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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Corner unit guidance control system using two antennas
Maize variety hybrid 10084890
Fertile transgenic corn plants
Wader retention system and methodology of use
Rainproof shoe cover
System for magnetically cinching clothing to a user
Litter attachment bracket
Rope and fastener assembly
Surface debris removal apparatus
Optical sensor apparatus and method of using same
Transformation of a cremation container for display
Systems and methods for electrical stimulation of blood vessels
Iontophoresis preparation for treating breast cancer and/or mastitis
Orthovoltage radiosurgery
Performing Operations; Transporting
Systems and methods for enhanced control of laser drilling processes
Tape printing apparatus
Mounting structure of door guard bar
Memory alloy spring engine
Vehicle alarm customization systems and methods
Multi-function vehicle light assembly
Occupant protection device for vehicle
Analyte multi-sensor for the detection and identification of analyte and a method of using the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of making heat treated coated article using diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating and protective film
Textiles; Paper
Textile-based electrodes incorporating graduated patterns
Steam iron
Fixed Constructions
Wind power equipment and assembly
Connecting element for panels
Wall clip and shim adapted for insulating concrete walls and similar materials
Post casing
Universal reversible gate hinges and method of assembly
Variable size door and window sill pan with drain
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Coaxial fuel and air premixer for a gas turbine combustor
Assembly comprising a conditioning system and at least one object, a conditioning system, a lithographic apparatus and methods
Apparatus for converting wave, solar and wind energy
Systems and methods of dry cooling
Refrigerating and/or freezing appliance
Fabric temperature estimation for a laundry dryer
Firing pin sighting system
Defect inspection apparatus and defect inspection method
3-D map display
Navigational aid for boom/mainsail
Multi-purpose utility level
Laser beam profile measurement
Integrated device capable of performing chemical separation and light scattering
Method for color measurement
Examining apparatus
Bimorph cantilever arrangement and applications thereof
Liner inspection tool and method of inspecting a cylinder liner
Radiator grille tester
Breakaway tooling apparatus
Manufacturing and testing techniques for electronic displays
Method and device of compensating scattering light signals generated by light interaction with particles or biological cells moving in fluid currents, such as in flow cytometry
Drop test device for testing corner of case
Controlled humidification calibration checking of continuous emissions monitoring system
Methods and apparatus for term normalization
Interatomic force measurements using passively drift compensated non-contact in situ calibrated atomic force microscopy--quantifying chemical bond forces between electronic orbitals by direct force measurements at subatomic lateral resolution
Laundry treating appliance with voltage detection
Testing card and testing system for USB port
Electronic device test fixture
Session life-cycle quality-of-experience orchestration for VOD flows in wireless broadband networks
Contactor and method of production of contactor
Semiconductor testing device, semiconductor device, and testing method
Solar photovoltaic panel test platform
Thermocooling of GMR sensors
Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) radio as radar
Variable focus lens and spectacles
IR filters with high VLT and neutral color
Optical element having internal inclusions configured for maximum conversion efficiency
Amplifier optical fiber comprising nanoparticles and production method
Hybrid microstructured optical fibre for guidance by means of photonic forbidden bands and by total internal reflection optimised for non-linear applications
Method for manufacturing optical coupling element, optical transmission substrate, optical coupling component, coupling method, and optical interconnect system
Optical waveguide for touch panel and touch panel using the same
Optical waveguide circuit and manufacturing method of optical waveguide circuit
Receiving container and display device having the same, and method thereof
Light emitting device and display device having the same
PLC-type delay demodulation circuit
Shake correction apparatus in digital camera
Imaging apparatus, flash device, and control method thereof
Lithographic apparatus and method
LED light source, its manufacturing method, and LED-based photolithography apparatus and method
Process for refurbishing cylinder rolls and bases for printing machines
Sensor system and apparatus for identifying recording medium
Windshield wiper control system
Inverted pendulum vehicle with stability on a slope
