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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Multiple agricultural product application method and systems
Mechanized training device
Oral care chew for animals
Apparatus for using microwave energy for insect and pest control and methods thereof
Animal entrapment device and system
Pesticidal compositions and processes related thereto
Pesticidal compositions and processes related thereto
Method for sterilization and homogenization of liquid products
Sorrel harvesting machine with spaced apart rotating return and cutting drums moving in opposite directions at a throat therebetween
Portable vaporizer with central pin heater having heat diffuser-mixer blades
Method of securing and aligning a necktie on a shirt
Device and method for protecting clothing
Method and apparatus for preventing concussions
Rib structure of an inverse folding umbrella
Beach umbrella system
Sunshade device
Travel luggage with a mechanism for compressing contents
Motorized luggage system
Cosmetic container
Combination hair wrap, sleep mask, and reading light
Secured sports equipment backpack
Dynamic load carriage frame
Multi-function habitable backpack
Carrying assembly
Cellular phone tethering system
Wearable package for consumable products and methods for using same
Wall calendar stand
Passenger vehicle and adjustable seat therefor
Travel pillow assembly
Rail position lock
Adjustable width garment hanging device
Ice-surrounded plate carrier
Apparatus for creating decorative floral arrangements incorporating cut flowers with stems taken from living plants
AC and/or DC voltage powered machine for preparing espresso coffee and other infused drinks and beverages
Multipurpose leveraging paint can holder
Dental hygiene storage device
Child water safety apparatus
Computer keyboard dust vacuum
Switching mechanism for a vacuum cleaner having coupling mechanism for switching a vacuum switch and an agitator switch
Devices and methods for dilating a paranasal sinus opening and for treating sinusitis
Medical sealing device
Suture guide and ruptured tissue repair
Assembly including at least one implant and a gripping device, and method for preparing for fitting the implant of an assembly of the aforementioned type
Endoscopic purse string surgical device
Device for the treatment of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Surgical instrument with translating compliant jaw closure feature
Surgical instrument with clutching slip ring assembly to power ultrasonic transducer
Small diameter laparoscopic tool having releasable tip
Thoracic access assembly
Anterior cervical plate
Illumination system for opthalmic microscope, and its operation method
Wearable patch comprising multiple separable adhesive layers
Formation of a color map for an elastic image
Method for automatically measuring a fetal artery and in particular the abdominal aorta and device for the echographic measurement of a fetal artery
Hands-free shoulder carrier for children
Performing Operations; Transporting
Beverage brewing package
Passing a blob from a container into a mouth
Self-oiling skillet
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Macrocyclic picolinamides compounds with fungicidal activity
Fixed Constructions
Salmon migration lift device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Convection cooking apparatus
Generating device, generating method, and program
Method of determining beamforming coefficient, beamforming method and ultrasonic imaging apparatus
Medical imaging system
Information processor, computer readable recording medium which records data evacuation program, and data evacuation method
Systems, methods and apparatuses for clock enable (CKE) coordination
System and method for managing group policy backup
Method and apparatus for system analysis
Method and apparatus for managing virtual ports on storage systems
Apparatus and method for diagnosing cablecard-related status and performing proper processing according to diagnosis result in opencable system, opencable host, and opencable reception apparatus
Background memory validation for gaming devices
Method and system for coordinated multiple cluster failover
Failover and load balancing
Multiple protocol data transport
Equipment protection method and apparatus
System and method for providing encryption in storage operations in a storage network, such as for use by application service providers that provide data storage services
Management system for outputting information denoting recovery method corresponding to root cause of failure
Digitized radar information redundancy method and system
Reduced complexity LDPC decoder
Computer system management method and management system
System and method for providing indexing with high availability in a network based suite of services
