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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Generation of plants with altered oil content
Soybean variety XB35X07
Generation of plants with altered oil content
Fabric protectant
Sulfonamide derivatives for the treatment of diseases
Cytotoxic agents comprising taxanes and their therapeutic use
1,3-dihydro-2H-indol-2-one derivative
Substituted 4-aryl-4h-pyrrolo[2,3-h]chromenes and analogs as activators of caspases and inducers of apoptosis and the use thereof
Derivatives of 4,5,6,7-tetrabromobenzimidazole and method of their preparation
Indazolone derivatives useful as 11b-HSD1 inhibitors
5-aryl pyridines as 11-beta inhibitors for the treatment of diabetes
Prolinamide derivatives as NK3 antagonists
Aminopropanol derivatives
Compositions and methods for treatment of neovascular diseases
Pantropic neurothrophic factors
Ink set for use in ink-jet recording, image forming process and image recording apparatus
Motion data generation device, motion data generation method, and recording medium for recording a motion data generation program
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for producing colorant dispersoid
Preparation method for nanometer grade zinc oxide crystalline (zincite) sol
High solids materials processing
Sequencing system and method of use
Method for cleavage of ether-linkages in polyethoxylates
Vehicle controller for straddle type vehicle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Optical glass
Fired refractory ceramic product and a batch for the production thereof
Method for producing xylylenediamine (XDA)
Preparation of poly(tetramethylene) glycol
Method for production of polyether alcohols
Biodiesel process
Indole derivatives as histamine 3 receptor inhibitors for the treatment of cognitive and sleep disorders, obesity and other CNS disorders
Oxidation process for the preparation of N-[3-amino-1-(cyclobutylmethyl)-2,3-dioxopropyl]-3-{N-[(tert-butylamino)c- arbonyl]-3-methyl-L-valyl}-6,6-dimethyl-3-azabicyclo[3.1.0]hexane-2-carbox- amide and related compounds
Process for preparing montelukast and salts thereof
Process for the preparation of 7-substituted 3-alkyl-3H-isobenzofuran-1-one derivatives
EP.sub.4 receptor antagonists
Derivatives of triazoly-imidazopyridine useful as ligands of the adenosine A.sub.2a receptor and their use as medicaments
Pyrazolo[3,4-B]pyridine compounds, and their use as phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Substituted 1H-pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyridines and preparation thereof
Method for enantioselective preparation of sulphoxide derivatives
Pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidines useful as inhibitors of protein kinases
Heterogenous carrageenan manufacturing process with recovery of alkali
Kinase suppressor of Ras inactivation for therapy of Ras mediated tumorigenesis
Receptor that binds trail
Method for synthesizing peptides comprising at least one glycine molecule
TGF.beta.1-inhibitor peptides
Hydrogenation and epoxidation of polymers made by controlled polymerization
Supported polymerisation catalysts
Olefin polymerization process
Aliphatic polymer having ketone group and ether bonding in its main chain and resin composition containing the same
Two step preparation of random polyoxadiazole copolymer and articles resulting therefrom
Metal-acrylate curing agents
Silica reinforced rubber composition containing an ionic compound and article having a component thereof
Block polymer, polymer-containing composition containing the same, ink composition and liquid applying method and liquid applying apparatus utilizing the polymer-containing composition
Derivatized polysaccharide polymer
Acetyl-CoA acyltransferase gene disrupted bacterium for producing polyhydroxyalkanoate and method for producing polyhydroxyalkanoate using the same
Efficient protein expression system
Adult stem cell lines
Uses of bispecific antibody coated dendritic cells pulsed with antigens and GM-CSF in immune regulation
Regeneration initiating cells
Glyphosate-N-acetyltransferase (GAT) genes
Transfection kinetics and structural promoters
Crystals of inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase/oxidized inosine monophosphate thiomidate intermediate/mycophenolic acid (IIMPDH/XMP*/MPA)
Multi-functional antibodies
Process for producing ethyl alcohol from cellulosic materials
Method for the determination of changes in a cellular morphological parameter
Stable recombinant yeasts for fermenting xylose to ethanol
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Wind power system
Wind-turbine with load-carrying skin
High speed actuating device and circuit breaker
Optical translation of triangulation position measurement
Thermal infrared signage method with application to infrared weapon sight calibration
Method of using physiological markers to estimate cardiovascular risk
Indirect detection of cardiac markers for assessing acute myocardial infarction
Devices and methods for rapid detection of pathogens
G-protein coupled receptor having eicosanoid as ligand and gene thereof
Optical beam steering and sampling apparatus and method
Pattern forming method and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Photosensitive composition, pattern-forming method using the photosensitive composition and compounds used in the photosensitive composition
Active hardmask for lithographic patterning
Imaging member having adjustable friction anticurl back coating
Signal processing device, signal processing method, signal processing program, recording medium storing the program, speed detector and servomechanism
Drum for striking upwardly and method therefor
Automatic player musical instruments and automatic playing system incorporated therein
Musical tone control apparatus and method
Rhythm action game apparatus and method
Reading inhibit agents
Techniques for reducing contamination during ion implantation
Method and apparatus for generating a focused beam using duality modulation
Focused ion beam system
Electric wire for automobile
Pressure sensitive conductive sheet and panel switch using same
Current sensing load demand apparatus and methods
Light emitting device and optical device using the same
Phosphor, phosphor paste, and vacuum ultraviolet excited light-emitting device
Plasma display panel with magnesium oxide protection layer including dopants
Plasma display panel
Ion implantation system and control method
Image forming apparatus with noise reduction
Electrospray ionization process and add-on device with sample injection tip
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of fabricating same
Light-emitting diode device and production method thereof
Semiconductor device
Solid state imaging device and producing method thereof
Method of making prestructure for MEMS systems
Non-planar surface structures and process for microelectromechanical systems
Cd.sub.1-xZn.sub.xS high performance TCR material for uncooled microbolometers used in infrared sensors and method of making same
Method of fabricating optical device caps
Method of manufacturing a CMOS image sensor
Method for reducing polish-induced damage in a contact structure by forming a capping layer
Thin film transistor array panel and method of manufacturing the same
Planar vertical resistor and bond pad resistor and related method
Laser annealing method and laser annealing device
Method for producing a contact and electronic component comprising said type of contact
Semiconductor process residue removal composition and process
Method of fabricating flash memory
