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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Device that modifies irrigation schedules of existing irrigation controllers
Short milk tube
Animal waste containment systems
Modular artificial reef, sea wall and marine habitat
Non-systemic control of parasites
Biocontrol for plants with Bacillus subtilis, Pseudomonas putida, and Sporobolomyces roseus
Method of baking yeast-fermented frozen bread products
Cooking pouch containing a raw protein portion, a raw or blanched vegetable portion and a sauce and method of making
Frozen confection
Two-texture pet food product
Mannose-containing palm kernel meal
Nozzle arrangement, nozzle carrier and device for extruding doughy substances
Clothing for woman
Headwear and sewing method therefor using rubber thread
Shoe structure provided with interchangeable vamps
Automated tightening shoe
Protective shoelace storage compartment
Closure device
Stick type cosmetic material feeding container
Hammock for sailboat
Computer desk for either right-hander or left-hander
Storage assembly with adaptable double hanging closet
Apparatus and method for stacking plural electronic and electro-acoustic components
Quick clamp and quick release device
Steel wire chair with springs
Toy storage cover for portable play yards, cribs and containers
Fruit grating tool
Kitchen utensil
Device for removing one or more lengths of paper from a rolled-up paper strip
One piece mold for a multi-piece tub and shower surround
Hand held vacuum with arcuate gliding surface
Battery interchange system for battery powered floor maintenance equipment
Squeegee with clog reduction structure
Tool for gathering materials including particles and hairs
Dirt collecting system for a floor care appliance
Personal pelvic viewer
Surgical clip applicator device
Method and system for internal ligation of tubular structures
Needle-less parenteral introduction device
Instrumentation and methods for use in implanting a cervical disc replacement device
Electrosurgical apparatus having digestion electrode and methods related thereto
Tissue expander, system and method
Teeth treatment device
Orthodontic implant
Napkin package
Incontinence device insertion kit
Rate limiting barriers for implantable devices
Flexible and expandable stent
Stent and catheter assembly and method for treating bifurcations
Tri-leaflet mechanical heart valve
Modular interbody fusion implant
.beta.-L-2'-deoxy-nucleosides for the treatment of HIV infection
Treatment of papilloma virus infection using a mycobacterium
Use of botulinum toxins for treating various disorders and conditions and associated pain
Combined use of anti-cytokine antibodies or antagonists and anti-CD20 for treatment of B cell lymphoma
Method for ultrasound triggered drug delivery using hollow microbubbles with controlled fragility
Cosmetic compositions containing crosslinkable polymers
Paper wiping products treated with a hydrophobic additive
Proteins stabilized with polysaccharide gums
Collagen/polysaccharide bilayer matrix
Retrograde venous perfusion with isolation of cerebral circulation
Customizable seal, mask with customizable seal and method of using such a seal
System and method for conditioning the psychological state of a subject using an adaptive autostereoscopic display
Safety injection device
Modular respirators and a method of conversion thereof
Gas mask and breathing equipment with a compressor
Golf ball cover material--high resilience
Reel slot machine and rotator
Method of playing a game and an apparatus suitable therefor
Method of playing a dice wagering game
Pachinko stand-alone and bonusing game
Slot-type gaming machine with variable drop zone symbols
Performing Operations; Transporting
Debris removal system
Filter apparatus and associated method
Cleaning apparatus
Gas dehydration with cavitation regeneration of potassium formate dehydrating solution
Gas refining system
Safety device for stirring assemblies for application to shelf paint vessels
Anti-stratification-solution delivery system for spin-on dielectrics
Method and device for reducing byproducts in the mixture of educt streams
Water-scavenging agent for an organic electroluminescent device and organic electroluminescent device comprising same
Filtration and separation apparatus and method of assembly
Device for supplying a material
Electrostatic powder coating method for the inner periphery of a tube having a shoulder
Wheel shield and tire cleaning apparatus
Lateral-flow biohazard safety enclosure
Method of preventing organic contamination from the atmosphere of electronic device substrates and electronic device substrates treated therewith
Low-profile high-strength vehicle door beam
Method of making turbine blades having cooling channels
Apparatus and method for automatically compensating for lateral runout
Method of milling engine blocks
Laser-based calibrating method and apparatus
Wire bonder for ball bonding insulated wire and method of using same
EMAT weld inspection
Cutting tool device for machine tool
Planar polishing fixture
Method and apparatus for conditioning a polishing pad
