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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Water filtration system and its use
Shrimp peeling, deveining and head removal tool
Method for reducing acrylamide in corn-based foods, corn-based foods having reduced levels of acrylamide, and article of commerce
Anchor dock equipped with a bracing rack
Greeting card holder
Supporting base
Compression anastomosis ring assembly and applicator for use therewith
Electrical probe for microsurgery
Adjustable cuff for measuring blood pressure
Light fixture accessory connector and mounting bracket
Optical-acoustic imaging device
Active template guide plate and system and method for utilizing same
Structural elastic-like nonwoven web
Male urethral stent device
Delivery system for endoluminal implant
Heart valve repair apparatus and methods
Vibrio cholerae 0139 conjugate vaccines
Water washable hair removal (depilatory) compositions
Compositions and methods for increasing the oral absorption of antimicrobials
Amorphous cefditoren pivoxil composition and process for producing the same
Polyhydroxyalkanoate-containing magnetic structure, and manufacturing method and use thereof
Golf tool storage on putter
Toy play set
Performing Operations; Transporting
Storm water runoff treatment system
Process and structure for superaccelerating nature, producing a continuous supply of fresh water from salt water by using solar, wind, and wave energy
Increased-capacity still for high-quality distillation
Housing closure for a filter
Apparatus and method for exposing air to an aromatic substance
Photolytic oxygenator with carbon dioxide fixation and separation
Micro-fluidic system with sensors respectively assigned to plural fluid paths
Apparatus for filtering gas turbine inlet air
Adhesion of a metal layer to a substrate by utilizing an organic acid material
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Method of making a molecule-surface interface
Debris removal tool and method
Concrete/asphalt wet washing system
Process for removing water and apparatus for removing water
Apparatus and method for cleaning substrate
Method for surface treatment of nickel nanoparticles with organic solution
Machine tool arbor fitted for tool-less chucking
Electrochemical mechanical planarization
Electrolytic processing apparatus and electrolytic processing method
Self-encapsulated silver alloys for interconnects
Viscoelastic polisher and polishing method using the same
System of using offset gage for CMP polishing pad alignment and adjustment
Working tool with damped handle
Drive unit for a twin-screw machine
Resin mold and method for manufacturing the same
Precise control non-return valve
Mold temperature adjusting apparatus/method and mold temperature control unit
Apparatus and process for placement of sealing adhesives on containers
High energy curable coatings comprising thermoplastic polymers
Connection element structure for a non-textile fabric
Antistatic layered panel and method of its manufacture
Vertical aligned nano-scale diamond structure and process for fabricating the same
Ink jet printing apparatus and method for controlling ink jet printing apparatus
Inkjet nozzle array with individual feed channel for each nozzle
Structure of inkjet-head chip
Ink jet recording head and ink discharge method
Image forming apparatus, liquid discharging head, image forming method, recorded matter, and recording liquid
Ink jet printing apparatus
Identification code, formation method of identification code, liquid droplet ejection apparatus, and electro-optic apparatus
Ink tank holder and ink jet printing head cartridge
Book-binding apparatus using adhesive agent
Writing instrument
Modular roof system for automotive vehicle
Power-operated clutch actuator for torque couplings
Pedestrian protection air bag system
Collapsible chair and method
Seat device for vehicle
Collapsible vehicle shelter
Infrared projector for vehicle
Vehicle with crash sensor coupled to data bus
Tethered throat liner for side curtain air bag
Adjustable load floor for a passenger vehicle
Brake control system for a motor vehicle
Folding device for supporting of structures
Lockable steering wheel quick-release unit
Vehicle with actively adjustable axle system
Moveable additional axle assembly for attachment to skid steer loader
Straddle type-vehicle
Swing arm support structure in a motorcycle, and motorcycle incorporating same
Hide-a-step dock system
Ballast material and oil pollution prevention management system
Tray for paint can, brush and rag
Apparatus to facilitate the holding of large bottles without integral handles
Adjustable folding bag with self-centering handle
Top cover fixing structure
