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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Heating unit for heating a workpiece with light-absorbing heat conducting layer
Hybrid-dual-fourier tomographic algorithm for a fast three-dimensionial optical image reconstruction in turbid media
System and method for real-time remote monitoring of implantable medical devices
System for medical lead tunneling
Extra strength suture sleeve
User interface for programming rate response technical field
Fencing of cardiac muscles
Performing Operations; Transporting
Optical scanner, optical-path adjustment method, and image forming apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Yarn feeding apparatus of weft knitting machine
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
In-situ overlay alignment
Wavefront sensor using hybrid optical/electronic heterodyne techniques
Navigation systems, methods, and programs
Multiple wireless sensors for dialysis application
Rapid pharmaceutical identification and verification system
Method of initiating a telematics service
Method and apparatus for inspecting pattern defects
Material independent optical profilometer
Systems and methods for a wafer inspection system using multiple angles and multiple wavelength illumination
Rotary stage for imaging a specimen
Method for testing a memory device and memory device for carrying out the method
Random early detection algorithm using an indicator bit to detect congestion in a computer network
Built off self test (BOST) in the kerf
Software testing
Interpretation of shot gather and stack of seismic data
Lens barrel, camera and portable information terminal
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus with the system
Zoom lens assembly
Imaging system having a fine focus
Optical electronic device with partial reflector layer
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus equipped with the same
Laser treatment apparatus and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Wireless communication system and apparatus
Optical waveguide having curved reflecting mirror surface and method of manufacturing the same
Method and device for establishing an optical connection between an optoelectronic component and an optical waveguide
Optical transmission system using an optical phase conjugation device
Integrated planar composite coupling structures for bi-directional light beam transformation between a small mode size waveguide and a large mode size waveguide
Planar waveguide with patterned cladding and method for producing the same
Optical communication system
Nonlinear optical guided mode resonance filter
Dual mode liquid crystal displays (LCDs) with electromechanical reflective array
Transreflective LCD having color adjusting windows substantially same size and shape, but different in number in at least 2 different colors
Rubbing roll orientation processor for liquid crystal display manufacturing
Fabrication method of liquid crystal display panel
Acousto-optic device and fabrication method of acousto-optic device
Scanning exposure apparatus and method
Optical mechanism for increasing optical path and office machine having said optical mechanism
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Load-lock technique
Holding system, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Adapter for three-dimensional moving image photographing device
Method and system for improving the throughput of a high capacity document printer
Charging device, and process cartridge and image forming apparatus including the charging device using the same
Apparatus and method for replenishing a developing device with toner while suppressing toner remaining
Developing device, process cartridge, developer layer regulating member, and developer layer regulating member attaching method
Image forming apparatus
Reinforced cleaning member and process cartridge and image forming apparatus using same
Image forming apparatus controlling polarity of residual toner and process cartridge for use in the same
Method for synchronising an analog display of a timepiece with its electronic time base
Integrated mill
Disc drive carrier unit
System and method for debugging system-on-chips
Method, system, and program for data corruption detection and fault isolation
Reconfigurable trace cache
Memory allocation to multiple computing units
Reading data from a multiplicity of disks in a data storage system
Burst transfer register arrangement
Dual use modular PCI/PCI express interface
Apparatus, method and computer readable recording medium for processing image information
Method, system, and program for verifying network addresses included in a file
Method, data structure and apparatus for providing object level rendering control using tagged secondary resources
Method and apparatus for masking version differences in applications using a data object exchange protocol
Arbitration of state changes
Mail program for processing multiple email messages
Scoping of policies in a hierarchical customer service management system
High-speed data transfer in a networked server environment via laser communication
Method of effecting protection control in communication network and RPR apparatus
Feedback loop for spam prevention
Application programming interface for network applications
Disk array system and fault information control method
System and method for automatic booting based on single flash ROM
Method of adding a device to a network
Methods and apparatuses for resetting the physical layers of two agents interconnected through a link-based interconnection
Flag bits evaluation for multiple vector SIMD channels execution
System for vending physical and information items
Method for blocking dereferencing elements in messages
Automatic interpreting system including a system for recognizing errors
Method and apparatus for improving statistical word alignment models
System and method for generating custom hierarchies in an analytical data structure
Apparatus and method for generating state transition rules for memory efficient programmable pattern matching finite state machine hardware
Characterizing input/output models
Application-specific methods for testing molectronic or nanoscale devices
Multi-valued or single strength signal detection in a hardware description language
Hot-carrier reliability design rule checker
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Robot system and autonomous mobile robot
CAD system utilizing a network
Method and apparatus for integrating large and small lot electronic device fabrication facilities
Dynamically determining yield expectation
Spotter provided with spot pattern encryption function and detection device coping with spot pattern encryption
Method and device for estimating a nitrogen oxide mass stored in a catalytic trapping device of a motor vehicle
Regulating the mode of operation of an internal combustion engine
Controller system for downhole applications
Instruction generating system and process via symbolic representations
Accessing configuration registers by automatically changing an index
Flow control for digital signal processing to support data stream operations
Method, system and computer program product for profiling entities
System and method for processing data in a distributed architecture
Procedure for computing the Cholesky decomposition in a parallel multiprocessor system
SIMD addition circuit
Pseudo-random binary sequence checker with automatic synchronization
Apparatus for environmental impact estimation and method and program stored in a computer readable medium for executing the same
Integrated circuit for printer
Gray level halftone processing
Template for watermark decoder synchronization
Ball grid array modeling for inspecting surface mounted devices
System and method for chinese input using a joystick
Method for user training for a scanning microscope, scanning microscope, and software program for user training for a scanning microscope
Higher-order moment-based image projection method and image processing apparatus
Method of improving the resolution of a medical nuclear image
Inspection method and apparatus for the inspection of either random or repeating patterns
Feature based data structure for computer manikin
Image data management system and computer-readable recording medium
System for obtaining print and other hand characteristic information using a non-planar prism
Systems for spectral multiplexing of source images to provide a composite image, for rendering the composite image, and for spectral demultiplexing of the composite image
Image scanner and an optical character recognition system using said image scanner
System and method for automated symbolic recognition including multi-phase symbolic reshaping
Patch-based video super-resolution
Method and apparatus for controlling image quality and compression ratios
System and method for obtaining items at a traveler's destination
System and method for creating model investment portfolios
Spatially-based valuation of property
Method for processing postal matter and postal matter processing system
Skills matching application
Systems and methods for providing a fine to coarse look ahead in connection with parametrization metrics in a graphics system
Methods and apparatus for presenting offers to qualified consumers
Method for identifying basic blocks with conditional delay slot instructions
Method and system for selecting elements in a graphical user interface
Method for detecting the time sequences of a fundamental frequency of an audio response unit to be synthesized
Systems and methods for generating an annotation guide
Determining and using acoustic confusability, acoustic perplexity and synthetic acoustic word error rate
Automatic pronunciation scoring for language learning
Recording medium, recording apparatus, and reading apparatus
Device and method for using a lessened load to measure signal skew at the output of an integrated circuit
Self-servo writing using recording head micropositioner
Writing synchronized data to magnetic tape
Method and apparatus for reducing the thickness of a sensor stack in a current-perpendicular-to-plane GMR/tunnel valve sensor
Disk drive with negative-pitch slider having protrusion pad contacting the disk when the disk is rotating at operating speed
Magnetic media having a servo track written with a patterned magnetic recording head
Optical pickup using two-wavelength light source module
Optical pickup
Long seek control device for optical disk drive and method thereof
Authenticable optical disc, system for authenticating an optical disc and method thereof
Method and apparatus of detecting an optimal writing power for an aged writable disk
Polymer de-imprint circuit using negative voltage
Integrated circuit device provided with series-connected TC parallel unit ferroelectric memory and method for testing the same
ROM embedded DRAM with anti-fuse programming
Last-first mode and method for programming of non-volatile memory with reduced program disturb
Multiple level cell memory device with single bit per cell, re-mappable memory block
ROM load balancing for bit lines
Mask ROM
Testing CMOS CAM with redundancy
Method for creating defect management information in an recording medium, and apparatus and medium based on said method
Memory device and method for redundancy/self-repair
Method for testing media in a library without inserting media into the library database
Power management of memory via wake/sleep cycles
Apparatus and method for semiconductor device repair with reduced number of programmable elements
