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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Manure-grinding fertilizer spreader
Load carrier for transporting logging residues
Cheese wheel cutter
Combination birdfeeder and fountain
Device for and a method of automatically supplying feed to animals
Phthalazinone-piperidino-derivatives as PDE4 inhibitors
Preventing airway mucus production by administration of EGF-R antagonists
Smoking enclosure
Protective glove having a padded palmless outer glove and form-fitting inner glove
Applicator device for applying a substance
Head support system for infants and toddlers
Pole top support for aerial electric power lines
Interchangeable multi-purpose cooking apparatus
Dispenser having dual dispensing modes
Portable disposable urination capture device system and method of using
Toilet bowl cleaning tool with disposable swab
Endocardial splint and method therefor
Surgical tool for creating an incision in a tubular vessel
Bliskunov device for elongating long bones
Method for generating a three-dimensional ultrasound image
Absorbent article and process of producing the same
Sanitary napkin having three-dimensional structure in intergluteal cleft-facing region
Non-porous graft with fastening elements
Surgical implant, method for the production and use thereof
Biodegradable composite material for tissue repair
Intervertebral prosthesis
Firefighter and hazmat rescue board
Acyloxyalkyl carbamate prodrugs of .alpha.-amino acids, methods of synthesis and use
Fungicidal 1,2,3 triazole derivatives
Anti-inflammatory medicaments
Substituted benzoxazoles as estrogenic agents
Compositions and methods for protecting cells during cancer chemotherapy and radiotherapy
Compositions and methods for selective inhibition of nicotine acetylcholine receptors
Partial mGluR5 antagonists for treatment of anxiety and CNS disorders
Xanthine phosphodiesterase V inhibitors
Papillosin antimicrobial peptide, a gene coding said peptide, a vector, a transformed organism and a compound containing said organism
Peptidic compounds selectively binding to P-selectin
Nuclear targeting sequence
Splice variant of the human pituitary growth hormone
Biologically active hemagglutinin from type A Clostridium botulinum and methods of use
Chimeric alphavirus replicon particles
Staphylococcus antibodies
Preventing bacterial or viral infectivity and composition containing infection preventing additive
Hair cosmetic, aminocarboxylic acid amide and method for producing the same
Cosmeceutical formulation containing palm oils
Delivery systems for functional ingredients
Nozzle and method for use in coating a stent
Method for detecting the disconnection of an extracorporeal device using a patient's endogenous electrical voltages
Multiple room radiation treatment system
Mobile air decontamination and purification unit
Thermally-actuated cartridge and fire damper
Motion platform system and method of rotating a motion platform about plural axes
Exercising apparatus
Golf club head
Golf club head
Memory and assembly game
Wagering game with dynamic visual gaming indicia
Performing Operations; Transporting
Pressure filter apparatus
Drain trap with strainer and cup
Lateral-flow biohazard safety enclosure
Coated screen adsorption unit for controlling evaporative hydrocarbon emissions
System for production of fresh water and removal of carbon dioxide from exhaust gases
Method and apparatus for generating a high purity eluant
Hollow fiber membrane filter with a supporting structure
Solvent system for overcoating materials
Water misting gun
Apparatus for making thermal interface material with a cylindrical rotor
Sorbent additive and composition
Catalytically active coating and method of depositing on a substrate
Chemical reaction apparatus and power supply system
Powder fabricating apparatus
Fuel injection valve
Fuel injector with a metering assembly having a seat secured to polymeric support member that is secured to a polymeric housing with a guide member and a seat disposed in the polymeric support member
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing system
Hydrogen transport membrane fabrication method
Compositions useful in electronic circuitry type applications, patternable using amplified light, and methods and compositions relating thereto
Process for production of submicrohoneycomb structures
MOCVD PGO thin films deposited on indium oxide for feram applications
Carbon coated high luster materials
Finish protector
Use of copolymers, containing alkylene oxide units, as deposit inhibitor additives in the rinsing process of a dishwater
Methods for cleaning and maintaining membrane surface during filtration
Process for de-oiling steelmaking sludges and wastewater streams
High pressure tube cleaning apparatus
Bending device for bending in a locking plate of a rotor of a turbine
Crawler track shoe with multiple roller paths and multiple drive lugs
Liquid and its use for the preparation of hard metals
Arrangement, device, method, product and use in connection with a blank made preferably of titanium powder and intended for a dental crown or other product for the human body
Door lockset mounting tool
Method and apparatus for laser perforating printed circuit board
Attaching components of a carrier head
Mandrel for electroformation of an orifice plate
Cutting board assembly having drawer with variable volume containment space
System and method for duplicating keys
Eccentric stroke adjusting mechanism
Fixture for grinding machines
Semiconductor processor systems, a system configured to provide a semiconductor workpiece process fluid
Powered adjustable pipe wrench
Bar clamp with arrangement for displacing a clamping jaw a large distance to securely clamp a workpiece
Industrial robot
Water control apparatus
Insert for a tire mold vent
Method for manufacturing thermosetting fiber reinforced plastic
Process of producing foamed molding from expanded polypropylene resin beads
Device for continuously producing drip irrigation tubes
Run-flat tire support and manufacturing method for the same
Core insert and method for manufacturing the same
Microstructured component and method for its manufacture
Component for vacuum apparatus, production method thereof and apparatus using the same
Method for producing biochemical analysis unit
High refraction film, high refraction film-forming coating composition, anti-reflection film, protective film for polarizing plate, polarizing plate and image display device
Method for manufacturing insulating and/or fire-resistant material, and such insulating and/or fire-resistant material and a construction element provided with such insulating and/or fire-resistant material
Gas barrier laminate film and production method therefor as well as substrate and image display device utilizing the film
Cleaning system for cylinder surfaces of a printing machine
Photo printer with a vertically transmitted platen roller
Liquid ejection head and image forming apparatus
Printhead substrate, printhead, temperature control method of printhead, and printing apparatus
Printhead assembly with ink leakage containment walls
Inkjet recording apparatus
Liquid container and method for manufacturing the same
Ink jet print head
Image forming apparatus and method
Driven mechanism with an air compressor for a printer cradle unit
Droplet deposition position error measurement method, droplet deposition position error adjustment method, droplet ejection control method, and image forming apparatus
Method for transferring a dye sublimation ink image onto an elastomeric substrate
Simultaneous selective polymer deposition and etch pitch doubling for sub 50nm line/space patterning
Method of manufacture of an energy absorbing tire cage
Tubeless tire
Mounting assembly for a vibration damper
Vehicle impact protection system
Roller blind system for a sliding roof
Children's ride-on vehicle
Industrial tow truck with electrical traction drive
Dual action seat release mechanism
Adapter system
Pick-up truck bed cover
Vehicle obstacle verification system
Snowmobile with airbag system
Airbag apparatus
Brake apparatus for a vehicle
Apparatus and method providing neutral safeing for the propulsion system of an agricultural windrower
Combination harness protector and carpet
Force and position control for active front steering
Legged mobile robot and control system thereof
Double-layer boat hull structure
Boat foldable into a compact self-contained shape
Lateral thruster unit for marine vessels
Portable canoe propulsion system
Component of variable thickness having residual compressive stresses therein, and method therefor
Wing, particularly airfoil of an aircraft, having changeable profile
Fuel filler nozzle for automotive vehicle
Manual capsule loading machine
Cabinet door mounted grocery bag holder
Drinking apparatus
Swivel-lid protective case
Wafer storage container
Adjustable neck guide
Angle changing device for automatic conveyor system
Powder conveying pump
Wipes dispensing system
Vehicle mountable fence spooling device
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus provided with the same
Sheet feed assembly
Vertically adjustable device for suspending an article from a ceiling
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of producing silicon nanoparticles from stain-etched silicon powder
System and method of reducing organic contaminants in feed water
Method for producing high-silicate inorganic fibers of rocks
Method of drawing a glass clad multi core lead telluride wire
Glass composition that emits fluorescence in infrared wavelength region
Refractory material for cement industry kilns and use thereof
Resorbable ceramic compositions
Method for improving plant growth by application of a mixture of sulfur and complexing agent
Method for producing naphthalene carboxylic acid amide compound
Method for making nitrile compounds from ethylenically unsaturated compounds
Continuous process for the cyanation of hydrogenated .beta.-ketoesters
Process for producing olefin by catalytic cracking of hydrocarbon
Fluorinated arylethers and methods for use thereof
Method for recovering unreacted alcohol from biodiesel product streams by flash purification
Methods for treating cognitive/attention deficit disorders using tetrahydroindolone analogues and derivatives
Flame retarding compounds
Pyridine derivative and pyrimidine derivative
Process for the preparation of 17-N-substituted-carbamoyl-4-aza-androst-1-en-3-ones
Process for producing substituted aniline compound
Process for producing propylene oxide
Compositions useful as inhibitors of rock and other protein kinases
Pyrazole compounds useful as protein kinase inhibitors
Thieno-pyrimidine compounds having fungicidal activity
1-[[1-[(2-amino-6-methyl-4-pyridinyl)methyl]-4-fluoro-4-piperidinyl]carbon- yl]-4-[2-(2-pyridinyl)-3H-imidazo[4,5-B]pyridin-3-YL]piperidine and methods of use thereof
Method for preparing sulphostin and analogue thereof or preparation intermediate thereof
Aptamers to human epidermal growth factor receptor-3
Tumor associated antigen peptides and use of same as anti-tumor vaccines
Tenebrio antifreeze proteins
Canine CD20 compositions
Monoclonal antibody inducing apoptosis
pH sensitive polymer and process for preparation thereof
Process for producing polyolefin resin composition and polypropylene composition
Cross-linkable highly fluorinated poly(arylene ethers) for optical waveguide applications
Process for producing dendrimer, building block compound, and process for producing thiophene compound
Rubber composition containing antidegradant and MIBK adsorbing activated carbon, and pneumatic tire with component
Rubber composition for breaker cushion and tire using the same
Thermoplastic elastomer blend composition
Use of mixtures based on Pt and on compounds based on transition metals other than Pt, for enhancing the arc-resistance properties of silicone elastomers
Pre-treatment compositions, oil-based ink compositions, and processes for ink-jet recording using pre-treatment compositions and oil-based ink compositions
Method and use of acidified modified polymers to bind biocides in paints
Mesogenic compounds, medium for electro-optical displays and electro-optical display
Liquid-crystalline polymer blend and composition comprising the same
Methods and solutions for removing HEC-based CFLA from a subterranean formation
Reactor for thermally cracking monofunctional and polyfunctional carbamates
Lubricating oil for refrigerator with compressor
Method of producing a lubricant for a magnetic disk, lubricant for a magnetic disk, magnetic disk, and method of producing a magnetic disk
Organoleptic compounds and their use in perfume compositions
Detergent composition comprising calcium gluconate and a mixture of calcium ion sequestering agents
Standoff bioagent-detection apparatus and method using multi-wavelength differential laser-induced fluorescence
Methods and compositions for synthesis of long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids
Polymeric microcarriers for cell culture functions
Regulatory genes involved in condensed tannin synthesis in plants
Promoter sequences for corticotropin releasing-factor receptor CRF2.alpha. and method of identifying agents that alter the activity of the promoter sequences
Non self-inactivating, expression targeted retroviral vectors
Glyphosate-N-acetyltransferase (GAT) genes
Mutations for enhanced tyrosine production
Antibodies, recombinant antibodies, recombinant antibody fragments and fusions mediated plant disease resistance against fungi
Fibroblast growth factor-like molecules and uses thereof
Process for producing isoprenoid compounds by microorganisms and a method for screening compounds with antibiotic or weeding activity
Screening of agents for activity against ischemic myocardial insults
Use of representations of DNA for genetic analysis
PCR based capsular typing method
Modulators of coagulation factors with enhanced stability
Method for screening FGFR-4 agonists
Methods of detecting or diagnosing inflammatory bowel disease using prokineticin polynucleotides
Anti-galling alloy with finely dispersed precipitates
Sputtering power-supply unit
Micro-optic elements and method for making the same
Method and apparatus for uniform electropolishing of damascene IC structures by selective agitation
Textiles; Paper
Soluble carbon nanotubes
Machine for production of non-woven material, adjustment procedure for the same and non-woven material produced thus
Method for controlling a spin cycle in a washing machine
Drum type washing machine having vibration detection
Drum type washing machine
Shirt press machine
Fixed Constructions
Working machine
Apparatus for the creation of outer surfaces for structures
Apparatus for increasing operation speed of boom on excavators
Semi-permanent, in-pool surface construction
Erectable canopy with reinforced roof structure
Apparatus and method for post mount guide
Door lock
Positioning structure for a rotatable hinge
Cover restricting mechanism for foldable electronic device
Locking/releasing apparatus
Self-presenting non-excitable secondary hood latch assembly
Method and apparatus for wind power foundation
Rotary coring device and method for acquiring a sidewall core from an earth formation
Method of consolidating an underground formation
Cutting bit with split wear ring and method of making same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Pump device
Rotor blade for a first phase of a gas turbine
Device for actively reducing sound transmission, and panel comprising such device
Exhaust deflector for a muffler
Exhaust deflector for a muffler
Hydraulic apparatus, system and method for positioning an engine exhaust flow control valve
Gas turbine and sealing means for a gas turbine
Intake system
Removable linkage of a modified cordless power drill for gasoline engines to power-assist starting of gasoline engines
Method and apparatus for controlling pitch and flap angles of a wind turbine
Reactive power control for operating a wind farm
Fluid control mechanism
Automatic adjust assembly with release lock
Foil bearing
Hydraulic speed-increasing transmission for water current powered turbine
Hydraulic system
Retainer and one-way clutch using the retainer and method for assembling the one-way clutch
Torsional vibration damper for a hydrodynamic clutch arrangement
Fluid spring assembly and method
Micro actuator
Multi-speed transmission
Multi-speed transmisson
Multi-speed transmission
Hydromechanical transmission
Parallel path accessory drive
Device and method for laying rigid tubular pipes
Quick torque coupling
Light-reflecting and light-shielding apparatus of computer panel
Double-sided turning film
Light guide plate with reflective/refractive depressions, and backlight module using the same
Light redirecting film having discontinuous coating
Surface emitting light source and projection display device using the same
Heat pump, heat pump system, method of pumping refrigerant, and rankine cycle system
Method for air-conditioning a vehicle interior dependent on incident sunshine
Heat exchanger and evaporator
Heat sink
Weapon aiming device
Metal holder with electrode pin, method of manufacturing the metal holder, and gas generator
Rotation angle detection apparatus
Photometer for tracking a moving light source
Wading rod level assembly
Fixing fluid and inkjet ink sets comprising same
Cargo container craning apparatus equipped with radiation detection device
Fuel level sensor
Scintillator panel
Sub-wavelength low-noise infrared detectors
Solder material test method and apparatus, control program and computer-readable recording medium
Performance testing apparatus for heat pipes
Semiconductor pressure sensor and manufacturing method thereof
Method for determining an actuating pressure in an actuating cylinder
Test apparatus for accelerated wheel and suspension component structural durability
Sampler for sampling charged particles, and apparatus for measuring charge distribution of the charged particles
On-chip temperature controlled liquid chromatography methods and devices
Analysis apparatus and analysis method
Method and system for transmitting terahertz pulses
Scanning microscopy using resonant quantum tunneling
Chemical sensor
Melusin a muscle specific protein, as a drug target for prevention and treatment of heart failure
Assay for toxin induced neuronal degeneration and viability in C. elegans
Therapeutic and diagnostic applications of perlecan domain I splice variants
Method for detecting a host receptor for pathogenic bacteria
Calibration of sheet velocity measurement from encoded idler rolls
Velocity sensor and ground vehicle velocity sensor using the same
Programmable sensitivity frequency coincidence detection circuit and method
Microwave spectroscopy probe
Apparatus and methods for self-heating burn-in processes
Testing device
Measuring apparatus and measuring method
Rearview mirror assembly encompassing a radar detector and/or laser detector
Hemispherical radiation detector
Material having magnetic permeability at R.F. frequency
Method and magnetic resonance apparatus for monitoring apparatus interaction with magnetically-attracted objects
Geological tomography using cosmic rays
Flat projection television
Coater/developer and coating/developing method
Laser-decomposable resin composition and laser-decomposable pattern-forming material and flexographic printing plate precursor of laser engraving type using the same
Organic anti-reflective coating polymer, organic anti-reflective coating composition and method for forming photoresist pattern
Multi-layer photoreceptor
Electrostatic latent image bearer, and image forming method, image forming apparatus and process cartridge using the electrostatic latent image bearer
Toner manufacturing method, toner and developer
Semiconductor charge pump using MOS (metal oxide semiconductor) transistor for current rectifier device
Apparatus for generating reference voltage in semiconductor memory apparatus
Constant voltage regulator for generating a low voltage output
Electronic device
Half bridge circuit and method of operating a half bridge circuit
Manual adjustable pedal assembly
Using radio frequency identification with customer loyalty cards to detect and/or prevent theft and shoplifting
Photosensor comprising light receiving elements and filters, and a corresponding target detection method and display panel
Printed interface with orientation target structure
Mobile communication terminal and method for controlling operation thereof
Universal credit card apparatus and method
Vibration sensor for boundary fences
Radio frequency identification devices, remote communication devices, identification systems, communication methods, and identification methods
Magnetic tagging
Retroreflective display devices
Access control device
Position sensitive indicator detection
Electronic metronome and method of indicating tempo of electronic metronome
Three-dimensional dental training system
Self-contained warning sign carrier for vehicles
Adapter for attaching an electronic shelf label to a blister hook
Article for displaying indicia and holding an object above a container lid
Method and apparatus for driving a plasma display panel
Neck assembly for a musical instrument
Music processing apparatus and management method therefor
Structure to be grasped
Method of distortion correction in shrink processes for fabrication of write poles
Method for manufacturing a magnetoresistive sensor having improved antiparallel tab free layer biasing
CPP read sensor fabrication using heat resistant photomask
Magnetic recording medium and method of producing the same
Abrasion resistant fluoropolymer compositions containing micropulp
Inductive component and method for producing the same
Electrically programmable fuse sense circuit
Fuse cap for a blade fuse
Ceiling box
Vehicle equipped with shift lever set
Slot motor housing and circuit interrupter including the same
Display panel device
Plasma display with phosphors containing a .beta.-alumina crystal structure
Flat panel display formed by tetragonal first and second substrates
Plasma display panel with insulation layer having projections
Probe-holding apparatus, sample-obtaining apparatus, sample-processing apparatus, sample-processing method and sample-evaluating method
Tandem mass spectrometry system
Luminescent assembly with shortwave and visible light source
Method for manufacturing high pressure discharge lamp, high pressure discharge lamp manufactured using the method, lamp unit, and image display device
Method of making a printed circuit board with low cross-talk noise
Enhanced interconnect structure
Semiconductor package
Crystallizing method, thin-film transistor manufacturing method, thin-film transistor, and display device
Gas temperature control for a plasma process
Method of producing a conductive layer including two metal nitrides
Method of fabricating suspended structure
Process and system for etching doped silicon using SF.sub.6-based chemistry
Metal organic deposition precursor solution synthesis and terbium-doped SiO.sub.2 thin film deposition
System and method for forming a gate dielectric
Method of manufacturing integrated circuit device including recessed channel transistor
Semiconductor flash memory device and method of fabricating the same
Method of forming transistor having channel region at sidewall of channel portion hole
Method of manufacturing a dielectric layer and corresponding semiconductor device
Eliminate IMC cracking in post wirebonded dies: macro level stress reduction by modifying dielectric/metal film stack in be layers during Cu/Low-K processing
Method of electrically connecting a microelectronic component
Method for forming storage node contact in semiconductor device using nitride-based hard mask
Method for fabricating capacitor in semiconductor device using hafnium terbium oxide dielectric layer
Semiconductor integrated circuit devices having high-Q wafer backside inductors and methods of fabricating same
Package structure for electronic device
Multi-layered metal line of semiconductor device having excellent diffusion barrier and method for forming the same
MOSFET fuse programmed by electromigration
Semiconductor device having power semiconductor elements
Method for the depth corrected detection of ionizing events from a co-planar grids sensor
Electron device, integrated electron device using same, and operating method using same
Magneto-resistance transistor and method thereof
Miniature inductor suitable for integrated circuits
Method for forming an integrated memory device and memory device
Tracking solar shelter
LCD with increased pixel opening sizes
Image sensor and method of forming the same
Image sensor with buried barrier layer having different thickness according to wavelength of light and method of forming the same
High performance FET devices
Light-emitting transistor
Stacked piezoelectric element, manufacturing method thereof and vibration wave driving apparatus
Piezoelectric element and driving apparatus
Acoustic resonator and filter
Quartz crystal vibrator, oscillator and electronic apparatus
Battery locking apparatus for electronic device
Process for preparing carbon nanotube electrode comprising sulfur or metal nanoparticles as a binder
High-volume-manufacture fuel cell arrangement and method for production thereof
Thermal treatment apparatus and power generation module
Mobile communication handset with adaptive antenna array
Antenna device for portable terminal
Folding portable wireless unit
Contact finger with grooves
Coaxial connector
Electrical connector for electrically connecting a chip module to a PCB
Signal adaptor box
Device for controlling a vehicle
Temperature-activated self-extending surface mount attachment structures
Electrical connector with retaining member
Locking seal for data ports and associated methods
Cover assembly with electronic connectors
Electronic module
Medical system including a cable retainer
Electrical connector and liquid crystal display device
Lamp holding device
Electrical junction box for a solar cell module
Electrical junction systems and methods
Energy saving lamp holder
Sealed cavity with vent hole method and apparatus for use in sensor modules
Raceway IDC connector
Dual path output current level control
Apparatus for providing voltages to motherboard
Capacitor control system
Multiple generator loadcenter and method of distributing power from multiple generators
Power generating system
Self-start synchronous motor with permanent magnets and at least one frictional agitation joint, method for manufacturing the same and compressor comprising the same
Motor protector endshield mounting bracket
Vehicle-use AC generator having rear cover formed to prevent intrusion of foreign matter into vicinity of slip rings
Method of controlling startup current of motor and disk drive using the method
System and method for controlling motion of electromechanical devices such as seats and opening elements of motor vehicles
Wing energy unit
Bias network with stable transient response
Device and method for biasing a transistor amplifier
Differential amplifying circuit
Amplifier device with adjustable supply voltage
Piezoelectric vibrator, surface-mounting type piezoelectric vibrator, oscillator, electronic apparatus and wave clock
Method and apparatus for accessing stored data in a reconfigurable IC
Low-complexity active transconductance circuit
Device for detecting voltage and analog-to-digital converter (ADC) using the same
AD converter and radio receiver
Analog voltage latch
System and method for converting analog values into digital form
Methods and apparatuses for generating and recovering 3D compression data
Active nonlinear transmission line
Lamp ballast circuit
Flashlamp drive circuit
Method and system for an improved package substrate for use with a semiconductor package
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method for genetic transformation
Method of producing a mini-potato
Method for producing transgenic cucumber that produces high levels of superoxide dismutase
Inbred maize line PH0CD
Inbred corn plant 86ISI15 and seeds thereof
Soybean cultivar M003360
Soybean cultivar 9524889614923
Inbred corn line BE4547
Inbred corn line ASG25
Heated pet bed
System for measuring tissue size and marbling in an animal
Composition and method for preserving progenitor cells
Aqueous bactericidal compositions based on synergistic combination of linear alkylbenzenesulfonates and n-propanol
Solid glyphosate formulations
Triglycerides and ethyl esters of phenylalkanoic acid and phenylalkenoic acid useful in the treatment of various disorders
Herbicidal composition
Therapeutic and diagnostic methods and compositions based on notch proteins and nucleic acids
Acylcyclohexanedione plant growth regulator for control of overall nutritive value of alfalfa
Effect of herbicides
Methods for regulating plant growth
Oligopeptides with fungicidal activity
Fungicide mixtures
Fungicidal mixtures
Hepatic disturbance improver
N-aryl-1,2,3-triazole compounds for pharmaceutical and veterinary application
Pesticidal hetero-substituted oxadiazine compounds
Pyrazole derivatives as herbicides
Saccharine-5-carbonyl-cyclohexane-1, 3, 5-trione derivatives, their preparation and their use as herbicides
Composition and method for plant desiccation
Use of N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine and derivatives thereof
Breviscapinum and extracting process thereof from erigeron breviscapus
Nutritional formulations containing lacto-N-neotetraose
Seeds, plants and oils with altered fatty acid profiles
Rotatable hair curler set with electric heater
Wet wipes with low viscosity silicone emulsion systems
Surface element
Combined monitor and light box assembly
Heating vessel and method of controlling the heating element of such a vessel
Audio apparatus
Magnetic resonance scanner having a unitary radio-frequency arrangement
Methods for inhibiting mucin secretion using RAR .alpha. selective antagonists
Method for treating sexual dysfunctions
2,4-dichlorobenzyl alcohol and amylmetacresol against HIV infection
Anti-arrhythmic composition and methods of treatment
Use of 2-methylamino-2-phenylcyclohexanone for the treatment of bacterial infections
Method for treating bronchospasm using optically pure R(-) albuterol
Enhanced anti-angiogenic activity of permanently charged derivatives of steroid hormones
Aryl nitrone therapeutics for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
.beta.-Alkoxyacrylates against malaria
Natriuretic compounds
Substituted benzo[1,4]dioxines as antiobesity agents
Geranylgeraniol/lovastatin: a novel approach to blocking cancer transformation without cytotoxicity
Certain oxopyrolo-pyrrole derivatives having thrombin inhibiting activity
Substituted azaheterocyclecarboxylic acid
Agonist-anatagonist combination to reduce the use of nicotine and other drugs
Constrained somatostatin agonists and antagonists
1-(4-arylpiperazin-1-yl)[n-(.alpha.,.omega.-dicarboximido)]-alka nes useful as uro-selective .alpha.1-adrenoceptor blockers
Method of treating cystic fibrosis
Cyclic ureas useful as antiarrhythmic and antifibrillatory agents
Inhibition of NMDA receptor activity by pregnenolone sulfate derivatives
Method and composition for effecting contraception in a mammalian male
Anti-HIV composition containing imidazole derivative
Pyridinylbisphosphonates for use as a therapeutical agent
Method and a tobramycin aerosol formulation for treatment prevention and containment of tuberculosis
Water soluble vitamin B.sub.12 receptor modulating agents and methods related thereto
Compositions for modulating intracellular inositol trisphosphate concentration
Extended type 1 chain glycosphingolipids as tumor-associated antigens
Methods and compositions based on inhibition of cell invasion and fibrosis by anionic polymers
Method of inhibiting cancer metastasis
Treatment of cystitis-like symptoms with chondroitin sulfate following administration of a challenge solution
Use of an organopolysiloxane for the fixing and/or sustained release of perfume
Biocompatible aqueous solution for use in continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis
Skin healing method
Pharmaceutical product for application to uterus mucosa
Antithrombotic peptides
Method for treating liver cancer
Arenavirus receptor and methods of use
Plants producing lytic peptides
Treatment of peptic ulcers using midkine (MK) proteins
Therapeutic uses of resolved intact or clipped native-sequence PDGF-BB dimers
Materials and methods for treating autoimmune disease
Method for soft tissue augmentation
Use of collagen for the treatment of degenerative articular processes
Stabilized aqueous liquid preparations of blood coagulation factor XIII
Medicinal composition
Furanyl, tetracyclic triterpene derivatives with immunosuppressant activity
Stable vitamin C preparation
Topical compositions for NSAI drug delivery
Compositions which undergo light-induced cationic curing and their use
Antimicrobial caries-detecting composition
Sunscreening composition comprising natural products of a marine hydroid and derivatives thereof
Method of synthesis of derivatives of aloesin
Short contact treatment of photoaging with topical retinoids
Emulsions of fragrance releasing silicon compounds
Liposomal oligonucleotide compositions for modulating RAS gene expression
Cationic polymer
Recombinant fibrin chains, fibrin and fibrin-homologs
Method and device for stimulating the immune system and generating healing at the cellular level
Method for reacting pyrophoric gas
Method and apparatus for decomposing hazardous substances using high frequency waves to provide environmentally safe fixation ashes in an incinerator
Brake device with a combination of power-generating and eddy-current magnetic resistance
Performing Operations; Transporting
Defoamer and methods of use thereof
Filter bypass switch
Hollow polyimide microspheres
Use of continuously variable power in microwave assisted chemistry
Process for producing aliphatic acids using a reactor system having a shell and a tube reactor configuration to force circulation of reaction liquid
Removal of anthraquinone from tall oil and tall oil fractions
Cyclic process for oxidation of calcium sulfide
Production of formaldehyde using carbon oxides, hydrogen and H.sub.2 S
Method of producing heat-resistant catalyst support
Dehydrogenation catalyst and dehydrogenation process using said catalyst
Oxidation using multimetal molybdenum and vanadium oxides
Catalyst for selective hydrogenation of highly unsaturated hydrocarbon compound in olefin compound
Alkaline earth metal compound-supported silver catalysts
Hybrid catalyst system for converting hydrocarbons and a method of making and using such catalyst system
Method for preparing ammoxidation catalysts
Process for producing unsaturated nitrile
Process for the preparation of pyromellitic dianhydride
Method of recovering boron trifluoride complex and process for producing olefin oligomer using the same
Hydrocarbon conversion catalyst composition and processes therefor and therewith
Catalytic composition and process for the alkylation or transalkylation of aromatic compounds
Synthetic, crystalline, porous material containing oxides of silicon, titanium and gallium
Complexes containing tris-(hydroxyalkyl)-phosphines as ligands for telomerizations, as catalysts and new complexes containing tris-(hydroxyalkyl)-phosphines
Dipalladaphosphacyclobutanes and a process for preparing the same
Bimetallic complex catalyst systems, their preparations and application in the hydrogenation of unsaturated copolymers
Catalyst structure and method of manufacture
Hydrogenation process comprising a catalytic distillation zone comprising a reaction zone with distribution of hydrogen
Initiation of an analytical measurement in blood
Non-stick polymer-coated articles of manufacture, and process and coatings for the production thereof
Adhesion promoters and methods of their synthesis and use
Biological system for degrading nitroaromatics in water and soils
Induction heating apparatus for joining sheet bars
Method and apparatus for electric-discharge texturing ends of a roll
In-situ closed loop temperature control for induction tempering
Reflow solder convection oven multi-port blower subassembly
Removing solder from integrated circuits for failure analysis
Plasma arc torch with vented flow nozzle retainer
Plasma torch having a pivotable electrode
Elevated-temperature, plasma-transferred arc welding of nickel-base superalloy articles
Powder-fan plasma torch
System and method for monitoring electrodes of a welder
Method of welding workpieces and apparatus for carrying it out
Leadframe manufacturing apparatus using laser beams
Method and device for welding with welding beam control
Underwater laser processing method and apparatus
Method for enhanced control of welding processes
Method for mechanical working
Unique chemical mechanical planarization approach which utilizes magnetic slurry for polish and magnetic fields for process control
Apparatus and methods for a human de-amplifier system
Reconfigurable modular joint and robots produced therefrom
Controller and filter used therein
Device for heating scissors inserted in recptacles
Methods of manufacturing voidless resin impregnated webs
Formed sheet of thermoconductive silicone gel and method for producing the same
Imaging system with high efficiency media loading
Ink-type image forming device with mounting-position-error detection means for detecting deviations in position of recording heads
Optical information medium and method for printing on the surface of the medium
Ink jet printer
Recording head, having pressure-bonding member for binding recording element substrate and driving element substrate, head cartridge and recording apparatus having same
Ink-jet print head with multiple nozzles per expulsion chamber
Liquid ejection head, liquid ejection head cartridge, printing apparatus, printing system and fabrication process of liquid ejection head
Liquid ejecting head, liquid ejecting device and liquid ejecting method
Structure of inkjet nozzle for ink cartridge
Ink jet printing method and ink jet printing apparatus
Particle-reinforced wiper for ink jet print head
Narrow body inkjet print cartridge having parallel configuration of internal components
Filter for an inkjet printhead
Ink jet recording method and apparatus, ink and ink cartridge
Printing apparatus and check pattern printing method
Ink jet recording method
Color ink jet recording method and apparatus using black ink and color-mixed black ink
Color thermal recording method and color thermal printer
Method and apparatus for thermal transfer recording
Ion generating device
Method and apparatus for forming an image using flying developing particles
Apparatus for electrostatically forming a developer image on a conveyed recording medium including an array of control electrodes each having an optimized pitch
Frame structure and an image forming apparatus using such a frame structure
Optical shutter device
Grating modulator array
Image forming method and apparatus for rapidly fixing ink on a recording medium
Protective overlays for thermal dye transfer prints
Tire tread compositions containing asymmetrically tin-coupled polybutadiene rubber
Reduced hysteresis products prepared with anionic polymerization initiators
Rubber composition
Dual zone solar sensor
Functional coating for reducing friction
Power supply circuit with auxiliary constant voltage circuit inhibit feature
Integrated occupant protection system
Truck turning safety gate
Enabling device for a motor vehicle
Multi-function light sensor for vehicle
Automatic emergency braking method and arrangement
Electromagnetic valve with integrated non-return valve
Display apparatus for a bicycle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for the treatment of a methanol reforming catalyst
Boron oxide-silicon dioxide mixed oxide
Fire retardant coating composition
Modified urea-formaldehyde binder for making fiber mats
Sealing glass composition
Reaction bonded ceramics for ceramic composite materials comprising mullite as the main component and corundum and thortveitite or cerianite as minor components
Method and composition for forming ceramics and article coated with the ceramics
Freeze/thaw resistant cementitious adhesive for composite materials and method for production thereof
Triethylenediamine and piperazine synthesis using zeolite catalysts modified with a silicon-containing compound
Process for the preparation of protected dihydroxypropyl trialkylammonium salts and derivatives thereof
Nitrile process
Processes for preparing pesticidal intermediates
Method for preparing .omega.-aminoalkanoic acid derivatives from cycloalkanones
One pot synthesis of 2-oxazolidinone derivatives
Process for reducing the residual free ammonia emissions from an urea production plant
(E)-(R)-2-alkyl-4-(2,2,3-trimethylcyclopent-3-en-1-yl)-2-buten-1-ol, process for preparing the same, and use thereof
Azulenyl nitrone spin trapping agents, methods of making and using same
Intermediates for making HIV-protease inhibitors
Potassium channel inhibitors
Phenylenediamine derivative, radical scavenger, brain-infarction depressant, and brain-edema depressant
Aryl substituted bicyclic amines as selective dopamine D3 ligands
Sulfonamide substituted aspartic acid interleukin-1.beta. converting enzyme inhibitors
Trienoic retinoid compounds and methods
Process for the preparation of tetrabromobisphenol-A
Process for the preparation of tetrabromobisphenol-A
Process for preparing 9-anthracenecarbaldehyes
Method to prepare .alpha.-.beta. unsaturated carboxylic acids from epoxides using a cobalt and tin catalyst system
Method for recovering acrylic acid
Sulfur removal process from an acrylate waste stream
Sulfur removal process from an acrylate stream
Methods for preparing 1-[4-arylpiperazin-1-yl]-3-[2-oxopyrrolidin/piperidin-1-yl] propanes
Benzylpiperazinyl and piperidinyl ethanone derivatives: dopamine receptor subtype specific ligands
Benzimidazole compounds as bradykinin antagonists
Optical resolution of racemic aminoalkylpyridine anticonvulsants and (+) aminoalkylpyridine enantiomers as highly potent orally effective anticonvulsant drugs and excitatory amino acid antagonists
Quinoline derivatives, processes for their preparation and their use as medicaments
1,3- and 2,3-diarylcycloalkano and cycloalkeno pyrazoles as selective inhibitors of cyclooxygenase-2 and antiinflammatory agents
Naphtol derivative and process for producing the same
Aryl-substituted pyrimidine sulphonamide compounds as endothelin antagonists
Arylethenesulfonamide derivatives and drug composition containing the same
Quinoline-containing .alpha.-ketoamide cysteine and serine protease inhibitors
2,2'-Bis(6-benzotriazolylphenol) compound, ultraviolet ray absorber comprising the compound, copolymer containing the compound and polymer composition containing the compound
Curable coating compositions containing blends of carbamate-functional compounds
Manganese complexes of nitrogen-containing macrocyclic ligands effective as catalysts for dismutating superoxide
S-oxide and S,S-dioxide tetrahydrothiopyran phenyloxazolidinones
Herbicidal benzoylisothiazoles
Thiazoline acid derivatives
Triazole derivative or salt thereof, preparation process thereof and pharmaceutical containing said compound as an effective ingredient
Method for making cycloaliphatic epoxides
Compounds with a sulfamate group
Synthesis of 3-carbomethoxy-4,5-dimethylthiophene
Benzothiophenecarboxamide derivatives and PGD.sub.2 antagonists comprising them
Substituted imidazoles having anti-cancer and cytokine inhibitory activity
Process for the preparation of loratadine
Lactam nucleic acids
Heterocyclic compounds and their preparation and use
Substituted pyrido[3,2-d]pyrimidines capable of inhibiting tyrosine kinases of the epidermal growth factor receptor family
Tetrahydropteridines for treatment of neurological disorders
2- (2-amino-1,6-dihydro-6-oxo-purin-9-yl) methoxy-1,3- propanediol derivative
Optically pure androgen mediator
Oxidative process for preparing narwedine derivatives
Production process for organometallic fine particle and catalyst for polymerization
Boron heterocycle steroid mimics and associated pharmaceutical compositions and methods of use
Boronic ester and acid compounds, synthesis and uses
Process for preparing acetoxysilanes
Diene complexes of group 4 metals and process of preparation
Production of silated haloarenes by selective silylation of polyhaloarenes
Asymmetrical siloxy compounds
Process for the preparation of optically active 1-aminophosphonic acid derivatives and novel phosphonate compounds
Processes for producing secondary phosphines
Process for preparing N-demethyl-N-alkyl erythromycin derivatives
Covalently linked oligonucleotide minor grove binder conjugates
Pharmaceutical compositions and method of using same
Lewis X derivatives
Polypeptides that bind to tissue plasminogen activator (tPA)
Polypetides that include conformation-constraining groups which flank a protein-protein interaction site
Nucleic acid respiratory syncytial virus vaccines
TCSTS polynucleotides
Recombinant ricin toxin
Cold-inducible promoter sequences
Plants having enhanced nitrogen assimilation/metabolism
Purified lectin and methods of use
Autotaxin: motility stimulating protein useful in cancer diagnosis and therapy
Human L105 polypeptides and polynucleotides encoding same
Method of refolding human activin A
Signal transduction inhibitors of allergic reactions
Human metabotropic glutamate receptor
CTLA4/CD28 ligands and uses therefor
Inducing resistance to tumor growth with soluble IGF-1 receptor
Method of regulating nitric oxide production or arthritis with soluble IL-17 receptor
DNA encoding conserved T-cell receptor sequences
Method and means for detecting and treating disorders in the blood coagulation cascade
Compositions and methods for the treatment and diagnosis of immune disorders
Polynucleotides encoding novel tumor antigens
Elongin A and C functional domains
Haemoglobin-hydroxyethyl starch conjugates as oxygen carriers
.beta.(1-3)-glucan diagnostic assays
Agonist and antagonist antibodies to the chemokine receptor-2 (CCR2)
Compounds with growth hormone releasing properties
Methods and compositions for the identification, characterization and inhibition of farnesyltransferase
Peptides and compounds that bind to a thrombopoietin receptor
Catalytic system which can be used for the stereospecific polymerisation of .alpha.-olefins, process for this polymerisation and polymers obtained
Mixed titanium-vanadium catalysts for solution ethylene polymerization
Process for making propylene homo or copolymers
Catalyzed process for producing high molecular weight monovinylidene aromatic polymers
Elastomeric amorphous olefin terpolymer
Copolymer and copolymer composition
Propylene-1-butene copolymer
Water borne pressure sensitive adhesive compositions derived from copolymers of higher vinyl esters
High temperature polyolefin based adhesive film with improved polarity for adhering to polyurethane foams
Oxazoline or oxazine coating compositions
Nitrile resin composition
Flame retardant polycarbonate resin/ABS graft copolymer blends having low melt viscosity
Catalyst component for polymerization of alpha-olefins and process for producing alpha-olefin polymers using the same
Branched polymers with polyolefin arms
TPV from hydrosilylation crosslinking of acrylic modified bromo XP-50 butyl rubber
High build polyurethane coating
High solids polyurethane-urea dispersions having improved storage stability
Coating compositions having extended pot life and shortened cure time and combination of chemicals used therein
Process for making foam using paint sludge
Weather-resistant resin composition for powder coating
Epoxy resin composition
Carboxyl-functional adduct from oh- or epoxy-functional polymer and citric acid (anhydride) with anhydride
Epoxy resin composition and semiconductor device
Scratch-resistant conductive coatings
Method for preparing poly(1,4-cyclohexanedicarboxylates)
Process for the hydrolysis of adiponitrile and the production of nylon 6,6 utilizing low catalyst levels
Water-soluble or water-dispersible cross-linked nitrogenated compounds in washing and cleaning agents
Composition for liquid crystal aligning film, liquid crystal aligning film, liquid crystal displays and liquid crystal display element
Polarizable amines and polyimides for optical alignment of liquid crystals
Electronic part and process for manufacturing the same
Release agent for electrophotographic process
Solvent for resin and polymer formulations
Process for the preparation of a super lightweight foamed sheet
Stabilizer system for chlorine-containing polymers
Compressible polyurethane compositions having minimal tack and articles therefrom
Flame retardant silicone foams
Compositions for forming golf balls containing oxa acids
High I.V. polyester compositions containing platelet particles
Flame resistant thermoplastic moulding materials
Carboxylated polymer composition
Color filter, liquid crystal using the same, manufacturing methods thereof, and ink for ink jet used in the manufacturing method
Fluorescent dyes
Preparation of N,N'-dialkylperylene-3,4,9,10-tetracarboxylic acid diimides
Disazo dyestuffs
Disazo dyestuffs for dyeing cellulosic materials
Transparent conductive ink
Powder paint compositions
Pulverulent adhesive
Hot melt adhesive comprising an encapsulated ingredient
Methods of forming hemispherical grain polysilicon
Tristable liquid crystal display device
Slurry compositions and method for the chemical-mechanical polishing of copper and copper alloys
Method of making an improved zeolite catalyst, a product from such method, and the use thereof in the conversion of hydrocarbons
Method for processing waste or biomass material
High temperature, high efficiency electrical and transformer oil
Dispersant viscosity index improvers
Solubilization of low 2-phenyl alkylbenzene sulfonates
Fabric softeners having increased performance
Automatic dishwashing detergents comprising .beta.-ketoester pro-fragrances
Shaped semi-solid or solid dishwashing detergent
Detergent compositions in tablet form
Water-based sweeping compound
Acidic cleaning compositions containing low acetate xanthan gum
Liquid automatic dishwashing composition with glassware protection
Human papilloma virus anti-sense oligonucleotides
Herbicide-tolerant protoporphyrinogen oxidase ("protox") genes
Sunflower seeds with enhanced saturated fatty acid contents
Human glutaredoxin .beta.
DnaB of staphylococcus aureus
Process for purifying, stabilising or isolating nucleic acids from biological materials
Method for applying films using reduced deposition rates
Use of a low resistivity Cu.sub.3 Ge interlayer as an adhesion promoter between copper and tin layers
Aqueous cleaning solution and method for cleaning aluminum-based metals
A-axis high temperature superconducting films with preferential in-plane alignment
Method of preparing oxide superconducting bulk body
Textiles; Paper
Acrylate copolymeric fibers
Preparation of anionic nanocomposites and their use as retention and drainage aids in papermaking
Fixed Constructions
Method and apparatus for using direct current to detect ground faults in a shielded heater wire
Internal vibrator supplied with current from a transformer
Magnetic decoupler
Method of operating a door system and a door system operating by this method
Closed-loop, daylight-sensing, automatic window-covering system insensitive to radiant spectrum produced by gaseous-discharge lamps
Use of polyaryletherketone-type thermoplastics in downhole tools
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Generator system with vertically shafted engine
Method for accurately detecting sensor element resistance
Conducting polymer driven rotary motor
Plasma gun and methods for the use thereof
Structure of linear compressor
Motor and a heat sink apparatus using the same
Vibration mechanism having a magnetic spring
Actuator having timer-controlled power switching device
Switching device for the manual drive of an electromotive actuator
Flexible probe for insertion into an auxiliary pipe extending from a main pipe
Balanced charge flame characterization system and method
Multi-layer ceramic heater element and method of making same
Ceramic heater
Leak collection and supply shut off system
Spa heater temperature control circuit
Half-cycle saturable-core magnetometer circuit
Location determination in wireless communication systems using velocity information
Route guide apparatus
Distance measuring apparatus
Low cost resolver system
Incremental travel encoder
Rotational position sensor employing magneto resistors
Position transducer
Optical sensor array having multiple rungs between distribution and return buses and having amplifiers in the buses to equalize return signals
Apparatus for detecting a rotational angle based on pulse propagation
Photoelectric detection switch
Checkweigher which weighs product suspended by flange
Structure for mounting a sensing element for measuring the load of a vehicle
Photosensitive charge coupled accumulation device and lidar incorporating such a device
Method and apparatus for wide field distortion-compensated imaging
Method for detecting temperature gradients in biological tissue using a thermocouple array
Temperature sensing circuits
Arrangement for the contactless inductive transmission of electric measurement values and/or electric energy between a rotor and a stator
Method and apparatus for the analytical determination of traces
Electrode assembly
Optical method and apparatus for measuring carbon monoxide in non-hemolyzed blood
Light transmittance measuring device and process for separating transmittance and reflectance
Method of and apparatus for inspecting reticle for defects
Method and an apparatus for inspection of a printed circuit board assembly
Method for measuring molecular composition or molecular densities in gases
Electron microscope
Apparatus and method for containing radioactive sources
Method for determining the moisture impinging on a resistive rain sensor
Testing for leakage currents in planar lambda probes
Slim-hole collar locator and casing inspection tool with high-strength pressure housing
Apparatus and method for on-line barkhausen measurement
Method and apparatus for determining concentration of magnetic substances in a non-magnetic substance using a SQUID
Scour probe assembly
Pharmaceutical compositions derived from ginseng and methods of treatment using same
Single crystal silicon sensor with high aspect ratio and curvilinear structures
Rate of rotation measurement using back-EMFS associated with windings of a brushless DC motor
Angle of rotation sensor having a counting arrangement with at least two pulser-wire motion sensors providing electrical energy used as a voltage supply
Probe assembly for testing
Test socket
Stackable plastic cover for use on electrical meters
Method for performing quantitative measurement of DC and AC current flow in integrated circuit interconnects by the measurement of magnetic fields with a magneto optic laser probe
Peak detector circuit with extended input voltage range
Electronic measuring device using a correction factor to compensate for measuring errors
Electromagnetic probe for the detection of e-field and h-field radiation
Method and apparatus for inspecting semiconductor integrated circuits, and contactor incorporated in the apparatus
Printed circuit board testing device
Design propagation delay measurement device
Oscillatory circuit having built-in test circuit for checking oscillating signal for duty factor
Method and device of testing a semiconductor integrated circuit chip in which a voltage across the semiconductor integrated circuit chip is detected while an ultrasonic wave beam is projected thereon
Non-intrusive battery status indicator and inventory system
Transducer utilizing giant magnetoresistance effect and having a ferromagnetic layer pinned in a direction perpendicular to a direction of a signal magnetic field
Flexible lightweight attached phased-array (FLAP) receive coils
Tunable radio-frequency unit for a magnetic resonance device
Superconducting magnets
Verification gauge for an electronic package lead inspection apparatus
Global positioning system recorder
Radio-interrogated surface-wave technology sensor
Modulated backscatter sensor system
Determination of jammer directions using multiple antenna beam patterns
Enhanced position calculation
Method for determining the location of a GPS receiver using an estimated reference time
Image monitoring apparatus
Method and apparatus for detecting rock movement
Imaging objects in a dissipative medium by nearfield electromagnetic holography
Methods for acquisition and processing of nuclear magnetic resonance signals for determining fluid properties in petroleum reservoirs having more than one fluid phase
Optical device having multiple lenses selected to achieve optional resolutions
High actuator density deformable mirror
Spectacle type display device
System for displaying combined imagery
Liquid crystal display device
Method of manufacturing planar lightwave circuits
Method and apparatus for providing a spiraled radial magnetic identifier for locating non-metallic linear objects
Thermo-optic devices
LCD having an area of color filter or reflector at each pixel region being smaller than an area of a pixel region
Liquid crystal display having an active matrix substrate with thermosetting inter-layer insulating film with a thickness of greater than 2 .mu.M
Shorting bar electrically disconnects from the electrodes
Liquid crystal display device having liquid crystal layer divided at different ratios in each pixel
Liquid crystal display with the pre-tilt angle set within a range that gray scale inversion is prevented
Convertible 2-D/3-D projector
Imaging method for manufacture of microdevices
Programmable mask for exposure apparatus
Linear motor, and stage device and exposure apparatus provided with the same
Scanning exposure apparatus that compensates for positional deviation caused by substrate inclination
Image heating device which prevents temperature rise in non-paper feeding portion, and heater
Method and apparatus for control of drive systems for cycle based processes
Electronic gearing from/to non-zero follower motion with phase adjust
Synchronizer module for a multivoltage power supply
Voltage generation circuit capable of supplying stable power supply voltage to load operating in response to timing signal
System and method for multi-mode low power voltage regulator
Voltage regulator with internal generation of a logic signal
Bandgap reference voltage generating circuit
System and method for low power start-up circuit for bandgap voltage reference
Electrical switch
Digital oscillator for generating two fixed pulse signals from one clock
Apparatus for and method of processing data
Computer system supporting portable interactive graphics display tablet and communications systems
Compact cursor controller structure for use with laptop, notebook and hand-held computers and keyboards
Compact cursor pointing device utilizing photodetector array
Integrated circuit SCSI input receiver having precision high speed input buffer with hysteresis
Information retrieval apparatus
Indexing method for image search engine
System for directly accessing fields on electronic forms
Substantially stationary pressure sensitive system for providing input to an electrical device, particularly a computer
Isometric pointing device with integrated click and method therefor
Multiple mode analog joystick interface
Palmtrack device for operating computers
Design and method for a large, virtual workspace
Four quadrant multiplying circuit driveable at low power supply voltage
Variable gain current summing circuit with mutually independent gain and biasing
Pen-shaped handwriting input apparatus using accelerometers and gyroscopes and an associated operational device for determining pen movement
Advertising screen saver
Intranet scanning terminal system
Method and apparatus for generating and interfacing with a haptic virtual reality environment
Method for concatenated rendering of digital images
Graphics drawing device with hidden surface processing
Rendering self-overlapping objects using a scanline process
Method and apparatus for deferred video rendering
Method of creating individually customized videos
Media production with correlation of image stream and abstract objects in a three-dimensional virtual stage
Interactive construction of 3D models from panoramic images
Surface net smoothing for surface representation from binary sampled data
Method and apparatus for forming objects based on free-form curves and free-form surfaces generated by minimizing sum of distances from an input series of points to a free-form curve
Image presentation apparatus
Apparatus for modifying graphic images
Histogram chip for line summing, line grabbing and histogramming in a thermal imaging system
Decoding and displaying device for coded picture data
Video signal encoding method and apparatus employing an adaptive quantization technique
System for the control and monitoring of light vehicle transit in public car parks
Keyless access control system with wireless, induction-powered keypad module and methods
Notification device for containers with openings
Apparatus for deactivation of electronic article surveillance tags
Method and apparatus for electronic labeling and localizing
Coil array for EAS marker deactivation device
Temperature sensing wireless smoke detector
System for tracking possessions
Method and apparatus for tracking a patient
Danger warning and emergency response system and method
Distress call emitting device
Annunciator alarm control device
Waterflow detector with electronic timer
Motorized adjusting device
Device and method of processing a radio paging message in a portable terminal
Directional traffic sensor system
Musical compositions communication system, architecture and methodology
Virtual computer monitor
Container with means for displaying still and moving images
Circuit for controlling power supplied to a cathode heater of a cathode ray tube
Pattern display circuit
Image display for dither halftoning
Driving method for plasma display device
Plasma-display panel of high luminosity and high efficiency, and a driving method of such a plasma-display panel
Display apparatus using electroluminescence elements
Cathode assembly with diamond particles and layer
Voltage generating circuit and liquid crystal display device incorporating the voltage generating circuit
Device for generating drive signal of matrix display device
Drive method, a drive circuit and a display device for liquid crystal cells
Liquid crystal controller and liquid crystal display unit
Flat-panel display device and display method
Image displaying method and apparatus
Computer interface extension system and method
User friendly keyboard
Corner buffer system for improved memory read efficiency during texture mapping
Method and apparatus for high-speed block transfer of compressed and word-aligned bitmaps
System and methods for both 2-tap and 3-tap flicker filtering of non-interlaced computer graphics to interlaced lines for television display
Retractable tail on a stringed instrument body
Tremolo device
Automatically composing background music for an image by extracting a feature thereof
Keyboard instrument with touch responsive display unit
Method for dynamically assembling a conversion table
Optimal looping for wavetable synthesis
System for mounting a hubless glassmaster onto an orders measurement device
Spindle motor having a magnet which is field centered relative to the stator
System and method for generating many ones codes with hamming distance after precoding
Variable slew rate pulse width modulation system
Editing interface
Conversion of a sequence of m-bit information words into a modulated signal
Power source circuit for generating positive and negative voltage sources
Circuits and methods for canceling harmonic distortion in sample and hold circuits
Analogue misfet with threshold voltage adjuster
Data determination circuit
Immobilization of radioactive and hazardous contaminants and protection of surfaces against corrosion with ferric oxides
Pyrolytic decomposition of organic wastes
Jacket and cord having circular and non-circular portions, and method for producing the same
Resistor and method of making the same
Magnetizing method for a permanent-magnet motor
Planar magnetics with segregated flux paths
Vehicle-lamp lighting-on device
Chip inductor and method for manufacturing the same
Permanent magnetic reluctor structures and methods
Magnetic actuator
Illuminated keypad key and method of manufacture thereof
Slide knob mounting structure
Safety switch
Safety switch
Thermal cutoff switch
Planar magnetic motor and magnetic microactuator comprising a motor of this type
Compact high current relay
Circuit interrupter with non-symmetrical terminal collar
Circuit breaker
Circuit breaker rotary contact assembly locking system
Television remote control with channel-defined keys
Electrical circuit interruption device having improved arc extinguishing apparatus including an arc paddle
Electron emitter with nano-crystalline diamond having a Raman spectrum with three lines
Electric field emission cold cathode
High-luminous intensity high-luminous efficiency plasma display panel
Coaxial inductive output tube having an annular output cavity
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices and apparatus therefor
Reduced thickness vacuum container with getter
Field emission display devices
Color picture tube having a tensioned mask-support frame assembly
Saddle shaped deflection winding having a winding space within a predetermined angular range
Display device comprising an anti-static, anti-reflection filter and a method of manufacturing an anti-reflection filter on a cathode ray tube
Low-stress and low-sensitivity metal film
Field emission device having an electroplated structure and method for the fabrication thereof
Field emitter cell and array with vertical thin-film-edge emitter
Reduction of smearing in cold cathode displays
Scanning electron microscope
Ion implanter
Plasma processing apparatus with a dielectric body in the waveguide
Coil assembly for an electrodeless fluorescent lamp
Electrode structures with electrically insulative compressable annular support member
Metal halide lamp and temperature control system therefor
High pressure discharge lamp with seal coating
Lamp having specific fill providing reduced restrike time
Method and apparatus for increasing temperature uniformity of heated wafers
Semiconductor wafer holder with spring-mounted temperature measurement apparatus disposed therein
Techniques for etching an oxide layer
HSQ with high plasma etching resistance surface for borderless vias
Method of planarizing a surface on a semiconductor wafer
Composite bump structures
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device capable of improving planarization
Graded MOS transistor junction formed by aligning a sequence of implants to a selectively removable polysilicon sidewall space and oxide thermally grown thereon
Trench MOSFET having improved breakdown and on-resistance characteristics
Metal-semiconductor junction fet
Integrated circuit including inverted dielectric isolation
Semiconductor device having a catalyst enhanced crystallized layer
Transistors with substitutionally formed gate structures and method
Etox cell programmed by band-to-band tunneling induced substrate hot electron and read by gate induced drain leakage current
Semiconductor device having a metal containing layer overlying a gate dielectric
MOSFET with gradiently doped polysilicon gate electrode
Method for forming conductive film for semiconductor device
Transistor having a metal silicide self-aligned to the gate
Method of etching gallium-nitride based compound semiconductor layer and method of manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device utilizing the same
Fabrication of components by coining
Semiconductor device and semiconductor device mounting structure
Lead frame and semiconductor device using the lead frame
Hermetic chip and method of manufacture
Chip-on-chip integrated circuit package and method for making the same
Semiconductor device, lead frame, and lead bonding
Method for forming a self-aligned contact
Shuntable magnetic mask support apparatus
Crack stops
High density shallow trench contactless nonvolitile memory
Semiconductor device and method of making
Threshold voltage tailoring of corner of MOSFET device
HSQ dielectric interlayer
HSQ dielectric interlayer
Etching method
Semiconductor processing method of forming a contact opening to a region adjacent a field isolation mass, and a semiconductor structure
Zincate catalysis electroless metal deposition for via metal interconnection
Method for manufacturing local interconnect
Fabrication of a via plug having high aspect ratio with a diffusion barrier layer effectively surrounding the via plug
Self-passivation of copper damascene
Shaped etch-front for self-aligned contact
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for fabricating local interconnect
Process for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Barrier layer cladding around copper interconnect lines
Semiconductor processing method of forming a contact pedestal, of forming a storage node of a capacitor
DRAM cell with a fork-shaped capacitor
Double coding mask read only memory (mask ROM) for minimizing band-to-band leakage
Cavity ball grid array apparatus
Manufacturing of semiconductor device
Perimeter clamp for mounting and aligning a semiconductor component as part of a field replaceable unit (FRU)
Integrated circuit package including a heat sink and an adhesive
Semiconductor devices having double pad structure
Integrated circuit comprising connection pads emerging on one surface
Method and apparatus for reducing resin bleed during the formation of a semiconductor device
Compact resin-sealed semiconductor device
Stacked semiconductor device
Tape carrier for TAB, integrated circuit device, a method of making the same, and an electronic device
Bridging method of interconnects for integrated circuit packages
Fuse circuit
Structure of metallization
Bi-level digit line architecture for high density DRAMS
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor device comprising stacked semiconductor elements
Semiconductor device and circuit board used therein
Semiconductor light emitting device
Electrostatic discharge protective circuit for semiconductor device
On-chip decoupling capacitor system with parallel fuse
Lateral flux capacitor having fractal-shaped perimeters
Integrated device in an emitter switching configuration and with a cellular structure
Multi-input semiconductor logic device with mask pattern for reduced parasitic capacitance
Semiconductor memory cell and its fabrication process
Semiconductor integrated-circuit device having n-type and p-type semiconductor conductive regions formed in contact with each other
Gate array semiconductor device
Photodiode having charge transfer function and image sensor using the same
Multicolored organic electroluminescent display
Transistor with local insulator structure
Power device having high breakdown voltage and method of manufacturing the same
Layout of semiconductor devices to increase the packing density of a wafer
Lateral power MOSFET with improved gate design
Semiconductor storage device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Lateral bipolar mode field effect transistor
Power MOSFET device having low on-resistance and method
Thin film transistor, manufacturing method thereof, and circuit and liquid crystal display device using the thin film transistor
Low voltage four-layer device with offset buried region
Front contact trenches for polycrystalline photovoltaic devices and semi-conductor devices with buried contacts
Method and apparatus for the generation of charged carriers in semiconductor devices
White light emitting diode
Thermoelectric conversion component
A.sub.4 MeSb.sub.3 O.sub.12 substrates and dielectric/buffer layers for growth of epitaxial HTSC/perovskite oxide films for use in HTSC/perovskite oxide devices and microwave device structures
Method of forming textured high-temperature superconductors
Vibration driven actuator apparatus and vibration control method therefor
Drive pulse generating apparatus for drive device using electromechanical transducer
Driving apparatus for driving plurality of vibration type motors
Piezoelectric transformer
Photoelectric conversion device and solar cell
Helical filter with a removable tap housing
Broad-bandwidth balun with polyiron cones and a conductive rod in a conductive housing
Method of forming a dielectric and superconductor resonant structure
Mountable sensor housing for a heated antenna reflector
Retractable tripod antenna
Omnidirectional radiofrequency antenna with conical reflector
Near-field calibration system for phase-array antennas
Self diagnosis and self healing scheme for digital beam-forming
Micro-strip antenna
Technique for joining dissimilar sized electrical leads
Semiconductor light emitting device with carrier diffusion suppressing layer
Multi-channel duct for power and tel/com conductors
Customer side power management system including auxiliary fuel cell for reducing potential peak load upon utilities and providing electric power for auxiliary equipment
Conforming intelligent battery label
Inductive charger coupling
Solar powered recharging device
Battery systems and methods of supplying electrical energy
System for operating a control device in a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for increasing comparator gain without affecting standby current
Permanent magnet rotor and method of assembly
Device for supporting and electrically contacting brushes, particularly for turbine generators
Alternator stator coil terminal connector post assembly kit
Amplifying mechanical energy with magnetomotive force
Voltage vector overmodulation technique considering counter electromotive force of motor
DC powered hand tools with automatic braking system
Using different frequency clocks to clock counters of a driver circuit at spin-up and at regulation
Method and apparatus for high efficiency wideband power amplification
Active compensating capacitive multiplier
Charge sensitive amplifier with high common mode signal rejection
MR-preamp using collector and emitter coupling integrated capacitors
Multi-tanh triplet with optimal biasing
Optical receiver pre-amplifier which prevents ringing by shunting an input current of the pre-amplifier
Class AB output stage for an audio power amplifier
Operational amplifier
Method for time constant tuning of gm-C filters
Multipoint controlled high dynamic range variable gain amplifier
Auto gain controller having temperature compensation function
Soft-limiting control circuit for variable gain amplifiers
Analog amplifier clipping circuit
Transimpedance amplifier with automatic gain control
Filter circuit capable of setting various filter characteristics
Controllable filter and high frequency apparatus using the same
Apparatus for adjusting impedance of controlling chip on a computer mainboard
Surface acoustic wave device
Method and apparatus for selecting a channel of a digital multichannel television
Driver circuit having reduced noise
Compensated input receiver with controlled switch-point
Start-up circuit for write selects and equilibrates
Bi-directional transistor structure
Power on/reset strap for a high speed circuit
Buffer driver reference circuit
Logic circuit
Input buffer for a mixed voltage environment
Output circuit providing protection against external voltages in excess of power-supply voltage
Adjustable output driver circuit
Logic circuit utilizing pass transistors and logic gate
Programmable logic devices with enhanced multiplexing capabilities
PLD having a window pane architecture with segmented and staggered interconnect wiring between logic block arrays
Programmable integrated circuit having shared programming conductors between columns of logic modules
Programmable precise frequency divider
High-speed CMOS latch
Internal oscillator circuit including a ring oscillator controlled by a voltage regulator circuit
Schmidt trigger circuit
Power on reset circuit
Voltage level shifting circuit
Method and apparatus for clamping a high-speed digital signal delivered over a transmission line
Phase modulator circuit
Clock duty cycle control technique
Clock converting circuit
Offset calibration of a flash ADC array
Pulse width modulation controller operational in both current and voltage mode
PWM controller with one cycle response
Circuit, architecture and method(s) of controlling a periodic signal generating circuit or device
Phase locked loop circuit including voltage controlled oscillator and low pass filter
Phase locking method and apparatus using switched drive signal
Adaptive divider control for a phase lock loop circuit
Digital to analog converter
Return-to-zero transmitter
Method for efficient storage and transmission of the centroids of a leech lattice quantizer
Method and apparatus for sending signals over an electric fence line
Adjustable biasing voltage for a bus line and associated method
Pulse discriminating clock synchronizer for logic derived clock signals with synchronous clock suspension capability for a programmable device
System and method of providing targeted advertising during video telephone calls
Apparatus for and method of controlling an image recording device
Method and apparatus for recording a voice narration to accompany a slide show
Apparatus for recording image data in accordance with a usage condition of colorant depositing means
Image recording apparatus and image exposure device provided therein
Apparatus for determining a black point on a display unit and method of performing the same
Complimentary metal oxide semiconductor imaging device
Solid state image sensor
Circuit for correcting vertical distortion of display device
Fade detector for digital video
Receiver for adjusting sync levels in VSB systems
Electronic imaging apparatus operable in two modes, with a different optical black correction procedure being effected in each mode
Video camera, printer apparatus and method of controlling same, and apparatus and method for detecting print inhibit signal
Interaction between moving objects and matte derived from image frames
Receiving equipment and method of using the same
Multimode and audio data compression
Digital electronic still-video camera, and method of controlling same
High-speed digital video serial link
Telecine with dual digitizers and multiple scanning beams
Self aligning color wheel index signal
Image processing apparatus
Aluminum nitride heater
Internally temperature controlled heat blanket
Heater with PTC element and buss system
Resistance heating device
Garage door mounted light
Series connected light string with filament shunting
Device for operation of a discharge lamp
Discharge lamp operating circuit with on time control of switching transistor
Electronic ballast capable of linear and stepless light regulation
RF induction coil
Method of forming an oxide ceramic electrode in a transferred plasma arc reactor
Low cost high power hermetic package with electrical feed-through bushings
Backplane stiffener
Electromagnetic interference (EMI) shield and fastener apparatus and method
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