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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
System and a method for controlling a centrifuge for the production of a skimmed milk product
Catfish skinner and method
Animal feed additives
Method and installation for cooling slaughtered poultry
Adjustable armchair tray
Systems and methods for a wheelchair tray
Cushion construction for seating unit
Barrier system
Apparatus and method of toasting bread-type food products
Device for orthodontic interventions
Multi-function surgical instrument tool actuator assembly
Orthopaedic reamer driver for minimally invasive surgery
Orthopaedic rotary reamer with implant compliant cutting teeth
Apparatus and method for laser treatment with spectroscopic feedback
Treatment of cellulite with mid-infrared radiation
Eye characteristic measuring apparatus
Method and apparatus for retaining a fixation pin to a cannula
Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus
Orthodontic brackets including one part of an at least two-part adhesive on the base of the bracket
Absorbent article with tension-dividing side panels
Interlabial absorbent article
Coatings containing polycationic peptides for cardiovascular therapy
Apparatus and methods for treating tissue
Method of treating diseased valve
Trial intervertebral distraction spacers
Substituted benzopyrans as selective estrogen receptor-beta agonists
Methods and compositions for enhancing delivery of therapeutic agents to tissues
Propanolamine derivatives
Cancer-associated antigens and methods of their identification and use
Neutralizing human anti-IGFR antibody
Revitalising active complex for the skin
Pressure relief methods in a medical catheter system
Balloon cones and waists thinning methodology
Medical device with plasma cross-linked hydrophilic coating
Suspension system for glider exercise device
Golf putting practice aid
Binding system
Ski binding
Bindings for ski boots for snowboards
Dimensionally stable flying disc toy construction
Toy with moving head
Performing Operations; Transporting
Microfluidic chromatography
Mercury removal from activated carbon and/or fly ash
Method for producing coupling compound
Catalytic coating for the hydrogenation of maleic anhydride and related compounds to give .gamma.-butyrolactone, tetrahydrofuran and derivatives thereof
Method and reaction apparatus for treating object with gas
System for processing a workpiece
Inkjet deposition apparatus and method with horizontal and vertical axes deviation correction
Process for electrostatic powder coating an article using triboelectrically charged powder with air jet assist
Method of producing left-right screw
Tool holder for a tool, especially a boring, milling or rubbing tool, which can be rotated about a rotational axis
Method for testing the fit or imbalance of a tool
Apparatus micro lapping with abrasive for polishing precision screw and polishing method thereof
Enhanced end effector arm arrangement for CMP pad conditioning
Polishing tool with several pressure zones
Diamond tape coating and methods of making and using same
Method of manufacturing a soft hearing aid
High speed direct mold clamping apparatus of an injection molding machine
Method of making self-supporting pleated filter
Method of manufacturing electrodeposited copper foil with carrier foil for high-temperature heat-resistance and electrodeposited copper foil with carrier foil for high-temperature heat-resistance obtained by the manufacturing method
Moisture-curing adhesives
Double-sided print engine assembly
Ink jet head having heat accumulation layer and protection film method of driving thereof and ink jet recording apparatus provided therewith
System for evaporating waste ink in a postage meter
Liquid-discharging apparatus, and density adjusting method and system of the same
Inkjet printer and recording heads unit
Mounting assembly for a print head of an ink jet printer
Ink feeding rate control method and data correcting method for a printing machine
Image forming apparatus and droplet ejection control method
Tape feeder and method of controlling the same
Applicator for applying an oxidative hair dye and method of repeatedly dyeing individual hair strands uniformly or non-uniformly with same
Tire and tread comprising a bis-alkoxysilane tetrasulfide as coupling agent
Retractable sun visor and full windshield cover
Cabriolet vehicle comprising a retractable soft-top
Method for detecting position of lane marker, apparatus for detection position of lane marker and alarm apparatus for lane deviation
Vehicle-based vehicle occupant reminder using capacitive field-based sensor
Impact energizable structure
Airbag apparatus, motorcycle with airbag apparatus
Body to frame energy transfer brackets
Outboard motor shift device
Electrical generator fluid-flow-coolant filtration method
Container for housing product and method for making same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for synthesizing aluminum nitride
Simple and efficient process for the preparation of pencil lead from spent pot-liners
Ultraviolet radiation treatment of unwanted microorganisms
Solarization stable borosilicate glass and uses thereof
Optical glass suffering little change in refractive index by radiation of light
Alumina-boron carbide ceramics and methods of making and using the same
Preparation of nanocomposites of alumina and titania
Method for preparing 1,3,5-triaminobenzene and hydrolyzing it into high-purity phloroglucinal
