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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Vivarium and filtration system
Net device
Fishing lure
Serving tray and food container
Odor absorbing system and method
Process for manufacturing a fluidtight slide fastener
Collapsible suspension bed
Ergonomic workstation with raising and lowering elements
Rack accessories
Signal processing apparatus
Method for ischemia detection by implantable cardiac device
Device and method for carrying out surgical interventions on a patient
Bottle nipple system
Dynamic device therapy control for treating post myocardial infarction patients
Modular helmet-mask assembly
Performing Operations; Transporting
Induced vortex particle separator
Filter module and process for manufacture of same
Method for separation of construction waste
Cost effective automated preparation and coating methodology for large surfaces
Bill discriminating and counting apparatus for multiple currency systems
Centrifuge casting device
Driving apparatus for planting a shaft in a granular base
Method for manufacturing a body
Devices comprising several spaced-apart storage compartments
Suspension assemblies having resilient member and vehicles including same
Railcar positioning system
People moving vehicle with reduced turn radius having omni-directional cab
Robotic locomotion method and mobile robot
Multi-sectional airtight seal for continuous air-filling and air valve device thereof
Jam access system for sheet handling apparatus
Packaging container, and pouring plug fitted thereto
Flip-top closure for composite and cardboard packaging
Single-piece packaging plate foldable to form boxes having different sizes
Collapsible organization and workstation system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of continuously producing flat glass by rolling
Textiles; Paper
Clothes washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Method of constructing a block wall
Stairway stringer and finished stairway skirt board
Structural truss with crimp/clamp
Hinge mechanism
Door hinge device with fulcrum at variable position
Ladder caddy
Method and apparatus for well casing repair and plugging utilizing molten metal
Methods of completing wells for controlling water and particulate production
Inverted drainholes and the method for producing from inverted drainholes
Method and apparatus for on-site nitrate production for a water processing system
Rock core removal method and apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Valve-actuating system for an internal combustion engine, engine incorporating same, and method of using same
Camshaft adjuster
Method and system for combustion engine particulate filter regeneration
Internal and external LP EGR for boosted engines
Internal combustion engine having a variable compression ratio
Power generation system incorporating multiple Rankine cycles
Internal combustion engine comprising an exhaust gas turbocharger
Ultra-micro gas turbine
Start-up control device and start-up control method for internal combustion engine
Fuel control strategy for heating a catalyst
Actuating device, especially for use in a throttle device
Air conditioner
Portable cooled merchandizing unit with customer enticement features
Ice tray assembly for refrigerator
System and method for cooling a heat generating structure
Indoor unit of air conditioner
Collapsible heating apparatus
Thermal receptacle with phase change material
Composite firearm barrel
Pistol concealment device
Magazine for 22 caliber conversion kit and 22 caliber firearm
Stress-distribution detecting semiconductor package group and detection method of stress distribution in semiconductor package using the same
Flowmeter calibration system and operational method
Gas or heat detector, gas or heat generator, smoke gas generator, and method for the testing of a gas detector or a heat detector and method for the testing of a smoke gas detector
Method of generating test patterns to efficiently screen inline resistance delay defects in complex ASICs
Format control circuit and semiconductor test device
Flexible scan architecture
Method and apparatus for accessing hidden data in a boundary scan test interface
Testing with high speed pulse generator
Battery state diagnosing device and battery state diagnosing method
Method for calibrating current offset and filtering bad data in a system that detects power output
Encoder home position sensing method and system
Envelope for optical fibres
Apparatus for tightly fixing an optical connector to an optical cable
Direct diode contact high power fiber optic laser system
Ring core fiber
Process for producing optical waveguide
Extracting phase error in waveguides
Optical switching apparatus and optical switching method
Image forming apparatus and method of detecting the detection characteristics of a reflection density sensor
Image forming apparatus and program for controlling image forming apparatus
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Non-contact bias charge roll biased with burst modulation waveform
Developing device, and process cartridge maintaining position of developing roller, and image forming apparatus using these
Image forming apparatus having subsidiary charge roller
Developing unit with gripper that covers developer filling opening
Transfer belt and image-forming apparatus having the same
Fuser roller with improved crack resistance
Fixing apparatus using induction heating
Image forming apparatus group
System and method for providing direct web access to controllers in a process control environment
Method, system and computer program for managing energy consumption
Apparatus and method for address bus power control
Clock control circuit for correcting frequency of second clock signal based on first clock signal and monitoring oscillation state of first clock signal based on second clock signal
Data storage system with redundant storage media and method therefor
Method and apparatus for machine check abort handling in a multiprocessing system
Adaptive recovery from system failure for application instances that govern message transactions
Method for controlling a program run of a central data processor
Performance monitoring and notification in a threshold sensitive storage management system
Increment power saving in battery powered wireless system with software configuration
Trusted platform apparatus, system, and method
Equipment inspection support system, equipment inspection support method, and program therefor
System and method for managing a project based on team member interdependency and impact relationships
Disk control system and method
Semiconductor memory with self-refresh capability
Parallel cachelets
System and method for re-ordering memory references for access to memory
Mechanism for providing early coherency detection to enable high performance memory updates in a latency sensitive multithreaded environment
Control apparatus of storage unit, and method of controlling the control apparatus of storage unit
Data processing system having a plurality of storage systems
Memory hub and method for memory system performance monitoring
Data I/O system using a plurality of mirror volumes
Storage controller
DRAM with super self-refresh and error correction for extended period between refresh operations
Variable sized flash memory in PCI
Methods and systems for improving delayed read handling
Dynamic attitude measurement method and apparatus
Buffering apparatus and buffering method
Method and system for predicting optimal HTML structure without look-ahead
System and method for populating forms with previously used data values
Apparatus and method for facilitating access to network resources
Apparatus and method for supplying electronic content to network appliances
Telecommunications equipment and customer information retrieval system
Programmable processor with group floating-point operations
System and method for modifying an information transfer request
Network application program interface facilitating communication in a distributed network environment
Storage system having a plurality of controllers
Method and system for administering personal computer health by registering multiple service providers and enforcing mutual exclusion rules
Computer apparatus and program for controlling same
Access log analyzer and access log analyzing method
Method and apparatus for intelligent information retrieval
Method and apparatus for solving an optimization problem in an integrated circuit layout
Method and system for false path analysis
Clock tree synthesis for low power consumption and low clock skew
Error portion detecting method and layout method for semiconductor integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for model-order reduction and sensitivity analysis
Incorporation of uncertainty information in modeling a characteristic of a device
Method for designing chip package by re-using existing mask designs
Management method of probe carrier, probe carrier manufacturing apparatus and probe carrier managing apparatus
Method and device for controlling an internal combustion engine
Graphical user interface for computers having variable size icons
Controlling data flow between processor systems
Eliding web page content
Method and apparatus for floating point operations and format conversion operations
Face panel assembly with an RFID module
Efficient implementation of n-point DCT, n-point IDCT, SA-DCT and SA-IDCT algorithms
Operational semantics rules for governing evolution of processes and queries as processes
System and method of determining software maturity using Bayesian design of experiments
Instrumenting software for enhanced diagnosability
Microprocessor with customer code store
Methods and apparatus for call service processing by instantiating an object that executes a compiled representation of a mark-up language description of operations for performing a call feature or service
Conformance execution of non-deterministic specifications for components
Side-by-side drivers
Method and apparatus providing a supply chain management system useful in outsourced manufacturing
Method and apparatus for prioritizing print jobs from multiple printer input channels
In-cart grocery tabulation system and associated method
Marketing/fundraising/reward system and method
Wireless bar code symbol driven portable data terminal (PDT) system for running application programs on an operating system emulated on a virtual machine
Handwriting information processing apparatus, handwriting information processing method, and storage medium having program stored therein for handwriting information processing
Intruding object detecting method and intruding object monitoring apparatus employing the method
Method and apparatus for providing a bioinformatics database
Method and apparatus for spiral scan computed tomography
Nondestructive inspection method and apparatus
Three-dimensional image producing method and apparatus therefor
Method and apparatus for registering palm pattern impression
Systems for spectral multiplexing of source images to provide a composite image with gray component replacement, for rendering the composite image, and for spectral demultiplexing of the composite image
Object detection method using an image-pickup device with easy detection masking region setting and object detection apparatus using the method
Method and system for determining image orientation
System and method for digital watermarking in a calibrated printing path
Method for adjusting image data with shading curve
Retrieval system and image processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for synchronizing multiple versions of digital data
Stored value transaction system including an integrated database server
Method of, apparatus for, and computer program product for trading goods
Promotion packaging for transmission groups
Transferable meter licenses using smartcard technology
Card activated cash dispensing automated transaction machine system and method
System for displaying photographs
Method and apparatus for discriminative training of acoustic models of a speech recognition system
Lattice-based unsupervised maximum likelihood linear regression for speaker adaptation
System and method of pattern recognition in very high-dimensional space
Speech recognition method and apparatus with noise adaptive standard pattern
Disk-chucking apparatus for disk drives
Guidance of an optical scanning device
Content addressable memory having reduced power consumption
Data and/or PowerSwivel
Iterative metric updating when decoding LDPC (low density parity check) coded signals and LDPC coded modulation signals
Folder type mobile phone
Compact optical transceivers for host bus adapters
Optical communication module
RF photonics residual error correction
Method and apparatus for compensation of Doppler induced error in a mobile handset
Enhanced mode technique for growing mesh networks
Fast adaptive power control for a variable multirate communications system
Wavelength division element and optical module
Optical demultiplexer having bragg diffration grating and optical communication module using the optical demultiplexer
Sending notification through a firewall over a computer network
Non-autonomous dynamical orbit cryptography
Key validation scheme
Method and apparatus for the compression and decompression of audio files using a chaotic system
Encrypted content recovery
Creation and distribution of a secret value between two devices
All-in-one modular wireless device
Self-calibration procedure in physical layer transceiver for home telephone wire network
Current sensing echo cancellation device
Method of telematics unit configuration and activation using vehicle control buttons
Intelligent switching system for voice and data
Method and apparatus for pure delay estimation in a communication system
Image-effect method and apparatus using critical points
Wireless private branch exchange (WPBX) and communicating between mobile units and base stations
Private wireless high-speed data system and data service method
Positional information tracking and forwarding method for conducting optimal forward destination control in conformity to actual situations of user
Mobile terminal identity protection through home location register modification
Adaptive transmit power control system
Asymmetric radio access network, and associated method, for communicating data at high data rates
Disposable extended wear canal hearing device
Image forming apparatus and method of evaluating sound quality on image forming apparatus
Passive sound telemetry system and method and operating toy using the same
Method for packaging micro electromechanical systems microphone
Apparatus and method for producing virtual acoustic sound
Integrated liquid cooling unit for computers
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Video system for three dimensional imaging and photogrammetry
Electronic endoscope
MRI magnet with enhanced patient entry and positioning
Autonomous rolling robot
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus for robotically inspecting gas turbine combustion components
Drum type hard copy apparatus
Thermal printer and method of designing hot cathode fluorescent tube for thermal printer
Printhead with plasma suppressing electrodes
High resolution digital printing with spatial light modulator
Optical printing apparatus
Printer installable in small space
Device, method and computer readable recording medium for indicating charge information of a battery
Secure holographic images on paper
Tire condition sensor communication with tire location provided via manually inputted update
Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Apparatus and method for controlling illumination devices of vehicles
Tilt-activated turn signal shut-off for motorcycles
Apparatus adapted for mounting in a vehicle
Keyless entry system
Tracking device
Monitoring of the phase angle of course and clearance signals in an instrument landing system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Plasma displays containing fibers
High-efficiency light source
Plasma display panel
Fixed Constructions
Enhanced paint for microwave/millimeter wave radiometric detection applications and method of road marker detection
Apparatus and method for simultaneous detection of embedded reinforcement in concrete
Self-contained electronic memorial
Code learning system for a movable barrier operator
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and system for monitoring an O2 sensor of a vehicle
Piezoelectric actuator
System and method for variable drive pump control
Positioning device
Method for displaying state of multi-optical-axis photoswitch and multi-optical-axis photoswitch adapted to the method
Silicon oxide contamination shedding sensor
Anti-radar missile (ARM) countermeasure method
Infrared photodetector apparatus for measuring projectile velocity
Monolithic vibrating rate gyro structure
Position detection apparatus used for a mobile object
Method and apparatus for determining the relative height of two targets
Continuous time pulse detection system utilizing automatic bias removal
Throttle position sensor with improved redundancy and high resolution
Utility meter pit lid mounted antenna assembly and method
Non-contact type rotational angle sensor and sensor core used in the sensor
Carbon fiber wiper
Method for measuring the flow of fluids
Method and device for liquid level measurement by means of radar radiation
Liquid leak detector and alarm system
Low stray light czerny-turner monochromator
Spectrometric apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object
Waveform control device for vibrating tables and method thereof
Method and apparatus for suppressing stray light in particle detectors
Displacement measurement apparatus
Method and apparatus for scanning, stitching, and damping measurements of a double-sided metrology inspection tool
Paving material analyzer system and method
Toroid conductivity sensor
Eddy current inspection method and apparatus for detecting flaws in an electrically conductive component
Axial sample conveyer
Portable tester and calibration apparatus for a speed or position sensor
Method for measuring the speed of an induction machine
Sensor system for sensing axle speed
Test socket for an electronic circuit device having improved contact pins and manufacturing method thereof
Micro cantilever style contact pin structure for wafer probing
Interconnect for testing semiconductor dice having raised bond pads
Method for optimizing probe card analysis and scrub mark analysis data
Loaded-board, guided-probe test fixture
Coaxial tilt pin fixture for testing high frequency circuit boards
Current sensor
Fixed type current detector
Universal CMOS single input, low swing sense amplifier without reference voltage
Current detecting device, impedance measuring instrument and power measuring instrument
Electro-optic/magneto-optic measurement of electromagnetic radiation using chirped optical pulse
Ground check system for delta-flex test handler
Low-loss microwave device test fixture with adjustable blocks
Comparator structures and methods for automatic test equipment
Testing apparatus and method of IC devices
Magazine for carrying a plurality of multi-chip modules
Transfer mechanism for use in exchange of probe card
Method and apparatus for in-situ testing of integrated circuit chips
System, IC chip, on-chip test structure, and corresponding method for modeling one or more target interconnect capacitances
Arrangement for transient-current testing of a digital electronic CMOS circuit
Methods for predicting reliability of semiconductor devices using voltage stressing
Device testing system
Distributed constant element using a magnetic thin film
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method for obtaining multiple exposures at respectively different positions without interruption
Magnetic resonance signal receiving apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Method and apparatus for decoupling magnetic resonance receive coils
Apparatus for reducing acoustic noise in an MR imaging system
Time and memory optimized method of acquiring and reconstructing multi-shot 3D MRI data
Method and system for eddy current inspection calibration
Current transformer and method for correcting asymmetries therein
Homodyne swept-range radar
Time sharing type multi-beam radar apparatus having alternately arranged transmitting antennas and receiving antennas
Device for localizing a transmitter unit
Method of detecting fault of radar apparatus using movement distance and radar apparatus for the same
Vehicle navigational system and signal processing method for said navigational system
3-D imaging multiple target laser radar
Detecting the geographical location of wireless units
Geographic-based communication service system with more precise determination of a user's known geographic location
Antenna apparatus for use in automobiles
Transmitter pen location system
Radar system mounted on vehicle and capable of detecting degradation of sensitivity
Method and apparatus for passive detection of geophysical discontinuities in the earth
Commodity image data processors, recording mediums which contain a commodity image data processing program, and image pickup aiding apparatus
Image vibration compensating apparatus
Ring interferometer configuration for writing gratings
Light emitting/receiving element for optical pickup apparatus
Plasma address display apparatus and constant-current control apparatus
Color liquid crystal display with a shielding member being arranged between sealing member and display zone
Method of manufacturing a liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device having stocked pixel layers
Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
LCD having temperature detection elements provided on an active-substrate
Image display system having direct and projection viewing modes
Color filter layer and reflection type multicolor for liquid crystal display device
Method of manufacturing flat-panel display device
Reflectance liquid crystal display having a limited interference effect
Liquid crystal display device and liquid crystal projector
Method for controlling pretilt angle direction in a liquid crystal cell
Stage apparatus, and exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method using the same
Mask handling apparatus for lithographic projection apparatus
Exposure apparatus, exposure method using the same and method of manufacture of circuit device
Optical information recording and reproducing apparatus using a holographic memory
Digital holographic camera system and method having removable media
Low cost 1/8th, 1/16th micro-stepping motor drive system
Apparatus for correcting movement path of a robot and a method therefor
Pass point system for controlling the operation of movable barriers
Method and apparatus for user-initiated alarms in process control system
Electrically adjustable CMOS integrated voltage reference circuit
AC timings at the input buffer of source synchronous and common clock designs by making the supply for differential amplifier track the reference voltage
Voltage reference circuit with fast disable
Current sensing and current sharing
Operational transconductance amplifier with a non-linear current mirror for improved slew rate
Circuit to reduce AC component of bias currents in high speed transistor logic circuits
Clock generation circuit, serial/parallel conversion device and parallel/serial conversion device together with semiconductor device
Semiconductor device realizing internal operational factor corresponding to an external operational factor stably regardless of fluctuation of external operational factor
Multiboard run-in tester for PCI expansions
Personal computer system having wake-up functionality controlled by a CD control panel
Programmable graphics memory method
Sound processing system
System and method for transitioning between two filters, allowing for the use of higher order interpolation
Automated digital printing workflow and a method of automatic bleed generation
Customized system-readable hardware/firmware integrated circuit version information
Information input apparatus
Message box facility for graphical user interface for computer system video display
Object position detector with edge motion feature and gesture recognition
Methods, apparatus and data structures for providing a user interface, which exploits spatial memory in three-dimensions, to objects and which visually groups proximally located objects
Data processing system and method including an I/O touch pad having dynamically alterable location indicators
Graphical user interfaces for computer vision systems
Graphics engine FIFO interface architecture
Data width conversion apparatus and data processing apparatus
Rectifying charge storage element
Electronic identification system extended-range reader
Uneven-pattern reading apparatus
System and method for generating computer displays of custom bag designs
System of advertising
Graphics processing apparatus and system
Method and apparatus for displaying graphs
Image creating apparatus and image display apparatus
Register setting-micro programming system
Method and apparatus for stereo image display
System, program product and method of rendering a three dimensional image on a display
Method of processing animation by interpolation between key frames with small data quantity
Method for communicating and generating computer graphics animation data, and recording media
Architecture and methods for generating and displaying three dimensional representations
Surface simplification preserving a solid volume
Picture converting apparatus, picture converting method, learning apparatus, learning method, and record medium
Document security system and method
Apparatus for remotely controlling auxiliary doorbell chime from doorbell push button
Security device for electronic surveillance of articles
System and method for fire control during and after earthquakes
Smoke detector
Low cost virtual reality system
Flat carrier with an indicating device
Sign system with field changeable screen size and message
Variable color complementary display device using anti-parallel light emitting diodes
Plasma display panel having high luminance at low power consumption
Detector for detecting pseudo-contour noise and display apparatus using the detector
Method for driving a plasma display panel
Driving system for a plasma display panel
Display device and method of controlling its brightness
Plasma display panel having auxiliary electrode and method for driving the same
Method and apparatus for calibrating display devices and automatically compensating for loss in their efficiency over time
Organic electroluminescence device and method for driving same
Driving method and apparatus for liquid crystal display device
Gate driving circuit in liquid crystal display
Method of and apparatus for controlling contrast of liquid crystal displays while receiving large dynamic range video
Multiplexing pixel circuits
Liquid crystal display device and method of driving a liquid crystal display element
Liquid crystal device and method addressing liquid crystal device
Liquid crystal display device
System for controlling a liquid-crystal display screen
LCD gain and offset value adjustment system and method
System for accessing a large number of menu items using a zoned menu bar
Method and system for providing an iconic progress indicator
Method for enabling adaptive sizing of display elements
Device for identifying packets of digital data and a receiver for digital television signals equipped with such a device
Process and system for formulating digital images resulting from auxiliary graphical elements inlaid into main images
Piezoelectric transducer assembly adapted for enhanced functionality
Method and apparatus for synchronized multiple format data storage
Multimedia editing and composition system having temporal display
Read channel equalization with enhanced signal to noise ratio
Method for optimizing the read bias current of a magneto resistive head
Medium replacement type disc apparatus
Data storage device servo control apparatus and method
Rotational acceleration correction in a disc drive
Patterning of magnetic media
Bias generating circuit for use with an oscillating circuit in an integrated circuit charge pump
Sense amplifier systems and methods
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, semiconductor memory system and clock synchronous circuit
Air core transformer with coaxial grading shield
Low profile surface mount magnetic devices with controlled nonlinearity
Core with coils and permanent magnet for switching DC relays, RF microwave switches, and other switching applications
Multiple electromagnetic relay
Circuit breaker having an encapsulated auxiliary coil assembly
Plasma display panel having first and second partition walls
AC drive type plasma display panel having display electrodes on front and back plates, and image display apparatus using the same
Differential pressure process for fabricating a flat-panel display face plate with integral spacer support structures
Field emission display device with conductive layer disposed between light emitting layer and cathode
Electron gun, color cathode ray tube, and display apparatus using same
Cathode-ray tube
Field emission cold cathode
Field-emission display
Flat-panel display with intensity control to reduce light-centroid shifting
Plasma reactor having a symmetric parallel conductor coil antenna
Fluorescent lamp with holder made of resin
Sapphire high intensity discharge projector lamp
High-pressure discharge lamp
Cold cathode element
Faceplates having scrubbed cathodoluminescent layers for field emission displays
Display having scrubbed cathodoluminescent layer
Structure of disturbing plate having down set
Method and apparatus for reducing isolation stress in integrated circuits
Low k dielectric materials with inherent copper ion migration barrier
Method for monitoring the shape of the processed surfaces of semiconductor devices and equipment for manufacturing the semiconductor devices
Semiconductor device with metal silicide film on partial area of substrate surface and its manufacture method
Semiconductor device and method of making same
Alignment pedestals in an LDMOS power package
Method to reduce number of wire-bond loop heights versus the total quantity of power and signal rings
Quad flat non-lead package of semiconductor
Film carrier tape, semiconductor assembly, semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, mounted board, and electronic instrument
Integrated passive components and package with posts
Integrated circuit with relative sense inversion of signals along adjacent parallel signal paths
Very low magnetic field integrated circuit
High speed IC package configuration
Semiconductor device including a chip having high-frequency circuit blocks
Package structure stacking chips on front surface and back surface of substrate
Interposer for separating stacked semiconductor chips mounted on a multi-layer printed circuit board
Organic EL device and method for manufacturing same
Laminated piezoelectric actuator
Thin film electrode for planar organic light-emitting devices and method for its production
Method and apparatus for charging a lead acid battery
Radio frequency connector for reducing passive inter-modulation effects
Frequency-characteristics variable filter, duplexer, and communication apparatus
Duplexer having laminated structure
Dual TM mode composite resonator
Low profile, high isolation and rejection x-band switched filter assembly
Dielectric resonator having a frequency tuning member spirally engaged with the cavity
Variable attenuator and mobile communication apparatus
Stripline signal distribution system for extremely high frequency signals
Potential-free connection for microwave transmission line
Resonance device, and oscillator, filter, duplexer and communication device incorporating same
Antenna for radio telephone
Antenna for portable device
Antenna assembly, and associated method, which exhibits circular polarization
Orthogonal slot antenna assembly
Dual frequency wideband radiator
Antenna device
Circularly polarized notch antenna
Channeled surface fairing for use with a phased array antenna on an aircraft
Slender omni-directional, broad-band, high efficiency, dual-polarized slot/dipole antenna element
Variable beamwidth and zoom contour beam antenna systems
Electrical noise suppressing device for motors
Spark plug and method of manufacturing the same
Ignition spark plug
Charging device with battery detection and protection function
Automotive power supply with pulse width modulation of a semiconductor switch
Electronic switching regulator circuit for producing a reference voltage variable with temperature
Electronic ballast for a gas discharge lamp
Apparatus and method for balancing channel currents in a multi-phase DC-to-DC converter
Off-line converter with digital control
Electrical power derivation system
Speed control apparatus for synchronous reluctance motor
Method and apparatus for random sequence generator
Loop delay compensation for a digital power amplifier
Wide bandwidth, current sharing, MOSFET audio power amplifier with multiple feedback loops
Power amplifier having a cascode current-mirror self-bias boosting circuit
Adaptive linearizer for RFpower amplifiers
Predistortion to improve linearity of an amplifier
CMOS linear amplifier formed with nonlinear transistors
Demodulation filter
Differential amplifier having two channels
Multi-space structure amplifier
Variable gain RF amplifier
On-chip termination circuit
Switched capacitors
Method of adjusting frequency of piezoelectric resonance element by removing material from a thicker electrode or adding, material to a thinner electrode
Interdigitated, laminated LC bandpass filter with different length electrodes
Circuit and method for impedance matching
Method and apparatus for calibrating a local oscillator in a direct conversion receiver
Pull-up method and apparatus for a universal serial bus output driver
Digital output buffer for MOSFET device
Over-voltage tolerant, active pull-up clamp circuit for a CMOS crossbar switch
Circuit configuration for adjusting signal delay times
Failsafe interface circuit with extended drain devices
Equal delay current-mode logic circuit
I/O interface circuit, semiconductor chip and semiconductor system
Circuitry for a low internal voltage integrated circuit
Logic device architecture and method of operation
Level shifter for ultra-deep submicron CMOS designs
CMOS output amplifier independent of temperature, supply voltage and manufacturing quality of transistors
Voltage controlled oscillator having an oscillation frequency variation minimized in comparison with a power supply voltage variation
Latch and D-type flip-flop
Gate ground circuit approach for I/O ESD protection
High noise rejection voltage-controlled ring oscillator architecture
Input filter stage for a data stream, and method for filtering a data stream
Method for influencing the electrical power of a load with a pulse width modulated signal
Single package temperature compensated electronic device
Delay-locked loop circuit
Semiconductor device replica circuit for monitoring critical path and construction method of the same
Frequency synthesizer
Reduction of aperture distortion in parallel A/D converters
Digital to analog converter with reduced ringing
Enhanced bandwidth digitizer using multiple analog-to digital converters and self calibration
Autoranging analog to digital conversion circuitry
Architecture for voltage scaling DAC
Digital-to-analogue converter
Excess delay compensation in a delta sigma modulator analog-to-digital converter
Power output stage compensation for digital output amplifiers
Data compression
Apparatus for noise shaping a pulse width modulation (PWM) signal and method therefor
Analog to digital converter having a parallel converter and logic for generating serial data
Protection switch in a two-fiber optical channel shared protection ring
Method and apparatus for measuring gain shape in an optical repeater using FM modulation
Optical digital communication apparatus
Infrared laser diode wireless local area network
Method and apparatus for transmitting a wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) signal through an optical transmission line to reduce the effects of stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS)
Connector imbalance compensation apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for transmitting a signal through a power magnetic structure
Bidirectional multichannel optical telecommunication system
Optical communications system
Meshed optical network
Optical communication system
Method and system for processing alarm objects in a communications network
Input buffer circuits with input signal boost capability and methods of operation thereof
Image scanner with optical waveguide and enhanced optical sampling rate
Scanner that controls stepping motor torque
High speed facsimile transmission
Communication apparatus and method
Color image reader
System and method of realizing color reproduction of a color image between different color devices
Gamut mapping using local area information
Signal processing apparatus
Display apparatus comprising an optocoupler circuit
Circuit and method for compensating horizontal centering in video display apparatus
Motion adaptive median filter for interlace to progressive scan conversion
Video camera and video camera setup method
DE-interlacing a video signal representing interlaced fields
Methods and apparatus for zooming during capture and reproduction of 3-dimensional images
Video signal digital processing device, information storage medium for video signal digital processing, and video signal digital processing method
Double/multi window processing apparatus for television system
Teletext with transparent function
Method and apparatus for controlling an imaging apparatus, imaging operation control system, and storage medium storing a program implementing such a method
Apparatus and method for incorporating virtual video conferencing environments
Digital broadcasting system using virtual channels
Variable length code decoding device, digital broadcast receiving apparatus, and DVD reproducing apparatus
Video projection holographic screen, system and method
Optical transmission system including optical restoration
ATM switching matrix including a passive optical core
Selective call receiver with improved setting of test mode
AMEL device with improved optical properties
Switching device
Discharge lamp lighting device and illuminating device
Universal electronic ballast
Method of producing short-wave radiation from a gas-discharge plasma and device for implementing it
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