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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Performing Operations; Transporting
Touch panel and touch panel-equipped display device
Actuating device for adjusting a movable vehicle part and method for operating same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Cooling module for modular data center and system comprising the cooling module and at least one server module
Micro-channel-cooled high heat load light emitting device
Electrowetting display device and manufacturing method thereof
MEMS shutter assemblies for high-resolution displays
Head mounted display device displaying thumbnail image and method of controlling the same
Head-mounted display apparatus employing one or more fresnel lenses
Autostereoscopic display panel, alignment method, and autostereoscopic display method thereof
Collimator comprising a prismatic layer stack, and lighting unit comprising such collimator
Piezoelectric sensor for vision correction
Methods of making and repairing resized flat panel displays
Display device
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
Method and apparatus for controlling interchangeable lens system camera having reduced delay time to detect lens and accessory device information
Camera lens storage and exchange device
Projector with series positioned pixel matrices
Three-dimension light field construction apparatus
Radiation source
Graphoepitaxy directed self assembly
Pattern forming process and shrink agent
Environmental system including a transport region for an immersion lithography apparatus
Lithographic apparatus and method having substrate and sensor tables
Image forming apparatus including a main power switch
Image forming apparatus that obtains misregistration amount from detection result of detection pattern
Image forming apparatus
Electrostatic latent image developing toner
Timepiece comprising a chiming device
Timing system and device and method for making the same
Peak detector for amplifier
Vehicle pedal bracket and vehicle operation pedal device
Electronic device and method for making the same
Delaying execution in a processor to increase power savings
Delaying execution in a processor to increase power savings
Maintaining or refraining from entering a sleep mode based on received conditions by application specific sensors
Intelligent dump suppression
Computer-implemented method, system, and storage medium
Maintaining computer system operability
Software testing
Automatic client side seamless failover
Active workstation
Techniques for distributed testing
Computer-implemented method, program, and tracer node for obtaining trace data relating to particular virtual machine
Workload mapper for potential problem areas using modules and defect data
Automated software system validity testing
Enhancing tiering storage performance
Efficient initialization of a thinly provisioned storage array
Management of physical extents for space efficient storage volumes
Reducing write amplification in solid-state drives by separating allocation of relocate writes from user writes
Parallel garbage collection implemented in hardware
Fuzzy counters for NVS to reduce lock contention
Polling parameter adjustment
Audio-visual interface for apparatus
Method, device and terminal for generating logic service for embedded terminal
System and method for redirecting content based on gestures
Automated and self-adjusting data protection driven by business and data activity events
Data de-duplication
Discrete password entry using keyboard with character and position carriers
Ultrasonic apparatus and method of controlling the same
Magnetic suspension system for touch screens and touch surfaces
Systems and methods for pressure-based haptic effects
Speech recognition candidate selection based on non-acoustic input
Touch module and method of fabricating the same
Touch panel for determining real coordinates of the multiple touch points and method thereof
Touch panel structure
Multi-channel contact sensing apparatus
Mobile terminal and control method thereof
Command searching enhancements
Placement of items in radial menus
Method and system for digital pen assembly
Initiation of actions by a portable computing device from a locked state
Back-up and restoration of data between volatile and flash memory
Balancing storage unit utilization within a dispersed storage network
Image forming system and image forming apparatus
Gather/scatter of multiple data elements with packed loading/storing into/from a register file entry
Gather/scatter of multiple data elements with packed loading/storing into /from a register file entry
Instruction set architecture with extended register addressing using one or more primary opcode bits
Buffering instructions of a single branch, backwards short loop within a virtual loop buffer
Method and apparatus to semantically connect independent build and test processes
Creating expected test results using previous test results
Request change tracker
Dynamic test topology visualization
Interface method resolution in object oriented programming models
Information processing apparatus with external update and restore processes
Extending superword level parallelism
Auto generation and linkage of source code to test cases
Scaling past the Java virtual machine thread limit
Migration between virtual machines
Managing virtual machines according to network bandwidth
Multi-core device and multi-thread scheduling method thereof
Non-preemption of a group of interchangeable tasks in a computing device
Scheduling applications in a clustered computer system
Managing virtual machines according to network bandwidth
Identifying performance bottleneck of transaction in transaction processing system
Non-preemption of a group of interchangeable tasks in a computing device
Exclusive access control method prohibiting attempt to access a shared resource based on average number of attempts and predetermined threshold
Alerting based on service dependencies of modeled processes
Use of LED or OLED array to implement integrated combinations of touch screen tactile, touch gesture sensor, color image display, hand-image gesture sensor, document scanner, secure optical data exchange, and fingerprint processing capabilities
Moving object detecting apparatus, moving object detecting method, pointing device, and storage medium
Work-in-progress substrate processing methods and systems for use in the fabrication of integrated circuits
Reconfigurable drive current system
Built-in self-testing method of a near field communication device
Discharge lamp driving device, projector, and discharge lamp driving method
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method for imaging logs or stems and apparatus
Driver alertness monitoring system
Method for detecting blade breakage using rate and/or impedance information
Method and controller for providing a location-based game associated with a plurality of mobile stations
Performing Operations; Transporting
Flip chip C4 extension structure and process
Motor control device and motor control method
Tire pressure sensing system
Method and apparatus for detecting decrease in tire air-pressure, and selecting program for the thresholds for judging decompression of tire
Rotation angle detector having sensor cover integrating magnetic sensing element and outside connection terminal
Electric vehicle
Light emitting diodes surrounding a vehicle lamp
Control device and method for automatically adjusting view angle of rearview mirror in response to output of navigation system
Information display system for a vehicle
Dual sensor crash sensing system
Vehicle surrounding circumstance discriminating system, vehicle surrounding monitoring system and vehicle obstacle warning system and related methods
Methods for employing location information associated with emergency 911 wireless transmissions for supplementary and complementary purposes
Apparatus for activating and/or deactivating a security device
Remote start system including an engine speed data bus reader and related methods
Multi-vehicle compatible control system for reading from a data bus and associated methods
Portable communication terminal and communication method, antitheft apparatus and antitheft method, and antitheft system
Method and apparatus for locating mobile units tracking another or within a prescribed geographic boundary
Method and apparatus for stabilizing a vehicle in the presence of a tilt tendency
Display device especially for a motor vehicle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Metal halide lamp
Low dielectric constant silicon oxide-based dielectric layer for integrated circuit structures having improved compatibility with via filler materials, and method of making same
Crack detection in fracture-critical machine parts
Fixed Constructions
Power window apparatus for vehicle
Sensor for automatic doors
Orientation sensor arrangement and method for use in a system for monitoring the orientation of an underground boring tool
Multi-frequency boring tool locating system and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Device for purifying exhaust gas of engines
Portable jumper system and method
Spindle motor
Electric actuator
Apparatus for determining a gap between a proximity probe component and a conductive target material
Map display apparatus
Low impedance encoder for a utility meter
Inductive measuring transducer for determining the relative position of a body
Pressure controlled degas system for hot cathode ionization pressure gauges
Method for fabricating spark plug with piezoelectric sensor and spark plug fabricated by the same
Contactor assembly for testing ceramic surface mount devices and other electronic components
Test system for electronic modules having contactors with spring segment terminal portions
Planarizing interposer for thermal compensation of a probe card
Shunt resistor configuration
Quasi-periodic optical sampling
Multi-meter test lead system
Sensor for optically measuring magnetic fields
Impedance detection circuit, impedance detection device, and impedance detection method
Method for detecting line-to-ground fault location in power network
Capacitance type moisture sensor and method of producing the same
Method of determining location of gate oxide breakdown of MOSFET by measuring currents
Apparatus for electrical testing of a substrate having a plurality of terminals
Apparatus for measuring parasitic capacitances on an integrated circuit
Semiconductor device downsizing its built-in driver
Modular ATE power supply architecture
Method for manufacturing smart card and identification devices and the like
Semiconductor test system with easily changed interface unit
Measuring and/or calibrating a test head
Integrated circuit having a current measuring unit
System for testing integrated circuit devices
Laminated core contact detection method and system
Method and apparatus for computing remaining battery capacity utilizing battery discharge capacity
Magnetic field measuring sensor having a shunt resistor and method of regulating the sensor
Target shadow detector for synthetic aperture radar
Full polarization ground moving target indicator radar automatic target detection algorithm
Microwave planar motion sensor
Reader and response control system for discrimination between multiple surface acoustic wave identification tags and method of operation thereof
Remote terminal location algorithm
Satellite positioning system receivers and methods therefor
Method for calculating absolute time difference in radio system, and radio system
Radar system and characteristic adjustment method thereof
Vibration isolator for TV camera
Distributed bragg reflector, organic light emitting element, and multicolour light emitting device
Matrix type display apparatus, method of production thereof, and thermo-compression bonding head
Semiconductor device
High contrast LCD microdisplay
Method for controlling a video reflection device containing A CCD image converter and a video electronics unit, for a motion picture camera
Multiple degree of freedom substrate manipulator
Controller input/output module visual indicator and safety means
Method and actuation control for stopping an electrical drive, by means of closed-loop position control, in a predetermined nominal position
Motion control system including both a stepper motor and a DC motor
Remote monitoring system for uninterruptible power supply
Vibration control apparatus for vehicle having electric motor
Constant voltage source, a constant voltage source circuit board and a method for applying a constant voltage
Power factor correction method with zero crossing detection and adjustable stored reference voltage
Circuit and method for mirroring current
Manual input device improved in operatability and multifunctionality, and vehicle-mounted control device using it
Clock multiplier using masked control of clock pulses
Touch pad guard with optional wrist pad
Low voltage amplifying circuit
Coding device, decoding device, method for coding, and method for decoding
Locking mechanism for locking electronic devices
Ergonomic human-computer input device
Pen-based computer system
Touch panel device
Input device having two joysticks and touchpad with default template
Manually input data display system
Display control apparatus and method
Wide dynamic pulse width modulation neuron circuit
Method and apparatus for securing delivery of goods
Apparatus and method for sharing antialiasing memory across multiple displays
Voltage selectable alarm sensor
Photoelectric smoke detector and chamber therefor
Maintainance support system for an electrical apparatus
Doze alerting device
Multi function electronic personal monitor and radio telemetry cell system
Distributed residental alarm system and method therefor
System for automatically dispatching taxis to client locations
Fire receiver
Self-diagnostic smoke detector
Extra loud low frequency acoustical alarm assembly
Geographic information service apparatus and method using a DSRC network
Modular traffic information system
Light display panel control
Magnetophoresis type display device and process of production of same
Driving circuit for unit pixel of organic light emitting displays
Driving device and method for a flat panel display
Method of driving plasma display panel and apparatus thereof
Display device and method of driving a display panel
Electronic device
Organic EL drive circuit and organic EL display device using the same
Display apparatus and driving circuit of display panel
Monochrome and color digital display systems and methods for implementing the same
Active matrix display device
Liquid crystal display apparatus and liquid crystal display driving method
Liquid crystal display device
Display driving apparatus and display apparatus module
Display device with a switching circuit turned on/off by a shift register output
Liquid crystal display device implementing gray scale based on digital data as well as portable telephone and portable digital assistance device provided with the same
Image display
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Selectively activating display column sections
Liquid-crystal driving circuit and method
256 Meg dynamic random access memory
Apparatus and method to provide a single reference component for multiple circuit compensation using digital impedance code shifting
Precharge method and precharge voltage gerneration circuit of signal line
Clock generation circuits and integrated circuit memory devices for controlling a clock period based on temperature and methods for using the same
Voltage translator
Method for measuring film thickness using capacitance technique
Self-contained digital signal transmitter and a remote control system on its basis
Method and apparatus for cooling power supply wires used to drive stages in electron beam lithography machines
Integrated circuit inductor with a magnetic core
Method and device for installing and removing a current transformer on and from a current-carrying power line
Circuit interrupter and method
Housing for plural relay switches
Electromagnetic relay
Plasma display panel
Magnetron and method for joining magnetron components
Electron tube device mounted with a cold cathode and a method of impressing voltages on electrodes of the electron tube device
Tension mask frame assembly of color picture tube
Cathode ray tube with tension mask
Color picture screen with color filter
Electron gun for color cathode ray tube
Deflection yoke and cathode-ray tube apparatus with the same
Tension band with tension adjusting features
Field emission display utilizing a cathode frame-type gate and anode with alignment method
Plasma processing apparatus and method
Fluorescent lamp, method for manufacturing the same, and fluorescent lamp device
Flat panel display and method of fabricating same
Conductive connection forming methods, oxidation reducing methods, and integrated circuits formed thereby
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and manufacturing method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of search and identify reference die
Semiconductor device and a method for making the same that provide arrangement of a connecting region for an external connecting terminal
Use of sic for preventing copper contamination of low-k dielectric layers
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Low-loss coplanar waveguides and method of fabrication
Customizable and programmable cell array
Organic electroluminescence display panel
Semiconductor light emitting device resistible to ultraviolet light
Laminated piezoelectric actuator
Autoclavable battery pack
Junction for orthogonally oriented waveguides
R.F. antenna switch for use with internal and external antennas
Resonator device, filter, duplexer, and communication apparatus using the same
Six-drop bus with matched response
Dual band coupler
Planar circuit
Multi-loop antenna
Retractable/extendable antenna unit having a conductive tube in a portable radiophone
Antenna structure for vehicle
Broadband communications antenna
Phase shifting waveguide with alterable impedance walls and module utilizing the waveguides for beam phase shifting and steering
Microwave absorbing material
Electromagnetic wave absorber
Wideband cavity-backed antenna
Tunable slot antenna
Phased array antennas incorporating voltage-tunable phase shifters
Adjustable azimuth and phase shift antenna
Antenna for vehicle
Method for charging and discharging battery based on charging capacity
System and method for charging users to recharge power supplies in portable devices
Vehicular generator control system and method responsive to external signals
Remote control test apparatus
Positioning structure for air fan induction element and stator
Motor having control circuit board for controlling its rotation
Three phase converter fed motor having a shielding device to eliminate capacitive current in stator slots
Electrical generator with separated coil and set of magnets
Actuator with number of stator teeth equal to number of rotor poles
Hybrid rotary actuator
Insulated stator core with attachment features
Insulation element and method for introducing winding elements into grooves on an armature
Electrical rotating machine and process for the manufacture thereof
Linear stepper motor
Electronic circuit incorporating a micro-electromechanical energy storage device
Composite magnet of electromagnet and permanent magnet, and eddy current retarder
Stator structure of variable reluctance resolver
Dustproof bearing device for a motor
Angle or position detecting apparatus, method thereof, servo apparatus, and servo method, and motor
Booster circuit
Charge pump based voltage regulator with smart power regulation
Switching mode power supply with forward-looking regulation for a pulsed load
Enabling circuit for avoiding negative voltage transients
Dual-output direct current voltage converter
Power device driving circuit
Integrated one touch up and down windowlift motor with direct sense for anti-pinch
Phase detector motor start switch
Sensorless induction motor control
Sensorless control system and method for a permanent magnet rotating machine
Control system and method for a rotating electromagnetic machine
Circuit arrangement for controlling a load
AC generator control system for vehicle
Digitally controlled angle noise signal generator
Multi-frequency dielectric resonator oscillator
High-frequency oscillator of frequency switching type and high-frequency oscillation method
Sigma-delta programming device for a PLL frequency synthesizer, configuration using the sigma-delta programming device, PLL frequency device, and method for programming a programmable device
Method for reducing output noise of a power amplifier
Distortion compensation amplification apparatus of feed forward type and adaptive pre-distortion type
High frequency power amplifier circuit
Method and system for compensating non-linearities and time-varying changes of a transfer function acting on an input signal
AC coupled multistage high gain operational amplifier
Transimpedance amplifier
Absolute power detector
Increased output swing line drivers for operation at supply voltages that exceed the breakdown voltage of the integrated circuit technology
Differential sense latch scheme
Operational amplifier with increased common mode input range
Circuit and method for DC offset calibration and signal processing apparatus using the same
Pseudo-differential amplifier and analog-to-digital converter using the same
Amplifier device with gain switching, for a cellular mobile telephone in particular
Digitally-programmable delay line for multi-phase clock generator
Delayed signal generation circuit
Conductive path compensation for matching output driver impedance
Branching filter and communication apparatus
Series transmission line transformer
Carbon nanobimorph actuator and sensor
Surface acoustic wave filter and communication apparatus
Method of reducing the propagation delay and process and temperature effects on a buffer
Optimized-delay multiplexer
Trigger switch module
Logic circuit and semiconductor device
Voltage-controlled delay line with reduced timing errors and jitters
Self-biased driver amplifiers for high-speed signaling interfaces
Single event upset immune logic family
Differential termination resistor adjusting circuit
Input buffer with selectable operational characteristics
High speed differential signaling logic gate and applications thereof
Supply variation tolerant VCO
Level shifting circuit
Variable offset amplifier circuits and their applications
Direct power-to-ground ESD protection with an electrostatic common-discharge line
Clock edge detection circuit
Phase lock loop (PLL) apparatus and method
Phase detector employing asynchronous level-mode sequential circuitry
Charge pump for a current switch
Methods and structures for interleavably processing data and error signals in pipelined analog-to-digital converter systems
Data compressor utilizing switched input coincidence elements arranged in virtual levels
Method and system for compression of a set of mostly similar strings allowing fast retrieval
Signal transmitter with pulse-controlled amplification
Multiplex bus interface system and method for transmitting and receiving power and data
Stratospheric platforms based mobile communications architecture
Optical transmitter and code conversion circuit used therefor
Resource-constrained turbo-equalization
PSK RSFQ output interface
Network termination device, alarm transfer system and alarm transferring method
Receiver, hybrid circuit, driver circuit, and signal transmission system for bidirectional signal transmission for carrying out such signal transmission in both directions simultaneously
Synchronization circuit
Keypads for electrical devices
Device learning mode method
CMOS image sensor with pixel level gain control
Image sensing apparatus
Video signal noise reduction apparatus, a method of reducing a noise in a video signal, and a recording medium storing a program of the method
Image pickup apparatus with electronic and optical zoom functions
Detecting/setting the on/off state of a display in a video camera with manual and automatic function
Apparatus and method for automatically controlling exposure time in CMOS image sensor
Low-power parallel processor and imager having peripheral control circuitry
Method and apparatus for motion adaptive deinterlacing
Image pickup apparatus with color filter array and means for adding and subtracting signals
Color selection for sparse color image reconstruction
Four-electrode fluorescent lamp and the circuit for arranging the same
Apparatus and method for eliminating striation of fluorescent lamp with dimming control
Method of delaying and sequencing the starting of inverters that ballast lamps
Method of initiating lighting of a discharge lamp, circuit for lighting a discharge lamp, light source device using the circuit, and optical instrument incorporating the light source device
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