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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method and apparatus for localizing myocardial infarction during catheterization
Determination of position of injection needle
Look-locker IR-SSFP for cardiac MR imaging with simultaneous generation of cardiac T1 maps, cine images and IR-prepared images
Multiple tunable central cathodes on a paddle for increased medial-lateral and rostral-caudal flexibility via current steering
Implantable electrical stimulation systems with shielded control module and methods for making and using
Performing Operations; Transporting
Reverse transfer color printers for histological specimen slides and cassettes
Vehicular anticipatory sensor system
Drive mode selector
System for detecting run over accident
Vehicular anti-theft device
Fuel admission control unit to control a diesel engine
Pressure sensor diagnosing method and common rail fuel injection control apparatus
Speed control device and program for speed control device
Electrical power steering system for a motor vehicle
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fluid heater and method of use thereof
Monitoring device and monitoring method for rotary encoder
Analytical instrumentation in hazardous environments via static pressurization
Determining true surface color from multiple camera images providing conflicting color information
Apparatus for detecting periodic defect and method therefor
Method for measuring the electrical resistance of a glow plug
Circuit and method for sensing a differential capacitance
Measuring method for degree of degradation of lubricating oil, and measuring device therefor, as well as lubricating oil monitoring system in machine and device
Support structure for installation of a component assembly housed in a rotating, translating carriage chassis
Techniques for efficiently updating routing information
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and method thereof
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
MEMS electrostatic display
Video wall and mullion elimination lens thereof
Electro-optic modulator of large bandwidth
Photoelectric coupling module
Optical modulation device and optical modulation method
Backlight module and LCD device
Liquid crystal display device
Monolithic fixed optical delay generators
Image reader, image eraser, and related methods
Image forming device having a toner supply control portion
Development device and image forming apparatus and process unit incorporating same
Portable low cost firearm safe
Charging assembly for electronic device
Direct-current stabilized power supply device
Current source circuit with temperature compensation
Closed-loop multiphase slew rate controller for signal drive in a computer system
Adaptive phase-shifted synchronization clock generation circuit and method for generating phase-shifted synchronization clock
Power supply control circuit
Branch circuit determination without external synchronization
Method and apparatus for controlling the operational mode of electronic devices in response to sensed conditions
Anomaly detection at the level of run time data structures
Test case production utilizing problem reports
Diagnostic data capture in a computing environment
Pulsed-latch based razor with 1-cycle error recovery scheme
Heuristic failure prevention in software as a service (SAAS) systems
Recovering a volume table and data sets from a corrupted volume
Analysis of tests of software programs based on classification of failed test cases
Device archiving of past cluster binding information on a broadcast encryption-based network
Data placement for loss protection in a storage system
Systems and methods for managing read-only memory
Determining server write activity levels to use to adjust write cache size
Drawing processing apparatus and method
Space reclamation in multi-layered and thin provisioned storage systems
Methods and systems for data cleanup using physical image of files on storage devices
Methods and systems for data cleanup using physical image of files on storage devices
Memory system including a spiral cache
Flexible control mechanism for store gathering in a write buffer
Information processing apparatus and interrupt control method
Sharing of bypassed I/O transaction information
Creating presentations by capturing content of a simulated second monitor
Information processing device, information processing method, and computer program product
System, apparatus and method for managing heterogeneous group of devices
System and method for configuring and displaying communications between users in an organization
Management of process-to-process inter-cluster communication requests
Server device, and method and program for processing on the same
Four dimensional (4D) information distribution system and method
Method and apparatus for processing received network packets on a network interface for a computer
System and method for managing connections between a client and a server
Email-read status
Image forming apparatus, and control method thereof
Apparatus and method of performing discovery based on priority level in distributed network, and method of determining discovery back-off time
Distribution of multimedia files using a transportation provider wireless device
Direct return to source (DRS) routing of customer information control systems (CICS) transactions
System for indicating to network user the cost of service provided to each device on network
Managing and reconciling information technology assets in a configuration database
Computer network system including a proxy for interconnecting network management tools with network segments
Tracking usage of and sharing data between mobile device applications
Storage system, information processing apparatus, and connection method
Remote power control system
Correlating event streams from independent processes in a complex business system using metadata associated with the transport interconnections
Controlling access to a resource in a distributed computing system with a distributed access request queue
Determining a path for network traffic between nodes in a parallel computer
Address server
Integrated automatic user support and assistance
Browser locking tool to control navigation away from a current webpage to a target webpage
Analyzing a category of a candidate phrase to update from a server if a phrase category is not in a phrase database
Consumer action mining
Method and system for optimizing traversal and storage of directory entries of a storage volume
Active memory expansion in a database environment to query needed/uneeded results
Method and apparatus for regulatory database protocol discovery
Method and system for planning and management of digital events
Creating and maintaining order of a log stream
Web search with multi-language search input translation
Multi-updatable least recently used mechanism
Associative search engine
Techniques providing a software fitting assessment
Multi-updatable least recently used mechanism
Data processing
Software framework that facilitates design and implementation of database applications
Method for search disambiguation using hashtags having context data associated therewith
Storage system
Activity-based block management of a clustered file system using client-side block maps
Methods for fabricating integrated circuits including generating photomasks for directed self-assembly
Congestion estimation techniques at pre-synthesis stage
System and method for automatic generation and usage of fluid flow loss coefficients for T-junctions
Arrangement and method relating to analysis of transmission lines
Enabling reuse of unit-specific simulation irritation in multiple environments
Automatic role activation
Planning assignment of software licenses
Smart device lockout
Interactive services
Display processing device, display information distribution device, and display processing method
Emulating multiple universal serial bus (USB) keys so as to efficiently configure different types of hardware
Interaction with a visualized state transition model
Method and apparatus for minimizing within-die variations in performance parameters of a processor
Terminating enhanced television broadcasts
Method and apparatus for enhancing keycap legend visibility in low light conditions
Input device, and electro-optical device
Device and method for locating a locally deforming contact on a deformable touch-sensitive surface of an object
Touch-sensing systems
Pressure detection unit and information input device having the pressure detection unit
System to overlay application help on a mobile device
Image processing apparatus and method for three-dimensional objects
Intelligent data buffering between interfaces
Method for controlling a gear brake for an automated change-speed gearbox
Version mapped incremental backups
Optimized resizing for RCU-protected hash tables
Accessing objects in a service registry and repository
Lazy evaluation of semantic indexing
Method for predicting optimized crystal structures
Simulating stream computing systems
Automatic update of persistent boot parameter storage
System and method for optimized reclamation processing in a virtual tape library system
Obtaining profile data for use in optimizing computer programming code
Method and system for handling software design conflicts
Method, apparatus and product for porting applications to embedded platforms
Source code analysis archival adapter for structured data mining
Collaborative software debugging in a distributed system with collaborative step over operation
Hybrid cloud integrator
System and method for providing computer upgrade information
Type checking for object-oriented programming languages
Software debugging with execution match determinations
Crash notification between debuggers
Automatic identification of interesting interleavings in a multithreaded program
De-serialization of objects based on difference in information content
Common recording and replaying performance test tool for a client-server environment
Collaborative negotiation of system resources among virtual servers running in a network computing environment
Method for controlling a virtual machine and a virtual machine system
Monitoring and updating state information of virtual devices to guest virtual machines based on guest virtual machine's probing policy
Sharing reconfigurable computing devices between workloads
Sharing reconfigurable computing devices between workloads
Apparatus and method for processing task
Object optimal allocation device, method and program
Managing scheduling of processes
Computing system with transactional memory using millicode assists
Modular surgical kit for cartilage repair
Free energy difference estimation method and simulation apparatus
Printing system including a printing apparatus and an information processing apparatus which communicates with the printing apparatus
Control of user-sensitive information in a print datastream
Method, an apparatus and a printing equipment for printing documents
Method, system, and apparatus for identifying pharmaceutical products
Detection of static object on thoroughfare crossings
Image processing device configured to perform color correction with compressed color correction data and image processing method performing the same
Authentication system, and method for registering and matching authentication information
Method and apparatus for detecting and recognizing object using local binary patterns
Method for determination of spatial distribution and concentration of contrast components in a porous and/or heterogeneous sample
Detection of numbered captions
Arrangement and imaging of biological samples
Label-embedding for text recognition
Pay for studies submitted (PASS) method for clinical trials
Image processing method for estimating a brain shift
Object tag metadata and image search
Image expansion apparatus for performing interpolation processing on input image data, and image expansion method thereof
Image processing apparatus and method
Image recomposition from face detection and facial features
Image rectification using sparsely-distributed local features
Coded visual information system
Image processing method and system
Collection of machine learning training data for expression recognition
Systems and methods for generating electronic spare parts catalogs for complex systems and machines
Method and system for providing laundry services
Knowledge based method and system for local commerce
Determining snapshot placement
Computing device and method for processing curved surface
Photogrammetric texture mapping using casual images
Portable system for emergency landing helicopters
Informing system for electronic anklet information and the method of using the same thereof
Animal identification system and related method
Writing device having light emitting diode display panel
Display, television set and liquid crystal television set
Compensation of signal values for a touch sensor
Location tracking system
Texture map component optimization
Display apparatus, method and computer readable medium that avoids failure in an automatic adjustment of an effective image area and dot clock
Display device and method for manufacturing the same
Methods and apparatus for processing serialized video data for display
Clock synthesis
