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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Implement coupling arrangement
Steering pull compensation
Floating deck system for riding lawn mowers
Rotary trimmer apparatus and related rotary head assembly
Plant stand with multiple lighting devices and plant holders
Shading device
Tomato rootstock variety `RTS-123`
Soybean cultivar AR1210856
Veterinary restraint collar and improvement
Double housing aquarium
Ice fishing assembly
Cockroach bait station
Method of freezing cells
Bacteria and method for improving plant health and growth
Self-making bread method, bread machine and bread ingredient box thereof
Composition and method to prepare an edible food product
Conveyor line and carrier for poultry used in said conveyor line
Food defrosting tray
Porous carbon and methods of production thereof
Electronic cigarette set, electronic cigarette and battery assembly thereof
Protecting an athletic participant against impact injury
Lower-body garment
Strap fastening system for a disposable respirator providing improved donning
Industrial impact protection helmet
Shoelace securing apparatus
Shoe lace fastener and system
Compartmentalized protective case for portable handheld electronic devices
Suitcase with foldable seat
Multi-property applicator assembly and methods of use
Compartmentalized protective case for portable handheld electronic devices
Electrical cord management apparatus
Cosmetic product applicator
Toothbrush and tongue cleaner
Folding table
Modular shelving
Ratchet-based height adjustable system
Seating apparatus with adjustable cushioning
Universal media pocket and chair with universal media pocket
Baby rocking bed with multiple functions
Hanger for wall art
Expandable mounting apparatus for suspending objects on a wall
Dinnerware with multifunctional configurations
End plug for coreless paper rolls
Auxiliary toilet seat
Bathtub insert for children
Access assembly with dual anchor and seal capabilities
Device for transiently contacting at least one unit for capturing biological targets with a fluid containing them, method for recovering the captured targets and system for contacting and recovery
Articulable surgical instrument
Modular catheter assembly
Surgical cutting and stapling instruments with articulatable end effectors
Morcellated tissue collection pouch
Device and method for delivery of therapeutic agents via internal implants
Spinous process fixation device and systems
Surgical cooling device
Proactive and preventive health care system using remote monitoring and notifications
System for measuring and analyzing ocular temperature, receiving analyzer and methods for using the same
Method, system and apparatus for real-time classification of muscle signals from self-selected intentional movements
Living body inspection apparatus, and relevant method and program product
EEG data acquisition system with novel features
Digital technologies for planning and carrying out dental restorative procedures
Periodic contrast injections and analysis of harmonics for interventional X-ray perfusion imaging
Contrast agents based on long-lived nuclear singlet states and related methods
Apparatus and method for breathing pattern determination using a non-contact microphone
Method for controlling the movement of an x-ray apparatus and x-ray system
Rapid palatal expander
Apparatus and method for forming and securing discrete components to moving webs
ACL reconstruction tunnel gauge and method
Stent with enhanced friction
Reducing crimping damage to a polymer scaffold
Rabbutt-dildo gear for lesbians, pegging and masturbation
Osteogenic regenerative scaffold matrix composition
Medical container
And potent tapentadol dosage forms
Parenteral dosage form of amiodarone
Use of sting agonists to treat hepatitis B virus infection
Combination of inotuzumab ozogamicin and torisel for the treatment of cancer
Treatment of bone diseases
Flavanoid compounds and process for preparation thereof
Method of providing sustained analgesia with buprenorphine
Crystalline 6-(2-((4-amino-3-(3-hydroxyphenyl)-1H-pyrazolo[3,4-D]pyrimidin-1-yl)methy- l)-3-(2-chlorobenzyl)-4-0X0-3,4-dihydroquinazolin-5-yl)-N,N-bis(2-methoxye- thyl)hex-5-ynamide
Use of capsazepine and analogs thereof to treat cancer
Crystalline polymorphic form of ulipristal acetate
Crystalline polymorphic form of ulipristal acetate
Angiogenesis inhibitors
Dosage form comprising an active ingredient and a plurality of solid porous microcarriers
Topical agents for the treatment of sensory discomfort in the nasal cavity
Antimicrobial polymers formed by bulk polyaddition
Probiotic gram-positive bacteria for the prophylaxis, suppression, or elimination of allergic reactions in human
Equine disease model for herpesvirus neurologic disease and uses thereof
Modified animal erythropoietin polypeptides and their uses
Insulin derivatives having an extremely delayed time-action profile
Compositions and methods for preventing or treating diseases, conditions, or processes characterized by aberrant fibroblast proliferation and extracellular matrix deposition
Method for reducing injury and stabilizing muscle using orally administered interferon
Anti-RSPO2 antibodies and uses thereof
Protein constructs designed for targeting and lysis of cells
MiRNA for regulating FABP6 gene and method of using the same
Magnetic nanoparticle formulations, methods for making such formulations, and methods for their use
Sunscreen compositions comprising uniform, rigid, spherical, nanoporous calcium phosphate particles and methods of making and using the same
Depilatory compositions
Lipid bilayer carrier for drugs or imaging agents
Antifungal compositions with improved bioavailability
Controlled release pharmaceutical compositions for prolonged effect
Abuse deterrent immediate release biphasic matrix solid dosage form
Bone regeneration material kit, paste-like bone regeneration material, bone regeneration material, and bone bonding material
Guide for catheterism
Catheter having a multi-section tubular member and method of making the same
External nasal dilator
Needle protecting module of an injecting device and an injection device with a needle protecting module
Visual prosthesis system for displaying video image and text data
Craniofacial neurostimulation for treatment of pain conditions
Multi-polar electrical medical lead connector system
Internally interconnected electrode assembly for a lead and method therefor
Dual microphone EAS system that prevents feedback
Apparatus for treating the physiological electric conduction of the heart
Method and apparatus for atrial pacing during tachyarrhythmia
Brachytherapy applicator
Detection and removal of carious dentin tissue
Device to assist with stretching
Differential air pressure systems
Modular endurance conditioning tank system and method
Exercise device
Wheeled ski
System and methods to remotely and asynchronously interact with rehabilitation video-games
Modified chess game with additional game pieces
Balloon with integrated sealing
Construction system using a comb connector
Magnetic toy apparatuses and methods
Performing Operations; Transporting
Humidification-dehumidifaction desalination system
Method and system to separate solids from liquids
Twin screw extruder press for solid/fluid separation
Emissions reduction for CO.sub.2 capture
System and method for the concentration of a slurry
Container facilitating mixed beverage preparation
Apparatus and method for mixing of corrosive and non-corrosive gas
Method and apparatus for mixing, transporting, storing, and transferring thixotropic fluids in one container
Hydrogel composition
Absorbent laminate provided with absorbent film, electronic device containing same, and method for producing same
Metal suboxide and methods of preparing same
Iron-based catalysts and treatment process therefor for use in Fischer-Tropsch reactions
Temperature responsive adsorbent having a strong cation exchange group and method for producing the same
Temperature responsive adsorbent having a strong cation exchange group and method for producing the same
Breath analysis system, device and method employing nanoparticle-based sensor
Semen container with specialized tip
Vertical roller mill and method for operating a vertical roller mill
Vertical combined shredding and mixing truck
Perforated painter's masking tape
Moistening system for envelopes that reduces clogging caused by contaminants
Process of melt-spinning polyacrylonitrile fiber
PHT powder coating materials
Cleaning device for reflective surface of disc light-condenser
Ultrasonic cleaning method and apparatus
Ultrasonic apparatus, and associated holding device, for cleaning component surfaces
Extrusion press
Compound die for dual thread forming
Machine tool
Printer cartridge pin exposure and removal apparatus
Piston supply method
Welding wire and welding method
Sanding block
Ratchet device and screwdriver
Method and device for producing a seamless circumferentially closed flexible embossing tape and embossing tape
Fluorochemical coating composition and article treated therewith
Adhesive composition and pneumatic tire using same
Composite panel for green building system
Device for controlling the temperature of an energy accumulator, more particularly for a vehicle, and method for production thereof
Fiber reinforced structural element
Method for printing metal-tone printed matter and metal-tone printed matter
Pneumatic radial tire for aircraft
Vehicle energy storage system
System and method for controlling a vehicle
Power transmission device for vehicle
Multi-mode powersplit hybrid transmission
Motor vehicle
Propane tank securing cradle
Portable lighting apparatus for a livestock grooming stand or chute
Vehicle strobe brake light
Input signal mismatch detection circuit
Pressure detecting device for vehicle
Combined car seat cover and infant seat
Multifunctional airbag triggering system
Motor vehicle with foldable backseat and safety belt assigned to the same
Locking mechanism
Self leveling/adjusting apparatus to prevent spillage of bags in the storage compartment of a vehicle
Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Control device for vehicle and drive system for vehicle
Vehicular power transmission device
Method for operating a mobile device in a railway system, railway system and mobile device
Large diameter hose draining device
Stair-climbing hand truck
Actuator and vehicle steering device
Extensible actuator control method, extensible actuator, and steering device
Removable supporting cross-member provided with an adjustable-height fifth wheel for supporting a semi-trailer during the loading, rail transport and unloading thereof
Vehicle steering head
Child's ride-on toy with removable cart
Method and apparatus for a mooring beacon
Hydrofoil fin
Folding bowsprit
Systems and applications of lighter-than-air (LTA) platforms
Wind energy conversion systems, devices, and methods
Light-emitting composite arrangement and method for manufacturing the light-emitting composite arrangement
Aircraft galley configuration
Test equipment for testing an additional center tank (ACT) system of an aircraft
Stackable storage box
Adjustable base device, system and method of use
Squeeze container liquid extrusion tool
Cable tie
Greeting cards with suspended motion
Inflatable refuse containers and methods of use
Automatic storage and retrieval system with planar motion mechanism
Rotating mechanism
Rail-led conveying means and conveying installation having such conveying means
Device for separating individual, two-dimensional, flexible objects from the lower side of a stack
Method for positioning counter entraining means of a shaft door of a lift installation
Chair lift for boats
Fire tube implement, system, and method
Keg closure with safety mechanism
Keg closure with venting mechanism
Reversible drain basin
Gravity flow spool valve
Dual air chamber foam pumps, refill units and dispensers
Dielectric polyurethane film
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Seeded synthesis of aluminosilicate molecular sieves
Methods of preparing high purity aluminum hydroxide and high purity aluminum oxide
Method and device for purifying water
Sheet width control for overflow downdraw sheet glass forming apparatus
Fusion draw apparatus and methods
SSZ-13 as a catalyst for conversion of chloromethane to olefins
Fluoronation of alpha-haloalkyl ketones
Method for producing indoline compound
Antiparasitic compounds
Method for manufacturing 1,1-disubstituted hydrazine compound
Nucleophilic substitution of carbon nanotubes
Pyrrolo[3,2-c]pyridine derivatives as TLR inhibitors
Substituted benzylpyrazoles
Heterocyclic compounds having cholesterol 24-hydroxylase activity
(aza)indolizine derivative and pharmaceutical use thereof
Amino-substituted imidazopyridazines
Inhibitors of DNA gyrase for the treatment of bacterial infections
Methods for preparing ruthenium carbene complex precursors and ruthenium carbene complexes
Treatment of B-cell lymphoma with microRNA
LY6K epitope peptides for TH1 cells and vaccines containing the same
Compounds for treating cardiac damage after ischaemia/reperfusion
Epidermal growth factor receptor antibody
Cancer diagnosis and treatment of cancer using anti-ROBO1 antibody
RTN4B polypeptide, monoclonal antibody thereof, monoclonal antibody-producing hybridoma cell strain, and, preparation and application thereof
Polymers, method of producing the same, and articles made therefrom
Process for the manufacture of self-binding pigmentary particles, dry or in aqueous suspension or dispersion, containing inorganic matter and binders
Heterogeneous in-situ polymer blend
Aqueous dispersion of polymer particles, film-forming composition containing same and uses thereof
Polymer particle dispersions with polyols
Sealant composition, method for preventing liquid crystal contamination, liquid crystal panel and display device
Bimesogenic compounds and mesogenic media
Piperidine derivative, liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Heating medium composition for solar thermal power generation system
Methods and systems for supplying hydrogen to a hydrocatalytic reaction
Optimized method for recycling bio-oils into hydrocarbon fuels
Targeted desulfurization apparatus integrating oxidative desulfurization and hydrodesulfurization to produce diesel fuel having an ultra-low level of organosulfur compounds
Antimicrobial amino-salicylic acid derivatives
Metal entrapped compounds
Codon optimized sequence for an antiviral protein
B-1,3-glucanase, polynucleotide, recombinant vector, transformant, production method for B-1,3- glucanase, enzyme preparation, and production method for paramylon having reduced molecular weight
Variant Humicola grisea CBH1.1
Method of producing chemical by continuous fermentation and continuous fermentation apparatus
Processes and recombinant microorganisms for the production of fine chemicals
Method for growing algae
Methods for detection and quantification of nucleic acid or protein targets in a sample
Methods and device to balance radiation transference
Portable sputtering apparatus and method
Semiconductor photoelectrode, photoelectrochemical cell, hydrogen generation method, and energy system
Textiles; Paper
Knitted fabric and garment using the same
Washing machine
Wall-mounted drum washing apparatus
Fixed Constructions
Train rail track structure systems
Method and apparatus for mechanical recovery of hydrocarbons in broken ocean ice conditions
Systems and methods for positioning and anchoring columns
Motor grader
Faucet with pipe-in-pipe structure
Throughflow controller
Method of automatically cleaning a toilet bowl
Method of making a roof pipe flashing
Compositions and methods for well completions
Methods for improving the sweep efficiency of gas injection
Delayed curing silane-based curable resin system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Vehicle launch anticipation and adaptation
Vapor pressure enhancer
NOx control during load increases
Apparatus for suspending object on a wall
Motor vehicle having a fuel cell
Pre-tensioning tool for an engine tensioner
Foot actuated fluid control valve
Beverage holder
Paint roller drill attachment
Technical information management apparatus and method for vehicle diagnostic tools
Battery monitor system attached to a vehicle wiring harness
Dental sensor holder and method of holding a dental sensor
Systems and methods for using an intensity-modulated X-ray source
Passive chemical system for detection of gamma irradiation
Techniques for fabricating horizontally aligned nanochannels for microfluidics and biosensors
Sensing chemicals in aqueous environments
Micro contact prober
Gas density transducer with a microprocessor executing an algorithm solving Van Der Waal's equation
Method for testing an address bus in a logic module
Tap with three multiplexers and port enable control output
Achromatic optical-dispersion corrected gradient refractive index optical-element
Photoelectric connection system with waveguides
Reusable biochemical agent sensor and method using optical micro-resonator grid arrays
Optical I/O array module and its fabrication method
System and method for generating an optical vector vortex beam having two lobes
Optical element
Developing device and image forming device
Calculating booklet sheet length using toner thickness
Cleaning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Separation unit, fixing unit and image forming apparatus
Imaging unit, developing unit, photosensitive unit, and image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for parafoil guidance that accounts for ground winds
Semiconductor integrated circuit for minimizing a deviation of an internal power supply from a desired value
Disk array device
Method for transmitting/receiving broadcast or multicast service and terminal thereof
Computer system and control method of the same
Method of calculating deflection of rotating tire, method of accumulating data of rotating tire, method of calculating contact length of rotating tire
Common memory programming
Storage apparatus and storage control apparatus
Copy collector with efficient abort-on-copy transition to mark collector
Synchronization of a virtual storage system and an actual storage system
Hybrid storage subsystem with mixed placement of file contents
Executing atomic store disjoint instructions
Temporary VTOC locking during defragmentation
System and method for managing large filesystem-based caches
Electronic device and method for preventing data loss
Communication processing apparatus, communication processing method, control method and communication device of communication processing apparatus
Recovery scheme for an emulated memory system
Binary level update of compressed read-only file systems
Apparatus, system, and method for designing scripts and script segments for presentation to a contact by an agent
Network system establishing communication by use of connectionless protocol
Method for optimizing remote object implementations
Method to support rapid inter base station handoffs in IP based wireless networks
System and method of supporting constructive discourse on computers and mobile devices
System and method for management of mobile device
Cross-domain communications with a shared worker application
Optimization of network protocol options by reinforcement learning and propagation
Method and system for contextual messaging as utilized for decision support
Sensor-Net system and sensor node
Sharing a port with multiple processes
Method and apparatus for implementing multiple portals into an RBRIDGE network
Method and apparatus for measuring the end-to-end performance and capacity of complex network service
Method and device of load-sharing in IRF stack
Formatting data for efficient communication over a network
Methods for monitoring and reporting MTC events
Failover scheme with service-based segregation
Method and system for data analysis and synthesis
System and method for detecting vehicle motion
Methods for deforming map widgets on the browser
Deconstructing electronic media stream into human recognizable portions
Trusted license removal in a content protection system or the like
Method, system and computer program product for searching an electronic version of a paper
Graphical user interface program for fort.15 file creation
Data editing for improving readability of a display
Robot capable of dancing with musical tempo
System and method of a knowledge management and networking environment
Method for increasing the driving stability of a vehicle
Text categorization based on co-classification learning from multilingual corpora
Method of generating a transliteration font
Speculative rendering during cache revalidation
Efficient stemming of semitic languages
System and methods for language translation printing
Generating modified phonetic representations of indic words
Translation system, translation method and computer readable-writable storage medium of the same
Automatic learning of logos for visual recognition
System, apparatus, method and program for processing information
File storage apparatus and access control method
Alternating-menu Quad-navigator
Autonomically regulating information transfer when accessing database resources
Information processing apparatus, control method for information processing apparatus, and storage medium
Interactions among online digital identities
Storage medium storing trouble handling program, and trouble handling apparatus
Methods, systems, and computer program products for determining availability of presentable content via a subscription service
Logic element architecture for generic logic chains in programmable devices
Integrated circuit manufacturing method and semiconductor integrated circuit
Method and apparatus to use physical design information to detect IR drop prone test patterns
Quantifier elimination by dependency sequents
Apparatus for designing semiconductor integrated circuit, method of designing semiconductor integrated circuit, and program for designing semiconductor integrated circuit
Methods and apparatus for implementing application specific processors
Visualization and information display for shapes in displayed graphical images
Method for taking body measurements with digital clothing
Outdoor home cleaning robot
Performance-based haulage management system
Method and system for improving the performance of an aircraft upon take off
Method and apparatus for controlling the depth of cut of a trackhoe bucket
Flexible real-time inbox access
Method and system for one-click navigation and browsing of electronic media and their category structure as well as tracking the navigation and browsing thereof
System and method for document markup
Electronic device and control method therefor
Techniques for targeting information to users
Dynamic rewrite of files within deduplication system
Printing method and apparatus, print control method, and multimedia apparatus
Method and system for replicating data
Synchronization of media resources in a media archive
Transfer station for plant material sampling and tracking system
Methods and apparatus for authorizing access to data
Automated security token administrative services
Optical adder with optical carry
Adaptive precision arithmetic unit for error tolerant applications
Circuit simulation method
Systems and methods for detection of piston pump failures on mobile machines
Forklift and method for controlling forklift
Processing apparatus, processing system, and computer readable medium
Method and system for providing a modular server on USB flash storage
Information processing apparatus, method and computer-readable storage medium that encrypts and decrypts data using a value calculated from operating-state data
Link stack repair of erroneous speculative update
Providing thread fairness by biasing selection away from a stalling thread using a stall-cycle counter in a hyper-threaded microprocessor
Mediation apparatus, installation system, installation method, and installation program
Probabilistic implementation of system health prognosis
System and method of updating programs and data
Apparatus and method for automatically parallelizing network applications through pipelining transformation
Resource assessment method and system
Systems and methods for minimizing client computer system set-up time
Consistency checking of source instruction to execute previously translated instructions between copy made upon occurrence of write operation to memory and current version
Recording medium recording thereon virtual machine management program, management server device, and method for managing virtual machine
Thread speculative execution and asynchronous conflict
Generating monotone hash preferences
Broadcasting a condition to threads executing on a plurality of on-chip processors
Speculative thread execution with hardware transactional memory
Rotation drive control unit and construction machine including same
Physics simulation apparatus and method
Apparatus and system for imaging currency bills and financial documents and method for using the same
Method for detecting a moving object in an image stream
Check and U.S. bank note processing device and method
System and method for identifying an individual
Finger identification apparatus
Volumetric image data processing
Face detection apparatus and face detection method
Facial expression recognition apparatus and facial expression recognition method thereof
Color correction coefficient generating apparatus, color correction coefficient generation method, and computer readable medium storing program
System and method for converting an input signal into an output signal
Device for creating database of alternative normal brain
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Device and method for determining an edge histogram, device and method for storing an image in an image database, device and method for finding two similar images and computer program
Vector-based image processing
Vision-based method for rapid directed area search
Defect classification method and apparatus, and defect inspection apparatus
Methods and systems for image registration
Method, terminal device, and computer-readable recording medium for setting an initial value for a graph cut
Scalable predictive coding method and apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, image processing method and computer readable medium storing program
System for adaptively processing medical image data
Geodesic image and video processing
Method for identifying motion video content
Image detection device and image detection method
Method of extracting three-dimensional objects information from a single image without meta information
Auto classifying images as "image not available" images
Shape-based object detection and localization system
Method and system for filing a complaint related to network-based transactions
One view integrated project management system
Token based new digital cash protocols
Method and computer medium for facilitating a buyer-initiated feature within a business transaction
Method and apparatus for providing supplementary product sales to a customer at a customer terminal
Dynamic e-mail
Methods for selecting, ordering and purchasing glass products
Method and apparatus for providing supplementary product sales to a customer at a customer terminal
Apparatuses, methods and systems for an inflation-sensitive index and associated financial product generator
System and method for creating a market map in an electronic trading environment
Using a transaction card account to make recurring loan payments
System and method for selection of payment systems from a payment system directory to process a transaction
Data processing system for providing an efficient market for insurance and reinsurance
Image inpainting apparatus and method using restricted search region
Golf ball with RFID inlay between a split core
Remote pet monitoring systems and methods
Universal garage door opener and appliance control system
Automotive dynamic virtual network
Voice conversion apparatus and method and speech synthesis apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding audio signal using adaptive LPC coefficient interpolation
Method and arrangement for speech coding in wireless communication systems
Method and apparatus for playing pictures
Separating speech waveforms into periodic and aperiodic components, using artificial waveform generated from pitch marks
Concealment signal generator, concealment signal generation method, and computer product
Turntable for a storage disk apparatus including ferromagnetic material and a resin member
Drive device for optical disc apparatus
Storage control apparatus and storage control method
Electromechanical switching device with electrodes having 2D layered materials with distinct functional areas
Pretreatment method for reduction and/or elimination of basal plane dislocations close to epilayer/substrate interface in growth of SiC epitaxial films
Pretreatment method for reduction and/or elimination of basal plane dislocations close to epilayer/substrate interface in growth of SiC epitaxial films
Curable resin composition and cured product thereof, encapsulant, and semiconductor device
Nanoarchitectured multi-component electrode materials and methods of making the same
Graphene-based plasmonic nano-antenna for terahertz band communication
Systems and methods for improved over-current clipping
Method and apparatus for transmitting broadcast signal in transmitter
DTV transmitting system and receiving system and method of processing broadcast signal
Apparatus and method for decoding using channel code
Method and apparatus for time efficient retransmission using symbol accumulation
Method for recovery of lost and/or corrupted data
Digital television transmitter/receiver and method of processing data in digital television transmitter/receiver
Resource allocation and encoding for channel quality indicator (CQI) and CQI collided with uplink acknowledgment/negative acknowledgment
Wireless transmission apparatus
Method and system for multiple antenna communications using multiple transmission modes, related apparatus and computer program product
Method and system for multiple tuner application using a low noise broadband distribution amplifier
Signal processing device, mobile communication terminal device, and wireless communication system
Broadcast receiver and method for regulating the same
Portable radio terminal and communication control method
Methods and systems for identity management in wireless devices
Mobile communication terminal and control method thereof
System and method for coherent detection of optical signals
Polarization monitoring in polarization division multiplexing in optical communications
Method and device for adjusting frequency band mode
Apparatus and method for cooperative transmission/reception in wireless communication system
Method and system for controlling talk time for PoC user
Method and apparatus for allocating radio resources in wireless communication system
Mobile communications terminal and communication control method
Transmission of a multimedia content to a radiocommunication terminal
System and method for measuring audience reaction to media content
Dynamic live content promoter for digital broadcast TV
Methods of transmitting and receiving multicast or broadcast frame in OLT and ONU for WDM-PON, WDM-PON system, and OLT for WDM-PON
Method and system for block cipher encryption
Systems, devices, and methods for selectively preventing data transfer from a medical device
Method of associating automatic repeat request with hybrid automatic repeat request
Digitally watermarking documents associated with vehicles
Management apparatus, control method, and storage medium
Secure and extensible policy-driven application platform
Apparatus for detecting and filtering application layer DDoS attack of web service
System and method for setting up security for controlled device by control point in a home network
Provisioning active management technology (AMT) in computer systems
Method and apparatus for identity verification
Hybrid method for distributing keys for the diffusion of encrypted data
Key information issuing device, wireless operation device, and program
Power management for multimode wireless communication device
Information processing apparatus and method, information processing system, and transmission medium
Apparatus and methods for power management on mobile devices
Methods, systems and products for providing modem functions
Method and apparatus for non-disruptive telecommunication loop condition determination
Mobile phone and dialing method thereof
Method and system for recording an audio message
System, method and computer program product for globally portable interactive voice response (IVR) systems
User supervision and notification
Access network discovery and selection function, ANDSF, node distributing closed subscriber group, CSG, information
Page-turning device and document camera system
Recording medium, method, and apparatus for reproducing text subtitle streams
Information processing apparatus and program
Recording apparatus and method
Content display control apparatus, method therefor, program therefor, and recording medium therefor
Playback apparatus program and playback method
System, method, and computer program product for custom stream generation
Television broadcast receiving/recording device
Detecting and reporting on consumption rate changes
System and method of indicating quality of service
Recording system
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Apparatus for mounting a speaker module
Membrane for an acoustic device and acoustic device
Hearing assistance system
Hearing instrument and input method for a hearing instrument
Hearing instrument
Calibrated digital headset and audiometric test methods therewith
Methods and arrangements for enabling estimation of a position of a mobile terminal
Transmission speed control method, wireless base station and wireless circuit control station
Systems for providing peer-to-peer communications
Method for performing handover
Communications system and method
System and method to initiate a mobile data communication utilizing a trigger system
Hierarchical information dissemination for location based systems
Method and system of paging an access terminal
Apparatuses, method and computer program for adapting a telecommunication service to traffic load in the network
Bracket for display devices for an aircraft cockpit
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Enhanced pollenizer and method for increasing seedless watermelon yield
Method for large scale mutagenesis in tomato plants
Hybrid maize plant and seed 37Y15
Inbred maize line PH6ME
Inbred maize line PH87H
Inbred maize line NP2171
Cosmetic or dermatological composition comprising at least one alkynyl carbamate and at least one polyol
Antidepressant drugs and methods
Bromoxynil component-containing herbicidal preparations with enhanced penetration and methods of using same
Extraction method, pharmaceutical composition and a cosmetic composition
4-Hydroxyisothiazole compounds
Acyclic and cyclic guanidine- and acetamidine derivatives, their preparation and their use as pesticides, ESP as parasiticides
Inert-gas based leavened dough system
Aseptic cream substitute
Method for producing acidic milk beverages
Process for preparing blown vegetable oil
Methods and systems for utilizing delayed dilution, mixing and filtration for providing customized beverages on demand
Shaped, center-filled confectionery products
Soft candy
Chewing gum formulations including encapsulated aspartame and sodium pyrophosphate
Nucleotide sequences which code for the sahH gene
Compositions and methods for stabilization and enhanced viscosity
Onion and garlic biohydrolysates and their use as natural flavorings
Food condiment, composition, method of molding, and method of using
Pharmaceutical or dietetic mushroom-based compositions
Liver function improvement formulation
Continuous process for production of scrambled eggs
Brown broth
Process of forming a metallic article having a black oxide/ceramic surface and articles produced by the method
Raceway system for office furniture
Cooking system for sensing the status of a food item
Electric fryer
Surgical scalpel electrical incinerating device
Coating material and molded article
Miniature high intensity LED illumination source
Bandaging system
Method for manufacture of container for storage and serving of breastmilk
Ginsenoside chemotherapy
S(+) Desmethylselegiline and its use to treat ADHD
Methods and compositions for reducing sympathomimetic-induced side effects
Acetamidobenzamide compounds for neurodegenerative disorders
Compositions based on vanilloid-catechin synergies for prevention and treatment of cancer
Selective iGluR5 receptor antagonists for the treatment of neurological disorders
Use of cox-2 inhibitors as gastroprokinetics
Cyclic malonamides as inhibitors of a.beta. protein production
Combination regimens using progesterone receptor modulators
Anti-inflammatory androstane derivative
Use of antimineralocorticoid compounds against narcotic withdrawal syndrome
Compositions based on a synergistic mixture of at least one VDR ligand and a retinoid
Soft-gelatin capsule comprising S-adenosylmethionine and a method for producing the same
Comprehensive pharmacologic therapy for treatment of obesity including cysteine
Method for slowing the decomposition of a cosmetic composition
Compositions and methods for treating or preventing diseases of body passageways
Composition and method for treating the effects of diseases and maladies
Toxin-phage bacteriocide antibiotic and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for administering to humans, peptides capable of down regulating an antigen specific immune response
Methods to enhance and confine expression of genes
Methods to treat undesirable immune responses
Methods of use of fibroblast growth factor, vascular endothelial growth factor and related proteins in the treatment of acute and chronic heart disease
Low oxygen culturing of neural crest stem cells and methods of use
Compositions and methods for treating diabetes
Excipients for use in adeno-associated virus pharmaceutical formulations, and pharmaceutical formulations made therewith
Fibrocyte-base vaccine formulations
Methods for generating tolerogenic antigen presenting cells
Method to prevent graft rejection using TGF-beta to induce T suppressor cells
Anti-infective compositions, methods and systems for treating disordered tissue
Benzimidazole compounds for modulating IgE and inhibiting cellular proliferation
Medical use of matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors for inhibiting tissue contraction
Mixture for transdermal delivery of low and high molecular weight compounds
Branched peptide linkers
Compositions and methods for enhancing drug delivery across and into epithelial tissues
Metastasis models using green fluorescent protein (GFP) as a marker
Cancer gene therapy based on translational control of a suicide gene
Metalloporphyrins and their uses as radiosensitizers for radiation therapy
Dental adhesive composition
Oil-containing personal wash liquid compositions or emulsions comprising particles of high refractive index and defined thickness, geometry and size
Bleach stable toothpaste
Cosmetic composition
Antiperspirant compositions containing film-forming polymers
Process for extracting unsaponifiable components of vegetable oils by means of 1-chlorobutane
Fentanyl composition for the treatment of acute pain
Clear micellized formulations of .beta.-carotene and method of treating leukoplakia
Enteric-coated proliposomal formulations for poorly water soluble drugs
Methods and compositions using liposome-encapsulated non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Synthetic particulate vectors and preparation process
Preparation and use of biofilm-degrading, multiple-specificity, hydrolytic enzyme mixtures
Pulp and synthetic fiber absorbent composites for personal care products
Poly(2-oxazoline) biomedical devices
Surfactants that mimic the glycocalyx
Biodegradable poly (propylene fumarate) networks cross linked with poly (propylene fumarate) -diacrylate macromers
Ethylene vinyl alcohol composition and coating
Cell culture systems and methods for organ assist devices
Silicone compound, and a makeup containing this compound
Process for making cosmetic compositions using polyether siloxane copolymer network compositions
Melanin production inhibitors and skincare products containing such inhibitors
Hydrate-based decontamination of toxic gases
Three-piece solid golf ball
Performing Operations; Transporting
System and method for determining and controlling contamination
Method of plasmid recovery and apparatus for doing so
Acid-base polymer blends and their use in membrane processes
Polarization switching to control crystal form
Processes for producing a bleaching clay product
Molecularly imprinted polymers grafted on solid supports
Packing material for solid phase extraction and solid phase extraction method
Method for washcoating a catalytic material onto a monolithic structure
Epoxidation process using a supported niobium oxide catalyst
Method for decomposing chlorine-containing organic compound contained in exhaust gas and catalyst for use in the method
Fischer-tropsch processes and catalysts with promoters
Interior surface modifications of molecular sieves with organometallic reagents and the use thereof for the conversion of oxygenates to olefins
Crystalline MWW-type titanosilicate catalyst for producing oxidized compound, production process for the catalyst, and process for producing oxidized compound by using the catalyst
Mixed metal alkoxide complexes and polymerization catalysts made therefrom
Hexacoordinated ruthenium or osmium metal carbene metathesis catalysts
Use of molecular weight-enlarged catalysts in a process for asymmetric, continous hydrogenation, novel molecular weight-enlarged ligands and catalysts
Transition metal catalysts containing bidentate ligands and method of using and preparing same
Arsenic removal catalyst and method for making same
System for cell-based screening
Two-dimensional spectral imaging system
Method and apparatus for applying a powdered resin to fasteners
Masking method
Electrostatic powder coating method using a swirling flow pattern
Method and apparatus for low pressure cold spraying
Coating method
Hermetically sealed micro-device package with window
Method and apparatus of coating a moving substrate surface employing smoothing roll of particular surface roughness and controlled to operate at particular surface speed
Methods for producing imaged coated articles by using magnetic pigments
Material having a conductive pattern; and a material and method for making a conductive pattern
Decorative method using a blank for a decorator's tool
Method for making differential gloss coverings
Decoration method using thermochromic ink
Methods for reducing contamination of semiconductor substrates
Method for fabricating Al-Si alloy packaging material
Method and device for controlling a die-sink erosion machine
Cylindrical hole and form centering and drilling device
Method for connecting a first object to a second object which has a partly open structure
Interconnection between two-surface of multi-surface thin strip-shaped layers that lie one on top of the other, in particular, between two strips undergoing a continuous processing
Device for the laser processing of workpieces
Method and apparatus for cleaning generator and turbine components
Radial tube torch head
Movable contact and a method of assembling a pusher assembly having a movable contact
Injection-molded plastic part
Manufacturing method and apparatus of optical device and reflection plate provided with resin thin film having micro-asperity pattern
Thermoplastic molding composition and its use for laser welding
Composite carbon fiber material and method of making same
Shape memory styrene copolymer
Bulk superhard B-C-N nanocomposite compact and method for preparing thereof
Rubber laminate and pneumatic tire using the same
Adhesion and bonding of multi-layer articles including a fluoropolymer layer
Resin composition, molded product thereof and electroconductive sheet
Oxygen absorbing compositions and articles
Laminated plastic molded body
High density polyethylene packaging
Method for improved adhesion of an optical coating to a polarizing film
Exterior finishing system and building wall structure including a bond-compatible composite membrane and method of constructing same
Light weight board of improved surface flatness and process for production thereof
Spunbonded non-woven fabric and laminate
Solid phase microextraction fiber structure and method of making
Multilayer article characterized by low coefficient of thermal expansion outer layer
Photosensitive composition and planographic printing plate precursor
Dual-sided imaging element
Thermally imageable elements and processes for their use
Ink jet recording element
Wood surface inkjet receptor medium and method for making and using same
Thermal dye transfer print bearing patterned overlayer and process for making same
Polymeric film having a coating layer of a phosphonic acid group containing polymer
Rubber composition
Automatic sunshade curtain with sustained state at transition
Very low emission hybrid electric vehicle incorporating an integrated propulsion system including a hydrogen powered internal combustion engine and a high power Ni-MH battery pack
Seat load measuring system with zero point-adjusting capability
Mobile microwave oven
Weight sensor assembly with overload spring
Coated fabric and airbag
Friction control composition with enhanced retentivity
Method for producing diaphragm sensor unit and diaphragm sensor unit
Micromachined structures including glass vias with internal conductive layers anodically bonded to silicon-containing substrates
Single mask process for patterning microchip having grayscale and micromachined features
Method and device for protecting micro electromechanical systems structures during dicing of a wafer
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Operating states for fuel processor subsystems
High modulus, low dielectric constant coatings
Plasma curing of MSQ-based porous low-k film materials
Silicon oxide powder and making method
Use of heat-treated electrodes containing a polyamic acid-PVDF binder mixture
Thin film-structure and a method for producing the same
Ultraviolet curing system and bulb
Method of etching a trench in a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) structure
Polymer nanocomposite foams
Multilayer ceramic composite and process for forming the composite
Coating system comprising a dry powder composition dispersible in water
Catalyst and process for the preparation of hydrocarbons
Catalysts for oxychlorination of ethylene to 1,2-dichloroethane
Azeotrope-like compositions of 1-chloro-1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropane and 1,2-dichloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene
Copper-catalyzed formation of carbon-heteroatom and carbon-carbon bonds
Process for the preparation of combretastatins
Method of preparing amino carboxylic acids
Chiral (s- or r-methylphenylglycine) amino acid crystal and method for preparing same
Acylated 6,7,8,9-tetrahydro-5H-benzocycloheptenyl amines and their use as pharmaceutical agents
Process for the production of cyclohexanone oxime
Process for the preparation of creatine or creatine monohydrate
Preparation of tetrahydrogeraniol
Method for producing alkali methylates