Electronic ballast capable of self-protection at natural or premature end of life of fluorescent light tube
Methods and circuits for a low input voltage charge pump
Power management module enforcing computer power capping by reading power cap information from nameplate having both machine readable module and human readable designation for providing such information
Power booster and electronic system using same
Method of generating random numbers
Timing generator and test apparatus
EZconnect tablet/stylus PC portable docking accessory with I/O ports
Housing and an electronic device using the same
Automated voltage control for scheduled server outage in server cluster by determining future workload increase for remaining servers based upon service level objectives and determining associated voltage adjustments
Processor and method for workaround trigger activated exceptions
Transitional replacement of operations performed by a central hub
Bios refresh device and method using the same
System and method for testing hard disk ports
Method for decoding data packets in a wireless communication system
Data dependent NPML detection and systems thereof
Test circuit for testing execution of a handshake protocol and method for testing execution of handshake protocol
Managing shared data objects to provide visibility to shared memory
Prefetch optimization in shared resource multi-core systems
Techniques for cache injection in a processor system responsive to a specific instruction sequence
Cache memory systems having a flexible buffer memory portion and methods of operating the same
Cradle for portable content playback apparatus and amplifying device to which the same cradle is connected
Evicting data from a cache via a batch file
Network hardware graphics adapter compression
Program calling system and method
Computer interconnection system
Method and apparatus for distributing virtual goods over the internet
Network-aware communications
Method, system and program product for assigning a responder to a requester in a collaborative environment
User space data stream parsing using TCP/IP information
System for managing sessions and connections in a network
Queue management unit and method for streaming video packets in a wireless network
Arbitration of resources at a wireless device among contending applications
Mixed integer programming model for minimizing leased access network costs
Interactive tool for visualizing performance data in real-time to enable adaptive performance optimization and feedback
Music recommendation method and apparatus
Passenger protection system
Method and apparatus for monitoring the distribution of electronic files
Circuits and methods for performing exponentiation and inversion of finite field elements
Apparatus and method for providing content and content analysis results
Data surrogate generation for data management
Method, system and computer programming for maintaining bookmarks up-to date
Resume storage and retrieval system
Adaptive cell-specific dictionaries for frequency-partitioned multi-dimensional data
Routing and timing using layer ranges
Synchronizing TAP controller after power is restored
Multifeature test pattern for optical proximity correction model verification
Circuit design optimization
Abstraction level-preserving conversion of flip-flop-inferred hardware description language (HDL) to instantiated HDL
Using layout enumeration to facilitate integrated circuit development
Dynamic maintenance planning apparatus
Measuring device, test device, electronic device, measuring method, program, and recording medium
Rotary actuator position sensor
Methods, apparatus and articles of manufacture to test process control systems
Trusted and secure techniques for item delivery and execution
System and method for controlling the use of a digital work in accordance with usage rights associated with the digital work
USB port detecting circuit
Electrophoretic display keypad structure
Wireless input device integrable with mobile device
Touch panel and method of detecting press operation position thereof
Print system including image-forming apparatus for providing workflow
Image forming apparatus with reduced start-up time
Conditional modification of browser content
Processing archive content based on hierarchical classification levels
Method, system, apparatus, program code and means for determining a redundancy of information
Method for assigning multimedia data to distributed storage devices
Image management apparatus
Authenticator relocation method for WiMAX system
Ad hoc trust delegation in human based workflow systems using one time access key
Variable node processing unit
Microcontroller comprising a plurality of registers and instruction modes
System and method for applying model-based testing to train control systems
Processing strings based on whether the strings are short strings or long strings
Image forming apparatus
Method for preparing re-architected designs for sequential equivalence checking
