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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Performing Operations; Transporting
Card printer and card printing/stacking device
Thermal printer
Systems and methods for laser spacing compensation in laser printing devices
Imaging features with skewed edges
Thermal head mechanism, printing device using the same, and method of supporting thermal head
Method and apparatus for determining tire condition and location
Vehicular information and monitoring system and method
Fixed Constructions
Method and apparatus for measuring a parameter within the well with a plug
Method of measuring focus of a lithographic projection apparatus
System and method for three dimensional reconstruction of an anatomical impression
Rotation detector
Device for analysing materials by plasma spectroscopy
Apparatus and methods for assessment, evaluation and grading of gemstones
Multiple wavelength cavity ring down gas sensor
Measurement apparatus and method thereof
Control of preemption-based beat-down effect
Local coil arrangement for magnetic resonance applications with activatable marker
Systems and methods for suppressing radar sidelobes using time and spectral control
Electronic timepiece
Timekeeping device and satellite signal reception method for a timekeeping device
Diversity time and frequency location receiver
Method and apparatus for detection of a liquid under a surface
Magnetic resonance apparatus and method for implementing a neurological sequence protocol
Compensation device to reduce the electromagnetic field load due to a medical intervention apparatus in magnetic resonance examinations
Magnetic field deflector in an induction resistivity tool
Optical element, optical system including the optical element, and optical apparatus including the optical system
Zoom lens, optical apparatus, and method for forming an image of an object
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
Individually addressable nano-scale mechanical actuators
Electrostatically-addressed MEMS array system and method of use
Orthogonal scattering features for solar array
Projection lens system and projector apparatus
Prism sheet and liquid crystal display
Backlight unit and display device
Liquid crystal display device
Illuminating device and liquid crystal display device provided with the same
Foldable projection screen
Exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Exposing method, exposure apparatus, and device fabricating method
Illumination optical apparatus, relay optical system, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Gamut mapping using hue-preserving color space
Method for reconstructing a holographic projection
LED lamp driving circuit with dimming capability
Voltage regulator with an emitter follower differential amplifier
Voltage regulator operable to switch between a two-stage structure operation and a three-stage structure operation
Voltage compensation circuit
Fixing mechanism for fixing a portable device and related computer system
Image combining apparatus and method for aligning positions of images
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling the same
Print imaging system
Printing system and program for processing secure print jobs using a security-unaware printer
Display device and electronic device
Selective enabling of multi-input controls
Disappearing button or slider
Disambiguating touch-input based on variation in characteristic such as speed or pressure along a touch-trail
Method and apparatus for forming, projecting and detecting a coded pattern image with a camera and recognition system
Optical touch device and locating method thereof
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image processing apparatus and method for outputting an image subjected to pseudo-halftone processing
Image processing apparatus, method for image processing, and computer readable medium for executing various processing previously registered
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus equipped with the same
Portable security container with rotation detection system
Postural state attitude monitoring, caution, and warning systems and methods
Monitoring operating parameters in a distributed computing system with active messages
EL display device and electronic device
Display apparatus
Shift register circuit, display panel, and electronic apparatus
Spontaneous light emitting device and driving method thereof
Liquid crystal display device having a lamp sequentially turned on along a scan direction of gate lines
Image display device and image display method
Active matrix substrate, liquid crystal panel, liquid crystal display unit, liquid crystal display device, and television receiver
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Touchpad using resistive electro-conductive fiber and input device having the same
Indication of the condition of a user
Space efficent sortable table
Multi-touch system and driving method thereof
In-vehicle manipulation apparatus and in-vehicle input apparatus
Display device
Memory controller and memory system using the same
Optical recording/reproduction method and optical recording/reproduction device
Dynamic phase detector switching
Magnetic coupling type isolator
Flexure based shock and vibration sensor for head suspensions in hard disk drives
Servo control device and optical disc device
Optical information recording medium and recording/reproducing method therefor
Light source unit including a photodetector, and thermally-assisted magnetic recording head
Optical pickup, optical disk drive device, optical information recording device, and optical information reproduction device
Optical refreshing of loadless for transistor SRAM cells
Method for discharging a voltage from a capacitance in a memory device
Latency circuit and semiconductor device comprising same
Word-line level shift circuit
Decoders using memristive switches
Integrated gas discharge lamp and ignition transformer for an integrated gas discharge lamp
Method for winding coil on object and water pump of clutch type provided with the same
Electric double layer capacitors, capacitor materials and methods of making the same
Integrated electromechanical relays
Medium drive unit and electric apparatus
Electromagnetic contactor unit
Lamp device with magnetic socket
Information acquisition method, information acquisition apparatus and disease diagnosis method
Infrared emitter arrangement for high-temperature vacuum processes
Light emitting device
Method of rapidly interrogating elastic wave sensors
Load-line adaptation
Communication antenna device
Reconfigurable axial-mode helical antenna
Near-horizon antenna structure and flat panel display with integrated antenna structure
Raman amplifier, optical repeater, and Raman amplification method
Electrode material for use with a spark plug
Circuit breaker with time-delay function
Semiconductor module and motorized equipment using the same
Mirror-image voltage supply
Self-excited switching power supply circuit
Drive unit
Low frequency notch filter integrated circuit
Hybrid system having a non-MEMS device and a MEMS device
Apparatuses, methods and computer programs for conveying information
High efficiency audio amplifier
Communication system
Noise-assisted reprogrammable nanomechanical logic gate and method
Low-current input buffer
Circuits and methods for reducing electrical stress on a transistor
Digital PLL circuit and clock generating method
A/D conversion device and servo control device
Low power current-voltage mixed ADC architecture
Complex bandpass .DELTA..SIGMA.AD modulator and digital radio receiver
Pulse generator, transmitter-receiver, and pulse generation method
Filter-tracking and control method
Method and apparatus for digitally equalizing a signal in a distributed antenna system
Method and apparatus for transmitting broadcast signal in a transmitter
Variable rate coding for enabling high performance communication
Reliable and low-latency sensor network MAC system and method using superframe
Method of processing traffic information and digital broadcast system
Adaptive data stream sampling
Wireless network supporting failover between network protocols
Method for changing service quality of a content adaptively
Distortion compensation device, distortion compensation method and wireless apparatus
Method for transmitting codeword
Link microbenchmarking with idle link correction
Establishing directed communication based upon physical interaction between two devices
Automatic network mapping from a host control device
Terminal and communication system
Stateful DHCPv6 relay agent in a cable modem termination system
Telecommunication distribution device with multi-circuit board arrangement
Techniques to provide integrated voice service management
System, method and apparatus for supporting E911 emergency services in a data communications network
Data processing apparatus and data processing system including the same
Sequential decoder fast incorrect path elimination method and apparatus for pseudo-orthogonal coding
Method and apparatus for eliminating frequency-domain interference signals
Multicarrier transmission system with low power sleep mode and rapid-on capability
Methods and systems for identifying regions of substantially uniform color in a digital image
Image forming method and apparatus for preventing illegal copying of printed documents
Method and device for controlling differential gloss and print item produced thereby
Image data obtaining method and apparatus therefor
Methods, systems, and computer-readable storage media for selecting image capture positions to generate three-dimensional (3D) images
Image pickup apparatus and method for controlling the same
Image pickup system and lens apparatus
Image picking-up device with a moving focusing lens
Method for automatic exposure control within a video capture device
Solid-state imaging device, method for processing signal of solid-state imaging device, and imaging apparatus
Physical quantity detecting device, solid-state imaging device, and imaging apparatus
Image sensing apparatus and method with drive control variation of each of the plurality of output fields
Information presenting device and information presenting method
Converting image format
Image processing apparatus
Selective reencoding for GOP conformity
System and method to execute a clipping instruction
Motion search module with field and frame processing and methods for use therewith
Method and apparatus of tilted illumination observation
Method of distributing sports entertainment
Delayed petroleum coking vessel inspection device and method
AV delay measurement and correction via signature curves
Imaging apparatus having a function for estimating a dark current amount
Method of driving an image sensor, and an image pickup apparatus
Method of upgrading an operation program of a radio frequency identification system
System and method for displaying and managing electronic menus
Multihome support method and apparatus
Admission control for QoS-driven wireless LANs
Communication apparatus, communication interface module, and communication method
Method and apparatus of allocating control information in wireless communication system
Device and method for maintaining a communication session during a network transition
Mobile wireless communication device with multiple transceivers
Method for configuring different data block formats for downlink and uplink
DC low voltage distribution box for indoor multi LEDs lamp
Power source control device of illuminator and lighting system
Electrodeless lamps and methods
LED controller with de-flicker function and LED de-flicker circuit and method thereof