Method of making 2-thiols
Calixarene-based guest-host assemblies for guest storage and transfer
Purification of caprolactam
Nitrogen-containing compounds having kinase inhibitory activity and drugs containing the same
Photoprotective cosmetic compositions comprising para-aminobenzalmalonate-substituted s-triazine compounds
Halogen-containing aromatic compound
Spiroazacyclic compounds as monoamine receptor modulators
Organic silicon compound and method for preparing the same
Methods for labeling nucleotides, labeled nucleotides and useful intermediates
Human gene critical to fertility
High level production of arbutin in green plants and microbes
Compounds and methods for treatment of thrombosis
Tumor suppressor designated TS10q23.3
Antibodies that recognize the 85P1B3 protein useful in treatment and detection of cancer
Emulsion particles as reinforcing fillers
Styrenic polymer composites
Process for infusing an alkali metal nitrite into a synthetic resinous material
Sulphonic fluorinated ionomers
Process for incorporating one or more materials into a polymer composition and products produced thereby
Cytotoxic assay and new established cell line of sturgeon origin
Methods of identifying and isolating stem cells and cancer stem cells
Aspartoacylase gene, protein, and methods of screening for mutations associated with Canavan disease
Method for the preparation of L-amino acids from D-amino acids
Method for production of lactic acid
Method and formulation for lyophilizing cultured human cells to preserve RNA and DNA contained in cells for use in molecular biology experiments
Methods for providing bacterial bioagent characterizing information
Method of recycling metallic coated scrap pieces
Diamond electrode for electrolysis
Cathode guidance and perimeter deposition control assembly in electro-metallurgy cathodes
Textiles; Paper
Water-and-oil repellant composition with improved suitability for cold cure
Process for continuously cooking chemical cellulose pulp
Apparatus for paper making and paper surface enhancement
Fixed Constructions
Mobile interface structure with multiple degrees of freedom
Biometric key
Fastener module for portable computers
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Automotive fuel pump with pressure balanced impeller
Cooling system for a seal for turbine vane shrouds
Turbine rotor blade for gas turbine engine
Emergency pitch drive power supply
Methods and apparatus for deicing airfoils or rotor blades
Electro-hydraulic power steering apparatus
Protector for electrical submersible pumps
Method and system for liquid leak detection, notification and removal
Gaseous fluid compressor control system
Regenerative pump having blades received in fluid passage
Cooling fluid pump
Fixing and release systems
Eccentric bracket assembly
Shaft coupling system and method
Continuously variable transmission
Continuously variable transmission apparatus
Two mode electrically variable transmission with equal forward and reverse input-split modal performance
Continuously variable stepped transmission
Additive gearshift with differential gears
Flanged connector for HVAC ducting
Ambient lighting system
Interchangeable adornments for chandeliers and the like
Backlight assembly with improved strength and display device having the same
Turbulence-free laboratory safety enclosure
Tungsten-containing articles and methods for forming the same
Displacement sensor
Inkjet printer ink
Phosphor reactive instrument panel and gauges
Optical encoder
No.sub.x gas sensor method and device
Random access slide stainer with independent slide heating regulation
Integrated CMOS spectrum analyzer for on-chip diagnostics using digital autocorrelation of coarsely quantized signals
Apparatus and method for performing a four-point voltage measurement for an integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for locating and testing a chip
System, apparatus and method for controlling temperature of an integrated circuit under test
Method for processing an integrated circuit
Wireless test system
Methods for manufacturing a thin film magnetic sensor
Reducing antenna boresight error
Test apparatus and control method thereof for use with location based service system capable of optimizing location based service by adjusting maximum antenna range
Shimmed magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and shimming method therefor
Squid detected NMR and MRI at ultralow fields
Method and control device for operating a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus to select appropriate local coils
Common interface architecture for horizontal directional drilling machines and walk-over guidance systems
Photochromic optical waveguides and method for the preparation thereof
Blind mate optical connector
Optoelectronic transceiver
Eyeglass with MP3 player
Method for preparing the reactive tinting compound and the tinted contact lens
Connect/disconnect mechanism for a surveillance camera head
Optical device and projector
Lighting unit and projector including the same
Processes for producing silane monomers and polymers and photoresist compositions comprising same
Fluorinated polymers, photoresists and processes for microlithography
Fluorinated photoresist materials with improved etch resistant properties
Method of imaging
Exposure method and apparatus
Toner for electrophotography, and image fixing process, image forming process, image forming apparatus and process cartridge using the same