Virtual machine system and virtual machine control method
Runtime dynamic performance skew elimination
Artificially displaying information relative to a body
Anti-counterfeiting / authentication
Image position recognition apparatus, image position recognition method, computer program product, and apparatus for setting correction data for an image display apparatus
Handwriting recognition device having an externally defined input area
Visually optimized quantization
Control signals in streaming audio or video indicating a watermark
Apparatus and method for detecting upper body posture and hand posture
Object detecting method and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium storing an object detection program
Quantification of energy loss from buildings
System for identifying sustainable geographical areas by remote sensing techniques and method thereof
System and method for generating a multi-dimensional image
Generation of image data with correction for optical misfocus utilizing fractional powers of the fourier transform operator
Correction of unfocus and misfocus via origin-centered discrete fractional fourier transform
Method and system for displaying image based on text in image
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing program for generating an adaptive layout template which may have a transposition link
Information filtering system, information filtering method and information filtering program
Providing feedback to a chairperson in an electronic meeting scheduling system in order to enable improved meeting resource management
System and method for estimating residual lifetime value of a customer base utilizing survival analysis
Related party payment system
Digital device advertising system and method
Method and system for facilitating creation and promotion of creative works
System and method for managing investment risk in satellite operator companies
Methods and systems for claims management facilitation
System and method for managing graphics applications
Three dimensional data processing device and method, three dimensional image generating device, navigation device, and computer-readable medium containing three-dimensional data processing program
Apparatus and method for operation of a display device to provide a home security alarm
Product and electronic tag assembly
Personal security backpack and method
Radiation guide for a detector, scattered radiation detector
Methods and systems using window start update for wireless communication HARQ connection
Vehicle driving assist system
Method for the computer-supported control of a ship
Emergency exit indicator
Display and cable management apparatus
Method and device for reducing line load effect
Light sensitive display with object detection calibration
Power supply for liquid crystal display
Mode indicator for interferometric modulator displays
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
Guitar with high speed, closed-loop tension control
Interactive multi-channel data sonification to accompany data visualization with partitioned timbre spaces using modulation of timbre as sonification information carriers
Automatic positioning of music notation
Optical information recording/reproducing device, optical information reproducing device, and optical information recording medium
Method and devices for copy protection, copy protected record carrier
Method and apparatus for measuring a signal
Apparatus for tracking and recording vital signs and task-related information of a vehicle to identify operating patterns
Fluid dynamic bearing unit and disk drive device including the same
Optical pickup device
Objective lens and optical pick-up device using the same
Programming multi-level phase change memory cells
Semiconductor device and data processing system
Nonvolatile memory apparatus capable of reducing current consumption and related driving method
Low voltage track and hold circuits
Manufacturing method for stacking memory circuits and for addressing a memory circuit, corresponding stacking and device
Semiconductor device and test method thereof
Tracking for read and inverse write back of a group of thyristor-based memory cells
Data strobe signal output driver for a semiconductor memory apparatus
Mat compress circuit and semiconductor memory device having the same
Embedded memory databus architecture
Power supplies
Electronic circuit and electronic device
Solar cell and method for preparation thereof
Switch unit with multi-layer resin switch cover
Water inhibiting slide switch
Low profile tape structures
Vehicular discharge lamp
Maskless process for suspending and thinning nanowires
Packaged microelectronic devices recessed in support member cavities, and associated methods
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor package
Capacitance element, printed circuit board, semiconductor package, and semiconductor circuit
Color-optimized image sensor
