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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Mound forming machine and seed planter system
Rake positioned between a flail rotor and an auger
Stalk reducing bar and mower having a stalk reducing bar
Harvesting machine for erecting and threshing and collecting crop materials
Plant growth method and article
Pair of garden scissors with an adjustable cutting
Gun dog training tool and method
Dog vest with integrated flexible bumper
Ultrasonic noise device
Cover for the head of a jig-type lure
Line guiding spinner lure
Electronic mouse trap module
Panties with storage covers
Protective clothing
Hand covering with tactility features
Silent hook and loop fastener system
Jewelry comprising magnetically coupled elements
Carrier for electronic devices
Foldable table with stacking arrangement
Liquid consumption counters
Apparatus for facilitating preparation of eggs
Frying apparatus and method
Toilet seat lifter
Electronic endoscope apparatus and method of controlling image luminance for electronic endoscope apparatus
Measuring the femoral antetorsion angle .gamma. of a human femur in particular on the basis of fluoroscopic images
Differentiating ischemic from non-ischemic T-wave inversion
Apparatus for displaying a tissue containing a fluorescent dye
Systems and methods for detecting an error associated with an implantable device
Implantable device for responsive neural stimulation therapy
Assembly comprising a conditioning system and at least one object, a conditioning system, a lithographic apparatus and methods
Performing Operations; Transporting
Shredder feeder
Split housing cluster mill designed for temper and cold rolling
Concrete anchor bolt fastener and tool and method for installing
Oil filter cap removal and drain tool
Lug nut tool support
Replaceable jaw members for pliers
Self-adhesive activity paper system
Screw extruder
Device for loading printing plates on a plate cylinder of a rotary offset press
Line head controlling method and image forming method
Universal pneumatic suspension control unit and vehicle anti theft device
Method and apparatus for operating a solar steam system
Method for controlling a brake system of a motor vehicle with all-wheel drive
Bolt built into a connector of a wiper arm for an on-board washing line
Method of making a bulb seal
Quick release coupling for the crank of a bicycle drive train
Magnetic drag vessel slowing method and apparatus
Universal trolling motor pedal
Apparatus and method for forming bundles composed of printed products
Roof anchoring safety system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Glass substrate for magnetic disk and manufacturing method thereof
Use of compositions comprising 1,1,1,2,3-pentafluoropropane and optionally Z-1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluoro-2-butene in power cycles
Textiles; Paper
Drum type washing machine having touch up function and method for touching up thereof
Fixed Constructions
Mixed turf and method for its production
Power generation assemblies and apparatus
Construction spacers and method
System and method for establishing a self-aligning mounting system for mounting photovoltaic modules
Roof guttering systems and brackets
Solar panel wind deflector
Wind resistant modular ISO building
Access tool for opening locked doors of vehicles
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Compressed air energy system integrated with gas turbine
Organic rankine cycle system
Variable valve actuating apparatus for internal combustion engine
Method for regenerating an exhaust after treatment device
System and method for exhaust gas use in gas turbine engines
Control apparatus for gas turbine and start up method for gas turbine
Off-line calibration of universal tracking air fuel ratio regulators
Engine having a rotary combustion chamber
Starter for engine
Fluid cylinder mechanism
Lockable hydraulic actuator
Installation for converting hydraulic energy into mechanical or electrical energy
Transmission assembly for a vehicle
Antireflection film and optical element having same
Water heater
Burner ignition controller and improved coil bobbin
Expansion unit for a vapour compression system
Refrigerator with module receiving conduits
Enhanced surface cooling of thermal discharges
Advancement to the effectiveness of body armor
Information processing apparatus for interference signal processing
Retractable solar railing installer and guide
Optical heterodyne fourier transform interferometer
Apparatus and method for a light direction sensor
Oscillation type inertia force sensor
Multifunctional terminal device
Temperature compensated force sensor
Sheet thickness detection apparatus for detecting different maximum allowable thicknesses of plural papers using movable sensing device
Spiral concentrically wound bourdon tube
Fastening system for attaching retainers to elastomer components
Method for estimating wear resistance of tread portion of tire
Reverse photoacoustic standoff spectroscopy
Apparatus and method for characterizing electrophoretic display mediums
System, components, and methods for detecting moisture
System and method for improving print shop operability
Health monitoring method for composite materials
Half-bridge for capacitive sensing
Compensation tool for calibrating an electronic component testing machine to a standardized value
On-chip test circuit for an embedded comparator
Ethernet OAM performance management
Method and apparatus for measuring data rates
Inspection apparatus comprising means for removing flux
Liquid crystal display including sensing unit for compensation driving
Evaluation board and failure location detection method
Semiconductor device
X-canceling multiple-input signature register (MISR) for compacting output responses with unknowns
Scan circuitry controlled switch connecting buffer output to test lead
System for enhanced detection of a target
Method, system and device for monitoring vehicle usage
Variable focal length lens system and imaging apparatus
Apparatus and method for reducing slippage between structures in an interferometric modulator
Oscillator device, optical deflector and image forming apparatus using the optical deflector
Cable clamping devices and methods for using the same
Suspension board with circuit and producing method thereof
Optical waveguide, optical module, method of producing optical module, and method of producing optical waveguide
Optical logic gate
Moveable assembly, microactuator having same, and camera module including the microactuator
Lens barrel
Projection lens and projection system having same
Slot waveguide for color display
Semiconductor light-receiving device
Backlight assembly and a liquid crystal display device using the same
Method for producing liquid crystal display device
Active matrix display and forming method thereof
Fabrication method of display panel and dielectric configuration applied thereto
Active-matrix sun tracker
Mobile terminal having camera flash and method for controlling camera flash
Method and system for delivering digital cinema content concurrently to both a retail exhibitor and remote theater
Coating/developing apparatus and pattern forming method
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Seal ring arrangements for immersion lithography systems
Compensation of reticle flatness on focus deviation in optical lithography
Anti-corrosion layer on objective lens for liquid immersion lithography applications
Optical apparatus and method of manufacturing device
Image blur correction device and imaging device using same
Imaging apparatus and control method thereof
Development device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus using the development device
Rotary member, developing device, and image forming apparatus
Method of manufacturing toner carrier roller, developer apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Developing device and image-forming apparatus
Development device, image forming apparatus and development method
Developer supply device and image forming apparatus comprising same
Fixing apparatus of image forming apparatus
Wireless authentication method and wireless authentication system
Method for optimizing valve position and pump speed in a PID control valve system without the use of external signals
Pedal arm, manufacturing apparatus thereof, and manufacturing method thereof
Method, system, and apparatus for runtime power estimation
Method and apparatus for fine edge control on integrated circuit outputs
Mounting apparatus for data storage device
Display device
System and method for controlling an integrated display computer heat sink temperature
Method and apparatus for managing power in computer systems
Method and appartus for detecting an application process failure
System, method and apparatus for controlling the dissemination of digital works
Systems and methods using cryptography to protect secure computing environments
Anti-worm-measure parameter determining apparatus, number-of-nodes determining apparatus, number-of-nodes limiting system, and computer product
Data management apparatus, data management method, and storage medium
Storage system for holding a remaining available lifetime of a logical storage region
System and method of operating memory devices of mixed type
Disk array apparatus and disk array apparatus control method
Method and apparatus for maintaining an amount of reserve space using virtual placeholders
Memory register encoding systems and methods
Storage apparatus and management unit setting method
Storage control system and control method for storage control system
Erase count recovery
iMEM ASCII index registers
Storage device
Tracking temporal use associated with cache evictions
Methods and systems for network attack detection and prevention through redirection
Computer system and method for monitoring an access path
Storage controller and data management method
Method for monitoring a remote machine
Method of editing multi-media playing schedule for digital photo frame, system and computer readable storage medium thereof
Method of fabricating a portable computer apparatus with thermal enhancements and multiple power modes of operation
Computer system and garbage collection method of disk space
Hardware device comprising multiple accelerators for performing multiple independent hardware acceleration operations
Method for manufacturing three-dimensional object, three-dimensional object, and print medium
Electro-optical device that includes a plurality of driving transistors turned on and off in accordance with a plurality of pulse width modulation signals
Communication apparatus, image sensing apparatus, and control method therefor
Virtual format for the storage of streaming data
Method for connecting a wireless device to a remote location on a network
Hosting of network-based services
Apparatus and method for a synchronized mobile communication client
System and method for implementing a dead man dependency technique for cluster resources
Mobile communication terminal supporting information sharing
Cooperative diagnosis in a wireless LAN
Method and system for identifying and obtaining computer software from a remote computer
System and method for providing SNMP data for virtual networking devices
Remote operation program, method and terminal apparatus
Computer or microchip protected from the internet by internal hardware
Apparatus and methods for service programming of a wireless device on a wireless communications network
Black-box host stack latency measurement
Monitoring apparatus, executive program, and information processing system
Distributed storage to support user interactivity in peer-to-peer video streaming
Peer to peer resource negotiation and coordination to satisfy a service level objective
Localization for sensor networks
Mechanism for controlled sharing of files in a clustered application environment
Method and apparatus for converting the modality of multimedia contents to support the quality of service according to media resource
Fibre accelerated pipe data transport
Systems for distributing data over a computer network and methods for arranging nodes for distribution of data over a computer network
Monitoring physical locations using rules and events processing
Interrupt and exception handling for multi-streaming digital processors
Method and system for minimizing an amount of data needed to test data against subarea boundaries in spatially composited digital video
Efficient weighted consistent sampling
Adaptive greedy method for ordering intersecting of a group of lists into a left-deep AND-tree
Information service apparatus and method, information display apparatus and information service system
Method for summarizing natural language text
System and method for distributing multilingual documents
Data recovery method and system of mobile device
Efficient retrieval algorithm by query term discrimination
Layout method for a chip
Integrated circuit system employing dipole multiple exposure
System and method of generating equation-level diagnostic error messages for use in circuit simulation
Variable fill and cheese for mitigation of BEOL topography
Dual independent and shared resource vector execution units with shared register file
Validating continuous signal phase matching in high-speed nets routed as differential pairs
Uniformity for semiconductor patterning operations
Optimization method for fractional-N phased-lock-loop (PLL) system
Novelty detection
Neutral data computer control system for a machine tool used to produce workpieces with a threaded surface and associated machine tool
Rough-cut capacity planning with production constraints and dynamic bottleneck considerations
System and arrangement for producing a dental replacement component, and such a component
Eyeglass lens processing system
Method and apparatus for optimizing models for extracting dose and focus from critical dimension
Method and systems for utilizing excess energy generated by a renewable power generation system to treat organic waste material
System and method for real-time system control using precomputed plans
Paradigm in multimedia services creation methodology, and new service creation and service execution environments
Searching for commands to execute in applications
Method and system for protection and security of IO devices using credentials
Method and system for providing multiple input connecting user interface
Apparatus and method for mobile graphical cheminformatic
Infrared sensor integrated in a touch panel
Refrigerator having user avatar display function
Data communication apparatus with test communication, central managing apparatus, testing method, remote managing system and computer-readable storage medium
Method and system for workload balancing
Client server system
Applying print settings to print data
Mobile object monitoring device
Computer program products for packaging systems with breech loading chutes
Data exchange tool
Data object visualization using maps
Immediate copy target pull of volume data
Method for managing data records with person-related contents by means of a computer system
Method and apparatus for efficient communication of management data in a telecommunications network
Driver for a function unit parametrized by a number of input variables
Systems and methods for identifying and booting a computer architecture
Handoff of a secure connection among gateways
Return target address prediction by moving entry pointer to return stack popped at completion to deeper one at return instruction fetch
Application software flight recorder developer client
Autonomic test case feedback using hardware assistance for code coverage
Adaptive content platform and application integration with the platform
Reachability analysis for program verification
Data structure path profiling
Efficient call sequence restoration method
System and method for determining differences between software configurations
Method for automatically designing buffer packing size and computer accessible storage media to store program thereof
Design-For-testability planner
Method for determining relationships through use of an ordered list between processing nodes in an emulated human brain
Estimating and scheduling additional calendar time in preparation for electronically called meetings
Parallel printing system
Tactile security feature for document and signature authentication
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, computer readable medium, and computer data signal
Implicit video coding confirmation of automatic address recognition
Method for digital image class detection
Person imaging apparatus, method of controlling same and control program therefor
Generation of a disparity result with low latency
Method and apparatus for correcting an error in the co-registration of coordinate systems used to represent objects displayed during navigated brain stimulation
Iris recognition system and method using multifocus image sequence
Image processing apparatus and method thereof
Use of ray tracing for generating images for auto-stereo displays
Method and system for image segmentation by evolving radial basis functions
System and method for simplifying a point cloud
Generating compound images having increased sharpness and reduced noise
Image processing device capable of detecting and correcting inclination of image
Apparatus for controlling image compression
Picture encoding apparatus and method, program and recording medium
Adaptive variable block transform system, medium, and method
Image processing apparatus and method, and image coding apparatus and method
Method and system for pattern recognition and processing
Video data matching using clustering on covariance appearance
Swarm autonomic agents with self-destruct capability
System and method for securing RF transactions using a radio frequency identification device including a random number generator
Method of delivering goods and services via media
Method, medium, and system for universal shopping cart order injection and payment determination
Streaming conversion
Mortgage loan product
Systems and methods for facilitating transactions with different account issuers
Image based positive pay checking system
Personalized body image
Method and apparatus for processing of diagnostic image data
Real-time GPU rendering of piecewise algebraic surfaces
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Auto-calibration systems for coin counting devices
Interactive video gaming footwear including means for transmitting location information to a remote party
Tag identification system, tag reading apparatus, and method for determining sequence of tags
Remote control code filtering used for relaying of remote control codes
Navigation information distribution systems, methods, and programs
Method and device for influencing the longitudinal velocity of a motor vehicle
Image forming system, computer-readable recording medium storing a setting change program, and setting change method
Image forming apparatus with members that bring a light emitting device in proximity to a recording medium
Image display device
Semiconductor device and method of driving the semiconductor device
Pixel circuit, method of driving pixel, and electronic apparatus
Display device
Gate driving apparatus for preventing distortion of gate start pulse and image display device using the same and driving method thereof
Polygon trimming using a modified azimuthal map projection
Image processing device for expanded representation of three-dimensional image data sets
Display color correcting system
Electronic device having a blower with noise control
Closed caption control apparatus and method therefor
Pitch conversion method and device for converting a pitch of an input signal into a desired pitch
Detection of extreme hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia based on automatic analysis of speech patterns
Method and apparatus for dynamically providing comfort noise
Tray controlling method for using firmware for detecting different inclined position
Eccentricity determination for a disk
Write strategy determining method, optical disc recording method, optical disc and optical disc apparatus
System and method for generating an amplitude error signal in a magnetic tape recording channel
Data wedge format table synchronization
Method for fabricating a magnetic recording transducer
Multi-channel head
Recording and/or reproducing apparatus, medium, and method controlling a write speed
Optical disk device and recording method
Optical-disk recording medium, playing apparatus and method for same, and recording apparatus and method for same
Holographic system, in particular for holographic data storage
Track-jump control system and method for maintaining track-jump stability
Process for intentional deterioration of the contents of an optical recording medium
Optical disk apparatus, optical head, and detection signal processing method thereof
Optical recording medium
Resistive memory and data write-in method
Stacked memory cell for use in high-density CMOS SRAM
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Content addressable memory with concurrent two-dimensional search capability in both row and column directions
Area efficient programmable read only memory (PROM) array
Implementing boosted wordline voltage in memories
Electronic circuit device
Semiconductor storage device and resetting method for a semiconductor storage device
Electrical component having an inductor and a method of formation
High field superconducting magnets
Method for making a magnetically coupled thin-wafer handling system
Carbon electrodes and electrochemical capacitors
Collapsible contact switch
Surface emitting laser, manufacturing method of surface emitting laser, surface emitting laser array, manufacturing method of surface emitting laser array, and optical apparatus including surface emitting laser array
DPDT RF switch and TMA using the same
Diplexer and multiplexer using the same
Multi-frequency antenna suitably working in different wireless networks
Antenna apparatus and method for adjusting characteristics thereof
Cladding for a microwave antenna
Satellite ground terminal incorporating a smart antenna that rejects interference
System and method for optical communication using polarization filtering
Surface emitting laser including a metal film having a periodic fine structure
Self-protecting crowbar
Substrate for AC/AC multiple-phase power converter
High voltage start-up circuit with constant current control
Method and arrangement in connection with inverter
Power supply switching circuit for a halogen lamp
Arrangement for starting a single phase induction motor
Inverter circuit
System and method for wave damping
System and method for compensation of non-linear transmitter distortion
Receiver with the function of adjusting clock signal and an adjusting method therefor
Offset voltage calibration method and apparatus and amplifier thereof
Inter-stage matching network to enhance common mode stability
Amplifying device
Method of controlling volume of reproducing apparatus and reproducing apparatus using the same
Adaptive equalization with group delay
Duplexer and elastic wave device
Logic system for DPA resistance and/or side channel attack resistance
Low speed, load independent, slew rate controlled output buffer with no DC power consumption
Low current wide V.sub.REF range input buffer
Signal processing apparatus including latch circuit
Method and system for multi-band direct conversion complimentary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) mobile television tuner
Iterative receiving method for a MIMO system, and corresponding receiver and computer program
Methods and apparatus for compensating a clock bias in a GNSS receiver
Level shifter circuit
Systems and methods for improved VCO gain tracking loop
Integrated circuit device and electronic instrument
Digital-to-analog converter
Current output type digital-analog conversion circuit, and graphic display device
High-throughput memory-efficient BI-SOVA decoder architecture
N-state ripple adder scheme coding with corresponding N-state ripple adder scheme decoding
Method and device for blind dehopping
Method, a program and a module to estimate a doppler maximum frequency and an oscillator frequency offset, receiver including the module
Simplified high frequency tuner and tuning method
Communication system
RFIC with on-chip acoustic transducer circuit
Portable communication terminal
Apparatus and method for spreading/de-spreading data using pair of child orthogonal variable spreading factor codes
Apparatus and method for measuring the quality of burst signals and performing optical line diagnostics
Assignment of channel colors in optical networks
Optical transmission apparatus
Tool and method for planning and/or dimensioning satellite telecommunications through a quality indicator
Method for improving power efficiency of subscriber stations
System and method for efficiently providing high-performance dispatch services in a wireless system
Methods, devices and systems relating to reselecting cells in a cellular wireless communications system
Reverse link power controlled repeater
Multi-spot-beam satellite system with broadcast and surge capacity capability
Proportional fair scheduler for OFDMA wireless systems
Cellular handset with video game controller
Apparatus and method for detecting packet in wireless LAN based on orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
Method and apparatus for flow control initialization
Method and apparatus for discovering, negotiating, and provisioning end-to-end SLAs between multiple service provider domains
Method and apparatus to adaptively manage end-to-end voice over internet protocol (VolP) media latency
Method and system for configuring a connection-oriented packet network over a wavelength division multiplexed optical network
System and method for synchronizing communicating entities in a decentralized network
Method and apparatus for one-way passive loss measurements using sampled flow statistics
Packet forwarding apparatus suitable for forwarding extended frame
Decoding system and method for digital communications
Non-directional laser-based self-protection
Hierarchical communications system
Method and system for virtual circuit numbering
Method of and system for providing quality of service in IP telephony
Techniques to provide a channel quality indicator
Method for controlling memory consumption in router-based virtual private networks
Signal communication apparatus and signal communication system
Boolean protocol filtering
Break before make forwarding information base (FIB) population for multicast
Method of processing traffic information and digital broadcast system
Methods and apparatus for reorganizing cells buffered after transmission
Methods, systems and computer program products for suspending packet-switched sessions to a wireless terminal
Receiving apparatus and control method therefor
System for providing portable VoIP services
Frequency correction
Method and apparatus of decoding encoded data frame having dummy bit sequences included therein
Methods and systems for digital wireless communication
Apparatus and method for receiving signals in multi-carrier multiple access systems
Facilitating the delivery of security credentials to a network device
Method and system for decoding
Base station synchronization
Clock regeneration circuit technical field
Method for simultaneous modular exponentiations
Method for broadcast encryption and key revocation of stateless receivers
Systems and methods for providing autonomous security
Confidential content search engine method
Centralizing access request authorizations for storage systems
Data application method
Portable electronic device
Handling communication interference in wireless systems
Slide type portable terminal
TXOP duration adaptation for dual radio devices
Communication device with stickup structure
Mobile terminal device
Rotatable module with two input devices for a mobile communication apparatus
Mobile communication device
Portable telephone set with a card inserted through a battery holding space
Longitudinal balance calibration for a subscriber line interface circuit
Methods, apparatus and data structures for managing distributed communication systems
Mobile communication terminal and method of indicating speakerphone mode information thereof
Managing mobile devices based on roaming status
Processing decision method and mobile communication terminal
Using remote processors to generate routing information to terminate calls to a customer premises
Multi-input channel and multi-output channel echo cancellation
Apparatus and method for image evaluation and program thereof
Image scanning apparatus
Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
Camera shake determination device, printing apparatus and camera shake determination method
Image pickup apparatus having a help function, and method and program for controlling the same
Apparatus and method for high dynamic range imaging using spatially varying exposures
Method and apparatus for automatically capturing and managing images
Distributed semantic descriptions of audiovisual content
Apparatus for presenting information and method thereof
Monitoring system for a photography unit, monitoring method, computer program, and storage medium
Method and system for deinterlacing using polarity change count
Moving picture decoding apparatus and picture boundary deciding method
Method for encoding and decoding video signals
Motion estimation and compensation method and device adaptive to change in illumination
Flexible macroblock ordering with reduced data traffic and power consumption
Color registration in a digital video
Consistent quality for multipoint videoconferencing systems
Information recording and reproducing apparatus and method
Wireless integrated security controller
Distributed functionality in a wireless communications network
White balance processing for image pickup corresponding to zooming
Information storage medium, information reproducing apparatus, and information reproducing method
RFID communication systems and methods, and RFID readers and systems
Process for producing liquid ejection head
Cylindrical controller for an electronic device
Method of manufacturing a microphone assembly
Arrangement and method for a location database
Positioning system of positioning wireless communication apparatus
Communication apparatus, communication control unit, communication method and computer-readable storage medium
Intelligent delivery agent for short message distribution center
Method of transmitting data packets between two slave units and a master unit comprising two processors
Auxiliary ACK channel feedback for control channels and broadcast multicast signals
Method, system, gateway and user device for receiving/sending multimedia message
Access areas in a mobile system
Method for selecting wireless transmission site locations
Method and apparatus for routing voice traffic over a residential gateway
Methods for optimizing and evaluating network access techniques
Radiographic imaging apparatus and control method thereof
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase and nuclear restoration of cytoplasmic male sterility
High amylose starch and resistant starch fractions
Method and apparatus for producing packed fresh curd blocks
Treatment of animal waste
Method for inhibiting human tumor cells
Glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide for use as an osteotropic hormone
Plasma-like solution
Water-dispersible granules of suspoemulsions
Polymeric compounds and methods of formulating same
Cycloalkylalkanecarboxamides and their preparation and use
Pigmented coatings exhibiting reduced fading
Compressed chloramine-T tablets and method for the production thereof
Fungicidal mixtures based on amide compounds and tetrachloroisophthalonitrile
6-Hydroxy-5,6-dihydrouracil compound and herbicidal composition containing thereof
Saccharin-5-carbonyl derivatives with herbicidal effect
Plant protection products in the form of a granulate with controlled release of the active agent
(Het) arylsulfonylureas having an amino function, their presentation and their use as herbicides and plant growth regulators
Phenylsulfonylureas, processes for their preparation, and their use as herbicides and plant growth regulators
Viral vectors for use in monitoring HIV drug resistance
Method for making a microwaveable sponge cake
Microwaveable sponge cake
Frozen dough-resistant, practical baker's yeast
Method and control system for controlling pasteurization
Method for producing a biologically degradable polyhydroxyalkanoate coating with the aid of an aqueous dispersion of polyhydroxyalkanoate
Method for treating liquid materials
Methods of use for dietary compositions comprising lactoferrin and colostrum
Combined milk, juice, and cereal grain/polysaccharide blend for consumption and method for production thereof
Reducing corrosion in a fermentor by providing sodium with a non-chloride sodium salt
Methods and compositions for synthesis of long chain poly-unsaturated fatty acids
Triglycerides, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids
High meat pet food compositions
Method for administering viable microorganism composition for poultry
Organic biosolid waste treatment process for resource transformation, regeneration, and utilization
Methods for producing fertilizers and feed supplements from agricultural and industrial wastes
Method for reducing the degradability of animal feed protein
Equine neutraceuticals
Composition and method
Method of processing soybean by use of a pectinase, processed soybean obtained, and food containing the processed soybean
Nutritional supplements for stimulating bone growth
Method for the iodine fortification of eggs
Controller and method for administering and providing on-line handling of deviations in a continuous oven cooking process
Method for decontaminating a drupe
Starch products having hot or cold water dispersibility and hot or cold swelling viscosity
Decorative molding/casing
Method for brewing coffee using a relocatable coffee maker
Device and method for collecting and transferring a urine specimen
Specimen retrieval bag
Water gas shift process and apparatus for purifying hydrogen for use with fuel cells
Devices and methods for securing sutures and ligatures without knots
Device and method for assisting end-to side anastomosis
Ligating band with rounded edges and method of use of same
Process for forming an occlusion in a body cavity
Castration tool and method
Tool driver
Screw anchored joint prosthesis
Open intervertebral spacer
Multifilar flexible rotary shaft and medical instruments incorporating the same
Amniotomy glove
Dermabrasion apparatus operating by a flow of reducing substances, having disposable sterilized components
Clamp assembly for an external fixation system
Humeral spiral blade
Bone leveler apparatus
Apparatus and method for creating, maintaining, and controlling a virtual electrode used for the ablation of tissue
Electrosurgical instrument
Electrosurgical knife
Treating body tissue by applying energy and substances
Electrosurgical instrument for ear surgery
Rotatable bipolar forceps
Device for positioning surgical instruments
Method for temperature compensation in a combined pressure and temperature sensor
Blood lancet system for withdrawing blood for diagnostic purposes
Methods and articles for regenerating bone or peridontal tissue
Disposable absorbent article
Process for making a garment with refastenable lap seams
Thin comfortable interlabial absorbent structure
Methods of making fiber bundles and fibrous structures
Device and method for restructuring heart chamber geometry
Flexible segmented stent
Balloon expandable stent with a self-expanding portion
Endovascular aortic graft
Method and apparatus for supporting a graft assembly
Flexible stent having a pattern formed from a sheet of material
Flexible stent
Intravascular stent
Woven bifurcated and trifurcated stents and methods for making the same
Stent delivery system and method of use
Aneurism patch including distributed activator for a two-dimensional shape memory alloy
Flexible monobloc intraocular lens
Iris-supported intraocular lenses optics and rigid fixation members
Heart valve holder for constricting the valve commissures and methods of use
Harvested tissue heart valve with sewing rim
Ankle prosthesis
Collapsible and expandable interbody fusion device
Prepackaged liquid bone cement
Hydrophilic urinary catheter having a water-containing sachet
Heating pad with removable gel pack
Human-body irradiation device for deep treatment of tissues
Eye pillow
Indwelling heat exchange catheter and method of using same
Device and method for correcting astigmatism by laser ablation
Field-deployable forced air warming system
Method of treating obsessive compulsive disorders, somatoform disorders, dissociative disorders, eating disorders, impulse control disorders, and autism
Method for chemoprevention of prostate cancer
Heterocyclic carboxamide-containing thiourea inhibitors of herpes viruses containing a substituted phenylenediamine group
Treatment and system for nicotine withdrawal
Substituted 1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene derivatives
Vitamin D derivatives substituted at the 2beta-position
Composition for prophylaxis and/or treatment of dry eye syndrome comprising vitamin D
Anti-depressant, stress suppressor and mood improver
Scar reduction
Compositions to control oral microbial oxidation-reduction (Eh) levels
Redirection of cellular immunity by protein-tyrosine kinase chimeras
Pharmaceutical composition containing cow urine distillate and an antibiotic
Inhibitors of proteasomal activity for stimulating hair growth
Peptide, a method for its preparation and a pharmaceutical composition containing the peptide
Antagonism of endothelin actions
Pharmaceutical composition for treating hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection
Use of MHC class II ligands as adjuvant for vaccination and of LAG-3 in cancer treatment
2-methoxyestradiol-induced apoptosis in cancer cells
Recombinant P53 adenovirus compositions
Crosslinkable macromers
Transforming growth factor .alpha. HII
Administration modified ciliary neurotrophic factors
Formulations for amylin agonist peptides
Gene therapy for restenosis using an adenoviral vector
Sensitizing cells to compounds using lipid-mediated gene and compound delivery
Composition and method for lactose hydrolysis
Drug delivery
Modulation of cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP) activity
Therapeutic and prophylactic methods using heat shock proteins
Polysaccharide precipitation process
Vaccines of pasteurellaceae mutants and vaccination method
Attenuated forms of bovine viral diarrhea virus
Attenuated forms of bovine viral diarrhea virus
Attentuated porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus strain and method of use
In ovo vaccination of marek's disease type I virus
Processes for preparation of Marek's disease virus using continuous avian cell lines
Recombinant infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus
Light stint implant device for treatment of long term viral infection
Tea catechins in sustained release formulations as cancer specific proliferation inhibitors
Culturing cells in presence of amphipathic weak bases and/or cations and multiple drug resistance inhibitor containing reserpine
Methods of inactivating a virus and controlling viral replication
Combination therapy of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor and aldosterone antagonist for reducing morbidity and mortality from cardiovascular disease
Tea catechins as cancer specific proliferation inhibitors
Polyureas and water-soluble or water-dispersible polymeric salts
Tissue specific prodrug
Preparation of stable formulations of lipid-nucleic acid complexes for efficient in vivo delivery
Macromolecular carrier for drug and diagnostic agent delivery
Peptide fragment of respiratory syncytial virus protein G, immunogenic agent, pharmaceutical composition containing it and preparation process
Glucagon-like insulinotropic peptides, compositions and methods
Sustained delivery device and methods of making and using the same
Antimicrobial mediated bacterial DNA delivery
Methods for producing a vector producing cell line utilizing a high multiplicity of transduction
Method for producing methylated DNA
Radiolabeled 1-aryl pyrazoles, the synthesis thereof and the use thereof as pest GABA receptor ligands
Targeted agents useful for diagnostic and therapeutic applications
In-situ-generated solid radiation source based on Tungsten 188 /Rhenium 188 and use thereof
Preparation for dental treatment
Polypeptides having haloperoxidase activity
Nucleic acids encoding polypeptides having haloperoxidase activity
Emulsifier-free finely disperse systems of the oil-in-water and water-in-oil type
Dermal absorption-promoting agent
Dental bleaching compositions incorporating perborates
Use of hydroxystilbenes for dyeing, ready-to-use composition containing them and dyeing process
Eutectic mixtures in cosmetic compositions
Cosmetic compositions
Antiperspirant compositions
Wax cosmetic stick
Protective topical composition, products including the same, and methods
Coupler for use in oxidative hair dyeing
Use of amino-substituted hydroxybenzophenones as photostable UV filters in cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations
UV-photoprotecting emulsions comprising micronized insoluble screening agents and associative polymers
Preparation of antiperspirant gels which obviates the use of simple glycols
Composition comprising one or more flavonoids, method of obtaining such composition and use thereof as UV-absorbing agent
Synergistically UV-photoprotecting benzotriazole-substituted silicon/cinnamic acid compositions
Personal care compositions containing active proteins tethered to a water insoluble substrate
Prolamin-plant polar lipid combination, preparation method and applications
Water-in-oil-in-polar solvent emulsions
Branched/block copolymers for treatment of keratinous substrates
Conditioning and detergent composition comprising an anionic surfactant, a silicone, and a cationic polymer
Administering pharmaceuticals to the mammalian central nervous system
Drug delivery system for antiglaucomatous medication
Biodegradable mixed polymeric micelles for drug delivery
Spherical pharmaceutical granules comprising microcrystalline cellulose and a process for their production
Chemotherapeutic treatment of bacterial infections with an antibiotic encapsulated within a biodegradable polymeric matrix
Targeted gene delivery system
Reversible cross-linked gel
Cellulose capsule using mixed solution of pectin and glycerin and the manufacturing process thereof
Immediate release eplerenone compositions
Temperature sensitive polymers and water-dispersible products containing the polymers
Device for examining the sterility of fluids
Treating blood or blood products with compounds which have a mustard, azirdinium or aziridine group and a nucleic acid binding group
Antibacterial cleaning wipe comprising ammonium salt disenfectant
Method of indicating an oxidizing agent
Fibrin glue without fibrinogen and biosealant compositions and methods
Biocompatible low modulus titanium alloy for medical implant
Valve obturator
Methods of fabricating a catheter shaft having one or more guidewire ports
Target tissue localization device and method
Focalized intraluminal balloons
Implantable medical device having flat electrolytic capacitor formed with nonthrough-etched and through-hole punctured anode sheets
Methods of tongue reduction using high intensity focused ultrasound to form an ablated tissue area containing a plurality of lesions
Method for the topical treatment and prevention of inflammatory disorders and related conditions using extracts of feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium)
Anti-pruritic compositions
Linear gas valve cycle control, shut-off-valve and self test
Method for rendering a detonation front harmless
Expansible food container
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for removing oil from water
Method for producing a filter bottom for water treatment
Fluid filter system
Method of assembly of pleated filter with spacer insert
Filter device having a simplified configuration
Reusable filter housing with replaceable, disposable filter cartridge
Rake cleaning arrangement
Process for inhibiting the polymerization of easily-polymerizable compounds
Steam drying of rotary filter cakes without crack formation
Porous metal-containing materials, method of manufacture and products incorporating or made from the materials
Amalgam separation
Bicomponent substrate for filter element with membrane
Separator tank assembly for a fluid compressor
Filter assembly
Filter with a planar filter insert
Cleanable HEPA filter media
Method and apparatus for water degasification and distillation
Tall oil refining improvement
Method for the removal and recovery of inorganic pollutants from waste aqueous solutions and waste primary air sources
Chromatographic separation process and chromatographic separator
Temperature swing adsorption process
Process for removing chlorine from gas stream
Method for preventing scaling in wet-process waste gas treatment equipment
Process for treating gas or liquids that are obtained from catalytic reforming
Exhaust gas purification device for an engine
Integrally asymmetrical polyolefin membrane for gas exchange
Porous membrane structure and method
Material and process for manufacturing plastic parts
Device and system for transfer of material
Method and apparatus for controlled photoelution
Combinatorial screening of inorganic and organometallic materials
Microwave plasma chemical synthesis of ultrafine powders
Activation processes for monolith adsorbents
Titania fiber, method for producing the fiber and method for using the fiber
Hydrogenation catalyst of carbon monoxide and method of manufacturing hydrogenation product
Method for producing a hydrogen-rich fuel stream
Nickel-rhodium based catalysts and process for preparing synthesis gas
Silicoaluminophosphates having an AEL structure and their use as FCC catalysts
Quasi crystalline inorganic oxide compositions prepared by neutral templating route
Zeolite ITQ-5
Process for controlling the MWD of a broad/bimodal resin in a single reactor
Photocatalytic oxidation of organics using a porous titanium dioxide membrane and an efficient oxidant
Naphtha desulfurization with reduced mercaptan formation
Catalytic reforming catalyst activation
Reactor with porous hollow fibers for chemical reactions
Reactor tube loading device
Controlled fluid transport in microfabricated polymeric substrates
Sampling and analysis of reactions by trapping reaction components on a sorbent
Method of making biofilms
Disposable test devices for performing nucleic acid amplification reactions
Protein crystallization in microfluidic structures
Fluorinated electret
Method of applying a coating medium on a traveling fiber material web
Apparatus for direct or indirect application of a liquid or pasty coating medium onto a traveling material web, notably of paper or cardboard
Coating method for cylindrical base member
Extrusion coating head and coating method for flexible support
Chemically adsorbed film and method of manufacturing the same
Apparatuses for forming layers
Method for forming a liquid film on a substrate
Flexible lustered products
Method for doping sintered tantalum and niobium pellets with nitrogen
Autodeposition post-bath rinse process
Method for forming film with low dielectric constant on semiconductor substrate
Method of cleaning porous body, and process for producing porous body, non-porous film or bonded substrate
Method for treating surfaces of substrates and apparatus
Method of injecting pigs into a pipe
Method of biotreatment for solid materials in a nonstirred surface bioreactor
Process for preparing copper-film-plated steel cord for vehicle tire
Large forging manufacturing process
Metallothermal process and continuous drawing, in cold induction furnaces, of metals or alloys
Metallurgic container
Coating methods, coating products and coated articles
Method for production of tantalum and niobium powders with highly developed surface
Method for producing composite powders based on silver-tin oxide, the composite powders so produced, and the use of such powders to produce electrical contact materials by powder metallurgy techniques
Self-bonding MCrAly powder
Method of making metals and other elements from the halide vapor of the metal
Cermet tool and method for manufacturing the same
Metal-ceramic joint assembly
Production of overhang, undercut, and cavity structures using direct metal depostion
Crack resistant weld
Composition and method of formation and use therefor in chemical-mechanical polishing
Auto slurry deliver fine-tune system for chemical-mechanical-polishing process and method of using the system
Method and apparatus for depositing and controlling the texture of a thin film
Semiconductor polishing apparatus and method for chemical/mechanical polishing of films
Method and apparatus for a gaseous environment providing improved control of CMP process
Method and device for polishing work edge
Gluing apparatus for wood fiber panel production plants
Drying and processing cellulosic compounds
Degradable container and a method of forming same
Apparatus for smoothing out the surface weight distribution of mats
Method of making a hollow ornamental knotted article
Method of making a rotary molded plastic member with variable wall thickness
Wafer planarization using a uniform layer of material and method and apparatus for forming uniform layer of material used in semiconductor processing
Shutheight adjuster for a sprue bar
Process of and apparatus for injection molding
Method of controlling an apparatus for taking out an injection-molded product and the apparatus for carrying out the method
Process and apparatus for the production of expanded polyester, in particular pet
Method of extruding plastic material in multi-layer tubular form
Oxygen scavenging polyamide compositions suitable for pet bottle applications
High-productivity single-stage method and apparatus for producing containers made of thermoplastic material
Process for producing biaxially oriented PET films and use of the same for SMD-technology film capacitors
Method of producing biaxially stretched polyester film
Process and apparatus for bonding a pair of ducts together in which a removable member is used to help support and maintain alignment between the ducts during bonding
Methods of manufacturing golf club shafts
Process for manufacturing, moulding and curing tires for vehicle wheels
Inflatable, cushioning, bubble wrap product having multiple, interconnected, bubble structures
Device for manufacturing a composite sheet
Water durable board for exterior wall assembly water management system
Antifouling member and process for producing the same
Laminated glazing
Unidirectional tape of carbon fibers
Films with improved metallizable surfaces
Biaxially oriented polypropylene film, the use of the film and process for its production
Polyolefin films suitable for institutional applications
Casting film for producing ceramic green sheet
Rewritable phase-change optical recording composition and rewritable phase-change optical disk
Identification card printer and laminator
Method for making wallboard or backerboard sheets including aerated concrete
Hand-tearable tape
Composite sheet material
Method of making a laminated adhesive lid, as for an Electronic device
Thermal switchable composition and imaging member containing cationic IR dye and methods of imaging and printing
Positive-type planographic printing material
Positive photosensitive composition, positive photosensitive lithographic printing plate and method for making positive photosensitive lithographic printing plate
Lithographic printing plates having a thermo-deactivatable photosensitive layer
Methods for manufacturing an electrostatic actuator
Method of producing ink jet recording head and ink jet recording head
Process for the formation of a heat-transferable security stamp entirely free of non-aqueous solvents
Thermal transfer element and process for forming organic electroluminescent devices
Reversible thermosensitive recording medium
Thermally sensitive recording medium
Process for producing printing sheet
Ink jet recording paper and the production thereof
Image receiving sheet and recording process
Folded sheet materials
Method of making a business form including a label
Polymeric composition and printer/copier transfer sheet containing the composition
Method of determining tread pattern
Blow molded headliner
Battery device for loading on moving body
Power source containing rechargeable batteries
Bicycle saddle production method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for insitu vapor generation
Method of producing hydrogen-absorbing alloy for nickel-hydrogen alkaline storage cell
Fine-celled foam composition and method having improved thermal insulation and fire retardant properties
Method of removing impurities from mineral concentrates
Process and apparatus for treating foundry sludge to recover magnesium
Process for production of potassium carbonate sesquihydrate
Process for preparing crystalline barium titanate powder
Method for producing lithium manganate
Spinel-type lithium manganese complex oxide for a cathode active material of a lithium secondary battery
Flexible graphite capacitor element
Process for the treatment of polluted metal-mechanic industrial wastewater and urban water
Air and water purification using continuous breakpoint halogenation and peroxygenation
Apparatus for supplying ozonated ultrapure water
Conversion of sewage sludge into electric power
Waste treatment unit
Antimony oxide glass with optical activity
Glass-ceramics for a light filter
Antireflection coatings and other multilayer optical coatings for heat-treatable inorganic substrates and methods for making same
Photolithography method, photolithography mask blanks, and method of making
Alkali activated supersulphated binder
Process for producing an inorganic molded product
Gypsum compositions with enhanced resistance to permanent deformation
Hydration enhancing additives
Wet gypsum accelerator and methods, composition, and product relating thereto
Method for preparation of sintered body of rare earth oxide
Slagline sleeve for submerged entry nozzle and composition therefor
Si3N4 ceramic, Si-base composition for production thereof and processes for producing these
Fullerene-added lead zirconate titanate and method of producing the same
Paste for welding ceramics to metals and method for producing a welded joint
Method of machining of polycrystalline diamond
Disposable water resistant foamed concrete cover for bulk salt
Aqueous suspension including a mixture of at least one aqueous suspension of precipitated silica and of at least one latex
Hydraulic binder and cement compositions containing photocatalyst particles
CVI (chemical vapor infiltration) densification of porous structures
Silicon based substrate with environmental/ thermal barrier layer
Hydraulic binder
Low burning rate, reduced hazard, high temperature incendiary
Method for enriching optical isomers by means of simulated mobile bed
Polymerization inhibitor
Nitriles and aldehydes derived from 3-isopropenyl-1,2-dimethyl-1-cyclopentanol and their use in perfumery
Process for the purification of methanide electrolytes
Dimeric non-azo naphthalimides and uses for the same
AZO compounds and process for producing the same
Morpholino ethers
Kinetic resolution of olefins
.alpha.v integrin receptor antagonists
Phenyl urea and phenyl thiourea derivatives as HFGAN72 antagonists
Carbapenem derivatives, utilization thereof and intermediate compounds of the same
Herbicidally active 3-hydroxy-4-aryl-5-oxopyrazoline derivatives
Myxococcus host cells for the production of epothilones
Zirconium compound and electrophotographic toner employing it
Purification of oligomers
Selective crystallization of 3-pyridyl-1-hydroxyethylidene-1, 1-bisphosphonic acid sodium as the hemipentahydrate or monohydrate
Antisense modulation of human Rho family gene expression
Herpes virus proteinase and method of assaying
Entomopoxvirus expression system
Recombinant parainfluenza virus vaccines attenuated by deletion or ablation of a non-essential gene
Nuclear factors associated with transcriptional regulation
Gene encoding a putive efflux protein for solvents/antibiotics in Pseudomonas mendocina
Epitopes of shigella like toxin and their use as vaccine and in diagnosis
Secretion factors for gram-positive microorganisms genes encoding them and methods of using it
Pichia pastoris gene sequences and methods for their use
Box-dependent Myc-interacting protein (Bin1) compositions and uses thereof
Human GTPase-associated proteins
RGS-containing molecules and uses thereof
CIITA-interacting proteins and methods of use therefor
Compounds for immunotherapy and diagnosis of breast cancer and methods for their use
Molecules of the follistatin-related protein family and uses thereof
Nuclear matrix protein fluid assay
Methods for preparation of vaccines against cancer
Methods for preparation of vaccines against cancer
Preparation of potent macrophage activating factors derived from cloned vitamin D binding protein and its domain and their therapeutic usage for cancer, HIV-infection and osteopetrosis
Ribozyme treatment of diseases or conditions related to levels of NF-.kappa.B
huBUB3 gene involved in human cancers
Polynucleotides encoding chemokine alpha-3
Odorant receptors
DNA encoding canine von Willebrand factor and methods of use
Production of thrombin inhibitors
Generation of highly diverse library of expression vectors via homologous recombination in yeast
Highly diverse library of yeast expression vectors
Use of G class immunoglobulins for the topical treatment of atopic dermatitis
Antibodies directed against binding-associated epitopes
Monoclonal antibody reactive to human CETP and assay method for human CETP
Process for the preparation of recombinant proteins in E. coli by high cell density fermentation
Compositions and methods for detecting ligand-dependent nuclear receptor and coactivator interactions
Metal-crosslinkable oxidized cellulose-containing fibrous materials and products made therefrom
Polyolefin production
Catalyst intended for the polymerization of olefins, process for its manufacture and use
Metathesis-active adhesion agents and methods for enhancing polymer adhesion to surfaces
Additive for biodiesel and biofuel oils
Polyalkenyl sulfonates
Cationic electrodeposition coating composition
Method for thickening a polyester resin
Epoxy resin compositions, epoxy resin compositions for fiber-reinforced composite materials, and fiber-reinforced composite materials comprising the same
Pipe made from metathesis polymerized olefins
Melt processible thermotropic liquid crystalline terpolyesters and process for the preparation thereof
sPS nanocomposite and processes for producing the same
Polyester fiber treatment agent composition
Surface-modified conductive pigment
Block oligomers containing 1-hydrocarbyloxy-2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-4-piperidyl groups as stabilizers for organic materials
Resin composition and usage thereof
Electrically conductive compositions and methods for producing same
Low stress relaxation elastomeric materials
Thermosetting resin composition for build-up
Water-soluble trisazo compounds, aqueous ink composition and colored article
Injection molding process using warp-free pigment compositions comprising diaryldiketopyrrolo-[3,4-c]pyrroles to improve dimensional stability
Pigment preparations based on diketopyrrolopyrrole pigments with basic perylene dispersants
Pigment preparations and water-borne effect base coats prepared therewith
Anti-abrasion ink additives containing reduced amounts of polytetrafluoroethylene and inks containing such additives
Solvent-free binder compositions and their use in one- and two-component coating compositions
Aqueous silicone coating composition and polyester release films coated therewith
Composition for film formation, method of film formation, and insulating film
Composition for film formation, method of film formation, and insulating film
Low gloss crosslinkable coating compositions
Water-laden solid matter of vapor-phase processed inorganic oxide particles and slurry for polishing and manufacturing method of semiconductor devices
Polishing slurries for copper and associated materials
Method for adhering a floor covering to a floor with a floor adhesive
Rubber to metal bonding by silane coupling agents
Stretch releasing adhesive tape with differential adhesive properties
Discharge lamp
Organic electroluminescent device
Aluminum fluoride flux synthesis method for producing cerium doped YAG
Coatings with a cholesteric effect and method for the production thereof
Powder composition and method for polishing stone
Composition for polishing a semiconductor device and process for manufacturing a semiconductor device using the same
Drilling fluid
Foam-fluid for fracturing subterranean formations
Integration of solvent deasphalting, gasification, and hydrotreating
Mixed esters of pentaerythritol for refrigeration base oils
Stabilized hydrotreated and hydrowaxed lubricant compositions
Softener compositions
Fabric conditioning concentrate
Cleaning agent
Laundry devices for delivering dye transfer inhibiting benefits
Fabric care compositions
Moulded body dishwasher detergents with soil release polymers
Bleaching and washing agents with enzyme bleaching system
Activators for per compounds comprising oxime carbonates or oxime polymers
Stable solid block metal protecting warewashing detergent composition
Cell culture expansion plate
Cell culture apparatus and methods of use
Method for preparing plasmids, and uses related thereto
Plasmid DNA purification using divalent alkaline earth metal ions and two anion exchangers
General strategy for selecting high-affinity zinc finger proteins for diverse DNA target sites
Antisense oligonucleotide inhibition of raf gene expression
Antisense oligonucleotide inhibition of vascular endothelial growth factor expression
Antisense modulation of phospholipase A2, group VI (Ca2+-independent) expression
Antisense modulation of tumor necrosis factor receptor 2 expression
Methods to assay gene function with viral vectors
Chimeric IL-10 proteins and uses thereof
Methods for the selective regulation of DNA and RNA transcription and translation by photoactivation
Recombinase-based methods for producing expression vectors and compositions for use in practicing the same
Self-assembling genes, vectors and uses thereof
Episomally replicating vector, its preparation and use
Method for achieving site specific integration of exogenous DNA delivered by non-biological means to plant cells
Compositions and methods for non-targeted activation of endogenous genes
Gene delivery system and methods of use
Adenovirus vectors and method for reducing homologous recombination phenomena
Methods and formulations for mediating adeno-associated virus (AAV) attachment and infection and methods for purifying AAV
Recombinant feline herpesvirus comprising a foreign DNA inserted into a region corresponding to a 3.0 kb EcoRI-SalI fragment of a feline herpesvirus genome
Method and compositions for isolation and growth of kidney tubule stem cells, in vitro kidney tubulogenesis and ex vivo construction of renal tubules
Gene therapy methods using bone marrow-derived cells expressing blood clotting factors
CD20-specific redirected T cells and their use in cellular immunotherapy of CD20+ malignancies
Asparaginyl tRNA synthetase from Staphylococcus Aureus
Alanyl tRNA synthetase from Streptococcus pneumoniae
Mammalian and human REC2
Isolated human dehydrogenases, nucleic acid molecules encoding these human dehydrogenases, and uses thereof
Cholesterol oxidase
Decaprenyl diphosphate synthetase gene
Histidine kinase
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Laundry detergent and/or fabric care compositions comprising a modified transferase
Enzyme particles
Process for removal of excess dye from printed or dyed fabric or yarn
DNA fragments containing biotin biosynthetase gene and use of the same
Alpha-amylase variants
Molecular hydrogen production by direct electron transfer
Process for the fermentative production of deacylated cephalosporins
Process for producing optically active azetidine-2-carboxylic acid derivative
Genetically engineered yeast and mutants thereof for the efficient fermentation of lignocellulose hydrolysates
Enantioselective enzymatic hydrolysis of 3-substituted esters of glutaric acid
Method for enhancing levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids in thraustochytrid fungi
Membrane module for testing active substances at cells
Method reagent and kit for the detection of fecal occult blood
Optical probes and assays
Compositions and assays utilizing ADP or phosphate for detecting protein modulators
Method and formulation for lyophilizing cultured human cells to preserve RNA and DNA contained in cells for use in molecular biology experiments
Process for synthesizing nucleic acid
Method for the identification of synthetic cell- or tissue- specific transcriptional regulatory regions
Isolation and identification of control sequences and genes modulated by transcription factors
Methods of screening open reading frames to determine whether they encode polypeptides with an ability to generate an immune response
Genes encoding polypeptides containing signal sequences
DNA polymersases with enhanced length of primer extension
Identification and comparison of protein--protein interactions that occur in populations and identification of inhibitors of these interactors
Correcting diastolic dysfunction in heart failure
Method for preserving the uniqueness and identity of an individual
Chromosome-wide analysis of protein-DNA interactions
Direct polymerase chain reaction assay, or bio-PCR
DNA markers for litter size
SNP detection
DNA detection by means of a strand reassociation complex
Expression monitoring by hybridization to high density nucleic acid arrays
Selective amplification of target polynucleotide sequences
Process for the production of organic products from diverse biomass sources
Method and apparatus for practicing carbonaceous-based metallurgy
Powder injector for ladle
Copper leach process aids
Method for processing steel slags containing chromium
Selective precipitation of nickel and cobalt
Process for recovering metal material from waste material
Cold bonded iron particulate pellets
Nickel based superalloy
Free machining aluminum alloy containing bismuth or bismuth-tin for free machining and a method of use
Creep resistant Nb-silicide based multiphase composites
Austenitic nickel-chromium steel alloys
High strength thin steel sheet, high strength alloyed hot-dip zinc-coated steel sheet, and method for producing them
Process for melting and casting ruthenium-containing or iridium-containing titanium alloys
Tial-based alloys with excellent oxidation resistance, and method for producing the same
Method and apparatus for forming a uniform layer on a workpiece during sputtering
Wear-resistant, mechanically highly stressed and low-friction boundary coating construction for titanium or the alloys thereof and a method for producing the same
Sputtering target and its manufacturing method
Rotatable sputter target
Method and apparatus for removing contaminants from the surface of a semiconductor wafer
CVD of integrated Ta and TaNx films from tantalum halide precursors
Method and apparatus for forming insitu boron doped polycrystalline and amorphous silicon films
Thermal CVD of TaN films from tantalum halide precursors
Process for preparing a limo2 type heterometallic oxide film
Method for improving barrier layer adhesion to HDP-FSG thin films
Method of making low-K carbon doped silicon oxide
C-axis oriented lead germanate film and deposition method
Method of forming ferroelastic lead germanate thin films
CVD film formation method
Deposition of pyrocarbon
Method and apparatus for vapor generation and film deposition
Processing system and method for chemical vapor deposition of a metal layer using a liquid precursor
Chemical vapor deposition of copper using profiled distribution of showerhead apertures
Method and apparatus for achieving a desired thickness profile in a flow-flange reactor
Articles coated with aluminum nitride by chemical vapor deposition
Method and apparatus for formation of in-situ doped amorphous semiconductor film
Plasma process method
Surface-treated article of magnesium or magnesium alloys, method of surface preparation and method of coating
Protecting metal from carbon
Glass-release coating, coating process, and coated parts for manufacturing glass
Thermal spray powder process
Lamination of circuit sub-elements while assuring registration
Electrolytic cell and method for electrolysis
Fuel cell system for low pressure operation
Electrochemical production of alkali metal from an alkali metal amalgam
Lay-out of installations in an electrolysis plant for the production of aluminum
Rapid production of engineering tools and hollow bodies by integration of electroforming and solid freeform fabrication
Method of and electrolyte for anodizing aluminum substrates for solid capacitors
Lubricious diamond-like carbon coatings
Methods for treating aluminum substrates and products thereof
Method for forming high performance surface coatings and compositions of same
Electroplating solution for plating antimony and antimony alloy coatings
Multi-step potentiostatic/galvanostatic plating control
Fluxing agents for the reflowing of electro-deposited tinplate
Reactor vessel having improved cup, anode, and conductor assembly
Apparatus for fabricating single crystal
Insulating-containing ring-shaped heat shields and support members for Czochralski pullers
Real time epitaxial growth of vertical cavity surface-emitting laser using a reflectometry
Low defect density, self-interstitial dominated silicon
Low defect density silicon and a process for producing low defect density silicon wherein V/G0 is controlled by controlling heat transfer at the melt/solid interface
Textiles; Paper
Split type conjugate fiber, method for producing the same and fiber formed article using the same
Crimped multicomponent filaments and spunbond webs made therefrom
Fire resistant corespun yarn and fabric comprising same
Plastisol-printed dyed polyester fabrics and method of producing same
Apparatus and process for removing fine impurities from a fibrous suspension
Press device having an extended nip for pressing a running paper or paperboard web
High gloss coated paper
Pulp forming machines
Fixed Constructions
Fire-resistant sheetlike molding, fire-resistant laminate for covering steel, fire-resistant structure for wall, and method for constructing fire-resistant steel and fire-resistant wall
Accessory for use in a water treatment system of a swimming pool
Filter element for pool-cleaning device
Window frame and method of fabricating same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Air cleaner system for motorcycle
Methods of fabricating in-plane MEMS thermal actuators
Rolling bearing
Electrohydrodynamic induction pumping thermal energy transfer system and method
Elastic component for a precision instrument and process for its manufacture
Biopsy collection system
Method for measurement of nucleated red blood cells
Automatic analysis apparatus for biological fluid sample and automatic analysis method therefor
System and method for controlling a self-heated gas sensor based on sensor impedance
Modular sensor system for the industrial process measurement technique
Manufacturing method for integrated sensor arrays
Gas sensor element with lead-proof effect
Electrophoresis-assisted staining of materials
Method for determining the immune defense of blood and test kit for the same and use of a suitable blood sampling system
Assessment of human skin damage following exposure to harmful agents
Analytical test device and method for use in medical diagnoses
Method for detecting or assaying target substance by utilizing oxygen electrode
Methods for measuring T cell cytokines
Preparation for diagnosis of the metabolic syndrome and diseases including the syndrome
Circulating insulin-like growth factor-I and prostate cancer risk
Method of platlet function analysis using platelet count
Use of an 8.4 kDa protein as an immunophilin reagent in protein binding assays for immunosuppressive drugs
Semiconductor substrate test device and method
Method of fabricating silicide pattern structures
Internal anti-reflective coating for interference reduction
Detecting die speed variations
Low energy plasma cleaning method for cryofilms
Electrochemical process for fabricating article exhibiting substantial three-dimensional order and resultant article
Manufacturing method for reflection type liquid crystal display
Method for manufacturing a liquid crystal display device
Method of forming a photographic color image
High temperature color development of photographic silver bromoiodide color negative films using pH stabilized color developer
Heat-developable color light-senitive material
Phase-shift photomask for patterning high density features
Method and apparatus for a reflective mask that is inspected at a first wavelength and exposed during semiconductor manufacturing at a second wavelength
Photosensitive resin composition, color filter, and copolymer resin useful for them
Positive photoresist composition
Methods utilizing antireflective coating compositions with exposure under 200 nm
Photosensitive recording material provided with a covering layer
Semiconductor device with anti-reflective structure and methods of manufacture
Method of processing a substrate
Resist film forming method and resist coating apparatus
Method for making optical microstructures having profile heights exceeding fifteen microns
Method and apparatus for increased workpiece throughput
Photoreceptor charge transport layer with a polycarbonate binder
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
Dual skip label laminate
Selective release label sheet
Multi-part pressure sensitive label and method for manufacture
Readily replaceable image graphic web
Method for making a thin film magnetic head
Memory disc, manufacturing method thereof, and method of manufacturing disc drive utilizing such memory disc
Magnetic recording disk, method of the magnetic recording disk and magnetic recording apparatus
Electroless nickel-phosphorous coatings with high thermal stability
High resistivity FeXN sputtered films for magnetic storage devices and method of fabrication
Optical information medium and its fabrication process
Multi-rewritable optical recording medium with surface plasmon super-resolution layer
Method of forming a submerged semiconductor structure
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Method of molding a plurality of solid electrolytic capacitors on a metal lead frame
Photoelectrochemical cell
Laminate-based apparatus and method of fabrication
Method for scrubbing and passivating a surface of a field emission display
Method and apparatus for semiconductor wafer process monitoring
Apparatus for etching a workpiece
Cooling system for cathodic arc cathodes
Plasma reactor having a symmetric parallel conductor coil antenna
Method of processing a workpiece using an externally excited torroidal plasma source
Process for producing a semiconductor device
Apparatus and method for plasma etching
Plasma etch reactor and method for emerging films
Method for manufacturing black matrix of plasma display panel
Coating film formation apparatus and aging process apparatus
Automatic decapsulation system utilizing an acid resistant, high heat endurance and flexible sheet coupled to a rubber gasket and a method of use
Mask-less differential etching and planarization of copper films
Reduced leakage trench isolation
Method of producing MOS transistor
Metal silicidation methods and methods for using same
Method of forming tungsten interconnect and vias without tungsten loss during wet stripping of photoresist polymer
Techniques for improving etching in a plasma processing chamber
Method for forming capacitor of semiconductor device
Silane-based nanoporous silica thin films and precursors for making same
Method of manufacturing Ta2O5capacitor using Ta2O5thin film as dielectric layer
Device for the adjustment of circuits after packaging, corresponding fabrication process and induction device
Process for optimizing pocket implant profile by RTA implant annealing for a non-volatile semiconductor device
System for controlling transistor spacer width
Non-volatile memory cell with a single level of polysilicon, in particular of the flash EEPROM type, and method for manufacturing the same
Method for forming a metal capacitor in a damascene process
Process to lower strap, wordline and bitline contact resistance in trench-based DRAMS by silicidization
Method of forming an intermetal dielectric layer
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device comprising SiGe HBTs
Method for manufacturing a dielectric trench capacitor with a stacked-layer structure
Manufacture of dielectrically isolated integrated circuits
Semiconductor package using terminals formed on a conductive layer of a circuit board
Technology for thermodynamically stable contacts for binary wide band gap semiconductors
Process for removing photoresist material
Zinc oxide films containing P-type dopant and process for preparing same
Method for fabricating void-free epitaxial-CoSi2 with ultra-shallow junctions
Method of forming lightly doped regions in a semiconductor device
Enhanced ultra-shallow junctions in CMOS using high temperature silicide process
Nitride deposition on tungsten-polycide gate to prevent abnormal tungsten silicide oxidation
Method of crystallizing a semiconductor layer in a MIS transistor
Semiconductor device with asymmetric channel dopant profile
Method of depositing sion with reduced defects
Process flow to optimize profile of ultra small size photo resist free contact
Recess metallization via selective insulator formation on nucleation/seed layer
Method of forming a local interconnect contact opening
Damascene cap layer process for integrated circuit interconnects
Methods for fabricating memory devices
Semiconductor device with two stacked chips in one resin body and method of producing
Semiconductor device with transparent link area for silicide applications and fabrication thereof
Method for removing semiconductor ARC using ARC CMP buffing
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Process for mounting semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for modeling thickness profiles and controlling subsequent etch process
Contact chain for testing and its relevantly debugging method
Wafer processing system
Silicon carbide barrier layers for porous low dielectric constant materials
Integrated circuit with stop layer and method of manufacturing the same
Method of forming conducting diffusion barriers
Method for forming self-aligned channel implants using a gate poly reverse mask
Method to fabricate dual-metal CMOS transistors for sub-0.1 .mu.m ULSI integration
Methods of forming transistors including gate dielectric layers having different nitrogen concentrations
Method for making semiconductor device incorporating and electrical contact to an internal conductive layer
Method for producing an EEPROM memory cell with a trench capacitor
Method for manufacturing a ferroelectric memory device
Process for integrating in a same chip a non-volatile memory and a high-performance logic circuitry
Nonvolatile memory device and method for fabricating the same
Method of making an electric conductive strip
Implanted barrier layer for retarding upward diffusion of substrate dopant
Method for gap filling
Method for integrating CMOS sensor and high voltage device
Method for planarizing a shallow trench isolation
Product including a silicon-containing functional layer and an insulating layer made of silicon dioxide, and method fabricating the product
Method for forming a field oxide film on a semiconductor device including mask spacer and rounding edge
Method of providing variant fills in semiconductor trenches
Process for manufacturing SOI integrated circuits and circuits made thereby
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of fabrication of semiconductor structures by ion implantation
Method of fabrication of semiconductor-on-insulator (SOI) wafer having a Si/SiGe/Si active layer
Method for etching dual damascene structures in organosilicate glass
Method and system for eliminating voids in a semiconductor device
Process for fabricating copper interconnect for ULSI integrated circuits
Fabrication method of semiconductor device
Through-chip conductors for low inductance chip-to-chip integration and off-chip connections
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof, circuit board and electronic equipment
Silicon carbide large area device fabrication apparatus and method
Semiconductor device, method of connecting a semiconductor chip, circuit board, and electronic equipment
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
Semiconductor device including edge bond pads and methods
Flip chip mounting technique
Fuse for use in a semiconductor device, and semiconductor devices including the fuse
Apparatus and method for testing fuses
Formation of an alignment mark in the surface of an aluminum layer
Structure of critical dimension bar
Capacitor for a semiconductor device
Soi-body selective link method and apparatus
Ferroelectric random access memory device and method for the manufacture thereof
Electronic device and their manufacture
Semiconductor blocking layer for preventing UV radiation damage to MOS gate oxides
Silicon carbide: germanium (SiC:Ge) heterojunction bipolar transistor; a new semiconductor transistor for high-speed, high-power applications
Manufacture of thin film transistors
Method of forming polysilicon thin film transistor structure
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device with TFT
Flexible thin film solar cell
Interface texturing for light-emitting device
Large area bulk superconductors
Organic electroluminescence device doping device and organic electroluminescence device
Organic electroluminescence element
Method of making separators for electrochemical cells comprising a microporous pseudo-boehmite layer
Extrusion of polymer-based cell components
Current collectors for battery
Metal-air fuel cell battery system having means for bi-directionally transporting metal-fuel tape and managing metal-fuel available therealong
Separator of fuel cell and method for producing same
Battery separator with improved shoulders
Battery construction having double seam cover closure
High temperature lithium oxyhalide electrochemical cell
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell
Primary alkaline battery
Fuel cell system with improved starting capability
Fuel cell having gas manifold
Fluid flow plate having a bridge piece
Voltage monitoring system for a fuel cell stack
Article comprising a high-resolution pattern on a non-planar surface and method of making the same
Method and apparatus for fabricating circuit-forming-substrate and circuit-forming-substrate material
Intumescent, flame retardant pressure sensitive adhesive composition for EMI shielding applications
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