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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Interspecific Lobelia plant
Enhancer for agricultural chemicals
Body fluid absorbent panel for sanitary wearing article
Synergistic combination comprising roflumilast and a PDE-3 inhibitor
Compounds having 5-HT6 receptor antagonist activity
Quinoline and isoquinoline derivatives, a process for their production and their use as inflammation inhibitors
Urea substituted imidazoquinolines
Apolipoprotein analogues
Nitric oxide donors based on metallic centers
Labelled factor XIIIa substrates
Reference clones and sequences for non-subtype B isolates of human immunodeficiency virus type 1
Medical materials sterilized by radiation and their ways in use
Ultraviolet pasteurizer
Isokinetic gantry arrangement for the isocentric guidance of a particle beam and a method for constructing same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Membrane for fuel cells
Carbide/nitride based fuel processing catalysts
Method and apparatus to reduce ozone production in ion wind device
Methods of filling a feature on a substrate with copper nanocrystals
Vibrator controlling circuit
Mail sorter
Methods for reducing costs and increasing throughput in the manufacture of disk drives by categorizing the disk drives based upon measured disk pack imbalance
Recording apparatus having a rectangular parallelepiped light intensity distribution
Printing method having auto retreat function of print data and medium for storing program for executing the printing method
Method for forming image
Process for making image recording element comprising an antistat tie layer under the image-receiving layer
Air current interruption detection responsive to consumed PTC heater power
Vehicle signal light fixture performing multiple signaling functions using an array of LEDs
Aircraft flight security system and method
Longitudinal shrink films
Micro-machined electromechanical system (MEMS) accelerometer device having arcuately shaped flexures
Micro-electromechanical actuator and methods of use and fabrication
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Plasma display panel
Fluorous triphase and other multiphase systems
Method of treating fluorine compound and treated substance
Process for forming latex polymers
Process for the production of hydrocarbons with a high octane number starting from mixtures of n-butane/isobutane such as field butanes
Process for preparing 2,6-divinylpyridine and 2-methyl-6-vinylpyridine from 2,6-lutidine over modified zeolites
Thio semicarbazone and semicarbazone inhibitors of cysteine proteases and methods of their use
Process for preparing imidazoquinolinamines
Heteroaryl diazacycloalkanes, their preparation and use
Process for the preparation of anti-psychotic 3-[2-[-4-(6-fluoro-1,2-benziosoxazol-3-yl)-1-piperidinyl] ethyl]-6,7,8,9-tetrahydro-2-methyl-4H-pyrido[1,2-a]pyrimidin-4-one
Inhibitors of .alpha.L.beta.2 mediated cell adhesion
Low-temperature inducible expression vector
Thioredoxin H homologs
Mage-A12 antigenic peptides and uses thereof
Method of inhibiting cell proliferation using an anti-oncogene protein
Human H37 proteins and cDNA encoding the same
Antibodies and fragments thereof to Fas ligand and Fas ligand derived polypeptides
Modified RCA proteins
Inhibitors of vascular endothelial growth factor activity, their uses and processes for their production
Vivo library-versus-library selection of optimized protein-protein interactions
Catalyst composition, method of polymerization and polymer therefrom
Branched polyolefin synthesis
Prepolymerization method of .alpha.-olefin
Water-dispersible, cationic polymers, a method of making same and items using same
Polyhydroxyl-compositions derived from castor oil with enhanced reactivity suitable for polyurethane-synthesis
Luminescence device
Light duty liquid cleaners comprising a monoalkoxylated quaternary ammonium surfactant
Fabric conditioning compositions
Alteration of sequence of a target molecule
Nicotianamine aminotransferase and gene therefor
Surface transfection and expression procedure
Modified chitin binding domain and uses thereof
Antibody that specifically binds an Mch5 polypeptide
Proteins producing an altered immunogenic response and methods of making and using the same
Nucleotide sequences coding for the genes sucC and sucD
Microorganisms and method for L-arginine production by fermentation
Method of and apparatus for the electrical resistance heating of metallic workpieces
System architecture of semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Method for depositing a low dielectric constant film
Method of producing electronic device material
Micro lens molding piece, micro lens molding piece producing method, micro lens stamper, micro lens stamper producing method, micro lens mold member, plastic lens array sheet, and projector
Fixed Constructions
System and related methods for sensing forces on a movable barrier
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Integrated microturbine gearbox generator assembly
Kinetic pressure bearing motor
Exposure apparatus
System for damping oscillations
Rotational sliding switch
Self-powered intermittent moving light tracking device and method
Apparatus and method for measuring alignment accuracy, as well as method and system for manufacturing semiconductor device
Heterodyne lateral grating interferometric encoder
System and method for forming images for display in a vehicle
Encoder self-callibration apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for spectrum analysis and encoder
System and method for optical processing based on light-controlled photon tunneling
Laser tweezers and Raman spectroscopy systems and methods for the study of microscopic particles
Contact hole standard test device
In-situ electron beam induced current detection
Programmable logic device with circuitry for observing programmable logic circuit signals and for preloading programmable logic circuits
Test structure and related methods for evaluating stress-induced voiding
Circuit for selectively enabling and disabling coils of a multi-coil array
Magnetic field homogenizing method and apparatus, and magnetic field generating apparatus
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer for liquid-solution
System and method of magnetic resonance imaging
NMR flow measurement while drilling
Zoom lens
Diffractive display
Rocking member apparatus
Optical device, optical module, optical amplifier, and optical transmission system
Optical bench with alignment subassembly
Semiconductor device, optoelectronic board, and production methods therefor
Low cost, high performance, rodent resistant, flexible reinforcement for communications cable
Electrophoretic display device
Light diffusing plate, liquid crystal display apparatus and rear projection apparatus
Front projection screen
Beam-shaping device, optical disc device, and fabrication method of beam-shaping device
Electronic image pickup apparatus
Photosensitive composition for sandblasting and photosensitive film using the same
Photosensitive polymer including copolymer of alkyl vinyl ether and resist composition containing the same
Stage device and exposure apparatus
Illumination optical system, exposure method and apparatus using the same
Apparatus and method for repairing resist latent images
Workpiece stage of a resist curing device
Exposure apparatus and a device manufacturing method using the same
Charge controlling agent, method for producing the same and toner for developing electrostatic image
Apparatus and method for monitoring a signal
Clock distribution network with process, supply-voltage, and temperature compensation
Portable computer docking station with movable electrical interface
Electronic instrument holding device
Radiator structure for a computer device
Voltage supply distribution architecture for a plurality of memory modules
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of detecting delay error in the same
Multiple channel modules and bus systems using same
Information processing apparatus and information output controlling method
Electronic camera with recorded image searching function
Key input device and character input method using directional keys
Electronic pen input device and coordinate detecting method therefor
Output apparatus and output method
Facsimile distribution manager
Retail signage management system
Method and system for target detection using an infra-red sensor
Multi-level image reading apparatus capable of detecting and correcting color position offsets
Image reproduction apparatus having function of displaying synthesized data by varying part of original image data
System and method for hidden object removal
Three-dimensional image processing method and apparatus, readable storage medium storing three-dimensional image processing program and video game system
Method and system for applying constraints to chains of curves
Multiway control system for keyset
System for identifying a personal item, such as an item of clothing, an accessory or a portable device
Electronic patient monitor and white noise source
Bed status information system for hospital beds
Charging station for pagers with night light
System for determining kind of vehicle and method therefor
Rewritable label for recording time information
Nonlinearly mapping video date to pixel intensity while compensating for non-uniformities and degradations in a display
Electron emitter, drive circuit of electron emitter and method of driving electron emitter
Voltage generating apparatus including rapid amplifier and slow amplifier
Active matrix display devices
Matrix display and its drive method
Peripheral driver circuit of liquid crystal electro-optical device
User interface for generating parameter values in media presentations based on selected presentation instances
Display control apparatus having replaceable color palette
Tone generation controlling system
Spindle motor including magnetic element for pre-loading a ball bearing set
Hydrodynamic bearing motor having a molded plastic hub
Method for calculating a format specific parameter in a disk drive having differing surface formats
Visual representation of audio content
Television with built-in DVD device
Disc drive spindle motor having a damper on a bottom surface of the spindle motor
Plenum assembly which filters multiple fluidic current channels using a single recirculation filter
Magnetic disk apparatus with air flow bypass channel
Perpendicular recording head with trackwidth defined by plating thickness
Thin-film magnetic head designed for narrower tracks
Positioning control device for two-stage actuator
Slider level microactuator with integrated fly control
Optical equipment assemblies and techniques
Thin-film magnetic head capable of suppressing side fringing
Method for replicating magnetic patterns on hard disk media
Method and apparatus for disc drive data security using fields in servo wedges
Method for writing to the magnetoresistive memory cells of an integrated magnetoresistive semiconductor memory
Semiconductor integrated circuit device including MISFETs each with a gate electrode extended over a boundary region between an active region and an element isolation trench
Switched-capacitor amplifier and analog interface circuit for charge coupled element adopting the same
Programmable logic array integrated circuits
Over-current protection device
Magnetic core for inductor
Structure of chip type electrolytic capacitor
Electrical multilayer component and method for the production thereof
Circuit breaker
Accessory device for manual motor starter
Phase shifting and PWM driving circuits and methods
Apparatus and method for monitoring and tuning an ion beam in ion implantation apparatus
Slow-wave induction plasma transport
Vacuum plasma processor method
Method for making single-phase c-axis doped PGO ferroelectric thin films
Method for fabricating a monolithic chip including pH, temperature and photo-intensity multi-sensors and a readout circuit
Methods for forming rough ruthenium-containing layers and structures/methods using same
Fabrication of nanometer size gaps on an electrode
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Process for making angled features for nanolithography and nanoimprinting
Selective etching of low-k dielectrics
Methods of forming a transistor having a recessed gate electrode structure
Cu capping layer deposition with improved integrated circuit reliability
Methods of manufacturing integrated circuit devices having contact holes using multiple insulating layers
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device including two-step polishing operation for cap metal
Semiconductor device with a capacitor having upper and lower shield layers
Method of reducing the conductivity of a semiconductor and devices made thereby
Semiconductor device and process for producing the same
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Method of making a compliant integrated circuit package
Method of manufacturing a resin molded or encapsulation for small outline non-leaded (SON) or quad flat non-leaded (QFN) package
Encapsulated semiconductor package free of chip carrier
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
Method and apparatus for operating an electrostatic chuck in a semiconductor substrate processing system
Microelectronic device fabricating method, integrated circuit, and intermediate construction
Structure for improved alignment tolerance in multiple, singularized plugs
Method using quasi-planar double gated fin field effect transistor process for the fabrication of a thyristor-based static read/write random-access memory
Ultra-thin SOI MOS transistors
Wide neck shallow trench isolation region to prevent strain relaxation at shallow trench isolation region edges
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Semiconductor device having bonding pads and probe pads
Electronic component with flexible contacting pads and method for producing the electronic component
Methods, apparatus, and systems for reducing interference on nearby conductors
Controllable ovanic phase-change semiconductor memory device
Supermolecular structureS and devices made from same
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor devices and manufacturing methods thereof
Semiconductor memory device and its manufacturing method
MOS integrated circuit with reduced on resistance
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive device
Ultrasonic motor and guide apparatus having the same as driving source of movable body
Three-terminal organic electro-luminescent device
Device for connecting at least two fuel cell batteries and correspondingly connected plant
Waveguide power divider and combiner utilizing a resistive slot
Electromagnetic window
Dual-band antenna
Multi-band antenna
Method for manufacturing diffraction grating of Laser Diode
System and method for optimizing the electrostatic removal of a workpiece from a chuck
Thermal monitoring of an electric load element
High speed generator with the main rotor housed inside the shaft
Electrical machine with air-cooled control chip
Charge pump regulator with load current control
Method and circuit for scaling and balancing input and output currents in a multi-phase DC-DC converter using different input voltages
Sensorless switched reluctance electric machine with segmented stator
Vibrating reed, vibrator, oscillator, and electronic device
Adaptive linearizer for RF power amplifiers
Electrically controlled very high value floating CMOS resistor
Electronic apparatus with two quartz crystal oscillators utilizing different vibration modes
System and method for dynamic ESD Protection
Method for driving a high side P-CHANNEL MOSFET
Method and apparatus for controlling switching noise in digital-to-analog interface
Sigma-delta converter arrangement
Optical transpose system
Interspersed training for turbo coded modulation
Image reading apparatus
Imaging apparatus having discontinuous lens reference surfaces and method of assembling the imaging apparatus
Image reading device and method
Solid state image pickup device
Image pickup device equipped with light emitter and image pickup method using the same
Computer system using a digital camera that is capable of inputting moving picture or still picture data
Method and apparatus for location based wireless roaming between communication networks
Electric power supply system for LED lighting unit
Technique for surface mounting electrical components to a circuit board
Heat sink integrated retention system
Methods and apparatus for forming a flexible junction
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Aquarium and associated laser device and method of use therefor
Method and means for conveying and processing an extruded sausage strand
Skinning machine
Method and apparatus for peeling-off bivalve, as well as bivalve before-separation heating device
Apparatus for two phase conveyance of a product
Apparatus for extruding products made up of composite materials
Brassieres which facilitate the drainage of lymphatic fluid from the breast area of the human female
Decorative brassiere shoulder strap
Cosmetic pencil
Dispenser for crumbly product
Foam dispensing bottle brush
Clinical scrub brush device
Method of cleaning teeth with a toothbrush with improved cleaning and abrasion efficiency
Capacity modulated scroll machine having one or more pin members movably disposed for restricting the radius of the orbiting scroll member
Stirring Pitcher having pivotable stirring handle
Bronchoscopic manifold with compressible diaphragmatic valve for simultaneous airway instrumentation
Light source device for endoscopes
Surgical devices with removable imaging capability and methods of employing same
Adjustable sleeve for endoscopes
Gynecological samplers
Control apparatus for an automated surgical biopsy device
Fine needle and core biopsy devices and methods
Device and method for facilitating hemostasis of a biopsy tract
Suture collet
Instrument and method for suturing anatomical tissue and tying suture material
Apparatus and method for astigmatically-neutral wound closure
Flexible endoscopic surgical instrument for invagination and fundoplication
Micro devices using shape memory polymer patches for mated connections
Detachable aneurysm neck bridge (III)
Tissue graft impingement device
Apparatus and method for spinal stabilization
Portable air-driven dental apparatus and methods
Manually-operable surgical tool suitable for laparoscopic operations, readily adaptable for different functions by quick change of tissue-contacting operational elements
Luminal port device having internal and external sealing mechanisms
Syringe for endoscope
Method and device for fixing spondylolisthesis posteriorly
Osteosynthesis system for vertebra arthrodesis
Method and apparatus for use in operating on a bone
Cable connector for orthopaedic rod
Magnetically assisted surgical wiring and cabling passer devices
Multi-head suction assembly for use in surgical procedures
Cellular sublimation probe and methods
Bipolar tissue grasping apparatus and tissue welding method
System and methods for electrosurgical treatment of sleep obstructive disorders
Large surface cardiac ablation catheter that assumes a low profile during introduction into the heart
Methods and apparatus for evaluation of bone condition
Cardiac drug delivery system
Electric cautery for endoscope
Apparatus and method of myocardial revascularization using ultrasonic pulse-echo distance ranging
Balloon catheter for photodynamic therapy
Sterile illuminated magnifier and method for surgical use
Analysis method for enhancing and extracting second order nonlinear response components of the multi-area electroretinogram
Apparatus and method for simultaneous bilateral retinal digital angiography
Methods and devices to design and fabricate surfaces on contact lenses and on corneal tissue that correct the eye's optical aberrations
Differential temperature sensor device for use in the detection of breast cancer and breast disease
Pressure sensing input/output scope sheath
Systems for recording use of structures deployed in association with heart tissue
Method for testing hearing ability by using ARS (automatic voice response system) run by a computer, a program therefor and a noise blocker
Methods and apparatus for suctioning and pumping body fluid from an incision
Squeezable exerciser
Non-invasive in vivo pressure measurement
Apparatus and method for calibration of an ultrasound transmission probe
Methods and apparatus for ultrasound image quantification
Dental and medical procedures employing laser radiation
Device for removing material from a workpiece by laser radiation
Ultrasonic dental scaler insert
Polymerizable isolation barriers containing reflective materials and methods for forming and using such barriers
Fixation mechanism for post and tube dental appliance
Dental implant delivery system having driver mount with removable flange
Device and method to treat oral disease in small animals
Absorbent article with respirable elastic belt with high stretch and retraction capacity
Method for skin rejuvenation
Cannula with associated filter and methods of use during cardiac surgery
Bifurcated stent
Composite self expanding stent device having a restraining element
Stent having a multiplicity of undulating longitudinals
Cardiac assistance system
Apparatus for polishing surgical stents
Soft tissue anchor
Mitral valve prosthesis
Spacer assembly for use in spinal surgeries
Orthopedic prosthesis having anti-backout screw
Cement pressurizing device
Prosthetic leg with extension auxiliary mechanism
Prosthetic pylon having a compressible medium to support a patient's weight
Flexible compression and stabilizing orthotics
Bonded intermaxillary fixation splint
Controlled cold therapy apparatus
Automatically switching the termination of a communications bus
Ophthalmic microsurgical system having color sensor for cassette identification
Method of analyzing astigmatism and apparatus for performing corneal surgery
Foldable platform wheelchair lift
Apparatus for imparting a rocking motion to the legs and torso of a user
Fluid delivery systems with diptube connector
Ophthalmic composition
Treatment of chronic post-traumatic pain syndromes
Methods of ultrasound imaging using echogenically persistent contrast agents
Methods of treatment using bioactive glass
Dental and oral preparation
Dry aerosol suspension of phospholipid-stabilized drug microparticles in a hydrofluoroalkane propellant
Medical device balloons containing thermoplastic elastomers
Wire for medical use coated with polyether sulphone and a copolymer
Surgical suction/irrigation probe assembly with a rotatable adaptor
System for treating congestive heart failure
Carotid artery angiolasty guiding system and method
Bifurcated venous cannula
Wrist-mounted I. V. administration set
Needle retraction mechanism with push start retraction
Hemostasis valve with membranes having offset apertures
Dual reservoir vascular access port with two-piece housing and compound septum
Arteriovenous shunt
Fluid dispenser with fill adapter
Subcutaneous infusion device
Fluid delivery apparatus with reservoir fill assembly
Disposable automatic injection device
Injection device
Syringe plunger rod for retracting needle syringe
Injection syringe with movable needle protector
Method and device for pressure-controlled handling of a fluid, in particular for medical purposes
Hypodermic syringe
Apparatus and method for treating female urinary incontinence
Electrotransport device and method of setting output
Magnetic nerve stimulator for exciting peripheral nerves
Laser treatment/ablation of skin tissue
Method of removing thrombosis in fistulae
Ultrasound therapeutic apparataus
Hand and arm exercise device
Apparatus and method for testing pushing and pulling capacity and exercising a muscle
Exercise device
Methods and apparatus for supporting a barbell
Weight lifting safety system employing constant force spring
Swim fin and monofin with flapping foil
Shock absorbing end cap mounted to a racket handle
Golf putter head
Iron golf club heads, iron golf clubs and golf club evaluating method
Adjustable practice tee
Method of custom fitting clubs integrated with set up positioning
Baseball hat
Batting training system
System and method for training a swimmer
Method for matching golfer with a ball
Device for post-machining a steel edge of a ski
Billiard accessories combination and package construction
Methods and apparatus wherein a lottery entry is entered into lottery drawings until the lottery entry is identified as a winner
Hand-held voice game
Connector for a swing assembly
Transformable insect-like toy figure
Doll having head attachment post integral with body
Cascading release fastener mechanism
Block-type construction toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Electrokinetic micro-fluid mixer
Combined mixing and deflection unit
Dual drive planetary mill
Method and apparatus for applying a substance to a surface
Active device receptacle
Mini drainage immobilization system and method
Method and device for tilting rolled sections, for example billets, about their longitudinal axes
Nails having selected heat treatment and hardening
Process for manufacturing a captive screw
Precisely repositionable bearing cap
Tool for chip removing machining
Apparatus for forming grooves in bell-shaped pipes
Cutting tool for machining valve seats
Automated flash removing apparatus
Milling tool having cassette-mounted inserts attached to a rotary supporting body
Coping and profile cutting and/or sanding apparatus
Adapter for connecting a drill with a source of vacuum
Surface cutting apparatus for hot-rolled steel products
Polishing method using a hydrostatic fluid bearing support having fluctuating fluid flow
Wood strip sanding machine
Washing transfer station in a system for chemical mechanical polishing
Robotic deflashing of plastics with cutter guidance
Drill polishing method and its centering tool
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device using a CMP process
Wafer Pattern imaging apparatus
Method of high speed centrifugal run-out grinding of a pneumatic tire
Device for deburring edges on an object
Grinding wheel
Tester with interchangeable inserts for grinding wheels
Method and apparatus for conditioning a polishing pad used in chemical mechanical planarization
Centrifugal expansion roller for sanding machines
CMP platen plug
Tool with a light received therein
Switching device of reduction gear set
Article inverter
Handling method and robot used for the same
Variable wall concrete molding machine
Variable wall concrete molding machine
Extruder with supply conduit for supplying even flow of material
Valve device for an injection nozzle used in injection molding machine
Actuator for an injection molding valve gate
Actuator carriage for stripper mechanism link assembly
Two-stage electric injection unit with rotating plunger
Track-supported rotatable sheet support structure for twin-sheet thermoformer
Method for transporting fitment
Reclosable storage bag and method for making the same
Ink jet recording apparatus for adjusting time constant of expansion/contraction of piezoelectric element
Ink jet recording apparatus controlled by presumed temperature and method therefor
Low cost ink drop detector
Ink jet head having a silicon intermediate layer
Ink-jet print head having parts anodically bonded
Printing device
Ink jet recording method using ink and reactant each having a low surface tension
Recovery device of an ink jet printer
Hot melt ink jet print head
Filter for an inkjet printhead
Method for cleaning an ink holding material
Ink jet apparatus and ink jet cartridge having an ink container with a vent
Ink cartridge and a printing device using the ink cartridge
Mailing machine including ink jet operation checking for prevention of loss of postal funds
Liquid presence/absence detecting device using digital signals in opposite phase
Ink jet recording method and ink jet recording apparatus
Apparatus for positioning a control electrode array in a direct electrostatic printing device
Maximum-diagonal print mask and multipass printing modes, for high quality and high throughput with liquid-base inks
Braille label writer having stationary solenoid driven inscribing mechanism
Reusable binding system and method
Page finder apparatus and method
Writing instrument
Writing device
Propeller hitch cover
Ventilation device for a motor vehicle
Motor vehicle economic operating system
Equipment lift with hooking mechanism for holding a portable work station cart
Dual pull open bottom portable pickup truck trailer unloader system
Clamping device for securing recreational vehicle or appliance
Tank handling apparatus
Cargo load-lock
Vehicle lamp having irradiation angle adjusting mechanism
Device for adjusting the range of headlamps
Vehicle lamp
High mount dual lamp
Vehicle exterior mirror system with signal light assembly
Process and system for retaining a vehicle on an inclined roadway
Wheeled multipurpose keg handler
Handtruck with deflectable mandrel for locking inside the core of a reel or spool to be lifted and moved
Marine safety light
Adjustable depth marker buoy
Water jet propulsion device for marine vessel
Blow back rudder for a water craft
Bag for storing and dispensing bags
Bottle lantern
Hoppers with directionally applied relative motion to promote solids flow
Method and apparatus for lifting containers with one or two hooks on a refuse truck
Cart handling system
Method of forming a grain pile
Stacking apparatus
Buckle-plate folding station and method of controlling same
Telescopic jib bearing assembly with embossments
Camera leveling head
Container handling assembly
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Melt treatment apparatus
Bendable mirrors and method of manufacture
Utility lighter
Textiles; Paper
Toothed belt
Raising machine including positively controlled raising cylinders
Fixed Constructions
Method and apparatus for laying roadway materials
Walkway abuse deterrent system
Interlocking control barrier systems
Systems and methods for connecting retaining wall panels to buried mesh
Method and apparatus for transmission clutch modulation during gear shift based on payload and selected direction
Pad lock lighting devices
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Two-piece balance plate for gerotor motor
Two-stage rotary vane motor
Cooling system for a rotary vane pumping machine
Seal plate for a gas turbine moving blade
Bushing for a jet engine vane
Tapered tip turbine blade
Ignition timing control for marine engine
Engine-output control unit
Device to reduce pulsations on a hydrostatic positive displacement unit
Vane pump assembly
Metering diaphragm pump having a front removable hydraulic refill valve
Solar-powered reciprocating pump
Water jet intensifier pump having a piston arrangement with a ceramic liner
Fuel injection pump for internal combustion engines
Hydraulic motor lubrication path
Rotary scroll for scroll compressor and method of manufacture therefor
Variable capacity pump
Intermediate pressure regulating valve for a scroll machine
Sealed compressor mounted between horizontal and vertical
Safety pumping system for hazardous environments using pressurized gas in a plurality of chambers
Cross flow fan
Side channel machine
Decorated with lighting fixture
Stator structure for a track opening of a rotary machine
Method of operating a bi-turbojets polyphasic pump with axial thrust cancellation
Low-noise, high-performance fan
Set of fastening means connected by a connecting means
Bilaterally split retaining pin
Self-tapping concrete screw for insertion in an associated drill hole in concrete
Clamping screw
Distance screw
Coupling mechanism with locking and torque limiting features
Locking hub
Alignment device
Change bearing for rollers
Hydrostatic bearing and fluid collection system
Linear motion bearing assembly
Crankshaft bearing system
Sliding bearing and manufacturing method thereof
Rolling bearing
Tapered roller bearing
Automatic clutch
Clutch control method for determining clutch kiss-point during running conditions
Continuously variable transmission
Hydro-mechanical transmission
Split sprocket assembly
Engine brake for offroad vehicle
Continuously variable transmission
Planetary gear and clutch-brake arrangement
Electronically controlled automatic transmission
Control device for hydraulic system of a continuously variable transmission
Device and method for adjusting the ratio of transmission in a CVT
Method of controlling a continuously variable transmission automatically or as a driver-controlled manual stepped transmission
Speed control device of toroidal type continuously variable transmission
Hydraulic tensioner having a plunger with a self-contained reservoir and high pressure chamber for buffering
Adjusting device
Tensioner lever with resin shoe
Rechargeable miniature flashlight
Paired cascade effect icicle light sets
Lighting unit
Wind powered lamp
Portable flashing signal light
Surface mount lamp assembly
Land lamp device
Universal mount for EL lights, retroreflective sheeting materials, and reflectors
Lamp with faceted reflector and spiral lens
Light spot generating ornaments
Side lighted surface light source device having orthogonal projections on light control surface of emission plate and light diffusion member
Panel light source device and display comprising it
Lighter with a safety system
Piezoelectric gas lighter with safety device
Firearm trigger pull measuring device
Universal joint for coordinate measuring device
Bleed alleviation between two inks
Process for operating a thermocouple to measure velocity or thermal conductivity of a gas
Line printer for the digital output and colorimetric measurement of colored images
Two-element plasma resistant lightpipe assembly
Apparatus for infrared pyrometer calibration in a thermal processing system
Device for optically measuring a cryogenic temperature
Method and apparatus for simulating and indicating the temperature of the winding of an electric power transformer
Process for the model-supported simulation of the coolant temperature in the case of a vehicle based on initially measured conditions
Multiple well plate stack expander
Cover assembly for a socket adaptable to IC modules of varying thickness used for burn-in testing
Method for verification of combinational circuits using a filtering oriented approach
System for reducing speckle in full motion ultrasound image data by filtering across physiologic cycles
Mirror holder and optical axis correcting device using the same
Fiber-coupled laser device using square cross section fibers and method for fabrication
Parabolic and spherical multiport illuminators for light guides
Fiber-detachable-type optical module
Eyewear with removable lenses and method of removably mounting lenses in eyewear
Eyeglasses temple angle adjusting device
Spectacle mount with a locking block-screw connection secured against loosening
Progressive addition lenses
Method of producing angular tolerance markings for lenses for correcting astigmatism, and associated lenses
Liquid crystal displays and manufacturing methods thereof
Sliding movement locking apparatus and sliding cover apparatus for a Camera
Quantity-of-light adjusting device using base and blade apertures for light quality control
Actuating striker for opening shutter blade retracted to permit shutter closing and/or re-cocking of striker
Photographic material grasping and dragging device for photographic material developing machines, in particular of photographic paper
Processing photographic material
Low power, cost effective, temperature compensated, real time clock and method of clocking systems
System and method for automatically calibrating control devices for computer applications
User directed heuristic design optimization search
Automated identification of web shrinkage and alignment parameters in sheet making machinery using a modeled actuator response profile
Audio sample tracker
Method and apparatus for cooling and acoustic noise reduction in a computer
Method and computer program product for estimating total resource usage requirements of a server application in a hypothetical user configuration
Method and apparatus for converting an architecture of a program and method, and apparatus for debugging a program by using them
Logic synthesis constraints allocation automating the concurrent engineering flows
Method for design implementation of routing in an FPGA using placement directives such as local outputs and virtual buffers
Method of automated ESD protection level verification
Power-related hardware-software co-synthesis of heterogeneous distributed embedded systems
Method and apparatus for designing a circuit by describing logic design information with a hardware description language
Method and system for shape processing within an integrated circuit layout for parasitic capacitance estimation
Apparatus and method for modeling linear and quadratic programs
Simulator and simulation method in each of which simulation can be carried out at a high-speed
Method and implementation for intercepting and processing system calls in programmed digital computer to emulate retrograde operating system
Printing apparatus and control method therefor
Recording control method and recording control apparatus, and recording apparatus and recording system using the recording control apparatus
Electrical connector
Reader device for chip cards
Electrical connector device for co-operating with a removable electronic medium
Coin processing device with improved coin storage system
Cash register terminal
Throw-into-type coin discriminator
Personalized karaoke recording studio
Educational game for teaching musical notation
Interactive learning system
Method and apparatus for improving performance on multiple-choice exams
Toy device for combined production of movements and sonorous effects
Terminal connection device
Correction of fixed pattern noise
Method of forming field emission devices
Method for connecting electrodes of plasma display panel
Multi-function chamber for a substrate processing system
Method for supplying wafers to an IC manufacturing process
Flexible connectors for microelectronic elements
Earth joint connector
Connector for flat-conductor flat cables or flexible circuits
Low profile connector
Connector assembly
Electrical connector for flat flexible circuitry
Multimedia outlet arrangement
Terminal having low insertion force
Socket connector
Crosstalk compensation for connector jack
One piece terminal system
Contact member with double insulation displacement terminal
Electrical plug connection
Multiple wire connector
Electrical connector assembly
Flush/recessable junction device
Safety socket head
High density modular patch panel
Card ejector mechanism of a connector, having an elastic mechanism pushing an inserted card by depressing a button mechanism
Self-locking cable connector coupling
Lever fitting type connector with temporary set position
Ejector mechanism for a card connector
Electrical connector
Enhanced universal serial bus
Coaxial interconnect devices and methods of making the same
I/O port connector
Electrical connector with one-piece shield
Filtered electrical connector assembly having a contact and filtering circuit subassembly
Method of fabricating electronic device employing a flat flexible circuit and including the device itself
Electrical connector with fastening device
Electrical connector
High reliability raised floor power strip
Auxiliary switch system for use with removable circuit breaker
Power transformer
Electric lamp socket and method of connecting electric lamp socket and wire
Plug socket for electrically connecting a cable or the like having a stripped wire portion with a flat plug
Terminal design for improved dielectric strength
Electrical adapter for connecting main wires
Branching connector for an underground cable
Securement arrangement for slanted type card edge connector
Electrical connector with recessed bottom
Edge connector receiving module for bussing interconnections
High current, multi-conductor electrical connector assembly
Multi-function adapter for a number of bus bars of a bus bar system
Process and device for quickly reducing pressure in an installation, in particular a hydrogen-cooled generator
System and method for product and service configuration
Light valve projector apparatus and technique
Automated circuit board tester
Circuit board card cage with one-piece integral card guide units
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