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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Cultivation method of flowering plant, flowering plant obtained by the cultivation method, processing method of cut flower and cut flower obtained by the processing method
Soybean variety XB13W08
Soybean variety XB51E08
Method of treating dry eye disorders and uveitis
Methods of converting a patient's treatment regimen from intravenous administration of an opioid to oral co-administration of morphine and oxycodone using a dosing algorithm to provide analgesia
Methods for stabilizing imiquimod for two months, four months, and six months
Halogen-containing sanitizing composition
Treatment for CD5.sup.+ B cell lymphoma
Oil composition for coating
Method and apparatus for processing vegetable oil miscella, method for conditioning a polymeric microfiltration membrane, membrane, and lecithin product
Method for the manufacturing of a soy protein-based preparation
Disposable absorbent article comprising a durable hydrophilic core wrap
Compositions including vitamin-based surfactants and methods for using same
Benzooxazoles as orexin antagonists
Catechol derivative, pharmaceutical composition containing the same, use of the catechol derivative, and use of the pharmaceutical composition
Methods for producing modified glycoproteins
Method and composition for the treatment of muscular-skeletal and related afflictions
Production method of food and beverage products with high content of .gamma.-aminobutyric acid and food and beverage products with high content of .gamma.-aminobutyric acid
Process for producing microparticles
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of manufacturing ceramic filter
Diesel particulate filter and exhaust emission control system
Catalyst for hydrogen generation through steam reforming of hydrocarbons
Support for fuel reforming catalyst with excellent heat and mass transfer characteristics and method of preparing the same
Methods for preparing catalysts for methacrolein oxidation
Preparation of a porous composite material based on EU-1 zeolite and its implementation in the isomerization of C.sub.8 aromatics
Organic-inorganic hybrid material comprising a mineral mesoporous phase and an organic phase, a membrane and fuel cell
Photolithographic patterning of polymeric materials
Amphiphilic block copolymer-toughened epoxy resins and electrical laminates made therefrom
Method of manufacturing safety cones from recycled materials
Method of making glass including surface treatment with aluminum chloride using combustion deposition prior to deposition of antireflective coating
Method of coloring surface of zirconium-based metallic glass component
Method and apparatus for removing image from recording material, and image peeling member for peeling image from recording material
Cationic cassia derivatives and applications therefor
Method and apparatus for electrode dressing
Laser micromachining methods and systems
Pulsed laser anneal system architecture
Built-up roofing surfacing sheets and methods of manufacture
Metal nanoparticle having a self-assembled monolayer on its surface, and formation of conductive pattern using the same
Security element with thin-layer element
Treated alumina hydrate material and uses thereof
Composite material, having high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion coefficient, and heat-dissipating substrate, and their production methods
Creating background colors on thermal printing material
Recording medium for water-based ink and method for determining ink absorbing characteristic thereof
Molecular imprinted material and inkjet recording element comprising said molecular imprinted material
Power supply system and vehicle including the same, and method of controlling the same
Electric power source system and method for the same
Semiconductor device including gate insulation film that is formed of pyroceramics, and method of manufacturing the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for making unsaturated hydrocarbons using microchannel process technology
Synthesis of difunctional oxyethylene-based compounds
Menthol derivative and cooling agent composition comprising the same
Benzene compound having 2 or more substituents
Process for the treatment of a product stream
Polymerizable boric compounds, methods of producing the same, polymerizable compositions and ionic-conductive polymeric electrolytes
High-purity rebaudioside A and method of extracting same
Inhibition of chronic myelogenous leukemic cell growth by liposomal-antisense oligodeoxy-nucleotides targeting to Grb2 or Crk1
