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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Handle for writing instruments
Method and apparatus for locking a computer device
Reclining seat assembly
Structure for a vehicle seat
Fixing bracket, fixing method of fixing bracket and fixing structure of fixing bracket
Trivet with server lid
Methods and devices for accessing a body cavity
Positioning device for deploying at least one locking portion of an anastomotic device and method for carrying out anastomosis in tracts of the digestive tube
Device for fixing soft tissue
Meniscal repair systems and methods
Suture management
Knee arthroplasty apparatus and method
Encapsulated screw locking system
Polyaxial screw assembly
Method and a system for laser photoablation within a lens
Micro manipulator for electrode movement in neural signal recording
Characterisation of ageing effect and cardiovascular risk
System and method to identify and measure organ wall boundaries
Methods and apparatus for ultrasound imaging
Orthodontic clasp
Merchandise display system for identifying disposable absorbent article configurations for wearers
Bioerodible, implantable medical devices incorporating supersaturated magnesium alloys
Telescoping bifurcated stent
Method and apparatus for in-situ adjustability of a middle ear prosthesis
Metal bone supporter for necrosis of femoral head
Expandable osteosynthesis cage
Prosthetic connector
Flexible stent with variable width elements
Anti-migration features and geometry for a shape memory polymer stent
Composite stent with inner and outer stent elements and method of using the same
Ingrown nail correcting device
System and method for determining and controlling core body temperatue
Method and apparatus for improved cardio-pulmonary resuscitation
Surfaces and coatings for the removal of carbon dioxide
Methods and devices for programmable delivery of microdoses of liquid drugs and other fluids
Materials for facilitating administration of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and related compounds
Double balloon thrombectomy catheter
Method of securing a line to a patient, fasteners, and their use to secure a line to a patient
Portable ear light device
Portable incense burner and storage device
Perturbation apparatus and methods for proprioceptive and reactive balance training and therapy
Digital inertially responsive golf club head mounted device for instructing correct club face direction and swing speed
Ball bat having performance adjusting annular member
Tennis ball management system
Lawn game using rolling disks and rings
Balance simulator for bicycling
Apparatus and method to practice golf swing
Ski-pole basket
Gaming device for wagering on multiple game outcomes
Air table game assembly
Player interactive wagering using hole symbols and shifting gaming symbols
Wagering game with persistent selection state
Gaming machine for providing an award for insurance and controlling method thereof
Interactive game playing preferences
Modular toy vehicle
Building block system and method of use
Performing Operations; Transporting
Media for membrane ion exchange chromatography based on polymeric primary amines, sorption device containing that media, and chromatography scheme and purification method using the same
Oil filter with tapping plate and sealing grommet
Fuel filter of a motor vehicle
Variable intake-type air cleaner
Intake air filter for internal combustion engines
Ten bed pressure swing adsorption process operating in normal and turndown modes
Converting CO.sub.2 to an alcohol
Carbon dioxide permeable membrane
High pressure apparatus with stackable rings
Method and apparatus for analyte processing
Method of producing stable oxygen terminated semiconducting nanoparticles
Shredding device with counter knife assembly
System and related method for concentrating biological culture and circulating biological culture and process fluid
Device for intermittently jetting gas
Paint booth with purifier
Harvesting corn cobs
Device and method for wet treating disc-like substrates
Tablet compressing machine
Coil winding machine for rotor
Die casting process incorporating computerized pattern recognition techniques
Cutting tool having a clamping mechanism
Joining method and reflow apparatus
Process for manufacturing a honeycomb seal
Flux composition and method of soldering
Polyamine, carboxylic acid flux composition and method of soldering
Magnetic attachment structure
Chemical-mechanical planarization pad including patterned structural domains
Abrasive article with cured backsize layer
Bonded abrasive articles and methods of forming
Arm mechanism, and vacuum robot provided with the same
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Method of production of cement bonded agglomerated ore
Extruder having parallel shafts with combined elements
Mold clamping device
Setting laser power for laser machining stents from polymer tubing
Method for making a handle for a personal grooming device
Non-symmetric multiple layer injection molded products and methods
Honeycomb extrusion die apparatus
Method for fabricating rib-stiffened composite structures
Pressing module for impregnated conductor bars of large electrical machines and pressing apparatus equipped therewith
Laminating device and method for laminating
System for the fixing of printed images on a printing substrate
Fluid ejector including MEMS composite transducer
System for ink removal from a printhead assembly
Liquid discharge head and manufacturing method of the same
Image forming apparatus and ink jetting method thereof
Printing apparatus, printing method, and program
Lottery transaction mechanisms
Knock-type writing instrument
Adapter for writing instruments
Method for manufacturing porous structure and method for forming pattern
Trailer hitching and tracking steering
Pneumatic tire with tread having circumferential auxiliary grooves
Optimized load-bearing structure for bearing support and optimized bearing support
Body mount assembly
Damper tube reinforcement sleeve
Transverse link on a motor vehicle
Drainage structure of weather strip
Vehicle visor having mirror assembly
Channel for slide-on-rod visors
Sunshade for vehicle
Vehicle seat with securing device for a support element
Bulk material storage apparatus
System and method of providing computer resources
Offset hook and fastener system
Surrounding structure of storage compartment of instrument panel
Airbag apparatus
Brake control apparatus
Low content control system for a dual clutch transmission
Electronic traveling suitcase
Joining mechanism
Electric power steering system
Synchronous machine
Semi-trailer for transporting circular objects
Bicycle frame with rear suspension system
Marine drives and methods of operating marine drives having a lubricant exclusion cover
Trim and tilt apparatus
Aircraft front portion including a concave bulkhead separating a non-pressurized radome area and a pressurized area
Pressurised aircraft door equipped with a vent flap
Aircraft landing gear
Leading edge element of aircraft, method for manufacturing one, wing and stabilizer
Reusable rotorcraft bumper, and a rotorcraft having such a bumper
Air conditioning arrangement for an aircraft with a plurality of climate zones that may be individually temperature-controlled
Skydiving equipment to distribute the tension forces of a drogue parachute
Desiccant regeneration
Aircraft tank system and method for refueling an aircraft using an eration/deaeration device with a shut-off valve
One piece, push button, flip top closure
Release system for container
Packaging with integral metered serving dispenser mechanism
Method for aligning flat products on a side edge and conveying device for realizing the method
Method and system for job separation in high volume document scanning
Z-folder for sheets of various sizes
Apparatus for opening and transporting a product with a non-symmetrical fold
Apparatus (sheave) for guiding cable in and out of manholes and conduits
Dispensing container with pump fitment
Mixed beverage dispense system and method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for preparing ammonium metatungstate
Process for colour neutralizing compositions
Electrocoagulation apparatus with in-place electrode cleaning
Biodegradable retarder for cementing applications
Internally curing cement based materials
Preparing and dispersing surface-modified colour pigments
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Five-ring compound, liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Method and apparatus for recycle of knockout drum bottoms
Fuel composition
Process for producing a single-crystal component made of a nickel-based superalloy
Chemical agents for leaching polycrystalline diamond elements
High-temperature alloy
Method for making coated article
Encapsulated sputtering target
Apparatus and method for coating a substrate
Supply device
Methods of processing substrates having metal materials
Crystallization apparatus, crystallization method, phase modulation element, device and display apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Process and machine for making air dried tissue
Fixed Constructions
Three stage multi-point closure system for luggage
Degradation assembly
Drill packer member, drill pipe, and corresponding drill pipe string
Quick-change drum assembly
Short mud saver for use with top drive or kelly
Well treatment device, method, and system
Squeeze composition for restoring isolation
Groundwater well
Apparatus and methods for removing mercury from formation effluents
Powered cable puller
Method and system of retaining a cutting bit
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine blade with tip rail cooling
Hybrid turbomachinery component for a gas turbine engine
Lubrication monitoring device and method, and rolling bearing assembly
Exhaust device for vehicle internal combustion engine
Obstruction device for reducing noise emitted from a blower
Rotary separator drum seal
Cooling fan
Heat transfer through the electrical submersible pump
Sump pump with emergency backup system
Sensor-equipped bearing for wheel
Vibration absorber
Damping device with adjustable variable damping characteristics, in particular for the damping of movable furniture parts
Multi-speed transmission
Gear train of automatic transmission for vehicles
Multi-speed transmission
Transmission for hybrid vehicle
Torque transmission device
Hydraulic control system for an automatic transmission having electronic transmission range selection with failure mode control
Hydraulic circuit device
Coated seals
Wear rings for coupler devices and coupler devices comprising the same
Multi-functional portable anchoring system
Fitting cover
Ring-shaped illuminating apparatus with variable projection angle
LED lighting apparatus having block assembling structure
Lighting apparatus using light emitting device package
Aerially deployed illumination system
Socket device
Illuminating lens, and lighting device
Lighting device
Light source apparatus, method of manufacturing the light source apparatus and backlight assembly having the same
Collimator assembly
Reflecting sheet
LED backlight module
LLB bulb having light extracting rough surface pattern (LERSP) and method of fabrication
Electronic apparatus
Device for performing chemical and/or physical reactions between a solid material and a gas
Pivoting cutting elements for projectiles
Method for controlling a waste water concentration of cleaning solution containing phosphorus
Production method for transparent polymer film and transparent polymer film produced according to the method, retardation film, polarizer, and liquid crystal display device
Mirror damper
Optical fiber connector
Multifocal lens having a progressive optical power region and a discontinuity
Illumination optical system and projection display apparatus
Fiducial markers for augmented reality
Crack embossing using diamond technology
Apparatus and methods for enforcing purchase agreements
RFID tag and method of manufacturing the same
Capacitive data body and data reading device thereof
Systems and methods for risk triggering values
Banking system controlled responsive to data bearing records to sequentially provide preassigned ordered marketing campaign presentations to a particular individual over different transactions
Adjustable pitch simulated roof for training firefighters in roof ventilation procedures
Methods and systems for teaching a practical skill to learners at geographically separate locations
Modular system for radiosynthesis with multi-run capabilities and reduced risk of radiation exposure
Solvent-free conductive paste composition and solar cell element employing the same
Compositions having non-linear current-voltage characteristics
Electrical contact enhancing coating
Calcium hexaboride anodes for electrochemical cells
Electrical assembly having an orbicular upper contact held movably in an upwardly coverging opening of a lower contact
Electrical connection box
USB connector having vertical to horizontal conversion contacts
Board connector and method of mounting it
Holding member to hold a connecting object connectable to a connector having an actuator
Electrical connector with a wireless transmission module
Dual-cam ejector assembly
Low-profile right-angle electrical connector assembly
Metal shell configuration for an electrical connector
Card edge connector and connector assembly thereof
Electrical connectors and printed circuits having broadside-coupling regions
Plug-in connector
Method and apparatus for disconnecting electrical service
Cable connector with an oblique ground adapter
Method for forming a conductive pattern and a wired board
Expired Patents Due To Time
Oximetry system for detecting ventilation instability
Adaptive calibration pulsed oximetry method and device
Method of connecting priority call in wireless communication system and apparatus for achieving method
Method and apparatus for interactive audience participation at a live spectator event
Human Necessities
System for determining the position of an agricultural vehicle
Sensor and method for measurement of physiological parameters
Ribbon cable substrate pulse oximetry sensor
Method and apparatus for discriminating between tachyarrhythmias
Method and apparatus for P-wave enhancement in ECG recordings
Non-invasive localization and treatment of focal atrial fibrillation
Tissue discrimination and applications in medical procedures
Method and device for measuring tissue oedema
Substantially monostatic, substantially confocal optical systems for examination of samples
Flipping stereoscopic radiographs
CT scanner for time-coherent large coverage
Methods and apparatus for dispensing items
Iontophoresis system
Electrotheraphy device and method
Electro therapy method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for treatment of neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders using programmerless implantable pulse generator system
Cardiac rhythm management system with staggered pulses for coordination therapy
Battery monitoring system for an implantable medical device
Two lead universal defibrillation, pacing and sensing system
Method and apparatus for measuring lead impedance in an implantable cardiac rhythm management device
Implantable multi-chamber cardiac stimulation device with sensing vectors
Electromagnetic interference immune tissue invasive system
Method for improving cardiac function following delivery of a defibrillation shock
Verification of mlc leaf position and of radiation and light field congruence
Method for matching golfers with a driver and ball
Information processing device and method, distribution medium, and recording medium
Training of autonomous robots
Robot and control method for controlling the robot's motions
Performing Operations; Transporting
Vehicle loudspeaker
Point of sales systems for vehicles
Foldable peripheral equipment for telecommunication attached to a steering wheel of vehicles
Receiving system having a plurality of frequency converters for use with a vehicle
Method of monitoring the service life of a ceramic brake disk
Automatic train handling controller
Electric power assisted steering system having a single integrated circuit with two processors
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Chalcogenide doping of oxide glasses
Controlled dispersion optical fiber
Large effective area optical fiber
Fiber grating optical waveguide device
Method for detecting lymphoid tissue in tumor progression
Optical adhesive composition and optical device
Method for alignment of DNA sequences with enhanced accuracy and read length
Auxiliary material for superconductive material
Coated metal articles and method of making
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Device and method for engine control
Exhaust emission control system for internal combustion engine
Engine air-fuel ratio control
Airflow estimation for engines with displacement on demand
Rate detection method and rate detector
Automatic engine stop/restart-type vehicle, method of controlling the same, and automatic engine stop apparatus
Heated air circulator with uniform exhaust airflow
Method and apparatus for positional calibration of a thermal analysis instrument
Navigation apparatus having numerical display
Autonomous navigation system based on GPS and magnetometer data
In-vehicle accessory system utilizing region-based automatic function setting method
Route guiding method for in-vehicle navigation device
Method for operating a navigation appliance, and arrangement for carrying out the method
Measured data synchronizing system and measured data synchronizing method
Position-measuring device
Colorimetric imaging system
Compensation system and related techniques for use in a printed circuit board inspection system
Radiation detector and X-ray CT apparatus
Apparatus and method for processing of digital images
Method and apparatus for orienting a crystalline body during radiation diffractometry
Method and apparatus for waveform measurement instrument
Audio spectrum analyzer implemented with a minimum number of multiply operations
Testing system for printing press circuit board controllers
Magnetic resonance imaging method and device therefor
Method and apparatus for testing assisted position location capable devices
System and method for cyclic carrier de-rotation for earliest time of arrival estimation in a wireless communications system
Digital correlation device and correlation method for telemetric systems
Method and apparatus for determining a position of a transmitter in three dimensions
Flash artifact suppression in two-dimensional ultrasound imaging
Impulse radio receiver and method for finding angular offset of an impulse radio transmitter
Solution separation method and apparatus for ground-augmented global positioning system
Multipath processing for GPS receivers
Exposure control in an x-ray image detector
Method for generating P-S and S-S seismic data and attributes from P-P seismic data
Data central for manipulation and adjustment of down hole and surface well site recordings
Method for determining anisotropic resistivity and dip angle in an earth formation
Arrayed waveguide grating, and method of making same
Resin coated optical fiber
Continuously tunable photonic crystal drop filter
Three-dimensional tapered optical waveguides and methods of manufacture thereof
Printed circuit board for electrical and optical signals and method for producing the same
Fiber scope and cleaning tool
Inline ferromagnetic-composite isolator and method
All-fiber depolarizer
System and method for passively aligning and coupling optical devices
Reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexers employing polarization diversity
Multiple -port optical package and DWDM module
Fiber optic switch process and optical design
Fiber optical polarizer assembly
Wavelength correction method and apparatus, wavelength check method and apparatus, arrayed waveguide diffraction grating, and interleaver
Device for imposing a field tilt for approximating the inherent field curvature of a focusing element in a free space optical device
Optical device for compensating chromatic dispersion
Method using photonic crystals for the dispersion compensation of optical signals of different wavelengths which are transmitted together
Optical device
Wavelength multiplex optical communication module
Optical switch and servo mechanism
Method of aligning mirrors in an optical cross switch
Power monitoring arrangement for optical cross-connect systems
Scalable optical router/switch and method of constructing thereof
Optical wiring device
Optical coupling device for two-way optical communications
Optical cable having forming tape and rip cords
Tape based high fiber count cable
Fiber cable connector clip
Optical fiber distribution frame with outside plant enclosure
Coplanar integrated optical waveguide electro-optical modulator
Birefringence compensated integrated optical switching or modulation device
Electro-optical programmable true-time delay generator
Nonlinear optical switch
Optical signal processing device, optical demultiplexer, wavelength converting device, optical signal processing method, and wavelength converting method
All optical display with storage and IR-quenchable phosphors
Viewfinder mounting structure for camera
Rangefinder apparatus and camera equipped therewith
Method and camera for image capture
Camera frame assembly having dogged lens mount and recycling method
Camera having display device
Automated manufacturing system and method for processing photomasks
Optical proximity correction serif measurement technique
Method and apparatus for generating X-ray or EUV radiation
Developing apparatus and image forming apparatus employing it
Electrophotographic cluster printing system with controlled image quality
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
System for and method of toner flow control
Sealing member and toner container provided with such a sealing member
Developing device having a cover with partition member
Developing device using a two-ingredient type developer and image forming apparatus using the same
Picture image forming apparatus with intermediate transfer belt trained around two rollers of different diameter
Image forming apparatus and method in which a transfer medium transfers a developer image at a different surface velocity than a recording medium
Drop seal actuator
Multivariable control method and system without detailed prediction model
Method and system of reducing inefficiencies in an internal permanent magnet motor using fuzzy logic
Adaptive predictive model in a process control system
Structure of a trainable state machine
Discrete time trajectory planner for lithography system
Method and implementation of process control
System and method for determining the effectiveness of production installations, fault events and the causes of faults
Device and method of calculating a residual value of an apparatus based on a history of use of the apparatus as well as an electrical apparatus including the device
System and method for processing data obtained from turbine operations
Method and apparatus for predicting stability of a closed loop apparatus
System and method for periodic task resumption following redundant control system switchover
Socially interactive autonomous robot
Thermal management of a laptop computer
Process and products produced thereby, apparatus, and articles of manufacture, for computerized conversion of preferred-return instruments
Method for identifying betrayers of proprietary data
Multi-layer network device in one telecommunications rack
Portable communication apparatus
Method for interconnecting modular computer system components
Sequence of events detection in a process control system
Appliance maintenance apparatus and appliance remote maintenance system
Method and mechanism for profiling a system
Method and system for migrating stored data to a build-to-order computing system
Automatic sound reproduction setting adjustment
Merchant owned, ISP-hosted online stores with secure data store
Automated natural language processing
Representation and retrieval of images using content vectors derived from image information elements
Method, computer program product, and system for file and record selection utilizing a fuzzy data record pointer
Automatic information collection system using most frequent uncommon words or phrases
Method and apparatus for high speed parallel accessing and execution of methods across multiple heterogeneous data sources
Search-on-the-fly/sort-on-the-fly search engine for searching databases
System and method of managing metadata data
Database operation processor
Apparatus for indicating strength of building structure, and recording medium for strength indication program
Method of evaluating performance of a hematology analyzer
Electronic compass
Automatic detection of battery-backed data integrity in volatile memory
Robot control system and method for introducing robot control software
Enhancing biological knowledge discovery using multiples support vector machines
Method and system for the detection of lung nodule in radiological images using digital image processing and artificial neural network
Generating a key hieararchy for use in an isolated execution environment
Method and apparatus for entering data strings including Hangul (Korean) and ASCII characters
Systems and methods for providing a user-friendly computing environment for the hearing impaired
Computer having automatic answering state displaying and processing functions and method of processing automatic answering
Communication system for communication between in-vehicle terminals and center, and in-vehicle terminal employed in communication system
Method of integrating computer visualization for the design of a vehicle
Identification method for an article using crystal defects
Falsification discrimination method for iris recognition system
Efficient checking of key-in data entry
Device that scans both sides of a photo and associates information found on the back of the photo with the photo
System and method for generating a three-dimensional model from a two-dimensional image sequence
Super predictive-transform coding
Estimated spectrum adaptive postfilter and the iterative prepost filtering algirighms
Information processing system which understands information and acts accordingly and method therefor
Parts placement calculation system
Computer method for providing optimization for business processes
Method for advertising real estate over the internet
Extraction of bank routing number from information entered by a user
Personal computer banking system and method
Watermarking methods and media
Custom character-coding compression for encoding and watermarking media content
Halftone watermarking and related applications
Automatic image replacement and rebuilding system and method thereof
Apparatus and method for image data interpolation and medium on which image data interpolation program is recorded
Method and apparatus for image analysis and processing by identification of characteristic lines and corresponding parameters
Method for improved contrast mapping of digital images
Nonlinearly modifying a rendered digital image
Method and apparatus for resolving overlaps in a layout containing possibly overlapping designs
Mechanism for tracking colored objects in a video sequence
Frequency-based video data substitution for increased video compression ratios
Method for visual optimisation of embedded block codes to exploit visual masking phenomena
Method and system for processing image data
Apparatus and method of encoding an image using a statistical model based on pixels
Signal processing
Method and apparatus for performing two pass quality video compression through pipelining and buffer management
Method of checking lottery ticket numbers
Augmented system and methods for computing to support fractional contingent interests in property
Chip card reader telecommunication terminal
Background noise eliminating apparatus and method, and storage medium storing program realizing such method
System for generating speech and non-speech audio messages
Speech synthesis method
Method and system for proofreading and correcting dictated text
Subword-based speaker verification using multiple-classifier fusion, with channel, fusion, model and threshold adaptation
Method for generating candidate word strings in speech recognition
Soft feature decoding in a distributed automatic speech recognition system for use over wireless channels
Centralized processing of digital speech data originated at the network clients of a set of servers
Method and apparatus for extracting short runs of ambiguity from finite state transducers
Virtual speech interface system and method of using same
System for coding speech information using an adaptive codebook with enhanced variable resolution scheme
System and method for transmitting communication signals to an automated robotic device in a data storage system
Method and apparatus for simultaneously recording and reproducing real time information on/from a disc like record carrier
Information storage medium and apparatus for reproducing the same
Optical disc, a recorder, a player, a recording method, and a reproducing method that are all used for the optical disc
Exposing method and semiconductor device fabricated by the exposing method
X-ray source and method having cathode with curved emission surface
Vertical cavity apparatus with tunnel junction
Method and apparatus for combining two AC waveforms
Compact dual-polarized adaptive antenna array communication method and apparatus
Application of Yb:YAG short pulse laser system
Liquid immersed pumped solid state laser
Line-narrowing optics module having improved mechanical performance
Method for measuring gain of photonic inverters
Semiconductor laser device with a diffraction grating and semiconductor laser module
Semiconductor laser
Grating-outcoupled surface-emitting lasers with flared gain regions
Intersubband light emitters with injection/relaxation regions doped to different levels
Crossover fault classification for power lines with parallel circuits
Analog modem overcurrent protection
Automatic frequency deviation detection and correction apparatus
Log-map metric calculation using the avg* kernel
Alignment methods and apparatus for I/Q phase and amplitude error correction and image rejection improvement
Portable radio transceiver having shared power source for audio and RF amplifiers
Portable terminal device for controlling received voice level and transmitted voice level
Multi-channel audio signal limiter with shared clip detection
Cascading of up conversion and down conversion
Compensating filters
Method and apparatus implementation of a zero forcing equalizer
Adaptive signal processor using an eye-diagram metric
Switched phase dual-modulus prescaler circuit having means for reducing power consumption
High-speed programmable frequency-divider with synchronous reload
Adjustable high current and high voltage pulse generator
Universal parallel processing decoder
CMOS lock detect with double protection
Method and apparatus for generating a variable capacitance for synthesizing high-frequency signals for wireless communications
Receiver and method therefor
Waterproof radio enclosure
Frequency tracking using inner and outer loops
Method and apparatus for pilot search using a matched filter
Dynamic pilot filter bandwidth estimation
Device and method for filtering received signals for mobile telephone system
Acquisition circuit for low chip rate option for mobile telecommunication system
Spread-spectrum GMSK/M-ary radio with oscillator frequency correction
Channelizer for a multi-carrier receiver
Jitter suppression techniques for laser driver circuits
Optical receiving circuit and optical communication device
Optical device having dynamic channel equalization
SNR booster for WDM systems
Circuit and method for reducing local oscillator frequency transmission in a radio transceiver
Apparatus and method for measuring quality of a reverse link in a CDMA system
Low bias method for estimating small signal-to-noise ratio
Method and apparatus for network speech enhancement
Method for the distribution of information
Power control method for CDMA wireless communication networks
Method, device and system for power control step size selection based on received signal quality
Forward-link scheduling in a wireless communication system during soft and softer handoff
Method and system for bit-rate adaptation to improve coverage
Method and apparatus for selecting a base station
Method and apparatus for controlling a transmission power threshold of a satellite communication system
Cell searching in a CDMA communications system
Multiplexer with channel sectioning, selectivity actuated current sources, and common-base amplifiers
Device for timing reconstruction of a data channel transported on a packet network and its process
Internal noise immune data communications scheme
Method and apparatus for enhanced rate determination in high data rate wireless communication systems
Method and apparatus for line rate control in a digital communications system
Automatic protection switching system in a network
On-screen tools for eye diagram measurements
Charging method in telecommunications network
Message sequencing for ordered multicasting of a message across a routing network
Flow detection scheme to support QoS flows between source and destination nodes
Method and apparatus of low power energy detection for a WLAN
Hybrid digital subscriber loop and voice-band universal serial bus modem
Off-line broadband network interface
Apparatus and method for receive transport protocol termination
Method and apparatus for providing differentiated quality of service in a GPRS network
Multicast routing with nearest queue first allocation and dynamic and static vector quantization
Segmention of buffer memories for shared frame data storage among multiple network switch modules
Apparatus and method for monitoring data frames by a shared switching logic during simultaneous accessing of multiple network switch buffers
Method and apparatus for oversubscription of permanent virtual circuits
Integrated circuit that processes communication packets with scheduler circuitry having multiple priority levels
Automatic crossover configuration for serial data links
Facilitating instant messaging outside of user-defined buddy group in a wireless and non-wireless environment
Method and system for handling proprietary protocols and transmission control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP) over a point-to-point (PPP) connection
Method and apparatus for interfacing a drive-thru intercom system with a telephone system
High-voltage differential driver using stacked low-breakdown transistors and nested-miller compensation
Systems and methods for multicarrier modulation using multi-tap frequency-domain equalizer and decision feedback
Block decision feedback equalization method and apparatus
Time-domain transmit and receive processing with channel eigen-mode decomposition for MIMO systems
Adaptive decoder for skin effect limited signals
Data transmission apparatus and method
System and method for tone detection in a discrete multi-tone system
High speed wireless OFDM transceiver modem
Long reach SDSL system spectrally compatible with ADSL systems
Mobile IP authentication
Community separation control in a multi-community node
Digital communication system, transmitter, and data selector
Compressing cell headers for data communication
System and method for coordinating network access
Apparatus for providing information services to a telecommunication device user
Private user mobility (PUM) update and private integrated services network PUM alternative identifier translator (PP-AIT) system and methods
System to support mobile visual communications
Method for establishing a protected communication segment between two network elements of a telecommunication network as well as a corresponding telecommunication network
Dual impedance hybrid
Fast retraining method, apparatus, and storage medium in an xDSL transceiver
Method and apparatus to provide fixed latency early response in a system with multiple clock domains with fixable clock ratios
Two-dimensional signal detector with dynamic timing phase compensation
Data recovery for non-uniformly spaced edges
Method and apparatus for adjusting the quality of digital media
Device for implementing a block-ciphering process
One's complement cryptographic combiner
System and method for Viterbi decoding on encrypted data
Headset and method of manufacturing headsets that utilize a single transceiver form-factor design with a number of different housing styles
Method for passing information between a local exchange and a user/terminal
Auto name lookup
Methods and apparatus for identification and user prompting for storage of frequently used data items
Display of call related information regarding a called party
Voice telephony system
Remote reminder of scheduled events
Wake up device for a communications system
Central office interface techniques for digital subscriber lines
Metering data transfer between end systems
Method and apparatus for providing pre-pay and post-pay communication services using a switching system to monitor call duration
Method and system for ordering a telecommunication service
System and method for reducing power dissipation in line driver circuits
Portable mobile unit for conducting communication using one of character and picture information when a predetermined condition occurs
Telephony security system
Telephony security system
Computer telephony (CT) network serving multiple telephone switches
System and method for improved mobile phone functionality
Web based agent backed system that provides streaming multimedia support
Modification of voice prompting based on prior communication in a call center
Call initiation via calendar
Apparatus and method for providing conference call service
Echo canceling apparatus determining dynamically changing echo component
Image-formation apparatus, controlling method thereof and image-formation method
Multi-function peripheral device
Motion compensated upconversion for video scan rate conversion
Method and apparatus for cache management for a digital VCR archive
Video recorder having user extended and automatically extended time slots
Apparatus and method for television program scheduling
Fast video playback with automatic content based variable speed
Reverse digitized communications architecture
System and method for generating video frames and correcting motion
Optical switching system with power balancing
Optical layer multicasting using a multiple sub-carrier header and multicasting switch
Packet switching network
Dynamic AAL2 path configuration in ATM system
ATM multicasting system and method
Method and apparatus for providing a virtual SS7 link in a communications system
Interworking between services in telecommunications network
Method and system for handling operator calls in a communication network
System and method for processing a handover of digital enhanced cordless telecommunication (DECT) line cards in a switching system
System for transmitting and receiving short message service (SMS) messages
Mobile communication system with improved base station control
Method and apparatus for stabilizing communication in mobile communication system
Cellular communication system with virtual antennas
Communication terminal apparatus, base station apparatus, and radio communication method
Channel-type switching based on cell load
Method and apparatus for streamlining in a communication system
Speaker system for display
Fast start voice recording and playback on a digital device
Passive voice-activated microphone and transceiver system
Method for securing a headset
Electrostatic loudspeaker with a distributed filter
Automatic telephone switch for hearing aid
Microphone array apparatus
Microphone array system
Planar speaker for multimedia laptop PCs
Point source speaker system
Planar diaphragm loudspeakers with non-uniform air resistive loading for low frequency modal control
Sound recording and reproduction systems
Compatible matrix-encoded surround-sound channels in a discrete digital sound format
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