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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Bouquet making apparatus and method
Harvester having an adjustable transfer means
Indoor greenhouse
Vertical planting module
System for connecting a teat cup to a teat
Pet diaper holder using disposable human diapers
Filter cigarette
Ear warmer with adjustability
Occipital stabilization strap for helmets
Human locomotion assisting shoe
Interchangeable footwear restraint system
Shoe lace cover
Adjustable umbrella for stroller
Walking stick
Combined suitcase and cushion apparatus
Table with a table top constructed from molded plastic
Bedding foundation having corner guards and multiple piece border
Visual organization and display apparatus and system
Dining tray and method
Wig and hairpiece holder
Rotisserie basting drum
Oil damper using a cam
Grill cleaning assembly
Surface treating appliance
Thermally mediated tissue molding
Method and system for virtual endoscopy with guidance for biopsy
4D imaging with a C-arm X-ray system
Dynamic StO.sub.2 measurements and analysis
Neck brace
Face protector lens assembly and method of use
Face protector lens assembly and method of use
Shielded electrode for nerve sensing
Mode transition timing for synchronized pacing
Connector for a respiratory mask and a respiratory mask
Collapse resistant respirator
Performing Operations; Transporting
Portable universal flow filter
Nanoparticle separation using coherent anti-stokes Raman scattering
Coal ash treatment method and apparatus
Device for dispensing a fluid product
Paint caddy
Control unit of laundry processing apparatus
Method of producing liquid discharge head
Method of protecting printhead die face
Apparatuses for crimping and loading of intraluminal medical devices
Method for manufacturing disposable rotary cutting tools for dental or medical applications
Method for tolerance compensation between two components and a tool for execution of the method
Floating collar clamping device for auto-aligning nut and screw in linear motion leadscrew and nut assembly
Cutting device for shear-cutting of fibre strands
Torque indicating driver
Safety folding knife
Kitchen slicer
Locking device for columns of moulding presses
Printing press
Tire having tread with an internal softer transition rubber layer containing short fiber reinforcement
Tire tread surface design
Tyre equipped for attaching an object to the wall thereof and fastener therefor
Automated vehicle cargo door opener
Driver select paddle shift device and modes of operation
Drive shaft damper assembly
Motor vehicle
Door lock device for vehicle
Method and system for controlling a flowrate of a recirculated exhaust gas
Brake equipment of vehicle with driver seat whose direction is changeable
Method of controlling hybrid construction machine and hybrid construction machine
Rail vehicle assembly system and method
Suspension-supporting bracket for a vehicle, vehicle body frame with suspension-supporting bracket, and vehicle incorporating same
Bicycle crank arm
Scooter-type vehicle
Turboprop propulsion unit with pusher propeller
One-way valve for a fuel-tank filling conduit
Methods for packaging filled bags together, machines used in these methods, and the package of snack-filled bags thus obtained
Flower handling apparatus and method
Pallet design with buoyant characteristics
Pill bottle opener
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for removing glass soot sheet from substrate
Multi-electrode PECVD source
Textiles; Paper
Household appliance
Detergent dispensing unit
Four strand blackened wire rope
Fixed Constructions
Vibration damping device and bucket for construction machine
Web or vapor retarder with tie-strap
Multi-directional torsional hysteretic damper (MTHD)
Vehicle ready modular light weight load bearing equipment apparatus
Composite panel
Cable protection sleeve for building framing
Apparatus for harvesting rainwater
Outer frame drainage structure of concentrator type solar cell module
Composite cement panel
Ladder safety devices
Structural systems
Flexible venue system
Security apparatus
Padlock protective cover
Positionable hinge
Apparatus for simultaneous louver operation on arched shutters
Down hole apparatus for generating a pusling action
Method and system for surface filtering of solids from return fluids in well operations
Methods of long-term gravimetric monitoring of carbon dioxide storage in geological formations
Drill bit assembly and method of performing an operation in a wellbore
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Water reduction mechanism for an internal combustion engine
Muffler with controlled pressure release
Cooling apparatus for internal combustion engine, method of controlling the same, and hybrid vehicle including the same
CVT driven supercharger with selectively positionable speed multiplying gear set
Compressed air delivery system with integrated cooling of a continuous variable transmission
Methods and systems for engine control
Waste heat utilization for pre-heating fuel
Cylinder head with oil return
Flow divider having breaking points for a fan engine
Emergency ram air inlet valve of an aircraft
EGR system for an internal combustion engine
