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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Soybean cultivar HI1110907
Soybean cultivar NE0912640
Method of biotechnological production of bovine hemoderivative
Selective inhibitors of translesion DNA replication
Lipid formulated compositions and methods for inhibiting expression of a gene from the ebola virus
Nucleic acid molecules, polypeptides, antibodies and compositions for treating and detecting influenza virus infection
Treatment of ovarian cancer with benzylidenebenzohydrazides
Benzonaphthyridinamines as autotaxin inhibitors
Processes for the preparation of pesticidal compounds
Synthesis models for antimicrobial agents via the halogenation of organic/inorganic composites
Gum manufacturing system with loafing and conditioning features
Method and composition to reduce diarrhea in a companion animal
Tool box
Eyelash curler, mascara applicator, mascara container, and mascara remover
Beverage and pill carrier device
Holders for mobile devices
Holster accommodating different sized portable device cases
Adjustable bracket for holding auxiliary equipment for televisions
Drawer assembly
Stowable motorcycle cover
Hanging device
Stackable garment hanger
Two-piece electric coffee maker
Method for controlling a cooking process
Pressure cooker fitted with an information window
Wipes dispenser with self-closing lid
Surgical hand access apparatus
Access port having rollable proximal end
Accelerated Wright-Giemsa and May-Grunwald staining methods
Surgical stapling apparatus including sensing mechanism
Surgical instrument and method of use for releasing soft tissue
Access seal with interstitial channels
Methods of using a catheter having a braided conductive member
Self-expanding cooling electrode for renal nerve ablation
Robotic apparatus for minimally invasive surgery
Method for treating a lung
Electronic eyeglasses
Fluid delivery with in vivo electrochemical analyte sensing
Diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases
Vibrating dental devices
Device, system and method for in-situ drill guide sleeve orientation
Phase-separated block copolymer coatings for implantable medical devices
Self-adjusting mechanical gastric band
Controlled release pharmaceutical compositions of pregabalin
Flanged graft for end-to-side anastomosis
Intervertebral fusion device and method of use
Cervical disc replacement
Fallopian tube occlusion devices and methods
Markers for selecting personalized therapies for the treatment of cancer
Treatment of viral infections by modulation of host cell metabolic pathways
Small molecule inhibitors for the treatment or prevention of dengue virus infection
Pyrrole inhibitors of S-nitrosoglutathione reductase
Compositions and methods for treating fibroproliferative disorders
Linked purine pterin HPPK inhibitors useful as antibacterial agents
Solid preparation for dialysis
Composition and method to alleviate joint pain using a mixture of fish oil and fish oil derived, choline based, phospholipid bound fatty acid mixture including polyunsaturated EPA and DHA
Water resistant compositions containing a lactone compound and an amine compound chosen from amino alcohol compounds and alkoxylated amine compounds
Natural colorant and methods thereof
Compositions and methods for treatment and management of pain
Stable anti-TNFR1 polypeptides, antibody variable domains and antagonists
Antibodies binding to adrenomedullin receptors and uses thereof as drugs
Influenza hemagglutinin and neuraminidase variants
Antagonists against TNFR1 and methods of use therefor
Uniform field magnetization and targeting of therapeutic formulations
Xenobiotic related induction of gene expression
Composite body for antigen or drug delivery
Nitroimidazole-amino acid hypoxia contrast medium, preparation method and use thereof
Gelled composite
Platelet rich plasma/stem cell dispensing system and methods thereof
Adapter for use in connecting to a first percutaneous introducer
Methods for maintaining a filtering device within a lumen
Method for delivering an agent to the abdomen
Safety needle pack
Device, kit and method for placing jejunal tube device through stomach and into small intestine
Dye composition using a 2-hydroxynaphthalene, (acylamino)phenol or quinoline coupler in a fatty-substance-rich medium, dyeing process and device therefor
Respirator having foam shaping layer with recessed regions surrounding air passageways
Exercise device
Exercise device with a linear drive mechanism
Corable containers and accessories
Rowing exercise device
Golf training equipment
Method and apparatus for manipulating character of soccer game
Autoplay mechanism for wagering game systems
Apparatus and method for generating numbers
Dollhouse and method of folding the dollhouse
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for the recovery of oleaginous compounds from biomass
Methods and apparatus for controlling moisture in plant oils and liquid biofuels
Automated cellular material preparation
Moisture-permeable separating membrane material
Diesel engine exhaust purification system
Particle filter and manufacturing method therefor
Device for stretching a polymer in a fluid sample
Activated nano carbon and nano composite containing activated nano carbon, as well as methods for their preparation
Shredder that produces crinkle paper stripes
Collapsible sifter
Separating device for separating magnetic or magnetizable particles present in suspension
Method and device for gas cleaning
Mixture of an amine alkoxylate ester and a quaternary ammonium compound as a collector for minerals containing silicate
Switchable hand shower
Sorting apparatus
Method of degrading TBP using a photosynthetic bacterial strain
Method for manufacturing a bolting part, tool for implementing the method, and device for tightening and loosening such a bolting part
Fastener driving tool
Reopening of cooling-air bores using a nanosecond laser in the microsecond range
Systems and methods to feed a wire within a welder
Pressurized dual fluid jet system
Abrasive article for shaping of industrial materials
Apparatuses, systems, and associated methods for forming porous masses for smoke filter
Pressure vessel
Seal ring
Fire and smoke suppressing surface for substrates
Acoustic component and method and apparatus for producing same
Pneumatic tire and manufacturing method of pneumatic tire
Glass package for sealing a device, and system comprising glass package
Heat storage microcapsules and manufacturing method thereof
Adhesive composition, varnish, adhesive film and wiring film
Breathable laminate and method of making same
Magnetic receptive printable media
Method for improving the surface appearance and processing of plastics recovered from durable goods
Wafer-to-wafer oxide fusion bonding
Tape device
Semiconductor die pick-up apparatus and method of picking up semiconductor die using the same
Anti-fouling surface, and radiation source assembly and fluid treatment system comprising same
Marking device for golf balls
Paper basis weight sensing device and method, and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Image forming apparatus
Ink filling method and inkjet recording apparatus
Ink jet head and ink jet printing apparatus with driving channels and dummy channels
Edge-justified printing with a crowned roller
Bookbinding apparatus
Booklet stacker, ring-binding device, ring-binding system, and booklet stacking method
Magnetic recording medium and method of manufacturing
Mounted assemblies for aircraft, wheels and tires
Split ply tires and bead area monocomponents
Tire tube
Suspension lift kit for quad cycle
Self charging electric vehicle
Electronic shift lever
Non-contact sensor and shift lever device
Vehicle seat
Vehicle seat
Braking control system
Vehicle vibration suppression device
Portable shopping cart with collapsible basket and seating for multiple children
Reciprocating motion apparatus for a stroller
Spare tire carrier for truck
Folding scooter
Crank arm
Rowing shoe retaining system
Hybrid marine drivetrain
No-spill funnel system
Portable barrel for containing beverage
Liquid filling kit
Microplate handling systems and related computer program products and methods
Transport system for sheet material
Rotary apparatus for transferring bottles or containers in general
Sheet conveyance unit and image forming apparatus including same
Device for reading out especially flexible imaging plates
Sheet conveyance device, and image forming apparatus having the same
Tool to aid in the caulking process
Liquid control mobility (LCM) receptacles
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Catalyst for generating hydrogen and method for generating hydrogen
Ion transport membrane reactor systems and methods for producing synthesis gas
Process to produce lithium carbonate directly from the aluminosilicate mineral
Assembly and method for separating magnetisable particles from a liquid
Extruded fiber reinforced cementitious products having stone-like properties and methods of making the same
Method of reducing the odour of sulphur-bound products
Sintering process for thermoelectric materials
Process for 1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene from trifluoromethane
Agomelatine and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
Energy efficient method and apparatus for the extraction of lower alcohols from dilute aqueous solution
Dehydrogenation of cyclohexanone to produce phenol
Carbon nanoring, method for producing same, compound suitable as starting material for producing the carbon nanoring, and method for producing the compound
2-[[[2-[(hydroxyacetyl)amino]-4-pyridinyl]methyl]thio]-N-[4-(trifluorometh- oxy)phenyl]-3-pyridinecarboxamide benzenesulfonate, crystal of same, crystal polymorph thereof, and methods for production thereof
Uracil derivatives as AXL and c-MET kinase inhibitors
Catalyst for preparing carboxylic acids and/or carboxylic anhydrides
3-hydroxy-6H-benzo [C] chromene-6-one derivative and manufacturing method thereof
Fatty acid lenalidomide derivatives and their uses
Process for the preparation of 3-(3-chloro-1H-pyrazol-1-yl)pyridine
Process for the preparation of 3-(3-chloro-1H-pyrazol-1-yl)pyridine
Substituted bicyclic aromatic carboxamide and urea compounds as vanilloid receptor ligands
Aminodihydrothiazine derivatives
Thienopyridine NOX2 inhibitors
Process for preparation of acetals
3,7-disubstituted octahydro-2H-pyrido[4,3-E][1,3]oxazin-2-one antibiotics
Methods for improved DNA release from binding substrates and/or decreasing PCR inhibition in pathogen detection
Synthetic genes and genetic constructs
Humanized anti-EGFR antibody L4-H3 and coding gene thereof
Antibodies against tropomyosin-related kinase B receptors
Colored photosensitive composition
Polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS)-linked ligands
Polyvinylidene fluoride resin composition, white resin film, and backsheet for solar cell module
Process for production of surface-modified polymer structures
Oral composition containing an antiplatelet agent of the thienopyridine family in the form of free base
Bituminous composition
Fluoropolymer additive for coatings
Process for producing a low VOC coating composition and use thereof
Method and system for processing viscous liquid crude hydrocarbons
Demulsifying of hydrocarbon feeds
Odorant addition device and fuel gas supply system
Thickened grease composition
Process for the preparation of fatty acid alkyl esters (biodiesel) from triglyceride oils using eco-friendly solid base catalysts
Enzyme composition comprising enzyme containing polymer particles
Method for production of an alcoholic beverage with reduced content of alcohol
DNA intercalator detection
Sensor for biomolecules
Altering the interface of hydrocarbon-coated surfaces
Photoalkanogens with increased productivity
ACP promoter
Plants having altered growth and/or development resulted from modulated expression of ubiquitin-specific proteases and a method for making the same
Methods for the preparation of fibroblasts
Generation of patient-specific differentiated cell types by epigenetic induction
Pneumovirus compositions and methods for using the same
Isolation and characterization of a novel pythium omega 3 desaturase with specificity to all omega 6 fatty acids longer than 18 carbon chains
Method for producing functional microbially fermented tea extract containing polyphenol derivative
Anti-phospho-Akt antibodies
Date-rape drug detector
Procedure for structural characterization of a recombinant polyclonal protein or a polyclonal cell line
Method for case hardening a component by means of oil jets and device for carrying out said method
Steel wire tempering liquid wiping device
Method and device for breaking up ore
Gallium-68 purification
Product having functional layer and method for fabricating the same
Substrate processing apparatus
Method and device for coating of a medical implant
Textiles; Paper
System and method for manufacturing carbon nanotubes
Abrasive articles including abrasive particles bonded to an elongated body, and methods of forming thereof
Fixed Constructions
Drainage device for closed chamber containing liquid
Retaining wall block system
Sound-absorbing member lamination structure
Downspout dissipator
Surgeon lift system
Double window/door system for blocking infrared light
Window edge space filler and window covering
Self-locking bi-foldable load bearing segment
Positive locked slim hole suspension and sealing system with single trip deployment and retrievable tool
System and method for casing hanger running
Method for conveying balls downhole using a ball carrier medium
Barrier valve system and method of closing same by withdrawing upper completion
Cutting tool assembly including retainer sleeve with compression band
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Air diffuser system for industrial pumps
Turbomachine blade
Ventilation fan
Cooled component wall in a turbine engine
Domestic combined heat and power system
Valve timing control apparatus of internal combustion engine
Constructed slide cam unit
Seal mechanism
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Tethered airborne wind power generator system
Wellbore fluid removal systems and methods
Protrusion anchor assembly
Quick release system and method
Diaphragm seal for strut bearing
Shaft for transmitting torques
Magnetic pulse formed vehicle driveshaft and method of making same
Torque transmission device
Displacement drive
Vehicular transmission with power take-off unit
Hydraulic regeneration apparatus
Chain belt-type variable transmission
