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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Grain unloader conveyor tube with dribble control door
Window-mounted litter enclosure with interior and exterior housing sections
Shock absorber for attachment to a dog leash
Indexed feed dispensing mechanism
Electrocution animal trap with a sender
Method and apparatus for viable and nonviable prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell quantitation
Oral immunology using plant product containing hepatitis surface antigen
Method and device for removing a bone from an extremity of a slaughter animal
Method for producing milk foam or warm milk drinks
Packaged tea drink
Methods of increasing productivity in older sows while decreasing feed intake
Method for reducing the total bacteria count in aqueous dispersions of non-homogeneous two-phase or multi-phase mixtures
Harvesting machine chain piler having forwardly curved profile
High elastic fiber cup
Molded gasket for footwear
Fold-over thermal laminate for footwear
Protective footwear
Hair color variegation device
Children's combination toothbrush and toothpaste dispenser, and method
Child safety seat
Combination of a shelf and a holding frame
Air conditioner
Locking mounting assembly
Power window washer
Compact endoscope
Endobutton continuous loop for bone tendon with double loop knot
Device and method of use for functional isolation of animal or human tissues
Apparatus for the preparation of a femoral condyle
Composite allograft formation instrument
Fixation system with multidirectional bone supports
Method of spinal fixation
High-strength microwave antenna assemblies
Endovascular cryotreatment catheter
Ophthalmologic imaging apparatus
Ophthalmologic photographing apparatus
Acoustic detection of vascular conditions
Blood flow monitor with venous and arterial sensors
Signal processing apparatus
Capacitive ultrasonic transducers with isolation posts
Ultrasonic dental handpiece having a rotatable head
Mouth guard for braces
Personal care article with distinct active zone
Disposable pull-on wearing article
Disposable wearing article
Surgical saw blade having at least one pair of opposed teeth shaped as right triangles
Method for improvement of soft tissue attachment and implants making use of said method
Adjustable stomach band
Heart valve
Pliable conformable bone restorative
Modular knee prosthesis
Therapeutic prosthetic device
Cooling device
Hinged therapeutic mouthpiece
Therapeutic vibration apparatus
Device for the stimulation of muscles of the locomotory apparatus
Semi-spherical hinged hair washing helmet
Cosmetic composition containing an extract of Limnocitrus littoralis
Peptide epitopes of apolipoprotein B
Influenza hemagglutinin and neuraminidase variants
Immunogenic peptides
Composition and method for preventing or treating a virus infection
Methods for inhibiting the growth of cancer cells expressing PSCA
Implantable drug delivery device
Medical-balloon inflator
Catheter having main body portion with coil-defined guidewire passage
Rotatable multi-port therapeutic delivery device
Therapeutic solution drop dispenser
Method of maintaining patency of opening in third ventricle floor
Catheter for uniform delivery of medication
Methods of enhancing radiation effects with metal nanoparticles
Distending nasal air filter
Relief jet aperture swim fins with living-hinge blade
Molded rubber material for golf ball, method of producing the material, and golf ball
Method and apparatus for forming a face structure for a golf club head
Iron-type golf club head
System and method for training a football player
Exercise apparatus
Ball implement for practicing golf putting
Active dealer version of blackjack
Valued end bonus event for gaming machine
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fluid treatment apparatus
Apparatus, system, and method for multistage water separation
Backwashable filtering device
Method for the continuous purification by distillation of the solvent methanol, used in the synthesis of propylene oxide
Method and separating module for the separation of particles from a dispersion, in particular of blood corpuscles from blood
Removable air filter system for compressors
Multi-stage apparatus for separating liquid droplets from gases
High air flow/power ratio, small footprint, household room air purifier
Polyimide based mixed matrix composite membranes
Method and apparatus for gas purification
CO.sub.2 removal from gas using ionic liquid absorbents
Natural gas dehydrator and system
Ammonia SCR catalyst and method of using the catalyst
Inlet metallic foam support coupled to precious metal catalyst for application on 4 stroke platforms
Hemodialysis apparatus and methods
Moisture exchange module having a bundle of moisture-permeable hollow fibre membranes
Protein detection system
High pressure homogenizing apparatus and method thereof
Rotor for a crusher
Electrostatic particulate separation system and device
Air conditioning system with modular electrically stimulated air filter apparatus
Centrifugal separator and method for separating heavy and light matter in a substance
Processing apparatus which performs predetermined processing while supplying a processing liquid to a substrate
Resist recovery method
Apparatus for applying paint along hard-to-reach surfaces
Method and apparatus for removing a liquid from a surface of a substrate
Glass washing machine with broken glass removal system
Device for hydroforming metal elements
Dual roll casting machine
Method for manufacturing metal fine particles, metal fine particles manufactured thereby, and composition, light absorbing material and applied products containing the same
Surface-coated cutting tool
Non-ferrous bit for use with a magnetic chuck
Tool for the metal cutting machining of valve seats
Key cutting machine
Remotely actuated beveling systems for a miter saw
Applications of friction stir welding using a superabrasive tool
Method of welding onto thin components
Quick-form metal tooling system for generators stator bars
T-bracket and spring plate riveting machine
Tool holder assembly with polygonal drive member
Method and apparatus for improved chemical mechanical planarization pad with pressure control and process monitor
Multi-tool incising attachment method and apparatus
Combination pliers and spudding tool
Portable work bench
Labor-saving long-arm gardening shears
Variable cutting angle hand plane
Molding element for a mould for molding a cutout in a tire tread
System and process for providing at least one opening in dosage forms
Pneumatic roller for passing film with attachments through rollers of machine
Methods of making reclosable packages for vacuum, pressure and/or liquid containment
Envelope processing evaluation guide
Winding core for fabrics
Transparent substrate coated with at least one thin layer
Foam filling member
High strength monolithic carbon foam
Reinforced rampdown for composite structural member and method for same
Method for preparing film structure comprising ferroelectric single crystal layer
Surface covering having gloss-in-register
Single crystal silicon carbide and method for producing the same
Glass infiltrated metal oxide infrastructures
Method of forming a vibration damping coating on a metallic substrate
Device for storing at least two dressings that are drawn off from the same cylinder of a printing machine one after another
Correction ink for micro defect of color pattern, color filter, method for correcting micro defect of color pattern, and process for producing ink
Substrate and method of forming substrate for fluid ejection device
Electrostatic actuator, droplet discharging head, droplet discharging apparatus, electrostatic device, and method of manufacturing these
Array type printhead and inkjet image forming apparatus having the same
Recording system
Device package structure, device packaging method, liquid drop ejection method, connector, and semiconductor device
Printhead module with a micro-electromechanical integrated circuit configured to eject ink
Maintenance device for liquid-ejecting apparatus and liquid-ejecting apparatus
Recording head and recorder comprising such recording head
Liquid ejection apparatus, liquid ejection method, and printing system
Liquid-ejecting apparatus and printing system
Textual information processing apparatus, information processing method for textual information processing apparatus, program, and storage medium on which program is stored
Stencil printing system with rotational speed control of the print drum
Double postcard intermediate
Easy open ring binder
Writing implement
Bicycle wheel securing structure
Tire inflation system
Holder for stabilizer of a wheel suspension
Vehicle suspension system
Rear suspension structure for large vehicles
Method of making and using a patient support apparatus having a motorized drive assembly
Modular vehicle drivetrain
Transmission selector device
Shift lock assembly
Carrier system for receiving components
Air cargo rollout stop
Mirror assembly for vehicle
Seatbelt retractor and seatbelt apparatus using the same
Method and apparatus for adjusting a lever actuated hydraulic disc brake master cylinder
Vehicle brake hydraulic pressure control apparatus
Vehicular brake device
Master cylinder assembly
Torque converter bypass clutch control
Reducing torque disturbances and improving fuel economy in hybrid electric powertrains
Transport assembly
Panel assemblies, vehicles, and methods of manufacturing
Vehicular variable steering ratio control device and control method thereof
Fifth wheel assembly with removable bearing plate
Crank for cycles
Crank device for bicycle
Boat mountable frame for holding fishing equipment and method of installation thereof
Liferaft system
Frameless pontoon boat
Reflective life jacket and associated method
Vertical power unit and outboard engine system
Assembly for securing a stringer to a substrate
Apparatus and methods for installing an aircraft window panel
Method and a device for blocking the pitch of a foldable blade of a rotorcraft rotor
Airfoil shape for a compressor
Separation wall in an aircraft cabin
Portable vacuum packaging machine
Multi-handle high strength plastic bag
Cap mounting arrangement
Closure with one or more lids
Esters of 5-aminolevulinic acid as photosensitizing agents in photochemotherapy
Tool box for storing a tool handle and multiple tool tips
Device for the transport of flexible planar material, in particular circuit boards
Hose reel system
Receiver hitch supported wire or cable dispenser
Articulated nip in a dispenser apparatus
Opposing link gripper
Medium transporting device for recording apparatus with suction chambers
Finisher compiler tray
High volume adjustable vacuum assembly for a roll in an interfolding machine
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Hydrogen fuel manufacturing method and system with control program for use therein
Compact devices for generating pure hydrogen
Integrated machining module for processing workpieces and a method of assembling the same
Mediated electrochemical oxidation used for sterilization/disinfection
Apparatus and method for etching insulating film
Cement admixture, cement composition, and method for suppressing carbonation using the same
Photopolymerizable composition
Acrylic based paint for polymeric surfaces
Reactive ink jet ink printing process
Ink set and ink jet recording method
Ink composition for inkjet recording, ink cartridge including the ink composition, and inkjet recording apparatus including the ink cartridge
Liquid crystal polyfunctional acrylate derivative and polymer thereof
Retardation films for the elimination of leakage of light through cross polarizers in LCD
Composition containing a polymerizable optically active compound
Cycloalkane base oils, cycloalkane-base dielectric liquids made using cycloalkane base oils, and methods of making same
Fuel formulation for direct methanol fuel cell
Product stability enhancement with phosphonium salts
Composition and method using same to remove urethane products from a substrate
Gene regulation in transgenic animals using a transposon-based vector
Production of vaccines
EGVII endoglucanase and nucleic acids encoding the same
Method for producing an L-amino acid by enhancing expression of the yfiK gene in an Escherichia bacterium
Transcription amplification system for molecular imaging
Reactions on a solid surface
Method for in vitro evolution of polypeptides
Oligonucleotides, reagents and amplification methods for detecting severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus
Method for the purification of a molten metal
High strength hot rolled steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing silicon nanodot film for light emission in nano-size photonic devices
Copper (I) compounds useful as deposition precursors of copper thin films
Electroless copper and redox couples
Electrochemical fabrication method for producing multi-layer three-dimensional structures on a porous dielectric
Chemical printing of raw aluminum anode foil to induce uniform patterning etching
Crystal growth method
Textiles; Paper
Method for knitting denim
Method for transferring portions of knitting produced by a group of needles to another group of needles of a bed, in circular hosiery knitting machines with two beds or the like
Method for controlling spinning in drum-type washing machine
Method for washing sportswear
Cross-machine direction embossing of absorbent paper products having an undulatory structure including ridges extending in the machine direction
Fixed Constructions
System and method for electrical power generation utilizing vehicle traffic on roadways
Methods and apparatuses for surface finishing cured concrete
Retractable energy absorbing system
Releasable highway safety structures
Easy clean culvert system
Lawn crypt covering system and method
Cam-lock mechanism for attachment of implements to prime movers
Insulation cane
Connection node for a universal truss joint and double layer grid
Building-erection structural member transporter
Concrete slab form system
Articulating balcony railing system
Door handle for vehicle
Flat panel display with pivot mechanism
Swing door opening/closing detection system
Method for controlling sliding speed of vehicle slide door
Ladder having expandable members
Methods of using wellbore servicing compositions
Tool trap assembly and method
Rotary drivehead for downhole apparatus
Explosive pipe severing tool
Method and apparatus for a cold flow subsea hydrocarbon production system
Structure of intermediate wall of three arch excavated tunnel and method for constructing the same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine blade with a serpentine flow and impingement cooling circuit
Turbine airfoil with mini-serpentine cooling passages
Turbine blade with a near-wall cooling circuit
Turbine blade retaining apparatus
Thermally sprayed conformal seal
High overlap camshaft for improved engine efficiency
Durable valve lifter for combustion engines and methods of making same
Approach for facilitating fuel evaporation in cylinder of an internal combustion engine
Pressure lubrication for inverted flight
Internal combustion engine including dual particulate filter with ash accumulation receptacle
Exhaust gas treatment device and method
Control device for supercharger with electric motor
Roadway for decelerating a vehicle including a delayed release means for depressed runway panels
Control system for a gas turbine engine
Method for regulating the flow rate of fuel to a turboshaft engine in acceleration or in deceleration
Air amount computing unit and fuel control unit of internal combustion engine
Engine expansion braking with adjustable valve timing
Intake structure of V-type internal combustion engine
Hydraulic double ram lifting platform
Selectably operable field mateable pin assembly
Sliding articulation
Torque tube apparatus
Single-plane ramp noise reduction for a centrifugal clutch
Annular braking device for a vehicle
Ball screw apparatus
Ball screw mechanism
Multi-step transmission
Lockable differential
Drive device, sheet conveying device, and image forming apparatus including drive force transmitting unit including reverse preventing mechanism for preventing shaft from being reversed
Automatic transmission and gear train
Engine control apparatus and engine control method
Non-serviceable fluid coupling
Quick-connect end fitting
Pipe penetration system
Damping assembly for a construction
Medical marker means
LED lighting apparatus with fast changing focus
Image-displaying apparatus
Rotatable lamp with braking mechanism
Recessed light can height adjustment
Electrical power system for crash helmets
Apparatus and method for eliminating outgassing of sports lighting fixtures
Illumination apparatus having a light-transmitting frame
Lightguide plate of a double-sided illumination backlight and a double-sided liquid crystal display unit using the backlight
Color-tunable illumination system for imaging illumination
Reflective illumination device
Backlight unit and display apparatus having the same
Backlight unit having heat dissipating layer, display device having heat dissipating layer, and method for manufacturing heat dissipating layer
Light emitting lamp, backlight unit having the same, and for manufacturing the same
Backlight assembly and display apparatus having the same
Back light assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Illumination device, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Spread illuminating apparatus
Light guide plate and backlight module using the same
Cooperating bridge burner system
Natural gas liquid recovery
Apparatus and method for indicating tilt
Weapon and weapon system employing the same
Method and apparatus for monitoring element alignment
Magnetic caliper with reference scale on edge
Twin level
Trisazo dyes for inks for ink jet printing
Method for treating inkjet liquid, recording apparatus using the same, liquid storage tank, liquid absorber for liquid storage and liquid treatment apparatus
Display over gage instrument cluster
Spring-mounted light guide
Backlight assembly having improved heat releasing structure and display device having the same
Multiple frequency ultrasound apparatus
System and method for measuring temperature using electromagnetic transmissions within a well
Apparatus for providing an output proportional to pressure divided by temperature (P/T)
Surge detection in a gas turbine engine
Phased micro analyzer VIII
Sparsely cross-linked nanogels: a novel polymer structure for microchannel DNA sequencing
Capillary electrophoresis chip apparatus for detecting nucleotide polymorphism and single nucleotide polymorphism
Device for determining and/or monitoring at least one physical or chemical process variable of a medium in a container
Inspection method and inspection apparatus of reinforced concrete pipe
Measuring apparatus
Assay employing a g-protein coupled receptor that is activated by CCK-8S
Acoustic profiler for wind, temperature, and turbulence
Light guide plate with diffraction gratings and backlight module using the same
Production device and production method for an optical device component having a grating structure
Field termination connector with shaped adhesive pre-form
Right-angle optical fiber connector assembly
Fiber optic connector and method
Coordinated pivoting and extending vehicle mirror
Decorative magnetic attachments to enhance eyewear
Electronic adapter for electro-active spectacle lenses
Glasses having side shields
Safety eyewear
Camera control system and associated pan/tilt head
Information processing system, information processing apparatus, and information processing method
Illumination system to eliminate laser speckle and projection system employing the same
Platform for radiological examination of the foot and ankle
Imaging member
Toner for electrostatic latent image development and method of magnetic monocomponent development
Anti-trip device for timepiece escapement
Device and method for securing a pallet-stone to an escapement pallet of a timepiece movement
Digital image capturing and processing system employing an image capturing and processing module and an integrated electronic weigh scale module having a load cell centrally located with respect to said image capturing and processing module
Smartcard transaction method and system using iris scan recognition
Surface sensitive input device with indexes and computer system using the input device
Wireless interface and method for enhanced functionality
Gaming machine
Security apparatus using a telecommunication device
Sonic boom simulator
Acrylic-based thermally conductive composition and thermally conductive sheet
Design for capacitor anode assembly
OLED structures with barrier layer and strain relief
Identifying defective electrodes in lithium-ion polymer batteries
Current collector supported fuel cell
Eliminating incorrect battery installation
Fuel cell stack
Three-dimensional thin-film microbattery
Fuel cell control system and method
System and method for distribution of electrical power
Contact member deformation slot connector
Providing variable sized contacts for coupling with a semiconductor device
Electrical contact assembly and connector system
Tape carrier package
Indicator for connector
System for electrical contacting
Electrical connector
Sealed electrical terminal
Electrical connector assembly with improved pick up cap
USB modem devices with a flip antenna and a retractable USB connector
Cable tying apparatus and electronic device having cable tying apparatus
Cable connector expanding contact
Fit-in member
Vehicle accessory control system
Socket and method for compensating for differing coefficients of thermal expansion
Connector, a connector assembly and an assembling method therefor
Harness installation structure
Liquid crystal display device
Contact device for insulation displacement connector
Electrical receptical
Cap for telecommunications cross connect block
Laser light source device, display device, scanning type display device, and projector
Method of forming coils of a stator of a rotary electric machine
Imaging arrangement and method
Electronic parts packaging structure and method of manufacturing the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Clevis assembly for an implement hitch
Unitary blow molded cover panel for a threshing region of an agricultural combine
High torque driveline coupler
Irrigation system with variable speed drive system
Slain animal transporting device and method of use
Remotely operable game caller
Foam generator, foamable pesticide, and method
Crystalline mixture solid composition and preparation thereof
Brassiere, halter or bra garment improved with laterally attached, adjustable elastic bands for inertially restraining breasts
Selectively applied wearable medical sensors
Instant wearable cap bill shaper
Snowboarding boot
Bag having cursor-actuated complementary closure strips with additional leakproofing structure
Portable cooler assembly
Device and method for applying a product
Sliding cabinet
Seat lifting devices
Cushioned seat and back support for collapsible chair
Hunter's chair
Multiple indentation load deflection foam molding
Neckrest for a chair
Conformable backrest for a chair
Fluid control system for an office furniture device
Portable reflexology chair
Folding chair
Therapeutic sling seat
Multiple spout pitcher for pouring an iced beverage alone or with ice
Limited flow cups
Portable nail polish holder
Separable handle for pressure pot
Dual retractable tissue roll holder
Dishwasher with adjustable rack
Endoscope dirt remover
Bone marrow extraction tool
Method and apparatus for temporarily immobilizing a local area of tissue
Endoscopic suturing device
Advanced wound site management systems and methods
Medical instrument
Methods and devices for reducing the mineral content of a region of non-intimal vascular tissue
Heart wall tension reduction apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for harvesting bone
Adjustable surgical guide and method of treating vertebral members
Arthrodesis guide for angularly positioning joint bones
Apparatus and method for tibial fixation of soft tissue
Single operator exchange fluid jet thrombectomy device
Pressure-pulse therapy apparatus
Wrist surgery devices and techniques
Cranial flap fixation device
Surgical instruments for minimally invasive surgical procedures
Lock cap anchor assembly for orthopaedic fixation
Connector for a spinal fixation member
Device for external transpedicular spinal fixation, technique of its use
Bone plate implant
Bone support assembly
Bone screw
Bone screw fastener and apparatus for inserting and removing same
Medical device with enhanced cooling power
Device and method for the creation of a circumferential cryogenic lesion in a pulmonary vein
Selective organ hypothermia method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for developing an anatomic space for laparoscopic hernia repair and patch for use therewith
Platelet inhibitor eluting ablation catheter
Urological resectoscope having an insulating case
Tissue sealing electrosurgery device and methods of sealing tissue
Transseptal access tissue thickness sensing dilator devices and methods for fabricating and using same
Electrosurgical device having a dielectric seal
Method for delivering energy to tissue and apparatus
Method and apparatus for measuring contrast sensitivity
Shape measurement apparatus
Techniques for analyzing eye movements
Fundus camera
Adjustable stylet
Apparatus and method for two-way communication in a device for monitoring and communicating wellness parameters of ambulatory patients
Arteriosclerosis examining apparatus
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonic diagnostic method
Whole blood sampling device
Needle holder for use with safety needle assembly
Floating pump assembly
Ultrasonic image generating apparatus and ultrasonic image generating method
Ultrasonic vascular imaging system and method of blood vessel cannulation
Dental apparatus
Method for producing dental restoration elements
Photocuring device with axial array of light emitting diodes and method of curing
Curing light
Curing light
Tooth color approximating system
Device for reconstructing teeth
Tennis elbow support comprising tendon pad
Body waste disposable article and method for making same
Absorbent garment having a body comforming absorbent composite
Absorbent article with improved surface fastening system
Dispenser for adhesive-backed articles
Apparatus and method for delivery of cardiac constraint jacket
Hernia repair prosthesis and method
Hernia repair device
Medical slings
Vascular filter
Emboli capturing device and method of manufacture therefor
Apparatus and method for performing thrombolysis
Control device and mechanism for deploying a self-expanding medical device
Apparatus for deploying body implantable stents
Methods and apparatus for stenting comprising enhanced embolic protection, coupled with improved protection against restenosis and thrombus formation
Methods and kits for the inhibition of hyperplasia in vascular fistulas and grafts
Device for providing a portion of an organism with a desired shape
Prosthetic corneal graft and method
Iris fixated intraocular lenses
Intraocular lenses to correct aphakia
Polymer heart valve with perforated stent and sewing cuff
Prosthetic stem with bearings
Joint prosthesis and method for placement
Intramedullary support strut
Tibia part for a knee joint prosthesis and a kit with a tibia part of this kind
Rotator cuff repair using engineered tissues
Medical installation tool
Preparation and application device for materials to be prepared as a paste-like flowable mass, especially bone cement
Automated bone grinder
Leg prosthesis with an artificial knee joint and method for controlling a leg prosthesis
Intragastric prosthesis for the treatment of morbid obesity
Pneumatic achilles sleeve
Belt-like corset
Cooling body wrap with phase change material
Indwelling heat exchange catheter and method of using same
Method and device for the photoablation of the cornea with a laser beam
Method and system for laser treatment of refractive errors using offset imaging
Decentered protective eyewear
Retinal light processing using carbon nanotubes
Wheelchair drive assembly
Motorized bicycle exercise trainer
Method and apparatus for producing oscillation of a bladder
Wheeled walker brake lever mounting structure
Heated water mist therapy appliance
Medicament transferring device
Dyeing agent for keratinous fibers
Suspended container for essences with means for their absorption and diffusion of their perfume to the surrounding ambient
Dialysis pressure monitoring with clot suppression
Method for safely and efficiently navigating magnetic devices in the body
Deflectable telescoping guide catheter
Needle device having enhanced safety
Wound treatment apparatus
Catheter insertion device with a system for liquid-tight clamping of the insertion lumen
Anti-drawback medical valve
Implantable infusion pump with level measurement
Lead upsizing sleeve
Laser probe for medical treatment
Light-ray therapeutic apparatus
Apparatus and method for loading a brachytherapy seed cartridge
Angioplasty radiation therapy to prevent restenosis
System and method for stimulation and/or enhancement of myocardial angiogenesis
Carbon dioxide scrubber for fuel and gas emissions
Fire sprinkler mount
Third stream automotive color injection
Weight lifting exercise machine for use with dumbbell weights
Adjustable crank exercise apparatus
Exercise device for exercising of the abdominal muscles
Golf ball
Apparatus for forming a golf ball with deep dimples
Golf ball having a controlled variable moment of inertia
Device for deadening noise and absorbing shock of tennis racket strings
Golf club adjusting tool, golf club and golf club adjusting method
Composite over-wrapped lightweight core and method
Sports skills training arrangement
Putting trainer device and method
Golf handicap smart card system
Ski pole
Tilt-steered rolling device
Process for producing a board for gliding over snow, reinforcement, and board for gliding over snow comprising such a reinforcement
Talc dispenser for cue stick
Intellectual game involving multi-variable analysis
Method and system for implementing a multi-way game
System and method of vehicle competition with enhanced ghosting features
Casino style game
Gambling game system and method for remotely-located players
Method of playing a variation of seven card stud poker
What's for dinner board game
Method and apparatus for identifying a winner in a bingo game
Die-rolling device and game
Free-fall tower for a roller coaster
Projectile shooting toy
Doll having self-contained storage compartment for accessories used therewith
Box games and activities
Dynamic toy device
Toy with correlated audible and visual outputs
Bubble generating assembly
Performing Operations; Transporting
Vacuum deaeration device
Perforated tray without downcomer, perforated tray tower without downcomer
Method of cleaning crankcase gas and a gas cleaning separator
Decelerated centrifugal dust removing apparatus for dust cleaner
Constant velocity radial inflow particle separator
Process and device for eliminating harmful volatile elements, in particular chlorides and/or sulfates, contained in a stream of particle-laden fumes
Bag filter device
Race engine air cleaner housing
Method and apparatus for pressure swing adsorption
Oxygen-enriched air supplying apparatus
Method for high-pressure gas separation
Crosslinked and crosslinkable hollow fiber mixed matrix membrane and method of making same
Hollow fiber membrane gas separation cartridge and gas purification assembly
Seal structure for a fluid pour spout of a paint container lid member
Deep holder for dual asymmetric centrifugal mixing system
Methods and apparatus for mechanical treatment of materials such as catalysts
Dispensing pump with deformable pump wall and positive shut-off
Spray container device
Fluxing apparatus for applying powdered flux
Lawn sprinkler safety cap
High pressure adjustable spray nozzle apparatus
Battery-powered remotely controlled floating pool fountain and light device
Bridge-type ultrasonic atomizer
Rotor nozzle, in particular for high pressure cleaners
Multi-color change device with conductive coating material for electrostatic coating
Suck back valve
Heating of golf balls prior to painting
Cleaning system utilizing an organic cleaning solvent and a pressurized fluid solvent
Ammonia removal from fly ash
Screw head formation
Method of manufacturing an expansion sleeve
Method for producing metallic microparticles
Iron powder composition
Punch, powder pressing apparatus and powder pressing method
Multi-tool boring head and process for boring
Quick-Change tool attachment system for a reciprocating power unit
Tool coupling device for changeable tool members
Enclosed power clamp
Method, arrangement, device and magazine for automatic changing of knife units of a knife ring of a knife ring slicing device
Electric tool comprising a universal mounting for tool attachments
Automatic positioning device
Tool clamp and method
Method of chemical mechanical texturing
End surface polishing device and end surface polishing method
Sanding block for receiving sanding belt
Polishing head assembly
Polishing head with a floating knife-edge
Apparatus and method for conditioning and monitoring media used for chemical-mechanical planarization
Device for grinding liquid crystal display panel
Method and apparatus for fluid jet formation
Abrasive articles and methods of making and using the same
Vitrified bond tool and method of manufacturing the same
Porous abrasive tool and method for making the same
Abrasive film in which water-soluble inorganic compound is added to binder
Precision vise
Return mechanism for a cyclic tool
Gas-operated setting tool
Nail extractor
Powered stapler and adjustable base assembly
Automatic nail fastening device
Concrete void former and cooperating cover
Marker for plastic part forming moulds
Injection molding apparatus having a nozzle carrying plate
Stack injection molding apparatus with separately actuated arrays of valve gates
Injection apparatus
Plastics injection molding machine
Apparatus for protecting mold in injection molding machine
Apparatus for producing continuous extrusion molding
Extruder temperature controller with stable temperature reset
Apparatus and method for forming a bathtub liner
Heat sealer
Method for adhering a titanium layer on material
Method and apparatus for attaching separator to electrode plate
Double box glue and tape machine with separable conveyors, semi-automatic alignment and feed system, and glue flushing system
Methods of making reinforced reclosable package seals
Method of automatically producing bags with holes and apparatus therefor
Method and device for producing an embossed web material and product made in this way
Process for manufacturing resin-based composite material
Inflatable sleds, watercraft, and other objects
Card printer
Roll-like printing paper, video printer using such roll-like printing paper and method of detecting remaining quantity of printing paper
Method for imaging with UV curable inks
Integrated control of power delivery to firing resistors for printhead assembly
Piezoelectric ink jet module with seal
Ink-jet printing head
Ink jet recording head
Printhead support structure and assembly
Thermal ink jet printhead with suspended beam heater
Liquid droplet ejection apparatus and inkjet recording head
Ink jet print head and ink jet printing apparatus
Sliced sponge scraper system for inkjet wipers
Independent wiping of printhead
Carriage dam for inkjet printer
Ink tank, ink-jet cartridge, ink-supplying apparatus, ink-jet printing apparatus and method for supplying ink
Ink cartridge for ink-jet printing apparatus
Latch and handle arrangement for a replaceable ink container
Alternative ink/cleaner cartridge
Housekeeping station
Ink jet printer
Alignment feature for solid ink stick
Image forming method, image forming apparatus, and a set of inks and liquid composition
Ink jet printing apparatus and method with suppressed bleeding of inks
Printer device alignment method and apparatus
Color printing using a vertical nozzle array head
Method and apparatus for ink jet printing on rigid panels
Ink-jet printer for digital textiling
Packaging element with printed marking, use thereof and method for making same
Sheet folding and binding apparatus and method
Machine detectable document of value
Extended text wrap label and method of manufacture thereof
Ball for ball-point pen
Writing instrument
Liquid applicator with slide ring activator tool
Direct-feed ballpoint writing implement
Wheel clip
Tire noise reducing system
Transportable storage container assembly
Amphibious vehicle with submersible capacity
Non-slip sta-bar bushing
Independent suspension for rear wheels of automotive vehicle
Portable vehicle humidifier
Air filtration system for vehicle cabs
Mounting assembly for a truck bed cover
Vehicle convertible roof
Fuel cap
Axle center with active torque bias control
Traction control system
Modular front end for a motor vehicle
Vehicle occupant protection system having a child seat for a motor vehicle
Apparatus and methods for connecting an electronic device to a mobile platform communications network
Seat reclining apparatus for automotive vehicle
Seat device
Anti-submarine vehicle occupant restraint system
Downwardly pivoting armrest
Tension structure of seat back
Trailer with tilting bed
Tie-down strap
Cargo bar
Vehicle headlamp optical axis control system
Thin profile task light
Mirror actuator electrical connector
Coordinating pivoting and extending vehicle mirror
Automatic dimming mirror using semiconductor light sensor with integral charge collection
Recreational vehicle bumper device
Energy absorption unit
Deployable rigid system for crash energy management
Rotational and bearing structures and a seat-weight measuring apparatus
Apparatus and method for airbag inflation gas distribution
Elongated inflator device and method of gas production
Pedestrian protection assembly
Belt retractor comprising a locking pawl actuated by an electromagnet
Receipt constitution of center facia panel
Hinged utility rack for vehicles
Brake adjustment method and apparatus thereof
Vehicle motion control system
Electrically driven parking brake actuation assembly
Control device for electric vehicle stopping at slope road
Electromagnetic valve
Combined device for a frontally hinged wheelbarrow and gardening cart
System for transporting a container containing viscous liquids to an appropriate dispensing apparatus
Sports utility stroller
Vehicle body panel mounting system
Recessed wheel chock
Bicycle seat
Suspension system for bicycle
Derailleur system for bicycle
Oil tank drain system for watercraft
Flotation device
Diving harness system
Powered watercraft
Structure of fin shaped soft paddle
Hydraulically assisted gear shift mechanism for a marine propulsion device
Water drain conduit between exhaust pipe and expansion chamber for a watercraft
Reset speed control for watercraft
Dual control horn
Method and apparatus for controlling aircraft devices with multiple actuators
Anti-Torque and yaw-control system for a rotary-wing aircraft
Blowout latch
System and method for controlling a space-borne propulsion system
Apparatus for observing and stabilizing electrodynamic tethers
Apparatus and method for applying labels to a container
Transporting/dispensing package for plural beverages
Inflatable insulating liners for shipping containers and method of manufacture
Automated shopping system and apparatus
Stick placer
Method and apparatus for caliper control of a fibrous web
Film winding method, film winding apparatus, and film manufacturing apparatus
Paper sheet feeder
Jogging apparatus
Leaf treatment device and a method for adjusting a leaf treatment device
Sheet feeder
Image forming apparatus
High speed overlapping insert feeding assembly
Device for direct insertion of yarn in automatic winder
Support belt for strips of deformable material, apparatus for using the belt, and related methods
Envelope transport module with vacuum ports for use in an envelope inserting machine
Drive sheave of elevator
Spiral propeller
Wheeled shovel loader
Automatic dispensing system
Self-aligned micro hinges
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus for generating ozone, oxygen, hydrogen, and/or other products of the electrolysis of water
Gypsum composition with styrene butadiene latex additive
Admixture and extrudable hydraulic composition
Method of resisting corrosion in metal reinforcing elements contained in concrete and related compounds and structures
Use of high carbon coal ash
Process for the manufacture of halocarbons and selected compounds and azeotropes with HF
Long chain hindered amines and compositions stabilized therewith
Method for the preparation of starch particles
Natural paint and method for manufacturing the same
Metal chelated dyestuff for inkjet recording and aqueous inkjet recording liquid using the same
Phase change inks containing azo pyridone colorants
Chemical mechanical polishing of nickel phosphorous alloys
Coal gasification feed injector shield with integral corrosion barrier
Freestanding plastic container for controlled combustion of alcohol-based lighter fluid
Soft tissue paper having a softening composition containing bilayer disrupter deposited thereon
Facility for reducing metal oxide, method for operating the facilities and moldings as raw material to be charged to reduction furnace
Method for reducing non-ferrous metal content in slag in the production of non-ferrous metals occurring in suspension smelting furnace
Process for cleaning and purifying molten aluminum
Process for the treatment or removal of impurities in a hydrometallurgical extraction process
Method of separating metal and inorganic particles from metal-inorganic particle composite material
High strength Mg based alloy and Mg based casting alloy and article made of the alloy
Niobium powder for capacitor, sintered body thereof and capacitor using the sintered body
Stainless steel tube for automobile structure
Low-alloy heat-resistant steel, heat treatment method therefor, and turbine rotor comprising the same
Method of controlling metal strip temperature
Method of restoration of mechanical properties of a cast nickel-based super alloy for serviced aircraft components
Nickel-based single crystal alloy and a method of manufacturing the same
Titanium target for sputtering
Ion beam deposition targets having an interlocking interface and a replaceable insert
Ionized PVD with sequential deposition and etching
Processing apparatus having particle counter and cleaning device, cleaning method, cleanliness diagnosis method and semiconductor fabricating apparatus using the same
Component and method for producing a protective coating on a component
Process and solution for providing a conversion coating on a metallic surface II
Method for treating magnesium alloy by chemical conversion
Clamshell apparatus with dynamic uniformity control
Method of crystallizing amorphous silicon using a mask
Crucible made of carbon fiber-reinforced carbon composite material for single crystal pulling apparatus
Method for pulling single crystal
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus for loading fibers with calcium carbonate
Fibrous sheet binders
Paper sheet having improved rate of absorbency
Fixed Constructions
Cutting blade and method for cutting pavement in a circle
Cutting machine with flywheel gearbox design and method for use
Portable sign stand with leg release mechanism
Plastic lined canal
Liquid flow controller device
Waste pipe connector
Transition strip for disparate concrete forms
Fence system with variable position rail
Locking system and components thereof
Safety door lock
Wall mounted cabinet having improved hinge design
Liftgate force control
Riser impact protection
Drum-type dual channel water-jet assisted cutting head
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine blade with ceramic foam blade tip seal, and its preparation
Steam turbine closure bucket attachment
Guide vane for a gas turbine engine
Diaphragm-type carburetor
Carburetion arrangement for an internal combustion engine of a manually guided implement
Method for adjusting the amount of flow at a fuel injection valve
Compensator assembly having a pressure responsive valve for a solid state actuator of a fuel injector
Fuel injector with an improved poppet which is increasingly comformable to a valve seat in response to use
Hydro-energy converter
Wind turbine enhancement apparatus, method and system
Linear compressor
Securing means for a compressor's terminal box
Miniature pump, cooling system and portable equipment
Dual capacity compressor
Inlet throttle valve
Valve body for a traveling barrel pump
Fuel injection pump having one-way valve for supplying fuel into pressurizing chamber
Fuel metering pump for a heater, especially an additional heater or a parking heater of a motor vehicle
Apparatus for compressing fluid
Scroll-type compressor having an oil communication path in the fixed scroll
Radial pump
Vacuum pump
Method for the early detection of aerodynamic instabilities in a turbomachine compressor
Independent rotational speed control of multi-stage variable speed compressor
Side-channel pump having an end cover composed of a ceramic disc integrated with a channelled plastic unit
High efficiency one-piece centrifugal blower
Molten metal pump impeller
Stimuli-responsive hybrid materials containing molecular actuators and their applications
Microvalve for electronically controlled transmission
Weld nut
Box tube clamping system
Single piece hub with integral upper and lower female cones and method for making the same
Antifriction bearing
System for rotationally coupling two telescopic shafts
Vehicle power transmission device
Spring eye scarf gap protector device and associated elastomeric bushing assembly
Isorail elastomer isolator
Rubber bearing comprising a reinforcing element
Fluid-filled vibration damping device
Belt for non-stage transmissions
Multi-speed dual-clutch planetary transmissions having three gear members continuously interconnected with output shaft
Vehicle driveline system with electronically controlled roller clutch assembly
Differential gears
Speed-change control apparatus for automatic transmission
Speed transmission for self-propelled lawnmower and mower provided with such a transmission
Low permeation sealing member
Flow regulation valve
Pinch valve
Production riser connector
Slim-type threaded joint for oil well pipes
Fluid quick connector with secure electrical ground contact
Pipe replacement method and rotary impact mechanism for pipe bursting
Device for repairing underground sewers
Method of dispensing inhibitor in a gas pipeline
Color wheel assembly and color sequential display device using the same, color wheel unit and color sequential display device using the same, and color sequential display device
Luminaire with adjustable lamp orientation
Cordeless light emitting display apparatus
Luminaire, in particular recessed luminaire
Lighting fixture
Recessed illuminated tile light
Indicator light comprising an optical piece fulfilling an indicating function autonomously
Light emitting panel assemblies
Backlight module
Light guide plate for backlighting a liquid crystal display
Light guide plate, surface light source device and display
Method and apparatus for operating gaseous fuel fired heater
Fluid mixing injector and method
Burner for decomposing nonflammable materials
Propane vaporizer for fuel powered devices
Safety piezoelectric lighter
Fan filter unit control system and clean room provided with same
Locking action holster
System and method for preventing cheating in a simulated combat exercise
Air launch system interface
Microwave radiometric guidance system
Glass-metal leadthrough
Independent blade retention for blade-opening arrowheads
Flexible platform for liquid handling robots
Medical diagnostic ultrasound system and method for versatile processing
Image orientation display for a three dimensional ultrasonic imaging system
Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging with elevation biplane images
Illuminating apparatus for image processing type measuring machines
Method and apparatus for monocentric projection of an image
Auxiliary illuminating device having an adjustable color temperature by controlling the amount of light passing through color filters
Optical subassembly enclosure
Full mesh optical interconnect
Optical connector
Self powered data communication optical fiber cable extender
Multiple array optoelectronic connector with integrated latch
Optical module
Clip-on glasses assembly and actuating mechanism therefor
Ophthalmic optical elements and methods for the design thereof
Eyeglass and auxiliary frame assembly
Projection-type image display device
Prismatic optical display
Lens shifting apparatus
Developer having substrate oscillating system and method of developing process
Hand motion irregularity suppressed timepiece
Method of noise value control by controlling the rotation rate of a fan
Operator interface terminal for use in a harsh environment
Moveable display device for three dimensional image creation
Electronic card capable of changing communication functionality of a coupled electronic device
Methods for delivering a drug to a patient while restricting access to the drug by patients for whom the drug may be contraindicated
Communication game system and processing method thereof
Usage dependent ticket to protect copy-protected material
Foldable keyboard
One piece elastomer keypad with integral light pipe
Key structure
Establishing a reference printer state using a recursive tone scale matching
Ink-jet printing apparatus, control method thereof, and data processing apparatus and method
Credit card validation for an interactive wireless network
Display control with fewer amounts of data in game system
Method and arrangement for processing negotiable instruments
Disc-type coin processing device having improved coin discrimination system
Coin assortment box structure of coin sorting machine
Apparatus for dispensing articles
Apparatus dispensing rechargeable refrigerating elements
Communication device and method between an audiovisual information playback system and an electronic game machine
Gaming machine having bonus game
Method and apparatus for remote game device with failure fallback and restoration
Bingo game
Computer-implemented method and gaming apparatus for playing two different card games simultaneously
Method for storing data in payment card transaction
Systems and methods for determining an authorization threshold
Manipulative teaching aid
Game apparatuses and methods for use in teaching the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of positive and negative numbers
Electronic educational toy appliance and a portable memory device therefor
Method and apparatus for adaptive handwriting teaching system
Reading and spelling skill diagnosis and training system and method
Method for presenting most suitable question and apparatus for presenting most suitable question
Interactive training system and method
Method and system for performing adaptive test
Sensual label
Sensing position of pin on tape inside cartridge shell
Tape guide post mechanism
Recording tape cassette
Connecting pin structure for a transformer core
Plasma processing apparatus
Plasma processing system and apparatus and a sample processing method
Semiconductor process recording apparatus
Method of fabricating electron-emitting device, electron source and image-forming apparatus using the electron source
Apparatus for and method of transporting substrates to be processed
Wafer transport pod with linear door opening mechanism
Plate making process for lead acid battery
Gel electrolyte battery
Device for medical treatment of the eye using laser illumination
Device for maintaining seating zones of a flexible circuit in an electrical connector, and connector so equipped
Rotating actuator for cable connector with hook shaped pivot on terminal
Electrical connector having improved ground structure
Electrical connector having grounding bridge
Connector with movable contact alignment member
Fixture device for use in connection of flat wire member with terminal connector
Reduced insertion force contact pin tip
Female terminal fitting with a resilient contact piece locked at a specified position therein
Printed circuit connector
Surface mounted socket assembly
Universal pressed screen for various connector designs
Electrical connector with improved terminal retention means
Terminal position device apparatus, methods and articles of manufacture for securing sealed male connectors
Connector protection cover structure
Connector with a contact fixed to its housing part
Joint receiving connector
Multiple axis connection system
Connector provided with a wire cover and a connector assembly
Lever fitting type power supply circuit breaking apparatus
Electrical connector with improved contacts
Miniature electrical connector having power pair on side surface of a tongue of a housing thereof
Plug-in connection
Connector with signal detection device
Modular outlet strip
Shunting socket for telephones
Conductive plate of a bulb assembly
Metal-graphite brush
Micro coaxial cable connector assembly with improved contacts
Elongated elastomeric connector and method
Electronic circuit unit having a penetration-type connector housing
Connector insert for an output connector to transmit signal
Wire retaining connector block
Light emitting handset
Motion picture code evaluator and billing system
Enclosure for projection television sets
Method for globally aligning multiple projected images
System and method for displaying/projecting a color image
Reflective LCD projector
Method and apparatus for reduced feedback in implantable hearing assistance systems
Guide insert for PCI connector receptacle
Electronic component having solder ball retaining terminal
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