Diagnostic strategy for a fuel vapor control system
Liquefied petroleum gas engine assembly with flow control
Fuel injection apparatus
Starter device for starting internal combustion engines
Slotted compressor diffuser and related method
Two plate manifold with crossovers
Hydraulic system of work machine
Vehicle disk brake
Methods and apparatus for a suspension system with progressive resistance
Eight speed dual clutch transmission
Vehicle take-off control apparatus and method
Operating device having a bundle of light guides
Faucet outlet structure
Heat and/or steam activated valve and method therefor
Faucet module
Fluid flow control valve
Methods for separating a fluid, and devices capable of separating a fluid
Cooling system and method for cooling an aircraft device
Dryer with heat recovery and method of operation thereof
Personal or spot area environmental management systems and apparatuses
Pistol cocking assistive device
Mechanical full draw, hold, lock and arrow release device for compound bows
Projectile having deployable fin
Ruler and method of use
Sensor or networks with server and information processing system, method and program
Assembly structure of liquid level detecting apparatus and liquid level detecting apparatus
Load cell
Meter apparatus
Insert assembly and method for fluid flow reverse engineering
Remote management system of dynamic state data of work machine
Scanning near field thermoelastic acoustic holography (SNFTAH)
Instrument for torsion moment test of single-pole cylindrical foundation
Molecule detection device formed in a semiconductor structure
Calibrant infusion fluid source preparation
Method and apparatus for determining a vapor signature based upon frequency
Method and apparatus for vapor signature with heat differential
Method and apparatus for vapor signature with heat differential
Collecting information to identify defective locations of a display monitor
Manufacturing method of combined sensor
Built-in self test for memory interconnect testing
Method of and apparatus for validation support, computer product for validation support
Method for determining acceptability of proposed color solution using an artificial intelligence model
Model predictive control of air pollution control processes
Skew-correcting apparatus using iterative approach
Methods of clock throttling in an integrated circuit
Wireless computer peripheral device
Task sequence integration and execution mechanism with automated global condition checking and compensation
Fault-tolerant match-and-set locking mechanism for multiprocessor systems
Fault-isolating SAS expander
Apparatus, system, and method for emergency backup
Method for providing power plant maintenance services
Watchdog device that provides and interrupts power to a network device in response to a lockup error condition
Systems, devices, and methods for initiating recovery
Method and apparatus for evaluating paths in a state machine
Error detection in web services systems
Method and apparatus for improved information transactions
System and method for implementing traffic management based on network resources
Method and apparatus for equipment health monitoring
Memory access control apparatus and method for accomodating effects of signal delays caused by load
Point in time remote copy for multiple sites
System and method for sharing SATA drives in active-active RAID controller system
Storage system and method for controlling block rearrangement
Direct-update software transactional memory
Persistent archives
Method and apparatus for determining a dynamic random access memory page management implementation
Method and apparatus for address mapping
Early return indication for read exclusive requests in shared memory architecture
Method and apparatus for native method invocation and changing memory bank
Certified memory-to-memory data transfer between active-active raid controllers
RAID controller using capacitor energy source to flush volatile cache data to non-volatile memory during main power outage
Computer system having analog and digital video signal output functionality, and computer device and video signal transmitting device thereof
Network system, information processing apparatus, and information processing method
Processor having inactive state of operation and method thereof
Expandable slave device system with buffered subsystems
Enabling users to redact portions of a document
Action stickers for identifying and processing stored documents
Method and apparatus for predicting sporting success conditions
Page-view recording with click-thru tracking
Memory system for a high performance IP processor
Terminal registration method using session initiation protocol
Methods and devices for enabling a mobile network device to select a foreign agent
Universal naming scheme for peer-to-peer resources
Multi-modal communication using a session specific proxy server
Method for using scheduled hyperlinks to record multimedia content
Optimal combination of sampled measurements
System and process for controlling the coding bit rate of streaming media data employing a limited number of supported coding bit rates
Method for performing tree based ACL lookups
System and method for transferring a compressed data file to a peripheral device
Random access read/write media format for an on-demand distributed streaming system
Method and apparatus for opening and launching a web browser in response to an audible signal
Peer-to-peer (P2P) mobility system, and method
System, method, and computer program product for sending remote device configuration information to a monitor using e-mail
Methods and apparatus for performing layer 2 authentication and service selection in SSG based networks
Reliable messaging using clocks with synchronized rates
Server resource allocation based on averaged server utilization and server power management
Network traffic analyzer
Method for increasing standby time using access history to 1x ev-do network with access terminal and device thereof
Server-functionality role extensibility model
Auto-generation of configuration and topology models
MCU based motor controller with pre-load register and DMA controller
Real-time analysis of web browsing behavior
System for improving the performance of information retrieval-type tasks by identifying the relations of constituents
Write-back to cells
Processing data objects
Goal based system, utilizing a table based architecture
Methods and systems for language translation
Network update manager
Dynamically generated schema representing multiple hierarchies of inter-object relationships
Query rewriting with entity detection
Dynamic multi-dimensional scrolling
Identifying early adopters and items adopted by them
Hierarchical arrangement of modified class loaders and token driven class loaders and methods of use
Techniques for crawling dynamic web content
Slave replica member
System and method for sharing items in a computer system
Method for managing and providing an idea management system
Automated management of development project files over a network
Method of semiconductor device and design supporting system of semiconductor device
Odd times refined quadrilateral mesh for level set
Methods and systems for manufacturing large components
Multisided synchronization of execution in a wireless test environment
Automatic protocol determination for portable devices supporting multiple protocols
Interface for compressed video data analysis
System for setting the operating voltage of disk array enclosures in a data storage device
Ink gestures
System and method that facilitates computer desktop use via scaling of displayed objects with shifts to the periphery
Using structures and urgency calculators for displaying information to indicate both the importance and the urgency of the information
Selection mechanism in a portable terminal
System and method for communicating information relating to a network resource
Chemical substance total management system, storage medium storing chemical substance management program and chemical substance total management method
Query-aware sampling of data streams
Impact analysis in an object model
Systems for schema-facilitated device capability discovery
Information providing method, information providing system, information providing apparatus, and information obtaining apparatus
Accessing Web content from any virtualized store
Application-backed groups in a common address book
System and method for synchronizing login processes
Processor capable of being switched among a plurality of operating modes, and method of designing said processor
Simplified device drivers for hardware devices of a computer system
System and method for determining the possibility of adverse effect arising from a code change in a computer program
Processing secure metadata at wire speed
Thread-based engine cache partitioning
Method and apparatus for software-based allocation and scheduling of hardware resources in a wireless communication device
Integrated timeline and logically-related list view
XML-based architecture for rule induction system
Method and system for using voice input for performing device functions
Ticket tracking and redeeming system and method
Using smartcards to enable probabilistic transactions on an untrusted device
Methods of communicating purchase requests to vehicle dealers
Method and apparatus for an incomplete information model of credit risk
Method of reducing payments risk, liquidity risk, and systematic risk associated with payments-based transactions
System and method for implementing foreign exchange currency forwards
Enhancing delinquent debt collection using statistical models of debt historical information and account events
Multi-party electronic transactions
Method and apparatus for processing a charge applied to a financial account
Method for computing payment discounts to achieve budget-balance in exchanges
Tokenless biometric electronic financial transactions via a third party identicator
Method and system for automated bid advice for auctions
Secure transaction processing system and method
Method and system for quantity entry
Systems and methods for providing enhanced volume-weighted average price trading
Method and system for quantity entry
Method and apparatus for reconstructing an accident using side satellite lateral acceleration sensors
Electronic phantom and method for electronically controlling a phantom for a quantitative ultrasound device
Method and apparatus to determine and use audience affinity and aptitude
Audio restoration apparatus and audio restoration method
Disk device for maintaining a horizontal state of a front edge portion of an elevating frame
Method for detecting resistive-open defects in semiconductor memories
Disc cartridge assembly
Lockable ejection system and method
Built-in-redundancy analysis using RAM
Surface feed-in electrodes for deposition of thin film solar cell and signal feed-in method thereof
Method for compensating for a contaminated calibration target used in calibrating a scanner
Sets of rate-compatible universal turbo codes nearly optimized over various rates and interleaver sizes
Low power interference signal code power (ISCP) measurement
Method for PTT service in the push to talk portable terminal
System and method for multiple input multiple output wireless transmission
Weakly computational zero-knowledge proof and evaluation
Method and system for validating a security marking
Third party authentication of files in digital systems
Restricted software and hardware usage on a computer
Trust information delivery scheme for certificate validation
Method for biometric authentication through layering biometric traits
Method and system to securely store and distribute content encryption keys
Electronic purchase of goods over a communications network including physical delivery while securing private and personal information of the purchasing party
Low cost secure ID card and system
Communication system with two antennas and two receivers
Providing content based on user-specific information from a wireless device
Mobile communication device cover and method for its operation
Mobile terminal having round external speaker
System and method for interactive distribution of selectable presentations
Visual communications system and method of controlling the same
System and method for context-based searching and control of an integrated communications center
System and method for sending broadcasts in a social network
Method for producing substrate for mounting device and method for producing a semiconductor module
Expired Patents Due To Time
Path timing detection circuit and detection method thereof
Time division multiplexing over broadband modulation method and apparatus
Low signal to noise ratio acquisition and link characterization techniques for VSAT spread spectrum modems
Frequency domain technique for narrowband noise cancellation in DMT receivers
Human Necessities
Irradiation apparatus and method
Surgical system supported by optical coherence tomography
Shunt barrier in pulse oximeter sensor
Method and apparatus for detecting vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque
Method and apparatus for detecting tumorous tissue
Pulse oximeter
Method of estimating the BMD of a bone using radiogrammetry
System for acquiring a plurality of images of a patient and a controller for operating the same
X-ray computer tomography apparatus
Image processing apparatus
Repetitive inspection system with intelligent tools
Lead extraction mechanism for active fixation leads
Method of treatment using electroporation mediated delivery of drugs and genes
Ventricular conduction delay trending system and method
Frequency agile telemetry system for implantable medical device
Electromagnetic interference immune tissue invasive system
Method of constructing a capacitor stack for a flat capacitor
System and method of generating a low-pain multi-step defibrillation waveform for use in an implantable cardioverter/defibrillator (ICD)
Kudos scoring system with self-determined goals
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and system for the development of materials
Apparatus for alignment of automated workpiece handling systems
Visual control robot system
Robot teaching apparatus
Method and system for controlling a robot
Photoreceptor web cutting apparatus of electrophotographic printer
Safety feature for an injection molding machine
Systems and methods for one-step setup for image on paper registration
Integral organic light emitting diode fiber optic printhead
Detection of out-of-phase low visibility watermarks
Prediction and compensation for land vehicle dynamics based on feedforward road conditions
Driving force control apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Controlled engine shutdown for a hybrid electric vehicle
Method and apparatus for controlling a plurality of locomotives
Unauthorized user prevention device and method
Method and system for monitoring and/or controlling behavior of a vehicle by measuring deformations of its tires
Cab signal quality detecting and reporting system and method
Calibration procedure for a permanently powered relative steering wheel angle sensor with power-loss indication
System, bypass apparatus and method of operating a store of a first predetermined type
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Treatment of chloralkali feeds containing hydrogen peroxide and base
Automated process for recycling batches of mixed color cullet into amber, green, or flint glass with selected properties
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Displacement on demand spark knock detection
Method and system for alternator load modeling for internal combustion engine idle speed control
Adaptive compensation of sensor run-out and mass unbalance in magnetic bearing systems without changing rotor speed
Support clip for use with light fiber
Cooling and isolating structure for external casing of hot air blowing gun
Moire image capturing apparatus and method therefor
Profilometer and method for measuring, and method for manufacturing object of surface profiling
Position measurement device, terminal provided therewith, and position measurement method
Method and system for compact representation of routes
Apparatus and method for electronic RIN reduction in fiber-optic sensors utilizing filter with group delay
Method for measurement of beam emittance in a charged particle transport system
Shaking test apparatus and method for structures
Modal analysis method and apparatus therefor
Article screening system
Method and apparatus for detecting boron in x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy
Patient classification
System and method for validating quadrature signals
AC defect detection and failure avoidance power up and diagnostic system
Resolution filter for a spectrum analyzer
Cable modem system with sample and packet synchronization
Semiconductor device allowing easy confirmation of operation of built in clock generation circuit
Distance sensor with a compensation device for an angle misalignment on a vehicle
Method of using ocean acoustic sensors for coastal earthquake prediction
Method for processing seismic data to attenuate multiples
Subsurface illumination, a hybrid wave equation-ray-tracing method
System for classifying seafloor roughness
Method and apparatus for producing an electrical property image using a charge correlation matrix
Zoom lens, and camera incorporating such zoom lens
Method and apparatus for focusing a micro-imaging system onto a tilted or uneven sample to acquire images of the sample
Optical switch arrangement and method
Optical microdevice with rotatable microactuator
Method and apparatus for lenticular imaging
Optical cross connect switch having improved alignment control system
Method for manufacturing a planar lightwave circuit, and planar waveguide circuit
Flexible optoelectronic circuit and associated method
Optical fiber for in-line compensation of chromatic dispersion in an optical fiber with positive chromatic dispersion
Method and apparatus for spatial-shift wavelength multiplexing in communication systems
Mach-zehnder interferomter (MZI) filter devices
Hermetic seal for optical waveguide ribbon feed through
Self aligning optical interconnect with multiple opto-electronic devices per fiber channel
Cable exit trough with insert
System for storing splices in a joint box
Optical assembly
Flexible shuffle circuit and method for assembling same
Camera apparatus with an auto focusing function
Optical fiber equipment with a Bragg grating tunable by a piezoelectric actuator
Grating assisted coupler with controlled start
Methods and structures for the control of optical waveguide devices by stress
Electro-optic modulators with internal impedance matching
Molecular mechanical devices with a band gap change activated by an electric field for optical switching applications
Waveguide type liquid crystal optical switch
Film assembly
Film alignment mechanism and frame counter resetting mechanism
Camera and shutter device
Camera photometer
Apparatus for forming color image using electrophotography
Intermittent DC bias charge roll with DC offset voltage
Method for determination of altitude in an xerographic printer
Image forming apparatus with toner replacement sensor
Method of refilling used developing cartridge
Method for determining the status of attachment or detachment of developer container, and image forming apparatus
Toner cartridge or cassette open/closure apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Developing device and method for performing effective charging and mixing of developer and image forming apparatus using the developing device
Developing device and image forming apparatus including the same
Substrate guide member with improved flatness and method of making the same
Image forming apparatus having transfer bias control function
Fixing apparatus
Fixing device selectively operable in operating continuous power to an induction coil and operating on/off control
Image heating apparatus with heater in form of a plate cooperable with a rotatable member to form a heating nip
Image forming apparatus with an induction heating fixing unit for shortening warm up time
Printing system and method for printing on both surfaces of web
Image forming apparatus and cut sheet conveyance control method
Photoreceptor regenerating apparatus and image forming apparatus using regenerated photoreceptor and method of regenerating photoreceptor
Vertical path sheet jam recovery image forming apparatus
Process cartridge remanufacturing method
Tracking sustained chaos
Method for optimizing a continuous complex system using a set of vertices and dynamic hierarchical constraints
Programmable decoder for irrigation plant, programming procedure for said decoder and centralized irrigation plant comprising a plurality of said decoders
Integrated engineering analysis process with solution feedback
System having a process element with a screen and an activation element for remote-controlled cancellation of a screen saver function
USB key apparatus for interacting with a USB host via a USB port
Synchronous signal processing system
Portable device, information processing apparatus and method for communicating between those
Portable universal serial bus memory device
Method and apparatus to facilitate measurement of quality-of-service performance of a network server
Automated language and interface independent software testing tool
Switch-on-the-fly GBIC disk channel adapter and disk channel system
Computer having control means for determining an operation state of an audio sources selecting switch when the computer is powered on/off, in a standby and a pause states
Process for interfacing a microprocessor with a packet based device and respective system
Interface switching device and terminal using the same
Direct memory access controller
Noise reduction system and method for reducing switching noise in an interface to a large width bus
Hierarchical process management in an intelligent call processing system
Methods, systems and computer program products for tracking network device performance
Weighted wedge defuzzification for conceptual system design evaluation
Method for enhancement in screening throughput
Method and system for activating column triggers in a database management system
Digital audio compensation
Method for determining the computability of data for an active multi-dimensional cache in a relational database management system
Indexing management for hierarchical main memory
Method, apparatus, and system for attaching search results
Learning from empirical results in query optimization
Method and apparatus for searching databases employing a trie search structure
Dynamic taxonomy process for browsing and retrieving information in large heterogeneous data bases
Object-oriented database abstraction and statement generation
Method and system for updating a search engine
Method of and system for dynamically controlling access to data records
System and method for searching disparate file systems
Preventing duplication of the data in reference resource for XML page generation
Real time business process analysis method and apparatus
System and method for generating horizontal view for SQL queries to vertical database
Incremental maintenance of summary tables with complex grouping expressions
Image recognition methods
System and method for facilitating interaction with information stored at a web site
Extraction of high-level features from low-level features of multimedia content
Statistical outlier detection for gene expression microarray data
System and method for efficiently inscribing bullion articles utilizing a milling tool and a numeric controller
Multiple discriminate analysis and data integration of vibration in rotation machinery
System and method for measuring an object
Method and apparatus for proactive dispatch system to improve line balancing
Operating a processing tool in a degraded mode upon detecting a fault
Document service integrated system
Mining emergent weighted association rules utilizing backlinking reinforcement analysis
Bootstrap RSM removal initiation sequence
Sequential RSM presence initiation sequence
Method and apparatus in mark-up language documents for providing mark-up language hidden attributes
Method of securing access to a user having an enhanced security proximity token
Reproduction protection method according to both medium and apparatus protection data and a medium therefor
Data input device for individuals with limited hand function
System and method for scheduling of random commands to minimize impact of locational uncertainty
Data storage subsystem
Pre-reduction technique within a multiplier/accumulator architecture
Computer efficient linear feedback shift register
Method and apparatus for performing single-cycle addition or subtraction and comparison in redundant form arithmetic
Random number generator and generation method
Hardware implementation for modular multiplication using a plurality of almost entirely identical processor elements
Method for calculating arithmetic inverse over finite fields for use in cryptography
System and method for staggering time points for deployment of rings in a fiber optic network simulation plan
Graphical user interface system and method for automatically updating software products on a client computer system
Method and data processing system for emulating virtual memory utilizing threads
Abstraction of configurable processor functionality for operating systems portability
Method and apparatus for collaborative communication in a communication network
Heightened realism for computer-controlled units in real-time activity simulation
Apparatus and method for fingerprint recognition system
Halftone watermarking method and system
Image processing apparatus
Recognition and clustering of connected components in bi-level images
Image processing system with multiple processing units
Biologically-based signal processing system applied to noise removal for signal extraction
Machine decisions based on preferential voting techniques
Microelectromechanical system artificial neural network device
Object-oriented knowledge base system
Notification systems and methods with purpose message in notifications
Notification systems and methods with notifications based upon prior stop locations
Method and system for creating and sending handwritten or handdrawn messages
Method and device for crediting a creditable machine
Apparatus and method for monitoring progress of customer generated trouble tickets
System and method of arranging delivery of advertisements over a network such as the internet
Purchase request apparatus and system
Method and apparatus for content protection in a secure content delivery system
Image processing apparatus, method therefor and recording medium storing image processing program
Embedding digital watermarks in spot colors
Watermarking an image in color plane separations and detecting such watermarks
Image formation process
Method and system for image processing
Model registration method and image processing apparatus
System and method for variably filtering to compensate for a linearly interpolated signal
System and method for correlated noise removal in complex imaging systems
Method and apparatus for correcting crosstalk and spatial resolution for multichannel imaging
Method for analyzing detections in a set of digital images using case based normalcy classification
Image recognition apparatus and image processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining spectral similarity
Method and apparatus for coding moving picture at variable bit rate
Image coding method and apparatus for localized decoding at multiple resolutions
Method and apparatus for selecting macroblock quantization parameters in a video encoder
System for enabling TDD communication in a telephone network and method for using same
Sentence recognition apparatus, sentence recognition method, program, and medium
Receiver for receiving a linear predictive coded speech signal
Method of converting the speech rate of a speech signal, use of the method, and a device adapted therefor
Method and apparatus for real-time video editing using a graphics processor
Non-linear video edit system
List building system
Information storage system capable of recording and playing back a plurality of still pictures
Memory used in packet switching network for successively storing data bits in data storage region and serially outputting data bits and method used therein
Cone beam computed tomography imaging system and method providing efficient utilization of detector area
Real time defect source identification
Low noise converting apparatus
Radio communication system
Method for optical pumping of thin laser media at high average power
Optical system for improving the brightness of a stack of lensed diode lasers
Laser having multiple reflectivity band reflector
Laser having equilateral triangular optical resonators of orienting output
Systems and methods for modulator calibration
Multiple channel class D audio amplifier
Precision automatic gain control circuit
Very high repetition rate power supply system and method
Digital-to-analog converter with plural voltage holding sections, plural step function generators, voltage summing section and integrator
Frequency-lock filtering receiver
Electronic device and unique information management method
Spread spectrum frequency hopping transceiver modulation index control
Vector modulation system and method for wideband impulse radio communications
Spread spectrum signal demodulator
Peak value estimation of sampled signal
Hybrid wireless optical and radio frequency communication link
Laser communication system with source tracking
Optical communication system optically combining both baseband and passband signals
Portable information terminal having wireless communication device
Data communications synchronization using GPS receiver
Method and apparatus for adjusting power control setpoint in a wireless communication system
Phase alignment transmit diversity system for radio communications systems
Receiving apparatus and array combining method
Resource assignment system and method for determining the same
Low voltage indication for non-intelligent ODU equipment
Wireless communications system having a space-time architecture employing multi-element antennas at both the transmitter and receiver
Control unit for a terminal of a digital cordless telecommunication system, and method for such a control unit
System and method for selecting a program in a broadcast
Device for bi-directional transmission of audio and/or video signals
Network auto-provisioning and distributed restoration
Optical transmission system and channel assigning method
Optical transmitter and optical transmitter control method using variable duty ratio setting and alternate phase inversion for optical clock pulses
Mobile VDSL signal detector
Communication system employing a network of power managed transceivers that can generate a clocking signal or enable data bypass of a digital system associated with each transceiver
Simplified switching hub for data communication networks
Transceiver apparatus
Low level mobility mangaement procedures
Integrated customer interface system for communications network management
Unified messaging system and method
