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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Windrow merger lift assist bar
Quickly installable mulch-type accessory for a walk-behind or riding mower
Powered garden or lawn edging assembly
Animal instrumentation
Animal habitat and display system
Artificial fly fishing lure
Shoe closure system
Seat, in particular a vehicle seat, with means for deviating a ventilation flow based on Coanda effect
Adjustable apparatus for adjusting positions of display and adjusting method thereof
Dynamic mouse tray
Desk caddy
Ice scraper
System having a power tool and an AC/DC hand portable wet/dry vacuum that share a battery pack
Vacuum cleaning head
Active earphone authentication method
Stent loader
Adjustable mask
Apparatus and method for controlling fraction of inspired oxygen
Flow diverter for controlling the pressure and flow rate in CPAP device
Enhanced video gaming machine
Performing Operations; Transporting
Storage bin for letters and flat pieces of mail
Dishwasher and method for controlling the same
Kitchenware washers and methods of manufacturing the same
Rivet driving anvil retention method
Locking chuck
Fast substrate loading on polishing head without membrane inflation step
Roll cutting apparatus
Sawing machine, cutting-off method, and method of reducing noise
Method for operating the engine of fastening tool
Multiple expansion card insertion and extraction tool
Variable dust chute for circular saws
Planer and thicknesser
Method for fabricating multi-layer, hub-less blade
Expansion device placement apparatus
Label device
Ink cartridge with sealed air inlet
Inkjet image forming apparatus and method of maintaining nozzle unit thereof
Ink-jet recording apparatus
Print controller, method and program for print control, color conversion table, and method for determining ink quantity
Pneumatic tire with outermost circumferential grooves having zigzag bottoms
Adjustable stiffness leaf spring actuators
Vehicular air conditioner
Static door catcher
Electric system for fuel cell, fuel cell vehicle, and method of supplying electric power
Combination switch
Automotive seat reclining system
Cable-operated slide-out for recreational vehicle
Vehicle with reversible cargo space mat arrangement
Modular bumper shell
Portable vehicle door and bumper guard
Air bag door and chute
Pressurized gas release mechanism
Seat belt buckle rotation angle restriction mechanism
Pinless wheel bumper block
Variable force rate vacuum booster
Collapsible stroller for children and the like
Decoupler deflector devices and systems for automobile steering systems
Wheel alignment and vehicle height adjusting apparatus
All terrain vehicles having midpoint fastener and methods
All terrain vehicles having stay assembly
Pivoting slab cart
Bicycle crank
Method for damping of the rolling motion of a water vehicle, in particular for roll stabilization of ships
Mounting device for interior equipment in aircraft
Apparatuses for dispensing materials volumetrically and gravimetrically based on a stored formula and methods of dispensing formulas using the same
Double-walled flexible dispenser sump connection system
Automated packaging apparatus with vertically extendable product holding members and associated methods and systems
Closure having user-modifiable functionality
Threaded child-resistant package having linerless closure
Storage apparatus
Modular protective housing structure
Roll away chute with no-tool liners and gates
System for transporting substrate carriers
Parts feeder and terminal press-connection device
Sheet feeder
Method and device for the contactless detection of flat objects
Electric drawworks for a drilling rig
Ceiling-mounted elevating storage platform
Water well serving system
Safety stirrup
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Phosphor-containing coating systems and fluorescent lamps equipped therewith
Plasma processing apparatus
Fixed Constructions
Dual flush system for toilet
Hidden key cylinder
Hinge with an improved box-fastening arrangement
Power and/or data connection in a downhole component
Self-tightening safety tubular clamp
Method of creating a zonal isolation in an underground wellbore
Double barrier system for an in situ conversion process
Methods and compositions for diverting acid fluids in wellbores
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Abnormality determination apparatus for intake amount control mechanism
Exhaust apparatus of an internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine variable compression ratio system
Variable compression ratio engine with external actuation impulse
Method of operating an atomizing arrangement
Gas turbine engine fuel system with fuel metering valve
Cylinder head gasket having deformation delimiting devices radially inside and outside sealing bead
Starter with intermediate gear
Cable clamp
Bicycle shift position control mechanism
Actuating arrangement in a transmission for two pressure medium-actuatable shift elements
Harmonic drive linear actuator
Spring spacer for a spring
Resin-made gearing apparatus
Flow Regulator
Backflow preventer
Fuel cutoff valve
Gas plug connector
Connector with check function
Method and apparatus for producing slush nitrogen
Drum washing machine and clothes dryer using peltier thermoelectric module
Drying device and method thereof
Heat exchanger with multiple stage fluid expansion in header
Exhaust gas heat exchanger
Pump gun
Breach plug for muzzleloading rifle
Electromagnetic railgun projectile
Adjustable rear pistol sight and sight mounting and adjustment method
Pass-through gage and method of gaging a workpiece
High resolution coherent dual-tip scanning probe microscope
Flow meter and exhaust gas recirculation system using the same
Measuring device for detecting stresses of a bearing arrangement
Vehicle device installation system
Method of determining a maximum adhesion coefficient of a tire
System and method for measuring extensional rheology of bodily fluids
Constant-force rheometer
Rheometer torque calibration fixture
Battery system and associated method for determining the internal resistance of battery cells or battery modules of said battery system
Method of inspecting a substrate using ultrasonic waves and apparatus for performing the same
Contact combustion gas sensor
Vibrating inertial rate sensor utilizing skewed drive or sense elements
Control target flow specifying method and control target flow specifying device
Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display matrix with irregular aperture geometry
Projector, color correction device, and projection method
Image forming apparatus that converts input color value to representative color value within constant hue plane and uses converted color value as printing color value, and image forming method
Universal locking lever
Smart power management apparatus and method leveraging monitoring status of manual switch
Sequenced pulse-width adjustment in a resonant clocking circuit
Dynamic control of signaling power based on an error rate
System and method of managing tags associated with read voltages
Destage grouping for sequential fast write tracks
Dynamically adapting the configuration of a multi-queue cache based on access patterns
Multi-source address translation service (ATS) with a single ATS resource
Storage control device controlling access to a storage device and access controlling method of a storage device
Contextually aware client buffer thresholds
Intermediate computer interface device
Information processing apparatus and method for generating coupling information
Identification of location of a target address using position information transmitted by position identifying transmitter in vicinity of target address
Power consumption in laser printing
Individual XML message processing platform
Increase database performance by reducing required communications and information transfers
Systems and methods for improving efficiency of electronic transmission of messages
Systems and methods for managing a wireless connection between a computing device and a peripheral module
Message broadcasting in a clustered computing environment
Operating a dual chipset network interface controller (`NIC`) that includes a high performance media access control chipset and a low performance media access control chipset
System for tracking diffusion
Integrated email and chat system and method
Method and apparatus for managing blind-carbon-copy account replies in e-mail communications
Method of providing quick answer service in SIP message service system
Method for processing shared file and cloud storage server
System for serving content based on a user profile
Pre-staging messages at a remote location
Video conferencing over IP networks
Mobile device pass through for signaling messages
Server, data caching method, and communication system
Method of performing pairing between coordinator and device in network, method of performing pairing between devices, method of pairing between coordinators and network system including the coordinators and the devices
Proxy based data transfer utilizing direct memory access
Conveying state changes using connectionless messaging and a store-and-forward cache
Reliability in distributed environments
Burst capacity for user-defined pools
Resource management in a cloud computing environment
Obtaining a MAC address from an external source
Apparatus and method for correcting time stamps of transactions performed by multiple servers
User feedback systems and methods
Apparatus and method for efficient prefix sum operation
Technique that enhances the manipulation of an HTML tree presentation by using an array representation of the hierarchical path of a tree node
Method, apparatus and system for perpetual bonus game
System and method for identifying a location of interest to be named by a user
Orthogonal transform apparatus, orthogonal transform method, orthogonal transform computer program, and audio decoding apparatus
Loose term-centric representation for term classification in aspect-based sentiment analysis
Knowledge-rich automatic term disambiguation
Document fingerprints and templates
MIN/MAX query with synopsis guided scan order
Data federation query suggestion
Data table performance optimization
Managing questioning in a question and answer system
Managing questioning in a question and answer system
Nearest known person directory function
System and method for making a recommendation based on user data
Bloom filter index for device discovery
Auto suggestion in search with additional properties
Continuously blocking query result data for a remote query
Enhancing reliability of a storage system by strategic replica placement and migration
Deploying programs in a cluster node
Retrieval and display of related content using text stream data feeds
Integrated circuit cell library for multiple patterning
Secure pre-loaded drive management at kiosk
Using a declaration of security requirements to determine whether to permit application operations
Intelligent key selection and generation
Social network publication system
Providing secure indexes for searching encrypted data
System for migrating stash transactions
Recommendation of television content
Managing emails at an electronic mail client
Display apparatus and method of providing a user interface
Deduplicated data processing rate control
Information processing method and program thereof for converting print data into a data format suitable for a general purpose operating system
Facsimile apparatus
Object synthesis
Social media content management system and method
Searching apparatus, searching method, and searching system
Automated contextual information retrieval based on multi-tiered user modeling and dynamic retrieval strategy
Encryption levels for secure application containers
Apparatus and method of mask permute instructions
Mission tuples in a streaming application environment
Commodity sales registration processing system and commodity information registering apparatus
Commodity sales registration processing system and commodity information registering apparatus
Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus that achieve appropriate continuous reading and recording medium
Method and system for protecting privacy of signature on mail ballot utilizing optical shutter
Far view two-dimensional symbology
Far view two-dimensional symbology
System and method for wearable indication of personal risk within a workplace
Multi-format bar code reader
Combined multifunctional RFID communication device
Self-photograph verification for communication and content access
Image processing apparatus and method that synthesizes an all-round image of a vehicle's surroundings
System for locating mobile display devices
Method and system for optical coherence tomography
Image processing apparatus and image processing method, image encoding apparatus and image encoding method, and image decoding apparatus and image decoding method
Free space positioning method and system
Detecting anomalous process behavior
Generating machine-understandable representations of content
Systems and methods for queue management
System and method for seat search comparison and selection based on physical characteristics of travelers
Integrated modeling and analysis in a discrete event simulation
Predictive modeling based on summary data and modeling user's age at line level
Late stage SKU assignment
Slidable display housing
Temperature-based determination of business objects
System for selling, buying, lending, and renting virtual region and method thereof
System and method for creating reservations
System and method for color management of mixed content documents
Compositor support for graphics functions
Generating slice data representing a cross section cut from a three-dimensional modeled object
Wearable device and method of controlling therefor using location information
Image projection system and image projection method
Infrared imaging enhancement with fusion
Method for analyzing functional MRI brain images
Monitoring belt operation to predict belt lifespan
Method and apparatus for gaming machines with a tournament play bonus feature
Method and system for advanced electronic border security
Automated rainwater collection system controller
Defecation alert system and related control system and process
Remote device location identification
On-vehicle system providing roadside assistance
Automotive telemetry protocol
Art instruction systems and methods using a border guide
Device for driving light-emitting diodes, light-emitting device, and display device
Source driving circuit capable of compensating for amplifier offset, and display device including the same
Display device having a plurality of regions and method of driving the same at different of frequencies
Foldable guitar
Drum beater foot pedal
Magnetic throw-off floating attachment
Method and apparatus for simulating a musical instrument
Magnetic resonance tuning device for stringed instruments
Systems and methods for supporting hearing impaired users
Frame loss recovering method, and audio decoding method and device using same
Process and associated system for separating a specified component and an audio background component from an audio mixture signal
Adaptive audio signal filtering
Magnetic recording medium, method for manufacturing magnetic recording medium, and magnetic recording/reproduction apparatus
Voltage self-boosting circuit for generating a boosted voltage for driving a word line write in a memory array for a memory write operation
High operating speed resistive random access memory
Storage device with 2D configuration of phase change memory integrated circuits
Data storage control device
Wire harness and connector component
Waterproofing structure for insulation-coated electrical wire, and wire harness
Thin film common mode filter and method of manufacturing the same
Long-term energy storage assembly comprising an intermediate connection part
Keyboard backlight module with improved light guide structure
MEMS switch
Power supply system with a stabilized housing
CMOS structure on SSOI wafer
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Optical semiconductor device production method and optical semiconductor device
Masking methods for ALD processes for electrode-based devices
Folded ballistic conductor interconnect line
Gate planarity for FinFET using dummy polish stop
Method of using dummy patterns for overlay target design and overlay control
Method to protect against contact related shorts on UTBB
Method for manufacturing SOI substrate in which crystal defects of a single crystal semiconductor layer are reduced and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Forming reliable contacts on tight semiconductor pitch
Dual-well metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) device and manufacturing method thereof
Complementary heterogeneous MOSFET using global SiGe substrate and hard-mask memorized germanium dilution for nFET
Method and structure for forming on-chip anti-fuse with reduced breakdown voltage
Chip with I/O pads on peripheries and method making the same
Low energy etch process for nitrogen-containing dielectric layer
Visualization of alignment marks on a chip covered by a pre-applied underfill
Through-silicon via access device for integrated circuits
Semiconductor module
Solid-state image pickup device and method of driving the same
High density area efficient thin-oxide decoupling capacitor using conductive gate resistor
Partially isolated fin-shaped field effect transistors
Semiconductor structure including a nonvolatile memory cell and method for the formation thereof
Semiconductor memory device having stacked word lines and conductive pillar
Metallized junction FinFET structures
Preventing buried oxide gouging during planar and FinFET processing on SOI
Electronic device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device, display device, input/output device, and electronic device
Method for forming a semiconductor structure containing high mobility semiconductor channel materials
POC process flow for conformal recess fill
Fully silicided linerless middle-of-line (MOL) contact
Third type of metal gate stack for CMOS devices
Field effect transistor and method of fabricating the same
Gate structure cut after formation of epitaxial active regions
Fabricating metal source-drain stressor in a MOS device channel
Methods of forming FinFET devices with substantially undoped channel regions
Field effect transistor device spacers
Conformal buffer layer in source and drain regions of fin-type transistors
Sensor using sensing mechanism having combined static charge and field effect transistor
Hybrid solar concentrator utilizing a dielectric spectrum splitter
Regeneration method for restoring photovoltaic cell efficiency
Reduced light degradation due to low power deposition of buffer layer
Thin film photovoltaic cell with back contacts
Monolithically integrated thin-film electronic conversion unit for lateral multijunction thin-film solar cells
Selective removal of a coating from a metal layer, and solar cell applications thereof
Method for forming semiconductor device package with slanting structures
Optical semiconductor device and method for making the device
White light-emitting element
Light-emitting module
Fabrication method of electromechanical transducer film, electromechanical transducer element, liquid ejection head, and inkjet recording apparatus
Piezo vibration module
Complementary metal oxide heterojunction memory devices and methods related thereto
Technique for fabrication of microelectronic capacitors and resistors
Light-emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Low internal resistance beta--and beta''--alumina electrolyte produced via vapor phase method
Laminated thin film battery
Battery module with covering plates
Electrode, metal-air battery, and electrode manufacturing method
Lithium ion secondary battery
Redox flow battery and method of operating the same
Humidification cell
Apparatus for use in the receipt and/or transmission of data signals
Apparatus for safely securing radiation-transparent panels covering the antenna service bays of wireless telecommunication towers and methods of installing the same
Universal ceiling antenna mount
Wireless energy transfer using coupled antennas
Antenna for transmitting partial orbital angular momentum beams
Manufacturing method of electronic device
Dish antenna having a self-supporting sub-reflector assembly
Radio frequency emission pattern shaping
Connector and contact
Contact device mechanically mountable and electrically connectable on a printed circuit board by a fastening portion for receipt of an external plug element
Socket for vehicle passenger compartment
Electronic device with hidden connector
Connector, docking station and connecting assembly with the connector
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser and atomic oscillator
Optical device and optical module
Method for adjusting an inrush current of a domestic appliance, and domestic appliance, in particular cooking range, comprising a control unit for carrying out the method
Retractor apparatus for electrical cord
Adjustable cable managers
Motor drive controller
Method of controlling charging and discharging of battery energy storage device and the battery energy storage device for the same
Power source supplying device for electronic appliance
Protective circuit of unit cell
Method and system for supplying electrical energy from a battery power supply unit to a heating element
Power control apparatus, power supply control method, and power supply control program
Method for handling a stator bar
Equipment including epitaxial co-crystallized material
Device for controlling and balancing currents for DC/DC converters
Device for controlling a multi-phase motor
Integration of a replica circuit and a transformer above a dielectric substrate
Tunable diplexers in three-dimensional (3D) integrated circuits (IC) (3DIC) and related components and methods
Drive device having first and second switching devices with different gate widths
Double sampling state retention flip-flop
Method and apparatus for configuring delay lines
Amplification circuit and analog/digital conversion circuit
Analog-to-digital conversion with linearity calibration
Transmitting system and method of transmitting digital broadcast signal in transmitting system
Transmitter with a reduced complexity digital up-converter
Apparatus for controlling wide-band signal transmission gain in wireless communication systems and signal processing method of the same
Mobile device case and armband with fluid chamber
Mobile intelligent terminal with functions of smart phone and personal computer
Demodulator apparatus and demodulation method
Optical transmission system, node apparatus, and reachability determination method
Tracking frequency conversion and network analyzer employing optical modulation
Burst-mode optical amplification apparatus and method thereof
Contactless plug connector and contactless plug connector system
Vicinity-based undocking for a wireless docking application
Wireless communication system and method thereof
Energy saving method and apparatus therefor in communication system
Scheduling method
Optical add-drop multiplexer
Cycle-slip resilient iterative data storage read channel architecture
Wireless network device and wireless network control method
Packet transmission method
System and method for providing smart grid communications and management
System, method and computer-readable medium for using a plurality of virtual machines
Communication apparatus operable in auto-negotiation mode, method of controlling the communication apparatus, and storage medium
Configuring a vehicle to receive content data
Computer, resource usage calculation method, and resource usage calculation program
Determining characteristics of a connection traversing a packet switching device
Utilizing multiple interfaces when sending data and acknowledgement packets
Network-based service for secure electronic mail delivery on an internet protocol network
Method of controlling virtual router, computer-readable recording medium, and control device
Relay system and relay device
System and method for modifying, in a processing pipeline, a length of a data packet in a data block without modifying a length of the data block
Multimode receiver and receiving method therefor
Systems and methods for authenticating an avatar
Trust level modifier
Managing user authentication in association with application access
Method and apparatus for authenticating client credentials
Mapping and obscuring digital representations of a number of user accounts on a social network map
Apparatus and methods for the secure transfer of electronic data
Complex format-preserving encryption scheme
Access control interfaces for enhanced wireless router
Managing user authentication in association with application access
Computing system with protocol protection mechanism and method of operation thereof
Method and apparatus for sharing functions between devices via a network
Proximity measurement method and apparatus for device to device communication in mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for providing a synthetic system using a GPS clock
Secure digital communications
Method for downloading at least one software component onto a computing device, and associated computer program product, computing device and computer system
Method for deriving a verification token from a credential
Portable communication device with houing sealing member
Electronic device and method for making same
Coupling mobile devices for tetherless charging or communication
Auxiliary channel remote device management, diagnostics, and self-installation
Method and terminal for connection switchover for headphone jack adaptor device
Digital signature-over-voice for caller ID verification
Agent training sensitive call routing system
Image forming apparatus and power mode display method
Management system and information processing apparatus managing installation and settings of an application
Apparatus that produces guidance display interlocked with human sensor, control method of the apparatus, and storage medium
Disconnection time acquisition system that records disconnection time at which power supply is disconnected in log, image processing system, and disconnection time acquisition method
Document reading device
Image reading apparatus
Image forming apparatus that performs color misregistration correction or density correction
Multi-view encoding and decoding technique based on single-view video codecs
Methods, systems, and computer-readable storage media for selecting image capture positions to generate three-dimensional images
Method and apparatus to prioritize video information during coding and decoding
Systems and methods for coding video data using switchable encoders and decoders
Content distribution system and method
Method and system for an internet protocol LNB supporting positioning
Display as adjustable light source
Imaging apparatus
Flash system for multi-aperture imaging
Image stabilization apparatus and control method thereof, and storage medium
Handheld display zoom feature
Traffic system and method for placing advertisements with content broadcast networks
Power supply, power control method thereof, and display apparatus having the same
Mounting curved display device on a curved path and moving along the path
Interactive television program guide system for determining user values for demographic categories
Content output system and codec information sharing method in same system
Speaker frame and speaker having the same
Audio reproduction method and apparatus with auto volume control function
Method of manufacturing a tuning fork vibrator
Systems and methods for providing personalized audio content
Vibrating body for speaker device and speaker device
Method and apparatus of requesting customized location information at a mobile station
Database for Wi-Fi position estimation
Mobile application performance prediction
Transporting residue of vehicle position data via wireless network
WiFi-fingerprint based indoor localization map
PAPR adjustment using precoder data
Communication system
Wireless communication device and controlled method to transmit a plurality of signals in parallel
Method and system for femtocell positioning using low earth orbit satellite signals
Recommending notification sounds that promote user acknowledgment to notifications
Adapting envelope tracking parameters to operating conditions of mobile communication device
Connection reliability and managing interference created by beamforming
Method and apparatus for tunneled direct link setup management
Providing indications of pairing between wireless devices
Open wireless architecture (OWA) mobile cloud infrastructure and method
Light emitting diode driving circuit, light emitting diode controlling circuit, and method of controlling light emitting diode
Boost apparatus with integration of OCP detection and OVP detection
Wireless remote control circuit
Mobile transport and shielding apparatus for removable x-ray analyzer
Die-positioning device, die-positioning system having the same, and die-positioning method of LED display board
Combined wiring board and method for manufacturing combined wiring board
Making Z-fold multi-element substrate structure
High-density, fail-in-place switches for computer and data networks
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Inbred corn plant 5750 and seeds thereof
Inbred maize line PH951
Hybrid maize plant and seed 35Y54
Inbred maize line PH6KW
Aquarium cleaning system
Topically applied idebenone-containing agent with protective and regenerative effect
Polyol ester insecticides
Compositions of iodonium compounds and methods and uses thereof
Triketone derivatives and herbicide
Substituted thienocycloalk(en) ylamino -1,3,5-triazine
Plant growth hormone compositions
Natural herbicide for weed removal
Cellulose casing for food products
Bean curd containing lactic fermenting bacteria culture fluid and a method for preparing the same, and beverage containing the same
Conjugated linoleic acid powder
System and method for dispensing a liquid beverage concentrate
Protein-deamidating enzyme, microorganism producing the same, gene encoding the same, production process therefor, and use thereof
Making a variety of L-lysine feed supplements
Dietary supplements for improving memory
Natural peanut butter
Polyolefin films containing grafted quinones and structures comprising same
Thick maple syrup product
Clothing material with foamed strand welded together therein
Loop fastening component made from thermally retracted materials
Method and apparatus for vending food products from a roller-type grilling apparatus
Segmented product with dispensing tabs
Disposable diaper
Hydrophilic compositions for use on absorbent articles to enhance skin barrier
Soft, flexible composition and method for making same
Moisture sensing and indicating system
Method for preparing an implantable prosthesis for loading into a delivery apparatus
Therapeutic composition
Cinnamic acid salts, processes for their preparation, and their use as medicaments
Methods and materials for protecting against myocardial cell damage related to coronary intervention by regional beta blocker therapy
Methods and compositions for the treatment of human and animal cancers
Prodrugs of CC-1065 analogs
Amide substituted imidazoquinolines
Compositions and formulations of 9-nitrocamptothecin polymorphs and methods of use thereof
Method and compositions for the treatment or amelioration of female sexual dysfunction
Compositions and methods for treating osteoporosis and lowering cholesterol
Non-sedating barbiturate compounds as neuroprotective agents
Use of cobalt chelates for treating or preventing virus infection
Method for delivering benzindene prostaglandins by inhalation
Reducing tetracycline resistance in living cells
Combination of FBPase inhibitors and insulin sensitizers for the treatment of diabetes
Scar reduction
Plasma glucosylceramide deficiency as risk factor for thrombosis and modulator of anticoagulant protein C
Anti-oxidant preparation based on plant extracts for the treatment of circulation and adiposity problems
Therapeutic agent for cartilaginous diseases
Therapeutic compositions containing oligo (ethylene glycol)-terminated 1,2-dithiolanes and their conjugates
Methods and compositions based on inhibition of cell invasion and fibrosis by anionic polymers
Adenovirus vectors for the transfer of foreign genes into cells of the central nervous system particularly in brain
Vaccine composition comprising a polysaccharide conjugate antigen adsorbed onto aluminum phosphate
Process for preparing conjugate vaccines including free protein and the conjugate vaccines, immunogens, and immunogenic reagents produced by this process
Use of lipoxygenase inhibitors and PPAR ligands as anti-cancer therapeutic and intervention agents
Nicotinamide derivatives useful as PDE4 inhibitors
Diagnosis and management of infection caused by Chlamydia
Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial uses for bioactive glass compositions
Method of reducing gastrointestinal side effects associated with orlistat treatment
Device and method for increasing the transdermal permeation of medicaments
Positive modulators of nicotinic receptor agonists
Process for producing polymer
Solutions and films of glycated chitosan
Topical composition, topical composition precursor, and methods for manufacturing and using
Polymer conjugates of biologically active agents and extension moieties for facilitating conjugation of biologically active agents to polymeric terminal groups
Cationic lipid compositions targeting angiogenic endothelial cells
Modulators of receptors for parathyroid hormone and parathyroid hormone-related protein
Methods for treating cancer using PSCA antibodies and fragments thereof
Antigenic complexes and methods
Method to enhance and/or prolong the effects of a primary challenge to a responsive system with a secondary challenge
Linoleic acid diol and glucuronide conjugate levels as diagnostic markers of disorders of abnormal regulation of cytochrome P450 metabolism of unsaturated fatty acids
High expansion dental alloys
Dental bonding compositions for adhering amalgam restoratives to dental substrates
Dental glass ionomer cement composition
Polyphosphated silicone polymers in personal care applications
Sustained release drug delivery devices with multiple agents
Compositions for use in embolizing blood vessels
Sustained release drug delivery devices
Preparation of drug particles using evaporation precipitation into aqueous solutions
Amoxicillin and potassium clavulanate dosage form
Treatment of Parkinson's disease and related disorders by novel formulations of the combination carbidopa-levodopa
Long time drug-sustained release preparation
Controlled heat induced rapid delivery of pharmaceuticals from skin depot
Bioadhesive, closed-cell foam film, sustained release, delivery devices and methods of making and using same
Curable compositions
Pressure sensitive adhesives with a fibrous reinforcing material
Process of making multifilament yarn
Fluid sterilization apparatus
Balloon structure with PTFE component
AnB block copolymers containing poly (vinyl pyrrolidone) units, medical devices, and methods
Biocompatible medical articles and process for their production
Safety arrangement for a dialysis machine and method of activating the safety arrangement
Golf balls comprising highly-neutralized acid polymers
Heated golf club grip
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for separating a fluid from a mixture of fluids
Well water filtration apparatus and system
O/W aqueous thermosetting resin dispersion, FRP precision filter medium made with the aqueous dispersion, and process for producing the same
Lean NOx trap/conversion catalyst
Purification catalyst for exhaust gas
Waste water treatment process for animal processing contaminant removal
Separation process using pervaporation and dephlegmation
Electrodialysis of salts for producing acids and bases
Back-flushable spiral wound filter and methods of making and using same
Method for fabricating supported bilayer-lipid membranes
Combinatorial electrochemical deposition and testing system
Polymerization method from the combinatorial synthesis and analysis of organometallic compounds and catalysts
Nucleoside derivatives with photo-unstable protective groups
Reactor comprising a contact tube bundle
Methods for the deposition and curing of coating compositions
Liquid magnetic processing unit
Continuous hydrogenation process
Lower alkane oxidative dehydrogenation catalysts and a process for producing olefins
Dehydrogenation process using layered catalyst composition
Hydrogenation process for hydrocarbon resins
Dehydrogenation catalysts
Crystalline aluminosilicate zeolitic composition: UZM-8
Treatment of acid catalysts
Molecular sieves of faujasite structure
Catalyst for purifying exhaust gases
Catalytic converter and method for producing a catalytic converter
Combined thermal and catalytic treatment of heavy petroleum in a slurry phase counterflow reactor
Method and apparatus for selective execution of microfluidic circuits utilizing electrically addressable gas generators
Device for receiving a chip shaped carrier and process for assembling a plurality of such devices
System for cell-based screening
Microfluidic devices and systems incorporating cover layers
Method and apparatus for producing compact microarrays
Installation for spraying coating product and process for cleaning such an installation
Silicon-doped amorphous carbon coating for paint bell atomizers
Stencil mask for high- and ultrahigh-energy implantation
Electrostatic deposition of particles generated from rapid expansion of supercritical fluid solutions
Coating composition and a process to form a coating film with use thereof
Unit for irradiating a workpiece with ultraviolet radiation
Three dimensional electroassembly
Silane coatings for bonding rubber to metals
System and method for removing particulate created from a drilled or cut surface
Device for eliminating gas or paraffin hydrate deposits that form in well drilling equipment or in hydrocarbon production or transportation equipment
Method of coating substrate with thermal sprayed metal powder
Powdered metal composite material and starting material and method for producing such a composite material
Method and apparatus for producing compact of rare earth alloy powder and rare earth magnet
Power supply for wire electric discharge machining
Plasma enhanced circuit component attach method and device
High current, low impedance resistance welding device
Semiconductor wafer dividing apparatus and semiconductor device manufacturing method
System and method for forming holes in substrates containing glass
Laser consolidation apparatus for manufacturing precise structures
High temperature aluminum alloy brazing sheet and methods of manufacturing and uses therefor
Article and method using larger draft angle to pinch trim edge of molded wood strand products
Moldable pellet based on the combination of synthetic cellulose fibers and thermoplastic polymers
In-press coating method and composition
Method of making improved vehicle floor coverings
Method for making a thermally conductive article having an integrated surface and articles produced therefrom
Method of attaching thermoplastic attachments to a substrate
Method for manufacturing cockpit-type instrument panels
Molding die set and semiconductor device fabricated using the same
Method of manufacturing a release-controlled pipe
Preparation of polyoxymethylenes
Process for producing thermoplastic resin composition
Producing method of a thermoplastic resin sheet and producing apparatus thereof
Load-bearing member of reinforced thermoplastic
Direct manufacturer of preform for compression molding
Method of loading a cushioning conversion machine and sheet stock material supply useful therein
Tape for use with high-speed webs and method of use thereof
Lightweight flywheel containment
Barrier layer for electrical connectors and methods of applying the layer
Silane-modified polyvinyl acetals
Laminated resin material
Oxygen scavenging polyamide compositions suitable for pet bottle applications
Composite panel adapted for point compressive loads and method for making same
Vehicle headliner and laminate therefor
Fiber-reinforced recycled thermoplastic composite and method
Heat-sealable laminate
Electrocoagulation printing method providing an image having enhanced optical density
Polymer blend compositions
Heat transcription film and manufacturing method thereof
Mounting structure including communication system for transmitting multiplex control signal to vehicle electrical devices
Unidirectional draining device
Electric switch unit
Compact auxiliary power generator
Switch device for vehicle
Aircraft window of synthetic resin having hard coated film and a method for producing the same
Cylindrical vial with bottom for medicine
Transparent/translucent bottles
Re-sealable bag closure label and related method of manufacture
Member used for photographic sensitive material
Method and apparatus for loading and unloading equipment
Semiconductor pressure transducer structures and methods for making the same
Micro-device assembly with electrical capabilities
Integrated large area microstructures and micromechanical devices
Multilayer structure with controlled internal stresses and making same
Micro-electromechanical devices
Method for constructing an isolate microelectromechanical system (MEMS) device using surface fabrication techniques
Micro-casted silicon carbide nano-imprinting stamp
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for preparing lithium amide
Combined component for afterburning anode exhaust gases from a fuel cell system and for vaporizing educts delivered by the fuel cell system
Catalyst-induced growth of carbon nanotubes on tips of cantilevers and nanowires
Method for growing continuous carbon fiber and compositions thereof
Method for growing single-wall carbon nanotubes utilizing seed molecules
Method of preparing graphite intercalation compounds and resultant products
Vapor-deposition material for the production of high-refractive-index optical layers, and process for the production of the vapor-deposition material
Cathode active material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell and process for producing the same
Positive active material for rechargeable lithium batteries and method of preparing same
Polypeptides having lactonohydrolase activity and nucleic acids encoding same
Method in treating aqueous waste feedstream for improving the flux rates, cleaning and the useful life of filter media
Biological purification of water to any degree up to and drinking water
Microbiological removal of bromine salts from fluid streams
Optical glass
Surface finishes on laser rods and slabs for laser peening systems
Devitrification-resistant chalcogenide glasses
Process for the preparation of water-soluble polymers containing polyalkylene glycol ether side chains
Method for making ferrite magnets
Dielectric porcelain and resonator using the same
Carbon matrix composites fabricated by a rapid and low-cost process incorporating in-situ polymerization of wetting monomers
Carbon barrier controlled metal infiltration layer for enhanced oxidation protection
Process for the production of improved boron coatings
Monopropellant system
Process for producing oxygenated products
Process for preparing monochlorinated hydrocarbons having a high isomeric purity
Integrated dimerization process
2-amino-2-alkyl-4 hexenoic and hexynoic acid derivatives useful as nitric oxide synthase inhibitors
.alpha.,.omega.-Diene metathesis in the presence of ionic liquids
VLA-4 inhibitor compounds
Phenoxyphenyl alkanesulphonates
Method for producing 2-alkyl-3-chlorophenols
Peroxide impurities removal
Fluorinated compound, method for its production and polymer thereof
Intermediate and processes for its preparation and conversion into a pharmacologically-active agent
Dehydrogenation catalyst composition
Method for purifying crude 2,6-naphthalenedicarboxylic acid
Method for producing tert-butyl esters of aliphatic c1-c4-carboxylic acids
Process for the preparation of sodium salts of statins
Ethane extraction process for a hydrocarbon gas stream
Pharmaceutically active compounds and methods of use
Organic acid salt of amlodipine
Compounds useful as reversible inhibitors of cysteine proteases
Benzoic acid derivatives and processes for the preparation thereof
Small molecule inhibitors of necrosis
Imidazolinyimethyl aralklsulfonamides
Imidazole compounds
5-phenyl-pyrimidine derivatives
Compounds and their use
Process for the preparation of novel diol-functionalized UV absorbers
Heterocyclic tin flame retardants/smoke suppressants and halogen-containing polymer composition containing same
Process for producing non-proteinogenic L-amino acids by fermentation
Diaminothiazoles having antiproliferative activity
10-Aryl-11h-benzo[b]fluorene derivatives and analogs for medicinal use
Sodium channel modulators
Method for the production of propylene oxide
Manufacture of 3-methyl-tetrahydrofuran from alpha-methylene-gamma-butyrolactone in a single step process
Autoinducer compounds
7-Alkoxycoumarins as CYP2C9 substrates and activity assay
Methods for producing chiral chromones, chromanes, amino substituted chromanes and intermediates therefor
Azacyclic compounds
Method and compositions for treating persistent pulmonary hypertension using aralkyl ester soft drugs
Antiviral compounds
Piperidine alcohols
Hydroxyphenyl-piperidin-4-ylidene-methyl-benzamide derivatives for the treatment of pain
Azaring-ether derivatives and their use as nicotinic ACh receptor modulators
Imidazole derivatives
Diaminorhodamine derivative
Benzo-oxadiazoles, -thiadiazoles and -1,4-diazines, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and a process for preparing them
Phthalazinone derivatives as PDE4 inhibitors
Process for the preparation of chemical compounds
Heterocyclic derivatives of quinolinone benimidazoles
Ethylene glycol esters as photoactive agents
Tricyclic azaindolizine derivatives having an sPLA2-inhibitory activities
Pharmaceutically active compounds
Benzothiophenes and related compounds as estrogen agonists
Method of crystallizing maltitol
Substituted tetrahydropyrane derivatives, method for producing same, their use as medicine or diagnostic agent, as well as medicine containing same
C12 modified erythromycin macrolides and ketolides having antibacterial activity
Nucleoside hydrogen phosphonodithioate diesters and activated phosphonodithioate analogues
Orally active androgens
Polycationic sterol derivatives as transfection agents
Adsorption and removal of endotoxin from physiological fluids using cationic helix peptides
Assays for compounds that modulate rhadino virus LANA action in trans on a unit of rhadino virus DNA to mediate efficient episome persistence
Self assembling proteins
Porcine retrovirus
Nucleic acid sequence and uses thereof
Attenuated microorganisms for the treatment of infection
Human Zven1 proteins
Protein zlmda33
Molecules of the card-related protein family and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of breast cancer
Isolated proteins and nucleic acid molecules having homology to the NIP2 protein and uses thereof
Variants of human ciliary neurotrophic factor (hCNTF)
Functionalized TGF-.beta. fusion proteins
Neutropohil inhibitors
Purified human activin and process for producing the same
Methods for inhibiting CGRP binding
Method and substances for diagnosis and therapy of sepsis and sepsis-like systemic infections
IGF-I purification process
Compounds and methods for modulating claudin-mediated functions
Steroid-activated nuclear receptors and uses therefor
Agonist and antagonist peptides of carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA)
Isolated mammalian membrane protein genes; related reagents
Atherosclerosis susceptibility gene locus 1 (Athsq1) and atherosclerosis susceptibility gene locus 2 (Athsq2)
Induction of LDL receptor expression by extracellular-signal regulated kinase, ERK-1/2
IL-23 receptor binding compositions
Nucleic acid encoding retinoic acid receptor
Compositions and methods for detecting adult Taenia solium
Enterococcus antigens and vaccines
Diagnostic methods and gene therapy using reagents derived from the human metastasis suppressor gene KAI1
Anti-CCR1 antibodies and methods of use therefor
Glass composite materials containing alkoxosilane derivative having alterable charge, hydrophobic and hydrophilic groups
Gamma-secretase inhibitors
Peptide nucleic acid combinatorial libraries and improved methods of synthesis
Process for the hydrogenation of a polymer composed of diene monomer units and a nitrile group-containing monomer
Metallocene complexes
High-temperature solution process for polyolefin manufacture
Propylene polymer
Process for reducing the odor of vinylaromatic-1,3-diene copolymer dispersions stabilized by protective colloids
Water based emulsion copolymers incorporating vinyl ethylene carbonate
Water-soluble copolymer and its production process and use
Anionic polymers composed of dicarboxylic acids and uses thereof
Binder compositions for direct-to-metal coatings
Filled weatherable compositions having a good surface appearance
Method for producing an aqueous dispersion of particles made up of polymerisate and fine inorganic solid material
Styrene copolymer
Adhesive latex based on carboxyl-functionalized polychloroprene with low water retention
Polymerization process
Photosensitive resin compositions for color filter applications
Polymer polyol composition, process for producing the same, and process for producing polyurethane resin
Two-component polyurethane binders as primers
Hydrophilic ester polyurethane foams
Compositions for coatings based on (per) fluoropolyethers
Flexible polyurethane foam and method for its production
Multi-component coatings, adhesives and sealants and the use thereof
Alicylic epoxy compounds and their preparation process, alicylic epoxy resin composition, and encapsulant for light-emitting diode
Process for the preparation of neutral polyethylenedioxythiophene, and corresponding polyethylenedioxythiophenes
Glycidyl ester of cooh polyester and curing agent
Toner processes
Aromatic dicarboxylic acid composition and liquid crystalline polyester resin made from the same
Liquid crystalline polyester and method for producing thereof
Moisture curable compounds and compositions
Oligomeric hydroxy arylether phthalonitiles and synthesis thereof
Surface treatment of ethylene-based polymer pellets to improve blocking resistance
Method for preparation of anion exchange resins
Chemical grafting onto a substrate and coating composition
Halogen-free flame-retardant resin composition
Low dielectric loss tangent resin composition, curable film and cured product, electrical part using the same and method for production thereof
Degradable plastics possessing a microbe-inhibiting quality
Flame-retarding thermoplastic resin composition
Polybutadiene composition
Primer composition for silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives
Silica-filled rubbers comprising a quinone diimine
One-part, room temperature moisture curable resin composition
Flame-resistant polycarbonate ABS moulding materials
Method for improving fiber dispersion and orientation in let-downs of long fiber reinforced composites
Room temperature curable silicone rubber composition
Lightweight composite material for protective pads, cushions, supports or the like and method
Oil resistant elastic rubber composite
Transparent elastomer composition
Chlorine-free polyolefin-based plastisol or organosol and method for producing the same
Ionomer/polyamide blends with improved flow and impact properties
Flame-retardant polymer composition comprising polypropylene and an ethylene copolymer having high structural uniformity
Fire resistant resin composition and electrical wire having fire resistant covering
Engineered polyolefin materials with enhanced surface durability
Polysilazane-modified polyamine hardeners for epoxy resins
Resin binder
Lactic-acid base resin composition and molded articles made therefor
Aqueous conductive dispersions of polyaniline having enhanced viscosity
Process for preparing a monoazo metal complex salt compound for charge control agent and toner for developing electrostatic images
Monoazoquinolone pigments, process for their preparation and their use
compound, dye, ink and ink-jet recording method
Non-migrating metallized disazo green shade yellow pigment
Coloring composition, ink for ink-jet, and ink-jet recording method
3D structural siliceous color pigments
Anti-corrosion paint for steel with polyaniline
Coloring composition, ink-jet ink, and ink jet recording method
Ultraviolet curing processes for advanced low-k materials
Coating composition, method for producing the same, cured product and coating film
Chemical-mechanical planarization using ozone
Adhesive tape having serial segments with non-adherent gripping elements
Tape strip pads and dispenser and method of dispensing individual tape strips
Aqueous cleaning composition containing copper-specific corrosion inhibitor for cleaning inorganic residues on semiconductor substrate
Active-matrix liquid crystal display
Well service composition and method
Electrochromic system
Process for the fixed bed sweetening of petroleum distillates using halogenated metal phthalocyanine as a catalyst
Apparatus for removing sulfur-containing component in fuel
Continuous naphtha treatment method
Process to remove solid slag particles from a mixture of solid slag particles and water
Stability Fischer-Tropsch diesel fuel and a process for its production (LAW725)
Lubricating oil having enhanced resistance to oxidation, nitration and viscosity increase
Lubricating oil composition useful in hydraulic fluids
Antimicrobial, beverage compatible conveyor lubricant
Detergents and cleaning agents
Removing stubborn mildew stain
Masking agent for iodine stains
Wrinkle reducing composition
Detergent compositions or components
Automated imaging and harvesting of colonies on thin film culture devices
Method for detecting the presence of biological matters of bovine origin, and oligonucleotides for its implementation
Gene controlling fruit size and cell division in plants
Sucrose phosphate synthase
Drought tolerant plants and methods of increasing drought tolerance in plants
Enhanced system for construction of adenovirus vectors
Method for producing temperature-tolerant plants
Human secretory type phospholipase a2
Escherichia coli having accession No. PTA 1579 and its use to produce polyhydroxybutyrate
Cyclipostins, process for their preparation and use thereof
Human cell line showing stable expression of cytochromes P450
Collagenase 3 as a prognostic marker for rheumatoid arthritis
Electro-chemical analysis device with integrated thermal sensor and method for monitoring a sample using the device
Probe composition comprising a binding polymer and polymer chain and methods of use
Aberrantly methylated genes as markers of breast malignancy
HMGI proteins in cancer and obesity
Oligonucleotide for highly sensitive detection of hepatitis C virus and method for detection thereof
Convection heating system for vacuum furnaces
High-strength, high corrosion-resistant and non-magnetic stainless steel
Zinc-diffused alloy coating for corrosion/heat protection
Thermal barrier coating resistant to sintering
Hollow cylindrical cathode sputtering target and process for producing it
Ion-beam deposition process for manufacture of binary photomask blanks
Nitride semiconductor growth method, nitride semiconductor substrate, and nitride semiconductor device
Method for the fabrication of a diamond semiconductor
Combined gate cap or digit line and spacer deposition using HDP
Metal oxide film formation method and apparatus
Method for fabricating an ultralow dielectric constant material as an intralevel or interlevel dielectric in a semiconductor device
Methods of forming coatings on gas-dispersion fixtures in chemical-vapor-deposition systems
Nanolayer thick film processing system and method
Surface treated steel material, a method for its manufacture, and a chemical conversion treatment liquid
Method for applying sealing coating with low gas permeability
Method of producing hardmetal-bonded metal component
High temperature corrosion resistant alloy, thermal barrier coating material, and gas turbine using high temperature corrosion resistant alloy
Cutting tool
Coated hard alloy
Thin film metal oxyanion coated substrates
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device including time-selective etching process
Membrane electrode unit comprising an integrated sealing edge
Non-aqueous electrolytes and method for anodizing
Method for forming ordered structure of fine metal particles
Electrochemical treatment of integrated circuit substrates using concentric anodes and variable field shaping elements
Zinc-nickel electroplating
Method of plating for filling via holes
Apparatus for electrically planarizing semiconductor wafers
Thin film semiconductor device, polycrystalline semiconductor thin film production process and production apparatus
Method for forming a capping layer over a low-k dielectric with improved adhesion and reduced dielectric constant
Method of producing semiconductor member and method of producing solar cell
Buffer layers on metal alloy substrates for superconducting tapes
Method for fabricating III-V group compound semiconductor
Method for producing a long wavelength indium gallium arsenide nitride(InGaAsN) active region
Textiles; Paper
Process for making a spun article from cellulose material
Colored articles and compositions and methods for their fabrication
Synthetic fiber capable of absorbing and disabsorbing moisture, entangled yarn blend using the same, knitted and woven goods using the same, and nonwoven fabric using the same
Reinforced cation exchange membrane and production process thereof
Knitted fabric of steel fibers with increased number of stitches
Process for producing fabric articles having water-resistant and/or antimicrobial characteristics
Water repellent textile finishes and method of making
Fixed Constructions
Waste assembly allowing adjustable fitment of a floor waste or appliance
Method of forming sculptured designs onto a substrate
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Moving turbine blade
Mounting mat for mounting an exhaust-gas catalytic converter
Energy conversion system
Method of and apparatus for wave energy conversion using a float with excess buoyancy
Wind power generator
Apparatus for generating power from passing vehicular traffic
Cold start cooking system
Paraffin wax warmer bath
Thermal insulator having a honeycomb structure and heat recycle system using the thermal insulator
Optical fiber based apparatus and sensor with enhanced signal for pressure measurements
Shape measurement method and apparatus
Deviation detecting device, rotary laser apparatus with the same, and position determining system with deviation detecting/correcting device
Process for manufacturing a housing for sensor elements, sensor and use thereof
Position transducer
Light detector and light detecting IC therefor
Combination weighing apparatus
Apparatus and method for measuring mass in a microgravity environment
Flame Sensor
Effective quad-detector occupancy sensors and motion detectors
Micromachined tuned-band hot bolometer emitter
Control samples for use as standards for evaluating apoptosis in a selected tissue
Apparatus for treating objects
Method and device for photothermal imaging tiny particles immersed in a given medium
Apparatus for gas filter correlation radiometry and methods for 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional atmospheric sounding
Reading multi-featured arrays
Fiber grating bond joint health monitoring system
Method for observing specimen and device therefor
Gas sensor
System and method for compensation of contamination of a heated element in a heated element gas flow sensor
Method and device for determining backgate characteristics
Device for electrophoresis
Biochemical sensor and biochemical testing system using the same
Stabilization of particles and reduction of sample discordance in immunoassays using casein coating of particles
Methods and apparatus for analyzing biological samples by mass spectrometry
Biopolymer marker indicative of disease state having a molecular weight of 2021 daltons
Method for measuring free ligands in biological fluids, and assay kits for measuring same
Quantitative analysis
Interconnect structure
Low-resistance high-magnetoresistance magnetic tunnel junction device with improved tunnel barrier
System and method for stabilizing a magnetic tunnel junction sensor
Imaging apparatus
Radiation image read-out method and apparatus
Focusing control apparatus and method for multi-layer optical recording medium
Re-usable extreme ultraviolet lithography multilayer mask blank
Thin film formation method, display, and color filter
Photonic polymer-blend structures and method for making
Method for making integrated optical waveguides and micromachined features
Silica microstructure and fabrication method thereof
Method for removing organic compound by ultraviolet radiation and apparatus therefor
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive emulsion and silver halide photographic light-sensitive material using thereof
Heat-developable image-recording material and method for forming image by heat development using same
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Photographic recording material for accelerated development
Imaging element containing a blocked photographically useful compound
Photographic elements containing cyan coupler UV absorber and stabilizer
Laser imaged printing plates
Exposure mask with repaired dummy structure and method of repairing an exposure mask
Ion-beam deposition process for manufacturing attenuated phase shift photomask blanks
Thermal generation of mask pattern
Charged-particle-beam microlithography methods exhibiting reduced coulomb effects
Photopolymerizable composition and recording material
Cyclic olefin-based resist compositions having improved image stability
Positive photoresist composition and method of patterning resist thin film for use in inclined implantation process
Radiation sensitive resin composition for forming barrier ribs for an EL display element, barrier rib and EL display element
Photosensitive resin composition and printed wiring board
Positive resist composition
Overlay target design method to minimize impact of lens aberrations
Method for preparing lithographic printing plate
Method for removing patterned layer from lower layer through reflow
Determining exposure time of wafer photolithography process
Imaging members
Polyester resin and toner including the same
Method for fixing toner
Electrostatic image developing toner and image-forming method using the same
Toner with increased amount of surface additives and increased surface additive adhesion
Volume hologram laminate and label for preparation of volume hologram laminate
Front-cover assembly and information apparatus having the same
Sound-activated wake-up device for electronic input devices having a sleep-mode
Method of modifying an integrated circuit
Music puzzle platform
Electronic percussion instrumental system and percussion detecting apparatus therein
Violin shoulder cradle
Automatic music composing apparatus and automatic music composing program
Waveform signal generation method with pseudo low tone synthesis
Laser-assisted slicing of notched wafer
Method for manufacturing a GMR spin valve having a smooth interface between magnetic and non-magnetic layers
Magnetic recording medium and manufacturing method thereof
Chromium-alloy seedlayers for recording media
Aberration detecting method, optical recording and reproduction method using thereof, and optical recording and reproduction apparatus
Limited play optical devices with interstitial reactive layer and methods of making same
Method of producing a ferroelectric memory and a memory device
Methods of increasing write selectivity in an MRAM
Embedded electrically programmable read only memory devices
Semiconductor storage device having high soft-error immunity
Molecular scale electronic devices
Integrated circuit with a reprogrammable nonvolatile switch for selectively connecting a source for a signal to a circuit
Semiconductor memory device with efficiently laid-out internal interconnection lines
Probe tip and method of manufacturing probe tips by peel-off
Coaxial cable having improved mechanical and electrical properties
Spin valve thin-film magnetic element
Reduction of noise, and optimization of magnetic field sensitivity and electrical properties in magnetic tunnel junction devices
Multi-pole conductive liquid-based switch device
Tact switch
Portable keyboard
Switch unit
Oscillating switch
Power control apparatus
Shock responsive momentary relay
Piezoelectrically actuated liquid metal switch
Ion implantation with improved ion source life expectancy
Method of preparing exposure data and method of preparing aperture mask data
Particle-optical apparatus, illumination apparatus and projection system as well as a method employing the same
Plasma etching apparatus
Filtered ion source
Photocell bias circuit
Time of flight mass spectrometer and dual gain detector therefor
Method for constructing a magneto-resistive element
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having spaced-apart electrodes and the method thereof
Ferroelectric capacitor device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method of preparing a semiconductor having controlled crystal orientation
Semiconductor device including nitride layer
Oxynitride gate dielectric and method of forming
Ultra low QGD power MOSFET
Method of etching silicon nitride spacers with high selectivity relative to oxide in a high density plasma chamber
Methods and apparatus for producing semiconductor devices
Method for etching a hard mask layer and a metal layer
Method for fabricating capacitors in semiconductor devices
Heterojunction bipolar transistor and its manufacturing method
Si-Ge base heterojunction bipolar device
Memory cell and method for forming the same
Fabrication process for a super-self-aligned trench-gated DMOS with reduced on-resistance
Dual silicon layer for chemical mechanical polishing planarization
Semiconductor component and method of manufacturing
Method of making tall flip chip bumps
Self-adhering chip
Method for transferring a thin film comprising a step of generating inclusions
Control of buried oxide quality in low dose SIMOX
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Gate insulating structure for power devices, and related manufacturing process
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device including a capacitor with a roughened-surface electrode
Container capacitor
High aspect ratio fill method and resulting structure
Low temperature dielectric deposition to improve copper electromigration performance
Encapsulated metal structures for semiconductor devices and MIM capacitors including the same
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device using seed conductive layers
Patterned SOI regions on semiconductor chips
High-frequency semiconductor device including a semiconductor chip
Electronic device and its manufacturing method
Semiconductor device
Interfacial strengthening for electroless nickel immersion gold substrates
Method for preventing burnt fuse pad from further electrical connection
Semiconductor device
Method for improving bump reliability for flip chip devices
Stacked dice bonded with aluminum posts
Semiconductor device including wiring board with three dimensional wiring pattern
Multilayer laser trim interconnect method
Inductor device with patterned ground shield and ribbing
Strained silicon MOSFET having improved source/drain extension dopant diffusion resistance and method for its fabrication
Low-voltage and interface damage-free polymer memory device
Semiconductor substrate including multiple nitrided gate insulating films
Method of controlling floating body effects in an asymmetrical SOI device
Method for hardening gate oxides using gate etch process
Low temperature metallization process
Applying epitaxial silicon in disposable spacer flow
Method for making a microstructure by surface micromachining
Modified source/drain re-oxidation method and system
Method of forming article comprising an oxide layer on a GaAs-based semiconductor structure
Method for manufacturing a bipolar transistor in a CMOS integrated circuit
Lateral heterojunction bipolar transistor and method of fabricating the same
Method for manufacturing nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Replacement gate process for transistors having elevated source and drain regions
Die paddle clamping method for wire bond enhancement
Method and apparatus for cascade control using integrated metrology
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and system for manufacturing the same
Method of forming contact openings
Structure of trench isolation and a method of forming the same
Feed forward process control method for adjusting metal line Rs
Diffusion barrier and method for its production
Method of fabricating copper-based semiconductor devices using a sacrificial dielectric layer
Method for forming dual damascene interconnect structure
Method of forming a metal seed layer for subsequent plating
Methods and apparatus for making integrated-circuit wiring from copper, silver, gold, and other metals
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor constructions
Method for minimizing product turn-around time for making semiconductor permanent store ROM cell
CMOS process with an integrated, high performance, silicide agglomeration fuse
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Trench capacitor having an insulation collar
Method for producing via-connections in a substrate and substrate equipped with same
Chip structure and process for forming the same
Method of fabricating a high surface area capacitor electrode
Capacitor array structure for semiconductor devices
Methods of forming a capacitor structure
Low dielectric constant shallow trench isolation
Process for fabricating a semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of forming a quantum dot and a gate electrode using the same
Method of manufacturing non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Method of manufacturing microelectronic devices, including methods of underfilling microelectronic components through an underfill aperture
Surface mount package including terminal on its side
Microelectronic device with a redistribution layer having a step shaped portion and method of making the same
Heat spreader with down set leg attachment feature
Semiconductor package having thermal interface material (TIM)
Making two lead surface mounting high power microleadframe semiconductor packages
Lead frame for a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device incorporating the lead frame
Method for fabricating a semiconductor component with external contact polymer support layer
Wiring board and its production method, semiconductor device and its production method, and electronic apparatus
Integrated circuit package structure with heat dissipating design
Integrated circuit having an antifuse and a method of manufacture
Fuse for a semiconductor configuration and method for its production
Semiconductor chip module and method of manufacture of same
Apparatus and method for marking defective sections of laminate substrates
Semiconductor device with an improvement in alignment, and method of manufacturing the same
Noise eliminating system on chip and method of making same
Integrated circuit having improved ESD protection
Flip-chip ball grid array semiconductor package with heat-dissipating device and method for fabricating the same
Method of subdividing a wafer
Radio frequency integrated circuit having increased substrate resistance enabling three dimensional interconnection with feedthroughs
Semiconductor device, a semiconductor module loaded with said semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing said semiconductor device
Hermetically sealed semiconductor power module and large scale module comprising the same
Light irradiating device
Power device having multi-chip package structure
Imaging system having redundant pixel groupings
Semiconductor device and a process for producing same
Vertical gain cell and array for a dynamic random access memory and method for forming the same
Simplified twin monos fabrication method with three extra masks to standard CMOS
Method for forming a sublithographic opening in a semiconductor process
Semiconductor memory array of floating gate memory cells with horizontally oriented floating gate edges
Stacked-gate cell structure and its NAND-type flash memory array
CMOS imager and method of formation
CMOS color image sensor and method for fabricating the same
Method for lithographic processing on molecular monolayer and multilayer thin films
Thin-film-transistor organic electroluminescent device
CMOS-compatible metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector
Image sensing apparatus and reading apparatus
Lateral super-junction semiconductor device
MOSFET structure with reduced junction capacitance
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Carrier coupler for thyristor-based semiconductor device
Semiconductor devices including a multi-well and split-gate non-volatile memory transistor structure
Low temperature processes for making electronic device structures
Gated semiconductor assemblies
Self aligned symmetric intrinsic process and device
Nonvolatile memory and manufacturing method thereof
High speed electron tunneling device and applications
Lens cap for transistor outline package
Method for the production of a semiconductor device
Semiconductor light receiving element provided with acceleration spacer layers between plurality of light absorbing layers and method for fabricating the same
Shallow-mesa structure for planar PIN and APD photodiodes
Producing self-aligned and self-exposed photoresist patterns on light emitting devices
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Thermoelectric microactuator
Domain controlled piezoelectric single crystal and fabrication method therefor
Method of manufacturing organic electroluminescent device
Dye-sensitized solar cells including polymer electrolyte gel containing poly(vinylidene fluoride)
Electrode for alkaline storage battery and method of manufacturing the same
Rectangular alkaline storage battery
Binder composition for electrode for lithium-ion secondary battery and utilization thereof
Fuel cell having a non-electrolytic layer
Electrochemical fuel cell with non-uniform fluid flow design
Electrode and interconnect for miniature fuel cells using direct methanol feed
Integrated recuperation loop in fuel cell stack
Fuel cell system
Fuel cell system and method for starting a fuel cell system
Three-electrode fuel cell
Fuel cell using non-linear positive temperature coefficient material
Apparatus and method for automatically stacking fuel cell material layers
Dynamic contact orienting universal circuit grabber
Electrical plug cord retainer unit
Joined structures of metal terminals and ceramic members, joined structures of metal members and ceramic members, and adhesive materials
Adjustable mid-panel spillover fitting
Bridge for intersecting cable raceways
Electrical outlet box with mounting means
Transport-lag compensator
Semiconductor device and method of driving transistors
Device and method for calibrating the pulse duration of a signal source
High speed optocoupler
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus wherein the light source is kept continuously lit between line scans
Pressure transducer and manufacturing method thereof
Temperature sensor for heater unit in cooktop range
Far infrared radiation emitting material
Method for evenly coating semiconductor laser end faces and frame used in the method
Thermo-sensitive heater and heater driving circuit
Hot plate unit
Capacitor sheet with built in capacitors
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