Hydraulic puller
Coil strap with nails for use in a nail hammer
Hammer-operated stapling apparatus
Hair clipper having oil pad
Plate joiner
Vehicle headliner
External vehicle mirror and method for manufacture
Lid for muffling noises produced by an internal combustion engine, and method for producing such lid
Mold closing device for injection molding machines
Container with integral handle, preform and method of manufacture
Manufacturing method for resin formed element
Three-dimensional molding apparatus and three-dimensional molding method
Hooped tube dimensioning method
Molding process and apparatus for producing unified composite structures
Vulcanization process for pneumatic tire and mold therefor
Multi-layer tubing having electrostatic dissipation for handling hydrocarbon fluids
Transparent conductive film and touch panel
Automobile trim
Digital offset printing registration
Printing unit of a web-fed printing press with driven cylinder pairs
Device for separating mutually adjacent flat copies
Keyless inking systems and methods using subtractive and clean-up rollers
Recording apparatus
Sheet material feeding apparatus and recording apparatus
Identification card manufacturing device module unification
Printhead positioning mechanism
Thermo-mechanical actuator drop-on-demand apparatus and method with multiple drop volumes
Fluidic seal for an ink jet nozzle assembly
Method of manufacturing an ink jet head
Inkjet printhead squeegee
Polyester film for use as an ink image receiving base film and ink
Coating composition comprising colloidal silica and glossy ink jet recording sheets prepared therefrom
Chalk line with handle reservoir
Wheel with extended outer flange
Aircraft tug hitch assembly
Driver/entry ventilation system for a bus
Heat pump apparatus for regulating motor vehicle temperature
Sliding door guide carriages and running rails on motor vehicles
Four-wheel drive control system and method
Method of controlling automobile, automobile control apparatus, transmission, method of controlling transmission and vehicle system
Hinge mountings for an adjusting device of a motor vehicle seat
Tie-down assembly accessory
Automotive infrared lamp
Reflective optical device, and reflective solid-state optical device, and imaging device, multi-wavelength imaging device, video camera device, and vehicle-mounted monitor utilizing the same
Vehicle hood control apparatus
Washing apparatus for multiple vehicle surfaces
Hydraulically operable landing gear
System and method for maintaining a vehicle at zero speed on a graded surface
Ladder dolly
Vehicle modular body and method of assembly thereof
Motor cycle accessories
Boat hoist canopy skirt
Gunwale member for a boat
Joystick steering apparatus for watercraft
Protective cage for an outboard motor and holding device thereof
Zipper having longitudinal channel that limits range of slider travel
Banded container package with opening feature
Multiple-compartment container
Belt attachment device and method
Sheet extracting device with a cassette for receiving a stack of sheets
Device for lifting a porous sheet from a stack of such sheets
Transfer tool and transfer film remover
Actuator mechanism for a two-bucket grab device
Beverage dispensing apparatus having fluid director
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for producing a purified aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution
Miniature fuel reformer and system using metal thin film
Ionic additives for extreme low dielectric constant chemical formulations
Method for separating ammonia from solutions containing caprolactam and ammonia
Sorbant sequestration and removal of toxic metal ions
Tidal vertical flow wastewater treatment system and method
Installation for vitrification of liquid radioactive wastes, cooled discharge unit and cooled induction melter for the installation
Carbonaceous materials coated with a metal or metal oxide, a preparation method thereof, and a composite electrode and lithium secondary battery comprising the same
Formulation of phosphorus fertilizer for plants
Aldehyde-containing polymers as wet strength additives
Method for producing compacted free-flowing raw materials for varnish
Modified condensation polymers containing azetidinium groups in conjunction with amphiphilic hydrocarbon moieties
Pentafluoropropane-based compositions
Heat-softening heat-radiation sheet
Zinc dust containing slurry and waterborne coating material
Compressed fluid formulation containing electroluminescent polymeric material
Compressed fluid formulation containing hole transporting material
Membrane separation for sulfur reduction
Process for the production of oryzanol enriched fraction from rice bran oil soapstock
Nitrided niobium powders and niobium electrolytic capacitors
Austenitic alloy for heat strength with improved pouring and manufacturing, process for manufacturing billets and wire
Metallized film, method for the production thereof, and use thereof
Vacuum processing apparatus and control method thereof
Method of maintaining a non-obstructed interior opening in kinetic spray nozzles
Method and device for producing wear resisting surfaces
Source material feeder apparatus for industrial crystal growth systems
P-type single crystal zinc-oxide having low resistivity and method for preparation thereof
Atomic layer deposition apparatus and methods
Textiles; Paper
Device for machine knitting
Low pressure steam jet fabric finisher
Fixed Constructions
Transit boarding platform panel
Brushless scrub head for surface maintenance
Smart device and system for improved domestic use and saving of water
Western-style water closet
Liquid active substance dispenser for W.C. bowl
Compressed wood waste structural I-beam
Fixture for building boards, a building board having the fixture fixed thereto, and the method of fastening the building boards
Round formwork module
Ground cover anchor
Hinge assembly for notebook computers
Method and apparatus for suspending a door
Security cabinet, combined security unit and pick unit, and ATM including such an arrangement
Connector for joining multiple pane window spacers
Insect screens
Multiple zones frac tool
Anti-rotation method and apparatus for limiting rotation of cementing plugs
Expanding tubing
Apparatus and methods for drilling with casing
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Power cylinder apparatus for supplying varying actuation forces
Scroll compressor with hot oil temperature responsive relief of back pressure chamber
Hydraulic motors and pumps with engineered surfaces
Exhaust turbine apparatus
Fluidic actuation for improved diffuser performance
Steam ammonia power cycle
Control element for the simultaneous control of gaseous streams
Personal watercraft
Method and apparatus for exhaust gas recirculation cooling using a vortex tube to cool recirculated exhaust gases
Differential geared turbine engine with torque modulation capability
Variable valve control apparatus for engine and method thereof
Method for simultaneously moving cam shafts of various cylinder banks pertaining to an internal combustion engine
Intake device for use with internal combustion engines
Fuel injection device comprising a pressure amplifier
Fuel injector clamping assembly
Method of producing fuel injectors, and relative fuel injector
Fuel pump for inter-cylinder direct fuel injection apparatus
Rotary opposed piston engine
Compressor assembly having crankcase
Scroll compressor with flow restriction and back pressure chamber tap
Vacuum apparatus
Water pump
Double-acting pressure intensifying cylinder and method for intensifying pressure in the cylinder
Method of calibrating a solenoid operated pressure control valve and method of controlling same
Accessory mounting mechanism
Mounting element and method of manufacturing the same
Adjustable locking mount and methods of use
Bearing mounting flange having flexibility pocket
Striated belt, its manufacturing method and the associated drive system
Oil system
Method of attaching a self-aligning flange to a vacuum pipe and forming a large diameter extruded pipe
Path marking and lighting system
Simulated neon illumination device using end-lit waveguide
Apparatus and method for operating a portable xenon arc searchlight
Compact swirl augmented afterburners for gas turbine engines
Scrubber ventilation system
Dual p-trap and valve air conditioner discharge water saver system
Method for providing cooling to superconducting cable
Expansion valve
Refrigerant circuit
Compartmentalized portable cooler with cooling gradient
Wick structure of heat pipes
Heat exchanger
Adjustable back tension rope release
Multi-structure metal matrix composite armor and method of making the same
Strobe desorption method for high boiling point materials
Pressure activated sampling system
X-ray analysis system with humidified sample
Method of measuring thermal resistance of resin and a measuring apparatus using the method
Heat conductivity detector
Gas sensor with electrically conductive, hydrophobic membranes
Device and process for filling a column with a filler material
Rapid multiple panel of biomarkers in laboratory blood tests for TIA/stroke
Dual bridge angular accelerometer
Multimedia outlet box
Method and apparatus for assembly of an optoelectronic device with an optical connector
Method and device for controlling the temperature of an object using heat transfer fluid
Adjustable crank for bicycles
Memory card connector
Recording apparatus and method for controlling recording apparatus
IC card
Lockable security cabinet for casino game controllers
Computer system that predicts impending failure in applications such as banking
Method for displaying toilet training materials and display kiosk using same
Work board assembly
Method for manufacturing a recording medium
Manufacturing method of over-current protection devices
High-power pulsed magnetically enhanced plasma processing
Cross flow processor
Vacuum processing apparatus and semiconductor manufacturing line using the same
Separation method for object and glue membrane
Automatic sensing wafer blade and method for using
Method for controlling local current to achieve uniform plating thickness