Pulley device for tensioning idler or runner roller
Pumping seal having projections for axially positioning a biasing member
Light source module and illumination apparatus having the same
Retro-fit luminaire assembly
LED bulb with amplifying edge-emitting light structure
LED lamp
Luminaire barrier or closure device
LED component, LED module and method for manufacturing the LED component
Luminaire having inner flow path
LED projection lamp
Illumination device and illumination system
Lens module for LED light sources
Electronic censer
Light guide plate and backlight module including same
Collimating light injectors for edge-lit backlights
Combustion chamber and method for damping pulsations
Transparent fluid recirculation reservoir system
Method and system for concentration of solar thermal energy
Underground thermal battery storage system
Slurry line charge mine clearance system and method
Scent delivery devices and methods of use
Configurable broadhead arrowhead
Airflow measuring device
Method and system of monitoring mass in a pulverized coal fired furnace
Method and apparatus for providing image data
Optical sensor
Method of estimating a floor temperature of a solid floor
On die thermal sensor of semiconductor memory device
Fluorescent nanoscopy device and method
Functionalised polymers for binding metal surfaces
Hydrogen and electrical power generator
Method and kits for determining platelet susceptibility to activation in a patient
Saturation assay
Screening assay for insecticides
System and method for the analysis of DNA sequences in biological fluids
Quantum dot photo-field-effect transistor
Semiconductor wafer and method for auto-calibrating integrated circuit chips using PLL at wafer level
Sharpened, oriented contact tip structures
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Multi-purpose PET device
Spectrally resolved pulse height analysis for neutron-gamma discrimination
NQR detection from continuous Rabi transitions
System and method for dynamically controlling odor emission
Removable window insulator
Optical module and signal transmission medium
Efficient backside-emitting/collecting grating coupler
Method of making and prescribing tinted lenses
Projection apparatus
Near-field exposure mask, resist pattern forming method, device manufacturing method, near-field exposure method, pattern forming method, near-field optical lithography member, and near-field nanoimprint method
Method for generating music
RFID tag with environmental sensor
Pressure control device
System and method for betting
Commodity information display apparatus and method for displaying commodity information in different forms
Card reader
Thin semiconductor device and operation method of thin semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for promoting desired on-line activities using on-line games
Cocktail-ring with self-defense alarm
Digital electronic system for automatic shut off and turn on of electrical and gas operated appliances
System and method of anomaly detection with categorical attributes
Arrow mounted tracking apparatus
System for remote control through computing cloud
Method and system for acquisition of literacy
Method for expressing haptic information using control information, and system for transmitting haptic information
Acoustic container
Tremolo lock
Percussion instrument mounting apparatus
Sheet for producing multilayer optical recording medium, multilayer optical recording medium, and adhesive
Phase change device having phase change recording film, and phase change switching method for phase change recording film
Method for preparing water-soluble nanoparticles and their dispersions
Dielectric fluids comprising polyol esters
Integrated electro-mechanical actuator
Key assembly and mobile terminal having the same
Gas blast circuit breaker
Wireless electric power supply type light-emitting element and light-emitting device
Induction fluorescent lamp with amalgam chamber
Method and apparatus for photon counting with optical space spreading
Compact camera modules with features for reducing Z-height and facilitating lens alignment and methods for manufacturing the same
High pressure discharge lamp with multiple arc tubes
On-chip poly-to-contact process monitoring and reliability evaluation system and method of use
Method for manufacturing solar cell
Semiconductor device with replacement metal gate and method for selective deposition of material for replacement metal gate
Method for manufacturing semiconductor devices having a metallisation layer
Method of forming electrodes for a solar battery
Semiconductor device
Methods of patterning block copolymer layers
Tunneling field-effect transistor with direct tunneling for enhanced tunneling current
Stringer-free gate electrode for a suspended semiconductor fin
Integrated circuits and methods for fabricating integrated circuits with improved silicide contacts
Integrated circuit layout
Semiconductor packages with reduced solder voiding
Semiconductor device including semiconductor chip mounted on lead frame
Three dimensional stacked structure for chips
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
SRAM cell with individual electrical device threshold control
Resistive switching memories
Display device
Memristor comprising film with comb-like structure of nanocolumns of metal oxide embedded in a metal oxide matrix
LED module
Composite high-k gate dielectric stack for reducing gate leakage
Methods of forming silicon/germanium protection layer above source/drain regions of a transistor and a device having such a protection layer
Power transistor device with super junction
Process for forming a surrounding gate for a nanowire using a sacrificial patternable dielectric
Nitride semiconductor device
Spin transistor, and semiconductor device, memory device, microprocessor, processor, system, data storage system and memory system including the spin transistor
Non-volatile memory device and method for manufacturing same
Radiation-collecting device
Photoelectric conversion device and method for manufacturing the same
Photovoltaic device including flexible substrate or inflexible substrate and method for manufacturing the same
Multi-color light emitting devices with compositionally graded cladding group III-nitride layers grown on substrates
Lead frame for optical semiconductor device and optical semiconductor device using the same
Multi-quantum well LED structure with varied barrier layer composition
Hybrid solar receiver and concentrating solar system comprising the same
Gaussian surface lens quantum photon converter and methods of controlling LED colour and intensity
Piezoelectric device
Method of fabricating Ag-doped Te-based nano-material and memory device using the same
Binuclear metal complex, and organic electroluminescence element comprising same
Nonaqueous electrolyte solution and electrochemical element using same
Separator for gel electrolyte storage batteries
Fuel cell stack with combined flow patterns in a fuel cell stack or an electrolysis cell stack
Deposition quantity measuring apparatus, deposition quantity measuring method, and method for manufacturing electrode for electrochemical element
High rate, long cycle life electrochemical energy storage devices
Degenerate doping of metallic anodes
Negative electrode material for a nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and a method for its manufacture
Transfer mechanism
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Fuel cell system with variable Coanda amplifiers for gas recirculation and system pressure regulation
Fuel cell system with a liquid separator
Gas diffusion electrode and production method for same; membrane electrode assembly and production method for same
Fuel cell system and method of controlling operation of a plurality of fuel cells
Methods and apparatus for increasing biofilm formation and power output in microbial fuel cells
Compact microwave distributed-element dual-mode bandpass filter
Electrical connector assembly with environmental shield
Junction box, solar cell and method for installing bus bar in junction box
Wire harness protector
Wire harness protector
Battery charging system for a hybrid electric vehicle
Identifying and amerliorating a deteriorating condition for battery networks in-situ
Magnetic electrical contact system
Vibration generator
Hydrodynamic bearing assembly and spindle motor having the same
Spindle motor and method of manufacturing the same
Cooling structure of rotating electric machine
Current control circuit and method thereof for a power converter
System and method for controlling speed of motor
Motor controlling circuit, motor driving device and method of driving motor
Linearization circuit and related techniques
Semiconductor device that can adjust propagation time of internal clock signal
Filter assembly
Cascaded diplexer circuit
Semiconductor device having serializer converting parallel data into serial data to output serial data from output buffer circuit
Time division multiplexed limited switch dynamic logic
Time division multiplexed limited switch dynamic logic
Wave form distortion removing apparatus for a communication network
Bonding structure of diaphragm for microspeaker
Load driving apparatus and driving method thereof
LED current balance driving circuit
Insulated power supply device and lighting device
LED lighting devices having a control system operative in multiple modes
Illumination system, and driving device and signal transmitter device thereof
Single inductor control of multi-color LED systems
Transparent flexible printed wiring board and method for manufacturing the same
Protection cover support seat structure for tablet display apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Garden and landscaping implement
Sand fighter
Combine having a feeding device for transferring and an outlet zone for discharging straw, chaff and like materials
Vibrating sand sifting toy
Centrifugal brake for fishing reel
Patty-forming mold plate assembly
Apparatus for a reusable, heated ice cream scoop containing supercoolable salt solution
Orientation mechanism
Strap for a snowboard boot, binding or interface
Eyeglass case stand
Depilation system with a depilation device and a cooling device
Apparatus for dispensing a heated post-foaming gel
Reclosable dispenser package, reclosable outlet forming structure and method and apparatus for making same
Electrical connection tower as a push-in part
Gun barrel rest with detachable extender
Apparatus for retracting a television to a stored position and extending the television to a viewing position
Drawer slide undermount bracket with flexible locking tab
Mobile storage system
Padded ladder protector
Rocking chair conversion apparatus
Adjust button of gas cylinder of chair used as palm message
Baby carrier having pad
Swing seat
Highchair with horizontally adjustable tray
Feed spring
Device for dispensing round-shaped articles without jamming
Method of and apparatus for attracting and conveying conveyable objects, and process of and system for checking in an eating establishment
Device for suspending object such as fruit
Display container
Articulable container
Illuminatable beverage accessory device
Garment hanger
Food serving and pan system
Food product cooking basket
Container and cartridge for dispensing controlled amounts of paper products
Dispensing machine for wipe material with the reel in a frontal position
Device for controlling and limiting the drum rotation in a wiping material dispenser
Kit for enhanced use of an otoscope
Vaginal speculum and method of using same
Structure for vagina speculum
Biopsy extractor
Surgical retractor and related surgical approach to access the anterior lumbar region
Method of retracting a portion of a patient's body
Surgical retractor having low-friction actuating means and contoured blade arms
Suture organizing and retaining device and base member for surgical retractor
Vessel cutting device
Combined surgical drill and surgical screw guide
Anterior cervical plating system, instrumentation, and method of installation
Reaming tool for reaming bone canals
Surgical extraction device
Expandable atherectomy burr
Method and apparatus for creating channels through vascular total occlusions
Double scalpel
Ultrasonic vibrator capable of infallably preventing drops of water from entering the inside of a casing of the vibrator even if autoclave sterilization without a drying process is performed
Ultrasonic surgical device having an embedding surface and a coagulating surface
Active intramedullary nail for the distraction of bone parts
Spinal fixation system
Electrocoagulation apparatus
PMR device and method
Microdrive for probes
Apparatus to prevent radiation source delivery device from being contaminated during brachytherapy procedure
Sheath and applicator for surgical instrument
Flicker-induced interocular transfer-of-oxygenation for non-invasively assessing neural integrity of a patient's central nervous system
Portable remote patient telemonitoring system
Large area array single exposure digital mammography
Methods and apparatus for providing an indicator of autonomic nervous system function
Method for using breath carbon monoxide concentration measurements to detect pregnant women at risk for or experiencing various pathological conditions relating to pregnancy
Method and apparatus for automated acquisition of the glasgow coma score (AGCS)
Multimedia feature for diagnostic instrumentation
Method and device for measuring cognitive efficiency
Instrumental measurement of the neuro-psycho-physical state of a person
Treatment-diagnostic apparatus having a positioning device for a patient
Sensor and method for detecting very low frequency acoustic signals
Ultrasonic signal processor for a hand held ultrasonic diagnostic instrument
Three-dimensional ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
Blister pack for artificial teeth of prosthetic use
Powdering attachment for applying powder to tooth surfaces
Medicinal or dental hand instrument
Tooth whitening device and method of using same
Dental instrument for use in root canal obturation
One step dental implant delivery system
Tampon applicator with taped finger grip
Bag for at least partially enveloping a heart
Systems and methods for deploying a biosensor in conjunction with a prosthesis
Intraluminal implantation device
Penis extension device
Penile ring
Method for diagnosing and improving vision
Transparent film assembly for a protective goggle with a renewable viewing surface
Control inputs for a balancing personal vehicle