Base sequence for control probe and method of designing the same
High refractive index monomers and (co)polymers prepared therefrom
Amphiphilic polymer compounds, method for the production thereof and their use
Polyester resin composition and molded body thereof
Lightweight structural finish
Epoxy compositions
Water-based inks for ink-jet printing
Compositions for processing of semiconductor substrates
Method and apparatus for combined electrochemical synthesis and detection of analytes
Photo-activated field effect transistor for bioanalyte detection
Microorganism detection apparatus and microorganism detection cassette
Cell culture article and methods thereof
Production of glucuronic acid using myo-inositol oxygenase from cryptococcus neoformans
Fatty acid hydroxylases and uses thereof
Aerated liquid priming of conifer somatic germinants
Perhydrolase providing improved peracid stability
Process for preparing high levels of interferon beta
Method of conversion of syngas using microorganism on hydrophilic membrane
Method for the enzymatic production of 2-hydroxy-2-methyl carboxylic acids
.DELTA.-9 desaturase and its use in making polyunsaturated fatty acids
Method of recovering lipase activity
Ubiquitin E3 ligase
Specificity in the determination of antithrombin
Method for protecting personal information
Method of determining a cellular response to a biological agent
Apparatus and system having dry gene silencing pools
Textiles; Paper
Nonwoven web material containing crosslinked elastic component formed from a pentablock copolymer
Draft protection device for a balance and having a friction reduction device
Sensor coil array for magnetic inductance tomography with reduced mutual coil coupling
Platform for analysis liquid samples
Method of calibrating ligand specificity
Magnetic sensor integrated circuit with test conductor
Test equipment and test system using the same
MEMS device with supplemental flux concentrator
Radioisotope Detection Device and Methods of Radioisotope Collection
Scintillator-block capable of efficient absorption of X-ray energy
Radiation image pick-up device and method therefor, and radiation image pick-up system
Neutron detector
Vibrationally decoupled patient table for use in magnetic resonance system
Electromagnetic surveying for hydrocarbon reservoirs
Metal detector having constant reactive transmit voltage applied to a transmit coil
Electric potential sensor for use in the detection of nuclear magnetic resonance signals
Method for making a reflection lithographic mask and mask obtained by said method
Exposure mask and pattern forming method therefor
Layer patterning using double exposure processes in a single photoresist layer
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Imaging member exhibiting lateral charge migration resistance
Imaging member
Digital controlled power supply
Analog variable-frequency controller and switching converter therewith
Stringed instrument for producing precise rhythmic strumming
Marked precoated strings and method of manufacturing same
"Eclipse ligature" for single reed musical instruments
Magnetic recording medium having a patterned exchange-coupling control layer and method of manufacturing same
Radiation shielding systems using nanotechnology
Power adapter
Transmission electron microscope
Methods, systems and computer program products for measuring critical dimensions of fine patterns using scanning electron microscope pictures and secondary electron signal profiles
Analysis method and analysis apparatus
Fingerprint analysis using mass spectrometry
Short metal vapor ceramic lamp
Method and system for improving critical dimension proximity control of patterns on a mask or wafer
Thin film transistor array substrate and method for manufacturing the same
Method of assembling multi-layer LED array engine
Core-shell-shell nanowire transistor and fabrication method
Interconnections for flip-chip using lead-free solders and having reaction barrier layers
Semiconductor film, semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
Method and structure for reducing cross-talk in image sensor devices
Zinc oxide thin film electroluminescent devices
Stacked power converter structure and method
Production process for surface-mounting ceramic LED package, surface-mounting ceramic LED package produced by said production process, and mold for producing said package
Ferroelectric passive memory cell, device and method of manufacture thereof
DRAM having deep trench capacitors with lightly doped buried plates
Structure of very high insertion loss of the substrate noise decoupling
Method and apparatus for production of metal film or the like
Method and apparatus for treating a semi-conductor substrate
Multi-step process for forming high-aspect-ratio holes for MEMS devices
Methods of forming electronic devices containing Zr-Sn-Ti-O films
Thermal treatment equipment and method for heat-treating
Field effect transistor structure with an insulating layer at the junction
Split gate non-volatile memory cell with improved endurance and method therefor
Method of fabricating recess channel transistor having locally thick dielectrics and related devices
Increasing stress transfer efficiency in a transistor by reducing spacer width during the drain/source implantation sequence
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for production of semiconductor device
Apparatus for solder crack deflection
Junction formation on wafer substrates using group IV nanoparticles
Through-via and method of forming
Method and structure for reducing contact resistance between silicide contact and overlying metallization
Selective silicon-on-insulator isolation structure and method
Semiconductor devices having active elements with raised semiconductor patterns and related methods of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device having saddle fin-shaped channel and method for manufacturing the same
Method for stacking serially-connected integrated circuits and multi-chip device made from same
Patterning method for high density pillar structures
Thin film transistor substrate having transparent conductive metal and method of manufacturing the same
Package-on-package secure module having anti-tamper mesh in the substrate of the upper package
Portable device
Package, electronic device, substrate having a separation region and a wiring layers, and method for manufacturing
Electrically conductive path forming below barrier oxide layer and integrated circuit
BLM structure for application to copper pad
Microelectronic component assemblies and microelectronic component lead frame structures
Electronic fuse cell with enhanced thermal gradient
Anti-fuse memory device
Interlayer insulating film, wiring structure and electronic device and methods of manufacturing the same
Solid-state image sensor having a voltage applier and signal readout method thereof
Projection system having avirtual mask
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Thin film transistor and method for manufacturing a display panel
Semiconductor device having shield structure
Switching device using superlattice without any dielectric barriers
Semiconductor memory device wherein wiring contact is made through an opening in an organic compound layer
Thin film transistor and semiconductor device
Field effect transistor having Ohmic electrode in a recess
Split gate non-volatile memory cell with improved endurance and method therefor
Semiconductor device, manufacturing method thereof, and data processing system
Method for fabricating flexible semiconductor electrode, semiconductor electrode fabricated thereby, and solar cell using the semiconductor electrode
Method of controlling the composition of a photovoltaic thin film
Pixel sensor cell, methods and design structure including optically transparent gate
Method of fabricating backside illuminated image sensor
Semiconductor lighting device with reflective remote wavelength conversion
Sonic fine-hole forming apparatus
3-1 mode capacitive membrane ultrasound transducer
Piezoelectric element and method for manufacturing the same
Electronic package having stress buffer layer on mounting surface thereof, and method for manufacturing same
Switching elements and production methods thereof
Surface treated steel sheet for battery case, battery case and battery using the case
Onium salt, electrolyte for nonaqueous cell containing the novel onium salt for nonaqueous cell and method for optimizing negative electrode using electrolyte containing onium salt
Method of making an electrode for use in a battery
Cathode catalyst for fuel cell, and membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell and fuel cell system including same
Composite polymer electrolytes for a rechargeable lithium battery
Structure of bipolar plate for direct methanol fuel cell and shape of flow path thereof and fuel cells including them
Polymer electrolyte membrane, method of manufacturing the same and fuel cell using the polymer electrolyte membrane
Fuel cell system
Microjet reactant delivery system for use in fuel cells
Water recovery system and direct liquid feed fuel cell having the same
Separating membrane for fuel cell
Power feed system, terminal device, power feeding method and computer readable medium
Battery control device, battery control method, power source control device and electronic apparatus
Stator for electric rotating machine
Rotor of an electric motor and method of manufacturing the same
Axial gap coreless motor and positioning unit
Direct current motor with permanent magnet stator
Switching power supply circuit capable of timing adjustment of signal
Solid-state actuator drive apparatus
Ultrasonic actuator
Ultrasonic motor
Rotor driving control device and image forming apparatus
Vehicle drive device and method of controlling vehicle drive device
Single processor dual motor control
Voice-coil motor control with zero-current sensing
Method for controlling a cooking process in a cooking appliance
Transparent conductive nano-composites
Flourescent lamp with integral proximity sensor for building energy management
Constant current source mirror tank dimmable ballast for high impedance lamps
Low cost compact size single stage high power factor circuit for discharge lamps
Continuous method for producing inorganic nanotubes
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Sunflower seeds and oil having a high stearic acid content
Inbred corn line FR3383
Hybrid maize plant and seed 33K81
A-myb null mutant transgenic mice
Animal model for psoriasis for the prevention and treatment of psoriasis in humans
Azine used as fungicides
Fungicides for the control of take-all disease of plants
Disubstituted biphenyloxazolines
Benzazole compounds and their use
Fungicidal composition and method for using the same
Pesticide containing a photosensitizer and an attractant
Functionalized silicon compounds and methods for their synthesis and use
Method of increasing the production and improving the quality of semen
Compositions containing hypoglycemically active stillbenoids
Antistress agents and functional foods
Antibacterial glass and resin composite comprising the same
Cable manager for table
Device and method for promoting healing of topical stress cracks
Method of producing an absorbent structure having improved strength properties
Method of making a slitted or particulate absorbent material and structures formed thereby
Directionally preferential waste passage member for use with disposable absorbent article
Sanitary napkin having elastic member that lifts upper portion thereof
Apertured film covers with localized wettability and method for making the same
Drug for relieving pain and promoting the removal of calculi in urolithiasis
Inhibitors of p38-.alpha.kinase
Amide derivatives and methods for using the same as selective neuropeptide Y receptor antagonists
Hydroxyalkyl amide analogs of ceramide
Antiseptic compositions suitable for application to human tissue
Histochrome and its therapeutic use in acute myocardial infarction and ischemic heart disease
.alpha.1-adrenergic receptor antagonists
Individual medicament dosing conjugate
Cyclic amine derivatives and their use as drugs
Method of producing a concentrate comprising a sulfonamide in solution, a 2,4-diaminopyrimidine in stable suspension within said solution
Antidandruff compositions
C11 oxymyl and hydroxylamino prostaglandins useful as medicaments
Use of cannabinoids as anti-inflammatory agents
Compounds and therapies for the prevention of vascular and non-vascular pathologies
Highly selective butyrylcholinesterase inhibitors for the treatment and diagnosis of alzheimer's disease and dementias
Inhibitors of prenyl-protein transferase
Oxazolidinone chemotherapeutic agents
Use of pramipexole for the treatment of addictive disorders
Compounds useful for inhibition of farnesyl protein transferase
1-(4-arylpiperazin-1-y1)-.omega.-[N-(.alpha.,.omega.-dicarboximido)]-alkane s useful as uro-selective .alpha.1-adrenoceptor blockers
Compositions having neuroprotective and analgesic activity
Method for inhibiting neoplastic cells with indole derivatives
Substituted pyrimidine compounds and methods of use
Prophylactic or therapeutic agents for diseases having vascular dysfunction associated with insulin resistance
2-substituted thiazolidinones as beta-3 adrenergic receptor agonists
3,7 or 3 and 7 thia or oxa prostanoic acid derivatives as agents for lowering intraocular pressure
Compositions and methods for advanced glycosylation endproduct-mediated modulation of amyloidosis
Cholinergic agents in the treatment of presbyopia
Viral treatment
Methods and compositions for treating male erectile dysfunction
Dendrimer constructs and metal complexes thereof having superoxide dismutase activity
Compounds and methods for treatment and diagnosis of mycobacterial infections
Receptor protein for human B cell stimulatory factor-2
APL immunoreactive peptides, conjugates thereof and methods of treatment for APL antibody-mediated pathologies
Polynucleotide decoys that inhibit MHC-II expression and uses thereof
Process for purifying human leukocyte interferon
Modulators of protein tyrosine phosphateses (PTPases)
Combination therapy for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia
Use of MKC-442 in combination with other antiviral agents
Use of .gamma.-tocopherol and its oxidative metabolite LLU-.alpha. in the treatment of disease
Conjugated linoleic acid compositions and methods of making same
VDUP1 promoter and methods of use thereof
Denture rebases
Process for preparing emulsion
Tocopherol derivatives and method for preparation thereof
Methods of making functionalized nanoparticles
Active topical skin protectants containing OPAA enzymes and clecs
Active topical skin protectants using combinations of reactive nanoparticles and polyoxometalates or metal salts
Multiblock biodegradable hydrogels for drug delivery and tissue treatment
Temperature sensitive polymers and water-dispersible products containing the polymers
Dance game apparatus and step-on base for dance game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Continuous hydrosilylation method for production of a modified liquid organosilicon compound
Continuous process for the production of polyether polyols
Process for preparing aromatic polyamine mixtures
Process for preparing acrolein
Reduction-treated copper-based catalyst and process for producing .alpha.-phenylethyl alcohol using the same
Recovery of metal components of a catalyst in a process for production of trimellitic acid
Cyclohexanedimethanol compound and process of producing productive intermediates therefor
Process for recovering boron trifluoride from a catalyst complex
Metal cataltsts and methods for making and using same
Catalyst compositions and processes for olefin polymers and copolymers
Process for the production of ketoisophorone derivatives and equipment therefor
Cation exchangers or chelating agents and process for the preparation thereof
Ion exchange and electrochemical methods and devices employing one-step quaternized and polymerized anion selective polymers
Agricultural article inspection apparatus and method employing spectral manipulation to enhance detection contrast ratio
Method for producing a flame support
Methods for shaping and finishing prosthetic joint components including polycrystalline diamond compacts
Method for orbital welding of small-, medium-, and large-diameter pipes
Tire with tread of novel polymer blend including styrene-rich styrene/isoprene/butadiene segmented terpolymer
Operating device
Drip-proof structure for a wiper motor device
Device for the determination of the degree of relative rotation between two parts
Method of preventing fouling organisms in marine environments and polymer-bound nitric oxide/nitric oxide-releasing compositions usable therefor
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Composition for production of silica glass using sol-gel process
Polymeric amine for a gas generating material
Method and composition for hydroxylation of aromatic substrates
Method for recovery of catalyst components
Phenylpyridine derivatives useful as phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Biaryl ether derivatives useful as monoamine reuptake inhibitors
Processes for preparing pesticidal intermediates
Nitric esters and nitrate salts of specific drugs
Process for preparation of pharmaceutically desired chiral tetralone from tetralones
Diphosphonic acid salts for the treatment of osteoporosis
Process to prepare 2-aminoindan derivatives
Hepatitis C inhibitor tri-peptides
Processes and intermediates for preparing 3(S)-[(5-chloro-1H-indole-2-carbonyl)-amino]-2(R)-hydroxy-4-phenyl-butyric acid
3-amin3-arylpropan-1-ol compounds, their preparation and use
Aminomethylcarboxylic acid derivatives
Process for the preparation of optically active amino alcohols
Substituted cyclopentane compounds useful as neuraminidase inhibitors
Modulators of protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPases)
Method of producing organic diurethanes and/or polyurethanes and their use in the production of di and/or polyisocyanates
.alpha.-aminoacetic acid derivatives-.alpha.4.beta.7 receptor antagonists
Synthesis of cyclohexene dimethanol compounds
Method for producing a fluoroalcohol
Process for base-promoted condensation reactions and base reagent therefor
Liquid chromatography of high purity conjugated fatty acid
