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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Avians expressing heterologous protein
Charged peptide-amphiphile solutions and self-assembled peptide nanofiber networks formed therefrom
Treatment of DNA viral infections
Levodopa prodrugs, and compositions and uses thereof
Method and CT system for detecting and differentiating plaque in vessel structures of a patient
Method of treating demyelinating diseases or conditions
Des-C,D analogs of 1.alpha.,25-dihydroxy-19-norvitamin D.sub.3
Pyridomorphinans, thienomorphinans and use thereof
(20S)-1.alpha.-hydroxy-2-methylene-19-nor-bishomopregnacalciferol and its uses
Competitive regulation of hepcidin mRNA by soluble and cell-associated hemojuvelin
Methods for enhancing antibody-induced cell lysis and treating cancer
Portable orthovoltage radiotherapy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Power transmitting apparatus, power switching apparatus, and driving apparatus of multi-function machine using the same
Technique for operating a vehicle effectively and safely
Protective housing for an audio device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Non-symmetrical gelling agent
(Meth) acrylic ester compound and use thereof
Process for the synthesis of perindopril and its pharmaceutically acceptable salts
Fluorine-containing amide compound and method for preparing the same
Use of amidomethyl-substituted 2-(4-sulfonylamino)-3-hydroxy-3,4-dihydro-2H-chromen-6-yl-compounds in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmia and other disease states
Process for the purification of duloxetine hydrochloride
Compounds having 4-pyridylalkylthio group as substituent
Aromatic enediyne derivatives, organic semiconductor thin films using the same and manufacturing methods thereof, and electronic devices incorporating such films
Process and intermediates for preparing emtricitabine
Oxycodone polymorphs
Siloxane monomers and oligomers
Reagents for asymmetric allylation, aldol, and tandem aldol and allyation reactions
Non-M, non-O HIV-1 strains, fragments and uses
Compositions and methods for immunoaffinity purification
Methods and compositions for the treatment and prevention of staphylococcal infections
Anti-inflammatory compounds and uses thereof
Sequentially terminated elastomers
Monomer substituted photoacid generator of fluoroalkylsulfon and a polymer thereof
Fluorovinyl ethers and polymers obtainable therefrom
Apparatus and method for oxidation and stabilization of polymeric materials
Flame-retardant resin composition and flame-retardant resin-molded article
Radial multi-block copolymer containing tapered block, and preparation method and usage thereof
Conductive emulsion for preparing surface for powder coating
Highly alkaline compositions containing a hexyl glycoside as a hydrotrope
Transgenic plants overexpressing a plant vacuolar H + -ATPase
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Ocean wave power recovery and conversion spar buoy engine
Heat treatment apparatus and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Apparatus and method for the determination of a direction of an object
Force sensor array having magnetostrictive magnetoresistive sensors and method for determining a force
Cavity enhanced optical spectroscopy with a cavity having a predetermined deviation from a mode degeneracy condition
Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer
Nozzle sorting apparatus and method
Position-measuring device
Contactless connector for data transmission including rotating and fixed light elements
System and method for detecting and analyzing compositions
Compression assembly of spatial heterodyne spectrometer (SHS)
Pulsed terahertz spectrometer
Low profile vision system for remote x-ray inspection
High voltage level shifting by capacitive coupling
Optimized uplink efficiencies for transmission of satellite data
Interface for testing semiconductors
ARC fault detector
Semiconductor device
Dynamic cable assignment on gigabit infrastructure
Algorithm for backup PE selection
Magnetic sensor element and electronic directional measuring device
Vehicular lamp incorporating millimeter radar
Radiation imaging system and nuclear medicine diagnosis instrument therefor
Discrete magic angle turning system, apparatus, and process for in situ magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging
Method and apparatus for correcting distortion in MR images caused by metallic implants
Wired tool string component
Optically variable element comprising a partial transparent element
Light control sheet and surface light source using the same
Zoom optical system and electronic imaging apparatus using the same
Zoom lens, imaging device and camera device and mobile information terminal using the zoom lens
Zoom lens, imaging device, and personal digital assistant
Programmable light beam shape altering device using programmable micromirrors
Image recording apparatus
Optical display systems and methods
Lens element, lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured thereby
Beam splitters for, for instance, high efficiency spectral imagers
