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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Dog tooth brushing system
Windowed muzzle system
Substituted cellulose acetates and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for blocking ethylene response in plants using 3-cyclopropyl-1-enyl-propanoic acid salt
Method of regulating NFATc2 activity in lymphocytes
Pharmaceutical agents containing carbohydrate moieties and methods of their preparation and use
Use of substituted heterocyclic compounds to control sea lice on fish
1, 8-diazaspiro [4.5] decane-2, 4-dione derivatives useful as pesticides
Pharmaceutical composition using stryphnodendron extracts for treating HPV infections
Vertically integrated aquaculture system
Composition and method for control of diabetes
Key holder
Mascara with lipstick, concealer, ad-hoc user mixable blush, and glitter component
Refillable toothbrush and toothpaste cartridge
Overhead mounting bracket for tabbed accessories
Folding table
No-tools chair and chair arm assembly
Child seat accessory to catch fallen items
Vending machine with dispensing assembly
Footwear hanger assembly
Table top dishwasher
Reinforced flexible access assembly
Wound protector including balloon within incision
Noninvasive devices, methods, and systems for modifying tissues
Laser ablation method and apparatus having a feedback loop and control unit
Ophthalmic device
Lancet analyte sensors and methods of manufacturing
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and carrier signal generating circuit
Dental positioning stent, and manufacturing method, using method and components for the same
Systems and methods for providing a debriding wound vacuum
Absorbent and impermeable seat insert
Implantable injection port with tissue in-growth promoter
Methods and implants for treating urinary incontinence
Vertebral body replacement
Hand-held platform for a phallic device
Massage apparatus having a sleeve with a lubrication well
Nasal septal splint and methods for using same
Method and apparatus for orthopedic cast removal utilizing a rotary impact driver
Ophthalmic laser treatment apparatus
Soft tissue tech instrument
Anticancer combination of artemisinin-based drugs and other chemotherapeutic agents
Use of ascorbic acid derivatives for the functionalization of matrices
5-membered nitrogen containing heterocyclic derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions comprising the same
Prolonged-release multimicroparticulate oral pharmaceutical form
Crystalline form I rosuvastatin zinc salt
Substituted pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidines as delta-5-desaturase inhibitors
Compositions and methods for treating lysosomal disorders
Substituted fused imidazoles and pyrazoles and use thereof
NONOate derivatives and uses thereof
Cosmetic method using a composition comprising a siloxane resin and a volatile hydrocarbon-based solvent
Method of providing color clarification of laundry
Intranasal carbetocin formulations and methods for the treatment of autism
Macrocyclic inhibitors of hepatitis C virus
Agent for ameliorating blood-brain barrier disorders
Tricarbonyl complexes with tridentate chelators for myocardium imaging
W/O emulsion with emulsifying silicone elastomer and volatile linear alkane
Water-soluble anti-inflammatory cream with natural ingredients base
Liposome and method for injecting substance to cell using this liposome
Enhanced medicinal delivery system processes and products thereby especially useful for children
Shale shakers and separators with real time monitoring of operation and screens, killing of living things in fluids, and heater apparatus for heating fluids
Nanofiber-reinforced composition for application to surgical wounds
Composition, system, and method for abatement of airborne contaminants
Elongated endoluminal device packaging system and method
Integrated intra-dermal delivery, diagnostic and communication system
Infusion treatment agents, catheters, filter devices, and occlusion devices, and use thereof
Fluid spraying apparatuses, and related systems and methods
Double barrel syringe and handles for use with double barrel syringes
Access assembly with flexible housing
Top-loading adjustable weight kettlebell system
Portable collapsible sports goal and carrying case
System and method for queuing players of casino games for rebates
Toy sports-player figure
Modular Building System
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filtration filter and production method therefor
Rotary atomizer drip control method and apparatus
Scent diffuser
Stirring apparatus for reducing vortexes
Method for producing regenerated clay, regenerated clay, and method for producing purified fats and oils
Ruthenium complex intercalated N-doped or N,S-codoped titania pillared montmorillonite and a process for the preparation thereof
Device for separation of essential oils and method of use
Recycling systems and methods for plastic waste
Device for the selective granulometric separation of solid powdery materials using centrifugal action, and method for using such a device
Centrifugal separator with filter rod
Device for cleaning photovoltaic panels and solar thermal panels
Subsurface induced pore clogging to prevent spill flow
Method for the manufacture of casting molds and a device for realizing the same
Tower pump casting apparatus
Electrical power tools
Apparatus for scribing thin films in photovoltaic cells
Automated storage accessories
Mobile abrasive blasting material separation device and method
Fastening tool
Adjustable c-clamp system
Clamping mechanism
Lignin-based nanostructures
Method and apparatus for reinforcing a pipeline
Orthosis modification tool
Imprinting method and apparatus therefor
Method of processing translucent rigid substrate laminate, and process of manufacturing plate-shaped product employing the method
Method of making reinforced composite articles with reduced fiber content in local areas and articles made by the method
Laser-assisted alignment of multi-station flexographic printing system
Print method, print apparatus and printed upon medium
Printing device
Droplet discharge head, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and treatment-liquid application device
Receipt issuing apparatus and control method thereof
Printing apparatus
Note tote system
Method of transferring graphene
Wind generator system for electric vehicles
Glass run with applique assembly
Single side curtain airbag for vehicles
Vehicle bonnet structure for pedestrian protection
Saddlebag tray
Bicycle rack installable in a pickup truck bed or trailer
Portable X-ray grid cabinet
Assembly for fastening of a steering column for a motor vehicle
Floating vessel for servicing air diffusers
Coordination of aerial vehicles through a central server
Remotely-controlled emergency aerial vehicle
Hydraulic drive, hydraulic supply device, airplane with a hydraulic supply device and method for configuring a hydraulic supply device
Fly-in landing pad for lift-fan aircraft
Package for ready-prepared foods
Tilted sensory aroma glass
Spout with a valve for dispensing liquor from a bottle
Foldable air insulating sleeve
Machining module
Apparatus for transporting food products to a loading head
Load lock chamber designs for high-throughput processing system
Sheet feeder and image forming apparatus
Sheet processing apparatus
Elevator motion profile control for limiting power consumption
Cover for the spout of a fuel dispenser and method of use
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Polycrystalline silicon ingot casting mold and method for producing same, and silicon nitride powder for mold release material for polycrystalline silicon ingot casting mold and slurry containing same
Etching method and devices produced using the etching method
Alkali-free glass
Oxide sintered body and sputtering target
Nucleated cements and related methods
Process for the preparation of crystalline forms of agomelatine and novel polymorph thereof
Process for preparing carboxylic acid amides useful in the treatment of muscular disorders
Catalysts and processes for producing butanol
Hydrogenation catalysts with acidic sites
Reduced energy alcohol separation process having controlled pressure
Process for making ethanol from acetic acid using acidic catalysts
Hydrogenation catalysts comprising a mixed oxide comprising nickel
Using a dilute acid stream as an extractive agent
Process for the production of ethanol from an acetic acid feed and a recycled ethyl acetate feed
Process to reduce ethanol recycled to hydrogenation reactor
Separation of isomeric menthol compounds
Process for the synthesis of etoricoxib
Small-molecules as therapeutics
Clathrate, curing agent, cure accelerator, epoxy resin composition, and epoxy resin composition for encapsulation of semiconductor
Quinazoline based EGFR inhibitors containing a zinc binding moiety
Process for producing acesulfame potassium
Apparatus and methods to preserve catalyst activity in an epoxidation process
Androgen induced oxidative stress inhibitors
Process for the preparation of 3-(3-chloro-1H-pyrazol-1-yl)pyridine
Process and intermediate compounds useful in the preparation of statins, particularly rosuvastatin
Positive allosteric modulators of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
Octahydro-cyclopentapyrrolyl antagonists of CCR2
Pimarane diterpenes from Anisochilus verticillatus
Radiotracer precursor BANI for imaging of hypoxic tissue, radiotracer, and method for preparing the same
Compound obtained by dimerizing with light irradiation, a compound containing a group having lyophilicity, and a compound containing a group having liquid-repellency
Procedure for the specific isolation of total DNA content of bacterial germs and a kit for this purpose
Alphavirus replicon packaging constructs
Glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide analogs
Angiogenesis-inhibiting peptide and application thereof
Anti-cancer agent comprising anti-HB-EGF antibody as active ingredient
Processes for cross-linking cellulose ethers under mild conditions
Synthesis of high molecular weight poly(2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene)
Bio-based terephthalate polyesters
Amide-imide compounds and their corresponding polymers
Process for preparing polyisobutenes
Resist material for imprinting, pattern formation method, and imprinting apparatus
Coloring composition, ink for inkjet recording and inkjet recording method
Oxidizing agents on pigments
Friction and wear management using solvent partitioning of hydrophilic-surface-interactive chemicals contained in boundary layer-targeted emulsions
Azeotropic or azeotrope-like composition, and method for producing 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene or chloromethane
Process for hydrotreating naphtha fraction and process for producing hydrocarbon oil
Fuel production method, fuel production apparatus, and fuel oil
Lubricant composition for an internal combustion engine and method for lubricating an internal combustion engine
Segmented soap bar with soap bodies forming concave arc surface
Cell analyzer
Bacterial methods
Micro-RNA's that regulate muscle cells
Recombinant baculovirus vaccine
Isolated in vitro cell population comprising primate pluripotent stem cells containing a nucleic acid construct and differentiated progeny of the pluripotent stem cells
Bone cell delivery device
PON polypeptides, polynucleotides encoding same and compositions and methods utilizing same
Systems and methods for biotransformation of carbon dioxide into higher carbon compounds
Fermentative production of methionine hydroxy analog (MHA)
Engineering complex microbial phenotypes with transcription enhancement
Methods for the synthesis of fatty diacids by the metathesis of unsaturated diacids obtained by fermentation of natural fatty acids
Method for early diagnosis of alzheimer'S disease using phototransistor
FGL-2 prothrombinase as a diagnostic tool for malignancy
Thin film of copper--nickel--molybdenum alloy and method for manufacturing the same
Textured alumina layer
Electroless deposition of platinum on copper
Textiles; Paper
Multi-spool threader
Pellet comprising aramid pulp and filler material
Fixed Constructions
System and method for controlling an asphalt repair apparatus
Device and method for introducing a filling material
Cable recovery device and system
Acoustic building material employing chitosan
Fitting for windows or doors
Diamond bonded construction comprising multi-sintered polycrystalline diamond
Impact device having an impact mechanism lubricating device
Expandable filtering system for single packer systems
Cement shoe and method of cementing well with open hole below the shoe
Double insulated heaters for treating subsurface formations
Capture device for a bore hole of a fluid source
Method and apparatus for opening threaded joints of drilling equipment
Leak detection in circulated fluid systems for heating subsurface formations
Gas cutting borehole drilling apparatus
Method, system and rock drilling apparatus for installing a pipe in drilled holes in rock drilling
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotor for a turbo machine
Valve timing control apparatus of internal combustion engine
Rotary engine
Energy storage system utilizing compressed gas
Volumetric pump and its driving mechanism
Clamping system and self advancing support platform
Retainer made of synthetic resin for use in ball bearing and ball bearing
Cylindrical roller bearing
Arrangement of a bellow on a guide bar of a disc brake
Brake pad for vehicle disc brake
High efficient and high power plane centric gear unit
Hydraulic pressure control device
Dual variable valve solenoid module
Hard seal plug valve
Pipe reduction piece made from plastic material
Pipe fitting
Quick connector adapted for a male adapter to connect thereto
Effluent flow splitter
Lighted blocking beam
Orientable tactical light
Vehicular lamp
Lighting apparatus with adjustable light beam
Charging connection device with illumination and associated methods
Modular multichannel connector system and method
Luminaire power switch
Lens and light emitting diode backlight module having the same
Lighting arrangement comprising elongate light emitting members
Illuminated Halloween candy container
Inflatable lamp assembly
Light emitting diode automobile lamp
Linear light source device and planar light source device
Lighted mounting apparatus
LED illumination device
Simulated sunlight irradiation apparatus
Illuminated ATM surround
Radiant heat reflector and heat converter
Linear Fresnel solar arrays and drives therefor
Broadhead-bullet with sabot
Hunting arrow tip and method of manufacture
Mechanical firing adapter for a M81 device
Alignment mark, substrate, set of patterning devices, and device manufacturing method
Spectral phase analysis for precision ranging
Work assistance system, terminal, method and program
Wearable radiation detector
Sample processing units, systems, and related methods
Instrumentation systems and methods
Method and device for high resolution full field interference microscopy
Adapter for hand-held electronic devices for use in detecting optical properties of samples
Method for determining the amount of magnetically labeled troponin
Vaccine protection assay
Waveform dividing method for a capacitive touch control device
Sequential burn-in test mechanism
Electromagnetic detection and imaging transceiver (EDIT) and roadway traffic detection system
Active compensation for mud telemetry modulator and turbine
Plastic lens
Illuminating system and an optical viewing apparatus incorporating said illuminating system
Optical interference type of color display having optical diffusion layer between substrate and electrode
Electromagnetically actuated microshutter
Infrared reflector with metallic substrate coated with a layer of zirconium and chromium nitride
Decorative, ornamental, or jewelry articles having arrays of diffraction gratings
Method of forming single-mode polymer waveguide array connector
Ferrule holding member and optical connector
Photographic lens optical system
Frameless eyeglasses
Display method, display device and display apparatus
Polarisation rotator with small induced ellipticity
Image-color-correcting method using a multitouch screen
Toner, developer, and image forming apparatus
Holographic imaging device and method
RF transaction system and method for storing user personal data
PFC LED driver capable of reducing flicker
Tap changer
Load-adaptive power generator for driving a load device
Electronic device
Image forming apparatus, method for controlling image forming apparatus, and storage medium for performing maintenance on an image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for modifying gaming machines to provide supplemental or modified functionality
Commodity sales data processing apparatus, checkout system and control method
Data input system and method for a touch sensor input
Control device
Computer input device with switchable operation modes and mode switching method thereof
Color performance of IMODs
Touch pad operable with multi-objects and method of operating same
Touch panel and method for manufacturing the same
Interactive whiteboards and programs
Side-light display illuminator
Input device with capacitive force sensor and method for constructing the same
Image forming system, image forming apparatus, authentication server, client personal computer, and control method of image forming apparatus
Shopping system for tracking and tabulating costs
Product authenticator and barcode scanner interlock
Three-dimensional stereoscopic imaging method, system and imaging device
Resizing objects in regions of virtual universes
Arrangement comprising an object made at least partially of metal or precious metal and an RFID identification device
Electro-pneumatic sound alarm
Horn input to in-vehicle devices and systems
Systems and methods for processing drilling data
Multi-mode safety system for spotter-assisted vehicle maneuvering
Controlling vehicular traffic on a one-way roadway
Method for determining the sequence of vehicle tagged with and without RFID
Educational game for teaching addition and subtraction of whole numbers
System and method for cardiac defibrillation response simulation in health training mannequin
Light emitting diode display panel
Display device
Image displaying method and image displaying apparatus
Information processing apparatus and display control method
Display panel with improved gate driver
Method and apparatus for controlling mobile and consumer electronic devices
Absolute and relative positioning sensor fusion in an interactive display system
Inverted keyboard instrument and method of playing the same
Tabla drum head tensioning system and method
MIDI controller circuit for drawbar-type organ interfaces
Method for reading file using plurality of tape media
Methods for measuring media performance associated with adjacent track interference
Writing and reading data in tape media
Systems and methods for asymmetry detection based on a synchronization mark
Optical disc with pre-recorded and recordable regions and method of forming the disc
Non-volatile programmable switch
Method of optimizing solid state drive soft retry voltages
Erasing method of non-volatile memory device
Method of operating semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit and information processing apparatus
Dynamic cascode-managed high-voltage word-line driver circuit
Semiconductor memory apparatus for controlling dummy block
Phase powders and process for manufacturing said powders
Static apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling a line side impedance in a network device
Switch device
Key structure of keyboard
Device to verify sequence of events data collection in a control system
Field emission device
Detector element with antenna
Modular printhead for OLED printing
Biosensing well array with protective layer
Preparation method for organic solar cells having conductive nanorods
Top corner rounding by implant-enhanced wet etching
Ultrathin body fully depleted silicon-on-insulator integrated circuits and methods for fabricating same
Efficiently injecting spin-polarized current into semiconductors by interfacing crystalline ferromagnetic oxides directly on the semiconductor material
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and substrate processing apparatus
Methods for fabricating integrated circuits including generating e-beam patterns for directed self-assembly
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device using an oxidation process to increase thickness of a gate insulation layer
Methods of forming bulk III-nitride materials on metal-nitride growth template layers, and structures formed by such methods
Method for producing substrate having concavity and convexity structure and method for producing organic EL element using the same
Connection arrangement for semiconductor power modules
Three-dimensional memory comprising an integrated intermediate-circuit die
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device
Solid-state image pickup device, image pickup apparatus, and driving method
Monolithic semiconductor light emitting devices and methods of making the same
Borderless contact for ultra-thin body devices
Electrical and optical devices incorporating topological materials including topological insulators
Transparent conductive zinc oxide film, process for production thereof, and use thereof
Waveguide avalanche photodetectors
Light-emitting module having connection member to press for direct electrical contact
Naphthalene derivative, organic material including the same, and organic electroluminescent device including the same
Display panel driven by electrode wires
White-emitting monomolecular compound using excited-state intramolecular proton transfer, organic electroluminescent element and laser device using the same
Charging device
Alignment system for wireless electrical power transfer
Porous membrane and process for preparing the same
Electrochemical device
Fuel cell system and vehicle having fuel cell system
Cathode for lithium-ion secondary battery, lithium-ion secondary battery, vehicle and power storage system equipped with the battery
Synthesis of lithium-iron-phosphates under hydrothermal conditions
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Unit thermionic electric converter and thermoelectric converter system
Battery assembly and method of manufacturing the same
Fuel cell comprising separator with protrusions in zigzag-pattern
Liquid phase desulfurization of fuels at mild operating conditions
Multilayered composite proton exchange membrane and a process for manufacturing the same
Gas diffusion electrode
Retaining member and metal-air cell unit utilizing the same
Cavity filter with high flatness feedback
Low phase shift voltage variable attenuator
Housing assembly and electronic device using the same
Multiple antennas having good isolation disposed in a limited space
Connector terminal including limiter extending along first and second spring terminals
Connector terminal and method of fabricating the same
Electric connector
Crimp terminal
Connecting film, and joined structure and method for producing the same
Temporary utility service apparatus
Protective circuit for loads
Protective device and method for preventing supply voltage sag of microcontroller from sagin electronic cigarette
Standby power supply device
Rotating electrical machine
Insulator, and stator and motor provided with same
Control circuit for power converter and method thereof
Method and circuit for driving a switch-mode amplifier array
Amplifier linearization using non-standard feedback
Low-voltage active inductor
Signal directing means for dividing an input signal into at least two output signals or combining at least two input signals into one output signal
Method of successive approximation A/D conversion
Systems and methods for receiving aircraft position reports
Inspection apparatus and inspection method to determine a printed material defect portion based on a density difference of image data
Color processing apparatus and color processing method
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Light amount adjusting apparatus and photographing apparatus including the same
Detecting red eye filter and apparatus using meta-data
Digital image processor for a digital camera
Focus detecting apparatus, lens apparatus including the same, image pickup apparatus, and method of detecting defocus amount
System and method for automatically managing participation at a meeting or conference
System and methods for translating sports tracking data into statistics and performance measurements
Object identification device, moving object controlling apparatus having object identification device, information presenting apparatus having object identification device, and spectroscopic image capturing apparatus
Video system
Gain value interpolation
Intelligent patching systems using acoustic control signals and related equipment and methods
Remote activating device
Power converter
Wireless module and connector apparatus having the same
Multistage heat exchanging duct comprising a parallel conduit
Inlet-air-cooling door assembly for an electronics rack
Inlet-air-cooling door assembly for an electronics rack
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Collapsible shovel
Multi-use cleanup tool system
Garbage pickup tool
Spinning-reel reciprocating device
Dual-bearing reel having mechanism for inducing free rotation of spool
Reel for fishing
Dual-bearing reel brake device and drag cover attachment structured therefor
Bait cast control fishing reel
Reel especially adapted for fly fishing
Whistle-type duck whistle
Use of an aqueous dispersion from a biodegradable polyester as a sheathing material for granulated fertilizer
Apparatus for producing stranded, ground, meat products
Necktie-setting clip
Interface element used in snowboarding
Roller skate with receivable wheel design
Fastening assembly and method for securing footwear to a binding
Watch-strap including means for identifying it
Card holder and ejector
Make-up compact comprising at least two products of different types
Pump and liquid applicator apparatus for health and beauty products
Cosmetic container with push-back prevention feature
Point-of-sale body powder dispensing system
Adjustable pocket
Method for making an abrasive article and abrasive articles thereof
Packaged applicator assembly
Aqua broom
Joint assembly
Monitor mounted personal organizer
Modular rack
Fastening arrangement for pull-out slide
Lateral guide for a cupboard slide-out system
Release mechanism for telescoping slide assembly
Fastener using metal and wooden board
Shelf anti-sagging support brace
Nestable synchrotilt chair
Lumbar flexing seating pad
Motor vehicle seat with lordotic support
Dressing aid for infirm patients
Mounting socket for use with upholstered furniture
Portable stenographic machine stand
Automatic two speed musical rocking chair
Scoop for slot machine tray
Pedestal for protecting an ornament from an earthquake
Signage support base
Display apparatus
Countertop projection laser scanning system for omnidirectional scanning of code symbols within a narrowly-confined scanning volume projected above a countertop surface
Coin display methods and apparatus
Beverage holding device with railing attachment
Carton holder
Secure parcel receptacle, lock assembly therefore and associated method
Adjustable pot supporting device
Mechanism for grasping implements method of manufacturing same, and fastening devices employed therein
Sheet material dispensing apparatus and method
Towel dispenser
Paper towel dispenser
Refillable towelette dispensing article
Moistened wipe dispenser
Mesh sponge with flexible pouch
Electronic endoscope apparatus
Imaging system with condensation control
Life span meter system for light-source used in electronic endoscope
Devices, methods and systems for collecting material from a breast duct
Medical instrument and method for endoscopic removal of the saphenous vein
Protective device against embolization in carotid angioplasty
System for reconstructing the twist between the natural knee and the region of the natural hips
Method and assembly for performing ultrasound surgery using cavitation
Tick removing device
Bone plate assembly including a screw retaining member
Bone connector system
Rod-to-rod coupler
Clamping connector for spinal fixation systems
Confocal microscope for facilitating cryosurgery of tissue
Voltage threshold ablation method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for treatment of tissue
Subsurface heating of material
Stereotactic probe holder and method of use
Medical procedure kit having medical adhesive
Surgical manipulator for a telerobotic system
Vitrectomy lens
Applanating tonometers
Force-feedback interface device for the hand
Blood pressure measuring apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining cardiac output
Method and apparatus for assessment of changes in intracranial pressure
Quantitative calibration of breathing monitors with transducers placed on both rib cage and abdomen
Rehabilitation apparatus and method
Cuffless continuous blood pressure monitor
Method and apparatus for wound management
Computed tomography system with arrangement for cooling the x-ray radiator mounted on a rotating gantry
X-ray diagnostic apparatus
Ultrasonic system and method employing variable filtering of echo return signals
Medical diagnostic ultrasound imaging system and method for determining an acoustic output parameter of a transmitted ultrasonic beam
Implant wear debris detection apparatus and method
Catheter drive shaft clutch
Three-dimensional ultrasound data display using multiple cut planes
System for improving the appearance of teeth
Surface acoustic wave periodontal probe and method of detecting periodontal disease
Interproximal gauge and method for determining a width of a gap between adjacent teeth
Instrument and method for removing dental restoration
Computerized system and method for correcting tooth-size discrepancies
Method and system of scanning
Orthodontic appliance for the forward displacement of the lower jaw
Immediate post-extraction implant
Sanitary napkin
Absorbent article with breathable dual layer backsheet comprising one layer with slanted capillary apertures
Disposable absorbent article having elastically contractible waist and sides
Intra-vaginal device
Stent delivery system
Orthopedic knee brace having an adjustable knee pad support
Sub-tenon drug delivery
Method of crystalline lens replacement
Method and system for controlling a digital mircomirror device for laser refractive eye surgery
Infant warmer with light shield
Assembly of nestable wheelchairs and wheelchair for use in such an assembly
Wheelchair with improved suspension
Wheeled personal transport device incorporating gas storage vessel comprising a polymeric container system for pressurized fluids
Device to assist in therapy of patient who has limited jaw opening
Medical instrument for treating biological tissue
Nozzle device, preferably arranged in sanitary water basins, containers or the like
Per kilo doser
Entertaining attachment for an infant's nursing bottle
Method of making a radioactive stent
Catheter system for skin passage units
Perfusion hyperthermia treatment system and method
Platelet collection method
Metered, mechanically propelled, liquid dispenser
Assemblies for creating compound curves in distal catheter regions
Dialysis catheter anchoring system
Method and apparatus for positioning radioactive fluids within a body lumen
Catheter snapped valve
Infusion pump
Fluid dispenser with stabilized fluid flow
Injection device for injection of liquid
Automatically retractable needle safety syringe
Apparatus for covering a used syringe needle
Hypodermic syringe with selectively retractable needle
Therapeutic laser device and method including noninvasive subsurface monitoring and controlling means
Apparatus and method for targeted UV phototherapy of skin disorders
Interstitial brachytherapy apparatus and method for treatment of proliferative tissue diseases
Method of tongue reduction by thermal ablation using high intensity focused ultrasound
Passive/active fluid exercise device
Limb or digit band
Torsion board
Abdominal Exercise Device
Multipurpose exercise and stretching apparatus
Methods for creating consistent large scale blade deflections
Golf ball
Golf ball with soft core
Golf ball
Sports ball with floating cover
Tennis ball retriever and storage unit
Contoured golf club face
Golf bag support device
Golf divot repair tool
Multiple purpose golf tool
Putting green simulator
Collapsible pinata hoist
Bat swing aid
Batting tee
Exercising device
Golf overswing alerting mechanism and golf club with overswing alerting mechanism
Rollable sports base
Rollable sports base
Adjustable length shaft for golf clubs, and the like
Braking system for in-line skates
Gliding apparatus with a binding interface device connected to a ski
Boot/ski safety binding
Video game machine, method for switching viewpoint on game screen of video game, and computer-readable recording medium containing game-screen-viewpoint switching program
Double-standard DWI-rules game
Statistically enhanced sport game apparatus
Game apparatus
Multi-level chessboard
Continuous water dam gate device
Vocabulary word game
Card game having cards bearing hidden icons altering game play
Methods of temporal knowledge-based gaming
Children's ride-on vehicle
Intermittenly wetted sliding amusement ride
VR motion base control apparatus and it's supporting structure
Hand-held toy for lighting when spun
Expandable doll or the like
Dual-gearshift position transmission mechanism for remote control toy car
Noise activated mobile
Compatibility-testing amusement device with an electrical circuit
Magnetic suspension device with mechanical stabilization, especially for models, toys or design objects
Modular game call system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for treating pressurized drilling fluid returns from a well
Integrated filter and noise suppressor device for a water valve assembly and associated method for operating the same
Vibratory separator
Gas generator
Liquid slug and gas separation method and apparatus for gas pipelines
Reverse flow air filter arrangement
Filter cartridge with detection device
System for manufacturing reinforced three-zone microporous membrane
Water- and ion-conducting membranes and uses thereof
Apparatus for mixing, grinding, dispersing or emulsifying
Lime slurry mixing apparatus and method of use
Gastight ball valve for granules
Rotor for a reducing machine
Method for decreasing the likelihood of an object being thrown from a tub grinder
Method and apparatus for processing municipal sludge waste
Ferrous particle magnetic removal and collection apparatus
Electronically enhanced media air filtration system and method of assembling
Adjustable shower head
Sprayer device having various kinds of outward flows
Container and pump assembly
Container valve
Fluid mixing-jetting apparatus, fluid mixer and snowmaker
Liquid sucking and dispensing device
Compact portable sprayer with leak-prevention pump system
Hot melt adhesive hand applicator
Glue dispensing gun
Method for producing fast-drying multi-component waterborne coating compositions
Method of applying marking to metal sheet for scrap sorting purposes
Method and apparatus for polishing workpiece
All-purpose conduit for conveying harmful fumes or gases away from a work station
Methods of extracting liquid hydrocardon contaminants from underground zones
Screw-thread forming apparatus, screw-thread forming method and fuel supply pipe assembly therewith
Mandrel mechanism for tin box manufacturing apparatus
Method and apparatus for closing holes in superalloy gas turbine blades
Ladle to tundish transfer to molten metal in the steelmaking process
High precision expanding mandrel with cylindrical or compensated gripping
Key code cutting device
Indexable type rotary milling tool and indexable insert
Rotating cutting tool
Soldering machine
Wave soldering method and system used for the method
Cornercube offset tool
Method and apparatus for release and optional inspection for conductive preforms placement apparatus
Protective lining for pressure equipment which can be used in processes for the synthesis of urea
Kinematic coupling
Device for a tool spindle
Seal arrangement for a load-carrying bearing, particularly for coordinate measuring devices
Device for a tool spindle
Device for a tool spindle
Device of a tool spindle
Gripper with four gripper jaws which can be moved in radially outward direction
Apparatus for the automated processing of workpieces
Sheet working system
Double action orbital sander
Polishing apparatus
Apparatus for performing chemical-mechanical planarization with improved process window, process flexibility and cost
Polishing apparatus
Polishing apparatus
CMP polishing slurry dewatering and reconstitution
Grinding jig for firearm recoil pads
Production tool process
Abrading plate and polishing method using the same
Optical techniques of measuring endpoint during the processing of material layers in an optically hostile environment
Finishing element including discrete finishing members
CMP slurry recycling apparatus and method for recycling CMP slurry
Portable pipe fitting table
Vacuum clamp device
Tubular connector
Rotary clamping cylinder actuator
Sealed gripper
Clamping jaw
Robotic gripper mechanism
Extrusion die and methods of forming
Dual dicing saw blade assembly and process for separating devices arrayed a substrate
Mold opening apparatus
Assembly for molding plastic material
Apparatus for forming pattern onto article during injection molding
Shut-off nozzle
Partial crystallization apparatus of amorphous plastic articles
Tire mold heat transfer system
Method of manufacturing edge-sealed packaging container blanks
Application of clear overcoat fluid
Printing apparatus and platen with a plurality of impact surfaces
Stitching and color registration control for multi-scan printing
Printer with paper aligning device
Printing head inspecting device and method for printer
Image printing method and device
Ink ribbon cartridge
Identification code for color thermal print ribbon
Printing device
Incorporation of supplementary heaters in the ink channels of CMOS/MEMS integrated ink jet print head and method of forming same
Ink ejection device for forming high density dot image by successively ejecting two or more ink droplets
Ink ejector that ejects ink in accordance with print instructions
Ink jet apparatus with ejection parameters based on print conditions
Ink jet apparatus, ink jet apparatus driving method, and storage medium for storing ink jet apparatus control program
Method of correcting a print error caused by misalignment between chips mounted on an array head of an inkjet printer
Acoustic and ultrasonic monitoring of inkjet droplets
Ink jet recording head, and ink jet recording apparatus employing the same
Electrostatic ink jet printer
Ink jet printer
Ink jet printer mechanism with colinear nozzle and inlet
Ink jet printer head and method for discharging ink from an ink jet printer head using a fluid pressure
Back-shooting inkjet print head
Transistor drop ejectors in ink-jet print heads
Support structure for large channel plates of an ink jet printhead
Nozzle arrangement for an ink jet printhead that includes a hinged actuator
Permanent alteration of a printhead for correction of mis-direction of emitted ink drops
Inkjet collimator
Residue removal from nozzle guard for ink jet printhead
Energy balanced printhead design
Ink-jet printer head and ink-jet printer
Ink jet printhead
Ink jet printing head, ink jet head cartridge and printing apparatus
Ceramic piezoelectric ink jet print heads
Ink jet cap with vent
Scraper for a wiper in an ink jet service station
Ink jet apparatus and ink jet cartridge and ink container mountable thereto
Ink container, ink jet head having ink container, ink jet apparatus having ink container, and manufacturing method for ink container
Apparatus for supplying fluid to an ink jet nozzle
Cartridge having removable part for opening an aperture
Ink cartridge device
Ink cartridge and method for determining ink volume in said ink cartridge
Arrangement of usage indicator in a recyclable, digital camera
Ink tank support assembly seal and biasing element
Ink volume reduction system for an ink jet recording apparatus
Ink jet printing method and apparatus
Method and a device for detecting an ink cartridge
Recording apparatus having a charging function, and charging method
Method for printing on non-porous surfaces
Ink-jet recording method, and ink-jet printer
Sheet receiving apparatus
Pressure seal C-Z fold mailer with built-in return envelope
Cover for a binding
Multi-function writing instrument
Liquid applicator implement
Plastic paint container with redundant closure, spill resistant pour spout and liquid recovery
Composite spring seat for an axle housing
Disposable wheel shield
Seamed trailer hitch cover
Suspension joint and torsion spring assembly
Upper coupling attachment for MacPherson strut
Suspension control system
Method for controlling system including a controllable air spring and a controllable shock absorber connected in parallel
Vehicle suspension and rotary height control valve for same
Semi-trailer suspension air spring control system
Front wheel suspension system for a vehicle
Drawbar-type rear wheel suspension for motor vehicles
Door for changing over air passage
Motor vehicle roof with ventilator means
Retractable cover for small vehicles
Vehicle auxiliary sun visor assembly
Openable motor vehicle roof
Folding roof for a vehicle
Power train system for a vehicle
Power transmitting mechanism with silent chain and sprockets
Power transmission system for four-wheel drive vehicle
Driving force control apparatus and method for a vehicle
Vehicle display monitor system
Vehicle braking system having devices for controlling fluid flows between pressurizing and assisting chambers of master cylinder and pressure source and reservoir
Driving system for an industrial truck
Method and system for detecting a child seat
Motor vehicle seat component panel with integrated clasps, sockets and conductors
Chuck-free latch assembly
Car with a locking mechanism
Child seat
Universal floatation child safety seat
Seating unit for a passenger vehicle
Side facing multi-passenger divan assembly
Vehicle restraint system with slidable seat
Headrest device
Beverage holder with anti-spill protection
Dump truck tailgate apparatus operable as either a rotatable or pivotable gate
Waste concrete container
Cargo carrier for vehicle
Interior mirror assembly for a vehicle incorporating a solid-state light source
Vision system
Portable, universal, non-destructive and stable device for viewing an infant in the rear seat of a vehicle
Mirror assembly for vehicle
Mirror surface angle adjusting device and mirror surface angle detector for a vehicle
Device for adjusting the position of a side mirror
Rear view mirror with pivotally mounted component mirrors
Rear view mirror device having displayer or monitor
Water, dust and sound attenuating barrier and trim panel module and method for assembling within a vehicle door
Bumper system for motor vehicles
Driver side air bag module
Inflatable side air bag curtain module
Gas generator with controllable fluid injection
Gas generator for air bag and air bag device
Seat belt storing structure
Seatbelt system
One-piece running board and mounting assembly
Elongate article carrier for vehicles
Vacuum booster apparatus and a brake apparatus
Pressure control device
Solenoid-controlled valve
Combined power supply and electronic control circuit for ABS
Braking system having master cylinder piston receiving booster output and rear chamber fluid pressure from selectively activated pressure increasing device
Brake system for vehicles
Cylinder transporter
Folding push chair for a child with memory of the angle of inclination of the hammock
Vehicle body and frame assembly and method of manufacturing same
Hydroformed space frame and joints therefor
Overmoulded reinforced metal/plastic composite front panel for motor vehicle
Composite joint configuration
Motor vehicle with a displaceable cargo area
Vehicle air drag reduction system using louvers
Two-piece master chain link
Rubber pad and lock pin for iron crawler belt
Compliant pivot socket for automotive steering
Support leg frame of a bicycle
Front fork for cycles
Body frame structure for four-wheeled buggy
Rectilinear propulsion apparatus
Universal kit for the application of an electric motor on a standard bicycle transforming same bicycle into a bicycle with pedal assist from the electric motor
Life raft inflation valve
Air-intake system for watercraft
Life-saving device
Outboard drive housing cooling system
Low frontal area, inboard, through-hull propeller drive and methods for assembling and adjusting the drive
Steering mechanism for jet boat
Device for changing the direction of travel of a watercraft
Canoe air propulsion machine
Anti-fretting washer for flange joints
Simplified buoyancy system for avoiding aircraft crashes
Apparatus and method for enhancement of aerodynamic performance by using pulse excitation control
Elastomeric bearing
Airplane cabin overhead air outlets
Cargo lock for fixing cargo pallets to seat tracks in aircraft
Cassette for packaging containers
Damage control leak pan
Variable height container having a displaceable access means for the materials within the container
Packaging device for disc-shaped items and related materials and method for packaging such discs and material
Food storage containers
Cap for dispensing viscous liquids
Dispensing nozzle for multi-compartment container
Unit dose packaging system with child resistance and senior friendly features
Thermal insulating sleeve for a container
Packaging for encapsulated dice employing EMR-sensitive adhesives
Personal identification for improved hygiene
Non-orthogonal packing method and apparatus
Apparatus for preventing the formation of metal tarnish
Spray can system and tube holder
Container with pressure control device for dispensing fluid
Tube holder system and spray can therewith
Cigarette packet
Storage container for recorded media
Automatic refuse container latch
Stop bar for rear hopper refuse collection vehicles
Roller conveyor
Feed apparatus
Distributing/feeding device
Conveyors system with volume sharing
Flexibly mounted contact cup
Vacuum transfer apparatus and process
Carrier for a framed canvas
Container for recording medium
Supply magazine for recording material roll and having code reader
Supply magazine for containing recording material roll
Rewinder mandrel system
Device and method for individually separating a pile of sheetlike data recording media
Electronic printing apparatus, paper separating unit
Paper feeder
Method of and apparatus for selectively depositing printed sheets on superimposed supports
Device and method for storing elongated plastically deformable member
Yarn reel having a V-shape gradually narrowed slot with reverse fish scale shape having a rough surface
Paper feeding apparatus
Spreader bar apparatus
Fluid container with a keying means to prevent improper fluid loading in a fluid delivery tool and a system including such fluid container and fluid delivery tool
Extended range diaphragm valve and method for making same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Cutting method for plate glass mother material
Soil conditioning agglomerates containing calcium
Conversion of hydrocarbon-contaminated particulate soil and/or rock to fertile soil useful in erosion control
Solvent systems for polymeric dielectric materials
Rubber compositions and hoses
Oil ink composition for electrostatic attraction ink jet and recording process using same
Ink, ink set, ink cartridge, recording unit, image recording process and image recording apparatus
System and method for reducing inter-color bleeding in liquid ink jet printing
Candle making apparatus
Iron production method of operation in a rotary hearth furnace and improved furnace apparatus
Recovery of gold from refractory ores and concentrates of such ores
Process for imparting high strength, ductility, and toughness to tungsten heavy alloy (WHA) materials
Method of making ultrafine wc-co alloys
Article having at least a portion of the outer surface thereof coated with a metallic mirror surface
Rotary compressor and method of manufacturing the same
Device for the vacuum-tight connecting of two bodies of different materials
Method for purging a furnace and furnace assembly
Textiles; Paper
Thin plate spinnerette assembly
Fixed Constructions
Autonomous strip laying device
Striping apparatus for vehicle travel surfaces
High ground pressure elastic support
Vehicular traffic barrier system
Traffic directional mat
Pavement marking article and method of producing
Damming device for erecting a liquid-damming protective bank
Apparatus and method for moving fluid
Beaver controlling culvert attachment
Ground anchoring mechanism
Pool equipment carrier
Anti-theft container for commercial items
Cargo door saver
Window fastener
Oil seal for a door closing device
Rotating connector with compensating unit
Turret rock bolter with stinger/centralizer
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Pneumatic motor lubrication
Stationary flowpath components for gas turbine engines
Method and apparatus for centering rotor assembly damper bearings
Blade cooling in gas turbine
Friction damped turbine blade and method
Turbine blades
Article including a composite laminated end portion with a discrete end barrier and method for making and repairing
Support pedestals for interconnecting a cover and nozzle band wall in a gas turbine nozzle segment
Inlet guide vane and shroud support contact
Autotensioner and belt tension adjuster
Fuel injection pump
Fuel injection apparatus
Power blade for throttle assembly
EGR valve device
Air flow system for an outboard motor
Fuel injector
Hydraulically-actuated fuel injector having front end rate shaping capabilities and fuel injection system using same
Fuel injector with rate shaping control through piezoelectric nozzle lift
Fuel injector
Laser ignition
Plurality of outer resonance springs for a linear compressor
Linearized peristaltic pump
Swashplate position assist mechanism
Modular downhole multiphase pump
Variable capacity modulation for scroll compressor
Mechanically driven roller vane pump with aperture end parts providing for gradual pressure changes in the pump chambers
Oil passage for scroll compressor
Air compressor having means to selectively control air flow therein
Fan mountable air freshener device
Impeller for coolant pumps
Axial fan
Fastener having a self-centering and self-aligning capability for one-sided insertion and tightening on a slat floor
Support stand
Linear motion guide units
Dynamic pressure bearing apparatus
Flanged ring for fixing a bearing in place
Assembly system on a propeller shaft
Connection of a slotted hollow shaft, hollow axle or sleeve with an engaging counterpart
Torsionally rigid, play-free, flexible metal bellows-type coupling for the torque-transmissive connection of two shafts
Ball-ramp-actuated friction clutch controlled by a particle-clutch
Continuously variable transmission having a continuously slipping clutch
Liquid-filled type vibration isolator
Hybrid hydraulic mount with magnetorheological fluid chamber
Shock absorbing apparatus
Rolling-lobe air spring
Toroidal type continuously variable transmission and method of manufacturing link
Toroidal type continuously variable transmission
Method and device for controlling a motor vehicle drive train
Limited slip differential having thermal compensating valve for regulating torque bias
Differential gear
Reversible driven pulley
Power transmission apparatus
Self aligning stuffing box for pumpjacks
Split face mechanical seal system
Valve system for fluid pipes
Method for supporting a pipeline in a trench
Threaded connection of two metal tubes with high tightening torque
Self-flaring plastic fittings
Secured coupling assembly and method of preventing loosening
Rotary joint
Support brackets for cable raceway
Assembly of an end-fitting and a flexible pipe
High pressure quick connector
Structure of small-diameter resin tube connector
Lockable quick connect/disconnect coupling
Quick-action coupling
Quick safety connection for removably joining pipes
Pipe branch fitting
End closure modules for multi-cell pressure vessels, and pressure vessels and vehicles containing the same
Light source including an array of light emitting semiconductor devices and control method
Digital light protection apparatus with digital micromirror device and rotatable housing
Portable light reflector or diffusor
Backlighting device and a method of manufacturing the same, and a liquid crystal display apparatus
Surface light source device of side light type, liquid crystal display and light guide plate
Tubular burner
Restricted operating modes for oil primary
Voice activated fireplace control system
Air treatment device
Expansion valve
Static mixer
Method for measuring temperature with an integrated circuit device
Ultrasound enlarged image display techniques
Rectifying mirror
Adapter system usable in conjunction with a fiberoptic termination inspection microscope to inspect fiberoptic cable end connectors
Binoculars and optical device provided with via-rotation-drawable type eye cup
Method and apparatus for automatically reading bar code symbols
Dust-proof device for solid integration rod in projecting apparatus
Directable laser transmission module
System and method for stereoscopic imaging and holographic screen
Adapter for assembling multiple optical connectors
Ferrule and fiber optic connector housing having enlarged shoulders
Spectacle frame having rotatable temples
Eyeglasses with coupling units for coupling temples and lenses thereof
Non-uniform mask lens
Progressive-power multifocal lens
Progressive power multifocal lens
Fully-cover shelter frame
Eyeglass accessory frame, eyeglass device, and method of forming a magnetic eyeglass appliance
Apparatus for compensating engine location for projection monitor
Image projection system
Illumination device and image projection apparatus comprising the device
Method and apparatus for photofinishing a photosensitive media and/or ordering of imaging products
Organizer for computer monitor
Method and apparatus for grounding microcoaxial cables inside a portable computing device
Bracket for mounting an expansion card and method therefore
Optical code and delineator apparatus and method
Flexible IC module and method of its manufacture, and method of manufacturing information carrier comprising flexible IC module
Non-contact IC card having an antenna coil formed by a plating method
System and method for effecting particular functions in contactless labels
Attachment device for ergonomically suspending a handheld scanner
Palm scanner
Produce recognition system and method including weighted rankings
Communication equipment and method for business card information interchange
Method and apparatus for configuring and monitoring a system unit in a medical diagnostic system
Method and device for identifying qualified voter
Coin discriminating apparatus
Apparatus for processing paper money
Exercise equipment connected to an electronic game of chance
Gaming device having apparatus and method for producing an award through award elimination or replacement
Gaming device having independent reel columns
Credit card security method and credit card
Subscription based monitoring system and method
Electronic transaction apparatus
Educational device for teaching simple and complex mathematical concepts
Knot teaching, tying and developing system
Creative stitchery success strips
System and methods for searching for and delivering solutions to specific problems and problem types
Guitar stand
Method and device for enhancing the recognition of speech among speech-impaired individuals
Method and device for enhancing the recognition of speech among speech-impaired individuals
Method and device for enhancing the recognition of speech among speech-impaired individuals
Method and device for enhancing the recognition of speech among speech-impaired individuals
Method and device for enhancing the recognition of speech among speech-impaired individuals
Method and device for enhancing the recognition of speech among speech-impaired individuals
Method and device for enhancing the recognition of speech among speech-impaired individuals
Sealed ultracapacitor
Differential pressure process for fabricating a flat-panel display face plate with integral spacer support structures and a face plate produced by such process
Spacer fabrication for flat panel displays
System for polishing and cleaning substrates
Dual-in-line BGA ball mounter
Center bond flip chip semiconductor carrier and a method of making and using it
Die seal ring
Layered arrangements of lithium electrodes
Encapsulated lithium alloy electrodes having barrier layers
Cable-terminal connecting device for a battery
Zero insertion force socket
Card edge connector having a ground contact
Axisymmetric vibrator, vibrator connection, and mounting system
Low profile double deck connector with improved cross talk isolation
Connector housing and a connector
Plug-type input/output connector
Lever-type connector
Card connector having ejection mechanism with two ejection drawer plates
Power distribution panel with sequence control and enhanced lockout capability
Electrical connector for solenoids on vehicle transmissions
Wrong insertion preventing mechanism
RJ modular connector having printed circuit board having conductive trace to balance electrical couplings between terminals
Filtered electrical connector
Personal computer peripheral device adapter
Power outlet adapter
Insulation-displacement connection piece
Insulation-displacement terminal fitting
Electronic-endoscope light source unit for setting shading period
CRT coupling apparatus of projection television
Optical image projector
Self-adjusting printed circuit board support and method of use
Pick up cap used for an electrical socket
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