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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Vestigial phase shift keying modulation and systems and methods incorporating same
Human Necessities
Maize variety hybrid X80A418
Cryopreservation of haptenized tumor cells
Semen extender composition and methods for manufacturing and using
Uses of pentamidine and related compounds
Associations of xanthogenates and cyclodextrins, and their use
AKT inhibitors
Heterocycle-aryl compounds for inflammation and immune-related uses
Use of WF10 for treating allergic asthma, allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis
Methods and systems to prepare yeasted dough products
Milk fat substitute and production method therefor
Food and beverage emulsifiers
French fry production method with reduced crumb generation
Method and apparatus for peeling produce in batch or continuous flow
Compound curette with layered anti-pathogen protection and liquid delivery system
Surgical instruments and method of using same
Surgical clamp
Surgical instrument
Docking station for a skin treatment device having a cooling member
System and method for intervertebral implant delivery and removal
Spine fixation method and apparatus
Systems, devices and methods for the correction of spinal deformities
Techniques for heat-treating varicose veins
Support structure for a sensor strip and sensor strip for mounting on said support structure
Hip, groin, and thigh support device
Delivery system for a device such as a stent
Stent and method for fabricating the same
Cancellous construct with support ring for repair of osteochondral defects
Intervertebral disc replacement
Support shell assembly for supporting and splinting legs
Method for treating a user's back or neck using a traction system
Compounds and methods for PKC theta inhibition
Transcription factor modulating compounds and methods of use thereof
Organic compounds
Pyrazolo-pyridinone and pyrazolo-pyrazinone compounds as P38 modulators and methods of use thereof
2-pyridone compounds
Processes for the preparation of piperidinic derivatives and pharmaceutic compositions containing the same
Substituted sulfonamide compounds
Sulfonyl-piperidin-4-yl methylamine amide analogs as GlyT1 inhibitors, methods for making same, and use of same in treating psychiatric disorders
Compounds and methods for treatment of alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency
Multiple myeloma treatments
Pharmaceutical formulation containing lipophilic drugs and milk as a solubilizing/dispensing agent and method for the preparation thereof
Pharmaceutical combinations of 1-cyclopropyl-3-[3-(5-morpholin-4-ylmethyl-1H-benzoimidazol-2-yl)-1H-pyra- zol-4-yl]-urea
17-beta HSD1 and STS inhibitors
Use of gingerols for cancer patients suffering from nausea and emesis induced by chemotherapy
Binder for C-reactive protein
Protein stabilization formulations
Pheromones and the luteinizing hormone for inducing proliferation of neural stem cells and neurogenesis
Method of treating cancer cells to create a modified cancer cell that provokes an immunogenic response
Methods and compositions for vaccination comprising nucleic acid and/or polypeptide sequences of Chlamydia
Methods for suppressing activity of activated interferon-producing cells
Humanized antibodies against CXCR3
Capsule having broad color spectrum
Method for producing sterile polynucleotide based medicaments
Subcutaneous implantation instrument with a scissored dissecting tool assembly and method of construction
Arthritic symptom relief through a laser based medical instrument
Method for playing a game and ball and goal therefore
Portable putting practice system
Recreational amusement
Performing Operations; Transporting
Preparation method for anion-exchangeable, layered double hydroxides
Cyclic catalytic upgrading of chemical species using metal oxide materials
Sample processing devices
Diamond UV-sensor element and manufacturing method thereof, UV-sensor unit, and method of treating diamond single crystal
Conveyor dishwasher and method for operating a conveyor dishwasher
Hand shield system and method for welding
Method for increasing the rate of heat transfer of wood fibres
Drywall tape dispenser assembly
Carrier for manufacturing substrate and method of manufacturing substrate using the same
Fine laminar barrier protective layer
Micro-machined structure production using encapsulation
Security laminates with interlaminated transparent embossed polymer hologram
Display strip
Skidproof mat and manufacturing method thereof and skidproof mat assembly
Device for ultrasonic welding of at least two plastic foil layers
Fabric batting tape
Silvery white film structure, method for making the same, and electronic device having the same
Image recording medium transfer apparatus and image formation apparatus
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Transfer sheet and method for forming the same
Artificial stone fiber composites
Automobile theft protection and disablement system
Surface-emitting semiconductor laser and manufacturing method thereof
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of preparing nano-structured material(s) and uses thereof
Method for making ammonium metatungstate
Concrete composition
Metal-ceramic substrate
Enhanced process to produce a thermofertiliser from potassium-bearing minerals
Hypergolic liquid or gel fuel mixtures
Tetrahydronaphthalene compounds
Amide compound and bacterial disease control agent for agricultural and horticultural use
Fluidized catalytic cracker with active stripper and methods using same
Process for producing phenol and methyl ethyl ketone
Purification of carboxylic esters by extractive distillation
Thiazolyl piperidine derivatives
Synthetic multimerizing agents
Method for the separation of S-(-)-amlodipine from racemic amlodipine
Fused heterocyclic M1 receptor positive allosteric modulators
Dihydropyrimidone amides as P2X7 modulators
Inhibitors of protein kinases
Tertiary amine substituted peptides useful as inhibitors of HCV replication
2-(heterocyclylbenzyl)pyridazinone derivatives
Antibodies to IL-6 and their uses
Compositions and methods for diagnosing and treating cancer and neurodegenerative diseases related to Beclin-1
Water stable compositions and articles comprising starch and methods of making the same
Fluorinated ionomer produced by aqueous polymerization using dispersed particulate of fluorinated ionomer
Fluorinated ionomer produced by aqueous polymerization using dispersed particulate of fluorinated ionomer produced in situ
Olefin metathesis process employing bimetallic ruthenium complex with bridging hydrido ligands
Polyethylene and process for production thereof
Catalyst systems based on carbonylamino fulvenes
Group 3 post-metallocene complexes based on bis(naphthoxy)pyridine and bis(naphthoxy)thiophene ligands for the ring-opening polymerisation of polar cyclic monomers
Solid state polymerization process for polyester with phosphinic acid compounds
Nanocomposite ion exchange hydrogels
Nanoporous media templated from unsymmetrical amphiphilic porogens
High film build coating composition containing low molecular weight polytrimethylene ether glycol
Homogeneous polymer blend and process of making the same
Use of malachite green oxalate for treating malignant neoplasms
Mixtures comprising branched oligomeric or polymeric compounds, and preparation and use thereof
Horizontally-oriented gasifier with lateral transfer system
Nozzle reactor and method of use
Porous sheet-form material for cell culture, and bioreactor and culturing method utilizing same
Multiplex detection of hepatitis virus variations
Gene knockout mesophilic and thermophilic organisms, and methods of use thereof
Nitrogen compound production method and system
Type I natural ceramide derivative and method for producing same
Cancer marker and use thereof
Integrated meter for analyzing biological samples
Chimeric construct of mungbean yellow mosaic india virus (MYMIV) and its uses thereof
Epitaxial reactor for mass production of wafers
Polymer-infused carbon nanotube array and method
Textiles; Paper
Method and apparatus for drying a fibrous web
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Direct-drive wind turbine generator
Device for fluid spreading and transport
Power transmission shaft, drive shaft, and propeller shaft
Reduction gear device
Eight speed automatic transmission
Stroboscope device and imaging device provided with the same
Drink dispenser with heating device
Surface analysis for detecting closed holes, and device
Television apparatus and electronic device
Optical encoder and method for measuring displacement information using multiple optical tracks of diffractive optical regions having different periodicities
Method for characterisation of dielectric layers by ultraviolet photo-emission spectroscopy
Optical inspection system with polarization isolation of detection system reflections
Detection apparatus
Phase-shifting element and particle beam device having a phase-shifting element
Method for measurement of content of water or organic acid in polar organic solvent, and apparatus for the method
Chemical substance sensing element, chemical substance sensing apparatus, and method of manufacturing chemical substance sensing element
Method of detecting analyte-biomolecule interactions
Sensor for measuring syngas ratio in the high temperature and pressure condition
Use of a fabric comprising a specific material for detecting the presence of a chemical substance
Electroluminescent diode sensor
Method useful for detecting encephalopathies
Measuring apparatus, parallel measuring apparatus, testing apparatus and electronic device
Corrected optical spectral responses for photoelectric devices
Detunable waveguide antenna assembly
Determining at least one coordinate of an object using intersecting surfaces
Apparatus and method for executing equipment inspection requirements
Measurement apparatus
Interferometric modulator array with integrated MEMS electrical switches
Interferometric modulator with dielectric layer
Optical scanning apparatus
Composite reciprocal rotators and thermally compensated optical isolators and circulators therefrom
Optical filter
Optical system, exposure system, and exposure method
Fiber management shelf having removable door
Compact lens module
Optical unit and image pickup apparatus
Stereoscopic display
Electrochemical display element
Underwater camera housing
Image forming system and image forming apparatus
Driving force transmitting device and image forming apparatus including the same
Printer or copier for printing an endless support material comprising transversal folds, and method for controlling such a printer or copier
Image forming apparatus including skew correction mechanism, control method therefor, and storage medium
Image forming apparatus, image forming method for image forming apparatus, and computer program product
Image forming apparatus and image forming system
Toner for developing latent electrostatic image, process cartridge and image forming method
Apparatus and method for reading and apparatus for reading and writing holograms
Computer generated hologram and exposure apparatus to suppress an illumination variation and loss in light
Smart card apparatus
Fan speed control circuit
LED solar illuminator
Structure for a reference voltage generator for analog to digital converters
Voltage regulation circuit
Image display device
Portable electronic device capable of accepting lanyard strap
Video display and car using the same
Server cabinet and server system with same
Distributed synchronous batch reconfiguration of a network
Printing apparatus, control method of printing apparatus, and storage medium
Print controlling system having usage restrictions for print data stored in a print managing server, print controlling method, and program
Image processing apparatus and image processing method within inclination angle correction
Touch pen
Bi-stable display fail safes and devices incorporating the same
Digital photo frame with mirror function
Delivery expert system, method and computer program product
Glyph-looking alphabet for vipp / specialty imaging fonts
Biometric authentication system
System and method of determining object pose
Image processing apparatus, method, and program
Image processing apparatus and method of controlling the same
Digital anti-counterfeiting software method and apparatus
Devices and methods for restoring low-resolution text images
Software methodology for autonomous concealed object detection and threat assessment
Method for sharpness enhancing an image
Method and system for adaptive context-embedded prediction
Computer-implemented visualization method
Method and apparatus for animating transition among dynamic graph series
First responder wireless emergency alerting with automatic callback and location triggering
Anti-counterfeiting electronic device and method thereof
Apparatus for communicating with RFID tag
Tracking system with redundant security and retransmission features
Method of optimizing brightness of liquid crystal display panel
Apparatus, method and medium converting motion signals
Multi-screen synchronized playback system, display control terminal, multi-screen synchronized playback method, and program
Three-dimensional virtual input and simulation apparatus
Quick release coupling
Thermally-assisted magnetic recording head
Ferroelectric recording medium and method of manufacturing the same, information processing device, and method of processing information
Optical information recording medium
Hard disk drive and servo track writing system for the same
Perpendicular magnetic head with side shield depth less than write gap film
Multichannel time based servo tape media
Optical information recording/reproducing apparatus and method
Diffraction grating, aberration correction element and optical head device
Semiconductor storage device
Memory and write control method
Nonvolatile RAM
Information storage system for buildings, structures, or tombstones
Method for predicting stresses on a steam system of a boiling water reactor
Apparatuses and methods for production of radioisotopes in nuclear reactor instrumentation tubes
Refrigerant line electrical ground isolation device for data center cooling applications
Substrate structure for plasma display panel, method of manufacturing the substrate structure, and plasma display panel including the substrate structure
Apparatus for controlling the temperature of an RF ion source window
Transmission electron microscope having electron spectrometer
Ion beam apparatus and method employing magnetic scanning
System and method for diversion of a liquid chromatography eluant
Incandescent lamp incorporating infrared-reflective coating system, and lighting fixture incorporating such a lamp
Light bulb
Compact fluorescent lamp with mechanical support means and starting aid
Method for manufacturing a solid state laser having a passive Q-switch
Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing organic light emitting device and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display apparatus using the same
Sensor and method for fabricating the same
Patterning electrode materials free from berm structures for thin film photovoltaic cells
Solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing the same
Optimization of desiccant usage in a MEMS package
Memory device and method for manufacturing same
Method to alter silicide properties using GCIB treatment
Method and apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor device
Copper interconnect formation
Method for manufacturing silicon carbide substrate
Method for producing columnar structured material
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Junction field effect transistor with an epitaxially grown gate structure
Bulk sulfide species treatment of thin film photovoltaic cell and manufacturing method
Method of manufacturing organic light emitting display device
Flip-chip, face-up and face-down wirebond combination package
Semiconductor device having a chip bonding using a resin adhesive film and method of manufacturing the same
Heat-resistant adhesive sheet for substrateless semiconductor package fabrication and method for fabricating substrateless semiconductor package using the adhesive sheet
Power semiconductor module
Semiconductor device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing same
Imaging apparatus, imaging system, method of controlling the apparatus and the system, and program
Solid-state photosensor with electronic aperture control
Exposure mask used for manufacturing a semiconductor device having impurity layer and a semiconductor device
Electron emission element and imaging device having the same
Electronic device including phenanthroline derivative
Tunneling field-effect transistor with direct tunneling for enhanced tunneling current
Semiconductor device with high-breakdown-voltage transistor
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacture of sodium doped CIGS/CIGSS absorber layers for high efficiency photovoltaic devices
Thin film photoelectric conversion device and method for manufacturing thin film photoelectric conversion device
Oscillation device
Light illuminating device
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Light emitting diode and light module having same
Semiconductor light emitting device
Light emitting diode package and manufacturing method thereof
Light emitting diode package
Piezoelectric vibrator having a piezoelectric vibrating strip and a bonding film with laser irradiation marks
Secondary battery
Fuel cell stack
Operation method at the time of load increase of fuel cell system
Fuel cartridge and direct methanol fuel cell having the same and method of purging direct methanol fuel cell using the fuel cartridge
Fuel container
Fuel cell stack with coolant pump and fuel cell system using the same
Hydrogen generating apparatus and fuel cell power generation system
Gas diffusion electrode, fuel cell, and manufacturing method for the gas diffusion electrode
Planar loop antenna system
Electronic device assembly with safety electric connector
Switching circuit and electronic device using the same
Method and system for control and power supply of at least electrical consumer
Solar power supply system and driving method of same
Substitute battery pack including a case to accommodate a smaller battery type with an induction coil to facilitate charging
Battery control circuit
System for testing electromagnetic characteristics of an electromagnetic steel sheet in response to a non-sinusoidal wave control signal
No drain power saver
Rotor for motor
Series resonant converter capable of reducing peak voltage generated at power switches and peak current generated on secondary side when being turned on from off immediately
Method and apparatus for varying a duty cycle of a power supply controller responsive to multiple linear functions over a range of values of a feedforward signal
Cam-controlled electromechanical rotary power inverter
Switched reluctance machine
Junction gate driver with tapped inductor current source
Method, apparatus and computer program for calculating and adjusting the perceived loudness of an audio signal
Spherical surface acoustic wave apparatus
Voltage level shift circuit and semiconductor device
Configuration method and FPGA circuit re-executing configuration based on adjusted configuration data
Voltage sequence output circuit
Semiconductor device, information processing apparatus, and method for configuring circuits of semiconductor device
Input buffer capable of expanding an input level range
Circuit and method for implementing power good and chip enable control by a multi-functional pin of an integrated circuit
Analog-to-digital converter digitally controlled according to analog input signal and feedback signal
Mobile station apparatus, base station apparatus, and communication control method for radio communication system
Processing of multi-carrier signals before power amplifier amplification
Wireless apparatus
Underwater communications
Full duplex network radio bridge with low latency and high throughput
Method and arrangement for soft-decision sphere decoding
Diversity reception device
Firmware processing for downlink F-DPCH
Radio channel aggregation and segmentation
Estimating wireless processing device queue length and estimating signal reception quality in a wireless network
Method for estimating telecommunication network traffic using link weight changes
IP service node for direct P2P media flows with NAT traversal
Scalable encoding for multicast broadcast multimedia service
Methods and apparatus for resolving transmission priority in a wireless peer-to-peer network
Packet-based and pseudo-packet-based cryptographic synchronization systems and methods
Method and apparatus for resuming the sessions between client device and IVR system
Illuminator, and spectral apparatus and image reading apparatus therewith
Image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for adaptively converting frame rate based on motion vector, and display device with adaptive frame rate conversion function
Camera module having socket with protrusion and method for assembling the same
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and recording medium
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Combined telephone/TV remote control
Digital broadcast reception apparatus
Method and system for scanning television systems using a first quick scan and a second slower scan
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
LCD car monitor frame structure
Control key unit for television receiver
Picture signal processing system, playback apparatus and display apparatus, and picture signal processing method
Image display system and method
Device and method for receiving data transmitted by means of an asynchronous data transmission technique
Decoding with reference image stored in image memory for random playback
Imaging apparatus
Block information adjustment techniques to reduce artifacts in interpolated video frames
Information process apparatus and method, program, and record medium
Reproduction control apparatus, reproduction control method, and program
Rotation-activated electronic component
Mount structure of electromechanical acoustic transducer
Method for managing neighbor base station information in mobile communication system and system thereof
Mechanisms to update a serving base station with the CSG memberships of a mobile station
Method and apparatus for performing media independent handover measurement and reporting
Layer 2 tunneling of data during handover in a wireless communication system
Asymmetrical MIMO wireless communications
Surface light-emitting apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Multi-lamp driving system
Multi-lamp driving system
Expansion card
Multipurpose computer accessory
Computer enclosure with cover plate
Computer system
Electronic device housing and manufacturing method thereof
Electronic device with rotatable keypad
Coil retention assembly for electronic assembly
Housing structure for vehicle electronic control unit
Lower profile heat dissipating system embedded with springs
Expired Patents Due To Time
Plate holder
Three handled cup
Liquid decanter with handle and spout
Combined outdoor cooking grill and griddle
Heated food product bin
Baking pan
Elongated pan lid
Electric bake element
Cake cutting knife
Barbecue fork with temperature indicator thereof
Dispensing gun
Spice jar holder
Picnic/party cooler
Container for potato chips
Beverage container handle for the physically challenged
Combination tree ornament and waterer
Root feeder
Garden tools handle
Garden trowel
Combination rake and hoe
Adjustable tool retainer device
Cutting tool hole
Window glazing tool
Embroidery scissors
Rotary drive tool
Rotary tool
Electric rotary tool
Multifunction shears
Cable tensioner
Face of a mounting element of a climbing hold
Cable retainer
Roof top pipe support
Actuator for latch system
Door knob cover
Deck connector
Wire harness clamp with a keyslot locking base
Proximity-sensor mount for a fluid pressure cylinder
Fastener nut
Sash weight
Fragrance bottle
Upper portion of a plastic bottle
Decorative bottle with detachable sampler
Cosmetic container
Confection dispenser
Beverage bottle
Combined container and closure
Nail enamel container
Beverage container
Portion of a bottle
Box blank
Container blank for adhesively secured flat bottom bag
Tubular food container
Transparent plastic packaging blister
Disposable container
Closure with lenticular lens insert
Spray bottle cap with flip-top compartment
Closure for a container
Back cover for a watch
Watch casing and bezel
Watch case
Watch case with digital audio player
Watch case
Watch case
Watch cover and strap
Spot clock
Light switch plate with digital thermometer
Measurement surveying device
Wafer level burn-in tester
Housing for computerized diagnostic system
Digital electronic instrument
Electrical probe
Digital tire gauge
Digital tire gauge
Weighing scale
Coriolis flowmeter casing
Man-portable belt-mounted thermography system
Combined mail delivery transmitter and receiver
Combined child safety alarm and transmitter
Device for a non-contact transmission of data with an approach protection
Motion sensor
Taxi signaling flag
Bump stop
Finger ring
Flag holder for vehicles
Winter windshield wiper for use in motor vehicles
Truck cover bow
Four wheeled vehicle body
Frame of a skating board bike
Motorcycle light bar
Motorcycle kickstand plate
Stationary baby walker
Utility vehicle
Automobile tire
Pair of elliptical tubes for hitch receiver
Pattern for a vehicle grille
Surface configuration of a radiator grill for a vehicle
Bumper guard vertical bar
Truck cowl hood
Portion of a truck cowl hood
Bicycle brake unit
Bicycle brake unit
Exterior auto sideview mirror
Combined rearview mirror and signalling indicator
Automotive wheel
Vehicle wheel front face
Disk wheel cover
Automotive wheel
Spoke for a wheel
Portion of a convertible roof and tonneau cover
Automobile seat tray
Battery pack
Zinc/air battery
Battery charger/analyzer design
Power inverter
Power inverter
Power inverter
Connector for an optical fiber
Cable connector
Terminal module
Cable splice enclosure
Switch cover
Electrical switch
Combined heating system display and control panel
Display panel
Rocker switch actuator
Semiconductor element
Tape player
Computer housing
Peripheral hard drive device
Computer panel
Computer front bezel
Computer front bezel
Computer front bezel
Computer front bezel
Computer front bezel
Stand for a hand held optical scanner
Keyboard rack
Screen display
Screen display
Printer for an electronic computer
Desktop computer workstation
Integrated information appliance simultaneously capable of telephone and data communication
Arithmetic operation control machine for an electronic computer
Adjustable flat panel mounting bracket
Computer input device
Keyboard and mouse tray
Grip portion of hand held scanning tool
Adapter for an IC card
IC card
Television set
Portable telephone device
Portable telephone
Telephone base
Terminal controller for head mounted display
Surface mounted integrated antenna within a mobile telephony base station
Antenna device
Integrated antenna and housing for electronics
Antenna topper shaped like a flaming eyeball
Clamp for TV antenna
Electronics enclosure
Telephone holder
Device for lifting a handset
Radio receiver
Portable electronic device attachment clip
Automobile antenna ornament
Housing panel for electronic equipment
Housing panel for electronic equipment
Airboat transmission housing
Fuel dispenser
Multifaceted product tank
Right hand armrest
Left hand armrest
Stuffing machine
Refrigerated open showcase
Corner refrigerator
Pipe end prep machine
Brick cutter
Fence for a power tool
Cutting tool insert
Bearing housing
Surface pattern for a dandy roll screen
Grip for single-lens reflex camera
Rim of glasses
Eyeglass front
Camera lens
Tambourine rim
Point of sales terminal
Ink cartridge for printer
Hand held device for an imprinting element
Combined stamp and ink pad
Desk calculator with perpetual calendar
Fountain pen
Marking instrument
Ballpoint pen
Finger gripping device for a writing instrument
Reference indicator patch for use in an automated reference indicator system for photographic and video images
Fuel dispenser bumper guard display assembly
Operating apparatus for game machine
Cartridge for game machine
Set of chess pieces
Set of puzzle pieces
Three-dimensional puzzle
Tree house
Mattress for doll
Water gun
Toy figurine
Teddy bear
Stuffed toy animal
Toy insect
Exercise rail
Crank-operated suction-mountable kitchen appliance
Enclosure for a food processor
Apparatus for cutting bakery products, particularly bagels
Food processor
Human Necessities
Working machine attaching linkage
Dual motor drive system for electrically powered mower
Reel mower apparatus
Ground speed control system
Foliage mowing implement having mechanical drive with main gearbox rotation
Electric riding mower with electric steering system
Bale wrapping machine
Christmas tree watering device
Portable trimmer and handle-bar therefor
Hydroponic cultivation apparatus and method
Decorative assembly for a floral grouping
Hook guard
Fishing lure having articulatable hook connector
Suspended pigment silicone lure dressing
Fishing lure and novelty item having a structure and appearance provided by coins
Lure transporting system
Tamper resistant bait station for rats
Turtle device
Frozen beverage dispenser
Apparatus and process for cooling foam products
Moisture management sock
Apparel protector kit
Expandable shirt collar
Method for manufacturing knitted items with a passage for the insertion of support elements, and item obtained with the method
Protective glove
Elastomeric glove with enhanced grip strength
Method for holding a sleeve
Pants closure
Helmet bill safety cover
Protective helmet suspension system
Impact protection helmet with air extraction
Chin strap assembly for use with an athletic helmet
Shoe sole
Flexible membranes
Snowboard boot ankle support assembly
Sole for footwear
Footwear assembly having two detachable elements
Size-adjustable footwear
Closure for footwear, clothing, tents, rucksacks
Belt buckle device
Hook for webbing
Anti-key insertion device
Warp-knit tape for slide fastener
Body ornament
Jewelry article with universally moveable appendages
Operating device for a telescopic handle of a luggage cart
Combination safe and umbrella stand
Method and apparatus for cleansing the internal rollers of a computer pointer device
Electronic toothbrush construction
Scrub brush having knuckle protector
Method for making a rigid construction by wedging together panels and frames without using tools
Apparatus for accommodating variously sized headboards and footboards
Therapeutic bedding pad
Breast orthotics pillow
Massage board and face rest
Rake for moving bubbles in a waterbed
Picture framed postcard
Device for heating and cooling a beverage
Portable, foldable toilet apparatus for attachment to tree trunks
Non-flushing toilet
Portable, self-contained toilet seat
Portable personal toilet facility device
Method and arrangement for automatically raising and lowering a toilet seat
Upright water extraction cleaning machine with improved float assembly
Rotating fluid jet cleaning system for vertical walls
Nozzle lift and adjustmentmechanism for an upright vacuum cleaner
Portable vacuum cleaner
Control system for an automatic needle-suture assembly and packaging machine
Laser eye goggle
Sun visor
Rotary hydrotherapy nozzle
Drive device for medical appliances
Weighted training vest
Ball gauge
Surfboard lock
Ice rink cover
Reversibly expandable structures having polygon links
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for purifying natural gas via cryogenic separation
NO.sub.x reduction system with a device for metering reducing agents
Method for operating a multicylinder internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for treating a bed of particulate material
Disposable fluidic circuit cards
Swimming pool screen enclosure supported water misting and cooling apparatus
Method and apparatus of stably controlling rolling mill
Multiple slip type wet-drawing process
Multiple-cylinder extrusion press
End sealing for superplastic tube forming
Collar hole die
Drawing and coining die for manufacturing metal containers and the like
Method and apparatus for supporting and positioning a workpiece in relation to a machine
Method for manufacturing a clockwork wheel
Method of fastening members of an assembly
Adjustable toolholder
Device for the machining of tube ends
Spacers in and for cutting devices
Device for cropping and deflecting a wire-rod strand
Hydrodynamic blade guide
Element, method of attaching the element to a plate-like component, component assembly and die button
System and method for checking the quality of hammering operation on a mechanical component during the hammering operation
Method of inserting corner members in channel-shaped flanges of a duct
Stage apparatus having rotary table
Apparatus for rotating a horizontally disposed, cylindrical workpiece
Noise elminating adaptor for a cutting tool
Cutting edge measuring device for machine tool
Automated machine tool including a plurality of processing units
Ecliptic drive
Buffer centering system
Power tong
Fuel filter cap tool
Retaining device of socket spanner
Uni-directional open end wrench
Visual coding system for tool size
Ratchet tool having a ratchet direction positioning device
Fastener holding device
Belt shortening device
Screw element extractor
Tool for crimping a tee or main
Electrical T fastener pliers and method
Hand tool with wire stripper handle
Pivoted tool chuck bit drive multiple function pocket hand tool
Device for mechanically grasping and palletizing rectangular objects
Knife for moving along a channel in a template to form a puzzle piece from an underlying workpiece
Electric shaver
Reciprocating type electric shaver
Shaving apparatus
Collapsible shaving implement
In-line bi-directional manual shaving razors
Splitting technique
Pour and set concrete construction system
Stair tread
Pre-marked makeready tape
Printer device roller with grit-blasted surface, and bearing mounting technique
Method of fabricating layered decorative wall
Chalk line end
Non-attached monitoring assembly for pneumatic tire
Reversible air conditioning and heat pump HVAC system for electric vehicles
Sealing, trimming or guiding strips
Grommet with a groove for channelizing water drips
Wire-circuit sheet manufacturing method
Pedal arrangement in a foot space of a motor vehicle
Master cylinder with dynamic hydraulic reaction and floating piston
Automatic brake booster
Steering angle sensor device for motor vehicles
Profile for a truck floor
Power steering system
Modular polymer matrix composite support structure and methods of constructing same
Powered prestretched film delivery apparatus
Tube filling machine
Bursting apparatus
Nutrunner driver for a plastic bottle capping machine
Labeling equipment alignment tooling
Dock leveler with linearly translatable lip
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process and apparatus for separating a gaseous mixture
Fusion bonding and alignment fixture
Device for stepwise bending of glass sheets
Apparatus having refrigeration cycle
Textiles; Paper
Device for a traveling flats assembly in a carding machine
Method for producing spinning box frames for open-end spinning devices
Fiber band feed apparatus with guide and monitor for breakage
Open end rotor spinning device
Cleaner for roving apparatus
Arrangement for condensing a drafted fiber strand
Two face terry knit raised surface fabric with face to back color differentiation
Circular knitting machine
Sinker for selection and control of loop-forming movements of knitting implements of a knitting machine
Circular warp knit packing material
Washing machine having a washing liquid pumping apparatus
Balancing device for use on washing machines
System for rejuvenating pressurized fluid solvents used in cleaning substrates
Clothes dryer drum rear end head
Chemical washing system including a chemical dispensing system and suitable for use within a semiconductor fabrication clean room
Fixed Constructions
Method and apparatus for pile driving
Rotary mechanism control system with bilateral braking
Hydraulic device
Dual-flush valve
Portable toilet
Apparatus for reducing urinary splash from commode
Technologically advanced portable toilet and method of supplying purifying agent thereto
Cladding of conservatory roof components
Easy-to-assembly patio construction
Modular building system
Fiber reinforced structural support member
Lifting method of building construction from top to bottom
Dry stackable block structures
Connector for partition system
Retractable stadium roofs and transport mechanism therefor
Apparatus for leveling an object
Method and apparatus for assembling a lightweight stackable truss
Structural elements
Rain gutter
Method and apparatus for sealing wall panels
Device for affixing a flat plate-shaped body onto a support
Construction aid for determining length and angle of stair railings
Prestressing anchorage system for fiber reinforced plastic tendons
Folding stage
Metal door frame reinforcements
Pocket lock pick
Pad locks with changeable code number
Anti-tampering device for use with spring-loaded electronically moved pin locking mechanisms in electronic locks and the like
Closing device
Security anchor for portable articles
Hinge for electronic apparatus and electronic apparatus equipped with hinge
Movable partition
Self-centering roller hinge unit for a roll-up door
Door hinge assembly with fixed pivot pin for an enclosure for electrical apparatus and enclosure incorporating same
Rapid mounting hinge cup for furniture hinges
Overhead door sensor mounting bracket
Braking mechanism for the casement of a window or door
Top hung sliding doors and windows
Security attachment system
Draft strips for doors including a movable member connected to an adjusting slide
Predominantly diamond cutting structures for earth boring
Power tong wrench
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Auto-reheat turbine system
Exhaust gas purifier for engines
Stainless double tube exhaust manifold
Exhaust manifold, for internal combustion engine, for improving durability of oxygen sensor at merging portion of exhaust manifold
Power transmission for an engine
Fuel supply control unit for gas turbine
Ventilation system for acoustic enclosures for combustion turbines and air breathing heat engines
Liquid fuel injector
Combustion dynamics control for variable fuel gas composition and temperature based on gas control valve feedback
Plant control system
Turbo-jet engine thrust-reverser fitted with scoop-doors linked to a movable cascade
Hybrid rocket system and disposable cartridge for use therein
Ignition system for rocket engines
Method of checking the operational functionality of a tank venting system for a motor vehicle
Method for producing an impeller for turbine pumps provided with vanes having an improved profile
Fluid controlled switching unit
Hydrostatic drive control device
Ball connecting body and ball screw apparatus using the same
Belt Fastener installation Apparatus
Method for fabricating five-level microelectromechanical structures and microelectromechanical transmission formed
Vertically operating ball screw and nut actuator system for synchronously moving multiple elements in load balanced opposed directions, and methods of constructing and operating ball screw actuator systems
Ball screw
Rigid internal gear of a wave gear drive
Control device for the transmission of a vehicle
Shift lever apparatus
Reverse gear shift inhibitor
Structure permitting assembly-assisted connection of control lever to cable-actuated vehicle component
Single rail top cover assembly
Test assembly for fluid tight integrity of pipeline joint
Two-piece housing and method for its manufacture
Storage and transport of gas hydrates as a slurry suspenion under metastable conditions
Lighting track mountable internally illuminated sign having improved housing construction
Gas turbine fuel injector
Combustion air control system for a gas turbine engine
Annular premix section for dry low-NO.sub.x combustors
Air conditioner indoor section construction
Apparatus for cooling a room
Temperature regulator circuit and precision voltage reference for integrated circuit
Heat pump energy management system
Sorption refrigeration appliance
Commandably actuated cryostat
Vortex pilot gas heater
Pulse tube refrigerating system
Ice maker
Ice delivery system for a refrigerator
Air separation method and apparatus to produce an oxygen product
Oxygen gas manufacturing equipment
Separation of air
Apparatus for supporting the arm when extended from the body
Bow sights
Modular armor mounting system
Laser plane vehicle alignment system
Magnetic tape measure assembly with a deployment warning system
Electronic device and method of use thereof
Method and apparatus for measuring displacement of terminal contact segment
Method for calibrating a measured value of detecting means
Mass flow rate measuring instrument
Method for detecting water meter malfunction, calculating the duration thereof, and device for implementing same
Sensing element for measuring loads
Mechanism for measuring device
Pressure sensor cavity etched with hot POCL.sub.3 gas
Adjustable balance weight
Method for detecting a power loss condition of a reciprocating internal combustion engine
Method for detecting cyclical combustion fluctuations in an internal combustion engine
Inlet conveyor for tire testing systems
Adapter for facilitating the measurement of the angular orientation of vehicle drive train components
Apparatus for measuring the flow rate due to a leak in a pressurized pipe system
Pipeline monitoring array
Method for leak testing and leak testing apparatus
Particle measuring device having funnel-shaped collector for semiconductor clean room applications
System and device for determining particle characteristics
Photoacoustic gas detector
Electronic component having terminal connecting leads with a high temperature ceramic element and a method of making the same
NOx-concentration detecting apparatus
Ultrasonic fluid densitometer for process control
Ultrasonic fluid densitometer having liquid/wedge and gas/wedge interfaces
Method of ultrasonically inspecting turbine blade attachments
Titration method using a syringe
Nitric oxide enhanced response circuit for gas analyzer
Apparatus and method for determining the amount of entrapped gas in a material
Acceleration sensor
Physical quantity detecting device
Vehicle wheel speed sensor
Gravity meter
Pillow with incorporated alarm system
Brake transmission shift interlock assembly
Multi-function control handle
Canopy mounting device for exit sign
Container for packaging and displaying a plaque
Beverage can identification system
Antitheft case for preventing packed compact discs from being stolen
Method for incorporating disk media into magnetic disk drive
Manufacturing method of magnetic head apparatus
Supporting device for data-storage optical discs
Method of making fault current limiting superconducting coil
Apparatus for fabrication and testing of a magnichanical sensor
Resin-encapsulated semiconductor device producing apparatus and method
System and method for packaging an integrated circuit using encapsulant injection
Method of making a transducing composite of sintered piezoelectric ceramic granules in a polymer matrix
Electrochemical cell formed with big mouth open end can
Fabrication of circuit modules with a transmission line
Fabrication of a circuit module with a coaxial transmission line
Motor having gears with means to intermittently rotate a gear thereof
Through hole circuit board interconnect
Method of surface mounting a connector
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