Multi-functional wheel chair
Vibratory patient support system
Therapy and training device
Bottle adapter
Spray device containing nitrogen-carbon dioxide propellent gas mixture
Process for effecting sterile connections of medical tubing by way of terminally sterilizing an isolated fluid filled connected area
Sterilizer horizontal motorized sliding door closure
Semi-compliant catheter balloons and methods of manufacture thereof
Louver air freshener
Pumping or mixing system using a levitating magnetic element
Method of removing beta-2 microglobulin from blood
Method and system for the treatment of hyperkinetic atrial arrhythmia
Catheter tip insert
Pumping cartridge including a bypass valve and method for directing flow in a pumping cartridge
Medication delivery apparatus
Implantable fluid delivery device for basal and bolus delivery of medicinal fluids
Fluid flow resistance monitoring system
Aspirating dental syringe with needle shield
Therapeutic flexible magnetic sheet and method
Cell necrosis apparatus
Radiation delivery system utilizing intravascular ultrasound
System and method for intravascular ionizing tandem radiation therapy
Process for the stabilization of soluble chromium contaminated solid by down draft sintering
Adaptable range-of-motion exercise apparatus
Selectorized dumbbell
Exercise treadmill expansion control system
Elliptical exercise method and apparatus
Treadmill having a walking belt whose running speed is automatically adjusted
Solid golf ball
Golf ball
Multi-layer golf ball
Water-skimming sport ball for use in competitive water play
Production method of golf ball
Cap hosel for polar balanced putter
Golf club head with bounce channel
Golf bag having a longitudinal stay and a retainer clip therefor
Golf driving range sighting device
Automated batting tee apparatus
Golf swing trainer and exerciser
Basketball safety return II
Martial arts physical interaction device and method
Golf putting practice
Training device
Pneumatic golf ball launching device
Device for dressing a grindstone to polish the running surface structure of a ski
Kit for converting a bicycle to a snow bike
Independent suspension vehicle truck for supporting a ground contacting device
In-line skate frame protector
High performance skate
Sliding vehicle for snow sport
Tool-free adjustable binding strap
System for remotely activating a sound in a game unit
Board game and method for teaching fundamental aspects of advocacy, debating, negotiation and judicial decision-making
Multi-draw poker
Chess game for multiple players
Method of playing a group participation game
Game system, corresponding method and adapted devices
Multi-function puzzle
Motion induced sound and light generating system
Pivoting-arm giant swing amusement ride
Motion toy
Method of setting a boomerang toy in motion
Sand sculpture tool kit
Bubble blowing device with multi-color effects and varying air flow pressure
Mounting for jumps
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for mixing materials in a bag with a movable plunger
Device and method with spiral mixing pipe for coagulating/condensing waste water
Mixing device
Method for transporting at least one vaporous substance through the wall of a vacuum chamber and into the vacuum chamber and a device for executing and utilizing the method
Microdispensing system for the open-jet dispensing of liquids
Microdosing device
Rotor flow matching to mineral breaking chamber
Cutting mill
Dynamic control and enhanced chemical milling of ceramics to submicron particle sizes
Circuit grinding apparatus with high pressure roller mill and sifter
Method of separating plastic
Method for the automatic control of a blood centrifuge
Control of separation performance in a centrifuge by controlling a temperature differential therein
Rotor for centrifuge having a specimen holder that accomodates an increased number of specimens
Silenced blowing nozzle
Rotational nozzle atomizer
Device for connecting a pump
Low capacity pump with enhanced compatibility
Metering dispenser for powder and granules
Hand holdable pump spray apparatus
Needle valve actuator for hot melt adhesive hand applicator and a method for operating the same
Plaster ejector gun with disposable cartridge
Extended bandwidth ultrasonic transducer and method
In situ formation of phosphate barriers in soil
Methods and apparatuses for reagent delivery, reactive barrier formation, and pest control
Method and device for disposing of lubricants from a plain bearing
Shuttle car conveyor for conveyable material
Vehicle body frame for motorcycle and it fabrication method
Crankshaft casting pattern and method
Closure plate and a slide gate on the outlet of container containing molten metal
Portable work bench
Hand-held tool with a linear oscillating drive
Gear shaping method and device and spiral bevel gear cutter
Electrochemical machining process, electrode therefor and turbine bucket with turbulated cooling passage
Method of application of copper solution in flip-chip, COB, and micrometal bonding
Sheet guiding device and method of production
Closed loop solder wave height control system
Determination of quality of bonding between a conductive ball and a conductive pad within an IC package
System and method for securing a radially inserted integral closure bucket to a turbine rotor wheel assembly having axially inserted buckets
Process for manufacturing an impeller
Turbine nozzle segment and method of repairing same
Tool mount for moving elements
Material support tool used for routers
Device for changing bending tools
Machine tool with improved tool changer means
Foward feed device
Apparatus for reducing the roughness and abrasive shedding of coating tapes
Method and apparatus for mechanical and chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic substrates with metal compound abrasives
Method and apparatus for polishing semiconductor wafers
Hand-held power tool
Grinding device with dust collecting mechanism
Method of demounting silicon wafers after polishing
Sound enhanced lapping process
Method and apparatus for polishing
Apparatus and methods for substantial planarization of solder bumps
Apparatus and methods for substantial planarization of solder bumps
Apparatus and methods for substantial planarization of solder bumps
Apparatus and methods for substantial planarization of solder bumps
Apparatus and methods for substantial planarization of solder bumps
Apparatus and methods for substantial planarization of solder bumps
Apparatus and methods for substantial planarization of solder bumps
Process for producing a semiconductor wafer
Planar/grinder for glass
Bilateral automatic machine for edge-machining plates of glass, stone-like materials and the like
Methods of polishing microelectronic substrates, and methods of polishing wafers
Apparatus and method for milling multiple end surface on a textile package
Process for roughening a surface
Clamping device for a workbench
Rotary clamp having predetermined adjustable clamping angles
Tool box with lateral sides for holding marked plates
Tool case with movable insert
Tool box having pivotable bit receiving members
Socket suspension rack
Lifting handle for plug-in IOTs
Wood planing machine that permits motor-driven height adjustment of a cutter carriage
Shaping apparatus for forming pattern on surface of civil engineering structure using concrete
Mold for molding tire
Device and method for separating a shaped substrate from a stamping tool
Method of making a fuel tank assembly
Cam mechanism with side action for compression molding process
Plastic made rectangular airtight container for food
Apparatus for forming pattern onto article during injection molding
Method and apparatus for molding plastic
Mold collet lifting ring
Apparatus for molding resin products
Blow molding machine for low-waste blow molding
System for identifying and rejecting defective blow-molded plastic products
Separator cartridge
Plastic lens systems, compositions, and methods
Self-aligning spool and method for storing strip components
Tire curing press center mechanism
Seal bar mechanism for bag machines
Method of producing mutliwall plastic bags, especially tie bags
Output chute for cushioning conversion machine
Packaging tray
Composite sports racket
Apparatus for controlling pen-to-print medium spacing
Compact printer system and novel capping mechanism
Ink-jet printing system having an improved sheet transport mechanism
Printing device with optimized print head positioning logic
Computer-to-cylinder type lithographic printing method and apparatus
Ink composition, pattern forming method, and color filter
Printhead array compensation device designs
Ink jet printer and method for printing in the ink jet printer
Ink jet apparatus, ink jet apparatus driving method, and storage medium for storing ink jet apparatus control program
Method and system for improving the print quality of a printer
Acoustic ejection of fluids using large F-number focusing elements
Micromachined fluid ejector systems and methods having improved response characteristics
Ink-jet head device with a multi-stacked PZT actuator
Thermally actuated ink jet printing mechanism having a series of thermal actuator units
Printing cartridge with two dimensional code identification
Differential thermal ink jet printing mechanism
Ballistic aerosol marking apparatus with non-wetting coating
Kinetic fusing of a marking material
Ballistic aerosol marking apparatus with stacked electrode structure
Method of marking a substrate employing a ballistic aerosol marking apparatus
Ink jet recording head, ink jet recording cartridge, and recording apparatus
Pump action refill ink jet printing mechanism
Printhead assembly and method of using same
Wiper blade mechanism for ink jet printers
Ink cartridge with alignment features and method of inserting cartridge into a printer receptacle
Capped liquid container and a cap
Ink cartridge for ink-jet printing apparatus
Color printing using a vertical nozzle array head
Printing apparatus performing print registration
Automatic top-of-form calibration of a printer
Book cover and book binding system using the book cover
Filing elements such as a suspended file or file folder as well as a machine for the fabrication of such filing elements
Keepsake sleeve
Pencil having a rotatable ferrule for exposing the eraser
Efficient fluid dispensing utensil
Writing device for practice in writing characters
Illuminable refractive illusional surface
Rim intended to receive a support ring
Means and method for attaching FRP wheels
Pneumatic tire including axial grooves having different widths and tread elements having different lengths
Pneumatic tire tread having groove with peaks and valleys
Tire having low rolling resistance, in particular for driving wheels of heavy vehicles
Pneumatic tire having electrically conductive rubber layer in land portion defined between circumferential grooves
Pair of high-transverse-curvature tires for two-wheeled vehicles having different belt structures and method of controlling the behavior of such vehicles on a bend
Anti-skid device
Pneumatic tire for wheels of multiple-track vehicles
Pneumatic safety tire with rubber-organic filament fiber layer
Camper trailer hitch conversion system
Compressible fluid suspension system
Hydraulic suspension system
Vehicle body mount with anti-rotation feature
Vehicular traction system
Lightweight, adjustable-height, axle
Air conditioner unit
Interior structure of a mass transit vehicle
Expansion valve of an air conditioning system in an automobile
Cover for all terrain vehicles
Protective vehicle cover
Protective shield for off-road vehicles
Side impact beam
Applique for vehicle B-pillar
Vehicle door, in particular a tailgate
Folding top mechanism of a folding roof for a convertible
Motor vehicle roof with at least two covers located in a common roof opening
Process for controlling a roof of a vehicle which is to be opened in a power-operated manner by means of an operating device
Cross folding convertible top
Canopy rain cover for a golf cart
Device for influencing the air flow in the area of an openable motor vehicle roof
Filler neck closure assembly
Filler assembly for automobile fuel tank
Suspension system for a drive assembly of a motor vehicle
Transmission for hybrid electric vehicle
Part retainer
Seat slide apparatus
Wheelchair with retractable wheels for conversion to vehicle passenger seat
Child seat anchoring structure
Vehicle seat
Seat-receiving structure for vehicle
Vehicle body with reconfigurable back panel
Vehicle seat
Oscillating damped energy management device
Vehicle seat connection assembly
Control device for trailer gates
Food service trailer
Tie-down strap anchor and storage assembly
Exterior courtesy lighting/fender mounted
Double walled carrier plate and related mirror assembly
Side-view mirrors
Trailer tow mirror
Thread-insert arrangement
Body side moulding
Plastic molding with electrical contacts
Energy absorbing bumper
Energy absorption, rotation and redirection system for use with racing vehicles and a surrounding barrier
Apparatus and method for protecting a vehicle occupant utilizing a correlation between an occupant-associated center and a distance to an occupant-associated surface
Vehicle exterior mirror system with signal light
Gas bag module
Knee-retaining device for a vehicle
Deployable A-pillar covers for pedestrian protection
Deployable hinge for pedestrian protection vehicle hood
Belt winder for a vehicle occupant seat belt
Belt retractor for a vehicle safety belt
Seat belt retractor
Belt reel for a belt retractor of a vehicle occupant restraint system
Seat belt retractor
Assembly unit consisting of a belt retractor and a belt tensioner drive
Roll-up cargo-space cover for motor vehicle
Protective device for the interior of a motor vehicle
Vehicle article carrier with supports configurable elevated siderails or flush mounted slats
Door assembly module and method
ECP manifold vent valve insert
Vehicle brake control apparatus for controlling normal wheel brakes upon detection of defective wheel brake or brakes
Brake fluid pressure retaining unit
Slave operated self-contained hydraulic brake system for towed trailers and other vehicles
Brass insert molded into "church window" of service accelerated release valve gasket
Hydraulic vehicle brake system
Vehicle brake control assembly with an integral vehicle motion sensor
Methods for improving braking performance in electronically-controlled hydraulic brake systems
Arrangement for absorption of energy released on impact
Method and apparatus for detecting defective track wheels
Locomotive whistle controlled railroad grade crossing warning system
Transportation system
Canoe caddy
Collapsible stroller
Collapsible stroller
Vehicle front end construction through the use of hydroformed tubes
Beam connection
De-coupling mechanism for separating axial radial spring rates in an elastomeric mounting/isolation system
Variable assist power steering system and flow control valve therefor
Steering damper
Reduced sound transmitting idler for track-type vehicles
Underbeam axle lift assembly
Bicycle derailleur having cable connected to upper link arm without substantial bending
Supporting structure for a fork stem in a bicycle and a process of manufacturing a supporting portion for a fork stem in a bicycle
Vehicle having damping force generating mechanism
Cycle with animation display
Retaining device of scooter battery set
Underwater towing of marine vessels
Dual buoy single point mooring and fluid transfer system
Modified underwater diving mask
Watercraft hydraulic apparatus
Shift linkage
Unitary inboard electric marine propulsion system
Propeller deflector
One piece spinner
System and method for compensating structural vibrations of an aircraft caused by outside disturbances
Axial flow turbines
Anti-torque and yaw-control system for a rotary-wing aircraft
Actuator for an active transmission mount isolation system
Precision parachute recovery system
Satellite dispenser
Satellite vehicle shipping container
System for printing and applying tape onto surfaces
Bag opening holder
Drop box container
Compartmented container
Produce bag with improved strength and loading features
Container and method of manufacturing a container
Thermoplastic bag with offset fastener
Product dispensing system and method
Easy opening closure with strippable core member
Multiple-thread screw thread arrangement with diverse thread turn runout arrangement
Push-pull closure comprising a double safety seal
Top lift handle container carrier
Container and foldable panel employing a plurality of gas pockets
Aerosol valve assembly for spraying viscous materials or materials with large particulates
Dispensing head for varying sizes of dispensing members
Envelope having ring binder holes
Flexible container with supporting side beams
Collapsible container
Octagon shaped stackable flexible intermediate bulk container and method of manufacture
Vehicle transportation module
Conveyor system
Transport device
Method and apparatus for transferring pallets around an end terminal in a conveyor assembly
Rope assembly for mechanical conveyors
Apparatus for transporting bulk materials
Excited base conveyor system
Driving mechanism for shaking table
Differential impulse conveyor assembly and method
Container tipping device and associated method
Article transfer apparatus
Rotary plate feeder
Auto sheet feeder
Apparatuses and methods for cutting and spooling paper
Frictional feeder for paper stacks or the like
Singling apparatus for flat sheet material
Method and apparatus for picking up papers
Finisher for an image forming apparatus
Gripper mechanism for device for handling object in the form of sheets or plates, in particular for post processing machine
Apparatus for handling and texturizing yarn having enhanced false twister, electro-mechanical yarn detector, and yarn take-up distance extender and associated methods
Electrician's fish tape reel assembly and fish tape winder-puller
Cable installing method and apparatus
Expandable core plug
Retractable hose reel assemblies with locking mechanisms for preventing winding and/or unwinding
Apparatus for reducing radial friction in a wire winding box
Power control including a secondary battery for powering an elevator
Device and method of hanging elevator pads
Arrangement for guiding a car cable
Lifting tool for automatic centering and 180 degree rotation
Hydraulic floor jack with stabilizing structure
Container for dispensing fluid, comprising a pressure control device with activation step
Arm-mountable liquid dispensing apparatus
Articulated arm for transferring fluid products balanced by means of a spring over a wide range of movement
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Device for the mixing and subsequent atomizing of liquids
Thermostable back-surface mirrors
Glass ferrule optical fiber connectors
Textiles; Paper
Process and apparatus for manufacturing chopped thermoplastic fibers
Fixed Constructions
Method for collecting liquid spillage at rail facilities
Rail track surface structure
Mixing apparatus and method for blending milled asphalt with rejuvenating fluid
Ground advance shoring system
Guardrail system
Quick release delineator apparatus
Corner connection for temporary shoring
Method and apparatus for supporting a wall
Method and apparatus for supporting multiple walls
Self-connecting, reinforced retaining wall and masonry units therefor
Segmental retaining wall system
Air admittance valve assembly
Replacement flange
Fastener for securing decking boards to an underlying supporting member
Scaffold stair
Surface lighting system
Apparatus for inserting mortar in masonry construction
Handle arrangement for a movable body part
Power-operated motor-vehicle door latch with antitheft
Locking mechanism for an enclosure
Portable door lock
Connector including a tab and an elastic lock for securing a slideway to an end support of a roller mechanism for a closure
Garage doorway screen apparatus
Rolling cutter drill bits
Subsea wellbore drilling system for reducing bottom hole pressure
Bearing assembly for wellbore drilling
Steerable rotary drilling device
Underground auger system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Scroll compressor with axially floating non-orbiting scroll and no separator plate
Individually replaceable and reversible insertable steam turbine nozzle
Method and arrangement for cooling the flow in radial gaps formed between rotors and stators of turbomachines
Heat shield device in gas turbines
Rotor for a gas turbine
Connecting arrangement for two rotor disks of an axial-flow turbomachine
Turbine blade for gas turbine engine and method of cooling same
Recessed impingement insert metering plate for gas turbine nozzles
Cooled gas turbine component with adjustable cooling
Outboard motor cooling system
Oil system vent with remote oil reservoir
Stamped-formed muffler apparatus and assembly process
Refractive wave muffler
process and a device for determining the driving torque of a vehicle
Throttle body
Valve for dosing the admission of volatilized fuel
Stopping means for preventing movement of the drive shaft of a variable displacement compressor
Reciprocating hermetic compressor
Magnetically actuated fluid handling devices for microfluidic applications
Radial piston pump
Motorcycle oil pump
Mechanically driven roller vane pump with aperture end parts providing for gradual pressure changes in the pump chambers
Rotary helical screw-type compressor having a thermally separated oil supply container
Cooling fan structure
Automatic occupancy and temperature control for ceiling fan operation
Turbo molecular pump
Axial-flow fan
Vacuum-generating unit
Gas-liquid ejector
Air over hydraulics actuator system
Furniture fitting
Sleeve-form two-material expansible fixing plug with a high torsional stiffness
Method of making and applying chemical anchoring adhesive
Ball bearing
Preloaded cushioned bearing assembly
Snap cage for ball bearings
Rolling bearing assembly
Rolling contact bearing for supporting heated rolls
Symmetrical joint structure for physical matter connection
Device comprising a shaft and at least one hub which is attached to said shaft, and a method for producing this device
Motor vehicle friction clutch with an outwardly disposed initial engagement region
Hydraulic-applied magnetic-released torque transmitter
Hydraulic control receiver with closing plate
Parking brake
Torque-receiving member and brake cylinder arrangement for drum brake
Dual mass vibration damping flywheel for vehicles
Torsional vibration damper with drag element
Position-sensitive shock absorber
Arrangement of cable-holder chain, in particular for telescopic units
Silent chain power transmitting device
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Transmitting unit
Semi-automatic power shift transmission and shift control method thereof
Chain-belt transmission with continuously variable transmission ratio
Belt tensioner
Packing seal with dynamic self-adapting lip
Brush seal
Sealing arrangement between flow regulator and shut-off valve attached to oxygen cylinder
Modular chemical delivery blocks
Vacuum pipe
Pressure relief valve
Diaphragm-type solenoid valve
Switching unit which is composed of a set of switching valves and is suitable for making a first and second medium flow through one of two plate coolers as desired
Mechanical fastening apparatus
Inline process valve assembly
Abrasive resistant open cell articulated seabed mat
Flexible conduit with high inertia hoop
Connection piece with sealing bead
Pressurized hose coupling
Piping structure, existing pipe cutting method and fluid supply suspension-free method
Method and composition for grouting water-flooded conduits
Tiltable mountings for TV cameras
Pressure vessel head ring assembly
Fountain water lamp
Stage lamp
Apparatus and method for three-dimensional movement of a projected modulated beam
Vehicle lamp
Single cap spare halogen bulb storage container
Floor lamp with a plurality of adjustable light-source carrying arms
Lamp protecting device
Power supply cord positioning device for a lighting unit
Structure of an ornamental light bulb
Headlamp for a vehicle
Methods and apparatus for sandblasting fiber optic substrates
Projection lamp for the projection of colored light effects
Oxy-fuel burner
Heat supply system
Thermal expansion valve
Apparatus and method for dispensing a product
Couplers for optical fibers
Telecommunication apparatus test module with deflectable circuit switching contact
Ultrasonic diagnostic systems with spatial compounded panoramic imaging
Water-resistant, scope shade attachment apparatus
Electronic endoscope
Holographic laser scanning system for laser scanning of bar code symbols within 3-D scanning volume having a large depth field
Monocentric autostereoscopic optical apparatus and method
Apparatus for using optical tweezers to manipulate materials
Dielectric mirror retroreflective appliques having excellent repetitive laundering performance
Device for optical connection
Optical fiber connector
Ferrule for facilitating fiber-to-fiber contact and associated fabrication method
Combination multi-conductor/optical fiber connector
Modular high density multiple optical transmitter/receiver array
Microsystem module
Bracket having a metal shielding
Color translucent eyewear lenses applied with antireflective (AR) coatings
Projection type liquid crystal display device
Projection display unit
Managing differential focus in projection displays
Projector with dustproof ventilating member
Aperture and lens mechanism
Xerojet dry powder printing process
Event clock
Aquarium watch
Camera positioning seat
Extension boards and method of extending boards
Triggered data collector and data transmitter
Multiple technology data reader for bar code labels and RFID tags
Optical reader with reduced-sized optical sensor configuration
Electronic chip circulation method, electronic chip circulation server apparatus and electronic chips circulation system
Method and apparatus for identifying and recording values associated with plant equipment inspection used in managing fugitive emissions
Data compression/decompression based on pattern and symbol run length encoding for use in a portable handheld video game system
Unique identifier bar code on stamps and apparatus and method for monitoring stamp usage with identifier bar codes
First-in first-out vending machine
Apparatus for carrying selected article to take-out window in automatic vending machine
Distribution installation for packets
Automated library kiosk
Device and method for selling foodstuffs
Game machine
Gaming system with shared progressive jackpot
Game machine with random sound effects
Method for playing an auxiliary game with prize rewarding system
Method for turning pages of a multi-purpose learning system
Genealogical analysis tool
Interconnective and interrelational information interface system
Illuminated sign with lamp masks for uniform illumination
Padlock-type security seal
Support for drums
Optical disc holder
Command key with integrated illumination and process for the manufacture of said key
Electron source manufacturing method, and image forming apparatus method
Method for forming uniform sharp tips for use in a field emission array
Sealing of plate structures
Process chamber assembly with reflective hot plate and pivoting lid
Structure of solder bumps with improved coplanarity and method of forming solder bumps with improved coplanarity
Spatula for separation of thinned wafer from mounting carrier
Method and apparatus for marking and identifying a defective die site
Socket and connector therefor for connecting with an electrical component
Structure of a connector
Canted coil spring conductor electrical circuit connector
Terminal metal fitting
Single blade terminal power connector system
Electrical connector and method of making same
Connector containing front holder
Connector and a method for detaching housings thereof
Connector assembly
Input/output connector having firmly assembled insulative housing and shell
IDC connector
Electrical connector with dual action piston
Connector lock mechanism with elastic arm portion
Connector assembly having rotatable pull mechanism
Connector assembly having rotatable pull mechanism
Plug adapter with safety switch
RJ-45 receptacle connector with terminal protection means
Shielded electrical connector for mounting on a printed circuit board
Electrical connector
Small form-factor pluggable transceiver cage
Wire-winding box having multiple transmission function
Direct BGA socket for high speed use
Insulation-displacement terminal fitting
Insulation-displacement terminal fitting and production method therefor
Stacked surface mount electrical connector and clamping tool
Cable end connector with low profile after assembly
AC interface for electrical equipment racks
Winding box with an auxiliary receptacle
Telecommunications cabling arrangement
Mechanical convergence fixture apparatus and method
In-wall speaker mounting apparatus
Contact for conductor foil
IC socket and semiconductor device with replaceable lead members
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