Device comprising a substrate including an electronic contact, and transponder
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Magnetic resonance imaging method with adherence to SAR limits
Transmission structure for animated ornamental lightings
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multidimensional array and fabrication thereof
Coil-embedded dust core production process, and coil-embedded dust core formed by the production process
Systems interconnected by bumps of joining material
Method and apparatus for adjusting impedance of matching circuit
Control method and control apparatus for feed system
Power supply apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Device for detecting a battery condition based on variations in batter voltage
Auto setting of memory preference settings from remote vehicle entry device
Device for automatically switching lighting devices in vehicles
Vehicle safety flasher system
Variable transmittance birefringent device
Vehicle communication system implemented reusing existing vehicle components
Remote lock operation apparatus for light vehicle
Method and system for communicating among a plurality of mobile assets
Trainline controller electronics
Railroad collision avoidance system and method for preventing train accidents
Moving vehicle comfort, security and safety signaling system
Waste segregation compliance system
Miniature device with increased insulative spacing and method for making same
Microelectromechanical apparatus for elevating and tilting a platform
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Illumination device with at least one LED as light source
Platinum-rhodium stack as an oxygen barrier in an integrated circuit capacitor
Constructions comprising solder bumps
Fixed Constructions
Window lifter system and method of controlling a plurality of window lifters
Method and apparatus for determining position in a pipe
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Energy converter
Starter for cranking internal combustion engine having main and auxiliary switches
Method and apparatus for converting tidal power into electrical energy
Wind turbines for electrical power generation
Permanent magnet type electric rotating machine
Apparatus for moving folded-back arms having a pair of opposing surfaces in response to an electrical activation
Electromotive actuator and method for controlling the same
Lamp unit for a projector and a process for the light control thereof
Discharge lamp with vented reflector
Structure of capsule for rapidly expanding metallic mixture
Sensing methods and systems for hall and/or MR sensors
GPS-enhanced system and method for automatically capturing and co-registering virtual models of a site
Weak-magnetic field sensor using printed circuit board manufacturing technique and method of manufacturing the same
Light receiving array, method of manufacturing the array, and optical encoder using the array
Method and apparatus for radar-based level gauging
Illuminator and method of making same
Thermal shutdown circuit with hysteresis and method of using
Tire and suspension warning and monitoring system
Method and apparatus for identifying high metal content on a semiconductor surface
Automated domain reflectometry testing system
Integrated circuit test probe having ridge contact
Interface adapter for automatic test systems
Resilient and rugged multi-layered probe
Hall-effect current detector
Hall effect conductor/core method and apparatus
Voltage comparator circuit and substrate bias adjusting circuit using same
Methods and apparatus for phase compensation in electronic energy meters
Wide-band RF signal power detecting element and power detecting device using the same
Method and apparatus for control and fault detection of an electric load circuit
Circuit for detecting electrical signals at a given frequency
Array of dice for testing integrated circuits
Semiconductor device package substrate probe fixture
Method and apparatus for evaluating a set of electronic components
Integrated semiconductor module with a bridgeable input low-pass filter
Test apparatus for testing devices under test and method for transmitting a test signal
Device for monitoring and forecasting the probability of inductive proximity sensor failure
Semiconductor integrated circuit and a testing method thereof
System and method for non-contact electrical testing employing a CAM derived reference
Sag generator with plurality of switch technologies
System and method for testing integrated circuits by transient signal analysis
Battery tester configured to receive a removable digital module
Method of precisely estimating effective full-charge capacity of secondary battery
Testing integrated circuits and integrated power transistors
Hall sensor component
Magnetic resonance method and apparatus for spatially resolved presentation of change in the functional activities of a brain
MR coil module
Method and apparatus for radar-based level gauging
Enhanced emitter location using adaptive combination of time shared interferometer elements
Radio direction and position finding apparatus
Method and device for precise geolocation of low-power, broadband, amplitude-modulated signals
Device for the transmission and /or reception of radar beams
Ultrasonic obstacle detector and method of assembling the same
Semiconductor device with circuit cell array and arrangement on a semiconductor chip
High resolution position sensor
Low drop-out regulator
Temperature-compensated current source
Position selector device
Self-calibrating clock generator for generating process and temperature independent clock signals
Clock generating circuit generating a plurality of clock signals
System and method for skew compensating a clock signal and for capturing a digital signal using the skew compensated clock signal
System with phase jumping locked loop circuit
Temperature compensation trim method
Surface acoustic wave identification tag having an interdigital transducer adapted for code discrimination and methods of operation and manufacture thereof
Bi-directional wireless detection system
Home security system
Method and apparatus for locating an object
Tour group notification method
Doorbell system
Radio selective-calling receiver with displaying function
Remote control for activating household video products and services
Broadcasting system, broadcast receiving hardware systems, and navigation terminal
Inspection apparatus for liquid crystal display device
Illuminated graphics system
Dynamic sensing regulator
Tape drive with non-contact optical tape tension sensor
Motor controller and method of driving DC motor
Spindle motor having spindle motor stator with laminate layers for increased head stack assembly access
Disk drive apparatus and motor
Boost capacitor layout
Data latch circuit having anti-fuse elements
Semiconductor integrated circuit and semiconductor memory having a voltage step-down circuit stepping external power supply voltage down to internal power supply voltage
Storage circuit
Variable delay circuit and method, and delay locked loop, memory device and computer system using same
Line segmentation in programmable logic devices having redundancy circuitry
Programmable logic array integrated circuits
Semiconductor integrated circuit, method of controlling the same, and variable delay circuit
Temperature compensating device with integral sheet thermistors
On-chip differential multi-layer inductor
Transformers using coil modules and related manufacturing method thereof
Rotary contactless connector and non-rotary contactless connector
Proportionally-controllable solenoid actuator
Fuse holder assembly
Magnetic sensor switch
Method and circuit for controlling fuse blow
Magnetic member, circuit breaker employing the same, and method of manufacturing the same
Fuse link assembly and layout method therefor
Oxide-coated cathode and method for making same
Diamond supported photocathodes for electron sources
Multi-grid ion beam source for generating a highly collimated ion beam
Image forming apparatus
High pressure discharge lamp and method for sealing a bulb thereof
Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp
Compact fluorescent lamp
Circular filament lamp
Silicon-based ultra-violet LED
Capacitor and a manufacturing process therefor
Bipolar junction transistor and fabricating method
Bipolar transistor, semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
Semiconductor-on-insulator thin film transistor constructions
Integrated circuit metal oxide semiconductor transistor
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Temperature insensitive resistor in an IC chip
II-VI semiconductor device with BeTe buffer layer
Formation of an isolating wall
Method for integrating low-K materials in semiconductor fabrication
Semiconductor device having damascene interconnection structure that prevents void formation between interconnections
Memory cell with vertical transistor and trench capacitor with reduced burried strap
Storage element and SRAM cell structures using vertical FETS controlled by adjacent junction bias through shallow trench isolation
Die attachment and method
Semiconductor device with transfer gate having gate insulating film and gate electrode layer
Method for fabricating semiconductor device, and semiconductor device, having storage node contact plugs
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device with improved gate oxide film arrangements
Bipolar junction transistor compatible with vertical replacement gate transistor
Inductor and fabricating method thereof
High power semiconductor device having semiconductor chips
Semiconductor package including stacked chips with aligned input/output pads
Multi-chip package
Thick film millimeter wave transceiver module
Multilayered substrate for semiconductor device
Single unit automated assembly of flex enhanced ball grid array packages
Repeater methods for constrained pitch wire buses on integrated circuits
Gate driver with level shift circuit
Electronic circuit unit suitable for miniaturization
Wireless radio frequency technique design and method for testing of integrated circuits and wafers
Semiconductor device comprising a security coating and smartcard provided with such a device
Characteristic impedance equalizer and an integrated circuit package employing the same
Interchangeable bond-wire interconnects
Matched set of integrated circuit chips selected from a multi wafer-interposer
Electronic device structures including interconnecting microfluidic channels
Light emitting semiconductor package
Transistor circuit
Wiring structure of semiconductor device
Stacked gate region of a nonvolatile memory cell for a computer
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Optical sensor and manufacturing method of the same
Isolation of alpha silicon diode sensors through ion implantation
SiC semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Edge termination for silicon power devices
Integrated semiconductor DRAM-type memory device and corresponding fabrication process
Method of manufacturing a transistor
2F2 memory device system
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Self-aligned double-gate MOSFET by selective epitaxy and silicon wafer bonding techniques
Heterojunction bipolar transistor
Nanotube permeable base transistor
ESD protection circuit having a high triggering threshold
Semiconductor phototransistor
Optoelectric surface-mountable structural element
High-brightness light emitting diode
LED light source with lens and corresponding production method
Monolithic surface mount optoelectronic device and method for fabricating the device
Light emitting element and method for manufacturing the same
Polarization method of a multi-layered piezoelectric body
Charger capable of switching polarity
Isolation shield assembly for electrical filters and a method of manufacturing electrical filters including same
Filter circuit and a superconducting filter circuit
High-frequency filter device, filter device combined to a transmit-receive antenna, and wireless apparatus using the same
Low intermodulation film microwave termination
Coupling loop housed in a dielectric part
Tunable microwave devices with auto-adjusting matching circuit
High directivity multi-band coupled-line coupler for RF power amplifier
Device for directing energy, and a method of making same
Cross-link antenna system
Low-loss printed circuit board antenna structure and method of manufacture thereof
Anisotropic composite antenna
Phased array antennas incorporating voltage-tunable phase shifters
Stacked patch antenna
Thin film probe card contact drive system
Apparatus for controlling power distribution to devices
Aligning an optical device system with an optical lens system
Compact spark plug and method for its production
Spark plug
Device for controlling power distribution to subsystems
Grid load logic
Charge control circuit for a battery
Method to eliminate shipping fuse handling
Power supply disabler
Pole piece assembly
Stacked stator core and method of manufacturing thereof, and rotary motor and method of manufacturing thereof
Stator of a brushless direct current motor and a method for making it
Fastening structure for securing stator of motor
Electric vehicle using a motor
Permanent magnet type electric rotating machine
Electric motor, in particular for raising and lowering disks in motor vehicles
Electronically controlled electric motor provided for use in an environment containing solvents
Cooling system for modular field windings of a generator
Automotive alternator stator assembly with rectangular continuous wire
Fail-safe mechanism for dc-drive
Fractional-slot winding motor
Rotor assembly
Low speed canned motor
Permanent magnet actuating mechanism
High speed generator with integrally formed rotor coil support wedges
Phase-shift modulation resonant inverter
Control strategy for switched reluctance drive systems
Methods and apparatus to improve the performance of universal electric motors
Rotation detection circuit of a dc brushless motor using a fixed bias voltage
Arrangement for supplying a user, especially a D.C motor, that consumes power in a non-continuous manner from a D.C. system
Control circuit of brush-less motor, control circuit of sensor-less brush-less motor, brush-less motor apparatus, sensor-less brush-less motor apparatus and vacuum pump apparatus
Multi-band, voltage-controlled oscillator
Oscillator circuit
Mixer circuit
High frequency power amplifier
Circuit for reducing second and third order intermodulation distortion for a broadband RF amplifier
High bandwidth and wide dynamic range preamplifier with high stability
Class-D amplifier with digital feedback
Dual input differential amplifier
Analog input circuit with common mode compatibility to both supply nodes
Distributed level-shifting network for cascading broadband amplifiers
Single-detector automatic gain control circuit
High frequency power amplifier circuit device
Multi-layer balun transformer
LC filter circuit, monolithic LC composite component, multiplexer, and radio communication device
Multi-frequency antenna duplexer
Crystal resonator based oscillator formed by attaching two separate housings
Unidirectional surface acoustic wave transducer
Surface acoustic wave device with divided interdigital transducers
Apparatus and method for isolating a field power source and a control power source in a controlled process
Method and apparatus for high-voltage switching of ultrasound transducer array
VDD detection path in power-up circuit
Switch control circuit
Diode multiplexer circuit and electronic device incorporating the same
Reverse biasing logic circuit
Electronic circuit with a driver circuit
Driver circuit connected to a switched capacitor and method of operating same
Circuit and method for compensation if high-frequency signal loss on a transmission line
I/O circuit with mixed supply voltage capability
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Dynamic circuitry with on-chip temperature-controlled keeper device
Voltage controlled oscillation circuit
Large gain range, high linearity, low noise MOS VGA
RF energy dispersal in systems consisting of aggregated computing elements as subsystems
Delay-locked loop circuit and method using a ring oscillator and counter-based delay
Phase-locked loop with dual-mode phase/frequency detection
Phase locked loop
Phase locked loop (PLL) frequency synthesizer and method
Digital-to-analog converter with a shifted output and an increased range
Encoder and decoder for data transfer in superconductor circuits
Radio-frequency hybrid switch module
Home appliances network
Fiberoptic transceiver system
Image enhancement in far infrared camera
Color picture tube device in which YH misconvergence is corrected
Large crossbar switch implemented in FPGA
Electromechanic film and acoustic element
Multi-dimensional vector-based occupancy sensor and method of operating same
Wireless remote control bulb device
Operating circuit for a discharge lamp with frequency-variable ignition
Light source device
Discharge lamp lighting circuit for detecting failure of a switching element
Microwave stripline applicators
Circuit structure, manufacturing method thereof and wiring structure
Composite ceramic board, method of producing the same, optical/electronic-mounted circuit substrate using said board, and mounted board equipped with said circuit substrate
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
Design Only
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