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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method for creating a verified food source
Illuminated plant holder
Method and apparatus for growing plants
Foldable fish-trap
Fishing pole, anti-wrap line guide for a fishing pole, and fishing rod
Hair fiber mounting method
Jewelry setting for a row of diamonds
Wall table device and method therefor
Panelized bed clothing susceptible of home laundering
Beverage manufacturing apparatus
Multifunction cleaning device for large vehicles such as recreational vehicles and trucks
Integral vacuum cleaner bumper
Air path conversion valve assembly for vacuum cleaner
Method for providing optimal drug dosage
X-ray radiographic apparatus, X-ray restrictor, and X-ray radiographic method
Method and apparatus for soft-tissue volume visualization
Gas delivery system and method
Methods and devices to assist pulmonary decompression
Implantable medical device stream processor
System for dynamic and automatic building mapping
Performing Operations; Transporting
Support device for cutting templates
Hot-shaping and hardening a workpiece
Process for manufacturing a monolithic printhead with truncated cone shape nozzles
E-facet optical lens
Functionally strained optical fibers
Printing blanket having a dimensionally stable carrier plate, a method for producing a printing blanket of this type, and a printing unit for a printing machine without a damping unit
Sidelay register for a plate cylinder of a rotary press
Guide element for guiding a cleaning apparatus of a printing press
Optical modulator, exposure head and image recording apparatus
Proposed syntax for a synchronized commands execution
Abnormality diagnostic system and abnormality diagnostic data storing method
Braking force control apparatus for vehicle and method thereof
Wire harness design support system
Sailing boats
Compact inserter
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fuel element for a pressurized water reactor and method for producing cladding tubes
Textiles; Paper
Knitting machine
Crochet tool and kit
Fixed Constructions
Bracket for mounting and vertically leveling a post on a surface
Excavator thumb for use with excavator equipment
Cable mechanism
Variable resistance hinge
Window framing system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fuel injection control device
Method and device for a proactive cooling system for a motor vehicle
Coordinated control of throttle and EGR valve
Balancing shaft for an internal combustion engine and a method for the production thereof
Method and device for monitoring a pressure sensor
Air induction module for a combustion engine having pulse charging
Exhaust valve arrangement and a fuel system incorporating an exhaust valve arrangement
Induction driven ignition system
Actuator assembly
Sleeve spline structure of synchronizer
Pot stabilizing apparatus
Refrigerating machine
Composite magazine for chambering ammunition in a firearm
Pneumatic paintball gun
Paintball gun assembly
Armor assembly for a truck
Projectile height of burst determination method and system
Cable length sensor
Oscillator for atomic force microscope and other applications
Micro sample heating apparatus and method of making the same
Automated systems for weighing and/or liquid delivery
Methods and apparatus for fluorescence and reflectance imaging and spectroscopy and for contemporaneous measurements of electromagnetic radiation with multiple measuring devices
Method for determining temperature, radiation thermometer with several infrared sensor elements
Quasistatic magnetic and electric field stress/strain gages
Systems and methods for temperature compensating torque sensors
Pressure sensor including temperature adjustment
Impact tensile test machine
Horizontal binocular microscope for vertically gravitated and floating samples
Method and apparatus for mass analysis of samples
Method and apparatus for mass analysis of samples
Specimen processing system
Angular rate sensor for correcting a false distortion
Restartable spanning tree for high availability network systems
Test circuit method and apparatus
Synthetic antiferromagnetic structure for magnetoelectronic devices
System and method for reducing multipath distortion in wireless distance measurement systems
Multi-step receiver-motion compensation
Fiber optic polarization beam combiner and splitter
Interferometric focusing technique for forming taps in fibers
Optical fiber, optical amplification/oscillation device, laser light generating device, laser display unit, and color laser display unit
Optical multiplexer and method for its production
Apparatus for storing surplus ADSS cable
Reduction of laser speckle in photolithography by controlled disruption of spatial coherence of laser beam
Image forming apparatus having display unit for displaying an executable program and control method thereof
Electrophotographic photosensitive drum process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with varied charge voltages
Liquid development electrophotographic device
Power supply unit for a fusing roller of an electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Fixing device, fixing method and image forming apparatus
Electronic timepiece with checking function and its checking method
Power generation plant remote operation system
Method and device for the failsafe monitoring of the rotational movement of a shaft
Device for reproducing data
Method and apparatus for executing code in accordance with usage rights
Memory system that sets a predetermined phase relationship between read and write clock signals at a bus midpoint for a plurality of spaced device locations
Test tool and methods for testing a computer structure employing a computer simulation of the computer structure
Response to a computer virus outbreak
System and method for reorganizing data in a raid storage system
Disk array apparatus and data backup method used therein
Method and system for forming skeletons for generating verification systems
Handling calls from relocated instrumented functions to functions that expect a return pointer value in an original address space
Automatic READ latency calculation without software intervention for a source-synchronous interface
Apparatus, method, and system for synchronizing information prefetch between processors and memory controllers
Dynamic software accessibility to a microprocessor system with a high speed memory cloner
Device and method for controlling access to computer peripherals
System for extending length of a connection to a USB device
Interface device having variable data transfer mode and operation method thereof
Device predicting a branch of an instruction equivalent to a subroutine return and a method thereof
System and method for database design and maintenance
Textual data storage system and method
Event log
School system database
Integrated database system and program storage medium
Searching and matching a set of query strings used for accessing information in a database directory
Method and apparatus for custom design in a standard cell design environment
Buffer insertion with adaptive blockage avoidance
Method and system for constructing a hierarchy-driven chip covering for optical proximity correction
Vehicle control system with radio frequency identification tag
Multivariate RBR tool aging adjuster
Test driver ordering
Information device system
Personal computer system and methods for proving dates in digital data files
Sound control circuit for a digital audiovisual reproduction system
System and method for automatic deskew across a high speed, parallel interconnection
Use of cartridge memory for storing logical library association information
System for modifying the functionality of compiled computer code at run-time
Plug-and-play interconnection architecture and method with in-device storage module in peripheral device
Event data processing method and apparatus
Systems, methods and computer program products for the display and visually driven definition of tomographic image planes in three-dimensional space
Object identification method and system for an augmented-reality display
Grayscale image connected components segmentation
Methods and apparatus for determining the orientation of an object in an image
Single board computer quotation and design system and method
Method and system for creating and managing engineered time standards
System and method for instantly accessing a message board server
Message processing device message management method and storage medium for storing message management program
On-board wireless transaction system and method
Image fusion system and method
Method and apparatus for adaptive pixel estimation under high error rate conditions
Image processing device and image processing method
Apparatus and method for decoding an MPEG picture stream
Secure user certification for electronic commerce employing value metering system
Service providing apparatus and method, and service verifying apparatus using information terminal
Adaptive personal active noise reduction system
PMAD/PSA digital feedback system
Recording apparatus for recording digital information
Disk drive unit
Information recording medium, information recording apparatus and method, information reproducing apparatus and method, computer data signal embodied in a carrier wave
System to reduce writing overhead to a hybrid optical disc
Editing apparatus and method capable of erasing a predetermined program on a selected play-list
Fabrication process for magneto-resistive effect devices of the CPP structure
Close tracking algorithm in a digital tracking servo system
Memory device capable of stable data writing
Semiconductor device having semiconductor memory with sense amplifier
SRAM device
Dynamic semiconductor memory device and method of controlling refresh thereof
Clock synchronized non-volatile memory device
Search memory, memory search controller, and memory search method
Content addressable memory having dynamic match resolution
Differential dual floating gate circuit and method for programming
Method and device for testing a memory circuit
Actively driven VREF for input buffer noise immunity
Digitline architecture for dynamic memory
X-ray optical system with collimator in the focus of an X-ray mirror
Infospheres distributed object system
Strap-shaped input device
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of manufacturing the same
Floating-gate analog circuit
Method of making RFID devices
Smart chaff
Solid state laser device and solid state laser device system
Apparatus for and method of controlling output of a laser diode
Semiconductor laser with a tapered ridge
Semiconductor laser device
Circuit configuration comprising a control loop
Bidirectional VSC converter with a resonant circuit
Filter coefficient generator
Block level routing architecture in a field programmable gate array
System and method for enabling efficient error correction and encryption using wavelet transforms over finite fields
Method and device for evaluating the noise associated with turbocodes, and systems using them
Apparatus and methods for combinational error detection in an InfiniBand switch
Wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) ring passive optical network (PON) with route protection for replacement of splitter based passive optical networks
Apparatus for, and method of, reducing power dissipation in a communications system
Systems and methods for controlling transmission power to reduce frequency interference
Adaptive gain adjustment control
Systems and methods for controlling audible speech distortion in a GPS-based CDMA wireless network using ATM transport
Gatekeeper simulator in a LAN telephony system
Scheme for maintaining synchronization in an inherently asynchronous system
Circuit emulation service (CES) over IP
Cross media error protection method and system
Method for acknowledging messages in a communication system
Soft network interface device for digital broadband local carrier networks
Robust transport of IP traffic over wdm using optical burst switching
Method for improving signaling efficiency and performing service load balancing in a connection oriented network
Method and apparatus for sustaining conversational services in a packet switched radio access network
Method and system for providing mobile services
Method to prevent net update oscillation
IQ mismatch cancellation
Communication system for mobile devices
Communication device having the capability of performing information exchange between a facsimile medium and an electronic information medium such as an e-mail medium
Data compression negotiation in a telecommunication system
Arbitrary function generating circuit using a simple operational element and an encryption method thereof
Managing and extending attribute values for public key cryptography standards
License-based cryptographic technique, particularly suited for use in a digital rights management system, for controlling access and use of bore resistant software objects in a client computer
System, method and article of manufacture for contract term certification utilizing a network
Data processing apparatus
Portable telephone device
Methods and computer readable media for creating dialing strings useful in an international dial-up session for transferring data
Method and apparatus for providing expanded telecommunications service
Multiplexing video and control signals onto UTP
Transmission apparatus and method, receiving apparatus and method, and distribution medium
Method and apparatus for blocking effect reduction
Low complexity video decoding
Architecture for providing flexible, programmable supplementary services in an expandable telecommunications system
Dynamic channel allocation in a sectored cell of a cellular communication system
Device and method for measuring the usage of system resources in a communication network
Method for reducing noise coupling in high speed digital systems
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Human Necessities
Thermoforming process and apparatus
Vacuum aid for lice and nit removal system
Ultraviolet sterilizer assembly for use in fish tanks
Medical uses of pyruvates
Method for preserving animal hides
Oxygen scavenging metal-loaded ion-exchange composition
Flat case for disinfecting contact lenses
Holder for a vacuum cleaner dust bag
Method and apparatus for etching-manufacture of cylindrical elements
Method for forming a breast prosthesis
Low fusing dental porcelains containing tetragonal rubidium-leucite
Pigment for shielding of ultraviolet radiation
Process for the production of oil-in-water creams
Methods and apparatus for steam sterilization with reduced water consumption
Process and equipment for sanitizing and packaging food using ozone
Venting system
System for eliminating gases in a container
Transducer-protector device for biomedical haemodialysis lines
Sinter and casting comprising Fe-based high-hardness glassy alloy
Performing Operations; Transporting
System and process for the water vapor reforming of a hydrocarbon
Method of treating pulp
Apparatus and method for supercritical fluid extraction or supercritical fluid chromatography
Gross pollution filter
Method for demulsification of emulsions containing dense gas and liquid and a surfactant
Water continuous emulsion polymers for improving scale control in the bayer process
Guide rollers for cog rake bar screens
Portable pool skimmer
Facility for distilling a liquid product
Fuel filter with internal pressure regulator
Storm drain liner
Exhaust emissions filtering system
Disk, in particular the front disk of a filter element
Method and apparatus for preventing biofouling in cooling water system
Recycling of sodium hydroxide and production of gypsum from dry flue gas desulfurization
Heat exchanger efficiency control by differential temperature
Oxidation catalyst comprising gold and method of oxidation
Catalytic converter
Supported liquid membrane separation
Electrokinetic remediation prefield test methods
Semipermeable encapsulated membranes with improved acid and base stability process for their manufacture and their use
Method of manufacturing thin metal membranes
Method for recovery of xylose from solutions
Method and apparatus for air sparged slurry tanks
Radio frequency microwave energy applicator apparatus to break oil and water emulsion
Pressure sensing reaction vessel for microwave assisted chemistry
Process for cooling dispersions and liquids
Radial flow adsorption vessel
Apparatus for evaluating a solid catalyst and evaluation method using the apparatus
Catalyst and method for hydroprocessing a hydrocarbon feed stream in a reactor containing two or more catalysts
Multiplexed microfluidic devices and systems
Microfabricated structures for facilitating fluid introduction into microfluidic devices
Modular reaction block assembly with thermoelectric cooling and heating
Reaction receptacle apparatus
Magnetic separator apparatus
Flock separating apparatus
Sealing strip and method of sealing
Thin film-forming method and thin film-forming apparatus therefor
Deposition systems and processes for transport polymerization and chemical vapor deposition
Method for producing electrodes for Ni/metal hydride alloy secondary cells
Lead-free tin alloy
Low-melting alloy and cream solder using a powder of the alloy
Bonded abrasive articles filled with oil/wax mixture
Process and plant for manufacture of latex foam products
Method for removing contaminant from surface of mold die
Method for making self-supporting thermoplastic structures
Methods and apparatus for eyeglass lens curing using ultraviolet light and improved cooling
Mold for cast piece
Method for making a seal ring
Method of affixing synthetic resin film and molding resin
Repositioning of articles between different positions within an intermittently accessible space
Injection molding method and apparatus for forming colliding stream spray dispensing nozzle
Method of forming a seamless, cylindrical, thermoplastic structure with a multiple compaction roller winder
Method of splicing thermoplastic articles
Method and apparatus for manufacturing window frames from plastic sections
Slurry preform system
Method for providing smooth surfaces on plastics
Method of forming a belt/belt sleeve and a belt/belt sleeve made using the method
Molding system for rubber tractor tracks
Embossed multiply cellulosic fibrous structure having selective bond sites and process for producing the same
Record sheet used in electro-coagulation printing method
Transparent media for phase change ink printing
Holographic check authentication article and method
Method for making an identification document
Mounting arrangement on the edge of a window pane, in particular a motor vehicle window pane
Rotating label system and method
Apparatus and method for folding and sealing a mailer form having a roller with a deformable ring assembly secured thereto
Method of making released micromachined structures by directional etching
Bonding of micro elements
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Solid peroxo compounds and peroxy compounds stabilized by coating
Process for making ammonia from heterogeneous feedstock
Minimizing evaporator scaling and recovery of salts during gasification
Removal of silane from gas streams
Method of synthesizing enriched decaborane for use in generating boron neutron capture therapy pharmaceuticals
Process for the removal of silica from an alkaline solution containing sodium aluminate
Method for producing uranium oxide from uranium oxyfluoride and silicon
Dispensing apparatus having an improved filter unit
Efficient inhibition of bacterial and algicidal activity in aqueous media
Electrochemical cell for metal recovery
Polymer electrolyte, a polymer aggregating agent prepared therefrom, and a disposal of waste water
Process and apparatus for biological treatment of aqueous organic wastes
Multi-stage facultative wastewater treatment system and method hydrolyzing biosolids
Floating hydroponic biofiltration device
Preparation of colored optical fiber for splicing
Method of making bamboo fiber and inorganic body
Magnet powder, sintered magnet, process for producing them, bonded magnet, motor and magnetic recording medium
Method of manufacturing a friction element
Method to resize sintered ceramic substrates
Advanced designs for high pressure, high performance solid propellant rocket motors
Low particulate igniter composition for a gas generant
Organic nonlinear optical material and nonlinear optical element using the same
Trifluormethylpyridone based indolenine methine dyes
Premixes for the preparation of polyurethane or polyisocyanurate foams
Hydrofluorocarbon blown foam and method for preparation thereof
Dispersible free flowing particulate silica composition
Formazan compounds and method of dyeing therewith
Black dye mixtures of fiber-reactive azo dyes and use thereof for dyeing hydroxy- and/or carboxamido-containing fiber material
Pigments coated with ultraviolet radiation absorbent
Uniformly coated particulate metal oxide
Process for producing carbon blacks
Ink compositions
Aqueous ink composition, process for preparing the same, and ink jet recording using the same
Efficient, environmentally acceptable method for waterproofing insulation material
Adhesive compositions
Process for the production of stamper
Surface modifier composition
Heat transfer fluid compositions for low temperature applications
Thermal process for reducing total acid number of crude oil
Method for pretreatment of refinery feed for desalting the feedstock, and related additive
Fuel additives and compositions
Apparatus for starting a log fire
Molasses/oil coal treatment fluid and method
Scented candle and manufacturing method for same
System and method for extracting water in a dry cleaning process involving a siloxane solvent
Dry-cleaning compositions containing polysulfonic acid
Smelting-reduction apparatus and method for producing molten pig iron using the smelting reduction apparatus
Tap hole drilling machine for blast furnace, drill bit for use in tap hole drilling machine, and tap hole drilling method
Off-gas hood for a basic oxygen furnace and method of repair
Device for coupling a blowing lance to a collector
Profiled rolling stock and method for manufacturing the same
Method for improving the heap biooxidation rate of refractory sulfide ore particles that are biooxidized using recycled bioleachate solution
Production of metal such as aluminum, magnesium, silicon from metal oxide compounds
Hydride removal method for liquid metal heat exchange fluid in high hydrogen permeation environment
Method and apparatus for initial purification of liquid metal heat exchange fluid
Process for manufacturing thin-walled pipes
Cemented carbide for oil and gas applications
Cast metal-matrix composite material and its use
Process for manufacturing a foil of ferritic stainless steel having a high aluminum content, aluminum-containing ferritic stainless steel, and catalyst support useful for a motor-vehicle exhaust
Rolling member
Process of producing aluminum sheet articles
Diamond-like carbon over-coats for optical recording media devices and method thereof
Contoured sputtering target
Method of sputtering a carbon protective film on a magnetic disk with high sp.sup.3 content
Target for use in magnetron sputtering of nickel for forming metallization films having consistent uniformity through life
Method and apparatus to improve the properties of ion beam deposited films in an ion beam sputtering system
Cross flow metalizing of compact discs
Thin-film depositing apparatus
Programmable electrical interlock system for a vacuum processing system
Method of modifying a surface
Vapor generation system and process
Dual gas faceplate for a showerhead in a semiconductor wafer processing system
Low-mass susceptor
Solution for forming ferroelectric film and method for forming ferroelectric film
Adhesion enhancement for metal foil
Electric discharge surface treating method and apparatus
Muffle etch injector assembly
Copper etching compositions and method for etching copper
Tantalum barrier metal removal by using CF.sub.4 /o.sub.2 plasma dry etch
Method for the fabrication of electrochemical cells
Production of electrolytic copper from dilute solutions contaminated by other metals
Allotropic modification of zirconium and hafnium metals and method of preparing same
Metallurgical process for manufacturing electrowinning lead alloy electrodes
Method of producing layered material for sliding bearings and an electroplating bath for carrying out this method
Composite plating apparatus
Process for sulfurizing treatment of ferrous articles
Method for growing a silicon single crystal
Silicon wafer and method for producing the same
Growth of bulk single crystals of aluminum nitride: silicon carbide alloys
Process for producing high-quality III-V nitride substrates
Textiles; Paper
Printing of fibre materials
Method for dyeing a polyamide fabric in a grandrelle tone, and a dyed fabric obtained by said method
Process for adjusting the alkalinity of pulp slurry in a broke pulper using carbon dioxide
DOM control in cellulose pulp production
Separator having a screen basket disposed in a digester
Wet end control for papermaking machine
Shoe press belt and method of manufacture
Apparatus for improving filler retention in papermaking
Electromigration injection from a microreservoir-electrode in capillary separation systems
Sequencing near infrared and infrared fluorescence labeled DNA for detecting using laser diodes and suitable labels therefor
Ultrasonic force differentiation assay
Liposome enhanced immunoaggregation assay and test device
Automatic sample testing machine
Hybrid optical multi-axis beam steering apparatus
Method of manufacturing an optical connector
Ordered structures in homogeneous magnetic fluid thin films and method of preparation
Document copying deterrent method
Automated PCB checklist
Post-placement residual overlap removal method for core-based PLD programming process
Register optimizing compiler using commutative operations
High speed web machine
Method for personalizing beverage container
Device for applying magnetizable binder-containing layers to non-magnetic substrate by means of an extrusion caster
Method for forming particulate reaction and measuring method thereof
Method of producing electrically conductive pastes and materials using same
Transparent conductive film and composition for forming same
Cable semiconducting shields
Electrically conductive exothermic coatings
Fabrication method of solid electrolytic capacitor
Surface treatment apparatus
Pressure equalization system for chemical vapor deposition reactors
Die bonder for a semiconductor producing apparatus
Web charging apparatus
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew