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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Pneumatic double actuating cylinder having a rotatably mounted feeding tray
Ultrasonic imaging apparatus and ultrasonic imaging method
Self-test for analgesic product
Performing Operations; Transporting
Inlet air filter arrangement, inlet air filter cartridge, and equipment for supporting inlet air filter cartridges for a gas turbine or a combustion turbine
Fuel metering unit for a fuel metering unit for a high-pressure fuel pump, and high-pressure fuel pump
Methods and apparatuses for fabricating electrowetting displays
Electrically insulating cage nut
Method and apparatus for forming interface between coaxial cable and connector
Method and apparatus for manufacturing optical display device
Shift arrangement for a motor vehicle transmission and method for actuating said shift arrangement
Seat hinge structure for saddle riding vehicle
Vehicle wireless communication system, vehicle control device, and portable machine
Interchangeable personal security device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Curable resin composition, and cured product of same
Methods of treating a meiotic kinesin-associated disease
Sealing groove methods for semiconductor equipment
Fixed Constructions
Method and system for urban room structures
Fire and water resistant expansion joint system
High-strength H-beam steel exhibiting excellent low-temperature toughness and method of manufacturing same
Pergola cover
Variable height support
Method and system for rapid and controlled elevation of a raisable floor for pools
Deadbolt knob security device
Cinching striker with adjustment mechanism
Window stop device
Roll control device of a vehicle curtain
Apparatus for hanging or storing tools and equipment on an extension ladder
Underwater oil pipeline heating systems
Multi-position weight down locating tool
Core barrel head assembly
Wellbore lateral liner placement system
Method of recovering hydrocarbons within a subsurface formation using electric current
Structures having cavities containing coupler portions
Tunable acoustic transmitter for downhole use
Sampling assembly for a single packer
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Vane pump
Turbine stage with a blow-out arrangement and method for blowing out a sealing gas flow
Industrial gas turbine exhaust system with splined profile tail cone
System and method for reducing back pressure in a gas turbine system
Electricity-water co-generation system and method
Oil pan structure
Device and method to use the same to purify pollutant gases
Method for operating an exhaust gas purification system of a motor vehicle combustion engine
Flapper exhaust diverter valve
Internal combustion engine coupled turbocharger with an infinitely variable transmission
EGR device having baffle and EGR mixer for EGR device
Hybrid drive device
Autonomous glow driver for radio controlled engines
Method and apparatus for supplying a combustion chamber with nitrogen
Cooling air temperature reduction using nozzles
Exhaust system pressure estimation systems and methods
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
System and methods for refueling a vehicle
System and method to restore catalyst storage level after engine feed-gas fuel disturbance
Control of engine exhaust braking
Boot seal for variable compression ratio engine
Fuel supply structure for vehicle
General-purpose vehicle remote control device and method
Energy generation from buoyancy effect
Blade pitch angle adjusting apparatus for a wind turbine
Lightning protection system for a wind turbine
Electric generating wind turbine system for low and high wind speeds
Hydrostatic axial piston machine
Compression machine with a body oscillating between two reversal points
Centrifugal steam compressor and shaft seal system used with same
Multi-blade centrifugal fan and air conditioner employing the same
Floating fasteners
Vehicle and a compression load limiter assembly for the vehicle
Tapered roller bearing
Bearing variable preload system utilizing gap between strokes for preload adjustment and elastic deformation of sealing member
Preliminary retainer for radial needle bearing
Capacitance measurement in a bearing housing
Actuating device for a clutch, clutch, electric drive module and method for installing a clutch
Systems and methods for detecting wear of brake pads
Device for the purpose of influencing the transfer of vibration between two units
Multi-speed transmission with lay shaft
Speed transmission device for a hybrid type motor vehicle
One-piece inertia ring for a harmonic damper
Method for determination of at least a drag torque effective on the input side of an automatic motor vehicle transmission
Powertrain control based on bearing speed
Belt wave drives
Metal gasket
Mechanical seal
Combination of cylinder and piston ring
Spring biased exhaust valve assembly
Pipe material
Fracturing fluid process plant and method thereof
Desalination system with energy recovery and related pumps, valves and controller
Lighting equipment, lighting device, and light-emitting module
Lighting device
Mounting carrier for a bulb
Encapsulated LED lighting module with integral gas venting
Phosphor sheets
Lighting assembly with edge-lit light guide and structured cover
Lighting device
Oven having pyrolysis function
System and method for providing supervisory control of an HVAC system
Virtual thermostat for a zonal temperature control
Airflow direction control device of air-conditioning indoor unit
Directional air jet system for air register
Rotor ventilator
Disc-type concentrator and solar thermal power generation system comprising the same
Thermal shield for solar receiver
Air-conditioning apparatus and operation control method therefor
Direct forced draft fluid cooler/cooling tower and liquid collector therefor
Secondary safety device for crossbows
Archery backstop
Substrate distortion measurement
Method and apparatus for aligning components of integrated optical sensors
Device for measuring the surface state of a surface
Folding rule and method for measuring angles
System and method for sensing ammonia
Systems and methods for controlling oscillation of a gyroscope
Crowdsourced detection of defective street lights
Building missing movement path of an object
Laser tracker comprising interferometer and absolute distance measuring unit, and calibration method for a laser tracker
Method of semi-permeable terrain geophysical data acquisition
Method and apparatus for auto-correcting the distributed temperature sensing system
Controlled-contact method of measuring insertion loss in optical fiber connectors
Soot generating device
Actuation system investigation apparatus
Measurement of dynamic material properties
Optical fibre test device
Optical emission collection and detection device and method
Device for determining a composition of a liquid
Method and apparatus for measurement of the noisiness of a rolling bearing, in particular of a wheel hub bearing unit
Geomagnetic sensor calibration apparatus and method thereof
Apparatus and method for separating plasma from blood and delayed wetting
Analyte measurement devices and systems, and components and methods related thereto
Sampling method for use in odor measurement
Scanning probe microscope
