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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Assay for toxin induced neuronal degeneration and viability in C. elegans
Cheese ripening process
Stab-resisting material, a coated carrier to be used therewith, and clothing made of said material
Waterproof/breathable moisture transfer composite and liner for snowboard boots, alpine boots, hiking boots and the like
Photomask and method for reducing electrostatic discharge on the same with an ESD protection pattern
Universal surgical power tool foot pedal apparatus
Polycrystalline material, process for producing thereof, and articles manufactured therefrom
Air feed device, signal acquisition device and imaging device
Nasal vibration transducer
Preventive or remedy for hypertension
Intermediate compounds of non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Soft capsules
Adhesive N,O-carboxymethylchitosan coatings which inhibit attachment of substrate-dependent cells and proteins
Sebum production inhibitors
Human leukocyte 12-lipoxygenase and its role in the pathogenesis of disease states
Stimulation of bone growth with thrombin peptide derivatives
Treatment of hibernating myocardium and diabetic cardiomyopathy with a GLP-1 peptide
Use of KPV tripeptide for dermatological disorders
Biologically active molecules having thiol moiety conjugated to polymers containing ethyl sulfone moiety
Two-constituent elastomer materials based on alkyl aziridine comprising a catalyst constituent that contains a boric acid complex
Mold inhibitor integrated within a matrix and method of making same
Two-stage transmucosal medicine delivery system for symptom relief
Functional material containing volatile agent
Method of decreasing nitrate nitrogen and volatile organic compound in soil and groundwater
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and device for monitoring the service life of a filter
Enzymatic modification of a nucleic acid-synthetic binding unit conjugate
Catalyst for addition polymerization, and process for producing addition polymer with the same
Process for the preparation of a nickel/phosphorous ligand catalyst for olefin hydrocyanation
Method for gas--solid contacting in a bubbling fluidized bed reactor
Microfabricated, flowthrough porous apparatus for discrete detection of binding reactions
PCR thermocycler
Centrifugal spectrometer
Powder feed splitter for hand-held laser powder fusion welding torch
Method for fabricating embossed articles by flash welding
Method for continuous manufacture of drip irrigation tubes utilizing a laser beam
Laser beam machining apparatus
Method for welding on stress-sensitive materials
Ballistic-resistant moulded article and a process for the manufacture of the moulded article
Process for the manufacturing of decorative laminate
Barrier film with reduced dynamic coefficient of friction
Peelable film and packaging made therefrom
Cluster-weighted modeling for media classification
Method and apparatus for laser-induced thermal transfer printing
Multilayer imageable elements
High speed negative-working thermal printing plates
Ink jet recording sheet
Use of ammonia for etching organic low-k dielectrics
Fuel cell apparatus and method of controlling fuel cell apparatus
Method and apparatus for operating a vehicle safety arm
Method for releasing secret number of theft prevention function in transportation means
Position sensing by measuring intensity of magnetic flux passing through an aperture in a movable element
Angle of rotation sensor
Service vehicle attachment warning apparatus
Direct current motor condition monitoring and exercising system
Reduced substrate micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) device and system for producing the same
Process for producing microelectromechanical components and a housed microelectromechanical component
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Heat-transfer label including non-wax release coating
Cement dispersants comprising graft copolymers
Crack-resistant insulating dry refractory
Process for producing fluorinated alcohol
Preparation of 4-methyl-2,3,5,6-tetrafluorobenzyl alcohol
Process for producing optically active 3,3,3-trifluoro-2-hydroxy-2-methylpropionic acid, and salt thereof
4-dedimethylaminotetracycline derivatives
Process and apparatus for the removal of nitrogen compounds from a fluid stream
Process for preparation of epsilon-caprolactam
Water-soluble polyimides and methods of making and using same
Benzothiophenes, formulations containing same, and methods
Compounds as NS3-serine protease inhibitors of hepatitis C virus
Selenophene anti-tumor agents
Gene detection system, gene detection device comprising same, detection method, and gene detecting chip
Pesticidal toxins
Gene upregulated in cancers of the prostate
DNA encoding a new human hepatoma derived growth factor and producing method thereof
Pituitary tumor transforming gene (PTTG) carboxy-terminal peptides and methods of use thereof to inhibit neoplastic cellular proliferation and/or transformation
Pancreas-derived plasminogen activator inhibitor
Homo-doubly labeled compositions for the detection of enzyme activity in biological samples
Method for producing ethylene homopolymers and copolymers by means of radical high pressure polymerization
Polyolefin production
Scale deposit inhibitor, process for its production, polymerizer whose inside wall is covered with the inhibitor, and process for production of vinylic polymers by the use of the polymerizer
Blocked polyisocyanate
High solid paint compositions
Coating composition with improved adhesion and method therefor
Main chain type liquid crystalline polyester, liquid crystalline composition, method for producing liquid crystal film and optical film, and display having optical film
Method for producing aqueous dispersion of thermoplastic resin microparticles and toner for electrophotography
Process for preparing a composite material by vapor depositing a barrier layer on a substrate
Foamable compositions
Electrically conductive resin composition and production process thereof
Ethylene copolymer composition
Aqueous asphalt emulsions containing liquefied or devulcanized recycled rubber
Zwitterionic chromophores and polymers containing such chromophores
Substrate coated with silica-containing film with low-dielectric constant
Method of increasing pH of high-density brines
Fabric conditioning compositions
Subtilase variants
Molecular switch for regulating mammalian gene expression
Human ovarian mesothelial cells and methods of isolation and uses thereof
Dna encoding sucrose pts enzyme II
Influenza sensor
Nucleic acid fragments for the identification of dechlorinating bacteria
Method for assay of analyte by adjustment of chemiluminescence
Cleaning method for substrate treatment device and substrate treatment device
Low cost aluminide process for moderate temperature applications
Process for producing a membrane electrode assembly and the membrane electrode assembly produced thereby
Method of producing semiconductor device
Spatial regions of a second material in a first material
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Device for controlling the service loads of an electric household appliance, in particular a refrigerator
Locating device
Method and apparatus for bringing laser chips to a measurement position
Microfabrication apparatus and microfabrication method
Enhancing surface-generated fluorescence signal emitted by a sample
Surface inspection apparatus and method thereof
pH sensor with internal solution ground
Three-dimensional ex vivo angiogenesis system
Receptor function assay for G-protein coupled receptors and orphan receptors by reporter enzyme mutant complementation
Semiconductor device and capacitance measurement method
Apparatus and method for determining electrical properties of a semiconductor wafer
Circuit analysis and manufacture using electric field-induced effects
Magnetic sensing element with improved sensitivity and method for making the same
CPP type magnetoresistive sensor including pinned magnetic layer provided with hard magnetic region
Active vibration compensation for MRI gradient coil support to reduce acoustic noise in MRI scanners
Radio positioning systems
Grating array processing methods and apparatus
Radar system mounted on vehicle
Radiation detector having a unitary reflector part composed of plastic containing an optically reflective filler
Device and method for measuring magnetic field(s) with calibration superimposed on the measurement and corresponding uses
Optical fiber cord
Electro-optical device and driving method for the same
Photosensitive polymer and chemically amplified photoresist composition containing the same
Positive resist composition
Multiple purpose reticle layout for selective printing of test circuits
Multivariate RBR tool aging detector
Position measuring system for use in lithographic apparatus
Method for preparing imaged members and imaged members prepared thereby
Step-up circuits
Low leakage CMOS power mux
Bandgap reference circuit
Connection structure for connecting between touch panel and external conductor
Information processing device for notifying of progress of information process by music, and medium
Multi-user collaborative circular graphical user interfaces
Method and apparatus for providing refractive transparency in selected areas of video displays
Radio frequency detection and identification system
Monitoring and warning system for individuals working under hazardous operating conditions