Heterojunction tunneling field effect transistors, and methods for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and method for forming the same
Memory element and memory
Copper complex dye sensitized solar cell
Resonator element and resonator pixel for microbolometer sensor
Semiconductor light emitting device
Stator and ultrasonic motor using the same
Slot antenna device including a transmission line to waveguide transformer having differential feed pins
Multi-antenna system feed device and wireless link terminal equipped with such a device
Laser device
Photonic-crystal surface emitting laser, laser array using the laser, and image forming apparatus using the laser array
Mounting member and semiconductor laser apparatus having the same
Modular substation feeder assembly
System for regulating current flow to a plurality of electrical devices
Power supply arrangement with a first voltage supply device and a second voltage supply device
Outer rotor motor
Preparing bar-wound stator conductors for electrical interconnection
Device for connecting together end winding parts of stator
Asymmetric switch forward converter
Circuits and methods for alternating current-to-direct current conversion
Method and structure for forming module using a powder coating and thermal treatment process
Direct-current to three-phase alternating-current inverter system
Audio signal processing for separating multiple source signals from at least one source signal
Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method
Method and system for balancing receive-side supply load
Integrated circuit
Latching control buffer between functional logic and tri-state output buffer
Method and apparatus for simplifying the control of a switch
Method and apparatus for pulse width modulation
Parity check matrix optimization and selection for iterative decoding
Beam selection method
Switched capacitor detuner for low noise amplification circuit having bypass path
Power conservation in wireless access terminals using integrated proxy function
Mobile terminal and terminal system having the same
Accessory apparatus of mobile terminal for receiving and reproducing DMB data and method thereof
Device, signal generation/decoding device, video transmission device, video reception device, and video transmission/reception system
Optical dispersion compensator, optical transmission apparatus, optical transmission system, and method thereof
Distributed repeater and distributed repeating method thereof
Low complexity beamforming for multiple antenna systems
Method and apparatus for adjustments for delta-based power control in wireless communication systems
Method and system for a novel flow admission control framework
Information processing apparatus and method, program, and recording medium
Method and an apparatus for analyzing a communication network
Providing additional information with session requests
Method of efficient channel allocation in wireless systems
Redundant capability in a fiber optic network
Apparatus and method of controlling LSP of RSVP-TE protocol using label with availability of end-to-end range
Gateway apparatus, information communication method, information communication program, and information communication system
Appliance and a consumable holder with an embedded virtual router
Using gathered system activity statistics to determine when to schedule a procedure
System and method for scheduling unicast and multicast traffic
List-viterbi hard iterative decoder for multilevel codes
Apparatus and methods for reducing channel estimation noise in a wireless transceiver
Techniques for secure channel messaging
Signal line routing to reduce crosstalk effects
Communication device and method for processing incoming calls
Portable information terminal equipment
Wireless communication apparatus with an antenna shared between a plurality of communication circuits
Portable terminal with camera lens assembly
Telephone apparatus having calling card support function and handsfree apparatus
Distributed adaptive resource allocation to enhance cell edge throughput
Method, system and device for call processing
Modifying voice messages stored in a voicemail system
Automatic incubation and revival of messages in message systems
Method for communicating indoor location to an emergency service system
System and method for managing a wireless device from removable media with processing capability
Method for linking internet-based forums and web logs to a push to talk platform
Phase estimation distortion analysis
Method and an apparatus for adjusting a scanning target area of an image reproduction device
Between-segment discontinuity reduction for text vectorization using dominant point classification
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Image processing apparatus and method thereof
Apparatus and method for drawing a stereoscopic image
Structure of stereoscopic image data, stereoscopic image data recording method, reproducing method, recording program, and reproducing program
Imaging apparatus and correction method of image data
Digital still camera
Zoom lens and imaging device
Slot-interleaved decoding of concatenated convolutional coding in mobile/hand-held digital television receivers
Broadcast reception apparatus
Video recording device
Method and apparatus for minimizing acoustic echo in video conferencing
Video device and control method thereof
Imaging device program and method for preventing the generation of flicker
Boundary microphone
Surround sound system
Human body sound transmission apparatus and method for minimizing signal loss
Ribbon microphone
Boundary microphone and desktop electro-acoustic transducer
Diaphragm including a first vibrating part of a dome shape or flat shape and a second vibrating part of an annular shape and a loudspeaker using the diaphragm
Method and device for authentication and authorization checking on LBS in Wimax network
Methods and apparatuses for providing expected signal data to a mobile station
Determination of wireless communication device types associated with below-average call durations
World mode scanning control
Detecting, identifying, reporting and discouraging unsafe device use within a vehicle or other transport
Cooperating receiver selection for UMTS wireless location
Measuring neighboring cell loading in wireless communications
Wireless device and method for efficiently paging idle-mode mobile stations in multicarrier systems
Method of transmitting broadcast information in multiple carrier system
Systems, methods and apparatus for facilitating handover control using resource reservation with frequency reuse
Method and apparatus for identifying mobile network protocol capabilities
Annealing device
Time based high intensity discharge lamp control
System and method for driving light emitting devices using wireless communication module
Illumination adjustment circuit
Power supply device and lighting equipment provided with power supply device
System using a jet mill in combination with a microwave system to economically prepare clean coal for use in power generation
In-line microwave warming apparatus
Device mounting board and semiconductor module
Method and apparatus to reduce impedance discontinuity in packages
Electronic apparatus and personal computer
Mounting adapter for mounting electronic device on support rail
Universal conduction cooling platform
Universal rack backplane system
Expired Patents Due To Time
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Patent Title
Dust pan
Mop wringer
Portable tool organizer
Serpentine rack
Microphone swivel adapter
Combined disc player and radio receiver
Computer mouse
Remote control device
Desktop scanner
Clip-on accessory for a personal digital assistant
Computer front bezel
Monitor support arm
Portable communication display device
Programmable dialer device
Pocket pager
Remote controller
Remote control unit
Remote controller for image player
Instrument panel
Nozzle base for a vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner floor tool
Electric discharge machine
Jig for lapping magnetic heads
Oil lubricator for containing and dispensing oil
Apparatus for viewing gemstones
Ink cartridge
Calculator with perpetual calendar suitable for traveler
Desk calculator with perpetual calendar
Perpetual calendar
Transparent notebook insert having a plurality of overlapping transparent flaps having side pockets
Clip for a writing instrument
Game table cover
Alphabet and numeral simulative balloon
Educational toy for an infant
Toy mirror
Toy house
Toy drawing table
Golf putter head
Fishing line fastening tool
Twist nozzle
Wall-mount shower head with face plate
Adjustable shower head
Electromagnetic valve assembly
Expansion valve
Faucet body
Sleeve coupling
Sleeve coupling
Faucet handle
Air freshener
Combined ceiling fan and light fixture
Sleeve coupling
Front face of a grill for an electric fan
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Orthodontic patient relief wax box
Shoulder support for surgical table
Plug for reagent package
Denture bath
Housing for a CPAP device
Plunger rod
Stabilizer for heart bypass surgical procedures
Neurological testing device
Spiral vaso-occlusion coil
Handle for an interdental restoration instrument
Dental handpiece
Dental abutment
Garment fastener for a disposable absorbent article
Septal splint
Jet massager
Building element
Swimming pool frame structure
Car-shaped torch
Flashlight sleeve
Wavy lamp
Torchiere floor lamp with wrought iron
Lamp globe
Lamp glass shade
Lamp glass shade
Clip-on reader's light
Outdoor lamp
Ceiling light
Light fixture ceiling pan
Illumination device
Energy saving lamp
Billet light
Lighting fixture backplate
Lighting fixture back plate
Lighting fixture base
Three dimensional molded trim for utility openings in building structures
Three dimensional molded trim for utility openings in building structures
Three dimensional molded trim for utility openings in building structures
Three dimensional molded trim for utility openings in building structures
Lamp support arm
Cigarette package
Cigarette carton
Cosmetic product
Hair roller ball
Hair dryer mounting bracket
Glove attachment strap
Safety helmet
Bareback riding pad
Animal garment
Animal crate
Bird feeder
Sofa for pets
Scoop for cat litter box
Interactive kiosk
Human Necessities
Automatic adjusting for lightening a machine working unit: method, device and machine
Trimming device carriage system
Power mower with riding platform for supporting standing-operator
Blade brake assembly
Rotating lawn mover with a cutter head movable between cutting and mulching positions
Snap on grass bag sleeve with sewing stop
Lawnmower-attached edge trimmer apparatus
Sickel guard air system
Lawn edging
Industrial vehicle with adjustable boom members
Vase construction and method of using same with table umbrella assembly
System for holding plant containers
Molded plant tray
Peach tree `Snow Gem`
Apple tree named `Ryoka`
Poinsettia plant named `846`
Process and device for homogenizing milk
Crupper pad assembly with tail bag
Sheet metal fish hook
Method of making a metallic fishing lure with an internal lead core weight
Protective housing for a fishing pole
Food Dehydrator
Ice cream making apparatus
Integrated swim cap and goggles
Vision enhancing tear off shield guard
Ventilated footwear
Badge strap attachment
Adjustable article of jewelry and related method
Armband badge holder
Hair dryer accessory
Mouthbrush adapted for use with liquid cleanser paste
Preparation of monitor viewing apertures in a work station
Method of making pocketed spring assembly
Refrigeration system for use in the food service industry
Support and lifting mechanism for potted plants
Cooking facility
Coffee maker
Beverage serving apparatus
Carrier for deep fat fryer
Apparatus for frying food products
Guard dog cooking utensil
Automatically closing a toilet bowl lid
Bathing implement constructed of looped filaments
Liquid remover from circular container
Self-wringing swab mop with scrubber
Mop for scrubbing and mopping apparatus pesticide elimination and surface traction treatment
Air filtrating self-propelled upright vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner brush wrap geometry
Expandable tip atherectomy method and apparatus
Method for assessing disposable absorbent structures
Method for the supply of medical supplies to a health-care institution based on a nested bill of materials on a procedure level
Method and apparatus for synchronization of atrial defibrillation pulses
Flow meter system with remote displays for each discharge
Animated display mechanism and animated display
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for drying sewage sludge or sludges of similar consistency
Control vent system for ultra-high purity delivery system for liquefied compressed gases
Membrane process for producing carbon dioxide
Precooler/chiller/reheater heat exchanger for air dryers
Method for marking of a vessel and a handling device for applying of the method
Pipe cleaning apparatus
Rolling train for rolling flat steel
Rolling stand having crossed rolls with variable setting
Eight-roller type rolling mill and method of rolling using the mill
Adjustable force deflection device for vehicle work benches
Hybrid matched tool forming methods
Gravity-operated blank loading device
Powered, portable, metal bending apparatus
Heavy duty sheet bending brake
Method and apparatus for closely coupling machines used for can making
Tube bending mandrel
Device for setting the adjustable rollers of a straightening unit
Riveting pliers
Flexible auto riveter skin/stringer assembly cell
Apparatus for and method of sizing helical gears
Method of fabricating a handlebar stem for a bicycle
Orbital lathe
Edge inspection system
Method of repairing a steam turbine rotor
Method of removal and insertion of a bearing insert from a skate wheel
Method and apparatus for determining success or failure of press fitting
Machine Tool
Tool bit adapter for universal socket tool
Ratchet wrench
Hook screw driver
Screwdriver for joining metal framing
Wrench socket lever
Wire tie removal tool
Dual disk brake pad spreader
Socket separating device
Multifunctional tool
Multiple driver cross-hole handtool
Hand tool having a handle provided with means for fastening detachably the handle with a blade
Triggered spring ejectable blade sheathed knives
Surgical cutter
Shaving apparatus
Dispensing razor blade cartridges used with a handle
Apparatus for cutting a cellular polymer surface with multiple continuous platforms
Rapid adjustment rotary dies
Steel rule die system
Method and apparatus for altering material using ion beams
Slide driving device for presses
Forage compactor
Spout mandrel with energy ring
Process and apparatus for manufacturing bags
Inflated dunnage and method for its production
Eccentric device for adjusting printing unit cylinders including a cylinder support with a stop face
Printing unit for a web-fed rotary printing machine
Stamp and stamp cassette
