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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Irrigation controller using regression model
Modifying irrigation schedules of existing irrigation controllers
Baby bib with protective neckline
Cushioned insole
Holders for beds
Gait assistive system and methods for using same
Glucose sensor package system
Remote data control system and measuring data gathering method
Radiation sensing apparatus
Nerve stimulation for treating spasticity, tremor, muscle weakness, and other motor disorders
Method of preparing neural tissue of the brain for subsequent electrical stimulation
Control apparatus for controlling radiotherapy irradiation system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Gas diffusion vacuum device
Drain pipe cleaning apparatus
Can manufacture
Die element changing devices
Resonant optical power control device assemblies
Fiber-ring optical resonators
Method for manufacturing a microstructure
Apparatus for manufacturing a wiring board
Crankshaft oil seal installation device
Method for cutting elastomeric materials
System and method for filtering electromagnetic and visual transmissions and for minimizing acoustic transmissions
Drive system having a common control-pressure connection
Bogie apparatus
Vehicle information and interaction management
Wiper blade having a lever connected to wiper arm
Textiles; Paper
Nozzle beam in a device for generating liquid jets
Fixed Constructions
Plow hitch with cam locking blocks
Splitter grappler
Glass block assembly for non-vertical use
Marketing, design, and construction techniques for buildings
Multipoint door lock
Cable lock
Stable hinge
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
High precision hydraulic synchronous and proportional flow dividing and flow collecting apparatus
Single cylinder engine with ternary catalyst in exhaust passage and vehicle provided with same
Pulse detonation engines and components thereof
Auxiliary power unit with integral firebox
Control system for vehicle
Gas turbine engine assembly and methods of assembling same
Signal processor for a joystick input device
Hydraulic energy storage with reinforced layer
Snap hook
Device for condensing volatile organic compounds from a storage or transport tank into oil
Heat exchanger for high purity and corrosive fluids
Method and apparatus for drying coating film and method for producing optical film
Less-lethal force device
Collimator blade aligning device, collimator blade aligning apparatus and method for producing a radiation collimator
Probe holder for various thickness substrates
Millimetre-wave detection device for discriminating between different materials
Signal processing system of multiplexed fiber bragg grating sensor using CDMA
Method and apparatus for developing multiple test cases from a base test case
Pressure sensor having a pressure detecting element and a circuit board on opposite sides of a housing
Ultra-miniature, high temperature, capacitive inductive pressure transducer
High pressure delta P sensor
Abrasion-resistant pig, and materials and methods for making same
Remote monitoring of pipelines using wireless sensor network
Method of analyzing particles suspended in liquid and liquid-suspended particle analyzer for carrying out the method
Measuring device for measuring the humidity of materials, particularly textiles
Method for evaluating burnishing element condition
Applied and residual stress measurements using magnetic field sensors
Modulation signal analysis apparatus
Exchange coupled film having magnetic layer with non-uniform composition and magnetic sensing element including the same
Seismic data acquisition module
Vibrator sweep shaping method
Subwavelength optical microstructure light-redirecting films
Image taking lens system
Light modulator and method of manufacturing the same
Optical fiber bundle unit for transmitting ultraviolet light
Photodetector/optical fiber apparatus with enhanced optical coupling efficiency and method for forming the same
Optical threshold devices and methods
Methods and apparatus for frequency shifting polarization mode dispersion spectra
Optical modulation device having excellent electric characteristics by effectively restricting heat drift
Optical pulse waveform conversion
Optical amplifiers, optical fiber raman amplifiers and optical systems
Strobe light emitting apparatus and camera
Data processing method and apparatus, reticle mask, exposing method and apparatus, and recording medium
Light generation apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Passive dirt shield for image reproduction devices
Image forming apparatus, control system therefor, cartridge, and memory device mounted in cartridge
Liquid application apparatus and image formation apparatus
Image forming apparatus and convey control method for recycle toner
Remote maintenance system
Lamp monitoring and control system and method
Feedback control method and feedback control apparatus
Method for control of a proportional magnet with a hold function
Parking brake actuator with integrated light switch
Auction method and apparatus for electronic commerce
Method and system for securely handling information between two information processing devices
Hardware interlock mechanism using a watchdog timer
Memory module resync
Switchable resource management in clustered computer system
Heterogeneous computer system, heterogeneous input/output system and data back-up method for the systems
Method to detect unbounded growth of linked lists in a running application
Copy on write file system consistency and block usage
System and method for ascertaining an displaying connection-related performance data in networks
Multi-channel, multi-service debug
Increased data availability in raid arrays using smart drives
System and method for securely utilizing basic input and output system (BIOS) services
Dynamic memory allocation for assigning partitions to a logical port from two groups of un-assigned partitions based on two threshold values
Multistandard video decoder and decompression system for processing encoded bit streams including a standard-independent stage and methods relating thereto
System and method for optimizing remote data content distribution
Management information base for a multi-domain network address translator
Serial bus interface device
Automated system for storing revision information from slave programmable devices in a master programmable device
Methods and structure for using a memory model for efficient arbitration
Synchronous flash memory emulating the pin configuration of SDRAM
Method and apparatus for handling data transfers
Collapsing event display for small screen computer
Enterprise network analyzer host controller/zone controller interface system and method
Prioritizing data transfers over data buses
Information processing apparatus and method, and recording medium used therewith
Manifold array processor
Techniques for monitoring user activities at a web site and for initiating an action when the user exits from the web site
Device and method for transforming a digital signal
Device, method, and medium for predicting a probability of an occurrence of a data
Balancing work release based on both demand and supply variables
On-die automatic selection of manipulated clock pulse
Position-direction measuring apparatus and information processing method
System and method for interactively designing and producing customized advertising banners
Apparatus for one-cycle decompression of compressed data and methods of operation thereof
Device and methods for processing channels in a data stream
Method of updating data in a compressed data structure
Pictographic mode awareness display for aircraft
VLIW processor and method therefor
Multiple operating system control method
Sim card mounting structure of mobile phone
Method and apparatus for inducing classifiers for multimedia based on unified representation of features reflecting disparate modalities
Communication system and control method thereof, and computer-readable memory
Multi-feature combination generation and classification effectiveness evaluation using genetic algorithms
System and method for configuring sell bids
Method and system for ascribing a reputation to an entity from the perspective of another entity
System and method for ascribing a reputation to an entity
System and method for multiple currency transactions
Image processing device and method of processing picture data
Hiding information out-of-phase in color channels
Image display
Storage system utilizing an active subset of drives during data storage and retrieval operations
Apparatus for reading data
Method for determining deskew margins in parallel interface receivers
Optical disc device
Guide shaft height adjustment mechanism and disc drive equipped with the adjustment mechanism
Disk processing apparatus including means for providing evaluation result of ranking a plurality of disks
Method of verifying defect management area information of optical disc upon initialization with certification and test apparatus for performing the same
Tracking and focus servo system with automatic media type detector
Method for fabricating a magnetic head using a ferrofluid mask
Wafer having surface contoured to form air bearing surfaces of a plurality of glide heads
Digital servo system with second order compensator
Optical disk recording apparatus having push-pull signal processing circuit, wobble extraction circuit and pre-pit detection circuit
Ferroelectric memory device
Semiconductor memory having electrically erasable and programmable semiconductor memory cells
Method and apparatus for storing mask values in a content addressable memory (CAM) device
Method and apparatus for determining a longest prefix match in a content addressable memory device
Charge trapping memory cell, method for fabricating it, and semiconductor memory device
Method for repairing a semiconductor memory
Semiconductor memory test device
Apparatus and method to read a nonvolatile memory
Delay line and output clock generator using same
Driving voltage controller of sense amplifiers for memory device
Fuel assemblies in a reactor core and method of designing and arranging same
Surface mounting surge absorber and surface mounting cap for surge absorber
Method of analyzing an integrated electric circuit, computer program utilizing the method, data carrier including the method, and method for downloading the program
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method
Increasing thermal conductivity of thermal interface using carbon nanotubes and CVD
Circuit housing
Protected exciter for an electrical power generator and associated methods
Optical amplifier for amplifying a wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) light including light in different wavelength bands
Fiber-coupled microsphere Raman laser
Laser driver with noise reduction feedback for optical storage applications
Multistage tunable gain optical amplifier
Reduced current and power consumption structure of drive circuit
Mixer circuit configuration
Viterbi equalizer using various hardware data paths for ACS and transmission metric operations
Method to decode variable length codes with regular bit pattern prefixes
Apparatus for detecting correlation, spectrum despread apparatus and receiver having the same, and method for detecting correlation
Spread spectrum communication system using DECT protocol
Method of optimizing the search for cells in a mobile telecommunication network
Wavelength division multiplex transmission system
Subscriber station with duplex antenna amplifier
Closed-loop transmitting antenna diversity method, base station apparatus and mobile station apparatus therefor, in a next generation mobile telecommunications system
Method of controlling data flow from terminals of a centrally controlled communication system
Apparatus and method for transmitting terrestrial signals on a common frequency with satellite transmissions
Multiplex hierarchy for high capacity transport systems
Identifying data loss in a transmission system
Method and apparatus for communicating maintenance messages and/or test messages of digital subscriber line services
Servicing output queues dynamically according to bandwidth allocation in a frame environment
Apparatus and method for sharing memory using extra data path having multiple rings
Network-based telephony gateway and network-based telephony method
Method and apparatus for efficient determination of channel estimate and baud frequency offset estimate
System and method for bit encoding to increase data transfer rate
System and method for operating a packet buffer
Fieldbus components, communication system and process for the transmission of data over a high speed transmission medium
Multi-carrier LAN adapter device using interpolative equalizer
Cellular telephone and personal digital assistance
Automated voice messaging system
Method and system of providing multi-user access to a packet switched network
Direct access arrangement (DAA) circuit having automatic interface identification
System and method for transporting a compressed video and data bit stream over a communication channel
Method and system for using caller preferences to direct special call handling
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
Method and device for communicating information
Fiber bundles for x-ray imaging
Method for fabricating structure of polymer-matrix conductive film
Crosstalk cancellation for integrated circuit package configuration
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Bird bath fountain
Apparatus for rolling up a sheet of dough
Device and process for separating sausages
Method and apparatus for stripping casings from sausages
Abdominal postoperative binder
Panty girdle
Footprint generating toy
Lift dolly for use in conjunction with stand-mounted power tools and the like, including mounting mechanism
Method and apparatus to exercise developmentally delayed persons
Fluid guide device having an open structure surface for attachement to a fluid transport source
Endoscope video camera head which can be autoclaved
Illuminated dental and surgical retractor and kit including plurality of blades and blades recharging base
Bone marrow biopsy needle
Vaginal probe and method of using same
Incisional breast biopsy device
Self-expanding defect closure device and method of making and using
Sutureless vessel plug and methods of use
Compression pad for laparoscopic/thorascopic surgery
Package for retaining a suture and a suture anchor
Anastomotic instrument
Tendon and ligament repair system
Patella height gauge and method of locating a patella using same
Modular orthopaedic clamping tool
Method of inserting and preloading spinal implants
Ascending centromedullary thigh bone pin with mechanical clamping of its two ends
Skin vibration method for topical targeted delivery of beneficial agents into hair follicles
Device for stabbing a corneum layer
System and method of use for revascularizing stenotic bypass grafts and other occluded blood vessels
Process and device for generating shock waves for medical uses
Method for coaxial breast biopsy
Surgical instrument with rotatably mounted offset end effector and method of using the same
Ablation devices and methods of use
Tissue punching instrument
Medical punch with high shear angle cutting edges
Surgical cutting instrument and method of use
Direct linear drive dermatome
System for evulsing subcutaneous tissue
Trocar system having expandable port
Use of shape memory alloy for internally fixing light emitting device at treatment site
Self-contained disposable handpiece for a skin tissue removing apparatus
External fixation device
Fastener and method for bone fixation
Device to stabilize the lamina
Spinal column retaining method and apparatus
Intervertebral fusion device
Stop mechanism and method therefor
Method and apparatus for monitoring solid tissue heating
Ablation catheter
Electrosurgical instrument
Cell necrosis apparatus
Method and apparatus for hair removal
Method of employing a flashlamp for removal of hair, veins and capillaries
Variable pulse width lasing device
Method of improving photorefractive keratectomy by increasing ablation smoothness
Versatile stereotactic device
System and method for releasably holding a surgical instrument
Intraocular slit illuminator and method therefor
Guide wire extension system
Interstitial fluid collection and constituent measurement
Patient interface system with a scale
Wrist alarm apparatus for sudden heart attack patient
Acoustic tumor detection using stacked derived-band ABR amplitude
Heartbeat monitor for wearing during exercise
Methods for the use of contrast agents in ultrasonic imaging
Scanning aid for quantified three dimensional ultrasonic diagnostic imaging
One visit denture
Endonontic irrigator tips and kits
Dental patient face mask
Matrix for dental fillings
Dental impression tray
Apparatus for protecting care providers from baby urination accidents
Cotton swabs with soft tips
Catheter with grooved wall
Vena cava filter
Method for making a stent
Method for forming a yarn wrapped PTFE tubular prosthesis
Luminal stent, holding structure therefor and device for attaching luminal stent
Device and method for trans myocardial revascularization (TMR)
Locating anchor
Multi-stage collagen-based template or implant for use in the repair of cartilage lesions
Adjustable height fusion device
Rotatable and translatable joint prosthesis with posterior stabilization
Shock absorbing device for an artificial leg
Motion restraining brace
Orthotic joint with radial hydraulic force transfer
Laminated orthopedic brace
Resiliently retracting external nasal dilator
Patella strap method
Prophylactic system with vasodilator-containing film
Wound treatment apparatus including a heater and an IR-Transparent or IR-Transmissive bandage
Strabismus recession clamp
Liquefaction handpiece
Compression sleeve for use with a gradient sequential compression system
Teat, in particular of the comforter type
Intraluminal stent
Sealless rotary blood pump
Integral cerebro-vascular access system
Expandable parenchymal bolt with lever activation
Needle protector
IV protector
Splittable tubular medical device and method for manufacture
Modular imaging/treatment catheter assembly
Method and apparatus for performing hysterosalpingography
Apparatus for altering characteristics of a fluid
Angiographic syringe adapter for front-loading injector
Vial for use as syringe accessory
Gas power source for a needle-less injector
Automatically activated protection system for hypodermic needles
Cardiac pacemaker with bidirectional communication
Setscrew less lead connector system for medical devices
Radioactive therapeutic seeds
Stilbene compounds and their use
Method for processing waste containing metal contaminants using a reducing agent
Folding portable exercise apparatus
Exercise machine press arm
Elliptical motion exercise methods and apparatus
Apparatus for tennis ball retrieval
Golf club
Putter head with improved alignment and stability features
Golf club head with improved weight distributions
Basketball rim and net assembly
Educational system and method of using same
Exercise machine
Training bag apparatus
Interactive simulator ride
Simulated real time game play with live event
Lotto gaming apparatus and method
Yo-yo having snap-on rotor members
Yo-yo having radially anchored cushions
Air pumping station for pneumatic toy vehicle
Multi-cultural doll
Modeling composition with colored cotton
Performing Operations; Transporting
Composite porous media
Smog scoop with disposable filter inside
Gas transfer pipe arrangement
Nitrous oxide purification by pressure swing adsorption
Gas treating apparatus
Method for recovering sublimable material
Comminuting media comprising martensitic/austenitic steel containing retained work-transformable austenite
Process and device for separating liquid drops from a gas stream
Method and a device for internal cleaning of a centrifugal rotor, and a centrifugal separator equipped with a device of this kind
Device for the controlled spraying of pulverulent lubricants onto punches and dies of tableting presses
Device for separating excess powder oversprayed when powder coating workpieces
Method for adhering a member and apparatus for adhering a member
Method of and an apparatus for removing image forming substance from an image supporting body
Hood door airfoil
Method for cleaning tier sheets
Industrial cleaning sponge
Method for producing cylindrical coating carriers
Table drive for multi-axis machine tool
Cushioning conversion machine with single feed/cut motor
Machining methods and apparatus
Procedure for the surface treatment of petrous materials
Fining/polishing machine
Wafer carrier head with inflatable bladder and attack angle control for polishing
Underwater wafer storage and wafer picking for chemical mechanical polishing
Machine for finishing nonmagnetic components
Apparatus for machining cylindrical workpieces
Flatness and throughput of single side polishing of wafers
Carrier head including a flexible membrane and a compliant backing member for a chemical mechanical polishing apparatus
Polishing machine
Compact motorized table saw
Wafer polishing apparatus
Outside diameter finishing tool and method of making the same
Layered alumina-based abrasive grit, abrasive products, and methods
Abrasive article and method of making such article
Method for removing and transporting articles from molds
Injection assembly for a plastic injection mould and method for making the assembly
Apparatus for molding plastic caps
Injection molding cooling core having spiral grooves
Zipper component and method for forming same
Tire building apparatus and method
Apparatus for wicket-top converting of a cross-laminated synthetic resin fiber mesh bag
Carton-shaping machine
Folder-sealer device which is configured to receive mailer forms from a number of different paper sources
Method of protecting metals against corrosion
Reaction solution for ink jet recording method using two liquids
Stepper advertising device and method
Motor-vehicle passenger-compartment air-cleaner
Planetary gear drive train
Material-handling vehicle
Automatic motor vehicle P.T.O. drive control
Hydraulic circuit for an ejector type dump mechanism for articulated trucks and the like
Personal watercraft carrier with lowering and lifting capability
Piston pump for a vehicle brake system having a plastic piston with a wear resistant cam-striking face
Moving system
Corrosion resistant spare tire storage and retrieval system and safety latch assembly for a vehicle, and method of using same
Electric auxiliary apparatus for bicycle
Life ring/chair combination
Flotation device
Direct injected personal watercraft
Refuse bag opener
Method and apparatus for sealing containers
Device for preparing and applying labels and a method of operation thereof
Method for packing perishable goods
Lift-liner apparatus
Pallet handling apparatus
Forklift truck
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for producing aluminum fluoride particles
Spherical color pigments, process for their production and use thereof
Cobalt-containing iron oxide pigments, process for producing the same and magnetic recording medium containing the same
Composite concrete
Stable form of iron humate or of other meso and micro nutritive elements available for plant nutrition and method for obtaining it
Organic liquid nutrition source for plants and manufacturing method for same
Vacuum coated particulate fertilizers
Non-detonatable pyrotechnic materials for microsystems
Stabilized aqueous diazo solutions
Friction material composition
Stable colorant compositions
Lipid vesicle-based fuel additives and liquid energy sources containing same
Lubricants for diesel fuel
Self-contained charcoal starter
Multi-layer candle having different fragrances in each layer
Composition and methods for cleaning surfaces
Flame detection monitoring system for detecting blockages in blast furnace injection paths
Rare earth permanent magnet and method for producing the same
Method of aluminising a superalloy
Dual plate gas assisted heater module
Chemical vapor deposition chamber having an adjustable flow flange
Single crystal pulling method
Method for production of dislocation-free silicon single crystal
Geometric shape control of thin film ferroelectrics and resulting structures
Textiles; Paper
Multi-fold mat structure
Fixed Constructions
Combination step/stop arrangement for a skid steer loader
Motion impartation device
Pool recirculation control system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Composite aluminum alloy scroll machine components
Compressor housing
Cylinder, for a rolling piston compressor
Fluid handling device
Gas turbine stationary blade double cross type seal device
Brush seal for high-pressure rotor applications
Removable inner turbine shell and bucket tip clearance control
Blade for axial fluid machine having projecting portion at the tip and root of the blade
Gas turbine blade
Cowling latch for outboard motor
Compact actuator for a throttle assembly
Device and method for adjusting the transmission ratio of a CVT
Linear compressor with a coaxial piston arrangement
Reciprocating pump
Soft start valve
Multi-stage hydraulic pump
Displacement type compressor and method of forming coating film
Fluid compressor
Variable displacement pump
Continuous capacity control for a multi-stage compressor
Dry-pit submersible pump having a fan and a torque-relieving mechanism
Fan blade applique
Pump seal flushing ring
Ratchet assembly for pedestal fan
Raising siphon method and apparatus
Control system, in particular emergency control system, of an automatic clutch
Tearing configuration for flexible element of elastomeric coupling
Planetary gear with compensating coupling
Toroidal continuously variable transmission
Process for precise adjustment of a hydrostatic and mechanical torque division gearing
Gear designing method, gear manufacturing method, and gear manufactured by the same method
Mechanical locking differential
Engine output torque control for powertrain with engageable positive clutches
Shift mode selector for automatic transmission
Apparatus for automatic transmission shifting action, having device for learning compensation of control parameter influencing pattern of pressure change of frictional coupling device
Belt handling system
Track lighting fixture
Structure for supply of fuel and pilot air
Combustion chamber to accommodate a split-stream of recycled gases
Equipment for air supply to a room
Electrical connection device having electrical connection members with a tubular body and a sliding tip
Connector for electronic parts
Apparatus and method for designing a test and modeling system for a network switch device
Reflective curved container for viewing objects
Method of laying out interconnections
Diffusion simulation method for impurities using mesh points and branches utilizing concentrations of electrically active impurities and effective impurity electric field mobility
Integrated placement and synthesis for timing closure of microprocessors
Method and apparatus for contemporaneously compiling an electronic circuit design by contemporaneously bipartitioning the electronic circuit design using parallel processing
System and method of creating and delivering software
Device for playing games via a communications network, and a game system using a communications network
Coin handling apparatus and a coin deposit machine incorporating such an apparatus
Coin dispensing mechanism having a peg and groove configuration
Game machine for randomly selected information comparison with sets of selected, randomly selected and correlated information
Educational instrument for numbers
Programmable sound and music making device
Apparatus and method for achieving positive crown during ABS lap
Lamp and lamp base assembly
Process for low temperature semiconductor fabrication
Method of growing single semiconductor crystal and semiconductor device with single semiconductor crystal
Electronic device manufacture
Semiconductor wafer serving as master-slice with built-in additional current drivers for semi-custom-made integrated circuit device
Automated wafer buffer for use with wafer processing equipment
Methods of encapsulating electroluminescent apparatus
Light emitting device, electric device provided with the light emitting device, and method of producing the light emitting device
Terminal-receiving socket for mounting on a circuit board
Low insertion force connector with gear driven cams
Cam-in edge-card connector
Electrical connector assembly
Electrical card connector
Protective structure for junctions
Method and apparatus for securing the continuity of a power supply to an electrical appliance
Electrical connector having spring contact with double contact projections as a contact region with contact pad of an external electronic component
Single action mechanical/electrical circuit card engagement mechanism
Electrical connector with a contact-ensuring slide
Stacked double deck modular gang jack connector
Lamp socket with rainwater drainage means
Positive retention sleeve for modular connector
Bracket design for a back to back individual strain relief of two modular connectors
Electrical plug lock
Multivoltage keyed electrical connector
Stacking coaxial connector for three printed circuit boards
Grounding arrangement for a shielded cable connector
Protective grounding electrical receptacle with repositional plug acceptors
Switching connector
Ground plane for a filtered electrical connector
Electrical connector having a retention mechanism
Trailer circuit connector mount
Electrode mounting structure
Jack socket having a tubular guide and a holder detached from one another
Communication connector with wire holding sled
Selectable compatibility electrical connector jack
Hinged electronic device
Insulated connector for electrical conductors
Terminal fitting
Multi-stranded conductor terminal assembly having resilient contact pad with undulations
Push-wire contact
Method for placing contact on electrical connector
Method for connecting coaxial cables and connector for that purpose
Method of manufacturing a spark plug with ground electrode concentrically disposed to a central electrode
Universal compatibility software system for services in communication and information processing networks
Electronic endoscope system
Multi-stage interconnection type electronic component with movable hook guide member and electronic equipment having the plural modules
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew