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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Plant cultivation device and feed-water control method
PUFA polyketide synthase systems and uses thereof
Urination opening in men's underwear
Sleeves accessory
Shoe with integral pump
Paper clips with integral fastener
Snag resistant slide fastener
Method for controlling automatic head care system and automatic hair washing system, and automatic head care system
Foldable bed
Trap and drain assembly for draining waste liquids while blocking odors
Cleaning system
Microprobe array structure and method for manufacturing the same
Signal analysis method
Multimodality imaging system
Sensizitation of cancer cells to therapy using siNA targeting genes from the 1p and 19q chromosomal regions
System and method to evaluate electrode position and spacing
Vision regeneration assisting apparatus
Magnetostrictive electrical stimulation leads
Magnetostrictive electrical stimulation leads
Method and apparatus for monitoring battery status of implantable medical device
Method of delivering a drug using a medical device with a coating comprising a self-assembled molecular structure
Method and device for treating myocardial ischemia
Electrotherapy apparatus and method of treating a person or a mammal using such electrotherapy apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Solar panel mounting apparatus and method
Method of forming one piece back frame for a vehicle seat
Cylindrical magnet assembly assembled to a bore tube by a number of inserts
Pole handle
Wireless tire pressure monitoring system
Lens assembly method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for preparing ethylbenzene using vapor phase alkylation and liquid phase transalkylation
Short-acting sedative hypnotic agents for anesthesia and sedation
Aromatic isomerization catalyst and a process of use thereof
Process for producing an aromatic unsaturated compound
Methods for conversion of carbohydrates in ionic liquids to value-added chemicals
Phase change ink formulations, colorant formulations, and methods of forming colorants
N-substituted benzene sulfonamides
Process and intermediates for preparing emtricitabine
Enantiomeric pure beta agonists, manufacturing and use as a medicaments thereof
Phospholipid-analogous compounds
Dnazymes and sensors incorporating the same
Stra6 polypeptides
Platelet derived growth factor (PDGF) nucleic acid ligand complexes
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of prostate cancer
Cyanoborate, fluoroalkylphosphate, fluoroalkylborate or imide dyes
Insect desiccation resistance genes and uses thereof
Method to alleviate abiotic stress in plants by expression of mitochondrial-targeted purple acid phosphatase
Abiotic stress tolerance conferred by J-domain containing proteins
Antibody and uses thereof
Textiles; Paper
Knitted velcro sleeve
Fixed Constructions
Wear resistant component
Structure with surface for seasonal selectiveness of solar irradiation absorption and reflection
Modular system and method for constructing structures
Integrated thermal module and back plate structure and related methods
Themed modular ceiling and wall decor kit and system
Storm panel locking device
Sliding door
Window covering system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for retrofitting a fossil-fueled power station with a carbon dioxide separation device
Trough filter with integrated thermoelectric generator, vehicle including trough filter, and method of treating exhaust gas
Supplementary intercooler for internal combustion engines
System for a charge-air-cooler
Combustion engine having mutually connected pistons
Wind turbine with integrated design and controlling method
Aerial wind power generating system using floating body
Water turbine system and method of operation
Intelligent solid state lighting
Gas turbine engine having dome panel assembly with bifurcated swirler flow
Thermoelectric-enhanced, liquid-based cooling of a multi-component electronic system
Apparatus and method for improved recovery of latent fingerprints
Firearm leaner
Handle for a rifle with a scope
Pre-aligned metrology system and modules
Method of determining the amount of travel of a rotating component
Procedure and device for checking the functionality of a tank ventilation valve
Method and system for non-invasively monitoring fluid flow in a subject
Intelligent solid state lighting
Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) systems for the detection of viruses and methods of use thereof
Method for error containment and diagnosis in a fluid power system
Low-cost temperature and pressure sensor comprising SAW resonators, and method of fabrication for same
State-based system for automated shading
Multi-hole probes and methods for manufacturing multi-hole probes
Method for inspecting defect of hollow fiber porous membrane, defect inspection equipment and production method
Microscale fluid transport using optically controlled marangoni effect
Defect inspection apparatus and its method
X-ray imaging apparatus, method of controlling the same, and computer program
Preparation method for an electron tomography sample with embedded markers and a method for reconstructing a three-dimensional image
Method for distinguishing between four materials in tomographic records of a dual-energy CT system
Electronic battery test based upon battery requirements
Ultrasonic inspection of an axle
Method and apparatus for detecting explosives
Disease simulation system and method
Periodic jitter (PJ) measurement methodology
Peak-detect-and-hold circuit and method thereof using ramp sampling technique
Coordinate detecting device and method
Method and apparatus for wafer level burn-in
Systems and methods for correlation of burst events among data streams
Mitigating ACK/NACK errors in MIMO/SIC/HARQ
Architecture for optical metro ethernet service level agreement (SLA) management
Network performance tuner
Probe with printed tip
Test board
Electronic device testing system
Method for race prevention and a device having race prevention capabilities
Delay measurements and calibration methods and apparatus for distributed wireless systems
Method using radar to detect a known target likely to be positioned at approximately a given height, near other targets positioned at approximately the same height
System and method for determining falsified satellite measurements
NMR method of detecting precipitants in a hydrocarbon stream
Anamorphic optical system, image pickup device, on-board type camera and monitoring camera
Zoom lens
Compact zoom lens
Mirror system for a vehicle and method of operating said mirror system
Laser radar and beam irradiation apparatus therefor
Method and apparatus for synchronous laser beam scanning
Fabricating and using hidden features in an image
Color wheel and optical device employing same
Adapter block including connector storage
Photonic crystal resonator, a coupled cavity waveguide, and a gyroscope
Zoom lens module
Focusing device and focusing method
Positioners and microscopes incorporating the same
Optical modulation
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
Liquid crystal display device
Electrochromic device
Image-pickup apparatus and control method thereof
Image pickup apparatus
Interactive zoetrope rotomation
Interactive zoetrope for animation of solid figurines and holographic projections
Parallel process focus compensation
Transmission filter apparatus
Automatic focal point control for camera
Method of exposure control and image pickup apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus, image forming system, and recording medium
Image forming system and clear coating apparatus
Image forming apparatus including a cleaner-less image carrier cleaning system
Color-image forming apparatus, image forming method, and computer program product
Conductive member, process cartridge using conductive member, and image forming apparatus using process cartridge
Apparatuses useful for printing and methods of mitigating edge wear effects in apparatuses useful for printing
Image forming apparatus and control method therof
Process cartridge having air inlets and outlets for cooling gears disposed in the process cartridge
Hologram reading apparatus, hologram reading method, hologram recording apparatus and hologram recording method
Stimulus indicating device employing polymer gels
Lock controller of working machine, and working machine
Control apparatus and control method, network system, program for control apparatus, and information recording medium
Switching power supply circuitry
Lighting apparatus and display apparatus therewith
Control loop for switching power converters
Voltage comparison circuit, and semiconductor integrated circuit and electronic device having the same
Image processing apparatus
Processor array having a multiplicity of processor elements and method of transmitting electricity between processor elements
Control of connecting apparatuses in information processing system
Fast connectivity recovery for a partitioned namespace
System for integrating a plurality of modules using a power/data backbone network
System and method of uncorrelated code hopping in a communications system
Architecture for identifying electronic threat patterns
Distributed system and method for the detection of eThreats
Memory system
Storage system
Shared memory architecture
Flash DIMM in a standalone cache appliance system and methodology
Point in time remote copy for multiple sites
Methods and systems for a memory section
System and method for controlling access to media libraries
Parallel memory migration
Memory registration caching
Providing metadata in a translation lookaside buffer (TLB)
Automatically mounting and unmounting a volume during a backup or restore operation
System for targeting third party content to users based on social networks
Media access control address translation for a fiber to the home system
Volume selection method and information processing system
Method and apparatus for capacity on demand dynamic chunk allocation
Association of host translations that are associated to an access control level on a PCI bridge that supports virtualization
SDRAM sharing using a control surrogate
Method for predictive determination of a process variable based on an assignment of a discrete measured value
Image forming method and apparatus for effectively positioning an image forming member
System and method for dynamic adaptive user-based prioritization and display of electronic messages
Methods, systems, and products for categorizing and converting attached objects
Community-based method and system for creating and subscribing to dynamic push channels
System and method for associating a user with a user profile in a computer network environment
System and article of manufacture for establishing and requesting status on a computational resource
Tunneling of remote desktop sessions through firewalls
User interfaces for collaborative multi-locale context-aware systems management problem analysis
Server and method for managing DNSSEC requests
Network device for monitoring and modifying network traffic between an end user and a content provider
Address translation equipment, terminal equipment and mobile communication method
Methods, systems and computer program products for providing a multimedia applications gateway
System and method for communications over a computer network
Systems and methods for integrating electronic mail and distributed networks into a workflow system
System and method for tracking telephone network capacity and equipment
Age biased distributed collision resolution without clocks
Algorithm for network route selection
Method and apparatus for a secure network install
Method for reproducing configuration of a computer system in a remote site
External memory enabling a user to select an application program to be launched before launching an operating system
Dynamically manipulating content to force web browsers to open more connections
System and method for assigning user preference settings for a category, and in particular a media category
Mobile wireless communication system, mobile wireless terminal apparatus, virtual private network relay apparatus and connection authentication server
Playback apparatus, playback method, playback system and recording medium
Method and apparatus for managing data compression and integrity in a computer storage system
Composition of electronic document layout
Link spam detection using smooth classification function
Interface and related methods for dynamically generating a filter graph in a development system
Serial correlator architecture
Providing notice via the internet
Password protection for file backups
On-demand service reconciliation, audit, and alert
Index processing method and computer systems
System and method for implementing an online design platform for integrated circuits
Dynamic critical path detector for digital logic circuit paths
Simulation system to verify multicycle path based on circuit operational specification and circuit design specification
Process for the design of an airfoil
Apparatus of capacity learning for computer systems and applications
Benchmarking and gap analysis system and method
Process of interfacing a patient indirectly with their own electronic medical records
Method and device for operating a machine
Information processing apparatus and control method thereof
Systems and methods for controlling production quantities
Copy protection without non-volatile memory
Time-gap defect detection apparatus and method
Transitional resolution in a just in time environment
Information processing device with integrated privacy filter
Devices using a metal layer with an array of vias to reduce degradation
Optical sensor with photo TFT
Mobile phone with printer and media feed path defined through mobile phone
Image forming apparatus, terminal apparatus and management apparatus
Device and method for managing electronic documents, storage medium for storing electronic document management program, and image formation device
MicroRNA motifs
Autopropagation of business intelligence metadata
Organization of archival elements for analog/digital hybrid data on film
System and method for event driven publish-subscribe communications
Process control method with integrated database for electronically documenting the configuration, modification and operation of a controlled process
Dynamic corpus generation
Method and apparatus for automatic generation of information system user interfaces
Apparatus and method for content protection using one-way buffers
Computer for executing two instruction sets and adds a macroinstruction end marker for performing iterations after loop termination
Retargetable instruction decoder for a computer processor
Method and apparatus for combining micro-operations to process immediate data
Performance tuning method and apparatus, computer-readable program and computer-readable storage medium
Extensible and flexible firmware architecture for reliability, availability, serviceability features
Method of designing passive RC complex filter of Hartley radio receiver
Method for calibrating a model of in-situ formation stress distribution
Method and system for automatic quality control used in computerized analysis of CT angiography
System and method for coronary digital subtraction angiography
Method and system for automatic analysis of blood vessel structures to identify calcium or soft plaque pathologies
Systems and methods for determining position and velocity of a handheld device
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program product
Monitoring system, monitoring method, and program
Image processing apparatus and method and program storage medium
Pixel interpolating method and device
Image signal processing apparatus and image signal processing method
System and method for re-locating an object in a sample on a slide with a microscope imaging device
Remote health monitoring and maintenance system
User monitoring
Method and system for enhancing product sales in network transactions
Systems and methods for providing a combination financial product
Systems and methods for allocating an amount between sub-accounts
Method of assisting a business in acquiring merchant services
Systems and methods for funding payback requests for financial transactions
Systems and methods for receiving an allocation of an amount between transaction accounts
Sales force automation system and method
Internet billing method
Electronic data vault providing biometrically protected electronic signatures
Processor for executing extract controlled by a register instruction
Determination of unicode points from glyph elements
System and method for displaying text
Systems and methods for graphical rendering
Real-time rendering of light-scattering media
Real-time rendering of light-scattering media
Information processing apparatus and resolution enhancement processing control program
System and method for providing dispute resolution for electronic payment transactions
Enhanced relationship prediction system
Battery-powered occupancy sensor
Cover incorporating a radiofrequency identification device
Antenna for radio frequency identification tag
Interactive book reading system using RF scanning circuit
Poster holder
Method and system for depicting digital display elements
Digital document editing method, digital document editing program and digital document editing apparatus
Page turner with moving page retaining arms and method of operation
Ensemble system
Combined speech and alternate input modality to a mobile device
Signal detecting device and signal detecting method
Optical disk apparatus and tilt control method thereof
Disk recording device
Heating a head disk assembly for a time interval prior to writing spiral servo tracks to the disk
Modified jitter criterion for optical recording media
Data recording device, data recording method, and computer program
Optical disc apparatus
Optical disc apparatus and control method thereof
Optical disk apparatus and optical disk recording method with format warning information
Recording/reproduction device, evaluation value calculation method, and evaluation value calculation device
Multilayer optical information recording medium, optical head, and optical drive
Recording medium, recording apparatus and recording method
Shared bit line and source line resistive sense memory structure
Systems and methods for reducing memory array leakage in high capacity memories by selective biasing
STRAM with electronically reflective insulative spacer
Memory cells, memory devices and integrated circuits incorporating the same
Semiconductor device having transistor and capacitor of SOI structure and storing data in nonvolatile manner
Integrated circuit comprising a thyristor and method of controlling a memory cell comprising a thyristor
Non-volatile electromechanical configuration bit array
Integrated circuit that stores defective memory cell addresses
Semiconductor memory device and test method thereof
Method and apparatus for increasing yield in a memory device
Non-volatile memory with stray magnetic field compensation
First-wall component with tube segment
Power resistor module
Thermally responsive composite member, related devices, and applications including structural applications
Choke module having improved terminal arrangement
Magnetic chuck
Capacitor and electronic substrate including the same
Illuminated keyboard with a light guide plate
Vacuum interrupter chamber
Ion source assembly for ion implantation apparatus and a method of generating ions therein
Tandem fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer
Semiconductor device having a magnetization configuration of source and drain ferromagnetic electrodes and method of manufacturing the same
Isolated high performance FET with a controllable body resistance
Crystal unit
Functional device package with metallization arrangement for improved bondability of two substrates
Semiconductor device
Crosstalk reduction in electrical interconnects using differential signaling
Semiconductor package having semiconductor device featuring externally-accessible endless ring-shaped resistance circuit
Method and structures for accelerated soft-error testing
Test structure
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Reducing resistance in source and drain regions of FinFETs
Capacitor element and semiconductor device
DRAM unit cells, capacitors, methods of forming DRAM unit cells, and methods of forming capacitors
Nitride semiconductor light emitting device
Structure for symmetrical capacitor
Back-end-of-line resistive semiconductor structures
Electrically conductive fluid interconnects for integrated circuit devices
Dual wired integrated circuit chips
Metal semiconductor field effect transistor (MESFET) silicon-on-insulator structure having partial trench spacers
Spin polarization amplifying transistor
Inductive bond-wire circuit
Diffusion variability control and transistor device sizing using threshold voltage implant
Split gate non-volatile memory cell
Semiconductor device
Solid state actuator capable of plating and plating material storage
Solar cell and method of manufacturing the same
Polymer solar cell and method of manufacturing the same
Photodetector for backside-illuminated sensor
Transistor device having asymmetric embedded strain elements and related manufacturing method
Semiconductor nanowire electromagnetic radiation sensor
Solar heating method and apparatus
Materials for the formation of polymer junction diodes
Semiconductor device
Thermoelectric element
Micromechanical actuators comprising semiconductors on a group III nitride basis
Integrated circuit including memory element with spatially stable material
Electroluminescence device and functional device
Ball grid array resonator
Case structure having conductive pattern and method of manufacturing the same
Absorber assembly for an anechoic chamber
Semiconductor device
Surface-mount antenna and antenna device
Feedthru assembly
Land electrode
Method for organizing a mode-locked pulse train by pump modulation
Method of protecting a laser against damage caused by undesired incident light in a resonator
Surface-emission laser diode and surface-emission laser array, optical interconnection system, optical communication system, electrophotographic system, and optical disk system
Surface emitting laser
Vertical-cavity, surface-emission type laser diode and fabrication process thereof
Connection box for solar panel
Circuit interrupting device with high voltage surge protection
System and method to relieve ESD requirements of NMOS transistors
Multi-chip module package including external and internal electrostatic discharge protection circuits, and/or method of making the same
Canned linear motor armature and canned linear motor
Motor mounted with stopper fitting for fixing ball bearing
Power supply providing multiple synchronous outputs
Resonant transformer systems and methods of use
Solar panels for receiving scattered light
Control system for a hybrid electric vehicle and a method for controlling a hybrid electric vehicle
Direct drive wind turbine and blade assembly
High linearity, high efficiency power amplifier with DSP assisted linearity optimization
Two-point modulation polar transmitter architecture and method for performance enhancement
Digital subscriber line noise mitigation techniques, and applications thereof
High speed phase frequency detector
Signal amplification apparatus with advanced linearization
Dual barrel receiver equalization architecture
Cascode switching circuit
Zero-crossing detecting device and image forming device
Radio receiving apparatus and radio receiving method
Semiconductor start control device, method, and system
All digital phase lock loop and method for controlling phase lock loop
Method and system for providing an improved store-in cache
Network re-encoding method and device for re-encoding encoded symbols to be transmitted to communication equipments
Transmitter with intelligent preconditioning of amplifier signal
Apparatus and method of removing interference noise in personal communication terminal
Digital approach for image rejection correction in low intermediate frequency conversion tuner
Method and apparatus to process dedicated physical control channel (DPCCH) in a transmit antenna diversity (TXDIV) rake finger
Joint demodulation filter for co-channel interference reduction and related methods
Noise measurement for radio squelch function
Wide bandwidth transceiver
Method and apparatus for automatic fine tuning based on sync detection
Magnetic hinge mechanism for wireless communication devices
Method of eliminating false echoes of a signal and corresponding rake receiver
System for extracting a clock signal from optical signal including plural clock frequencies and a method therefor
Method for engineering connections in a dynamically reconfigurable photonic switched network
Method for synchronizing a radio communication system divided into radio cells
Test circuit for serial link receiver
Sound reproducing apparatus
Apparatus and method of wireless communication at a plurality of performance levels
LPRF device wake up using wireless tag
PCM type interface
Complex multiplexing transmission/reception apparatus and method in a wireless communication system
Method and arrangement for coding and scheduling in packet data communication systems
Method for generating codeword based on a plurality of vector combinations and transmitting the same
Ethernet access device and Ethernet access method
Method for data transmission via data networks
Communication system
Receiving device, clock synchronizing method, and computer program
Synchronous payload envelope mapping without pointer adjustments
Communications system with symmetrical interfaces and associated methods
Efficient partitioning of control and data fields
Code conversion method and device thereof
Embedded retransmission scheme with cross-packet coding
Network selection
Real-time multimedia conferencing over an ATM network using an intelligent ATM cable modem and hybrid fiber-coax access
Multicasting unicast packet/multiple classification of a packet
Enhancing routing optimality in IP networks requiring path establishment
Robust technique for frame synchronization in DAB-IP systems
Communication connection method, authentication method, server computer, client computer and program
Method and system for processing multicast packets
Method and apparatus for replacing lost PSTN data in a packet network
Common communication terminal architecture and method
Method and device for synchronizing rectilinear or quasi-rectilinear links in the presence of interference
Communication system
Data decoding method and data decoding device employing same
Channel estimation for high doppler mobile environments
Scattered pilot correlation in DVB-H systems
Scattered pilot correlation in DVB-H systems
Re-acquisition of symbol index in the presence of sleep timer errors for mobile multimedia multicast systems
System having an OFDM channel estimator
Access licensing for an automation device
Receiver with adaptive strobe offset adjustment
Data reproduction circuit
Audio-video output apparatus, authentication processing method, and audio-video processing system
Systems and methods for protecting data secrecy and integrity
Electronic document authenticity guarantee method, and electronic document disclosure system
Periodic and automatic telephone redialling system and method
Torsion coil spring and sliding type mobile terminal equipped therewith
Clip mount for cellular phone attachment
Waterproof structure
Systems and methods for scheduling transmissions for coexistence of differing wireless radio protocols
Telephone and incoming call notification method for telephone
Communicating road noise control system, in-vehicle road noise controller, and server
Unified method and apparatus to simplify telephone area code dialing
Method and system for providing calling name identification
Communication control for device with telephonic functionality
Remote management of products and services
Method, system, and article for placing a telephone call to a previously-called party
Push-to-talk communication system and push-to-talk communication method
Apparatus and method for determining part of elicitation from spoken dialogue data
Cellular communications system for providing non-real time subscription data and related methods
Mobile telephone-based system and method for automated data input
Sharing profile data between telecommunication devices
Image forming apparatus
Image processing apparatus, an image processing method, a medium on which an image processing control program is recorded, an image evaluation device, an image evaluation method and a medium on which an image evaluation program is recorded
Image scanner and peak detecting processing method of image scanner
Image processing apparatus and method controlling the amount of transparent ink for recording
Image processing apparatus, printing apparatus and image processing method
Image display apparatus and control method thereof
Image sensing apparatus and control method therefor having a field based varying horizontal cycle
Method and system for displaying content while reducing burn-in of a display
Motor vehicle camera display apparatus and method
Image-pickup apparatus
Information processing device and program
Video encoding and decoding techniques
Efficient NVOD service method for various client environments and apparatus there-for
Method of implementing improved rate control for a multimedia compression and encoding system
Information processing method and apparatus, program and recording medium
Directional silicon condenser microphone having additional back chamber
Silent heat dissipation device
Speaker driving apparatus
Mobile phone network optimisation systems
Position determination using received broadcast signals
Determining the location of a wireless mobile communications device
Dynamic/static transport channel to physical channel mapping in broadband wireless access systems
Method and apparatus for multiplexing multiple reverse feedback channels in multi-carrier wireless networks
Method and apparatus for cell re-selection in mobile terminal
Wireless communication terminal and wireless communication method
Organic EL device panel and method for manufacturing the same
Plasma lamp with dielectric waveguide integrated with transparent bulb
Emergency lighting
Method for producing optoelectronic components, and products produced thereby
Connecting module and electronic device coupling system
Circuit board arrangement and method of mounting circuit boards in a work machine
DC-DC converter
Power conversion device frame packaging apparatus and methods
Remote cooling of a phased array antenna
Electrical module
Electronic device and heat sink thereof
Apparatus for electromagentically shielding a portion of a circuit board
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Bean vegetables and cultivation thereof using highly electrolyzed water
Containers made from wood chips
Embryogenesis process for initiation
Termite bait composition and method
Compositions and methods for controlling plant pests
Dry spreadable carrier for pesticides
Compositions and methods for controlling plant and flower moisture transpiration rates
Substituted aminouracils
Fungicidal composition comprising a 2-imidazolin-5-one
1,2,4-triazole based compounds that can be used as insecticides or acaricides and processes
Isothiazolone concentrates
Synergistic combination of fungicides to protect wood and wood-based products from fungal decay, mold and mildew damage
Herbicide suspension concentrates
Herbal extract composition for stress prevention and treatment
Whey protein digestion products in cheese
Process for making a wheyless cream cheese using transglutaminase
Aspartic and malic acid inhibition of ss-glucuronidase
Mixed fine powder for beverage containing young barley leaves, alfalfa and/or kale
Method for producing green tea in microfine powder
Herbal caffeine replacement composition and food products incorporating same
Process for controlling the solidification or crystallization of fats and fat-containing foods
Fiber optic candy
Tooth whitening chewing gum
Method for preparing leaf proteins with rumex L. and obtained product thereby
Selenium bolus for ruminants
Spreadable gelled food product
Method of making quick cooking and instant rice
Method for crystallizing polyols and sugars
Method and composition for delivering therapeutically effective amounts of pyruvate to a mammal
Method of obtaining a hydroxytyrosol-rich composition from vegetation water
Controller and method for administering and providing on-line handling of deviations in a rotary sterilization process
Encapsulation compositions
Retroreflective article containing a polyether polyurethane binder layer
Method for making a sole system for footwear
Method, apparatus, and composition for automatically coating the human body with plural components
Method for cooking poultry
Fluid dispenser
Device for collecting and releasing saliva
Instrumentation for endoscopic surgical insertion and application of liquid, gel and like material
Artificial graft and implantation method
Lung reduction apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for providing a modular acetabular prosthesis
Circumferential ablation device assembly
Electrosurgical generator and system
Surgical method and apparatus for positioning a diagnostic or therapeutic element within the body and pressure application probe for use with same
Electrosurgical instrument for ear surgery
Configurable electrode instrument for use in loop electrical excision procedures
Methods for electrosurgical tissue treatment in conductive fluid
Method for treating articular cartilage defects
Drug delivery catheters that attach to tissue and methods for their use
Urethral catheter holder
Method of making a component consisting of a support and a membrane welded thereto, in particular a plug for a straw, and membrane-support
Disposable urine retaining bag for adult men
Absorbent article having channels for receiving the edges of an undergarment
Absorbent interlabial device
Method for obtaining a dual strata distribution of superabsorbent in a fibrous matrix
Multicomponent fibers and fabrics made using the same
Device and method for intravaginal or transvaginal treatment of fungal, bacterial, viral or parasitic infections
Heart valve carrier and rinse cage
Device and method for selectively removing a thrombus filter
Intravascular flow modifier and reinforcement device
Magnetically actuated cleanable stent and method
Modular bifurcated intraluminal grafts and methods for delivering and assembling same
Expandable stent with variable thickness
Method for deployment of a low profile delivery system
Stent configurations
Controlled length intraluminal implant
Stent manufacturing method thereof and indwelling method thereof
Urological stent therapy system and method
Multi-stage prosthesis
Bioreactor mediated recellularization of natural and tissue engineered vascular grafts
Catheter with removable balloon protector and stent delivery system with removable stent protector
Method of selecting an intraocular lens material
Antimicrobial annuloplasty ring having a biodegradable insert
Antithrombogenic annuloplasty ring having a biodegradable insert
Method and apparatus for enabling access to an intramedullary canal of a femur through a femoral knee joint prosthesis
Intervertebral endoprosthesis with a toothed connection plate
Biological disk replacement, bone morphogenic protein (BMP) carriers, and anti-adhesion materials
Prosthesis attachment system
Method for making prosthetic residual limb socket
Brain cooling apparatus and method
Portable heating pad with removable heat pad, removable gel pack and pressure bladder
Indwelling heat exchange catheter and method of using same
Low temperature process for making stable anhydrous solutions of antiperspirant active in selected 1,2-diol solvents
Compositions comprising equisetum and symphytum and methods for the treatment of symptoms associated with mycoplasma infection
Molecular probes for targeting of cell density-indicating compounds
.alpha.-sulfonylamino hydroxamic acid inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases for the treatment of peripheral or central nervous system disorders
Tricyclic nitrogen heterocycles as PDE IV inhibitors
Antithrombotic agents
Active topical skin protectants using hybrid organic polysilsesquioxane materials
Methods for increasing schwann cell survival
Antitussive/antihist aminic/decongestant compositions
Treatment of dyskinesias and Parkinson's disease with riluzole and levodopa
Method and use of .alpha.-amino-.beta.-mercapto-ethane derivatives as dicarbonyl scavengers for treatment of conditions resulting from protein, lipid, and DNA damage
Fatty acid analogues for the treatment of primary and secondary restenosis
Ubiguinone-containing composition suitable for promoting enhanced intramitochondrial transportation of ubiguinones and methods of using same
Nordihydroguaiaretic derivatives for use in treatment of tumors
Methods of delivery of cetyl myristoleate
Prophylactic/therapeutic agents for atherosclerosis
Substituted-phenyl ketone derivatives as IP antagonists
Nicotine in therapeutic angiogenesis and vasculogenesis
5-substituted picolinic acid compounds production by Marasmiellus sp
Nitrosated and nitrosylated potassium channel activators, compositions and methods of use
Heterocyclic ketone and thioester compounds and uses
Levobupivacaine as an analgesic agent
Methods of inhibiting CNS problems in post-menopausal women
Methods for inhibiting MRP1
Prostaglandin derivatives for the treatment of glaucoma or ocular hypertension
13-Aza prostaglandins for the treatment of glaucoma and ocular hypertension
Pharmaceutical preparations and methods for their regional administration
Use of peroxidized lipids as agents intended to prevent and/or to treat the irritant effects of an active principle
Treatment for onychomycosis topically applying salicylic acid, optionally in combination with a retinoid
Amyloid binding nitrogen-linked compounds for the antemortem diagnosis of alzheimer's disease, in vivo imaging and prevention of amyloid deposits
Methods of identifying modulators of kinases responsive to stress
Increasing bone strength with selected bisphosphonates
Antimutagenic compositions for treatment and prevention of photodamage to skin
Alimentary integrator
Bactericidal concentrate and method for treating burns and dermal lesions
Inhibitors of .beta.-lactamases and uses therefor
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising metal complexes
Recombinant alpha-fetoprotein for treating and diagnosing cancers
Compositions and methods of treating tumors
Thin mineralized collagen membrane and method of making same
Modulating Th2 cell levels via vMIP-I/CCR8 interaction
Method for modulating apoptosis
Therapeutic/cosmetic compositions comprising CGRP antagonists for treating sensitive human skin
Treatment of type II diabetes mellitus with amylin agonists
Cleaved fragments of fibrinogen
Methods and compositions based on inhibition of cell invasion and fibrosis by anionic polymers
Neurotoxin therapy for diabetes
Vaccine adjuvant and vaccine method
Methods and compositions for treating cataracts using substances derived from yeast or saltbush
Triple drug therapy for the treatment and prevention of acute or chronic pain
Nitrosated and nitrosylated .alpha.-adrenergic receptor antagonist compounds, compositions and their uses
Stabilization of quinapril using magnesium oxide
Topical dermal anaesthetic
Anti-picornaviral ligands via a combinatorial computational and synthetic approach
Chloroquine derivatives for the treatment of Parkinson's disease
Detection and visualization of neoplastic tissues and other tissues
Pretargeting methods and compounds
Macromolecular drug complexes and compositions containing the same
Tumor necrosis factor antibodies
Antibody conjugate kits for selectively inhibiting VEGF
Vitro method for disassembly/reassembly of papillomavirus virus-like particles (VLPS)
Zinc finger-reactive antimicrobial compounds
Anaerobe targeted enzyme-mediated prodrug therapy
Method and kit for epithelial cancer screening
Preparation of further diagnostic agents
Ligands for .alpha.-7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors based on methyllcaconitine
Radiopharmaceuticals for imaging infection and inflammation
Dental composite materials
Composite pigment and cosmetics containing the same
Morinda citrifolia oil
Moisturizing composition, base containing the same, and cosmetic or external preparation containing the moisturizing composition
Cosmetic or dermatological light protection agent preparations
Use of heterocyclic quaternary polyammonium polymers as protective agent for keratin fibres and cosmetic compositions
Skin whiteners containing hydroxytetronic acid
Dental composition for treating hypersensitive teeth
Neutralization of phosphate esters, compositions based upon and methods using same
Emulsifier-free UV-photoprotecting emulsions comprising micronized insoluble screening agents
Oat protein complex and method of use
Modified protease having 5 to 13 covalently coupled polymeric molecules for skin care
Cosmetic compositions comprising exfoliating enzymes and uses thereof
Detergent cosmetic compositions and use thereof
Cosmetic and/or dermatological powder, process for its preparation and its uses
Intravaginal drug delivery devices for the administration of testosterone and testosterone precursors
Ophthalmic drug delivery device
Ear wax solution
Device for releasing with delayed effect an active substance, in particular veterinary
Aerosol formulations of albuterol and 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane
Acoustically active drug delivery systems
Medicinal aerosol solution formulation with biocompatible polymer
Quick release compositions
Lyophilized compositions containing shingoglycolipid and process for preparing them
Sustained release tablet containing hydrocolloid and cellulose ether
Formulations and use of controlled-release indole alkaloids
Microparticles and their therapeutic or diagnostic use
Hollow bone mineral-like calcium phosphate particles
Polymer/ceramic composites
Medical device and production method thereof
Carboxylate-sulfonate polymers
Anti-static article
Medical fluid flow control valve
Device for ambulatory injection with controlled flow rate of a medicine in liquid form
Needle protection holder
Matrix for iontophoreses
Application of light at plural treatment sites within a tumor to increase the efficacy of light therapy
Synergistic combinations of zidovudine, 1592U89 and 3TC
Slurry composition for cosmetic product and method of use
Emergency oxygen supply system for passengers in aircraft
Compositions of a fluoroether and a hydrofluorocarbon
Golf ball and cover stock
Low compression, resilient golf balls including a cis-to-trans catalyst and method for making same
Color-change laminates and toy sets with the use thereof
Performing Operations; Transporting
Separating materials having different specific gravities
Apparatus for degassing an aqueous suspension containing pulp fibers
Antifoaming compositions
Defoaming methods and compositions
Universal well screen filter
Method for manufacturing fluted media
Waste water filter having multiple wall filter elements and outlet protection
Silt-guard apparatus for use in a detention pond
Integrally molded type filter unit and manufacture of the same
Filter assembly
Open flow filter with safety element
Desulfurizing method and apparatus by irradiation of electron beam
Process for removing hydrogen sulfide from gas streams which include or are supplemented with sulfur dioxide
Removal of contaminants from gas streams in rayon production
Method for decomposing nitrogen fluoride or sulfur fluoride and decomposing reagent used therefor
Method for cleaning of combustion gas containing impurities
Water treatment process for membranes
Resin trap device for use in ultrapure water systems and method of purifying water using same
Filtration apparatus
Simplified filtration system
Water purification apparatus
Methods and apparatus for synthesizing labeled combinatorial chemistry libraries
Method of synthesizing diverse collections of oligomers
Photolithographic and other means for manufacturing arrays
Sample wash station assembly
Resonant excitation method and apparatus for generating plasmas
Fluidized bed reactor having a centrally positioned internal heat source
Apparatus, process and pressure reactor for the treatment of solids with pressurized liquid gases
Apparatus and process for the preparation of precipitated calcium carbonate
Chromatographic column for rapid characterizations of polymers
Temperature swing adsorption process
Regenerable hydrocarbon filter
Advances in dehydrogenation catalysis
Hydrocarbon hydrogenation catalyst and process
Deeply reduced oxidation catalyst and its use for catalyzing liquid phase oxidation reactions
Catalytic composition for the upgrading of hydrocarbons having boiling temperatures within the naphtha range
Mixed metal catalysts
Process for catalytical steam reforming of a hydrocarbon feedstock
Ex-situ presulfuration in the presence of hydrocarbon molecule
Electrolytic process and apparatus for the controlled regeneration of modified ion exchangers to purify aqueous solutions
Method and apparatus for detecting agglomerates
Remotely programmable matrices with memories
Method and apparatus for continuous liquid flow in microscale channels using pressure injection, wicking, and electrokinetic injection
Sample preparation device with embedded separation media
Evacuated blood collection tube for rapid blood coagulation
Plate locator for precision liquid handler
Methods and materials for improved high gradient magnetic separation of biological materials
Monolithic roofing surface membranes and applicators and methods for same
Apparatus for treating silicon wafers
Apparatus for veiling computer enclosure from coating
Liquid usage detector for a coating apparatus
Spin coating spindle and chuck assembly
Method and apparatus for applying a liquid or pasty medium on a traveling material web
Film forming apparatus and film forming method
Multilayer pressure-sensitive adhesive construction
Cross-linking top coat for metallic island coating systems
Method of deposition DLC inclusive layer(s) using hydrocarbon and/or siloxane gas(es)
Silane coatings for bonding rubber to metals
Method and apparatus for removing contaminants on electronic devices
Cleaning method
Apparatus and method for cleaning wafer
Method for using a can of compressed gas to clean a vehicle
Carbon-enhanced fluoride ion cleaning
Synthetic aggregate and process for the production thereof
Binder compositions for bonding particulate material
Electrolytic production of high purity aluminum using ceramic inert anodes
Solder powder and method for preparing the same and solder paste
Plural layered metal repair tape
Method for encapsulating solder metal powders and solder metal powders produced according to this method
Solder composition and a method for making the same
Lead-free solder
Aluminium-magnesium weld filler alloy
Device for detecting abnormality in chemical-mechanical polishing operation
Apparatus and method for chemical/mechanical polishing
Ceramics and process for producing
Abrasive dressing tool and method for manufacturing the tool
Fused abrasive bodies comprising an oxygen scavenger metal
Apparatus for releasably attaching polishing pads to planarizing machines in mechanical and/or chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic-device substrate assemblies
Aqueous mixed pMDI/phenolic resin binders for the production of wood composite products
Method for making smooth surfaced gypsum fiberboard panel
Method for devulcanization of cross-linked elastomers
Products of and method for improving adhesion between substrate and polymer layers
Method for molding plastic lenses
Method of producing resin-molded assembly and method producing double-retaining connector
Fluorine-containing meltable resin composition
Molding apparatus and method using a robot to introduce and insert into a mold
Injection controlling method for an injection molding machine
Method of producing a disposable protective cap for an infrared radiation thermometer
Automatic embossing device for plastic floor tile
Process and apparatus of producing optical disk and process of producing substrate
Three dimensional printing materials system
Manufacturing method of fluoro based composite boards
Caring doctor blade and method for manufacture of same
Method for the production of a cellular composite material
Continuous manufacturing process for sections or plates
Dual-laminate honeycomb material
Precision composite lens
Molded article and surface covering sheet therefor
Multi-component articles prepared from hydrogenated block copolymers
Heat insulating paper cups
Method of making a color display device
Multicomponent fibers and fabrics made using the same
System for making wallboard or backerboard sheets including aerated concrete
Air filter medium, air filter pack and air filter unit comprising the same, and method for producing air filter medium
Particle-containing meltblown webs
Composite material and manufacturing method thereof
Composition for improving adhesion of elastomers to polymer compositions
Waterless lithographic plate
Method of manufacture of a thermoelastic bend actuator using PTFE and corrugated copper ink jet printer
Ink-jet recording head, its manufacturing method and ink-jet recording device
Solid bi-layer structures for use with high viscosity inks in acoustic ink printing and methods of fabrication
Thermal transfer material, and printing method and printer used with the same
Information recording medium, a method for manufacturing the same and a method for recording/reproducing information thereon
Transparent thermosensitive recording material
Azomethine dye precursor, image-forming material, and image-forming method
Printing sheet and printed sheet
Image bonding treatment of retroreflective surfaces
Coated photographic papers
Fabric and fabric article made from plant material
Method for transcribing an image and a support for transcription and ink ribbon employed therefor
Apparatus with functional symbols adapted to be illuminated by associated transmitted light and method for making same
Method and apparatus for controlling combustor temperature during transient load changes
Packaging having protected information and method
Method of forming a box blank
Tear tape for plastic packaging
Adhesive tape and its use
Evacuated package and a method of producing the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Hydrogen generator with fuel cell and control method for the same
Hydrogen recycle and acid gas removal using a membrane
Expandable graphite and method
Cationic polymer-modified silica dispersion and production process for the same
Method of forming aluminosilicate zeolites
Method for reprocessing waste acid to form gypsum and iron oxide
Reactor for electrolytic reduction of Cr+6
Ultrafine particulate zinc oxide and production process thereof
Deionized water degasification for semiconductor fabrication
Methods for removing hazardous organic molecules from liquid waste
Removal of dissolved and colloidal silica
Corrosion inhibition method suitable for use in potable water
Wastewater management method
Methanation activity measuring instrument
Method for treating a waste stream using photosynthetic microorganisms
On premise water treatment system and method
Alkaline earth-manganese oxide pigments
Volatile organometallic complexes of lowered reactivity suitable for use in chemical vapor deposition of metal oxide films
Compositions for forming transparent conductive nanoparticle coatings and process of preparation therefor
Solar control coated glass
Heat reflecting film with low visible reflectance
Alkali-free aluminoborosilicate glass, and uses thereof
Reduced glare neodymium oxide containing window glass
Dielectric composition useful for light transparent layer in PDP
Method of producing minerals under near-critical, critical and supercritical conditions
Translucent polycrystalline ceramic and method for making same
Methods to partially reduce a niobium metal oxide oxygen reduced niobium oxides
Granule for forming ferrite body, ferrite sintered product and production method thereof
Ceramic insulation
Ceramics sound absorption material
Anti-corrosion ceramic member
Method and apparatus for recycling cement kiln dust
Biological fertilizer compositions comprising garbage
Biological fertilizer based on yeasts
Process for the production of an exothermically reacting composition
Synthesis of energetic polyester thermoplastic homopolymers and energetic thermoplastic elastomers formed therefrom
Gas-generating agent for air bag
Organic electroluminescent element
Calcilytic compounds
Onium salts, photoacid generators, resist compositions, and patterning process
Naphthyl-substituted and anilide-substituted sulfonamides
Reservoir components
Methods and replacing water and cyclohexanone with acetic acid in aqueous solutions of catalyst
Amino acid amidinohydrazones, alkoxyguanidines and aminoguanidines as protease inhibitors
Mitochondrial membrane stabilizer
Hetero-substituted cyclic amine metalloprotease inhibitors
3,3-substituted indoline derivatives
Pyridoxine AMD pyridoxal analogues: cardiovascular therapeutics
Isoquinoline derivatives and isoquinoline combinatorial libraries
Covalently immobilized fluoroionophores as optical ion sensors
Substituted imidazoles, their preparation and use
AZA compounds, pharmaceutical compositions and methods of use
1,4-diazacycloheptane derivatives
Method of recovery for nitramines from aluminized energetic materials
Modulators of peroxisome proliferator activated receptors
Tocopherols, tocotrienols, other chroman and side chain derivatives and uses therof
[2-substituted-5-[3-thienyl)-benzyl]-2- ([2-isopropoxy-5-fluoro]-phenyoxy)-ethyl]-amine derivatives, method for the production and use thereof as medicaments
Acylated n-hydroxy methyl thalidomide prodrugs with immunomodulator action
Inhibitors of glycogen synthase kinase 3
Antithrombotic agents
Prolines as antimicrobial agents
Pyrimidinone compounds and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Quinolines and quinazolines useful in therapy
Pyridylpyrrole compounds useful as interleukin-and TNF antagonists
Tropane analogs and methods for inhibition of monoamine transport
Low hue photobleaches
Phosphonocephem derivatives, process for the preparation of the same, and use thereof
Tricyclic compound, their production and use
Organosilicon compounds and uses thereof
Screening methods for presqualene disphosphate analogs
Potentially fluorogenic compounds
Arylsulfonanilide phosphates
Overbased metal-containing detergents
DNA-protein fusions and uses thereof
Prevention and treatment of pulmonary bacterial infection or symptomatic pulmonary exposure to endotoxin by inhalation of antiendotoxin drugs
Prophylactic, therapeutic agent for osteoporosis
Receptor-binding pocket mutants of influenza a virus hemagglutinin for use in targeted gene delivery
Rio Mamore hantavirus nucleocapsid protein and diagnostic methods employing said protein
Recombinant nonstructural protein subunit vaccine against flaviviral infection
Methods of typing hepatitis C virus and reagents for use therein
Methods of typing hepatitis C virus and reagents for use therein
Tango 71 nucleic acids
NY-ESO-1-peptide derivatives, and uses thereof
Human glycine transporter type 2
Human DNA mismatch repair proteins
Transcription factor, BP1
Method of enhancing effect of a neurotrophin with analogues of p75NTR367-379.
Nucleic acids encoding mammalian cell membrane protein MDL-1
DNA encoding a prostaglandin F2.alpha. receptor, a host cell transformed therewith and an expression product thereof
Method for modulating process mediated by farnesoid activated receptors
Method of ameliorating the harmful effects of TNF using a polypeptide having the ability to bind to TNF
Plasmid encoding a modified steroid hormone
Soluble single chain T cell receptors
Methods of inhibiting Helicobacter pylori
Selective apoptosis of neoplastic cells by an HLA-DR specific monoclonal antibody
Antiproliferative Sgk reagents and methods
Preparation of polymers by interfacial derivatization
Method for the production of a copolymer based on vinyl aromatic compounds and conjugated dienes
Process for reducing the odor emission of aqueous vinylaromatic/1,3-diene copolymer dispersions
Process for preparing a carrier used in olefin polymerization catalysts
Process for producing polyolefins
Process for producing ethylene/olefin interpolymers
One pot preparation of bimetallic catalysts for ethylene 1-olefin copolymerization
Process for producing ethylene/olefin interpolymers
Production of polyethylene having a broad molecular weight distribution
Methods of making modified condensation polymers
Methods of making modified condensation polymers
Method for making hydrophobically associative polymers, methods of use and compositions
Process for producing ethylene/olefin interpolymers
Monomer composition for optical plastic optical material, optical plastic material, and lens
Ink-jet printing ink compositions having superior smear-fastness
Means of producing high diblock content thermoplastic elastomers with functional termination
Process for the preparation of block copolymers
Processing olefin copolymers
Method for the preparation of conjugated polymers
Ultrafiltration processes for the recovery of polymeric latices from whitewater
Adhesive compositions containing stable amino-containing polymer latex blends
Polyalkylene grafted centipede polymers
Polymeric stabilizers with high affinity to pulp
Method of manufacturing polyelectrolyte
Process for preparing a flexible polyurethane foam
Coating composition
Soap gel based glue stick
Method for hydrogenating aromatic polymers
Process for producing polyarylate
Process for preparing aliphatic polyester
Process for the manufacture of functionalized polyphenylene ether resins
Mixtures suitable as solid electrolytes or separators for electrochemical cells
Nylon molding compositions having improved surface appearance
Indanylidene compounds
Water based fiber treatment agent and method for treating fibers
Fluoropolymer finishing process
Packaging film or sheet
Process for producing LLDPE films with improved impact strength
Compositions and articles made therefrom
Barrier coatings having bis-silanes
Foams prepared from blends of syndiotactic polypropylenes and thermoplastic polymers
Propylene polymer foams
Composite material containing fine particles of metal dispersed in polysilylenemethylene and process for the preparation thereof
Heat curable silicone rubber composition with improved resistance to engine oils and coolants
Color stable compositions containing arylate-comprising polymers
Films and molded articles formed from aliphatic polyester compositions containing nucleating agents
High performance thermoplastic compositions with improved melt flow behavior
Titanium and zirconium compounds
Particulate diacetal composition, process for producing the same, and polyolefin resin composition and molding
High barrier amorphous polyamide-clay nanocomposite and a process for preparing same
Interpolymer film pouch
Thermoformable ethylene/styrene interpolymer-based polymer blend film for three-dimensional transfer finish foil
Electric cable and a method and composition for the production thereof
Elastomer composition
Crosslinked conducting polymer composite materials and method of making same
Aqueous resin composition for use as a sealer
Proplylene-based copolymer composition
Thermoplastic fluorinated polymers
Fluoropolymeric composition
Polyvinyl chloride compositions
Thermoplastic silicone elastomers formed from polyester resins
Polycarbonate-ABS moulding materials
Polycarbonate resin composition
Water based fiber treatment agent
Method of repulping repulpable and recyclable moisture resistant coated articles
Carbon black graft polymer
Surface modification of high temperature alloys
Preparation of improved inks for inkjet printers
Method of preparing low-temperature-cure polymer composition
Electrodepositable coating compositions including ungelled reaction products of epoxy functional polyesters and amines coated substrates and methods of electrocoating using the same
Adhesion priming composition for fluoropolymer coatings
Photosensitive organosilicon films
Azeotrope-like compositions and their use
High luminance blue color fluorescent substance for low-voltage and manufacturing method of the same
Liquid crystal display element
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display provided with the liquid crystal composition
Chemical mechanical planarization of low dielectric constant materials
Anti-freezing and deicing composition and method
Catalytic cracking process for increasing simultaneously the yields of diesel oil and liquefied gas
Process for the production of an ultra low sulfur
Method for controlling hydrocracking and isomerization dewaxing operations
Method for the isomerization of gasoline with a high benzene content
Process for simultaneous hydrotreating and splitting of naphtha streams
Selective extraction using mixed solvent system
Rolling bearings and greases for the same
Aqueous liquid detergent compositions having a surfactant, fatty acid glycol ester and a glyceryl ether
Solution for contact lenses
Laundry bars comprising non-staining water soluble polymeric colorants
Sorbent material
Bleaching compositions
Cleaning agent composition, method for cleaning and use thereof
Detergent containing glucanase
Activators for peroxide compounds in detergents and cleaning agents
Paint stripping composition and process containing methyl benzoate and formic acid
Insulin-like growth factor II antisense oligonucleotide sequences and methods of using same to inhibit cell growth
Method for maintenance and selection of episomes
Compositions and methods for producing recombinant adeno-associated virus
Human Mullerian duct-derived epithelial cells and methods of isolation and uses thereof
DNA encoding mannose 6-phosphate reductase and recombinants produced therefrom
Mutants of thymidylate synthase and uses thereof
Beta-1,3-galactosyltransferase homologs
Human beta-alanine-pyruvate aminotransferase
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Histidine kinase two-component in Candida albicans
Screening assays for modulators of human kinesin protein HsKif6
Human cyclic nucleotide PDES
Flea chitinase nucleic acid molecules and uses thereof
Exopolysaccharide production from submerged mycelial culture of mushroom
Carbonyl reductase, method for producing said enzyme, DNA encoding said enzyme, and method for producing alcohol using said enzyme
Method for producing glycolic acid from glycolonitrile using nitrilase
Production of gluconate salts
Susceptibility plates for microbial antibiotic susceptibility testing
System for cell-based screening
Screening for functional antisense agents
Methods for detection of rearranged DNA
Diagnosis of early gastric cancer
Hybridization of polynucleotides conjugated with chromo-phores and fluorophores to generate donor-to-donor energy transfer system
Method for producing iron carbide
Process for the production of liquid pig iron or liquid steel pre-products
Wall structure for a metallurgical vessel and blast furnace provided with a wall structure of this nature
Electromagnetic steel sheet having excellent magnetic properties and production method thereof
Method and apparatus for producing fine wire
Method for smelting copper sulfide concentrate
Removal of mercury from waste materials
Method for producing large diameter ingots of nickel base alloys
Cast nickel-base alloy
High-strength aluminum alloy for pressure casting and cast aluminum alloy comprising the same
Sputtering targets comprising aluminides or silicides
Free machining aluminum alloy with high melting point machining constituent and method of use
Heat shrink band steel sheet and manufacturing method thereof
Copper matrix composites
Method for forming carbonaceous hard film
Material comprising titanium
Sputter station
Method and apparatus for reducing target arcing during sputter deposition
Amorphous permalloy films and method of preparing the same
Method and apparatus for sputter coating with variable target to substrate spacing
Power supply unit for sputtering device
Plasma processing apparatus
Continuous method for depositing a film by modulated ion-induced atomic layer deposition (MII-ALD)
Method for coating inner surfaces of equipment
Sub-atmospheric pressure thermal chemical vapor deposition (SACVD) trench isolation method with attenuated surface sensitivity
Hard carbon film and surface acoustic-wave substrate
Deposition chamber and method for depositing low dielectric constant films
Corrosion-resistant multilayer coatings
Wafer processing apparatus
Discharge electrode, high-frequency plasma generator, method of power feeding, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Apparatus for forming a film on a substrate
Method of forming ruthenium oxide films
Method for depositing copper onto a barrier layer
Protective layer system for gas turbine engine component
Forming a plain bearing lining
Electro-chemical deposition cell for face-up processing of single semiconductor substrates
Method of manufacturing steel sheets coated with Zn-Fe alloy
Cyanide-free pyrophosphoric acid bath for use in copper-tin alloy plating
Apparatus and method of electrochemical polishing by ring-form electrode
Method for producing single crystal
Silicon carbide film and method for manufacturing the same
Thermally annealed, low defect density single crystal silicon
Robotic harvesting of solids from fluids
Textiles; Paper
Reduced shrinkage in metallocene isotactic polypropylene fibers
Methods of making pigmented filaments
Hybrid multistage forward cleaner system with flotation cell
Method of producing an extensible paper having a three-dimensional pattern and a paper produced by the method
Pressing apparatus having semipermeable membrane
Arrangement for fastening press jacket to press roll end
Press jacket and method for treating a material web
Polyethylene glycol-containing paper
Spray application of an additive composition to sheet materials
Method of producing dimensionally stable paper and paperboard products
Fixed Constructions
Method of strengthening an existing reinforced concrete member
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Bearing for refrigerating machine compressor and compressor
Composite magnetic tube and method of producing the same, and electromagnetic interference suppressing tube
Sewer system pipe repairs
Method of fabricating a piezoresistive pressure sensor
Enhancing clot detection in activated clotting time and other fibrin endpoint based tests
Device for separating electrolyte chambers within an electrochemical sensor
Method of making a material for establishing solid state contact for ion selective electrodes
Automated system for two-dimensional electrophoresis
Method for measuring cellular chemical profiles
Multi-electrode composition measuring device and method
Method for measuring ammonia in biochemical processes
Method of identification of inhibitors of PDE1C
Method of using multicellular particulates to analyze malignant or hyperproliferative tissue
Eosinophil degranulating conditions
Method and device for identifying a mycobacterium species responsible for a mycobacterial infection
Assay method for cardiovascular disease
Use of hemoglobin derivatives for determining plasma and/or blood volume
Tube bottom sensing for small fluid samples
Method for coating an organic glass substrate and treating solution
Optical component installation process
Photonic crystal multilayer substrate and manufacturing method thereof
SPD films and light valves comprising same
Light scattering resin layer, color filter and liquid crystal display using the same
Color photographic elements of increased sensitivity
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Silver halide photographic material and method for processing the same
Method to produce small space pattern using plasma polymerization layer
Calcium ion stable photographic color developing composition and method of use
Color photographic element containing coupler useful for forming neutral silver-based image
Mask and method for forming dynamic random access memory (DRAM) contacts
Method for negative image recording
Positive working photosensitive composition
Thiabicyclo compound, a polymer-containing said compound, and a photoresist micro pattern forming method using the same
Chemically amplified resist compositions
Composition for lithographic anti-reflection coating, and resist laminate using the same
Top surface imaging technique for top pole tip width control in magnetoresistive read/write head processing
Material removal method using germanium
Alternating phase shift mask and method for fabricating the alignment monitor
Method for designing photolithographic reticle layout, reticle, and photolithographic process
Scanning exposure method accounting for thermal transformation of mask
Projection lithography on curved substrates
Method of processing residue of ion implanted photoresist, and method of producing semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing microdevice utilizing combined alignment mark
Automated combi deposition apparatus and method
Image formation process and developer used therein
Intermediate transfer material and image-forming apparatus
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
Method for forming toner particles having controlled morphology and containing a quaternary ammonium tetraphenylborate and a polymeric phosphonium salt
Dry toners having specified condensation binder resins
Toner coagulant processes
Toner and developer for magnetic brush development system
Black magnetic composite particles for a black magnetic toner
Carrier, developer, and image-forming method
Method for producing a multi-layer label and device for implementing said method
Tamper indicating device
Combination static cling and product label assembly
Narrow track stitched GMR head
Method for manufacturing a magnetoresistive element with conductive films and magnetic domain films overlapping a central active area
Method for forming the air bearing surface of a slider
Media with a metal oxide sealing layer
Magnetic recording medium with laser-formed differential zone lubrication
Method for manufacturing a functional device by forming 45-degree-surface on (100) silicon
Memory member
Method of fabricating dynamic random access memories
Structure and method of operating an array of non-volatile memory cells with source-side programming
Memory cell configuration and fabrication method
Method of manufacturing an electrical cable having a reduced coefficient of friction
Resistance element and method of production of same
Non-oriented electromagnetic steel sheet having excellent magnetic properties after stress relief annealing and method of manufacturing the same
Magnetic material and manufacturing method thereof, and bonded magnet using the same
Fe-based amorphous alloy thin strip and core produced using the same
Monolithic ceramic capacitor and method of producing the same
Method of molding a saddle assembly for circuit breakers
Erosion compensated magnetron with moving magnet assembly
Structure and method for field emitter tips
Photosensitive element for preparing a phosphor pattern
Method for making long focal length micro-lens for color filters
Method of forming cross strapped Vss layout for full CMOS SRAM cell
Method of fabricating a silicon island
Asymmetrical molding method for multiple part matrixes
Method of forming a DRAM capacitor structure including increasing the surface area using a discrete silicon mask
Method for constructing heat resistant electrode structures on silicon substrates
Method for treating the surface of a deep trench
Fabrication method for a silicon nitride read-only memory
Methods for manufacturing semiconductor devices
T-gate formation using a modified conventional poly process
Treatment of dielectric materials
Enhanced surface modification of low K carbon-doped oxide
Method of forming ferroelectric capacitor in semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a capacitor in a semiconductor device
Process for forming a silicon-germanium base of a heterojunction bipolar transistor
Method for manufacturing a field effect transistor
Method for forming gate electrode for a semiconductor device
Method of fabricating a bottom electrode
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having nonvolatile memory and logic circuit using multi-layered, inorganic mask
Method for fabricating an electrode structure of capacitor for semiconductor device
Split gate flash cell for multiple storage
Modified nitride spacer for solving charge retention issue in floating gate memory cell
Fabrication process for semiconductor device
SiGe/poly for low resistance extrinsic base npn transistor
Edge growth heteroepitaxy processes with reduced lattice mismatch strain between a deposited semiconductor material and a semiconductor substrate
Method for producing thin substrate layers
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Semiconductor substrate and method of manufacturing the same
Method of application of displacement reaction to form a conductive cap layer for flip-chip, COB, and micro metal bonding
Chemical-mechanical etch (CME) method for patterned etching of a substrate surface
Method for fabricating high permitivity dielectric stacks having low buffer oxide
Semiconductor component and method of manufacture
Process for reduction of capacitance of a bitline for a non-volatile memory cell
Semiconductor structure
Damascene arrangement for metal interconnection using low k dielectric constant materials for etch stop layer
Annealing ambient in integrated circuit interconnects
Method for avoiding photo residue in dual damascene with acid treatment
Low dielectric constant etch stop films
Method and structure to reduce low force pin pull failures in ceramic substrates
Method and apparatus for reducing wafer to wafer deposition variation
Morphed processing of semiconductor devices
Semiconductor processing methods and semiconductor defect detection methods
Method of dual gate process
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Folded deep trench capacitor and method
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit device including a DRAM having reduced parasitic bit line capacity
Method for forming memory array having a digit line buried in an isolation region
Non-volatile memory and memory of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing a structure for reducing leakage currents by providing isolation between adjacent regions of an integrated circuit
Method for forming element isolating region
Method for fabricating a self aligned S/D CMOS device on insulated layer by forming a trench along the STI and fill with oxide
Substrate processing method and manufacturing method, and anodizing apparatus
Implantation process using sub-stoichiometric, oxygen doses at different energies
Method of forming STI oxide regions and alignment marks in a semiconductor structure with one masking step
Method for forming a liner in a trench
Manufacturing method of a non-volatile semiconductor memory device having isolation regions
Methods of forming a contact structure in a semiconductor device
Method for controlling dopant diffusion in a plug-shaped doped polysilicon layer on a semiconductor wafer
Post etch cleaning composition and process for dual damascene system
Method for manufacturing semiconductor memory device incorporating therein copacitor
Method for making a low resistivity electrode having a near noble metal
Method for improving the moisture absorption of porous low dielectric film
Method for fabricating a dual damascene structure
Underlayer liner for copper damascene in low k dielectric
Semiconductor processing method using high pressure liquid media treatment
Process for planarization of metal-filled trenches of integrated circuit structures by forming a layer of planarizable material over the metal layer prior to planarizing
Dual-damascene interconnect structures and methods of fabricating same
Process for forming a dual damascene bond pad structure over active circuitry
Semiconductor device having a multilayer interconnection structure
Method of manufacturing memory device including insulated gate field effect transistors
Integrated circuit packages assembled utilizing fluidic self-assembly
Acoustic wave device face-down mounted on a substrate
Compliant package with conductive elastomeric posts
Method of forming solder bumps with reduced undercutting of under bump metallurgy (UBM)
Semiconductor device navigation using laser scribing
High density stackable and flexible substrate-based devices and systems and methods of fabricating
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device comprising a semiconductor body having a surface provided with a coil having a magnetic core
Back-to-back semiconductor device module, assemblies including the same and methods
Method for fabricating flash memory with recessed floating gates
Method for producing solid-state image-sensing device
Manufacturing method for organic EL device
Electroluminescent device
Method for fabricating semiconductor integrated circuit device
Zener diode and RC network combination semiconductor device for use in integrated circuits and method therefor
Method to form low-overlap-capacitance transistors by forming microtrench at the gate edge
Methods of forming a field effect transistor gate construction
Method of forming a semiconductor device having a TFT utilizing optical annealing before a gate electrode is formed
Leaky lower interface for reduction of floating body effect in SOI devices
Optosemiconductor device and the method for its manufacture
Phosphor converted light emitting diode
Nitride compound light emitting device and method for fabricating the same
Method for making a diode device
Organic electroluminescent device and method of manufacture thereof
Organic electroluminescence device and manufacturing method thereof
Stabilized lithium electrochemical cells containing an alkoxy silane
Electrochemical cell with graded electrode leads
Electrochemical cell having an interface modifying component and associated fabrication process
Method for manufacturing electrodes for battery
Calendered double side segment coated webs
Nickel hydroxide electrode material and method for making the same
Non-aqueous lithium ion secondary battery
Material for electrode comprising a non-woven fabric composed of a fluorine-containing resin fiber
Interdigitated enthally exchange device for a fuel cell power plant
Solid polymer fuel cell system and method for humidifying and adjusting the temperature of a reactant stream
Operating system for a direct antifreeze cooled fuel cell power plant
Fuel cell comprising an inorganic glass layer
Tubular screen electrical connection support for solid oxide fuel cells
Fuel cell stack
Manufacturing method of a surface acoustic wave device
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