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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Portable heating apparatus
Synergistic and residual pesticidal compositions containing plant essential oils
Agastache rugosa extract and composition containing tilianin isolated and purified from said extract having anti-inflammatory activity and anti-atherogenic activity
Process for producing rice flour and use thereof
Compositions of oxo-terpene derivatives and process for preparing the same
Maternal expandable protector
Equestrian riding breeches garment and method for its manufacture
Do-it yourself removable/reusable non-chemical highlights and hair extensions
Foot guided shoe sole and footbed
Table with spaced depressions
Seat pad for vehicle
Seat comfort device, and methods of constructing and utilizing same
Child vehicle seat
Roman a blind assembly
Methods and apparatuses for selecting and displaying an image with the best focus
Sheathless anastomotic ring applier device
Threaded frusto-conical interbody spinal fusion implants
Dissection and welding of tissue
Method and apparatus for correcting vision using an electro-active phoropter
Ophthalmological appliance comprising an eye tracker
Device and method for mapping and tracking blood flow and determining parameters of blood flow
Occludator, face bow, occlusion-confirming system and temporomandibular joint-reproducing system
Interlabial pad
Absorbent article with non-irritating refastenable seams
Stent with variable features to optimize support and method of making such stent
Nonstented heart valves with formed in situ support
Bimaterial intraocular implant and process for making the implant
Devices and methods for disc replacement
Intravascular stent
Lift system for hospital bed
Glutenase enzyme assays
Methods and compositions for administering therapeutic and diagnostic agents
Fusion molecules and methods for treatment of immune diseases
Glycolipids and analogues thereof as antigens for NK T cells
Nucleic sequence and deduced protein sequence family with human endogenous retroviral motifs, and their uses
Feline polynucleotide vaccine formula
103P2D6: tissue specific protein highly expressed in various cancers
Micro-reservoir osmotic release systems and microtube array device
Negative pressure wound therapy system with provision for introduction of an agent
Automatic liquid injection system and method
Uninterrupted flow pump apparatus and method
Needle tip protector
Needle tip guard for percutaneous entry needles
Tree stand
Rubber compositions comprising high levels of oily substance and the use thereof in golf balls
Process for producing a golf ball with deep dimples
Baseball batter training system
Recreational binding with adjustable suspension interface
Performing Operations; Transporting
Liquid absorption by metal-organic frameworks
Hazardous gas abatement system using electrical heater and water scrubber
Methods and systems for cooling a chromatographic column
Apparatus and method for concentrating and filtering particles suspended in a fluid
Dual stage ultrafilter devices in the form of portable filter devices, shower devices, and hydration packs
Oxygen generator
Splash guard for a garbage disposal unit
Control system and method for operating an ultrasonic liquid delivery device
Single item workflow manufacturing system and method
Method of cleaning flexible substrate
Methods for processing wafer surfaces using thin, high velocity fluid layer
Method for controlling resin regeneration of dishwasher
Valve and tap incorporating same
Consistent rigidity construction arrangement for a machine tool
Aqueous aluminum brazing composition, aluminum material coated with the brazing composition, brazing method using the aluminum material, and automotive heat exchanger manufactured by using the brazing method
Push-pull plugs and tools
Cutting board system
Chemical mechanical polishing apparatus
Vibration reduction apparatus for power tool and power tool incorporating such apparatus
Core bit
Folding knife with finger guard
Material and method for three-dimensional modeling
Fuser member
Local foaming improvement
Graded core/shell semiconductor nanorods and nanorod barcodes
Identification badge construction
Liquid silicone rubber coating composition, curtain airbag and making method
Direct drive for a printing-press cylinder
Device and method for identifying modules in a graphics machine
Power connection/disconnection mechanism and medium feeding apparatus, recording apparatus and liquid ejecting apparatus
Recording apparatus and liquid ejection apparatus
Image recording apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image-forming apparatus and print media recognition method therefor
Method of controlling liquid ejection for marginless printing with waste liquid recess portion
Head of inkjet printer and method of manufacturing the same
Inkjet head and manufacturing method thereof
Service station system for an inkjet printer
Inkjet printer system with a pair of motor assemblies
Ink-jet recording apparatus
Liquid discharge head, and method of manufacturing liquid discharge head
Image forming system and image forming apparatus
Printing method, printing apparatus, and computer-readable medium
Method and apparatus for compensating for defective nozzle in inkjet image forming apparatus
Method of generating halftone print data for consecutive printhead segments including overlapping end portions
Ring mechanism biased to closed and locked position
Methods for a multilayer retaining ring
Green tire bead
Body structure of a passenger car and especially of a convertible
Control device for hybrid vehicle
Vehicle mounting structure for fuel cell
Vehicle seat assembly
Forwardly movable automotive vehicle seat, more specifically for a two door vehicle
Trailer operable in lowered and raised transport positions
Tow trailer assembly
Elliptical optical module with light shield for a motor vehicle
Bumper assembly with fog lamp bezel
LED device with power removal detection and method for using the same
Illuminated visor vanity
Hybrid energy absorber for automobile bumper
Front structure for car body
Method and apparatus for securing an air bag
Seat belt pretensioner using preformed tubes
Seat belt apparatus
Storage compartment for a motor vehicle, glove compartment and dash board
Vehicular transmission
Automatic stop device and method for internal combustion engine
Engine control apparatus, control method and control system
Bed transfer system
Boat hull with protective surface
Water evaporation minimization
Boat and method for manufacturing using resin transfer molding
Programmable boatlift system with boat position sensor
Airfoil shape for a compressor
Flexible kite
Fittings with redundant seals for aircraft fuel lines, fuel tanks, and other systems
Determining fuel usage
Method and apparatus for automated handling of medical devices during manufacture
Method and device for manipulating heavy gas
Apparatus and process for aseptically packaging food products in presealed pouches
Folding bag construction
Item carrying device
Sealed protective case with liner and latch
Retractable transfer device metering apparatus and methods
Cargo container handling system and associated method
Sheet feeding device and image forming device with linked rotatable guide members
Sheet feed apparatus and sheet housing apparatus
Printer media transport for variable length media
Variable frequency tampers for coated stocks used in paper feed trays
Sheet conveyor for conveying individual sheets
System for dispensing paper rolls with conductive tubes
Shock absorbing device for passenger conveyors
Adjustable cable hanger for a bicycle
Personal water and additive apparatus
Semiconductor device with a resonator
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Clathrate compounds and method of manufacturing
Method for making silica nanoparticles by flame spray pyrolysis adopting two-fluid nozzle
Combined degassing and flotation tank
Apparatus for disinfecting fluid using ultraviolet radiation
Method for purifying fluid and static mixer
Ultra-violet assisted anisotropic etching of PET
Synthetic silica glass optical material having high resistance to laser induced damage
Antibodies to tumor necrosis factor receptors 6.alpha. and 6.beta.
Ink composition and ink cartridge including the ink composition
Fine-grained rare earth activated zinc sulfide phosphors for electroluminescent displays
Polymerizable liquid crystal composition, optical anisotropic material, optical element and optical head device
Gelled invert emulsion compositions comprising polyvalent metal salts of an organophosphonic acid ester or an organophosphinic acid and methods of use and manufacture
Coke drum bottom unheading system
Systems, methods, and catalysts for producing a crude product
Process for the preparation of middle distillates and lube bases starting from synthetic hydrocarbon feedstocks
Vehicle fuel composition
Lube base oil and lubricating oil composition
Gels that reduce soot and/or emissions from engines
Composition, magnetic recording medium, head slider, and magnetic recording device
Liquid detergent compositions with visibly distinct beads
Devices, systems, and methods for dispensing disinfectant solutions comprising a peroxygen and transition metal
Post plasma ashing wafer cleaning formulation
Cleaning system utilizing an organic cleaning solvent and a pressurized fluid solvent
Capillary perfused bioreactors with multiple chambers
Support for growth medium
Methods of treating parkinson's disease using viral vectors
Isolation of proteins involved in posttranscriptional gene silencing and methods of use
Placental stem cell and methods thereof
Method of producing cardiomyocytes from mesenchymal stem cells
Fusion protein delivery system and uses thereof
Sulfur-oxidizing plant growth promoting rhizobacteria for enhanced canola performance
Methods, kits and polynucleotides for simultaneously diagnosing viruses
Method for measurement of activity of homocysteinethiolactone hydrolyzing enzyme
Method for measuring the amount of natriuretic peptides in a sample
Tetrahydrofolate synthetase gene
Methods for detection of a target nucleic acid by forming a cleavage structure with a cleavage resistant probe
Method for the detection of cytosine methylations in immobilized DNA samples
Steel plate exhibiting excellent workability and method for producing the same
Arrangement, method and electrode for generating a plasma
Volume-optimized reactor for simultaneously coating eyeglasses on both sides
Electroless gold plating solution
Epoxy enhanced polymer membrane to increase durability of biosensors
Single crystal GaN substrate, method of growing single crystal GaN and method of producing single crystal GaN substrate
III nitride single crystal manufacturing method
Textiles; Paper
Non-aqueous washing machine and methods
Use for the oleo-repellent paper sizing of carboxylic perfluoropolyethers
Fixed Constructions
Mixing sillcock
Rapid-change lock
Hinge with spring for furniture
Knockdown doorframe for adjustably accommodating wall thickness and building method thereof
Insert in a downhole drill bit
Jet arrangement for a downhole drill bit
Thermally stable polycrystalline diamond cutting elements and bits incorporating the same
Blowout preventer operator locking system
Method and system for altering pore pressure in a fracturing operation
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Multi-part piston for a combustion engine
Multi-layer ring seal
Turbine airfoil with near wall multi-serpentine cooling channels
Airfoil shape for a compressor
Airfoil shape for a compressor
Combustion engine comprising a control cam
System and method for reducing NOx emissions in an apparatus having a diesel engine
System, method, and computer readable media for controlling cooling in a diesel fueled power generation unit
Method for recognizing a fuel type in a diesel engine
Process for use with dual-fuel systems
System and method for reducing knock and preignition in an internal combustion engine
Variable compression ratio engine with dedicated bumper
Dual crankshaft engine with counter rotating inertial masses
Fuel injection
Turbocharger and vane support ring for it
Open/close controller of intake and exhaust communication circuit
Fuel injection system for an internal combustion engine
Rotary fluid machine
Method and apparatus for controlling multi-fluid flow in a micro channel
Control valve for a device changing the control times of an internal combustion engine
Spline connector
Direct torque flow constant velocity joint having a non-rotating boot
Drive arrangement
Oscillating inner gearing planetary gear system
Reversing gearset of a continuously variable transmission in particular a continuously variable belt transmission
Hydraulic drive vehicle
Planetary gear train and driving unit having the same
Chain drive with chain wheel and aligned support wheel
Springless compressor valve
Side-mounted position indicator for flapper check valve
Tube connection device
Dry break valve assembly
Height-adjustable apparatus
Seat guide device
Built-in type heating cooking device
In-situ shear wall nailing template
Ink composition, ink set using same, recording method, ink head and recorded image
Ink set and media for ink-jet printing
Coriolis flowmeter
Fluid measuring device
Capacitance fuel volume measuring apparatus for fuel cell
Temperature measuring device and temperature measurement method
Method and apparatus for measuring and improving efficiency in refrigeration systems
Temperature sensor for generating sectional temperature code and sectional temperature detection method
System and method for testing fuel injectors
Device for pressure measurement
Micromovement measuring device and method of movement process conversion to an electric signal
Apparatus and method for the purification of nucleic acids
Gas sensor manufacturing process, and gas sensor
High bandwidth fiber optic vibration sensor
Method and device for checking temperature values of a temperature sensor of a combustion engine
Method of producing probe medium and method of immobilizing probe using probe medium
Method for determining metabolic type
Methods for treating neoplastic disease characterized by vascular endothelial growth factor D expression, for screening for neoplastic disease or metastatic risk, and for maintaining vascularization of tissue
14273 receptor, a novel G-protein coupled receptor
System and method for location assurance of a mobile device
Borate crystals for optical frequency conversion
Optical fiber connector, optical fiber connecting method, and connector converter
Field terminatable fiber optic connector assembly
Trail camera
Surveillance camera gimbal mechanism
Lens cap module
Light source array for LCD applications
Device for forming visible image in air
Contrast adjustable projector apparatus
Texture control of thin film layers prepared via laser induced thermal imaging
Plating using copolymer
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Biasable transfer composition and member
Electrophotographic photoreceptor and image forming apparatus having the same
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
Program guide system with video-on-demand browsing
Upgrading a descriptor engine for a network interface card
Method and system for generating values for a request for caching of content items
Distributing content elements among devices
Object migration between cloud environments
Allocating distributed storage and task execution resources
System and method for displaying data feeds from multiple online social networks
Distributed intelligent rich presence
Configuration information acquisition method and management computer
Client apparatus and system
Context-aware hypothesis-driven aggregation of crowd-sourced evidence for a subscription-based service
Weight scale fault detection
Sentiment analysis in a video conference
Display apparatus, display system and storage medium
Partitionable unifiers in distributed streaming platform for real-time applications
Finding users in a social network based on document content
Embedded job accounting system and method
Information processing system and method, information processing apparatus, image-capturing device and method, recording medium, and program
Game presentation in a retail establishment
Short depth cash drawer with a moveable base
Identification card issuing apparatus and identification card issuing method
System and method for operating a parking facility
Smartcard transaction method and system using signature recognition
Electronic apparatus which requires less space for loading and unloading an object
Electronic wallet
Image sensor based optical reader
Transport and delivery system for valuable items
User configurable alerts for ATM transactions
Systems and methods for mask adjustment in 3D display
Data bearing record based capture and correlation of user image data at a card reading banking system machine
Reading of image data bearing record for comparison with stored user image in authorizing automated banking machine access
Inoculation training kit
Backlight module having light reflecting and converging structure
Interactive vehicle synthesizer
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium for high density magnetic recording and manufacturing of the same
High modulus, nonconductive adhesive useful for installing vehicle windows
Injection molded article and composition for the preparation thereof
Method of fabricating an organic field transistor
Damascene phase change RAM and manufacturing method
Aligned nanotube bearing composite material
Method of forming molded resin semiconductor device
Surface-mountable light-emitting diode light source and method of producing a light-emitting diode light source
Method for manufacturing a surface mount device
Solid-state imaging device, production method and drive method thereof, and camera
Thin-film capacitor with a field modification layer and methods for forming the same
Advanced process control for semiconductor processing
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Nonvolatile memory device with a non-planar gate-insulating layer and method of fabricating the same
Non-volatile memory with asymmetrical doping profile
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing wiring, thin film transistor, light emitting device and liquid crystal display device, and droplet discharge apparatus for forming the same
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having a film in contact with a debonded layer
Process for cleaning silicon substrate
Post passivation interconnection schemes on top of IC chips
Method for reduction in metal dishing after CMP
Vacuum processing and transfer system
Bipolar transistor, BiCMOS device, and method for fabricating thereof
System and method for producing a semiconductor circuit arrangement
Method of fabricating etch-stopped SOI back-gate contact
Lids for wafer-scale optoelectronic packages
Battery pack and method for producing battery pack
Negative electrode and nickel-metal hydride storage battery using the same
Ambient-temperature molten salts and process for producing the same
Fuel compositions
Membrane electrode assembly for a tube-shaped fuel cell and tube-shaped fuel cell
Power card connection structure
Land grid array connector assembly with pick up cap
Telecommunications patch panel with angled connector modules
Overhead device for managing electrical appliances
Eject mechanism for memory card connector
Foldable information processing apparatus having protected crank-type structured flexible printed circuit board
Process of fabricating printed circuit board
Rectifier circuit for monitoring dc offset of a single-supply audio power amplifier
Bitstream restrictions on picture partitions across layers
System and method for accepting information from routing messages into a list
Community based network protocols
Routing of a service request aimed at an IMS subscriber
System and method for transitioning a communication session between networks that are not commonly controlled
Verification of signed video streams
Method for controlling a device requiring user-related permissions via a mobile terminal
Apparatus and method for setting antennas of mobile device, and mobile device
Voicemail transmission utilizing signals associated with radio band frequencies
Network relay device
Image processing apparatus and power control method for image processing apparatus
Job processing apparatus, method for controlling job processing apparatus, and storage medium
Usage tracking in a distributed scan system
Image reading apparatus for bound media
Image reading apparatus with judgment unit to judge data of a predetermined format for transfer and with executing unit to convert image data before the data of a predetermined format is judged for transfer, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
Multiple base layer reference pictures for SHVC
Multiple viewer 3D display
Display apparatus and display method thereof
Method of glasses-less 3D display
Controllable lenticular lenslets
Adaptive security camera image compression apparatus and method of operation
Method of decoding video data
Image processing with segmentation using directionally-accumulated difference-image pixel values
Performing residual prediction in video coding
Enhanced user experience for miracast devices
Media monitoring, management and information system
Function upgrade device, display apparatus and method for controlling display apparatus thereof
Module for plenoptic camera system
Remote control of a camera module
Autofocus system using phase difference data for electronic device and electronic device using the same
Image generation device, imaging device, image generation method, and program for generating a new image from a captured image based on a cut-out frame
Image capturing apparatus and control method thereof
Use of wireless connection loss to facilitate identifying and recording video capture location
Efficient method for reading an imaging device using correlated double sampling
In-stream association of media content for video presentation
Image processing system based on stereo image
News production system with display controller
Communication management system
System and method for rejoining a traffic log mode after a breakout in a broadcasting environment
Using aspect-ratio transitions to output an alert indicating a functional state of a back-up video-broadcast system
System and method for scheduling clips
Ear hook with wire hook
Wireless communication method and apparatus of hearing device
System and method for managing headphone wires
Unidirectional condenser microphone unit
Systems and methods for labeling crowd sourced data
Mobile device with automatic switching between cellular and WiFi networks
Smart online services presence in a cellular network
Receiving device, receiving method, and radio communication system
Methods and systems for transmission of multiple modulated signals over wireless networks
Base station and communication control method
Calling a response provider based on detection of an emergency situation
Apparatus and method for forwarding data based on software defined network in communication network
Communication system, base station, and communication terminal