Polymercaptopolyamines as epoxy resin hardeners
Process for preparing halogen-substituted dibenzyl alcohols, these halogen-substituted dibenzyl alcohols and their use
Liquid phase adsorptive separation with hexane desorbent and paraffin isomerization
Oxidation of alkyl aromatic compounds to aromatic acids in an aqueous medium
Compound as cholinesterase inhibitor and its isolation from fungus sporotrichum species
3,5-di-iso-propyl-heptatrienoic acid derivatives having serum glucose reducing activity
5,6,7,8-tetrahydronaphthalen-2-yl 2,6-difluoroheptatrienoic acid derivatives having serum glucose reducing activity
Olefin plant recovery system employing a combination of catalytic distillation and fixed bed catalytic steps
Piperidine and pyrrolidine derivatives comprising a nitric oxide donor for treating stress
Synthesis and methods of use of tetrahydroindolone analogues and derivatives
Indole nitriles
Inhibitors of p38
Liquid crystalline materials containing perfluoroalkyl and alkenyl tail groups
3,4-dihydro-(1H)-quinazolin-2-ones and their use as CSBP/p38 kinase inhibitors
Substituted diphenyl heterocycles useful for treating HCV infection
Cyclic felbamate derived compounds
Arylalkanoyl derivatives, processes for their preparation, their use and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Ion channel modulating agents
Quaternary ammonium compounds
Dialkyl-halogenophenyl-substituted ketoenols
Antimicrobially active acesulfame complexes, process for their preparation and their use
Compound used as an amino-protecting group, process for preparing the same, and synthetic method of a peptide using the same
Process for isolation and purification of paclitaxel from natural sources
Pyrrole derivatives
3-(Imidazolyl)-2-aminopropanoic acids
Indoline compounds, a process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Aromatic amides
Hydantoin thiohydantoin pyrimidinedione and thioxopyrimidinone derivatives preparation method and use as medicines
Process and intermediates for pyridazinone antidiabetic agents
Heterocyclic piperidines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Pyrrolidinone derivatives, their preparation and pharmaceutical composition comprising the same
Inhibitors of papilloma virus
Heterocyclic compounds
Process and intermediates for making non-nucleoside HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Cycloocta[b][1,4]diazepino[6,7,1-hi]indoles and derivatives
Anticancer conjugates of camptothecin and unsaturated fatty acids
Organosilicon compounds and preparation processes
Sulforhamnosylacyglycerol derivatives and use thereof as medicaments
Compounds and their uses
Antimicrobial 2-deoxystreptamine compounds
High affinity RNA ligands of basic fibroblast growth factor
Methods for the biosynthesis of polyesters
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Polymorphic markers of prostate carcinoma tumor antigen-1(PCTA-1)
Meiosis regulating compounds
Adeno-associated virus serotype 1 nucleic acid sequences, vectors and host cells containing same
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of prostate cancer
Haemophilus adhesion proteins
Construction of a strain of Bacillus subtilis 168 that displays the sublancin lantibiotic on the surface of the cell
Nucleotide sequences coding for the glbO gene
IBD-associated microbial nucleic acid molecules
DNA fragment having promoter function
Promoter and regulator sequences Ha ds10 G1: a gene lea of sunflower expressed exclusively in seeds from the maturation phase
Cryptopain antibodies for prophylaxis, treatment, diagnosis and detection of Cryptosporidium species
High estrogen-sensitive medaka fish
Human neuronal attachment factor-1
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer
Transporter polypeptide and method of producing same
Cell cycle-regulating proteins
Tumor growth inhibition- and apoptosis-associated genes and polypeptides and methods of use thereof
Growth hormone and growth hormone releasing hormone compositions
Death domain containing receptors
Multidrug resistance associated proteins and uses thereof
Methods and compositions relating to CD39-like polypeptides and nucleic acids
Antibodies to human G-protein chemokine receptor HDGNR10 (CCR5receptor)
Glycosylated, low antigenicity low immunogenicity factor VIII
Anti-angiogenic proteins and methods of use thereof
Mammalian pro-.alpha.3(V) collagen chain genes
Method of preparing human stem cell factor polypeptide
Compositions and methods for the treatment and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease using fehd545 as a target
Photoprotein derived from okinawan squid and gene encoding the photoprotein
Plant-gene promoter and methods of using the same
Neutralization-sensitive epitopes of Cryptosporidium parvum
Motoneuronotrophic factors
Immunotherapy for chronic myelocytic leukemia
Monoclonal antibodies having property of causing apoptosis
Preventives/remedies for autoimmune demyelinating diseases
Single-chain multiple antigen-binding molecule, its preparation and use
Factor Xa inhibitors
Imidazolidine derivatives, their preparation, their use, and pharmaceutical preparations comprising them
Peptides for use in culture media
Chimeric analgesic peptides
Microbe, microbial exopolysaccharide, and uses thereof
Modified polymers with a high proportion of cis-position double bonds
Allergenic proteins of natural rubber latex, their production and use in assays
Aluminoboronate activators for single-site olefin polymerization catalysts
Process for the polymerization of ethylene and interpolymers thereof
Olefin polymerization process with alkyl-substituted metallocenes
High-molecular polypropylene with a broad distribution of the molecular weight and a short isotactic sequence length
Process for producing styrene resin reduced in content of low-molecular ingredient
Method for producing aqueous polymer dispersions
Fluidized bed methods for making polymers
Method of diminishing odor emission
Thermoplastic styrenic resin composition
Poly(chlorotrifluoroethylene/vinylidenefluoride/vinylester) copolymers with excellent long term ultraviolet light resistance
UV resistant resin for paraffinic solvent based paint
Photocurable composition, cured product and process for producing the same
Aqueous alkyd and vinyl polymer dispersions
Molding compositions having improved properties
Emulsion polymerization methods involving lightly modified clay and compositions comprising same
Polymer modified bitumen compositions
Simultaneous reverse and normal initiation of ATRP
Asphalt compositions
Preparation of homo-, co- and terpolymers of substituted styrenes
Physical properties of polyurethane foams using tertiary amino alkyl amide catalysts
Flexible polyurethane foam, its production method and material system for its production
Polyurethane foam composition and additive useful in shoe sole applications and methods of making same
Activators for the production of polyurethane foams
Toned black offset inks exhibiting excellent chromatic characteristics
Curing epoxy resin with N-cyanoethylated toluenediamines
Method for quenching of polycarbonate and compositions prepared thereby
Curable fluoropolyether base rubber compositions
Method for preparing imides from sulfonyl fluorides
Curable fluoropolyether base rubber compositions
Single-phase or multi-phase continuous polyamide polymerization processes
Branched organosiloxane (co)polymers and their use as antimisting additives for silicone coating compositions
Synthesis of hyperbranched organometallic polymers and their use as precursors to advanced ceramic materials
Sulfur-functional polyorganosiloxanes
Process for producing polyphenylene ether
Foam material comprising linear, isotactic polymers
Process for making foams by photopolymerization of emulsions
Integral skin foams employing pentafluorobutane blowing agents
Thermoelectric materials, thermoelectric device, and method for producing thermoelectric materials
Process for preparing nanocomposite, composition and article thereof
Flexible thermal control composite
Polycarbonate nanocomposite optical plastic article and method of making same
Unique compositions having utility in rubber applications
Phenolic phosphite antioxidants and polymer compositions containing said antioxidant
Thermoplastic resins modified by copolymers based on heavy acrylates
Thermoplastic resin composition and injection-molded object thereof
Resin composition based on crystalline polypropylene
Resin powder for molding and preparation process of same
Resin composition
Glass reinforced nylon blend with improved knitline strength
Thermoplastic polyurethane-silicone elastomers
Coating compositions having improved scratch resistance, coated substrates and methods related thereto
Structured release liners with improved adhesion to adhesive articles
Adhesive tapes
Clear adhesive sheet
Organic electroluminescence device
Fluorinated cyclopenta[b]naphthalenes and their use in liquid-crystal mixtures
Liquid crystal compositions and liquid crystal display devices
Butyl rubber composition
Use of oxygen analysis by GC-AED for control of fischer-tropsch process and product blending
Composition comprising lubricious additive for cutting or abrasive working and a method therefor
Refrigerating machine oil composition for carbon dioxide refrigerant
Use of an amide to reduce lubricant temperature
Fabric softening compound
Detergent compositions
Detergent composition containing a primary surfactant system and a secondary surfactant system, and a method of using the same
Detergent for vitroceramic surfaces
Agent for cleaning
Wrinkle reduction laundry product compositions
Alkaline protease
Method for producing interleukin 1 receptor antagonists, a therapeutic activity protein, from body fluids
Method of facilitating mass production and sporulation of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi aseptic in vitro
Enzyme-containing polyurethanes
Dietary supplements for improving kidney function
Method for obtaining DNA from fish spermatogonium
Methods of identifying antigen gene sequences
Method of differential display of prokaryotic messenger RNA by RTPCR
High affinity TCR proteins and methods
Barstar gene
Method of suppressing gene expression in plants
Plants having enhanced gall resistance and methods and compositions for producing same
Process for producing female sterile plants
Phage with nuclear localization signal
Method to enhance agrobacterium-mediated transformation of plants
Culturing pancreatic stem cells having a specified, intermediate stage of development
Composite blastocysts (CBs) from aggregates of dissociated cells of non-viable pre-embryos
Nucleotide sequences encoding peroxisome-associated polypeptides, and their uses in the diagnosis and/or treatment of lung injuries and diseases, and of oxidative stress-related disorders
Protein kinase A and carney complex
Human kinase and polynucleotides encoding the same
14815, a human kinase family member and uses therefor
14189, a novel human kinase and uses thereof
Caspase homologue
Use of cross-linked, covalently bound urokinase plasminogen activator (scuPA)-urokinase plasminogen activator receptor (suPAR) complex as a fibrinolytic agent
Polynucleotides encoding the fkbA gene of the FK-520 polyketide synthase gene cluster
Adjuvant comprising a lipopolysaccharide antagonist
Bacillus strain and assay methods
Methods for purifying actin
Calcium/calmodulin-dependent kinase
High throughput screening assays using fatty acid synthetic enzymes
Test strip for detection of analyte and methods of use
Kits ands compositions for the detection of haemobartonella
Enzymes for the detection of specific nucleic acid sequences
Method enabling use of extracellular RNA extracted from plasma or serum to detect, monitor or evaluate cancer
Microchip arrays of regulatory genes
Probe composition containing a binding domain and polymer chain and methods of use
Method of detecting mitochondrial dysfunction
Thymidine phosphorylase gene sequence variances having utility in determining the treatment of disease
Detection of human hepatitis B virus surface antigen mutants by specific amplification and its application on gene chip
Fluorogenic or fluorescent reporter molecules and their applications for whole-cell fluorescence screening assays for caspases and other enzymes and the use thereof
Method of identifying a neural progenitor cell by evaluating expression of daedalos
System for laser shock processing objects to produce enhanced stress distribution profiles
Tantalum or tungsten target-copper alloy backing plate assembly and production method therefor
Method for filling depressions in a surface of a semiconductor structure, and a semiconductor structure filled in this way
Method of depositing low k barrier layers
Method for forming low dielectric constant interlayer insulation film
Method of forming dielectric layers
Method of forming in-situ SRO HDP-CVD barrier film
Layer formation method, and substrate with a layer formed by the method
Process monitoring methods in a plasma processing apparatus, monitoring units, and a sample processing method using the monitoring units
Solution for sealing porous metal substrates and process of applying the solution
Oxidation preventative capping layer for deep-ultra-violet and soft x-ray multilayers
Method of patterning a layer of magnetic material
Plated copper alloy material and process for production thereof
Method for polysilicon crystallization by simultaneous laser and rapid thermal annealing
Epitaxial base substrate and epitaxial substrate
Method for making a semiconductor substrate comprising a variant porous layer
Textiles; Paper
Thermoplastic monofilament fibers exhibiting low-shrink, high tenacity, and extremely high modulus levels
High strength and low shrinkage polyester yarn and process for its preparation
Treated inherently flame resistant polyester fabrics
Absorbing article
Fibrous electret polymeric articles
Printable synthetic fabric
Method for manufacturing wet type friction material
Fixed Constructions
Heater arrangement for building eave
Volumetric effect glass fiber wallcoverings
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method of controlling current applied to electromagnetically driven valve and control system
Process for manufacturing a multilayer rubber hose and a product thereof
Ceramic sheathed-element glow plug with electrically conductive powder pellet contacting element and method for making
Plate construction of high temperature air-to-air heat exchanger
Projection encoder
Apparatus and method for weighing mailpieces in motion
Scale with structural mat
Check weighing apparatus and method
Sensor using radiation pulses
Sensor for sensing absolute angular position of a rotatable body
Use of nernstein voltage sensitive dyes in measuring transmembrane voltage
Hematology control composition including lymphocyte analogs and method for preparation and use
Method and apparatus for detecting radiation
Device and method for detecting and localizing cells by means of photosensitive waveguides
X-ray detector having a large dynamic range
Radiation image readout method and apparatus
High contrast inspection and review of magnetic media and heads
Method and system for detecting metal contamination on a semiconductor wafer
Optical detection system
Thermal imaging system for detecting defects
Method for quantifying BPI in body fluids
Method and kit for early diagnosis of cancer
Early detection of lysosomal storage disorders
Wheel speed sensor, method for producing the same, terminal and method for welding terminal and electric wire
Silicon device
Connection device and test system
Structure and method for embedding capacitors in z-connected multi-chip modules
Device and method for nondestructive inspection on semiconductor device
Method of measuring the movement of a material sheet and optical sensor for performing the method
Optoelectronic detection device
System for and method of reading out storage phosphor screen using pulsed semiconductor light source array
Optical material and optical system using it
Uniform curved surface structure of a brightness unit for a brightness enhancement film
Method for the manufacture of electromagnetic radiation reflecting devices
Optical device and method therefor
Color interpolation for a four color mosaic pattern
Method for dynamic manipulation of a position of a module in an optical system
Composite active-matrix substrates, methods for manufacturing same, and electromagnetic wave capturing devices
Crystalline silicon die array and method for assembling crystalline silicon sheets onto substrates
Display device having thin film transistors
Method for improving contact hole patterning
Method of making a display switch having a contact hole through a passivation layer and a color filter
Color filter for a liquid crystal display and a liquid crystal display using the same
Silver halide photographic material
Thermographic recording material with improved print archivability without loss in printability
Imaging element containing a blocked photographically useful compound
Method for on-site preparation of a relief image
Masks and method for contact hole exposure
Protective layer for corrosion prevention during lithography and etch
Method of fabricating sub-lithographic sized line and space patterns for nano-imprinting lithography
Positive-working resist composition
Inspection method, apparatus and system for circuit pattern
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and method
Method for reuse of loaded developer
Amplification of resist structures of fluorinated resist polymers by structural growth of the structures by targeted chemical bonding of fluorinated oligomers
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having passivation film and buffer coating film
Method for eliminating development related defects in photoresist masks
Alternating aperture phase shifting photomask with improved intensity balancing
Development system coatings
Electrophotographic system with member formed from boron nitride filler coupled to a silane
Photoconductor for electrophotography and manufacturing method thereof
Colorless toner formulated to improve light fastness of ink jet prints
Power distribution backplane
Pressure type fingerprint sensor fabrication method
Method of making a semiconductor device having a planarized fluoropolymer passivating layer with selectively implanted charged particles
Communication/control device and method of communicating
Electro-luminescence panel
Percussion Instrument stick
Cover for a musical instrument
Acoustic stringed instrument body with relief cut
Supporting device for music instrument
Musical-file-processing apparatus, musical-file-processing method and musical-file-processing method program
Opto-magnetic recording medium with a garnet ferrite recording layer, and opto-magnetic information recording/reproducing device
Method of depositing thin films for magnetic heads
Process to form NOL structure for CPP GMR
Antiferromagnetically coupled magnetic recording medium with dual-layered upper magnetic layer
Laminated medium with antiferromagnetic stabilization layers
Magnetic recording medium comprising urethane binder of specific Tg
Perpendicular magnetic recording media and magnetic storage apparatus using the same
Magnetic recording medium
Magnetic disk with embossed pattern
Master medium for magnetic transfer including metal disk with relief or recess pattern
Multi-point distance measurement device
Stitch and select implementation in twin MONOS array
Memory device with divided bit-line architecture
Method for increasing the capacity of an integrated circuit device
Probe for scanning microscope produced by focused ion beam machining
Superconducting cable
Kaolin additive in mineral insulated metal sheathed cables
Multiply-complexed one-dimensional structure, multiply-twisted helix, multiply-looped ring structure and functional material
Magnetoresistive film, magnetoresistive head, information regeneration apparatus and magnetoresistive film manufacture method
Switch device
Key switch
Electrical switch
Membrane slide switch
Multi-layer assembly of stacked LIMMS devices with liquid metal vias
Fluid-based switches and methods for producing the same
Keyboard switch
Lockout for a rocker switch
Gas insulated switchgear
Vacuum circuit breaker
Electron microscope equipped with electron biprism
Method and apparatus for charged particle beam exposure
Method and apparatus for heating a semiconductor wafer plasma reactor vacuum chamber
Method and system for ion beam containment in an ion beam guide
Plasma processing apparatus and method
Method of and apparatus for ionizing an analyte and ion source probe for use therewith
Ion guides for mass spectrometry
Ion trap mass analyzing apparatus
Method for connecting a current supply wire with a contact patch of an electrical lamp
Heat treating device
Device for fast and uniform heating substrate with infrared radiation
Semiconductor fabricating method employing parallel processing and inspection techniques
Metal oxide temperature monitor
Methods and systems for controlling resist residue defects at gate layer in a semiconductor device manufacturing process
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
Nitride-based semiconductor element and method of forming nitride-based semiconductor
Co-implantation of group VI elements and N for formation of non-alloyed ohmic contacts for n-type semiconductors
Method of fabricating a gate structure of a field effect transistor using a hard mask
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Method of providing a structure using self-aligned features
Process for etching a controllable thickness of oxide on an integrated circuit structure on a semiconductor substrate using nitrogen plasma and plasma and an rf bias applied to the substrate
Method for plasma etching a microelectronic topography using a pulse bias power
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device including etching of a peripheral area before chemical-mechanical polishing
Method of avoiding dielectric arcing
Method of generating multiple oxides by plasma nitridation on oxide
Method for fabricating floating gate
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Band gap compensated HBT
Low temperature deposition of dielectric materials in magnetoresistive random access memory devices
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
Methods of forming transistors
Silicon on insulator field effect transistor with heterojunction gate
Thin film transistor and method of fabricating the same
Double LDD devices for improved DRAM refresh
Material to improve CMOS image sensor yield during wafer sawing
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Stabilization of Si photoanodes in aqueous electrolytes through surface alkylation
Method for selective trimming of gate structures and apparatus formed thereby
Wafering method comprising a plasma etch with a gas emitting wafer holder
Method for forming wiring structure
Method and composition for selectively etching against cobalt silicide
Method of fabricating a high-voltage transistor
Method for manufacturing a capacitor in a semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having resin sealing body
Flip chip type semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Translation pad flip chip (TPFC) method for improving micro bump pitch IC substrate structure and manufacturing process
Method to prevent die attach adhesive contamination in stacked chips
Semiconductor device having ferroelectic memory cells and method of manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing semiconductor devices using thermal nitride films as gate insulating films
Method for fabricating a trench capacitor
Sealing porous structures
Deposition method for lead germanate ferroelectric structure with multi-layered electrode
Method and device using titanium doped aluminum oxide for passivation of ferroelectric materials
Methods of forming silicon dioxide layers and methods of forming trench isolation regions
Method of manufacturing a flash memory cell
Stabilization of fluorine-containing low-k dielectrics in a metal/insulator wiring structure by ultraviolet irradiation
Residue-free solder bumping process
Exposed and embedded overlay structure
Semiconductor chip pick-up method
Method of reducing overetch during the formation of a semiconductor device
Method of forming a low resistance contact to underlying aluminum interconnect by depositing titanium in a via opening and reacting the titanium with the aluminum
CMOS integrated circuit device with LDD n-channel transistor and non-LDD p-channel transistor
Self-aligned near surface strap for high density trench DRAMS
DRAM memory integration method
Complementary vertical bipolar junction transistors fabricated of silicon-on-sapphire utilizing wide base PNP transistors
Method for reducing surface zener drift
Methods of forming an array of flash field effect transistors and circuitry peripheral to such array
Buried strap formation method for sub-150 nm best DRAM devices
Input/output protection device for a semiconductor integrated circuit
Image sensor with pixel isolation system and manufacturing method therefor
Method of forming a capacitor in a semiconductor device
Method and structure for buried circuits and devices
Method for manufacturing flash memory device
Laser annealing apparatus
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having heat release structure using SOI substrate and fabrication method thereof
Pattern and its forming method of liquid crystal display device
Quick sealing glass-lidded package fabrication method
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor chip
Method for surface mounted power transistor with heat sink
Photoconductive switch module and manufacturing method thereof
Photocoupling device and method of manufacturing the same
Circuit board, method for manufacturing same, and high-output module
Internal circuit structure of semiconductor chip with array-type bonding pads and method of fabricating the same
Fan out of interconnect elements attached to semiconductor wafer
Wire bonding to dual metal covered pad surfaces
Multilayer circuit component and method for manufacturing the same
Method for producing dual damascene interconnections and structure produced thereby
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for making high-performance RF integrated circuits
Semiconductor chip module and method of manufacture of same
Semiconductor wafer identification
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor
Infrared sensor
Imager with adjustable resolution
Method for forming a phase change memory
Poly-silicon layer of a thin film transistor and display device having the same
Hybrid thin-film photoelectric transducer and transparent laminate for the transducer
Semiconductor package with a sensor having a fastening insert
Formulation and fabrication of an improved Ni based composite Ohmic contact to n-SiC for high temperature and high power device applications
Thermoelectric module and heat exchanger
Device and method for reversible resistance change induced by electric pulses in non-crystalline perovskite unipolar programmable memory
Organic devices
Electroluminescent device
White light emitting organic electroluminescent device and method for fabricating the same
Nonaqueous secondary battery with lithium titanium cathode
Organic carbonate additives for nonaqueous electrolyte rechargeable electrochemical cells
Rechargeable battery equipped with battery protection circuit
System for proclusion of electrical shorting
Mismatched compression glass-to-metal seal
Increased volume electrochemical cell
Graphite powder for negative electrode of lithium ion secondary cell and method of production thereof
Alkaline cell with improved cathode
Hydrogen-absorbing alloy, method of surface modification of the alloy, negative electrode for battery and alkaline secondary battery
Primary lithium electrochemical cell
Synthetic jet for admitting and expelling reactant air
Water recovery for a fuel cell system
Proton conducting polymer membranes
Liquid fuel cell system
Outdoor termination for a high voltage cable
Image pick-up device, camera module and camera system
Device and method for inputting recipe data in microwave oven
Magnetron for microwave ovens
Microwave oven having a projecting door and cooking cavity
Sequential build circuit board
Multilayer wiring board and method of fabrication thereof
Metal foil laminated plate and method of manufacturing the same
Circuit board assembly with a combination thermal, shock, vibration, and/or electromagnetic compatibility cover
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