Recovering bit lines in a memory array after stopped clock operation
Method and apparatus for adaptive determination of timing signals on a high speed parallel bus
Capacitor device and method
Electrolytic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Method of determining the correct average bias compensation voltage during a plasma process
Charge control circuit
Wavelength reference filter
Wavelength conversion method and wavelength conversion element
External cavity laser method and apparatus with orthogonal tuning of laser wavelength and cavity optical path length
Eye diagram improving method for laser transmitter
Method and apparatus for fault condition protection of a switched mode power supply
Electrostatic discharge protection unit including equalization
Protective circuit for protection against over-voltage for a CAN bus transceiver
Resonance converter with voltage regulation and method of driving variable loads
Switching regulator with reduced conducted emissions
DC conversion apparatus
In-rush current limiter
Power source device
System and method for canceling interference in a communication system
Apparatus and method for constraining the value of feedback filter tap coefficients in a decision feedback equalizer
Equalizer for a VSB receiver enabling equalizations using segment synchronization information
Frequency divider
Channel equalizer of single carrier receiver and equalizing method thereof
Early CRC delivery for partial frame
Squelch detecting circuit
Radio reception apparatus and radio reception method
Apparatus, system, and method for up-converting electromagnetic signals
Method and circuit for down-converting a signal
Communication device with a self-calibrating sleep timer
Communication system in which arbitrary number of communication apparatuses form group to communicate with each other, and the communication apparatus
Infrared communication adapter
Advertisement using cellular phone
Method and a decoder for decoding MPEG video
Optical transmission system for optimizing bias of laser diode for SCM analog optical signal
Burst-mode optical receiver of differential output structure
Communication network design with wavelength converters
High capacity passive optical network
System, method, and apparatus for testing voice quality in a communication network
Frequency beacon to broadcast allowed frequency
Multi-hop intelligent relaying method and apparatus for use in a frequency division duplexing based wireless access network
Passive repeater/terminator
Satellite mobile telephone cell departure prediction
Method for dynamic allocation of channels in a code division multiple access packet data system
Method, system and apparatus in a telecommunications network for selectively transmitting information utilizing the internet
Method and device for detecting preamble of wireless data frame
Multiple user authentication for online console-based gaming
Visual copyright protection
Method and apparatus for cross-talk mitigation through joint multiuser adaptive pre-coding
Magnetically driven underwater pulse generator
Method and apparatus for in context mediating common channel signaling messages between networks
Packet processing engine architecture
Calling party control for an integrated service hub
Method and system for the configuration of a communication link-up
Network system, transmission method, and computer program
Transmission system and transmitting device
Multi-port high-speed serial fabric interconnect chip in a meshed configuration
Octagonal interconnection network for linking processing nodes on an SOC device and method of operating same
Switch operation scheduling mechanism with concurrent connection and queue scheduling
Methods for initiating telephone communications using a telephone number extracted from user-highlighted content on a computer
Data session setup system for wireless network
Switching apparatus with ISDN access
Digital data transmitter
Method and apparatus for determining the log-likelihood ratio with precoding
Method and system for code reuse and capacity enhancement using null steering
Direct conversion receiver
Method and apparatus for transferring fragmented audio/video control commands using an independent software layer
Data transfer method
Method and apparatus for providing data from a service to a client based on encryption capabilities of the client
Method for deciding tilt angle of antenna in radio communication system and apparatus for deciding the same
Subscriber line interface circuitry with current drivers for downstream voice and data signals
Locking arrangement for a cover part of a subscriber terminal device
Separately secured voice messages
Method and system for providing supervisory control over wireless phone usage
Administrator designation of one or more tones and/or one or more announcements that are playable in a communication session as interruptible
Method for storing and transmitting voice mail using SVMS in a mobile communication terminal
Apparatus and method for switching incoming calls through to subscribers of a telecommunications network
Method, system, and article for audibly identifying a called party
Interface means between a network switch and a CTI server means and apparatus for providing a service to a customer including such an interface means
Image output control apparatus
Facsimile apparatus for incorporating own facsimile number into transmitter terminal information
Image processing method and apparatus, and recording medium
Photoelectric conversion element and solid-state image sensing device using the same
AV data recording apparatus and method, and disk recorded by the same
Monitoring system for a photography unit, monitoring method, computer program, and storage medium
Program-signal recording and reproducing apparatus