Monitoring method and system
General 2 voltage levels driving scheme for cholesterical liquid crystal displays
Liquid crystal display device
Contrast correcting circuit
Method of creating graphical works based on polynomials
Hand-held device with foldable display screen and keyboard
Type size dependent anti-aliasing in sub-pixel precision rendering systems
Wrist musical instrument tuner
Keyboard apparatus
Semiconductor integrated circuit having two switch transistors formed between two diffusion-layer lines
System and method for maskless lithography using an array of sources and an array of focusing elements
Coaxial cables, multicore cables, and electronic apparatuses using such cables
High quality factor (Q) planar spiral inductor based CATV diplexer and telephony module
Inverter transformer to light multiple lamps
Micromagnetic latching switch packaging
Electron radiography
Manipulator for an optical or particle-optical apparatus
Multi-inlet PFS arc chamber for hi-current implanter
Dry etching method and apparatus
Non-intrusive plasma probe
Porous gas sensors and method of preparation thereof
Method of reducing internal stress in materials
Method of etching silicon nitride film and method of producing semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for forming capacitor of semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor wafer
Method for manufacturing non-volatile memory
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device by RTA process in nitrogen atmosphere
Contact structure for an electrically operated II/VI semiconductor element and process for the production thereof
Method of forming a dual damascene interconnect by selective metal deposition
Semiconductor device, circuit board, electronic apparatus, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Apparatus and method for packaging circuits
Non-volatile memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Fabrication process of a semiconductor device including a CVD process of a metal film
Carrier with metal bumps for semiconductor die packages
Programmable connector/isolator and double polysilicon layer CMOS process with buried contact using the same
Programmable logic arrays with ultra thin body transistors
Structure and fabricating method to make a cell with multi-self-alignment in split gate flash
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Defect-minimizing, topology-independent planarization of process surfaces in semiconductor devices
Method of Forming strained SI/SIGE on insulator with silicon germanium buffer
Mechanically enhanced package and method of making same
Method and apparatus for thermal management of integrated circuits
Tape under frame for lead frame IC package assembly
Vertical interconnection structure and methods
Electronic component with stacked semiconductor chips
ESD protection circuit with plural thyristors
System and method for forming stacked fin structure using metal-induced-crystallization
Semiconductor device having an integral resistance element
Vertical access transistor with curved channel
Single-electron transistor and fabrication method thereof
Lateral DMOS structure with lateral extension structure for reduced charge trapping in gate oxide
Semiconductor device and its manufacture method
Back illuminated photodiodes
Optical power monitoring for a semiconductor laser device
Ultrasonic-motor control system
Two-dimensional ultrasound phased array transducer
High efficiency passive piezo energy harvesting apparatus
Rechargeable battery equipped with battery protection circuit
Methods for producing fuel cell units and fuel cell stacks
Methodology for supply of reactant fluids to and purging of product and inert fluids from cells of fuel cell stack
Lithium polymer cell
Battery having active material containing neutral carbon radical compound
Current collector having non-symmetric grid pattern converging at a common focal point
Fluidically adjustable transmission line stub
Circulators and isolators with variable operating regions
Radio frequency resonator and method for producing the same
Variable quarter-wave transformer
Microwave device having a slotted coaxial cable-to-microstrip connection and related methods
Radio frequency antenna for an object interrogation device comprising a radio frequency antenna associated with an electronic circuit
Low cost multiple pattern antenna for use with multiple receiver systems
Waveguide for a traveling wave antenna
Dielectric lens with changeable focal length using fluidic dielectrics
Safety outlet module
Electric motor
Resolver/digital converter
Electric machine designed as a starter, generator or starter-generator for a motor vehicle
Thin brushless motor having ring-configured centralized power distribution unit