Toner comprising core layer and shell layer
Method and system for limiting the current output by a speed controller operating according to a U/F control law
Low drop-out voltage regulator with enhanced frequency compensation
Current stabilization circuit, current stabilization method, and solid-state imaging apparatus
Switching regulator with programmable output levels using a single input pin
Cashless gaming system: apparatus and method
Techniques for implementing hardwired decoders in differential input circuits
Radio-frequency mixer arrangement
Server and client for improving three-dimensional air excursion and method and programs thereof
Acceleration-based theft detection system for portable electronic devices
Article management apparatus and information processing methods
Identity booklet with a radiofrequency identification device
Human body detection sensor
Fire alarm system with method of building occupant evacuation
Gas or fire detector with alarm annuciator having a metallic screen antenna
False alarm reduction in security systems using weather sensor and control panel logic
Synthetically generated sound cues
Variable candela strobe with constant trigger voltage
Educational medium for teaching children to interact with and recognize objects
Optical dispersion system
Cold cathode type flat panel display
Light emitting device
Aligning method under electric field for ferroelectric liquid crystal and liquid crystal display using the same
Liquid crystal display device having an improved backlight
Human interface system
Display device, electronic appliance and camera
Coordinate input device
Keyboard apparatus
Control apparatus with operator member controllable by reactive force
Previous event feedback system for electronic player piano systems
Power source for re-circulation pump and method of controlling the same
Abrasion resistant electrical wire
Electrical wire and method of fabricating the electrical wire
Noncontact coupler
Unitized chemically etched tungsten electrode
UV water disinfector
Collector for EUV light source
Systems and methods for deflecting plasma-generated ions to prevent the ions from reaching an internal component of an EUV light source
Scanning electron microscope
Holey mirror arrangement for dual-energy e-beam inspector
Light emitting device provided with electrically conductive members having high thermal conductivity for thermal radiation
Discharge tube
Laser irradiation method and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Advanced process control of thermal oxidation processes, and systems for accomplishing same
Sealed three dimensional metal bonded integrated circuits
Method for manufacturing ferroelectric capacitor, method for manufacturing ferroelectric memory, ferroelectric capacitor and ferroelectric memory
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor component that inhibits formation of wormholes
Semiconductor-on-insulator silicon wafer
Method of manufacturing MOS devices with reduced fringing capacitance
Safety plugs for cylindrical openings
Method for manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method for fabricating memory components
High-yield single-level gate charge-coupled device design and fabrication
Small grain size, conformal aluminum interconnects and method for their formation
Method for connecting an integrated circuit to a substrate and corresponding circuit arrangement
Semiconductor device having different metal silicide portions and method for fabricating the semiconductor device
Die stacking scheme
Method of processing a substrate
Processes for forming electronic devices including a semiconductor layer
Post-ESL porogen burn-out for copper ELK integration
Interconnects with interlocks
Method of forming highly conductive semiconductor structures via plasma etch
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Cyclic olefin polymers and catalyst for semiconductor applications
Methods of forming integrated circuitry
Connector drawer
Methods to form electronic devices and methods to form a material over a semiconductive substrate
Method of forming vertical sub-micron CMOS transistors on (110), (111), (311), (511), and higher order surfaces of bulk, soi and thin film structures
Semiconductor fabrication process, lateral PNP transistor, and integrated circuit
Method for fabricating a semiconductor product with a memory area and a logic area
Methods of forming a capacitor
Structure and method for thin box SOI device
Reduced footprint packaged microelectronic components and methods for manufacturing such microelectronic components
Liquid solder thermal interface material contained within a cold-formed barrier and methods of making same
Underfill material to reduce ball limiting metallurgy delamination and cracking potential in semiconductor devices
Switch matrix circuit, logical operation circuit, and switch circuit
Solid state light detector
SRAM memories and microprocessors having logic portions implemented in high-performance silicon substrates and SRAM array portions having field effect transistors with linked bodies and method for making same
Devices containing platinum-iridium films and methods of preparing such films and devices
Method for modifying the impedance of semiconductor devices using a focused heating source
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Light active sheet material
Method and process intermediate for electrostatic discharge protection in flat panel imaging detectors
Lateral type semiconductor device
Insulated gate tunnel-injection device having heterojunction and method for manufacturing the same
Broad spectrum solar cell
Solid-state image pickup device and method for producing the same
Miniaturized semiconductor device with improved dielectric properties
Feed through structure for optical semiconductor package
Acoustic driver assembly with restricted contact area
Acoustic driver assembly with restricted contact area
Micro-positioning device
Piezoelectric oscillator, manufacturing method therefor, mobile phone apparatus using piezoelectric oscillator, and electronic apparatus using piezoelectric oscillator
Method to selectively increase the top resistance of the lower programming electrode in a phase-change memory cell and structures obtained thereby
Thin film transistor array substrate and method of fabricating the same
Mechanical and thermal improvements in metal hydride batteries, battery modules, and battery packs
Impedance circuit, and filter circuit, amplifier circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit, electronic component, and wireless communications device using the same
Micro-electro mechanical switch designs
Directional coupler
Antenna device
Connection carrier and method for joining the connection carrier to an injection-molded part
Connector insert for preventing contamination
Electrical connector with strain relief features
Land grid array connector without undesired engagement
Patch panel with tracer
Contact connection adapter for producing an intermittent electrical contact between two plugs
Linear motor, stage apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Method and apparatus for increasing AC motor torque output at low frequency
System and method for braking a motor of a propulsion unit
Techniques for controlling on-chip termination resistance using voltage range detection
Multi-pole current mirror filter
Apparatus and method for controlling adaptive circuits
Transmission line impedance matching
Microelectromechanical apparatus and methods for surface acoustic wave switching
Cooking stove
Single and composite binary and multi-valued logic functions from gates and inverters
Adjustable data loading circuit with dynamic test mode switching for testing programmable integrated circuits
Versatile logic element and logic array block
Transmitter circuit, receiver circuit, interface circuit, and electronic instrument
Tracking unity gain for edge rate and timing control
Word line driver with reduced leakage current
Efficient implementations of the threshold-2 function
Flip-flop circuit having majority-logic circuit
Digital phase-locked loop circuit
Modulation system
Hand-held communication device having navigation key-based predictive text entry
Hardware efficient implementation of finite impulse response filters with limited range input signals
Method for enlarging the interference-free dynamic range of non-linear signal processing components
Communication system and method including communication channel mobility
Display device
Discharge-lamp control device
Expired Patents Due To Time
American flag hat
Sun visor with curve shape band
Footwear sole
Tread surface
Waterproof glove with detachable cleaning pads
Side element of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Element of a shoe upper
Footwear upper portion
Medication dispenser
Wooden basket
Carrying case for a handset
Emergency tool kit radio
Wooden basket
Wrist and ankle wallet
Combined luggage and seat
Carrying case
Protective carrying case for a laptop computer
Tri-athlete sport utility bag
Storage case
Product packaging for sporting equipment
Camera case
Transport case for portable expanding file folders
Stacking thread storage tray apparatus
CD case
Moulded plastic bulk container
Protective corner strip for a suitcase
Electric toothbrush head
Telephone toothbrush handle
Walkie-talkie toothbrush handle
Paintbrush handle
Paper towel
Lounge chair
Bed frame
Two-seating table and chair
Chair base
Collapsible swivel chair
Compact disc holder
Storing station for roll containers
Towel bar
Display rack
Shelving unit
Shelf-liner and insert for wire rack shelving
Linen cabinet
Case for DVD disk
Element for furniture post
Arm for a chair
Chair armrest
Elevated binder bin
Table base
Suspended storage structure
Mobile adapted to display multiple photographs vertically and/or horizontally off a metal arc armature
Personal accessory suspension device
Hanger attachment
Mat with pillow and body portion
Contoured rigid vane for architectural covering
Display stand for plants
Beverage dispenser
Beverage tasting vessel
Filter lid for pitcher
Mug with character-supporting handle cover
Barbecue fork
Football-shaped pizza screen
Strainer lid
Strainer barrier for fruits and vegetables
Tapered handle for cooking utensils
Napkin holder
Barbecue tongs
Omelette spatula
Cup-holder insert with three receptacle combo carrier
Chimney starter
Stem for an article of stemware
Household can opener
Foil cutter
Mug handle
Foldable trowel
Delta grinder
Hanging plant bracket
Guidewire retention clip
Extension arm tool for unloading sizeable objects from pickup truck bed
Tool handle with holder
Plum blossom shaped ratchet wrench
Hook rack
Extendable spline-drive socket assembly
Expansion joint rail
Accessory bracket
Twister bit
Elongate channel member
Distributing end ring
Slide hammer
Outside paddle assembly for road vehicles
