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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Agricultural apparatus
Split wheel stump cutter with replaceable tooth blocks and cutting teeth
Low power system for wireless monitoring of an environment and irrigation control
Flasher for fishing
Fishing reel
Open-ended fishing rig keeper and method
Smoking article wrapper with improved filler
Magnetically attractable components for jewelry articles
Water-injection rack base for mast
Device for holding a container
Display frame for a flat panel device
Portable privacy enclosure
Self assembled nano-devices using DNA
Smart toilet seat
Portable physiological parameter detection and monitoring device with integratable computer memory and communication disk, systems and methods of use thereof
Method and device for automatic determination of a flow of a bodily fluid within vessels of an organism
Radiation imaging apparatus and image processing method
Support device for a patient
System for an implantable medical device having an external charger coupleable to accessory charging coils
Retractable reel
Suits and ladders game
Resource point game mechanic
Performing Operations; Transporting
Shredder with oscillating side walls
Agitator mill
Windshield washer fluid reservoir tank device for vehicles
Non-contact handling device
Strip temperature regulating device in a continuous metal strip casting plant
Apparatus and method for simultaneous usage of multiple die casting tools
Gear puller
Pulse torque generator and power tool having the same
Ergonomic appliance handle
Monitoring device for position monitoring a robotic device and production system including a monitoring device
Portable shear
Vibration suppression device of power train
Bicycle disc brake rotor assembly
Non-powered transportable cart and brake system therefor
Construction machine
Steering column retainers for children's ride-on vehicles
Reconfigurable strut assembly
Bicycle with rear suspension
Shock absorber mounting assembly for a bicycle
High maneuverability towcraft
Method and apparatus for controlling a waterjet-driven marine vessel
Aircraft with extendable leading edge of fuselage and wings
In orbit space transportation and recovery system
Orbit space transportation and recovery system
Gravity feed ball-in-seat valve with extension unit for dosing fuel additives
Fluid dispenser
Sand and divot replacer with quick release top
Constant angle and pressure conveyor belt cleaner and tensioner
Device for producing cigarette packages
Moist towelette packaging
Component feeding apparatus
Device for controlling the bearing pressure of a textile bobbin on a support roller or drive roller
Apparatus and methods for disposing conduits, wires, and the like through structures
Self-leveling drip catcher for fluid containers
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for the forming of glass or glass ceramics
Sol-gel process for the production of high dimensions dry gels and derived glasses
Textiles; Paper
Method for displaying partial stroke of washing machine
Wobble joint
Fixed Constructions
System and method for warm tire fill pressure adjustment
Toilet tank valve seat structure
System and method for forming surfaces using tiled components and product resulting therefrom
Modular fence
Hinge assembly and housing
Ladder stabilizers
Dual elevator system and method
Torsional resistant slip mechanism and method
Multi-string production packer and method of using the same
Downhole actuating apparatus and method
Field weldable connections
Methods and compositions for breaking viscosified fluids
Method and apparatus for testing and treatment of a completed well with production tubing in place
Methods of evaluating undersaturated coalbed methane reservoirs
Soil sampling system and method that allow headspace screening at spaced intervals without disturbing soil sample
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Muffler for pneumatic hand tool
Method for operating a turbine group
Throttle control devices
Engine control to compensate for fueling dynamics
Method and apparatus for a rocket engine power cycle
Two-axis thrust vectoring nozzle
Engine lower intake manifold and method for making the same
Fuel injection apparatus having common rail and subject device control system
Fuel injection valve
Hydraulic cylinder
Vacuum booster with low force loss
Clutch arrangement
Multistage stroke cylinder apparatus
Arc brake
Mounting friction elements to disc brakes
Damping arrangement
Protective sleeve for adjustable shock absorber
Guiding shaft structure for chain connector
Seal for use with pipe and flange assemblies
Valve which enables easy operation of a closure mechanism at any internal valve pressure
Valve actuator
Highly kink-resistant corrugated tubing
Supporting framework for a swivel chair or swivel table
Method and device for controlling liquid flow on the surface of a microfluidic chip
Multiple segment ceramic fuel nozzle tip
Apparatus for treating liquid waste
Wood burning stove having pivoting baffle and method
Air conditioning system
Refrigerator and icemaker for the refrigerator
Liquefied natural gas processing
Armrest for hunting
Apparatus for measuring step height or depth against another surface
Wheel sensor assembly for rail base mounting
Substrate processing apparatus and thermal type flowmeter suitable to the same
Flow rate sensor
Dispenser for discharging liquid material
Pressure sensor having integrated temperature sensor
Acid-resistant pressure sensor
Compression tester adapter apparatus and method
Mass measurement system and method using measurement of frequency shift of vibrator
Specific gravity measuring tool
Vehicular accelerometer and vehicular data recording system
Six-legged type piezoelectric vibration gyroscope
Method for design of networks based on p-cycles
Multicast proxy for partitioned networks
Battery voltage measurement
Acoustic stimulation method with axial driver actuating moment arms on tines
Slotted Y-coupling waveguide for slotted waveguide modulator device
Interposer for optical module, optical module using the same, method for manufacturing the same
Optical module
Optical communication apparatus
Optical coupling devices and silicon photonics chips having the same
Optical connector
Photoelectric coupling module
Camera protection module for portable device case
Image forming apparatus
Methods and devices for remanufacturing printer cartridge components
Image forming apparatus including a patch forming unit
Developing roller, and developing device, process cartridge and image forming method and apparatus using the developing roller
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image heating apparatus and image forming apparatus having plurality of image forming or conveying modes corresponding to the grain direction of a sheet
Image forming apparatus and method of forming image
Image forming apparatus having toner replenishment unit
Color electrophotographic image forming apparatus having a cartridge supporting member
Extractive distillation controls
Method for controlling a wind farm
Machinery slot cover
Multi-device powersaving
Information processing apparatus
Controlling operating frequency of a core domain via a non-core domain of a multi-domain processor
Portable power bank device with projecting function capable of charging an external device and displaying data from the external device
Control device and computer program product for controlling method
Refinement-based security analysis
Processing main cause errors and sympathetic errors in devices in a system
Apparatus and method for fast retransmission in a power line communication network
Computer system, host-bus-adaptor control method, and program thereof
Testing server, information processing system, and testing method
Analysis support apparatus, analysis support method, and computer product
Dielectric reliability assessment for advanced semiconductors
Managing out-of-order memory command execution from multiple queues while maintaining data coherency
Managing defective areas of memory
Storing/reading several data streams into/from an array of memories
System and method for maintaining cache coherency
Snapshot volume generational management for snapshot copy operations using differential data
Demoting partial tracks from a first cache to a second cache
Intelligent monitoring for computation in memory
Management computer used to construct backup configuration of application data
Administering message acknowledgements in a parallel computer
Information output device, method, and recording medium for outputting notification information corresponding to a state of a computer
Information system
System and method for processing potentially self-inconsistent memory transactions
Host based enumeration and configuration for computer expansion bus controllers
Expander for loop architectures
Server device, communication method, and program product for processing the transfer of screen changes
Method and system for providing extended social network service
Automatically generating request-specific backup contact information in an out of office message
System and method for efficient caching and delivery of adaptive bitrate streaming
System and method for unfiltering filtered status messages
Management device, information processing system, management method, and storage medium
Stealth entropy collection
Establishing a power charging association on a powerline network
Processing apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium
Handling of website messages
Identifying a device to a network
Method and apparatus of physically moving a portable unit to view composite webpages of different websites
System and method for managing web-based forms and dynamic content of website
Viewing annotations across multiple applications
Handling unexpected responses to script executing in client-side application
Parallel processing apparatus and method in database management system for synchronous replication
Method and apparatus for changing font size of message in a mobile communication terminal
Automatic modification of cascading style sheets for isolation and coexistence
Lexical and phrasal feature domain adaptation in statistical machine translation
Method and apparatus for document matching
Real-time data transformation to access foreign data sources
System and method for creating and accessing a host-accessible storage entity
Ranking supervised hashing
Techniques for securing data access
Contactless IC memory on removable media
System and method for modelling and profiling in multiple languages
System and method for multi-residue multivariate data compression
Image tile server
Searching a vertex in a path
Temporal pattern matching in large collections of log messages
System and method for conducting company searches and lead generation using company code index
Proactive data object replication in named data networks
Efficient selection of queries matching a record using a cache
Updating a conference invitation responsive to user location
Methods and systems for agnostic data storage
Automated report of broken relationships between tables
Congestion aware routing using random points
Integrated electronic design automation system
Method and apparatus for designing a system on multiple field programmable gate array device types
Verification assistance for digital circuit designs
Intelligent metamodel integrated Verilog-AMS for fast and accurate analog block design exploration
System and method for brake coaching
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
System for monitoring an operation of a device
Using biometrics as an encryption key
Transmission apparatus, transmission method, and recording medium
Secure network connection allowing choice of a suitable security algorithm
User interface for managing questions and answers across multiple social media data sources
System and method for remotely identifying display components
Apparatus, system and method for providing access to a device function
Dynamic help information
Method to create and use an aspect oriented color coding algorithm for a graphical user interface
Mobile terminal and method of managing object related information therein
Method of grouping waveforms for a single channel on a single display
Image forming apparatus and file management system
Systems and methods for network flow remediation based on risk correlation
Apparatus for machine coordination which maintains line-of-site contact
Automatic update of persistent boot parameter storage
Method of converting source code and source code conversion program
Code conversion method, apparatus, storage medium and request remaining time response method
Dynamic filtering of a navigation path to a set of minimums
Dynamically configurable model-to-model transformation engine
Updating firmware compatibility data
Interactive communication system having an integrated key drive system
Method, computer, and computer program for speculatively optimizing code
Controlling depth and latency of exit of a virtual processor's idle state in a power management environment
Power rail layout for dense standard cell library
Method for activating processor cores within a computer system
Managing and maintaining scope in a service oriented architecture industry model repository
Determining simulation fidelity in a self-optimized simulation of a complex system
Method and apparatus for verifying information
Robot control information
Image processing apparatus and method for object recognition
Image recomposition from face detection and facial features
Image processing apparatus and method for correcting deformation in a tomographic image
Method for determining markings in relief on the outer surface of the sidewall of a tyre
People counting device, people counting method and people counting program
Data record compression with progressive and/or selective decomposition
Adaptive quality image reconstruction via a compressed sensing framework
System and method for processing an image file using a computing device
Apparatus, system and program product for dynamically changing advertising on an avatar as viewed by a viewing user
Method for a user to answer questions or queries using electrical contacts
Apparatus, systems and methods for accepting payment at a sales device
Gaming device with multiple spinning wheels and method
Cash withdrawal from ATM via videophone
System, method, and computer-readable recording medium for supporting license acquirement
Method for identifying speech and music components of a sound signal
Location determination system and mobile terminal
Turn table for spindle motor
Optical disc drive configured to discharge static electricity
Memory management method, storage device, and computer with the same
Method and apparatus for compressing plasma to a high energy state
Transverse in-core probe monitoring and calibration device for nuclear power plants, and method thereof
Method of manufacturing a high-frequency coil device
Method for forming a separable electrical connector
Integrated circuit device, voice input device and information processing system
Systems, methods, apparatus, and computer-readable media for multi-microphone location-selective processing
Receiver and transmission and reception system
Channel decoder and method for generating equalized data and data estimates based on multiple sets of depths provided via a viterbi algorithm
Data processing device and data processing method
Modulation and demodulation method for satellite communication using widespread signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
Power control technique to mitigate interference in multi-tier networks
Fast filtering for a transceiver
Simultaneous bidirectional transmission for radio systems
Transmission and receiver system operating on different frequency bands
Optical communication device
Digital phase locked loop having insensitive jitter characteristic for operating circumstances
Method and device for driving a lamp
Receiver, data identifying and reproducing apparatus, pon system, and data identifying and reproducing method
Pop-up noise reduction in a device
Method and a device for relaying symbols transferred by a source to a destination
Wireless wide area network (WWAN) managed device to device communication using narrowband Wi-Fi in a licensed band
Method and devices for bandwidth allocation in a wireless communications system
Method and system for priority handling of dispatch call requests
Tracking system with orthogonal polarizations and a retro-directive array
Downlink orthogonal variable spreading factor code assignment method and base station system using the same
Method and apparatus for peer-to-peer streaming of layered content
System and method of modulation and coding scheme adjustment for a LTE shared data channel
Apparatus, system, and method for access procedure enhancements
Method and apparatus for antenna selection in wireless communications systems
Lossless recursive deconstruction and reconstruction of digital information data streams
Encoding information in beacon signals
Power optimized behavior in mesh networks
Network retransmission protocols using a proxy node
Speculative reservation for routing networks
Media forwarding for a group communication session in a wireless communications system
Application layer access channel congestion avoidance in group communications over broadcast/multicast services
Methods and apparatus for facilitating channel access in a communication system
Method and apparatus for transmitting CQI in wireless communication system
Network equipment and frame transmission control method
Quantitative interference detection
Method of configuring radio resource by a MAC layer of terminal in wireless communication system
Methods and apparatus for providing high speed connectivity to a hotel environment
Communicating data units in a communications network that provides failure protection
Adaptive coding and modulation apparatus and method for forward link in satellite communication
Method and apparatus for downlink resource allocation in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing communication system
Network system and information processing method
System and method for data transmission
Secure access using location-based encrypted authorization
Virtual world embedded security watermarking
Delivery of assistance data for signal reception
USB portable document services environment
Systems and methods for compensating a phase of a local clock of a storage device
Data security
Portable electronic apparatus, and a method of controlling a user interface thereof
Communication device
Method and apparatus for controlling calling-party identification
Message-triggered voice command interface in portable electronic devices
System and method for visual voice mail in a multi-screen environment
Audio archive generation and presentation
System and method for determining characteristics for international calls
Delayed delivery with bounded interference in a cellular data network
Electronic communications system for multinodal expert networks
Social quality-of-service database
Method and apparatus for determining and utilizing local phone topography
Apparatus and method for connecting a translator and a customer
Method, notably for optimizing the compression of a video and/or audio file, using a codec assigning a weight in bits per second to the corresponding compressed file, and associated system
Method and apparatus for inserting broadcast program by detecting available channel over hybrid fiber coax network or optical cable network
Portable terminal apparatus, computer-readable recording medium, and computer data signal
Method and apparatus for customized rendering of commercials
Enhanced television services
Method and apparatus for wireless distributed computing
Condenser microphone
Method forming split thin film capacitors with multiple voltages
Headphone assembly
Vibration generator
Ribbon microphone and unidirectional converter therefor
Apparatus, method and computer-readable medium producing vertical direction virtual channel
Apparatus and method for adjusting spatial cue information of a multichannel audio signal
Identifying frequency band interference using a frequency activity record of a mobile device
Systems and methods for associating contextual information and a contact entry with a communication originating from a geographic location
Target positioning within a mobile structure
Method and/or system for obtaining signatures for use in navigation
Base station positioning using Doppler observables, position, and velocity
Recommending information associated with a user equipment or a communication group in a communications system
Systems and methods for locating a mobile device
Apparatus and method for handling valid protocol data units
Methods and systems for handover using increased probability for fast ranging success
System and method for reducing handover occurrences in a wireless communication network
Method and apparatus for handover in a mobile communication system
Local mobility solution with wired and wireless interface switching
Method for using femtocell as a telephone exchange
Wireless communication control method and wireless communication device
Methods and arrangements to offload scans of a large scan list
Method and apparatus for the efficient transmission of control information for supporting uplink transmission using multiple antennas
Transmitter, receiver and radio communication method
Bandwidth request preamble sequence selection method and random access method
Multi-standard coverage map generation
Method and apparatus of transmitting and receiving synchronization signal in a distributed antenna system
Method and device for transmitting control information in a wireless communication system
ACK/NACK transmission method and apparatus therefor
Methods of channel state information feedback and transmission in coordinated multi-point wireless communications system
Relay node operable with different spatial characteristic antenna patterns
Access point and interference control method
Method for transmitting signals in a communication system including a relay station
Method of forming a non-continuous conductive layer for laminated substrates
Method of forming a capacitor assembly in a circuit board
Expired Patents Due To Time
Implement for cleaning the floor
Mailbox trellis
Bag holder
Combined dog waste bag dispenser and waste receptacle
Yard tool cart
Dolly having two supports hingedly joined together
Mechanics' creeper
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Canister assembly of upright vacuum cleaner
U-shaped handle for carpet extractor
Clean water tank for a carpet extractor
Motor cover for vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner floor tool
Front of a dishwasher
Four-point roll bar assembly and tandem front wheel assembly for a street sweeper
Chiropractic adjustor apparatus
Ophthalmologic surgical instrument
Needle protecting device
Hardened skin care instrument
Syringe needle for catheter
Dental hand piece lubricant dispenser
Transfer device
Transfer device
Transfer device
Medical vials
Bone distraction device
End cap for a spinal implant
Trailing end of a spinal implant
Adhesive pattern for a sanitary napkin
Massaging bath mat with air bubble generating unit
Clear pantiliner
Jet nozzle
Metal stud
Pool remodeling stone with groove
Stairway tread edge
Gutter cover
Vegas fiberglass pool
Phoenix fiberglass pool
Lamp unit
Spot light with handle and stand
Night light
Night light with swivel hood
Tail lens assembly
Night light
Make-up compact case
Pet habitat
Combined collar and leash reflector
Combined play and exercise structure for animals
Disposable collection device
Human Necessities
Concrete mixing hoe
Draw bar swivel hitch
Spring tine coulter till
Gathering roller mechanism for harvesting device and harvesting device utilizing same
Tractor-supported lawnmower having mowers movable up and down
Direct drive system with a flywheel for an agricultural combine
Plant shoe
Sprinkler head edging device
Planting device and system and method of growing plants utilizing bags of growing medium
Positioning technique for horticultural apparatus
Bouvardia plant named `Royal Daphne`
Phlox plant named `Silvermine`
Ginkgo tree named `Golden Globe`
Birch tree named `Oenci`
Birch tree named `Uenci`
Birch tree named `Renci`
Garlic plant named `Melany`
Guzmania plant named `Jazz`
Miniature rose variety `POULhilda`
Poinsettia plant named `Renate`
Pet training apparatus and method
Sanitary pet path
Experimental cage having a quick change floor and waste collection assembly and contact points removable for cleaning
Animal anchor and tether system
Double pet wheel activity device
Sitting pole for poultry
Ice fishing net
Ice fishing net assembly
Fishing lure
Fishing trolling device with quick attachment arrangement
Apparatus and method for improving fly fishing casting
Horse hoof protection
Waterfowl decoy for selectively simulating feeding in water
Animated duck decoy
Edge making baking pan
Apparatus for form-frying snack food product
Temperature sensing utensil with detachable head
Apparatus and method for making stackable tortilla chips
Popcorn popping apparatus
Automatic popcorn popper with thermal controller
Peeling device for the inner-embryo membrane of coffee bean
Hand crank driven fruit and vegetable peeler
Aspirating and volatilizing liquid dispenser
Pocket handkerchief
Undergarment with openable forward flap
Lightweight disposable protective coverall garment
Disposable filtering face mask and method of making same
Decorative trach tie cover
Mounting fixture for making polymeric gloves
Article with magnetic collar closure
Contoured platform and footwear made therefrom
Wax filled pads
Shoe accessory methods and apparatus
Shoe ornament locking clip apparatus
Protective footwear for use with running shoes, sneakers
Waterproof shoe having stitch seam for drainage (I)
Forefoot support system for high heel shoes
Fastening device for footware
Structure of material for forming a stop at an end of lashing string
Fastening device
Device for fastening a strap
Device for attaching at least two pieces of material
Article of jewelry having an elastic member
Portable sunshade
Carrying case for protecting heat sensitive materials
Method of forming a page boy hairstyle
Head/face washing device, shower nozzle with hood, comb-shaped scalp washer and head washing shower brush
Pressure sensitive brush
Method for producing brushware and brushware producing according to said method
Eyelash product applicator, applicator system and method
Sleeved hinge for a wall mounted ironing board
Apparatus for adjusting the height of furniture units namely lift tables
OB/GYN stretcher
Head cradle with body support
Resilent support pillow and methods
In-room umbrella dispenser
Device to distribute air in glass-fronted cabinets and display counters
Stay cold beverage vessel
Vehicle carpet affixation device with modified helical hook members
Floral sleeve having a decorative pattern
Juice maker
Method and device for preparing espresso coffee
Automated baby formula bottle filler
Detachable legs for vertical hearth barbecue grill
Apparatus and method for maintaining cooked food in a ready-to-serve condition using a freestanding cover for food trays
Filtering deep fryer for household use
Baking assembly for preparing a filled waffle
Automatic deploying multi-paneled shower curtain
Upright extraction cleaning machine
Leak detector for endoscopes
Vaginal endoscopic surgical blockage to the innervation of prescaral nerve plexus
Examination device and method
Balancing of rotational components of CT imaging equipment
Needle holder
Oral device for promoting nose breathing
Inflation device capable of periodic inflation and deflation
Portable spa
Mixed chimerism and tolerance
Cell detection mechanism
Sealed backpressure attachment device for nebulizer
Mask cushion and frame assembly
Low contact nasal mask and system using same
Oxygen blending in a piston ventilator
Fluid control valve for pressure vessel
Tool for insertion of implanatable monitoring device and method
Climbing device
Cable by-pass device and system
Avalanche survival pack assembly
Surface breathing vent for breathing apparatus
Hot water heater
Martial arts protective gear
Ball glove with textile reinforced compression molded rubber shell
Toy gearing system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Exchanger of wall clearing shuttles
Pump device for a gas oil tank of a motor vehicle
Dirty filter indicator
Air compression improvement
Thermo-evaporation type toilet system
Cryogenic refrigerating device
Plastic moulded container with detachable eating utensil
Arrangement for producing a vacuum in a motor vehicle system
Catalyst door system
On-board rotational viscometers
Pump dispenser having body with fill-through conduit
Dry shut-off cartridge
Cleaning device and substrate cleaning apparatus
Device and method for cleaning semiconductor wafers
Rinsing tank with ultra clean liquid
Wafer container cleaning system
Continuous cleaning megasonic tank with reduced duty cycle transducers
Low temperature plasma strip process
Drain cleaning apparatus
Hole-forming device
Rolling method
Apparatus and method for forming a double ended upset pipe
Cross-roll straightener
Swaged tube fitting collar and die
Bending die and bending machine using the same
Process for producing a thermally loaded casting
Centrifugal dental casting station for rotating casting machine
Method for controlling solidification rate of a mold-cast structure
PVC pipe end smooth surfacer
Miniature turbomolecular pump
Cutting tool
Saw blade guide and components therefor
Venetian blind cutting machine
Method for maintaining a cutting blade centered in a kerf
Method of manufacturing heat exchange tube
Shock pressure gauge for laser peening apparatus
Method for phototyping parts from sheet metal
Apparatus for connecting a star cross piece to a leg of a bicycle or motorcycle fork
Method for determining the point to start rounding in the turning of veneer
Multi-spindle machine tool
Cutting guide apparatus for guiding portable power cutting tools
Combined tools for removing and installing valve keepers in an internal combustion engine
Screwing tool with a clamping hoop
Multisection wrench
Open-end wrench with resilient opening fun easy repositioning
Operating tool having shanks turnable relative to one another
Structure of a screw-mounting device
Plastic rivet puller
Battery-powered hand-guided power tool
Adjustable length handle for flat finishers
Device for hydrodynamic supply of the fluid to fibers of a fiber web
Device for relative movement of two elements
Razor cartridge with dimpled blade guard
Wallpaper cutting tool for corners
Device for cross cutting material webs
Shingle cutter
Automatic punching apparatus
Anti-vibration element having separation securement
Process for grinding and coloring woodchips
Point cooling
Ultra-lite modular composite building system
Method of manufacturing a control flap
Slotted induction heater
Pneumatic tire for automobile and its fabrication method
Trash compactor
Resealable package having slider device, tamper-evident structure, and methods of manufacturing
Method of cutting/scoring adjacent flat elements and system for performing the method
Hydrodynamically bounded carrier webs and use thereof
Media clamp for external drum imaging system
Simplified screen printing machine having pressing member
Screen printing installation
End sealing system for a scraper chamber
Position correcting method and apparatus for ink fountain key in printing press
Device and method for controlling ink keys
Method and device for removing a cleaning device from a printing press
Apparatus and method for printing corrugated board
Method and apparatus for assembling mail items with selective envelope selection
Border retainer
Tire tread having groove walls with compound contours
Device for filling or deflating a tire of a vehicle, especially of a tractor
Apparatus for introducing flowable force compensating material into a tire
High transverse-curvature tire for two-wheeled vehicles including specified belt structure
Pneumatic radial tires with specified steel belts
Trailer hitch lock module
Box hitch receiver lock
Trailer security device
Energy dissipation system
Car door glass run
Slide door
Radiator mounting structure
Vehicle exhaust system with suspension arrangement
CNG fuel supply system
Valve for a motor vehicle fuel tank
Fuel system
Four-wheel vehicle drive system
Saddle seat type motor vehicle with limited slip differential
Torque arm assembly for a motor vehicle
Structure for an automobile body and chassis
Eddy current brake system with dual use conductor fin
Motor vehicle seat with integrated occupation detector
Foldable steering wheel table
Tailgate display table
Heated/cooled console storage unit and method
Preferably absorption refrigerator and a vehicle equipped with such a refrigerator
Equipment support assembly
Door handle cover
Vehicle door opener
Split lever emergency brake
Park and service brake arrangements
Electric brake
Web core structural panel
Gate assembly for a railroad hopper car
Gate assembly for a railroad hopper car
Method and apparatus for detecting objects dragging beneath a train
Leather-wrapped steering wheel and method for manufacturing the same
Device for steering a motor vehicle having at least two actuating parts
Electric power steering apparatus
Window assembly
Method of manufacturing an openable link of a track
Bicycle brake
Wheeled cart accessory for snowmobiles
Small watercraft hull construction
Snap hook applicator device
FSO loading/mooring
Automated galley cart storage system
Compact load bearing webbing attachment method
Spacecraft test system
Portable and manual binding device
Label application unit
Device for maintaining separate ingredients in liquid food products
Apparatus for off-loading incoherent material from a container
Combined conveyor roller and tapered sleeve
Bag-boxing apparatus and method
Device and process for the splicing of textile threads using compressed air and liquid
Device for transferring energy to a vehicle of a transportation system
Siphoning pump apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for drying and incineration of sewage sludge
Process for producing composite bodies from quartz material
Glass quenching apparatus
Apparatus for gravity feeding powder to a plasma torch for manufacturing glass fiber performs
Liquid cooling of glassware molds
Method of manufacturing opaque rib structures for display panel
Heat treatable coated glass
Monocyclopentadienyl metal compounds for ethylene-.alpha.-olefin-copolymer production catalysts
Copper-based metal polishing solution and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of operating an internal combustion engine
Aluminum alloys having improved cast surface quality
Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition reactor and plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition process
Downstream sapphire elbow joint for remote plasma generator
Textiles; Paper
Enhanced dryer-cleaner combination and process for cotton gins
Method of reinforcing a fiber with spider silk
Spin machine with several single drives
Knitting fabric and method of knitting it
Braided ribbon and its fabrication method
Suction device for a textile machine, especially a water needling unit
Cleaning apparatus
Low stretch elevator rope
Reinforcing steel cord for rubber products, method and device for producing such steel cords
Device and method for ventilating an offset pocket space in a papermaking machine
Steam box of a paper machine
Fixed Constructions
Methods for constructing a bridge utilizing in-situ forms supported by beams
Modular wall element
Plate suitable as a noise protection wall
Elevatable signboard system for highway vehicles
Retractable side wing assembly
Adjustable wing plow with fixed pivot
Removable screw-type, in-ground anchor device
Liquid dispensing toilet rim mounted toilet bowl cleaner
Window frame system
Structural system of toroidal elements and method of construction therewith
Accelerated log building method
Building member
Structural member support and positioning system
Structural truss
Additional metal and wood composite framing members for residential and light commercial construction
Composite structural member and wall assembly method
Wall stud
Composite fender
Systems and methods for connecting skylight components
Roof valley water collector
Leaf and debris deflecting cover device for a rain gutter
Window awning system
Post cladding assembly
Tile laying gauge and leveling assembly
Masonry line block and corner pole
Accident-prevention device for buildings, particularly for assembling prefabricated components made of concrete or the like
Temporary fall protection system
Easily installable fence post
Collapsible shelter with elevated canopy
Above ground swimming pool support structure
Water jet reversing propulsion and directional controls for automated swimming pool cleaners
Framed structures with coupled girder system and method for dissipating seismic energy
Blast shelter
Lockset having keyed egg-shaped knob
Locking cylinder
Electric cylindrical lock unlockable by a key
Closing device for a lock
Single drive system for a vehicle closure member
Integrated cabinet door and drawer handle and lock
Case lock
Counterbalance spring mounting arrangement for a sash window
Barrier operator having system for detecting attempted forced entry
Door drive system
High performance flashing assembly
Composite door frames
Upright rotatable arcuate safety gate for a mezzanine loading bay
Structural protective windscreen
Modular upright for building structures and associated sliding safety grille
Drive assembly for opening and closing a rolling door
Side guide for a roller covering
Bottom rail weight and balancing system
Ladder pan
Notch stabilized roof access ladder
Loading-dispersing device for portable non-free-standing ladders
Two stage drill bit
Coring bit and method for obtaining a material core sample
Superabrasive cutter with arcuate table-to-substrate interfaces
Cable protector
Electrical submersible pumps in the riser section of subsea well flowline
Downhole shock absorber
Methods and apparatus for subterranean drilling utilizing a top drive
Tubular injector with snubbing jack and oscillator
Apparatus for positioning a tong and drilling rig provided with such an apparatus
Wellbore circulation system
Method of forming a subsea borehole from a drilling vessel in a body of water of known depth
Early formation evaluation tool
System and method for controlling fluid flow in one or more oil and/or gas wells
Wellhead safety valve control system
Roller-cone bits, systems, drilling methods, and design methods with optimization of tooth orientation
Process for recovering methane and/or sequestering fluids
End fitting and method for attaching well screen segments
Expandable screen jacket and methods of using same
Shock and vibration protection for tools containing explosive components
Safety arming device and method, for perforation guns and similar devices
System for indicating the firing of a perforating gun
Oilfield in situ hydrocarbon upgrading process
Methods of fracturing subterranean formations
System and method for enhanced conditioning of well fluids circulating in and around artificial lift assemblies
Boring apparatus
Cavity positioning tool and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary power unit
Continuous-combustion piston engine
Fluid motor
Apparatus and methods for flowing a cooling or purge medium in a turbine downstream of a turbine seal
Cooling air recycling for gas turbine transition duct end frame and related method
C-clip for shroud assembly
Methods and apparatus for supplying air to gas turbine engines
Shim removing method
Method for operating an engine system including a gas turbine engine, an inverted Brayton cycle apparatus having blow-in doors and blow-out doors for engine protection
Cooling air system and method for combined cycle power plants
Methods and apparatus for generating hydrodynamic energy and electrical energy generating systems employing the same
Valve operating system in internal combustion engine
Chain guide for a control-shaft drive of an internal-combustion engine and method of producing a chain guide
Engine valve actuator with valve seating control
Valve timing controller for internal combustion engine
Cam phaser apparatus having a stator integral with a back plate or a front cover plate
Valve timing regulation device
Valve resting mechanism for cylinder control type engine
Valve seal assembly module with spring and retainers
Control system of electromagnetically operated valve
Internal combustion engine having a variable valve train
Breather for internal combustion engine
Thermal management system for positive crankcase ventilation system
Process for filling a muffler and muffler filled with fibrous material
Regeneration system for a diesel engine exhaust gas particulate filter
Economical exhaust muffler system for a marine propulsion apparatus
Toroidal exhaust vibration absorber
Cooling water circulating structure in internal combustion engine
Hydraulically powered exhaust gas recirculation system
System and method for varying the compression ratio of an internal combustion engine
Fuel control system
Accelerator pedal sensor/sender
Method for correcting ignition advance of an internal combustion
Valve timing control for engine
Method and apparatus for controlling fuel vapor, method and apparatus for diagnosing fuel vapor control apparatus and method and apparatus for controlling air-fuel ratio
Fuel injection control system for diesel engine
Throttle body system with integrated electronics
Method and arrangement for controlling the drive unit of a vehicle
Method of making dual phase graphite cylinder liner
Liquid cooled cylinder head
Deep lobed deswirling diffuser tailpipe
Solid propellant gas generator impulse management scheme for high mass flow turn-down ratio
Injection device
Twin turbine exhaust gas re-circulation system having a second stage variable nozzle turbine
Low current solenoid valve
Operation control for a fuel feeding module with variable system pressure
Radial piston pump for producing high fuel pressure internal combustion engines
Internal combustion engine arrangement
Rate shaped fluid driven piston assembly and fuel injector using same
Solar thermal rocket
Swash plate type compressor piston wherein inner bottom surface of hollow head section has 3-dimensional configuration nonaxisymmetric with respect to its centerline
Control device of variable displacement compressor
Passive surge control method for compression systems and relative device
Hydraulic valve for a hydraulic consumer of a vehicle
Piston pin retainer and method of using the same
Engine counterweight
Actuator assembly for a vehicle brake with such an actuator assembly
Electric brake caliper
Brake cable mounting structure for a drum brake
Brake lining wear detection apparatus
Damper/positioning structure
Hydraulic shock absorber for motor vehicles
Mounting structure for a hydrostatic unit
Method for determining a starting gear step
Flip check valve
Pressure control valve
Valve having an easily sealing configuration
Hose for fuel piping
Duct connecting system having double walled transverse flanges
Device for displacing tubular elements relative to one another
Rigid line for a brake, fuel or hydraulic system in motor vehicles
Natural gas pipe storage facility
Segmented lance assembly
Method of firing in a boiler and a boiler for using the method
Extended life traveling grate side plate
Water tube protective refractory structure and method of assembling the same
Fuel nozzle guide for gas turbine engine and method of assembly/disassembly
Combustion chamber
Method and system for storm water system heat exchange
Air conditioner installation tool
Window type air conditioner
Sorption device for heating and cooling gas streams
Water heater construction
Fuel-fired water heater with flammable vapor sensor and associated induced flow tube
Scroll machine with continuous capacity modulation
Storage box using a thermoelement and a cooling method for a storage box
LNG production using dual independent expander refrigeration cycles
Method and apparatus for drying wood strands
Infrared and hot air dryer combination
Method and apparatus for the removal of liquid from materials
Heat transfer pipe for refrigerant mixture
Heat exchanger and method of making the same
Firearm safety and control system
Sear and sear spring assembly for semiautomatic handguns
Retainer for securing a silencer on barrel of handgun
Low impulse firing adapter for combination gas and recoil operated weapons
Electronic sight assembly for use with a firearm
Detonator member and a method of its use
Reactive personnel protection system and method
Spin-stabilized artillery projectile
Resizing collect die
Aerial fireworks product
Propellant-based aerosol generation devices and method
Igniter assembly actuated by parachute deployment, and flare containing the same
Method and apparatus for measuring the size of drops of a viscous material dispensed from a dispensing system
Wheel alignment measuring instrument and wheel alignment measuring
Analog quantity display method, analog quantity measuring method, and digital/analog display type measuring instrument
I gauge and process of measuring
Angle speed sensor
Compact inertial measurement unit
Electrically inclination compensated device for picking up elastic waves
Measuring device for contactless detection of a rotational angle
Vortex flowmeter with signal processing
Pressure transducer assembly with heat insulating elements for stub line support
Method and apparatus for measuring the mass flow rate of a fluid
Coriolis-type flow meter and method for measuring the mass flow rate of a gaseous or vaporous fluid
Fluid level sensor with dry couplant
Weight vessel of construction database for correcting outputs of load measurement sensing devices
Force balancing capacitance manometer
Magnetostrictive torque sensor
Force sensing system with magnetic preloading
Microelectromechanical mechanisms for real-time mechanical vibration signature monitoring and analysis
Transmission fluid conditioning apparatus and method for facilitating conduction of transmission coolant flow test
Monitoring of bearing performance
Dynamic loading test equipment for a real-size vibration-controlling damper
Exhaust gas analyzing system
Single riser/single capillary blood viscometer using mass detection or column height detection
Apparatus and method for measuring the rheological properties of a power law fluid
Cleanliness verification system
Method and measuring apparatus for determining the volumetric gas content
System and device for determining particle characteristics
Vibrational forced mode fluid property monitor and method
Abrasion tester
Device for measuring properties of a textile product
High temperature pitot probe cover
Method for manufacturing photographic film and photographic film cassette
Reduction/oxidation material removal method
Ceramic donor roll with shaft
Method for gear mounting using tubing and snap-fit caps
Method of and apparatus for reducing vibrations on probes carried by coordinate measuring machines
System for regulating the temperature of IC-chips with a fluid which is heated and cooled as a function of the fluid temperatures to and from heat exchangers for the IC-chips
Computer rack heat extraction device
Vending machine
Self centering display fixture
Signage display for vehicles
Information labeling system
Swimmer's lap counter device
Recording/reproducing separation type magnetic head
Twisted flat cable
Temperature responsive snap acting control assembly, device using such assembly and method for making
Magnetically coupled substrate roller
Drying apparatus and drying method
Heat dissipation device for integrated circuits
Device for mounting rear holder in connector and method for mounting rear holder
Ignition device having a firing tip formed from a yttrium-stabilized platinum-tungsten alloy
Synchronous machine having cryogenic gas transfer coupling to rotor with super-conducting coils
Type of scanning device with upgraded resolution
Handover method for mobile radio system
Cushioned earphones
Water gun with sound effects module
Mounting apparatus for electronic component
Method of making an electrical circuit board
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