Inhibitors of protein tyrosine phosphatase
Sulfonic acid ester derivatives, method for production thereof and use thereof
Methods for synthesizing ether compounds and intermediates therefor
Sulfonylamino derivatives which inhibit matrix-degrading metalloproteinases
2,5-substituted benzolsulfonylureas and thioureas methods for the production thereof use thereof and pharmaceutical preparations containing the same
Production of formaldehyde from carbon oxides and H2S
Process for the preparation of para-fluorophenol
Production of phenol using reactive distillation
Process for the preparation of poly(fluoroalkyl)acetophenones
Hydroformylation process employing a catalyst based on cobalt and/or rhodium in a non-aqueous ionic solvent
Process for the preparation of 2,3,5-trimethy1-p-Benzoquinone
Method for producing acrolein by heterogeneous catalytic gas-phase partial oxidation of propene
Process for producing methacrylic acid
Method of producing carboxylic acid salts
Water soluble tri-substituted 1, 2-dioxetane compounds having increased storage stability, synthetic processes and intermediates
Salicylic acid ester derivative and its production
Ethylene recovery system
Agglomerated zeolite adsorbents, process for their preparation, and their use for adsorbing paraxylene from aromatic C8 fractions
Cyclopentanoindoles, compositions containing such compounds and methods of treatment
Processing and synthetic intermediates for preparing N-arylacridancarboxylic acid derivatives
Aryl fused azapolycyclic compounds
Aminotetrazole derivatives useful as nitric oxide synthase inhibitors
Imidazole derivatives and their use as farnesyl protein transferase inhibitors
Hypoglycemic imidazoline compounds
Carbonyldiimidazoles, their ester derivatives and method for their production
Tetrahydronaphtalene derivatives and their use
Polymorphs of telmisartan
Process for preparation of sulfonylurea salts
Lipid lowering quinazoline dietary supplement composition
Quinoxalinones as serine protease inhibitors such as factor XA and thrombin
Method for purifying melamine
Optically active bisoxazoline compounds, production and use thereof
Antibacterial compounds
Substituted 8,8a-dihydro-3ah-indeno[1,2-d]thiazoles, processes for their preparation and their use as medicaments
Naphthyl compounds, intermediates, processes, compositions, and methods
Substituted 1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene derivatives
Baccatin derivatives and a process for producing the same
Family of Canadensol taxanes, the semi-synthetic preparation and therapeutic use thereof
Process for producing trimellitic anhydride
Process for the preparation of isoflavone compounds
Method of vitamin production
Photochromic spiropyrans, and compositions and articles containing same
Tetrazole derivatives
Heterocyclic compounds and their therapeutic use
Salt form of pantoprazole
Amidine inhibitors of serine proteases
Substituted 8-arylquinoline phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitors
Compounds having antitumor activity: process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Thienylazolylalcoxyethanamines, their preparation and their application as medicaments
Heterocyclylmethyl-substituted pyrazol derivatives
Amide derivatives and nociceptin antagonists
Process to produce oxazolidinones
Indole derivatives as 5-HT1 agonists
Benzamidine derivatives
Tetrahydronaphthyridinyl-carboxamides having anti-convulsant activity
Porphyrins and their use as photosensitizer
Benzosulfones and related compositions and methods
Dry skin remedies
Benzoether and related compositions and methods
Process for preparing 1-guanylpyrazole acid adducts
Arylsulfonic acid salts of pyrimidine-based antiviral
Method for preparation of boratabenzene derivatives
Stereorigid metallocene compounds
Handling method of (fluoroaryl) borane compound and preparing method of hydrocarbon solution
Camptothecin analogs and methods of preparation thereof
Emitting materials used for organic EL based on tridentate ligands
Fluorinated copper salts as catalysts for the synthesis of trialkoxysilanes
Chloride-free process for the production of alkylsilanes suitable for microelectronic applications
Diimino compounds
Asymmetrical siloxy compounds
Silylated and N-silylated compound synthesis
Phosphate compound and preparation process thereof, phosphate copper compound and preparation process thereof, near infrared ray absorber, and near infrared ray-absorbing acrylic resin composition
Modified internucleoside linkages (II)
DNA encoding proteins that inhibit Hsp70 function
Solid phase synthesis method and reagent
Process to prepare androst-4-en-17-carboxylic acid
Preparation of sterol and stanol-esters
Removal of abundant interfering proteins from a liquid sample using a collapsible affinity matrix
Methods and compositions for the preparation and use of a herpes protease
Blood group antigen binding protein and corresponding agents
Identification of a vaccine candidate from an extraintestinal isolate of E. coli
Nucleotide sequences coding for the thrE gene and process for the enzymatic production of L-threonine using coryneform bacteria
Therapeutic compounds comprised of anti-Fc receptor antibodies
Regulatory sequences useful for gene expression in plant embryo tissue
Gene encoding a host factor protein indispensable for multiplication of a plant virus
Nucleic acid encoding chitin-binding receptor kinase
Inhibitors of the JNK signal transduction pathway and methods of use
Cornichon-like protein
Caspase recruitment domain polypeptides
Recombinant preparation of calcitonin fragments and use thereof in the preparation of calcitonin and related analogs
Method for solubilization and naturation of somatotropins
Human neuropeptide receptor
Human narcolepsy gene
Canine low affinity IgE receptor (CD23) nucleic acid molecules and uses thereof
DNA encoding CD40 ligand, a cytokine that binds CD40
Nucleic acid encoding a TRAF-3 deletion isoform
Galanin receptor 2 protein
Nucleic acids encoding A-33 related antigen polypeptides
Serine protease inhibitors
Spiropiperidine derivatives as melanocortin receptor agonists
Thiazolidine derivatives
Cyclosporin immunoassay
Glycan derivatives
Method for the selective hydrogenation of polymer containing conjugated diene
Process for producing natural rubber for pressure-sensitive adhesive and natural rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive composition
Highly saturated carboxylated nitrile copolymer rubber and process for the production thereof
Chemical compound
Polymerization of olefins
Process for the preparation of olefin (co) polymers, olefin copolymers, and application thereof
Electron donors in a Ziegler-Natta catalyst for the production of high melt flow copolymers
Polymerization process
Incorporation of free radical inhibitors in polyolefins
Ethylene/aromatic vinyl copolymer and molded product thereof
Cationic complexes of polyoxyalkylene glycol dicarboxylates
Ethylene/.alpha.-olefin/unconjugated polyene copolymer rubber, rubber composition for sealing, molded rubber for sealing, and process for producing the molded rubber
Method for producing cationic polyelectrolytes
Alicycli c group-containing monomer
Resin composition for aqueous paint
Highly rigid, high-tenacity impact-resistant polystyrene
ABA triblock and diblock copolymers and methods of preparing the same
Photoresist monomer having hydroxy group and carboxy group, copolymer thereof and photoresist composition using the same
Initiator/amidine complexes, systems comprising the complexes, and polymerized compositions made therewith
Polymer devolatilization process
Process for producing polyurethane foam
Low pressure generating polyurethane foams
Aliphatic, sinterable, thermoplastic polyurethane molding compositions
Self-dispersing, hardenable epoxy resins, processes for producing the same and methods of using the same
Aromatic polycarbonate, production method and molded products thereof
Glycolysis process for recycling of post-consumer pet
Active energy ray curable composition comprised of a maleimide derivative and a method for curing the said curable composition
Method for producing polyoxyalkylene polyol and derivatives thereof
Process for the preparation of a polyesteramide
Resin composition for insulating material, and insulating material produced from said resin composition
Method for producing resols
Crosslinked polymer particle and its production process and use
Cured rubber and method of treating cured rubber
Incorporating titanium dioxide in polymeric materials
Method for suspending borate particles in aqueous dispersions
Color stable compositions containing arylate-comprising polymers
Photoactivatable nitrogen-containing bases based on alpha-amino ketones
Flame-retardant moulded component
Granular organosilane preparation, process for the production thereof and use thereof
Polymeric composite material and method of manufacturing the same
One-pack type curable resin composition
Cables with a halogen-free recyclable coating comprising polypropylene and an ethylene copolymer having high structural uniformity
Resin composition
Thermoplastic elastomer resin composition
Tacky films
Water-based composition for coating a donor member
Semiconductor sealing epoxy resin composition and semiconductor device using the same
Reactive dyes with a combination anchor
Method for conditioning organic pigments
High solids fluoroelastomer compositions
Aqueous dispersion composition and coated articles
Water dispersed primers
Filming solution and method for forming a filming layer on a cathode ray tube
Polyepoxide/polyether mono- or polyamine precursor reacted with mono- or polyamine, epoxy resin-amine adduct and monoepoxide-amine adduct
Composition of acrylic polycarboxylic acid, polyester polycarboxylic acid and polyepoxide
Curable coating compositions containing high aspect ratio clays
Method for producing scratch resistant coatings, especially for producing multi-layer enamels
Low gloss polish formulations
Use of high hydroxyl compounds for water sensitive hot melt adhesives
Adhesive and semiconductor devices
Zwitterion derivative and application to aqueous suspension properties
Production of olefins
Process for synthesis of lower isoparaffins from synthesis gas
Processing oil and method for producing the same
Selective hydrogenation process comprising partial separation of hydrogen by a membrane upstream of a reactive column
Processes for preparing grafted copolymers
Process for the isolation of oryzanols from rice bran oil soap stock
Reduction of lignin biosynthesis in transgenic plants
Geranylgernayl pyrophosphate synthases
Isolation of SU1, a starch debranching enzyme, the product of the maize gene sugaryl
Human and mammalian data replication origin consensus sequences
Materials and methods for the modification of plant lignin content
Dihydroxycholesterol hydroxylated at 17- and 25-positions
Polypeptides for the detection of microtubule depolymerization inhibitors
Diagnostic means useful for predictive assessment of human hepatocellular carcinoma disease (HCC), as well as diagnostic methods using the same
Method for extracting DNA from dried specimens
Robust polymer coating
Fixed Constructions
Kit for enabling guy-wire guards to spin
Fiber optic signal-receiving system removably connected to a headrail housing
Device and method for measuring the flow rate of drill cuttings
Angle measuring system
Optical displacement detecting apparatus
Liquefied gas amount measuring device
Electronic scale having analog display
Methods for treating hormone disorders
Electro-optic probe
Flexure assembly for a scanner
Cable enclosure assembly
Retractable rotary knob for switch including latch mechanism
Mechanism for ejecting stylus
On-key indication technique
Drumhead tensioning device and method
Protective cover of leather for a stringed musical instrument
Remix apparatus and method, slice apparatus and method, and storage medium
Musical sound signal synthesizer and method for synthesizing musical sound signals using nonlinear transformer
Apparatus and method for automatic musical accompaniment while guiding chord patterns for play
Apparatus for adjusting the coupling reactances between twisted pairs for achieving a desired level of crosstalk
Heat shrinkable side entry cable jacket
Electrical switchgear apparatus comprising a vacuum cartridge and a flexible electrical connector
High voltage circuit breaker, especially a gas-blast circuit breaker
Breaking module comprising a vacuum cartridge and fixing means, and an electrical switchgear apparatus comprising such a module
Pneumatic actuated switch
Multilayered wiring board, a production process for, and semiconductor device using, the same
Packaged electronic system having selectively plated microwave absorbing cover
Electrical assembly for semiconductor dice
CCD with enhanced output dynamic range
Solar cell module
Automatic burner driven generator system
Thermal evolving method and apparatus for plasma display panel
Thermoelectric conversion device and method of manufacturing the same
Controlled current distribution device with mechanical locking of a plug into a corresponding receptacle
Branch assembly for a communication bus
Electrical connection and method of attaching an electric conductor to an electrically conductive terminal via a telescoping sleeve
Combined arc shield/wire tray for switchgear and switchgear assemblies incorporating same
Bolted conical loading joint system
Continuously-threaded PVC electrical conduit
Mounting system for electrical wiring boxes
Low profile interconnect structure
Wire and solder arrangement of ease of wave soldering
Signal cross-over interconnect for a double-sided circuit card assembly
Electronic circuit package assembly with solder interconnection sheet
Electromagnetic interference shielding device
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew