media particles to generate ultrasonic reference signals
Method for measuring gas concentrations
Method for measuring reservoir permeability using slow compressional waves
Goggle and lens film advance system
Apparatus and method for controllably delivering fluid to a second fluid stream
Control equipment for keeping light oil vapor at stable pressure and constant temperature
Pedal assembly
System and method for accepting customer orders
Interpolation method for binary image
Fluid decorative structure
Circulating fluid amusement device
Tuning means for tuning stringed instruments, a guitar comprising tuning means and a method of tuning stringed instruments
Disk driving motor and chucking mechanism for disk drive apparatus
Method to prevent electrostatic discharge for MR/GMR wafer fabrication
Cantilever for use in a scanning probe microscope
Bowl for processing semiconductor wafers
Gas distribution apparatus for semiconductor processing
Wind cover locking element structure of heat radiator
Heat sink assembly
Surface acoustic wave filter
Heating element containing sewn resistance material
Altering method of circuit pattern of printed-circuit board
Method and apparatus for precise positioning of a circuit board to a mounting plate
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