User terminal, radio communication method and radio communication system
Inter-link interference information sharing-based link scheduling method and apparatus for use in wireless communication system
Methods, access point and wireless device for providing neighbor report information from an access point to a wireless device
Discovery of a neighbor awareness network (NAN) using a wake up message
Methods and systems for providing user information in telecommunications networks
WLAN system scanning and selection
Capacitor-less LED drive
Lighting device, lighting apparatus, and lighting fixture
Bleeder circuit emulator for a power converter
Planar light illumination device
Lighting source and lighting apparatus
Lighting system and control method thereof
X-ray radiation source
High-gain thompson-scattering X-ray free-electron laser by time-synchronic laterally tilted optical wave
Multilayer glass ceramic substrate with embedded resistor
Ejectable component assemblies in electronic devices
Anti-disassembly protection structure
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Weed puller
Aerator device
Structure for converting an integral implement to a drawn type
Easily adjustable double eliminator
Cutting angle adjustment for mowing heads
Header height control apparatus
Field crop harvesting and loading vehicle
Battery-powered walk-behind greensmower
Finishing wrapper for crop bales
Trellis structure
Device and method in a tree harvester head
Spill-resistant, smoother pouring container for liquids
Application of hydrophilic polymer to existing sod
Potted plant package
Display apparatus
Multipurpose flow control device
Modular pet house
Bird feeder with removable bird seed reservoir
Manual shifting of transmission power ratio for mixer or shredder without power interruption
Reptile feeder
Bird feeder
Freeze resistant animal watering installation
Twisted fly line leader
Fishing information device and method of using same
Lighted insect trap
Rodent trap containment apparatus and a method for making the same
Beverage brewing devices for preparing creamy beverages
Apparatus and process for molding frozen ice confectionery compositions into articles
Device for the coating of granulates and seeds
Aromatic travel mask
Nipple hugger jewelry system
Tri-folded umbrella
Umbrella frame device
Storage case
PDA case
Padded harness for laptop computers
Golf bag
E-Z nail lifter
Spiral hair pins
Toothbrush holder/stand
Blank panel for rack units
Backstop support assembly for a shelving unit
Spring coil assembly and system for making the same
Modular furniture including interchangeable upholstery
Collapsible display structure and shelf module for use therewith
Display rack with repositionable shelf
Folding speaker bracket
Tray holding display system
Jewelry display device
Hanger for an object adapted to be hung on a wall
Container cap for drinking containers having a valve body insert with a deformable sealing lip
Removable cooling device and integrated vessels
Multi-purpose hanger
Coordinate loop hanger
Electric cooking device suitable for grilling and baking foodstuffs
Gas-fired cooking device with braising cavity having surface heated by heat bank
Adjustable cover
Liquid heating cooker
Portable beverage container
Dispenser for multiple rolls of sheet material
Device for dispensing soap-solution in a dispenser
Bottle suspension device
Medical instrument washer
Space saving dish strainer
Sapala-wood.SM. micropouch
Head apparatus and assistant device for the treatment of BPPV
Epidural stabilization device
Simple nitric oxide generator for ambulatory and/or bedside inhaled no treatment
Ventilatory assistance using an external effort sensor
Control of airway pressure during mechanical ventilation
Mechanical lock mechanism and injector head using the mechanism
Personal emergency breathing system
Fire protection pipe and methods of manufacture
Fun vehicle and bob, toboggan or roller coaster run for using the same
Redundant array control system for water rides
Track cleaner for model railroads
Performing Operations; Transporting
Self-cleaning fluid filter system
Cleaning arrangement for the combustion air of an internal combustion engine
Steam to carbon ratio control in steam reforming of hydrocarbons
Liquid proportioning method and apparatus for implementing the method
Dual hydro-cyclone with water injection
Spout plate used in spray head of sprayer
Fuel injector for diesel engines
Fast rate pump
Packaging and dispenser device enabling variable quantities to be dispensed
Retaining supporter of rotary sprinkler
Swirl gun
Spray gun with data device and method of control
Coating-powder spray gun
Low voltage electrostatic charging
Ultrasonic transducer wafer having variable acoustic impedance
Cereal grain sorting system and roll sorting machine
Manufacturing method of cylinder
Heat sink, method for manufacturing same, and pressing jig
Coil spring forming machine
Method and arangement for producing casting moulds from metal
Bar feeder provided with bar facing device
Apparatus and method for crowning the barrel of a firearm
Blind cut down apparatus
Reciprocating saw with rocker motion
Three-dimensional soldering inspection apparatus and method
Titanium aluminide honeycomb panel structures and fabrication method for the same
Solder coated material and method for its manufacture
Transducer for a bonding apparatus
Auto-adjustable tool for self-reacting and conventional friction stir welding
Solderability testing apparatus and solderability testing method
Composition for preventing creeping of a flux for soldering and use thereof
All-purpose roller stand
Rotary-percussion electrical tool
Pallet positioning system
Depth adjusting system for a screw gun
Force-measuring clamp
Support for supporting a power tool on a displacement carriage
Heavy duty sawhorse brace
Wrench rack
Compressor diagnostic system
Method and system for diagnosing a cooling system
Device for slicing foodstuff
Bevel angle detent system for a compound miter saw
Guard and control assembly for a compound miter saw
Fluoropolymer flowmeter
Air bags
Composite pipe having a PTFE inner layer and a covering layer of a fiber-reinforced plastics material
Inkjet lithographic printing plates
Silk-screen printing machine in simplified register
Heat sensitive stencil material
Method and apparatus for the retention of ink profile for printing
Envelope-filling bench
Pneumatic tire with spirally wound reinforcing cord layer
Tire having beads of improved structure
Grooved tire support ring
Lubricant release system
Active adaptation of control algorithms for a central tire inflation system
Coupling for coupling pulled implements or trailer having a drawbar to a tractor
Compact multipurpose trailer tug
HVAC system with post-shut down isolation and venting of evaporator using H-shaped valve
Bimodal refrigeration system and method
Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning assembly for a vehicle
Temperature control strategy for a rear control system
Vehicles and air conditioning systems for such vehicles
Dual evaporator air conditioning system and method of use
Modular aircraft window with a dual shade
Exhaust isolator system
Low vibration driveline
Power transmission arrangement of a working vehicle and transmission for the working vehicle
Two-wheel-drive/four-wheel-drive switching system for vehicle
Interlock system and a detent switch therefor
Control system and method for starting an ice in a hybrid vehicle
Turbine generator regenerative braking system
Laminated track design for inductrack maglev systems
Method, system and storage medium for determining a vehicle reference speed
Support for a drinks holder
Grill mounted front license plate bracket
Work machine having a hydraulic liquid cooling and heating system
Passenger side active knee bolster
Curtain air bag including inflatable perimeter gas channel
Shoulder belt retention device
Method and safety restraint device for restraining an occupant on a vehicle seat
Automobile anti-theft system
Vehicular steering wheel lock
Locking fork mount for a bicycle carrier
Portable truck-windshield cleaning device
Electric power brake booster
School bus door/service brake interlock system
Collapsible pushrod for a power brake of a vehicle
Pressure accumulator, and method for producing the same
Trolley-type monorail conveyor system
Ballast discharge system
Steering column with rotary tilt mechanism and method of installation
Laterally damped panhard rod cab suspension
Fuel tank for a straddle-mounted vehicle
Engine mounting structure in motorcycle
Streamer cable connector
Unsinkable vessel system
Fender retrieval system
Pontoon boat fender
Drinking device for divers
Engine revolution control apparatus having overspeed governing capability
Pneumatic driven propeller related vehicles
Store ejection system with replaceable pressure vessel
Guided parafoil system for delivering lightweight payloads
Apparatuses and methods for attaching engine nacelles to aircraft
Jet engine suspension
Electromagnetic aircraft arrestor system
Rocket engine nacelle
Method for observing and stabilizing electrodynamic tethers
Momentum control system and method
Arrangement for binding an object, in particular cable harness
Method and device for transferring blister packs and the like from a cutting station to a feeding line of a packaging machine
Fire blocking method and apparatus
Glass bottle with an antidrip neck
Container with handle region to receive a rope handle
Seed envelope and method of packaging seed
Disposable cup with fold-down lid
Edge seal closure
Sports beverage snap closure
Display box with sleeve
Child-resistant container and overcap package
Beverage carton with strap type carrying handle
Pallet container with grid support structure
Dual bottle for even dispensing of two flowable compositions
Accessable medicinal dosage carrier
Container for a stack of interfolded tissue sheets and a method for manufacturing such a container
Disposable sheet dispenser
Overcap for use with a cleaning device
Aerosol valve actuator
Relocatable storage tanks for liquids and granular materials
Bin with a quieter-closing lid
Refuse bin cleaning apparatus and methods of using same
Chain for three-dimensional transfer line
Singulating conveyor
Wide chain link conveyor structure
Telescoping conveyor system
Conveyor drive assembly and method of operation
Reciprocating conveyor for transporting heavy cylindrical objects
Chain store and process for loading the store
High speed pick and place apparatus
Device for linking two webs of material
Paper feeding device, in particular for cardboard production line
Method and apparatus for removing and applying adhesive components
Bobbin assembly with backlash preventing structure
Portable light reel system
Continuously moving sidewalk pedestrian transport system
Method for disconnecting transport systems and a security circuit for transport systems
Safety brake and method for unlocking a safety brake
Assembly for supporting the end of a load bearing member in an elevator system
Liftcrane with synchronous rope operation
Cushion pressing member for blister pack opening and dispensing tools
Funnel assembly
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Slush hydrogen production method and apparatus
Treatment media for water purification
Production method and device for sheet glass, and liquid crystal device
Methods for producing optical fiber by focusing high viscosity liquid
Apparatus for centering a glass flow control tube
Glassware forming mold and method of manufacture
Processing method for substrate
Photolithography method, photolithography mask blanks, and method of making
Pneumatic tire having a component containing high trans styrene-butadiene rubber
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation using a relatively slow heating rate
Method of microbial enhanced oil recovery
System and method for thermally reducing solid and liquid waste and for recovering waste heat
Method of cleaning CVD device
Textiles; Paper
Device for cutting a fiber cable
Weft holder device for holding weft threads ends in an air jet loom
Three-dimensionally structured warp knitted fabric
Portable multiple use quilting frame system
Centerline-based adjustable stitchery frame
Tufting machine
Device in connection with hanging laundry
Shirt finishing machine and cover put on torso
Method and apparatus for calendering paper
Method for rebuilding a calender
Method and device for moisturization of a paper or board web in calendering
Fixed Constructions
Rail switch brace
Replaceable point frog
Expansion dowel system and method of forming same
Automatic tool orientation control for backhoe with extendable dipperstick
Motorgrader circle drive
Industrial shaft, particularly for packaging equipment
Hydraulic circuit for working machine
System and method for coupling excavation equipment components
Hydrant locator
Combination sound-deadening board
Flexible interlocking wall system
Structural framework and webs therefor
Cage spacer
Shingle with improved blow-off resistance
Device and method for attaching balusters
Drywall inside corner device
Power driven nails for sheathing having enlarged diameter heads for enhanced retention and method
Adjustable support for steps
Construction safety screen system
Tethering stakes
Method of forming a swimming pool construction
Motion detection and control for automated pool cleaner
Airplane hangar
Conversion between lock functions using lock actuator
Lock assembly
High-security round key and lock therefor
Door lock with a clutch having a cam-styled axle sleeve
Device for locking a door element in an opening to a space
Actuator for operating vehicle door
Computer physical security devices
Integrated roller cable assembly
Louvered arch mechanism
Readily customizable blind set
Center of gravity adjustable bottom rail for window blind assembly
Method and apparatus for hydrocarbon subterranean recovery
Methods and apparatus for creating a downhole buoyant casing chamber
Method and apparatus for displacing drilling fluids with completion and workover fluids, and for cleaning tubular members
Non-seize material attachment for a drill slip system
Puller-thruster downhole tool
Method of cleaning and refinishing tubulars
Forming a wellbore casing while simultaneously drilling a wellbore
Process and arrangement for retrieving of equipment from bore holes
System and method for fluid flow optimization
Unique phasings and firing sequences for perforating guns
Apparatus and method for obtaining proper space-out in a well
System and technique to improve a well stimulation process
Sample extraction system for boreholes
Low-flow groundwater sampling system
Method and apparatus for the detection of bubble point pressure
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
High heat producing power system
Apparatus for purging and excluding air from a hydraulic manifold assembly for variable deactivation of engine valves
Pinless roller finger follower
Method and apparatus to estimate oil aeration in an engine
Method and apparatus for controlling a variable valve system for an internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus to control a variable valve system
Valve timing control device
Method and apparatus for reducing oscillatory camshaft torque in an internal combustion engine
Joint structure for oil pump shaft and balancer shaft
Blow-by gas separator and decompressor for an internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for purging SOX from a NOX trap
Method to improve fuel economy in lean burn engines with variable-displacement-like characteristics
Method for sulfur protection of NOx adsorber
Exhaust device with an electric generator
Exhaust gas cleaning system having particulate filter
Method of engine cooling
Engine cooling system with two thermostats
Multi-cycle trainable piston engine
Tuned Helmholtz resonator using cavity forcing
Variable intake device for internal combustion engines and method for manufacturing the device
Super-chilled air induction system
Poppet valve having an aligning yoke
Continuous torque inverse displacement asymmetric rotary engine
V-type internal combustion engine
Method of operating an internal combustion engine
Engine generator
Cooling structure in engine
Control method for engine
Method and device for controlling an output variable of a drive unit in the starting phase
Fuel injection control system for internal combustion engine
Using carbon dioxide to control automobile functions
Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine
High volume electronic gas regulator
Exhaust emission control device of engine
Temperature estimating apparatus for internal combustion engine
State determining apparatus for exhaust gas purifier
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Method for controlling an internal combustion engine with nitrous oxide injection
Parallel vaporized fuel system
System of pulsed detonation injection for fluid flow control of inlets, nozzles, and lift fans
System and method for fast exhaust gas recirculation in a combustion chamber
Vehicle intake manifold having an integrated fuel rail and volume adjacent thereto
Vehicle non-metallic intake manifold having an integrated metallic fuel rail
Fuel injector having an expansion tank accumulator
Fuel injection device for an internal combustion engine
Fuel injection nozzle
Fuel injector
Fuel injection valve
Fuel injector
Double concentric inlet tube for setting armature/needle lift and method of manufacturing same
Metallurgical and mechanical compensation of the temperature response of terbium-based rare-earth magnetostrictive alloys
Injector for a common rail fuel injection system, with shaping of the injection course
Ignition coil driver chip on printed circuit board for plughole coil housing
Tuned power ignition system
3D array of integrated cells for the sampling and detection of air bound chemical and biological species
Control system for positioning compressor inlet guide vanes
Method for monitoring the gas prefill pressure in hydraulic accumulators
Pressurized medium activated working cylinder
Safety valve
Band braking device, and method of manufacturing annular brake band
Apparatus and method for vibration-isolating bearing of loads
Method and apparatus for operating a vibration isolation system having electronic and pneumatic control systems
Continuously variable transmission
Hydraulic clutch with a turbine torsional vibration damper
Modular hydrostatic transaxle for zero turn radius mower
Cam device
Self-acting valve
Vapor control valve with a metallic sealing element
Butterfly valve
Pressure reducing valve
Spring-loaded rotational limit stop
Method of joining ceramic matrix composites and metals
Connecting member for a fast-fit safety coupling
Tapping valve
Thrust plug and method for using a thrust plug
Flat panel display system
Method and apparatus for sootblowing recovery boiler
Steam pressure reducing and conditioning system
Refuse incinerator
Remotely activated armored incinerator with gas emission control
Turbomachine injectors
Methods and apparatus for operating gas turbine engines
Firelog grate for retaining fire starters
Cooling and combustion airflow supply system for a gas range
Modular roof equipment screening assembly
Microturbine-driven integrated air-conditioning system
Flexible gas-fired heat exchanger system
Transparent thermal insulation device
Expansion valve and refrigeration cycle
Cooling apparatus
Dilution refrigerator assembly
Portable ice storage container having an ice dispenser device and method therefor
Separating nitrogen from methane in the production of LNG
Heat dissipating component using high conducting inserts
Apparatus for heat transfer between gas flows
Firearm barrel manufacturing methods and barrel assemblies
Apparatus for initially slowly a backwards movement of a bolt group
Short compound bow
Vibration reducing devices for bows
Active armor including medial layer for producing an electrical or magnetic field
Automatic and consecutive target firing structure
Warhead configuration
Guide assembly for a missile
Pneumatic stage separation system for two stage launch vehicle
Apparatus for measuring a surface profile
Microgyroscope with integrated vibratory element
Doppler flowmeter for multiphase flows
Correcting for two-phase flow in a digital flowmeter
Mass flow measuring apparatus and method of measuring a mass flow
Fluid level verification apparatus
Method and apparatus for detecting a dry/wet state of a thermistor bead
Automotive cylinder pressure sensors
Magnetoelastic torque sensor assembly
Tongs monitor with learning mode
Pressure gauge spring
Apparatus and method of dynamic inertial balance for golf clubs
Specimen holders for hydrous specimens and method of using them
Sealing system for a gas sensor and a method for manufacturing the sealing system
Apparatus for performing a pull test
System and method for optimizing tissue barrier transfer of compounds
Calibration of sensors
Method and an apparatus for measuring icing
Article with retroreflective and radio frequency-responsive features
Metal diaphragm structure for pressure regulators
Bias spring structure for pressure regulators
Combined pressure regulator and shut-off valve
Electronic throttle control accelerator pedal mechanism with mechanical hysteresis provider
Adjustable brake, clutch and accelerator pedals
System for editing data collection device message data
Machine readable label reader system for articles with changeable status
Internet access of goods and services using graphical codes
Bioptical holographic laser scanning system
Media cipher smart card
Optical reader with ultraviolet wavelength capability
Methods for operating a code reader, and a code reader
Dual bar code reading system for a data storage system
Distortion correction method in optical code reading
Wireless sensing and communication system of roadways
Identity verification and enrollment system for self-service devices
Coin counter and voucher dispensing machine and method
Product vending
Mobile cashier terminal
Self-service terminal
Card destruction systems and methods
Smart card based drug prescriptions
Flexible face sign
Method of manufacturing a light emitting diode unit body
Collapsible framework, such as a display stand, and an articulation joint for such framework
Apparatus for supporting flags, banners and the like
Collapsible structures supported on a pole
Vivid Christmas deer toy
Livestock security tag assembly
Retail stock locator system
Pinch roller device
Tape reel for use in magnetic tape cassette
Apparatus for storing disks
Electrically cycling CD rack
Packaging for recordable media
Apparatus for manufacturing sliders
Method of joining components using a silver-based composition
Plasma display panel production method
Plasma RIE polymer removal
Chip scale packaging on CTE matched printed wiring boards
Heat sink and its manufacturing method
Thin wafer carrier
Method of forming a chip assembly
Dynamo-electric machine stator winder methods and apparatus with loop-forming wire pullers
Method of winding motors and other electric machines to reduce AC losses
Electronic device having a multi-mode acoustic system and method for radiating sound waves
Component mounting system and mounting method
Method of installing a land grid array multi-chip modules
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