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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Decorative surround for plants
Plant arrangement
Animal exercise system in the form of a game
Pet leash assemblies, pet collar assemblies, and methods of using the same
Styptic applicator with file
Interchangeable sandal and related methods
Buckle with pivot pawl and non-interlocking tongues
Shield for paint roller
Breathable infant bedding
Display apparatus
Cleaning appliance
Nozzle for a vacuum cleaner
Guidewire with optical fiber
Measuring electrode system
Apparatus and method of evaluating degree of work comfort
Apparatus and method for detecting a fetal heart rate
Contraceptive devices and methods
Devices and methods for occluding a fallopian tube
Extremity surgical support debridement platform
Dispensing devices
Capsule, filled with a medicine, in particular an inhalable medicine
Leadless cardiac stimulation systems
Adaptive ventricular rate smoothing during atrial fibrillation
Atrial defibrillator
Cardiac rhythm management system with exercise test interface
System and method for detection enhancement programming
Performing Operations; Transporting
Drum auger
Sealed cleaner-box with magnetically coupled actuator pucks
Device for cooling a metal strip
Pressing device for bending
Method of forming heat exchanger tubes
Hydrophilic particle enhanced heat exchange and method of manufacture
Liquid ejection head manufacturing method
Method to make a vehicle door
Method for producing a metal component from a hot-stamped raw material
Connector removal tool
Hand operated gripping tool
Handling device of a printing press
System and method for press signature tracking and data association
Rotary printing press
Multi-directional mobile robotic cell
Speed adjusting device of a speed changer
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Antimony-free glass, antimony-free frit and a glass package that is hermetically sealed with the frit
Textiles; Paper
Branched stent/graft and method of fabrication
Fixed Constructions
Toilet ventilation system
Modular building units
FPC fixing structure for two-axis hinge mechanism
Storage bin support system
Sealing strip for vehicle window and method of making it
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hybrid energy off highway vehicle electric power management system and method
Piston for an internal combustion engine
Exhaust gas system and method for recovering energy
Heat pipes for transferring heat to an organic rankine cycle evaporator
Switchable finger lever
Electronically actuated valve system
Rotary piston device having interwined dual linked and undulating rotating pistons
Gas turbine with improved part load emissions behavior
Ceramic-encased hot surface igniter system for jet engines
System for controlling a combustion process for a gas turbine
Method of optimizing the performance envelope of a turbine engine
Electronic throttle control system and method
Control device for internal combustion engine
Air intake device for multi-cylinder internal combustion engine
Fuel injection system
Timing transmission mechanism in engine
Control apparatus of direct injection internal combustion engine
Lubrication structure of cranking rotational force transmission mechanism for internal combustion engine
Torque converter blade
Dual clutch multi-speed transmission
Cooling a power transfer unit
Rotating disc diluter for fluid flows
Valve unit and methods for fastening a valve unit to a base
In-bed solids control valve
Modular upgradeable pneumatic/hydraulic manifold
Breech block for a drop-down barrel weapon
Multi-position draw weight crossbow
Apparatus for adapting a rocket-assisted projectile for launch from a smooth bore tube
Gas generator
Support member of vibrator
Method of determining the use of at least one toll road section
Cone type venturi integrated valve device
Verification of scale calibration method and apparatus
Acoustic sensor system, acoustic signature simulator, and electrical distribution system
Compressor driving torque estimating apparatus
Speech processing for telephony API
Device for brake pad wear monitoring of a brake
Preloaded pressure sensor module
Method of automatically setting vibration suppression filter
Hand-held trace vapor/particle sampling system
Sensing instrument
Method of analysing the hydrocarbon compounds in a bituminous material
Method for manufacturing a capacitive measuring apparatus
Method and apparatus for disabling and swapping cores in a multi-core microprocessor
System and method for testing of electronic circuits
Method and apparatus for measuring the wettability of geological formations
Freeze forecasting device for hot water heating apparatus and hot water heating apparatus
Fiber optic telecommunications cable assembly
Imaging device illumination system
Single mode (SM) fiber optical reader system and method for interrogating resonant waveguide-grating sensor(s)
Segmented waveguide coupler
Contactless connector
Fiber optic ribbons having one or more predetermined fracture regions
Optical waveguide modulator equipped with an output light monitor
System and method for capturing, associating and distributing photographic images
Lens unit, method of identifying characteristics thereof and method of judging deterioration thereof, and digital camera
Electronic camera
Image-forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and charge control method
Protective cover, process cartridge employing same, image forming apparatus, and method of installing process cartridge
Image forming apparatus and developer remaining amount detecting method
Environmental controls for operation of an electrostatographic developer unit having multiple magnetic brush rolls
Fixing device and fixing method and image forming device
Paper jam-resistant detack corotron for use in an electrostatographic imaging apparatus
Printing roll having a controllable heat absorbing internal surface
Manual transmission engine remote start system and method
Integrated management system and method for controlling multi-type air conditioners
Cooking device knob safety assembly
Pedal device with function of adjusting pedal effort and hysteresis
Regulating application of clock to control current rush (DI/DT)
System for controlling an operation state of a portable computer based on detected temperature of an external transformer
Method and circuit arrangement for operating a volatile random access memory as a detector
Method for processing a connection-mode IP connection according to non-availability situations
Method of achieving high reliability of network boot computer system
Integrated security framework
Open architecture flash driver
Configurable error handling apparatus and methods to operate the same
High level operational support system
Method and apparatus for structured detection and handling of problems occurring in a computerized system
Method and system for processing events
Externally managed file versions
Optical disc apparatus with interruptible write operation
Transparent migration of files among various types of storage volumes based on file access properties
Accessing data from different memory locations in the same cycle
Data processing apparatus and memory card using the same
Processor secured against traps
Method and system for rapidly starting up an IEEE 1394 network
Enumeration of devices on a memory channel
High bus bandwidth transfer using split data bus
Apparatus, method and computer program for content utilization management
Method and system for content driven electronic messaging
Universal serial bus circuit which detects connection status to a USB host
Framework to enable integration of anti-spam technologies
Method for supporting connection establishment in an offload of network protocol processing
Method and apparatus for accessing a remote location with an optical reader having a programmable memory system
Peer-to-peer name resolution wire protocol and message format data structure for use therein
System and method for staggering the start time of scheduled actions for a group of networked computers
Method for enabling associated portlets of a web portlet to collaborate for synchronized content display
Method and system for characterization of online behavior
System and method for managing documents with multiple network applications
Media gateway connection information recovery
Method for efficiently extracting status information related to a device coupled to a network in a multi-protocol remote monitoring system
Networked system for interactive communication and remote monitoring of individuals
Method, apparatus and system for supporting multiple collaborative sessions in a bi-directional communication device
Object-driven visualization mechanism for zoning information on a storage area network
Processor for executing highly efficient VLIW
Method for real-time assessment of driver workload by a navigation or telematics device
Using soap messages for inverse query expressions
Representing fields in a markup language document
System and methods for providing automatic classification of media entities according to sonic properties
Audio reproducing apparatus and music selection method
System and method for managing electronic price label overlays
Internet-based vehicle-diagnostic system
Internet-based vehicle-diagnostic system
Fuel-cell power generation system and control method therefor
Table styles inference engine
Database reverse query matching
Method and apparatus for configuring a computer
Executing pages of a guided process application in parallel
Method and apparatus for evaluating the closeness of items in a recommender of such items
Method and system for determining similarity of items based on similarity objects and their features
Framework for protection level monitoring, reporting, and notification
Commit tree optimization based on recovery topology information
Soliciting information based on a computer user's context
Data structures and circuit for multi-channel data transfers using a serial peripheral interface
System and method for restricting user access to a network document
File conversion
Method and system for preparing a new store for opening and operation
System, method, and computer program product for obtaining vendor identification of a remote device of merged companies
Gas turbine speed detection
Data model for supply chain planning
Torque steer compensation algorithm
Excavation teaching apparatus for construction machine
Method for creating self-authenticating documents
Establishment of security context
Application unit monitoring and reporting system and method
Apparatus and method for reducing electromigration
Programming guide content collection and recommendation system for viewing on a portable device
Multi-mode port in a network device for serial and network communication
Methods and arrangements for devices to share a common address on a bus
System and method of a personal computer device providing telephone capability
Interactive tooltip
Method and apparatus for providing context menus on a hand-held device
Method for organizing a data base
Chemical substance total management system, storage medium storing chemical substance management program and chemical substance total management method
Managing a data file with an access code
System and method for rating electronic documents
Link-based spam detection
Componentized remote user interface
Platform independent zero footprint decompression
Order-based human interactive proofs (HIPs) and automatic difficulty rating of HIPs
System and methods for providing network quarantine
Reconfigurable integrated circuit, circuit reconfiguration method and circuit reconfiguration apparatus
Semiconductor integrated circuit, development support system and execution history tracing method
Overriding a static prediction with a level-two predictor
Neural modeling and brain-based devices using special purpose processor
File-update apparatus for updating a file recorded on a recording medium
Application program execution enhancing instruction set generation for coprocessor and code conversion with marking for function call translation
Idea management
Installation tool for enterprise management systems based on building blocks
Method for prevention of system execution malfunction
Program parallelization device, program parallelization method, and program parallelization program
Method, system, and apparatus for scheduling pattern based web services
Non-photorealistic sketching
Image classification using concentration ratio
Print medium quality adjustment system, inspection watermark medium output device for outputting watermark medium to undergo inspection, watermark quality inspection device, adjusted watermark medium output device, print medium quality adjustment method and inspection watermark medium to undergo inspection
Method for obtaining photo property release
Method and apparatus for embedding auxiliary information within original data
Methods and apparatus for selecting and/or labeling vessel branches
Grayscale character dictionary generation apparatus
System and method for optimizing data recovery for a partially destroyed document
Run length encoded digital image
Method and device for processing and for searching for an object by signals corresponding to images
Supplier synchronization system and method
Management of the flow of persons in relation to centers of crowd concentration via wireless control
System and method for optimal selection of payment authorizations in complex commerce systems
Purchasing using a physical object
Trading system
Method and system for order fulfillment in a distribution center
Management method for spare disk drives in a raid system
Automated third party verification system
Printed media with machine readable markings
Speech coder and speech decoder
Information storage medium, reproducing method, and recording method
Fault tolerant encoding of directory states for stuck bits
Method and system for performing function-specific memory checks within a vehicle-based control system
Nuclear facility and method for operating a nuclear facility
Method for manufacturing a substrate supporting an integrated circuit chip
Method for generating nano patterns upon material surfaces
Optical cavity for coherent superposition of optical pulses
Correlator and receiving apparatus utilizing the same
Calibration device for a phased locked loop synthesiser
Pilot-directed and pilot/data-directed equalizers
System, method and apparatus for FEC encoding and decoding
Method of error correction in a multi-bit-per-cell flash memory
Turbo decoding apparatus and interleave-deinterleave apparatus
Parallel architecture digital filter and spread spectrum signal receiver using such a filter
Method and apparatus for error correction in multi-line multi-tone gigabit transmission systems
Weighted open loop power control transmitter cross reference to related applications
Method of delaying symbols within a "Rake" receiver, and corresponding "Rake" receiver
Method and apparatus to estimate signal to interference plus noise ratio (SINR) in a multiple antenna receiver
Optical demultiplexer and receiver assembly
Apparatus and method for measuring coherence sampling quality-factor
Wireless peripheral interface with universal serial bus port
Method for determining existence of repeater using portable internet signal and method for measuring position of mobile station using the same
Fairness method for supplemental channel resources
Transmission power control method, radio communication system, base station and mobile station
Connection interface for conveying RF, data, and power between electronic devices
Aligning data packets/frames for transmission over a network channel
Systems and methods for performing protocol conversions in a machine
E-mail invoked electronic commerce
Transmitting device, transmitting method, and storage medium
Techniques to time vary pilot locations in wireless networks
Receiver for M-ary-QAM MIMO communication system
Lateral error correction for time-critical multicast
Multicast packet control apparatus
Multi-hop network for transmission of packets whose size is determined by hop count number
Methods and apparatus for facilitating remote communication with an IP network
Resilient packet ring device
Routing table synchronization method, network apparatus, and routing table synchronization program
Methods for wireless mesh multicasting
Wideband upstream protocol
Method and apparatus for accelerating border gateway protocol convergence
Architecture to support public voice VPN services over an IP network
Apparatus and method for compensating for distortion caused by a phase slew of a frame reference signal in an asynchronous wideband code division multiple access communication system
Media data protection
Method and apparatus for restricting address resolution protocol table updates
Method and apparatus for encoding and storing session data
Method and apparatus for encoding and storing session data
Server authentication verification method on user terminal at the time of extensible authentication protocol authentication for internet access
Anti-tampering signature method for rewritable media, anti-tampering signature apparatus for executing the method, anti-tampering signature system provided with the apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium storing anti-tampering signature program for achieving the method
Tokens/keys for wireless communications
Implementation of a switch-box using a subfield method
Method and system for controlling an encryption/decryption engine using descriptors
Electronic apparatus having three modes of operation
Remote initiation of three-way calling at a telematics unit
Systems and methods for providing voicemail services
Systems and methods for providing calling plan information
Apparatus and method for limiting communication range of fixed wireless terminal
Communication method
Communication device
System for automatically forming a program guide from information derived from multiple sources
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Apparatus and program for image reproduction
Audio-visual data recording/reproducing device
Video codec method in error resilient mode and apparatus therefor
Nonlinear broadcast system
Satellite set-top box decoder for simultaneously servicing multiple independent programs for display on independent display device
Providing location information of a user equipment
Local area network with wireless client freedom of movement
System for automatic selection of profile based on location
Wireless communication apparatus which communicates at specified frame cycles
Hot plug control apparatus and method
Expired Patents Due To Time
Helical food product
Bear ravioli
Heart ravioli
Car ravioli
Top portion of a container and viscous flowable food product
Club ravioli
Spade ravioli
Pocket saver for a tape measure and the like
Semi-piping visor
Footwear outsole
Changeable footwear
Wallet fastener
Sewing needle
Decorative shoes
Flip wallet with coin pouch
Swim bait lure box
Bag with decoration
Tool holder
Piece of luggage
Dual pole towing arm for a piece of baggage
Broom handle with base and dustpan set
Circular arc handle
Utility handle
Poster bed
Office chair
Chair arm
Bamboo lattice back chair
Arm chair
Armrest for office chair
Seating unit
Furniture unit
Furniture unit
Cocktail table
Folding conference/training table with curved foot casting
Pedestal table
Tall locker with four shelves
Rack for holding objects, such as CDs and/or DVDs in their cases, for attachment to a wall, such as a cubicle wall
Base cabinet
Recording medium container
Prepackaged food display
Display unit for wrapping paper and single cartridge adhesive tape using linear panel back
Towel bar
Audio/video stand with double wide frame
Towel bar
Display stand for watches
Towel bar
Three drawer plastic cabinet
Perforated end panel for a storage cabinet or the like
Table base
Furniture chest component
Frame structure for a high chair
Cast table top
Multiple image display frame especially suited for displaying photographs
Suction mirror with razor holder
Side posture pillow
Instructional hitting mat
Travel mug
Cake pan
Handle for a cooking vessel
Breakfast griddle
Modular grate arrangement for a gas cooking appliance
Breakfast griddle
Cake pan
Cake pan
Cutlery set
Battery powered knife with finger guard
Cutlery fork
Power dough and food materials press
Combined storage unit and array for multi-tool kitchen device
Container opener
Support for waffle iron
Sight gauge shroud
Belt sander
Unitary wire stake
Compact hammer in-line
Folding knife casing
Circular saw
Stabilizer ring for a parachute sea anchor
Terminal mounting unit
Pneumatic tool
Hose reel
Optical fiber cleaver body
Power tool
Bracket for hanging elongated items
Pneumatic tool
Flower finial
Portable electric driver
Oil filter wrench
Printed circuit board daughter board support
Removable deck and fencing decorating device
Ratcheting box wrench
Lockable L-handle
Padlockable L-handle
Window operator
Lock box for electrical connectors
Key having transparent plastic domes on bow for covering decorative indicia
Square double barbed plate with fastener
Rectangular double barbed plate with fastener
Reusable tie down anchor with upper attachment loop, top shaft opening for tool-assisted use, and threads having extraction resistant ridges
Swivel clamp fitting
Soap bottle
Combination sports figure bottle, ornamental uniform, and bottle cap
Fragrance bottle
Portion of container
Oval soap container
Consumer product package
Beverage container
Packaging for artificial nails
Sushi tray
Aerosol can body
Individual disposable packages for freezable substances
Bottle cap
Combined body fat scale and weight scale
Scale assembly for a fluid level gauge
Measuring spoon
Temperature gauge
Tire pressure gauge
Electronic scale
Base for a warning light
Body position sensor device
Avian spinner novelty
Moulded barrel planter
Holiday lawn tree
Christmas tree top ornament
Toolbox support frame with telescoping legs and crossbars
Vehicular embellishment
Golf bike
Handle bar mounted hand guard
Airplane wing attachment
Armored assault vehicle
Utility truck
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire sidewall
Tire tread
Tire tread
Exterior of vehicle front bumper
Motorcycle rim with spinning spoke
Spoke segment for a vehicle wheel
Surface configuration of a gearshift knob for a vehicle
Instrument cluster
Surface configuration of a dashboard for a vehicle
Texas grille insert
Surface configuration of a dashboard for a vehicle
Vehicle door shelter
Texas grille insert
Snap-on license plate emblems kit
Liquid boss grille insert
Bidirectional muffler
Portion of a housing for an electronic switching device
Fuel cell enclosure
Electrical connector assembly
Screw terminal connector
Frame of cooler
Fastener device for a heat sink
Communications headset
DIN auto stereo and double pocket mounting device
Disc player/recorder
Microphone grille (HF350/HF700)
Element of an audio speaker enclosure
Print media receiving apparatus
Memory card
Icon image for a portion of a display screen
Contoured housing
Front panel for a computer case
Computer case
Computer front bezel
Laser printer
Attaching device of recording medium
Operator interface panel for a transaction record system on a display device
Video display console with dual upright displays
Bezel-less flat panel display
User interface for a computer display
Portable hand-held messaging device
Notebook computer
Computer input device
Graphical user interface for a display screen
Notebook personal computer
Removable dual-head electronic card
Graphical user interface for a display screen
Print media receiving apparatus
Removable electronic card
Portion of a computer screen with an icon image
Communication device
Interface for communication devices or similar articles
Portable media player
Communication device
Personal portable media player
Shower radio
Planar antenna
Cellular phone
Remote control
Mobile phone
Remote controller for digital audio player
Television receiver
Two-way radio wrist watch
Key button arrangement for a handset
Fluid alternator sleeve
Air compressor
Lawn tractor accessory
Shoe polishing system
Sewing machine
Embroidery machine
Sewing machine
Portable freezer
Tile cutter
Portions of a table saw
Video projector
Collapsible viewing instrument
Pos terminal
Triangle clip
Square clip
Circular clip
Paper clip
Transparent cartridge for a tape dispenser
Document holder
Touch operating part for a writing instrument
Touch operating part for a writing instrument
Pen holder with pens
Retractable point compass
Marking pen
Ball-point pen
Combined sign and parking meter
Join 3 balancing game
Vehicle shaped dispenser
Gaming device having multiple displays
Assembly of gaming machines
Bath accessory post
Bath accessory post
Tumbler holder
Soap saver
Towel bar post
Performing Operations; Transporting
Techniques for using a web based server provided in a vehicle
Built-in self test for speed and timing margin for a source synchronous IO interface
Method of testing a circuit using an output vector
Simulator of dynamic circuit for silicon critical path debug
Test access circuit and method of accessing embedded test controllers in integrated circuit modules
Scan interface chip (SIC) system and method for scan testing electronic systems
Circuit, system and method for arranging data output by semiconductor testers to packet-based devices under test
Trough adjusted optical proximity correction for vias
Apparatus for evaluating lithography process margin simulating layout pattern of semiconductor device
CPU unit and run alternative control method of programmable controller
Interface mechanism and method for interfacing a real-time clock with a data processing circuit
Computer system including software for converting dates at the turn of the century
Real time stamp distribution
Power savings information processing apparatus
System and method for reducing a ground bounce during write by selectively delaying address and data lines with different multiple predetermined amount of delay
MMU descriptor having big/little endian bit to control the transfer data between devices
Method and apparatus executing power on self test code to enable a wakeup device for a computer system responsive to detecting an AC power source
Event initiation bus and associated fault protection for a telecommunications device
Power shutoff method for TCP/IP network device and recording medium recording the program therefor
System for determining and supplying stabilized voltage from a power supply to a data processor after a fluctuating period
System and method for monitoring and controlling a power-manageable resource based upon activities of a plurality of devices
Fault tolerant local area network connectivity
Guaranteed method and apparatus for capture of debug data
Process of operating a processor with domains and clocks
Data processing system with on-chip FIFO for storing debug information and method therefor
System, method and apparatus for data processing and storage to provide continuous operations independent of device failure or disaster
Storage system making possible data synchronization confirmation at time of asynchronous remote copy
Automatic application restart in an embedded environment
File mapping system and related techniques
Methods and apparatus for performing a maintenance procedure on a data storage system
Diagnostic cage for testing redundant system controllers
Microprocessor for saving contextual data when switching to a test program
System, apparatus and method providing adaptive write policy for disk array controllers
Critical loads guided data prefetching
Memory management using migration for a run-time environment
Method and apparatus for accessing ROM PCI memory above 64 K
Gateword acquisition in a multiprocessor write-into-cache environment
Methods and apparatus for loading CRC values into a CRC cache in a storage controller
Flash management system for large page size
Store data in the system memory of a computing device
Non-uniform memory access (NUMA) data processing system having remote memory cache incorporated within system memory
Method and system for prefetching utilizing memory initiated prefetch write operations
Data processor having instruction cache with low power consumption
Memory region based data pre-fetching
Symmetric multiprocessor coherence mechanism
Method and apparatus for using logical volume identifiers for tracking or identifying logical volume stored in the storage system
Virtual memory system and methods
Caching mechanism for a virtual heap
Devices, softwares and methods for preemptively updating expiring entries in a cache memory to anticipate future inquiries
Finite state automata security system
Method, product, and apparatus for processing a data request
Aligning and offsetting bus signals
Object management system and data processing system with centralized mechanism for managing containment relationships among objects
Domain validation process that is transparent to a device driver
Buffer circuit for a peripheral interface circuit in an I/O node of a computer system
Buffer circuit for rotating outstanding transactions
Ground referenced voltage source input/output scheme for multi-drop bus
Multiple level built-in self-test controller and method therefor
Direct access controller
Microcomputer having temporary storage for received data and method of processing received data
Reduced networking interrupts
Time-out counter for multiple transaction bus system bus bridge
Externally supplied interface adapter
Method and apparatus for handling a framing error at a serial interface by forcing invalid commands to be read upon determine the command is invalid
Programmable compensated delay for DDR SDRAM interface using programmable delay loop for reference calibration
System and method for highlighting of multifont documents
Multi-dimensional galois field multiplier
Generating and implementing a communication protocol and interface for high data rate signal transfer
Multiprocessing system configured to perform efficient block copy operations
Method and system for optimally dispatching internetwork traffic
System and method of initializing and determining a bootstrap processor [BSP] in a fabric of a distributed multiprocessor computing system
Infrared transmission codes for wireless keyboard and PC remote controller
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for establishing communications between an adapter card and a host processor running in a bios supported environment
Methods and apparatus to support conditional execution in a VLIW-based array processor with subword execution
Digital processing system
Interactive memory archive
Ensuring referential integrity when using WebDAV for distributed development of a complex software application
FFT pointer mechanism for FFT memory management
System and method for using a standard composition environment as the composition space for video image editing
Memory engine for the inspection and manipulation of data
Distributed virtual web cache implemented entirely in software
Receiving device
Method and apparatus for importing and exporting directory and calendar information to and from personal information management applications
Computer implemented automated remote support
Genealogy registry system
Storage management across multiple time zones
Approximate query processing using wavelets
Framework for storing metadata in a common access repository
System and method of managing concurrent operations on linked lists
Recoverable methods and systems for processing input/output requests including virtual memory addresses
System and method for coordinating state between networked caches
Design method of semiconductor device
Dedicated resource placement enhancement
Integrated circuits with scalable design
Using transition time checks to determine noise problems on signal lines of an integrated circuit
Method and mechanism for performing improved timing analysis on virtual component blocks
Process layout of buffer modules in integrated circuits
Automated processor generation system for designing a configurable processor and method for the same
Method and apparatus for automatic wiring design between block circuits of integrated circuit
Method for converting a logic circuit model
Method and system for inserting probe points in FPGA-based system-on-chip (SoC)
Systems and methods for linking a graphical display and an n-dimensional data structure in a graphical user interface
Secure transactions sessions
Method and system for establishing a security perimeter in computer networks
File editing system and shared file editing system with file content secrecy, file version management, and asynchronous editing
Transaction credit control for serial I/O systems
User configurable tree structure
Method of arbitrating requests for access to a single buffer memory in a disk drive
Exponent unit of data processing system
Method for decreasing downtime in vehicle identification number stamping operations
Pipelined digital randomizer based on permutation and substitution using data sampling with variable frequency and non-coherent clock sources
Instruction memory system for multi-processor environment and disjoint tasks
Generic virtual device driver
Interactive conference content distribution device and methods of use thereof
Method and apparatus for interleaving data streams
Modulo addressing
Bit field processor
Apparatus for issuing an instruction to a suitable issue destination
Split embedded DRAM processor
Data processor
Code generation for a bytecode compiler
Lazy compilation of template-generated classes in dynamic compilation execution environments
Instruction branch mispredict streaming
Data processing with policed object union
Method and apparatus for implicitly generating and supporting a user interface
Coordinated application monitoring in a distributed computing environment
Determining browser type in an open Java environment
Embedded software update system
Apparatus and methods for translating test vectors
Messaging API framework
Method and systems for invoking methods of objects over the internet
Event vector table override
Methods and systems for distributed failure detection and recovery using leasing techniques
Server site restructuring
Workload management method to enhance shared resource access in a multisystem environment
Virtual interrupt mechanism
Method enabling an exchange of data between a smart card and an apparatus
Electronic mail communication apparatus and recording medium
Method and apparatus for automatic sending of E-mail and automatic sending control program supplying medium
Method and system for viewing a record of an organization having a hierarchy of departments
Methods and apparatus for securely conducting and authenticating transactions over unsecured communication channels
System for customer contact information management and methods for using same
Smart card which temporarily stores transactions in non-secure memory and consolidates the transactions into secure memory
Instructional system grouping student terminals
Congo stand
Method of calculating line spectral frequencies
Disk reproducing apparatus
Information reproduction apparatus
Method and system for selecting content in a media stream
Low power semiconductor memory device having a normal mode and a partial array self refresh mode
Configurable and memory architecture independent memory built-in self test
System having both externally and internally generated clock signals being asserted on the same clock pin in normal and test modes of operation respectively
Method for combining refresh operation with parity validation in a DRAM-based content addressable memory (CAM)
Reporting hard disk drive failure
Spatial median filter
Scalar product and parity check
System and method of turbo decoding
Generating log-likelihood values in a maximum a posteriori processor
Automatic retransmission request layer interaction in a wireless network
Mode selection for data transmission in wireless communication channels based on statistical parameters
Method for performing subscriber loop disturber recognition by comparing measured sample power spectral densities with a set of known power spectral densities
Communication connectivity verification and reporting system and method of use
Apparatus and method for providing an interface between legacy applications and a wireless communication network
Method for forming acknowledgement data in a wireless communication system and a wireless communication system
Method for allocating channel in device having digital interface
Algorithm for resynchronizing a bit-sliced crossbar
Intelligent packet transmission engine
Boundary apparatus and method for establishing the network connection using a resource reserving function
Method and apparatus for distributing and providing fault tolerance to path-vector routing protocols within a multi-processor router
Data queue system
System, method and apparatus for communicating via sound messages and personal sound identifiers
Apparatus for controlling internetwork communications
Data transmission method and device
Secure transmission system
Imaging system with user-selectable prestored files for configuring communication with remote devices
Cluster server apparatus
Systems and methods for standardizing network devices
System and method of monitoring video and/or audio conferencing through a rapid-update web site
Capture file format system and method for a network analyzer
Web server replicated mini-filter
Control system communication server for transmitting files via multiple communication paths
Portable information system for receiving information via a communication network
System, method and apparatus for network service load and reliability management
System and method for communication between airborne and ground-based entities
Apparatus and methods for transmitting data at high speed using TCP/IP
Method and apparatus for processing network frames in a network processor by embedding network control information such as routing and filtering information in each received frame
Maintaining a soft-token private key store in a distributed environment
Apparatus and method for high speed data communication
Method and system for proxying telephony messages
Method, system and computer program product for producing and distributing enhanced media downstreams
Computer system and process for transferring multiple high bandwidth streams of data between multiple storage units and multiple applications in a scalable and reliable manner
System for information on demand
Method and apparatus for recordable media content distribution
Intelligent network providing network access services (INP-NAS)
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