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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Cane-type plant chemical dispenser
Systems and methods for animal containment, training, and tracking
Portable, multi-access container
Aquarium detritus removal system
Fake bait having adjustment device
Loading caps suitable for rucking using low profile ruckers capable of rucking fixed diameter coverings
Articles of footwear
Double layer zipper with tadpole-shaped interlocking teeth
Ski boot carrier
Fluid powered bath accessory
Painting implement cleaning and support apparatus
Brush and broom bristle
Backboard container storage system
Extracting apparatus for storage module
Display hanging system
Stand mixer and heating means combination apparatus
Removable and interchangeable soap dish and/or other bathroom fixtures assembly
Heated food preparation surface cleaning system
Device for removing insects with disposable paper
Electric cleaner
Endoscope apparatus and its control method
System, apparatus and method for opening an occluded lesion
Implant to be located between adjacent spinous processes
Hemostatic tissue tunnel generator for inserting treatment apparatus into tissue of a patient
Systems and methods for delivering light to a surgical site
Blood testing device
Noninvasive living body measurement apparatus and noninvasive living body measurement method
Self-dispensing dental floss applicator
Extractor for broken tooth root
Reusable adjustable diaper
Adjusted index of refraction of ocular replacement material
Chiropractic table system
Retracting eye drape
Ankle rehabilitation device
Apparatus and method for controlling a vacuum source to establish fluid flow
Negative pressure bandage with internal storage chamber
Sleep inducing apparatus and electronic device using the same
Method for percutaneously implanting a medical catheter and medical catheter implanting assembly
IV start device and method
Material delivery system
Infusion set of self-occlusion mechanism
Training dummy assembly for doing stand-up drills and ground drills
Exercise device with treadles
Tool with holder for smoking article
Soccer training apparatus and method
Method and system for playing a casino game
Game controller using kiss
Gaming cabinet with a gaming deck capable of being slid away from the display and rotated in either upward or downward directions
Electronic game machine and its program
Sound generating device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for concentrating nitrogen isotope
Air filtration systems
Nitrogen-permeable membranes and uses thereof
Auto ignition type autothermal reformer and fuel cell system having the same
Process for the generation of a synthesis gas
Outlet of a spigot
Method of forming two-dimensional sheet material into three-dimensional structure
Method for bonding metal surfaces, method for producing an object having cavities, object having cavities, structure of a light emitting diode
Device and method for making a semiconductor device including bonding two bonding partners
Electromagnet battery handler
Tool and method for removing sweeper bristles from a railway track broom
Apparatus and method for stringing aerial cables using aircraft
Rotary table device provided with cooling structure and rotary bearing provided with cooling structure
Drill bit sharpening tool
Reticle carrier
Digital beam torque wrench with an electronic sensor
Fruit and vegetables slicing apparatus structure
Electrohydraulic pressing device having removable hose
Machine and a method for folding nappy/diaper blanks
Press and method for forming beams having at least one substantially U-shaped cross-sectional portion from glue-coated wood chips
System, method, and apparatus for pre-tensioned pipe for load-sharing with composite cover
Joining stretchable fabric portions to one another
Liquid ejection head and method of producing the same
Apparatus for regulating air pressure in ink tank and ink-supplying system having the same
Inkjet printing apparatus and inkjet printing method
Image recording apparatus and method for controlling the apparatus
Method of adjusting optical axis of ink droplet detecting device, method of assembling ink droplet detecting device, and apparatus for adjusting optical axis
Optical structure, in particular for a security document and/or a document of value
Retail merchandise hook
Eraser and marker holder for white boards
Magnetic recording medium and method of manufacturing the same
Pneumatic tire and manufacturing method therefor
Hydraulic protection of a rolling stabilization system
Hydraulic propulsion, gyroscopic energy storage vehicle drive system
Tarp with multiple attachment points
Sensor housing
Roof panels for an automotive vehicle
Energy converter assembly
Trolling motor support assembly
Vehicle control apparatus and vehicle control method
Decorative LED tail light arrangement
Electric vehicle
Air bag and air bag device
Fuel lid
Vehicle side body structure
Name plate motorcycle exhaust guard
Bicycle frame
Front structure of saddle type vehicle
Unitary twin pontoon hull float boat
System and method for a launch control console for communication with unmanned underwater vehicles
High speed airship structure
Aircraft huffer coupling adapter and methods of use
Systems and methods for deployment and operation of unmanned aerial vehicles
Attachable drain collar for plumbing system couplings
Method and device for inserting a food stuff into a pliable bag
Protective cover mechanism
Shipping and display container with removable panel
Food storage container system
Beverage container with chill sleeve
Medical guidewire basin
Bridge breaker
High speed roofing shingle making machine including cutter, catcher and stacker
Conveyor cargo handling system and method of use
Auto-reel changer
Drive mechanism for stacker linkage
Image forming apparatus with cassette configured to store various sizes of sheets
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Spacing control for two elevator cars in a common shaft
Manhole cover extractor
Three-dimensional structure and its manufacturing method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Washable anaerobic digester with fixed biofilm
Glass manufacturing device
Method for extraction of sugar
Binder resin composition and inorganic fine particle-dispersed paste composition
Fuel additive
Method of treating a fuel to reverse phase separation
Method of producing carbonaceous material-containing briquettes using steel mill dust containing oil
Process for removing water from alkali metal amalgam
Electrolytic cell for obtaining aluminium
Textiles; Paper
Calender for calendering a paper web
Press section and permeable belt in a paper machine
Method and system using surfactants in paper sizing composition to inhibit deposition of multivalent fatty acid salts
Fixed Constructions
Containment boom mooring system
Cantilever skidding system on a drilling rig
Dishwashing pan
Firestop drain assembly
Support structure for solar collector
De-iced gutter debris preclusion system
Coupling device for forming a protective building system
Wave ripple panel
Tree mounted ladder assembly
Method and apparatus for a true geometry, durable rotating drill bit
Methods of chemical diversion of scale inhibitors
Method for pressure testing a pressure foot assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Actuator powered by fluid and method of forming the same
Cooled turbine airfoil fabricated from sheet material
Internal combustion engine comprising an integrated oil dipstick guiding element
Exhaust gas stream vortex breaker
Exhaust gas purification device
Two cycle engine and tool
Natural gas liquefaction plant and motive power supply equipment for same
Non-handed thrust reverser for installation on handed aircraft gas turbine propulsion engines
Partial filling of a pulse detonation combustor in a pulse detonation combustor based hybrid engine
Methods and apparatus for mixing fluid in turbine engines
Flow driven engine
Hoseless hydraulic system
Toggle bolt device
Self-tapping and self-aligning insert to replace damaged threads
Fastener having controllably variable preload and method of forming same
Rolling bearing assembly and method of forming a lubrication device therefor
Combined bearing and rotary machine
Sealing arrangement for a bearing
Proximity sensor enabled mechanical power coupling system
Self-reinforcing electromechanical disc brake
Wedge clutch assembly
Penetrating shaft type planetary gear train with bidirectional input and one-way output
Vehicle drive
Electric drive for a mobile vehicle
Tensioner for a drive belt of a motor vehicle
Piston portion for a piston assembly and a piston assembly
Device and piston for segregating articles
Safety valve for a compressed gas reservior
Air release valve
Method and device for operating an electropneumatic valve
Hydrocarbon gas delivery system
Tubular structure
Glass LED light bulbs
Stereoscopic view light source, with multiple modes of operation
Bulb-type lamp and lighting device
Large area light panel and screen
Display device
Backlight unit of display apparatus
Light-emitting module and luminaire
Symmetric serrated edge light guide having circular base segments
Semiconductor lamp with wavelength converter and circuit component axially opposed from light source
Door control mechanism
Heating apparatus having at least two thermoelectric modules which are connected in series
Fluid distribution apparatus and method facilitating cooling of electronics rack(s) and simulating heated airflow exhaust of electronics rack(s)
Refrigerator door vacuum preservation system
Weapons foregrip
Scent dispersing apparatus
System and method for verifying manufacturing accuracy
Method and system for inspecting multi-layer reticles
Sensor assembly including a collar for mounting sensors to a pipeline
Graduated measuring container and method for measuring and mixing material compounds
Apparatus for measuring load of construction machine
Gas-actuated thermometer
Method and system for transferring analyte test data
Gravity survey data processing
Connector having an floatable optical module
Mirror and a method of manufacturing thereof
Backlight module
Vehicle use control system and method thereof
Recording system, recording method, information processing apparatus, information processing control method, recording control device, and recording control method
Probe speculative address file
Cache management for a number of threads
Flexible use of extended cache using a partition cache footprint
Updating cam arrays using prefix length distribution prediction
Method and apparatus for improving small write performance in a non-volatile memory
System and method for calculating coordinate pairs for construction of arches and archways
Achieving distributed flow control via data conflation
Device and a method for transmitting notification messages and a corresponding device and method for receiving notification messages
Content delivery system, cache server, and cache control server
Program-implementable image processing apparatus, control method for image processing apparatus, control program for realizing control method, and memory medium
Performing services in a network data processing system
Resource allocator with knowledge-based optimization
Dynamic adjustment of user-received communications for a real-time multimedia communications event
Method and system for analysis of message transactions in a distributed system
Method and apparatus for collecting, analyzing, and presenting data in a communication network
Method of offloading iSCSI PDU corruption-detection digest generation from a host processing unit, and related iSCSI offload engine
Splitting and sharing routing information among several routers acting as a single border router
Method and apparatus of dynamically allocating resources across multiple virtual machines
Method and apparatus for configuring a communication channel
System and method for providing secure access to data with user defined table functions
Method for operating a multi-step automatic transmission
Remote code reader system
Methods and systems for processing and displaying data
System and method for previewing relevance of streaming data
Media content voting, ranking, and playing system
Information processing method, information processing program and information processing device
Generating containers for electronic records based on configurable parameters
Method and apparatus for providing multiple management interfaces to a network device
Providing sealed storage in a data processing device
Early decoupling capacitor optimization method for hierarchical circuit design
Method and system for distributing clock signals on non Manhattan semiconductor integrated circuits
Computing device and method for checking signal transmission line
Method and apparatus for improving noise analysis performance
Dynamic generation of tests
Information system service-level security risk analysis
Retail point of sale (RPOS) digital rights convergence
Operation support apparatus and method of the same
Network on chip with an I/O accelerator
Generating and using constraints associated with software related products
Method and system for coordinating data and voice communications via customer contact channel changing system
Image-forming apparatus with customizable operation panel settings, method thereof, and recording medium
Apparatus and method for providing user interface service in a multimedia system
Method for performing gear shifting
System and method for presenting events
Patient identification
Security protocol processing for anti-replay protection
Method and system for preventing unauthorized recording of media content on a macintosh operating system
Mechanism for generating random numbers following normal distribution
Security enclave device to extend a virtual secure processing environment to a client device
Link stack repair of erroneous speculative update
Allocating rename register from separate register sets for each result data of multiple data processing instruction
Using a menu slideshow framework for generating a custom menu-driven slideshow containing definable content
Software change management extension for uniformly handling artifacts with relaxed contraints
Discovering multi-component software products
Reusing an application object
Peripheral device control system, its control method, and information processing apparatus, and computer program and computer-readable storage medium
Communications techniques for an intelligent digital audiovisual reproduction system
Open systems developer portal and managing software development projects
SimpleBinding extension
Clock alias for timing analysis of an integrated circuit design
Information processing device and image processing apparatus
Dynamically adjusting simulation fidelity based on changes in activity levels of components
Counterfeit detection system and method
Displaying an overlapped print preview for multiple pages with different finishing options
Consumable supply management system, consumable supply management method, and consumable supply management program
Method and system for managing service levels provided by service providers
Medical resource storage and management apparatus and medical supply management system
Payment processing system for use in a retail environment having segmented architecture
System and method for electronic commerce and other uses
Internet service systems and methods
Price comparison process and system
Apparatus and methods for generating and accessing arguments
Method and system for contracting producer milk on a class III basis
Method for funding a charity using a prepaid card
Instruments and methods for obtaining informed consent to genetic tests
Map drawing device and map data display control method
Orthopedic procedures training simulator
Bereavement artifact
Removable license plate protector
Confidence tying for unsupervised synthetic speech adaptation
Updating standard patterns of words in a voice recognition dictionary
Silence-based adaptive real-time voice and video transmission methods and system
Indexing method for quick search of voice recognition results
Method and apparatus for adaptive sub-band allocation of spectral coefficients
Motor having improved sleeve holder and base plate combining structure and optical disc drive using the same
Electronic device having heat dissipation airflow path
Method to assemble disk drive
Drive device for optical disc apparatus
Registers with full scan capability
Support element office mode array repair code verification
Method for manufacturing antenna
Electrical connector for realizing a high signal transmission rate
High-power connector having heat dissipation structure
Connector assembly for corrugated coaxial cable
Linear feedback shift calculation apparatus, communication apparatus, microprocessor, and data output method in a linear feedback calculation apparatus
Mobile communication system, mobile communication device, and method for employing antenna and transmitting unit selection for transmission of reference and data signals
Transmission level control method and transceiver apparatus in wireless local loop system
Electronic device that operates in two modes based on connection to power supply and command information
Method and system for dynamic service negotiation with a uniform security control plane in a wireless network
Multiple user desktop graphical identification and authentication
Data reproducing method, data recording/ reproducing apparatus and data transmitting method
Communication device with multiple detachable communication modules
Slide opening/closing device, method of restricting sliding movement of slide member, electronic apparatus, and mobile terminal device
Vehicular communication system and vehicular communication program
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and information sharing system
Content guide information processing apparatus, content guide information processing method and computer program thereof
Method of fabricating a piezoelectric vibrator
Method and apparatus for mobile subscriber alert notification
Communication apparatus and method of displaying received e-mail in communication apparatus
Base station and mobile station
Expired Patents Due To Time
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Patent Title
Human Necessities
Rowcrop machine guidance using ground penetrating radar
Tool bar
Disk colter for seed drills
Liquid dispenser for seed planter with diverter
Extension for reducing seed bounce and associated attachment brackets
Flip top housing for tree processing apparatus
Self-cleaning litter box
Pet carrier for travelers
Animal safety stanchion with stanchion bumper
Interchangeable grooming apparatus for animals
Apparatus and method for encapsulating an animal's head
Animal restraining device
Feedyard information system and associated method
Pet dish support apparatus
Game feeder
Machine for planting shellfish seedlings
Automatic fish feeder
Horseshoe imparting natural conformance and function providing adjustable shape and attenuation of shock and vibration
Sea bird marine craft protector
Device for treating starch-based products
Apparatus and method for cooking food products for consumption
Continuous washing device for vegetables, fiber, or other materials
Fruit and vegetable peeling apparatus
Pre-heat apparatus for peeling system
Cigarette with dry powered Vitamin E
Nicotine candy cigarette
Cooling and sieve drum for tobacco material
Process for treating tobacco
Tie-tipping machine
Umbrella with actuator sleeve for manual and automatic operation
Money clip and card holder
Portable therapy and game case assembly
Supporting device for a wheeled suitcase
Locking device of a tool box
Foldable box assembly
Dispenser container for rod-like cosmetic
Hair clip having a novel gripping mechanism and removable decorative attachments
Safety belt for climbing tree stand
Clipable article container
Hitch-mountable accessory
Closet organizer suspension system
Stepped organizer/rack
Drawer tray with attachment arms
Folding table base
Shelf assembly with pusher having memory characteristic and method of use
Merchandising display track device having attached front wall
Shelving system
Application of removable information/advertising indicia
Dispenser for stick form solid edible foods, components therefor and methods of making the same
Knife holder
Support for hanging crocheted pieces
Method of making multi-ply bottom of clad metal cookware
Portable heat-concentrating kettle cooker
Apparatus for consecutively dispensing an equal volume of liquid
Telescoping coffee and tea brewer
Apparatus for preparing beverages with end of brew phase detection
Multi-purpose cooker
Outdoor grill
Oven door hinge
Rotatable standoff for shower caddy bucket
Low maintenance cosmetic dispenser with a slideable nozzle hood
Liquid dispenser for dispensing foam
Detergent dispenser with a window wiper
Method of operating a wet extractor
Fluid flow regulator
Punctum plug
Method and arrangement for determining the position of a marker in an organic cavity
Device and method for displaying deciduous teeth and molars
Adjustable earplug
Device and method for providing liquid to a user's mouth
Anti-scoliosis bio-mechanical vibration-decompression compression gymnastical health-improving method (askovibro-method) in a complete conservative treatment of scoliosis of the spine
Hand support for walker frame
Double bag for application of a fluid substance
Device for pre-dosing of a powdery product for a product dispenser
Pluripotential bone marrow cell line and methods of using the same
Inhalation apparatus
Indicating device for aerosol container
Mechanical ventilator
Endotracheal tube cleaning apparatus
Audible sound communication from an implantable medical device
Inflatable slide for attachment to a house window
Mask with gel seal
Dual cylinder manifold
Dual stage fire extinguisher
Thrust reverser sprinkler head
Concealed extended coverage quick response sprinkler
Multi-use belt with ball holder
Accurate, multi-axis, computer-controlled object projection machine
Triple layer mouthguard having integral shock absorbing framework
Vertically stacked collapsible structures
Snowfall simulator with agitating dispenser
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process and system for operating a diesel engine
Closed type water storage container with water level controller and air filtering device
Mobile soil treatment apparatus and method
Process and facility to remove solid matter from an aqueous fibrous material suspension
Oil separation and pumping systems
Dual compartment package and pumps
Carrier for a pump type atomiser
Liquid dispensing system with controllably movable cartridge
Dispenser for viscous material
Vibration-type screening machine
Apparatus and method for transposing sorted goods into an ordered sequence
Mechanism for cleaning an integrated circuit wafer hot plate while the hot plate is at operating temperature
Vertical wafer cleaning and drying system
Treatment apparatus
Cleaning method
Method and apparatus for internal cleaning of pipes or tubes
Solar panel and method of manufacturing thereof
Side wall for closing off the casting space of a plant for the twin-roll continuous casting of thin metal strip
Method of centrifugally casting reinforced composite articles
Method and system for the control of a vacuum valve of a vacuum die casting machine
Internal nozzle/plate assembly comprising a weakened portion
Method of quality control of die casting product and die casting machine controlling apparatus
Solder bonding/debonding nozzle insert
Method and machine for wave soldering or tinning
Continuous mode solder jet apparatus
Soldering method and apparatus
Fixture for use in disposing a region of material on the shroud of a rotor blade
Automated carrier tube loading apparatus
Selectable one way stepless clutch
Interchangeable grips for power hand tools
Tape-Connected fastener
Fastening tool
Tool item container
Paint spray booth with robot
Press apparatus with dynamic counterbalance and feed mechanism
Finger jointer
Sealing roller system for surface treatment gas reactors
Resealable liner and induction seal combination
Plate making device and printer and printing system using the plate making device
Turning tower arrangement
Printing unit with anilox roller bearer positioning
Transfer drum in a sheet-processing printing press
Narrow-gap plate cylinder with plates attached to partially cylindrical shells
Inking unit for rotary printing presses
Printing press damping system
Hand-guided appliance with an internal combustion engine with direct electronic injection
Integrated folder and retaining pocket
Heavy duty radial tire
Heavy duty pneumatic radial tires with specified coating rubber of outermost belt layer
Low cost light weight radial tire
Crown reinforcement for a heavy vehicle tire
Crown reinforcement for a tire
Rotary vibration damper
Heat generator for vehicle heating system
Self-renewing electrically driven automobile
Engine hood
Rotation transmission device
Indicating instrument having self-luminescent indicator
Tire mounted work tray
Portable jib crane for panel trucks
Modular air tank assembly
Safety restraint buckle three-state tongue sensor
Gun storage device
Fluid pressurization system
Cable operated piston travel indicator
Piston pump
Lift augmented ground effect platform
System for automated transport of automobile platforms passenger cabins and other loads
Clamping device
Electric power steering unit
Vehicle steering apparatus
Power steering control valve with back pressure
Robotic leg for traversing a path similar to that of a human leg during walking
Wall-mounted storage device
Wheel mounting members and axle covers for a motorcycle
Device for hybrid riser for the sub-sea transportation of petroleum products
Marine mooring system
Air-cushion and accurate mine laying and mapping system
Rolling reef system for the mainsail of a sailing vessel
Location indicating system
Method and device for strapping individual objects or stacks of objects
Cable tie dispensing apparatus
Aseptic container filling assembly
Graduated sight glass container
Full-depth nestable crate
Stackable metal can
Bottle-like plastic container and process for producing it
Protective covering for a cell phone or a pager
Self-locking, self-sealing inspection port
Linerless closure for carbonated beverage container
Cap skirt with single bead and container neck structure
Hybrid beverage container
Package for pourable goods
Interplant bulk shipment containers
Child resistant cap with one-way ratchet and locking channel
Security container with locking lid
Key actuated locking cap
Containers and caps having tamper-evident liners
Sheath-structure container and method for manufacturing thereof
Port plug
Shock-resistant container
Bottle carrier
Contact lens package
Package method for the manufacture thereof and coupling therefor
Packing protector
Prepackaged disposable cleaning and neutralizing towelette
Medicine unit dose dispensing system and method
Business card dispenser
Ammunition packaging
Collection apparatus
Speed limiter for boxes or pallets
Lining for driving or return drums or pulleys for conveyor belts
Apparatus and method of decorating articles using a transport screw with a varying screw flight pitch
Conveyor roller
Composite scraper blade
Packaging machine infeed device
Tilting-conveying element for a sorter-conveyer
Method for storing a plurality of electronic smart cards
Normal thermal stopping device with non-critical vane spacing
Quick assembly elevator cab
Escalator or moving walkway with inclined balustrade
Stairlift skate
Bridge crane
Breaking arrangement for elevating work platform
Slush beverage dispensing system
Beer foam reducing apparatus
Control method and apparatus to detect the presence of a first object and monitor a relative position of the first or subsequent objects such as container identification and product fill control
Safety dispenser for a water purifier
Beverage dispensing structure with cabinet for beverage container with flexible discharge tube
Vapor recovery diagnostic testing system
Dual hose assembly and control system for truck-to-truck fuel transfer
Condiment dispensing system utilizing a draw-back valve
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process to remove poly(arylene sulfide) based deposits from an article
Means and method for the preparation of sealings in oil and gas wells
Substrate carrier for a vacuum coating apparatus
Thin film deposition chamber
Encapsulated thermofoil heater apparatus and associated methods
Method and apparatus for depositing diamond film
Method of processing internal surfaces of a chemical vapor deposition reactor
Heating tube for boilers and method of manufacturing the same
Textiles; Paper
Weft stretching and detecting apparatus for a jet weaving loom
Automatic flange applying machine
Automatic pillow sham sewing machine
Sewing machine with mechanism for retracting feed dog away from upper surface of needle plate
Bobbin case and bobbin of sewing machine
System and device for forming a fabric having a synchronized woven design and printed design
Fixed Constructions
Doweling hole drilling machine
Earth displacement drill
Automatic faucet assembly with mating housing and high endurance finish
Modular anechoic panel system and method
Method and apparatus for suspending worker's scaffolds over the sides of buildings
Supporting truss, for example a shelter structure
Wrap-around elevator door
Garage door safety bracket
Stiffeners for sectional overhead doors
Safe for supporting a bed
System of telecoping longitudinally grooved door-stiffening columns for bracing garage door against hurricane force winds
Screen door accessory
Control system and method for roll-up door
Elements faced with superhard material
Drill bit including non-plugging nozzle and method for removing cuttings from drilling tool
Method of using a drill string tool
Spooled coiled tubing strings for use in wellbores
Drill string diverter apparatus and method
Bore tractor system
Apparatus and method for controlling hydraulic control fluid circuitry for a tubing hanger
Wellbore shoe joints and cementing systems
Flow control apparatus with specific latching means for use in a subterranean well and associated methods
Apparatus and method for stimulating a subterranean formation
Combination side pocket mandrel flow measurement and control assembly
Horizontal boring apparatus used to install a pipeline
Orientation device, particularly for drilling tool or a well equipment
Directional drilling system and apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary internal combustion engine
Emergency shutoff valve exerciser for steam turbine and methods for installing and operating same
Fluid deflecting and straining system
Fuel pump arrangement for engine
Process for controlling self-ignition in a 4-stroke engine
Valve seat for internal combustion engine
Electromagnetic valve actuator
Method for controlling output pressure of an engine oil pump
Power machine lubrication
Electronically controlled continuous lubricating oil replacement system
Crankcase ventilation system
Mufflers for use with engine retarders; and methods
Muffler for vehicles
Spark-ignition internal combustion engine having a combustion chamber provided with three valves and a central spark-plug
Supercharger for engine
Electronically controlled fuel injection type two-stroke engine
Two-speed supercharger
Multiple circular slider crank reciprocating piston internal combustion engine
Fuel shutoff system
Drive arrangement and method of reducing the amount of no.sub.x in the exhaust gases from an internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus to accomplish exhaust air recirculation during engine braking and/or exhaust gas recirculation during positive power operation of an internal combustion engine
Evaporation fuel treating device for an internal combustion engine
Engine speed control method and controller therefor
Air-fuel ratio control system for internal combustion engines
Method of cylinder-selective control of an internal combustion engine
Control method
Electronic control and method for consistently controlling the amount of fuel injected by a hydraulically activated, electronically controlled injector fuel system to an engine
Direct-injection spark-ignition internal-combustion engine
Cylinder block structure
Abnormality detection apparatus for preventing fuel gas emission
Combustion enhancement device
Rotation limiting connections between cross-over tubes and fuel rails for internal combustion engines
Hydraulically-actuated fuel injector with direct control needle valve
Fuel injection pump for internal combustion engines, in particular one-cylinder diesel engines
Ignition device for an internal combustion engine
Scroll compressor bearing lubrication
Tornado generation method and apparatus
Pneumatic pilot-operated control valve assembly
Method for operating a corner burner for a tangential burner system and corner burner for performing the method
Coupling structure of driving force transmitting members
Actuator for clutch ring
Outer ring for one-way clutch
Variable height adjustable punch assembly having quick release stripper plate
Friction brake device utilizing dual ball ramp devices
Drum brake device
Clutch device of a miller
Pneumatic damping strut
Fluid exchange apparatus
Shifter with novel shift lever position indicator
Piston for internal-combustion engine and method for manufacture thereof
Valve cone, a valve and a valve manufacturing process
Apparatus and method for replacing an attachment on a vacuum chamber
Low spill high flow quick coupling valve assembly
Metal seal hydraulic coupling
Coupling for connecting two vacuum-insulated lines via a coupling socket and a coupling plug
Quick coupling for hoses or pipes for pressure media
Gas manifold connector and gas distribution manifold assembly for gas stove
Thawing tube guide for a culvert
Apparatus and method for the robotic repairing of an underground pipe junction
Air inlets for water heaters
Apparatus for removal and cooling of ash from the bed of a fluidized bed furnace
Control device for gas burners
Solar collector
Cooling device with heat pipe
Oil cooler structure
Plate-type heat exchangers
Collector for a motor vehicle heat exchanger with a partitioning made of crossing flat strips
Heat exchanger member and baffle installation method therefor
Sealing method and apparatus for a heat exchanger
Heat exchanger assembled without brazing in which adhesive is used to seal a combined portion and a core plate
Phosphorescent paintball and kit including phosphorescent paintball, exciter, and gun
Compound bow cams and modules
Single-cam compound archery bow
Arrow west
Closable radiator grid for an armored vehicle
Electronic delay detonator
Electronic, out-of-line safety fuze for munitions such as hand grenades
Connectors for wired networks for detonators
Process for producing a sensor arrangement for measuring temperature
Chemical sample loading station for loading sample solutions in a sample funnel of a chemical treatment cassette
Device for regulating the flow of gases having substantially different molar masses
Acoustic body wave dampener
Gas blanket controller
Compressed gas regulator with flow control and internal gauge
Information display system
System for processing chip and/or magnetic stripe cards
Method and system for storing and preparing data using a data memory card
Liquid crystal dynamic barcode display
Reader for smart IC card
Interface between threshold processing digitizer for bar code reader
Method for locating and reading a two-dimensional barcode
Coin bin with locking lid
Money screening method and unit
Article dispensing apparatus
Vending machine for packaged commodities
Fuel dispenser hardware identification system
Automated banking machine enclosure
Vending machine
Sound isolation plate structure
Data storage library and method for adaptive cartridge storage
Plasma etching chamber for manufacturing semiconductor devices
Plasma source
Fluorine assisted stripping and residue removal in sapphire downstream plasma asher
Method of forming interconnections on electronic modules
Adapter jig
Cushion system for wafer carriers
Manual wafer lift
Heat dissipation system having releasable attachment assembly
Cabinet for electric and electronic systems
Mobile telephone case
Article for collecting sound for ears
Parts processing system with notched conveyor belt transport
Part supplying device
Electric-component tape feeding apparatus and electric-component supplying method
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