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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Abiotic stress tolerant transgenic plants
Soybean cultivar BY1012348
Soybean cultivar SJ1012347
Soybean cultivar SJ1012389
Soybean cultivar OW1113014
Assays utilizing nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunits
Spinning reel fishing line guide mechanism and spinning reel
Fishing reel with interchangeable line-guiding system
Fishing rod storage container
Bioreactor exhaust
Agrochemical formulations of microcapsules for compounds containing carboxamide groups
Agrochemical formulations comprising 1-vinyl-2-pyrrolidinone co-polymers
Stable pharmaceutical composition
Active compound combinations
Oral compositions comprising propolis
Aerated products with reduced creaming
Density modification
Method for extraction of nicotine from tobacco raw material
Pubic patches
Wearable device
Cases and covers for handheld electronic devices
Protective cover for use with handbags and a method for its use
Decorative devices, and methods for making and using same
Electronic device holder
Convertible chair sofa configuration
Door for a domestic appliance
Child carrier restraint system
Wheelchair slipcover
Installation of a textile deck assembly in an article of furniture
Covering device of opening of building
Follicular extraction method and device
Intramedullary rod with vent
Implant abutment
Bone compression device
Device, system and method for sizing of tissue openings
Computerized medical diagnostic and treatment advice system including network access
Respiratory monitoring, diagnostic and therapeutic system
Ultrasonic tissue displacement/strain imaging of brain function
Device for detecting movements of a lower jaw
Beating heart buttress and implantation method to prevent prolapse of a heart valve
PLGA/HA hydroxyapatite composite bone grafts and method of making
Tissue engineered nucleus pulposus replacement
Orthotic head and neck support
System, devices, and methods including actively-controllable sterilizing excitation delivery implants
System for packaging and handling an implant and method of use
Conjugated proteins and peptides
Compounds and methods for treatment of hypertension
Therapeutic agent for hepatitis C
Methods of modifying amyloid .beta. oligomers using non-peptidic compounds
Inhibitors of human immunodeficiency virus replication
Squaric acid derivatives as inhibitors of the nicotinamide
Pyrimidone derivatives
Bridged heterocyclic compounds and methods of use
Cephalotaxus esters, methods of synthesis, and uses thereof
Uracyl spirooxetane nucleoside phosphoramidates
Formulation for treatment of vaginal dryness
Methods of modifying myocardial infarction expansion
Recombinant toxin fragments
Treatment of renal dysfunction and multiple myeloma using PACAP compounds
Actagardine derivatives, and pharmaceutical use thereof
Methods of protecting against apoptosis using lipopeptides
Methods and compositions for the inhibition of transplant rejection
Methods for treatment of inflammatory diseases
Antibody toxin conjugates
Cosmetic composition made from ion-exchange resins filled with lipoaminoacids
Chinese medicine hair-blackening preparation and formula and preparation method therefor
Portable sterilizing device
Ion generating apparatus and air purifying apparatus
Cannula support assembly
Device for dosed administration of sprayable substances with operating and release options
Portable oxygen inhaler device
Balloon catheter with external delivery tube
Liquid infusion apparatus
Skin abrasion system and method
Fluid delivery systems, devices and methods for delivery of hazardous fluids
Hemostasis valve device
Protection against spill and syringe related contamination
Energy degrader and charged particle irradiation system including the same
Methods for treating tourniquet-induced injuries
Air decontamination device and method
Abdominal exercise device
Surfboard replicating balance board system
Golf ball with a large and soft polymer core
Solid golf ball
Apparatuses, methods and systems relating to semi-automatic golf data collecting and recording
Golf ball teeing tongs
Ice skate blade assembly
Systems and methods for out-of-band gaming machine management
Reusable card-based gaming system and method
Regal push carriage for children
Toy projectile launching system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Feedwell for a gravity separation vessel
Fluid filter
Structure for opening section, and water purification cartridge
Cyclone separator
Filter and method of the same
Trap canisters
Desiccant tablet encapsulated in a special cloth
Silicone-based chemical filter and silicone-based chemical bath for removing sulfur contaminants
System for the treatment and purification of biogas
Flue-gas desulfurization equipment
Method of testing integrity of microporous membrane
Device for agitating a canister of material
Heat exchange device for powder and granular material, and method for manufacturing the same
Composite oxide for exhaust gas purification catalyst, method for manufacturing the same, coating material for exhaust gas purification catalyst, and filter for diesel exhaust gas purification
Method for removal of metal ions from an aqueous solution
Enhanced plasma gasifiers for producing syngas
Fischer tropsch method for offshore production risers or oil and gas wells
Stacked catalyst bed for Fischer-Tropsch
Detection target substance detecting method, detection target substance detecting chip used in the method, and detection target substance detecting apparatus
Vertical centrifugal separator
Method for producing thin layers
Method for forming a lubricating film
Method and device for sorting products
Apparatus for sorting agricultural products
In-situ reactor cleaning in high productivity combinatorial system
Soil remediation systems and methods
Temperature regulated melt crucible for cold chamber die casting
Adjustable indexable drill and modular system and holder
Multiple edge drill
Chip collection system for a key cutting machine
Milling cutter as well as a milling insert therefor
Multiple beam laser system for forming stents
Welding workbench assembly with wraparound dual stage barriers
Fixing device
Electrical power tool
Polishing pad for polishing semiconductor surfaces
Apparatus for double-sided, grinding machining of flat workpieces
Fluid jet lance
Cleaning material and abrasive material made from bamboo fiber
Machine vise parallel with angled edges
Articulated work holder for a remote controlled vehicle and the like
Saw buck
Mold and manufacturing method thereof
Layered-modeling method for manufacturing three-dimensional object
Air disengagement assembly and method for manufacturing dip-molded articles out of RTV silicone by fully automated process
Optical lens mold with built in cooling channel
High impact resistant polyoxymethylene for extrusion blow molding
Material forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for producing a film web from thermoplastic material and film produced thereby
Method and apparatus for making retarder in stereoscopic glasses
Composite of metal and resin and manufacturing method thereof
Method for fabricating transfer printing substrate using concave-convex structure, transfer printing substrate fabricated thereby and application thereof
CNS-infused carbon nanomaterials and process therefor
Conveyance controller, printing apparatus, method of conveying printing medium, and printing medium conveyance apparatus
Indication of print media quality to printer users
Print carriage
Rotary inkjet imaging apparatus and method for printing on a stationary page of media in a curved configuration
Method and apparatus for tracking movement of a handheld device relative to a medium
Transparent ink-jet recording films, compositions, and methods
Method and device for pressing a book block
Connection of a flanged ring of a hub bearing unit to a motor vehicle wheel or suspension standard of a motor vehicle
Wheel system
Dispersion containing flame-resistant polymer, flame-resistant fiber, and carbon fiber
Tire including a continuous pressure membrane
Steel cord for reinforcing rubber article and pneumatic tire
Tongue weight donut scale
Apparatus to monitor a parked vehicle at a convenience station
E Z roller
Protective canopy and method
Agricultural work vehicle
Window glass sheet fitted with seal member
Method and apparatus for handling aerogenerator blades
Front rail mounted airbag
Curtain air bag system
Seatbelt tension adjustment device
Hydraulic brake system
Engine control device of work machine and engine control method therefor
Rotatable ball cart
Transport cart with tilting load carrier
Rotatable binding system for snowboards
Drive control system
Equipment rack assembly and methods of use thereof
Transmission assembly featuring one-way needle bearings for engine- and human-powered vehicles
Fin cover for water vessel and associated use thereof
Skyteboard quadcopter and method
Side-opening jet engine nacelle
Bucket stabilizer
Reusable protective enclosure system for an open-ended tubular member
Protective cover for portable eletronic device
Screw and washer dispenser system
Link belt for use in furnaces
Conveying system, tower structure with conveying system, and method for conveying containers with a conveying system
Conveyor chain
Apparatus and method for offsetting conveyor
Glove dispenser
Remote release mechanism for tow fitting
Appliance lift
Apparatus and method for offloading a hydrocarbon fluid
Apparatus and method for offloading a hydrocarbon fluid
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for treating a carbon dioxide-containing waste gas from an electrofusion process
Ammonia borane purification method
Microstructure and manufacturing method therefor
Tool for manufacturing semiconductor structures and method of use
Layer-by-layer removal of graphene
Methods for forming lead zirconate titanate nanoparticles
Irrigation method using thixotropic materials
Purification procedure for the preparation of the radioactive tracer 3'-deoxy-3'-[.sup.18F] fluorothymidine ([.sup.18F]FLT)
Method and device for processing plastic waste, especially polyolefins
Solvent free synthesis of acetaminophen
Method of separating phenolic compounds in salified form
Process for producing vanillin from vanillin-comprising compositions
Process for preparing quinoline-3-carboxamide derivatives
Crystalline form of pemirolast
Substituted fused pyrimidinones and dihydropyrimidinones
Process for the production of furfural from pentoses and/or water soluble pentosans
Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) compounds and methods of their preparation
Rosuvastatin and atorvastatin derivatives
N-hetero-ring-substituted amide derivative
Pesticidal compositions
Polymorphs of (S)-pyrrolidine-1,2-dicarboxylic acid 2-amide 1-({4-methyl-5-[2-(2,2,2-trifluoro-1,1-dimethyl-ethyl)-pyridin-4-yl]-thia- zol-2-yl}-amide
Process for making a 4-amino-4-oxobutanoyl peptide cyclic analogue, an inhibitor of viral replication, and intermediates thereof
Cannabinoid receptor modulators
Herbicidal pyrandione, thiopyrandione, and cyclohexanetrione derivatives
1,2,3-triazole containing artemisinin compounds and process for preparation thereof
Methods of increasing secretion of polypeptides having biological activity
PCP2 mini-promoters
Microcystins as agents for treatment of cancer
Mesoporous polymer colloids
Aqueous dispersions of polymers which comprise a fluorescent dye, process for their production and their use for marking materials
Heterotrifunctional molecules and methods for the synthesis of dendrimeric materials
Impact-resistant polyamide composition and process for production of same
Mechanically stabilized polyazoles comprising at least one polyvinyl alcohol
Photo-patternable dielectric materials curable to porous dielectric materials, formulations, precursors and methods of use thereof
Compositions of resin-linear organosiloxane block copolymers
Curable compositions of resin-linear organosiloxane block copolymers
Water based lignin epoxy resins, methods of using and making the same
Process for preparing precomposites based on nanotubes, particularly carbon nanotubes
Composition made from natural rubber and a polyimine compound
Flame-retardant polyamide composition
Thermoplastic starch compositions
Method of preparing molybdenum oxide films
Curable polysiloxane composition
Curable polysiloxane coating composition
Coating compositions with anticorrosion properties
Aromatic amide compound
Reciprocating reactor and methods for thermal decomposition of carbonaceous feedstock
Device and method for controlling the conversion of biomass to biofuel
Products produced from rapid thermal processing of heavy hydrocarbon feedstocks
Use of 1,1-diethoxyethane for increasing knocking resistance of automotive gasoline
Process for upgrading low rank carbonaceous material
Cleansing composition with increased conditioning effect
Resist remover composition and method for removing resist using the composition
Bone cell delivery device
Regionalised endoderm cells and uses thereof
Prophylactic or therapeutic agent for diabetes
Compositions and methods for inhibiting expression of Eg5 and VEGF genes
Aptamers for prion diagnostics and aptamer binding detection system
Pollen preferred promoters and methods of use
Method for concentrating and isolating biomolecules or viruses
Bone cell delivery device
Methods and compositions for limiting viability of a modified host cell outside of designated process conditions
Therapeutic ribonucleases
Liquefied biomass
Method for in vitro blood testing
Method and apparatus for conveying a cellulosic feedstock
Static-electrical-field-enhanced semiconductor-based devices and methods of enhancing semiconductor-based device performance
Silicides for photoelectrochemical water splitting and/or the production of electricity
Electrochemical process for the preparation of nitrogen fertilizers
Crystalline film devices, apparatuses for and methods of fabrication
Textiles; Paper
Processes for producing polymer fibers by electrospinning, colloidal dispersions for use therein, and polymer fibers prepared by such processes
Fixed Constructions
System for controlling rainwater run-off
Passive underground flood protection
Inverting of attachments for working machines having front end loader configurations
Fixing device for a closing element
Blinds-between-glass window with thermal break
Window covering with independently movable support rods
Drill stem components and string of components
Drop in completion method
Method and assembly for recovering oil using elastic vibration energy
Method and system for rapid containment and intervention of a subsea well blowout
Cement wiper plug with size changing feature
Methods of stimulating acetoclastic methanogenesis in subterranean deposits of carbonaceous material
Systems, materials, and methods for recovering material from bedrock using supercritical argon compositions
Method of treating flowback fluid
Sensor deployment
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Variable valve actuating apparatus for internal combustion engine
Gaseous fuel rail sensor diagnostics
Reducing gear and starter device of an internal combustion engine
Efficient spiral wind-turbine configuration
Wind turbine
Wind turbine
Pressure-to-rotation converter and pressure-to-electric converting system
Variable displacement vane pump having multiple dampening springs
Cooling system and control method
Engine blower
Transformable linked self-assembly system
Dog clutch for automated transmission
Transmission shifting element decelerator
Driveline shield assembly
Hydraulic brake system
Apparatus for absorbing shocks
Belt-type stepless transmission
Seal arrangement and hinge of a chain with the seal arrangement
Damping device having a part mounted thereon
Articulating mount for a display
Ground-anchored umbrella stand
LED tube socket, adaptor and assembly thereof
LED decorative illuminated trim system
Interlocking lighting fixture
Method for generating diffuse reflection light and device thereof
Convertible safety body cover
Lighting device with electrowetting liquid lens with heat dissipation
Light guide plate including optical fibers and method of manufacturing same
Backlight module having uniform light emission
Reflector (optics) used in LED deco lamp
Gas burner
Weight monitoring apparatus, weight monitoring system, and related methods thereof
Surface-modified fluorescent carbon nanotubes for product verification
Optical unit, fluorescence detection device, and fluorescence detection method
Method to assess multiphase fluid compositions
Narrow bore porous layer open tube capillary column and uses thereof
Mycobacterial infections
TLE3 as a marker for chemotherapy
Neutron detection
Device for collecting solar energy
Photoelectric converter with optical signal splitting holes for reflecting optical signals to monitor
Optical fiber coupling assembly
Optical micro-projection system and projection method
Reticle defect correction by second exposure
Hydroxygallium porphyrazine derivative mixture and electrophotographic photoconductor
Pressure regulator for watering system
Temperature control apparatus of working machine
Social interaction during online gaming
System and method for ballistic solutions
Headphones holder with indicia of stored value
Method and apparatus for utilizing three dimension printing for secure validation
Radio frequency identification (RFID) tag and method of updating key of RFID tag
Interactive education system for teaching patient care
Nonwoven materials
Articles of commerce having three-dimensional sheets
Transparent conductive film, electronic device, and touch panel
Systems, devices, methods, and compositions including fluidized x-ray shielding compositions
Method for manufacturing composite positive electrode active material
Aqueous ink for producing high-temperature electrochemical cell electrodes
Paste composition for rear electrode of solar cell and solar cell including the same
System with a superconductive cable and a surrounding cryostat
Permanent magnet and manufacturing method thereof
Power transmission apparatus and power reception apparatus
Entertainment button device and game machine
End-of-life indicator for lamps
Scalable large area photo detector with asymmetric microstrip transition
Light bulb with dual connectors
Self aligned device with enhanced stress and methods of manufacture
Method for reducing lateral extrusion formed in semiconductor structures and semiconductor structures formed thereof
Methods for forming ceramic substrates with via studs
Methods of forming bump and semiconductor device with the same
Polycrystalline silicon rod and method for manufacturing polycrystalline silicon rod
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Multi-plasma nitridation process for a gate dielectric
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device including an edge area
Stress regulated semiconductor devices and associated methods
Method for forming metal semiconductor alloys in contact holes and trenches
Pattern forming method
Methodology for fabricating isotropically recessed source and drain regions of CMOS transistors
Lateral diode compatible with FinFET and method to fabricate same
Methods of forming metal silicide regions on semiconductor devices using millisecond annealing techniques
Middle-of-the-line constructs using diffusion contact structures
Semiconductor test and monitoring structure to detect boundaries of safe effective modulus
Semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device
Resistance-switching memory cells adapted for use at low voltage
Solid state imaging device having a photoelectric conversion layer with plural silicon germanium layers, and method of manufacturing
Structure and method of T.sub.inv scaling for high k metal gate technology
Memory device in a programmed state having a memory layer comprising conductive nanoparticles coated with an organic film formed between two conductive layers
Radiation hardened memory cell and design structures
Display device and semiconductor device
Solid-state imaging device with a light shielding layer formed around a transfer gate
Quantum dot laser diode and method of manufacturing the same
Low-resistivity p-type GaSb quantum wells
Dithienophthalimide semiconductor polymers
Epitaxial growth substrate, semiconductor device, and epitaxial growth method
Silicon controlled rectifier with integral deep trench capacitor
Nitride semiconductor device
Insulated gate field effect transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device
Micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) capacitive ohmic switch and design structures
Opaque fluoropolymer composition comprising white pigments for photovoltaic elements of solar cells
Thermal electromagnetic wave detection element, method for producing thermal electromagnetic wave detection element, thermal electromagnetic wave detection device, and electronic apparatus
Housing for an optoelectronic component and method for producing a housing
Epitaxially growing GaN layers on silicon (100) wafers
Piezoelectric vibrating piece and piezoelectric device
Manganese oxide thin film and oxide laminate
Silicon/germanium nanoparticles and inks having low metal contamination
Organic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
Device for electric power supply of a portable lamp
Battery with a stack of bipolar individual battery cells
Pouch-type rechargeable battery with polarized body and cover
Negative active material for rechargeable lithium battery, method of preparing same, and rechargeable lithium battery
Method for laminating composite sheet using release film, laminate obtained by the method, and release film for use in the method
Polymer electrolyte composition
Hydrogen generation apparatus, fuel cell system including the same, and method of operating hydrogen generation apparatus
Solid oxide fuel cell and manufacturing method thereof
Solid oxide fuel cell stack
Magnetic power connector and an electronic system using the magnetic power connector assembly
Low-profile electrical connector with improved mounting pieces for resisting impact force
Electrical connector assembly
Stacked electric connector having built-in hub integrated circuit
Multi-functional transfer connector for connecting with different receptacles
Edge connector
Mobile power pack with built-in retractable cable
Cable bushing
Portable device charger
Non-contact charging method
DC power control to maximize battery charging time
Handheld machine tool
Rotating electrical machine and rotating apparatus
Spindle motor
Dual-mode capacitive transimpedance amplifier, and read-out device incorporating the same
Wireless electric heat trace and vibration control and monitoring system
State cycling apparatus and method, and control circuit for a lamp
Switching power supply apparatus and luminaire
Low current thyristor-based dimming
Apparatus and method for driving fluorescent lamp
Method of controlling ignition circuit and ignition circuit using the same
Method of manufacturing multilayer wiring substrate, and multilayer wiring substrate
Device for surface mounting and capacitor element
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Apparatus for raising and lowering a lid structure of a cotton receiving basket of a cotton harvester
Apparatus for processing compacted biomass
Overlapping connector for an edge restraint
Mixer apparatus
Vertical mixing device for fodder with inclined distributor cones
Dual-bearing reel body
Dual-bearing reel having control knob for adjusting braking force
Automated electronically controlled microsprayer
Precision injected liquid chemical mixing apparatus
Yard blower for distributing yard care material
Device for skinning squirrels
Hand and finger thimbles
Rectal glove
Shoe with inflatable bladder and secure deflation valve
Shoe with inflatable bladder and secure deflation valve
Golf swing training umbrella and golf ball retrieving device
Metro card holder, map, light and clock
Swivel draw bar structure of a suitcase
Wheel assembly for a truck-attached carriage
Combination storage box
Cosmetic pencil
Glue stick
Tote-bag cooler
Backpack for underwater breathing gas tanks
Pressurizing device for a personal hydration system
Adjustable keyboard support mechanism
Mobile cart
Cabinet and drawer assembly structure
Freely connectable chest unit
Adjustable height closet rod support
Storage cupboard, in particular for hospital requirements
Fixing device for setting anti-shock foot stand
Device for adjusting lateral position of a chair armrest
All-linkage reclining chair with improved tensioning mechanism
Interchangeable furniture cover system
Shroud for the underside of a chair, and a molded seat frame for use therewith
Vehicle seat assembly with thermoformed fibrous suspension panel
Flexible chair back
Articulated cup tray
Child carrier with enhanced back and shoulder support and retractable infant seat
Child safety restraint
Ceiling mounted rack
Apparatus and method for operating a checkout system having an item set-aside shelf which is movable between a number of shelf positions
Tool for hanging a frame
Convertible travel mug
Easily re-positionable, quick attach and remove, multiple purpose support system
Garment hanger with size window
Adjustable garment hanger
Curtain supporting device
Pepper grinding tool
Hand-held food processor
Beverage tasting vessel with aerating ridges and agitating ribs
Dispenser apparatus and method
Liquid dispenser for dispensing foam
Endoscope with objective lens drive mechanism
Tip end of ultrasonic endoscope
Cleaning device for cleaning view window of endoscope
Endoscopic biopsy forceps
Virtual probe for a stereotactic digitizer for use in surgery
Method and device for synchronous mapping of the total refraction non-homogeneity of the eye and its refractive components
Glaucoma diagnosis apparatus and recording medium for glaucoma diagnosis
Eye viewing device for retinal viewing through undilated pupil
Slit projector
Ocular refractive-power measuring device
Ophthalmic apparatus
Medical guidewire with improved coil attachment
Intravascular guide wire and method for manufacture thereof
Apparatus and method for collecting bodily fluid
Estrogen or estradiol need determination by vaginal or urethral acidity determination
Patient interface system
Apparatus and method for monitoring the vital status of biological materials
pH measurement of body fluid
Portable telemedicine device
Diagnostic apparatus
Method and apparatus for displaying physiological patient data
Extravascular hemodynamic monitor
Implantable sensor with wireless communication
Process for determining respiratory phases of the sleep of a user
Method for improving motor control in an individual by sensory training
Automated and quantitative method for quality assurance of digital radiography imaging systems
Mobile X-ray apparatus
Imaging system phantom
Medical diagnostic device with multiple sensors on a flexible substrate and associated methodology
Apparatus for applying impedence matching fluid for ultrasonic imaging
Medical diagnostic ultrasound transducer system and method for harmonic imaging
Device and method for examining female breasts using ultrasound
Method and apparatus for intravascular two-dimensional ultrasonography
Automated longitudinal position translator for ultrasonic imaging probes, and methods of using same
Ultrasound transducer assembly incorporating acoustic mirror
Drive mechanism for oscillatory dental tool with improved bushing
Centrally rotating periodontal probe
Endodontic instruments and process for producing the same
Manipulating a digital dentition model to form models of individual dentition components
Barrier for an absorbent product
Masculine hygienic device for daily use
Artificial sphincter with magnetic control
Transmyocardial implant with forward flow bias
Multifocal ophthalmic lens
Ankle foot orthosis donning device
Leg support device
Ankle-foot orthotic
Neck brace
Ostomy-changing facilitating device
Coupling for ostomy appliance, and ostomy appliance comprising such a coupling
Treatment unit for the intensive care unit
Incubator system with monitoring and communicating capabilities
Low floor vehicle ramp assembly
Handcranked rear-wheel axle-driven sport wheelchair
Tilting and reclining wheelchair
Wheelchair front fork
Foldable massaging mattress
Liquid brace
Massage device for feet
Use of ozone for the treatment of dental caries
Emollient-treated absorbent interlabial application
Universal suction canister pour spout adaptor
Continuous flow-through peritoneal dialysis (CFPD) method with control of intraperitoneal pressure
Extracorporeal blood processing methods and apparatus
Device for applying stimuli to a subject
Double lumen catheter
Perforate electrodiffusion pump
Anti-siphon valve for medical infusion lines and the like
Apparatus for administrating toxic fluid
Assembly of container and break-off closure and method of producing it
Retractable safety syringe
Safety syringe, fluid collection device, and associated methods
Needle protecting cap and needle disposal instrument
Plunger and needle holder of safety hypodermic syringe
Safety syringe for intravenous injection
Hypodermic syringe with selectively retractable needle
Device for intravascular delivery of beta emitting isotopes
Device and method for delivery of uniform and controlled radiation dose to blood vessels
Emergency passenger evacuation chute and chute/slide combination for aircraft
Structure of exercise wheel
Weight stack frame
Upper body exercise device
Moving surface exercise device
Stomach and mid-torso muscle toning device
Recumbent exercise apparatus with elliptical motion
Compact elliptical exercise machine
Variable configuration exercise machine
Golf ball with non-circular shaped dimples
Multi-layer golf ball and method of making same
Self-contained sport ball inflation mechanism
Electronic jump rope
L-shaped putter
Golf putter having improved marking
Weighting member for a golf club head
Golf cup sleeve
Golf ball ejector
Golf courses and methods of playing golf
Swim training apparatus
Calorie counting racket
Reinforced elongate metal body
Roller skate with removable boot
In-line skate with spring centering wheels
Telemark ski boot and releasable binding assembly
Game device and image displaying method which displays a game proceeding in virtual space, and computer-readable recording medium
Game controllers keys
Entertainment system and supply medium
Interactive virtual reality performance theater entertainment system
Computer readable program product, method of controlling display of game and game system
Video game machine, screen display method for video game, and recording medium containing screen display program
Game device, game processing method, and recording medium
Method, program product, and game system for blurring an image
21 Draw poker game
Method and apparatus for playing a multi component wagering game
Methods and apparatus for a casino game
Method and apparatus for playing golf trivia game
Slim terminal gaming system
Table hockey apparatus
VR motion base control apparatus and it's supporting structure
Tethered top
Mechanical biped assembly
Toy railroad track for use on a bathtub
Container for liquid dissolvable capsules containing compressed, expandable toy figures
Big mouth doll
Performing Operations; Transporting
Airbag inflator and an airbag apparatus
Chemical microreactors and method for producing same
Filler body with a cross channel structure
Device and method for collecting, preparation and stabilizing a sample
Damage-resistant deflector vane
Drum intended for a machine for processing waste and a corresponding machine
Glass bulb attachment for decorative sprinkler rotational directional nozzle for trigger sprayers
Device and a method for attaching a dispenser member to a receptacle
Painting stand for vehicle parts such as bumpers
Silicon-doped amorphous carbon coating for paint bell atomizers
Apparatus and method for spraying single or multi-component material
Faucet cover and dispenser
Trigger sprayer dispensing system
Corn milling and separating device and method
Polishing apparatus
Metal finishing barrel cover locking system
Method for biosolid disposal and methane generation
"Corrugated thick-walled pipe for use in wellbores"
Methods of manufacturing coils and apparatus for same
Refractory product
Cutting tool and method of locating cutting insert
Convertible tool holder for a machine tool
Lathe chuck with two sets of jaws
Device of a tool spindle
Combination type electric drill chuck structure
Hole saw centering device
Plug ejecting hole saw with twist-locking interchangeable saw cups
Vertical internal push broaching machine
Minimizing flux residue by controlling amount of moisture during reflow
Method for assembling, by welding, a coil with an integrated circuit or an electronic unit of small dimensions
Flux compositions for brazing aluminum, their films and brazing method
Cleaning device for machine tool
Method and system for positioning of a carrier for work pieces
Adjustable grinding method and apparatus
Dual-hardness polishing pad for linear polisher and method for fabrication
Speed adjusting device for pneumatic grinding tool
Combination grinding machine
Belt polishing pad method
Polishing apparatus and holder for holding an article to be polished
Processing apparatus and method
Polishing apparatus
Apparatus for polishing wafers
Method for conditioning a polishing pad used in chemical-mechanical planarization of semiconductor wafers
Rigid polishing pad conditioner for chemical mechanical polishing tool
Method and apparatus for conditioning a polish pad at the point of polish and for dispensing slurry at the point of polish
Fixed abrasive polishing pad
Eyeglass-lens processing apparatus
Double station hydraulically operated machining vise
Fixturing device for holding a workpiece
Method and apparatus for a tack tool
Quick detachable fastener cover structure for fastening tool
Modular tooling coupling apparatus
Apparatus for reducing the oversized fraction of chips
Continuous kneader, rotor for material discharging
Cast molding insertion apparatus
Double-cast slush molding method and apparatus
Hot runner nozzle
Drive unit for hydraulic consumers for individual structural component parts of a machine
Apparatus for molding plastic caps
Mold protection device for injection molding machine
Extrusion die assembly
Device for the extrusion of multi-layer plastic films, boards or tubes
Thermoformer machine
Load carrier strut and a method for its manufacture
Plastic pipe and duct joint connections
Vehicular lamp lens having an indented front surface
Extruded monolithic foam earplug
Hinge-lid box for cigarettes and process and apparatus for gluing packaging material
Power transmission shaft
Transparent plastic or polymer based mirror apparatus and method for making the same
Low flow vacuum platen for ink-jet hard copy apparatus
Method and device to prevent foreign metallic object damage in fluid ejection systems using microwave dryers
Modular printer/plotter with controllable printhead/media spacing in three degrees of freedom
Digital postage franking with coherent light velocimetry
Sheet receiving apparatus
Alignment of imprints
Methods for transferring fluid droplet patterns to substrates via transferring surfaces
Sublimation transfer ink jet recording method and ink composition for use therein
Ink-jet device
System and method for controlling current density in thermal printheads
Application of differential voltage to a printhead
Bi-directional fluid ejection systems and methods
Ink-jet print head
Ink jet printer head and ink jet printer
Liquid discharge head, liquid discharge method and liquid discharge apparatus
Liquid discharge head, liquid discharge apparatus and liquid discharging method
Firing chamber configuration in fluid ejection devices
Substrate for use of an ink jet recording head, an ink jet head using such substrate, a method for driving such substrate, and an jet head cartridge, and a liquid discharge apparatus
Coplanar mounting of printhead dies for wide-array inkjet printhead assembly
Ink jet printer nozzle plate and process therefor
Recording apparatus having high resolution recording function
Ink-jet cartridge and method of storing print head
Liquid discharge method, liquid discharge head and liquid discharge apparatus
Printing head, printing method and apparatus using same, and apparatus and method for correcting said printing head
Laminated ink distribution assembly for a printer
Thermal ink jet printhead with crosslinked polymer layer
Method of forming an inkjet printhead nozzle structure
Two-stage scraper system for inkjet wipers
Liquid capping system for sealing inkjet printheads
Method and apparatus for supplying ink to an printhead
Ink jet device with a dispenser for ink pellets
Ink supply apparatus and ink filling method
Sensing system for detecting presence of an ink container and level of ink therein
Digital print head
Image forming device and image forming method
Full bleed printmode to minimize overspray
Ink-jet printer
Ink-jet image forming device
Portable printer with RFID encoder
Method of forming images and material for image formation
Ink jet printing medium for an embossed interior decorating member
Ink jet printing method
Bookbinding signature comb and spine device
White ink security feature for mailer type business forms
Mailer intermediate
Print-to mail compatible, two-way self-contained mailer
Illuminated billfold, portfolio, book and the like
Tabbed divider and pocket construction
Pen or pencil
Miniature pen with holder that has an adhesive mounting strip
Fountain pen with leak proof piston converter
Writing instrument
Valved fluid applicator
Bicycle wheel with a hub provided with mounting seats for mounting spokes thereon
Spoke nipple for bicycle wheel
Bicycle hub with spacer and detachable freewheel
Bicycle hub
Truck and trailer hub
Ball support having a cleaning structure
Connecting structure of a wheel of a golf carrier
Operating device for anti-skid devices for vehicles
Vehicle wheel cover
Underbed gooseneck
Securing device for receiver hitches
Trailer coupling
Slider pin release mechanism for a semi-trailer
Suspension arm mounting structure
Suspension frame construction
Air guide duct for vehicle
Automotive vehicle exhauster vent
Automotive window molding
Glass run surround cap
Sunvisor assembly having a rounded edge
Snap-in hinged visor extender
Motor vehicle door with a door body separated into a wet area and a dry area
Vehicle roof module with integral sunroof unit
Adjustment device for a multi-spoiler roof for vehicles
Openable motor vehicle roof and switching element for actuating the openable motor vehicle roof
Dual pivoting bow assembly for use with a removable soft top portion of a jeep-top cover
Automotive vehicle sunroof
Convertible vehicle with an at least partially flexible roof and at least one cross-connecting support
Fuel tank for a motor vehicle
Axle assembly having a differential case adjustably secured to a housing
Wheel end disconnect system
Electronic traction control system
Combination instrument
Apparatus capable of driving vehicle in reverse direction with engine as well as electric motor
Dump latch with deformable lock
Safety seat for land, air and sea vehicles
Automobile door handle
Holding device for a beverage container
Holder for a beverage container
Frame attachment for vehicle
Apparatus and method for unloading particulate material from containers
Cinch cleat and method of unidirectional and bidirectional cinching thereto
Lighting device for a motorcycle
Lighting device for vehicles
Vehicle lamp
Visual alignment aid for connecting trailers
Adjustable rearview mirror assembly
Flat thin screen T/V monitor automotive roof mount
Vibration-damping detachable connection arrangement for two components with a rotating bolt, a retaining spring and a vibration-damping ring
Multi-piece applique for vehicle B-pillar
Reduced noise rotating connector
Energy absorption impact system and method for making the same
Inflatable side curtain
Airbag apparatus
Integrated side air curtain and inflator overhead system
Adaptive inflation mechanism
Detent connection
Combined seat belt cover and pillow
Automotive seat belt clamping device
Seat belt retractor
Belt system for restraining a vehicle occupant
Safety-belt arrangement
Vehicle running board construction
Locking tool box
Vehicle article carrier having angled tap plate and cooperating slat
Rear-mounted vehicle lighting system
Latching hitch mount carrier
Method and device for ensuring the braking effect of brake actuators in a vehicle
Braking force controlling apparatus
Method and braking system for regulating the driving stability of a motor vehicle
Yaw controlling apparatus for an automobile
Anti-submarine warfare UAV and method of use thereof
Brake system for a cart
Infant car seat stroller
Settling device for stopping movement of baby car by inhibiting rotation of wheels
Fan cooled baby stroller
Component mount for a vehicle frame
Front structure in a vehicle
Work vehicle
Vehicle side sill structure
Vehicle body for a forward vehicle structure of a motor vehicle and method of making same
Tie rod mounting structure in center take-off type power steering apparatus
Cab frame for an agricultural machine
Truck trailer drag reducer
Suspending member breakage preventing mechanism in spare wheel holding apparatus
Variable displacement pump with electronic control
Hydraulic steering system for a vehicle, especially for a mobile working machine
Tracked motorized carrier with accessory attachment drive
Rear wheel steering system
Pivoting suspension seat post for a bicycle seat
Claw-pole dynamo and bicycle
Carrying apparatus for golf bag pull cart and golf bag
Trailer and method of use
Front suspension device for a skate cart
Automatic restoring device of a scooter's wheel
Front wheel and rear wheel interlocking brake system for motorcycle
Device for generating a plume of water
Winch hook holder
Apparatus for securing a tubular structure to an anchor
Aquatic towing device
Turbocharged engine structure for small-sized boat
Motorized surfboard device
Submersible floating dock
Remote activated water self rescue system
Variable height outboard motor mount apparatus
Exhaust arrangement for outboard motor
Passive flow control of bluff body wake turbulence
In flight autolubrication system for the mechanical members of aircraft landing gear
Aircraft wing structure profiled suspension pylon
High-energy to low-energy orbit transfer vehicle
Positioning system for a measuring instrument on a satellite
Filling valve
Device for assembling collapsible containers
Hollow plastic bottles
Composite can and method of making same
Apparatus and method for packaging articles therein
Zipper slider with grab tab
Tube squeezer
Pourer cap with closure cover
Hinged container cap
Packaged toy product
Display carton
Interlocking container
Container made of flexible material, particularly for liquids
Device for maintaining effervescence of a beverage within a container
Piston for closing a cartridge
Dispensing orifice
Item handler and method for flow through storage
Commissioning system with a high-speed automatic machine and a shelf control unit
Device for manipulation of objects on a pneumatic surface
Method and apparatus for stacking tortilla chips
Electrically actuated vehicle restraint apparatus
Sheet holder and sheet trailing edge restriction member therefor
Step-by-step recovery of a strip
Contact rollers for a winding machine
Take-out leading roll, spreader roll, or equivalent for a web-like material
Method for aligning stacked documents moving along a conveyor
Feeder pile restrictor and method
Device for transforming an overlapping stack of objects into an overlapping arrangement
Sheet conveying apparatus
Arrangement in connection with belt drive device
Yarn feeding device
Rapidly adjustable wire control mechanism
Reel monitor devices and methods of using the same
Winding core fixing device
Charger for elevator call devices
Elevator guidance device
Rack unloader
Mechanical jack
Small vehicle storage lift
Wheeled elevator for transferring freight into or out of an enclosed truck
Methods of dispensing liquids from pouring heads
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Low stress connection methodology for thermally incompatible materials
Method for commercial preparation of conjugated linoleic acid using recycled alkali transesterification catalyst
Polynucleotides encoding TRF1 binding proteins
Candle with surrounding decorative combustible material
Heat treatment method and heat treatment apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Adapter for mounting a module on a carrier bar of a textile machine
Roll cover
Fixed Constructions
Superstructure construction
Plastic concrete form
Prestressed pavement system
Hand guided vibrating roller
Vibratory tamping tool
Asphalt rake with ride up capability
Removable security post assembly
Portable vehicle barrier
Tire deflating blade system
Safety road barrier end assembly with a gradual absorption of the impact energy
Breakaway bracket
Soil erosion collector
Foundation piles or similar load carrying elements
Linkage assembly for connecting a work implement to a frame of a work machine
Articulated air admission device
Exit alarm lock assembly with push pad pivotally interconnected to deadbolt
Closure apparatus for vehicle door
Anti-rattle structure for door handle
Drawer fastening device
Latch assembly for a movable closure
Portable door lock
Panel fastener
Flush bolt mechanism
Ladder leveling device
Ladder stabilizing device
Expandable joint connector
System and method for sealing an electrical connection between a power cable and a submersible device
Wellhead housing seal assembly with backup feature
Downhole screen with tubular bypass
Welhead templates
Downhole hammer-type core barrel and method of using same
Water-jet assisted drum-type mining system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary screw compressor with slide valve and slide stop guidance bushings
Fan-stator interaction tone reduction
Variable-capacity turbine
Shroud assembly and method of machining same
Methods and apparatus for supplying oil to bearing assemblies
Stator assembly for a rotary machine and clip member for a stator assembly
Blade vibration control in turbo-machinery
Exhaust pipe and muffler for motorcycle that does not heat discolor
Multiple layer gasket having selectively removable spacer layers and visual indicators
Structure of fuel injector adjustable in fuel jet characteristic
Hydraulically actuated fuel injector cartridge and system for high pressure gaseous fuel injection
Hollow oversized telescopic needle with armature
Fuel injector assembly
Electric motor with drive
Hydro turbine
Wind-generated power system
Oil supply unit of linear compressor
Hermetically encapsulated compressor
Pumpjack dynamometer and method
Double-force type pressure cylinder structure
Variable displacement piston pump/motor
Compressor installation with water-injected compressor element
Rotary compressor
Vacuum pump
Computer cooling fan
Tip treatment bars in a gas turbine engine
Turbo-molecular pump
Centrifugal pump formed by pressing and welding and its manufacturing process
Vacuum-assisted pump
Pipe breakage control valve device
Adjustable locking/unlocking structure for telescopic tube
Push pin with rotatable anchor section
Spring fastener with Y-shaped cut as funnel
Self-piercing clinch nut
Base spacer
Large displacement spherical joint
Coupler for sport practice net rack
Sag compensation roll and process for the operation thereof
Compact, precision duplex bearing mount for high vibration environments
Ball bushing
Hydrodynamic bearing structure, hydrodynamic bearing apparatus, method of producing hydrodynamic bearing apparatus, and deflection scanning apparatus using hydrodynamic bearing apparatus
Vehicle brake system having a sensor to measure movement
Liquid-filled type vibration absorbing device
Hub for preliminary shock absorber in particular for motor vehicle, and torque damping device comprising same
Power transmission belt
Belt for continuosly variable transmission
Controller of toroidal continuously variable transmission
Method and apparatus for preventing hunting between ranges in a continuously variable transmission
Pin for connecting gears to a supporting member, and transmission featuring such a pin
Hydraulic control system of automotive automatic transmission
Power off upshift control method for automatic transmission
Automated transmission upshift control with upshift brake thermal protection
Device and method for reducing slip in the control system of a CVT in a motor vehicle
Metallic seal
Rotary shaft seal
Pin valve with removable valve body cover
Dual pendulum valve assembly with valve seat cover
Check valve arrangement for a diagnostic test point
Damper assembly with an electro-optical controller for positioning the damper vanes
Plunger assembly having a preset spring force pre-load
Composite handle adapter
Torque confirmation fitting
Corrugated hose with a holder
Fast rotation joint
Hose-connector assembly including outer rubber protector tube which covers entire length of inner resin tube, and method of producing the same
Quick locking pipe joint for round, plain, or profiled pipe
Spring system for connecting two flanges
Cable sealing arrangements and sealing members for use therein
Arm apparatus for mounting electronic devices with cable management system
Motor driven lubricator
Thermally operated valve for automatically modulating the flow of fluids
Light-emitting diode indicator lamp
Control and signaling device or signaling device with a luminous element
Hanging-type detachable lamp shade and light bulb socket assembly structure
Vehicle lamp boot
Fastening device for Christmas light
Side-mounted tracklight system
Dual function headlight for a motor vehicle with a single light source and fixed optics
Variable stoichiometric combustion
Glass fire and method of making
Gas burners for heating a gas flowing in a duct
Air treatment unit
Hunting arrow tracking system
Motion tracking system
Method and apparatus for dispensing a fluid media
Method and apparatus for measuring atmospheric temperature
Particle analyzer and composite lens formed by integrally joining plural lens elements of different focal points
Dew formation prediction method and apparatus, environment air temperature estimating method and apparatus and recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Method for transfering solder to a device and/or testing the device
Watthour meter socket adapter with auxiliary component mounts
High sample rate doppler ultrasound system
Scanning and detection means
Non-acoustic self noise canceller for sensor arrays
Spherical image projection system using a convex reflecting image dispersing element
Optical system, optical element, and optical device having the same
Interference filter having a glass substrate
Method for fabricating fiber arrays with precision fiber core-to-core pitch and height
Fiber optic connector assembly and method of assembly
Duplex clip for clipping two optical fiber simplex connectors together to form a duplex connector
Optical connector
Surface-mounted, fiber-optic transmitting or receiving component having a deflection receptacle which can be adjusted during assembly
Optical module and manufacturing method of optical module
Fiber optic illumination adaptor assembly for multiple light guide connectors
Method of inserting a light transmitting member into a tube
Connection assembly for frameless eyeglasses
Air-generating audible spectacles device
Foldable eyewear
Adjustable glasses foot
Multifocal lens, and method for production thereof
Liquid crystal display having light-transmitting member in front of light-generating section
Projector, circuit board, and electronic device provided with said circuit board
Photographic print feeder for scanner or copier
Photographic processor having a roller cam replenishment system
Image recording apparatus, light-sensitive material processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Self-winding watch
Self-optimizing device for controlling a heating system
Personal computer add-on card stabilizer
Nomograms to aid in the treatment of prostatic cancer
Card connector
Scanning device for capturing images
Portable electronic device and loyalty point system
Drawing for winners over the internet
Lighted keypad assembly and method for a player tracking system
Vending machine for bottles
System and apparatus for placing and controlling a wager on a gaming device
Terminal locking system
Gaming machine
Coin retrieval system
Method of recognizing produce items using checkout frequency
Tracking of products
Method for improving reading speed and comprehension skills
Method and testing instrument for assessing skills of an individual
Method for learning a foreign language
Posable skeleton
Method and apparatus for managing training activities
Sequence learning toy
Authorized-user, tag separable, tamper-evident seal with fixed-in-place, reusable catches for thin-walled containers
Illuminated stop sign
Lighted rock and method therefor
Theft protection marking and marking method
Attachment bracket for a rail
Display device having multi segment display with common segments
Plasma display panel and method of separating the same
Noise abatement filter for fuel tanks
Library service port
Method for cutting a piece of sheet metal used to hold a layer of neutron-absorbing material on a wall of an atomic fuel assembly storage rack cell
Apparatus for manufacturing unit elements for chip components, and chip components mounting structure
Solenoid valve with integrated yoke and bobbin
Power capacitor
Past-deposited carbon electron emitters
Method for cleaning phosphor screens for use with field emission displays
Method of manufacturing an electron source and image forming apparatus using the same
Capped electric lamp
Reduced voltage field emission cathode and method for manufacturing same
Electron-emitting device manufacturing method and apparatus, driving method, and adjusting method
Ergonomic load port
End effector for wafer handler in processing system
Apparatus for gripping ceramic substrates
Apparatuses and methods for adjusting a substrate centering system
Battery clamp
Electrical connector assembly for use with variable thickness circuit boards
Electrical connector securely mounted on a printed circuit board
Planar blind-mate connectors
Circuit board connectable RF relay
Connector structure
Electrical connection device for directly joining a conductor to a male electrical contact member
Easily mated compact connector
SIM card connector with improved grounding pin
Multi-mode compliant connector and replaceable chip module utilizing the same
Circuit and busboard connection for an electrical connection box
Waterproof structure in cable insertion section, method of manufacturing the same, and die for waterproof molding
Modular electrical plug and plug-cable assembly including the same
Mechanism for engaging and disengaging printed circuit board connectors
Field-attachable in-line signal connector with protective molded cover
Press-fit connector
Coax cable connector assembly with latching housing
Terminal position housing assembly
Connector locking of terminal pins and header
Connector molding method and shielded waferized connector made therefrom
Electrically shielded connector with over-molded insulating cover
Modular connectors with compensation structures
Power jack
Microelectronic connector with open-cavity insert
Electrical connector
Network data transmission cable connector
Device for electrically powering present on a part of household electrical appliance which is moveable relative to the main structure of this latter
Structure and method for interconnection of printed circuit boards
Rack for a switch cabinet
Fish tape feed mechanism
Fastening means
Safety switch
Printing apparatus and printing method
Method for protecting the audio/visual data across the NRSS interface
Enhancing spectral luminosity in projection displays
LCD projector
Radiography device with operating controls located at the X-ray system support mechanism
Method of supporting printed circuit board and method of mounting electric components
Assembling device
Supporting plate for flexible base supports for electronic circuits
Terminal legs of connectors
Connector having a guide rib with a hollowed groove portion
Closure opening/closing apparatus of electronics and electronic apparatus having the same
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