Source adaptive digital subscriber line and method
Block decision directed equalization method and apparatus
Symbol estimation using soft-output algorithm and feedback
Equalizing and decoding device for a frequency-selective digital transmission channel
Adaptive configurable demodulation system with multiple operating modes
Method and apparatus for modulation and demodulation related to orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
Synchronous TCP/IP port monitor for enhanced computer system security
Method for defining and controlling the overall behavior of a network processor device
Supervisory control system
Network device incorporating selective compression of stored data packets
Load balancing of chat servers based on gradients
Active stream format for holding multiple media streams
System, apparatus and method for presenting and displaying content on a wide area network
Asset management and scheduling graphical user interface for media streamer
Radio network communication system
Method and system for mobile communication, and a computer product
Timing recovery switching for an adaptive digital broadband beamforming (antenna diversity) for ATSC terrestrial DTV based on segment sync detection
Device and method for burst synchronization and error detection
Advanced three way call detection system and method using spread spectrum techniques
Portable device for coiling cable and amplifying sound
Portable phone device
Apparatus and method for line pair testing and fault diagnostics
Method for handling incoming calls directed to a virtual communication service subscriber via a guest PBX
Signal detector with duration-based frame width
Information communication terminal with mail receiving function
Method and apparatus for handling incoming calls
Telephone set with on hold function
Radio communication device, parent communication device, parent-child communication device and radio communication system
Portable telecommunication apparatus for controlling an electronic utility device
Medical dispatch system
Call blocking based on call properties
Method and apparatus for reducing distortion in a line powered modulator circuit
Portable cordless telephone having an improved ringing device
Telephone with call-incoming-operation limiting function and method of limiting call-incoming operation of telephone
Service system for providing by confirming caller telephone number, service method and medium
Method for providing additional information to a telephone customer having a non-published telephone number
Call center IVR and ACD scripting method and graphical user interface
Application based queuing via an H.323/SIP interface
Copper based interface system and regulated power source
Estimation of local defocus distance and geometric distortion based on scanned image features
Halftone image reproduction
Secondary color modification of a digital image
Flexible video editing architecture with software video effect filter components
Method for operating an image system of an imaging medical examination device and medical examination device
Recording and reproducing apparatus and recording medium
Rate control for bitstream re-encoding
Methods and apparatus for selecting a cut-off index
Image recording and reproducing apparatus
Method and apparatus for digital recording/reproduction of video with superimposed sub-information
Optical disk recording/reproducing apparatus and method thereof
Optical switching apparatus and methods
Integration of all-optical crossconnect functionality in an optical packet switching apparatus
System and method for connecting calls with a time division multiplex matrix
Low latency shared memory switch architecture
Service unit using essential and non-essential service request message classifications
Method and arrangement for netwide call trace in a telecommunication network
Terminal roaming operations between intergenerational wireless networks
Portable communication system and storage medium storing program therefor capable of separately controlling transmission function
Rapidly-deployable fixed wireless communication system and method of switching during operation of same
Network management system access to radio frequency outdoor units in a point-to-multipoint wireless network
Method and apparatus for the selection of radio transmission resources
Method and apparatus for providing prioritized multi-party communication sessions in a wireless communication system
High margin notification method and apparatus
Security procedure in universal mobile telephone service
Method of controlling intersystem hand-off by subtracting margin value from pilot signal strength of other system
Resource allocating and service providing over a wireless network
Communication system and suitable process for running a communication system
Speaker enclosure
Sound guide for speaker and handset for mobile communication using the same
High directivity microphone array
Hearing aid and operating method therefor with control dependent on the noise content of the incoming audio signal
Speaker driving circuit
Processing method for localization of acoustic image for audio signals for the left and right ears
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