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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method for segmentation and volume calculation of white matter, gray matter, and cerebral spinal fluid using magnetic resonance images of the human brain
Method for analyzing irregularities in human locomotion
Gastric stimulator apparatus and method for use
Antitachycardial pacing
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for controlling a tray changer incorporated in a robot control system
High-pressure processing apparatus
Color conversion method using look up tables for compact printer system
Sheet to sheet, "on the fly" electronic skew correction
Calendar timer mechanism and processing apparatus
Customerized driving environment setting system for use in a motor vehicle
Micromirror actuator and method of manufacturing the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
High temperature superconducting spiral snake structures and methods for high Q, reduced intermodulation structures
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Apparatus and method for collecting light
Method to measure oxide thickness by FTIR to improve an in-line CMP endpoint determination
Monitoring temperature and sample characteristics using a rotating compensator ellipsometer
Multiplexable fiber-optic strain sensor system with temperature compensation capability
Angular and linear flexure plate accelerometer
GPS-based vehicle warning and location system and method
Vehicle navigation system and related software program
System and method for inspecting the structural integrity of visibly clear objects
Measuring head and measuring assembly for a nuclear fuel rod
Gate comparator
Fair bandwidth sharing for video traffic sources using distributed feedback control
Method and apparatus for broadcasting position location data in a wireless communication system
Telematics process for helicopters
High-precision 3D position-finding system
Method of using matrix rank reduction to remove random noise from seismic data
Walkaway tomographic monitoring
Retrofocus, wide-angle lens
Image scanning lens and image scanning device that uses same
Micro mirror device with spring and method for the same
System and methods for providing a zoom lens device
Device and method for positional adjustment of light modulator
Hermetic seal for use in converting optical signals to electrical signals
Waveguide and method of smoothing optical surfaces
Ultrathin optical panel and a method of making an ultrathin optical panel
Integrated optoelectronics devices
Variable optical attenuator
Optical device
Bistable thermopneumatic optical switch
Laser power monitoring tap
Light-emitting device, optical module, and fiber stub
Optical data link
Process for producing display device
Liquid crystal display apparatus exhibiting cholesteric phase
Semiconductor integrated circuit for a liquid crystal display driver system
Liquid crystal display having a polymer or spin-on glass as a capacitor dielectric and a method of manufacture
Production method of microlens array, liquid crystal display device and production method thereof, and projector
Camera and distance measuring method thereof
Dual source lithography for direct write application
Filing system and reproduction apparatus
Illumination optical system, exposure apparatus having the same, and device fabricating method
Assembly comprising a plurality of mask containers, manufacturing system for manufacturing semiconductor devices, and method
Non-interactive development apparatus for electrophotographic machines having electroded donor member and AC biased electrode
Sealing device useful in remanufacturing a xerographic photoreceptor module
Method and apparatus for controlling humidity in a copying device
Reference beam absorbers-blockers
Timer of electric timepiece
Circuit for measuring time of arrival of an asynchronous event
Control method and control apparatus
Method of identifying genomic rearrangements
Supervisory unit and supervisory control system provided with the same
Fault detection and virtual sensor methods for tool fault monitoring
Simultaneous rapid open and closed loop bode plot measurement using a binary pseudo-random sequence
Electrical control circuit and method
Output voltage compensating circuit and method for a floating gate reference voltage generator
Usage rights grammar and digital works having usage rights created with the grammar
System and method of providing a spread spectrum pulse width modulator clock
Hand-held computerized data collection terminal
Multi-job image buffering system and method
Network component performance testing
Path rerouting mechanism utilizing multiple link bandwidth allocations
Method and apparatus for authorizing and reporting changes to device configurations
Checkpointing filesystem
Method and apparatus for effectively performing linear transformations
Dynamic personalization method of creating personalized user profiles for searching a database of information
System and method for generating thermal network data and recording medium
System and method for VLSI visualization
Methods and apparatus for modeling and verifying a set of PCI bus transactions
Information processing apparatus and information display method for displaying job information relating to an output job
Method and apparatus for enhancing the perceptual performance of a post-printing application environment
Apparatus and method for sharing data FET for a four-way multiplexer
