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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Multi-stage supply chain management system with dynamic order placement
Human Necessities
Method and apparatus for processing a wing of a poultry carcass while the wing is attached to said poultry carcass
Gravity pipe for smokers
Package for cigarettes of different sizes and/or brands
Carrying case
Cosmetic container with mirrored element
Rackable collapsible stackable unit
Slide assembly
Individual locker assembly for refrigerators
Wall mounting system for movably mounting modular institutional furniture and fixtures
Car seat with integrated ratchet
Securing devices for wall hangings and associated systems and methods
System, method, and apparatus for storing, retrieving, and integrating clinical, diagnostic, genomic, and therapeutic data
Multi channel approach to capture verification
Voxel-driven spiral reconstruction for cone-beam computer tomography
Orthodontic braces
Dental navigation techniques
Wheelchair having torsion-acting shock absorption and detachable drive train
Door mounted room deodorizer
Electromagnetic interference immune pacing/defibrillation lead
Electromagnetic interference immune pacing/defibrillation lead
Therapeutic device and method using feedback from implantable pressure sensor
Method and system for optimizing dose delivery of radiation
Underground chemical mixing dispensing system
Networked community chest
Performing Operations; Transporting
Cover with integral seal
Overburden removal system with triple track mobile sizer
Inorganic particles comprising an organic coating that can be hydrophilically/hydrophobically temperature controlled
Rotary water sprinkler
Postal sorting machine having a mailpiece recirculation device comprising a cleated belt
Caustic recovery system for C.I.P. cleaning system
Die casting tool of a die casting machine
Method of making turbine stator airfoils with individual orientations
Double-sided cutting insert and milling cutter mounting the same
Joining method and friction stir welding method
Enabling safe use of high power laser for laser marking in a free space environment
Repair apparatus and repair method
Hand-held power tool
Bonding apparatus and bonding method
Method of differentiating types of heat sensitive paper
Thermal print head mounting apparatus
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Device including light-emitting elements above a glass substrate
Spare tire pressure monitoring system
Tire pressure monitoring method
Piston-type actuator and static fluid damper and vehicles including same
Power storage device for hybrid or electric motor vehicles, and associated electric power management method
Wind propulsion power system
Adaptive traction control system
Protective shield for a bus driver
Active lane assistant
Externally anchored tether for altering airbag deployment
Roof structure for automobile
Speedometer and motor vehicle arrangement
Portable gear ratchet for tie-downs
Length adjustable steering column module for a motor vehicle
Suspension device having anti-roll compensation
Apparatus to provide variable illuminated signals for the presence of bicycles and other vehicles
Unguided missile and projectile defense shield supported by tethered balloons
Filler valve unit
Configurable modular labeling machine and methods of making same
Device for measuring and dispensing a prescribed amount of liquid
Carton with carrying handle and blank therefor
Culturing container with filter vents
Fracture tank
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Synthetic fiber sling and roller system for carrying and positioning a load
Crane with a freely positionable oil pump handle
Gas powered self contained portable winch
Adhesive tools and methods of using adhesive tools
Adjustable demolition leveraging tool and method
Paint can dispenser
Textiles; Paper
Knitting method of knit pants, knit pants, and knitting program or letting flat knitting machine knit the knit pant
Fixed Constructions
Ship quay with an integrated storage silo
Retaining wall block with face connection
Acoustic barrier
Rotating platform for observation, photography, and/or hunting
Mobile tower drive system
Dual door release handle
Motor vehicle door lock
Attaching structure and electronic device using same
Securement of lines to downhole well tools
High strength dissolvable structures for use in a subterranean well
Irregular pattern treatment of a subsurface formation
Method and system for circulating fluid in a well system
Breakable rock bolt
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
System and method for modifying rotor thrust
Apparatus for preventing ice accretion
Plasma induced flow control of boundary layer at airfoil endwall
Wheel-mounted air compressor and methods of use
Pressure regulator device, especially of the hydraulic remote-control type
Expansible anchor assembly and its fastening adaptor
Display support structure and method
Locking assembly
Screw anchor with conical head for rail attachment
Side pressure applying mechanism for motor
Three position solenoid valve
Electromagnetic actuator and valve
Fluid passage valve
Light emitting system producting beam with adjustable width
Luminaries for outdoors and public roads with LEDs as illuminating elements
LED lamp
LED replacement lamp with fluorescent tubes
Indoor illuminating device
White light source using two colored LEDs and phosphor
Electronic apparatus and badge panel for use therein
Solar simulator for flexible solar modules
Portable electronic device
Position detection apparatus and exposure apparatus
Coupled nonlinear sensor system for sensing a time-dependent target signal and method of assembling the system
Defect detection system, defect detection method, and defect detection program
Compensation of turbulent effects of gas in measurement paths of multi-axis interferometers
Image reading apparatus
Geospatial image change detecting system and associated methods
Measurement method of the current-voltage characteristics of photovoltaic devices, a solar simulator for the measurement, and a module for setting irradiance and a part for adjusting irradiance used for the solar simulator
Aerial-supported procedure for exploration of hydrocarbon deposits
Nanoparticles functionalized probes and methods for preparing such probes
Electrical unit working in accordance with galvanic principles, for example a lithium-ion accumulator, having a temperature sensor
Temperature and temperature distribution sensing with high resolution in microscopic electronic devices and biological objects
Method and apparatus to determine pressure in an unfired cylinder
Method and apparatus for real-time measurement of trace metal concentration in chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) slurry
Method and apparatus for detecting defects
Systems and methods for identifying a substance
Method and apparatus for inspecting circuit boards
Eddy current probe
Application of carbon nanotube hold-off voltage for determining gas composition
Methods for identifying modified tumor necrosis factor-alpha converting enzyme inhibitors
Device for the reading of direct and/or alternating currents
Sensor device for a household appliance
Method, apparatus, and computer program of searching for clustering faults in semiconductor device manufacturing
Zero ATE insertion force interposer daughter card
Extended probe tips
Probe card transfer assist apparatus and inspection equipment using same
Method, system and program product for determining bandwidth consumption across a multi-tiered computer environment
Second state machine active in first state machine SHIFT-DR state
Signal processing methods for ground penetrating radar from elevated platforms
Beacon-assisted precision location of untethered client in packet networks
Method of integration and displaying of information derived from a mud gas isotope logging interpretative process in association with geophysical and other logs from oil and gas drilling operations
Method of sea electrical survey of oil and gas deposits and apparatus complex for its realization `VeSoTEM`
Method and system for assessing pore fluid pressure behaviour in a subsurface formation
Weather predicting apparatus, and weather predicting method, computer product
Image pickup device and image pickup lens
Projection zoom lens and projection display device
Extended-range tiltable micromirror
Projection screens for three dimensional images
Light guide plate with compensated emission light field
Optical integrated device and optical control device
Producing fluidic waveguides
Optical printed circuit board and fabricating method thereof
Beam steering element with built-in detector and system for use thereof
Light guide and line illuminator
Polarization-independent electro-optical (EO) switching
Fiber optic cables using dry inserts for coupling and methods therefor
Optical element and optical apparatus having the optical element
Automated locking apparatus for a slit lamp
Printing bead spacers on LCD substrates
Display employing organic material
Method of forming a composite containing a matrix component and at least one liquid crystal component
Display device and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal display apparatus containing image sensor and process for producing the same
Vertical alignment mode reflective-transmissive liquid crystal display with multi cell gap
Hand shake blur detecting apparatus
Optical system
Camera viewer device
Projection type display apparatus having a light source device with improved light utilization efficiency
Image display, Fresnel lens and screen
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Substrate container with pressure equalization
Aerial photography mount
Method for processing a multi-colour image
Image forming apparatus and mounting member for the image forming apparatus
Automatic document feeder with hands-free feed starting capability
Image forming apparatus with multiple image heating nip portions
Development device with dispenser chamber inside bulkhead, and process cartridge and image forming apparatus using the device
Synclecron time keeping apparatus
PWM control system
Turning control device and method
Flow distribution regulation arrangement with bimetallic elements for adjusting the flow distribution in a cooling channel
Thermostatic valve control structure
Semiconductor integrated circuit which generates different voltages based on an external power supply voltage and a generating method of the different voltages
Information processing system, control method for information processing system, and storage system
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of outputting signals on semiconductor integrated circuit
Mounting apparatus for data storage device
Processing method and system for resetting system power state after recovering power supply to computer platform
Storing RAID configuration data within a BIOS image
Method for testing processor subassemblies
Method and an apparatus for aggressively detecting media errors on storage devices with negligible performance impact
Hard disk drive controller having versatile chip connector having printed circuit board engaged by at least two data ports having two pairs of differential connector elements
Installing software in a system
Computer system and storage system and volume assignment method
Storing location identifier in array and array pointer in data structure for write process management
Software caching with bounded-error delayed update
System, apparatus and method for facilitating on-chip testing
File readahead method with the use of access pattern information attached to metadata
Incremental merge methods and memory systems using the same
System for creating a dynamic OGSI service proxy framework using runtime introspection of an OGSI service
Storage apparatus and control method thereof
Memory modules having a memory hub containing a posted write buffer, a memory device interface and a link interface, and method of posting write requests in memory modules
Method for specifying equivalence of language grammars and automatically translating sentences in one language to sentences in another language in a computer environment
Data management system and method
File sharing using near real time messaging
Method and apparatus for analyzing ongoing service process based on call dependency between messages
Storage system and communication control method
Method and system for rapid dissemination of public announcements
Dynamic modification of fragmentation size cluster communication parameter in clustered computer system
Automated news rack inventory and alert management system
Document transformation system
Method for controlling selection of an automatic transmission gear ratio
Vehicle drive control device
Method of generating pages in a markup language for selecting products and a software tool
Automatic creation of neuro-fuzzy expert system from online anlytical processing (OLAP) tools
Apparatus and method for generating coefficient data, apparatus and method for processing information signal, program, and medium for recording the same
Method for representing complex numbers in a communication system
Method for presenting related items for auction
System for development, management and operation of distributed clients and servers
World wide web registration information processing system
XML sub-document versioning method in XML databases using record storages
Using an index to access a subject multi-dimensional database
Write-access control system
Automatic power grid synthesis method and computer readable recording medium for storing program thereof
Random test generation using an optimization solver
Method and placement tool for designing the layout of an electronic circuit
System and procedure for controlling and monitoring programs in a computer network
Program product for defining and recording minimum and maximum event counts of a simulation utilizing a high level language
Mixed signal display for a measurement instrument
Multi-function peripheral for initiating a workflow process and providing status feedback of the same
Input pen and input device
System using icons representative for controlling data input and output relationship between a network of multimedia devices
Narrow mode navigation pane
Process for off-line processing, and method and program for controlling printing process including halting the printing process for off-line processing
Pagewidth inkjet printer for duplex printing with transfer rollers
Method for protecting a proprietary file
Methods, apparatus, and program products for performing incremental probabilistic latent semantic analysis
Apparatus and method to store, retrieve, and search information
System and method for efficiently performing bit-field extraction and bit-field combination operations in a processor
Controller for internal combustion engine
Program analysis tool presenting object containment and temporal flow information
Dynamic interception of calls by a target device
Methods and computer program product for optimizing binaries with coding style formalization
Controlling snoop activities using task table in multiprocessor system
Dynamically configurable architecture for mixed data processing
Image processing system, information processing apparatus and method, image processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Printing apparatus, data processing method for printing apparatus, and printing system
Semiconductor memory device
Device for verifying individual, and method for verifying individual
High resolution radio frequency medical imaging and therapy system
Game machine circuit board case inspection method, and game board or game machine inspection method
Image encoder, image decoder, record medium, and image recorder
Robust hidden data extraction method for scaling attacks
System and method for electronically processing document images
Image processing apparatus and image processing method as well as computer program
System and method for displaying an image indicating a positional relation between partially overlapping images
Method of displaying a thumbnail image, server computer, and client computer
Gradient-based image restoration and enhancement
Geometry and view assisted transmission of graphics image streams
Correlation function for signal detection, match filters, and 3:2 pulldown detection
Systems, methods, and mediums for transaction management
Bond issue risk management
Method and system for providing and billing internet services
System and method for rendering 3-D images on a 3-D image display screen
Method, apparatus and computer program product enabling a dynamic global parameterization of triangle meshes over polygonal domain meshes
Passive dynamic antenna tuning circuit for a radio frequency identification reader
System and method for notifying a package recipient of package arrival
Fire alarm device and method
Security case and method of manufacture
System and method for automatically detecting power supply voltage
Response systems and methods for notification systems for modifying future notifications
Method for providing information for parallel parking of a vehicle
Dynamic gastric model
Child testing apparatus, information system and method of use
LED lamp having a recess in external housing to receive light source
Plasma display panel and driving apparatus thereof
Method to reduce image sticking in plasma display panels
Plasma display panel and method for driving the same
Method and apparatus for driving plasma display panel
Pixel circuit
Method and device providing enhanced characters
Driving circuit and method for liquid crystal display panel
Methods and apparatus for remotely processing locally generated commands to control a local device
Pitch extraction methods and systems for speech coding using quadratically-interpolated and filtered peaks for multiple time lag extraction
Two stage utterance verification device and method thereof in speech recognition system
LPC-to-MELP transcoder
Method for flexible bit rate code vector generation and wideband vocoder employing the same
Disk drive including a balancing element with first and second cavities and a cylindrical portion disposed about a spindle motor hub
Disk recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Method and apparatus of modulating/demodulating data for an optical recording medium
Writing reference patterns in a disk drive using back EMF based timing signals compensated for repeatable variation therein
Control apparatus, storage device, and head retracting method
Method and system for testing of magnetic disks using F-BER
Disk controller and methods for use therewith
Magnetoresistive sensor having magnetic layers with tailored magnetic anisotropy induced by direct ion milling
Exchange bias structure for abutted junction GMR sensor
Track width measurement for magnetic recording heads
Track pitch examination method of storage apparatus, program, and storage apparatus
Method for determining read/write head position based on phase detection of a servo pattern
Test writing method and information recording device
Recording apparatus and recording method for recording position information of user data
Method for making an optical disc having a track pitch smaller than a recording beam diameter
Ferroelectric memory device, electronic apparatus, and ferroelectric memory device driving method
Memory device having a threshold voltage switching device and a method for storing information in the memory device
Data recording and reproducing device and method utilizing iterative decoding technique
Storage of descriptive information in user defined fields of failure bitmaps in integrated circuit technology development
Semiconductor device and testing method for same
Magnetic storage device
Asynchronous, high-bandwidth memory component using calibrated timing elements
Semiconductor memory device, memory module having the same, the test method of memory module
Method to manipulate selectivity of a metal oxide sensor
Transformer and core set thereof
Transformer and starting device having a transformer, and high pressure discharge lamp having a transformer
Stirrer and apparatus for small volume mixing
Systems and methods involving electric-field cages
Electrically programmable fuse sense circuit
Antenna Switch Module
Antenna system
High gain antenna and magnetic preamplifier
N-th order curve fit for power calibration in a mobile terminal
Power consumption controlling apparatus for high frequency amplifier
Adaptive antenna for use in wireless communication systems
Connector with a housing pivotally supporting floating terminals
Low profile electrical connector
Electronic device with pivotal cover
Computer cable connector protector
Electrical connector structure with multi-poles
Thin plug assembly and methods for making the same
Connector assembly for corrugated coaxial cable
Systems and methods for optical pumping using depolarizing filters
Semiconductor optical pumping device for radiation emission and the production method thereof
Power supply apparatus
Sine wave oscillator having a self-startup circuit
Electronic apparatus having display portion and oscillator and manufacturing method of the same
Oscillator arrangement having increased EMI robustness
Decoder, decoding method, and disk playback device
Class-D amplifier with noise-immunity feedback
Power amplifier circuit and test apparatus
Amplifier with improved compensation topology and related amplifier circuit, system, and method
Equalizer training method using re-encoded bits and known training sequences
Lamb wave type high frequency device
Acoustic devices using an AlGaN piezoelectric region
Low differential output voltage circuit
Driver circuit
Digital pulse-width control apparatus
Microwave oscillator tuned with a ferromagnetic thin film
Analog-to-digital converter system with increased sampling frequency
Information transmitting device
Flash-type analog to digital conversion circuit for comparing an analog input voltage with a plurality of reference voltages
Sub-matrix-based implementation of LDPC (Low Density Parity Check) decoder
Data storage method and data storage device
Turbo decoding method and turbo decoding apparatus
Decoding apparatus and decoding method
Data encoder system
Apparatus and method for communicating an input signal in polar representation
Configurable homodyne/heterodyne radio receiver and RFID reader employing same
RF-controlled power saving communication system
Wireless reception apparatus and method
Speed estimation method for telecommunication system
Code tracking loop with automatic power normalization
Optical receiver and optical reception method compatible with differential quadrature phase shift keying
Apparatus and methods for estimating a sleep clock frequency
Damage-resistant vibrator assemblies and wireless communications devices incorporating same
Transmission rate determination method, and base station apparatus, terminal apparatus, and communication system using the same
Site dependent buddy list addition for temporary PTT communication
Subtractive multipath delay detection
Cooperative MIMO in multicell wireless networks
Separating device and method and signal receiving device and method
Communication systems
Load equalization method for new connections in a wireless environment supporting shared access for multiple terminals in a QoS controlled manner
Communication information bandwidth control apparatus and method
System and method for aligning data in a network environment
Method for setting an encryption key for logical network separation
System and method for fuzzy multi-level security
Replaceable sequenced one-time pads for detection of cloned service client
Programmable metering behavior based on table lookup
Auto-synchronization of format definitions in a commutation/de-commutation system
Communication apparatus and method for inter-AS routing
Method and apparatus for network header compression
Network device provided with ethernet interface
Data transmissions in communication networks using multiple tokens
Scheduling method for multi-channel DSP (Digital signal Processor) algorithm, VoP (Voice over Packet) system, and recording medium
Internet based time distributed message network system and personal mobile access device
Public key certification providing apparatus
Device ownership transfer from a network
Closed loop sub-carrier synchronization system
Method for processing encrypted data for first domain received in a network pertaining to a second domain
Individual certification method
Registration network for an optical sensing device
Time proof server, terminal, and time proving method
Folding cellular phone
Hinge guide apparatus of swing-type portable terminal
Locking mechanism
Automated telephone line test apparatus with intelligent diagnostic function
Using a voice extensible markup language browser to implement an advanced intelligent network intelligent peripheral
Voice-based multimodal speaker authentication using adaptive training and applications thereof
Activating home network devices when 911 indicator
Configuring a device using a configuration manager
Method and system for invoking push-to-service offerings
Server apparatus, mobile terminal, contents distribution method, contents reception method, and program product
Method of establishing communication between two or more real world entities and apparatuses performing the same
Timed ring suppressor
Image reading apparatus and image printing apparatus using the same
Systems and methods for streak detection in image array scanning
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, program therefor, and storage medium
Image-forming system with improved workability by displaying image finish and setting items in course of processing
Image scanning device and its control method
Image processing apparatus employing hierarchical encoding
System, method, and apparatus for displaying streams with dynamically changing formats
Portable electronic device with lens rotation positioning structure
Mobile terminal having image pick-up apparatus
Digital movie camera and method of controlling operations thereof
Method for blurred image judgment
Television broadcast receiver
Signal processing method and signal processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for synchronizing dynamic graphics
System and method for improving video quality using a constant bit rate data stream
Multifunction-type vibration actuator and portable communication equipment
Multifunction-type vibration actuator and mobile terminal device
Providing geographical data in response to a request from a communication terminal
Adaptive call admission control for use in a wireless communication system
Beacon scheduling method and system in a network system
Method and system for notifying 1xEV-DO system of switching from 1xEV-DO system to 1X system
System and method for mitigating fading of a signal at a radio receiver
Method and system for adapting a wireless link to achieve a desired channel quality
LED based precision approach path indicator
Lighting apparatus for a C-arm X-ray machine
Multi-layered printed circuit board embedded with filter
Plasma television, flat panel display fixing structure, flat panel television, and method of assembling flat panel television
Storing mechanism
Electric wire holding device and television receiver provided with the same
Heat dissipation device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Cheese slice
Swimsuit with floatation members
See-through vest for school supplies
American football cap
Hat shaper and sizer
In-line skate shoe
In-line skate and shoe
Pair of football-style cowboy boots
Lighted sport design on an athletic shoe
Lighted sport design on an athletic shoe
Combined shoe bottom and periphery
Footwear outsole
Sole for footwear
Grind plate
Upper for a shoe
Case for tampons or other articles
Flap closure
Combined bottle and lens case
Display holder for teeth
Carrying case
Wooden basket
Tool box
Standup toothbrush
Embossed tissue
Embossed tissue
Bamboo chair
Lawn chair
Patio chair with crest motif
Picnic table
Baby chair and tray
Pedestal table
Towel ring
Wall mounted display and carrying case
Rack for suspension of periodicals and other items
Storage rack for compact disks
Hub for holding recorded media
Desk for a computer
China deck
Spacesaver cabinet
Combined dresser and changing table
Golf ball display
Modular display stand
Remote control holder
Lottery results display unit
Movable display with shelves
Supporting device for compact disc boxes
Portable, children's all-purpose desk
Stadium seat
Woman figurine photograph holder
Soft-glare mirror
Coffee maker
Coffee maker
Decanter with inverted spout
Cocktail stirrer/cocktail maraca
Paper towel holder
Soap dispenser
Eyewear display panel
Trophy and medallion display shelf
Envelope package dispenser
Roll holder
Shaving razor holder
Human Necessities
Animal body identifying device and body identifying system
Holster for a pager or cellular phone
Infrared surgical site locating device and method
Method and apparatus for the guided bypass of coronary occlusions
Noninvasive devices, methods, and systems for shrinking of tissues
Determining the position of a moving object
Implantable enzyme-based monitoring systems adapted for long term use
Method and apparatus for imaging and sampling diseased tissue
Monitoring system for the regular intake of a medicament
Organism state measuring device and relaxation instructing device
Method and apparatus for treating an individual using electroencephalographic and cerebral blood flow feedback
Apparatus for vascular mapping and methods of use
Scanning device or methodology to produce an image incorporating correlated superficial, three dimensional surface and x-ray images and measurements of an object
Electric fringe field generator for manipulating nervous systems
Multiple channel, sequential, cardiac pacing systems
Dual-chamber implantable pacemaker having negative AV/PV hysteresis and ectopic discrimination
Method and apparatus for treatment of arrhythmias
Atrial defibrillation methods and apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for automatic reading of an identification code carried by tubular containers
Power supply with obliquely impinging airflow
Method of command control for interactive path guidance of kinematically-redundant manipulator
Printing quality examining method
Digital image forming apparatus
Artist's marking material
Network navigation methods and systems using an article of mail
System for automatically unlocking an automotive child safety door lock
Cruise control system
Cruise control system for motor vehicles
Insulation-type DC-DC power conversion unit and electric system for electric vehicle
Seated-state detecting apparatus
Seat belt tension sensor
Automatic deceleration control method and apparatus for a vehicle
Method and apparatus for determining the overall length of a train
Reactor internal equipment hoisting apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Machine-learning approach to modeling biological activity for molecular design and to modeling other characteristics
Ceramic flash TV evaporator
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method of controlling armature movements in an electromagnetic circuit
Vehicle control device
Method and device for determining the amount of undissolved gas in a hydraulic system
Error recognition process for automatic gear boxes transmission
Multi-color gobo
ARC furnace improved fume collection
Mobile telephone transmitter with internal auxiliary matching circuit
Method and device for measuring the thickness of opaque and transparent films
Phase difference measuring device with visible light source for providing easy alignment of optical axes and method therefor
Endpoint detection for semiconductor processes
Method and apparatus for measuring liquid crystal cell properties
Transverse scanning densitometer
Leveling instrument
Apparatus, method and medium for providing map image information along with self-reproduction control information
Support for alternative names in a geographic database used with a navigation program and methods for use and formation thereof
Fiber optic sensor array system with forward coupled topology
Apparatus and method for testing snow removal equipment
Method for detecting buried objects by measuring seismic vibrations induced by acoustical coupling with a remote source of sound
Proportion predicting system and method of making mixture
Bi-lateral shearing interferometer with beam convergence/divergence indication
Compact trace element sensor which utilizes microwave generated plasma and which is portable by an individual
Enhancement of raman scattering intensity of thin film contaminants on substrates
Measurement of Raman gain spectrum in optical fiber
Foreign matter detecting system
Optical scanning system for surface inspection
Method and system for creating task-dependent three-dimensional images
Tomographic inspection system
Structural parameter analyzing apparatus and analyzing method
Test interposer for use with ball grid array packages assemblies and ball grid array packages including same and methods
Multi-output power supply voltage sensing
Digital peak detector
Method and apparatus for determining the change in frequency of a reference signal
IC with test cells having separate data and test paths
Method and apparatus for reducing the time required to test an integrated circuit using slew rate control
System for inspecting an appearance of a printed circuit board
Method for ensuring mutual exclusivity of selected signals during application of test patterns
Measuring signals in a tester system
Recorded magnetization state measuring method and device
Receiver for determining a position on the basis of satellite networks
Air traffic control system
Signatures of marine seismic sources
Semi-recursive imaging under complex velocity structures
Multiple coupled Gires-Tournois interferometers for group-delay-dispersion control
Optical scanning lens, optical scanning and imaging system and optical scanning apparatus incorporating same
Projection lens
Lens barrel
Optical system design and production method
Zoom lens of retrofocus type
Three-mirror system for lithographic projection, and projection apparatus comprising such a mirror system
Catadioptric reduction projection optical system
Microscope calibrator
Stereoscopic microscope with convergent optics provided with a slot lamp for video recording
Surgical microscope including a first image and a changing projection position of a second image
Light transmitting device
Medicine container magnifier
Advertising panel indicia magnifying illuminator
Apparatus and method for reducing spatial coherence and for improving uniformity of a light beam emitted from a coherent light source
Optical length adjusting device
Color-corrected and temperature-compensated lens having an anomalous dispersion glass lens
Laser light source for emitting a plurality of laser beams, method adjusting focusing of the laser light source, and scanning optical system
Directional reflection screen and projection display
High efficiency homogeneous polarization converter
Polarized light synthesizing device and display device using the same
Zoom lens system having camera shake compensating function
Opto-electronic imaging system for industrial applications
Holographic reflector for liquid crystal display
Optical branching devices
Method of producing optical waveguide system, optical device and optical coupler employing the same, optical network and optical circuit board
Microoptical module with a WDM filter and an optical isolator for fiber-optic amplifier systems
Thermal compensated fused-fiber dense wavelength division multiplexer
Optical connector
Fiber optic connector receptacle
In-line solder seal for optical fiber
Arrangement for monitoring power of diode-laser-radiation laterally coupled into an optical-fiber
Fiber optic header with integrated power monitor
Wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission device and wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission system
Image reading apparatus
Cassette arrangement for cable sleeves or distributors with each cassette being movable individually in the arrangement
Cable sleeve with a holding apparatus for cartridges or cassettes for storing and splicing light waveguides
Distance measuring apparatus
Measurement device
Optical filter module and optical amplifier using the same
Acousto-optic modulator and manufacturing method thereof
Electrooptic modulator for frequency translation applications
Modulation method and semiconductor optical modulator
Reflective optical polarizer device with controlled light distribution and liquid crystal display incorporating the same
All-fiber optically-controlled optical switch
All optics type semiconductor image storage apparatus, and all optics type semiconductor logical operation apparatus
Branch image pickup and view system
Depth-of-field indicator for a camera
Camera having a data imprinting device
Lens-fitted film unit system using negative return cartridge
Film and battery loading method for a single use camera such as a single use APS camera and a camera loaded according to the same
Multiscreen display formed of projection units arranged in the vertical and horizontal directions
Photometric operation system of camera
Camera control circuit
Proximity correction system for wafer lithography
Optical fiber communication system with a distributed Raman amplifier and a remotely pumped er-doped fiber amplifier
X-ray illumination system and X-ray exposure apparatus
Surface position detecting method and scanning exposure method using the same
Comparing aerial image to actual photoresist pattern for masking process characterization
Charging device, charging method, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus which prevents permanent deformation and excessive vibration of the image supporter and image formation unit using the same
Process for optimizing a half-tone reproduction on a photoconductor of electrophotographic printers and copiers
Both-face automatic original feeding apparatus
Copying machine provided with an image reading apparatus for scanning moving documents
Ros beam failure detector
Color electrophotographic apparatus with obliquely arranged photosensitive belt
Original scanning device with backward scanning control feature and related method
Image forming apparatus and method to detect amount of toner adhered to a toner image
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of performing an improved circulation of developer
Image forming apparatus having transfer drum with specific construction
Transfer apparatus having a transfer drum
Method of cleaning residual toner from drum and rollers of image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus using guided light to detect waste toner in a process cartridge toner accommodating unit
Method for modulating data for storage in page-wise memory
Date mechanism for clockwork movement
System and method for closed loop autotuning of PID controllers
Command value decision unit
Vehicle running management system
Automated and independently accessible inventory information exchange system
Unification of directory service with file system service
Data copyright management system
LCD display apparatus
Universal mount for computer peripheral device
Portable computer having loudspeakers in enclosures formed by gaskets located between a keyboard, a printed circuit board, and a frame
Protection device for an electronic instrument and method
Miniaturizing power supply system for portable computers by improving heat dissipation therein
Method of resetting a system
Control system and methods for power shutdown of a computer system
Computer system having power supply primary sense to facilitate performance of tasks at power off
Information processing method and apparatus having a power-saving control feature
System and method for dynamically controlling processing speed of a computer in response to user commands
Identifying at-risk components in systems with redundant components
Isolation of PCI and EISA masters by masking control and interrupt lines
Method and apparatus for isolating an encrypted computer system upon detection of viruses and similar data
Apparatus and method for backup of a disk storage system
Apparatus checking method and apparatus to which the same is applied
Video bios loading apparatus and a control method thereof
Dynamic configuration of a device under test
Test method of one chip micro-computer and one chip micro-computer for conducting the test
System and methods for performing cache latency diagnostics in scalable parallel processing architectures including calculating CPU idle time and counting number of cache misses
Method for monitoring a BIOS
Method for efficient soft real-time execution of portable byte code computer programs
Increasing the memory performance of flash memory devices by writing sectors simultaneously to multiple flash memory devices
Cache reloading performance improvement through the use of early select techniques with and without pipelining
In-line bank conflict detection and resolution in a multi-ported non-blocking cache
Method for transferring burst data in a microprocessor
Cache system configurable for serial or parallel access depending on hit rate
Non-uniform memory access (NUMA) data processing system that speculatively issues requests on a node interconnect
Processing system with dynamically allocatable buffer memory
Memory error containment in network cache environment via restricted access
System and method for identifying and managing data storage volumes using electromagnetic transducers
Storing dynamically loaded device drivers on a mass storage device to support access to removable computer cards
Striping packets of data across multiple virtual channels
Software configurable technique for prioritizing interrupts in a microprocessor-based system
Method and apparatus for programming a remote DMA engine residing on a first bus from a destination residing on a second bus
Packet data transferring system for autonomously operating a DMA by autonomous boot mode select signal wherein the DMA is enabled to at least one program control list
Address pipelining for data transfers
Method and apparatus for fast data transfer using internal clock of relatively low frequency
System for providing fast transfers to input/output device by assuring commands from only one application program reside in FIFO
Electronic mail apparatus and a method for operating the same
Method and system for supporting multiple peripheral component interconnect PCI buses by a single PCI host bridge within a computer system
PCI migration support of ISA adapters
Datalink system and communication network
Address dependent retry system to program the retry latency of an initiator PCI agent
Electronic calculator with graph displaying function
Two-level content distribution system
Point-to-point interconnect communications utility
Method of the self-synchronization of configurable elements of a programmable unit
Signal processing apparatus
Pipelined, high-precision fast fourier transform processor
Method for placing text around polygons and other constraints
Method for processing a hyperlink formatted message to make it compatible with an alphanumeric messaging device
Document edit system which concurrently displays and edits documents at the page unit level
Interpolative method and system for producing medical charts and monitoring and recording patient conditions
Proofreading aid based on closed-class vocabulary
Bootstrapping sense characterizations of occurrences of polysemous words in dictionaries
Translation apparatus and storage medium therefor
General purpose web annotations without modifying browser
Method and apparatus for performing rapid and multi-dimensional word searches
Natural language information retrieval system and method
Pass-through architecture via hash techniques to remove duplicate query results
Computer database synchronization method
Method and apparatus for interfacing with a stateless network file system server
Framework for object-oriented access to non-object-oriented datastores
Executing complex SQL queries using index screening for conjunct or disjunct index operations
Creating bitmaps from multi-level identifiers
Method of database conversion including data verification
Document reference environment manager
Internet server and method of controlling an internet server
Handheld scanner and accompanying remote access agent
Shared nothing parallel execution of procedural constructs in SQL
Collaborative internet data mining system
Report database system
Method of accessing information on a host computer from a client computer
Interactive control electronic directory
Scalable data acquisition system
Method for implementing priority encoders using FPGA carry logic
Method of locating and representing circuit elements of an electronic circuit for the functional testing of the circuit
Systems, methods and computer program products for guiding the selection of therapeutic treatment regimens
System and method for verifying signatures on documents
Method and structure for switching multiple contexts in storage subsystem target device
Data processing system and virtual partitioning method for creating logical multi-level units of online storage
Method for insuring data integrity during transfers
Method and apparatus for fast unsigned integral division
Circuit and method for wrap-around sign extension for signed numbers
Approximating signal power and noise power in a system
Adaptive microprocessor with dynamically reconfigurable microcode responsive to external signals to initiate microcode reloading
Bit-field peripheral
Processor having a scalable, uni/multi-dimensional, and virtually/physically addressed operand register file
Method of and apparatus for speeding up the execution of normal extended mode transfer instructions
System for passing an index value with each prediction in forward direction to enable truth predictor to associate truth value with particular branch instruction
Method for deriving a double frequency microprocessor from an existing microprocessor
Cryptographic processing system with programmable function units and method
Embedding two different instruction sets within a single long instruction word using predecode bits
Holding mechanism for changing operation modes in a pipelined computer
Method and apparatus for halting a processor and providing state visibility on a pipeline phase basis
Compiler-assisted or interpreter-assisted expansion solution to the year 2000 problem for computer programs
Initial program load
Digital versatile disc playback system with flexible input interface
Adapter and method for emulating the operation of a peripheral device of a computer
Method of communication between firmware written for different instruction set architectures
Cut object dynamic display and method of displaying cut objects
Interruptible state machine
System using environment manager with resource table in each computer for managing distributed computing resources managed for each application
Semiconductor device, semiconductor circuit using the device, and correlation calculation device, signal converter, and signal processing system using the circuit
Multifunctional machine equipped with jam recovery device and selective jam recovery method
Image processing method to reduce marking material coverage with non-linear specifications
Two-dimensional code reader
Scanner system
Ergonomic man-machine interface incorporating adaptive pattern recognition based control system
Movement pattern recognizing apparatus for detecting movements of human bodies and number of passed persons
Method and apparatus for character recognition
Positioning templates in optical character recognition systems
Clutter rejection through edge integration
System and method for pattern recognition
Method of determining probability of target detection in a visually cluttered scene
Quantum acceleration of conventional non-quantum computers
Adaptive temporal correlation network
Object oriented case-based reasoning framework mechanism
Object oriented mail server framework mechanism
System and method for secure presentment and payment over open networks
Enhanced ATM for facilitating telephony access
ATM and POS terminal and method of use thereof
Line screen having extended dynamic tone range for embedding machine readable data in halftone images
Aesthetic imaging system
Image-processing device and method of image-processing
Method and system for designing a vehicle door
Data processing method and apparatus
Method and system for background removal in electronically scanned images
Method and an apparatus for extracting a connected element from a binary image
Image processing apparatus and method
Systems and methods for the multispectral imaging and characterization of skin tissue
Apparatus and a method for detecting motion within an image sequence
System and method for accessing compactly stored map element information from memory
Method for lossless bandwidth compression of a series of glyphs
Method to control the generated bit rate in MPEG-4 shape coding
Image coding and decoding apparatus and methods thereof
Optimized field-frame prediction error calculation method and apparatus in a scalable MPEG-2 compliant video encoder
Spatial index compression through spatial subdivision encoding
Vehicle communication system for toll collection
Postage metering system and method for a closed system network
Method and system for secure computer moderated voting
Data transmitting/receiving apparatus and data communication system
Method and apparatus for speech synthesis and program recorded medium
TTS and prosody based authoring system
Voice command control and verification system
Language model adaptation for automatic speech recognition
Method for forming a cohort for use in identification of an individual
Enhancement of speech signals transmitted over a vocoder channel
Methods and apparatus for encoding, decoding, encrypting and decrypting an audio signal, recording medium therefor, and method of transmitting an encoded encrypted audio signal
Speech coding system and method including adaptive finite impulse response filter
Magneto-optical data storage system having an optical-processing flying head
Cassette tape driving device with auto-reverse function
Recording/reproducing apparatus with read-after-write capability
Digital VTR for processing intra-picture data according to replay modes
Magnetic recording and reproducing device having a driving roller rotated by a motor of low torque which is press contracted with a transfer roller of a cartridge and transfers a magnetic tape
Tape guide members for a tape travel system for a tape loading mechanism in a recording and reproducing apparatus
Disk drive having a disk loading mechanism
System for creating, reading and writing on rotatable information storage media, an apparatus for controlling laser positioning
Method and apparatus for SID-to-SID period estimation
Optical disk vibration sensing and reproducing device
Apparatus for monitoring and preventing unauthorized copying of digital data
Apparatus and methods for transmitting an MPEG information signal, and a method for reproducing that signal
Optical disk, optical recorder, optical reproducer, crytocommunication system and program license system
Apparatus for demodulating digital FM signal in an optical disc device
Head feeding apparatus
Disk drive having double heads and method for controlling head switching
Disc player reproduction circuit with reproduction speed dependent VFO
Apparatus and method for generating a digital tracking signal with a frequency spectrum corresponding to one or more n-bit words
Attachment system for write-protect ring for optical disk
Coin disks
Cover springs for positioning a removable video disk cartridge
Editing device and editing method
Clock signal generating system
Disc recording and reproducing apparatus having a drive mechanism for loading and ejecting a disc cartridge
Peripherally extending acoustic compliance area in a disc drive housing
High-density disk drive with multi-arm-track-per-head access
Magnetic read/write head that detects open and short-circuits
TiC MR-head magnetic shield dummy shield spark gap
Magnetoresistive read/write head having reduced write fringing and method for manufacturing same
Power-off method and device for electronic storage apparatus
Step gap head tracking servo
Thin film disk media using optimum surface orientation to written data tracks
Optical disc accessing apparatus capable of preventing error in the mirror signal
Method and apparatus for measuring the direction and position of rotating bodies
Objective lens and optical disk driving apparatus using the same
Optical head for recording and playing from optical disc
System for creating, reading and writing on rotatable information storage media, an apparatus for performing both read and write operations
Optical pickup compatible with recordable compact disk and digital video disk using plane parallel plates
Semiconductor laser device and optical disk apparatus using the same
Optical pickup having compatibility with a digital versatile disk and a compact disk-recordable
Method to write/read MRAM arrays
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device
Integrated circuit devices having voltage level responsive mode-selection circuits therein and methods of operating same
Circuit and method for a memory device with p-channel isolation gates
Separate byte control on fully synchronous pipelined SRAM
Multiple bit magnetic memory cell
Ternary content addressable memory (CAM) having fast insertion and deletion of data values
Content-addressable memory
Contents addressable memory circuit for retrieval operation in units of data blocks
High-density nonvolatile memory cell
Memory device that utilizes single-poly EPROM cells with CMOS compatible programming voltages
Semiconductor integrated, electronic control circuit incorporating an electrically programmable, electronic non-volatile memory device
Cell refresh circuit of memory device
Electrically erasable programmable read-only memory with threshold value controller for data programming
Over-erasure preventing device and method
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
EEPROM decoder block having a p-well coupled to a charge pump for charging the p-well and method of programming with the EEPROM decoder block
Method and apparatus to achieve fast suspend in flash memories
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Clock-synchronized read-only memory
Semiconductor memory
Method and device for analog programming of flash EEPROM memory cells with autoverify
Stress test mode entry at power up for low/zero power memories
Method and circuit architecture for testing a non-volatile memory device
Memory device having two or more memory arrays and a testpath operably connected to one of the memory arrays and not operably connected to another memory array, and a method of operating the testpath
Circuit for allowing a two-pass fuse blow to memory chips combining an array built-in self-test with redundancy capabilities
Static RAM circuit for defect analysis
Switching system for optimization of signal reflection
Cell plate voltage generator of a semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory remapping
Circuit for SRAM test mode isolated bitline modulation
Adjustable delay circuit for setting the speed grade of a semiconductor device
Write scheme for a double data rate SDRAM
Hierarchical prefetch for semiconductor memories
Write control apparatus for memory devices
Memory system having a unidirectional bus and method for communicating therewith
Combined precharging and homogenizing circuit
Bit line control circuit for a memory array using 2-bit non-volatile memory cells
Semiconductor storage device capable of accurately collectively executing erase verify operation on all memory cells
Wear leveling techniques for flash EEPROM systems
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device in which read, write and erase operations can be simultaneously performed in different memory cell array blocks
Void forming pyrolytic carbon coating process
Wave guides and material comprising wave guides and its application in screens
Apparatus for a crater-style capacitor for high-voltage
Lead frames for mounting ceramic electronic parts, particularly ceramic capacitors, where the coefficient of thermal expansion of the lead frame is less than that of the ceramic
Chip type solid electrolytic capacitor
Capacitor having a ferroelectric layer
Apparatus for improved biasing and retaining of a workpiece in a workpiece processing system
Semiconductor device including trench isolation structure and a method of manufacturing thereof
Cooling apparatus for electric devices
Retainer for press-pack semi-conductor device
Semiconductor package having a heat slug
Static memory adopting layout that enables minimization of cell area
Semiconductor light emitting device with high light emission efficiency
Strip-type radiating cable for a radio communication system
Radio apparatus and offset compensating method
Stretcher-compressor assembly having a single grating
Flexure mounting of optical resonator for precision lasers
Fiber amplifiers and pumping sources for fiber amplifiers
Optically pumped laser with multi-facet gain medium
Tunable laser source apparatus having wideband oscillation wavelength continuous sweep function
Broadband grating
Encapsulated tubular conductor
Load balancer for a power supplying system
Parallel-loaded series resonant converter having a piezo-electric crystal as self-oscillating element
Active reset forward converter employing synchronous rectifiers
Switching power supply apparatus
Cross-conduction limiting circuit, method of operation thereof and DC/DC converter employing the same
Inverter provided with output regulating mechanism
Multi-carrier radio system and radio transceiver implementation
Signal trap device and method, recording medium replay device and method, and signal extraction device and method
Apparatus and method for low power operation with high sensitivity in a communications receiver
Method and apparatus for automatic gain control using a linear limiter circuit with voltage controlled resistors as a variable element
Gain controller
Amplitude based coarse automatic gain control circuit
Apparatus and methods for tracking power level of received signal in code division multiple access communication system
Method and apparatus for filtering a signal using a window value
Method and apparatus for frequency control
Method and apparatus for controlling frequency of a multi-channel transmitter
Gate oxide breakdown protection circuit for deep submicron processes
FPGA integrated circuit having embedded sram memory blocks each with statically and dynamically controllable read mode
Apparatus and method for shaping random waveforms
Timer circuit with programmable decode circuitry
Lock-in aid frequency detector
Discrete phase locked loop
Method and apparatus for generating a clock signal from a plurality of clock phases
Irregularly graphed encoding technique
Loss resilient code with cascading series of redundant layers
Method and apparatus for fast decoding of a Reed-Solomon code
Coding and decoding system using CRC check bit
Bit insertion approach to convolutional encoding
Confidence and frame signal quality detection in a soft decision convolutional decoder
Implementing reduced-state viterbi detectors
Dual processor digital audio decoder with shared memory data transfer and task partitioning for decompressing compressed audio data, and systems and methods using the same
Communication control apparatus and method
FM multiplex broadcasting receiver for receiving RDS and DARC signals
Spread spectrum radio communication apparatus
Multiuser receiving device for use in a CDMA system
CDMA communication system
Integrated optical ports
Optical receiver capable of responding to both burst and continuous signals
Method and apparatus for optimizing dispersion in an optical fiber transmission line in accordance with an optical signal power level
Optical amplifier for bi-directional WDM optical communications systems
Transparent technique for Mu-law modems to detect an all-digital circuit connection
Radio having a self-tuning antenna and method thereof
Method and apparatus for transmitting white noise for echo cancellation in a voice mail system
Transmission power control system capable of disabling communication of a mobile terminal which carries out an abnormal operation
Phase correction method and apparatus for spectrum spread wireless communication receiver
Method and apparatus for interference rejection with different beams, polarizations, and phase references
Mobile satellite radiotelephone systems and methods including mobile radiotelephone bandwidth conversion
Dynamic traffic allocation for power control in multiple satellite communication systems
Apparatus and methods for using coding to perform signal routing in a satellite communication system
Implementation of mutual rate adaptations in data services between GSM and DECT
Television and radio information pager
In-home communication system
Bias compensating remote audience survey system and method
Sub-carrier multiplexing in broadband optical networks
Transmitting apparatus and receiving apparatus for wavelength-division-multiplex signal transmission
Multi-wavelength light source
Optical communication network system with wavelength-based signal distribution
Resynchronization of data
Method and apparatus for receiving and reconstituting a data signal employing oversampling and selection of a sampled data signal remote from transitions in the data signal
Parallel integrated frame synchronizer chip
Method and apparatus for enhanced functions using a reserved field
STM-16 network-node interface in an ATM switch and the fault diagnosing method thereof
Method of testing clock paths and network elements for carrying out the method
Method and apparatus for signaling privacy in personal communications systems
Method and apparatus for robust operation of data transmission during adverse radio-link conditions
Method and system for automatic setting of optimum number of waiting frames in automatic repeat request protocol
Dynamic bandwidth allocation to transmit a wireless protocol across a code division multiple access (CDMA) radio link
Apparatus for detecting the presence or the absence of a digitally modulated carrier, a corresponding receiver, and a corresponding method
Data delivery system and method for delivering data and redundant information over a unidirectional network
Method for access control on MIB in OSI management
Remote computer communication
Method and apparatus for an application interface module in a subscriber terminal unit
System and method for efficient initialization of a ring network
Simulator for multiple network interface units
Bridging apparatus for traffic filtering in communication networks
Method for the transmission of information packets between emulated LANs using address resolution
Method and computer program product for reducing intra-system data copying during network packet processing
Network data path interface method and system for enhanced data transmission
Shared buffer memory architecture for asynchronous transfer mode switching and multiplexing technology
Spanning tree support in a high performance network device
Load sharing for redundant networks
System and method for a multi-layer network element
Frame relay switched data service
Integrating switching and facility networks using ATM
Cell scheduling system and method for networks nodes
Control architecture using an embedded signal status protocol
System, method and article of manufacture for cross-location registration in a communication system architecture
Arrangement for transmitting packet data segments from a media access controller across multiple physical links
Methods and apparatus for implementing shell mapping techniques in the context of a PCM-based modem communications system
Production of a frequency control signal in an FSK receiver
AFC circuit of digital demodulation device
Method and apparatus for reducing probability of clipping
Method and apparatus for synchronizing a data communication system to a periodic digital impairment
Secure intranet access
Methods and apparatus for handling time stamp aging
Computer system, and host computer and portable terminal suitable for the system
Method and apparatus for encoding and using network resource locators
Multi-thread processing with queuing and recovery
Automatic linking to program-specific computer chat rooms
Method of implementing connection security in a wireless network
Asynchronous transfer scheme using multiple channels
Method and system for managing data unit processing
Public key cryptosystem method and apparatus
Cryptographic system and method with fast decryption
Time stamp authority hierarchy protocol and associated validating system
System for supporting secured log-in of multiple users into a plurality of computers using combined presentation of memorized password and transportable passport record
Mobile radio terminal adapted to receive a protective cover
Telephone line seizure circuit
Communications device
Post call directory entry device and method
Hands-free device with a replaceable adapter for a mobile phone
Automatic answering pick-up device
Portable communication device and accessory system
Portable telephone system and control method therefor
Modem having a programmable universal data access arrangement
Modem with ring detection/modem processing capability
Method and apparatus for expanding data rate in an ISDN communication system
Digital subscriber loop access circuit for digital switch and packet network interconnections
Method and apparatus for identifying and handling on-line access calls within a switch
Acoustic echo elimination in a digital mobile communications system
Marking device of electro-developing type video camera
Method and system for transmitting data to a mobile communication unit
Image data transfer method and image transfer system therefor
Flat bed type scanner with a function of automatically feeding data sheets one at a time
Image scanner utilizing rollers to bias an original in a holder against a support such that the holder enters the image scanner by a nibbling action of the roller and support
Image forming system
Method and apparatus for obtaining alternate delivery instructions for a fax document
Image processing device, image processing system, and method for generating screens for image processing
Device state error diffusion technique for halftoning
Color imaging
Color image processing device
Digital printer and image data conversion method therefor
Imaging and recording apparatus
Moving image recording and reproducing apparatus
Saw television scrambling system
Block-matching motion estimation technique for video compression of noisy source signals
Video coding using a maximum a posteriori loop filter
Transport processor interface and video recorder/playback apparatus in a field structured datastream suitable for conveying television information
Error correction apparatus and solid state image capturing apparatus using the same
Apparatus for reproducing data from a disk-type recording medium and method thereof
ARP server
System using simulation cell and simulation buffer for regulating cell transfer rate according to occupancy level of the simulation buffer
Memory space management method, data transfer method, and computer device for distributed computer system
Providing multimedia conferencing services over a wide area network interconnecting nonguaranteed quality of services LANs
Apparatus and method for cell discard
ATM transport system
Transmission of ATM cells
Method and system for distributed control in wireless cellular and personal communication systems
Broadband telecommunications system
Improving modifiability of computer management system to include selector part
Call treatment in portable number networks
Signaling network gateway device and method for use in a signaling network
Methods and arrangements for involving remote communication systems in a corporate network
Automatic call-work director
Selective calling communication system and selective calling receiver
Wireless private branch exchange
Communication system including debiting provisions for communicating with a subsystem that charges a fee
Method and apparatus for allocating shared communication channels
Digital cordless telephone system with improved incoming call and handover services
Multi-network communication system for organizations having digital cellular radio network terminals
Method and apparatus for forwarding a dispatch communication in a communication system
Method and arrangement relating to signal transmission
Mobile radio transmission system with channel allocation, utilizing the extended kohonen networks
System and method for coverage verification based upon cell border probability
Layered wireless communication system and method
Method of selectively directing a mobile station to retry system access in a radio telecommunication system
Cellular telephone network support of international mobile station identity (IMSI)
Low traffic handoff method for CDMA cellular network using different frequencies among base stations
Method and system for transmitting messages between devices of a mobile radiotelephone network
Method and arrangement for the location area management in a cellular mobile radiotelephone network
Selective carrier denial for mobile subscribers
Communication method, base station and terminal apparatus
Mobile radio communication device
Arrayable two-way loudspeaker system and method
Electric sound converter
Method and apparatus for optically checking an electrical component at an equipping head
High-speed backplane
Mechanism for removing heat from electronic components
Shielded circuit board connector module
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