Disk device and method of driving tray of disk device
Magnetic disk apparatus and data refresh method
Optimum tape layout selection for improved error correction capability
Write head having a device for reducing the effects of stray flux
Backward compatible head for quasi-static tilted reading and/or recording
Retention detection and/or channel tracking policy in a flash memory based storage system
Semiconductor memory device having faulty cells
Semiconductor integrated circuit having a permanently conductive non-volatile memory element
Methods and apparatus for storing data in a multi-level cell flash memory device with cross-page sectors, multi-page coding and per-page coding
Non-volatile semiconductor storage device
Reduction of read disturb errors
Integrated circuits with programmable electrical connections and methods for fabricating the same
Encrypting distributed computing data
Storing data in a distributed storage network
Memory testing of three dimensional (3D) stacked memory
Three-dimensional memory array and operation scheme
SRAM global precharge, discharge, and sense
X-ray tube
VHF/UHF broadband dual channel antenna
Controller which controls a variable optical attenuator to control the power level of a wavelength-multiplexed optical signal when the number of channels are varied
Resonator, variable wavelength optical filter, and variable wavelength laser diode
Method and safety device for monitoring a bus bar of an electrical energy supply grid
Overvoltage protection circuit and method thereof
Method and system for managing the state of charge of a lithium-ion cell module
Intelligent vehicle power control system and method
Electric circuit for high voltage power conversion
Testing method detecting incorrectly connected antenna contacts
Near maximum likelihood spatial multiplexing receiver
Systems and methods for boosting a received AC signal using a power amplifier including phase conditioners
Signal equalizer for balanced transfer line-based video switching
Solid-state switching device having a high-voltage switching transistor and a low-voltage driver transistor
Methods and arrangements for phase tracking for multi-mode operation in wireless networks
Oscillation frequency adjusting circuit
Integrated circuit with calibrated pulling effect correction
Disparity reduction for high speed serial links
Identification and mitigation of hard errors in memory systems
Reduced polar codes
Wireless communication device having reduced power consumption
Radio devices and methods for controlling radio devices
Rate adaptation for data communication
Mobile terminal capable of providing multi-haptic effect and method of controlling the mobile terminal
Liquid MEMS component and RF applications thereof
Mud pulse telemetry noise reduction method
System and method for the calibration and verification of wireless networks with control network
Low-power, high-speed transceiver
HDMI signal adjusting method, HDMI signal receiving apparatus, HDMI signal transmitting apparatus, and HDMI signal processing system
Antenna swapping methods including repeatedly swapping between antennas, and related wireless electronic devices
Controlling communication between whitespace devices
Method and apparatus for dynamically adjusting a rise-over-thermal or noise rise threshold
Method of and apparatus of communication between a mobile station and a base station
Method of cutting off a transmission signal of a main transmitter relayed by a cell of a base station and associated system
Uplink noise estimation for virtual MIMO
Method and system for 60 GHz distributed communication
Phase rotation techniques in a multi-user wireless communication environment
Techniques for spatial reuse in wireless personal area networks based on virtual time divisional multiple access
Methods and apparatus for a multi-polarized wireless communications system
Method and system for a single frequency network for broadcasting to mobile devices
Optical network unit, optical access network and a method for exchanging information
Method and system for speed negotiation for twisted pair links in fibre channel systems
Method and apparatus for enabling secondary usage of licensed cellular spectrum
Grant utilization based other cell interference estimation
Communication device and communication system with failure detection capabilities
Management of units housed in subtended equipment shelves
Technique for accommodating electronic components on a multilayer signal routing device
Iterative covariance inversion based on linear receiver designs
System to improve an ethernet network
System to improve an Ethernet network
Systems and methods for testing and analyzing controller-based networks
Configuration and scheduling of asymmetric carriers on the uplink
Handing off an access terminal during a multicast session within a wireless communications system
Serving gateway proxies for non-SIP speakers in a next generation network
Multicast implementation in a link state protocol controlled ethernet network
System and method for remote and mobile patient monitoring service using heterogeneous wireless access networks
Data transmission and reception method and apparatus robust against phase noise for high efficiency satellite transmission
Deadlock-free routing using edge-disjoint sub-networks
Criteria for identifying network frames
Instant messaging association to remote desktops
Internet phone system and directory search engine using same
External loop detection for an ethernet fabric switch
Method and apparatus for increasing the scalability of the ethernet OAM
Updating interface settings for an interface
Method and device for symbol detection
Apparatus, method and receiving terminal for LDPC decoding
Method and apparatus for correcting a reference clock of a GPS receiver
High data rate millimeter wave radio
Fast and robust estimation of jointly sparse channels
Radio frequency communication
Providing consistent cryptographic operations
Segmented network identity management
Providing consistent cryptographic operations across several applications
Devices, systems, and methods for enabling reconfiguration of services supported by a network of devices
Circuit arrangement and a method for roaming between a visited network and a mobile station
Key encryption and decryption
Mobile communication terminal and method for operating the same
Protective frame for mobile communication device
Portable radiotelephone for automatically dialing a central voice-activated dialing system
Folding electronic apparatus with capacitive touch screen and method for detecting open and closed modes thereof
Authenticating an individual using an utterance representation and ambiguity resolution information
Mobile terminal and control method of the same
System and method for providing prepaid billing for instant messaging users
Method for requesting emergency service at mobile station in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for increased call revenue collection
Providing calling party information in a request to establish a call session
Voice dialog system with reject avoidance process
System and method for supporting self service and associated agent-assisted service call routing
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
Enabling the integration of a three hundred and sixty degree panoramic camera within a consumer device case
Camera module with EMI shield
Communication apparatus and electronic mail creation method
Focus adjusting apparatus and method
Program guide apparatus
Channel scan device and method, and program
Moving display system
Method and apparatus for alternate content scheduling on mobile devices
Two pass quantization for CABAC coders
Audiovisual apparatus for reducing echo
Slave display device, set-top box, and digital contents control system
Broadcast content via over the top delivery
Method and apparatus for providing broadcast data services
Driving assist apparatus, driving assist system, and driving assist camera unit
Digital video broadcasting--satellite--second generation (DVB-S2) based transmission and reception apparatus and method operable in circumstances of low signal to noise ratio (SNR)
Alleviating dominant color failure in automatic white balance using histogram trimming
Methods and apparatuses for providing services to a dual mode GPRS/WLAN or UMTS/WLAN WTRU
Speaker diaphragm, speaker, and electronic equipment and mobile device using the speaker
Condenser microphone
Environmental aware PCI management
Usage recommendation for mobile device
Automated configuration of base stations
Method and apparatus for positioning using quasi-fingerprinting
Method and apparatus for distinguishing cells with the same physical cell identifier
Method for inter-base station signaling
Method and apparatus for mitigating interference in femtocell deployments
Method and apparatus for searching carrier frequencies
Method for signaling MU-MIMO parameters
Uplink coordinated inter-cell interference cancellation
Mobile radio communication network device, mobile terminal, and method for transmission/reception of control information
Method for setting a carrier indication field in a multi-carrier system
Random access method for multimedia broadcast multicast service(MBMS)
Method of constructing a coexistence protocol message
Inverse multiplexing over 802.11 wireless interfaces
Method for communicating in a MIMO context
Mobile terminal apparatus, radio base station apparatus and radio communication method
Techniques for segregating circuit-switched traffic from packet-switched traffic in radio access networks
Wireless communication device and wireless communication system
RACH procedures and power level for MTC devices
Method for dual SIM dual standby terminal
C-arm rotation encoding methods and apparatus
Signal wiring of touch panel
Device for self-aligning and affixing of a microchannel plate in a micro-system and method the same
Memory device and receptacle for electronic devices
Electronic device enclosure
Electronic device housing
Slider case for portable electronic device
System for thermally controlling an apparatus
Server rack, electronic apparatus, and electronic apparatus protection method
Airflow control apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Rake having detachable body and handle
Foldable implement frame and hitch
In-line sub-surface seeding, fertilizing and watering system
Cotton harvester row unit
Trimmer rack
Gripping and cutting apparatus
Plant cultivation device
Accordion-type plant cover with attached skirt and methods
Compressed blends of coconut coir pith and a non-coir/non-peat materials, and processes for the production thereof
Plant support assembly
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Dueribluni`
Betula pendula plant named `Filigree Lace`
Dahlia plant named `Dahlstar Apricot`
Carnation plant named `Sunflor Vino`
Dahlia plant named `Dahlstar Salmon`
Fuchsia plant named `Kieremin`
Carnation plant named `Sunflor Triton`
Dahlia plant named `Dahlstar Scarlet`
Fuchsia plant named `Kielimin`
Poinsettia plant named `Duecored`
Calibrachoa plant named `Wescarose`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `Meijasper`
Poinsettia plant named `Duecohopi`
Calibrachoa plant named `Wescacherry`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Duepetneni`
Dahlia plant named `Select Yellow`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Duerired`
Dahlia plant named `Dahlstar Violet`
Carnation plant named `Sunflor Campari`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Duerior`
Calibrachoa plant named `Wescasun`
Animal litter box
Collapsible pet carrier
Resin hutch and method of assembly
Device for displaying an air flow condition in a rack for animal cages
Tangle resistance pet tie device
Horse blanket with raised withers portion
Dog guide harness with multi-position handle assembly
Decorative avian anti-splatter wall panel
Bi-modal seed port for bird feeder
Repelling device for bird feeder
Transportable animal feed storage bin
Underwater fish habitat
Method of increasing seafood production in the barren ocean with a fertilizer comprising chelated iron
Fish net handle guide and locking apparatus
Floating fishing lure
Fish bait device
Fishing lures and methods and molds for making same
Intra-line fishing rod
Fishing pole attachment for retaining fishing line
Adjustable outrigger
Fishing rod cover system
Holder for slender elongated articles such as fishing rod sections
Fishing alarm and lighting apparatus
Portable ground thawing apparatus
Multi-seasonal disposable hunting blind
Apparatus and method for imparting a traversing motion to a turkey decoy
Animated waterfowl decoy apparatus
Apparatus for encrusting a filling material
Caddy of shirred food casing sticks
Power tool driven fruit and vegetable peeler
Smokable filler material for smoking articles
Panty leg attachment device and garments incorporating same
Garment for use in a child car seat
Protective vest
Protective garment for the hip area
Adjustable length garment
Protective animal skinning glove
Athletic glove having silicone-printed surface for consistent gripping ability in various moisture conditions
Race number belt with snap race identification number attachment system
Reversible visor
Flex sole
Level measuring device installed with golf shoes
Padded shoe
Dive boot purge system
Waterproof and moisture-permeable shoe and method for manufacture thereof
Footbed system with variable sized heel cups
Fixing tool for holding a midsole and a shoetree
Three-way push release buckle having improved latching capability
Hook for clothes
Rotating design element for a jewelry item
Jewelry clasp
Earring to improve facial appearance
Bottom plate assembly for wheeled luggage
Structure for expanding holding capacity of luggage
Automatic hair washer
Hair curler/roller
Hair dryer
Device for styling hair
Multi-purpose blanket and method
Self cleaning brush
Centrifugal paint roller cleaner
Paint brush with two component brush handle and method of making same
Toothbrush with elastomer filled flexible head
Tooth brush with elastically articulated replaceable head
Orthodontic toothbrush
Combination cosmetic applicator brush and comb
Standardized furniture unit and bracket therefor
Portable massage table
Adjustable maternity mattress
Bed construction with reduced sagging
Advertising device
Collapsible assembly
Baby play mat with protective enclosure
Shelf tray system
Dispensing tray for display console
Showcase assembly unit for showcase structure
Guard for restricting access to a rack of goods
Adaptive control for a refrigeration system using pulse width modulated duty cycle scroll compressor
Tableware grip structure with comfortable touch feeling
Decorative vase and toilet cover
Pillow to facilitate hearing
Orthopedic head and neck support pillow that requires no break-in period
Drapery retainer
Spit rod assembly for rotisserie oven
Hygienic kitchen spoon
Bathroom unit
Adult urine splash guard
Swivel tub and shower chair system
Shower curtain splash accessory
Foam generating net for washing the face
Vacuum cleaner
Leak detection method for endoscopes
Bendable tube and method for manufacturing the same
Holder and dispenser for spools, tube-shaped devices, and cylindrical devices with recessed ends
Method and apparatus for conveniently setting a predetermined volume for re-breathing
Bubble measuring instrument and method
Method and device for holding a tongue in a forward position
Oral orthesis to reduce snoring and sleep apnea symptoms
Stretcher for the non-traumatic transport and lifting of people
Birthing bed foot section attachment mechanism
Apparatus for driving hand-operated wheelchair
Sealed confinement device for connecting a container and means for delivering a substance
Insulin delivery enhanced by coached breathing
Method of sterilization of musical wind instruments
Isoelastic prosthetic filet stitch fabric
Blood processing device
Inhalation type drug dispenser
Medical facemask and a mold for manufacturing the medical facemask
Medical tube holder apparatus
Means for implanting a device in the canalis cochlearis
Toilet bowl equipped with far infrared lamps
Respiratory filter
Rebreather system that supplies fresh make-up gas according to a user's respiratory minute volume
Balloon-inflating device
Bubble-producing ride-on vehicle
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for recovering and recycling refrigerant
Internal combustion engine installation in a motor vehicle
Recovery and purification of gases used in medical processes
Method and device for reducing the nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas of a combustion system
Exhaust-gas cleaning system with nitrogen oxide accumulator catalyst and sulphur oxide trap and operating method therefor
Method for controlling an NOx accumulating catalytic converter
Method of producing devices for blood purification
Mineral collector compositions and processes for making and using same
Apparatus for carrying out a weight measurement in centrifuges
Device for wetting flexible mat-shaped carrier materials
Articulated paint roller assembly
Flow coating process for manufacture of polymeric printer and belt components
Seal configuration for use with a motor drive assembly in a microelectronic work piece processing system
Urine bag cleaning manifold
Silo type storage tank with clean-in-place spray opening having chamfered edge transition, and alternate helper tube and spike
Finish hot rolling method for structural steels
Back-up or intermediate roller for producing a flat rolled product in a rolling mill
Four-high mill stand roll change device, a method of retrofit, and a roll change device therefrom
Rolling mill and rolling method
Common rail and method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for truing crankshafts
Hydraulic positioning assembly for cold rolling tubes
Scoring tool
Process for cold forming tube ends
Hydromechanical drive of a cross-shearing station
Method of correcting deformed turbine blades
Carrierless progressive die system
Sunroof opening for vehicle roof panel
Can end having a strengthened side wall and apparatus and method of making same
Manufacture of pocketed compound nested coil springs
Method and apparatus for assembling a three-dimensional structural component
Adjusting plate for a press
Automatic system of manufacturing ball studs for vehicles
Method for making casting annulus using independently positioned graphite inserts
Adjustable plate mold
Method and apparatus for the production of precision castings by centrifugal casting with controlled solidification
Production of foamable metal compacts and metal foams
Apparatus for producing rifling grooves in a weapon barrel
Method and apparatus for cutting a rare earth alloy
Wire sawing device for cutting fine slices using angular crossing of at least two sawing yarn layers
Rotary cutting saw with slits shaped for minimizing wear of neck portion
Process and apparatus for assembling vehicle body frame for motorcycle
Method and apparatus for wheel spindles and the like with improved LRO
Method and apparatus for assembling rigid parts
Ultra-precision positioning assembly
Sheet metal work center with a movable lower die operative as a stopper and an upwards forming tool
Method of finishing edge of sheet glass, heat-tempered sheet glass using the method, and fire-resistant construction material using the heat-tempered sheet glass
Polishing disk
Assembly platform system for ceiling fans
Ratchet wheel mounting arrangement for wrench
Wrench having a retractable handle
Insulating composite shaft tool with interchangeable heads and method of construction thereof
Offset hydraulic runner apparatus
Face seal o-ring insertion tool
Self-adjusting plier-type locking tool
Multipurpose tool including handles having separate sides
Multi-purpose framing square
Industrial robot having convection cooled frequency converters
Printer capable of cutting margins
Punching apparatus for stamping and method for producing the same
Steel rule for scrap material ejection die
Magneto flywheel having improved key
Wood splitting attachment
Press-bonding jig for pressing vertical plate materials on horizontal plate materials and method of using same to bond vertical plate materials on horizontal plate materials
Arch mold apparatus and method for making arches
Separating device with cutting chain for processing sandwich panels
Tread including recessed channel and recessed incision and mold for tread
Hydraulic control device for motor vehicle clutch
Apparatus and methods for fabricating a helicopter main rotor blade
Apparatus for monitoring the cure profile along a pultrusion die
Method and apparatus for manufacturing tires
Hose assembly
Heat exchanger
Pre-fabricated wood underlayment and tile system
Adsorber for humidity and odorous gas exchange
Offset printing machine with independent electric motors
Gear transmission for driving a printing press
Mounting printing plate cylinder to rotatable drive shaft
Printing unit with printing cylinder having simplified removal and locking
Variable height print table arrangement for a screen printing apparatus
Curved-surface printing method applicable to member exposed to high-temperature closed atmosphere and lamp unit having same applied thereto
Multi-color, multi-process automatic ink leveler
Flexographic printing apparatus
Printing unit
Offset printing unit
Paper cutter using a blade lifting mechanism
Method for manufacturing a piezoelectric vibrator unit
Method for erasing a lithographic printing master
Attachment structure for undefined or random-shaped wall facing material
Studless pneumatic tire including block-shaped island portions each having sipes
Pneumatic tire with locked bead construction
Front tires and rear tires for automobile or light truck
Tire pressure sensory monitoring system
Multipurpose station for mounting and removing conventional and special tires
Device for inflating and deflating a tire inner tube, inner tube and wheel formed by a tire and a rim inside which the inner tube is arranged
Bicycle wheel assembly
Radial runflat passenger tire with improved tread contour with decoupling grooves
Device and method for supplying power to a vehicle, semi-conductor circuit device for use in the same and collective wiring device for a vehicle or an automobile
Load distribution deflector
Cab suspension system for terminal tractors
Interfacing of thermal storage systems with air conditioning units
Door beam of aluminum alloy
Road roller
System for controlling the temperature of an intake air
Fuel cutoff valve and fuel tank
Fuel tank intake assembly
Closure assembly for a tank filler neck
Device for reducing splash noises in a fuel tank
Two-way clutch and rotation transmission device
Control system for hybrid vehicle
Fuel cell vehicle
Steering wheel table
Flexible and removably detachable tie-out and system of same
Cryogenic refrigeration of goods
Drive attachment for the discharge valve of a recreational vehicle
Brake pedal apparatus of vehicle
Hinged solid steel jawed wheel lock, w/adjustable pad-lockable hardened chain closer
Compact disk case with stackable sleeves
Partial-lining disk brake in the form of a fixed-caliper brake
Simplified hydraulic control device for a clutch, especially for an automobile
Assisted braking system with emergency braking function
Method for flushing the casing of a hydraulic motor
Auxiliary drive, full service locomotive tender
Steering wheel cover
Mobile agricultural machine
Method for manufacturing an engine cradle for a vehicle frame assembly
Rack and pinion steering gear with low friction yoke assembly
Perforated sheet floorplate element
Tracked vehicle with load balancing system
Vehicle with counterbalance structure for offsetting longitudinally off-center loads
Bevel gear mechanism and electric power steering system using it
Wheel and track driving equipment
Convertible sled for transporting large game
Hydraulic track drive with hydraulic track tensioners
Misalignment detection system for a steering system of an automotive vehicle
Rotary device for stunt bicycles
Mooring system and method for deep and ultra deep water
Wave-resistant mega-float
Damaged boat floatation system
Breathing apparatus
Synchronously driven, multiple cable boat lift
Watercraft retriever lift
Side thruster performance improvement with speed control
Hybrid turbine coolant system
Modified atmosphere package for high profile products from upwardly formed heat shrinkable film
Apparatus for filling packaging containers
Device for packaging
apparatuses for forming a compressed grouping of objects
Microplate cover seal applicator
Wrapping apparatus and process
Method of and device for adjusting position for cutting bags and packaging machine incorporating same
Labeler having intermittent drive mechanism
Optical disc adhesive label applicator for non-circular optical disc
Adjustable pallet guard
Adjustable pallet protector assembly for a single pallet or an array of pallets
Evacuable container having one-way valve with filter element
Tool pack with a flexible portion and a try-on device
Three dimensional packaging
Method for the production of substantially open-cell polystyrene sheet
Food serving tray
Child-resistant blister package
Split drive component with maintained alignment
Turnover conveyor
Device and conveyor belt for making pellets
Gate conveyor
Conveyor slat connector and connection method
Mechanism for automatically directing and dispensing parts
Paper roll braking device
Infrared imaging to detect components on personal care articles
Thread guiding wheels
Mounting assembly
Hygienic bottle cap
Vapor control system for loading and unloading of volatile liquids
Tail set
Sensors and method for measurement of flow rates and cumulative flow in ducts
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for production of metal oxide glass microspherules at low temperatures
Method for the rapid thermal treatment of glass and glass-like materials using microwave radiation
Solution doping method of making an optical amplifying fiber
Apparatus and method for manufacturing optical fiber preform by MCVD
Filament forming apparatus and a cooling apparatus for and method of inducing a uniform air flow between a filament forming area and the cooling apparatus
Method of manufacturing optical fibers using thermopiles to measure fiber energy
Nitrate/nitrite-free manufacturing of glass with selenium
Method of manufacturing solid rocket motors
Initiator with loosely packed ignition charge and method of assembly
Process for drying protein crystals
Hybrid sectional and coiled tubing drilling rig
Method of operating spark-ignition four-stroke internal combustion engine
Microfabricated elastomeric valve and pump systems
Freezer and plant gas system
Method of adjusting gas turbine component cooling air flow
Method for cleaning phosphorus from an MBE chamber
Semiconductor processing equipment having tiled ceramic liner
Textiles; Paper
Device for setting the clearance between cooperating clothings in a fiber processing machine
Card wire, especially for doffers and workers
Method of false twist texturing a synthetic yarn to a crimped yarn
Tubular bag with ventilation bands and method of making
Method for selecting the needles in circular stocking knitting machines and knitting machines, and machine for carrying out the method
Device for selectively feeding threads in knitting machines or the like
Climbing net
Sewing or embroidery machine
Machine for cutting cloth and applying borders and a peripheral band to cloths used to manufacture spring mattresses
Method of producing a tufted article or product
Method of continuous thermal treatment of a textile product web, and a dryer therefor
Apparatus for treatment of laundry with ozone
Methods of improving productivity of black liquor recovery boilers
Process and device for fractioning a suspension containing paper fibers
Steam box
Fixed Constructions
Breakaway utility pole
Vehicle hitch mount assembly for a snow plow
Shock-absorbent snowplow mount
Pivotal rear-mounted snowplow
Adjustable wing plow
Foundation element, methods for the construction of prefabricated structures including these elements, particularly prefabricated tunnels, and prefabricated structures made by these methods
Piping structure of a working machine
Hydraulic drive device
Faucet device to deliver and mix water
Collector of unused water
Urinal attachment to a commode
Piston-type flush valve having a triple filtered bypass
Water saving toilet system controller
Bidet apparatus
Prefabricated wooden wall framework
Thin panel beam
Section fixable to an anchoring base
Reinforced structural insulated panels with plastic impregnated paper facings
Methods and apparatuses for protecting windows and buildings during a wind storm
Clip for attachment to flanges of structural steel
Shingle composition
Siding system
Insulation system of a building wherein vertical air-flow zones divided by orientation or each facade of the building is controlled by open-close method
Horizontal axis type wind turbine and method of construction thereof
Structural members and associated parts
Folding wading pool and method for folding a pool
Automatic shut-off valve
Inflatable swimming pool assembly
Steps for swimming pool
Locking device with key-operated lock
Padlock assembly with a two-part U-shaped lock casing
Quick lock
Door positioning means
Hinge assembly for a sectional door
Counterbalancing apparatus for roll-up door
Automatic closing gate
Driving gear
Drive device for vehicular slide doors
Braking retardation apparatus
Quick release sacrificial shield and window assembly
Sectional door reinforcement system and method
Vertical blind
Control system for a vertical vane covering for architectural openings
Self-supporting construction frame and methods of use thereof for the installation of doors and windows
Superabrasive cutting assemblies including cutters of varying orientations and drill bits so equipped
Polycrystalline diamond compact cutter having a stress mitigating hoop at the periphery
Flexible pipe for static use in a corrosive ambience
Multi-use tubing disconnect
Feed system for a rotary drill tower
Gripping mechanism for a directional drilling machine
Sealed bearing roller cone bit having anti-plugging device
Tubing handling for subsea oilfield tubing operations
Apparatus and method to shut down a pipeline
Device for use for mounting and alignment of a christmas tree on a wellhead
Subsea connection apparatus
Tool and method for removing excess cement from the top of a liner after hanging and cementing thereof
One-trip squeeze pack system and method of use
Method and system for predicting performance of a drilling system for a given formation
Well monitoring system
Remote lock-out system and method for a horizontal direction drilling system
Method and apparatus for placing and interrogating downhole sensors
Blasting apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
High temperature, high pressure vaporizer to power a multi-cylinder expansion engine
Mounting block for a proximity probe used for measuring axial movement of a rotor
Gas and steam-turbine plant
Integrated continuous power system assemblies
Method and system for measuring interference between valve and piston of an internal combustion engine
DOHC diesel engine cylinder head
Variable valve timing system
Variable valve operating system of internal combustion engine enabling variation of working angle and phase
Diagnostic equipment for an exhaust gas cleaning apparatus
Exhaust system monitor
Diesel OBD-II system for detection of degradation of catalyst activity
Cam drive cooling arrangement
Liquid cooling system and retrofit for horizontally opposed air cooled piston aircraft engines
Two-stroke cycle engine
Intake control device for multi-cylinder V-type engine
Air intake device
Outboard motor with a charge air cooler
Arrangement and method for power transmission in combustion engines
Apparatus for varying the compression ratio of an internal combustion engine
Four-cycle internal combustion engine
Fuel vapor emission system
Method and apparatus for enhancing power output and efficiency of combustion turbines
Fuel control method for gas turbine
Intake air flow rate controlling device
Controller for cylinder cut-off type internal combustion engine
System for controlling transient compressor surge in a turbocharged internal combustion engine
Operating techniques for internal combustion engines
Method for controlling and regulating combustion in the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine
Fuel injection control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Fuel supply system for an internal combustion engine especially of a motor vehicle
System for decoupling EGR flow and turbocharger swallowing capacity/efficiency control mechanisms
Control apparatus and method for direct-injection spark-ignition internal combustion engine
Vehicle engine components providing integral interconnect circuitry system
Piston and connecting rod retention
Throttle body for an internal combustion engine and its manufacturing method and a throttle apparatus using the same
Venturi bypass exhaust gas recirculation system
Fuel pump module for a fuel tank
Stamped fuel rail with integrated mounting brackets
Fuel pressure delay cylinder
Device for regulating the delivery pressure of a pump, for example, for feeding fuel to an internal combustion engine
Method for dissipating heat at the tip of a fuel injector
Fuel injection control device for engines
Fuel injection system with common actuation device and engine using same
Redundant induction system for internal combustion engine
Capacitor discharge engine ignition system with automatic ignition advance and/or minimum ignition speed control
Magnetically actuated fluid handling devices for microfluidic applications
Air-conditioner, outdoor unit and refrigeration unit
Method and apparatus for determining the status of a relief valve
Control valve
Three position cylinder
Synchronizing cylinder assembly with equal displacement hydraulic cylinder
Interface module for an island of electropneumatic control valves
Control method for a hydraulic drive, and a control device corresponding thereto
Fluidic oscillator, part designed to be incorporated in a fluidic oscillator and method for making such a fluidic oscillator
Collated and lubricated fasteners and lubrication station
Rotation stop device and electric actuator having rotation stopping function
Method for securing a bearing in a bearing plate and bearing arrangement
Pressure plate subassembly
Clutch control system
Electromagnetic clutch
Fluid coupling assembly
Full-complement multi-directional coupling
Clutch control apparatus
Drum brake
Stainless steel brake star adjuster
Control arrangement for a brake lever
Friction plate
Wave spring loaded split seal system
Twin mass flywheels
Pneumatic cylinder with internal liquid dampening means
Energy conducting guide chain
Method and apparatus for assembling balls forming ball spline of toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Hydrokinetic torque converter and lockup clutch therefor
Differential mechanism
Stamped pump cover
Cable block-locking mechanism for dual mode shift lever unit
Diverter valve
Two way pressure relief valve
Flow control valve
Fluid control device
Staked dual valve assembly
Actuator with anti-pinch feature and integrated position control
Directional control valve
Safety valve
Car vacuum hose
Hose connecting structure
Plug-in coupling for connecting pipelines, hoses or similar
Pipe freezer with quick connect evaporator heads
Dual size plumbing end cap
Oil recovery device
Switch apparatus requiring the hand of the operator to activate the switch by breaking a light beam
Separator for a water/steam separating apparatus
High-power pressure wave source
Wall elements for gas turbine engine combustors
Combustor liner having preferentially angled cooling holes
Heat exchanger having high moisture transfer capability in high relative humidity air
Microwave home energy heating and cooling system
Absorption refrigerator
Computer enclosure cooling unit
Coolant circulating apparatus with automatically recovering mechanism
Method and apparatus for preventing ice build up around a freezer door
Heat insulated housing for a refrigeration device and a domestic oven
Multi-chamber refrigeration system utilizing a single compressor and digital temperature controls
Cooling module
Folded fin plate heat-exchanger
Double heat exchanger
Active cold plate/heat sink
To heat exchangers
Heat exchanger having attachment structure of elastic support member
Heating, ventilation and/or air-conditioning device including a thermal loop equipped with an evaporator
Electronic trigger lock apparatus and system
Electric motor-driven semi-automatic handgun requiring micro-processor code for operation
Breech block firearm safety device
Apparatus for land, sea, and air defense
Bullet feeding device for pneumatic toy guns
Toy gun with magazine
Composite armor panel
Ceramic armor apparatus for multiple bullet protection
Clamp assembly for shrouded aerial bomb
Photoetched-filament pyrotechnic initiator protected against electrostatic discharges
Door breaching device with safety adapter
Liquid disrupter with reduced recoil
Case base for large-caliber ammunition
Coordinate measuring instrument or machining equipment
Instrument pointer with integral warning indicator
Pointer instrument
Multiple frequency Doppler flow meter
Mass flow rate measurement circuit and method for a mass flow/density meter
Pressure activated calibration system for chemical sensors
Fluid level indicating device for any container
Liquid level sensor
Pressure detection apparatus with squeezing protection member
Heavy truck brake system using instrumented anchor pins
Method and apparatus for determining the impressing depth of a tire on a motor vehicle disk wheel
On-snow tire-testing method, on-snow tire-testing system, and road surface for on-snow tire tests
Wood processing drier sensor
Laboratory asphalt stability test and apparatus
Aerodynamic particle size analysis method and apparatus
Burnishing tape testing method and device
Apparatus for measuring contamination of the surface of a machine surface
Single particle photoacoustic absorption spectrometer
Sensor and method for the manufacture
Ultrasonic inspection method and system for detecting critical flaws
Detection device for apparatus for analysis
Apparatus and method for on-line monitoring of a liquid density
Eccentric error corrector and method of eccentric error correction for acceleration sensor in acceleration generating apparatus
Coherent phase line enhancer spectral analysis technique
Method of retrofitting a probe station
Use of inhibitor in optical fiber reel covers
Low stiffness suspension for a stage
Wristwatch quick fixing device
Device for securing a watch strap to a watch casing
Electromagnetic valve
Current limiting circuit
Locomotive brake valve handle with wear pad
Pedal assembly with non-contact pedal position sensor for generating a control signal
Compact ink-jet franking machine with manual insertion
Adhesive shelf talker
Combined luggage tag and locking system
Four panel visual display system
Disk cartridge storage case and index card
CD jewel case
Calibration disk having discrete bands of composite roughness
Substrate cooling system
Ozone conversion in semiconductor manufacturing
Method for making flexible trace surface circuit board
Method of creating an enhanced BGA attachment in a low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) substrate
Method for making chip scale packages
Vertically mountable interposer, assembly and method
Automatic cable-cutting apparatus
Method for a resilient rotor core assembly
Method of manufacturing a vibrational transducer
Method of making injection-molder heating element
Heat sink to semiconductor module assembly equipment and method
Component mounting apparatus
Heat sink assembly with over-molded cooling fins
Electrical enclosure having improved sealing and shielding component and method of manufacture thereof
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