Method for reducing silicide defects by removing contaminants prior to drain/source activation
Method of electrically connecting a microelectronic component
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Branched nanostructures and method of synthesizing the same
Semiconductor device having a reductant layer and manufacturing method thereof
Method of inducing stresses in the channel region of a transistor
Method for fabricating semiconductor device with trench isolation structure
Semiconductor device with a dummy gate and a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device with a dummy gate
Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
Conductor board and method for producing a conductor board
Chip package mechanism
Cooling system for a semiconductor device and method of fabricating same
Semiconductor device, power converter device using it, and hybrid vehicle using the power converter device
Semiconductor device having insulating material dispersed with conductive particles which establish electrical connection by penetrating to both copper conductive layer and land of wiring board
Capacitor assembly with shielded connections and method for forming the same
Thin film transistor comprising novel conductor and dielectric compositions
Ferroelectric capacitor and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having isolation pattern in interlayer insulating layer between capacitor contact plugs and methods of fabricating the same
Radiation detector circuit
Semiconductor device sealed with electrical insulation sealing member
Assembly of a semiconductor die attached to substrate with oxazoline derivative bearing an electron donor or acceptor functionality
Semiconductor device with recessed gate and shield electrode
Semiconductor memory with charge-trapping stack arrangement
Semiconductor apparatus and manufacturing method
Piezoelectric drive unit and method for generating a preferably rotating drive movement for such a drive unit
Piezoelectric ceramic composition and laminated piezoelectric element
Apparatus for autonomous power supply of power-using devices located in the proximity of a road, and process therefor
Method and device for predicting the starting ability of a vehicle
Nonaqueous electrolyte battery having exposed electrode collector portions
Rotary electric machine and electric wheelchair mounted with rotary electric machine
Multifunction-type vibration actuator and mobile terminal device
Centrifugal magnetic clutch
Cooling system for a vehicle drive assembly
Method of controlling a seat
Vector controller for permanent magnet synchronous motor
Power transformer combined with balance windings and application circuits thereof
Solid state simulator of missile UV signatures
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method for determining the maturity and quality of seeds and an apparatus for sorting seeds
High accuracy, low speed doppler effect radar and signal conditioning circuit useful in agricultural applications
Method and device for improving the transplanting of seedlings
Flame retardant, long-time UV-stabilized drapeable screen
Soybean cultivar 943168607010
Inbred maize line PH1GG
Soybean cultivar 942193611352
Soybean cultivar 942365966149
Variety of Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni
Method and apparatus for communication in an electric fence wiring system
Methods for creating transgenic animals
Rinse solution for organs and tissues
Dissolving insecticide in monomer
Foam cleaning compositions
Disinfecting use of quaternary ammonium carbonates
Thickened peracid compositions
Herbicidal 6-thienyloxypyrid-2-carboxamides
Fungicidal mixture
Benzimidazole derivatives
Sulphonyl-mercapto-triazolyl derivatives and their use as microbicides
Herbicidal heterocyclic benzisoxazoles and benzisoxazolidinones
Method and ethephon-based composition for controlling plant growth
Use of aluminium chloride as a resveratrol synthesis elicitor
Cutinases as inducers of plant defense reactions and agents for the control of plant diseases
Solid compositions suitable for oral administration comprising L-carnitine or alkanoyl-L-carnitine choline tartrate
Enzymes with xylanase activity from Aspergillus aculeatus
Composition for improvement of cellular nutrition and mitochondrial energetics
Textile fabric with integrated sensing device and clothing fabricated thereof
Liquid heating vessels
Combined user actuation and thermostat switch assembly
Toaster oven with automatic feed
Clothes- and linen-warming or dehumidification apparatus
NIR clinical opti-scan system
Blood analysis system and method for regulating same
Absorbent body and apparatus for its manufacture
Methods for decreasing beta amyloid protein
Method for the treatment of fibroproliferative disorders by application of inhibitors of protein hydroxylation
Method of treating a viral condition by inhibiting membrane fusion
Benzylamine derivatives which are useful in treating psychiatric disorders
Tri-substituted phenyl derivatives and processes for their preparations
Methods for reducing the incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis
Compositions and methods for stimulating bone growth
Substituted n-[(aminoiminomethyl or aminomethyl)phenyl]propyl amides
Method and composition for delivering zinc to the nasal membrane
Derivatives of 2-amino-1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene active on the cardiovascular system
Use of nitroflavonoids for the treatment of anxiety
Imidazolidin-4-one derivatives useful as anticancer agents
Superoxide radical inhibitor
Method for treating pancreatic cancer in humans with water-insoluble S-camptothecin of the closed lactone ring form and derivatives thereof
Inhibition of smooth muscle cell migration by (R)-amlodipine
Pulmonary and nasal delivery of raloxifene
JAK-3 inhibitors for treating allergic disorders
Therapeutic use of JAK-3 inhibitors
Methods and compositions for the prophylaxis and treatment of cytomegalovirus infections
Uveitis remedy
Methods and compositions for treating and preventing anxiety and anxiety disorders using optically pure (R) tofisopam
Therapeutic methods for benzodiazepine derivatives
Method of preparing 16-dehydro vitamin D compounds
Pharmaceutical composition
Dinucleoside-5', 5'-pyrophosphates administered to treat HIV
Anti-viral and immuno stimulator polynucleotide duplex and use thereof
Use of sulodexide and of the medicines containing it in the treatment of the diabetic retinopathy
Arglabin compounds and therapeutic uses thereof
Genetically modified tumor-targeted bacteria with reduced virulence
Stimulating nerve growth with immunophilins
Carrier: DNA complexes containing DNA encoding anti-angiogenic peptides and their use in gene therapy
Treatment method of bone and osteoblasts with neurotrophin-3 (NT-3)
Monoclonal antibody against utricular epithelium
Pulmonary delivery of active fragments of parathyroid hormone
Neisseria meningitidis capsular polysacchride conjugates
Method of producing a vaccine for Swine Infertility and Respiratory Syndrome
Immunostimulating and vaccine compositions employing saponin analog adjuvants and uses thereof
Taxol as a radiation sensitizer
Topical antifungal treatment
Cosmetically/pharmaceutically/hygienically-active supple doughs comprising heat-sensitive compounds
Peptides which can be used as vectors for the intracellular addressing of active molecules
Thioureido-cyclodextrins, utilized in particular to solubilize anti-tumor, and antiparasitic agents and their preparation processes
Adhesives for dental prostheses
High-strength, translucent mica glass-ceramics
Silicone-substituted cinnamamide/malonamide/malonate compounds and photoprotective compositions comprised thereof
Protective foams based on perfluoropolyethers
Odor control material
Multi-component material and process for its preparation
Enzymatic detoxification of organophosphorus compounds
Demilitarization of chemical munitions
Ammonia fluidjet cutting in demilitarization processes using solvated electrons
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus for concentrating salt-containing solutions with microwave energy
Spray drying of functionalized polyacrylamide microemulsions
Porous moisture-absorbing and desorbing polymer and a method for manufacturing the same
Methods for discovering ligands
Olefin purification by adsorption of acetylenics and regeneration of adsorbent
Production of aromatic amines by means of novel hydrogenation catalysts
Process for fluorinating halogenated hydrocarbon
Process for making a composition that is useful for converting lower value aromatics to higher value aromatics
Zeolite based catalyst containing zinc, boron and phosphorus and method of making such zeolite based catalyst
Pentasil-type molecular sieve containing composition and its preparation method
(Fluorovinyl ether)-grafted high-surface-area polyolefins and preparation thereof
Method for preparing 2-thienylethylamine derivatives
Titanium-containing catalyst composition and processes therefor and therewith
Process for producing piperidine
Heterogenous catalyst, its manufacture and its use
Method for cleaning fouled ion exchange resins
Process for producing acrylonitrile or methacrylonitrile from propane or isobutane by ammoxidation
Self-protected, low emission electronic device for driving a warning horn
Method and apparatus for marking containers using laser light
Injection-molding compositions containing metal oxides for the production of metal moldings
Power supply device for electrical discharge machining
Fiber optic light beam heating apparatus with adjustable lens position
Rotor for rotating machine, process for producing the same, and magnet unit
Blank material positioning device and blank material positioning method
System and method for feature compensation of an ablated inkjet nozzle plate
Heat treatment method and apparatus using thermal plasma, and heat treated substance produced thereby
Method for joining two parts by heterogeneous welding and use thereof
Chemical mechanical polishing methods utilizing pH-adjusted polishing solutions
Method of detecting a polishing endpoint layer of a semiconductor wafer which includes a non-reactive reporting specie
Method of manufacturing semiconductor wafer
Process of chemical-mechanical polishing and manufacturing an integrated circuit
Micromechanical tool
Dustfree prepreg and method for making an article based thereon
Manufacturing foams by stress-induced nucleation
Abrasion resistant plastic bonded to a diaphragm
Apparatus for exposure of printing plates using image modification
Detection of type of dye donor element in a thermal printing system
Drive system
Spray head for a computer-controlled automatic image reproduction system
Method and apparatus for inhibiting electrically induced ink build-up on flexible, integrated circuit connecting leads, for thermal ink jet printer heads
Cap mechanism for ink jet recording apparatus system
Recording apparatus with plural ink tank configurations
Thermal recording films and method of thermal image recording using the same
Thermal head method of manufacturing the same
Forming images on receivers having field-driven particles and conducting layer
Direct electrostatic printing method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for high speed charge image generation
Solid-state scanning-type optical writing device
Intensity control unit for image forming apparatuses
Aminoalkyllithium compounds containing cyclic amines and polymers therefrom
Kaolin clay in silica tread compounds technical field
Hybrid vehicle drive system including controllable device between engine and electric motor and vehicle drive wheels, and apparatus for controlling the device depending upon selected operation mode of the system
Voltage balancer device for combination battery
Method and apparatus for electrically braking a motor
Light bar having multiple levels and multiple rows of lights and having end extensions
Vehicular hazard warning system
Apparatus for testing the light circuit of a trailer
Antenna/mirror combination apparatus
Method for tripping a restraint device in a vehicle
Low-power door alarm and lock system
Electric motor-driven wheel brake for vehicles
Turn signal indicator assembly
Self-contained thermal control for a spacecraft module
Method and device for weighing and labeling packages of goods
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of making TIBiBaCaCuO based superconductors
Sulphate-reducing bacterial strains and their use in the decontamination of water contaminated with sulphuric acid, metals and radioactive substances
Dark bronze glass with improved UV and IR absorption and nitrate-free manufacturing process therefor
Low light transmission neutral gray glass
Aqueous polymer dispersions
Insulating ceramic composition and ceramic inductor using the same
Motor assembly for power tools
propylene oxide and styrene monomer co-production procedure
Process for oligomer production and saturation
Method of producing fluorinated organic compounds
Mixtures containing 1,1,1,3,3 pentafluorobutane
Preparation of olefinic compounds and carboxylic derivatives thereof
Method of simultaneously producing 6-aminocapronitrile and hexamethylenediamine
Tetralone or benzopyranone derivatives and a method for producing them
Monofunctionalised EDTA, DTPA and TTHA derivatives and their use in medical diagnosis and therapy
Process for racemization of N-acetyl-(D)L-.alpha.-amino carboxylic acids
Aminonitrile production
Protein kinase C modulators N
Preparation of arthropodicidal oxadiazines
Method for producing monoethylene glycol
Process for producing polyhydric alcohol
Hydrogenolysis of glycerol
Production of tertiary amine oxides
Benzothiazolone derivatives
Fluorination with aminosulfur trifluorides
Method for preparing and selecting pharmaceutically useful sulfur-bridged bi- and triaromatic ring compounds from a structurally diverse universal library
Process for preparing 2-acetythio-3-phenyl-propionic acid and the salts thereof
Hexafluoro-vitamin synthesis and crystallization method, solvent and product
Process of producing catechol derivatives
Process for the manufacture of acrolein from propylene by a redox reaction and use of a solid mixed oxide composition as redox system in the said reaction
Method of producing substituted benzaldehydes with catalytic amounts of acid
Colchicine-skeleton compounds, their use as medicaments and compositions containing them
Isomerization process
Derivatives of 1-oxyl-4-hydroxy-2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine
Process for the preparation of aliphatic nitriles
Alpha 1A adrenergic receptor antagonists
Process for synthesizing carbapenem intermediates
Tricyclic amine derivatives
Fused pyrrolecarboxamides; a new class of GABA brain receptor ligands
Cycloaliphatic epoxy compounds
Substituted benzamides
Labeling reactants and their use
Process for the manufacture of 2,5-disubstituted pyridines
Process and intermediates for the manufacture of pyridine-2,3-dicarboxylate compounds
Benzenesulfonamide derivatives as bradykinin antagonists
Sulfonamides and sulfamides as H.sub.3 receptor antagonists
Biaryl substituted imidazole compounds useful as farnesyl-protein transferase inhibitors
Aromatic heterocyclic compounds and their use as anti-inflammatory agents
Pyrimidine compound and anti-rotavirus composition
Fused tricyclic heteroaromatic derivatives as dopamine receptor subtype ligands
2,3-dioxo-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-quinoxalinyl derivatives
Curable coating compositions containing blends of carbamate-functional compounds
Process for reacting fluorine-substituted heterocycles with amines in the presence of phase transfer catalysts
Modulators of molecules with phosphotyrosine recognition units
Substituted biphenylsulfonamide endothelin antagonists
Method of preparation of .beta.-amino acids
Thiazole compounds and methods of modulating signal transduction
Piperidinopentanamines, process for producing them and their use as a catalyst for producing urethanes
Methods of making ureas and guanidines including, terazosin, prazosin, doxazosin, tiodazosin, trimazosin, quinazosin and bunazosin (exemplary of 2-substituted quinazoline compounds), and meobentine, and bethanidine and intermediates therefor
Cyclohexyl dihydrobenzofuranes
Process for making phenyl heterocycles useful as COX-2 inhibitors
Template-directed ring-closing metathesis and ring-opening metathesis polymerization of functionalized dienes
Synthesis and isolation of N-(aryl or heteroaryl)-alkyl-N-hydroxyurea
Antibiotic quinolones and derivatives
2-isocephem and oxacephem derivatives and use as antibacterial agents
Paroxetine hydrochloride form A
1,9-diazabicyclo[4.3.0]nona-3,8-diene derivatives
Polymorphs of the prodrug 6-N-(L-ALA-L-ALA)-trovafloxacin
Pyrrolo[2,1,5-cd]indolizine derivatives useful in the prevention or treatment of estrogen related diseases or syndromes
Pyrroloindole derivatives and intermediates in producing the same
Spiro-ketal derivatives and their use as therapeutic agents
DC107 derivatives
Process for preparing a phosphonium salt compound having an acryl group
Liponucleotides of seco-nucleosides, their production as well as their use as antiviral pharmaceutical agents
Polyol polyester synthesis
Synthesis of polyketides from diketides
4,7-dichlororhodamine dyes
Nitro-substituted non-fluorescent asymmetric cyanine dye compounds
Nucleophilic polysubstituted aryl acridinium ester conjugates and syntheses thereof
Method for synthesizing 2-ketoaldonic acids
Stereoselective synthesis of endothelin receptor antagonists
Estra-1,3,5(10)-trien derivatives, processes for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing these compounds
Process for the recovery and purification of a recombinant protein from a cell
Composition containing a B epitope of the envelope glycoprotein of a retrovirus and a T epitope of another distinct protein of this retrovirus
Feline infectious peritonitis vaccine
Spo0J2 of Staphylococcus aureus
Helicobacter catalase nucleotide sequences, their production and use
Method for producing antibodies in plant cells
Binary methods of increasing accumulation of essential amino acids in seeds
Strawberry promoters and genes
Plant peptide transport gene
Synthesis of VIP analog
Mice models of growth hormone insensitivity
Expression of processed recombinant lactoferrin and lactoferrin polypeptide fragments from a fusion product in Aspergillus
Isolated FGF receptor
Colon specific gene and protein
Human brain associated protein
Human induced tumor protein
Human ATP binding-cassette transport protein
Proteins associated with cell proliferation
Cell tests for Alzheimer's disease
Isolation and characterization of Agouti: a diabetes/obesity related gene
Polynucleotide encoding human growth regulator protein
Survival motor neuron (SMN) gene: a gene for spinal muscular atrophy
Soluble T cell receptors
Transgenic knockout animals lacking IgG3
Heterocyclic amide compounds and medicinal uses thereof
Peptidomimetic of helix-turn-helix or gamma-turn
Cyclohexapeptides and their mixtures, a process for preparing them, and their use
Preparing coarse polymer dispersions
Ethylene polymer
Polymerization catalyst and process for preparing an ethylene polymer
Process for producing thermoplastic resins having high impact strength
Polyvinyl alcohol purification process
Products of the reaction between isocyanates and hydroxyl compounds for textile finishing
Water-dispersible polyisocyanates
Epoxy-urethane imine and hydroxyl primer
Water-dispersible blocked isocyanate composition, and water-base paint composition and water-base adhesive composition using the same
HV/HB copolymer production
Low-birefringent organic optical component and a spirobiindan polymer
Coatings that contain reactive silicon oligomers
Low-pretilt alignment layer material
Copolymer for compatibilizing blends
Silalkylenesiloxane copolymer materials and methods for their preparation
Continuous process for the selective cross-linking of the dispersed phase of AES polymers using mixing equipment at the end of the plant
Aqueous wax dispersions as cell openers in making polyurethane flexible foams
Compositions of polycondensed branched polyester polymers and aromatic polycarbonates, and the closed cell polymer foams made therefrom
Semiconducting polymer composition and cable sheathing comprising the same
Water-redispersible powders of film-forming polymers prepared from ethylenically unsaturated monomers
Stabilized filler compositions for cable and wire
Polymer modifying agent
Polyolefin blends used for non-woven applications
Blends of olefin polymers and syndiotactic vinyl polymers
Solvent-free polyester emulsions
Soft cellulosic nonwovens and a method for softening nonwovens
Process for preparing an aqueous dispersion of composite particles including polymeric latex adsorbed to titanium dioxide
Method of using polyolefin waxes
Powder coating for packaging containers
Phosphor, cathode-ray tube, fluorescent lamp and radiation intensifying screen
Glycols as gas hydrate inhibitors in drilling, drill-in, and completion fluids
Refrigerator oil, working fluid for refrigerator, and method for lubricating refrigeration system
Powder detergent composition and method of making
All Purpose liquid cleaning compositions
Method for cleaning hydrocarbon-containing greases and oils from fabric in laundry washing applications
Alkaline detergent having high contents of nonionic surfactant and complexing agent, and use of an amphoteric compound as solubilizer
Solid composition comprising an amphoteric surfactant, a process for its preparation, and the use thereof
Granular compositions of .di-elect cons.-phthalimido peroxyhexanoic acid
Crystalline hydroxy waxes as oil in water stabilizers for skin cleansing liquid composition
Crystalline hydroxy waxes as oil in water stabilizers for skin cleansing liquid composition
Enzymatic oxidation process
Mutant .alpha.-amylase comprising modification at residues corresponding to A210, H405 and/or T412 in Bacillus licheniformis
Bleach activator compositions
Cleaning solution for cleaning substrates to which a metallic wiring has been applied
Composite optical blood culture sensor
Culture vessel for growing or culturing cells, cellular aggregates, tissues and organoids and methods for using same
Vectors for gene trapping and gene activation
Oligonucleotide treatments and compositions for human melanoma
Antisense oligonucleotide modulation of tumor necrosis factor-.alpha. (TNF-.alpha.) expression
Antisense modulation of MEKK5 expression
Ribozymes with linked anchor sequences
Nucleic acid construct for expressing active substances which can be activated by proteases, and preparation and use
Transgenic plants exhibiting altered flower color and methods for producing same
Cytopathic adenoviral E1B mutated viruses for therapy and prophylaxis of neoplasia
Adenovirus vectors generated from helper viruses and helper-dependent vectors
Method for producing human intervertebral disc cells
Highly efficient production and isolation of viral particles utilizing tentacle anion exchange
Cysteinyl-tRNA synthetase from Staphylococcus aureus
Human actVA-ORF4-like protein
IL-1/TNF-.alpha.-activated kinase (ITAK), and methods of making and using the same
Cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases
Constructs encoding degradation enzymes for aromatic compounds and transgenic plants containing same
Selective inactivation of Aspergillus proteases
Gelatin and method of manufacture
Creatine amidinohydrolase, production thereof and use thereof
Methods and compositions for use in characterizing multiple sclerosis disease activity in a subject
Method for producing tagged genes, transcripts, and proteins
Oligonucleotides for the detection of salmonella
Methods for identifying nucleic acid mutations using mismatch modification
Detection of fungal pathogens
Detection and speciation of Campylobacter
Wafer heating apparatus
High-speed soft evacuation process and system
Integrated nitrogen-treated titanium layer to prevent interaction of titanium and aluminum
Semiconductor device and production thereof
Low-resistance contact to silicon having a titanium silicide interface and an amorphous titanium carbonitride barrier layer
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and a device for applying such a method
Method of making layered superlattice materials for ferroelectric, high dielectric constant, integrated circuit applications
Cyanate ester films that promote plating adhesion to cyanate ester graphite composites
Textiles; Paper
Roller drive for the feed of a web of material, in particular for the web feed of a needling machine
Woven or knit fabrics manufactured using yarn dyed raw silk
Method of dyeing anionic materials with pigment colors having a net cationic charge using a padding process
Process for producing high-bulk tissue webs using nonwoven substrates
Fixed Constructions
Apparatus for controlling the operation of a door movable in a door opening to prevent contact between the door and an obstruction in the door opening
Automatic opening/closing apparatus
Power window apparatus
Code learning system for a movable barrier operator
Pumping system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and device for charging and discharging a piezoelectric element
Method and device for driving at least one capacitive actuator
Method and apparatus for offsetting power draw in a multiple channel system
Eolian energy production systems
Solar concentrator for heat and electricity
Embedded wear sensor
Linear actuator using radial bearing
Control switch for an automatic vehicle transmission
Oven muffle with thermal insulation
Heating apparatus utilizing microwaves
Fluid heater with improved heating elements controller
Electric water heater
Dielectric drying kiln material handling system
Image information encoding/decoding system
Navigation system furnished with means for estimating error of mounted sensor
Control stick rotatably positionable in three axes
Apparatus and method for multipurpose residential water flow fire alarm
Cable probe
Method and apparatus for resetting a product scale of a retail checkout terminal
Mass determination device having counterbalanced normalized temperature coefficients
Method and apparatus for creating a color name dictionary and for querying an image by color name
Infrared-sensitive conductive-polymer coating
Synchronous detection system for multichannel infrared spectroscopy
Temperature sensor element and temperature sensor including the same
Ionization gauge and method of using and calibrating same
Sub-micron chemical imaging with near-field laser desorption
Method for milling a transmission electron microscope test slice
Method and apparatus for detecting the presence of cancerous and precancerous cells in a smear using native fluorescence spectroscopy
Method and arrangement for the response analysis of semiconductor materials with optical excitation
Secondary ion mass spectrometer with aperture mask
On-line coupling biochemical detection to continuous flow separation techniques
Detection of antibody production
Rapid assays for the assessment of organ status based on the detection of one or more isoenzymes of glutathione S-transferase
Methods and materials for the diagnosis and treatment of schizophrenia and related disorders
RPM-measuring system with a revolving areawide magnetized rotor disposed on a magnetizable support
Current sensing device
Automated communication of electricity meter data
Frequency detecting circuit
Network analyzer
Electrical ground fault detection apparatus
Testing unit for connector testing
Thermal isolation plate for probe card
Circuit for determining the remaining operating life of a system
Cantilever magnetic force sensor for magnetic force microscopy having a magnetic probe coated with a hard-magnetic material
Method for suppressing noise in measurements
Rapid high-accuracy magnetic resonance imaging
Noise modulation for open access and remotely positioned MRI
System and method for determining the position of a wireless CDMA transceiver
Receiver phase-noise mitigation
Multi-mode radar exciter
Joint surveillance target attack system combat transponder
Vehicle position detection system
Vehicle on which millimeter wave radar is mounted
Signal processing and systematic phase coding for mitigation of range and velocity ambiguities in Doppler weather radars
Radar system for observing weather phenomena with improved radar system parameters
Manufacturing installation and processing operations
Radar signal processing chip
Semiconductor gamma-ray camera and medical imaging system
Apparatus and methods for detecting and/or imaging gamma radiation
Universal-multi-layered, multi-tuned RF probe for MRI and MRS
Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus and method for geological applications
Optically readable radiation-displacement-conversion devices and methods, and image-rendering apparatus and methods employing same
Method for estimating the thickness of layer coated on wafer
Image display apparatus
Optics for reducing one dimension of a folded optical path
Manufacturing method of panel display and its apparatus
Plasma-addressed liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal device
Liquid crystal display device and a method for fabricating thereof
Liquid crystal display cell
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal display apparatus having high wide visual angle and high contrast
Electrophotographic patterning of thin film circuits
Liquid crystal display device with shorting bar connected with asymmetrical floating gate transistors
Reflection-type liquid crystal display having a silver or silver alloy upper electrode layer
Method for manufacturing liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal light valve and projection type liquid crystal display using such valve
Homeotropic liquid crystal cell with one or more compensator plates with a small birefringence
Linear motor film gate for telecine
Fill-in light emitting apparatus and still video camera
Image reproducing method
Installation for fabricating double-sided photomask
Illumination system and scan type exposure apparatus
Illumination apparatus and exposure apparatus
Method and composition for dry etching in semiconductor fabrication
Position measuring apparatus
Standard frequency and timing generator and generation method thereof
Servo system controller
Voltage setpoint error reduction
Multi-mode low power voltage regulator
Control circuit for controlling a floating well bias voltage in a semiconductor integrated structure
Level shifter/amplifier circuit
Multi-directional key switch assembly
High output reflective optical correlator having a folded optical axis using ferro-electric liquid crystal spatial light modulators
PLL oscillator package and production method thereof
Electronic circuit with a clock switch
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Apparatus for minimizing a clock skew occurring in a semiconductor device
Interface circuit and interface circuit delay time controlling method
Frequency comparison and generation in an integrated processor
Multipurpose, folding, portable computer
Power supply circuit for microcomputer
Apparatus and method for discharging and charging a multiple battery arrangement
Merging dummy structure representations for improved distribution of artifacts in a semiconductor layer
Apparatus and method for managing picture data
Computerized apparatus and method for displaying X-rays and the like for radiological analysis and manipulation and transmission of data
Method and system for providing an improved view of an object in a three-dimensional environment on a computer display
Method and apparatus for reducing noise in an electrostatic digitizer
Information processing system
Twin mouse digitizer
Method for reading in a data value into a computer
Position detection apparatus and remote control apparatus
System for providing a same user interface and an appropriate graphic user interface for computers having various specifications
Interactive control of audio outputs on a display screen
System and method of a user configurable display of information resources
Data carrier with a component-containing module and with a coil, method of producing such a data carrier and module therefor
Apparatus and method of resetting an electric device
Manual entry interactive paper and electronic document handling and processing system
Method for generating numerous harmonious color palettes from two colors
Method and apparatus for generating multi-media presentations
Determining view point on objects automatically in three-dimensional workspace from other environmental objects in a three-dimensional workspace
Image compositing apparatus
Shading processing device
Image processing system and method for generating data representing a number of points in a three-dimensional space from a plurality of two-dimensional images of the space
Animation object having multiple resolution format
Method for ignoring redundant constraints in a graphic editor
Apparatus and method for controlling image display
Method and system for building three-dimensional object models
Method and apparatus for transcoding bit streams with video data
MPEG decoder with reduced memory capacity
Picture coder, picture decoder, and picture transmission system in which acknowledgment signals are sent in packed form
Minimal buffering method and system for optimized encoding tables in JPEG compression
Parking regulation enforcement system
Locking device for systems access to which is time-restricted
Motor vehicle equipped with a system for detecting the approach of a user
Electronic parking meter and electric automobile recharging station
EAS system antenna configuration for providing improved interrogation field distribution
Signal transmitting and receiving bracelet system
Fire alarm system
System for monitoring operability of fire event sensors
Electronic intrusion detection system for monitored environments
Fire detector silenceable low battery pre-alarm
Single ID radio pager for receiving traffic status data
Selective call receiving apparatus with multi-call-alarming units
Calculator for guitar scales
Horizontal deflection drive circuit using a plurality of FETs
Method and apparatus for adjustment of FED image
Color display device
Method and apparatus for controlling a timing of an alternating current plasma display flat panel system
Matrix display with matched solid-state pixels
Wrap around membrane color display device
Active matrix display device and its driving method
Color correction system of imaging apparatus
Dispersion-based technique for performing spacial dithering for a digital display system
Shared memory graphics accelerator system
Blade sharping device for a lever harp
Reusable lip guard for brass and woodwind musicians who wear braces
Disengageable belt attachment and in particular shoulder strap for portable musical instruments and for preferably guitars
Automatic accompanying apparatus and automatic accompanying method capable of simply setting automatic accompaniment parameters
Acoustical reflector
Acoustic transducer system
Method and apparatus for testing magnetic head with magnetoresistive element
High-speed sense amplifier
Hold time margin increased semiconductor device and access time adjusting method for same
Apparatus for fixing radiation beam irradiation field forming member
Thermistor chips and methods of making same
Resistor adapted for use in forced ventilation dynamic braking applications
Silicon carbide chrome thin-film resistor
Toroid coil holder with removable top
Process for predrying a coil block containing at least one winding and solid insulation
Folded insulated foil conductor and method of making same
Method of measuring exchange force and method of evaluating magnetism using the exchange force
Superconductive magnet having a tube suspension assembly
Superconducting coil
Acceleration actuated microswitch
Push-button switch spring
Dip switch with enhanced anti-EMI performance
Switch device
Pushbutton structure of computer keyboard
Electrode arrangement of vacuum circuit breaker with magnetic member for longitudinal magnetization
Quick-break switch with a reinforced pressure point
Relay with restricted guidance contacts
Electromagnetic relay
Electrical switching apparatus with operating condition indicators mounted in face plate
Color cathode ray tube having improved main lens electrodes
Ion source and accelerator for improved dynamic range and mass selection in a time of flight mass spectrometer
Plastic housing and screw base construction for compact fluorescent lamps and electrical operating units thereof
High-frequency electrodeless fluorescent lamp
Method for regenerating microtips of a flat display screen
Single-substrate-heat-treatment apparatus in semiconductor processing system
Apparatus for and method of thermally processing substrate
Filament lamp for wafer heating and heating light source
Semiconductor device
Elimination of dehydrogenation step when forming a silicon thin film device by low-temperature laser-annealing
Device and method for etching spacers formed upon an integrated circuit gate conductor
Device protection structure for preventing plasma charging damage and vertical cross talk
Room temperature wet chemical growth process of SiO based oxides on silicon
Method for fabricating a capacitor of a semiconductor device
Method of forming wiring pattern
Method for cleaning waste matter from the backside of a semiconductor wafer substrate
Method for manufacturing self-alignment type bipolar transistor having epitaxial base layer
Semiconductor device comprising MIS transistor with high concentration channel injection region
Method of making a MOS-gated semiconductor device with a single diffusion
Method for forming a trench power metal-oxide semiconductor transistor
Methodology for achieving dual gate oxide thicknesses
Semiconductor device containing P-HDP interdielectric layer
Method of manufacturing capacitive element with a non-doped semiconductor film to minimize native oxide formation
Method for manufacturing capacitor's lower electrode
Method for manufacturing DRAM capacitor
Method for forming a semiconductor device incorporating a dummy gate electrode
Semiconductor device having capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
Method for etching anti-reflective coating film
Method for making an electrical contact to a node location and process for forming a conductive line or other circuit component
Method for forming a MOS device with self-compensating V.sub.T -implants
Method for manufacturing a transistor having a low leakage current
Ion implantation into a gate electrode layer using an implant profile displacement layer
Method of manufacturing ferroelectric memory
Method of fabricating a metal-oxide-semiconductor transistor with a metal gate
MOS semiconductor device with self-aligned punchthrough stops and method of fabrication
Method of making a doped silicon diffusion barrier region
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Method of treating CVD titanium nitride with silicon ions
Semiconductor interconnect interface processing by high pressure deposition
CMOS device with improved wiring density
Method for preventing micromasking in shallow trench isolation process etching
Sequential build-up organic chip carrier and method of manufacture
Fixtures and methods for lead bonding and deformation
Methods of encapsulating a semiconductor chip using a settable encapsulant
Semiconductor chip package structure
Method of producing a semiconductor device using a reduced mounting area
Integrated heat sink
Semiconductor package
Wire bonding method
Methods for fabricating gate and diffusion contacts in self-aligned contact processes
Method and apparatus for attaching particles to a substrate
Self-aligned contact formation for semiconductor devices
Method of mending and testing semiconductor apparatus
Memory cell for EEPROM devices, and corresponding fabricating process
Complementary bipolar/CMOS epitaxial structure and process
Method a CMOS transistor and isolated back electrodes on an SOI substrate
Method of forming an ultra-thin SOI electrostatic discharge protection device
Method of forming shallow trench isolation for integrated circuit applications
Shallow trench isolation technology to eliminate a kink effect
Formation of thin spacer at corner of shallow trench isolation (STI)
Method of photo alignment for shallow trench isolation with chemical mechanical polishing
Method of making MOSFET structure
Process to form a trench-free buried contact
Method for fabricating a high aspect ratio stacked contact hole
Via structure and method of manufacture
Conductor-insulator-conductor structure
Method for forming via holes
Method for forming multi-level contacts using a H-containing fluorocarbon chemistry
Method of reducing AlCu hillocks
Method for increasing landing pad area
Simplified method of forming self-aligned vias in a semiconductor device
Method for fabricating conductive components in microelectronic devices and substrate structures thereof
Method for forming a self-aligned copper structure with improved planarity
Dual damascene
Method for making dual-polysilicon structures in integrated circuits
Metal attachment method and structure for attaching substrates at low temperatures
Dual damascene multi-level metallization and interconnection structure
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having a multi-layered wiring
Controllability of a buried device layer
Method for fabricating a DRAM cell capacitor including forming a conductive storage node by depositing and etching an insulative layer, filling with conductive material, and removing the insulative layer
Method of manufacturing dynamic random access memory
Method for fabricating interconnection and capacitors of a DRAM using a simple geometry active area, self-aligned etching, and polysilicon plugs
Methods of forming integrated circuit memory devices having improved bit line and storage electrode contact regions therein
Semiconductor package assemblies with moisture vents
Method for forming vertical interconnect process for silicon segments with dielectric isolation
Semiconductor component having a semiconductor chip mounted to a chip mount
Polysilicon pillar heat sinks for semiconductor on insulator circuits
Thermal management enhancements for cavity packages
Semiconductor device
Resin encapsulated semiconductor device having a reduced thickness and improved reliability
Semiconductor device having tab-leads and a fabrication method thereof
Microelectronic bond ribbon design
TAB tape semiconductor device
Semiconductor package consisting of multiple conductive layers
Fusible link in an integrated semiconductor circuit and process for producing the fusible link
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Interconnections for semiconductor circuits
Clock distribution network with efficient shielding
Semiconductor device having alignment mark
Test pattern structure for measuring misalignment in semiconductor device fabrication process and method for measuring misalignment
Method to form an alignment mark
Photolitography alignment mark manufacuturing process in tungsten CMP metallization
High density signal interposer with power and ground wrap
Semiconductor device having separated exchange means
Pressure assembled motor cube
Semiconductor device having a reduced distance between the input resistor and the internal circuit
Semiconductor device having improved protective circuits
Lateral SCR structure for ESD protection in trench isolated technologies
AlAs oxide insulating layer between a conductive III-V substrate and an optoelectronic semiconductor device and method of manufacturing thereof
Differential amplifier with lateral bipolar transistor
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method of fabricating a semiconductor memory device having a tree-type capacitor
Composite trench-fin capacitors for DRAM
Static random access memory cell having vertically arranged drive transistors to improve the packing density and data stabilization in the cell
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and method for manufacturing the same
Methods of fabricating memory cells with reduced area capacitor interconnect
BiCMOS compacted logic array
Photovoltaic element array and method of fabricating the same
Method for forming a bipolar-based active pixel sensor cell with metal contact and increased capacitive coupling to the base region
Transducer sensitive to radiation
Electromagnetic-wave detector
High voltage mosfet structure
Heterojunction bipolar transistor with ballast resistor
Amorphous silicon germanium thin film and photovoltaic element
Reduced size field effect transistor
CMOS logic gate having buried channel NMOS transistor for semiconductor devices and fabrication method of the same
Unipolar three-terminal resonant-tunneling transistor
Quantum device
Semiconductor diode with suppression of auger generation processes
Photosensitive semiconductor device
Solid state image sensor
Self-biased solar cell and module adopting the same
Linear PIN photodiode
Semiconductor photodiode and a method for fabricating the same
Nitride semiconductor light emitting device
Semiconductor optoelectric device and method of manufacturing the same
Ultrasonic motor and electronic apparatus having ultrasonic motor
Electroluminescent apparatus and methods of manufacturing and encapsulating
Method for simulating behavior of batteries
Clip-on power source for an aviator's night vision imaging system
Wave filter having two or more coaxial dielectric resonators in juxtaposition
Dielectric filter with a unitary external coupling device coupled to multiple resonator stages
Coupling structure for coupling cavity resonators
Microwave antenna transmission device having a stripline to waveguide transition via a slot coupling
Satellite antenna alignment device
Method and apparatus for an unfurlable isometric antenna reflector
Method and apparatus for beam management in a satellite communication system
Methods of forming conductive lines, methods of forming antennas, methods of forming wireless communication devices, conductive lines, antennas, and wireless communications devices
Planar antenna including a superstrate lens having an effective dielectric constant
Butler beam port combining for hexagonal cell coverage
High resolution scanning reflectarray antenna
Beam scanning reflectarray antenna with circular polarization
Communication relay and a space-fed phased array radar, both utilizing improved mach-zehnder interferometer
Dual frequency primary radiator
Antenna matching circuit
Antenna apparatus with a coaxial cable used as a radiation element
Circuitry for use with coaxial cable distribution networks
Connecting board with oval-shaped protrusions
Method of producing semiconductor laser element with mirror degradation suppressed
Electrical service disconnect boxes for conveying power to adjacent electrical appliances such as air conditioners
Snap in cable connector
Device for preventive detection of faults with identification of the type of load
Method and apparatus for charging a battery
Charging and discharging control circuit and charging type power supply device
Method for charging lithium secondary battery
Control circuit with both positive and negative sensing
Sensorless power angle control for a vehicle alternator
Method for regulating the excitation current in a motor vehicle alternator by digital processing, and a regulating device for carrying out the method
Temperature switch controlled charging circuit
Method and apparatus for providing energy to a lighting system
Outer-rotor electric motor having inner-stator formed by concentrically wrapping flattened stator elements on stator core
Method and apparatus for reducing voltage stresses in electric machines
Motor structure having a permanent magnet motor with grooves to reduce torque ripples
Motor and method for producing the same
Automotive alternator
Spindel motor for a disc drive
Linear/rotary actuator and winding machine including same
Vibration motor
Rotatable inverter
Driver circuit for a synchronous, alternating current electric motor
Motor control apparatus
Method and circuit for determining the velocity of a data detector mechanism of a mass storage device, or the like, using a BEMF voltage in the associated voice coil
Switched reluctance motor
Sensorless control method and apparatus of permanent magnet synchronous motor
Motor controller, integrated circuit, and method of controlling a motor
Hierarchical clock frequency domains for a semiconductor device
Fully integratable voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) circuit
Voltage controlled oscillator for upconverter/downconverter in digital radio communication system
Apparatus for improving linearity of small signal
Method and apparatus for amplifying feedforward linear power using pilot tone hopping
Adaptive pre-distortion apparatus for linearizing an amplifier output within a data transmission system
Method and apparatus for increasing the bandwidth, and reducing the size, of the DC feed network for wideband RF amplifiers using selective placement of high dielectric constant material
A/D conversion device provided with a calibration arrangement
Voltage control type control apparatus capable of achieving correct control characteristic without increasing interface line number
Amplifier with dynamatically adaptable supply voltage
Tuning circuit
Electronically controlled variable attenuator
Surface wave filter for asymmetrical/symmetrical and symmetrical/symmetrical operating mode
Monolithic filters utilizing thin film bulk acoustic wave devices and minimum passive components for controlling the shape and width of a passband response
Piezo-electric resonator
Output stage with self calibrating slew rate control
Device and method to reduce power consumption in integrated semiconductor devices
High voltage drive output buffer for low Voltage integrated circuits
Logical amplitude level conversion circuit, liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus
Universal receiver device
Dynamic NOR gates for NAND decode
Field programmable gate array having testable antifuse programming architecture and method therefore
Clock controlled exclusive or circuit
Ring oscillator
Voltage controlled oscillator including a plurality of buffer circuits diodes, current sources, MIS capacitors
Latch circuit and flip-flop circuit having voltage level converting function
Output buffer with protective limit of voltage across terminals of devices within the output buffer
Timing controller and controlled delay circuit for controlling timing or delay time of a signal by changing phase thereof
Signal change detection circuit
Robust method and apparatus for providing a digital single-ended output from a differential input
Digital quadrature discriminator for demodulation of frequency-modulated information
Power saving arrangement for a flash A/D converter
Five-level switched-capacitor DAC, method of operation thereof and sigma-delta converter employing the same
High speed interlaced analog interface
Decoder for 2-dimensional input devices
Sliding block (rate 8/9) trellis code for magnetic recording
Low-power decimator for an oversampled analog-to-digital converter and method therefor
Search system for use in compression
Method and apparatus for arithmetic coding, method and apparatus for arithmetic decoding, and storage medium
Decoder using a finite state machine in decoding an abstract syntax notation-message and an encoder for carrying out encoding operation at a high speed
Vertical deflection circuit with raster correction
DTV circuitry for measuring multipath distortion based on ghosting of data segment synchronizing signals
Video processing system
Optimal frame rate selection user interface
Methods and systems for multimedia communication via public telephone networks
Broadcast signal receiver retrofit apparatus and method
Grappler guidance system for a gantry crane
MPEG-2 encoder pre-processor for processing SDTV video and HDTV split picture video
Apparatus and method for generating on-screen-display messages using stored bitstreams
Methods and systems for encoding real time multimedia data
Image quality correction circuit and method based on color density
Method and apparatus for scheduling a message for a first messaging system and informing a subscriber unit about the message through a second messaging system
Remotely operated universal programmable oven controller
DC to AC switching circuit for driving an electroluminescent lamp exhibiting capactive loading characteristics
Universal power supply for discharge lamps
Kitchen workplate with integrated cooking field
Plasma producer with a holder
Modular peripheral unit expandable by modules and having an automatically establishing electrical connection
ESD/EMC gasket
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