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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Pesticidal compositions and processes related thereto
Multi shot fluid dispensing system
Crack sealer product and method
Self-locking parcel delivery box
Gutter cleaning apparatus
Antimicrobial cationic polycarbonates
2,5-dialkyl-4-H/halo/ether-phenol compounds
4-amino-6-(2,6-dichlorophenyl)-2-(phenylamino)-pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidin-7(8H- )-one derivatives, synthesis and uses thereof
Compounds useful as inhibitors of ATR kinase
Reagent storage on a droplet actuator
Anti-ADAMTS-5 antibody, derivatives and uses thereof
Performing Operations; Transporting
Desalination system and method for desalination
Storage and stabilization of acetylene
Seawater plant with inclined aeration and mixed auto recovery
Sulfonium compounds, their preparation and use
Ink compositions
Ionic liquid release coat for use in metal flake manufacture
Heated soap bar-forming device
Septic drainage system
Tamper-evident beverage container closure device
Dispenser and method for storing and dispensing sterile product
Package with peelable closure
Oxygen-absorbing resin composition
Cup with an inserted pot
Reservoir shading apparatus and method
Compressive barred brackets
Image forming apparatus
Seaming artificial turf
Apparatus for feeding folded paper tissues or the like to a packaging system
System and apparatus for motion compensation and anti-pendulation
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the treatment of a silicate mineral
System and process for removing ammonium, soluble BOD and suspended solids from a wastewater stream
System and method for closed water circulation
Process for workup of NO.sub.x-containing offgases from wastewater streams of nitration plants
Glass blowing apparatus and method of making glass objects
Float glass composition adapted for chemical strengthening
Polythioaminal dispersions and coatings
Ceramic composite material consisting of aluminium oxide and zirconium oxide as the main constituents, and a dispersoid phase
Silicon carbide powder
Coloring agent composition and method for producing same
Process for coating an active ingredient with a urea-formaldehyde polymer
Amine salts of pitavastatin and rosuvastatin
Process for the preparation of nepafenac
Process for preparing lacosamide
Polycarbodiimides having onium salt groups
Process for preparing and separating monodisperse polyethylene glycol
Monomers and polymers derived from natural phenols
Fumarate compounds, pharmaceutical compositions thereof, and methods of use
Bendamustine derivatives and methods of using same
Intermediates to prepare herbicidal pyrimidone derivatives
PH-sensitive compositions for delivery of beta lapachone and methods of use
Technological method for synthesis of optically pure L-/D-lactide catalyzed by biogenic guanidine
Tetrahydronaphthyl(thio) carboxamides
Process for preparing Imatinib and salts thereof, free of genotoxic impurity F
Benzenesulfonamide compounds and their use as therapeutic agents
Heterocyclic compound
Double donor functionalisation of the peri-positions of perylene and naphthalene monoimide via versatile building blocks
Process for acid dehydration of sugar alcohols
Cephalosporin derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
Colored charged silsesquioxanes
Compositions and methods for peptide expression and purification using a type III secretion system
Use of Salmonella flagellin derivative in preparation of drug for preventing and treating inflammatory bowel diseases
Methods and compositions for producing active vitamin K-dependent proteins
HER2Delta16 peptides
Antibody glycosylation variants having increased antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity
Anti-c-Met antibody having HGF activity and use thereof
Borate esters
Self-sinking and air permeable plastic material
Self-sinking and air permeable plastic material
Imprint material
Polymer compositions or blends including natural rubber-based acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
Dispersing agent comprising fillers or pigments
UV- and thermally curing clearcoat composition for automotive refinishing
Curing agents for low-emission epoxy resin products
Gene cluster for biosynthesis of cornexistin and hydroxycornexistin
Stem-specific promoter from sugarcane dirigent gene
Chimeric promoters capable of mediating gene expression in plants upon pathogen infection and uses thereof
System for production of antibodies and their derivatives
Recombinant manganese oxidase
Genetically inducible hydrogen peroxide resistance and production
Methods of enzymatic hydrolysis
Protein complex having activity catalyzing asymmetric oxidation reaction and process for producing the same
Modified bacteria for the production of bioalcohol
Method for designing a drug regime for HIV-infected patients
Displacement of scraping rollers
Induction hardening system and method
Method for producing alumina
Carbon-based coating
Electrochemical device for syngas and liquid fuels production
Electrodeposition baths, systems and methods
Chemically modified ligase cofactors, donors and acceptors
Fixed Constructions
Reinforced earth
Rehabilitation of deteriorated manhole and other sewer structures
System and method for stabilizing chlorine residual in a dead end water main
Water saving control mechanism
Plunger with toilet declogger
Precompressed water and/or fire resistant tunnel expansion joint systems, and transitions
Roofing end cap and method of use
Wall panels to be mounted to a wall structure
Narrow lined modular flooring assemblies
Tapered edge drywall connector
Disposable protective sheeting for decks and floors
Storage structures
Door barricade
Automatic window blind system
Tree-mounted supports
Matrix fixed cutter drill bits and methods for manufacturing same
Systems and methods for managing pressures in casing annuli of subterranean wells
Wellbore dynamic top kill with inserted conduit
Mitigating annular pressure buildup using temperature-activated polymeric particulates
Accumulator counterbalanced three chamber cylinder for artificial lift operations
Pneumatic-on-top counterbalanced three-chamber cylinder for artificial lift operations
Installation for drilling a well into a soil and associated drilling method
Method and apparatus for introducing or sinking cavities in rock
Apparatus for forming an underground tunnel
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Piston assembly with weld support
Gas turbine with high-pressure turbine cooling system
Rim seal arrangement having pumping feature
Turbine abradable layer with composite non-inflected bi-angle ridges and grooves
Gas turbine offline compressor wash with buffer air from combustor
Turbine airfoil cooling system for bow vane
Blade connection of a rotor blade of a wind turbine
Multi-piece fairing for monolithic turbine exhaust case
Turbine system
Exhaust system
Exhaust purification system of internal combustion engine
Identifying ammonia slip conditions in a selective catalytic reduction application
Erosion resistant mounting mats
Fuel injection with swirl spray patterns in opposed-piston engines
Sensor based measurement and purge control of fuel vapors in internal combustion engines
Fuel anti-freeze system
Threaded rod for system for deploying a deployable divergent segment of a thruster
Heat storage member for canister
Tubular apparatus for making rigid tubular structures, and corresponding installation method
Stringed seasonal light storage device
Device for cooling a wall of a component
Apparatus for generating superheated vapor using wave fin
Method for manufacturing a three-dimensional biomimetic scaffold and uses thereof
Method for monitoring, diagnosis and/or prognosis of hypoxia related disorders using NFAT5
Piperidine derivative, liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Combined sewer overflow warning and prevention system
Conductive ink and conductor
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Methods and apparatus for producing animal sounds to lure animals
Electrosurgical instrument having a predetermined heat profile
Ophthalmologic apparatus
Electrode sensor
Electronic stethoscope
Measurement of cardiac output and blood volume by non-invasive detection of indicator dilution
System for and method of detecting polygraph countermeasures
Display of patient image data
Position location system
Objective pain measurement system and method
Fingerprint verification system and fingerprint verifying method
Solid-state laser for customized cornea ablation
Integrated systems for testing and certifying the physical, functional, and electrical performance of IV pumps
Transdermal delivery system (TDS) with electrode network
Medical system using biomolecular treatment
Reduction of left-ventricular offset interaction with tachyarrhythmia detection
Cardiac rhythm management system with ultrasound for autocapture or other applications
Electromagnetic interference immune tissue invasive system
Methods and apparatus for treating fibrillation and creating defibrillation waveforms
High definition radiation treatment with an intensity modulating multi-leaf collimator
Computerized system and method for practicing and instructing in a sport and software for same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for examining structures having high natural vibration frequency using alternating manual vibration-exciting method
Device and method for generating a classifier for automatically sorting objects
Offset apparatus for NC machine tool
Multiple arm robot arrangement
Control device for a networkable device
Method and device for situation-dependent and driver-dependent attenuation of ESP stabilization measures
In-car computing system and method for controlling a selection mark in an in-car computing system
Operation control apparatus and operation control method with second mode of control during detector abnormality
Hybrid type vehicle drive control apparatus, hybrid type vehicle drive control method, and program thereof
A/C bus assembly for electronic traction vehicle
Vehicle expression operation control system, vehicle communication system, and vehicle which performs expression operation
Adaptive safety system for a bumper-bag equipped vehicle
System for determining the occupancy state of a seat in a vehicle and controlling a component based thereon
Method to mitigate vehicle roll oscillations by limiting the rate of recovery of the lateral component of the tire force vector
System and method of controlling a steer-by-wire system having a road wheel reference angle generator
Multiprocessor control system for cycles, for example for competition bicycles
Communications systems for aircraft
Method for checking the content of pockets in a blister package
Multifunctional printer and copier
Media clearance member
Image forming apparatus
Micromachine and manufacturing method therefor
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Emission silicate waveguide compositions for enhanced L-band and S-band emission
Optical fiber and planar waveguide for achieving a substantially uniform optical attenuation
Device for melting or purifying of inorganic sustances
Fixed Constructions
Graphical method for designing the trajectory of a well bore
Method for performing wedge analysis for assessing wedge instabilities in underground openings
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for controlling the operation of an internal combustion engine
Audit vehicle and audit method for remote emissions sensing
Image carrier and damping member therefor
Slippage prevention apparatus of belt-drive continuously variable transmission for automotive vehicle
Service panel with utility controller
Electric fireplace with light randomizer, filter and diffuser screen
Heat storage type heater and method of controlling input and output of heat of the same
Multi-view x-ray imaging of logs
Method and apparatus for producing digital orthophotos using sparse stereo configurations and external models
System and method for determining a location relevant to a communication device and/or its associated user
Method of and apparatus for detecting angular velocity, method of and apparatus for detecting angle, navigation system, program storage device, and computer data signal embodied in carrier wave
Programmed method and apparatus for quadrature output sensors
Flow transport analysis method and system
Photo-detecting apparatus
Four KHz gas discharge laser
Method and apparatus for determining torque at desired locations on a machine
Synthetic pressure altitude determining system and method of integrity monitoring from a pressure sensor
Computerized electronic runout
Inspection device for packages
Golf ball inspection using metal markers
Methods and structure for maintaining state information to resume automated test processing after reset
Method and apparatus for testing integrated circuits using a synchronization signal so that all measurements are allotted a time slot of the same length
Method for rapid location determination using parametric values obtained in a previous location determination
Seismic signal processing method and apparatus for generating correlation spectral volumes to determine geologic features
Model-free refraction statics solution
Method for automated horizon transfer and alignment through the application of time-shift volumes
Piezoelectrically driven, liquid-actuated optical cross-bar switch
Optical MEMS switch with converging beams
Viewpoint position detection apparatus and method, and stereoscopic image display system
Optical waveplate and an optical device using the waveplate
Optical fiber system
Narrowband resonant transmitter
Temperature insensitive optical waveguide device
Electro-optical module for transmitting and/or receiving optical signals on at least two optical data channels
Integrated heat transfer device for PLC module
Polarization desensitized optical waveguide interferometer
Dispersion compensation optical fiber and optical transmission line using same
Optical fiber arrays with precise hole sizing
Optical fiber block assembly for minimizing stress concentration and contacting device therewith
Optical waveguide module
Use of sol-gel as inorganic adhesive for high stability, hermetic bonding of optical fiber to an alignment plate
Faceplate combination
Optical fiber cable and method of producing the same
Zoom lens of a camera
Bragg grating filter optical waveguide device
Optical circulator
Class of charge-actuated chromogenic structures based on the oxidation and reduction of optical switchable materials in a thin-film electrochemical cell
Control apparatus for image blur correction
Method of verifying the usabilty of photosensitive film product just prior to use
Camera assembly having forward and return cam surfaces for a turret on different parts
Photometric apparatus and method for evaluating backlight
Visual inspection and verification system
Corona preionization assembly for a gas laser
Image formation apparatus using a dry two-component developer for development
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method having trial copy mode
Tandem image forming device, image forming apparatus and method for using the same
Image forming apparatus and cleaning device therefor
Developing device and image forming apparatus using the same
Image forming apparatus and method using a magnetic toner brush
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of performing a stable sheet transfer operation
High-speed heat and pressure belt fuser
Fixing device in an image forming apparatus having multiple heater lamps
Image heating device and image forming apparatus using the same
Carrying apparatus and image forming apparatus
System and method for adaptive control of uncertain nonlinear processes
System and process for bootstrap initialization of vision-based tracking systems
Kalman filter state estimation for a manufacturing system
Filtering process for stable and accurate estimation
Method and system for locating and assisting portable devices performing remote diagnostic analysis of a control network
Automation system for merging automation components
Management system for vending machines
Interpolated motion control over a serial network
Semiconductor factory automation system and method for processing lot of semiconductor wafers at full-automation mode or semi-automation mode
Method and apparatus for determining and assessing chamber inconsistency in a tool
Semiconductor manufacturing line monitoring system
Component fault detection
Control of multiple fuel cell power plants at a site to provide a distributed resource in a utility grid
Nonlinear fan control
Detection of pump cavitation/blockage and seal failure via current signature analysis
Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program storage medium
Multiple fan monitoring circuit for monitoring a number of fans utilizing a single sense input
Modification risk degree measurement system, modification risk degree measurement method and modification risk degree measurement program
Method and apparatus for automatically synchronizing data from a host computer to two or more backup data storage locations
Reporting the state of an apparatus to a remote computer
System and method for logically assigning unique names to devices in a storage system
Method and equipment for file updating using common instance management scheme
Storage of data entries in digital devices and methods
Multi sensor transducer and weight factor
Method and apparatus for creating and displaying user specific and site specific guidance and navigation information
Top-down network analysis system and method with adaptive filtering capabilities
Method and system for modifying host application functionality based upon downloaded content
Method and system for providing performance data
Method and system for authoring a soundscape for a media application
Compression/decompression using reversible embedded wavelets
Enhancement for multi-lingual record processing
Method and apparatus for automatically converting the format of an electronic message
Method for encoding regular expressions in a lexigon
Caching dynamic content
Profile service architecture
Systems and methods for structured vocabulary search and classification
Modifying a relational database
Method and system for query processing
Generalized method and system of merging and pruning of data trees
Method and apparatus for representing database and query information using interval hash tree
Use of indices for queries with comparisons on a function
System for building electronic queue(s) utilizing self organizing units in parallel to permit concurrent queue add and remove operations
System and method for inheriting access control rules
Method and apparatus for indexing document content and content comparison with World Wide Web search service
Method of downloading web content to a network kiosk in advance
Self-contained indexing system for an intranet
Text mining method and apparatus allowing a user to analyze contents of a document set from plural analysis axes
Extended functionality for an inverse inference engine based web search
Method and system for querying and posting to multiple career websites on the internet from a single interface
Bar code scanner and software interface interlock for performing encrypted handshaking and for disabling the scanner in case of handshaking operation failure
Displaying hierarchial relationship of data accessed via subject index
Apparatus and method for improving performance of proxy server arrays that use persistent connections
Network-based photosharing architecture
Method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for predicting electrical behavior of a multiport device having balanced device ports
Fabrication and design of structural members
System and method for environmental data acquisition
Chemical structure identification
Methods and systems to control a shaping tool
System and method for managing work-in-process (WIP) workload within a fabrication facility
Aircraft anti-theft system
Method and apparatus for dynamically reprogramming remote autonomous agents
System and method for drawing and manufacturing bent pipes
Method and system for fragmenting and reconstituting data
Method and system for monitoring and securing data access in a database system
Process for executing a downloadable service receiving restrictive access rights to at least one profile file
Alphabetic telephone
Method and system for client-side caching
Providing a join plan using group-by operator
Self-stabilizing, portable and efficient computer arithmetic using mappings of D Scale points
Associative processor addition and subtraction
Management server for synchronization system
Method of multiple configuration setting and backup editing of a network apparatus
Method, apparatus and articles-of-manufacture for network-based distributed computing
Mobile navigation of network-based electronic information using spoken input
Method for manufacturing identification codes of integrated circuits
Method and apparatus for segmentation of a left ventricular epicardium
Method for conducting analysis of two-dimensional images
Method for generating a unique and consistent signal pattern for identification of an individual
Method and system for fingerprint encoding and authentication
System and method for image processing by automatic color dropout
Image processing architecture
Methods and systems for processing anti-aliased images
Region-of-interest tracking method and device for wavelet-based video coding
System and method for color characterization with applications in color measurement and color matching
Locally connected neural network with improved feature vector
Information fusion of classifiers in systems with partial redundant information
Method and apparatus for providing a client system with information via a network
Method for optimizing formulations
Enabling a zero latency enterprise
Multi-level transformer and line loss compensator and method
Method for analyzing information to provide an objective assessment of a predefined subject
Method and system for verification of checks at a point of sale
Method and system for data transmission between wearable devices or from wearable devices to portal
Predicting content choices by searching a profile database
Alerting users to items of current interest
Method and system for display advertisement qualification and notification
Electronic registration system for product transactions
High volume targeting of advertisements to user of online service
Phenomenological orbital debris impact risk assessment model and software
Steganographic image processing
Digital watermark embedding device, digital watermark detection device and recording medium recording computer readable program for realizing functions of two devices
Transform domain image watermarking method and system
Processing image data to transform color volumes
Image displaying method, device, and computer-readable storage medium
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and computer program
Method and apparatus for defining a three-dimensional imaging section
System and process for image-based relativistic rendering
Method and system for automatic computed radiography (CR) image composition by white band detection and consistency rechecking
Resolution conversion for anti-aliased images using loose gray scale template matching
Apparatus for and method of processing image and apparatus for and method of encoding image
Image enhancement method with simultaneous noise reduction, non-uniformity equalization, and contrast enhancement
System and method for helping to determine the condition of tissue
Method for determining features from detections in a digital image using a bauer-fisher ratio
Method and apparatus for detecting defects
Methods of processing tagged MRI data indicative of tissue motion including 4-D LV tissue tracking
Low-cost medical image transfer and control system and method
Method of compressing digital images
Apparatus for transmitting and/or receiving stream data and method for producing the same
Image data encoding/decoding method and apparatus
JPEG packed block structure
Methods and apparatus for data compression
Methods and apparatus for data compression based on modeling schemes
Method and apparatus for video compression using microwavelets
Quality assurance and training system for high volume mobile identity verification system and method
Imaging system
Vehicle navigation server for obtaining traffic information for mesh unit on travel route
Speech detection system and method
Reassembling speech sentence fragments using associated phonetic property
System and method for concurrent presentation of multiple audio information sources
Multiple stage speech recognizer
Personal virtual assistant
Method of speech recognition
Forward error correction in speech coding
Audio decoder core (acore) MPEG sub-band synthesis algorithmic optimization
Techniques for quantization of spectral data in transcoding
Excitation vector generator, speech coder and speech decoder
Codebook tables for multi-rate encoding and decoding with pre-gain and delayed-gain quantization tables
Systems and methods for implementing audio de-clicking
Noise reduction apparatus and method
Recording medium for storing virtually deleted still picture information
Method and device for dynamically editing received broadcast data
Audio signal processing apparatus
Information recording medium with aggregate attribute information recorded in video manager, apparatus for recording the same and apparatus for reproducing the same
Predicting disc drive acoustic sound power from mechanical vibration
Modified large natural circulation reactor
Calibration plate having accurately defined calibration pattern
Structure for nitride based laser diode with growth substrate removed
Process management system
Base station beam sweeping method and apparatus using multiple rotating antennas
Control of current spreading in semiconductor laser diodes
Laser diode, semiconductor light-emitting device, and method of production thereof
Electron beam pumped semiconductor laser screen and associated fabrication method
Trip unit and circuit breaker to prevent nuissance tripping
Energy management system and methods for the optimization of distributed generation
Redundant clock generation and distribution
Distortion compensating apparatus
Battery life extending technique for mobile wireless applications using bias level control
Digital audio dynamic range compressor and method
Adaptive filter
Real time clock with a power saving counter for embedded systems
Method and apparatus for synchronizing a local reference frequency in a communication systems
PLL frequency synthesizer with lock detection circuit
Apparatus and method for implementing a linearly approximated log map algorithm
Wristwatch type wireless telephone
Configuration of transmit/receive switching in a transceiver
Code division multiplex radio equipment with interference canceler
Reception method and receiver
Optical transmitter and optical signal transmitter
Tunable dispersion compensation device, optical receiver, and optical fiber communication system
System for selecting an appropriate optical fiber type for a communication network
Communication link with non-intrusive expansion capability
Methods and devices for improving the performance of wireless devices using speed and noise metrics
Technique for determining carrier-to-noise ratio of selected channels in an access network
Wall-hanging entertainment system
Compact cable balance network for echo-cancelling, and method for optimizing transhybrid loss and method and apparatus for circuit simulation
Methods and apparatus for adapting transmission power of a remote wireless device
Permissible operating mode determination in a dual-mode radio
Power control device and method for a mobile communication system
Method of providing site selection diversity in mobile communication system
Scalable switch matrix and demodulator bank architecture for a satellite uplink receiver
Synchronization method and apparatus for multi-platform communication system
Source synchronous link with data and clock signals having the same electrical characteristics
Apparatus and method for providing measured rate system in IP network
Portable information terminal
System and method for wireless data performance monitoring
Switching core controller for digital cross-connect system, and modes of operating a switching core
Telephone outlet for implementing a local area network over telephone lines and a local area network using such outlets
Central office filter system and method
Method and device for controlling operational sequences
Position discovery using short range mobile devices
Apparatus and method for coordinated music playback in wireless ad-hoc networks
Method of communication
Method for including a self-removing indicator in a self-removing message
Instant messaging via telephone interfaces
System and method for providing partial presence notifications
Packet based network exchange with rate synchronization
Methods and apparatus for a monitoring service
Apparatus and method for measuring sub-carrier frequencies and sub-carrier frequency offsets
Method and apparatus for improving channel utilization
Apparatus and method for interfacing multiple protocol stacks in a communication network
Linked call forwarding
Method and apparatus for providing responses for requests of off-line clients
Content authorization system over networks including searching and reporting for unauthorized use
Negotiated image data push processing
Method and apparatus for delivering data
Object-based on-line transaction infrastructure
Bandwidth optimizing adaptive file distribution
Method for controlling additional service functions in a communications network, as well as an associated communications network and an associated program
Cache server having a cache-data-list table storing information concerning data retained by other cache servers
System and method for data access
Virtual environment manager for network computers
System and method for providing network addresses to mobile platforms
Sharing an ethernet NIC between two sub-systems
Methods and apparatus for remote configuration of an appliance on a network
High-speed coordinated multi-channel elastic buffer
Personal communicator
Wrist-mounted telephone device
User interface for a network-enabled telephone
Method and apparatus for operating a telephone as an independent network client
Voice-activated telephone directory
Method for registering phone number in telephone
Supplementary hand free transceiver of a fixing network wired telephone
Voice messaging system having removable digital voice message memory
Apparatus for the attachment of a computer to a telephone set, and a computer comprising the same
Method and apparatus for filtering incoming telephone calls
Design of telephone line interface circuits using a two chip opto-coupler with LEDs integrated onto silicon chips
Quasi ground fault interruption signal-based activation of emergency pots by-pass paths for line-powered digital subscriber loop
Apparatus, system, and method for efficient reduction of electromagnetic interference in telecommunications equipment
Impedance blocking filter circuit for digital subscriber line communication systems
Method and telecommunications center for recognizing connection requests at a subscriber line
Line sharing for POTS and DSL services
Methods and apparatus for transmitting accurate emergency location identification numbers (ELINs) from behind a multi-line telephone system (MLTS) utilizing port equipment numbers
Failure response procedure and system
Signal monitoring apparatus analyzing voice communication content
Rich calling line handling in call setup signalling
Cellular phone with special standby feature
Method and apparatus in a wireless messaging system for estimating and using required delivery parameters to meet a target transmission reliability
System and method for providing wireless device access to scheduling applications
Recordal of call results in a predictive dialing application
Robust double-talk detection and recovery in a system for echo cancelation
Symmetry based subband acoustic echo cancellation
Image display for reproducing a plurality of images which are recorded in a recording medium
Image manipulation for a digital copier which operates on a block basis
Edge enhancement preprocessing with image region determining function
Picture processing apparatus, picture processing method, learning apparatus, and learning method
Disk drives and disk drive-containing devices having selectively controllable and/or adaptive quiet and high performance modes of operation
Apparatus for reproducing still picture from recording medium
Recording medium for storing information for still picture recording and/or reproducing method and apparatus therefor
Method for distributing multiple description streams on servers in fixed and mobile streaming media systems
Displayed complementary content sources in a web-based TV system
System and method of data transmission/reception
Object-based quad-tree mesh motion compensation method using greedy algorithm
Image extraction apparatus and method
Set top box which enables television program displayed on a television set to be recorded by means of a video recorder
Method and apparatus for receiving a digital signal and apparatus for recording and reproducing the digital signal
Data recording/reproducing device
Optical layer multicasting using a single sub-carrier header and an optical multicasting switch
Optical layer multicasting using a single sub-carrier header and a multicast switch with active header insertion via reflective single sideband optical processing
Optical layer multicasting using a multiple sub-carrier header and a multicast switch with active header insertion via single sideband optical processing
WDM optical network with passive pass-through at each node
Wavelength routing in a photonic network
Text-based communications over a data network
Signalling in a telecommunications system
Electronic telephone client service provider system (EP/CSP)
Wireless backup telephone device and associated support system
Method and system for controlling cellular network parameters
Total radio network solution for GSM/EDGE
Diversity reception in a mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for selecting a serving sector in a data communication system
Group communication device and method
Method for divisional billing and device thereof
Mobile station and base station
Location information management system and method for mobile communications unit
System and method for sending a supplemental channel request message in a wireless communication device
Wireless mobile call location and delivery for non-geographic numbers using a wireline SSP+SCP/wireless HLR interface
Method and devices for dialling services
Method for controlling the sensitivity of a microphone
Anti-noise-electret pick-up with an electret
Microphone structure provided with means to engage musical instrument
Microphone holder
Microphone array
Loud speaker, diaphragm and process for making the diaphragm
Knockdown speaker
Electroacoustic transducers
System and method for sensing a sound system
Electric discharge detection circuit
System and method for mounting and unmounting storage volumes in a network storage environment
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