Use of statistical representations of traffic flow in a data processing system
Server-side encrypted pattern matching
Time-based key management for encrypted information
Search engine with webpage rating feedback based Internet search operation
Method and apparatus of effective functional test data generation for web service testing
System and method to manage a translation lookaside buffer
Hybrid drive employing non-volatile semiconductor memory to facilitate refreshing disk
Emulating a removable mass storage device
Method for implementing on demand configuration changes
Disk drive and method of changing a program therefor
Allocating substitute area capacity in a storage system using flash memory packages
Multiple incremental virtual copies
Method and system for remote diagnostic, control and information collection based on various communication modes for sending messages to users
Image processing apparatus that can be remotely controlled and control method therefor
Request controller, processing unit, method for controlling requests and computer program product
Method for efficiently generating privacy addresses
Alerting users to items of current interest
Distributed file system including multicast retrieval
System and method for configuring servlet-based components as dynamic content components
Gaming browser manager client system and method
System and method to identify devices employing point-to-point-over ethernet encapsulation
Massive terminals access of a streaming media server including setting maximum count of file handles allowed to be opened
Method for creating manipulating exchanging and distributing information messages of organized data structure
Method and apparatus for distributing routing instructions over multiple interfaces of a data router
Data transferring method
Content request routing method
Communication control unit and communication control method applied for multi-cast supporting LAN
Data alteration prevention system
Method for transmitting a communication invitation relating to a medical DICOM image
Data transfer device and data transfer system
Method, system and apparatus for managing computer processes
Dynamic resource allocation in virtual environments
File content distribution method, device, and system for an interactive network television system
Method for the consistent provision of configuration data in an industrial automation system comprising a plurality of networked control units, and industrial automation system
Using unique local unicast addresses in a global domain name server by providing a centralized registry
Method and system for detecting changes in computer files and settings and automating the migration of settings and files to computers
Reconfigurable microprocessor configured with multiple caches and configured with persistent finite state machines from pre-compiled machine code instruction sequences
Disabling redundant subfunctional units receiving same input value and outputting same output value for the disabled units in SIMD processor
Correlation, association, or correspondence of electronic forms
Method and system for reversible design tree transformations
Data mining and reporting
Adaptive filter for channel estimation with adaptive step-size
Generating a hash value from a vector representing a data object
Citation record extraction system and method
Proofreading device, method for proofreading document, and computer readable recording medium storing proofreading control program
Systems and methods of partitioning data for synchronous parallel processing
Support for international search terms
Mechanisms to support object-oriented version control operations
Generation of refinement terms for search queries
Managing large datasets obtained through a survey-data-acquisition process
Methods and apparatus for propagating functional dependencies with conditions
Syndicating humor
Methods for implementation of information audit trail tracking and reporting in a storage system
Content similarity pyramid
Acquisition and presentation of data indicative of an extent of congruence between inferred mental states of authoring users
Method for verifying functional equivalence between a reference IC design and a modified version of the reference IC design
Method and mechanism for extraction and recognition of polygons in an IC design
Method and apparatus to use physical design information to detect IR drop prone test patterns
Via design apparatus and via design method based on impedance calculations
Theft management system and method
Systems and methods for automatic assignment of identification codes to devices
Organizational tools on a multi-touch display device
Object selecting apparatus, object selecting program, integrated circuit used for the object selecting apparatus, and object selecting method
System and method for migrating data from a storage device
System and method for archiving of data
Methods and apparatuses for managing reproduction of text subtitle data
Elicitation method for custom image preferences using keywords
Information search method and apparatus
Method and system for displaying an image instead of data
Methods and systems for improving hash table performance
System and method for discovering story trends in real time from user generated content
Interprocess communication using a single semaphore
Authentication bypass method
Method and apparatus for camouflaging of data, information and functional transformations
Programmable logic systems and methods employing configurable floating point units
Information handling system including a multiple compute element processor with distributed data on-ramp data-off ramp topology
Method and system for remote configuration of a computing device
Controlling access to software component state
Translation look-aside buffer
Method and system for web-based enterprise change and configuration management reports
Graphical user interface (GUI) noise reduction in a cognitive control framework
Parametric regular object types with comprehensions for automated generation of software test fixtures
Computer security system and method
Instruction exploitation through loader late fix-up
Data output apparatus, data processing apparatus and data output system including these apparatuses
Semiconductor device, memory circuit, and machine language program generation device, and method for operating semiconductor device and memory circuit
Method of verifying logic circuit including decoders and apparatus for the same
Computing platform with resource constraint negotiation
Passing initiative in a multitasking multiprocessor environment
Virtual machine switching control by prefetching information out of and updating a set of processor control information based on a bitmap having update status
Storage system and method for controlling the same
Disk device including disk conveyance mechanism and disk installment mechanism
Methods and apparatus for error checking code decomposition
DTV transmitting system and method of processing broadcast data
Device and method for detecting and correcting errors in a data stream
Apparatus and method for determining reliability of decoded data in communication system
Simplified parallel address-generation for interleaver
Method for a general near optimal turbo code trellis termination
Peer discovery and secure communication in failover schemes
Method and apparatus of storage anti-piracy key encryption (SAKE) device to control data access for networks
Method and apparatus for an improved access system
Method and system for encrypting files based on security rules
Control technique for object production rights
Security restrictions on binary behaviors
Authorizing customer premise equipment into a network
Method and arrangement for security activation detection in a telecommunication system
Method to control access between network endpoints based on trust scores calculated from information system component analysis
Method and system for secure communications on a managed network
System and method for human assisted secure information exchange
TV program search apparatus
Video distribution apparatus, viewer apparatus, video distribution system including these apparatuses, control method for the video distribution apparatus, control method for the viewer apparatus, and computer program for the apparatuses
Digital broadcast transmission device and digital broadcast reception device
Modifying the behavior of a multimedia transport system in response to detected capabilities of a client system
Mobile video system
Multimedia presentation resumption within an environment of multiple presentation systems
Expired Patents Due To Time
Dish rack
Helmet eye shield
Flexible container support frame
Wheeled carrier
Lighted mechanics creeper
Floating lounger
Washing machine control panel
Fishing lure
Reel seat for fishing rod
Reel seat for fishing rod
Mosquito inhibitor device
Bathtub faucet
Lavatory faucet
Recirculating water fountain
Pot filler
Element for filtration
Gutter and cover system
Single lever lavatory set
Toilet seat unit
Clip for CPAP humidifier tub
Air filtration device
Computed radiography reader
Clutch transfer device
Pen-type injector
Dental tool
Package for medical fluid
Package for medical fluid
Stackable aliquot vessel array
Shieldable medical needle assembly
Surgical saw blade
Sanitary napkin
Adhesive patch
Disposable diaper pant
Pacifier with reservoir for dispensing medicine
Disposable diaper pant
Anchor pad
Block for a flowerbed
Extrusion or similar article
Modular floor tile set
Belt post for crowd control
Belt post for crowd control
Louvered vent with screen
Worklight with octagonal base
Double header rechargeable halogen lantern
Floor lamp base
Wall mounted light fixture
Lighting fixture
Wall light
Rechargeable lamp
Front combination lamp for an automobile
Rear combination lamp for an automobile
Exterior surface configuration of a vehicle rear light
Solar powered outdoor light
Portion of a light and motion detector assembly
Light fixture
Machine for filling the cigarettes tubes
Herringbone braiding device
Nail treatment device
Protected pet dish
Scalloped squirrel baffle
Toy ball
Human Necessities
Turf cutting and handling system for golf green cup
Farm equipment hitch
Seed planter
Seed metering system for use in a seeding machine
Vegetation cutter/catcher
Axle driving unit for a lawn tractor
Lawn mower starting assembly and bail
Lawn mower discharge shutter
Freeze protection compound for fruit trees
Vertical underground stump grinding apparatus
Modular floating decorative garden and related water quality process
Chrysanthemum plant named `Dark Yoelmira`
Begonia plant named `Celina`
Astrantia plant named `Abbey Road`
Astilbe plant named `Country and Western`
Kalanchoe plant named `Britney`
Begonia plant named `Maren Top`
Kalanchoe plant named `Jazz`
Hydrangea serrata plant named `Okan`
Kalanchoe plant named `Kylie`
Begonia plant named `Caroline`
Kalanchoe plant named `Helene`
Miniature rose plant named `POULhi009`
Double Impatiens plant named `Boddblapp`
Begonia plant named `Janina`
Astilbe plant named `Drum and Bass`
Floribunda rose plant named `JACarobe`
Double Impatiens plant named `Boddblbrp`
Calibrachoa plant named `USCALI6`
Salvia plant named `Pink Delight`
Shrub rose plant named `AUSbite`
Double impatiens plant named `Boddbldpk`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Hi Time`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Apricot Yoelmira`
Kalanchoe plant named `2002-0516`
Guzmania plant named `Georgia`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yonorwich`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Dragon Time`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yomanhattan`
Begonia plant named `Kaya`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi Two Ama`
Device for supporting a milking member
Apparatus for producing a foam bovine teat dip
Thermostatically controlled, heated animal nurser and means for simulating a mother's heartbeat
Fishing device
Humane animal trap, and method of use thereof
Calibrachoa plant named `USCALI11`
Thick film heater for a popcorn popper
Humidification cylinder and method of humidifying material
Device for the pneumatic inspection of smoking items
Piezo fan for ventilated garment
Trousers with adjustable location knee pads
Backpacking jacket
Rider down emergency identification card
Wearable adjustable garment pattern template
Helmet restraint system
Shroud plate
Sports helmet having impact absorbing crumple or shear zone
Article of footwear incorporating a shock absorption and energy return assembly for shoes
Minefield shoe and method for manufacture thereof
Structure of ventilated shoe bottom
Slide fastener finishing apparatus
Hair treatment applicator and applicator head
Device for introduction of a substance into a propelled fluid
Cuticle cutting instrument
Exercise mat ensemble and method of use
Folding desk
Folding banquet table
Eating counter apparatus for mobile vending vehicle and seating apparatus therefor
Decorative structure with slotted grid and detachably secured tiles
Contoured body pillow
Convertible stretcher
Low profile condensing unit
Molded plastic unibody display frame
Foldable eating utensil
Filter assembly of coffee maker
Beverage brewer with pour over feature
Toilet seat hinge
Device for accurately marking tissue
Load monitoring test device for a patient's foot
Flosser apparatus with lockable floss tightener
Motorized toothbrush brush tip with two counter-rotating brush heads rotating on a common axis
Elastomeric tensioning system for head and ear mounted eyewear
Supplementary wheel support for a motorized wheelchair
Wheeled carriage having a powered auxiliary wheel, auxiliary wheel overtravel, and an auxiliary wheel drive and control system
Airway management apparatus and method
Device for the bidirectional transfer of a liquid between a vial and a carpule
Disposable cassette having a sealing membrane and a valve actuator therefor
Medicament dry powder inhaler dispensing device
Inhalation apparatus for powder medications
Medication dispenser
Inhalator comprising a dosage counting device
Pneumatic oxygen conserving device
Ventilatory stabilization technology
Method and apparatus for providing variable positive airway pressure
Portable hygienic water jet having sanitary disposable nozzle protector on non-disposable nozzle
Tactile feedback for indicating validity of communication link with an implantable medical device
Civilian anti-terrorist attack gas mask
Nasal mask with replaceable filter
Method for reconditioning propane cylinders
Dry accelerator for sprinkler system
Fire protection sprinkler head support
Shuttlecock launcher and method for launching
Collapsible play structures
Performing Operations; Transporting
Physical chemistry compression
Structured packing
Process and apparatus for producing a metallic honeycomb body
Sleeve with guidance ring
Microarraying apparatus, pin head therefor and spotting method
Rice polisher, pre-polished rice producing apparatus, leveling device and pre-polished rice producing facility
Label release and separation system
Method and plant for cleaning of gases from a combustion engine
Small liquid supply assembly
Cleaning apparatus for semiconductor wafer
Dynamic oil flusher cleaning system
Method for forming a three dimensional object
Method and apparatus for forming a structural member
Dynamic punch
Method of enabling the spacing of metal units
Bending method and bending system
Roll bending die
Single cam container necking apparatus and method
Riveting method
Method and apparatus for forming metallic materials
Stamping press arrangement and method
Method and device for filling casting sand
Bimetallic plate
Injector particularly for vacuum die-casting apparatus
Reduction casting method, reduction casting apparatus and molding die using same
Tube cutter
Turret type product receiver/unloader for slugless shear
Cutter assembly
Apparatus and method for adjusting the cutting angle of a cutting tool
Worktable for cutting machine
Circular cut-off saw blade
Milling tool for machining wood, wooden materials, synthetic materials or the like
Pallet elastomer mount
NC machine tool having spindle run-out diagnosing function
Angle guide for saws
Apparatus and system for removing carrier film from a singulated die
Ratchet wrench with adjustable working size
Adjustable wrench
Ratchet wrench having a positioning structure
Quick rotation wrench having an angle adjustment structure
Security fastener removing kit
Tool assembly with a tire repairing wrench
Wrench with a fixed maximum operational torque
Wrench with a fixed maximum operational torque
Copper pipe coupler tool and method of coupling
Device for controlling the oscillation of the arm of a handling equipment of the swingable lever type
Utility cutting tool having toggle link mechanism field of the invention
Self-supporting pneumatic hammer positioner with universal joint
Fastening structure using a taper implant
Muffling structure for pneumatic tool
Tool connecting device for robot hand
Folding knife with a substantially spherical locking mechanism
Detachable combination tool
Method of cutting a tie wrap
Haircutting instrument and method of use
Power operated rotary knife
Skirted floor scraper blade
Punching device for edge decoration
Manual belt skiver
High-speed, hand-held reciprocating method for cutting, carving, sawing, chiseling, filing, sanding, and engraving
Intercalated sheet feeding device for a cold cuts slicer
Hand tool for punching holes in a range of plastic irrigartion pipes
Device for blanking out patterns
Log debarker with covered bark slots
Unitary plastic boat lift buoyancy tank
Unitary plastic boat lift buoyancy tank
Wirelaying tool and method for laying a wire into an interior bore surface of a cylinder
Cure-on-the-fly system
Method for attaching reclosable zipper strip transversely to a sheet of thermoplastic film material
Spout insertion apparatus
Packaging filler product and machine for producing same
Machine for manufacturing corrugated board with pressure applicator stabilizers
Floor tile structure without adhesive coating at the bottom
Method of adjusting dampening-solution feed in an offset printing press
Printing press with a doctor blade device
Systems and method for selecting a media for a print job
Method of making a print head for use in a ballistic aerosol marking apparatus
Sheet material holding device
Stencil printing machine and control method thereof
Screen printed fabric
High speed machine for inserting sheets into envelopes
Device for handling objects in sheet form
Bicycle wheel rim adapted to mount a tubeless tire of a large size
Sheet-affixing device and sheet-supplying device
Pneumatic tire
Pneumatic tire with specified bead portion
Subframe driveline module
Condensate removal system rooftop air conditioner
Vehicle air conditioner having refrigerant cycle with heating function
Hybrid temperature control system
Air conditioning unit with an inner heat transfer unit
Weather strip for a sliding type rear door
Retractable awning
Drive unit
Selectable overspeed secondary drive module
Regeneration control apparatus and method for vehicle
Control system of hybrid transmission
Vehicle with motor and engine
System for driving hybrid vehicle, method thereof and electric power supply system therefor
Final drive for driving a vehicle wheel
Device for use in maintaining a temperature in a vehicle or shipping container
Shock-absorbed vehicle steering wheel
Locking mechanism for protection of the hydraulic circuit, called hydra lock, mostly for trucks
Steering lock device
Wiper for multiple and independent surfaces
Motion wheel washer
System for releasing a pedal of a motor vehicle in the event of a frontal impact
Hydraulic actuating device for a closure assembly
Vehicle with a steerable wheelset
Tractor with a cab
Bicycle mounted locking system for theft prevention
Personal transportation system
Extended reach tie-back system
Recessed line holder for a boat fender
Boat landing apparatus with removable winch
Compact hybrid actuator
Device for measuring pressure, sound and vibration and method of analyzing flow on surfaces of structural parts
Aircraft ground support air conditioning unit with temperature-biased flow control
Process for producing cigarette packs
Method for wrapping groups of products with stretch film
Bundler method and apparatus
Waste funnel system
Method and apparatus for detecting unique items during insertion into a product packaging system
Machine for producing so-called strip packs
Filling machine
Computer controlled position slaved servo labeling system
Unit dose packaging system with exterior pocket feature
Device for bundling objects, such as cable bundles
Device and method for web tension measurement
Device for guiding flat or sheet-like copies in folders
Self-adjusting braking device for weft feeders
Method for inserting an elastomeric yarn and yarn processing system
Independent torsioning unit
Hole center detecting apparatus, straightness measuring apparatus, and residual torsion measuring apparatus
Electric corkscrew
Container opener
Saddle for two persons
Method and device for turning and relaxing springs
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Burners for producing boules of fused silica glass
Process for bend-shaping a glass plate and an apparatus for bend-shaping the glass plate
Process for making rare earth doped optical fiber
Device and method for melting or refining glass or glass ceramics
Compliant standoff for low pressure sensing device
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation using heat sources positioned within open wellbores
Modular pressure vessel unheading and containment system
Assembly station for sputter shield assembly
Method for providing a rotating structure having a wire-arc-sprayed aluminum bronze protective coating thereon
Textiles; Paper
Method of hydroenhancing fabrics using a shaped orifice
Clothes dryer adaptive heater control
Method of forming a three-dimensional camouflage fabric
Refiner control method and system
Fixed Constructions
Modular tile and tile flooring system
Cover assembly for structural members
Prestressed concrete girder of adjustable load bearing capacity for bridge and adjustment method for load bearing capacity of bridge
Snow removal apparatus and method of removing snow
Combination bucket/breaker apparatus for excavator boom stick
Lip assembly
Transition fitting
Closet flange
Retrofit hurricane and earthquake protection
Sealing element for expansion joints
Vertical wall structure with electrical service
Post and beam furniture system
Faceted radius grid
Box gutters
Roof deck termination structure
Facia border
Kits and systems releasably attachable to a wall, and methods employing same
Whirlpool bath filter and suction device
Room tent
Submerged surface pool cleaning device
Earthquake-proofing reinforcing metal fitting
Door knob handle
Balance system for sash window assembly
Window lifting device for motor vehicles
Fire and water-resistant container
Covered roller for gate system
Adjustable tension gate Z-bracket
Stress distributing hole for window sash
Window blind having an operating device for concealed pull ropes thereof
Anchor apparatus for curtain cord
Roller cone bit with improved seal gland design
Floating offshore construction, and floating element
Apparatuses and methods of deploying and installing subsea equipment
Power tong assembly and method
Vise apparatus
Cementing system and method for wellbores
Cuttings disposal method
Expandable packer, and method for seating an expandable packer
Method and apparatus for expanding and separating tubulars in a wellbore
Inflatable packer with prestressed bladder
Dump valve assembly for selective draining of liquid from an oil well pipe stream
Downhole percussion drills
Sand control method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for alternate path system
Detonators for use with explosive devices
Methods of reducing proppant flowback
Method and apparatus for multilateral junction
Nozzle mount for soft excavation
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fluid pressure powered motor
Stirling engine with swashplate actuator
High efficiency gas turbine power generator
Tail tube seal structure of combustor and a gas turbine using the same structure
Simple and compact low-temperature power cycle
Apparatus for switching the operation of a change valve of a combustion engine
Connection between two shaft ends, positioned coaxially one behind the other, of a gas shuttle valve in an internal combustion engine and a valve actuator
Pressure pulse generator
Balancer shaft assembly
Safety plug
System and method for estimating oxidant storage of a catalyst
Exhaust emission control device of internal-combustion engine
Valve-controlled internal combustion engine
Transmission oil cooler and filter
Thermostat failure diagnosis apparatus for internal combustion engine
Simultaneous dual mode combustion engine operating on spark ignition and homogenous charge compression ignition
Four-cycle engine for outboard motor
Air intake device for an internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine having an exhaust-gas turbocharger and method for operating such an internal combustion engine
Sensor arrangement structure for personal watercraft
Removable timing chain cover
Piston-in-piston variable compression ratio engine
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Four-cycle engine for marine drive
Foil bearing rotary flow compressor with control valve
Flow divider and ecology valve
System for controlling fuel flow to gas turbine engine
Cylinder deactivation system timing control synchronization
Apparatus for air/fuel ratio control
Control system for an internal combustion engine boosted with an electronically controlled pressure charging device
Direct injection internal combustion engine and controlling method therefor
Misfire detection apparatus for internal combustion engine
Combustion control apparatus and method for spark-ignited internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for controlling an engine
Electromechanical choke system for an internal combustion engine
Emission control apparatus for engine
Fluid flow device having reduced fluid ingress
Method and device for controlling an internal combustion engine
Crankshaft and engine
Confluent variable exhaust nozzle
Ducted fan integrated power plant unit having propeller with central blade wheel
Method of magnetohydrodynamic flow control for pulse detonation engines
Pressurizer for a rocket engine
Eddy flow generator to increase horsepower of an internal combustion engine
Electronically-controlled late cycle air injection to achieve simultaneous reduction of NOx and particulates emissions from a diesel engine
Internal combustion engine with exhaust gas recirculation
Exhaust gas recirculation device
Mounting arrangement for an intake manifold and a method of making same
Fuel supply module mounting structure for fuel tank
Intake system failure detecting device and method for engines
Accumulator vessel and method of manufacturing the same
High pressure fuel supply apparatus
Fuel injection system for an internal combustion engine
Fuel pressure regulating valve
Engine-starting and stopping system in vehicle
Starting apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Engine starter
Ignition electrode arrangement at an internal combustion engine
Ignition arrangement
Sliding member and sliding device
Variable displacement type compressor, air conditioner with the variable displacement type compressor, and method for controlling displacement in the variable displacement type compressor
Airless spray pump
System for controlling the working conditions for mechanical pumps, and a regulation valve for such a system
Control-valve drive with sensor unit for detecting the position of the valve
Method of forming a hex nut from a planar material
Telescoping gearbox countershaft decoupler
Powershift reversing gearbox
Gear made of resin, image forming device having the resin gear and rotary gearing device made of resin
Automotive transmission fluid exchange system and method of use
Setting device for an adjustable gearing mechanism
Pressure regulator and shut-off valve
Freeze resistant automatic draining wall hydrant with dual check vacuum breaker
Valve packing gland pressure sensing by capacitance measurement
Auxiliary device for repairing a pipeline
Deflection gauge dislodging system
Adjustable adapter for pipe insulation cladding
Method for operating a refuse incineration plant
Bulkhead panel for use in a combustion chamber of a gas turbine engine
Method of assembling a cover panel with spacer feet
Range hood housing
Smoke guiding machine
Cooling and heating system and air circulation panel
Multifunction air conditioning device
Desiccant-based dehumidification system and method
Apparatus for simultaneous heating cooling and humidity removal
Heat pump equipment
Vapor compression system and method
Sub-surface and optionally accessible direct expansion refrigerant flow regulating device
Refrigeration machine having sequentially charged condensing conduits
Forced air flow system for refrigerators
Portable insulated container with refrigeration
Automated freezer component
Insulation box kit and method of using
Ice mold and method for cooling drink bottles
Process for producing a pressurized liquefied gas product by cooling and expansion of a gas stream in the supercritical state
Method and device for small scale liquefaction of a product gas
Vertical kiln
Method and system for drying material
Cooling mechanism for an electronic device
Iodine-containing thermal interface material
Plate pack, heat transfer plate and plate heat exchanger
Muzzle brake
Multiple cell ammunition cradle
Less-lethal launcher
Missile launcher
Archery bow for shooting a sabot containing a plurality of darts or shot pellets
Movable target system in which power is inductively transformed to a target carrier
Method of preparing a low lethality round
Cap popper
Method and apparatus for releasably attaching a closure plate to a casing
Ammunition articles with plastic components and method of making ammunition articles with plastic components
Column for measuring longitudinal dimensions
Reel rotation mount arrangement equipped with friction reduction means for tape measure
Laser meter
System and method for operating groups of lasers to project a visible line of demarcation within discrete regions of an athletic field
Rotation speed sensor
Vortex flowmeter including removeable and replaceable flow-obstruction element
Annular void electromagnetic flowmeter
Hot-wire type air flow meter for internal combustion engine
Plug means
Method for adjusting a resistance value of a film resistor
Horizontal advanced tensiometer
Nonresonant type knock sensor
Load measurement device
Relative pressure measuring instrument
Method for manufacturing sensor apparatus
Method and apparatus for balancing a motor vehicle wheel
Encoded crank position sensor
Vibration testing apparatus and vibration testing method
Lubricant tester
Combined electrical test and mechanical test system for thin film characterization
Method and device for the extractive triboelectric measurements of dust and aerosols in streaming gases
Method and device for carrying out the nondestructive material characterization of ferromagnetic substances
Method and apparatus for characterizing an acoustic impedance
Automatic jacketing of a cable
Camera equipped with data imprinting device
Photographic media dryer
Automatic door control system
Method and apparatus for providing a determined ratio of process fluids
Electroluminescent display apparatus
Mail retaining apparatus
Magnetic head manufacturing method
Method of making a continuous junction spin valve read head stabilized without hard bias layers
Method of making a spin valve sensor with stable antiparallel pinned layer structure exchange coupled to a nickel oxide pinning layer
Method for improved static attitude of head suspension assemblies with electrical interconnects
Process for forming an ultrafine copper alloy wire
Method of making an electronic device
Laser-assisted fabrication of NMR resonators
Method of manufacturing laminated capacitors
Method for connecting a contact body and a flexible conductor, and a compression mold for carrying out said method
Method and apparatus for scanning in scanning probe microscopy and presenting results
Edge roller assembly, method for contacting an edge of a substrate, and transport system for transporting semiconductor wafers to a wafer processing station
Semiconductor substrate batch demounting apparatus
Mechanism for positioning a substrate of an image sensor
Method of heat extraction from an integrated circuit die
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive device and production method thereof
Method for forming modular sockets using flexible interconnects and resulting structures
Method for electrically connecting a circuit board connector to an external device
Tape-less cable connector
Method of constructing a rotor for use in a high speed controlled-pole electric machine
Printed circuit board manufacturing method
Method of making of electronic parts mounting board
Conductive contamination reliability solution for assembling substrates
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