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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Methods and compositions related to improving properties of pharmacological agents targeting nervous system
Use of 2,5-dihydroxybenzene derivatives for treating actinic keratosis
4-substituted pyridin-3-yl-carboxamide compounds and methods of use
Devices for improved wound management
Pharmaceutical forms, and methods of making and using the same
Substituted imidazo- and triazolopyrimidines, imidazo- and pyrazolopyrazines and imidazotriazines
Attenuated FNR deficient enterobacteria
Assembly for presenting and preparing a puffed composition
Anti-proliferative and anti-inflammatory agent combination for treatment of vascular disorders with an implantable medical device
Use of 2,5-dihydroxybenzenesulfonic acid in the manufacturing of medicines, applicable to the treatment of angiodependent diseases
Method of inhibiting AB-type bacterial toxins and treatment for associated diseases
Heterocyclic compound
Beta-2-adrenoreceptor agonists
Azole compounds used as tuberculostatic and leishmanicide agents
Diaryl ethers
Heterocyclic alkanol derivatives
Pyridinopyridinone derivatives, preparation thereof and therapeutic use thereof
Production process of optically active 3-quinuclidinol derivative
Cyclohexyl-azetidinyl antagonists of CCR2
Method for increasing the activity of lysosomal enzymes
Pyrazol-4-yl-heterocyclyl-carboxamide compounds and methods of use
Imidazopyridin-2-one derivatives
Methods and compositions for increasing the activity of inhibitory RNA
Method for producing pectin hydrolysis products
Composition for soft contact lens and adsorption suppressing method
Second run ginseng wine
Inhibition of migration and induction of cell death by the type II collagen amino propeptides
Method and composition for transdermal drug delivery
Processing of recombinant human G-CSF precursor
Poly-N-acetyl glucosamine (PNAG/dPNAG)-binding peptides and methods of use thereof
Mini-hepcidin peptides and methods of using thereof
Pure vancomycin hydrochloride
Sustained release composition containing SDF-1
Peptide complex
Use of modified extracellular matrix proteins in diagnosis and treatment of atherosclerosis
Fusion proteins of HIV regulatory/accessory proteins
Delivery system for cytotoxic drugs by bispecific antibody pretargeting
Combinations of immunosuppressive agents for the treatment or prevention of graft rejections
Antibodies against nerve growth factor (NGF) with enhanced in vivo stability
Platelet derived growth factor receptor supports cytomegalovirus infectivity
Anti-hepsin antibodies and methods using same
NOTCH1 receptor antibodies and methods of treatment
Prostate-specific antigen-derived MHC class II restricted peptides and their use in vaccines to treat or prevent prostate cancer
Characterization of granulocytic Ehrlichia and methods of use
Initiator system with biphenylene derivates, method of production and use thereof
Pharmaceutical compositions and oral dosage forms of a levodopa prodrug and methods of use
Ultrasound enhancement of drug release across non-ionic surfactant membranes
Bioresorbable polymer matrices and methods of making and using the same
Nanoparticle clusters and methods for forming same
Dental repair material
Particle beam irradiation apparatus and particle beam irradiation method
Treating neoplasms with neurotoxin
Performing Operations; Transporting
Air pollution solution to the problem of opacity in coal fired power plant stack emissions
Method for preparing oxidation catalyst and catalysts prepared by the method
Ammonia oxidation catalysts
Composite ceria-coated aerogels and methods of making the same
Dual-zeolite catalyst for production of ethylbenzene
Lanthanide doped nanocrystalline ceria coating for increasing oxidation resistance of stainless steel and associated methods
Sealing technique for decreasing the time it takes to hermetically seal a device and the resulting hermetically sealed device
Lignite-based foundry resins
Thermal nucleus fusion torch method
Method for joining two rotationally symmetrical metal parts by tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, and a device for carrying out the method
Coated glass and method for making the same
Antisapstain compositions comprising a haloalkynl compound, an azole and an unsaturated acid
Polymeric blend providing improved oxygen resistance
Metal moulding and method for producing it
Thermal degradation and crack resistant functionally graded cemented tungsten carbide and polycrystalline diamond
Scratch resistant coated glass article including carbide layer(s) resistant to fluoride-based etchant(s)
Carbon nanotube transparent films
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Mixed-metal oxides precipitated with supercritical CO.sub.2
Redox material for thermochemical water splitting, and method for producing hydrogen
Dispersions of submicron doped silicon particles
Process for supplying a fuel cell with hydrogen by means of silanes or polysilanes
Method for the preparation of Li.sub.1+.alpha.V.sub.3O.sub.8
Azeotrope-like composition of hexafluoropropane, hexafluoropropene and hydrogen fluoride
Integrated process to co-produce 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluoropropane, trans-1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene and trans-1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene
Processes for upgrading fischer-tropsch condensate olefins by alkylation of hydrocrackate
Process for making 1,1,1,4,4,4-Hexafluoro-2-butene
Naphthalene-based inhibitors of anti-apoptotic proteins
Noncrystalline form of fluorene derivative and process for preparation thereof
2-amino-2-phenyl-alkanol derivatives, preparation thereof, and pharmaceutical compositions containing same
Process for preparation of solifenacin and/or the pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof of high pharmaceutical purity
Process for preparing 1,4-bishydroxyethylpiperazine
Process for the preparation of prostaglandin analogues and intermediates thereof
Stimuli responsive compound, stimuli responsive compound polymer, actuator and method for manufacturing stimuli responsive compound
Conformationally restrained epothilone analogues as anti-leukemic agents
Macrocyclic pyrimidine derivatives
Imidazoquinolines with immuno-modulating properties
Photocharge separation using supramolecular complex of .pi.-electron type extended viologen derivative and porphyrin
Process for preparing 2-methyl-1-(2-methylpropyl)-1H-imidazo[4,5-c][1,5]naphthyridin-4-amine
Boron compounds, their production processes, and functional electronic devices using same
Strong boron-containing acids, the preparation and use thereof
Anion exchange membrane
7,2''-dehydrate puerarin and its salts, preparation method and use thereof
Arabidopsis derived promoters for regulation of plant expression
Peptide-based immunization therapy for treatment of atherosclerosis
Antibodies against interleukin-18 binding protein, their preparation and use
Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase-2 antibodies
Composition and polymer
Responsive materials for isolating organic compounds
Curable compositions with moisture-curable functionality clusters near the chain ends
Process for producing modified polymer rubber
Materials, methods for production thereof and components thereof
Polymer polyols and polymer dispersions made from vegetable oil-based hydroxyl-containing materials
Resin composition for adhesive sheet and adhesive sheet using the composition for flexible printed circuit board
Aqueous floor polishing composition
Substrate material for high speed optical discs
Photoactive materials
Methods for separation and conditioning of products containing super absorbent polymers
Aerogel, and composition and method for manufacture of the aerogel
Powder coating compositions, mid-gloss range coatings, related methods and substrates
Two-component high gloss semi-permanent water based release agent for polyester substrates
Artificial marble, and system and method of producing artificial marble
Artificial marble
Formulation and method for preparing gels comprising hydrous cerium oxide
Catalyst based on an organic-inorganic hybrid support and its use in hydrorefining and hydroconversion
Reduced friction lubricating oils containing functionalized carbon nanomaterials
Hydrogen peroxide based cleaning, sanitizing, deodorizing and scale inhibiting solution
Customizable and renewable nanostructured interface for bioelectronic applications
Plant artificial chromosome platforms via telomere truncation
Controlled laser treatment for non-invasive tissue alteration, treatment and diagnostics with minimal collateral damage
Creation of a biological atrioventricular bypass to compensate for atrioventricular block
Polypeptides and biosynthetic pathways for the production of monatin and its precursors
Gene encoding lignan methyltransferase and use thereof
Fermentation of a lignocellulose-containing material
Systems for expression of heterologous proteins in M. capsulatus
DNA encoding antibody molecules which bind human IL-17
Anionic acid-labile surfactants and methods of use
Primers for the rapid and specific detection of propane-oxidizing and butane-oxidizing microorganisms and methods of using same
Method and kit for detection/quantification of target RNA
Markers for viral infections and other inflammatory responses
Method for forming carbon nanotube
Method of inspecting a substrate and method of preparing a substrate for lithography
Method for HLA typing
Textiles; Paper
Water-dispersible and multicomponent fibers from sulfopolyesters
Wear-resisting surface structure
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Energy generation plant driven by wind or water currents
Illumination assembly including wavelength converting material having spatially varying density
Fluorescence detecting apparatus, and fluorescence detecting method
System and method for fluid sample analysis having a laser with a port for controlling access to an extended cavity
Applications and methods of operating a three-dimensional nano-electro-mechanical resonator and related devices
Colorimetric test for antimalarial artemesin derivatives
Method for collecting metal
Ectonucleotidase pyrophosphate/phosphodiestrase-1 (ENPP-1) as a target for the treatment of aortic valve stenosis and cardiovascular calcification
Gene polymorphisms predictive for dual TKI therapy
Method of diagnosing the presence of a tumor in a mammal by assessing CDO expression levels
Methods and compositions for treating bleeding disorders
Multifunctional nanoscopy for imaging cells
Detectors and systems and methods of using them in imaging and dosimetry
DOI type radiation detector
Compositions and methods for determining directionality of radiation
Method for taking gamma-gamma density measurements
Filter wheel assembly for downhole spectroscopy
Method of processing an optical element and an optical element, in particular for a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus
Methods of correcting optical parameters in photomasks
Magenta toner for light fixing, developer for electrostatic image, developer cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Toners made from latexes
Optical recording medium and recording material for the same
Information recording medium
Electronic apparatus
Wind mill power flow control with dump load and power converter
Gallium nitride light emitting devices on diamond
Method of manufacturing a substrate for liquid ejection head
Fabrication of phosphor free red and white nitride-based LEDs
Double self-aligned metal oxide TFT
Method for fabricating InGaAlN light emitting device on a combined substrate
Method for manufacturing evaporation donor substrate and light-emitting device
Enhancement of ultraviolet curing of tensile stress liner using reflective materials
Method and apparatus for forming a thin lamina
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device, and semiconductor device and electronic device
Converting metal mask to metal-oxide etch stop layer and related semiconductor structure
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and a method for manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit device
Stable, concentratable chemical mechanical polishing composition and methods relating thereto
Reverse-conducting semiconductor device and method for manufacturing such a reverse-conducting semiconductor device
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Film forming method for a semiconductor
Post passivation interconnection schemes on top of IC chips
Method and system for extracting samples after patterning of microstructure devices
Top electrode templating for DRAM capacitor
HBT with configurable emitter
Hollow sealing structure and manufacturing method for hollow sealing structure
Stub minimization using duplicate sets of signal terminals in assemblies without wirebonds to package substrate
Semiconductor package with its surface edge covered by resin
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Reprogrammable circuit board with alignment-insensitive support for multiple component contact types
Image sensors with photo-current mode and solar cell operation
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Layer having functionality, method for forming flexible substrate having the same, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Silicon light emitting diode, silicon optical transistor, silicon laser and its manufacturing method
Detecting element, detecting device, and oxygen concentration test device
Structure and method for a high-speed semiconductor device having a Ge channel layer
Molecular electronic device fabrication methods and structures
Thin-film transistor fabrication process and display device
Light emitting diode with a light source suitable structure
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device with trench gate transistors and method for production thereof
Method for reclaiming a surface of a substrate
Nonvolatile floating gate analog memory cell
Semiconductor device including normally-off type junction transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Memory element and memory device
Solid-state image sensing device and camera system using the same
Photoelectric conversion device and imaging system using photoelectric conversion device
Thin-film transistor, manufacturing method therefor, and electronic device using a thin-film transistor
Leadframe package for light emitting diode device
Light-emitting-diode chip comprising a sequence of GaN-based epitaxial layers which emit radiation and a method for producing the same
ZnO-containing semiconductor layer and ZnO-containing semiconductor light emitting device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
OLED including hole-conducting material
Battery ejector and electronic device using the same
Sealed cell with terminal cap and safety valve
Lithium metal phosphate/carbon nanocomposites as cathode active materials for rechargeable lithium batteries
Prismatic battery cell with integrated cooling passages and assembly frame
Cooling apparatus of fuel cell vehicle
Redox-active polymers and their applications
Biological fuel cell and methods
Touch sensor device and touch sensor program
Compressed air energy storage system utilizing two-phase flow to facilitate heat exchange
Method of fabricating circuit board structure
Electromagnetic shielding article and method for manufacturing same
Electromagnetic shielding article and method for manufacturing same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Grin-fiber lens based optical endoscopes
Hand held gaming and data entry system
Wireless electronic libretto display apparatus and method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multiple data layer optical discs for detecting analytes
Process of producing a polarizer, polarizer, polarizing plate, and visual display
Image forming method and image forming apparatus
CD recorder and printer
Thermal printer element tester
Macro uniformity correction for x-y separable non-uniformity
Beam scanning printer
Image forming apparatus with switching elements
Optical recording method, apparatus, system and medium using high-power laser light
Adaptive halftoning method and apparatus
Multi-functional system for demagnetizing ferromagnetic objects
Inflight ice detector to distinguish supercooled large droplet (SLD) icing
Remote activation mechanism for equipment hold down and release
Relay device
Method and apparatus for continuous detection and localization of yarn defects in a yarn sheet traveling in a plane
Articulated MEMS electrostatic rotary actuator
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Removable hard drive with shock isolation
Attachment film for electronic display device
Fixed Constructions
High impact communication and control system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Apparatus and structure for rapid enablement
Piezoelectric injector drive circuit
Compressor terminal fault interruption method and apparatus
Hydrodynamic bearing and disk apparatus
Digital filtering of DTV I-F signal to avoid low-end boost of the baseband signal resulting from in-phase synchrodyne
Carrier shape measurement device
Measurement apparatus
Three-dimensional shape and color detecting apparatus
Crystal based fringe generator system
Support apparatus for optical wave interferometer reference plate
Digital phase modulator
Bird's-eye view forming method, map display apparatus and navigation system
Sun meter and method of operation
Low coherent reflectometer
Lens-evaluating method and lens-evaluating apparatus
Lens evaluation method and lens-evaluating apparatus
Wheel bearing temperature indicator
Method and apparatus for classifying defects occurring at or near a surface of a smooth substrate
Detection of scattered light from particles
Method and apparatus for detecting radiation
Method and apparatus for inspecting DNA and method for detecting fluorescence
Apparatus, method, and system for analyzing samples using triboluminescent technology
Measurement of paper or board
Multi-color machine vision system
Method for inspecting exposure apparatus
Method for reserving network resources using a hierarchical/segment tree for starting and ending times of request
Arrangement for generating multiple clocks in field programmable gate arrays of a network test system
Magnetic tunnel element and its manufacturing method, thin-film magnetic head, magnetic memory and magnetic sensor
System and method for providing improved services in a geographic-based network system
Optical system
Prism optical element, image observation apparatus and image display apparatus
Microscope system with continuous autofocus
Actuator for dual-axis rotation micromirror
Light modulation element, GLV device, and laser display
Micromirror actuator
TIR prism system for DMD and projector adopting the same
Optical image scanner with lens arrays that are non-perpendicular to the image being scanned
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
System and method for manufacturing an assembly including a housing and a window member therein
Diffractive optical element and optical system having the same
Brightness enhancement film
Holographic displays
Fiber optic isolator for use with multiple-wavelength optical signals
Control apparatus and control method of optical signal exchanger
Binary optical interconnection
Optical component with signal amplification
Axially displaceable aligning mount for optical components, and method for its manufacture
Optical-position adjusting device for optical unit
TV lens control apparatus
Semiconductor optical modulator and semiconductor optical device
Metal backing plate structure for a liquid crystal display module
Light modulating eyewear assembly
Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
Electro-optical device, inspection method therefor, and electronic equipment
Method for fabricating an array substrate for a liquid crystal display with an insulating stack made from TFT layers between crossed conductors
Thin film transistor array substrate
Wavelength selecting module and wavelength selecting apparatus
Multi-domain vertical alignment liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device having solder resist structure and method of making the same
Liquid crystal display device having uniform feedthrough voltage components
Ferroelectric liquid crystal display
Multi-functional optical device utilizing multiple polarization beam splitters and non-linear interferometers
Method and apparatus for configuring quantum mechanical state, and communication method and apparatus using the same
Rear projection screen
Photographic processing apparatus
Software determination of led brightness and exposure
Apparatus, system, and method for precision positioning and alignment of a lens in an optical system
EUV condenser with non-imaging optics
Color image processing apparatus capable of detecting a color or monochromatic image
Multicolor electronic holography and 3D image projection system
Miniature electronic device
Port replicator
Evaporator with air cooling backup
Method and system for supporting multiple cache configurations
Distributed, highly configurable modular predecoding
Method and system for mapping color to texture in a copier
Upgrading an integrated graphics subsystem
Program for graphic priority editing
Method for flagging and relating information in a computer system
Wireless interface device for communicating with a remote host computer
Method of transmitting data among a plurality of LSIs, and recording medium reproducing apparatus using the method
Keyboard apparatus
Method and means for editing input text
Two-axis ball-based cursor control apparatus with magnetic force induced tactile feedback
Method of displaying objects in a virtual 3-dimensional space
Pointer memory for improved selection accuracy
Input method using pointing device and portable information terminal with function thereof
Coordinate position inputting/detecting device, a method for inputting/detecting the coordinate position, and a display board system
Integrated digitizing tablet and color display apparatus and method of operation
Method and apparatus for performing knowledge level conversion of hierarchical charts created as a learning aid
Image signal generating apparatus, image display unit, and control method enabling display of multiple images from a standard image signal
Printing device control apparatus and method
Printing device control apparatus and method
Generating a glyph
Image processing method and device
Display system including a microcircuit card and a reader
Systems and methods for providing improved two pass resampling
Methods and systems for hinting fonts
Extended precision visual system
Combined floating-point logic core and frame buffer
Methods and apparatus for facilitating the sharing of computer graphics operations
Image processing apparatus for displaying three-dimensional image
Multi-dimensional image system for digital image input and output
Image-based virtual reality player with integrated 3D graphics objects
Hardware-implemented cellular automata system and method
Method and apparatus for rendering shadows
Z-buffer based interpenetrating object detection for antialiazing
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, semiconductor device, computer program and recording medium
Simple soft creases for subdivision surfaces
System and method for correctly decimating height fields with missing values
Method for recognizing blends in solid models
Method of and apparatus for registering a single dimensional image with a two dimensional reference image
Two-way communication baby monitor with a soothing unit
Traffic sensor
Light indicator
Backlit label with enhanced "off"state appearance
Method of adjusting characteristics of electron source, method of manufacturing electron emission device
Method of addressing a plasma display panel
Method and apparatus for driving liquid crystal display
Circuit and method for driving liquid crystal display device
Driver circuit of a display device
Input device for use in a computer system
Simultaneous projected presentation of client browser display
Display of occluded display elements on a computer display
Back-end image transformation
Acoustic signaling system
Optical pickup device
Magneto-optical storage apparatus having the relation between numerical aperture and recording medium
Magnetic head and data recording and reproduction device
Method and apparatus for calibrating a tape transport servo system
Signal-based tape wrap angle setting for flat contour linear tape recording heads
Disc stack assembly having a clamp plate and a retaining ring to clamp a disc to a spindle motor hub
Driving device and chassis for a disk tray of an optical disk drive
Disk changer type disk player
Disk recording and/or reproducing device with starting and ejection control means
Optical disc drive and method of discriminating various types of optical discs
Push-button speed change device for CD ROM drive
Disc recorder for recording coded data to be reproduced in real time and method of doing the same
Magnetic medium precompensation method and apparatus
Optical disc and optical disc drive
Method of immediate writing or reading files on a disc like recording medium
Disk memory apparatus compensating for temperature in a circuit for monitoring the back electromotive force of a voice coil motor, and method for controlling of a disk memory apparatus
Servo track writer and driving method therefor
Head gimbal assembly with piezoelectric microactuator
Magnetic tape cartridge for housing a reel
Synchronization servo mark detector and method having improved phase error immunity for use in mass data storage device, or the like
Imaging table of contents
System and method of processing MPEG streams for storyboard and rights metadata insertion
Adaptive fly height for error recovery in a disc drive
Servo test method
Disk device with support means
Mounting assembly for data storage devices
Adaptive actuator radial positioning to extend magnetic disk drive longevity
Internal heat dissipater used to reduce slider and write pole thermal protrusion for thin film recording heads
Magnetic head wherein one of multiple insulating layers determines a zero throat level position
Read/write head assembly employing independent read/write shield-pairing and charge-clamped magnetoresistive sensors
Magnetic multilayered films with reduced magnetostriction
Soft magnetic film having high corrosion resistance, magnetic head including the same, and method for making the soft magnetic film
Lapping sensor for recording heads having guide element kept
Magnetic head gimbal assembly and magnetic disk unit
Temperature compensated fly height control
Microactuator with offsetting hinges and method for high-resolution positioning of magnetic read/write head
Intrinsically excitable actuator assembly
Microactuator for dynamic controlling head-media interaction and fly-height
Adaptive pulse shaping method and apparatus for unlatching a VCM in a disc drive
Magnetic disk drive
Servo system with runout compensation for disk drive
Compact servo pattern optimized for M-R heads
Method and system for generating servo position error signals
Disk drive having first-written servo wedge marked and method for forming marked servo wedges
Optical disc having pits of different depth formed therein, optical disc device for reproducing the same, and method of reproduction
Disk device and method for adjusting servo mechanism
Optical integrated device, optical pickup and optical disk apparatus
Optical pick-up
Optical disk unit
Substrate unit for optical head and method for manufacturing the same
Optical memory card in the form of a disk
Method and apparatus for initializing optical recording media
Magnetic random access memory
Magnetic memory device including storage elements exhibiting a ferromagnetic tunnel effect
Memory device reading data according to difference in electrical resistance between selected memory cell and reference cell
Sense amplifier and method for performing a read operation in a MRAM
Method of writing ferroelectric field effect transistor
Methods and apparatus for flexible memory access
Programming a flash memory cell
Charge pump circuit adjustable in response to an external voltage source
CAM cell with interdigitated search and bit lines
Content addressable memory (CAM) devices having speed adjustable match line signal repeaters therein
Dynamic random access memory (DRAM) based content addressable memory (CAM) cell
Content addressable memory device capable of comparing data bit with storage data bit
Molecular wire crossbar flash memory
Flash EEPROM system with simultaneous multiple data sector programming and storage of physical block characteristics in other designated blocks
Semiconductor memory device with shorter signal lines
Semiconductor memory device
Segmented non-volatile memory array with multiple sources having improved source line decode circuitry
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device that can be fabricated with erasure unit modified
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Erase of a non-volatile memory
Voltage regulator with distributed output transistor
DQS postamble noise suppression by forcing a minimum pulse length
Semiconductor memory apparatus
Read amplifier with a low current consumption differential output stage
Burst read addressing in a non-volatile memory device
Method and apparatus for establishing a reference voltage in a memory
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and method of driving the same
Semiconductor memory device capable of generating internal data read timing precisely
Method and device for controlling data latch time
Buffer using two-port memory
Spin-valve thin-film magnetic element suitable for track narrowing and thin-film magnetic head using the same
Current sensor supporting structure
Electrical coil module, an electrical coil comprising such modules, and actuation mechanism including such a coil and a circuit breaker comprising such an actuation mechanism
Capacitor with high voltage breakdown threshold
Double-sided keyboard for use in an electronic device
Electron source, image-forming apparatus comprising the same and method of driving such an image-forming apparatus
Floating gate memory cell, method for fabricating it, and semiconductor memory device
Electrostatic chuck for ion injector
Electrostatic chuck and method of treating substrate using electrostatic chuck
Multilayer ceramic electronic component and manufacturing method thereof
Heat sink with alignment and retaining features
Dissipating heat using a heat conduit
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method for designing the same
Distributive capacitor for high density applications
Means to erase a low voltage programmable and erasable flash EEPROM
Display device
Internal multiband antenna
Miniaturized directional antenna
Compact antenna with circular polarization
Pyramidal-corrugated horn antenna for sector coverage
Antenna arrangement
Dual polarization antenna with low side lobes
Multiple beam antenna using reflective and partially reflective surfaces
Constant beamwidth high gain broadband antenna
Optical transmitting apparatus and an optical transmitting system
Nonlinear polarization amplifiers in nonzero dispersion shifted fiber
Method for increasing dynamic range of erbium doped fiber amplifiers
Depolarized semiconductor laser sources
Protective cover mounting apparatus for a hermetic compressor
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit
Active inductance for ESD parasitic cancellation
Switching power supply with overcurrent protection
Soft start for a synchronous rectifier in a power converter
Apparatus and method for DC/DC converter having high speed and accuracy
Third winding reset forward converter
Low-power low-voltage power supply
DC power supply apparatus for a plasma generating apparatus
Method for controlling a matrix converter
Fault detection system
Inverter for alternating current generator-motor
TV tuner unit having a resonance network
Thermal transmission control of wireless data modem
Fixed frequency interference avoidance enhancement
Method and apparatus for block-based chip timing estimation in a code division multiple access communication system
Interference cancellation in radio stations
Delay interferometer optical pulse generator
Compensation of polarization dependent loss
Channel adaptive fast power control in CDMA
Wave division multiplexing communications system
Method and apparatus for adaptive rate selection in a communication system
Method and apparatus for controlling the flow of data between servers using optimistic transmitter
Optimal allocation of multi-service concentrators
Network load distribution system and network load distribution method
Adaptive transmission channel allocation method and system for ISM and unlicensed frequency bands
Receiver diversity in a communication system
Location-dependent user interface
Adaptive transmission in multi-access asynchronous channels
Method, system, and computer program product for providing voice over the internet communication
LAN communicating apparatus and interface between the same and LAN terminal
Rate adjustable backplane and method for a telecommunications node
Method and apparatus for the synchronization of multiple cable modem termination system devices
Method of dynamic prioritization of time sensitive packets over a packet based network
System and method for providing audio communication over a computer network using differing communication formats
Image scanning apparatus
Image scanner
Image reading apparatus
Providing a payment schedule for utilizing stored images using a designated date
Arithmetic coding-based facsimile compression with error detection
Multi-level semi-vector error diffusion
Image processing using media white point and black point
Reducing quantization errors in imaging systems
Method and apparatus for generating a three-dimensional image on an electronic display device
Three dimensional display emulation method and system
Method and apparatus for photographing fluorescent and reflected-light images
Method of transferring charges for a CCD image-sensing device
Multi-phase readout of signal charge to vertical CCD
Solid-state image sensor
Observation apparatus for observing a defect in a moving target object using scattered light
High-sensitivity storage pixel sensor array having auto-exposure detection
Method and apparatus for processing image signals
System and method of synchronization recovery in the presence of pilot carrier phase rotation for an ATSC-HDTV receiver
Imaging apparatus
Correction of corrupted elements in sensors using analog/multi-level non-volatile memory
Portable electronic computer
Camera control apparatus and method
Drive circuit of plasma display panel unit
System and method for web based enhanced interactive television content page layout
Synchronizing subsystems of an electro-optical system
VSB reception system with enhanced signal detection for processing supplemental data
Method and apparatus for seamless integration of multiple video projectors
Projection display system
Wireless ATM network with high quality of service scheduling
Scheduling with different time intervals
Quality of service on demand
CTI Control System
Processing of mobile originated calls in packet switched protocol based communication networks
Virtual three-dimensional sound pattern generator and method and medium thereof
Imaging apparatus utilizing laser beams
Housing of network device
Power distribution system having a dedicated power structure with apertures for mounting integrated circuit packages
Apparatus for securing a removable circuit card in a computing system
Fastening assembly for attaching structures
System for protecting electronic components
Rugged modular PC 104 chassis with blind mate connector and forced convection cooling capabilities
Apparatus and method for contacting device with delicate light-transparent pane
Heat-dissipating structure of circuit board
Compact, high efficiency, high isolation power amplifier
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