Fabrication of stacked microelectronic devices
Wiring board and process of producing the same
Heat dissipation assembly with fan mounting device
Methods to make bimorph MEMS devices
Film for organic EL device and an organic EL device using the film
Device for connecting coaxial conductors to a plug-in connector
Lead-wire terminals of all-in-one card connector
Safety mat connector apparatus and method
Stacked multi port connector with light-emitting element
Cable assembly with power adapter
Cable end connector assembly having locking member
Slim USB male connector with system grounding
System and method for repairing a conduit
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, storage medium and computer program
Mounting structure of speaker for vehicle
Apparatus for holding and mounting a component
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Mechanical assistance mechanism for shovels
Geary convertible crutch system
Apparatus for laying a surface
Sand trap conditioner
Potentiometer-based gauge wheel device positioning system and method
Boom assembly and platform for tracked feller buncher machine
Oscillating disk drives
Corner irrigation system
Fan guard mounted mister having plurality of spaced nozzles
Single strap strain reducing dog harness
Leash assembly for animals
Night visibility enhanced clothing and dog leash
Universally attachable leash bag
Formed treat support
Apparatus and method for processing, creating and dispensing a roughage ration
Squirrel attracting device
Wild animal feed dispensing device
Fishing reel with magnetic force spool rotational-speed control during spool free rotational state
Gun and beverage support system
Portable tree stand assembly having seat and platform with position adjustment arrangement
Scent dispenser and method
Boom sprayer and method of spraying
Device for conveying animals
Quick donning goggles for use with breathing mask
Anti-chafing device
Fiber bundles
In-line skate suspension system
Portable shade device
Floating cooler with drink tray
Article transport and organizer
Basket with an arc shaped handle
Hair roller and applicator
Method and apparatus for painting nails
Method and apparatus for creating art on an object such as the nail of a person's digit or a golf ball
Method of filling a case with at least two products, and case filled in accordance with this method
Carrying assembly for bottles or the like
Computer kiosk
Table leg with cable management system
Method of mounting a utility receptacle to a utility assembly for use in combination with a worksurface
Ergonomic arm support apparatus
Collapsible picnic table
Structural assembly system used to form different furniture pieces
Appliance cabinet with removable panels
Carousel shoe cabinet
Wall anchor for use with wire shelves
Shelving system brace and post
Multipurpose table
Laboratory table
Top board for tables, shelves or the like and a connector for board sections forming the top board or the like
Chair swivel arm rest
Fabrication of vinyl coated pool chair
Chair apparatus with resilient support member
Standard chair to rocking chair adapter
Portable back support for chairs
Chair with reclineable back and adjustable energy mechanism
Ergonomic chair
Shelf-mounted, spring-loaded storage device
Jewelry case with parallel, spaced apart layers of ring fingers that are offset from and interleaved with each other when the jewelry case is closed and with posts on inside of ring fingers
Demountable hanger bar
Self-sealing coffee pot
Soft type mouthpiece with water releasing and water stopping functions
Coinjected plastic garment hangers
Altar with vertically movable boxes
Valance board
Runner with line tensioning capabilities, guide rails for electrically-opened and closed curtains, and guide rails for manually-opened and closed curtains
Wet and dry tissue dispenser
Foldable cardboard box for contact-free drying and long-term storage of biological evidence recovered on cotton swabs and forensic evidence collection kit including same
Articulating guide arm for medical applications
Method, apparatus and operating system for managing the administration of medication and medical treatment regimens
Animate form dental flossing device
Toothpick brush
Animal pill magnet
Cardiac disease treatment method
Method and apparatus for controlling sleep disorder breathing
Combination of a car-seat and a wheel chair
Stroller with tilt-in-space capability
Forearm crutch cushion system
Close-off and connecting unit for hydromassage orifices
Medicament dispensing cell
Insulin delivery enhanced by coached breathing
Liquid dispensing apparatus and methods
Device for atomisation of fluids
Intrapulmonary delivery device
Pharmaceutical container and inhaler device
Oscillating ventilator apparatus and method
Polarized gas delivery system/method
Apparatus and method for permitting introduction and withdrawal of a catheter
Safety device for ascending and lowering processes by means of a rope
Foam generating apparatus
"Golf ball vendor" and "alternate" product vendor
Golf club bag shaft mount
Head cover for golf clubs
Device for projecting tennis balls
Reinforced elongate metal body
Transport device for skis and poles
Pre-pressurized polyurethane skate wheel
Portable versatile structure
Adjustable flex ski apparatus
Three-dimensional puzzle
Bottle cap with prize
Roach coach board game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Back-washable spin-on oil filter
Combined vapor/liquid distributor for packed columns
Method and device for preparing cleaning solution
Method for compound movement of an aeration unit
Float sink header
Stud tensioning device for flange cover
Syringe metering unit for bottle top dispenser
Balanced comminuting, vacuum and loading and/or spreading system
Roll press for crushing abrasive materials
Apparatus for sorting and recombining minerals background of the invention
Shredder dust treatment process
Dual-flow faucet head
Dismountable hot air nozzle
Device for powdering printed sheets
Laminar flow vertical jet stream nozzle with overhead stream capture
Cable supported rotary multi-jet nozzle
Selectable nozzle rotary driven sprinkler
Two-piece spray nozzle
Refillable atomizing spray can
Soft article sorting system
Apparatus and method for providing pulsed fluids
Rinsing bath
Cleaning apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for extracting metallic contaminants from substrates
Vibration decoupling connector for exhaust systems
Molten metal admission control in casting
Mold for assembling and forming wire harness
Method for the directed solidification of molten metal and a casting apparatus for the practice thereof
Wire bond monitoring system for layered packages
Pressure bonding and densification process for manufacturing low density core metal parts
Sputtering target assembly production method
Apparatus for measuring the height of a solder wave
Solder retention ring for improved solder bump formation
Method and apparatus for establishing user-selected operator load positions for manufacturing tool
Work piece repair
Wood planing machine with a carriage locking mechanism
Tiltable Z-axis platform based on uni-directional tilt platform
Device for fluid transfer
Magnetic holding device
Pneumatic screwdriver
Nailer magazine with blocking device
Explosive powder charge operated bolt-setting tool
Miniature impact tool
Portable work center
Tool holder for fishermen and tradesmen
Method for making plywood
Toolholder for milling drums of scarifying machines
Apparatus for blowing synthetic resin into furnace
Machine for joining plastic foam slabs
Plastic coated valve rotor and a method of manufacturing
Combined oil and grease system
Composite synthetic stopper
Heat seal butt splice assembly
Soundproofing panel and method of producing said panel
Method of lithographic imaging with reduced debris-generated performance degradation and related constructions
Direct write waterless imaging member with improved ablation properties and methods of imaging and printing
Redirecting printing media in a prepress printing environment
Method and apparatus for controlling tension in a web offset printing press
Method for producing printed matter and printing form attachment means for use in the method
Ink fountain with a fountain roller in the inking mechanism of printing presses
System and method for registration control on-press during press set-up and printing
Ink detection for printers and scanners
Receipt printer having a check reading mechanism with selective engagement
Sheet stacking apparatus capable of shifting sheets on bins
Book for packaging activity pieces in an activity kit
Controlled substance dispensing form
Double vision cover and binder assembly
Computer printer compatible labels
High performance broad application wheel
Tire chain for dual wheel tires
Pneumatic tires with carcass anchored by bead wire reinforcing layer
Trailer hitch and method of coupling
Hydraulic suspension unit
Steer axle suspension with air springs
Large dump truck suspension
Attachment system for suspension cradle
Motor vehicle rear axle and method
Adjustable suspension system for a motor vehicle
Race car
Axle construction for a vehicle
Vehicle window shade arrangement
Vehicular window assembly
Motor vehicle door with a detachably mounted outside door panel
Sun spot
Side door of a passenger vehicle
Power-driven shutter assembly
Moveable cover assembly
Cover for the box of a pick-up truck
Roof construction for a motor vehicle
Open roof construction for a vehicle
Light bar air deflector
Battery frame structure for electric motorcar
Connection of a frame of a grille for special vehicles such as armored vehicles with profiled panels of the grille
Two-stage fuel tank vapor recovery vent valve and method of making same
Pressurized-fuel tank installation structure in motorcar
Drive system for multi-axle motor vehicle
Blow molded headliner
Mechanized floor console
Frame structure of saddle riding type vehicle
Suspension assembly for automotive engine
System and method for magnetic levitation guideway emplacement on conventional railroad line installations
Braking torque control system and method for wheeled vehicle having regenerative braking torque generator and frictional braking torque generator
Multi-valve module having a ceramic piezoelectric actuator
Adjustable operator station for a work machine and an associated method for positioning an operator station relative to a cab floor of a work machine
Rotary seat adjustment mechanism
Light-weight snowmobile seat
Vehicle occupant protection apparatus
Articulating tray assembly
Method of installing a carpet member within a motor vehicle
Container holder for vehicles
Trap closure device for trailer hoppers
Easy off snowmobile trailer
Passenger compartment divider for a motor vehicle
Safety handle for trunk of vehicle
Adjustable anti-rotational fastener for wire harness components
Corrugate tube fixing protector
Air bag activating system and a strain relief sleeve therefor
Energy-absorbing deformation profile for a motor vehicle
Method of folding a side impact gas bag for a vehicle occupant restraint system
Airbag cushion exhibiting low seam and fabric usage and simultaneously high available inflation volume
Vehicle air bag catch strap arrangement
Inflatable vehicle occupant protection device
Vehicle steering wheel with integrated gas bag module
Side impact protection device for an occupant of a vehicle
Air bag inflator
Padded cushioning device
Method and apparatus for transferring rear shoulder belt loads to a vehicle frame
Pivoting extensible rear hitch attachment for equipment carrier
Trailer landing gear lifting apparatus
Electronic interface manifold adapter for railroad passenger cars
Method for operating a motor vehicle with driving-stabilizing brake interventions
Method and device for regulating the pressure in at least one wheel brake
Solenoid controlled valve and antilock control apparatus using the same
Magnet valve with pressure limitation for slip-controlled motor vehicle brake systems
Valve control apparatus with three-dimensional circuit board using MID technology
Vented hatch cover
Multi-seat stroller
Body structure for motor vehicle
Drain structure of vehicle
Wheel-arch cover panel for a motor vehicle
Hard mounted provision through plastic body panel
Midwheel assembly for a track type tractor
Method and apparatus for operating a steering system for a motor vehicle
Steering lock system
Steering linkage arrangement for a motor vehicle
Bicycle frame
Rowing machine with wheels
Toy vehicle frame combination
Bicycle and the like with chain transmission, multiple gears and pedal unit placed on the outside of the rear wheel
Motorcycle drive assembly with improved transmission-to-engine mounting
Spray deflector for a personal watercraft, jet ski or boat
Mooring hook
Multi-activity offshore exploration and/or development drill method and apparatus
Water vehicle
Strap assembly for parasailing
Transom trunk
Trim tab actuator for power boats
Underwater depolyable testing platform
Cleaner air snorkel
Device for increasing the steering effect of a rudder
No/low wake, high speed power catamaran hull
Sail boat jibe control system
Apparatus for causing an aircraft wheel to rotate
Gyro stabilized triple mode aircraft
Aerial transport method and apparatus
Roadable aircraft
Interlocking assembly system for an aircraft cabin
System for extraction and unfolding of reserve parachute
Releasable payload shell for connecting a payload fairing, a payload and a payload propulsion unit
Constant drop tablet receptacle
Automatic band charging device for strapping packing machine
Vacuum sealing system
Continuous sandbag-forming apparatus and method
Plastic bag rack
Printed label, method and apparatus for manufacturing printed labels, and method and apparatus for attaching printed labels
Plastic container for carbonated beverages
Container with molded-in directional pour guide
Insulated cup and method of manufacture
Container and closure assembly with tactile indication of closure position
Tamper evident band with undercut
Can with a pressure lid
Storage container and latch assembly therefor
Valve assembly for use with containers in a closed application system
Security packaging
Combined fiber containers and payout tube and plastic payout tubes
Childproof closure for bottles in general with easier operation and improved safety
Controlled atmosphere package
Lid attachment means for travel mugs
Paperboard carton and blank therefor
Self stick single face package
Film tube for flowable substances
Container with insert to reduce effective volume and package incorporating same
Coffee creamer and other cups and tubs
Reusable flexible bag for packaging objects
Package dispenser
Medication dispenser
Distributer for a product including a pressure bag and a non-return valve
Shoulder-mounted trash bag holder
Pipe handling device
Conveyor system
Curved belt conveyor
Chain conveyor track of high-grade and low-grade plastic
High speed sorting/diverting apparatus, an apparatus controller and systems using same
Pneumatic elevator
Method for controlling a device for feeding flowable goods into a transport line
Heap leach stacking process
Counter balance assembly for grain conduit
Automatic product loader for use with sheet feeders
Process for transferring a material web from a winding roll to a winding sleeve and winding device
Gripper for flat components
Sheet stacking apparatus
Sheet feeder unit
Wrist mountable tape dispenser
A-frame spool caddy
Apparatus for feeding sheets from a sheet store
Process for making a spandex supply package
Volumetric feed control for flexible filament
Apparatus and method to catch, damp and feed a cable, wire, rope or the like which is rolled up in a ring
Object position/presence sensor and method for detecting object position or presence
Viscously damped cord retract
Rail-climbing elevator counterweight having flat machines
Pallet body for moving pavements
Roped hydraulic elevator
Hydraulic jack
Liquid solvent transportation process
Chemical dispensing system
Communications system and method, fleet management system and method, and method of impeding theft of fuel
Convertible manifold for a fuel delivery system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for control of liquid loss and gas migration in well cementing
Method of thermally insulating a wellbore
Carbon--carbon composite valve for high performance internal combustion engines
Constant velocity joint boot and method of making the same
Luminescent meta-borate substances
Chemical vapor deposition apparatus
Apparatus to increase gas residence time in a reactor
Water-soluble containers for water cooling towers and boilers
Textiles; Paper
Spring supported hook arrangement in a shed forming device
Shock absorbing woven webbing
Pattern stitching sewing machine
Device for producing embroidery data on the basis of image data
Pressure vessel door operating apparatus
Fixed Constructions
Animal waste removal system
Water supply system
Quick connect hose assembly
Wall connection
Draining gutter
Support system for wood framed construction
Purlin corner hanger having a body to clear the lower projecting flange of a purlin
Modular platform system
Board puller
Rod roller system for multi-point latch
Warehouse displayer panel system and hinge
Specially designed rail for mounting a tensioning device
Lock box
Covering assembly for an architectural opening
Control cord end security device
Deployment control for rolling protective shutters
Surface controlled formation isolation valve adapted for deployment of a desired length of a tool string in a wellbore
Mechanical shut-off valve
Method and apparatus for cementing a well
Method of treating an underground formation
Method for removal of undesired fluids from a wellbore
Downhole fluid disposal tool and method
Well pump control using multiple sonic level detectors
Apparatus for pulling a traction cable through an underground pipe
Softwall mining method and device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Device for hydraulic rotational angle adjustment of a shaft relative to a drive wheel
Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Valve operating system in internal combustion engine
Bar engine brake
Variable lost motion valve actuator and method
Electromagnetically operating actuator for intake and/or exhaust valves
Device for interrupting the fuel supply
Lubrication system for an engine having a floatless carburetor
Exhaustion pipe structure
Stratified charge engine
Stratified scavenging two-cycle engine
Tamper resistant governor control rod cover
Apparatus and methods for controlling idling speed of an internal combustion engine by reducing torque fluctuations
Intake manifold for engines
Solostart safety mount
Fuel control device for cylinder injection type internal combustion engine
Method and arrangement for controlling an operating variable of a motor vehicle
Throttle control response selection system
Method of accounting for a purge vapor surge
Fuel injection control for engines responsive to fuel injection timing
Control system for a direct injection-spark ignition engine
Method for improved fuel delivery for multi-port fuel injection system
Fuel multiplier transfer from dynamic crankshaft fueling control to oxygen sensor operation
EGR fault diagnostic system
Process for controlling an injection valve in a fast-running fuel-injection two-stroke internal combustion engine and device for implementing it
Exhaust restrictor with gear motor actuator and method of controlling same
Engine rocker arm cover having reduced noise transmission
Diaphragm type carburetor
Lapped steel tube
Fuel injector
Intensified fuel injector having a lateral drain passage
Hydraulically-actuated fuel injector with rate shaping through restricted flow to intensifier piston
Fuel injection system for internal combustion engines
Piezoelectric injector for fuel-injection systems of internal combustion engines
Fuel injection method and apparatus for engine
Method for operating a self-igniting, air-compressing internal combustion engine
Ignition control system for engine
High pressure fluid seal assembly
Lightweight sleeve and spool arrangement for use in diaphragm pumps
Clutch cover assembly
Friction clutch
Friction clutch
Actuating element for a clutch actuated by pressure medium
Friction clutch arrangement
Fluid coupling device and anti-drain back structure therefor
Wedge-shaped disc brake shoe
Impact absorber made of resin
Gas spring device
Bi-Directional Multiple State Suspension Damper
Flexing disc-blow off assembly for use in a shock absorber
Conveyor-belt clip and method of mounting same
Power shift transmission
Hydrokinetic torque converter
Vehicle emergency auxiliary by-pass device
Metal ring seal
Inflation valve for sacks, bags or the like containers
Valve with pivoting flap and installation equipped with the valve
Automatic fluid switching valve
Smart automatic safety valve having remote electromagnetic shut-off protection and reset control from seismic or other sensors
Unified modular multi-directional flow chemical distribution block
Valve manifold box and method of making same
Cyclic flow valve
Fluid resistant solenoid actuated valve
Valve and a pneumatic control valve non-rotatably joined by a coupling
Linkage locking device
Remote cylinder valve opener
High-efficiency poppet and seat assembly
Tap with safety mechanism
Control valve
Use of a buried flexible pipeline
Flexible pipe in which the creep of a sealing liner into the reinforcement is restricted
Dual containment hydraulic system
Means of coupling of non-threaded connections
Conveying pipe
Quick connect tubing connector
Fluid swivel coupling device
Coupling with ferrule for crimping and swaging
Tube couplings
Detachable plug-in connection for receiving a tubular plug-in-part
Undersea hydraulic coupling with extended probe section
Double-containment pipe assembly with conical-shaped internal anchor
Double booted flexible entry boot
Pipe joint for joining pipes with a bent pipe or branch
Energy attenuation apparatus for a system conveying liquid under pressure and method of attenuating energy in such a system
Safety blinding device
Pipe lining method
Pipe coupling
Helically wound lock-seam tube
Retail terminal having a tilt mechanism which includes a ratchet member for positioning a display monitor relative to a stationary base
Infinitely adjustable seat track assembly
Lubricant transfer connection
Environmentally safe kit for changing motor oil
Lubrication system for a mechanism, in particular for a rotary bearing in a spacecraft
Hot pressure washer
Heat sensitive air inlets for water heaters
Low nitrogen oxides emissions from carbonaceous fuel combustion using three stages of oxidation
Method for reducing waterwall corrosion in low NO.sub.x boilers
Air inlets for water heaters
Regenerator type heat exchanger
Multi-fuel burner and heat exchanger
Light-weight portable cooking gas stove
Splash guard radiator cover
Air handling system
Coil tube heater for a used-oil fired furnace
Direct chip-cooling through liquid vaporization heat exchange
Heat sink
Plate heat exchanger
Bow holder
Archery bow stabilizer
Secondary latching device for holsters
Small caliber non-toxic penetrator projectile
Spin stabilized projectile with metal band
Low spin sabot
Electronic explosives initiating device
Controllable liquid dispensing device
Dual cylinder insertion apparatus
Drive assembly for acoustic sources
Off-scale item sensing apparatus and method for a bar code reader
Holographic laser scanning system for producing an omni-directional scanning pattern within a 3-D scanning volume
Holographic laser scanners of modular construction and method and apparatus for designing and manufacturing the same
Safety cartridge for thermostatic mixer tap
PC card capable of switching card information structures
Independently adjustable mouse pad
Check processing procedure
Card terminal apparatus including card insertion assembly and user interface assembly wherein the user interface assembly is loaded on the card insertion assembly in a plurality of positions
Automatic hand-mounted bar code symbol laser scanner
Coin packaging system
Coin guiding device
Transaction system and method
Reel apparatus for game machine
Method and apparatus for establishing and managing vending machine subscriptions
Coin and/or card-operated deposit lock
Travel system and methods utilizing multi-application passenger cards
Flag mount for vehicle luggage rack
Cough muffler
Collapsible portable acoustic tower
Evidence maintaining tape recording reels and cassettes
Barcode module for an automated data storage library
Combination compact disk storage box
Optical disc holder
Methods and apparatus for performing jet pump riser pipe repairs
Method of sealing a hole
Method and apparatus for improving processing and reducing charge damage in an inductively coupled plasma reactor
Heat sink, and process and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Method of making a carrier for at least one wafer
Method of registrably aligning fabricated wafers preceding bonding
Telecommunications electronics enclosure drain valve
Heat shielding structure for internal-combustion engines
Process for controlling closing movement of closing mechanisms with immediate squeeze protection after activation of a mechanism
Apparatus and method for forming leads and removing tin dust from leads
Circuit-component transferring apparatus
Housing for network products
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