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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Flag holder
Strains belonging to the genus Paenibacillus and method of controlling plant disease by using these strains or culture thereof
Safe and stable edible material having reinforced concrete-like structure
Method for producing nucleation of solid phase from a supercooled liquid
Nectarine juice drink
Foldable frame and a computer housing including the foldable frame
Hinge system
Magnetic release latch mechanism for a device
Table edge supporting apparatus
Display with automatic locking device
Method and system for navigating within a flexible organ of the body of a patient
Device for engaging tissue having a preexisting opening
Cannula having asymmetrically-shaped threads
Active bone screw
Eyelid RF surgery
Heads for dermatology treatment
Multifunctional telescopic monopolar/bipolar surgical device and method thereof
Multi-chamber container
Method and apparatus for monitoring physiological conditions
Stent formed from polymer-bioceramic composite with radiopaque bioceramic particles
Femoral prosthetic implant
Method and apparatus for enhanced delivery of treatment device to the intervertebral disc annulus
Anchored ankle support
Splint system and method of use
Colostomy bag belt
DNA sequence, and recombinant preparation of group 4 major allergens from cereals
Combination therapy for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Proteins with repetitive Bacterial-Ig-like (Big) domains present in Leptospira species
Compositions and methods for vaccinating against HSV-2
Monoclonal antibodies that specifically bind to and neutralize bacillus anthracis toxin, compositions, and methods of use
Probiotics as alternative medicines against infectious diseases
Cosmetic skin preparation
Calcium Potassium Ferrocyanide, a prophylactic mixture comprising this compound and the use thereof for decorporation of Radiocesium in subjects affected by nuclear radiation
Methods of treating Alzheimer's Disease with an apheresis device
Method and apparatus for prevention of catheter air intake
Drug delivery cassette and a medical effector system
Methods of treatment using a bariatric sleeve
Exercise system
Gripping power training bender
Extremity therapy apparatus
Golf club head
Muscle toner exercise apparatus
Method and apparatus for redeeming keno tickets
Gaming machine with visual and audio indicia changed over time
Compact styling head
Pneumatic action figure
Performing Operations; Transporting
Blood purification apparatus and method for blood purification
Filter assembly with trapped contaminant servicing
Integrated warm gas desulfurization and gas shift for cleanup of gaseous streams
Aeration device for use as a diffuser
Reformer for a fuel cell system, reaction substrate therefor, and manufacturing method for a reaction substrate
Apparatus for mixing regenerated and carbonized catalyst
Apparatus for trapping carbon nanotube and system and method for producing the carbon nanotube
Method of generation of pressure pulsations and apparatus for implementation of this method
Diffuser and device for packaging and dispensing a foaming product
Liquid spraying apparatus and method
Controlling accumulation of select adsorbers on a piezoelectric cantilever sensor
Apparatus and method for manufacturing metal nanoparticles
Differential pressure application apparatus for use in polishing layers of semiconductor device structures and methods
Apparatus and method for scribing substrate
Keyboard case manufacturing system and method
Injection molding method and injection molding apparatus
Method of making a golf ball with a multi-layer core
Method of producing a porous semiconductor film on a substrate
Component with a coating for reducing the wettability of the surface and method for production thereof
Flame-retardant metal-coated fabric and gasket comprising the same for electromagnetic wave shielding
Substrate anchor structure and method
Method of making composite panels for a fuselage
System for mounting objects to polymeric membranes
Printer-labeler and labeler
Multilayer electroactive polymer composite material
Thick-shell nanocrystal quantum dots
Melt-kneaded products, molded resin products, and production method thereof
Nanoporous membrane, process of fabricating the same and device for controlled release of biopharmaceuticals comprising the same
Ceramic substrate material, method for the production and use thereof, and antenna or antenna array
Seal with expandable graphite
Recording medium processing apparatus
Nozzle arrangement having chamber with in collection well
Inkjet head chip, driving method for inkjet head chip, inkjet head, and inkjet recording apparatus
Light irradiation device and inkjet printer
Inkjet printer with low drop volume printhead
Wide format printer having high speed printhead
Printing apparatus, ink mist collecting method, and printing method
Liquid container
Method of filling liquid into liquid containing member, liquid filling apparatus and method of inspecting liquid containing member
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Inkjet printing apparatus and control method for the apparatus
Ink jet recording medium and ink jet recording method
Composite wheel rim
Suspension air spring lift kit
Operator cab for heavy equipment
Assist grip assemblies
Side impact responsive vehicle armrest
Storage compartment with a supporting frame, and receiving device for a supporting frame
Controller apparatus for vehicular device system
Sports bag with integral transportation system
Convertor dolly with self steering
Safety bar device for motorcycles
Wind energy system having an insect sensor
Methods to actively protect spacecraft from damage due to collision with ions
High throughput semiconductor wafer processing
Hydraulic elevation apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for controlling a fluffer port in an image production device
Sheet feeding of faster rate printing systems with plural slower rate sheet feeders
Sheet post-processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and image forming system
Paper sheet separating and accumulating apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Silicon production with a fluidized bed reactor integrated into a siemens-type process
Rare earth-activated aluminum nitride powders and method of making
Use of Rhizomucor pusillus (lindt) schipper in methods for treating industrial wastewaters containing dyes
Filter cartridge
Temporary aqueous aerosol paint composition and a method for preparing the composition
Liquid crystal molecule, liquid crystal display device and liquid crystal optical spatial modulation device
Adsorbents for denitrogenation desulfurization of hydrocarbon oils and methods of producing
Method for reducing free fatty acid content of biodiesel feedstock
DNA chip, DNA chip kit, and method of manufacturing the DNA chip
Nanospearing for molecular transportation into cells
Genetically modified yeast strain
Combinatorial DNA library for producing modified N-glycans in lower eukaryotes
Colicinogenic strain of E. coli
Aerobic succinate production in bacteria
Methods for the early diagnosis of ovarian cancer
Methods for culturing human embryonic stem cells
hERG channel-expressing cell
Methods for producing and using polymyxins
Method of effecting lysis of acid-fast bacteria and method of performing gene amplification or detection therewith
Kit and method for quantitatively detecting multiple pathogenic microorganisms without gene amplification
Detection of extracellular tumor-associated nucleic acid in blood plasma or serum using nucleic acid amplification assay
Method of detecting tumor-associated DNA in plasma or serum from humans without cancer
Detection of nucleic acid mutations by detecting the presence of heteroduplexes
Treatment of steel plant sludges in a multiple-stage furnace
Use of conductor compositions in electronic circuits
High strength steel plate
Method and system for improving sidewall coverage in a deposition system
Vertical thermal processing apparatus and method of using the same
Methods for fabricating YAG barrier coatings
Method of selectively removing conductive material
Fixed Constructions
Arrangement of multiple sheet pile components and welding profile therefor
Marine anti-foulant system and methods for using same
Safety handrail apparatus and manufacturing methods
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Air directing assembly and method of assembling the same
Diffuser and exhaust system for turbine
Nozzle assembly and injection valve
Peristaltic pump assembly with cassette and mounting pin arrangement
Device for axially conveying fluids
Double row ball bearing
Drawn cup roller bearing and method of producing drawn cup roller bearing
Torque limiter and method for assemblying a torque limiter
Bicycle hub transmission
Automatic transmission
Control device for vehicle drive apparatus
Drive system for individually driving two drive wheels of a drive wheel pair
Integrated medium-speed geared drive train
Ether injection control valve
Aircraft with connection element for connecting a conduit system to cooling aggregates in aircraft cabins
Scuba unit donning assistance platform
Stair riser light and method for installing same
Lighting fixture with angle adjustment arrangement
Welding helmet having an automatic lighting system
Illumination device with semiconductor light-emitting elements
Motor vehicle headlight module for a cutoff beam
Patient isolation module and use thereof
Liquid discharge head and method of manufacturing the same
Tyrosinase enzyme electrode and production method thereof
Methods of detecting early renal disease in animals
Water-soluble polymeric substrate having metallic nanoparticle coating
Extendable rearview mirror
Image pickup apparatus and lens device
Camera module, fabricating method and cleaning method thereof
Image projection apparatus
Optical device and projection system comprising the same
Diaphragm driving device of a camera system using an interchangeable lens
Photo-masks and methods of fabricating surface-relief grating diffractive devices
NIR/IR curable coatings for light directed imaging
Negative laser sensitive lithographic printing plate having specific photosensitive composition
Benzothiazole containing photogenerating layer
Image forming method and toner for developing latent electrostatic image
Chip stack cutter devices for displacing chips in a chip stack and chip-stacking apparatuses including such cutter devices
Feature forming process using acid-containing composition
Conductive compositions and processes for use in the manufacture of semiconductor devices
Method of forming pointed structures
Plasma display panel, and substrate assembly of plasma display panel
Light-transmitting electromagnetic wave shielding film and process for producing the same
Method of patterning a layer using a pellicle
Method and system for sealing a substrate
Microelectromechanical system and process of making the same
Deposition apparatus and deposition method
Lithium ion secondary battery
Method and apparatus for controlling operation of direct methanol fuel cell system
Enhanced fuel delivery for direct methanol fuel cells
Method for operation of an energy system, as well as an energy system
Telecommunications patch panel with angled connector modules
Two mount and three mount socket design with attachment and alignment
System for mounting a device to a host
Low profile contact
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Biodegradable polymers, the production thereof and the use thereof for producing biodegradable moldings
Pumpkin variety ZYD5B
Inbred tomato line FDR 16-2045
Inbred corn line IT302
Inbred corn line FR3303
Soybean cultivar CX405RR
High stable vegetable oils
Plants, seeds and oils having an elevated total monounsaturated fatty acid content
Mouse model for rheumatoid arthritis
1,3,4-oxadiazine derivatives and their use as pesticides
Electric heating/warming fibrous articles
Electrical pressure sensing switch
Closed loop heating control for food warmer
Electrical heater lid
Temperature sensor and electrical household appliance comprising same
Pizza warmer and oven system
Disposable absorbent article having capacity to store low-viscosity fecal material
Absorbent single use hygiene item
Absorbent article having a lateral breathability gradient in use
Process for preparing azacycloalkanoylaminothiazoles
Alpha-and beta-substituted trifluoromethyl ketones as phospholipase inhibitors
HER-2 binding antagonists
Disulfides and thiol compounds
C-aryl glucoside SGLT2 inhibitors and method
Silicon amphiphilic compounds and the use thereof
Cholesteric flakes
Laser beam cutting method for cutting laminates for applying to the skin
Compositions, processes and methods of improving the wear resistance of prosthetic medical devices
Method and apparatus for applying electron radiation to subcutaneous cells
Titanium oxide particle-coated interior member or indoor equipment
Method for decontamination of low level polyhalogenated aromatic contaminated fluid and simultaneous destruction of high level polyhalogenated aromatics
Extraction and recovery of nitramines from propellants, explosives, and pyrotechnics
Golf ball compositions formed of grafted metallocene-catalyzed polymer blends
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for separating sterols from tall oil
Process and device for preparing pure formaldehyde
Membrane-augmented manufacture of propylene derivatives
Preparation of a basic catalyst avoiding high temperatures
Method of producing formaldehyde directly from methane
Catalyst for converting paraffinic hydrocarbon into corresponding olefin
Process for producing dimetylnaphthalene and alkylnaphthalene with methallosilicate catalyst
Preparation of phenol and its derivatives
Bimetallic catalysts for olefin polymerization
Method and Apparatus for detecting agglomerates
Analysis of weld image to determine weld quality
Welding electrode with an arrangement for introducing ultrasound in order to check weld joints
Inter-welding electrode moving amount detecting method and apparatus thereof
Method and apparatus for laser splicing of optical fibers
Processing method of printed wiring board
Contact heating device
Pit and blow hole resistant flux-cored wire for gas-shielded arc welding of galvanized steel sheet
Base carrier for tracklaying vehicle and hard facing method
Method and apparatus for drawn arc welding with magnetically impelled arc
Method and apparatus for control of a welding power source
Torch for welding systems in automatic processes
Planocentric gear for amperage indicator on welding machine
Method for controlling a process for the production of a cellulose fiber containing product
Regeneration control system and method of hybrid vehicle
Control device with several stable positions, especially for a cigar lighter
Heater, heater-equipped steering wheel, and method of manufacturing such steering wheel
Multifunctional operating unit for nautical use
Microwave packaging kit for improved cooking performance
Patterned microwave susceptor
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Glass ceramic board
Method of fastening a solar cell to a support, especially a structure
Hypervalent silane and siloxane derivatives and the use thereof
Process for preparing bisindenylalkanes
Method of treating 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluoropropane
Process for producing allyl chloride
Process for preparing 4-aminodiphenylamine
Arylamine-substituted poly (arylene vinylenes) and associated methods of preparation and use
Preparation of cationic surfactants containing ester group in molecules
Method of preparing amino-, imino-, and nitrilocarboxylic acids and silver-promoted copper catalyst for use in said method
Synthesis of chiral .beta.-amino acids
Crystals of [S,S]-ethylenediamine-N,N'-disuccinic acid with high bulk density and method of obtaining the same
Bifunctional boronic compound complexing reagents and complexes
Method for the continuous production of methoxyamine hydrochloride
Single-site catalysts based on caged diimide ligands
Method of producing cyclopentanone nitriles
Methods for cross-methathesis of terminal olefins
Process for producing polyisocyanates containing biuret groups from (cyclo)aliphatic diisocyanates
Synthesis of (R)-3-(4-Bromobenzyl)-1-(3,5-dichlorophenyl)-5-iodo-3-methyl-1-H-imidazo[1 ,2-a]imidazol-2-one
Raney catalyst, process for producing it and process for producing a sugar-alcohol using the same
Process for producing dimethyl sulfoxide
Process and apparatus for making ultra-pure DMSO
Octafluorotricyclodecane derivatives and processes for producing same
Method of producing bisphenol A
Silylmethanethiols as promoters for bisphenol production
Method for producing bisphenol-A
Process for the neutralization of residual acid species in crude dihydric phenols
Method for handling waste oil
Method for commercial preparation of conjugated linoleic acid from by-products of vegetable oil refining
Process for producing chloromethylphenylacetic acid
Purification of acrylic acid by crystallization by means of vacuum evaporation
Production process for hydroxyalkyl ester
Process of producing cyclopropanecarboxylate compounds
Asymmetric hydrogenation
Process for the separation of light olefins from paraffins
Process for the removal of MAPD from hydrocarbon streams
Process and intermediate compounds for the preparation of pyrrolidines
1-phenylpydrrolidin-2-ones and -thiones and 1-(4-pyridyl)pydrrolidin-2-ones and -thiones which are useful in the treatment of inflammatory disease
Oligomeric hindered amine light stabilizers based on multi-functional carbonyl compounds and methods of making same
Catalyst system for olefin polymerization
Method for preparation of a quaternary ammonium salt
Imidazolyl compounds as inhibitors of farnesyl-protein tranferase
Process for producing 4-alkoxycarbonyl-2-oxazolidinone compound
Epoxidation of ricinic compounds using a phase-transfer catalyst
Method of producing an epoxycyclododecane compound
Preparation of cis-6, 6-dimethyl-3-oxa-bicyclo[3.1.0]hexan-2-one
Process for preparing tocopherol concentrates
Synthesis of soluble derivatives of sexithiophene and their use as the semiconducting channels in thin-film filed-effect transistors
Luminescent labelling material and procedures
Quinazoline derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
4,5-disubstituted imidazole compounds
Tetraisoquinoline derivatives as modulators of dopamine D3 receptors
Process for making 1,3-disubstituted-4-oxocyclic ureas
Sorbitol dehydrogenase inhibitors
Isocyanurate compound and method for producing the same
3-Substituted tetrahydropyridopyrimidinone derivatives, method for producing the same, and their use
2-amino-9-alkylpurines: GABA brain receptor ligands
Process for preparation of cyclopenta[b][1,4]diazepino[6,7,1-hi] indole derivatives
Process for preparing potassium clavulanate
Process for purifying an ampicillin pro-drug ester
Process for the production of 3-vinyl cephalosporins
Aluminum salts of phosphinic acids
Metallocene compositions
Tin(II) alkoxide hydrolysis products for use as base catalysts
Preparation of vinylsilanes
Selective solvent extraction for the purification of protected nucleosides
Pyrimidine derivatives for labeled binding partners
C3'-methylene hydrogen phosphonate monomers and related compounds
Regulation of bcl-2 gene expression
Peptide nucleic acids having 2,6-diaminopurine nucleobases
Process for producing mixtures rich in 1,6-GPS or 1,1-GPM
Immunoreactive regions of glycoprotein GPII of varicella zoster virus
Method of eliminating inhibitory/instability regions of mRNA
Rapidly greening, low oxygen mutant of the aequoria victoria green fluorescent protein
Identification of the gene causing the mouse scurfy phenotype and its human ortholog
Mammalian deep orange proteins
Gene and methods for diagnosing neuropsychiatric disorders and treating such disorders
Beta R-1 chemokine
Galanin transgenic mice
Method for purifying FSH
Haemopoietin receptor and genetic sequences encoding same
Method of chromatographically purifying or fractionating, respectively, von Willebrand factor from a VWF-containing starting material
Methods for the isolation of proteinase inhibitor proteins from potato tubers
Peptides binding to bone marrow stromal cell antigen
Process for the preparation of a polyolefin
Process for producing a polymer of an .alpha.-olefin and lubricant
Linear copolymers of alpha-olefins and divinylbenzene having narrow molecular weight and composition distributions, graft copolymers derived therefrom, and process for preparing same
Olefin polymer and process for producing the same
Inverse emulsion polymer and production thereof
Bis(benzotriazolyl phenol) compound, ultraviolet absorber, ultraviolet-absorbing polymer, resin composition and coating material containing these ingredients
Moisture curable acrylic sealants
Process for preparing an aqueous polymer dispersion for redetachable pressure sensitive adhesive films
Dendritic polymers and making method
Purification means
Mechanically stable hydrogel-forming polymers
Water dilutable binders for soft feel coating materials
Aromatic polycarbodiimide and sheet thereof
Method of manufacturing polymer films having second order non-linear optical properties, polymer films, and non-linear optical element
Polyester resins based on terephthalic acid and 2-methyl-1,3-propanediol and processes for the preparation thereof
Method for the continuous preparation of chloroformate products of halogenated dihdroxy compounds
Process for producing tetrahydrofuran polymer
Innovative siloxane block copolymers with rigid spacers and their use
S-EB-S block copolymer/oil aqueous dispersion and its use in forming articles
High flow polyphenylene ether formulations with dendritic polymers
Resin compositions and use of the same
Compatibilized blends of non-polar thermoplastic elastomers and polar thermoplastic polymers
Method of predetermining the gloss of PVC compounds
Thermoplastic resin, process for producing same and thermoplastic resin composition
Conductive silicone rubber composition
Coating powders comprising macrocyclic oligomers
Media for control of thermal emission and methods of applications thereof
Use of polymers as antimisting additives in water-based cooling lubricants
Gene combinations for herbicide tolerance in corn
Osteopontin knock-out mouse and methods of use thereof
Transiently activated stress-inducible plant promoters
Parasitic nematode transglutaminase proteins and uses thereof
Removal of dye-labeled dideoxy terminators from DNA sequencing reactions
Compositions and methods for the treatment and diagnosis of immune disorders
Multiple fusion probes
n-Type diamond and method for producing same
Method for substrate thermal management
Heat treatment method and heat treatment apparatus
Ultra-high-temperature heat treatment apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Motor vehicle starter monitoring system with automatic control unit activation
Glow plug control apparatus, glow plug, and method of detecting ions in engine combustion chamber
Small engine driven generator
Solar collectors, articles for mounting solar modules, and methods of mounting solar modules
Photoelectric ice bin control system
Integral motor and control
Method and apparatus for performing thermal reflow operations under high gravity conditions
Method and apparatus for determining the position of a wheel mounted on a vehicle
Circuit with a sensor and non-volatile memory having a ferroelectric dielectric capacitor
High accuracy Bragg grating based pressure sensor with dual resolution mode
Measurement device having a cable probe, and a method for shortening the cable probe
Calibration system for a weighing scale
Weighing apparatus and method having automatic tolerance analysis and calibration
Method of preparing detection materials for use in UV detection using phototransferred thermoluminescence
Automated system for determining minimum resolvable temperature differences
High photon energy range reflected light characterization of solids
Automatic control circuit for infrared detectors
Spectrometer accessory for carrying out attenuated total reflectance measurements
Composition analysis by scanning femtosecond laser ultraprobing (CASFLU).
Charged particle beam apparatus and method of controlling charged particle beam
Method and apparatus for enhancing yield of secondary ions
TLC/MALDI carrier plate and method for using same
Human kinesin protein KSP
Electronic circuit
Selective state change analysis of a SOI die
Radiation detector, an apparatus for use in planar beam radiography and a method for detecting ionizing radiation
Radiation imaging with continuous polymer layer for scintillator
Protective cover and attachment method for moisture sensitive devices
Arrangement for three-dimensional image recording of particles using flow-through systems
Method of mounting optical sensor package
Aperture frame for liquid crystal display device
Technique to separate dose-induced vs. focus-induced CD or linewidth variation
Thin-film magnetic head wafer and manufacturing method of thin-film magnetic head
Active heater control circuit and method used for aerospace probes
Reading apparatus for reading fingerprint
Microcomputer with high density RAM on single chip
Passive-type infrared detector with elongated detection areas
Music score display apparatus with controlled exhibit of connective sign
Jazz drumming ride pattern flip chart tool
Portable electronic ear-training apparatus and method therefor
Pick-up assembly for stringed musical instruments
Tone generation method and apparatus based on software
Semiconductor device with power cutting transistors
Multiple pixel reading of holographic data including a position error calculation
Method of packing a nuclear reactor vessel for decommissioning and removal
Container for transporting antiprotons and reaction trap
Method and apparatus for ion beam generation
Method and apparatus for reducing the magnetic field associated with an energized power cable
Resin ceramic compositions having magnetic properties
Transformer for a microwave oven
Solenoid actuator
Printed circuit board with bullet connector sockets
Object insertion/separation sensing apparatus
Gas-insulated circuit-breaker with an integrated electronic current transformer
Thermal protector
Current limiting circuit breaker
Reduction of the probability of interlevel oxide failures by minimization of lead overlap area through bus width reduction
Method and system for microwave excitation of plasma in an ion beam guide
Multiple numerical aperture electron beam projection lithography system
Electron optical lens system with a slot-shaped aperture cross section
Sample mount for a scanning electron microscope
Method for determining opened/unopened semiconductor contacts using a scanning electron microscope
Methods and apparatus for improving resolution and reducing noise in an image detector for an electron microscope
Charged particle beam exposure apparatus and exposure method capable of highly accurate exposure in the presence of partial unevenness on the surface of exposed specimen
Method and apparatus for the conveying and positioning of ion implantation targets
Semiconductor device for use in a memory cell and method for the manufacture thereof
Method for fabricating capacitor in semiconductor device
Process and structure for 50+ gigahertz transistor
Anisotropic conductive film, method of mounting semiconductor chip, and semiconductor device
EPROM cell having a gate structure with dual side-wall spacers of differential composition
Mini FLASH process and circuit
Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) chip having an active layer of non-uniform thickness
Semiconductor device including active matrix circuit
Buried shallow trench isolation and method for forming the same
Isolation structure and process therefor
Integrated circuit contact
Semiconductor device capable of preventing disconnection in a through hole
Semiconductor device having an electronically insulating layer including a nitride layer
Hermetic multi-layered circuit assemblies and method of manufacture
Package for stacked integrated circuits
Power semiconductor device
Module assembly for stacked BGA packages with a common bus bar in the assembly
Semiconductor device including edge bond pads and methods
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board and electronic instrument
Semiconductor device
Interconnect exhibiting reduced parasitic capacitance variation
Semiconductor device
Semi-conductor device with test element group for evaluation of interlayer dielectric and process for producing the same
Semiconductor device capable of improving manufacturing
Input/output protective device
Thin film capacitor element
Arrangements to reduce charging damage in structures of integrated circuits
Method of programmability and an architecture for cold sparing of CMOS arrays
Circuits and methods for dual-gated transistors
Six transistor SRAM cell having offset p-channel and n-channel transistors
Semiconductor memory and manufacturing method thereof
Master-slice type semiconductor IC device with different kinds of basic cells
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Single electron transistor using porous silicon
Photogate with improved short wavelength response for a CMOS imager
Semiconductor circuit preventing electromagnetic noise
Bipolar transistor having lightly doped epitaxial collector region constant in dopant impurity and process of fabrication thereof
High efficiency memory device
Thin-layer silicon-on-insulator (SOI) high-voltage device structure
Vertical MOSFET
Field effect transistor and method for making the same
Semiconductor device having a semiconductor layer with a channel region having a continuously increasing impurity concentration profile
TFT with partially depleted body
Solid-state imaging device having aspheric lenses
Solar cell module
Substrate and collector grid structures for integrated series connected photovoltaic arrays and process of manufacture of such arrays
Reduced smearing optronic transceiver
Semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Connection structure for superconducting conductors including stacked conductors
Twist-on wire connector adapted for rapid assembly
Generator transfer switch having a compartment with exposed wire leads for interconnection with a power input
Enclosure for interfacing electrical and control or communication devices
Method and apparatus for operating cabled-fiber undersea network, and fault-tolerant branching unit for use therein
Power unit
Rotary electric machine having reduced winding
Brushless DC motor and refrigerant compressor employing the motor
Motor device wherein accurate sizing is possible
Liquid-cooled electrical machine with integral bypass
Supporting structure for a rotor
Variable speed motor with tapped starting winding
Surface acoustic wave device and method for manufacturing the same
Unidirectional transducer etched with surface acoustic waves
Power switching circuit
Optical position sensing device and method using a contoured transparent sheet
Image sensor with increased pixel density
Image-sensing device and signal processing method in an image-sensing device
Sensor system
Heat treatment device of the light irradiation type
Hot-toe multicell electric heater
Wall-mounted microwave oven and method for controlling the same
Parts arrangement structure for DC microwave oven
Printed circuit board (PCB)
Compliant attachment interface
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