Wavelength division multiplexing module
Semiconductor chip module
Light scattering optical resonator
Fiber optic cable having a dry insert and offset cavity
Imaging lens
Zoom lens, image pickup apparatus, and personal digital assistant
Zoom lens system and imaging device
Portable acousto-optical spectrometers
Various methods of manufacture of electro-optical panels, etc. involving a device and method of discharging liquid drops of an alignment film in a single pass from plural nozzles of a drop discharge head
Method of manufacturing cholesteric liquid crystal (CLC) color filter layer and transmissive liquid crystal display device having the CLC color filter layer according to the method
LCD having repair lines wherein first and second signal lines include means for receiving the same gate signal thereon are formed on a TFT insulating substrate
Electro-optical device supporting device and method of supporting electro-optical device
Liquid crystal display device having a patterned dielectric layer
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal device and electronic device having liquid crystal molecules aligned at reflective electrodes
Liquid crystal display device
Birefringent optical film, laminated polarizing plate, liquid crystal display and image
Display panel with wavelength converting material and control interface to switchably control independent projection or non-projection of primary and secondary IMAGES
Transmission-reflection type liquid crystal display device having a light transmitting region in a reflecting film
Display having structures to regulate orientation of liquid crystal molecules in which gap between protrusions on a first substrate and slits with jagged notches at a pixel electrode on a second substrate is greater than or equal to 30 .mu.m
Customized electronic display and methods of customizing the physical size and/or shape thereof
Manufacturing method of display device
Liquid crystal display module and an assembly method therefor
Camera protection cover
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and method for producing device
Moving/guiding apparatus and exposure apparatus using the same
Image forming apparatus capable of suppressing developer waste
Image forming system including an image forming apparatus which forms an image based on a remotely editable job ticket, and control method for image forming system
Image scanning device with a pivotable automatic document feeder
Image forming apparatus with a plurality of development devices
Method and apparatus for image forming for effectively adjusting phase differences of image bearing members
Endless belt and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Wet electrophotographic image forming apparatus and method for controlling the same
Developing device, image forming device and method of assembling developing device
Image forming apparatus with toner content detection and image density detection
Image forming apparatus and image density control method
Developer with developer level control, and image forming apparatus having same
Developing device, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Developer holding member, method of producing a developer holding member, developing apparatus and image-forming apparatus
Flash fixing device, image forming device using the same, and flash lamp light emission control method
Image forming apparatus for duplex printing
Cleaning device and image forming apparatus including same
Image processing apparatus and method, and computer program product
Hologram recording method and hologram recording apparatus
Hologram recording method and device
Constant current source apparatus including two series depletion-type MOS transistors
Tapped converter
Voltage regulator having current canceling compensation
Synchronous rectifying type switching regulator control circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit including the same
Computer device with universal cover
Power supply cooling system
Network routing using link failure information
Printer-based pre-ripping and caching of network documents
Network apparatus and packet routing method for ubiquitous computing
Collaborative environments in a graphical information system
Force-feedback input device
Optical flow-based manipulation of graphical objects
Tape printing apparatus, data processing method for tape printing apparatus, printing system, data processing method for printing system, computer program and storage medium
Information processing device
Digital pen calibration by local linearization
Real-time Bayesian 3D pose tracking
Temporal interpolation of a pixel on basis of occlusion detection
Method and system for processing captured image information in an interactive video display system
Header-based processing of images compressed using multi-scale transforms
Digital content reproduction, data acquisition, metadata management, and digital watermark embedding
Monitoring camera system, monitoring camera control device and monitoring program recorded in recording medium
Gestural use of wireless mobile phone devices to signal to remote systems
Scaling images for display
Imaging apparatus and imaging method for compressing image data to a fixed length
Image compression device, image output device, image decompression device, printer, image processing device, copier, image compression method, image decompression method, image processing program, and storage medium storing the image processing program
Image comparison by metric embeddings
Apparatus and method for processing an application program-related event in a wireless terminal
Portable instantaneous wireless event based photo identification and alerting security system
Acoustic intrusion detection system
Miniature resonating marker assembly
Microwaveable radio frequency identification tags
Method of annotating an item with electronic data and apparatus therefor
Method for measuring the operating state of a synchronous motor using composite power angle meter
Security cover
Broadcast receiver receiving emergency alert signal and method of processing the emergency alert signal
Surveillance system with surveillance terminals and surveillance center
Server and vehicle-mounted navigation apparatus, vehicle employing the same, and meteorological information distribution system related to the same
Light emission control for forming two-dimensional and three-dimensional images
Display device and method for driving a display device
Light emitting device
Display driver circuits
Apparatus and method for producing variable intensity of light
Method and apparatus for sparkle reduction using a split lowpass filter arrangement
Brightness control apparatus and method for a video display appliance
Liquid crystal display device, and method of driving the same
Orienting information presented to users located at different sides of a display surface
Method and apparatus for providing haptic feedback
Touchscreen with one carbon nanotube conductive layer
Method and apparatus to communicate graphics overlay information to display modules
Acoustic sculpture
Stringed instrument that maintains relative tune
Performance data processing apparatus and program
Disk-type storage medium driving apparatus and disk-type storage medium rotation speed control method
Fluid dynamic bearing comprising a lubricating fluid having tolutriazole
Flow or windage control for a cantilevered head assembly
Method and system for utilizing flexible members in a head gimbal assembly to reduce impact of operational disturbances of slider flying height
Optical recording apparatus with drawing capability of visible image on disk face
Asymmetrical random access memory cell, and a memory comprising asymmetrical memory cells
Method to tighten set distribution for PCRAM
Dual-port SRAM device
Magnetic memory
Reading multi-cell memory devices utilizing complementary bit information
Semiconductor memory device
Devices and methods to improve erase uniformity and to screen for marginal cells for NROM memories
Dynamic power control for expanding SRAM write margin
Low-profile cable
Data cable with cross-twist cabled core profile
Electromagnetic switch
EMI filters designed for direct body fluid exposure
Vacuum recloser
Light emitting device having light reflector with plurality of openings
System and method for implementing balanced RF fields in an ion trap device
Lamp bulbs for discharge lamps made from aluminosilicate glass, discharge lamps made with same and method of making same
Multichip stacking structure
Substrate structure, a method and an arrangement for producing such substrate structure
Sintered metallic thermal interface materials for microelectronic cooling assemblies
Tiled construction of layered materials
Si power device mounted on a substrate including arrangements to prevent damage to connection layers due to heat treatment
High performance sub-system design and assembly
Semiconductor component with semiconductor chip and adhesive film, and method for its production
Reduced inductance in ball grid array packages
Lead frame for surface mount-type piezoelectric vibrator
Multi-chip package with a single die pad
Semiconductor package having improved adhesiveness and ground bonding
Calibration technique for measuring gate resistance of power MOS gate device at water level
Semiconductor device having a fuse and method of forming thereof
Display device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device comprising passive components
Integrally gated carbon nanotube field ionizer device and method of manufacture therefor
Structure and manufacturing method for a silicon carbide semiconductor device
Integrated circuit devices including compliant material under bond pads and methods of fabrication
Lateral DMOS structure
Solid-state imaging device and its manufacturing method
Thin film transistor device utilizing transistors of differing material characteristics
Thin film transistor with plural channels and corresponding overlapping electrode
Charge storage structure formation in transistor with vertical channel region
Vertically integrated dual gate transistor structure and method of making same
Insulated gate semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
Solid-state imaging device, camera module and electronic equipment module
System and method of integrating optics into an IC package
Display device and manufacturing method thereof
Drive control method for a piezoelectric actuator, drive control apparatus for a piezoelectric actuator, and electronic device
Energy scavenger and method for manufacturing the same
Spin-wave architectures
Self-emission panel and method of manufacturing same
Passive wireless keyboard powered by key activation
Integrated antenna in display or lightbox
Flat-aperture waveguide sidewall-emitting twist-reflector antenna
Variable slot antenna and driving method thereof
Broadband hybrid two-stage optical amplifier
VCSEL with integrated lens
Optical power control apparatus, optical beam scanning apparatus, image forming apparatus, and optical power control method
Cathodes for fluorine gas discharge lasers
Laser light source, method of laser oscillation, and method of laser processing
Photonic crystal/waveguide coupler for VCSELS and photodetectors
Reducing input capacitance of high speed integrated circuits
Various methods and apparatuses for a multiple input-voltage-level voltage-regulator and a multiple voltage-level DC power supply
Single-phase filter for reducing harmonics
Power control apparatus of a complex terminal
Motor with thrust bearing holder
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor switch
System and method for controlling a window wiper system
Inductive load driving system
Multiplier circuit
Voltage-controlled oscillator decreasing phase noise
Oscillator coupling system
Distortion compensation circuit
AM radio receiving circuit
AM demodulator
Arrangement and a method relating to signal predistortion
Amplifier coupling on a reduced area
Single phase unidirectional surface acoustic wave transducer and improved reflectors
Band pass filter and duplexer having the same
Flashlight and light source selector
Receiver circuit, interface circuit, and electronic instrument
Configurable ICs that conditionally transition through configuration data sets
Clocked inverter, NAND, NOR and shift register
Frequency dividing phase shift circuit
Integrated RC filter
Methods, algorithms, software, architectures, systems and circuitry for adaptive filtering and/or minimizing a sequence detector error rate
Adaptive equalizer circuit
High-performance memory interface circuit architecture
Locked loop circuit with clock hold function
Delay control circuit
Calculation of ADC and DAC errors in LSI chip
Digital-to-analog converter and the method thereof
Sampling error reduction in PWM-MASH converters
Methods and systems for signaling multi-layer bitstream data
Selectively disabling interference cancellation based on channel dispersion estimation
Magnetically differential input
Monolithically integrated circuit
Optical offset signal cancellation for optical receiver
Optical communication with phase encoding and optical filtering
Method and system for converting an optical received pulse train into an electrical output pulse train
Data processing circuit with a driver and a receiver
Automatic gain control using signal and interference power to obtain extended blocking performance
Information access system and active-type contactless information storage device
Method, emitter and receiver for transmitting data in a multi-access CDMA system by fully complementary code matrixes for two-dimensional data spreading in a frequency and time direction
Frequency selective transmit signal weighting for multiple antenna communication systems
Battery-efficient generic advertising service for wireless mobile devices
Radio communication terminal apparatus and radio communication base station apparatus
Remote testing for service provider networks
Calibrated data communication system and method
Segmentation and reassembly of data frames
Apparatus and method for low cost, multi-port protocol analysis and monitoring
Encrypted content data structure package and generation thereof
Correction method and correction loop for a complex digital signal
Communications network
Method and system for performing channel estimation in a multiple antenna block transmission system
High availability of resources in telecommunications network using synchronized redundancy mechanism
Dynamic interface configuration for supporting multiple versions of a communication protocol
Data transfer control device and electronic instrument
System and method for seamlessly joining multicast session
Method and apparatus to process packets in a network
System and method for determining the physical topology of a network having multiple subnets
Techniques for zero touch provisioning of edge nodes for a virtual private network
Method for transmitting data from a participant device in a session in an internet protocol (IP) system
Method for sharing a transport connection across a multi-processor platform with limited inter-processor communications
Routing control system, routing control device, and routing control method
Communications network
System and method for providing in-band timing information to digital home communication terminals
Voice over internet protocol system having dynamic gain control function and method thereof
TDM services using a packet-switched fabric
Systems and methods for wireless transmission of uncompressed HDTV signals
Accurate signal detection in a wireless environment
Methods and apparatus for over-the-air programming of a wireless unit
Systems and methods for silent message delivery
Enhanced caller ID information based on access device information via a broadband access gateway
Push to talk (PTT) service method
Method and system for near-end detection
Image reading apparatus and image reading system
Book scanner with a uniform light source
Printing and display device having a media path adjacent a flat panel display
Image recording apparatus and image processing system
Method of managing recorded still pictures on a recording medium
Image processing apparatus, image processing program, and image processing method for performing edge enhancement processing
Digital platform apparatus
Imaging apparatus having control modes switchable based on connection to another apparatus
Detecting and using mode/setting information
Generation of static image data from multiple image data
Method and apparatus for displaying digital broadcasting
Digital camera, control method thereof and portable terminal
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Video encoding/decoding apparatus and method for color image
Communication terminals that vary a video stream based on how it is displayed
Display control device, display control method, program, and portable apparatus
Testing of digital cameras
Pixel correction system and method for CMOS imagers
Multiple frequency sonar transducer
Method to determine a feedback threshold in a hearing device
Utilization of filtering effects in stereo headphone devices to enhance spatialization of source around a listener
Mobile IP intra-agent mobility
Radio communications system, radio network controller and base station
Method and system for a remote downlink transmitter for increasing the capacity and downlink capability of a multiple access interference limited spread-spectrum wireless network
Supporting communication sessions at a mobile node
Pressure-contact type rectifier with contact friction reducer
High magnetic field ohmically decoupled non-contact technology
Printed wiring board and method for producing the same
Memory card compatible with multiple connector standards
Single chip USB packages with contact-pins cover
Edge connection structure for printed circuit boards
Fan integrated thermal management device
Electronic apparatus
Casing for electronic device and projector having this casing for electronic device
Light source module
Optoelectronic system and method for its manufacture
Method of accessing a motherboard to which a daughter card is connected
Apparatus for enclosing electronic components used in telecommunication systems
Expired Patents Due To Time
Animal chew
Under-knee length stars and stripes sports pants
Leisure suit with convertible pants
Combined child's slipper and rattle
Socket containing device
Duffle bag organizer
Cigarette lighter clip
Shoulder bag with transparent pocket for personal digital assistant
Packaging container
Tooth brush
Paint brush storage container
Crown design for fabric
Chair glider
Chair with arms
Infant seat
Boat table
Audio tower furniture
Case for optical disk and memory card
Single section leaning bookcase
Merchandising system
Towel bar
Mobile computer cart, top assembly
Freestanding cabinet
Towel shelf
Multiple purpose pole stand
Baseboard cover
Baseboard cover
Top configuration for a lectern
Bath pillow with suction cups
Automobile seat cushion for body protection
Holder for a tissue box
Water cooler
Construction worker sipper cup lid
Soft-frozen beverage maker
Serving tray with cutting board inserts
Electric roasting pot
Garden implement
Roof to wall bracket
Gutter hook
Hanging scaffold support
Dual mounting bracket
Cable stripper tool
Locking strap with handle structure
Display holder for a ball or the like
Captive screw
Nitrous oxide flow solenoid bracket
Circular double barbed plate with fastener
Label panel
Sleeve for holding an information storage media holder
Cap cover
Watch case
Cover to a device for manufacturing tooth substitute
Vehicle locator
One-piece reflective pavement marker
Custom bracelet
Side release buckle
Tree stand
Golf cart
Hose guide wheel chock
Buoy interconnection buffer
Portion of an all terrain vehicle
Motorcycle frame
Snowmobile ski handle
Combined snowmobile ski and handle
Skis that attach to a scooter
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Motor vehicle wheel front face
Motor vehicle wheel front face
Liquid boss grille insert
Motor vehicle wheel front face
Liquid boss grille insert
Motor vehicle wheel front face
Liquid boss grille insert
Hood for an over the highway truck
Rear decorative panel for an automobile
Lamp socket and cap
Spa control panel
Remote control
Karaoke microphone
Computer printer
Portable hand-held messaging device
Computer printer
Digital receiver
Combined television receiver and video disc player
Remote audio link
Combined digital audio disc player and radio tuner for a vehicle
Fixture for a crankshaft
Embroidery machine
Portable hydraulic spreader device
Journal turning lathe having a dual feed screw drive
Rotary saw cut alignment guide
Watch winding machine
Image forming apparatus
Digital camera
Photographic screen
Eye shield for sleeping
Eye wear
Ink tank for printer
Quad stamp pad holder
Hand stamp
Note holder
Arch document tray
Pen with cap and barrel
Table top memorial fountain monument containing a transparent material with laser-induced images and an inscription, set up on a light stand
Parrot kite
Bomber kite
Portion of a golf club head
Portion of a golf club head
Golf club head
Portion of a golf club head
Gaming device display
Ground inserted pole support
Quick release double flashlight rail mounting system
Sword blade
Water pistol
Sanitary faucet
Towel shelf
Toothbrush holder with bracket for fastener
Plumbing enclosure
Kitchen sink
Toilet seat for aiding in the disposal of pet wastes
Tissue holder
Commode chair seat
Bath hardware mounting bracket
Three channel duct
Monostrand duct
Confocal microscope having a positionable imaging head for cellular imaging of skin, other living tissue and biological processes
Nuclear medical imaging apparatus
Transmitter for a heart rate monitor
Implanting device
Oral cleaning device
Earplug for swimmer
Post treatment protector device
Leg sling
Therapeutic head cap for headache treatment
Glass panel
Lighting device
Automobile light
Shelf light
Light emitting diode lamp
Automobile light
Smoking accessory
Cigar holder
Flip-top dental floss dispenser cap
Multi-layered hairclip device
Protect sheet of catching surface of baseball glove
Portion of mask assembly
Mouthpiece for an inhalation device
Mouthpiece for an inhalation device
Human Necessities
Weed trimmer shield kit
Secateurs with a cutter blade and an anvil which interacts with the cutter blade
Scaevola plant named `Scawihatis`
Geranium plant named`Fisvita`
Miniature rose plant named `JACrepor`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Mega Time Rose`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Saintlouis`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Applause Light Lavender`
Petunia plant named `Kakegawa S66`
Gypsophila plant named `Esmasia`
Plum Tree named `Mann`
Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Wezaprt`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Red Yoauburn`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Texas Time Red`
Geranium plant named `Fisromon`
Japanese Spirea plant named `Lemondrop`
Geranium plant named `Fisaqua`
Miniature rose plant named `POULra024`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi Two Ylbur`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Coral Yograceland`
Recombinant adeno viruses comprising an inserted gene encoding apolipoprotein and their use in gene therapy for dyslipoproteinemias
Petunia plant named `Balrufimpu`
Footwear with integrated stitchdown/athletic bottom construction
Shoe, especially a sports shoe
Side release buckle with spring
Tape with snap fastener
Method for forming an end of slide fastener chain
Portable (mini) clothes & hair dryer
Paintbrush holder
Apparatus to mount a support rail of a drawer guide to a wall of a piece of furniture
Mattress adjusting system
System and methods for constructing box spring/foundation frames
Bifurcated wrap-around covering
Mat fastener
Easy-change mattress safety sheet system
Method for manufacturing colored plastic cutting board with anti-bacteria effect
Low maintenance hygienic toilet seat
Ice scraper with brush and the glove
Deck gap cleaning tool
Suction head for vacuum cleaner
Cyclone dust collecting apparatus and upright vacuum cleaner
Installation of a motor in a vacuum cleaner
Disposable surgical safety scalpel
Adjustable glare shield for brim caps
Bed having a removable foot section
Method of making multi-contact electrode array
Hand-protection accessory
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for producing powder paints
Pipe cleaning tool
Driving device for flexible lance
Fuel inlet and manufacturing method thereof
Composite urethane stripper for metal joining apparatus
Multi-layered compliant mechanisms and method of manufacture
Method for manufacturing alloy wheel for automobile
Continuous chain caster and method
Saw guide for use with lined sheet material
Combination gear hobber, chamfer/debur and shaver apparatus and method
Wire bonding method
Precise positioning of an object
Safety improvements for power tool
Paver alignment and scribing guide tool and method of use
Scissors for angularly cutting sheet stock
Universal rip guide for circular saw
Ring slicer with easily removable knife and knife assembly
Method for manufacturing hermetically sealed pressure detecting apparatus
Apparatus for manufacturing composite tubular articles
Method of removing a toroidal support from a tire
Card laminating apparatus
Method for forming throughhole in ink-jet print head
Wheel of traveling structure
Pressure applying garment
Retractable bridge extension system
Beacon docking system for automatically aligning a passenger loading bridge to a doorway of an aircraft
Mail bag
Dispenser package for fluent products and method of manufacture
Gasketed aerosol mounting cup
Load handler with modular frame assembly
Textiles; Paper
Control system for a clothes dryer heater
Fixed Constructions
Skid steer loader bucket shaker
Working vehicle
Hand spray mounts with integral backflow prevention
Pull-out faucet
Waste outlet fitting for a sanitary appliance, in particular a urinal
Automatically operated handle-type flush valve
Decorative gate handle pulling devices
Hinge for a notebook computer
Hinge for an opening door or window frame
Cabinet hinge
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotatable quick connector stuffer pin
Method for manufacturing an ultrasonic array transducer
Method of forming socket contacts
IC with latching and switched I/O buffers
Generator/compactor scan circuit low power adapter with counter
Method for scan testing of digital circuit, digital circuit for use therewith and program product for incorporating test methodology into circuit description
Position independent testing of circuits
Body bias using scan chains
Method and apparatus of boundary scan testing for AC-coupled differential data paths
Method for manufacturing exchange bias type magnetic field sensing element
Method and apparatus for controlling rippling during optical proximity correction
Image processing device, method for saving power consumption of the image processing device, and a computer product
Self-protecting documents
Method and apparatus for authenticating users
Enhanced timer queue mechanism for dynamic capacity increase
System and method for accessing information made available by a kernel mode driver
Variable clock cycle for processor, bus and components for power management in an information handling system
Single chip microcomputer with reduced channel leakage current during a stable low speed operation state
High availability networking with alternate pathing failover
Data processor
Printer diagnostics method
Self correcting server with automatic error handling
Redundant data storage and data recovery system
Coordination of multiple processor bus tracings for enabling study of multiprocessor multi-bus computer systems
Computer network information use monitoring
Method and apparatus for tracking client interaction with a network resource downloaded from a server
Automatic acquisition of physical characteristics of a hard drive
Systems and methods for handling storage access requests
Method and apparatus for recording and playing back information
Garbage collection using nursery regions for new objects in a virtual heap
Method and apparatus for modifying cache address computation schemes
Data processing system and method for resolving a conflict between requests to modify a shared cache line
Cache memory capable of reducing area occupied by data memory macro units
Cache memory system for selectively storing directory information for a higher level cache in portions of a lower level cache
High performance cache intervention mechanism for symmetric multiprocessor systems
Cache memory system having block replacement function
Capturing read data
Super-coherent multiprocessor system bus protocols
Modular RAID controller
System and method for using ancillary processors and storage to speed time critical data capture
Microcomputer and microcomputer system
Speculative bus arbitrator and method of operation
System and method for using a synchronous memory device with an asynchronous memory controller
Disk throttling and priority queuing for streaming I/O
Control system, storage device and method for controlling access to a shared memory using a bus control or handshaking protocol
Storage router and method for providing virtual local storage
Method for the serial transfer of data between two electronic bus stations and bus station for use in said method
Multiprocessor exchange provided with floating function
Network traffic intercepting method and system
Method and system for receiving and framing packetized data
System for synchronizing nodes in a heterogeneous computer system by using multistage frequency synthesizer to dynamically adjust clock frequency of the nodes
System for allocating resources in a computer system
Remote document serving
Real-time-on-demand dynamic document generation
Method and apparatus for displaying computer program errors as hypertext
Methods and apparatus for parsing extensible markup language (XML) data streams
Methods and systems for performing push-pull optimization of files while file storage allocations are actively changing
Method for promoting contextual information to display pages containing hyperlinks
Method and apparatus for selecting and viewing portions of web pages
Reserved request type of searched information distribution server
Method and apparatus for demand based paging algorithm
Layout design system, layout design method and layout design program of semiconductor integrated circuit, and method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for allocating decoupling capacitor cells
Method and system for searching a microelectronic device physical layout
Automatic placement and routing apparatus
Method for reducing RC parasitics in interconnect networks of an integrated circuit
Detailed method for routing connections using tile expansion techniques and associated methods for designing and manufacturing VLSI circuits
Apparatus and method for automated use of phase abstraction for enhanced verification of circuit designs
Clock tree synthesizer for balancing reconvergent and crossover clock trees
System and method for testing abstracted timing models
Accurate wire load model
Semiconductor integrated circuit having macro cells and designing method of the same
Method of optimizing the design of electronic systems having multiple timing constraints
E-mail virus detection utility
Security on hardware loops
Fast virus scanning
Load balancing storage system
Multi-drive virtual mass storage device and method of operating same
Network connected device capable of initiating periodic update of operating utilities
Lock-free list for use with computer system utilizing FIFO queue for tracking order of various sublists
Data reallocation among storage systems
System for controlling the effects of glitching using level sensitive latches
Instruction pair detection and pseudo ports for cache array
Convention checking apparatus, convention checking system, convention checking method, and storage medium on which is recorded a convention checking program
System and method for automatically generating a graphical program to perform an image processing algorithm
Graphical environment for managing and developing applications
Operation-processing apparatus
Fully lazy linking
Automated analysis of kernel and user core files including searching, ranking, and recommending patch files
Masking logical unit numbers in a shared data storage system
Network station suitable for supplying indicated default values for boot parameters
Modifying program execution based on profiling
Multiprogrammed multiprocessor system with lobally controlled communication and signature controlled scheduling
Automatic client/server translation and execution of non-native applications
Fair assignment of processing resources to queued requests
Storage area network methods and apparatus for logical-to-physical block address mapping
Method of detecting fraud in electronic circuit cards used in telephony
Integrated circuit card with data modifying capabilities and related methods
Method of extending capability of music apparatus by networking
Low cost storage device and method of using the same
Intelligent transfer of multimedia data files from an editing system to a playback device
Wireless suspension salvage method
Optimizing the execution sequence in a tape apparatus in order to minimize tape traveling distance
Cascadable content addressable memory (CAM) device and architecture
Method and apparatus for address translation in a partitioned content addressable memory device
Partial block data programming and reading operations in a non-volatile memory
Flash EEprom system
Method and apparatus for coordinating program execution in a site controller with pattern execution in a tester
Read/write timing calibration of a memory array using a row or a redundant row
Wafer drying apparatus
Filling plugs through chemical mechanical polish
Method for manufacturing piezoelectric actuators and a piezoelectric actuator
System and method for dynamically amplifying a delayed analog signal based on amplitude information obtained from its digital representation
Turbo product code decoder
CRC code calculation circuit and CRC code calculation method
Method and apparatus for encoding of linear block codes
Method and system for performing decoding using a reduced-memory implementation
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving data using a self clocking link protocol
Method of optimizing the use of radio devices in a computing system
Methods and systems for avoiding unnecessary retransmissions associated with automatic retransmission query schemes in radiocommunication systems
Multiple management system and method
Fibre channel port adapter
Media streaming methods and arrangements
Request bus arbitration
Virtual egress packet classification at ingress
Fly-by serial bus arbitration
Systems for local network security
Event-triggered notification over a network
System and method for connecting to and viewing live data using a standard user agent
System and method for installing and servicing an operating system in a computer or information appliance
Method and system for sharing a single communication port between a plurality of servers
Method of ensuring that the PC is not used to make unauthorized and surreptitious telephone calls
Lightweight public key infrastructure employing disposable certificates
System and method for a digital television electronic program guide
Method and apparatus for managing resource allocation and a bandwidth overflow in a cooperative, distributed computing environment
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