Lip-engaging trailer lock
Dial for a lock
Key blank
Athletic equipment hanger
Door stay for furniture
Combined folding crank handle and cover assembly for a casement window operator
Cow bottle
Upper portion of a bottle
Pill dispenser
Combined bottle and cap
Container for perfumes and cosmetic products
Container for perfumes and cosmetic products
Compressed fabric article package having a tooth shape
Nested containers
Packaging container for food
Compressed fabric article package having a bowling pin shape
Beverage can cap
Watch with perforated bracelet
Mount of a watch face
Wrist watch
Street parking meter
Combined gas cap and octane reading device
Wind vane
Penta square tool
Bridge pressure sensor
Scale with visual and audio readouts
Electronic article surveillance tag
Parking stall bumper with removable cover
Jewelry setting
Jewelry worn in the navel
Precious stone
Jewelry setting
Hanging basket
Hanging flower pot
Legged flower pot
Housing for latches and locks
Vehicle body
Truck vehicle cab
Catering trailer
Mini bicycle
Bicycle frame
Rear-steer vehicle
Electric mobility scooter
Tire tread
Vehicle wheel front face
Vehicle wheel
Vehicle wheel
Wheel for motor vehicle
Vehicle wheel
Vehicle front bumper
Front exterior of a steering wheel
Tailgate hold downs
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Charger for cellular phone battery
Power supply
Electrical connector
Electrical signal cable connector
Plug for a decorative light string
Wire winding box
Remote control
Ten position power socket connector
Remote controller for insulin pump
Pin connector with pin and socket type aligners
Equipment stand
Socket connector with central signal sockets
Electrical connector
Compact disc recorder
Combined disc player and amplifier
CD player
Portable keyboard
Supporting frame
Mouse with side gap
Key configuration for a controller
Padded ergonomic support
Pivoting mouse pad wrist rest for computer users
Imaging device
Handle for a mobile computing device
Portable handheld terminal housing
Connector device for a smart card
Storage device
Housing having an electrical connector for attachment of additional memory to a hand-held computer
Combined television and base
Portable communications device
Recorder for a cellular telephone
Portable wireless telephone
Cord-bound telephone handpiece
Telephone handset
Telephone handset
Audio system display
Outboard cowling
Load gate
Tractor headlight bezel
Deck surface
Lawnmower with rechargeable battery
Articulated telehandler
Combination double edger blade adapter
Container for molten metals
Discharge portion of a liquid filament dispensing valve
Torque limiter
Spray shield for waterjet systems
Combined monitor, video tape recorder and video camera
Front pad of eyeglasses
Unit for inspecting a surface
Music keyboard with arched termination
Coin sorter
Global time indicator
Cash drawer
Ink cartridge
Ink tank for printer
Ink cartridge
Auxiliary sheet feeder for an inkjet printing mechanism
Refrigerator magnet
Housing for a ring binder mechanism
Cap for a writing instrument
Pencil sharpener
Pencil sharpener
Writing instrument
Writing instrument
Electronic drawing apparatus
Writing instrument with a cap
Tissue box cover with swivel base
Registration pocket
Snack container dispenser
Jewel setting craft toy
Games' carpet
Interconnectable play cube
Toy car
Deck of religious playing cards
Plush toy plane hand puppet
Console for a gaming apparatus
Activity desk for a child
Portable game machine
Golf putter head
Ski fitted scooter
Golfing aid
Golf putting practice device
Hand held exercise device
Table tennis pedestal
Exercise bicycle monoframe
Basketball goal cover
Racquet throat
Gaming device display
Inflatble slide
Firearm recoil pad
Spring-loaded fishing rod holder
Fishing jig body
Lever handle
Tank cover
Faucet handle
Oil filter
Water spray gun
Solenoid-driven pilot valve
Single handle faucet
Lever handle
Faucet handle
Faucet handle
Tissue paper holder
Heated toilet seat
Toilet seat cover
Shower heater cover
Air purifier
Filter element having an inlet grid
Air freshener
Air freshener for an automobile
Cover for a transport temperature control unit
Air compressor for car use
Enviro-guard controller unit
Faucet body
Injector needle driver
Ballast housing for lighting fixture
Wall lamp support
Male condom harness
Liquid and lotion applicator
Liquid and lotion applicator
Hand-held electric hair dryer
Hair iron
Lip gloss palette
Top cap of cosmetic container
Inhaler device
Human Necessities
Method and apparatus for dependent segmentation and paging processing
Method and apparatus for entering an item name into a self-service checkout terminal
Method for setting the measuring state of a haemadynamometer
Measuring device and method of controlling same
Medical imaging system with controlled image storage in memories
Inventory management system and method
Electronic television program guide schedule system and method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for measuring the contact force in a power collector
Pedestal monitor
Acoustic emission monitor, method and memory media for solid material processing machinery
System and method for simulating operations of an instrument
Arrangement for offset compensation of two orthogonal test signals
Method for operating a position measuring system and position measuring system for the purpose
Mobile testing facility and method thereof
Internal guardband for semiconductor testing
High and low voltage measurement in waveform analysis
Testing system for performing an operation of an application which controls testing equipment for testing a device under test and method for controlling the same
Test system and test method for testing the operability of test samples
Method for determining the location of a partial discharge
Circuit for checking a tristate detection circuit
System and method to reduce scan test pins on an integrated circuit
Method of and system for generating a binary shmoo plot in N-dimensional space
Optimization with ruin recreate
Distributed control system including a compact easily-extensible and serviceable field controller
Password protection for computer docking station
Power saving of a portable computer using human sensing device
Bi-level power saver method for portable or laptop computer
Critical signal thread
Information storage controller for controlling the reading/writing of information to and from a plurality of magnetic disks and an external device
System and method for disk mapping and data retrieval
Continuously available computer memory systems
Apparatus and method for debugging source code
System and method for distributed data collection and storage
Optimized function execution for a multiprocessor computer system
Decoupled address and data access to an SDRAM
Accessing beyond memory address range of commodity operating system using enhanced operating system adjunct processor interfaced to appear as RAM disk
Queue-less and state-less layered local data cache mechanism
Removal of posted operations from cache operations queue
Cache flush unit
Data transfer state machines
Method and apparatus for reducing latency in set-associative caches using set prediction
Method and system for managing speculative requests in a multi-level memory hierarchy
Hierarchical fully-associative-translation lookaside buffer structure
Translation lookaside buffer for virtual memory systems
Apparatus comprising a translation lookaside buffer for graphics address remapping of virtual addresses
Cooperative cache and rotational positioning optimization (RPO) scheme for a direct access storage device (DASD)
Method for computer implemented hot-swap and hot-add
I/O pass through for a distributed computer system
Large capacity data storage systems using redundant buses
Accurate timing calibration for each of multiple high-speed clocked receivers using a single DLL
Buffer re-ordering system
System and method for managing device driver logical state information in an information handling system
Method to track agents after a loss of state event
Method and system for scheduling transactions over a half duplex link
System and apparatus including lowest priority logic to select a processor to receive an interrupt message
Direct memory access controller and method therefor
System and method for coupling peripheral buses through a serial bus using a split bridge implementation
Method and apparatus for robust addressing on a dynamically configurable bus
Memory card
Feedback control for termination adjustment
Split computer architecture to separate user and processor while retaining original user interface
Apparatus and method for controlling timing of transfer requests within a data processing apparatus
AGP clock start/stop detection circuit
Pipelined packet-oriented memory system having a unidirectional command and address bus and a bidirectional data bus
Hardware/software system for instruction profiling and trace selection using branch history information for branch predictions
Metering of internet content using a control
Pipelined high speed data transfer mechanism
Method for executing individual algorithms using a reconfigurable circuit, and apparatus for carrying out the method
Method and apparatus for providing thread-specific computer system parameters
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for persisting objects in a relational database
Representation and processing of EDI mapping templates
Translating apparatus, dictionary search apparatus, and translating method
Method and mechanism for duration-based management of temporary LOBs
Method and apparatus for obtaining storage information from a transaction log
Method for grouping of dynamic schema data using XML
System and method for focussed web crawling
Method of cloning the file system of a window web operating system by using a bitmap file
Two stage automated electronic messaging system
Data warehouse programs architecture
Hot spot analysis of IMS databases
Network repository service directory for efficient web crawling
Portable browsing interface for information retrieval
Network repository service for efficient web crawling
System for efficient content-based retrieval of images
Computer system and computer implemented method for translation of information into multiple media variations
Registration of object factories under multiple interface names
System and method for finding information in a distributed information system using query learning and meta search
System and method for performing automated dynamic dialogue generation
System for modifying a database using a transaction log
Method for recording and reproducing the browsing activities of an individual web browser
System for quantifying intensity of connotative meaning
Method and system for utilizing machine translation as input correction
Online modifications of dimension structures in multidimensional processing
Object oriented data access and analysis system
Dynamic scalable lock mechanism
Network accounting and billing system and method
Information retrieval and speech recognition based on language models
Clean-up of files in a network system
Circuit designing method for semiconductor device and computer-readable medium
Design rule checking tools and methods that use waiver layout patterns to waive unwanted dimensional check violations
Efficient method for modeling three-dimensional interconnect structures for frequency-dependent crosstalk simulation
Method and apparatus for optimizing trace lengths to maximize the speed of a clocked bus
"J" system for securing a portable computer which optionally requires an entry of an invalid power on password (POP), by forcing an entry of a valid POP
System and method for using internet based caller ID for controlling access to an object stored in a computer
Multi-volume, write-behind data storage in a distributed processing system
Method and system for reporting disk utilizations for disk subsystems
Object-oriented prioritized work thread pool
Floating point unit pipeline synchronized with processor pipeline
Apparatus and method for performing intra-add operation
Data processor instruction system for grouping instructions with or without a common prefix and data processing system that uses two or more instruction grouping methods
Processor, loop program control device and multiprocessor system
Address converting circuit utilizing string comparison and carry information calculation
Method of locating software objects in different containers
Reference attributes within an object-oriented system
Software implementation installer mechanism
Automatic upgrade of software
Device handling system and method
Method and apparatus for selective excution of a computer program
Host device equipped with means for starting a process in response to detecting insertion of a storage media
Method of testing computer system with hard disk
Method of remotely executing computer processes
Global sideband service distributed computing method
Method and apparatus for synchronizing nodes in massively parallel systems
System and method for finding preempted threads in a multi-threaded application
Method and system for interrupt handling using system pipelined packet transfers
Integrated system management memory for system management interrupt handler independent of BIOS and operating system
Isochronous task scheduling structure for a non-real-time operating system
Error derived scores for detection systems
Document storage and processing system for inventors that utilize timestamps and digital signatures
Method and apparatus for negotiating contract terms for execution of a mobile software agent on a host computer
Method and apparatus for providing availability of airline seats
System and method for aggregating multiple buyers utilizing conditional purchase offers (CPOS)
Methods and apparatus for disseminating product information via the internet using universal product codes
System, method, and computer program product for valuating weather-based financial instruments
Scoring methodology for purchasing card fraud detection
Method and apparatus for pitch determination of a low bit rate digital voice message
Synthesis of high-pitched sounds
Method and system for adaptive speech recognition in a noisy environment
Quantization using frequency and mean compensated frequency input data for robust speech recognition
Smart correction of dictated speech
Method and apparatus for dynamic segmentation of a low bit rate digital voice message
System and method for effectively implementing fixed masking thresholds in an audio encoder device
Frequency domain interpolative speech codec system
Integrated circuit memory and method for transferring data using a volatile memory to buffer data for a nonvolatile memory array
Process for automatic documentation of the operation of programming the memory of a programmable controller
Electronic circuit interconnection system using a virtual mirror cross over package
Data transmission using arithmetic coding based continuous error detection
State transfer with throw-away thread
Communication packet including a multicast address and a destination address different than an equivalent to the multicast address
Managing conditions in a network
Hybrid fiber/coax video and telephony communication
Communication network
Reconfigurable matrix switch for managing the physical layer of local area network
Line error checking circuit for an electric data transmission system
Management of authentication discovery policy in a computer network
Method and apparatus for coordination of client/server processes
Automatically verifying the feasibility of network management policies
Data transfer protocol flow controller and method
Messaging processing system and method
Use of a client meta-cache for realistic high-level web server stress testing with minimal client footprint
Method for synchronizing network address translator (NAT) tables using the open shortest path first opaque link state advertisement option protocol
On-demand system enabling control of power-on/off of on-demand server
Multimedia clent and server
Method and apparatus for preprocessing for peripheral erroneous data
Intelligent call switching node in an intelligent distributed network architecture
Thermal module inspecting device
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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