Capacitance detection in electrochemical assay
Reliability monitor test strategy definition
Systems and methods for determining electrical connectivity
Current measurement system
AC traction motor fault detection using DC bus leakage hardware
Sensor device, and a magnet element for a sensor device
Material for use in a magnetic resonance system, method for producing the material and magnetic resonance system
Determination of a phase difference map
Device combining magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography for breast examination
Detection and ranging apparatus
Device, system and method of collaborative location error correction
Integrator, AD converter, and radiation detection device
Method to extract photon depth-of interaction and arrival time within a positron emission tomography detector
Dose distribution measuring device
Radiation sensor to detect different targeted radiation and radiation detection system including the radiation sensor
Pressure-compensated sources
Registered multi-layer underground and surface images in land surveys
Integrated dip from 3D resistivity tool and borehole imaging tool
Apparatus and methods for making azimuthal resistivity measurements
Apparatus for measuring precipitation
Light guiding device, method for producing same, and LD module
Two-dimensional code reading device
Low-profile bounce chamber for Pepper's Ghost Illusion
Method of manufacturing an optical sensor element for analyte assay in a biological fluid
Large core holey fibers
Optical port having one or more alignment features
Optical device
Gradient index (GRIN) lens holders employing groove alignment feature(s) in recessed cover and single piece components, connectors, and methods
Optical probe for optical coherence tomography and manufacturing method therefor
Optical connector
Optical connector
Optical connector and method for manufacturing optical connector
Non-intrusive monitoring optical connection apparatus
Implantable optical feedthrough connector
Optical port having minimalist footprint
Optical connections having magnetic coupling
Spacer for lenses and photographing apparatus having the same
Method of producing a lens mount and a lens mount which can be fixed radially in a lens tube
Adjustable optical device
Telescopic hinge for spectacles frame
Foldable glasses with magnifier
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device, electronic apparatus, and illumination device
Color filter structures for electronic devices with color displays
Transparent display device and manufacturing method thereof
Light emitting element, light source apparatus, and projector
Polarization LED module, and lighting device and projector having the same
Reflective imaging element and optical system
Maskless digital lithography systems and methods with image motion compensation
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Immersion exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method with measuring device to measure specific resistance of liquid
Print sheet creating apparatus and print sheet creating method
Image forming apparatus having toner collecting mode after stoppage
Head-up display screen
Automated storage and retrieval direct movement method
Reliability maintaining serial number credit process
Parameter setting method and parameter setting apparatus for positioning apparatus, and positioning apparatus provided with the parameter setting apparatus
Vehicle platooning systems and methods
Radio-controlled flying craft
Structurally dynamic heat sink
Variable flow digital gas valve
Device for controlling a polyphase inverter
Power supply equipment utilizing interchangeable tips to provide power and a data signal to electronic devices
Electronic apparatus detecting a plurality of devices using a plurality of processors and method of detecting a plurality of devices using a plurality of processors
Protective case with keyboard for portable electronic device
Casing and electronic device using the same
Skin oscillation convective cooling
Managing a free list of resources to decrease control complexity and reduce power consumption
System for debugging DMA system data transfer
Salvaging hardware transactions with instructions
Accelerating application write while maintaining high availability in shared storage clusters
Dynamic cache row fail accumulation due to catastrophic failure
Memory controllers and flash memory reading methods
Garbage collection in SSD drives
Enhancing data caching performance
Method for pinning data in large cache in multi-level memory system
Computer memory data security
Garbage collection scaling
Dynamic home tile mapping
Hardware apparatuses and methods for distributed durable and atomic transactions in non-volatile memory
Job processing apparatus, information displaying apparatus, information processing system, job item displaying method, and program
Template clauses based SAT techniques
Intelligent categorization of bookmarks
Following an entity in a social network
Customer-directed networking limits in distributed systems
Policy control using software defined network (SDN) protocol
User-defined pools
Tracking network data propagation
Utilizing temporal indicators to weight semantic values
Methods, systems, and physical computer storage media for backing up a server database
Systems and methods for configuring a header and layout of a mobile version of a conventional website
Client-side template engine and method for constructing a nested DOM module for a website
Table column spanning
Methods circuits apparatuses systems and associated computer executable code for data deduplication
Automated business system and method of vending and returning a consumer product
System and method for evaluating a reverse query
Sentiment analysis in a video conference
System and method for loading a web page
Text reading and vocalizing device
System and method of modifying ranking for internet accessible documents
Internet search engine based on location and public opinion
Efficient extraction of intelligence from web data
Updating high level nested filters according to low level filter choices
Supporting set-level slice and dice in data warehouses
Methods, systems, and physical computer storage media for backing up a database
Transaction processing system, method and program
Extended correlation methods in a content transformation engine
Methods, systems, and computer program products for generating data quality indicators for relationships in a database
Topic based recommender system and method
Sorting electronic mail
Multiple threshold convergent OPC model
Method for conversion of commercial microprocessor to radiation-hardened processor and resulting processor
Automation device
Computer system and microfluidic instrumentation for next-generation biological signaling network research and applications
Methods and apparatus for non-contact radio frequency detection and automatic establishment of corresponding communication channel
System and method for detecting OBD-II CAN BUS message attacks
Masking query data access pattern in encrypted data
Management of allocation for alias devices
Tag-based electronic media playlist processing
Method and system for transmission path optimization in a storage area network
Mobile device with motion controlling haptics
Integrated touchpad and keyboard
Touch switch module which performs multiple functions based on a touch time
Display device with touch panel attached
Electronic display with a virtual bezel
Touch panel
Method and apparatus for providing user interface in portable terminal
Detection of communication topic change
Detection of communication topic change
Framework for balancing robustness and latency during collection of statistics from soft reads
Data duplication that mitigates storage requirements
Processing time series data from multiple sensors
Optimization of in-memory data grid placement
Computer-readable medium storing program and version control method
Generational garbage collector on multiple heaps
Increase database performance by reducing required communications and information transfers
Secure messaging
Method and system for distributing digital media content
Determining a limit of failure in a wellbore wall
Processing apparatus capable to determine a storage medium that contains correct data for management board by comparing casing serial numbers each stored in casing memory, portable memory, and flash memory
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
Predicting next web pages
Development system and method for providing external functionality
Automated deployment of a configured system into a computing environment
Image instance mapping
Automatic discovery of a JavaScript API
Modeling transistor performance considering non-uniform local layout effects
Date and time format generation method, program, and system for reference and elapsed timestamps to produce a formatted target timestamp for use in stream processing
Managing a workload in an environment
Scheduling homogeneous and heterogeneous workloads with runtime elasticity in a parallel processing environment
Scheduling homogeneous and heterogeneous workloads with runtime elasticity in a parallel processing environment
Shuffle optimization in map-reduce processing
Image forming device, information processing method, and information processing program
Card reader
Systems and methods for image scanning
Method and apparatus for generating temporally consistent superpixels
Methods and media for averaging contours of wafer feature edges
Image segmentation in optical character recognition using neural networks
Security document with microperforations
Image-data processing device and image-data processing method
Methods and apparatus for assessing risks associated with locate request tickets based on historical information
Generating candidate inclusion/exclusion cohorts for a multiply constrained group
Predictive approach to contract management
Systems engineering solution analysis
Emergency fund and replacement of credit/debit cards--lost, stolen, defective or fraudulently used
Tool for selling and purchasing vehicle history reports
Disaggregation to isolate users for ad targeting
Interactive point of purchase display for toys
Method and apparatus for improving user experience with an application across multiple devices
Vehicle evaluation device and vehicle evaluation method
System and a method for generating a depth map
Apparatus information obtaining apparatus, operation information providing apparatus, operation information providing method, operation information providing program and the recording medium
Shielded communications system
Method and system for controlling access to a restricted location
Electronic wireless hand held multimedia device
Anonymous player tracking
Gas-monitoring and fall detection device
Individualizing a content presentation
Intelligent smoke sensor
Systems and methods for mitigating effects of an unresponsive secure element
Ice-skate instructional kit
Method and system for hosting transient virtual worlds that can be created, hosted and terminated remotely and automatically
Electronic course evaluation
Pipe insulation fitting cover
Display device
Information processing device and information processing method
User interface with proximity sensing
Remote desktop system evaluating method, medium and apparatus
Up/down motion detecting apparatus for hi-hat and an electronic percussion instrument including the apparatus
Soundhole cover accessories
Audio signal analysis
Joint and coordinated visual-sonic metaphors for interactive multi-channel data sonification to accompany data visualization
Audio device
Voice recognition apparatus and method of controlling the same
Fast, language-independent method for user authentication by voice
Method and device of extracting sound source acoustic image body in 3D space
Simplified beamformer and noise canceller for speech enhancement
Method and apparatus for creating short video clips of important events
Resist fortification for magnetic media patterning
Spin-orbit-torque magnetoresistive random access memory with voltage-controlled anisotropy
Non-volatile memory system with reset verification mechanism and method of operation thereof
Differential writing for life extension of portions of a memory device
Implementing eFuse visual security of stored data using EDRAM
Laser sintering systems and methods for remote manufacture of high density pellets containing highly radioactive elements
Common mode choke coil
Linear solenoid
Multilayer ceramic component and board having the same
Push button encoders for exercise equipment
Input device
Circuit breakers with polarity sensitive shunt trip mechanisms and methods of operating the same
Tunable magnetic field to improve uniformity
Miniaturized ion mobility spectrometer
Cold plasma annular array methods and apparatus
Apparatus for sealing arc-tube
Method and apparatus for manufacturing organic EL device
Transistor structures and fabrication methods thereof
Advanced excimer laser annealing for thin films
Porous fin as compliant medium to form dislocation-free heteroepitaxial films
Method for forming stair-step structures
Tailored silicon layers for transistor multi-gate control
Annealed metal source drain overlapping the gate
High-pressure anneal
Germanium smoothing and chemical mechanical planarization processes
Group III arsenide material smoothing and chemical mechanical planarization processes
Multilayer structure in an integrated circuit for damage prevention and detection and methods of creating the same
Semiconductor package and manufacturing method thereof
Single-chip field effect transistor (FET) switch with silicon germanium (SiGe) power amplifier and methods of forming
High quality electrical contacts between integrated circuit chips
Block level patterning process
Method to prevent lateral epitaxial growth in semiconductor devices by performing plasma nitridation process on Fin ends
Semiconductor-on-insulator (SOI) lateral heterojunction bipolar transistor having an epitaxially grown base
Integrated circuit with inductive bond wires
Package and methods for the fabrication and testing thereof
Heat dissipation device and semiconductor device
Mold package and manufacturing method thereof
Making an efuse
Integrated circuits with overlay marks and methods of manufacturing the same
LED packaging structure having stacked arrangement of protection element and LED chip
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of controlling power supply
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Spacer chamfering gate stack scheme