Tray and bundle pack
Disc-shaped package for a digital recording medium
Weather barrier mailbox
Method and device for lifting individual flat objects, particularly printing plates to be exposed
Image forming apparatus, sheet processing apparatus, and method of controlling the sheet processing apparatus
Closed loop scuffer for sheet handling
Offsetting device for mail stackers
Continuous yarn delivery creel
Pre-registration apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Dissolving metal particles from supported catalyst using ultrasonic energy, solvent and etchant
Biocompatible cement containing reactive calcium phosphate nanoparticles and methods for making and using such cement
Zeolite, process for producing the same, adsorbent comprising the zeolite, heat utilization system, adsorption heat pump, cold/heat storage system, and air-conditioning apparatus for humidity regulation
Rare earth oxide nanocrystals and methods of forming
Chelating agents for heavy metal removal
Microreactor including magnetic barrier
Liquid preparation of a copper phthalocyanine dye
Process for the thermal and photochemical stabilization of dyed polyamide fiber material
Image forming apparatus and method for improving the fixing characteristics of ink
Ink for ink-jet recording, ink set, and ink-jet recording method
Process for desulfurization of hydrocarbons
Consumer food testing device
Substrate gripping apparatus
Process for structuring self-cleaning glass surfaces
Method and system for cooling an electrolytic cell for aluminum production
Textiles; Paper
Paper machine press roll with a ceramic coating
Fixed Constructions
Ribbed module for wave energy dispersion
Anchor installation system
Percussive drill bit
Method and apparatus for jet-fluid abrasive cutting
Methods of improving heavy oil production
Methods for using reversible phase oil-based drilling fluid
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for operating a compression ignition internal combustion engine
Regulator thermostat support of heat engine with external hot water circuit
Fuel supply system, especially for an internal combustion engine
Fuel injection performance enhancing controller
Platinum group bond coat modified for diffusion control
Rotationally induced variable volume chambers
Fastener assembly and method of manufacture
Multiplate friction clutch
Non-helical torsion spring system
Drive train compromising an internal combustion engine and two electric drive units
Transmission having simple construction
Electronic adaptive swap-shift control for an automatic transmission for automotive vehicles
Fuel injector with clamping sleeve as a stop for a valve needle
Valve actuation velocity control device
Hose connector with adjustable ambient air inlets
Flexible tubing connector
Hydraulic pressure accumulator
Ratchet plate leveler
Solid state lighting package structure
Illumination device with thermally isolated integral power supply
Light source device
Self-contained full light cut-off light pollution-free bulb
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device with reduced noise
Optic film and backlight module using same
Display unit
Backlight unit
Two-way backlight assembly and two-way liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Backlight assembly including a buffered lamp holder for impact absorption and display apparatus having the same
Secure torch
Rollable roof ridge and ventilation element
Heat treating apparatus, heat treating method, and storage medium
Method and apparatus for mapping a position of a capillary tool tip using a prism
Performance testing apparatus for heat pipes
Slim frame of spectacle having electronic device thereon, and spectacle having the same
Triangular vehicle light apparatus with camera
Retractable photographic lens
Method for controlling the operation of a cylinder for an internal combustion engine
Printed infra-red data structure with targets
Coin counter and voucher dispensing machine and method
Metal hydride fuel storage and method thereof
Ferroelectric thin film formation composition, ferroelectric thin film and method of fabricating ferroelectric thin film
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Method for detecting undersupply of fuel gas and method for controlling fuel cell
Fuel processing system and its shutdown procedure
Socket for integrated circuit with pivotal aligning key
Contact terminal with supported body
Connector for flexible printed circuit board
Battery contact
Sliding safety structure for power supply receptacles
Connector assembly
Connector system for connecting a first part and a second part, connector assembly and device board
Power connection apparatus of direct type backlight unit
Terminal and connector
Cable clamping device
Heat dissipating device with preselected designed interface for thermal interface materials
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Preformed plant cover having an elastic fastener incorporated therein
Clarifying device for use in an aquarium
Plasma like solution and methods of use
Aerosol antimicrobial compositions
Suspensions of microcapsules containing biologically active ingredients and adhesive microspheres
Hand disinfectant
Method of removing biofilms from surfaces submerged in a fouled water system
Bread refreshing method
Leavening acid composition
Method of cooking and flavoring meat
Method of pasteurizing meat products
Process for decreasing the discoloration of vegetables
Chewing gum composition containing sodium glycinate and method of making a chewing gum product therefrom
Mannose-containing feed and process for producing the same
Protease containing hairball remedy and use thereof
French fry potato products with improved functionality and process for preparing
Method for preparing food products for further processing
Prevention of dental calculus formation with polycarboxylic acids
Method for production of nutrition physiological valuable products and a plant for accomplishing the method
Method for reducing daily stress and anxiety in adults
Combined calcium and vitamin supplements for bone growth
Method and system for disinfection and sterilization of foodstuffs and machinery
Particulate sorbent smoke filter
Polymeric articles having improved cut-resistance
Method of making a elastically extensible mechanical fastening system
Materials and methods for reshaping of essentially rigid keratinaceous surfaces
Fire-resistant gel pads
Composite sheets for wiping cloths
In situ immunodetection of antigens
Highly flavored dental floss
Fractionation process for cellulosic fibers
Actively sterile surfaces
Method and composition for topical treatment of damaged tissue using histamine as active ingredient
Compositions comprising PVP having an average molecular weight in the range of 3.000 to 14.000 daltons
Immunostimulatory method
Vaccine adjuvants for immunotherapy of melanoma
Inhibitory effects of synthetic and natural colorants on carcinogenesis III
Suspended ultra-sound induced microbubble cavitation imaging
Method and composition for the treatment of cancer by the enzymatic conversion of soluble radioactive toxic agents into radioactive toxic precipitates in the cancer
Methods for radionuclide-labeling of biomolecules and kits utilizing the same
Polar solvent-in-oil emulsions and multiple emulsions
Moisturizing cosmetic stick compositions
Low tack lotion, gels and creams
Powder coated with sparingly soluble ultraviolet absorber
Cosmetic powders coated with natural ingredients
Boron compounds and complexes as skin-rejuvenating agents
Skin care composition comprising a retinoid
Cosmetic and dermatological sunscreen formulations containing triazine derivatives and alkane carboxylic acids
Reduction of malodour
Composition in the form of an aerosol mousse based on polyurethane and anionic polymer
Long wear nail polish
Polyurethane nail polish compositions
Cefadroxil monohydrate tablet formulation
Anthracycline compound derivative and pharmaceutical preparation containing the same
Methods of angioplasty and cardiac catheterization
Method for drying microspheres
Nicotinic acid compositions for treating hyperlipidemia and related methods therefor
Process for encapsulation of caplets in a capsule and solid dosage forms obtainable by such process
Pharmaceutical microencapsulation
Transdermal therapeutic system identified without printing inks
Contact lens cleaning and disinfecting system
Fibres of cospun alginates
Porous solid remediation utilizing pulsed alternating current
Packaging for articles that are to be sterilized
Process for preparation of slippery, tenaciously adhering, hydrophilic polyurethane hydrogel coating, coated polymer and metal substrate materials, and coated medical devices
Aromatic container
Dialysis machine for the removal of toxic substances from the blood with agents for the decalcification of a dialysis liquid circulation as well as process for determining the degree of calcification of a dialysis machine
Systems and methods for separating high hematocrit red blood cell concentrations
Viscoelastic memory means and flow control valve and use thereof to produce a single-use, auto-destruct injection device
Make-up product combining a photochromic pigment and a UV screening agent, and uses thereof
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and device for treating liquids by partial evaporation
HPLC-based device and method for separating high complex substance mixtures
Water purification arrangement for drain water catch basins
Method and apparatus for removing foaming contaminants from hydrocarbon processing solvents
Sewage purification plant
Hydrogen sulfide removal apparatus
Filter with molded end cap
Method of applying a slip-resistant coating to a spin-on filter using a fluidized bed coating apparatus, and spin-on filter which is a product thereof
Structure for refining glycol in a natural gas dehydration plant
Storm drain systems for filtering trash and hydrocarbons
Wet-type flue gas desulfurization plant and method making use of a solid desulfurizing agent
Zeolite SSZ-48
Alumina-based catalyst for the treatment of gases containing sulphur compounds, use of these catalysts for the treatment and processes for treatment of the said gases
Methods of denitrating exhaust gases
Method of abating NO.sub.x and a catalytic material therefor
Process and apparatus for the purification of waste water
High resistivity water production
Centrifugal crystallization refining apparatus
Procedure for the anti-scaler production for coating the polymerizing reactor and respective resultant product
Means for separation and removal of impurities from liquids
Scrubbing of contaminants from contaminated air streams with aerogel materials with optional photocatalytic destruction
Zeolite bed leach septic system and method for wastewater treatment
Dessicant entrained polymer
Materials and methods for removal of substances from fluids
Exhaust gas purification catalyst with improved hydrocarbon conversion
Zeolite catalyst activity enhancement by aluminum phosphate and phosphorus
Catalytic converter and honeycomb metallic catalyst bed unit therefor
Process for the partial desalination of water
Method of contacting catalyst particles with gas and liquid
Two stage reactor for continuous three phase slurry hydrogenation and method of operation
Electropipettor and compensation means for electrophoretic bias
Disposable blood tube holder
Downhole cyclonic separator assembly
Masking tool for manufacturing precision gears and method for making the same
Processing for producing deformable acrylic panels with increased abrasion and scratch resistance
Process for the production of multi-layer lacquer coatings on electrically conductive substrates
Gelatine recovery device
Gold alloy thin wire for semiconductor devices
Conductive paste and method for producing ceramic substrate using the same
Method of manufacturing porous sheet, porous metal sheet manufactured by method, and electrode for battery
Method for forming compacts
Undrawn, tough, durably melt-bondable, macodenier, thermoplastic, multicomponent filaments
Method of pre-pressing fibrous material during the manufacture of board products
Method and system for making a solid particle agglomerate
Resin molding method in which a movable cavity piece allows a direct resin feed
Methods for freeform fabrication of structures
Method for forming an enclosure on a ferrous core
ABS substrate extrusion process
Extrusion apparatus and method and extruded thermoplastic polymer
Modified slot extrusion die
Method of molding a heat-resistant container
Trilayer battery separator
Method and apparatus for operating a folder-sealer device having a postage device associated therewith
Method and equipment for production of laminated metal sheet
Corrosion-resistant coated copper metal and method for making the same
Method of improving adhesion between a fluoropolymer and a substrate
Biodegradable multilayer material
Rubber to metal bonding method
Laminated foam sheet for vehicle interior and a vehicle interior thereof
Structural panels with metal faces and corrugated plastic core
Hard graphite-like material bonded by diamond-like framework
Oil-based ink for preparing printing plate by ink jet process and method for preparing printing plate by ink jet process
Thermal transfer recording medium
Heat sensitive stencil sheet
Decorative packaging ribbon
Decal for vulcanized tires and method of obtaining a tire having a colored motif
Adhesive image transfer technique
Packaging material
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Open system sulfurous acid generator
Method for inducing hydrogen desorption from a metal hydride
Method for removal of nickel and iron from alkali metal hydroxide manufacturing process requiring the use of sodium borohydride
Process for producing fine flaky alumina particles and alumina-based plastic material
Ternary mixed lithium oxides, process for preparing the same, and secondary lithium battery formed therefrom
Chemical methods for removing contaminants from water
Electrolytic process for generation of low-sulphate ferric hydroxide suspensions to effect purification of wastewater
Composition to detoxify and to convert glutaraldehyde in gazeous
Point-of-use water purification system with a cascade ion exchange option
Process for producing stained crystallized glass and its articles
Radiation curable optical fiber coating composition
Composite material containing aerogel, process for manufacturing the same and the use thereof
Yttrium oxide-aluminum oxide composite particles and method for the preparation thereof
Cordierite honeycomb structure and process for producing the same
Piezoelectric ceramic composition
Piezoelectric ceramic and method for producing piezoelectric ceramic element
Process for fabricating silica article utilizing sol-gel extrusion
Broadband composite structure fabricated from inorganic polymer matrix reinforced with glass or ceramic woven cloth
Process for making an indium-tin-oxide shaped body
Method of forming and shaping plasticized mixtures
Plasma treatment for metal oxide electrodes
Water soluble photochromic compounds, compositions and optical elements comprising the compounds
Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 nucleic acids devoid of long terminal repeats capable of encoding for non-infectious, immunogenic, retrovirus-like particles
Compositions for the prevention and treatment of verotoxin-induced disease
Foam proteins and use thereof
Diagnostic assays for MIF
Hematopoietic cytokine receptor
Cloning of mammalian genes in microbial organisms and methods for pharmacological screening
Truncated gro and KC chemokines having enhanced bioactivity
Radiation-sensitive resist composition with high heat resistance
Porous polytetrafluoroethylene molded article
Adhesive for bonding elastomers to metals
Via-filling conductive paste composition
Cellulose particles, method for producing them and their use
Thermoplastic polymers modified with siloxane blends
Fluorescent compositions and their use
Corrosion resistant buffer system for metal products
Thermosetting polyester anti-reflective coatings for multilayer photoresist processes
Composition exhibiting improved fluorescent response
Delayed-tack adhesive composition
Method of electroconductive fastening of current collectors and terminals in electrochemical devices
Self-adhering walkway pads for roofing membranes and method for the application thereof to roofs
STN liquid crystal display
Electro-optical liquid-crystal display
Anti-freezing and deicing composition and method
Solvent composition and water-repellent/oil-repellent composition using the same
Particulate cooling media and pads containing the same
Glycol based antifreeze concentrates inhibited with monocarboxylic acid salts together with hydrocarbon-triazoles and/or -thiazoles
Premium synthetic lubricant base stock having at least 95% non-cyclic isoparaffins
Method for making a process oil by using aromatic enrichment with extraction followed by single stage hydrofinishing (LAW764)
Immobilization of lipases by entrapment in silica matrices
Herbal and pharmaceutical drugs enhanced with probiotics
Maraging steel
Sputtering apparatus and method for manufacturing compound thin film
Monitoring apparatus for plasma process
Sputtering method and apparatus using a trigger gas feed
Multiple step ionized metal plasma deposition process for conformal step coverage
Method and apparatus for ionized physical vapor deposition
CVD film forming method including annealing and film forming performed at substantially the same pressure
Method of forming films over insulating material
Diamond films and methods for manufacturing diamond films
Method of depositing titanium nitride thin film and CVD deposition apparatus
Plasma source for generating inductively coupled, plate-shaped plasma, having magnetically permeable core
Titanium carbonitride coated stratified substrate and cutting inserts made from the same
Low etch alkaline zincate composition and process for zincating aluminum
Coating for a cylinder of a reciprocating engine
Method for a coating cooking vessel
Method and apparatus for constant composition delivery of hydride gases for semiconductor processing
Method for electrolysing a brine
Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells and stacks with adhesively bonded layers
Mono-polar electrochemical system with a double electrode plate
System for forming nickel stampers utilized in optical disc production
Electroplating apparatus with self-cleaning contacts
Electrodeposition of catalytic metals using pulsed electric fields
Apparatus for electrochemically processing a workpiece including an electrical contact assembly having a seal member
Textiles; Paper
Non-woven fabric for alkali cell separator and process for producing the same
Oxygen delignification of medium consistency pulp slurry
Method for controlling a multi-phase screening apparatus
Method and apparatus for embossing web material using an embossing surface with off-centered shoulders
Air press for dewatering a wet web
Fast CD and MD control in a sheetmaking machine
Deacidification of cellulose based materials using hydrofluoroether carriers
Fixed Constructions
Hoe-chucking mat with ground-seal release means
Swimming pool surge pit filter
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method of forming a moving block of a rolling motion guiding device
Impact energy absorptive structures
Reflector for a radiating luminous source and use of the same
Gas-to-gas heat exchangers for use in sulphuric acid plants
Liquid treating apparatus for biological sample
Automatic embedding machine for treating samples for histological examinations, in particular for the preparation of sections
Electrolytic test machine
Gas sensor with dual electrolytes
Oxidative metabolism in smooth muscle cells: methods and materials relating thereto
Three dimensional colorimetric assay assemblies
Automatic analyzer and support system therefor
High efficiency optical devices
Machining techniques for retroreflective cube corner article and method of manufacture
Camouflage of imaged post spacers and compensation of pixels that depart from nominal operating conditions by luminance diffusion by mechanical means
Silver halide photographic emulsion and silver halide light sensitive photographic material by the use thereof
Method of preparing (100) tabular grains rich in silver bromide
Silver halide emulsion, preparation method thereof and silver halide photographic material
Clear duplitized display materials
Imaging element with a substrate containing hindered amine stabilizer
Imaging element for producing a lithographic plate therewith
Optical proximity correction of L and T shaped patterns on negative photoresist
Semiconductor exposure method and apparatus, and a reticle therefor
Process for forming images on permanent substrates
Imaging system having opaque support
Photosensitive polymer having cyclic backbone and resist composition comprising the same
Universal diazotype precoat for application to base papers with acidic or alkaline sizing
Method of patterning photoresist using precision and non-precision techniques
Organic removal process
Method for manufacturing a color filter
Mask and method for modification of a surface
Method of projection exposure
Electrophotographic photoconductor containing simple quinones to improve electrical properties
Substrate for electrophotographic photoconductor and electrophotographic photoconductor using the same
Toner for developing electrostatic charge and process for producing same, developer and process for forming image
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording system using such a magnetic recording medium
Fluoropolyether topcoat lubricants
Electrolytic solution for use as gel electrolyte and process for making the same
Method for production of microcapsule type conductive filler
Iron oxide particles
Laminated composite electronic device and a manufacturing method thereof
Permanent magnet for ultra-high vacuum and production process thereof
Electrochemical cell safety vent
Compact microwave downstream plasma system
Method of etching a substrate and method of forming a plurality of emitter tips
Method and apparatus for applying a protecting film to a semiconductor wafer
Method and apparatus for plasma etching a wafer
Method of etching patterned layers useful as masking during subsequent etching or for damascene structures
Fabrication method of mask for semiconductor device
Integration of low-k polymers into interlevel dielectrics using controlled electron-beam radiation
Combination of semiconductor interconnect
Method to manufacture ball grid arrays with excellent solder ball adhesion for semiconductor packaging and the array
Multi-layer approach for optimizing ferroelectric film performance
Composite polymer electrolytes for alkali metal electrochemical devices which contain a glass fiber net
Packaging assembly for a lithium battery
Pressure activated current interrupter for electrochemical cells
Movable fuel cell apparatus
Fluid-cooled fuel cell with distribution ducts
Fuel cell with integral fuel storage
Thin-profile battery circuits and constructions, button-type battery circuits and constructions, methods of forming thin-profile battery circuits and constructions, and methods of forming button-type battery circuits and constructions
Method of magnetizing a ring-shaped magnet
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew