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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Manually actuatable hanger for suspending articles from a tubular carrier structure
Chest freezer
Plastic expandable bolt thread protector
MRI imaging and contrast method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multiple purpose tool assembly
Adjustable protection element for use with lifts and hoists
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Natural gas to liquid fuels, liquid natural gas and compressed natural gas
Cellular phone based optical detection of specific nucleic acid sequences
Fixed Constructions
Heat transfer fluid heating system and method for a parabolic trough solar concentrator
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Helical rotor of a progressing cavity pump
System for powering devices from intraluminal pressure changes
Bolted joint inner thread coating and methods of manufacturing
Methods and systems for selective engine starting
Wind power installation
Wing with slipstream turbine
Propulsion system
Variable displacement type swash plate compressor
Control unit, tube unit, and micropump
Axial turbine with statorless inlet formed by meridionally divided turbine housing and heat shroud
Pump system and its controlling method for cleaning strainer
Cylinder mechanism
Expansion anchor
Quick release clamp for stretcher carriers and the like
Spring clip apparatus
Screw-locking insert
Solid-lubrication rolling bearing
Rolling bearing apparatus and lubrication unit
Synchronization device for manual transmission of vehicle
Clutch apparatus
Multiple plate clutch
Integrated cooling system for a dry dual clutch of a dual clutch transmission
Velocity-dependent mechanical and magnetic clutch
Vibration damping device
Shock absorber
Actuator arrangement and control surface arrangement, especially for an aircraft
Multi-speed transmission
Automatic transmission
Planetary gear train for transmission of motor
Automatic transmission
Oil pressure control apparatus
Diaphragm valve with sealing assembly, chromatographic system including same and method of operation thereof
Low cost solenoid valve
Modular combined electro-hydraulic multi-way valve system using compact two-way cartridge valves
Plunger type safety valve
Apparatus for aligning adjoining pipe flanges
Ready-to-stop elevation carrier platform
Bracket for fixing a panel to a t-post
Tap for a gas cylinder having a visual pressure indicator
Street lighting device for communicating with observers and associated methods
Optical system utilizing LED illumination for a light bar, and light bar having same
Compressible decorative structure
LED 3D curved lead frame of illumination device
Combination fan and light attachable to a hat
Light shielding structure for LED lamp
Light guide plate, backlight unit including the same and liquid crystal display including the backlight unit
Insert element for closing an opening inside a wall of a hot gas path component of a gas turbine and method for enhancing operational behaviour of a gas turbine
Electric heating device for the production of hot water and/or steam
Seasonal thermal energy storage system
Heat pump system using waste heat and heat engine-driven vapor compression heat pump system
Adjustable shelf for a cooling device
Equipment and method for preheating a continuously moving steel strip
Heat exchanger for cooling a fluid of an internal combustion engine, assembly with at least one heat exchanger and method for manufacturing a heat exchanger
Process for producing aluminum alloy tube having sacrificial anticorrosion layer and joining layer
Multi-circuited vehicular thermal management system and method
Heat exchanger
Reversible-loading magazine for firearms
Stationary target shooting system
Dynamic group target stand
Electronically scored target array
Rotation angle detecting device
Angular velocity sensor with flexible parts providing different rigidities
High precision belt weighing device and method
Photoacoustic probe and photoacoustic device having the same
Transmissions with torque and/or speed sensor arrangements
Physical quantity sensor, pressure sensor, altimeter, electronic apparatus and moving object
Vehicle differential housing and method of NVH testing
Dryness measurement device
Enhanced Surface Plasmon Resonance method
Systems and methods for deterministic emitter switch microscopy
Fluorogenic and chromogenic substrate
Sheet resistance measuring method
Apparatus and method for molecular separation, purification, and sensing
Hydrostatic head tester arrangement
Device and method for determining reaction kinetics
Microfluidic device for generating neural cells to simulate post-stroke conditions
Molecular cytometry
Detection system of test substance
Detection of antigens
Compositions and methods for the identification, assessment, prevention and therapy of thymic lymphoma or hamartomatous tumours
Moesin fragments and uses thereof
Angular velocity sensor for suppressing fluctuation of detection sensitivity
Digital closed-loop fiber optical current sensor
Position detection method, position detection apparatus, antenna apparatus, and display apparatus
Non-contact sheet resistance measurement of barrier and/or seed layers prior to electroplating
Method for detecting an electrical continuity fault in a network of metallization strips and device for implementing same
Circuit board testing system
Magnetic resonance measuring equipment
Determination of a pulse sequence for a magnetic resonance system
System, method and apparatus for radio frequency based location and tracking
Systems and methods for managing the coexistence of a GNSS receiver and a RAT transceiver
System and method for identifying and tracking 3D location of precast components
Visual disruption system, method, and computer program product
Calibrated electromagnetic survey system
Dual antenna for circular polarization
Precipitation sensor, especially a hail sensor, and method for detecting a precipitation particle
Projectile aiming optical system
Light guide body
Wafer prober for testing in-wafer photonic integrated circuits
Methods and systems for distributing fiber optic telecommunications services to local area
Switch rack system
Conditional system of climate control
Circuit of measuring leakage current in a semiconductor integrated circuit
Movement amount estimation system, movement amount estimation method and mobile terminal
Method for a hair colour consultation
Direct-type LED backlight module
Energy-sensitive fast neutron imaging detector and method for energy-sensitive fast neutron detection
Sensor, method for producing a sensor and method for mounting a sensor
Method for evaluating the state of charge of a battery
Transmitter and receiver integrated optical sub-assembly and optical module
Infrared optical system, infrared image capturing apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Image display apparatus and color signal adjustment device used therein
Object displaying method, a recording medium and game apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and device for measuring process parameters of a material working process
Optical lens, optical lens unit, stacked type optical lens, optical system and semiconductor laser apparatus
Preventing crease formation in donor web in dye transfer printer that can cause line artifact on print
Scanning optical device and image forming apparatus using the same
Laser scanning unit
Image forming device and recording medium storing program
Three-dimensional image making apparatus for forming a relief configuration of an object
Apparatus for detecting the presence of an occupant in a motor vehicle
Plastic lens system for vehicle imaging system
Image representation system and method for vehicles
MEMS reflectors having tail portions that extend inside a recess and head portions that extend outside the recess and methods of forming same
Fixed Constructions
System and method for multistage security of portable computing device and attachable expansion device
Semi-passive two way borehole communication apparatus and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for controlling fuel injector valve solenoid current
Method and device for measuring thickness of liquid crystal layer
Laser non-contact thickness measurement system
Combined high speed optical profilometer and ellipsometer
Method and apparatus for precision alignment and assembly of opto-electronic components for fiber-optic networks
Method of determining an illuminated surface
Multiple degree of freedom interferometer
Fringe pattern discriminator for grazing incidence interferometer
Wafer chuck with integrated reference sample
Optical probe focusing apparatus and method
Method and device utilizing real-time gas sampling
Device for optically scanning a moving web of material and method for adjusting said device
Magnetic transfer apparatus and magnetic recording medium
Fiber-optic light line for use in an inspection system
Apparatus and process modifications in ultrasonic holography to improve image quality
Magnetoresistive effect element with a magnetic sensing region and outside regions thereof, and manufacturing method of the element
Flux guide read head with in stack biased current perpendicular to the planes (CPP) sensor
Time measurement apparatus, distance measurement apparatus, and clock signal generating apparatus usable therein
Raster based system and method for target tracking and motion analysis
Method for post processing compensation of amplitude for misaligned and misstacked offset seismic data
Method for time-aligning multiple offset seismic data volumes
Zoom lens and optical equipment using the same
Zoom lens
Zoom lens system
Projection optical system, manufacturing method thereof, and projection exposure apparatus
Optical multiplexer and cross-switch using etched liquid crystal Fabry-Perot etalons
Transmission mechanism
Optical shutter assembly
Optical scanning device having a deflection mirror to scan a scanned surface at a constant velocity via a light beam to obtain a large effective write width
Optical path splitting element and image display apparatus using the same
Picture taking apparatus having diffractive optical element
Optical device having a wide field-of-view for multicolor images
Polarizer, polarizing plate, and visual display
None-mechanical dual stage optical switches
Hermetically sealed transmitter optical subassembly
Cascaded semiconductor optical amplifier
Optical filter aligner/separator and system using the same
Wavelength dependent isolator
Optical grating mount
Stacked backplane assembly
Lens assembly and method for its preparation
Semiconductor structure and method for transmitting optical signals using externally supplied light beam
Method and apparatus for phase shifting an optical beam in an optical device
Liquid crystal display device and testing method therefor
Plane switching mode liquid crystal display device
Manufacturing method for in-plane switching mode liquid crystal display (LCD) unit with fewer masking processes
Active matrix devices
Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
Metal contact structure and method for thin film transistor array in liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal device and liquid crystal apparatus including same
Fabricating method for a ferroelectric liquid crystal panel
Method and apparatus for a dual sided liquid crystal display
Electro-optic device, manufacturing method therefor, and electronic equipment
Electronic device and method for fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display device and electronic apparatus
Paper white cholesteric displays employing reflective elliptical polarizer
Liquid crystal display device with spacers controlling thickness of liquid crystal layer
Multi-domain liquid crystal display
Short pulse optical parametric oscillator system
Exposure method and apparatus for detecting an exposure amount and for calculating a correction value based on the detected exposure amount
Catadioptric lithography system and method with reticle stage orthogonal to wafer stage
Exposure apparatus, maintenance method therefor, semiconductor device manufacturing method using the apparatus, and semiconductor manufacturing factory
Single aperture optical system for photolithography systems
Stage assembly including a reaction mass assembly
Apparatus and method for exposure
Optical display
Hologram forming apparatus and method, and hologram
Electronically controlled timepiece, and power supply control method and time correction method therefor
Ergonomic hand held display
Folding electronic device
Laptop computer base
Flexible door for use with an electronic device
Method of using physical buttons in association with a display to access and execute functions available through associated hardware and software
Function expanding device for electronic hardware
Computer having an auxiliary memory unit removably fastened on a fixing bracket
Positioning unit for a computer housing-and-peripheral device assembly
Circuit board support assembly
Method and embedded bus bar structure for implementing power distribution
Electronic apparatus
Method and apparatus for implementing wavelet filters in a digital system
Flat panel display and method of adjusting a display screen thereof
Self-referenced tracking
Computer air brush
Track pad pointing device with areas of specialized function
Method and system for clustering and grouping taskbar buttons
Data processing having page layout function
Method and apparatus for displaying and adjusting subtitles of multiple languages between human-machine interfaces
Apparatus and method for managing communication between a failed application and other executing applications
Card connector assembly
Method for trapping suppression for thin graphical objects using run length encoded data
Electronic apparatus having holder loaded with SD card
Method and apparatus for forming multi-level dither images from an input digital image
Method of visualizing data
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, computer program, and semiconductor device
Methods and apparatus for rendering images using 3D warping techniques
Image filtering on 3D objects using 2D manifolds
Graphics processor and system for determining colors of the vertices of a figure
Imaging simulation method and imaging simulation system using the same and recording medium programmed with the simulation method
Image processor and image display
Image format converting apparatus and methods in video signal processing system
Image processing system
Motion information extraction system
Video encoding device
Information insertion/detection system
Method, system, and computer program product for filtering a texture applied to a surface of a computer generated object
Method and apparatus for processing video picture data for display on a display device
Method and apparatus for handling secondary dependencies
User interface and method for home automation system
Obtaining a high refresh rate display using a low bandwidth digital interface
Display equipment, display method, and storage medium storing a display control program using sub-pixels
Non-flushing atomic operation in a burst mode transfer data storage access environment
Method and apparatus for interleaving read and write accesses to a frame buffer
Display FIFO memory management system
Technique for communicating time information
Detection of ending of fax/modem communication between a telephone line and a network for switching router to compressed mode
Optical head having object lens and patterned coil
Recording medium exchanging-type recording and reproducing apparatus
Disk drive comprising a snap-on disk clamp
Disc clamping device
System for carrying and reproducing a disc
Storage device having internal and external recording circuits
Information reproducing apparatus and information reproducing method
Channel status management for multichannel audio distribution
Data detection in a disk drive system using erasure pointers
Data recording method of rewritable recording medium
Data demodulation
Digital audio interface signal demodulating device
Magnetic disk storage apparatus
Information recording apparatus with inertia arm and swing regulating mechanism
Disc protection casing and drive for receiving the same
Pre-pit detecting device and binarizing level setting method
Information recording apparatus for writable recording media
Information recording medium, information reproduction apparatus, and information recording apparatus
Apparatus and method for wiggle recovery in a disc drive having an embedded servo
Adaptive zone frequency compensation for disc drives
Dynamic method and apparatus for controlling head fly characteristics in a disk drive
Method and apparatus for cleaning a magneto-resistive head
Disk device
Magnetic disk apparatus
High density thin film inductive head structure having a planarized coil insulation structure including hard baked photoresist and a filler material
Thin Film magnetic head
Perpendicular recording write head with a ferromagnetic shaping layer
Interconnect routing for reduced airflow excitation
Leading edge bond pads
Apparatus and method for coupling a flex suspension assembly to an actuator assembly
Stiffness controlled disk drive suspension with limiter feature
Adaptive temperature compensated AC unlatch algorithm
Electrostatic microelectromechanical (MEM) microactuator for precise read/write head positioning
Actuator system for a disc drive using a piezoelectric assembly
Compensation for media dimensional instability using pre-written servopositioning tracks
Magnetic recording medium having tracking control area formed adjacent data tracks
Head suspension for disk-based data storage apparatus
Disk biasing for manufacture of servo patterned media
Method of recording and reproducing information and apparatus for recording and reproducing information using the method
Method of performing data-recording or data-reading with optical storage medium
Optical disk having wobble patterns and block identification marks
Optical drive apparatus for use with different recording media, tracking control method for use therein, and optical disc
Method for reducing the turn-back of the track-seeking control in an optical storage device and apparatus thereof
Objective lens driving device with focusing coils and a tracking coil, and optical disc apparatus
Integrated optical component and optical pick-up device
Apparatus for calibrating tilt in disc player
Assembly suitable for reading data based on thermal coupling
Thin film magnetic memory device sharing an access element by a plurality of memory cells
Magnetic random access memory with memory cells of different resistances connected in series and parallel
Triple sample sensing for magnetic random access memory (MRAM) with series diodes
Magnetic recording element, magnetic memory, magnetic recording method, method for fabricating a magnetic recording element, and method for fabricating a magnetic memory
Semiconductor memory having dual port cell supporting hidden refresh
Refresh miss detect circuit for self-refreshing DRAM
Bias sensing in DRAM sense amplifiers
Clock synchronized non-volatile memory device
Coding method of multi-level memory cell
Two transistor flash memory cell for use in EEPROM arrays with a programmable logic device
Dual-bit nitride read only memory cell with parasitic amplifier and methods of fabricating and reading the same
Semiconductor storage device
File storage type non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Method for operating a non-volatile memory
Nonvolatile memory, IC card and data processing system
Single level metal memory cell using chalcogenide cladding
Flash memory having enhanced yield and having enhanced reliability in redundant and dummy circuits
Memory cell structural test
Device with integrated SRAM memory and method of testing such a device
Synchronous type semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device
Clock synchronous type semiconductor memory device
Synchronous flash memory command sequence
Circuit device having a fuse
Sense amplifier with override write circuitry
Method and logic decision device for generating ferro-electric capacitor reference voltage
Synchronous DRAM controller
Magnetoresistive effect element, its manufacturing method, magnetic head, magnetic reproducing apparatus, and magnetic memory
Electronic component base
Switching power-supply module
Capacitor element for a power capacitor, a power capacitor comprising such element and a metallized film for a power capacitor
Cascade capacitor
Double-layer capacitor components and method for preparing them
Thin film structure that may be used with an adhesion layer
Electronic circuit equipment using multilayer circuit board
Nonvolatile memory structures and fabrication methods
Integrated magnetoresistive semiconductor memory and fabrication method for the memory
Molded shield structures and method for their fabrication
Heat sink and package surface design
Electro-static discharge protection device for integrated circuit inputs
Low inductance laser diode arrays, laser diode array assemblies, and fabrication thereof
Optical power transient control scheme for EDFA amplifiers
Self seeding pulsed non-linear resonant cavity
Method and air baffle for improving air flow over ionizing pins
Instantaneous overcurrent element for heavily saturated current in a power system
Pin-to-pin ESD-protection structure having cross-pin activation
Method for starting up a switched-mode power supply, and switched-mode power supply having a starting circuit
Method and control circuitry for a three-phase three-level boost-type rectifier
Step-down buck converter with full bridge circuit
Power supply system with secondary control circuitry providing power-based feedback
Micro-machine electrostatic actuator, method and system employing same, and fabrication methods thereof
Power supply system by use of vehicle
Discrete wavelet transform system architecture design using filterbank factorization
Predistortion linearizer using even order intermodulation components
Serial data communication receiver having adaptive termination resistors
Method and decoding apparatus using linear code with parity check matrices composed from circulants
Coding-assisted MIMO joint detection and decoding
Multi remote control transmitter, video apparatus, and format preset support method for same apparatus
Radio receiver and method for preloading an average DC-offset into a channel filter
Apparatus and method for synchronizing with a communication network by shadowing a page response connection to the network
Closed loop power control for common downlink transport channels
Rapid signal acquisition by spread spectrum transceivers
Method and apparatus for detecting jamming signal
Space diversity and coding, spread-spectrum antenna and method
Method and system for automatic optical fiber type identification
Highly scalable modular optical amplifier based subsystem
Minimum mean-squared error block-decision feedback sequence estimation in digital communication systems
Method and apparatus for forward link power control
Channel estimation unit, and CDMA receiver and CDMA transceiver with channel estimation unit
Low back haul reactivation delay for high-speed packet data services in CDMA systems
Antenna diversity system
Process of sending packets of real-time information
System for interference cancellation
Subscriber unit in a hybrid link incorporating spatial multiplexing
Traffic verification system
Spectrum management method for a cable data system
Method and system for intermediate system level 2 transparency using the SONET LDCC
Method and apparatus for reducing OSPF flooding
Peak power to average power ratio reduction in multicarrier communication systems using error-correcting code
Method and apparatus for coding in a telecommunications system
Process of temporal management of a multiplexed bus
Apparatus for and method of measuring communication performance
Control of internet based video conferencing
Traffic based dimensioning method for determining the throughput of an edge router in a data network
Assigning unique SNMP identifiers
Method and apparatus for dynamic configuration and checking of network connections via out-of-band monitoring
Performance enhancement of transmission control protocol (TCP) for wireless network applications
Communication system method for setting up connections between terminals of a first and second communication network
Service framework supporting remote service discovery and connection
Metropolitan wide area network
Mobile wireless router
Hinged adjustable component holder for electronic component cabinet
VLAN trunking over ATM PVCs (VTAP)
System and multi-thread method to manage a fault tolerant computer switching cluster using a spanning tree
System and method for service independent data routing
Automatic adjustment of buffer depth for the correction of packet delay variation
Circuit and method for controlling virtual connections in a ring network
Method and apparatus for output rate regulation and control associated with a packet pipeline
Apparatus, and associated method, for communicating packet data in a network including a radio-link
Method and apparatus for pipeline sorting of ordered streams of data items
Method and apparatus for weighted arbitration scheduling separately at the input ports and the output ports of a switch fabric
System and method for amicable small group multicast in a packet-switched network
Communication bus architecture for interconnecting data devices using space and time division multiplexing and method of operation
Wireless repeating subscriber units
Method for synchronizing databases in stacked network units
Method and apparatus for processing asynchronous data
Ancillary information transmission while user is on hold during a telecommunications device teleconference
Methods and apparatus for data communications through packet networks
Method and system of managing connections between circuit-switched and packet-switched networks
Segment-wise channel equalization based data estimation
Methods, modems and computer program products for identification of a modem type and adjustment of a communication configuration based on modem type
Device and method for performing a carrier recovery
GSM transceiver with time division duplexed operations for receiving data, monitoring signal strength and transmitting data during a single time frame
Intelligent printer driver and user interface and method to recommend and/or automatically modify a document for printing, and a method therefore
System for bypassing a server to achieve higher throughput between data network and data storage system
Push network
Route server
System and method for coding algorithm policy adjustment in telephony-over-LAN networks
Bit rate agile third-generation wireless CDMA, GSM, TDMA and OFDM system
Turning cover of a detachable type and assembly method thereof
Method for providing a data service in a CDMA communications system
Touch tone replacement for internet telephony
Method and apparatus for allowing selective disposition of an incoming telephone call during an internet session
Method for performing gate coordination on a per-call basis
Universal print driver
Image input apparatus
Methods and apparatus for analyzing and image and for controlling a scanner
Image forming device
Pattern rendering system and method
Image reading apparatus and control method thereof
Systems and methods for device independent color control to achieve accurate color proofing and reproduction
Transmission system
Efficient implementation of half-pixel motion prediction
Video surveillance system
Modular electronic image-capturing system with dual functional modes
Automatic video editing
Timing recovery apparatus and method for digital TV using envelope of timing error
Method for switching input terminals based on incoming signal format
Television receiving apparatus
Television tuner for reducing power consumption and video device using the television tuner
Implosion resistant cathode ray tube with mounting lug having a compound bend
Method and apparatus for data communication and storage wherein a IEEE1394/firewire clock is synchronized to an ATM network clock
Satellite communication system for broadcasting audio-visual programs and multimedia data
Systems and methods for displaying and recording control interface with television programs, video, advertising information and program scheduling information
Moving trouble monitoring system and recording medium
Apparatus, and associated method, for communicating streaming video in a radio communication system
Video decoding method, video decoding apparatus, and program storage media
Method and system for multimedia video processing
Video signal processing
Method and system for calibrating color correction instructions between color correction devices
Optical line termination, passive optical network system and method of dynamically controlling an upstream band
Fast switching of data packet with common time reference
Method and apparatus for completing telephone calls between subnetworks
Method for regenerating a point-to-multipoint interface on a point-to-point interface
Device and method for controlling a data transmission operation between a first ATM device and a second ATM device
ATM switching apparatus applicable to short cell
Secure ATM-based distributed virtual tandem switching system and method
Self-configuring communication network
Device and method for controlling a data transmission operation between a first ATM device and a second ATM device
Methods and apparatus for providing short RACH frames for fast latency
Circuit board
Electronic circuit board case
Thermal management system
Device for fixing a heat distribution covering on a printed circuit board with heat distribution covering
Cooling device for electronic unit
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