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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Synergistic and residual pesticidal compositions containing plant essential oils
Transcobalamin receptor binding conjugates useful for treating abnormal cellular proliferation
Process for making enzyme-resistant starch for reduced-calorie flour replacer
Infusion method and device for making a coffee beverage
Method of preparing a frozen, battered food product
Use of triaryl methane compounds for inhibiting unwanted cellular proliferation associated with inflammatory disease
Thiazoline acid derivatives
Indole, azaindole and related heterocyclic pyrrolidine derivatives
Carboxamide derivatives
2-Propylidene-19-nor-vitamin D compounds
Schisandrin B preparation
Decolorized yeast cell wall fraction
Method of use of peptide antagonists of zonulin to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes
Method for inducing angiogenesis or vascular perfusion in the myocardium comprising administering FGF-2
Pharmaceutical composition and method for inhibiting gastrointestinal inflammation
Peptides selectively lethal to malignant and transformed mammalian cells
Orally administered peptides synergize statin activity
Brachyspira pilosicoli 72 kDa outer-membrane protein and diagnostic and therapeutic uses thereof
Porous ceramic structure containing biologics
Use of nitric oxide gas in an extracorporeal circuitry to treat blood plasma
Mediated electrochemical oxidation for decontamination
Mediated electrochemical oxidation of inorganic materials
Plasticized polyurethanes for use in golf balls
Thin-layer-covered golf ball with improved velocity
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of removing sulfur dioxide from a flue gas stream
Methods and apparatus for removing mercury from combustion flue gas
Two stage hemofiltration that generates replacement fluid
Method and apparatus for aeration of liquid medium
Process for making metal oxide-coated microporous materials
Production of supported olefin polymerisation catalysts
Multiwell plate having transparent well bottoms and method for making the mulitiwell plate
Methods and apparatuses for fluidic self assembly
Synthetic control of metal oxide nanocrystal sizes and shapes
Method of making a product with a micro or nano sized structure and product
Method of manufacturing boot for constant-velocity universal joint and manufacturing apparatus for use in the method, and boot for constant-velocity universal joint
Polymer welding using ferromagnetic particles
Multilayer containers and preforms having barrier properties utilizing recycled material
Method and an arrangement for producing basic fastener tab material, such basic starting material, and fastener tabs
Polarizing complex with functional layers
Coating agent
Two-sided thermal transfer ribbon
Vehicle theft detection device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fine hollow powder, thin flaky titanium oxide powder obtained by pulverization of the fine hollow powder and processes for producing the same
Process for the aerobic-thermophilic stabilization and disinfection of sludge
Process for the ammoxidation of propane and isobutane
Preparation of oseltamivir phosphate
Derivatives of 1-phenylalkanecarboxylic acids for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
Fluorosulfates of hexafluoroisobutylene and its higher homologs and their derivatives
Therapeutic agents for the treatment of cancer, metabolic diseases and skin disorders
Substituted cyclopentenone derivatives and their use in perfume compositions
High purity palm monoglycerides
Manufacture of pure hydralazine salts
Method for preparing 2-(2-pyridinylmethylsulfinyl) benzimidazoles
Cinchona-alkaloid-based catalysts, and asymmetric alcoholysis of cyclic anhydrides using them
Vector encoding an antibody that binds 5T4 antigen
IL-6 receptor.cndot.IL-6 direct fusion protein
MATER-protein specific antibodies and methods of use
Protein purification
Antibodies to murine zcytor17 ligand
Water-in-oil polymer emulsion containing microparticles
Thermally stable polycarbonates, thermoplastic compositions thereof, and articles formed therefrom
Pressure-sensitive adhesive containing silica nanoparticles
Preparation method of functional master batch of polyolefin and its application
Radiation curable phase change inks containing curable epoxy-polyamide composite gellants
Security features incorporating photoluminescent phosphor powders and methods for making security features
Rare earth oxysulfide scintillator and methods for producing same
Fabrication method of an in-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device comprising first and second ferroelectric liquid crystal layers having different rotational velocities of their spontaneous polarizations
Energized fluids and methods of use thereof
Peroxycarboxylic acid-based bleach compositions having a long shelf life
Azeotrope-like compositions of 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluorobutane
Aqueous cleaning solution for integrated circuit device and method of cleaning using the cleaning solution
Cleaning agent, cleaning method and cleaning apparatus
Bioreactor for growing fungus, plant cell, tissue, organ, hairy roots and plantlet
Induction and stabilization of enzymatic activity in microorganisms
Double nuclear transfer method and results thereof
Modulation of cytokinin activity in plants
Modified cytochrome p450 monooxygenases
Purified and isolated heparan sulfate 3-O-sulfotransferase isoform 5 nucleic acids and polypeptides and therapeutic and screening methods using same
Array for rapid detection of a microorganism
Methods and devices for multiplexing amplification reactions
Chimeric retinoid X receptors and their use in a novel ecdysone receptor-based inducible gene expression system
Monoclonal antibodies that recognize a shared epitope between the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) capsid (CA/p24) and the human immunodeficiency virus type 2 (HIV-2) capsid (CA/p26)
Monoclonal antibodies that recognize a shared epitope between the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) capsid (CA/p24) and the human immunodeficiency virus type 2 (HIV-2) capsid (CA/p26)
Monoclonal antibodies that recognize a shared epitope between the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) capsid (CA/p24) and the human immunodeficiency virus type 2 (HIV-2) capsid (CA/p26)
Monoclonal antibodies that recognize a shared epitope between the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) capsid (CA/p24) and the human immunodeficiency virus type 2 (HIV-2) capsid (CA/p26).
Method for producing a lower alkyl ester of .alpha.-L-aspartyl-L-phenylalanine using Escherichia bacteria
Butynol I esterase
Method of diagnosing breast cancer
Systems and methods for identifying organ transplant risk
High throughput assay of Lp-PLA2 activity
Fluorescence polarization assay to detect protease cleavage
Interrogating multi-featured arrays
Stainless steel for high-pressure hydrogen gas
Process for producing an alumina coating comprised mainly of .alpha. crystal structure
Textiles; Paper
Vapor phase synthesis of double-walled carbon nanotubes
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Apparatus that harnesses explosive force to do work
Method and apparatus for determining the shape and the local surface normals of specular surfaces
Efficient lidar with flexible target interrogation pattern
Draft protection device for a balance
Measurement-diverse imaging and wavefront sensing with amplitude and phase estimation
Photodetector, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus having a differential current detection circuit
Method and apparatus for the separation of fluoroscence and elastic scattering produced by broadband illumination using polarization discrimination techniques
Integrated half-beam profile measurement and polar profile for circular radiation field symmetry assessment
Method of analyzing a remotely-located object utilizing an optical technique to detect terahertz radiation
Imprint apparatus and imprint method including dual movable image pick-up device
Management of erasure intervals for storage medium of a radiography cassette
Clinical method for the genetic screening of newborns using tandem mass spectrometry
P450 gene regulation
Composition and probe for detection of hydrocarbon mixtures
Simplified biological evaluation method of natural and artificial chemicals by using DNA injury index and apparatus therefor
Bead based assays using a liquid crystal reporter
Substance detection system
Detection of presence or absence of AC maintain power signature in power-over-ethernet system
Method and apparatus for improved priority based connection establishment within a PNNI ATM network
Method and apparatus for time domain reflection test of transmission line
Inspection method and inspection apparatus
Q-boosting circuit
Stand-alone quasi-static tester
Proximity sensor
Object detection using acoustic imaging
Radar apparatus
Apparatus and methods for conveying and operating analytical instrumentation within a well borehole
Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
Projecting zoom lens and projection type display device
High zoom ratio zoom lens system
Zoom lens having image stabilizing function
Methods and apparatus providing improved visual capabilities of optical instruments
Movable micro-electromechanical device
Laser irradiation apparatus, method of laser irradiation, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Imaging device for imaging a long object
Integrated optical filter apparatus
Optical device having micro lens array
Light pipe and polarized-light source
Dual field of view lens system
Method of repairing gate line on TFT array substrate
Automatic focusing apparatus
Integrated circuit with the cell test function for the electrostatic discharge protection
Liquid crystal panel substrate, liquid crystal panel, and electronic device and projection display device using the same
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device and method for producing the same
Optical device and method for making the same
Liquid crystal display device
LCD device having a semi-transmission area with bump layer in a reflective portion thereof and a transmission portion having a transparent electrode with spacer disposed thereon
Method for fabricating liquid crystal display panel including dummy sealant pattern
In plane switching LCD with alternating common and pixel electrodes having polygonal lattice shapes
Array substrate for liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
Electrochromic device having improved color properties
Microlithographic projection exposure apparatus
Immersion lithography system and method having an immersion fluid containment plate for submerging the substrate to be imaged in immersion fluid
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method using overlay measurement
Silver halide color photosensitive material
Radiation-sensitive resin composition
Photomask assembly and method for protecting the same from contaminants generated during a lithography process
Method of forming high etch resistant resist patterns
Method for forming film pattern, method for manufacturing semiconductor device, liquid crystal television, and EL television
Image processing apparatus, image reading device, and image forming device
Laser ablation of welded seam area
Self erasing photoreceptor containing an electroluminescent nanomaterial
Shift tolerant lens optimized for phase conjugating holographic systems
Aircraft cabin pressure controls: duty cycle offset to compensate for asymmetric motor loading in an open-loop motor control system
Power source driving circuits and controllers thereof
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and substrate bias controlling method
Extension unit for electronic apparatus
System and process for automatic color and exposure correction in an image
Print processing system and corresponding method
Information processing apparatus
Image output apparatus
Host-based printed driver
Dynamic IDZ precession in a multi-pass direct marking system
Job submission system and method for controlling multiple job renderings with a single master or "super" ticket
Self-describing device interface system
CMOS-based receiver for communications applications
Printing method and printing apparatus
Apparatus, method and program for producing small prints
Image processing device, image output apparatus, and storage medium storing image processing program
Method of scaling a graphic character
Methods and systems for scoring multiple time-based assets and events
Method for providing alarm and morning call services in a DMB terminal
Wireless human interface device with integrated temperature sensor
System and methods for determining the location dynamics of a portable computing device
Multi-tiered network for gathering detected condition information
System and method for worker supervision
Drive circuit, display apparatus using drive circuit, and evaluation method of drive circuit
Image display with photo sensor
Liquid crystal display device and its drive method
Multi-resolution driver device
Liquid crystal display with filtered black point
System for adaptive resampling in texture mapping
Method and system for automated monitoring of a display
Display device and folding portable terminal
Display apparatus and driving method thereof
Head-up display device
Information processing method and apparatus
Anti-aliasing content using opacity blending
Chin rest for musical instrument
Electronic drum pedal
Guitar music sheet holder
Computer-readable medium and method for configuring a digital versatile disc re-writeable device
TMR/GMR amplifier with input current compensation
Method for recording information on optical recording medium and information recording apparatus
Recessed write pole for perpendicular recording
Slider having transducers orientated in different directions
Magnetic recording medium
Method for managing defective area on write-once optical recording medium, and optical recording medium using the same
Phase-change recording layer optical recording method
Method and apparatus for managing overwrite on an optical disc write once
Information recording medium, method and apparatus for recording and reproducing information
Apparatus and method for supplying power voltages in active and stand-by modes
Memory device, circuits and methods for reading a memory device
Flash EEPROM system with simultaneous multiple data sector programming and storage of physical block characteristics in other designated blocks
Flash memory device with sector access
Method and system for testing address lines
Magnetic recording element, magnetic recording apparatus and recording method of information
Memory chip with settable termination resistance circuit
Sense amplifier method and arrangement
Method and apparatus for storing data and method for reading data
Apparatus and methods for multi-level sensing in a memory array
Composition in gel form comprising carbon nanotube and ionic liquid and method for production thereof
Conductive material and method for filling via-hole
Method of making a fuel cell component using an easily removed mask
Cable for high speed data communications
Method and apparatus for a partially etched capacitor layer including a connection member
Compact non-contact multi-function electrical switch
Apparatus for remotely actuating a manual actuator of a circuit breaker
Method and system for the directional detection of electrons in a scanning electron microscope
Semiconductor device and electronic appliance using the same
Nano tube photo detecting device
Light emitting device having organic light-emitting element
Advanced cooling for an interactive display
Flip chip mounting method and bump forming method
Flip chip mounting method and method for connecting substrates
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor memory cell and corresponding method of producing same
Semiconductor laser device, semiconductor laser system, optical pickup module and manufacturing for semiconductor laser system
Fabrication of semiconductor interconnect structure
Dry-etching method
Method of manufacturing nitride-based semiconductor light emitting device
Method of forming metal gate electrodes using sacrificial gate electrode material and sacrificial gate dielectric material
Methods for fabricating MOS transistor gates with doped silicide
Fabrication method and structure for providing a recessed channel in a nonvolatile memory device
Multilayered CMP stop for flat planarization
Methods and devices employing metal layers in gates to introduce channel strain
Apparatus and method for a non-volatile memory structure comprising a multi-layer silicon-rich, silicon nitride trapping layer
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Highly conductive shallow junction formation
Method for forming an integrated semiconductor circuit arrangement
Organometallic compounds
Strained metal silicon nitride films and method of forming
Methods and apparatuses for manufacturing ultra thin device layers for integrated circuit devices
Formation of through-wafer electrical interconnections and other structures using a thin dielectric membrane
Method of forming fine patterns using double patterning process
Process endpoint detection method using broadband reflectometry
Vacuum wafer-level packaging for SOI-MEMS devices
Electronic unit with a substrate where an electronic circuit is fabricated
Semiconductor devices and methods with bilayer dielectrics
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device with offset sidewall structure
Semiconductor device having a metal gate electrode formed on an annealed high-k gate dielectric layer
Non-planar MOS structure with a strained channel region
Circuit device and method of manufacturing the same
Al-Ni-B alloy wiring material and element structure using the same
Non-Circular via holes for bumping pads and related structures
Process for forming integrated circuit comprising copper lines
System and method for forming serial numbers on HDD wafers
Body bias compensation for aged transistors
Semiconductor device
Gamma ray detector modules
Spectrum analyzer device on a chip
Method and resultant structure for floating body memory on bulk wafer
Semiconductor MIS transistor formed on SOI semiconductor substrate
Display device having driver TFTs and pixel TFTs formed on the same substrate
Semiconductor device
Photoelectric conversion apparatus and image pick-up system using the photoelectric conversion apparatus
Nonvolatile memory device
Semiconductor device having strain-inducing substrate and fabrication methods thereof
Semiconductor device having ferroelectric substance capacitor
Lateral SOI semiconductor device
Imager with image-taking portions optimized to detect separated wavelength components
Electronic device with reduced interface charge between epitaxially grown layers and a method for making the same
Solid-state imaging device, driving method of the same and manufacturing method thereof
Piezoelectric actuator and enclosure therefor
Communication device
Fuel cell system programmed to control reactant gas flow in a gas circulation path
Fuel cell system and method for discharging reaction gas from fuel cell
Solid oxide fuel cell component and a method of manufacturing a solid oxide fuel cell component
Textured electrolyte sheet for solid oxide fuel cell
RF MEMS series switch using piezoelectric actuation and method of fabrication
Switch circuit
Microstrip coupler
Built-in antenna having center feeding structure for wireless terminal
Differentially-fed variable directivity slot antenna
Sealing apparatus
Surge suppressor
Leakage current monitor
Electronic circuit configuration for connecting at least one active rotary speed sensor, especially in commercial vehicles
Current-limiting device having a superconductive switching element
Output voltage regulator for engine-driven generator
Current limit detector
Polyphase electricturning machine such as an alternator or an alterno-starter, particular for a motor vehicle
Coreless linear motor
Magnetic floating paper towel holder
Cooling and supporting apparatus for current leads of superconducting rotating machine
DC converter
Apparatus and method for supplying DC power source
Control system for controlling output of power generator
Receiver for a differential data bus
Digital tuning of crystal oscillators
LC oscillator circuit with a compensation coil for parasitical collector capacitor
Bias circuit
Analog variable gain amplifier with improved dynamic range characteristics
Digital attenuation apparatus having ultra broadband and excellent attenuation characteristics
Multi-layer solid state keyboard
Deliberate destruction of integrated circuits
Source driver and level shifting apparatus thereof
Hardware and software programmable fuses for memory repair
Techniques for reconfiguring programmable circuit blocks
Configurable circuits, IC's, and systems
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having I/O circuitry for low voltage operation
Method and apparatus for selection of an internal or external time delay
Multi-bit pipeline analog-to-digital converter having merged capacitor switching structure
High resolution and wide dynamic range integrator
Pulse width modulation method and digital analogue converter using the same
Filter with capacitive forward coupling with a quantizer operating in scanning and conversion phases
Method of communication between objects
Packet communications system, base station and mobile station
Radio communication system, radio controller and mobile station
Radio communication system, radio transmitter and radio receiver
Geographic redundancy for call servers in a cellular system based on a bearer-independent core network
Method of augmenting deployed networks
Providing online connectivity across a range of electronic communications systems
Communication system, communication method and mobile station
Network system, spanning tree configuration method and configuration program, and spanning tree configuration node
Method and apparatus for performing anonymous source routing
Embedded interaction code printing with Microsoft Office documents
Amplifying solid-state imaging device, and method for driving the same
Automatic analysis and adjustment of digital images upon acquisition
Television channel change picture-in-picture circuit and method
Method and system for communicating gaze in an immersive virtual environment
Automatic adjustment of image quality according to type of light source
Acoustic signal generating apparatus
Apparatus and method for allocating user in a multiple antenna mobile communication system supporting multi-user diversity
Mobile terminal apparatus and channel compensation method of the same
Light emitting device with blue light LED and phosphor components
Backlight units and display devices
Discharge centering lamp lighting device
Inverter circuit, backlight and liquid crystal display
Heat treatment apparatus of light emission type
Suspension board with circuit
Flexible substrate having interlaminar junctions, and process for producing the same
Flexible substrate and electronic device
Mounting integrated circuit dies for high frequency signal isolation
Hinge apparatus and portable terminal having the same
Fan fastening structure for computer housing
Spread illuminating apparatus
Flow solutions for microelectronic cooling
Expired Patents Due To Time
Duct slip cover
Steamer body
Leaf rake
Protective helmet
Helmet jaw portion
Coil rack
Bulk bag
Combined recycling, trash and advertisement bin with multiple compartments
Flower-transporting cart
Support plate
Twin grocery cart seat
Rider pallet truck
Fork lift truck
Forklift vehicle
Table-top washing machine
Combination wet and dry vacuum appliance
Combination wet and dry vacuum appliance
Plasma arc torch tip with swirl holes
Shank of grinding pen
Gem microscope hinge assembly