Playback apparatus
Recording medium of stream data, and recording method and playback method of the same
Method and apparatus for recording and playing back monitored video data
Image processing device and method, video display device, and recorded information reproduction device
Pan/tilt/zoom surveillance system and method for dynamically adjusting a user defined image picture mask
Call admission method in CDMA mobile communication system
System of simulating mobile communication and method thereof
Method for transmitting digital channel with priority of mobile communication terminal
Cellular network handoff decision mechanism
Calls spanning sub-domains with independent call linkage
Portable radio communication apparatus
System and method for reducing information communicated between universal mobile telecommunication system multimedia capable units
Externally ported loudspeaker enclosure
Audio system
Apparatuses and methods for forming smart labels
Circuit arrangement with a programmable memory element on a circuit board, with security against reprogramming
Thermal management arrangement with a low heat flux channel flow coupled to high heat flux channels
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
System and method for storage, retrieval and display of information relating to specimens in marine environments
MRI guided hyperthermia surgery
Apparatus and method for remote therapy and diagnosis in medical devices via interface systems
Test plug and cable for a glucose monitor
Ferromagnetic foreign body detection using magnetics
Floating electrode
Method and apparatus for determining the lines of optimal direction for surgical cuts in the human skin
X-ray image pickup device
Methods and apparatus for two-pass CT imaging
Helical rowwise view weighting of computed tomographic images
Methods and apparatus for time-multiplexing data acquisition
Imaging system including radiation filter for x-ray imaging
Radiation breast cup and method
Transcutaneous medical electrode for connecting to a touch proof connector
Implantable lead with selectively operable electrodes
Needle electrode assembly for electroporation mediated delivery of genes and drugs
Method of treating psychiatric disorders by electrical stimulation within the orbitofrontal cerebral cortex
Method and apparatus for adjusting the sensing threshold of a cardiac rhythm management device
Method and system for identifying and displaying groups of cardiac arrhythmic episodes
Defibrillation system
PEMF stimulator for treating osteoporosis and stimulating tissue growth
Method and measuring arrangement for determining speed of runner, walker or another moving and living object
Score counter by sensing route of basketball shots
Performing Operations; Transporting
Optimizing the band width at the band ends on a mill train
Motor control apparatus and motor control method
Integral plenum panel
Communications cartridge
Paper processing system
Vehicle suspension control system
Sensor structure for measuring vehicle suspension related information
Apparatus and method for controlling a target distance and a warning distance between traveling vehicles and a recording medium for storing the control method
Steering wheel interface for vehicles
Road surface friction coefficient estimating apparatus
Bicycle power supply
Electrical operating device for bicycles
Convertible flat panel display hanging support
Item handling system
Wide tuning range variable MEMs capacitor
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Microstructured optical fiber with improved transmission efficiency and durability
Optical fiber and fiber-optic sensing system using the same
Optical conductor and its method of manufacture
Method for detecting and surgically removing lymphoid tissue involved in tumor progression
Method and apparatus for identifying, classifying, or quantifying DNA sequences in a sample without sequencing
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control methods for electromagnetic valve actuators
Engine transmission control system
System for regulating a gear transmission ratio
Method for ratio controlling or speed controlling
Safety system utilizing a passive sensor to detect the presence of a hand of a worker and provide a signal to interrupt the operation of a machine
Light diffusing fiber optic chamber
High efficiency reflector for directing collimated light into light guides
Method and apparatus for heating water rapidly at low power requirement
Roof for a metallurgical ladle/furnace
Bi-directional architecture for a high-voltage cross-coupled charge pump
Optical measurement of lithographic power bias of minimum features
Method and apparatus to maintain compass heading with a moveable sensor mounting
Method for determining a position and heading of a work machine
Navigation device
Navigation method using a small volume of data
Navigation system having travel path replacing function
Method and apparatus for iterative spectral compensation
Explosive material detection apparatus and method using dual energy information of a scan
Imaging plate X-ray diffraction apparatus
System for detection of buried objects
Dual, synthetic spin valve sensor using current pinning
MR tomography apparatus and method for suppressing stimulation of an examination subject
Underwater detection apparatus
Method and apparatus for feature configuration in remotely located ultrasound imaging system
Electronic visitor guidance system
Bottom moored and tethered sensors for sensing amplitude and direction of pressure waves
Phase fluctuation based signal processor
Method for seismic processing and in particular for three-dimensional seismic exploration using seismic data migration
Method for compensating for the effect of irregular spatial sampling and illumination of reflectors in seismic exploration
Transformation method applied to seismic data traces
Method of reducing harmonic interference while using overlapping source point seismic recording techniques
Neural net prediction of seismic streamer shape
UVC liquid light guide
Taking lens system
Objective, in particular an objective for a semiconductor lithography projection exposure machine, and a production method
High-resolution variable focus lens having an extra-long back focal length with telecentric design
Electronic image pickup equipment
Method for operating a laser light source
Apparatus and method to mount electro-optic systems
High order spatial mode optical fiber
Fiber-optic display
Micro-display driven tiled electro-optic display apparatus
Method to reduce warpage and polarization sensitivity of planar devices
Lateral trenching for cross coupling suppression in integrated optics chips
Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer
Apparatus and method of making a blockless optical multiplexing device
Fiber optic switch and associated methods
Method and apparatus for storing a fiber optic assembly
Laser-diode assembly for generating a frequency-stabilized narrow-bandwidth light and a method of narrowing linewidth of the spectrum
Connecting optical fibres
Limited space handling of optical fibers
Flip tray system for use in an optical fiber splice case
Fiber distribution frame with fiber termination blocks
Device for modulation of optical radiation and transmission of information
Camera shutter system
X-ray mask structure, and X-ray exposure method and apparatus using the same
Integrated material management module
Automating photolithography in the fabrication of integrated circuits
Electrostatographic reproduction machine having a belt conicity reducing assembly
Electrophotographic apparatus with exposure control for multiple target light portion potentials
Image processing apparatus having calibration for image exposure output
Belt drive for one or more photoconductor drums
Color image forming apparatus with intermediate transfer member length a non-integral multiple of image pitch
Color image forming apparatus
Color image forming apparatus capable of efficiently sensing a color deviation and accurately correcting it
Developer replenishing device and developer container for use therewith
Developer agitating sheet and developer container
Image forming apparatus in which carrier is carried from developing device to cleaning container
Developer replenishing container with movable shutter feature, cartridge and image forming apparatus employing developer replenishing container
Service unit for an image forming apparatus
Carrier collection device and method therefor
Drying device and method for drying ink on a medium
BOB cleaners to control and maintain PR module motion quality latitude
Cleaning apparatus featuring a vibrating toner carrier feature of specified length and image forming apparatus using same
Spinning disc volume holographic memory
Fiber optics polychromatic animation configuration for clock
Facilitated AM/PM hour settings of enhanced quadribalanced digital time displays
Periodic scheduler for dual-arm robots in cluster tools with process-module residency constraints
Control device, especially a temperature control device such as a room temperature control device
Automated system for conditional order transactions in securities or other items in commerce
Multimedia player for an electronic content delivery system
System and method for one touch operation of a docking station
Handheld device having an optical data reader
Anti-theft locking system and device for electronic components
Programmable logic controller module assembly and locking system
Assembly for components and method for mounting
Heat dissipating chassis member
System and method for cooling using an oscillatory impinging jet
Heat removal system
Computer system with hybrid power distribution
Power supply supervisor having a line voltage detector
Memory access methods and devices for use with random access memories
Arrangement and method for the transmission of address, instruction and/or data telegrams
Transceiver circuitry for a GBIC module
Apparatus and method for configuring settings of a portable intelligent communications device during a meeting
Enhanced tree control for multiple item selection
Voice control of a server
Designing tool for designing access communication network, designing method thereof, and record medium
Method and apparatus for logging and dynamically configuring performance analysis of a medical diagnostic imaging system
Antenna recommendation map
Method and apparatus for resolving conflicts in a substrate processing system
Wireless mobile phone with Morse code and related capabilities
Method for synchronizing an envelope inserter
Wireless subscriber terminal using java control code
Border-less clock free two-dimensional barcode and method for printing and reading the same
Organism collating method and apparatus
Method and mechanism for providing partial results in full context handwriting recognition
Histological reconstruction and automated image analysis
Method and apparatus for counting objects having substantially uniform size
Method and apparatus for executing neural network applications on a network of embedded devices
Prediction apparatus for predicting based on similar cases and method thereof
Lot supply system and lot supply method
Aircraft maintenance tracking system
Determining the capacity components of tools/toolsets in a manufacturing line
Distributed budgeting and accounting system with secure token device access
Method for using applications in a mobile station, a mobile station, and a system for effecting payments
Transaction information processing system
Method of authenticating digital-watermark pictures
Apparatus and method for providing high fidelity reconstruction of an observed sample
Abnormal pattern detection processing method and system and image display terminal
Image detection apparatus and image detection method capable of detecting roundish shape
Multiple frame image compression and decompression of motion video
Motion vector detection apparatus, method of the same, and image processing apparatus
Efficient detection of error blocks in a DCT-based compressed video sequence
Moving picture compression/expansion apparatus
Postage meter machine with a chip card write/read unit and method for operating same
Paging system
Portable radio information terminal, screen displaying method, recording medium and microcomputer
Traffic guidance system
Computer network based testing system
Ultrasonic probe and method of manufacturing the same
Noise control system
Active noise control system and method for on-line feedback path modeling
Voice dialing method for mobile telephone terminal
Portable radio telephone equipment and control thereof
Magneto-optical recording medium having oxidized side wall between land and groove
Biasing magnet positioning mechanism
Apparatus and method for reproducing information from a magneto optical recording medium by the magnetic domain magnification method
Optical recording/reproducing apparatus including a mask device for masking marginal rays, in a direction perpendicular to a recording medium track, of a light beam returned from the recording medium
Recording medium searching method and recording medium processing device using the same method
Disc clamp for a disc drive
Data structure for representing video program subtitles
Digital read channel for optical disk reader
Method for formatting, and managing defective area of, optical recording medium
Swage plate with protruded walls to increase retention torque in hard disk applications
Disk cartridge
Optical disk cartridge
System for testing and cleaning a removable media drive
Impact guard for limiting hard disk movement
Recording of trick play signals on a record carrier
Optical disk apparatus
Apparatus and method for recording a digital information signal in slant tracks on a record carrier
Ergonomic man-machine interface incorporating adaptive pattern recognition based control system
Optical disk recording device
Disk drive including strain transducer for detecting mechanical shock
Mounting apparatus, mounting method, and recording/reproducing apparatus
Magnetic recording/reproduction apparatus
Disc drive contamination reduction utilizing an inert coating
Magnetic disk drive
Multiple-gap magnetic thin-film head with improved read/write coil arrangement
Composite core structure for high efficiency writer
Magnetoresistive head stabilized structure and method of fabrication thereof
Ultra small advanced write transducer and method for making same
Lower energy welding of flexures to suspension load beams
Gimbal for a head of a disc drive with vertical limiter
Head suspension mounting system for a disc drive
Recording disk drive
Mechanically formed standoffs in a circuit interconnect
System and method for identifying and filtering a head suspension assembly resonance frequency
System for head positioning control in a disk drive
Head assembly and disk drive
System and method for measuring absolute transducer-medium clearance using a thermal response of an MR transducer
Analog to digital converter assembly for normalizing servo error signals and multiplexing reference voltage inputs and digital outputs and improved optical drive system including same
Optical disk pickup system using current division signal transmission and methods and optical disk systems using the same
Information record medium
Optical disk compatible with read-only disk and having read-only and rewritable areas with overlapping formats
Information recording medium which indicates information according to the wobbling of a track and information recording and reproducing apparatus
Magnetic data card servo writer
Tilt detector
Optical pick up device
Apparatus for reading an optical data carrier
Optical head device, inclination detection apparatus using the same, and optical information processing apparatus using the same
Optical head device, inclination detection apparatus using the same, and optical information processing apparatus using the same
Method and apparatus for performing optimum laser power calibration on optical disks
Optical head, recording and/or reproducing method and apparatus and method for detecting thickness
Methods for optical data storage and apparatus for same
Optical head apparatus for reproducing information from an optical recording medium
Initializing a phase-changing optical recording medium using a laser including a high speed shutter
Tunneling magnetoresistive element using a bias magnetic field
Spin-dependent tunneling sensor suitable for a magnetic memory
MRAM architecture and system
Circuit for driving nonvolatile ferroelectric memory
Circuits and methods for a memory cell with a trench plate trench capacitor and a vertical bipolar read device
Semiconductor memory device suitable for merging with logic
Method and circuit for determining sense amplifier sensitivity
Semiconductor memory device
Efficient and robust random access memory cell suitable for programmable logic configuration control
Piggyback programming using graduated steps for multi-level cell flash memory designs
Ternary content addressable memory with compare operand selected according to mask value
Programmable sub-surface aggregating metallization structure and method of making same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory equipped with data latch circuits for transferring one-bit data or multi-bit data
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device permitting data-read operation performed during data-write/erase operation
Method of programming and erasing non-volatile memory cells
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Erasing methods by hot hole injection to carrier trap sites of a nonvolatile memory
One-chip microcomputer
Method and apparatus for a voltage responsive reset for EEPROM
Semiconductor memory device having driver circuit which supplies temporary accelerated charge
Embedded methodology to program/erase reference cells used in sensing flash cells
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Method and apparatus for non-volatile memory bit sequence program controller
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device capable of correctly performing erasure/programming completion determination even in presence of defective bit
System and method for storing data in read-only memory
Bi-directional shift register having bi-directional shift function without deteriorating data with a reduced number of elements
Semiconductor memory device having multibit data bus and redundant circuit configuration with reduced chip area
Self-healing memory
Method of repairing defective memory cells of an integrated memory
Non-volatile memory device with configurable row redundancy
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Method of testing a memory cell
Semiconductor merged logic and memory capable of preventing an increase in an abnormal current during power-up
Sense amplifier output control circuit
Memory architecture and systems and methods using the same
Memory device tester and method for testing reduced power states
Semiconductor memory device utilizing access to memory area located outside main memory area
Control rod coupling assembly for a nuclear reactor
High speed x-ray beam chopper
Trimmable chip stub
Broadband multi-layer capacitor
Power circuit breaker
Multiple row x-ray tube bearing assembly
Heat sink clip with operating bar
Clip for heat sink
Electronic module including a cooling substrate with fluid dissociation electrodes and related methods
Heat sink apparatus and method of attaching the heat sink apparatus to a device
Vertical surface mount apparatus with thermal carrier
Multi-chip module
Microelectronic packages in which second microelectronic substrates are oriented relative to first microelectronic substrates at acute angles
Enhanced capacitor shape
Multi-core BSCCO high-temperature superconductor
Battery lid structure for a timepiece case and a timepiece case
Supply device for use with a hydrogen source
Retention mechanism with improved hold-down structure for securing the retention mechanism to a printed circuit board
Laser with gain medium configured to provide an integrated optical pump cavity
Pulsed diode-pumped solid-state laser
Laser device
Multi-amplifier, high power mode locked laser
Electrical connection box having a break away shielding structure
High current protection circuit for telephone interface
Compact multiple output power supply
Method and apparatus to digitally control turn-off time of synchronous rectifiers in isolated topologies for switched mode power supplies
Complex resonant DC-DC converter and high voltage generating circuit driven in a plurality of frequency regions
Transmission Apparatus
Method and apparatus for improving efficiency of high-power linear amplifier
High back EMF, high pressure subwoofer having small volume cabinet, low frequency cutoff and pressure resistant surround
Methods for radio calibration at room temperature
Fast attack automatic gain control (AGC) loop and methodology for narrow band receivers
Frequency spectrum measurement apparatus
Wireless device
Finite impulse response filter for multi-code CDMA signals
Traveling-wave photodetector
Method and apparatus for achieving phase invariant transmission in a PCM modem system
Power consumption reduction method in a digital mobile radio system and a mobile radio station
Method for forward power control in cellular system
Transmitted signal power control in cellular communications systems
Transmission power controller
Mobile station and a method of reducing interference among radio channels in the mobile station
Method for determining strength of co-channel signals, and a receiver
Communication station with multiple antennas
Synchronous DRAM device having a control data buffer
Data interface apparatus and method
Multiple vocoder mobile satellite telephone system
Management of perferred communications periods in a satellite communication system
Methods for determining registration at a satellite communications system and related user terminals and systems
Method of directing a call to a mobile telephone in a dual mode cellular-satellite communications network
Synchronization in mobile satellite systems using dual-chirp waveform
Method and device for transmitting mixed analog and digital signals by the same transmitter
Transmission system having an uninterrupted switchover function for a plurality of lines
Automatic primary reference clock switching for synchronous networks
Method and apparatus for calibrating an IEEE-1394 cycle master
Extended range sequence numbering for selective repeat data transmission protocol
Unified mixing, speaker selection, and jitter buffer management for multi-speaker packet audio systems
Method for testing a communication channel
Data transmission apparatus and method thereof
System and method for communicating audio information between a computer and a duplex speakerphone modem
Announced dynamic access probability protocol for shared bandwidth networks
Network device including selective discard of packets
Self-organizing mobile wireless station network
Exchange for changing a route of a transmission path to bypass a malfunctioning switch
Congestion avoidance mechanism for ATM switches
AAL terminal system of duplex configuration and synchronization method
Apparatus and method for transparent wireless communication between a remote device and host system
Method and apparatus for decoding variable rate data using hypothesis testing to determine data rate
Forwarded clock recovery with variable latency
Look-ahead maximum likelihood sequence estimation decoder
Method for coding and decoding digital data for communication
Signal coupler using low voltage filtering
Adaptive equalizer with enhanced error quantization
Frequency shift key modulator
Spread spectrum bit allocation algorithm
Internet radio communication system
Mechanism to guarantee quality of service to real-time traffic on IP networks
System for prioritizing bi-directional broadcast data
Multi-cast enabled web server
Scheme for adaptive control of transport layer connection in communications via radio and wire networks
Method and apparatus for routing a packet in a network
Out of band messaging in a DRA network
Code-modulated transmission process and transmission system operating according thereto
Methods and apparatus for self-inverting multiple-iteration CMEA crypto-processing for improved security for wireless telephone messages
Search and replace features for handset phonebook
Telecommunications device equipped with in-call incoming call notification function and method for detecting in-call incoming signal notification
Apparatus and method for verification of the presence of a remote user
Adaptive call screening method
Spectrum monitoring for PSTN subscribers
Extended feedback circuit employing capacitive coupling and sampled data filters
Telephone fraud detection and prevention
Method and system for detecting a change in at least one telecommunication rate plan
Call and circuit state machine for a transaction control layer of a communications signaling gateway
Spontaneous messaging service for prepaid calling card users
Device and method for generating various ring tones in radio terminal
Caller-controller barge-in telephone service
Method for controlling the statutory monitoring of telecommunication traffic
Apparatus for communicating a diagnostic device with a telecommunications system through a remote network unit
Procedure and system for the setting up of calls
Method of playing announcements in telecommunication network exchange
Multiple platform voice processing system with optimized resource allocation
Automatic synchronization of address directories for unified messaging
Integrated communication center functionality for WAP devices
Arrived call receiving system for supporting reception services using telephone and receiving method therefor
Network-based conference system
Authentication algorithms for video images
Method for determining row correction values for a digital image converter
Video compact disc player
Image pickup apparatus, computer readable recording medium and method for preparing and audio file
Motion determining apparatus and determining method
Bi-directional premises wiring system and method
Image processing method for decoding compressed image data
Motion estimation and block matching pattern
System and method for performing inverse quantization of a video stream
Method and apparatus for assuring sufficient bandwidth of a statistical multiplexer
Dynamic range expansion method for image sensed by solid-state image sensing device
Process and devices for establishing point-to-multipoint connections and multipoint-to-point connections
Multi-directional multiplex communication system and ISDN servicing method therein
Wireless ATM networks
Internet protocol layer processor
Communication terminal equipment using performance feature group identifiers
Method and apparatus for providing information between a calling network and a called network
Method and system in telecommunications system
Flexible software architecture for a call processing system
Method and device in telecommunications networks
Opinion poll utilizing a wireless data transmission connection
Method for selecting a preferable wireless communications service provider in a multi-service provider environment
Methods and determining an optimum sector distribution within a coverage area of a wireless communication system
Systems and methods for tracking of a private communication system subject to retuning
Increasing channel capacity of wireless local loop via polarization diversity antenna distribution scheme
Method and system for managing frequencies allocated to a base station
Burst-level resource allocation in cellular systems
Reuse of security associations for improving hand-over performance
Method and system for delivering a voice mail notification to a subscriber using cellular phone network
Common message waiting notification across landline and wireless telecommunications networks
Method of registration request of a mobile switching center
Wireless subscription management with dynamic allocation of unique network addresses
Flexible earhook
Directional microphone, in particular having symmetrical directivity
Method of positioning sound image with distance adjustment
Immersible PTC heating device
X-ray apparatus and line connection therefor
Fuel pellets for thermonuclear reactions
Method and means for decoupling a printed circuit board
Interconnect system having vertically mounted passive components on an underside of a substrate
Stacked printed circuit board memory module and method of augmenting memory therein
Electronic circuit apparatus and method for assembling the same
Bus rack for accommodating plural stand-alone computers
Reinforcing structure for a printed circuit board
Heat dissipation device with ribbed fin plates
Printed wiring board
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