High-frequency amplifier, feed-forward amplifier and distortion compensating amplifier
Adjustable bandwidth high pass filter for large input signal, low supply voltage applications
Phase shifter control voltage distribution in a phased array utilizing voltage-proportional phase shift devices
Series terminated CMOS output driver with impedance calibration
Glitch removal circuit
Method and apparatus for detecting remaining lamp lifetime
Wall-mounted type microwave oven
Photopatterning of conductive electrode layers containing electrically-conductive polymer particles
Copper foil with low profile bond enhancement
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Human Necessities
Film coating composition for whitening teeth
Composition of a mixture of a phenolic compound and an azole or morpholine compound to protect animal hides and leather against microbes
Chemical attractants for yellowjackets and paper wasps
Preparation and use of biocidal solutions
Depth-type filter for killing microorganisms and inactivating viruses which comprises a fibrous material and crospovidone-iodine and its use
Process for the preperation of spermicidal agents and other biologically active materials
High molecular weight extracts of Convolvulus arvensis field (field bindweed)
Reservoir and method for storing articles
Biological control of food pathogens in livestock
Apparatus for the disinfection of fluids
Process for taking impressions, particularly of the human body, and corresponding material
Appliance for plucking hairs out of human skin
Method for making firm area inside cushions
Ribbed funnel
Biopsy instrument with tissue penetrating spiral
Anastomosis instrument and method
Compliant framework and methods of use
Vibrating stent for opening calcified lesions
Breath system appliance with dorsal applicator and scraper
Apparatus and method for improved aortic incision
Bronchial stenter
Locking stent
Axially non-contracting flexible radially expandable stent
Braided stent
Asymmetric intraocular lens injection cartridge
Reusable hot/cold therapeutic compress appliance
NNT or cold pad with inner element
Keratome method and apparatus
Polymethylpentene container for an inhalation anesthetic
Dentifrices incorporating spherical particles for enhanced cleaning of teeth
Antiperspirant compositions containing isopropyl glycerol ether
Phytodrug for management of peptic ulcer and methods of preparing and using same
Inhibitors of phosphodiesterase IV for x-ray imaging
Method for treating hypercholesterolemia with unsubstituted polydiallylamine polymers
Method of making phosphate-binding polymers for oral administration
Barrier to plaque formation
Composition for eliminating the buildup of harmful toxins and improving energy, mental clarity and waste elimination
Multicomponent clostridial vaccines using saponin adjuvants
Interleukin-2 stimulated T lymphocyte cell death for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, allergic responses, and graft rejection
1H-imidazo[4,5-C]quinolin-4-amines as vaccine adjuvants
Method for increasing the yield of antibodies in the techniques of immunology
Non-antigenic toxin-conjugate and fusion protein of internalizing receptor system
Non-peptidyl moiety-conjugated CD4-gamma2 and CD4-IgG2 Immunoconjugates, and uses thereof
Mesothelium antigen and methods and kits for targeting it
Intramolecularly-quenched near infrared fluorescent probes
Contrast media for infarction and necrosis imaging
Drug for prevention and therapy of diseases caused by fibrinoid formation or thrombus formation in the lung and model animals of the diseases
Near infrared radiation in-vivo diagnostic methods and dyes
Microparticles stabilized by polynuclear chromium complexes and their use as ultrasound contrast agents
Thrombus imaging agents
UV absorbing compositions
Hydrophobically modified polysaccharide in anhydrous antiperspirant products
Cosmetic composition comprising an aqueous non-ionic polymer dispersion and process of using
Cosmetic compositions containing a dispersion of solid particles, the surface of which is coated with a cationic polymer
Wear resistant cosmetics
Method of preparing a dosage unit by direct tableting and product therefrom
Tabletting of erythritol
Absorbent material and production thereof
Apparatus and method for providing fluid to devices with reduced or without occlusion
Apparatus for production of fibrin ogen or fibrin glue
Air freshener
Reverse flow transport pump and organ stabilization apparatus including related methods
Method of making an outer cannula for an intravenous cannula and a cannula made by the method
Skin-contact type medical treatment apparatus
Method for solidifying and sealing in a toxic substance with sulfur
Composition and method for dehalogenation and degradation of halogenated organic contaminants