Basement for a dolls house
Toy kitchen
Training toy
Executive toy
Vertical weight rack
Golf tee
Racquet head
Golf club head
Golf ball putting return apparatus
Rear sight for firearms
Detonating top
Fish attractor
Cat-a-jug fishing float
Vent for septic system
Fluidic cartridge end piece
Sanitary faucet
Toilet seat cover
Urinal sensor cover
Gas radiators
Ceiling fan motor housing
Surfaces of an air conditioner/heat pump unit
Air cleaner
Air purifier
Air cleaner filter
Combination ceiling fan and light fixture
Defibrillator electrode assembly
Combined transmitter and clips for strap for heart rate monitor
Clip for strap for a heart rate monitor
Vented contrast media reservoir cap
Portion of a vented contrast media reservoir
Female connector in a patient temperature control system
Introducer needle assembly
Sample processing device
Impact handle for hand held surgical instruments
Blood vessel holder
Surgical instrument box hinge
Suture needle
Snore stopper
Coolant head cover
Adhesive patch
Back brace
Pair of outer shells for an ankle brace
Construction member for fencing, decking and the like
Front face of a masonry block
Combined door, door hinges, door moldings, and door handle
Casement window
Plastic expandable utility shed
Portable stroboscope
Multiple mode lantern
Hanging light
Vehicle head lamp
Automobile ceiling light
Vehicle light cluster
Plug in nightlight/fragrance diffuser cover
Star shape soft glow night light
Light attachment for portable electronic and computing device
Vehicle lamp
Lantern holder
Lamp shade
Ceiling fan light kit
Cigarette pack
Cigarette pack
Dual textured cosmetic pad
Tanning room and connecting dressing room
Massage device for spine
Fiber cover for a fire extinguisher
CPAP pressure meter
Jaw pad for a protective helmet
Set of overlays of a shoulder pad assembly
Lens for an inhaler
Inhalation device
Mouthpiece for an inhalation device
Human Necessities
Bush cutting apparatus
Plant cutter apparatus
Mowing head used for mower
Removable feed table for bagging machine
Shielding apparatus secured to landscaping material for shielding a plant from weed growth
Sleeves formed of polymeric materials having a texture or appearance simulating the texture or appearance of paper
Hypericum plant named `Portete`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi Two Kis`
Gladiolus hybrid plant `Palampur Pride`
Agapanthus plant named `Blue Heaven`
Petunia plant named `Bodtruplmice`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Ceecho`
Miniature Rose Plant `POULhi006`
Petunia plant named `Red MP101`
Miniature rose plant named `KORoragut`
Hypericum plant named `Esmmayor`
Petunia plant named `Bodtrubluice`
Crape myrtle plant named `Whit VII`
Double Impatiens plant named `Boddblpchfr`
Anthurium andreanum plant named `Anthbnem`
Compact floribunda rose plant named `POULac017`
Salvia plant named `RFD-S016`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Mega Time Peach`
Dahlia plant named `Bronze Amazon`
Petunia plant named `Bodtrubur`
Poinsettia plant named `Fismars`
Begonia plant named `Gum Drop Cherry Blossom`
Dahlia plant named `Kiedahbrov`
Poinsettia plant named `Gala Red`
Black walnut tree named `Beineke 6`
Calibrachoa plant named `Kiecared`
Nephrolepis plant named `Nr.21`
Gladiolus hybrid plant `Grace`
Method and apparatus for clearing moisture in milking system pulsation monitor
Teatcup liner mouthpiece lip with controlled deflection and slip reduction
Display aquarium for small fish
Insect containment trap having disposable capture vessel and joining mechanism
Cooking chamber with excess pressure and/or low pressure
Doughnut glazing machine
Refrigerator and control method thereof
Dischargeable storage device for distributing food over a surface
Method for reduction of tobacco specific nitrosamines
Knitted garments and methods of fabrication thereof
Camouflage composition and method of making
Neck gator
Modular helmet ear cup tensioner
Footwear structure with outsole bulges and midsole bladder
Sports shoe
Marker shoe
Article of footwear including a tented upper
Shoe cushioning system and related method of manufacture
Clasp for jewelry items
Key set configured to be held in a compact arrangement
Tool container
Luggage structure
Employment of sound dampers in household appliances and electrical appliances with sound dampers
In-car hydration systems
Brushing behavior reinforcement toothbrush and enclosed electronic game switch with grid
Armrest desk
Lower surface structure for furniture cap and glide
Safety pillow to prevent a person from falling off a bed
Motor-driven, adjustable supporting device for the upholstery of seating and/or reclining furniture, for example of a mattress or a bed
Leg section support for a surgical table
Infection control mat
Inflatable bed
Valve for inflatable objects
Inflatable bed
Maternity support system
Can dispenser
Display case air duct partitioned for individual fans
Protective cover article
Condiment cup
Anchored flexure system
Coffee spray head
Cooking grill
Convertible grill and fireplace
Wienie roaster
Spas having a retractable entertainment unit
Bathing brush
Compact back maintenance device
Magnetic sensing probe assembly and method
Irrigation drape
Device for controlling an electric appliance used in the sterile area during medical operations
Robot and method for bending orthodontic archwires and other medical devices
Multi-sectional applicator
Apparatus and method for spit and bite protection from dangerous persons
Diapering restraint system
Disposable toilet bowl for care
Custom casket having removable keepsakes
Powered auxiliary toilet seat lift
Two-legged walker
Method and apparatus for filling or refilling a needle-less injector
Method for the durable shaping of keratin fibers
Anticonvulsant enantiomeric amino acid derivatives