Replacing transmission of right drive vehicle with transmission designed for left drive vehicle, and associated change-over linkage
Hinge for a seat in particular for an automobile vehicle and seat provided with said hinge
Trim assembly for vehicle and method for manufacturing the same
Anti-theft device including lockbox for motor vehicle pedals
One-way hinge damper
Hands free automotive service system
Master cylinder piston adjustment
Boosted braking device with variable boost ratio and reduced hysteresis
Method of making a gangway bellows for rolling stock
Power steering cylinder assembly
Steering gear device
Parts carrier bearing assembly repair method
Bicycle brake cable system
Crankset with no neutral position
Pedal for a racing bicycle
Anti-theft device for marine propellers
Film carriage ring for horizontal stretch film wrapping or packaging machines, and a method of making the same
Method of and apparatus for wrapping articles of the tobacco processing industry into blanks of packing material
Packing apparatus
Method and device for strapping individual objects or stacks of objects
Lifting device for a working station of a packaging machine
Forming web registration control system
Packaging unit for continuously producing sealed packages, containing pourable food products, from a tube of packaging material
Packaging unit for continuously producing sealed packages, containing pourable food products, from a tube of packaging material
Method for sterilizing closed containers
Lawn waste disposal
Impalement prevention safety system
Method of protecting liquid storage tanks from seismic shocks and an anchor especially adapted for the same
Lip guiding mechanism for dock levelers
Underwinding-thread clamp for a ring-spinning or ring-twisting machine
Equestrian training device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Synthesis gas production system and method
Method and apparatus for disinfecting a water cooler reservoir
Method and apparatus for manufacturing high melting point glasses with volatile components
Aligning fixture for mold opening and closing mechanism
Sampling system for use in the analysis of biological processes
System for processing, storing, and transporting liquefied natural gas
Textiles; Paper
Device for adjusting the distance between a roll and a stationary carding segment in a fiber processing machine
Device for forming a sheet-lap of fibre tufts, in particular for loading a textile machine such as a card
Matting device
Textile stretch machine with a drive mechanism housed in a drive enclosure
Method and apparatus for producing a multicolored yarn from differently colored part-threads of endless filament
Method for producing a knitted article on a flat knitting machine
Loop transfer needle for a circular knitting machine
Palm-top fabric leading edge detector
Device for through-flow continuous heat treatment of textiles, tissue, or the like
Dispenser for washing machine
Glove dryer attachment for boot dryers
Buoyant rope
Water-removing apparatus for papermaking process
Multiple nip calender for a paper making machine
Fixed Constructions
Earthquake shock damper for roadway pillars
Piste-preparation device
Device for excavating an elongated depression in soil
System and method for estimating volume of material swept into the bucket of a digging machine
Mechanical retention system for ground engaging tools
Trenching tool
Sanitary toilet base band
Water closet fitting installation assembly
Truss for fabric covered buildings and the like
Method and kit for producing structural parts and complete structural members using interconnected structural elements, and arrangement for interconnecting the structural elements
Portable building
Building block having a wooden attachment layer
Transportable building form
Structural connector system for the assembly of structural panel buildings
Load bearing pre-fabricated building construction panel
Premanufactured structural building panels
Constructing and analyzing requirements of truss splice shoe
Building structure
Rain gutter corner segment construction
Positioning device
Device for minimizing earthquake shocks to a small building
Three-dimensional guiding apparatus
Portable severe weather storm shelter
Lock assembly allowing the handles thereof rotated by a large angle
Strike plate for a door assembly
Lock-cylinder assembly for motor-vehicle door latch
Axial pin tumbler lock with electronic features
Operating device for openable and closable structure
Hinge device
Opening and closing apparatus of folding type
Double swing door opening/closing mechanism
Upper hinge frame for refrigerator
Grille for a door or window
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Piston-to-cylinder seal for a pneumatic engine
Vibration damping element test apparatus
Method of steam cooling thermally highly loaded units of a gas-turbine group
Air-fuel ratio feedback control for engines
Anti-coking air injection apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Process for controlling a fuel-oxygen ratio in exhaust gas upstream of a catalytic converter
Magnet assemblies for motor-assisted turbochargers
Method and apparatus for bypassing the superheater in a dual fluid engine
Process and braking arrangement for an exhaust gas turbocharger having a variable turbine geometry
Valve for varying the exhaust counterpressure in an internal combustion engine
Device for regulating the engine braking power of an internal combustion engine
Quiet external combustion lawn mower
Hybrid rocket system and integrated motor for use therein
Apparatus for the damped positioning of a piston
Safety device for pneumatic actuators
Adjusting device for the terminals of control cables
Method of making a slider of a linear guide device
Concentric axial piston transmission
Brake piston
Actuator for linear movement
Mechanical transmission with reduced ratio steps in upper transmission ratios
Bracket for solenoids on vehicle transmissions
Power transmission device for vehicle
Heat shield configuration, particularly for structural parts of gas turbine plants
Mounting arrangement for a cooking plate and related method
Outdoor unit of separate type air conditioner
Environmentally adaptive VAC exterior heat exchange unit
Control box door/fairing for front grille of an air conditioner
Air conditioner
Condensate disposal system for an air cooled air conditioning unit with a propeller fan
Discharge temperature sensor for sealed compressor
Method and apparatus for torque control to regulate power requirement at start up
Compression refrigeration unit
Cold water supply apparatus
Refrigerator door storage system
Cooling mug
Non-electric refrigerating vending machine
Liquid natural gas system with an integrated engine, compressor and expander assembly
Method and apparatus for the partial conversion of natural gas to liquid natural gas
Simple method and apparatus for the partial conversion of natural gas to liquid natural gas
Process and an apparatus for producing a powdered product by spin flash drying
Apparatus and method for drying relatively small lots of products
Apparatus for airing grains stored in bulk
Chiller capacity control with variable chilled water flow compensation
Weapon system
Modular load unit for muzzle loading firearms
Differential force microscope
Telescoping measuring device
Tape measure with innovated brake structure
Apparatus and method for measuring eccentricity between two circular members
Optical disc spindle straightness testing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for marking a location
Multisensor with parametric rotor drive
Gauge protector
Magnetic flow sensor
Device for measuring the mass of a flowing medium
Flow rate sensor
Material level sensing system calibration
Torque measuring device for window regulator
High range pressure sensor for pressure gauge
Pressure sensor having an insulating layer and fluid tight amorphous metal layer
High resolution and large dynamic range resonant pressure sensor based on Q-factor measurement
Pressure sensor device having breakable mounting member
Apparatus and method for detecting mass eccentricity
Vehicle mass emission measurement
Sprinkler performance evaluation system
Particle preconcentrator
Surface tension measurement in a pressurized environment
Process for the determination of the exhaust gas temperature and of the air/fuel ratio lambda and a sensor arrangement for execution of the process
Device for controlling a liquid flow in a tubular duct and particularly in a peristaltic pump
Immersion testing porous semiconductor processing components
Handheld sensing apparatus
Automatic fibre testing system
Ultrasonic sensor and obstruction detector having accurate obstruction detection capabilities
Method for accurately positioning a device at a desired area of interest
Protective eyeglasses construction
Elastomer detent assembly
Independent brake handle assembly
Microprocessor breakpoint apparatus
Information carrier and method for producing it
Method for manufacturing card type memory device
Variable transfer rate control coding apparatus
Flavor tag for poultry and meat
Stackable case to tower conversion
Apparatus and method for preventing unauthorized copying of video signals
Method of making a read head with improved lead layers at an air bearing surface
Suspension assembly gripping tool
Wire shield structure and method of shielding a wire
Methods to produce insulated conductive through-features in core materials for electric packaging
Multilayer electrical interconnection device and method of making same
Fixture for making laminated integrated circuit devices
Manufacturing method for rectifying diodes
Universal contact insertion tooling
Glass parts pick-up jig
Part mounting device, part mounting method, and storage medium storing program thereof
Method of making a flexible circuit with raised features protruding from two surfaces and products therefrom
Component alignment apparatuses and methods
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