Semiconductor device
Light sensing circuit and control method thereof
Image pickup device and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated phase change switch
Resistive random access memory device with resistance-based storage element and method of fabricating same
Method for manufacturing a surface mount device
Integrated circuit containing standard logic cells and library-compatible, NCEM-enabled fill cells, including at least via-open-configured, AACNT-short-configured, TS-short-configured, and metal-short-configured, NCEM-enabled fill cells
Fin cut for taper device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Early PTS with buffer for channel doping control
Strained FinFET by epitaxial stressor independent of gate pitch
Thin film transistor
Thin film transistor, thin film transistor panel, and method for manufacturing the same
Non-volatile memory unit and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing same
Solar battery cell and production method thereof
Method for forming thin film chalcogenide layers
Photovoltaic panel
Method of manufacturing a device comprising an integrated circuit and photovoltaic cells
Solar concentrator assembly and methods of using same
Method for thermal energy-to-electrical energy conversion
Energy harvesting device, method for manufacturing the same, and wireless device including the same
Electrical connection of an OLED device
Batteries and related structures having fractal or self-complementary structures
Systems and methods for mitigating carbon corrosion in a fuel cell system
Fuel cell vehicle
Integration of molten carbonate fuel cells in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Unit for glucose depletion
Omnidirectional antenna
Dual-band antenna with grounded patch and coupled feed
Multilayered film element
Antenna structure for distributed antenna system
Current restrictive spring-loaded electrical connection device
Eye-of-needle compliant pin
Power connector products with improved safety shutters
Distribution tap security cover
Power connector products with improved Schuko grounding socket
Plug connector part comprising a locking element
Electrical connector with grounding terminal
RF connector
Back body for coaxial connector
Method for generating free electrons and free-electron laser system using the interaction with a laser undulator
Optically pumped micro-plasma
Semiconductor laser module and method of manufacturing the same
Solderless mounting for semiconductor lasers
Load center, and bus assembly and operating method therefor
Sealing grommet assembly with integral wire channel
Discharge circuit
Programmable slew rate power path switch with integrated super capacitor charging system
System and method for balancing energy storage devices
Distributed phase balancing
Power management circuit and a method for operating a power management circuit
Control device and power distribution system
Protective case for mobile device with auxiliary battery and power control
Inflatable air gap tooling for assembly of rotor and stator
Flyback control mode-based controller and motor-controlling method thereof
Linear actuator
HVAC system having kinetic energy storage device
Method for controlling a converter
Method for electrically connecting a converter to an electrical machine
Inverter drives having a controlled power output
Power conversion device, motor drive device including power conversion device, air blower and compressor including motor drive device, and air conditioner, refrigerator, and freezer including air blower and compressor
Electronic power cell memory back-up battery
Variable capacitors for high accuracy tuning
Saw filter with improved stop band suppression
Delay circuit and semiconductor device
Digital transmitter
Systems and methods for gain and offset control
High performance phase frequency detectors
System for testing integrated circuit
Monolithic optical receiver and a method for manufacturing same
Antenna switch control method for analog radio over fiber systems
Adjustable return bandwidth in CATV nodes including RFoG optical units (R-ONU)
Systems and methods for haptic feedback for modular devices
Electronic device
Wavelength configuration method and apparatus for multi-wavelength passive optical network, and multi-wavelength passive optical network system
Method and device for processing data blocks and communication system comprising such device
Frame synchronization for data transmission over an optical network
Data reception device, marker information extraction method, and marker position detection method
Optimizing apparatus and method for a pulse shaping filter and a transmitter
Processing packets by a network device
Mapping relationships among virtual elements across a system
Mapping relationships among virtual elements across a system
Automated determination of maximum service throughput
Statistics and failure detection in a network on a chip (NoC) network
Accelerator system for remote data storage
Device, method and non-transitory computer readable storage medium for performing instant message communication
Automatic delivery selection for electronic content
Email as a transport mechanism for activity stream posting
Computer-implemented K-shortest path finding method
Fast network formation using a battery-backed network backbone
Collision detection using a multiple symbol noncoherent soft output detector
Apparatus and method for supporting device to device communication
Iterative-diversity COFDM broadcasting with improved shaping gain
Providing geolocation notifications to increase collaboration between users
Dual-party session key derivation
Method for beam coordination, and a base station and a user terminal therefor
Bandwidth in wireless communications
Wireless communication apparatus, integrated circuit and wireless communication method
Secure data storage based on physically unclonable functions
Smart ultra box, protective case and mobile phone protective case with the same
Method of generating a temporarily limited and/or usage limited means and/or status, method of obtaining a temporarily limited and/or usage limited means and/or status, corresponding system and computer readable medium
Handling of information related to off-line base stations
Methods and apparatus for providing expanded telecommunications service
Communication apparatus, signal processing method, and recording medium storing a signal processing program
Synchronization of events and audio or video content during recording and playback of multimedia content items
Optimized dynamic bandwidth scheduler
Method and system for determining locations of tags
Remote control method and apparatus for home appliances
Distributed low voltage power systems
Method of fabricating integrated circuit (IC) devices
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Tool and method for removal and installation of threshing concave
Low impact walking/jogging exercise machine
Breakfast cereal biscuit comprising waxy grain
Method of and apparatus for applying adhesive to webs of wrapping material
Attachable breast form enhancement system
Snowboard binding
Wrist band and wrist watch
Undercabinet lighting with light emitting diode source
Office chair
Innerspring assembly, and method of making an inner spring assembly
Cushion structure manufacturing method and apparatus of the same
Apparatus and method for varying coefficients of friction in a variable apex back support
Seat having readily accessible basket
Vehicle seat
Circular translation opening system for plates of counters and display units
Decorative apparatus and method of manufacture
Blender jar with recipe markings
Rotating filter feature for wet/dry vacuum cleaner
Electronic endoscope with power scaling function
Biopsy apparatus
Surgical instruments for stabilizing a localized portion of a beating heart
Surgical tool for engagement of body tissue
Instruments and methods for flexion gap adjustment
Vessel cleaner
Apparatus and method for accessing a body site
Medical instrument for removing tissue, bone cement or the like in the human or animal body
Method and disposable apparatus for guiding needles
Endoscopic devices and method of use
Treatment catheters with thermally insulated regions
Apparatus and methods for developing an anatomic space for laparoscopic hernia repair and patch for use therewith
Electrosurgical instrument and an electrosurgery system including such an instrument
Circumferential ablation device assembly and methods of use and manufacture providing an ablative circumferential band along an expandable member
Catheter positioning system
System and method for oral treatments
Automatic firing apparatus and methods for laser skin treatment over large areas
Remote center positioner
Eye-gaze tracking
Line-scan laser ophthalmoscope
Assessment of retinal function
Internet server apparatus, method and device for implementing emergency information instructions
Disposable needle assembly having sensors formed therein permitting the simultaneous drawing and administering of fluids and method of forming the same
Sphygmomanometer cuff capable of blocking blood flow favorably even with small width in wrapping direction
Arterial-pulse-wave detecting apparatus
Method and apparatus for measuring cardiac output
Pulse-wave-propagation-velocity measuring apparatus
Method to universally connect applications data streams to VRML content
Pulse wave detector
Apparatus and method for indicating mechanical stiffness properties of body tissue
Catheter drive shaft clutch
Dental set plates
Container and applicator assembly
Preparation coping for creating an accurate permanent post to support a final prosthesis and method for creating the same
Inflatable dental impression tray and mixing tip
Disposable undergarment
Tampon for feminine hygiene or medical purposes, and process for producing the same
Increased drug-loading and reduced stress drug delivery device
Expandable stent and method for delivery of same
Diametrically adaptable encapsulated stent and methods for deployment thereof
Soft tissue xenografts
Cementless prosthetic bearing element
Interbody spinal fusion implants
Intervertebral spacer device having a wave washer force restoring element
Vertebral body and disc space replacement devices
Vertically expanding intervertebral body fusion device
Corneal flap slicer
Deathcare apparatus for transporting multiple caskets, cots, stretchers, cremation trays or the like
Angularly adjustable traction apparatus
Waist training machine
Portable physical therapy apparatus
Vibrating personal massager
Liquid delivery device and method of use thereof
Delivery of rizatriptan and zolmitriptan through an inhalation route
Catheter for cell delivery in tissue
Periosteal distraction
Methods for treating AVM's using radioactive compositions
Gradual permanent coloring of hair using dye intermediates in a shampoo base
Enhanced color deposition for hair with sequestering agents
Automated peritoneal dialysis system and process with in-line sterilization of dialysate
Fabric sanitization process
Instrument sterilization container system
Candle topper
Percutaneous access
Pumping or mixing system using a levitating magnetic element, related system components, and related methods
Apparatus and method for blood oxygenation
Blood processing systems and methods employing fluid pressure actuated pumps and valves
Aortic cannula with spoon-shaped lip
Split tip dialysis catheter
Splittable occlusion balloon sheath and process of use
Device and method for aligning with the tubal ostium
Target tissue localization device
Medical device for intrathecal cerebral cooling and methods of use
Drug delivery device
Medical value
Ambulatory medical apparatus and method using a robust communication protocol
Cancer thermotherapy apparatus
Sports swing training device
Adjustable water-fillable exercise weights
Tiltable and foldable treadmill device
Exerciser for the muscles of the pelvic floor
Sports and recreation apparatus
Swim fin with energy storage and release system for improved angle of attack and water flow characteristics
Multi-piece golf ball
Two-piece solid golf ball
Launch monitor system and a method for use thereof
Multiple material golf club head
Weight member for a golf club head
Golf club grip in combination with ball marker and divot repairer
Metal/wood bat connection assembly
Equipment for croquet
Safety nets system
Electronic sound effect assembly for use on a sport's goal net
Flashing dart
Sharp shooter basketball apparatus
Punching bag supporting device
Golf club swing aiding device
Safety edge for skis and snowboards and methods for producing a ski and snowboard with such a safety edge
Method of controlling video game, video game device, and medium recording video game program
Recording medium having programs to display frames stored therein, game display method for executing frame-by-frame display, and game displaying apparatus
System and method for interactive game-play scheduled based on real-life events
Method for providing customized interactive entertainment over a communications network
Computer enhanced play set and method
Karaoke board game
Method and apparatus for playing a gambling game
Prize redemption system for games executed over a wide area network
Marble-sequestering skill game
Electronic toy with a point of sale demonstration
Radio controlled vehicle with a system for selectively lifting portions of the vehicle frame
Toy police car with realistic light and sound display
Shaped balloon having transparent portion
Doll having changeable eyes and removable alternative face
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for controlling boiling conditions of hot phosphoric acid solution with pressure adjustment
Device for separating phases of a diphasic mixture and its application to the determination of the physical and/or chemical parameters of this mixture
Deep bed thickener/clarifiers with enhanced liquid removal
Filter and method for manufacturing the filter
Method of making a filtering screen and support frame therefor
Self-priming dialysis filter
Magnetically enhanced oil filter apparatus
Integrated debris management method
Liquid filter with separate and calibrated vapor release
Method for point-of-use treatment of effluent gas streams
Air cleaning system for a robotic welding chamber
Aerosol separator and method
Thermobondable filter medium and border frame and method of making same
Screened carbon trap protection
Flue gas desulfurization process and apparatus for removing nitrogen oxides
Liquid distributor internal baffling
Process for desulfurization of exhaust gas with seawater
Apparatus and method for decreasing water vapor in compressed gas
Filtering unit and method of sealing same
Carbonation system and method
Mixing of materials in an integrated circuit manufacturing equipment
Apparatus and methods for parallel processing of multiple reaction mixtures
Hydroprocessing using bulk group VIII/group vib catalysts
Liquid chromatography apparatus having two stationary phases
Electrodeionization apparatus with resilient endblock
Compact multiple tube steam reformer
Method and installation for carrying out a three phase chemical reaction under pressure
Pin holder for a microarraying apparatus
Efficient concrete recycling
Air filtration system using point ionization sources
Automated centrifuge system for automatically centrifuging liquids containing biological materials
Backing lath for a doctor device
Process of stripe coating to produce microstructured composite articles
Apparatus for coating metal strip
Fluorescent layer forming apparatus
Acoustical energy transfer component
Cleaning device and method for optical connectors
Delivery of dissolved ozone
Method of cleaning pressurized containers containing anhydrous ammonia
Subsurface materials management and containment system
Method and reactor for decontaminating ground water
In-situ process for detoxifying hexavalent chromium in soil and groundwater
Method and apparatus for oxygenating ground water
Bending press system
Method of manufacturing a bending-resistant, torsionally yielding tubular profiled member as a transverse support for a twist beam rear axle of a passenger car
Wheel for a motor vehicle and a method of making the wheel
Die for die compacting of powdered material
Process for forming microporous metal parts
Method and holding device for a cutting tool
Cutting tool assembly
Bit for cutting drywall
Preheating device for heavy wall pipe
Machine-tool with closed structure and ergonomic arrangement of parts of said machine-tool
Orbital hand tool apparatus for drilling
Bar guiding device in a feeder for feeding machine tools
Partial-membrane carrier head
Orbital sander
Grinding machine and method of grinding grass mower rotary blades
Centrifugal barrel finishing apparatus
Lapping method and lapping apparatus
Laminated wear ring
Methods and apparatuses for making and using planarizing pads for mechanical and chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic substrates
Dual-purpose lapping guide for the production of magneto-resistive heads
Apparatus and method for lapping magnetic heads
Method and apparatus for cleaning polishing surface of polisher
Coated abrasive article
Abrasive article and methods of manufacturing and use of same
Two-part beveling wheel for improved positioning of bevel contours on ophthalmic lenses
Backing plate and disc configured for blowing angled grinding
Substrate polishing apparatus
Method for manufacturing a ratchet type ring spanner having a larger cavity for receiving a larger pawl
Automatic speed shifting device
Work fixing clamp system
Online tension monitor system for robot x-belt of mirra CMP
Concrete block vibrator
Production method for paper feed roller
Hardened tip for cutting tools
System and method for minimizing cure-induced residual stress in an epoxy impregnated ignition coil
System for preparing eyeglass lenses with a high volume curing unit
Damper with integral seal
Method of forming a trade mark on a ribbon stripe
Blow molding method, blow molded product and blow molding mold
Method of producing polypropylene tapes
Self-leveling stamper module
Method for producing embossed poly(vinyl alcohol) film
Method for making a composite
Method of repairing cracked aircraft structures
Process and apparatus for tire manufacturing with optimized bead positioning
Method of manufacturing pneumatic tire
Method and apparatus for applying tire tread for a retread tire
Machine for assembling cardboard boxes
Cushioning conversion machine and method
Method and apparatus for strip-coating a metallic strip-shaped substrate with a plastic band and strip thus obtained
One-piece reflective marking sheet
Inkjet printing apparatus
Identification card printer
Cleaning system for an inkjet printhead
Ink jet recording process and ink jet recording apparatus
Ink jet printer
Printing head and printer with improved deflection electrodes
Inkjet head for inkjet printing apparatus
Distributed high efficiency RF supply
Liquid jetting head, method of manufacturing the same, and liquid jetting apparatus incorporating the same
Integrated thin-film drive head for thermal ink-jet printer
System and methods for manufacturing a color filter using a scanning ink jet head
Ganged inkjet printhead capping system
Franking machine
Method and apparatus for adhesively securing ink jet pen components using thin film adhesives
Ink container having a pressure stabilizer module
Ink cartridge, and ink-jet recording apparatus using the same
Printer unit and printing apparatus incorporating the same
Printing machine and the method of reporting an error thereof
Method and apparatus for machine specific overcurrent detection
Recording device and sorter
Multicolor image forming material and method for forming multicolor image
Lenticular lens card and method for manufacturing
Ring binder mechanism
Indexing system package and display system
Side knocking-type writing instrument
Spinning liquid delivery container
Automobile spider wheel having a stainless steel face layer and a process for manufacturing the wheel
Mounting element for the wheels of rolling containers
Hub and hubcap
Method of forming pneumatic radial tire including tread having asymmetric profile
Drawbar clevis assembly
Coupling device incorporating a security feature
Retractable hitch
Lightweight, adjustable-height, axle
Air partitioning device for air conditioning system
Vehicle air conditioner
Vehicle interior structure which can uniformly ventilate interior of vehicle
Air quality system for a vehicle
Window frame stud
Tailgate latch structure
Collapsible sunroof sunshade
Vehicle latch mechanism for convertible tops
Vehicle control apparatus and vehicle control method
Compact recliner assembly for a vehicle seat
Reclining device for a seat
Child's headrest
Adjustable height automotive seat
In-vehicle monitor support structure
Headrest retractable against motor vehicle headliner
Slide lock for grab handle assembly
Composite restraint system for securing freight
Pick-up bed space divider
Headlamp for vehicle
Ball socket with improved pull-out force resistance
Light emitting diode license lamp with reflector
Optical fiber light
Vehicle A-pillar trim components with integrated rear-view mirrors
Energy absorber for interposing between a rigid beam and a bumper skin, and an energy-absorbing assembly
Front end structure of vehicle with crushable zones for collision damage
Energy absorbing external component for vehicle
Method for mounting shock absorbing material
Apparatus and method for inflatable combination curtain fold
Inflator used as damper for steering wheel
Safety arrangement for motor vehicles
Braking system for railroad car/semi-tractor combination
Method of controlling a brake valve apparatus
Elastomeric seal anti-extrusion wedge backup ring and flange
Golf bag carrier
Multipurpose storage and transport cart
Automotive vehicle with enhanced lateral collision intrusion resistance
Folding sidewall assembly for truck beds
Extensible cargo rack for vehicle bed
Crash bar for motorcycles
Restoring device of a skateboard-like exerciser
Scooter device
Method of reinforcement of marine buoyancy modules
Positioning assembly for positioning a container on a platform
Adjustable plate binding assembly
Electrical component mounting structure for personal watercraft
Display device for small boat
Buoyancy compensator jacket with weight-bearing device quick release mechanism
Mining nozzle with two ring latch
Marine propulsion housing arrangement
Foot pedal kit for trolling motor
Propeller drive shaft mounting support unit for an inboard drive marine vessel and method of forming same
Venting system for use with composite structures
Fluid-elastomeric damper assembly including internal pumping mechanism
Aircraft lighting means compatible with a night vision imaging system
Coin processing apparatus and method
Metered dose dispenser dabber device
Disposal bag system
Apparatus and method for applying adhesive in a web converting machine
Method of improving retard mechanism in friction feeders
Card thickness selection gate for a card feeder
Gripping conveyor with pneumatic separator
Apparatus and method for sheet transport control
Fork lift attachment
Staggered torsional electrostatic combdrive and method of forming same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for making a hydrazine by hydrolysing an azine
Method of synthesizing carbon nanotubes and apparatus used for the same
Method and apparatus for by-product removal in a hydrogen generation system
Strontium iron manganese black pigment
Recycling hydroxylamine-containing stripper solutions
Fluid conduit with retained magnets
Purification of phosphoric acid plant pond water
Simplified purification of phosphoric acid plant pond water
Three-phase separator and installation for biological purification of effluent
Method and system for sustainable treatment of municipal and industrial waste water
Apparatus for treating wastewater from catering industry
Method and arrangement for purification of water
Granular pigments useful to color concrete
Magnet powder and method for preparations thereof
Methods to partially reduce a niobium metal oxide and oxygen reduced niobium oxides
Isotropic powdery magnet material, process for preparing and resin-boned magnet
Rapid hardening, ultra-high early strength portland-type cement compositions, novel clinkers and methods for their manufacture which reduce harmful gaseous emissions
Assembly and method for disposing of waste
Sewage sludge recycling with a pipe cross-reactor
Needleless syringe functioning with a double-composition pyrotechnic charge
Low firing energy initiator pyrotechnic mixture
Stabilizing agent for hydroxylamine solutions
Carbon-containing material
Water-based ink for ink-jet recording
Apparatus and method for sulfonating an article and articles made therefrom
Cellulose-reinforced thermoplastic composite and methods of making same
Power transmission belt and process for production of the same
Liquid-crystalline polymer molding
Paving compositions
Aqueous ink and process for producing dye
Particulate mineral materials
Ink for ink-jet recording
Emulsion ink for stencil printing
Chromate free waterborne epoxy corrosion resistant primer
Polishing slurry
Environmentally safer replacement refrigerant for Freon 12-based refrigeration systems
Corrosion inhibiting solutions for absorption systems
Method and apparatus for quenching the coke drum vapor line in a coker
Liquid fuel compositions for electrochemical fuel cells
Method of producing a diesel fuel blend having a pre-determined flash-point and pre-determined increase in cetane number
Non sooting paraffin containing candle
Positioning and electrophysiological characterization of individual cells and reconstituted membrane systems on microstructured carriers
Alloyed steel powder for powder metallurgy
Grain oriented electromagnetic steel sheet exhibiting extremely small watt loss and method for producing the same
Cast steel composition for railway components
Conductive integrated circuit metal alloy interconnections, electroplating anodes; metal alloys for use as a conductive interconnection in an integrated circuit; and physical vapor deposition targets
Process for partial stripping of diffusion aluminide coatings from metal substrates, and related compositions
Fabrication of B/C/N/O/Si doped sputtering targets
Method and apparatus for depositing films
Magnetically confined metal plasma sputter source with magnetic control of ion and neutral densities
Controlled magnetron shape for uniformly sputtered thin film
Device for coating bottles and bodies for transporting bottles
Micro three-dimensional structure, production method therefor and production device therefor
Gas port sealing for CVD/CVI furnace hearth plates
Apparatus and process of improving atomic layer deposition chamber performance
Composition and process for treating metals
High temperature gaseous oxidation for passivation of austenitic alloys
Method of removing a ceramic coating
Stable inert anodes including a single-phase oxide of nickel and iron
Method for darkening a superficial layer which contains zinc and which is of a material piece
Electrochemical deposition of carbon nanoparticles from organic solutions
Methods for determination of additive concentration in metal plating baths
System and a method for plating of a conductive pattern
Selective removal of dielectric materials and plating process using same
Method for single crystal growth of barium titanate and barium titanate solid solution
Crystal growth vessel and crystal growth method
Crystal support
Heater arrangement for crystal growth furnace
Textiles; Paper
Process for bleaching pulp or paper
Doctor blade
Method of making a high utility tissue
Fixed Constructions
Snow and ice melting system for roads
Portable screed guidance system
Rigid runways made of postensed celled concrete for airports and highways
Method and apparatus for deflating tires of a trailing vehicle
Guard rail support, attachment, and positioning spacer block
Segmental retaining wall system
Cementitious compositions having highly dispersible polymeric reinforcing fibers
Locking-mechanism control means
Paddle lock having slim profile
Electromagnetic door lock
Mounting device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Scroll type fluid displacement apparatus with fully compliant floating scrolls
Aspirating face seal with axially biasing one piece annular spring
Apparatus for choking the control stage of a steam turbine and steam turbine
Ceramic matrix composite component for a gas turbine engine
Gas turbine
Integrated oil transfer sleeve and bearing
Lubrication system for a tool with a combustion engine
Method and device for inserting fibers in expanded form into a cavity or depositing them on a surface
Insulated mounting for a pollution control device
Spark-ignited internal combustion engine oxide gas absorbing arrangement and method
Method and device for introducing a gaseous reducing agent of a nitrogen oxide into a gas mixture
Inlet forward supercharger
Fuel-air mixture apparatus
Electromagnetically driven diaphragm pump
Multi-stage internal gear/turbine fuel pump
Scroll compressor
Screw vacuum pump with a coolant circuit
Process for determining a reference characteristic for controlling a pump
Connecting device of a ceiling fan for connecting a blade to a bracket
Advertising ceiling fan
Locking cage fastener
Structure for preventing loosening of threaded fasteners
High axial stiffness swivel joint
Bearing member and method for manufacturing the same and dynamic pressure bearing device
Tripot universal joint
Wave spring with single shim end
CVT belt
Automotive AC rotating machine
Family of six-speed dual-clutch transmissions having a stationary planetary gear member
Family of six-speed dual-clutch transmissions having a stationary planetary member and two brakes
Multi-speed transmission with three planetary gearsets and input clutches
Integrated assembly comprising a hydraulic clutch and a planetary gear train, in particular for automatic transmission particularly of vehicles, and automatic transmission comprising same
Actuating mechanism for axial setting purposes, having a double function
Split sprocket assembly, related apparatus, and related mounting method
Sealing system for a drive unit consisting of a motor and a transmission
Bevel gear unit
Snap-fit chain guide with locking connector arrangement
Cylinder head gasket with different materials
Mechanical seal device
Planetary traction drive mechanism and throttle valve assembly
Pipe coupler
Flared ends conduit coupling
System and method for repairing a conduit
Coupling ring for ventilation ducts, and method of connecting ventilation ducts
Chemiluminescent lighting element
Portable stack lamp
Fluorescent hanging light fixture
Do-it-yourself lamp structure
Articulated, adjustable stand
Winding apparatus with guiding means
T type quick-lock lampholder
Light source cooling system having a double exhaust fan for a projector
LED lighting device
Candlewick with improved burning capability
Building interior air pressure control system
Arrowhead with recessed collar
Imaging pyrometer
Stackable non-stick coverslip
Method and apparatus for unloading gradients
Electrode assembly and method of using the same
Synthesis and characterization of materials for electrochemical cells
Gas sensor
Multistage electrophoresis apparatus and method of use for the separation and purification of cells, particles and solutes
Modular apparatus for chemical microanalysis
Oxygen sensing
Use of an array of polymeric sensors of varying thickness for detecting analytes in fluids
Capillary columns employing monodispersed particles
Method and device for clotting time assay
Reflective optical element, reflective optical system, image display system, and finder optical system
Combination magnifying device, particularly a microscope comprising a measuring device
Scanning MEMS mirror with reluctance force motor
Illuminating-light controller, projector, and illuminating-light control method
Light trap and associated light focusing assembly
Method of constructing a thin film mirror
Pigtail assembly apparatus and method thereof
Fabrication of collimators employing optical fibers fusion-spliced to optical elements of substantially larger cross-sectional areas
Optical commutator
Optical connector assembly
Optical polarity modules and systems
Fiberoptic connector and methods
Methods and apparatus of joining optically coupled optoelectronic and fiber optic components using electromagnetic radiation
Optical connector and optical connector ferrule to be used therein
Optical active connector plug for LAN and its connector port
Optical communication module and optical communication module product
Radially symmetrical optoelectric module
Optical component and method of manufacturing the same
Modular optoelectronic connector
Eyewear with frames having flexible earstems
Flexible eyeglass device
Method and system for environmental control during film processing
System and method for developer endpoint detection by reflectometry or scatterometry
Method of inhibiting contaminants using dilute acid rinse
Solvent prewet and method and apparatus to dispense the solvent prewet
Method and apparatus for controlling movement of cutting blade and workpiece
Pressure sensitive functionality for keyboard keys
Conversions between standard color spaces
Automated shelf management system and process for tracking and purging file folders in a file storage facility
Apparatus and method for monitoring the validity of a molecular model
Coin or token sorting apparatus
Method and apparatus for maintaining game state
Enhanced payout feature for gaming machines
Gaming device having risk evaluation bonus round
Gaming device including choices having varying probabilities of contributing to game's termination
Method and apparatus for monitoring casinos and gaming
Gaming device and method
Emergency medical treatment system
Base ten primary teaching kit
Interactive education system for teaching patient care
Installation instruction conveying device (electronic components) mechanical
Interactive, computer-aided handwriting method and apparatus with enhanced digitization tablet
Forming method of magnetic body and printed circuit board
Input apparatus for game systems
Luminescent display device of active matrix drive type and fabrication method therefor
Gas discharge panel and method for manufacturing the same
Plasma processing unit, window member for plasma processing unit and electrode plate for plasma processing unit
Integrated focusing emitter
Methods of manufacturing wiring substrate and electron source substrate and image forming apparatus with the same
Method for producing multilayer ceramic substrate
Substrate transport apparatus, pod and method
System for producing wafers
Variable surface hot plate for improved bake uniformity of substrates
Damage-free sculptured coating deposition
Heat sink assembly having retention module
Method for making monolithic piezoelectric ceramic element
Package method and apparatus for organic electro-luminescent display
Electrochemical capacitor and methods of fabricating same
Method and apparatus for forming modular sockets using flexible interconnects and resulting structures
Electrical cable interconnections for reduced impedance mismatches
High voltage terminal
Pogo contact
Compliant connector for land grid array
Low current minimal alignment compression contact system
Cable end connector assembly with reliable connection between cover and housing
Electrical connector
Connector securing device
Coaxial connector for interconnecting printed circuit boards
Electrostatic discharge protection shield device
Connector assembly with a floating shield dividing contacts formed in differential pairs
Serial advanced technology attachment connector
RJ connector with robust connector assembly for transceiver module
Communication connector with capacitor label
Wireless adapter having foldable geometrically loop-like antenna
Electrical adapter
Electrical connector system
Metal-graphite brush and production method thereof
Electrical connector with compression contacts
Optical component attachment to optoelectronic packages
Method and apparatus for providing OSD data for OSD display in a video signal having an enclosed format
Projection system
Projection apparatus using telecentric optics
IC socket
Land grid array connector assembly with sliding lever
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