Thermoelectric system to directly regulate the temperature of intravenous solutions and bodily fluids
Methods and apparatus for storing chemical compounds in a portable inhaler
Adjustment of ventilator pressure-time profile to balance comfort and effectiveness
Securing device for an endotracheal tube
Stowage systems, particularly for oxygen masks
Piercing device for fire-fighting system
Aerial ladder fire fighting apparatus with positionable waterway
Golf club aligning kit and method of use
Ball-batting implement testing device
Distance-comparison device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Liquid chromatographic method and system
Ammonia separator and neutralizer
Device for detaching filter cakes
Filter cartridge with grommet spring
Diesel engine particle filter
Condenser with integrated deaerator
Microfluidic systems with inter-channel impedances
Flexible high density array print head with systems and methods for aligning pin plate, reservoir and substrate with respect to each other
Human body cleaner
Separating device comprising a screen lining
Symbol printer
Device for outward guidance of articles transported on a conveyer
Device, system and method for on-line explosive deslagging
Rinsing device
Cam-type press system
Method and tooling for z-axis offset of lead frames
Ironing-deep drawing process
Ball-lock insert assemblies
Adjustable length punch assembly
Stripper plate supporting assembly
Trim stock scoring tool
Fabricated vehicle wheel and method for producing the same
Bending device for bending plastically deformable strip material
Disintegrative core for high pressure casting, method for manufacturing the same, and method for extracting the same
Investment casting
Belt-cooling and guiding means for continuous belt casting of metal strip
Model-based system for determining casting roll operating temperature in a thin strip casting process
Centrifugal casting of titanium alloys with improved surface quality, structural integrity and mechanical properties in isotropic graphite molds under vacuum
Quick-change lock assembly for casting machine fill tubes
Method and apparatus for the thermal clamping and releasing of tools
Low profile in-line beveler
Hand-held, cartridge-actuated cutter
Return mechanism for a slide miter saw
Reciprocating saw holder
Methods for manufacturing a nozzle box assembly for a steam turbine
Method of forming a stress isolating joint on a dump body
Press operation verification system
Method or repairing trailing edge portions of partitions in turbine diaphragms
Method of and tool for rolling a workpiece, and arrangement of a rolling tool and a workpiece
Method for assembling a polishing head and apparatus for detecting air leakage in the polishing head while assembling the same
Method and apparatus for manufacturing electronic parts
Tool having quick release and positive locking device
Bicycle crank assembly and assembly tools
Drive wrench structure
Apparatus and method for repairing popped wallboard nails
Valve mechanisms for elongated combustion chambers
Stapler cassette for packaging and dispensing staples in particular in an automatic frame assembling machine
Pneumatic tool
Power tool handle
Impact instrument
Exchangeable handle for the handles of monkey wrenches
Saw horse
Method and portable apparatus for storing long-handled garden tools prior to use in landscaping
Applying fluid preparations to the skin, e.g. in connection with shaving
Method and apparatus for cutting elastomeric materials and the article made by the method
Device for die cutting a stack consisting of sheet-type materials
Method and apparatus for steering saw blades
Miter saw having a light beam alignment system
Apparatus for pulling a molding ring off a neck of a concrete tubular workpiece
Device for drying and thermally treating granulates with an inert gas stream
Centering device for flat components, especially glass panels
Device for fitting a sleeve on a container and method of applying the device
Manually operable press having an emergency unlocking button
Flat blank from which to form a rigid packet
Interior decorative material having a tatami facing
Registration pin system
Screen printing method
Cleaning system for a rotary press and method of controlling the introduction of cleaning fluid
Apparatus for making a heat-sensitive stencil
Method of printing unique prints or individually assembled printed products on rotary printing machines
Memo clip with mounting pins
High speed marker
High-transverse-curvature tire, in particular for use in front wheels of motor-vehicles
Vehicle air conditioner with heat pump refrigerant cycle
Electrically powered trailer refrigeration unit
Control method for a vehicle having an engine and an accessory device
Hybrid compressor apparatus and method of controlling the same
Automobile door and annular module frame therefor
Convertible top
Dust cover lock system for vehicle filler neck
Planetary drive assembly with idlers for low floor vehicle
Bypass mechanism for a hydrostatic transaxle
Method of manufacturing an axially collapsible driveshaft assembly
Method and arrangement in a hybrid vehicle for initiating early engine operation during take-off conditions
Electric vehicle and control device thereof
Children's ride-on vehicle
Combined airbag inflation and occupant displacement enabling method and apparatus
Cabin structure for a working machine
Controller positioning structure for vehicle
Horse trailer
Transportable hydrogen refueling station
Method for detecting rollover occurrences in a motor vehicle
Front hood assembly
Lock, particularly for locking the steering spindle of a motor vehicle
Heated windshield wiper
Lug nut and hub cap and rim receptacle cleaning device
Tandem vacuum booster assembly including sleeve for air transfer between high pressure chambers
Negative pressure type booster
Vehicle braking system with a pneumatic brake booster
Method and apparatus for positioning an end of a push rod of a brake actuator
Method of constructing length-adjustable vehicle steering column assembly
Riding lawn mower
Steer-by-wire apparatus and system having angle sensor fallback
Two person RUV
Bicycle stand
Oversize wheel assembly for a motorcycle
Snowmobile drivetrain
Kayak paddle holder and cockpit tray
Compactable boat ladder
Modular pontoon system
Wide cruise ship or pleasure boat
Underwater signalling devices
Apparatus for preventing or minimizing decompression illness in a scuba diver
Towed line floater
Shockproof mechanism, in particular for use in space sector
Automatic machine for filling bottles with powered material and the relative drive mechanism
Strapping machine with modular heads
Liquid filling method
Method and apparatus for the packaging of articles
Beverage can with sieve cap
Beverage bottle with sidewall detail
Shipping and display carton
Integrated sandwich crimping tool
Shipping container for elongated articles
Fabric closure for open-end cargo containers
Chain for a chain conveyor, and conveying system comprising such chain
Roller device and a method of making same
Self-propelled belt loader
Automatic chain track lubricator
Air pulser and devices
Movable device for collecting and conveying signatures produced on rotary printing machines
Carriage roller adjusting mechanism for stairlifts
Overhead traveling crane system
Boom stiffening system
Aseptic filling apparatus of the rotary type
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for supplying fuel for a hydrogen-operated vehicle
Method of producing a quartz glass crucible
Wine storage environmental control system
Hot-filament chemical vapor deposition chamber and process with multiple gas inlets
Method and device for manufacturing metal ferrules used for optical fibers
Textiles; Paper
Knitted stretch spacer material and method of making
Buttonhole sewing machine
Method for stitching a work piece using a computer controlled, vision-aided sewing machine
Sewing apparatus
In-wall dryer vent for venting to another floor
Composite cord and pneumatic tire using the composite cord
Fixed Constructions
Combined tie extractor and plate remover for rail maintenance
Fill valve assembly for a flush tank
Sanitary cleansing apparatus and process
Building construction system
Connecting apparatus
Utility distribution structure
Partition panel for a space dividing system
Resilient construction member
Retractable roof
Simple lap beam
Suspended concrete flooring system and method
Panel for forming on-site a multi-function channel for being self-retaining between, and by, a pair of parallel, adjacent, and spaced-apart framing members without a need for fasteners
Adjustable corner roof membrane and method of making the same
Tiling aid
Plaster molding system
Scupper with automatic shutoff valve
Swimming pool ladder
Anti-pick mogul deadlock
Side bar type cylinder lock with variable key code
Combination lock
Cable locking mechanism
Computer slot security adaptor
EAS tag holder
Theft deterrent device
Method and device for fastening a lock body
Security cover for a coin-operated car wash machine
Actuator for gates, doors and the like
Sheet element and its use
Shutter window/door and method
Powered control system for a covering for architectural openings
Advertisement delivery system for overhead garage door entryway
Granular particle gripping surface
Method and system for controlling well fluid circulation rate
Downhole surge pressure reduction and filtering apparatus
Drillpipe assembly and a method of deploying a logging tool
One trip through tubing window milling apparatus and method
Horizontal spool tree assembly
Pressure control system for a wet connect/disconnect hydraulic control line connector
System for cementing a liner of a subterranean well
Method and apparatus for providing a portable flow line and measuring unit for an oil and/or gas well
Apparatus for completing wells in unconsolidated subterranean zones
Apparatus and method for perforating a subterranean formation
Gas-liquid separator positionable down hole in a well bore
Downhole gas separation method and system
Fluid property sensors and associated methods of calibrating sensors in a subterranean well
Method and apparatus for determining fluid viscosity
Downhole lens assembly for use with high power lasers for earth boring
Underground drilling device and method employing down-hole radar
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and apparatus for stiffening and apparatus
Method and device for evacuating a turbine condenser
Thrust stopper device for camshaft
Two-step roller finger cam follower having spool-shaped low-lift roller
Control device for four cycle engine of outboard motor
Variable valve timing apparatus for vehicle engine
Valve control apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Automatic decompression device for valve-controlled internal-combustion engines
Gas exchange valve drive for a valve-controlled combustion engine
Turbo-charged internal combustion engine with in-cylinder EGR and injection rate shaping
Twin rotary valves for a four stroke internal combustion engine
Electromechanical valve drive incorporating a nonlinear mechanical transformer
Distributed accumulator for hydraulic camless valve actuation system
Controllable muffler system for internal combustion engine
NOx cleaning apparatus and NOx cleaning method for internal combustion engine
Device for purifying exhaust gas of an internal combustion engine
Apparatus for purifying and controlling exhaust gases
Vehicle charge air cooler with a pre-cooler
On-board hydrogen gas production system for stirling engines
Vertical engine
Internal-combustion engine having auxiliaries
Method for producing a panel comprising an adapted acoustically resistive layer and panel so obtained
Speed limiter
Adaptive control for engine with electronically adjustable valve operation
Fuel injection system
Fuel injection control system for engine
Method and electronic control unit for controlling the regeneration of a fuel vapor accumulator in internal combustion engines
Method and arrangement for operating an internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for monitoring a drive unit of a vehicle and/or components allocated thereto
Apparatus and method for detecting deterioration of catalyst of internal combustion engine
Method for controlling the amount of fuel injected in a direct injection internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine for a handheld portable work apparatus
Cylindrical spring with integral dynamic gas seal
EGR system flexible gas connection joint
Fuel system having a vent structure for communicating with a fuel canister
Intake system for an internal-combustion engine
Distribution type fuel injection pump
Direct injection of fuels in internal combustion engines
Device for instantaneous ad hoc analysis of an injection flow provided by an injection system used in a heat engine
Recoil starter
Hybrid compressor system
Leakage oil return apparatus for a hydraulic motor
Screw refrigerating apparatus
Electronically controlled cryopump
Pneumatic compressor bleed valve
Process for manufacturing forged titanium compressor wheel
Mount for connecting automotive fan motor to housing
Venturi based liquid transfer apparatus
Accumulated semi-active hydraulic damper
Solenoid valve for reduced energy consumption
Method to stabilize a nozzle flapper valve
Working cylinder
Lubricant applying system for a rolling bearing
Pressure plate assembly for a friction clutch
Retaining mechanism for transmission gears
Rotational control apparatus
Wet-type friction clutch and electromagnetic friction clutch
Power transmission device for a four-wheel drive vehicle
End bearing and one-way clutch device
RPM-responsive sprag overrunning clutch
Elastic brake body
Rotary shear damper
Torque transfer device more particularly with double clutch transmission
Anti-noise gear
Transmission and method for controlling a transmission for a motor vehicle
Fuel cutoff valve
Solenoid valve
Timing switch for gas stove
Multi-way valve employing two-state operator
Corrugated resin tube
Tear-out coupling with puncture means
Method of repairing an un-isolatable leak in a piping system and apparatus and components for accomplishing the same
Duct wrap securing system
Handcuff key with illumination
Upper bundle steam generator cleaning system and method
Multiplex injector
Ventilation system and method
Confined space conditioning system
HVAC system and method for conditioning air
Apparatus and method for extracting potable water from atmosphere
Air conditioner and control method thereof
Multi-unit air conditioner and method for controlling the same
Apparatus for preventing overload of air conditioner and method thereof
Infrared sensor assembly and refrigerator having the infrared sensor
Method and apparatus for drying long fibre hay
Vacuum treatment of waste stream
Radiator for a centralized heating system
Magazine loader for ammunition preloaded with striper clip
Aiming apparatus for a slingshot
Missile launcher cell with exhaust gas uptake ducts, and array of such missile launcher cells
Low lethality projectile flight shape
Peripheral surface shape measuring apparatus of roll-like object
Self-leveling constructional laser
Flow meter for multi-phase mixtures
Dual magnetic register for a utility meter
Load cell having overload protection
Pressure sensor and method of manufacturing pressure sensor
Diagnostic system for identifying fuel injector failure in a fuel cell system
Methods and apparatus for estimating the temperature of an exhaust gas recirculation valve coil
Sensor for measuring the viscosity of a liquid
Device for measuring sound velocity in material
Method for distinguishing multiple targets using time-reversal acoustics
Golf ball testing apparatus
Ultra micro indentation testing apparatus
Acceleration sensor
Acoustic sounding
In-situ heavy-oil reservoir evaluation with artificial temperature elevation
Device for removing coating on optical fiber
Method for making and handling an intraoral x-ray film packet
Mass flow controller
Speaker resonance voicebox
Cassette loading apparatus for video cassette recorder
Method for forming a narrow track inductive write head having two-piece pole
Thin film magnetic alloy having low noise, high coercivity and high squareness
Semiconductor memory device
Band type cluster mount
Multi-core transformer plasma source
Megasonic cleaner and dryer
Electronic component and method of production thereof
Method for preparing high performance ball grid array board and jig applicable to said method
Process for manufacturing multiple layer wiring substrate onto which thin film capacitor is incorporated
Microelectronic substrate retainer apparatus providing reduced microelectronic substrate damage
Conveying device
Load port of a semiconductor manufacturing apparatus having integrated kinematic coupling pins and sensors, and method of loading wafers using the same
Method for programmable integrated passive devices
Cooling device for an electronic component and cooling system with such cooling devices
Active heat sink structure with directed air flow
Integrally formed rectifier for internal alternator regulator (IAR) style alternator
Device for producing electrical contact parts
Cable stripper
Frequency-modulated converter with a series-parallel resonance
Method of drilling a circuit substrate
Air conditioning system, in particular for switch cupboards
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