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for supercritical fluid extraction
Method and apparatus for recirculating a heavier solution from the separation part of two separable solutions into a mixing unit
Compositions to remove water and/or solvents
Method and apparatus for collecting a substance
Water treatment plant and set of modular equipment obtained by placing such plants in parallel
Dental separator
Process for the simultaneous treatment and fractionation of light naphtha hydrocarbon streams
Lubricating oil reconditioning system
Fuel filter with sediment drain valve and level indicator
Method for treating organic wastes
Ozone supplying apparatus with fluid purification and recycling
Method for continuously producing thiosulfate ions
Method and catalyst for catalytically oxidizing a low concentration of H.sub.2 S in a gas to give sulphur
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst and process for producing the same
Water desalination system
Separative membrane and method for using this membrane
System for membrane filtration in a cross stream process
Hydrophilic membrane
Microporous diffusion apparatus
Apparatus and method for making uniformly sized and shaped spheres
Polymer-bonded material
Selective oxidation catalyst, preparation and use thereof
Method of manufacturing a hydrogenation catalyst
Method for converting hydrocarbon fuel into hydrogen gas and carbon dioxide
Method and apparatus for continuously calcining gypsum
Component measuring apparatus and component collecting apparatus
Specimen identifier
Flotation plant
Robot for and method of transporting semiconductor wafers
Method for producing repulpable pressure-sensitive adhesive constructions having multiple layers
Surface defect detection powder composition, methods of using same and application therefor
Method for making coatings of uniform thickness
Tool for removing adhesive residues or the like from substrates
Metals removal process
Lightweight, waterproof, insulating, cementitious compositions and methods for forming and using such compositions
Tundish having fume collection provisions
Method for forming a hole and method for forming nozzle in orifice plate of printing head
Method of making a plateau honing tool
Method for dimensional stabilizing treatment of wood and wood composite
Method for molding and vulcanizing of rubber
Process for producing a multi-colored thermoplastic plastics foil, and a multi-colored thermoplastic plastics foil
Apparatus and technique for making carbon brake discs
Method of bladder moulding thin articles made of a composite material using a conforming device
Rotational molding process for producing foamed articles
Cleaning blade and process for producing same
Multilayer container package
Process for producing a container
Bowls comprising acrylic plastics filled with alumina trihydrate, and processes for making same
Method of manufacturing filler-containing polymer film suitable for printing on
Electrodes for plasma treater systems
Method and apparatus for bonding a trim cover to a foam pad along a conveyor assembly line
Method of joining structural components of composite material
Microlens formation through focal plane control of a aerial image
Device for the coating of metal strips
Plasma etch apparatus with heated scavenging surfaces
Container labeling system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for removing organic phosphorous compounds and other impurities from dilute sulfuric acid
Process for partial oxidation of a gas stream containing hydrogen sulphide
Pyrolysis process for making fullerenes
Treatment method for diamonds
Method for making lithiated metal oxide
Lithium-iron oxide particles and process for producing the same
Black ultrafine magnetite particles and process for preparing the same
Electrochemical treatment of water contaminated with nitrogenous compounds
Process for the decoloration and detoxification of aqueous effluents
Food process chiller tank with disinfection system
Cleansing system
Method of treating a waste water containing organic solids
Method of dewatering difficult sludges
Clip for the support of a dropline in an aerated wastewater treatment tank
Method for checking and regulating the pressure loss in a biological filter and installation for embodiment of such a method
Stabilized substituted aminomethane-1, 1-diphosphonic acid n-oxides and use thereof in preventing scale and corrosion
Floating water purification free-running apparatus and water purification method
Method of treating animal waste
Method of producing a polycrystalline alumina ceramic which is resistant to a fluorine-comprising plasma
Piezoelectric ceramic composition
Near net shape fabrication of ceramic radomes
Compositions and methods to prevent toxicity induced by nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs
Polyamine transport inhibitors
Flame-retardant resin composition
Method of processing aloe leaves
Conformationally locked nucleosides and oligonucleotides
Human monoclonal antibodies directed against the transmembrane glycoprotein (GP41) of human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV-1)
EHV-4 gH or gC glycoprotein polypeptides and methods of use
Pesticidal toxins
Calcitonin receptor binding reagents
Stabilized matrix for photochromic articles
Method for decreasing the propensity for phase-out of the high molecular weight component of double metal cyanide-catalyzed high secondary hydroxyl polyoxypropylene polyols
Coating liquid for forming porous silica coating, coated substrate and short fiber silica
Method for removing color from ionically dyeable polymeric materials
Hardcoats for flat panel display substrates
Anti-corrosive pigment and compositions formulated with such pigments
Stabilized calcium carbonate composition using sodium silicate and one or more weak acids or alum and uses therefor
Colored inks comprising polymeric colorants for binary array printing and method of using
Agglomerated pigment, process for producing the same, aqueous pigment dispersion, and water-based ink composition
Water based ink having metallic luster adapted for direct-filling in ball-point pen
Low VOC coatings
Electrodeposition baths containing calcium salts
Nematic liquid crystal mixtures and a matrix liquid crystal display
Polishing composition including an inhibitor of tungsten etching
Thermal storage agent, manufacturing method thereof, thermal storage material, manufacturing method thereof, thermal storage device and accumulating method
Density stabilized phase change material
Corrosion inhibiting processes for refrigeration systems
Process for desulfurizing and aromatizing hydrocarbons
Thickened bleach compositions
Steels, steel products for nitriding, nitrided steel parts
Method and device for pre-treatment of substrates
Multiple species sputtering for improved bottom coverage and improved sputter rate
Method for forming a thin film and apparatus for the same
System for and method of providing a controlled deposition on wafers
Magnetron sputtering apparatus for single substrate processing
Process and device for forming a coating on a substrate by cathode sputtering
Sputter device
Supplemental heating of deposition tooling shields
Dimensionally stable anode for electrolysis, method for maintaining dimensions of anode during electrolysis
Group IV-A protective films for solid surfaces
Process for maintaining a constant concentration of substances in an electroplating bath
Rotating system for electrochemical treatment of semiconductor wafers
Process for producing corrosion-resistant terminal metal pads for thin film packages
Non-linear crystals and their applications
Textiles; Paper
Melt spinning apparatus
System for treatment of waste paper having a pulping drum and a perforated sorting area
Dilution control device for a wet end of a paper-making machine
Method for producing paper
Method of dewatering wet web using an integrally sealed air press
Machine and method for manufacturing a creped fibrous pulp web, with a shoe pre-press and a main shoe press
Shoe press
Method for molding articles from a fibrous slurry
Fixed Constructions
Stormwater drain filter
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Heater control system for an air-fuel ratio sensor in an internal combustion engine
Method for making a stackable and inexpensively transportable splash bar structure
Handheld portable digital geographic data manager
Reaction cell system
Methylene blue and toluidene blue mediated fluorescence diagnosis of cancer
Gas sensor
Sealing device for gas sensor
Probe device for continuous measurements of oxygen in running molten metal
Reagents and methods for performing electrokinetic chromatography
Oxygen electrode and its manufacture
Fluid coalescing method and apparatus
Process and apparatus for tracing software entities in a distributed system
System and method for displaying and editing assembly language source codes
Cross-project namespace compiler and method
Filtering an object interface definition to determine services needed and provided
Platform independent technique for transferring software programs over a network
Thin film magnetic head and process for producing same
Conductive paste
Apparatus and method for uniform, low-damage anisotropic plasma processing
Multi-zone RF inductively coupled source configuration
Fluid delivery system and method
Method of improving a processing efficiency of an automatic data processing system
Process for manufacturing a multi-layer circuit board
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew