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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Harvester for leafy vegetables
Illuminating fishing pole
Fishing line float and spool device
Antiviral nucleosides
Indole derivatives
Pharmaceutical composition
Air-cushioned shorts for cycling
Hand sweatband
Method and device for storing and carrying a portion of rope
Vacuum mattress
Tension rod with threaded end cap
Strength-saving spiral mop pole
PET--MRI hybrid apparatus and method of implementing the same
Systems for controlling injection and/or imaging procedures
Article having improved fecal storage structure
Promoting curvature and maintaining orientation of an electrode carrier member of a stimulating medical device
Machine and method for filling and weighing capsules
Cyclic palladium compounds having coordinated thereto bis (diphenylphosphine) ferrocene ligands which inhibit the activity of proteins and enzymes and treatment of diseases and disorders associated therewith
Spiro-oxindole compounds and their uses as therapeutic agents
Crystal of substituted phenylalkanoic acid ester and process for producing the same
Acyloxyalkyl carbamate prodrugs, methods of synthesis, and use
Immunostimulatory nucleic acid molecules
Derivatives of genkwanin and sakuranetin, cosmetic and therapeutic use thereof and preparation method of same
Molecular transporter compositions comprising dendrimeric oligoguanidine with a triazine core that facilitate delivery into cells in vivo
Therapeutic use of CPG oligodeoxynucleotide for skin disease
Cardiac stimulation electrodes, delivery devices, and implantation configurations
Methods for delivering cortical electrode leads into patient's head
Device for iontophoresis
Electric modulation of sympathetic nervous system
Dynamic nerve stimulation employing frequency modulation
Performing Operations; Transporting
Neutralization of quench stream in a process for handling catalyst from an oxygenate-to-olefin reaction
Ferrule, hose coupling, and methods of making same
Material reducing machine convertible between a grinding configuration and a chipping configuration
Removing piezoelectric material using electromagnetic radiation
Method for the production of a piston for an internal combustion engine
Method for producing a plating of a vane tip and correspondingly produced vanes and gas turbines
Screwing device
Fastener and material remover
Combination axe, sledge hammer and pick
Stable motion control system and method for a legged mobile robot
Pizza cutter
Lathe accessory for band saw
Printing method and apparatus using shuttle thermal print head
Image forming apparatus controlling the output level of the light source
Image forming method and image forming apparatus
Thermosensitive recording media and methods of making and using the same
Wiper device, in particular a motor vehicle windshield wiper device
Method for producing a control instruction adaptable to a brake situation for a transmission device of a motor vehicle power train and corresponding device
Lockable utility box lid
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Glass composition for ultraviolet light and optical device using the same
Ink composition, inkjet recording method, printed material, process for producing lithographic printing plate, and lithographic printing plate
Compound containing carboxylate ester and N2S2 ligand bi-functional groups and manufacturing method thereof
Process for the preparation of 2-azabicyclo[3.3.0]octane-3-carboxylic Acid Derivatives
Tricyclic indeno-pyrrole derivatives as serotonin receptor modulators
Method for separation and purification of naltrexone by preparative chromatography
Salt form and cocrystals of adefovir dipivoxil and processes for preparation thereof
Nitroguanosine-3' 5'-cyclic monophosphate compound and protein kinase G activating agent
Apparatus and system having dry gene silencing compositions
Probe, probe set, probe carrier, and testing method
Probe, probe set, probe carrier, and testing method
Process for synthesis of androstane 17-.beta. carbothioic acid and relative compounds thereof
Pharmacologically active peptide conjugates having a reduced tendency towards enzymatic hydrolysis
Centromeric protein shugoshin
Antibody reacting with N-acetylglucosamine-6-O-sulfotransferase product
Polystyrene processing apparatus and method
Thermoplastic vulcanizate compositions having improved extrusion performance and methods of formation thereof
Mannich bases and processes for the preparation of mannich bases
Synthesis of polyimides (PI) from poly-carbodiimides and dianhydrides by sequential self-repetitive reaction (SSRR)
Polycarbonate light diffusing resin composition
Weatherable polyolefin nanocomposites
System, method, and apparatus for injection well clean-up operations
Method and composition to increase viscosity of crosslinked polymer fluids
Chimeric gene with several herbicide tolerance genes, plant cell and plant resistant to several herbicides
Targeted integration and stacking of DNA through homologous recombination
Textiles; Paper
Machine for the production of non-woven material, adjustment procedure for the same and non-woven material produced thus
Fixed Constructions
Drain strainer and filter
Portable modular tornado and hurricane survival shelter kit
Method of flood repair using a baseboard
Frictional non rocking damped base isolation system to mitigate earthquake effects on structures
Apparatus for fixing the rear glass of an operator cab on construction machinery
Reinforcement bar positioning system
Solar panel
Domed swimming pool cover
Gun safe
Trigger hinge
Transition assemblies for building opening
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Self-sustaining low pressure EGR and exhaust system
Gas turbine swirler including a vortex generator device and fuel injection openings arranged between adjacent vanes
Fuel injector having an ignitor for igniting a combustor of a gas turbine
Turbine for an exhaust gas turbocharger and exhaust gas turbocharger having such a turbine
Thermodynamic louvered jet engine
Internal-combustion-engine stop determination device
Device for controlling an internal combustion engine
Aerospace laser ignition/ablation variable high precision thruster
Dampers at the main shift rod
Air conditioner having a variable speed indoor side blower and flaps being control based on outside air temperature and indoor heat exchanger temperature
Firearm recoil return assembly
Remote weapon mounted viewing and sighting system
Asymmetric body armor
Vehicle capable of dissipating explosion force and energy
Systems and methods for sailboat mast alignment
Probing system for measurement of micro-scale objects
Concentricity test device
All-optical fiber interferometer
Containing analyte in optical cavity structures
Oscillation type inertia force sensor
Guidance route search device, navigation device, and method of searching guidance route
Navigation apparatus
Vertical track modulus trending
Radiation-based timer for implantable medical devices
Microelectromechanical sensor for measuring a force, and corresponding method
Detecting anomalous weak BEOL sites in a metallization system
Pressure gauge
Vehicle or engine diagnostic systems supporting fast boot and reprogramming
Covers with a multiplicity of sensors for training mannequins, punching bags or kicking bags
Apparatus and method for testing the adhesive strength of a coating on a substrate
Sensor unit in exhaust gas analyzer
Terahertz frequency domain spectrometer with integrated dual laser module
Heatable flow-through measurement cell
Method of forming TEM sample holder
Method and device for analyzing the effects of the vibrations of a vehicle acting on a person
Measured-signal repetition frequency detection method, and sampling apparatus and waveform observation system using the method
Test probe
Virtual router with a priority value per port
Feedback priority modulation rate controller
Method and apparatus for managing XDSL pseudo links
Method and apparatus for increasing the scalability of Ethernet OAM
Selectively accessing test access ports in a multiple test access port environment
TAP with enable input gated and multiplexed mode select
Method and system for isolating and reducing grating lobe interference
Method and apparatus for radiation effects detection
Baluns, a fine balance and impedance adjustment module, a multi-layer transmission line, and transmission line NMR probes using same
Generating digital terrain models representing sub-surface strata
Contact microscope using point source illumination
MEMS device having deformable membrane characterized by mechanical persistence
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Dot position correcting apparatus, optical scanning apparatus, imaging apparatus, and color imaging apparatus
Superconducting power cable capable of quench detection and quench detection system using the same
Hidden drop storage device
Production method for optical fiber coil
Display element, image display device, and image display system
Lens barrel
Liquid crystal display panel with light leakage prevention film and method for manufacturing the same
Display device
Liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same
Wavelength-specific optical switch
Lens barrel and image pickup apparatus
Screen for projector, process for producing screen for projector, and projector
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and device fabrication method
Image pickup apparatus control method thereof and image pickup system
Original document reading apparatus
Image forming apparatus and image forming method of effectively detecting a speed deviation pattern of the image forming apparatus
Angle adjusting device and image forming apparatus
Blade engagement apparatus for image forming machines
Scorotron corona charger, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling the same according to bias voltages
Developing unit and image forming apparatus
Transfer device and image forming apparatus including the same
Image forming apparatus with fixing device including contact portion lower than transport face
System and methods for shearless hologram acquisition
Method for adjusting a system that is modified in a cycle to a non-constant cyclical target profile and controller therefor
Multivariate detection of abnormal conditions in a process plant
Appliance with user interface behavioral model
Device for preventing sway of suspended load
Method for controlling the functions of an electronic driving stability program for a motor vehicle
System for managing a power source in a vehicle
Switching regulator configured to detect and shutdown reverse current
Switching power source
Bias circuit for a MOS device
Method for generating a skew schedule for a clock distribution network containing gating elements
System and method for thresholding system power loss notifications in a data processing system based on current distribution network configuration
Thermal and power management for computer systems
Volume and failure management method on a network having a storage device
Cluster availability management
Distributed, fault-tolerant and highly available computing system
Download progress management gaming method
Apparatus and method for a programmable security processor
Storage system for sending an access request from a host to a storage subsystem
Storage controller and storage control method for accessing storage devices in sub-block units
Cache write integrity logging
Transaction-based storage system and method that uses variable sized objects to store data
Storage-access control system for preventing unauthorized access to a storage device
Method and apparatus for decoding a virtual machine control structure identification
Data duplication control method
Controlling virtual memory in a storage controller
Tracking and identifying operations from un-trusted clients
Method and apparatus for speculative prefetching in a multi-processor/multi-core message-passing machine
Systems and methods for performing a hot input function
Storage router and method for providing virtual local storage
General purpose interface controller of resoure limited system
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Intelligent switching of client packets among a group of servers
Method and apparatus for processing a request using proxy servers
Email messaging program with built-in video and/or audio media recording and/or playback capabilities
Dynamic, real-time integration of software resources through services of a content framework
Method and system for collecting counter data in a network element
Data management server, data management system, data management method, and program
On-demand software service system and method
Automated satisfaction measurement for web search
Method for the automatic sequencing of the specifications of a computer, especially for aircraft
System and method for intercommunication between computers in an array
Processor pipeline architecture logic state retention systems and methods
Control system responsive to relation between friction coefficient and wheel rotational speed for a wheel
Method and apparatus for detecting pagination constructs including a header and a footer in legacy documents
Retrieving documents transitively linked to an initial document
Method and system for addressing non-functional concerns
Concise dynamic grammars using N-best selection
Structural editing operations for network forms
Leveraging unlabeled data with a probabilistic graphical model
Mobile communication terminal and method
System, method, and apparatus for information extraction of textual documents
Method for controlling a relational database system
Multidimensional database query extension systems and methods
Method and system for implementing top down design and verification of an electrical circuit design
Design-for-test-aware hierarchical design planning
Method and apparatus for verifying specification, and computer product
Structure including transistor having gate and body in direct self-aligned contact
Method for controlling an engine provided with an exhaust gas recycling loop
Seat belt/accelerator behavioral system
Information processing apparatus and display method
Classification of spatial patterns on wafer maps
Document security protection analysis assistant
Music content using apparatus
Management interface for radio stations
Method and system for flexible and negotiable exchange of link layer functional parameters
Method for displaying roll-down messages on an aircraft display, and a device employing the said method
Methods and apparatuses using control indicators for data processing systems
Power supply apparatus and flat-screen television set
Print data processing apparatus, printing apparatus, printing system, print data processing method, and computer program product
Data transmission system and apparatus for copying or backup
Apparatus and method for providing a signal for transmission via a signal line
System and method for facilitating a credit system in a peer-to-peer content delivery network
Method for changing configuration of servers in a shared-nothing database system
Method and system for enhancing software documentation and help systems
Methods and systems for identifying paraphrases from an index of information items and associated sentence fragments
Natural language based location query system, keyword based location query system and a natural language and keyword based location query system
Method and system for preventing simultaneous use of contents in different formats derived from the same content at a plurality of places
Information-processing apparatus and activation method and program for activating an operating system in a short period of time
Run-time selection of feed-back connections in a multiple-instruction word processor
Metric for selective branch target buffer (BTB) allocation
Extensible mechanism for automatically migrating resource adapter components in a development environment
Name-based identifiers of model elements
System and method for integrated circuit planar netlist interpretation
System, processor, and method for incremental state save/restore on world switch in a virtual machine environment
Synchronizing multiple threads efficiently
Diabetes care management system
Disease simulation system and method
Information processing apparatus and its control method for managing distributed processing of at least one of the device information and operation states
Font pitch adjustment during print process
Processing data representing video and audio and methods related thereto
Image forming apparatus
Efficient fixed-point real-time thresholding for signal processing
Watermarking of motion picture prints
System and method for merging differently focused images
Recording medium having recorded thereon coded information using plus and/or minus rounding of images
Recording medium having recorded thereon coded information using plus and/or minus rounding of images
Image processing method and device
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, recording medium, and program
Method of processing image data
Apparatus for clearing an image and method thereof
Constraint-based ordering for temporal coherence of stroke-based animation
Method and apparatus for component association inference, failure diagnosis and misconfiguration detection based on historical failure data
User profiles
Change collision calculation system and method
Call campaign methodologies
Method and system for the sale of medical items
System and method for providing efficiency and stability to securities financing marketplace
Facilitating electronic commerce transactions through binding offers
System and method for music composition
Selectively coupling to feed points of an antenna system
Anti-tamper cargo container locator system
Dynamic antenna tuning circuit for a radio frequency identification reader
Theft protection
Portable electronic device and camera
Apparatus and method of illuminating indicator lights
Selection of an audio visual stream by sampling
Remote control system
Apparatus and method for controlling moving vehicles
Display apparatus
Liquid crystal display device implementing photodetector to control backlight
Display control circuit and display system
System and method for masking and overlaying images in multiple projector system
Maintaining balance in a display
Translation on demand
System and method for recognizing speech securely using a secure multi-party computation protocol
Optical disc apparatus including airflow cooling mechanism
Bottom spin valve GMR sensor incorporating plural oxygen surfactant layers
Substrate for magnetic recording medium, magnetic recording medium, and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
Optical disc device
Spherical aberration compensation adjustment
Information-recording system and method, program-storing medium, and program
Optical disc apparatus
Photodetector, diffraction grating, optical pickup and optical disc apparatus
Optical information recording medium
Non-volatile memory element and method of operation therefor
Bit line decoder architecture for nor-type memory array
Switch-body NMOS-PMOS switch with complementary clocked switch-body NMOS-PMOS dummies
Semiconductor memory
Semiconductor memory and method for testing the same
Method for self-test and self-repair in a multi-chip package environment
Design structure and apparatus for a robust embedded interface
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Pipeline sensing using voltage storage elements to read non-volatile memory cells
Table-based reference voltage characterization scheme
Semiconductor memory and method for operating a semiconductor memory
Ion beam irradiating apparatus, and method of producing semiconductor device
Insulated assembly of insulated electric conductors
Method of making a dual port pressure sensor
Contact system
Lighting conversion system
Frit seal material, lamp with frit seal, and method for sealing a high intensity discharge lamp
Dynamic p-n junction growth
Components, methods and assemblies for stacked packages
Nanowire transistor and method for forming same
Thin film transistor array substrate and method for fabricating the same
Integrated passive device with a high resistivity substrate and method for forming the same
Manufacturing method of a photoelectric conversion device
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Three-dimensional silicon on oxide device isolation
Layer transfer using boron-doped SiGe layer
Poly etch without separate oxide decap
Integrated circuits, micromechanical devices, and method of making same
Resist stripping methods using backfilling material layer
Method for forming a damascene structure
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating semiconductor device
Transistor manufacture
Advanced forming method and structure of local mechanical strained transistor
Method of making small geometry features
Anti-fuse device structure and electroplating circuit structure and method
Method of forming a continuous layer of a first metal selectively on a second metal and an integrated circuit formed from the method
Reduced metal pipe formation in metal silicide contacts
Forming low dielectric constant dielectric materials
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Method and circuit for down-converting a signal
Method for fabricating semiconductor device having radiation hardened insulators
Storage cell having a T-shaped gate electrode and method for manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing crystalline semiconductor device
Self-aligned body contact for a semiconductor-on-insulator trench device and method of fabricating same
Airtight package comprising a pressure adjustment unit
Semiconductor device and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Lead frame packaging technique with reduced noise and cross-talk
Dual-directional electrostatic discharge protection device
Reduced floating body effect without impact on performance-enhancing stress
Solid-state imaging device and method for manufacturing thereof as well as driving method of solid-state imaging device
Method of manufacturing solid state imaging device, solid state imaging device, and camera using solid state imaging device
Field effect transistor containing a wide band gap semiconductor material in a drain
Semiconductor device with heterojunctions and an inter-finger structure
Semiconductor device
Nitride semiconductor device
RF power amplifier and method for packaging the same
Semiconductor device having a specified terminal layout pattern
Schottky barrier quantum well resonant tunneling transistor
N-face high electron mobility transistors with low buffer leakage and low parasitic resistance
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Flexible film and display device comprising the same
Power semiconductor devices integrated with clamp diodes having separated gate metal pads to avoid breakdown voltage degradation
Single-electron transistor, field-effect transistor, sensor, method for producing sensor, and sensing method
Metalgate electrode for PMOS transistor
Integrated circuit with multi-stage matching circuit
MEMS devices having support structures
Light shield for CMOS imager
Photoelectric conversion apparatus and image pickup system using photoelectric conversion apparatus
Photoelectric conversion device and manufacturing method of the same, and a semiconductor device
Photodiode cell structure of photodiode integrated circuit for optical pickup and method of manufacturing the same
Light-emitting diode, light-emitting diode substrate and production method of light-emitting diode
Piezoelectric resonator element, piezoelectric resonator, and acceleration sensor
Harvesting energy from vehicular vibrations using piezoelectric devices
Composite chalcogenide materials and devices
Controllable ovonic phase-change semiconductor memory device and methods of programming the same
Embossing printing for fabrication of organic field effect transistors and its integrated devices
Memory device and a semiconductor device
Hybrid inorganic-organic polymer electrolyte membranes (PEMs) based on alkyloxysilane grafted thermoplastic polymers
Low profile full wavelength meandering antenna
Dual polarized antenna
Smart antenna
Method of making an hermetically-sealed feed-through device
Method of manufacturing printed circuit board having buried solder bump
Solid state laser and wavelength conversion laser
Structure of spark plug
Electronic device with electrostatic guiding structure
Distributed power supply arrangement
Method and apparatus for maintaining device information in a lighting control system
Energy supply system and method related thereto
Communication system using directional control of electomagnetic wave power transmission
Permanent magnet machines with stator pole sections having different magnetic materials
Canned linear motor armature and canned linear motor
Power controller
Torque control circuit for electrical motor
Voltage controlled oscillator
Multi-segment primary and multi-turn secondary transformer for power amplifier systems
Shared-current electronic system
Method to increase the tuneability of varactors
Method for manufacturing surface acoustic wave apparatus
Method and circuit for off chip driver control, and memory device using same
Method and apparatus for correcting duty cycle via current mode logic to CMOS converter
IC output signal path with switch, bus holder, and buffer
Systems, methods and circuitry relating to frequency dividers
Progamable control clock circuit for arrays
Voltage controlled oscillator circuit, phase-locked loop circuit using the voltage controlled oscillator circuit, and semiconductor device provided with the same
Dual-reference delay-locked loop (DLL)
Diode smart track
AD converter, data receiver and data reception method
Integrated circuit and electronic device comprising threshold generation circuitry and method therefor
Digital-to-analog converter, analog-to-digital converter, and semiconductor device
Maximum likelihood decoder and decoding method therefor
Decoding device, control method, and program
Wireless transceiver and method of operating the same
Method for receiving station signal and receiver for receiving the same
MEMS based multiband receiver architecture
Timeshifting for a multiple-tuner vehicle radio system
Converting an electromagnetic signal via sub-sampling
Self-improving channel-access protocol for ad-hoc networks
Apparatus and method for improving receiving sensitivity of portable radio frequency identification
Method for developing a personalized musical ring-tone for a mobile telephone based upon characters and length of a full name of a user
Methods in transmission and searching of video information
Optical line terminating apparatus and optical communication system
Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, and program
Substrate for semiconductor package
Method of updating channel information by a mobile station that is in power saving mode
Method and system for dynamically adjusting forward-link transmission power in sole active sector
Arranging data transfer for mobile mine device
Graphical display
Wireless communication system, receiving apparatus, modulating method for use therein, and program therefor
Antenna diversity system for radio reception for motor vehicles
Device, system, and method of wireless network selection and handover
Method and device for signal transporting
Bandwidth control apparatus, bandwidth control method, and bandwidth control system
Ranging and round trip delay timing adjustment in a multi-point to point bidirectional communication system
Apparatus of adjusting optical signal transmission timing
Broadband light source using fabry perot laser diodes
Method and system for bidirectional bandwidth reservation in wireless communication systems
Method of addressing messages and communications system
Data transfer system, data transfer device, data recording device and data transfer method
System security agent authentication and alert distribution
Method and system for efficient transmission and reception of RF energy in MIMO systems using polar modulation and direct digital frequency synthesis
Protection of clear channel connections in communications networks
Delay time measuring method and system of echo request/response in network, and station and program used in the same system
Enhancement of end-to-end network QoS
Packet transfer device and communication system
Node device for transfering supervisory control information in photonic network
Methods and apparatus to dynamically store network routes for a communication network
Apparatus, method and computer-readable recording medium for setting signal correction-magnitude
Modulation apparatus, modulation method, and demodulation apparatus
Automatic bit rate control circuit
Communications security methods for supporting end-to-end security associations
Method and system of cycle slip framing in a deserializer
Timing synchronization in wireless communication system
Oversampling data recovery circuit and method for a receiver
Method and system for transmitting signaling information over a data transport network
Communication terminal apparatus and information communication method
Mobile terminal with TV and radio and power conservation
Cellular phone
Cellular phone
Current source driver for common ground signal interface
Announcement system and method of use
System and process for switching between cell phone and landline services
Intelligently providing dialup access numbers using an automated voice response system
Method for transmitting data in a telecommunications network and switch for implementing said method
Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication network and software upgrading method
Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication network and software upgrading method
Device management system and method of controlling the same
Voice communication terminal, media server, and method for control of locking voice communication
Internet-based synchronized imaging
Transferring guide device usable with image reading sensor unit and scanning apparatus having the same
Recording device, recording system, and recording control method thereof
Method for coding and decoding moving picture
Image-taking apparatus having functions that automatically adjust parameters relating to image-taking, and control method of the image-taking apparatus
Digital camera with communications interface for selectively transmitting images over a cellular phone network and a wireless LAN network to a destination
Image-pickup apparatus
Image pickup device, integrated circuit of image pickup element, and image pickup result processing method
Camera, aperture controlling method and apparatus, lens controlling method and apparatus, and edging amount controlling method and apparatus
Image pickup apparatus and imaging method for automatic monitoring of an image
Information providing apparatus and information providing method to create a recommended menu
Recording control apparatus and control method thereof
Method and process for electronically posting bulletin board messages
Video signal processing apparatus for converting video signal types
Video encoder with latency control
Digital transcoding system
Moving-picture compression encoding method, apparatus and program
Information processing apparatus having receiving device that receives video data
Platform noise estimation and mitigation
Imaging apparatus having groups with designated representative images
Video reproduction apparatus
Alerting device and radio communication device having the alerting device
Wireless measurement device
Combining a marker with contextual information to deliver domain-specific content
Hierarchical data collection network supporting packetized voice communications among wireless terminals and telephones
Radio communication apparatus
Radio communication apparatus and transmission method
Communication network system and mobile terminal
Routing communications in an ad hoc network
Shorthand connection identifier with embedded subfield
Hold direct
Method of manufacturing heating mat assembly
Inverter circuit, fluorescent tube lighting apparatus, backlight apparatus, and liquid crystal display
Pressure cooker
Capacitor built-in substrate and method of manufacturing the same and electronic component device
Cooling device and electronic equipment including cooling device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Soil heating with a rotating electromagnetic field
Method and apparatus for producing cut fresh curd blocks
Compositions for eliminating human and animal excrement smells
Method for preserving blood platelets
Pesticidal pyrazoles and derivatives
Agrochemical surfactant compositions
Low foam N,N'-dialkylmalamide wetting agents
Repellent pest control system
Green leaf volatiles as synergists for insect pheromones
Disinfecting composition
Antimicrobial composition containing parachlorometaxylenol (PCMX)
Potentiation of biocide activity using a diethanolamide
Synergistic mixtures of selected amino acids
Pesticidal peptides
Herbicidal composition
Composition comprising chitosan for enhancing resistance to plant diseases
Fungicidal combinations comprising quinazolinone
Direct pour-on antiparasitic skin solution and methods for treating, preventing and controlling myasis
Oxiranyl-triazoline thiones and their use as microbicides
Herbicide composition for control of rye grass and vetch in preplant burndown
3-(substituted phenyl)-5-(substituted heterocyclyl)-1,2,4-triazole compounds
Substituted diphenyl oxazolin derivatives with insecticidal effect
Herbicidal sulfonylureas, their preparation and use
Termiticide composition
Ready-to-brake refrigerated sweet dough
Enzymes with aminopeptidase activity
Soy-containing nutrition supplement and process
Use of isolated soy protein for making fresh, unripened cheese analogs
Acidic drink
Sterol esters of conjugated linoleic acids and process for their production
Tea concentrate
Hard candy having variable width swirl pattern
Astaxanthin over-producing strains of phaffia rhodozyma, methods for their cultivation, and their use in animal feeds
Healthy bread crumbs
Method for reducing syneresis
Flavor composition
Compositions, kits, and methods for providing and maintaining energy and metal alertness
Aqueous anti-apoptotic compositions
Composition and method for treating disease by increasing activated .alpha.2 macroglobulin in the blood and extravascular tissue
Enhanced precooked egg product and process for formulation of precooked egg products
Avian, vitelline antibodies directed against HIV antigens
Starch products having hot or cold water dispersibility and hot or cold water swelling viscosity
Low shear method for making pasta
Wet weather vision improvement system and method for open cockpit racing and for other application
Method of manufacturing furniture structures using laminated sheet materials
Natural stone tile edging
Placemats having integrated adhesive stickers or labels
Easy release procedure
Method of operating a movable base having rotatable supplies of pressurized fluid and a vacuum source
Prosthetic system
High-strength dental restorations
Method for forming an absorbent structure having vertically orientated flow regulating walls
Stent for vessel
Method and system for temporarily supporting a tubular organ
Method for intraocular lens insertion and apparatus
Modified intraocular lens and method of correcting optical aberrations therein
Apparatus for testing bioprosthetic heart valve leaflets
Stapling apparatus and method for heart valve replacement
Hip joint prosthesis
Floating bearing knee joint prosthesis with a fixed tibial post
Use of polyols in combating yeast infection and polyol preparations for said use
Methods and apparatus for producing phase change ice particulate saline slurries
Deposition methods utilizing carbon dioxide separation systems
Methods of exfoliation using N-acetyl glucosamine
Compositions for treatment of hyperlipidemia and angina pectoris
Composition and method of treating nail infections
Treatment of myasthenia gravis by cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase inhibition
Method for chemoprevention of prostate cancer
Anti-infective compositions for treating disordered tissue such as cold sores
Pharmaceutical formulations of resveratrol and methods of use thereof
Composition for treatment of infections of humans and animals
Dermal anesthetic agents
Method for chemoprevention of prostate cancer
Method for chemoprevention of prostate cancer
Compounds which interact with the thyroid hormone receptor for the treatment of fibrotic disease
GABA and L-glutamic acid analogs for antiseizure treatment
Control of intraocular pressure during surgery
Utilization of 2-hydroxy-4-trifluoromethylbenzoic acid derivatives as inhibitors of the activation of the nuclear transcription factors NF-.kappa..beta.
Pharmaceutical compositions and methods of effecting a neuronal activity in an animal using naaladase inhibitors
Agonizing dimeric cell-surface receptors with a receptor binding moiety and chelating metal
Anti-constipation composition
Prodrugs with enhanced penetration into cells
Laulimalide microtubule stabilizing agents
Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase inhibitors as stimulators of endocrine differentiation
Compositions and treatment for diabetic complications
Treatment for acute physical insult to the central nervous system
Selective .beta.3 adrenergic agonists
Modulators of peroxisome proliferator activated receptor-gamma, and methods for the use thereof
Prucalopride oral solution
Combination preparation for treating malaria
Heterocyclic derivatives, method of production thereof and pharmaceutical use thereof
Inhibition of novel calcium entry pathway in electrically non-excitable cells acting as an anti-proliferative therapy
Pharmaceutical composition for treating viral diseases
Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds, their production and use
Reverse-turn mimetics and methods relating thereto
Compositions and method for decreasing neuropathic pain
Cyclopentane(ENE)heptenoic or heptenoic acids and derivatives thereof useful as therapeutic agents
Methods and compositions for treating male erectile dysfunction
Use of benzenesulfonyl(thio)ureas for the treatment and prophylaxis of dysfunctions of the autonomous nervous system and use of benzenesulfonyl(thio)ureas in combination with beta-receptors blockers
Compositions and methods for treating bone deficit conditions
Methods for inhibiting bone resorption
Composition for treatment of diabetes and treatment of diabetes
Pharmaceutical preparation containing dithranol
Triciribine and analogs as antiviral drugs
Topically applied creatine containing composition
Benzimidazole derivatives for the treatment of viral infections
Pt(IV) antitumor agent
Diet composition and method of weight management
Use of cck-b receptor antagonists for the treatment of sleep disorders
Irrigation solution and method for inhibition of pain and inflammation
Liquid crystal forms of cyclosporin
Cartilage alterations by administering to joints chondrocytes comprising a heterologous polynucleotide
Peptide inhibitor of fibrinogen blood clotting
Method for administration of taxol
Dimeric modified gro.beta. protein
Methods of ex-vivo expansion of hematopoietic cells using interleukin-3 mutant polypeptides with other hematopoietic growth factors
Compositions and methods for inhibiting endothelial cell proliferation and regulating angiogenesis using cancer markers
Methods of immunizing adults using anti-meningococcal vaccine compositions
Viral nucleotide sequences
Induction of immune response against desired determinants
Pharmaceutical composition of escherichia coli heat-labile enterotoxin adjuvant and methods of use
Process for the sterilization of biological compositions and the product produced thereby
Compositions, apparatus and methods for facilitating surgical procedures
Combinations for use in increasing the potency of a substrate for multidrug resistance related protein
Guanidino compounds effective as anesthetics
Integrin receptor antagonists
Nystatin formulation having reduced toxicity
Polymer composition for delivering a nucleic acid or derivative thereof
Hydrolytically degradable carbamate derivatives of poly (ethylene glycol)
Vanadium complexes of monohydroxamates and pharmaceutical compositions comprising them
.beta.(1-3)-glucan diagnostic assays
Method of removing gas from a site using gas vesicles of cells
Liposome complexes for increased systemic delivery
Preparation for dental treatment
Inhibition of hair growth
Particulate encapsulation of liquid beads
Hydroxystilbenes for reducing/inhibiting protein glycation and combating skin aging
Antimicrobial wipes which provide improved residual benefit versus gram negative bacteria
Nanoemulsion based on alkyl ether citrates and its uses in the cosmetics, dermatological, pharmacological and/or ophthalmological fields
Alpha-arylated cinnamic esters and 1,4-bis(alpha-carboxyl-beta-styryl)benzene esters an UV-blocking agents
Method and apparatus for oral hygiene
Use of cyclic enamines as light protection agents
Granules based on pyrogenic titanium dioxide and a process for preparing the granules
Cosmetic and/or dermatological composition comprising a dispersion of a polymer system, and use of this system as a tensioning agent
Plaque-inhibiting oral compositions
Active topical skin protectants containing polyoxometalates and/or coinage metal complexes
Nonionically derivatized starches and their use in non-aerosol, low VOC hair cosmetic compositions
Use of an extract of the plant Terminalia catappa in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields, especially the dermatological field
Drug delivery device
Disintegrating tablet in oral cavity and production thereof
Drug dosage form based on the teorell-meyer gradient
Methods and kits for maxillary dental anesthesia by means of a nasal deliverable anesthetic
Topical compositions containing prostaglandin E1
High viscosity liquid controlled delivery system and medical or surgical device
Fast-Dispersing solid oral dosage form containing coarse particles
Pharmaceutical compositions and devices for their administration
Pharmaceutical composition using a mixture of propellant gases for a metered dose inhaler
Phosphatidyl oligoglycerols
Methods of delivering a physiologically active polypeptide to a mammal
Biofunctional polymers prepared in supercritical fluid
Tablets incorporating isoflavone plant extracts and methods of manufacturing them
Process for producing hard capsule
Composition and pharmaceutical dosage form for colonic drug delivery using polysaccharides
Method of steam treating low yield papermaking fibers to produce a permanent curl
Sterilization tunnel
Bioactive glass or ceramic substrates having bound cell adhesion molecules
Streptavidin mutants having secondary functional domains
Hydrogel-forming, self-solvating absorbable polyester copolymers, and methods for use thereof
Aromatic diffuser with replaceable cartridge
High power nickel-metal hydride batteries and high power alloys/electrodes for use therein
Herbal formulation of a combination of Piper betel and Murrya koenigii extracts for blocking 5 lipoxygenase activity
Remineralizing material for organomineral tissues
Proteinoid carriers and methods for preparation and use thereof
Rubber composition for use in injection molding, golf ball including the same, and golf ball producing method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process and apparatus for liquid-liquid extraction
Apparatus and method for preparative supercritical fluid chromatography
Process and device for separation with variable-length chromatographic
Method and device for demulsifying an oil-containing aqueous emulsion
Separator unit capable of less-dense solids and/or buoyant solids removal
Liquid treatment apparatus with backwash flow control valve
Candle filter elements and method for fixing same in a pressure vessel
Apparatus for separation and purification of saturated hydrocarbon and method for separation and purification
Activated carbon air filters
Refractory NZP-type structures and method of making and using same
Method for treating drain water and waste liquid by the use of porous ceramics provided with amorphous pore surfaces
Drum vent filter
Post conversion of a gas containing hydrogen sulphide, the elimination of sulphur crystallized by cooling
Zeolite/alumina catalyst support compositions and method of making the same
Polycarbonate electrophoretic devices
Sanitary style filter element
Reverse osmosis composite membrane and reverse osmosis treatment method for water using the same
Continuous preparation of heat-vulcanizable silicone compositions
Pigment dispersions containing ABC-block polymer dispersant
System and method for oxygenation of waste water
Elastomer composites, method and apparatus
Dispersion or molten product of water-insoluble photographically useful compounds, producing method thereof, coating compositions and silver halide photographic light-sensitive material using the same
Method of loading a fiber suspension with calcium carbonate
Method for spherizing granular polyetrafluoroethylene powder
Hydrogel materials with crystalline colloidal array of watervoids for detection and macromolecule separations
Reformer, method of reforming, and fuel cell system equipped with the reformer
Synthesis of nanometer-sized particles by reverse micelle mediated techniques
Supported catalyst and its use in hydrogenation
Method of using catalyst for steam reforming of alcohols
Nitrogen oxide storage catalyst
High surface area sol-gel route prepared oxidation catalysts
Method for regenerating an alkylation catalyst
Catalytic applications of mesoporous metallosilicate molecular sieves and methods for their preparation
Catalytic converter for a lean burn internal combustion engine
Polymeric membranes and other polymer articles having desired surface characteristics and method for their preparation
Method and apparatus for producing carbon nanotubes
Reforming apparatus for making a co-reduced reformed gas
Methods of manufacturing high-throughput screening systems
Apparatus and method for spotting a substrate
Rapid thermocycling for sample analysis
Method for sequencing of nucleic acid polymers
Structure and method for performing a determination of an item of interest in a sample
Magnetic separation device
Filter device with magnetic member
Method and device for flotation of pollutants from an aqueous fibrous material suspension
Building board and method and apparatus for coating building board
Doctor rod for a coating device
Method for forming polymer brush pattern on a substrate surface
Sonication of monolayer films
Electrolytic capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Method of producing durable layered coatings
Method for coating substrates, preferably of metal
Machine for vapor degreasing and process for doing same using an inflammable fluid
Procedure for the production of ferrules and other feeding head and supply elements for casting molds, and formulation for the obtention of said ferrules and elements
Lubricant combination and process for the preparation thereof
Method of manufacturing screws
Fluted electrochemical machining
Composite metal coil or plate and its manufacturing method
Silver-copper-nickel infiltration brazing filler metal and composites made therefrom
Aluminium alloy for use in a brazed assembly
Method for repairing superalloy castings using a metallurgically bonded tapered plug
Magnetic polishing fluids
System for chemical mechanical planarization
Polishing apparatus
Method and apparatus employing pad designs and structures with improved fluid distribution
Pad designs and structures for a versatile materials processing apparatus
Method for handling and processing microelectronic-device substrate assemblies
Simultaneous slicing and washing of vegetables
Headbox for gypsum/fiber board production
Multi-layer container and preform and process for obtaining same
Resilient cushion method of manufacture
Process for producing multilayer molded article
Method for manufacturing E.V.A. foamed sports equipment
Decorative film
Method of protecting cable strands
Method of forming a partially covered panel
Apparatus to actuate injection element
Resin bag and manufacturing method thereof
Motor-driven mold clamping device and mold clamping method
Modular disk coextrusion die
Production of stretch plastic film
Relating to containers
Relating to Containers
Method of forming a blow-molded plastic part having a living hinge
Method and apparatus for producing a frame-attached transparent plate
Flat, bonded-electrode rechargeable electrochemical cell and method of making same
Automotive headliners and related articles
Sheet lamination modeling apparatus
Method for manufacturing hybrid golf club shafts
Method of forming a bead with an anchored trailing end
Powder pressing apparatus, punch, method for pressing powder and method for manufacturing the punch
Method and device for fitting pull-off tabs to pourable food product packaging material
High softness embossed tissue
Multi-layered plain bearing and producing method thereof
Thin film structures for and method of sealing to glass
Elastomer film laminated cushion
Heat-shrinkable film and container having the same attached through heat shrinkage
Ultrabarrier substrates
Easy adhesion film for transparent conductive thin film
Oriented HDPE films with skin layers
Flame resistant polyolefin compositions containing organically modified clay
Treated polyethylene terephthalate polarizing films for improved adhesion in optical plastics
Method of making media of controlled porosity
Pressing cushion
Detachable match strike surface
Processless imaging member containing heat sensitive sulfonate polymer and methods of use
Masked presensitized printing plate intermediates and method of imaging same
Method and device for applying powder on mobile sections of printing sheets
Heat-developable recording material
Glossy ink jet medium
Informational card
Transfer foil and image recording material, and method for preparing image recording material
Fine featured photo-resist artwork design for chemical milling
Laminated glass floor tile and flooring made therefrom and method for making same
Method for operating a combustor in a fuel cell system
Structure body and a manufacturing method of a structure body
Baffle and reinforcement assembly
Automated adjustable gluing apparatus for a packaging machine
Method and apparatus for thermal bonding and packaging contact lenses
Plastic container having geometry minimizing spherulitic crystallization below the finish and method
Tamper indicating adhesive tape
Sealed container for an article of personal use such as a razor cartridge
Apparatus having a core orientor and methods of orienting portions of a disposable undergarment
Drywall tape
Strongly textured atomic ridge and dot fabrication
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for stabilizing particulate alkali metal percarbonate
Process for producing silica particles suitable for use as filler for paper
Method of forming high aluminum aluminosilicate zeolites
Process for producing P zeolite
Ammoxidation of a mixture of ketones to acetonitrile and HCN
Nonaqueous secondary battery, constituent elements of battery, and materials thereof
Melt impregnation of mixed metal oxide
Lithium menganes oxide secondary battery
Method for recovering metal from etch by-products
Flow-through capacitor and method of treating liquids with it
Waste water treatment apparatus
Water treatment vessel with cartridge holder for holding tablets
Method for dewatering of sludge
Nitrogen reduction wastewater treatment system
Algal and nutrient control system and method for a body of water
Synthetic quartz glass substrate for photomask and making method
Li2O-Al2O3-SiO2 crystallized glass and crystallizable glass therefor
Method of making ceramic member and marked ceramic member
Glass material suitable for a waveguide of an optical amplifier
Method of forming via hole by dry etching
Nitrogen treatment of polished halogen-doped silicon glass
Photocatalytically-activated self-cleaning article and method of making same
Polymer coated surfaces for microarray applications
Temperature control of CVD method for reduced haze
Sunlight shielding translucent glass panel and sunlight shielding translucent multilayer glass panel assembly
Optical glass and optical product
Glass substrate for magnetic recording media
Green privacy glass
Low temperature sintering of ferrite materials
Method for producing dielectric porcelain composition for electronic device
Piezoelectric ceramic and piezoelectric device
Flexible graphite article and fuel cell electrode with enhanced electrical and thermal conductivity
Ceramic coating method
Carbon fiber composite materials
Thermochemical treatment, in halogenated atmosphere, of a carbon-containing material
Composition for generating smoke
Diaminocyclobutene-3,4-dione derivatives, their preparation and use
Non-symmetric, partially fluorinated lubricant additives
Process for treating textile materials
Bisoximether derivatives, methods and intermediate products for the production thereof, and their use for combating fungicidal pests and animal pests
Amidino protease inhibitors
Z-styryl sulfone treatment of proliferative diseases
Continuous recovery of (meth)acrylic acid
Resist compositions and patterning process
Heterocyclic compounds having nos inhibitory activities
Method of treating depression with arylglycinamide derivatives
3-(substituted pyridyl)-1,2,4-triazole compounds
Cinnamamide derivatives and drug compositions containing the same
Gatifloxacin pentahydrate
Benzoazepine derivative polymers as luminescent element materials
Aryl substituted pyrazoles, and pyrroles, and the use thereof
Solid phase synthesis of 1-aminohydantoins
Arylsulphonamide-substituted benzimidazoles having tryptase-inhibiting activity
Solid phase and combinatorial library syntheses of fused 2,4-pyrimidinediones
2-(p-sulphophenyl)amino-1,3,5-triazine derivative and the salt of alkali metal thereof, a process for the preparation and their use as an auxiliary of cationic dye
3-substituted 5-aryl-4-isoxazolecarbonitriles having antiviral activity
Ether and amide compounds preparation thereof composition containing same and use thereof as antidiadetics
Azoline derivatives
Substituted acid derivatives useful as antidiabetic and antiobesity agents and method
Oxazolone derivatives and their use as anti-helicobacter pylori agents
Thiophene compounds, process for preparing the same, and pharmaceutical compositions containing the same background of the invention
Tetrahydroquinoline derivatives as glycine antagonists
8-(heterocyclylmethyl)quinoline derivatives for treating urinary incontinence
Certain substituted caprolactam carbonates and ethers, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and their use in treating tumors
Disubstituted bicyclic heterocycles, the preparation thereof, and their use as pharmaceutical compositions
Glycomimetics as selectin antagonists and pharmaceuticals having antiinflammatory activity
Substituted 4-oxo-quinoline-3-carboxamides
Benzopyranyl heterocycle derivatives, process for preparation thereof, and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Methods of inhibiting cell proliferation using indeno [1,2-c]pyrazol-4-ones
Substituted 5-(2,2-difluoro-1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl) cyclopentenopyridine derivative
Substituted pyrazolyl benzenesulfonamides for the treatment of asthma
Heterocyclylmethyl-substituted pyrazol derivatives
Thiono-thiochroman and -dihydrobenzothiophene compounds as herbicidal agents
Anilide derivative, production and use thereof
4-substituted quinoline derivatives
Piperidinylmethyloxazolidinone derivative
Bicyclic heterocyclic substituted phenyl oxazolidinone antibacterials, and related compositions and methods
Basic derivatives of benz[e] isoindol-1-ones and pyrrolo[3,4-c] quinolin-1-ones with 5-HT3-antagonistic activity, their preparation and their therapeutic use
4-hydroxy-1,8-naphthyridine-3-carboxamides as antiviral agents
Fused bicyclic pyrimidine derivatives
Nitrogen containing heterobicycles as factor Xa inhibitors
6,9,-disubstituted 2-[trans-(4-aminocyclohexyl) amino] purines
Purine derivatives having phosphodiesterase iv inhibition activity
X-ray intercepting metal complexes of chlorin derivatives
Photoconducting silicon complexes, liquid crystal materials, composition thereof, and elements using same
Reduced symmetry porphyrin molecules for producing enhanced luminosity from phosphorescent organic light emitting devices
Chromeno[4,3,2-DE]isoquinolines as potent dopamine receptor ligands
Photochromatic compounds, process for their preparation and their use in polymeric materials
Inhibitors of prenyl-protein transferase
Blocked phenolic silanes
Gastro-specific prodrugs
Blocked mercaptosilane coupling agents for filled rubbers
Substrate analogs that substitute for lipid I as a substrate for MurG
20-fluoro-17(20)-vinyl steroids
Identification of broadly reactive DR restricted epitopes
Papilloma viruses, products for the detection thereof as well as for treating diseases caused by them
Immunologically significant herpes simplex virus antigens and methods for identifying and using same
Methods and reagents for inhibiting proliferation of smooth muscle cells
Expression plasmids
spsA polynucleotides and polypeptides
Streptokinase mutants
Pharmaceutically active agents that impede the formation of amyloid by impeding the genesis of DMS
Method for identifying compounds that inhibit or enhance activation of a transmembrane ligand for a receptor tyrosine kinase
Diagnosis for mutant APC by immunoassay
Methods for detecting SODD genes and proteins
Method of screening for a modulator of angiogenesis
Antibodies that specifically bind Cytostatin III
Growth factor HTTER36
NL4 tie ligand homologue nucleic acid
Production of proteins by cell culture
Methods for generating polynucleotides having desired characteristics by iterative selection and recombination
Method for integrating genes at specific sites in mammalian cells via homologous recombination and vectors for accomplishing the same
Human metabotropic glutamate receptors, nucleic acids encoding same and uses thereof
AMPA-binding human GLuR3 receptors
Human elk a voltage-gated potassium channel subunit
KCNQ2 and KCNQ3-potassium channel genes which are mutated in benign familial neonatal convulsions (BFNC) and other epilepsies
Methods of screening for compounds which bind to a human SNORF36A receptor
Tek antagonists comprising soluble tek extracellular binding domain
DNA encoding a human histamine receptor of the H3 subtype
House dust mite allergen, Der f VII, and uses therefor
Recombinant gelatin and full-length triple helical collagen
Tyrosine kinase receptors and ligands
Helminth parasite antigen with aminopeptidase-like activity
Peptidoglycan recognition proteins and their production
Methods of isolating common and specific antigens from excretory-secretory products of protostrongylidae
Neutralizing high affinity human monoclonal antibodies specific to RSV F-protein and methods for their manufacture and therapeutic use thereof
Methods of using antibodies against human CD40
Peptides and methods against psoriasis
Process and apparatus for the gas-phase polymerization of .alpha.-olefins
Metallocene stabilized alumoxane
Highly active, supported ziegler-natta catalyst systems for olefin polymerization, methods of making and using the same
1-olefin isoblock polymer and process for its manufacture
Stable initiator system
Polymeric particles and production method thereof
Acoustic printing inks containing bis(carbamates)
One-component polyurethane compositions with improved curing
Photohardenable resin composition providing heat-resistant photohardened product
Polymers, luminescent device materials, and luminescent devices comprising said materials
Coated particles containing a monomeric, polyfunctional organosilane coating
Fluorinated curable compositions
Chemical grafting onto a substrate and coating composition
Thermoformable foam sheeting for producing open containers
Blowing agent blends
Production of porous diene polymer pellets by mechanical drying
Expandable styrene polymers containing graphite particles
Asphalt compositions and method for making (LAW617)
Aluminosilicate stabilized halogenated polymers
Polycarbonate molding materials exhibiting improved mechanical properties
Organic and inorganic complex compound and switch using same
Color stable compositions containing arylate-comprising polymers
Flame retardant polycarbonate-ABS polymer compositions
Hybrid mixed ion clay structures for polymer nanocomposite formation
Mg-Al based hydrotalcite-type particles, chlorine-containing resin stabilizer and process for producing the particles
Polyolefin foam and polyolefin resin composition
Fire-retardant resin composition and molded part using the same
Olefin-based resin composition
Platable engineered polyolefin alloys
Starch polymer combinations used in papermaking
Process for forming gelatinous elastomer materials
Nucleated pet/pen polyester compositions
Flame-retardant thermoplastic resin composition and products of injection molding thereof
Polyamide resin composition
Composition containing novel modifier
Cyanine dyes
Pigment preparations comprising two or more perylene compounds
Structured boehmite pigment and method for making same
Thermochromic ink composition
Multifunctional poly(vinyl alcohol) binder for fine particle size calcium carbonate pigment
Can and coil coating resins
Composition for film formation, method of film formation, and silica-based film
Low dielectric foam dielectric formed from polymer decomposition
Antifouling agents, their production and use, and antifouling coating produced therefrom
Pressure-sensitive adhesive material
Oil resistant silicones
Method for direct attachment of a chip to a cooling member
Fluorescent materials and their use
Cyclohexyl- and cyclohexenyl-substituted liquid crystals with low birefringence
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal shutter
Foamed caulk and sealant compounds
Antifreeze concentrates and coolant compositions containing these concentrates for cooling circuits in internal combustion engines
Method for eliminating halogenated compounds contained in a gas or liquid
Hydrogenation process
Process for producing diesel oils of superior quality and low solidifying point from fraction oils
Process for separation of dewaxed lube oil into light and heavy products
Method of separation of hydrocarbon oils from a waxy feedstock and separation system for implementation of said method
Method for high-temperature short-time distillation of residual oils
Extreme-pressure additive, process for producing the same, cutting fluid, and grinding fluid
Penetrating lubricant composition
Combination soap bar composition containing monoglyceride sulfonate
Method for increasing brightness retention of laundered fabrics
Non-corrosive cleaning composition for removing plasma etching residues
Process for preparing a detergent tablet
Photobleaching compositions comprising mixed metallocyanines
Amine reaction compounds comprising one or more active ingredient
Bleaching efficiency boosters for bleach and textile detergent compositions
Assay sonication apparatus and methodology
High throughput screening of gene function using adenoviral libraries for functional genomics applications
Recombination of insertion modified nucleic acids
.alpha.(1,3) galactosyltransferase negative porcine cells
Cell structure media for mammalian cells
Genetically modified lactic acid bacteria having modified diacetyl reductase activities
DNA adenine methyltransferases and uses thereof
Decaprenyl diphosphate synthetase gene
Polyamine analog-activated SSAT gene therapy
Inducible phosphofructokinase and the Warburg effect
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Human checkpoint kinase, HCDS1, compositions and methods
Kinase activating dependent cyclin protein kinases, and their uses
Method for cloning and expression of Bpml restriction endonuclease in E. coli
Highly purified mocarhagin cobra venom protease polynucleotides endcoding same and related proteases and therapeutic uses thereof
Ecarin prothrombin protease and methods
25312, a novel human agmatinase-like homolog
Granule containing protein and corn starch layered on an inert particle
Process for producing CIS-3-hydroxy-L-proline
Methods and host cells for improved cell culture
Protein capable of catalyzing transamination stereoselectively, gene encoding said protein and use thereof
(R)-specific alcohol dehydrogenases from lactobacillus with improved catalytic activity using an NAD+ substrate
Enzyme electrode sensor and manufacturing method thereof
Sensor including UV-absorbing polymer and method of manufacture
Disposable plate electrode with biological active film
Optical recording method, optical recording medium, and optical recording system
Biochemical assay to monitor the ubiquitin ligase activities of cullins
Method for judging effectiveness of drug having protease inhibitory activity
Stabilized reagent and method for determining creatine kinase
Methods and compositions for identifying nucleic acids containing cis acting elements
Enhancement of nucleic acid amplification by the addition of a polyamine
Method for the affinity isolation of newly synthesized RNA
Methods for indentifying anti-cancer agents
Ultra-fast nucleic acid sequencing device and a method for making and using the same
Binding assays using optical resonance of colloidal particles
Apparatus for producing reduced iron
Method and installation for ladle treatment of steel
Device for guiding bands in a suspended manner
Method of producing ferritic Cr-containing steel sheet having excellent ductility, formability, and anti-ridging properties
High strength steel for dies with excellent machinability
Lead-free free-cutting copper alloys
Method for forming metallic-based coating
Method for igniting a plasma in a sputter reactor
Horizontal sputtering system
Reactive sputtering method for forming metal-silicon layer
Seed layer and underlayer with high and low oxygen concentration portions for hand disk magnetic recording medium on a glass substrate
Cathode arc source for metallic and dielectric coatings
Thin-film temperature-sensitive resistor material and production process thereof
Sputtering device
Method and apparatus for providing deposited layer structures and articles so produced
Method for maintaining the cleanness of a vacuum chamber of a physical vapor deposition system
Method and apparatus for reducing particle contamination on wafer backside during CVD process
Safe arsenic gas phase doping
Method for fabricating a microtechnical structure
Method of forming a tungsten plug in a semiconductor device
PECVD of Ta films from tanatalum halide precursors
Diamond film for x-ray lithography and making method
Method for producing silicon nitride series film
Method of producing a pigment containing gold
Titanium carbonitride coated cemented carbide and cutting inserts made from the same
Formation of a liquid-like silica layer by reaction of an organosilicon compound and a hydroxyl forming compound
Apparatus for forming a deposited film by plasma chemical vapor deposition
Method of liquid deposition by selection of liquid viscosity and other precursor properties
Method for repairing a thermal barrier coating and repaired coating formed thereby
Personal ornament covered with colored coating and process for producing the same
High strength coupling and method
High surface pressure resistant steel parts and methods of producing same
Method of manufacturing electronic components
Electrocatalytically active non-carbon metal-based anodes for aluminium production cells
Masking techniques for metal plating
Active carbon electro-deposited with Ag-I system having sterilizing effect
Method of forming bumps by electroplating
Method for the production of a porous layer
Method for producing silicon single crystal wafer and silicon single crystal wafer
Method for manufacturing a cerium-doped lutetium oxyorthosilicate scintillator boule having a graded decay time
Method of producing single crystal and piezoelectric element
GaN single crystal substrate and method of producing same
Method for growing a nitride compound semiconductor
Apparatus for producing polycrystalline silicon sheets and production method using the same
Method of producing thin films using current of process gas and inert gas colliding with each other
Textiles; Paper
Process of open-end spinning of polyester staple fiber
Electrically-conductive composite fiber
Elastic nylon yarns
Activated biregional fiber(s)
Protective yarn
Method of making sizeless yarn
Double layer papermaking forming fabric
Hand-held optical fiber insertion apparatus
Space dyed yarn
Shape memory cords for reinforcing articles made from elastomeric material
Method, for the recovery of wood fiber from compressed fiberboard scrap
Treatment of cellulosic material with a chelating agent prior to alkaline delignification
Foam forming method and apparatus
Method for manufacture of paper and a paper machine
Arrangement and method for forming a multilayered paper or paperboard web
Method of manufacturing highly-airtightened porous paper, highly-airtightened porous paper manufactured by the method, and non-aqueous battery using the paper
Paper machine
Threading device and method for threading the tail of the web
Roll printing paper suitable for cold set printing and process for its production
Aqueous suspensions of mineral materials and their uses
Method for preparing aqueous size composition
Method of coating cellulosic and lignocellulosic webs
Method of making absorbent tissue from recycled waste paper
Fixed Constructions
Method and apparatus for creating and applying a decorative dimensional figure or design to a surface
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for preparing a gas turbine airfoil protected by aluminide and platinum aluminide coatings
Non-asbestos friction materials
Pipes for conveying drinking water
Catalytic oxidation of vapor emissions discharged during vehicle refueling
Heavy oil emulsified fuel evaporator system and operation method thereof
Thermal insulating device
Method for making a holographic linear position encoder
Automatic analysis apparatus with liquid level detection function
Measuring device
Wheel weight/tape article and a method of using
Device for the processing and infiltration of histological specimens
Multicomponent test systems useful in analyzing liquid samples, and uses therefor
Process for manufacturing a micro-electrode
Method and apparatus for amperometric diagnostic analysis
Nitrogen oxide gas sensor
Cassette for electrophoretic gels
Variable control of electroosmotic and/or electrophoretic forces within a fluid-containing structure via electrical forces
Method for electrochemical detection
Electrochemical cell
Biosensor apparatus
Thermophoretic pump and concentrator
HPLC method for purifying organic compounds
Method for evaluating the heat treatment to which a proteinic nutrient such as milk is subjected
Methods for the detection and identification of crystals in biological fluids
Multi-sectioned fluid delivery devices for detecting target molecules by immunoassay
Method for detection of human parvovirus and reagent therefor
Cube corner geometric structures in a substrate formed by both replicating and machining processes
Thermal shaping of optical fibers
Layered material having properties that are variable by an applied electric field
Method for transferring transparent conductive film
Manufacturing method of display device
Method for fabricating metal interconnections
Resin composition for color filter
Silver halide photographic material
Methods for making photothermographic emulsions and imaging materials
Photothermographic material
Photothermographic material
Color photographic developer concentrate
Photographic element with yellow dye-forming coupler and stabilizing compound having improved light stability
Imaging element containing a blocked photographically useful compound
Image forming assembly and method using a lamination apparatus
Method for incorporating sub resolution assist features in a photomask layout
Method to eliminate side lobe printing of attenuated phase shift masks
Liquid, radiation-curable composition, especially for producing flexible cured articles by stereolithography
Liquid, radiation-curable composition, especially for producing cured articles by stereolithography having heat deflection temperatures
UV-absorbing support layers and flexographic printing elements comprising same
Lithographic projection apparatus
Method of reducing optical proximity effect
Sheet coating apparatus
Porous photosensitive body and method of manufacturing same
Electrophotographic toner, process for producing the same, electrophotographic developer, and process for forming image
Toner processes
Toner and developer for electrophotography
Plate pattern forming method and its inspecting method
Animated wireframe with motor
Methods for forming a label
Multiple layer labels and methods
Method of applying a matching layer to a transducer
Glass-ceramic substrate for a magnetic information storage medium
Dynamic random access memory
Method for reprocessing nuclear fuel by employing oximes
Nitride type, rare earth magnet materials and bonded magnets formed therefrom
Method for the preparation of laminated inductor device
Edge bonding for amorphous metal transformer
Method for manufacturing thin-film magnetic head
Cover member for illuminated push button switch and method for manufacturing same
Method and device for lacquering the inner side of a display screen
Process for operating a field emission display with a layer of praseodymium-manganese oxide material
Method and apparatus for improving etch uniformity in remote source plasma reactors with powered wafer chucks
Pulsed sputtering with a small rotating magnetron
Method for plasma processing high-speed semiconductor circuits with increased yield
Plasma reactor with high selectivity and reduced damage
Substrate processing method and substrate processing apparatus
Apparatus for and method of cleaning objects to be processed
Integrated processing system having multiple reactors connected to a central chamber
Method of forming protrusions on single crystal silicon structures built on silicon-on-insulator wafers
Selective treatment of the surface of a microelectronic workpiece
Method of detecting and monitoring stresses in a semiconductor wafer
Method and apparatus for preventing rapid temperature variation of wafers during processing
Method of forming photovoltaic element
Method for forming a CVD silicon film
Memory device and method for using prefabricated isolated storage elements
Process and apparatus for improving the performance of a temperature-sensitive etch process
Semiconductor device having silicide films on a gate electrode and a diffusion layer and manufacturing method thereof
Method of forming bumps
Method of fabricating a salicide of an embedded memory
Method of forming self-aligned stacked capacitor
Method of fabrication for a honeycomb capacitor
Method and apparatus for etching a semiconductor article and method of preparing a semiconductor article by using the same
Plating system with remote secondary anode for semiconductor manufacturing
Method of fabrication of barrier cap for under bump metal
Use of palladium in IC manufacturing
Semiconductor device separation using a patterned laser projection
Method of preventing damage to organo-silicate-glass materials during resist stripping
Dielectric protected chemical-mechanical polishing in integrated circuit interconnects
Method for patterning semiconductor devices on a silicon substrate using oxynitride film
Method for fabricating dielectric film
Method for forming an interlayer insulating film, and semiconductor device
Process of removing CMP scratches by BPSG reflow and integrated circuit chip formed thereby
Super-self-aligned fabrication process of trench-gate DMOS with overlying device layer
Method of fabrication of thin film transistor
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Finfet transistor structures having a double gate channel extending vertically from a substrate and methods of manufacture
Method of creating ground to avoid charging in SOI products
Method to build multi level structure
Method and structure for retarding high temperature agglomeration of silicides using alloys
Integrated circuit package with surface mounted pins on an organic substrate and method of fabrication therefor
Semiconductor copper bond pad surface protection
Hermetic cold weld seal
Film thickness control using spectral interferometry
Substrate loader for a semiconductor processing system
Package having very thin semiconductor chip, multichip module assembled by the package, and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device forming method
Method for making DRAM using an oxide plug in the bitline contacts during fabrication
Gate insulator process for nanometer MOSFETS
Design and process for a dual gate structure
Fabrication method of a dual-gate CMOSFET
Semiconductor device and process for production thereof
Method of fabricating semiconductor device including nonvolatile memory and peripheral circuit
Methods for forming ZPROM using spacers as an etching mask
Keepers for MRAM electrodes
Method of forming a shared contact in a semiconductor device including MOSFETS
Method of manufacturing a non-volatile memory having an element isolation insulation film embedded in the trench
Low dielectric constant shallow trench isolation
Process using poly-buffered STI
Method of making isolation trench
Methods for etching silicon dioxide; and methods for forming isolation regions
Semiconductor structure and fabrication method of shallow and deep trenches
Contact each methodology and integration scheme
Method for forming memory cell of semiconductor memory device
Method for forming inner-cylindrical capacitor without top electrode mask
Barrier and electroplating seed layer
Method of fabricating dual damascene structure
Method of manufacturing a copper metal wiring in a semiconductor device
Method of forming multilevel interconnect structure containing air gaps including utilizing both sacrificial and placeholder material
Method op optimizing vias between conductive layers in an integrated circuit structure
Method of forming a solute-enriched layer in a substrate surface and article formed thereby
Method of forming a MIM capacitor
Method of forming dummy metal pattern
Modular high frequency integrated circuit structure
MOS type semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method of gettering layer for improving chemical-mechanical polishing process in flash memory production and semiconductor structure thereof
Method of molding semiconductor device and molding die for use therein
Method for attenuating thermal sensation when handling objects at non-body temperature
Tape for semiconductor package, method of manufacturing the same, and method of manufacturing the package using the tape
Method of forming a ball-grid array package at a wafer level
Self-aligned fuse structure and method with dual-thickness dielectric
Methods of making interconnections for semiconductor circuits
Method to resolve the passivation surface roughness during formation of the AlCu pad for the copper process
Semiconductor device and method for making the same
Semiconductor device and method for protecting such device from a reversed drain voltage
Manufacture of a semiconductor device with retrograded wells
Method of forming a semiconductor memory device having source/drain diffusion layers with a reduced resistance
Method for forming a contoured floating gate cell
Method of forming a composite interpoly gate dielectric
Field effect transistor in SOI technology with schottky-contact extensions
Methods of forming field effect transistors
Method for signal processing
Epitaxial wafer and manufacturing method thereof as well as light-emitting diode with enhanced luminance
Oxide superconductor and process for producing same
Preferred methods for producing electrical circuit elements used to control an electronic display
Lithium secondary battery electrolyte and lithium secondary battery using the same
Multi layer electrolyte and cell using the same
Non-aqueous electrolyte and lithium secondary battery using the same
Battery with an additive to evolve a gas at high temperature
Battery with a sheathing member to prevent leakage of electrolytic solution
Lithium ion battery and container
Lithium ion polymer electrolytes
Lithium secondary cell and method for manufacturing the same
Fluid permeable flexible graphite fuel cell electrode
Fuel cell separator plate with discrete fluid distribution features
Fuel cell system shutdown with anode pressure control
Fuel cell stack compression system
Method for manufacturing electronic parts
Method of manufacturing surface acoustic wave device
Ceramic wiring substrate and method of producing the same
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