Method and apparatus for creating an adaptive application
Apparatus and method of performing product-sum operation
Method and system for applying black overprint, anti-aliasing, and trapping on a page basis
Materials analytical review and reporting system
Addresses as objects for email messages
Method and system for optimizing request-promise workflows
Method and system for ascribing a reputation to an entity as a rater of other entities
Internet procurement method
System for monitoring increasing income financial products
System and method for embedding information in digital signals
Method and device for the plotting of scanned information, in particular operating data for a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for identifying a position of a predetermined object in free space using a video image
Accelerated signal encoding and reconstruction using pixon method
Modifying coded data
Dynamic bit rate control process
Alarm system using local data channel
Method for monitoring an automation unit
Vehicle computer system and its method of receiving message from control center
System and method for communicating with students in an education environment
Disk drive which detects head flying height using first and second non-overlapping data patterns with different frequencies
Recording medium and apparatus for protecting copyrighted digital data
Information recording apparatus for modifying the finishing process based on the power supply
Method for reducing written-in runout during servo track writing of a disk drive
Electronic equipment for loading thereon a recording medium employing a solid-state memory element
Recording medium capable of interactive reproduction and reproducing system for the same
Clock signal generating system using a wobble signal and data reproducing apparatus
Optical disk recorder for writing data with variable density
Disc drive housing with air guide
Magnetic recording apparatus and method of designing the same
Thin film magnetic head comprising at least two coil layers and method of manufacturing the same
Differential GMR head using anti-parallel pinned layers
Compact MR write structure
Suspension and head gimbal assembly with the suspension
Method and apparatus for modifying page data
Method and apparatus for recording/reproducing optical information
Optical system for detecting data signal and tracking error signal
Memory device capable of performing high speed reading while realizing redundancy replacement
Magnetic random access memory
Refresh control circuit and method for semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device having a sub-amplifier configuration
Semiconductor memory
Method of programming semiconductor memory device having memory cells and method of erasing the same
Accelerated life test of MRAM cells
Spallation device for producing neutrons
Method for providing a pressurized fluid
Method and apparatus for substantially reducing electrical earth displacement current flow generated by wound components
Multi-layer capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Electrolytic capacitor and a fabrication method therefor
Wafer stage for wafer processing apparatus
Heat sink and semiconductor laser apparatus and semiconductor laser stack apparatus using the same
Light-emitting element controller, optical transmitting apparatus, and method and computer program for determining driving current
Method of extending the capture range of a wavelength monitor and a wavelength monitor and laser system therefor
Semiconductor optical amplifier
Bridge clip with bimetallic leaf and method
Smart junction box for automobile
Offset pathway arrangements for energy conditioning
Transmission output stage for a mobile telephone
High frequency low-pass filter
Counter circuit
System for matching an antenna for a wireless communication device
Synchronization and access of the nodes in a communications network
Apparatus and method for sub-chip offset correlation in spread-spectrum communication systems
Dual paging channel receiver for a wireless communications system
Optical synchronization system
Inspection apparatus for optical transmission device
Optical signal reshaping to mitigate polarization mode dispersion
Bi-directional optical-amplifier module
Wireless communication terminal and method of controlling operation clock for processing transmitting/receiving data in the same
Apparatus and method for searching a base station in an asynchronous mobile communications system
Method and apparatus for integrating video, voice and computer data traffic in a single, conferencing system using existing telephone and CATV connections
Control method and device for optical filter, and optical node device
Branching unit
System for accessing a wavelength-division-multiplexed bidirectional optical fiber ring network
Single-mode optical fiber and composite optical line
Method, apparatus, media, and signals for controlling packet transmission rate from a packet source
High data rate wireless packet data communications system
Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data according to radio link protocol in a mobile communications systems
Method and apparatus for transparently proxying a connection
Dynamic resource allocation and media access control for a wireless ATM network
Apparatus and method for redundancy of processing modules interfaced to a switching core
Integrated method for performing scheduling, routing and access control in a computer network
Label switching router
Combining VLAN tagging with other network protocols allows a user to transfer data on a network with enhanced security
Balancing amplitude and phase
Packet spread-spectrum transmitter
Digital subscriber line power reduction
IP network system having unauthorized intrusion safeguard function
System for recovering lost information in a data stream by means of parity packets
Method and system to provide a single telephone number for geographically dispersed telephony service subscribers
Cryptographic key distribution method and apparatus thereof
System and method for controlling a call processing system
Mobile radio terminal
Architecture for a digital subscriber line analog front end
System and method for maximum benefit routing
Interface circuit for utilizing a facsimile coupled to a PC as a scanner or printer
Continual-image processing device for printing or displaying images
Method and apparatus for making a print having an invisible coordinate system
Internet facsimile system
Facsimile apparatus
Method and apparatus for applying tone mapping functions to color images
Method for equalizing a VSB high definition television signal in the presence of co-channel interference
Image signal processing device and image signal processing method
Method and apparatus for encoding control data in a video data system
Frame number detecting device
Method and apparatus for predicting events in video conferencing and other applications
Apparatus and method for allocating bits temporaly between frames in a coding system
Adaptive encoding of a sequence of still frames or partially still frames within motion video
Method of coding digital image based on error concealment
Video signal reproducing apparatus
Router switch fabric protection using forward error correction
Asynchronous packet processing using media stream functions
Flexible software architecture for a call processing system
Method for generating multimedia events using short message service
System and method for obtaining optimum RF performance when co-siting cellular base stations
Switching communication modes in a network
Device for controlling track lamps
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Decorative submersible fish tank sculpture
N-phenylpyrazole-based anti-flea and anti-tick collar for cats and dogs
Effervescent granular preparation for keeping cut flower freshness
Ravioli seam sealer
Ready-to-assemble, ready-to-eat packaged pizza
Bread improving composition
Cellulase resistant cellulose casing and process
Ochrobactrum anthropi bacteria which degrade moniliformin
Process for producing a butter-like food fat
Process for stabilizing proteins in an acidic environment with a high-ester pectin
Breath mint with tooth decay and halitosis prevention characteristics
Buckwheat starch syrup, method for preparing the same, and foods containing the same
Method of making ice confections
Frozen dessert finger food
Bioactive feed
Method for the preparation of feed pellets
Enzyme-producing strain of Bacillus pumilus
Method for raising swine and feed used therefor
Method for obtaining a high beta-glucan barley fraction
Noodles/vermicelli from maize (corn, Zea mays L.) and a process for its preparation
Food article in the form of a taco chip
Microwaveable popcorn product and method
Taste-improving agent and a food having improved taste
Use of isoflavonoids in the treatment or prevention of postpartum depression
Process for the use of pulsed electric fields coupled with rotational retorting in processing meals ready to eat (MRE)
Viral products
Blow molded article
Hooked tape with adhesive for fastening carpet seams
Electrical thermostatic pressure cooker and cooking control method thereof
Moxibusting implement
Incontinent garments
Compositions for freshening nostrils and sinus cavities
Inhibitors of leaderless protein export
Hormone replacement therapy method and hormone dispenser
Implantable biocompatable immunoisolatory vehicle for delivery of selected therapeutic products
Super-critical lipid extract from mussels having anti-inflammatory activity
Pharmaceutical compositions for controlled release of soluble receptors
Polymeric matrices and their uses in pharmaceutical compositions
Cytidine deaminase cDNA as a positive selectable marker for gene transfer, gene therapy and protein synthesis
Programmed cell death genes and proteins
Recombinant avian interferon-gamma (IFN-.gamma.)
Internalisation of DNA, using conjugates of poly-l-lysine and an integrin receptor ligand
Dodecahedral adenoviral protein complex, composition containing same and uses thereof
Ultramild antibacterial cleaning composition for frequent use
Fast disintegrating oral dosage form
High drug:lipid formulations of liposomal-antineoplastic agents
Liposome encapsulated active agent dry powder composition
Composition comprising an active agent dissolved in a glass-forming carrier and a process for the preparation thereof
Layered tablet for the controlled release of active substances
Sustained release formulation containing three different types of polymers and tablet formed therefrom
Integrated method for protecting logs and green lumber from sapstain and mold
Polymerizable biodegradable polymers including carbonate or dioxanone linkages
Devices for tissue repair and methods for preparation and use thereof
Compost decontamination of soil contaminated with PCB using aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms
Synthetic diamond coatings with intermediate amorphous metal bonding layers and methods of applying such coatings
Performing Operations; Transporting
System for purifying a polluted air by using algae
Chemical amplification for the synthesis of patterned arrays
System and method for solid-phase parallel synthesis of a combinatorial collection of compounds
Methods for polynucleotide synthesis and articles for polynucleotide hybridization
Process and equipment for rejuvenation treatment of photoresist development waste
Method and apparatus for transferring and combining reagents
Multiplexed molecular analysis apparatus and method
Microvolume liquid handling system
Method for bi-directional sequencing of nucleic acid polymers
Method for meniscus coating with liquid carbon dioxide
Method of applying a pattern to a surface of a substrate
Heat-resistant releasable film and process for forming the film
Method for forming multi-layer coating film
Method of forming a chipping-resistant composite paint film
Hybrid polymer film
Nonstirred bioreactor for processing refractory sulfide concentrates and method for operating same
Article and a method and apparatus for producing an article having a high friction surface
Lapping tape
Sheets having a starch-based binding matrix
Foam wood extrusion product
Information recording medium, method for manufacturing the medium, and apparatus for manufacturing the medium
Method for coating adhesive surfaces of fastening elements with hot-melt adhesives
Perimeter seals for multi-layer materials and method
Multi-layer diffusion barrier for a tin coated electrical connector
Multilayered polymer structure for medical products
Cardboard and corrugated board container having laminated walls
Roll wrap film
Sheet for protecting paint film
High strength, high modulus continuous polymeric material for impact resistant applications
Oxygen scavenging condensation copolymers for bottles and packaging articles
Pre-cut fibrous insulation for custom fitting wall cavities of different widths
Method for producing planographic printing plate
Methods of imaging and printing with a positive-working infrared radiation sensitive printing plate
Method of making color filter
Method for making positive working printing plates from a heat mode sensitive image element
Thermal transfer sheet
Ink jet recording material
Heat-transfer label including a phenoxy adhesive layer
Hand application to fabric of heat transfers imaged with color copiers/printers
Method and system for manufacturing theft-deterrent computer components
Three dimensional embroidered wall border strip
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Carbon material and method of preparing the same
Intercalates and exfoliates formed with hydroxyl-functional; polyhydroxyl-functional; and aromatic compounds; composite materials containing same and methods of modifying rheology therewith
Active material for a cathode of lithium ion battery and a method for preparing the same
Positive electrode material for alkaline storage battery, method of producing the same, and alkaline storage battery using the same
Composite material containing aerogel, process for its preparation, and its use
Firing sol-gel alumina particles
Curved graphite furnace elements
Process for controlled deposition profile forced flow chemical vapor infiltration
Method of producing a composite, more precisely a nanoporous body and a nanoporous body produced thereby
Photodefineable cyclobutarene compositions
Photographic element containing yellow dye-forming photographic coupler
Phenothiazine or phenoxazine derivative, charge-transporting material comprising the same, and electrophotographic photoreceptor
Recovery of isoflavones from soy molasses
Organometallic complexes for use in light emitting devices
Systematic evolution of ligands exponential enrichment: blended selex
DNA-armed ribozymes and minizymes
Chimpanzee adenovirus vectors
Borrelia antigen
Detection of conversion to mucoidy in Pseudomonas aeruginosa infecting cystic fibrosis patients
Haemophilus outer membrane protein
cDNA encoding a polypeptide including a hev ein sequence
Tranfected human cells expressing human .alpha.-galactosidase A protein
DNA encoding a human serotonin receptor (5-HT.sub.4B) and uses thereof
Chimeric receptors for the generation of selectively-activatable TH-independent cytotoxic T cells
Soluble human prolactin receptors
Soluble human prolactin receptors
Methods for producing heterologous disulfide bond-containing polypeptides in bacterial cells
Thymidine kinase TK1, peptide, corresponding antibodies and use of these in determination of tumor proliferation
Genes and genetic elements associated with control of neoplastic transformation in mammalian cells
Mammalian deep orange nucleotides
Genes and genetic elements associated with control of neoplastic transformation in mammalian cells
Methods and compositions for use in spliceosome mediated RNA trans-splicing
Adenovirus vectors
Identification of TRP-2 as a human tumor antigen recognized by cytotoxic T lymphocytes
Cancer susceptibility mutations of BRCA1
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding PARG, a GTPase activating protein which interacts with PTPL1
Cloning and expression of .beta.APP-C100 receptor (C100-R)
Methods and compositions for identifying osteogenic agents
Method for expression of heterologous proteins in yeast
Platelet glycoprotein V gene and uses
Method of preparing hematopoietic stem cells with gp105-specific antibodies
Antibodies which specifically bind to a novel .kappa./.mu.-like protein tyrosineospatase, PTP.lambda., and hybridoma cell lines producing the same
DNA encoding human .alpha. 1 adrenergic receptors and uses thereof
Human cytochrome b5
Cellulose fiber based compositions and film and the process for their manufacture
Cyclooligosaccharide-boron complex
Correction fluids comprising composite polymeric particles
Bonding of solid lignocellulosic materials
Conductive coatings
Methods for isolating polyhydroxyalkanoates from plants
Polyester composition and films produced therefrom
Polyester-based gas barrier film containing inorganic stratified particles
Polymer mixture for photoresist and photoresist composition containing the same
Resin composition and shaped article having a layer comprising the same
Positive photoresist compositions and a process for producing the same
Biodegradable plastic product made from coconut husk fiber powder mixture
Powder coatings from mixtures of thermoplastic vinylidene fluoride based resins and polyamide resins
Anti-blocking coating for pressure sensitive adhesives using cellulose acetate butyrate
Structure bonded with an electrically conductive adhesive
Nontack pressure activated adhesive
Aligning method of liquid crystal, process for producing liquid crystal device, and liquid crystal device produced by the process
Liquid-crystalline medium
Polymer dispersion type liquid crystal element and manufacturing method thereof
Stabilized perfluoropolyether lubricant
Identification and comparison of protein-protein interactions that occur in populations
Increased production of Thermus aquaticus DNA polymerase in E. coli
Transformed industrial bacillus strains and methods for making and using them
Upstream activator sequences and recombinant promoter sequences functional in yarrowia and vectors containing them
Recombinant materials and methods for the production of limonene hydroxylases
Biologically active alternative form of the ikka.alpha. I.kappa.B kinase
Recombinant xylanase, the preparation and use of thereof
Human goose-type lysozyme
Proteases compositions capable of binding to said site, and methods of use thereof
DNA coding for decarbamylase improved in thermostability and use thereof
Production of glutamate using wild type Bacillus methanolicus
Biotechnological method of producing biotin
Electrochemical analyte measurement system
Method of detecting the presence and measuring the quantity of biological polymers
Methods and compositions for producing 5' enriched cDNA libraries
Method for determining tandem repeat sequence length
Optimized primer library for gene sequencing and method of using same
Method for elucidation and detection of polymorphisms, splice variants, and proximal coding mutations using intronic sequences of the alzheimer's S182 gene
Sensitive immunoassays utilizing antibody conjugates with replicable DNA templates
Systematic extraction, amplification and detection of retroviral sequences, and oligonucleotides for use therein
Sequential ion implantation and deposition (SIID) technique
System and method for making a conductive polymer coating
Substrate handling and processing system and method
Low scatter, high quality water clear zinc sulfide
Electronic devices with strontium barrier film and process for making same
Organic low-dielectric constant films deposited by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Discharging a wafer after a plasma process for dielectric deposition
Method of reducing carbon incorporation into films produced by chemical vapor deposition involving organic precursor compounds
Non-aqueous electrolyte comprising an aluminum compound and a method for the electrodeposition of aluminum from the electrolyte
Method for forming a compound semiconductor device using a buffer layer over a corrugated surface
Textiles; Paper
Methods for making antistatic fibers [and methods for making the same]
Method and apparatus for conditioning thread
Treatment of cellulose fabrics with cellulases
Thermostable xylanases
Fixed Constructions
Triangular pyramidal cube corner type retroreflective sheet
Flanged insulation assembly and method of making
Self-sealing shingle adhesive load relief
Wide width flooring sheet
Composite filled hollow structure having roughened outer surface portion for use as a piling
Design improvements to vacuum glazing
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fuel cell stacks for ultra-high efficiency power systems
Bonded assembly, method of jointing for preparation thereof and rivet
Blood smearing cassette
Method of and apparatus for analyzing a plurality of components simultaneously through continuous flow analysis
Method for determining the cleaning action on a cleaned object
Polypeptide: dendrimer complexes
Immunoassay for detection of mutant P53 polypeptide in serum
Methods for detecting shigella bacteria or antibodies to shigella bacteria with an immunoassay
Prevention of sudden infant death
Sol capture immunoassay kit and procedure
Method for screening peptides for metal coordinating properties and fluorescent chemosensors derived therefrom
Method for diagnosis of thrombotic disorders
Magnetoresistive effect film and method of manufacture thereof
Method of fabricating an MTJ with low areal resistance
Method for preparing a light-sensitive emulsion having (100) tabular grains rich in silver chloride
Post sensitization use of iodide in silver chloride emulsion sensitization
Photothermographic material
Stabilizer compounds for photothermographic elements
Photographic transmission display materials with voided polyester
Antistatic layer for lenticular surface
Method for applying a protective overcoat to a photographic element using a fuser belt
Method of processing a black-and-white silver halide photographic material
Processing element and image-forming method using same
Photographic developer for direct production of equidensity images on a high contrast film
Organic/inorganic developer composition
Color photographic recording material containing a non-diffusing, 2-equivalent coupler which, on coupling, forms a dye removable by rinsing
Mask protective device
Microlithography reticle exhibiting reduced stresses and methods for manufacturing same
Monochrome and polychrome color proofs with low optical dot growth and a process and means for their preparation
Negative working image recording material
Photoresist laminate and method for patterning using the same
Photopolymerizable, coatable organosol and method
Overlay measuring mark and its method
Device manufacturing method utilizing concentric fan-shaped pattern mask
Method of forming an alignment mark
Magnetic brush developing method
Fusing device
Toner compositions and processes thereof
Coated carriers
Multiple ply document assembly and production thereof
Information recording carrier and manufacturing method thereof
Perpendicular magnetic recording media and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus using the same
Magnetic storage member comprising a carbon layer and directly overcoated fluorolubricant layer
Optical recording medium
Method of patterning a semiconductor device
Method for fabricating a capacitor in a dynamic random access memory
Method of gate etching with thin gate oxide
Method for fabricating a thin film transistor of a liquid crystal device
Method for manufacturing DRAM capacitor
Method of forming capacitors in a semiconductor device
Method for forming an inductor
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having resistor film
Method for producing a pn-junction for a semiconductor device of SiC
Manufacturing method of semiconductor and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Heteroepitaxy by large surface steps
Method for manufacturing compound semiconductor field-effect transistors with improved DC and high frequency performance
Large angle channel threshold implant for improving reverse narrow width effect
Method to perform selective drain engineering with a non-critical mask
Cobalt silicidation using tungsten nitride capping layer
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method to manufacture nonvolatile memories with a trench-pillar cell structure for high capacitive coupling ratio
Manufacturing process of a split gate flash memory unit
Method of fabricating a flip chip mold injected package
Method and assembly for providing improved underchip encapsulation
Method of encapsulating a chip
Gravitationally-assisted control of spread of viscous material applied to semiconductor assembly components
Methods of forming flip chip bumps and related flip chip bump constructions
Mask repattern process
Method of forming a bump comprising protuberances
Packaging method of thin film passive components on silicon chip
Method for producing thin dice from fragile materials
Localized semiconductor substrate for multilevel for transistors
Semiconductor device having MOS transistor
Method of manufacturing complementary metallic-oxide-semiconductor
Self-aligned stacked gate etch process for fabricating a two-transistor EEPROM cell
Buried shallow trench isolation and method for forming the same
Integrated circuit fabrication process
Method for forming a trench isolation in a semiconductor device
Oxide profile modification by reactant shunting
Semiconductor device and method of fabrication thereof
Borderless contact
Stacked capacitor memory cell and method of manufacture
Semiconductor processing method of forming a field effect transistor
Metal deposition process for metal lines over topography
Fabrication process for copper structures
Method of forming unlanded via hole
Semiconductor processing methods of forming a conductive projection and methods of increasing alignment tolerances
Integrated circuit having a void between adjacent conductive lines
Method for making y-shaped multi-fin stacked capacitors for dynamic random access memory cells
Method of fabricating deep trench capacitors for dram cells
Molded lead frame ball grid array
Method of mounting a power semiconductor die on a substrate
Reduced stress LOC assembly
Method for fabricating a load in a static random access memory
Method for producing semiconductor memory device having a capacitor
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method for fabricating high voltage semiconductor device
Method of producing a metal oxide semiconductor device with raised source/drain
High performance GaAs field effect transistor structure
Method for producing a light-emitting diode
Thermoelectric piece and process of making the same
Secondary battery with electrode assembly fixing device
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method for producing cathode material
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Current interrupter for electrochemical cells
Secondary battery using system and material for negative electrode of secondary battery
Titanium carbide bipolar plate for electrochemical devices
Fuel cell energy generating system
Fuel cell
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew